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AKB48 Fanfics / Re: [OneShot] STREET LAWYER WATANABE (HvsV season 3)
« Last post by anzai4648 on Today at 08:46:05 AM »
If you don't know who Mano Erina is, just check out her thread here.

And here's some old pictures of Yukirin and Mano-chan.

H!P Crapola / Re: The Hello! Project Postwhoring Thread
« Last post by oaxiac on Today at 08:22:21 AM »
Japanese / Re: Erika Sawajiri
« Last post by muppet on Today at 08:14:59 AM »
Double Posted

 Deciding that their mixed heritage was a good enough reason to have these
Girls perform together

Top row: Lisa Kakinoki, Anri Onuki, Alyssa Chiba

Second Row: Becky, Erika Sawajiri, Shelly

Cound not find a picture of Jenny Chan

ベッキー 沢尻エリカ SHELLY ハーフ軍団が モー娘。を歌う
Japanese / Re: Becky
« Last post by muppet on Today at 08:05:05 AM »
Double Posted

 Deciding that their mixed heritage was a good enough reason to have these
Girls perform together

Top row: Lisa Kakinoki, Anri Onuki, Alyssa Chiba

Second Row: Becky, Erika Sawajiri, Shelly

Cound not find a picture of Jenny Chan

ベッキー 沢尻エリカ SHELLY ハーフ軍団が モー娘。を歌う
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: [OneShot] STREET LAWYER WATANABE (HvsV season 3)
« Last post by anzai4648 on Today at 07:34:18 AM »
Here are more trailers.



     The door of their apartment flew opened as Watanabe rushed hurriedly inside and panickedly locked the door. Her face displayed horror and turmoil. And she was panting heavily, probably from running all her way home.
     “Mayu, what happen?”
     “I….I think I’m being followed. Somebody’s following me, Yuki.”
     “I don’t know! They’re wearing black suit!”
     “They? How many people?”
     “Two, or three….I’m not sure…”
     “Okay, calm yourself first. Breathe. Drink this,” Yuki instructed as she gave the trembling woman a glass of water.
     After several minutes, Mayu calmed down.
     “Now explain it to me. Is this related to your work?”
     “I--I think so, Yuki. I’m currently working on this money fraud case. And one of our key witnesses died suddenly.....”
     Yuki frowned. “And?”
     “And his sister gave me this, today.” Mayu said as she took something out from her briefcase. It’s a flashdrive.
     “What’s inside it?” asked Yuki.
     “I don’t know. I haven’t seen it.”
     “Let’s see then.”



     It’s already late at night when Watanabe Mayu and Sawajiri Erika are trapped inside an elevator in their office. Unfortunately, they are the only people who are left in the office, and thus they have to wait until the security guards come tomorrow and fix the elevator. The two women then sit on the elevator floor and lean their backs on the wall.
Mayu : #digs out a candy from her pocket#  “Want some?”
Erika  : #takes one# “Thanks.”
Mayu : “Your welcome.”
Erika  : #eats the candy and sighs# “Hufff...This is gonna be a long night.”
Mayu : “Yeah.”
Erika  : “What are we gonna do now?”
Mayu : “Nothing. Just waiting.”
Erika  : “I hate waiting.”
Suddenly the elevator moved abruptly and began to slide down fast, causing Mayu and Erika to jerk and shriek.
Erika  : “Kyaaaaaaa!!!”  #hugs Mayu#
Mayu : “!!!!!!!”  #hugs Erika back# 
The elevator slides down for a few seconds before stopping somewhere in between the floors.
Erika  : #panicking# “Dammit! I thought we’re going to die here! What's wrong with this elevator? We should report this malfunction and sue the building’s manager.”
Mayu : #smirks and glances at Erika# “Yeah, but we have to get out of this alive first.
Erika  : “Tck. You’re right. Mayu, how can you be so calm in a moment like this? You’re not even panicking at all.”
Mayu : “Well, my friends said I’m a Cyborg.”
Erika  : “You’re what?”
Mayu : “A Cyborg. A cybernetic organism who had attended a law school and now is practicing law.”
Erika  : #chuckles# “I see. A Cyborg. That explains your behavior.”
Erika then stares at Mayu.
Erika  : “Wait, Cyborg, you have something on your face.”
Mayu : “What?”
Erika moves closer and begins to kiss Mayu on her lips. Mayu is shocked, and tries to resist but it's too late.
Erika  : #smiles# “You’re a good kisser, Mayu-chan.”  #wants to kiss Mayu more#
Mayu : “W-wait! Sawajiri-san, I can't do this! I have a girlfriend.”
Erika  : “I know. Kashiwagi Yuki, right?”
Mayu : “Yes.”
Erika  : “Well, just forget about her tonight. We're trapped here and there’s nothing we can do anyway. So why don't we just kiss and enjoy ourselves tonight, Cyborg?” #leans forward to kiss Mayu again#
Mayu : “What!? No!!” #pushes Erika away#



     One morning, Yuki wakes up and finds that Mayu didn't come home the previous night. Usually Mayu will send Yuki a message whenever she’s planning to stay the night somewhere else. However, Yuki doesn't get any message this time, and thus she starts worrying like hell. She thought something bad must have happened to Mayu.
     Yuki then receives a message from an anonymous sender. The message tells her to come to Hotel XYZ, Room Number 999 immediately and there she will find Watanabe Mayu. Yuki then hurriedly comes to the said hotel, thinking that Mayu is probably in danger. As she arrives at the said room, she finds the door is unlocked.
     Slowly, Yuki then opens the door and steps inside. The first thing she notices in the doorway is the clothes and underwears lying scattered on the floor. She traces them into the bedroom, and she’s in for a nasty shock.
     There inside the bedroom, Yuki finds Watanabe Mayu sleeping on the bed with Sawajiri Erika. Both of them are naked, with Erika holding and hugging the younger girl. Their bodies are entangled to each other.
     Yuki feels as if she is hit by a thunderbolt upon witnessing this scene. She finds herself unable to breath. Her hand is brought up to cover her mouth as she begins to choke herself.
     She cannot fathom what is currently happening. Is Mayu cheating on her? Yuki doesn't want to believe it, but the evidence is too clear to be ignored. Watanabe Mayu had slept with Sawajiri Erika in a hotel room.
     And suddenly Yuki feels her world is ruined in front of her. Her dream and future with Mayu, it's ruined. Everything is ruined.
     Yuki takes a step back. She accidentally hit a table nearby. The glass on the table falls to the floor and broken into pieces.
     The sound of a glass hitting the floor awakens Mayu and Erika.
     “Ouch! My head!” Mayu groans. Her head feels so dizzy and heavy. As she glances around, her eyes landed on Yuki.
     “Y-Yuki? What are you-” Mayu stutters. She stares confusedly at Yuki, and then at herself.
     Eh!? What am I doing here? Mayu finds herself naked with Erika lying beside her, naked as well. Mayu quickly grasp what is happening. She remembers attending a cocktail party last night and drinking a little. And as far as she remembers, she didn't drink that much last night. So why she ends up hangover and lying naked with Erika inside a hotel room? Mayu has no idea at all.
    “Mayu! How could you!?” Yuki shouts at her. Her voice shaking.
     “No, Yuki, this isn't like what you think!” Mayu tries to explain. She pulls up the blanket to cover her naked body.
     But Yuki already turns around and stumbles away to leave the room.
     “Wait! Yuki, wait!” Mayu gets up from the bed, only with a blanket over her body.
     Yuki doesn't listen. She quickens her steps and rushes away from the scene.
     Mayu stares at Erika.
     “Dammit, Erika, what have you done to me!?” she curses and shouts angrily at Erika, who at that moment was just lying and staring at Mayu.
     Mayu quickly puts on her shirt and trousers, but skips the underwears part because she has no time to put them on. She wants to catch Yuki fast and explain what happens to her.
     “I’ll talk to you later!” Mayu shouts at Erika.
     After grabbing her stuff, Mayu exits the room and follows Yuki downstairs. She finds Yuki leaving the hotel, and she follows suit. Yuki walks fast and Mayu has to run after her. She’s finally able to catch up with Yuki at the parking lot.
     “Yuki, wait!! Please let me explain!! This really isn't like what you think!!”
     Mayu grabs Yuki’s arm before she managed to open the car’s door.
     Yuki frees her arm and pushes Mayu away harshly.
     “Stay away!! Don't touch me!!” Yuki shouts.
     “Yuki, please listen to me first!”
     “No! I can't believe you're doing this to me!! We're over, Mayu!! If you want to be with her, you’re free to do so!!” Yuki then throws the car key to the ground and then rushes away from the parking lot.
     Mayu has to search and pick up the key first before she can go to catch Yuki again.
     She then drives the car and follows Yuki on the sidewalk.
     “Yuki, please hear me out!! I don't know what's happening!! She- she spiked me!! Yuki, please get in the car and listen to me!!” Mayu pleads while driving slowly beside Yuki who is now walking on the sidewalk.
     But Yuki doesn't listen and continues heading to subway station underground. Mayu can only stares as Yuki walks away and disappears from her sight. A sound of horn coming from behind her and she has no choice other than to continue driving, or else she’s going to get a ticket from the police officer for causing a traffic jam.
    Yuki, you have to believe me! Erika must have planned this to separate us! She spiked me at the party last night, and she brought me to the hotel room! Dammit! That woman! Mayu curses silently while continues driving.


TRAILER #10: SPIKED (Part 2)

    Yuki didn't come home after what happened yesterday. She only comes to their apartment to grab her stuff, in the afternoon after Mayu already left for work. Yuki then rents a cheap motel somewhere in the town, in order to avoid her girlfriend.
     At the office, Mayu tries to confront Erika directly. She storms into Erika’s room and speaks angrily at her.
     “You spiked me! At the party last night! And you brought me to the hotel room! What are you planning to do, huh!? Do you want to ruin my life?” Mayu shouts to Erika’s face, expressing her anger.
     But the older woman just walks up
to her, smiling.
     “Mayu, you know I love you. Leave Yuki, and be with me. I can treat you better than her.” Erika says as she puts her hands on Mayu’s shoulder.
     Mayu frees herself and pushes Erika away.
     “Mayu, I love you very much, more than her. I will give you everything you want and make you happy. Just leave her, Mayu. And I promise I-”
     “No!” Mayu cuts Erika’s words. ”She can give me everything I need. You can't. I will never leave her for you, or anyone.”
     “Mayu, please give me a chance. I can prove to you that I will do much better than her. Come on, Mayu. I know you like me too. You enjoyed it when we first kissed, back then in the elevator.”
     Mayu frowned. “No, that kiss was a mistake. You were forcing yourself to me. I never meant to kiss you, and I didn't enjoy it. I was thinking about Yuki while we kissed.”
     “Oh, you didn't? You can't lie to me. You enjoyed it. A lot. Maybe you already forget, so let me remind you again.” Erika grabs Mayu’s shoulder and begins to lean in for a kiss.
     “Mayu, I love you-”
     Mayu pushes Erika away again. “No, you don't love me. This thing you feel for me, it's just lust, not love. And now you said you want to take Yuki’s place? You said you’ll treat me better? No! No one will treat me better than her. You see she loves me, and I love her, and I could never leave her. Now please, stop your obsession on me and find someone else to play with.”



At Jurina’s office, Mayu rushes in to Jurina’s room.
Jurina : “Hey, Mayu, what's up?”
Mayu  : “Jurina, we need to talk.”
Jurina : “Hm? Okay, sure. What is it?”
Mayu  : “I saw you at the club last night.”
Jurina : “Oh, really? I didn't see you there.”
Mayu  : #frowns# “Of course you didn't. You were too busy making out with your secretary.”
Jurina : “Wha- Oh, Mayu, did you see that?”
Mayu  : “Yeah!”
Jurina : “Damn. I thought nobody sees me.”
Mayu  : “Jurina, what do you think you were doing? How could you do that to Rena! She's your girlfriend!”
Jurina : “Lower your voice, Mayu.” ##gets up and locks the door#
Mayu  : “You’ve gone way overboard, Jurina. I know you like to kiss everyone, and Rena already knows it too and she lets you. But to making out with someone is a different thing. You’re playing with fire. And I can guess this isn't the first time you’re doing this. I never knew you were this kind of person.”
Jurina : “Tck! What do you know about me? And how much do you know? Mayu, you think you know me, but you don't.”
Mayu  : “You’re right. I don't. You’re 150 years old, of course I don't know anything about you. But I can't just stand here doing nothing while I see my friend’s getting hurt. Rena doesn't deserve any of this.”
Jurina : “Do you know how much she had hurt me in the past?”
Mayu  : “Yeah, but she didn't do it out of free will. And she already regret it. She’s a good girl now. Don't break her heart, Jurina. You're supposed to care for-”
Jurina : “Enough! I don't need you or anyone to tell me what to do with my private life. And you know what, I never think Rena as my girlfriend. Now please leave now, I’m busy.” #turns around and walks away#
Mayu  : #gets angry and grabs Jurina#
Mayu’s fist landed on Jurina’s cheek. Jurina only flinches a bit upon receiving that punch, as if she’s only bitten by mosquito. Mayu, on the other hand, feels her hand hurts a lot after throwing that punch at Jurina.
Mayu  : “Ouch!” #wincing in pain, holding on her own hand#
Jurina : #smirks# “You broke your own hand? Tck! You should've known better than punching a vampire, Mayu. Only someone like your lover Yuki or your oneesan Sayaka can punch me without hurting herself.”
Mayu  : “Grrrrrrr!!!”
Jurina : #smiles# “And you know what? You should've just slapped me instead of punching me. That's what girls do whenever they get angry at me.”
Mayu  : “Well, I’m not a girl, and neither you are. You’re just a little boy trapped inside a 15 years old girl body.”
 #scoffs and walks away#

Later at their apartment, Yuki sees Mayu’s injured hand and quickly grabs the medicine kit and treats the younger girl.
Yuki   : “Mayu, what happened to your hand? Did you fall?”
Mayu : “Err...No, I had a fight. Not really a fight though. I just punched someone.”
Yuki   : “Who?”
Mayu : “Jurina.”
Yuki   : “What!? You had a fight with her? Why?”
Mayu : “I saw her making out with her secretary, and so I got angry.”
Yuki   : “Oh!! I’ve never thought Jurina can do such a thing! That’s really unfaithful! Poor Rena.”
Mayu : “Yeah, poor her. Jurina has gone too far now.”



     In this season, FuruYanagi couple is already official, with Churi and Airin start dating each other. However, Rena and Jurina do not know about that. Jurina is still trying to flirt with Churi, while Rena and Airin are also flirting with each other. On the other hand, Churi and Airin also do not know about Jurina and Rena’s relationship.
     One day, Jurina asked Churi (Akane) to go out for a date to an amusement park.

Churi  : #thinking# Hm, what should I do? I love Airin, but I love Jurina too. I can't choose. I want to date both. But this means I’m cheating. Oh Airin, Jurina, I’m sorry...
Jurina : “Akane, what are you thinking? Don't you feel happy to go out with me?”
Churi  : “Oh, I’m- I’m not thinking anything. Of course I’m happy with you. I’m just…. Can you excuse me for a minute? I need to go to the powder room.”
Jurina : “Sure, Akane. I’ll be waiting for you here.”

Suddenly Jurina sees Rena coming at her from at her from a distance.
Jurina : “Rena? What are you doing here? Don't come near me. I’m busy. Go away.”
Rena  : “Busy, huh? I know you're dating Akane. And you know what? I don't care. You cheat, I cheat too! And guess who is the girl I’m dating now, Jurina!”
Jurina : “Tck, I don't know, and don't care. Now please go away now before Akane comes back here.”

Suddenly Airin appears from out of nowhere and comes to them.
Airin   : “Hey Rena-chan, there you are! I was looking for you. Don't leave me so suddenly like th--  Oh my God, Jurina, what are you doing here?”
Jurina : #smirks# “Hehehe~ Airin! I knew you two are dating each other. Well then, have a nice date. Bye!” #starts walking away#
Airin   : “No! No! No! Jurina, wait! This isn't like what you think!”
Jurina : “Yeah, sure. Don't worry Airin, I’m not mad at you!”

Suddenly, Churi returns from the powder room and comes at them.
Churi  : “Jurina, sorry for making you wait! I lost my way there! And oh, who are these peop- Oh my God, Airin? What are you doing here?”
Airin   : “C-Churi? What are you doing here?”
Churi  : #panicking# Oh no! I can't let Airin know that I'm going out with Jurina and cheating on her! I gotta run now!
Airin   : #panicking# Oh no! I can't let Churi know that I'm going out with Rena and cheating on her! I gotta run now!
Churi  : “Sorry guys, I think I left my purse in the powder room! Bye!” #runaway#
Airin   : “Me too! I have a sudden call from the hospital! It's from my brother! Bye!!” #runaway#

Rena and Jurina: #staring confusedly at FuruYanagi# What the hell is happening with them?



Mayu is talking with Yuki over the phone. Mayu is in her office, while Yuki is on the street distributing pamphlets with a picture of a missing person, a high school girl named Oguri Yui.
Mayu : “Yuki, have you found her?”
Yuki   : “No. I will search again in the market near the subway station. Someone said they saw her walking down there two days ago.”
Mayu : “Okay. Keep searching, Yuki. I will try to call her friends.”

Not long after, Mayu calls again.
Mayu : “Yuki, I got a new lead.”
Yuki   : “What?”
Mayu : “One of Yui’s friends who is also a member of their gang has been missing too since last week, after meeting someone from a modeling agency. She was last spotted at a hostess club in Yokohama. I’m afraid it is a human trafficking case. These girls might have been kidnapped and forced into sex-slavery.”
Yuki   : “What? Oh my, this isn't good! Mayu, what should we do?”
Mayu : “We must narrow down our search. I will track down this modeling agency. It must be a fake agency. And Yuki, can you go to the hostess club in Yokohama today? I’ll ask Rena to come with you too.”
Yuki   : “Sure. Just give me the address.”
Mayu : “We have to move fast, Yuki, before they transport these girls abroad. The police are working too, but they’re slow. So I think it's better for us to move on our own first. But if this trafficking network turns out to be big, which I’m afraid it is, then we will have to cooperate with the police.”
Yuki   : “Okay. I understand. Just do what you think is best, Mayu. I trust your judgement.”



Mayu, Yuki, Jurina, Rena, Churi, and Airin met in a remote island, somewhere in Pacific Ocean.
Mayu  : “Hey, Jurina, thanks for your invitation! Yuki and I really need a vacation this month. So thank you, Jurina!”
Jurina : “Huh!? What do you mean, Mayu? You’re the one who invited me and Rena to come here. Look!”
Jurina shows Mayu an invitation letter, including a free ferry tickets and villa reservations. The sender name is Watanabe Mayu.
Mayu  : “Eh!? But I also got the same letter and tickets from you.” #shows Jurina the letter#
Jurina : “What? This is so strange! I didn't send that to you.”
Airin   : “Wait! Does this mean you also didn't invite us? Look! Me and Churi also received this invitation letter from you, Jurina!” #shows the letter to Jurina#
Jurina : #stares# “No! I didn't send it!”
Yuki    : “Jurina, you’re just joking right? Just admit it, you sent this invitation to all of us here!”
Jurina : “No, Yuki, I swear I didn't send it!!”
Airin   : #goes outside for a minute, and then returns again# “The ship has sailed. It won't return again until three days.”
Jurina : “Do you mean now we're trapped here?”
Airin   : “Yes.”
Jurina : #suddenly grabs Airin in the collar# “You’re the one who made this trap, Airin, admit it!”
Churi  : “Jurina, let go of Airin! She didn't do it!”
Jurina : “How do you know, Churi? She’s a hired assassin. Who knows maybe someone hires her to lure us here and kill us all.”
Churi  : “Shut up, Jurina! Airin won't do something like that!”
Mayu  : “Stop bickering, everyone! Calm down and let's think about this. If none of us planned this vacation, then who?”
Jurina : “I don't know Mayu. You're the only who always deals with criminals and murderers. Maybe you have made one of them mad!”
Yuki    : “Shut up, Jurina! You and Rena too have a lot of enemies!”
Jurina : “And how about you, Yuki? Don't you have a lot of enemies too?”
Yuki and Jurina glares at each other.
Rena  : “Hey, maybe it's a serial killer. I saw it in the news yesterday. They said there’s a serial killer on the loose.”
Churi  : “What!? Serial killer?” #shivering and clinging to Airin#
Airin   : “It’s okay, Churi, I will protect you.” #hugging Churi#
Jurina : “See? A serial killer! Now we are trapped here with a serial killer! Great! This is just great!”
Mayu  : “Guys, let's stop bickering! It doesn't matter who invited us! All we have to do now is to cool down and don't blame each other. And don't go anywhere alone. Let's stay together.”
Suddenly the light goes off, causing everyone to shriek.
Mayu  : “Calm down! Calm down! Everyone stick with me! I bring a flashlight!” #taking out a flashlight from her backpack#



Mayu is alone in their apartment when her phone suddenly rings.
Mayu : “Yuki?”
Yuki   : #talking fast# “Mayu, are-you-in-the-apartment-now?”
Mayu : “Y-yeah. Why?”
Yuki   : #still talking fast# “Good, listen-to-me, you’re-in-danger-now, someone-is-coming, I-need-you-to-”
Mayu : “Wait, slow down, Yuki, I can’t hear what you said. Talk slower.”
Yuki   : #takes a deep breath# “Okay, sorry. Listen Mayu, you are in danger now, someone is coming to you. Don't go anywhere, just stay inside and wait for me. Grab the gun, and lock the door and the window. Do it now, Mayu. I’ll explain later.”
Mayu : “Okay.”
Mayu then hurriedly locks the door and windows, and then rushes to their bedroom. She takes a metal safe and puts it on the table before opening it. Inside the safe there are two guns, two holster, two bulletproof vests with different size, and lots of bullets. Yuki had insisted to keep those stuffs for each of them, although Mayu had never used it. Mayu then walks back to the living room and sits on the chair, with the gun in her hand.
Mayu :“Okay, I did everything you told me. Now tell me what’s happening, Yuki? Who’s coming at me?”
Yuki   : #silent for a moment# “...It’s Mano Erina.”
Mayu : “Mano Erina? But, isn't she still in prison? Is she getting parole or what?”
Yuki   : “I don’t think so. Maybe she escapes.”
Mayu : “Oh, now that's a bad news. I’ll wait for you, Yuki. Be here fast.”
Yuki   : “I promise, I will.”
The two then hangs up the call.

A few minutes later, Yuki is still on her way to their apartment when her phone rings again. It’s from Mayu’s number.
Yuki   : “Mayu?”
Erina : “Hello, Yuki. I got your girlfriend here.”
Yuki   : #shocked# “Erina!”
On the other line, Yuki can hear Mayu’s voice in the background.
Mayu : “Mmmpph!! Mmmphh!!” #unable to speak because her mouth is glued with a ducktape#
Erina : “Say hello to your girlfriend, Yuki. Hehe~”
Yuki   : “Erina! Don’t you dare do anything to her!”
Erina  : “Well then, if you still want to see her alive, come and meet me here. I’ll send you the address. And be here fast, Yuki, or you're not going to see your girl, ever again.”


So, which trailer do you think is the most intriguing?

The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) SPEED
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TOZ san, in case you haven’t seen this one....

Their TV debut as a quartet- this is before the Name SPEED was chosen...
Namie Amuro (18 years old) and the Super Monkeys are their Senpai....

Hiro did not look like an 11 year old elementary student....

Eriko & Takako

SPEED テレビ初出演
Japanese / Re: Ryoko Shinohara
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Ryoko san joins Namie Amuro and the Super Monkees
as they cover TRF

「夜もヒッパレ'95春スペシャル」~CRAZY GONNA CRAZY
Hadn’t seen any new photos of Kirara Chan lately...

But then, BOOM!

She is glowing on stage!
Well done Kirara chan!
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