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Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: The Crack Pairing/Emerging Pairing Thread
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Kiki and Yumeno

DOrama and MOvies / Re: Official Toku thread (kamen rider/sentai)
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Found a YouTube channel that's hosting episodes from the GARO franchise. It doesn't quite have everything from the various series' as of now, but it's a good chunk to start off with (and the uploader has organized them into playlists for easier navigation).

Guard iElucy -
Rule #2: Don’t Break the Premises

Even though she doesn’t have a long list of projects with her name Nishino Nanase is one with a talent. At her late teenage years, her popularity soared from her portrayal in a live-action film adapted from a critically acclaimed animated film where she stars as a tough girl who was raised by a Wolf God. Because of her note-worthy performance of that role, many people including Shiraishi Mai herself had thought that the girl would possess the same ferocious aura. Turns out they’re wrong.

At first, Mai thought that the girl is just extremely nervous. Then, Mai overheard the Nanase’s agent reprimanding her for missing out her appointment mentioning how the actress needs it before someone notices how she often peel the skin around her nails. Just like that, Mai was able to connect the dots.

Nishino Nanase struggles with anxiety, this is the reason why she stopped taking any project for a while, despite the golden chance she had. Now, about 5 years since that time, she had pushed herself to take a step inside the shooting location once more. But the anxiety is still there, becoming the reason why she will most likely stay silent unless the other party initiates the conversation, why she fumbled a lot in public appearances, and also why she often caught herself in a hard time to deal with herself too much that she can’t say no when someone give her an offer.

“Nanase, is this truly what you want?” She had asked her in one sunny day after one of the interviews for their film.

“About what exactly?”

“uhm. Us.”

Her eyes widened before quickly goes left and right to make sure that no one heard the words.

“It’s a bit too late to back down isn’t it? The press and fans have been jumping up and down about the relationship,” despite the soft smile on the girl’s lip, her tone is still bitter.

“Look it’s just,” Mai stopped for a moment, building up the words in her mind before letting them out from her mouth. “If the reason you agreed to this is that you’re not ready to handle the executive reaction if you refuse the offer, then, I’ll be the one who does it. I can cancel this anytime, it will be all on me instead of you.”

“It’s not- that,” she sighed, looking at the carpet underneath instead of meeting the other’s eyes. “The thing is I’m not like you. I’m not that as sociable or well-spoken as you, which is the reason I’m struggling to gain any attention from the interviews just like how I struggle to make a meaningful connection whenever I meet industry executives. So, I need this as a jumpstart.”

It’s not hard to see the clear desperation in the statement, one that reminds Mai that despite the glamour that comes with it their line of work is often surrounded with dark clouds. How no matter how talented you are, it’s all come down with who you know and what you can do to please the fans.

“Okay then.” Somehow her right hand reached up to caress the actress check, softly leading towards her direction so their eyes will meet once more, “just remember that I can always cancel this anytime okay?”

Nanase nodded, eyes peered down to where the fingers gently lay her skin. Noticing this, Mai quickly retracted the hand, beating herself up inside for doing something that can be considered intimate towards a person that is not her girlfriend.

“Sorry, I was caught in the moment,” she mumbled, taking a step away from the girl. “Anyway, about that last time I really hope Ranze wasn’t being mean to you or anything- that girl can be infuriatingly possessive at times. I read somewhere that’s how a teenager is when it comes to love.”

A part of Mai is still feeling guilty for not being present at the arranged coffee meeting. She knows that her girlfriend personally chosen that day so there’s she will leave the two of them alone to talk about something that only God knows what. In Mai wild imagination, that meeting had gone with her girlfriend threaten to slit the co-star in her sleep if she ever tried anything.

“You really are a good person.” Nanase smiled softly, “don’t need to worry about Ranze-san. It was nice to talk to her.”

Mai knows that there’s no way it went that smooth but realise there’s nothing she can do other than making sure she doesn’t mess everything up.

And that’s exactly where she put her focus on.

For about 15 months, everything goes according to the plan. The film is pretty much the biggest blockbuster from Japan over the last decades, it was so popular that if not because Mai reminding her father that it was marketed with a relationship built on a lie they wouldn’t stop with just one sequel. Nanase’s popularity rocketed into the worldwide scale and with a little bit of push from Mai, the girl finally becomes that person who can choose from a different script rather than just do what is available for her. Beyond the lie, Mai herself was able to maintain a good friendship with Nanase and her girlfriend is pretty much okay about that.

Slowly the lies started to mix with her daily life, forming some sort of a familiar routine. Occasionally picking up Nanase on a “date” whenever they’re in the same city, going to the events with her, wrapping her fingers on the girl’s slender waist as they stroll through the camera lights. By the end of the day, she would depart to her own quarter where her lover waits.

Until a night that has become one of the biggest ultimatums in her life comes. That night, Shiraishi Mai was up in the nomination list for the best leading actress category of the international film academy award.

When someone is in that position there’s a lot that will be on their mind and Mai was not an exception. But for the first half of the night, she was rather preoccupied with her girlfriend who has been refusing to answer her call ever since their argument about Nanase going as Mai’s date for the eventful night. Well, is not hard to win the argument considering how Ranze herself was not free to go to America, she had a big voice acting project to work on in Japan. But still, the girlfriend is giving her a cold shoulder.

Mai couldn’t really blame the jealousy though. But what else can she do? It will be odd if the couple who the public has dubbed as “Your favourite Japanese Lesbian” attends the same event but separately.

Not to mention the current timing, right now the last instalment of their film has been wrapped. It makes no sense at all and will risk their lie to be discovered if they don’t come to the event together.

The main problem of the night though, it’s not really the fact that her girlfriend is giving her the cold shoulder but rather how it unfolds.

The award itself has dining party concept, where Mai was seated in a round table of 6. The problem starts when she noticed that in one of the white satins covered chair sat a Japanese man that always make her nervous.

“Mai-chan, it’s really nice to see you here.” He stood up upon seeing Mai walking towards the table.

“A- Terada-san. This is quite a surprise, I haven’t seen you in a while.” Mai greet him back, feeling even more anxious now that she stood in front of her girlfriend’s father. “How’s everything?”

“Good enough for an old man like me,” he chuckled before taking Nanase’s hand, “and when are you going to introduce your beautiful girlfriend here?”

“Excuse my rudeness, that tends to happen when I’m near someone that I highly respected.” Mai chuckled as she steps back, letting Nanase and the man greeted each other, “this is Nishino Nanase, Nanase this is Terada Kaito. If you remember Ranze, he’s her father. He composes amazing music if I may add.”

The man smiled warmly as he let Nanase goes back to Mai’s side, “you always flatter me too much Mai-chan.”

The three of them take their respective seats. Talking occasionally about the award. Mai is grateful that because of its concept she could spend half of the time immersed in her food instead of being awkwardly trying to impress her girlfriend’s father who does not even know that she’s his daughter’s lover.

That until the man suddenly directed the conversation topic towards his daughter.

“Have you been hanging out with Ranze lately?” he asked.

The food almost got into the wrong pipe but thankfully Mai hurriedly grabbed her sparkling water glass to gulp it down. “Um- yes, I think.”

“Her mother mentioned that she didn’t come home for a night or two sometimes. So, I can sort of guess that she has been seeing a boy somewhere. I’m just wondering if you know anything about him and what makes Ranze reluctant to let us know about it.”

Mai's eyes widened, her brain rewind to the gender-specific word over and over for quite a while before finally remember that she’s supposed to give an answer.

“Ah- about that, I’m not sure either, but I will try to persuade Ranze to let you know. That’s the least I can do.”

The man smiled, giving Mai a bit of pat on the shoulder “I’m glad she has such a great friend.”

After that, Mai completely lost her appetite, her mind is filled with the fact that her girlfriend is still hadn’t come out to her parents.

Everything goes in a blur as if instead of attending the award, she’s watching it in a fast-forwarded recording. She remembered making a small talk here and there, standing up and gave an applause whenever someone’s name got called, but such details like what is it that she talked about and who was it that received the award didn’t really get registered into her brain.

Until suddenly the spotlight is shining on her, people started to stand up and clap excitedly, a smile cherishing their lips.  Several people around her, including Ranze’s father, took turns to pull her into a warm hug.

“With this Shiraishi Mai has set a new record for the Asian community of the film industry, where she is now the youngest Asian descent winner for this category.” The blonde man who stood in the stage announced.

It’s a bit late but at last, it comes to her.

She won.

And if someone had asked her there are so many things that she felt all at once.

Confusion, anxiety, excitement.

Those and so many other stuff are mixed into this ball of euphoria hits her all at once, directing her to look at Nanase who gave her a bright smile, one that shows happiness. It’s heartwarming how proud she looks just because her fake girlfriend is getting one of the most prestigious awards in the world.


Well, the normal reply to that would a sentence of gratitude, or if she feels confident she can joke about how it’s nothing, or she can also be humble and say that the other contender deserves the award more.

But somehow her mouth did not utter any of those. Instead, she raised both of her hands, one caressing Nanase’s cheek and another one underneath her chin, closed their distance and connect their lips together.

It’s hard to describe the feelings that were rushing through her blood at that time. The way Nanase’s soft lips seems to be surprised but slowly reply the gesture is enough to drive her mind away from the crowd. At that moment, it feels like there’s only the two of them in that hall, all the clap and cheers were muted, the soft breathing that Nanase let out mixed with the hard pounding of her heart is the only thing she could hear.

The kiss is not like any of the kisses they had shared for their film. It feels like something she’s meant to do in the first place.

It feels so right that it scares her.

If not for the winner announcer awkwardly reminding her that she still has to go up to the stage to receive her golden statue, Mai would have stared at Nanase for an eternity after that. Her brain could not comprehend what she had done.

Her speech was rather plain, she basically read a crumpled note that she had prepared before the award, one that she has discussed with her manager to avoid any mistake that could bring trouble. What comes after that is even weirder, they basically have her in this area where she faced so many camera and journalist, all trying to have her answer these sort of questions that kind of requires her to do a bit of self-introspection:

“How is it like to be the youngest Asian to win this award”

“What is your hope for the future of the film industry?”

“Do you have anything to say to other actresses that were nominated?”

In the end, everything basically drained her emotionally and physically to the point of her not being to move her limbs to break the hug from her manager. Noticing that, Matsumura Sayuri pretty much decided she has enough for the night and took her back to her hotel room.

She went back to Japan on the following night after, ignoring all the missed calls from both Nanase and her girlfriend.

Being busy is always a good excuse to avoid things. However, Mai knows well that avoiding doesn’t mean that it will be left forgotten and in most cases is better to step up and face the problem head-on before it grows bigger and bigger.

The argument that she had with Ranze was their biggest one, which is quite surprising considering how they seem to have done nothing but trying not to tear each other heads off over various arguments on the last couple of months.

“What do you want from me!?” She shouted, “the entire premise is hiding the relationship until you reach that age where it’s appropriate for us to come clean to your parents. And how are we supposed to do that if they don’t even know that you don’t fancy boys? Do you think we should just suddenly break everything all at once?! You’re the one who said it’s better to let them know little by little.”

“I don’t know!” Ranze snapped, “but how are we going to break the news anyway if the whole world including them thinks you are happily dating another girl!?”

The worse thing about it is that Mai understands from the beginning that it’s mostly her fault. Ranze not coming out to her parents about her fondness of girls is something that could not be forced on her, even though eventually she would have to, but still, it’s okay for her to take all the time she needs.

“The truth is, I’m scared for what will they think of us. Of you.” Ranze exhaled, both hands clenched on the side to calm herself down from her anger, “why do I even feeling anxious about it while you seem to really have everything under control with the pretty girlfriend and all.”

Here it comes, another sarcasm that seems to be able to tear her heart apart. The worst part is, she understands that she deserves that. After the kiss that she shares with Nanase in front of hundreds live audience including Ranze’s father and dozen cameras that deliver the moment live to the smaller screens, Mai deserves the blunt sarcasm. Heck, she even deserves a slap in the face.

No matter how the public knows the actress as her girlfriend, there’s an unsaid premise that such an intimate gesture was not needed at all in the situation and therefore should not be done in the first place. No matter how she looked at it that was plain betrayal on her girlfriend.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, I’m sorry”

The defence comes weak and desperate.

“You know what, from the time you found out that you slept with 17 years old and come up with the suggestion to lie about the relationship I realised that you’re not exactly that inspiring role model people saw on the screen. But not before this you are ever mean.”

The last word of the sentence pushed an imaginary knife straight into her heart. Breaking it into pieces because she knows that it is the truth.

“Have you considered that maybe it’s not me…” the teenager's voice breaks at the end of the sentence, “we have been trying so hard to make this work, but maybe that’s our problem. Maybe deep down both of us realise that we have tried everything to keep up with something that is not meant to be. At least not anymore.”

“Please,” she pleads came off as weak. Her eyes met the younger girl as she tries to hold back the tears.

“When we started, I said to that girl loud and clear that not even she can get between us. But now, it feels like it’s me who is in between the two of you.”

Mai doesn’t know what to do, refuting the shorter girl statement seems like adding another lie into her life, but the guilt from knowing that it might be the truth also breaks her from the inside. Slowly she stepped closer and pull the young girl into a hug. What comes after that is her girlfriend finally broke down and cried. Mai herself starts to tear up, kissing the top of Ranze’s head as she repeats the apology.

“I’m sorry.”

The word starting to sound like a broken record, playing over and over without no actual effect on the listener yet that’s the only thing she can say.

And after a while, Ranze took a step back, smiling gently at Mai as she finally comes to a conclusion.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore, Mai.” She said as she closed the distance between their lips.

The kiss was the saddest one she has ever gotten, it tastes like tears and everything about it told her how broken the situation is. And when Ranze finally pulled back and break the kiss, she filled her lungs with air before leaning forward once more and tiptoed to give Mai another peck on the forehead.

“I know what we had was nowhere near perfect but I’m glad that you happened, you taught me so much about love and compassion. So, thank you for everything. I’m sorry.”

I'm sorry Ranze you and Maiyan got a good run  :cry:
Let me know what you think  :cathappy:

Mai is pretty much falling for Naachan  :bleed eyes: poor Ranze
Japanese / Re: Erika Toda
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Heli team, prepare to promote Code Blue!

Erika san is the youngest
of the Fab Five

Japanese / Re: Ai Shinozaki
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The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Uemura Akari Thread (植村あかり)
« Last post by bluewind78 on August 15, 2018, 04:21:23 PM »
Now we know how Lieutenant Uemura Akari keeps herself in good shape:

Japanese / Re: Shuka Saito 斉藤 朱夏
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Japanese / Re: Mio Kudo 工藤美桜
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"Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts."

Graduate Plaza / Re: The Nakajima Saki Thread (中島早貴)
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From Saki-chan's Instagram today...  she and her cat woke up at 5 am.

Good to see that she is still around and fulfilling the desires of her fans for pictorial data as to how delightful she is.  That hair...  that thigh...  and yeah, ok, that cute cat!   :wub: :inlove: :lol:
H!P Crapola / Re: The Hello! Project Postwhoring Thread
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He felt so good, and then to understand the full article to know so well.
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