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Author Topic: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (31/?) [WMatsui] (04/02/2018)  (Read 114096 times)

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (31/?) [WMatsui] (04/02/2018)
« Reply #640 on: February 05, 2018, 01:18:02 PM »
You're back!!!  :jphip: :jphip:

The tension is coming up

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (31/?) [WMatsui] (04/02/2018)
« Reply #641 on: February 06, 2018, 10:41:46 PM »
The treatment that Jurina has had with Rena has seemed very sweet to me. (I love it)

Rena clearly still has feelings for Jurina, but we really do not know what Jurina thinks today.

I think Churi has reason to be angry at the situation.

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (31/?) [WMatsui] (04/02/2018)
« Reply #642 on: February 07, 2018, 12:16:57 AM »
Hello S!
It's been a long time! XD
My inner self jumped in happiness when I saw this update.
Just like usual, I always skimmed first right after I saw the update.
When I was skimming this chapter, I little bit forgot how they ended up like this, so I didn't read this chapter right away. lol
I needed to refresh my memory about Destiny so I read some of the previous chapters to make sure what's going on XD
Their meeting is surprisingly smooth. Despite their separation for three years, Jurina is still sweet as ever! Rena you're so lucky!
So Rena accepted to come just because Jurina invited her, is this the sign she wanted to go back together again???? :huhuh
Talking about Churi, I understand what she felt for her best friend but I hope her anger won't grow any further that will lead to something bad for her relationship with both Matsui. :k-mad:
I really enjoyed reading this chapter.
Just so you know that for me, reading your writing especially this fic is sooo satisfying. I like how detail you put their thoughts and acts into words.
Thank you for being a devoted WMatsui fanfic writer!!
Shall we celebrate your come back with eclair au chocolat???  :cheers

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (31/?) [WMatsui] (04/02/2018)
« Reply #643 on: February 10, 2018, 12:57:06 AM »
Take me 4 hours to finish reading all the destiny chapter. Im glad I can catch up fast enough   :farofflook:
Anyway Rena came to jurina graduation concert fufufu I wonder will they perform kiss datte hidariki together.
it's funny how akane seems irritated at Rena presence while in real life they are close  :on drink:

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (31/?) [WMatsui] (04/02/2018)
« Reply #644 on: February 11, 2018, 08:42:07 PM »
Hi, Sophcaro.

I'm really happy because you are back.

It's a good chapter but I was so excited that I read it fast and I had this feeling like "oh? that was short" LOL
However I read it twice and this time I could enjoy every part of it.

I can't help but feel some empathy for Churi, I understand her overprotecting feelings because she's afraid of Rena hurting Jurina again, but at the same time I hope Rena take this opportunity and try to reach Jurina's heart and fix all this big mess.

I almost scream at Rena "Come on just kiss her!!" when she and Jurina were talking but I know it's not how it works (regretfully).

Also I'm very curious to know what's happening inside Jurina's head. I don't know if she's feeling the warmth grow inside her chest or if she's being overwhelmed by her nervousness.

Great job author-san and congrats for overcoming your writer's block.
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