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Author Topic: GenkingBlack's 46 Vault | The Library's Corner [Nanase POV] 30/05/18  (Read 1989 times)

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Hello, Tama is here :onionwhip:

It's really been a while since my last OS in 48G's thread. From the last year, I can't deny that I'm slowly becoming Nogi's wota  :shy1:
It supposed to be Nanase's bday OS, but belated still count right? :dunno:

Treat this OS as warming up, I realized that I've lost my touch a bit. I hope I can see you soon with another fic ^^
This 1st post like usual will be the Index, in order to make reader easier to access the fic.

Index :

The Library's Corner (OS) [Nanase's POV] *Below this post

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The Library's Corner

Hello, my name is Nishino Nanase, 2nd year of Nogizaka All-Girl High School. Right now, I’m working as a part-time librarian in our school. Due to the lack of visitors, there was an announcement about getting an exemption from literature exam to students who help in the library. I happen to hate literature subject, so why not? Oh, and of course because the school will provide allowances. But all of those were my reasons in the beginning. Why I said so? Because lately there is someone who I’ll always look forward to meet.

“Hey Naachan, what are you doing?” a soft tap made my body jerk awake from daydreaming.

My head turned immediately in response to meet the owner of that tap, only to see a familiar face. Feeling relief, my tensed body slowly loosened up. “Oh it’s just you, Kazumin.”

I can’t help but to let out a deep sigh, as if my lifespan reduced by 10 years. Anyways, let me introduce my best friend, Takayama Kazumi. She is also working as a part-time librarian with me, to be accurate, she was the one who begged me to apply for this job. As much as I hate literature subject, I love reading. Though most of them are manga, Jojo Bizarre Adventure is definitely my favorite of all time. Unlike me, Kazumin doesn’t like to read; she never enjoys being in a quiet environment like the library to begin with. So why did she choose this job? The answer is Noujo Ami, the head librarian and former senpai of this school. Basically, Kazumin likes her. End of story.

“Why were you freaking out so much? I didn’t even raise my voice.” said Kazumin while taking her belongings from the employee’s locker, just before something popped into her mind, “Ah! Don’t tell me you were thinking about that girl again?” Kazumin purposely emphasized on a particular word.

Before I knew it, my body froze upon Kazumin touching the subject.

“Er…..No! I wasn’t thinking about Ikoma-chan!” my eyes grew wide, realizing I just revealed my inner mind as easily as that. I couldn’t even cover it up after seeing an annoying smirk plastered on Kazumin’s face. Damn!

“I didn’t even mention Ikoma-chan’s name~~.”

I can’t even deny what Kazumin just said since she knows me very well. Who is Ikoma-chan? *clear throat*  Ikoma-chan is a regular visitor of the library. To be honest, I don’t really know much about her aside from she being a kouhai. How do I know? She mentioned it once when we first met. From that day, she comes everyday except when it’s raining. Strange, isn’t it? Maybe something is preventing her from coming during rainy days.

Kazumin who expected another retort from me felt empty when I didn’t bother to give any reaction. “I think Ikoma-chan will come soon.” as she stared at clock which showed that it’s 3 PM. I don’t know if Kazumin has 6th sense or something, but soon after she finished her sentence, the door of the library opened, revealing a figure entering the room. Yup, it was Ikoma-chan.
Today, Ikoma-chan is wearing a grey parka on the outside, slinging her backpack on her right shoulder. Looks like she’s also wearing glasses today, which means she’s going to read something for a long period. She didn’t bother to look at others, making her way towards her favorite seat; the library’s corner.

“Seriously, Naachan. You need to step up your game!”

“What game?” I pretended not to know what she meant, though I have a ‘hunch’ she was referring to the girl who sat at the corner right now.

“This!” She pointed at me and Ikoma-chan’s seat repeatedly, “The game where you just stare at your crush from afar and not bother to do anything.” Ms. Busybody finally showed her nature, in a good way of course.

“Pffftt, talk about yourself, huh? When will you make a move on Noujo-senpai?”

I was ready to hit an even score when Kazumin showed 2 tickets to USJ with a big grin on her face.

“Ami-chan asked me out to USJ this week~” as her right hand showed 2 tickets from that popular theme park in Osaka, my hometown.

SERIOUSLY?” My body raised by itself to the shocking announcement “SINCE WHEN?

SSSSSHHHHHH” Kazumin covered my mouth with her right hand, while the other showing the whole visitor staring immensely at us. We both immediately bowed in an apologetic way, Kazumin removed her hand when she saw I was gradually calming down.

“Care to fill me up?”

“It was yesterday, suddenly Ami-chan-..”

“Wait wait! Before that, since when did you address Noujo-senpai as Ami-chan?” Since earlier I couldn’t help but cringe every time Kazumin casually called our senpai by her first name.

“Oh! Ami-chan said it herself,  because Noujo seems so formal.” Her face would brighten each time she mentioned ‘Ami-chan’.

“Oh… Go on then..”

“Yesterday, Ami-chan suddenly asked me if I’m free this weekend.” 

“And then?”

“Of course I said yes!” her eyes lit up. I bet she’ll look forward to that day.
“Congrats!” I pulled her into a hug, soon broke by realization of my crush’s presence at that corner.

Oh great, Kazumin is ahead with weekend date. Me? Making Ikoma-chan get to know me still seems far away...

“Nee Naachan, Have you ever wondered why she always sit at that corner?”

When I think about it, every time Ikoma-chan goes to the library, she will always choose that corner. When random people occupy that corner, she prefers to stand beside the bookshelf and ends her visit earlier than usual. Then again, I don’t know why since I don’t have the courage to ask her.

“Hmmmm….” My mouth failed to produce any guess, and ended up shrugging my shoulder off as an answer.

“Thinking about it, Ikoma-chan always visit the library whenever Tennis Club has practice right?” Kazumin once again threw another quiz for me.


“Maybe she’s watching Tennis Club practice in….. secret?”

“Oh really?” sometimes Kazumin will say ridiculous things, and I often fall for it. This time, I won’t.

“I’m serious! You don’t know? From that seat we can see tennis court easily.”

“Yeah… Yeah...” totally ignoring her, I grabbed my pen to get ready for today’s work.

“If you don’t believe me, let me ask her.” Just like that, she got my attention. “Ikoma-chan!” as Kazumin waved happily, in which Ikoma-chan replied by the same reaction. Kawaii!

Then all of a sudden, Ikoma left her seat and started walking towards our direction. I turned my view and found Kazumin giving her signal to come closer. Damn, I’m not ready!

“Can I help you, Kazumin-senpai?”

“No no, not me.” Kazumin pulled my hand until I was close enough to see Ikoma-chan by flesh and bone. “Naachan wanted to ask you a question, right, Naa~chan~?” Kazumin smirked.

I threw a death glare at my best friend. Ikoma-chan was the sole reason why I didn’t kill Kazumin right here and now. The last thing I want was to look like a psycho and a strange person. Slowly, I beamed a warm smile toward Ikoma-chan “Yeah…”

“Oh!” Her eyes lit up, “You can ask me anything, Nishino-senpai.” I can see Ikoma-chan shift her attention to me now.

“Now, talk you two! I gotta go~”

Kazumin was about to turn on her heels when I grabbed the hem of her shirt desperately. “Don’t leave us….” I only moved my mouth without a sound, my eyes begged for Kazumin’s mercy.

Kazumin smiled and slowly let go of my hands. I thought she was going to help me for sure, but when I saw her mouthed “Gomen”, she just ran away before I could grab her again.

Minutes after Kazumin left, yet neither of us spoke a word. The silence was too much to handle, and Ikoma-chan who didn’t know about Kazumin’s prank at all just stood there in expectation. I know I can’t run away anymore…

“Hmmmm….The weather is nice today, right?”

Damn Nanase, what a good way to start a conversation. I wanted to dig a hole literally and bury myself in it.

“Aahh...You’re right, I think summer season has come.” She turned her eyes to the window as the sunlight shine over her usual seat.

Ah! Maybe this is my chance to ask her.

“Nee, Ikoma-chan. Do you particularly like that seat?”


“I’ve been wondering since you always sit at that corner.”

“Ah… Because from this seat, I can see my crush perfectly.” as she completely lost in thought while smiling toward that seat.

“Your crush?!”

What!? She has a crush on someone? All of sudden, I felt a knot inside my chest, clearly disliking the idea of my crush having a crush on another girl. Strange thing is that I can’t help but feel curious as to who her crush is.

“Yup, though it’s a one-sided feeling.” her smile turned into sad one, before taking a quick glance on her watch. “Yabai! I have to go home now.” as she hurriedly grabbed her backpack, but before reaching the door, her feet stopped to look at me once again.

“See you tomorrow, Nishino-senpai.” she mouthed that sentence, waving happily.

I couldn’t help but to wave back at her. As the door closed, I could hear a crack in my heart as well. I didn’t want to look like a stalker, yet my feet brought me to exactly where I can see Ikoma-chan’s crush.

“There it is… Tennis club...”

Like Kazumin said, Tennis club had practice. “So her crush is one of Tennis club’s member?” I was lost in thought as I saw Ikoma’s figure walking with someone in jersey.

“Isn’t that Maiyan?”

Shiraishi Mai, she’s our classmate, also known as Nogizaka’s Goddess. To be frank, I don’t really know much about her. In short, she’s towards the high-tier side; and I am more like a peasant in the school. We rarely talk at school, but don’t misunderstand. She’s a nice girl, but I feel uncomfortable around her, since she has that aura which makes you feel weird.

I never knew Ikoma-chan is close to Maiyan; up to the point they can walk home together. Don’t tell me… Her crush is… Maiyan? If so, there is no way I can win against Nogizaka’s Goddess.

My love has ended before I could even confess.

It’s been a week since I last went to the library. I told Noujo-senpai that I quit being a part-timer, which Kazumin at first was against my decision. So I told her about the whole thing, and she can’t help but to respect my decision. I know it sounds so cliché, but it’s hard to see your lover looking at someone else but you. I just… I just need time to accept the fact and move on.

May 25th, Today is my birthday. I was walking through the hallway, alone. I got a long text from my only friend, Kazumin. She can’t celebrate my birthday as she failed to pass Math Subject. Mr. Himura told her to take another additional class today. My family? They are in Osaka. Have I told you that Kazumin and I are living in the same dormitory. That means, no one is going celebrate my birthday. Friend? I don’t have any, but that’s okay. It’s not like today is going to be any worse than my current condition, is what I thought until I heard a distinct voice from behind.

“Nishino-san!! Wait!”

My heels stopped, carefully taking a look behind my back, praying inside that the voice doesn’t belong to that person. Nah, my day is just going from bad to worse.

She looked exhausted, drop of sweats can be seen falling down from her forehead. “I….I...I’ve been waiting…..for you…at the library.” Ikoma-chan struggled to catch her breath.

“....What’s wrong?” I couldn’t think a proper response, since the last person I want to meet right now suddenly appeared in front of me.

“Why did you quit working at the library?”

“Ah...Nothing, I don’t feel like doing it anymore.” True enough, Ikoma-chan was the sole reason I continued working as a part time librarian. Now that I know she has a crush on Maiyan, I lost my reason to keep going.


Once again we were both trapped in this weird atmosphere, what a deja vu. Neither of us talked, nor do we have the guts to leave.

“So, how’s your crush?” I tried not to show too much jealousy. As much as I hate this topic, I wanted to know.

“Eh? Emmm…..” She was flustered, “Too bad, it’s been raining lately so I can’t see her from the library’s corner.”

There she is, her smile which I love to see. Why can’t I be the reason for her smile?

“ I need to go…” I couldn’t stand any longer, the more I tried to hide my feelings, the more tears wanted to escape.

“Wait!” She grabbed my hand, restricting me to walk any further.

“Please…. Just...Let me go…” I lowered my eyes, my voice was trembling, I need to escape from here.

Ikoma-chan didn’t bother to my plea, instead she tried to make our eyes meet by reaching out to my cheek.


I couldn’t lift my head, cause if I did, my eyes will tell her everything that I’ve been hiding all along. I know there is no way she’ll return my feelings.

“Listen… cause right now… I want to confess to my crush…” She took my hands to hers, as she took a deep breath,

“I love you, Nishino-san, will you go out with me?”

Huh...? Did I hear it wrong? Ikoma-chan’s crush is ME?

“L-Liar…” I struggled to let go of my hands, but surprisingly Ikoma-chan is strong despite her petite body.

“No, I’m not lying.”

“Isn’t it Maiyan?”

“Maiyan? Oh do you mean Shiraishi-senpai? No way, she is like a sister to me.” She let a soft chuckle, as if it is a terrible joke.

“Datte... you always sit in that corner to see Tennis club practice right?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“First of, we can see Tennis Club practice easily from that corner. Second, you always visit the library when it’s not raining. In another words, you won’t be able to see their practice when it’s raining right? Hence you’ll finish your visit earlier...” I couldn’t take it longer, I just wanted to release those from my chest.

“Wow…….Sugooiii…” She clapped in astonishment, making me realize I just showed her all of my cards. “You have a great deduction, I almost mistook you as Conan-kun hahaha… but you’ve got it all wrong.”

 “I don’t believe you!”

“Follow me then, I’ll show you.”

“W-Wait, Ikoma-chan you don’t have to-”

“Just follow me.” She took my hand and led the way to the library. There wasn’t any conversation, just silent footsteps accompanying us. She smells nice, I wonder what perfume she puts on. Before I realize it, we were already at the Library’s corner, Ikoma-chan’s favorite seat. Once she let go of my hand, “Now, take a seat.”

I was about to run away from the scene when Ikoma-chan just forced me to sit, and then took a seat in front of me.

“What do you see at the window?”

“Tennis’s court?”

“No, look carefully. What do you see now?” She pointed out the reflection from the window.

“Library’s reception desk?”

“Uh-huh, Tell me who do you think always sit on that?”

“Don’t tell me… Kazumin?!”

“Hell No! It’s you, baka.”

“Me?!” My eyes grew bigger upon the new discovery, “Wait, don’t you not come on rainy days because Tennis club has no practice?”

“No? On rainy days, the windows won’t open right? Hence, I can’t see you from this reflection, and I have no courage to stare at you directly.”

“How about you and Maiyan the other day?”

“Shiraishi-senpai? Hmmm…. Sure thing, I am close to her. She knows that I have a crush on you. We always walk home together, can’t help that we are neighbors you know?

“........” All of a sudden, nothing would come out from my mouth. This is so….unreal.

“So… Please become my girlfriend, will you?”

“.....You can’t...…”

“......Souka....” Ikoma-chan looked so devastated and was about to rise from her seat when my hand tugged her shirt; preventing her from leaving.

“Look at me directly…”


“I love you too.. But next time, you aren’t allowed to see me from the reflection anymore.”

Her face gradually changed, putting her left hand to cover her heart area, “Yabai……kawaii….”


“You aren’t playing fair…. Too cute like this...” She was still clutching her chest, so cute.

“Eh?!” I didn’t do anything, but she’s so…..happy?

“Can I hug you? I am holding myself back not to jump at you right now.”

A soft giggle came out as answer seeing Ikoma-chan in this behaviour. I never knew she has a cute side like this. “I know you are cute, Ikoma-chan, but I never thought you are THIS cute.” as I purposely emphasize a word.

“That’s my line!” She pouted, as her hands crossed in front of chest. Pretending to be sulky, I see.

I stood up, slowly walking towards my girlfriend, stood there for a while to gaze at her properly. I then cupped her cheek, finally clashing my lips against hers. It wasn’t a long and an adult-like type of kiss. Rather, it was an innocent one, yet enough to make my chest warm up from the contact, especially from the one I’ve long for.

“I think I’m the one who can’t wait to jump at you, Ikoma-chan.”

Looks like this year’s birthday is not bad at all...

...Isn’t it?


ps. send love for my favorite editor~ @emprezz48 I love yaa~  :on gay:
I know this pair is rather rare, but I really love their interaction :3
They are cute <3
Okay then, Till we meet again  :byebye:
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Re: GenkingBlack's 46 Vault | The Library's Corner [Nanase POV] 30/05/18
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Nice fic, it's so good and refreshing to have nanase x ikoma fic. I really like jealous-yandere Nanase and old man Chara Ikoma.

There's too much Nanase x Maiyan fic here, and as a Sayumai shipper I can't really enjoy the fic about them.

I like how you also write about Nanase and Kazumin friendship, it feels real and natural to have them bantering to each other like that.

Thank you for writing this fic ^_^
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