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Author Topic: Not OS >>> [Chapter 12] Dec.19,2012  (Read 96659 times)

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Tomochin how could you let chiyuu w8t for too long :thumbdown:


At least are mens knows to w8t for there lady!!!! :) fighting!!  :fap

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高橋みなみ (たかみな) 

Takamina Happy 21st Birthday~~

Our Chibi Captain has welcome her first birthday after 20~ ^_^
It is also the first birthday I've congratulate you since I only become AKB fan last year around October
But this year, next year, the next next year, ... I'll always be excited about April 8 because it's your birthday~!!!
Takamina, my no. 1 Oshi, I wish you a good year!

Thinking back...
I remember how I became your fan.
I love how cute you react when other members tease you.
I love your smile, it always save my day.
I love your seriousness and your gentleness, it makes me work harder each day.
It's you who makes my life not as boring as before, make me got something I'm interested in! >.<
I was never really interested in idols or stars until I know you.

Once again, Happy Birthday Takamina~ :)


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Chapter 10

Part 2

Acchan decides that they will have a ride on Space Mountain but when they reach the attraction the number of people lining up is really long… Seeing how disappointed Acchan is Kai told her to take a seat at the “Relax Cafe” that was just few feet away and that when it’s nearly their turn he will call her. Acchan accepted the offer happily and give a peck on Kai’s cheek as she skip her way to the Relax Cafe, leaving poor Kai petrified on the spot…

30 minutes passed…

The clock now strikes 11 and the sun starts to heat up the temperature. More than half of the people choose to give up because of the heat and they didn’t want to get a heat stroke. But for Kai, this kind of temperature is still handable since he is trained since he was young to be able to adapt to any kind of environment.

Lucky~ Many people left~ Instead of waiting for 2 more hours I think 30 more minutes and it will be my turn~ ^^ is what Kai was thinking as he sees people leaving the line one by one with a big smile on his face causing many girls to faint but not because of the weather but because of his killer smile!!!

30 minutes have passed again…
Few minutes ago Kai has called Acchan telling her that it’s almost their turn, so now Acchan is smiling while waiting for their turn. But since Kai has been under the sun for 1 hour he is sweating quite a lot, Acchan notices it and took out her handkerchief and wipe Kai’s sweat gently causing Kai to blush and other people looking at them jealously…

“Th.. Thank you Acchan..”
“It’s me who should say thank you. See how sweaty you are because of that…”
“No, it’s okay! I can’t let a girl stand under this heat for an hour can’t I?” Kai says as he looks into Acchan’s eyes gently
“Kai..” Acchan replies as they continue to look at each other lovingly.
And slowly the gap between them is decreasing… They can now even feel each other’s breathe… Just a few centimeters more…

“Ahem! Excuse me sir but.. erm.. it’s your turn on the ride. If you’re not gonna ride.. there are still a lot of people behind…” says the staff without any expression on his face

After hearing the staff Acchan and Kai hurriedly widens the gap between them and blush furiously.

Few minutes later…
“Erm… Excuse me again but are you still going to ride?? If you’re just going to stand there like a stone there are people waiting behind…”

Look at that couple!! Ah!! So jealous!!
I want a cute girlfriend like that~
I want a handsome boyfriend like that~
When are they going to snap out of it??

Kai snapped out of it first and replies “Huh? Oh! We’re riding”
Then Acchan also snaps out “Yes, we are riding!”
“Then please take your seats and tighten the seat belts…”


After screaming out all their hearts from the rides they’ve tried out they decided to have lunch before continue to play.

Kimi Shika Restaurant
“Haa~~ I’m so hungry~” says Acchan as she sat down
“Yea~ But the rides were fun!” replies Kai smiling
“All the restaurants were so noisy and crowded but this is the only restaurant that was quiet. It seems like we are the only customer!”
“You’re right! I wonder why… The interior design is really good, it gives really good atmosphere… I wonder why we are the only customers around..”
“But at least we get to have our lunch peacefully isn’t it?”
“Yea, you’re totally right about it!”

5 minutes passed…
“Why didn’t any waiter hand us the menu??”
“I don’t know.. let’s call the waiter. Erm.. WAITER???”
“…………….” No response so Kai calls the waiter again.


A young woman came out from the staff room with two menus in her hand.
“Welcome. I am the only waitress and also the owner of the shop. My name is Yokoyama Yui and here’s your menus.” she says emotionlessly and handed the two menus to Acchan and Kai
“Ah.. Thank you.. And nice to meet you..” Accan and Kai both replies…

As Kai and Acchan opens the menu three black lines formed on their head…
“Why…. Is there only EGG on the menu??!! And it’s not a whole egg but only the yolk??!!! For dishes it’s boiled yolk and for drink/soup it’s raw yolk…” shouts Acchan and Kai with disbelief on their faces.
“sigh* I don’t understand why people keep asking the same questions again and again…” says Yui in a machine like way and without emotions.
“Before I answer you your question let me ask you if you know AKB48?”
“You mean the famous idol group produced by Akimoto Yasushi??” Acchan asks
“Yes and among them there is a unit called No3b which I really like and among all their singles I especially like ‘Kimi Shika’ and that’s the origin of the name of my restaurant.”
“What does it have to do with the menu??” asks Kai
“Let me finish. One time at the AX concert No3b made a joke about ‘Kimi Shika’ meaning Yolk Only although it actually meant Only You, I really love the joke and decides to open a restaurant that sells Yolk Only. And I guess this should answer your question” replies Yui still emotionless and robot like.
“Okay.. I see..” I see the reason why it is so quiet and not crowded in here… thought Kai…

“So.. Are you still going to eat or leave?”
“I think we will leave because I don’t think we’ll be full with just… yolks..” says Kai as he and Acchan leaves the restaurant.
“Please do come back again” says Yui as she went back in the staff room.

Sorry for not posting after a long time because I kinda got a bit lazy....  :nervous
Thanks for all the comments! ^^
Next Chapter will be about............. didn't think about it yet~ :P

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/05/03 NOT OS UPDATED!!!
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A nice update from you. Thanks

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/05/03 NOT OS UPDATED!!!
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Yay after so long ! :panic:
You don't know how good this fic achually is~ XD
Aww kai x Aachaan so cutee.. :D

Please update soon i'll be waiting. 8)

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/05/03 NOT OS UPDATED!!!
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awww takaboy so gentle.. atsuka take care of your man because many girls gonna try to steal him ...

jajaj yui. you are so funny .. maybe you need mention your famous phrase "honmanya?" jaj

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/05/03 NOT OS UPDATED!!!
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Hahahah! Yui's antic is so funny!
The staff guy is such a mood killer lol

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/05/03 NOT OS UPDATED!!!
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pls update this :cry: :cry:
I cant wait to ur nxt update!!pls update soon!! :banghead:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/06/08 Not OS "le Très Haut"
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Thanks for liking this fic~ ^^
And sorry for not updating for so long..
There are 2 most important reason for it: 1. Lots of classes! Got home late everyday!! 2. Maid have to go home so I had to take care of the household chores too.... these 2 add up = a lot of stress = no energy and became lazy...
So it might not be as long as before... And I kinda starts to forget the story a bit... So the quality might drop too..
If this chapter wasn't good, then I'm sorry for disappointing you guys... :(
I'll try to make it good once I find inspirations!
Today the class finish early so I decided to update it! :)

Chapter 11

Part 1
After leaving Kimi Shika restaurant, they went in Starlex Family Restaurant. Kai ordered a Katsudon set while Acchan orders Hamburger set, 2 Hawaiian pizzas, 2 big bowl of salad and a steak.

Police Headquarter, 21th Floor, Takahashi Hiroshi’s Office
“Hello dear~ What brings you guys here today?” asks Hiroshi
“We’re bored since Kai went on a date today” replied Kuu
“Hoho~ Who is that lucky girl??” asks Takumi teasingly
“Maeda Atsuko” replies Riku while playing his PSP
“I’m sure she’s got to be a beauty! So did you guys has her picture so that I could see how beautiful she is?” asks Takumi
“Erm.. no we don’t..” replies Kuu
“sigh* Then I’ve got to hack in your school’s system to see her profile then…” says Takumi as he turn on his laptop.
“Hey, hey, hey! Now, what you’re doing is a crime!” says Hiroshi
“Don’t be such a bother! It’s not like I’m doing it for a bad purpose, I’m just curious who Kai’s girlfriend is!! Don’t tell me you’re not curious about it too~”
“Well… Fine…” says Hiroshi as he gives up stopping Takumi in hacking to the system.

Ring, Ring, Ring

“Hello, this is Chief Takahashi speaking”
“Chief! There is a man with strange voice saying that he wants to talk with you, if not he will set the bomb he hid explode!”
“Connect the line” says Hiroshi in a serious tone

After hearing Hiroshi’s serious tone, Kuu, Riku and Takumi all went silence as Hiroshi turn on the speaker so that they could hear it too.

“Hehehe~ Hello~ Mr. Takahashi~” says a man with a weird voice.
It seems that he has changed his voice with a voice changer…
“Who are you? Why do you want to talk with me? What is your objective?!” asks Hiroshi
“Hahaha~ Don’t ask stupid questions. Listen here, you don’t have the rights to ask me any question since I’m the one who has the upper hand! Simply I want to have a talk with you is to challenge the police who seems to be increasingly popular these past few years because of their 3 stars, Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Kuu. This is my challenge to all police force! Don’t think that I’m alone.. I have formed my own organization which I call it ‘le Très Haut’ which you guys should know means the Almighty or God in French~ My or rather our objective is to crush this stupid police force and rule!!! Hahahaha!!!”

This guy is mad…

“So what is the challenge? Bring it on! I’m sure, we, the police force, will be able to arrest ALL OF YOU!”
“Hmph! You’ll be able to say that only now!”

“I’ve set a few time bombs inside AKB Amusement Park, it is connected. Once the main bomb exploded the other bombs will also explode, but if you are able to stop the main bomb then all bombs will not explode. I’m sure once exploded the power is able to at least blow the whole Amusement park to ashes, hahaha~”
“Since this is the first challenge I’ll give you guys a big service~ I’ll give you the location of the main bomb.”

Hiroshi’s eyebrow twitched a bit because he didn’t like how the criminal is looking down on the police.
“In the game area of the amusement park, there is a gun shooting boot. And one of the prizes is a Tiger Doll, inside the doll is the main bomb. That’s all I can tell~ C ya~ I’m expecting you to show me a great show~ Oh, btw the bomb will explode in 15 minutes~ I don’t think you’ll reach there from the Police Headquarter within that time~ Beep…

“Damn! He’s looking down on us!!” shouts Kuu pissed.
“But he’s right, we will at least need 30 minutes to reach the Amusement park!!”
“Arg! Damn it! We have to stop it at all cost!!”
“But how??!!”

Riku broke the silence, “Kai is on a date at the AKB Amusement Park”

“Let’s call him now!!”

So they dial Kai’s number…

Starlex Family Restaurant
The food was just served and now Atsuko and Kai are digging on their food.

Suddenly Kai’s phone rings so he excuses himself and pick up the call.

“Kai, it’s an emergency mission! Listen…..”


“Okay, I understand now! I’ll go to look for the doll immediately!”
“We’re leaving it in your hands, Kai.”
“No problem, I’ll dial back later!”

Kai then told Acchan that he has to go to the bathroom and leaves the restaurant. He immediately rushes to the gaming area and found the gun shooting boot and was looking for the Tiger Doll. But no matter how many times he looks he doesn’t see it! So he asks the owner.

“Owh! The doll?? The couple awhile ago wins it, sorry young man you’re a bit late.”
“Eh?! Do you know how the couple look like and where did they went?!”
“Er… I’m getting a bit old nowadays.. but from what I’ve remember the girl was a real beauty! Ah~~ How I wish to have a girlfriend like that~~ Her wavy brown hair and that cute lips~~ Especially when she is concentrating in shooting the target as she lick her lips~ That canine too is cute~”
“STOP! Just tell me where they went!” says Kai a bit dizzy from the old man’s fan boying.
“Oh, I heard that they are hungry and decide to look for a restaurant to eat and they went that way” replies the old man while pointing to a direction.
“Thanks” says Kai as he rush towards that direction.

As he runs he saw a couple(?) walking and the girl have the wavy brown hair that the old man says and in her hand was… THE TIGER DOLL!!!
The moment he sees the doll he dashes towards the girl and stop her by holding her shoulder.

“Excuse me but could you give me the doll??” asks Kai but he was agape when the girl turns over because….

Hopefully I can finish typing Part 2 within today so I can post it!
If not then tomorrow or ..... someday... :nervous
Thanks for reading!!
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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/06/08 NOT OS "le Très Haut"
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This is just look alike as Mendol. But, I like it. Hm, Is that Tomo~mi? The girl with wavy brown hair? Woah~ A mystery. Btw, Thanks for the Update. :thumbsup
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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/06/08 NOT OS "le Très Haut"
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Lol the parents are so epic ^^
Why did you choose a french name?

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/06/08 NOT OS "le Très Haut"
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@Nakamii Thanks for reading~ ^^ Well.. whether its Tomo~mi or not you'll have to read the next part~ XD
@kahem Thanks for reading~~ :) I chose a French name is because.. it sounds cool(?) :cathappy: Don't know why just when thinking wat language to choose French just came in mind~

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/06/08 NOT OS "le Très Haut"
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youre back!!!yehey!!! :ptam-glow:
thank for amazing update!!! :luvluv2: :luvluv2:
im so xcted what will kai gonna do!!!
pls update soon!!!tnx  :kneelbow:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> 12/06/08 le Très Haut's Challenge Card
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Today's second Update!!! XD
I'll try to update the last part of this chapter soon~
I am still trying to put the pieces together! ^^

Part 2

“To.. Tomochin?! And Chiyuu?!!!” says Kai shocked

“What’s wrong??”
“It’s a long story…” says Kai as he hurriedly grab the doll from Tomochin although it’s rude but since there is limited time so he can’t care for politeness anymore.

He quickly looks around the doll but he found no zip so he had to tear the doll into two which shocked Chiyuu and Tomo. Inside, yappari he found the time bomb as he quickly took it out from the doll.

Ignoring the shocking and curious gaze from Tomochin and Chiyuu, Kai quickly analyze what kind of bomb is it.

It’s black, square like bomb. There is a red number showing the time left before explosion. At the bottom, you can pull out a number pad like thing which seems to be where you insert the password to stop the bomb.

Time Left: 00:07:50

Damn! What is the password??!!

“Chiyuu??” says Chiyuu as he found a letter like thing inside the doll.
“What’s wrong??”
“I found this inside the doll” says Chiyuu as he hand the letter to Kai

Kai quickly open the letter and found a card…

Damn! They are definitely looking down on us!! But what exactly does 00000011 01004011 00000011 and 10008011 means??!!! Arg! The time!!
I thought of this code after today at my I.T. class~ Is this gonna be a BIG hint?? 0.0
“Kai… what does this means?? Explosion?! This is a bomb??!!” asks Tomochin in panic
“Chiyuu?!!!! BOMB?!”
“Shh!! You want the whole world to know??! It would cause chaos! Keep quiet! I am thinking how to stop it!!”

After telling Tomochin and Chiyuu to be quiet, Kai dial the phone to Kuu.
“Hey Kuu, this is Kai and……”

Police Headquarter
“Hmm… I see… So we have to solve the code to get the password.. How many minutes is left??”

“Less than 5 minutes…”


Hint: The password is 4 digits, only numbers no alphabets!
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Re: Not OS >>> Author's Message: Can you solve "le Très Haut's" Code??
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Yeah french is a beautiful language but it's really complicated sometime lol
For the code, binary code? ASCII code?

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Re: Not OS >>> Author's Message: Can you solve "le Très Haut's" Code??
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So u updated a lot too is this a complot from u and anzai?  :smhid

now i got a lot to read... :huhuh

it was a joke!  :shakeit:

i'll read it later when i got back from work!  :D

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Re: Not OS >>> Author's Message: Can you solve "le Très Haut's" Code??
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Thanks for the update..
Lol.. what the code..
somehow I always fail to solve the code

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Re: Not OS >>> Author's Message: Can you solve "le Très Haut's" Code??
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YEAH!! you've updated!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

And about the code is it .... 3438 .... :?

Well hope you update soon!  :panic:

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Re: Not OS >>> Author's Message: Can you solve "le Très Haut's" Code??
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mm 6468?


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