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Author Topic: Not OS >>> [Chapter 12] Dec.19,2012  (Read 96658 times)

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> OS [White Christmas] Kai x Acchan >>> 2/12/11
« Reply #100 on: December 03, 2011, 04:12:23 AM »
This was so hert breaking!  :cry

poor Acchan being bullied for something that she didn't do!  :(

but luckily Kai was there to save the day!  :D :twothumbs

love it!  :heart:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> OS [White Christmas] Kai x Acchan >>> 2/12/11
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waaaahhhh so sweet~~~  :mon inluv: good ~early~ christmas one shot  :gmon sing:
I really can feel the atmosphere, so sweeeeeett  :gmon flowers:
do u mind writing one story on christmas?  :mon santa2:
thanks for updating ~  :gmon bye:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> OS [White Christmas] Kai x Acchan >>> 2/12/11
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if its atsumina never fails :D

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 6 Part 3]
« Reply #103 on: December 04, 2011, 07:08:56 PM »
@Popsicle ;) The other one is revealed in this chapter!! And thanks for reading :)
@AKBlover_99 Thanks for loving it and I'm glad about it XD I'll try to make more Atsumina (if I can) :nervous
@Sydney W Thanks for loving it :) I'll try XD
@cmze Thanks for reading and loving it XD :peace:
@skytsuna Haha.. Thanks for loving it :)
@moekare I don't mind writing one on Christmas but I wonder if any idea will pop out :nervous But I'll try XD
@Haruko Haha... Yea Atsumina XD

Thanks everyone for reading my One Shot >>> White Christmas :kneelbow: I'm really happy to read all of the comments :)
And khryz0421, Popsicle, iloveakb48, cmze, moekare, d_ruffi, Megumi, zansh, kahem, haru9210 Thanks for the Thanks you gave for White Christmas XD I really do appreciate it.
I appreciate anyone who reads it XD Thanks it makes me really glad that I wrote the story :grin:

This is an Update for Not OS [Chapter 6 Part 3] Hopefully it's not too boring or I'm dragging the story too long :nervous
Please do enjoy it hopefully :) Excuse for my English :P Thank you XD

Chapter 6

Part 3

“Wait… Masaka…!!!!” shouted Kai, Kuu and Riku

The two figures just smile at Kai, Riku and Kuu as they shouted out “Jun and Mayu!!”

“Yup! Mou!! You guys are so hidoi! How could you guys be so cold??? Especially you Takamina!! We’re your cousins!!! How could you forget us???”

“Gomen, Gomen.. It’s that you guys have grown so much… Hahaha…” Kai laugh nervously.

Watanabe Mayu and Matsui Jun is Kai’s cousin and together with Kuu and Riku they always play together when they were young. Kai, Kuu and Riku starts their training as an undercover agents and were having less time to spend with Mayu and Jun… they even forgot to keep in contact with them…

“I really miss you guys but you guys are so cold… didn’t even bother to contact us all these years…” pouted Jun.

“Gomen…” Kai, Kuu and Riku said.

“Don’t think we’ll forgive us guys that easily for making us feel lonely” says Mayu

“We’re really sorry… Mayu and Jun… please forgive us ne…” Kai, Kuu and Riku ask for forgiveness and show them their best puppy eyes.

Well… we already gave them their punishment so it’s okay to forgive them I guess… “Fine” says Jun and Mayu

“So you guys were the helpers, uncle Hiroshi mentioned?” asks Riku


“Actually, we were the ones that found out that there is something fishy going on inside the school” Mayu says

“What do you mean?” asks Kai

“We were enrolled here as normal students not as underagents like you guys and we were having a peaceful school life until one day…”

“What happened???”

“We accidently saw some students selling drugs to other students at the back of the gym. We immediately reported it to uncle Hiroshi and we caught and interrogated them. But it seems that they were only the ones who work in the lower level since they do not know much and there is an organization behind all these. The organization provides the drugs for them to sell and sometimes give them missions such as beat student A or something. And that's all the information we have for now…”

“Hm… so does the organization hide in the school?” asks Kai

“There’s a high possibility of that but we’re still not sure about it yet.” answers Mayu

“BTW, Mayu and Jun from now on call us Kai, Kuu and Riku okay? We don’t want others to hear you call us Takamina, Mii-chan or Haruna”

“K~” says both Mayu and Jun

“Anyway we think that STC is the most suspicious so far” says Kai

“Yea, so we’re planning to join that club as spy” says Kuu excitedly

“Nah, Plan rejected” says Mayu

“Eh?! Why??” complains Kuu

“It’s because that club have their own way in choosing members and normally only those delinquents or those who doesn’t seem to think in right mind get to join in and we’ve tried joining it but was rejected so it’s only a waste of time if you guys try” answers Jun

“So what club are you guys in now?” ask Riku

“We are in Host Club” says Mayu

“Eh??!! Why??”

“Mayu was the one who form the club because he was influence by an anime call Ouran High school Host Club that time and he think it’s fun to make one. And me with other of our friends think it’s interesting so we also join in.” answers Jun

“Not only that, some members of the STC (female) also come to our clubs and they sometimes leak out some information about the club to us when we use our charm on them and we also earn a lot of AKB points from our servies and the food and drinks we provide” says Mayu

“Oh then that's a good source of getting new information” replies Kuu

“Yea but so far our customers are only those who work in lower and middle level of the organization” says Jun

“And that's why we need more ikemen to bait out those higher up (female) to our club and hopefully make them spill out some important information about their organization so we need you guys to join Host Club also” added Mayu

Kai, Kuu and Riku had no choice but to join since this is all for the sake of getting more information about the organization.

“Okay, we’ll join”

“And hopefully with you guys joining, the business in the HC will become better” says Jun tiredly

“Why? Not much customers??” asks Kuu

“It was really a lot at first but recently…” Jun looks at Mayu and continued “Mayu has been flirting too much with the customers and nearly goes overboard and this makes his fiance really jealous and she scares off our regulars”

“Eh??? Mayu has a fiance???” Kai, Kuu and Riku asked shocked

“Yea.. We were engaged few years ago by our parents and she is truly beautiful that I want to eat her” says Mayu while licking his bottom lip.

“You love her?” asks Kai

“I do”

“Then why you flirt so much with other girls?”

“It’s because she is being such a tsundere so I like to tease her and make her jealous” says Mayu “and she’s really cute when she’s really jealous”

sigh* You’re such a sadist” Jun says while shaking his head slightly

“Oi! What about your Rena??” Mayu said teasingly

Jun blushes and said “She.. She’s not mine…”

“Yet..” Mayu added and laugh at Jun

“Eh?? Jun like the person call Rena??” ask Kuu excitingly

“Who is she?” ask Riku

“She’s Matsui Rena from Class 2-B” answers Mayu

“Hoho… you guys have now become a man huh?? Already have someone you love” says Kuu teasingly while wriggling his eyebrows.

Kai decided to tease Kuu also “Hm… What about Mariko sensei??” Kai said teasingly too and also copy Kuu and wriggle his eyebrows.

Kuu’s face turn bright red and said “What?! Who’s with that T-Rex!!!”

“I didn’t say you’re with Mariko sensei I just said what about Mariko sensei” Kai continue to tease Kuu

“Eh!! Kuu is with Shinoda sensei???” exclaimed both Mayu and Jun

Kuu blushes and decide to have a revenge back on Kai “What about Acchan and Tomochin??” smirked Kuu and now this time it’s Kai’s turn to blush.

“Eh!! Kai is with the two popular girls in school Maeda Atsuko and Itano Tomomi????”

“No! We.. we’re just friends..!” Kai stuttered.

Riku decided to join in the fun “Are you sure??”

But then it backfired on him as Kai stated “What about Yuko??”

Riku blushes “She just clings to me herself!! There’s nothing going on between the two of us!!”

“Wow.. you guys shock us so much” Jun says

“Yea.. it’s just the second day you guys transferred here and… you already all got yourelf a girlfriend.. Except Kai who got two” Mayu added which causes the three of them to blush furiously.

“Anyway let’s go to you guys’ apartment since we’ll be moving there also” says Jun


“Well.. it’s easier to discuss plan if we live together right??”

Grand Royal Apartment 11th Floor Room 121

They reach the apartment after gathering all Mayu and Jun’s things from their apartment.

After helping Mayu and Jun settle their things in the extra rooms they all went to the living room and sit down except Kuu.

“Kuu, why don’t you take a seat?” asks Kai


“Come on, sit down”


“Why aren’t you sitting down??”


Kuu remembers about the cake incident that happened to him today and he glare at Mayu and Jun “You guys were the one who gave me the cake right??”

gulp* Um.. we didn’t??”

Kuu then starts chasing them around the living room.

“Kuu calm down”

“Oi, Kai. You telling me to calm down?? If I tell you that the newspaper club manage to get the photo when Acchan slapped you and is planning to post it in the school newspaper tomorrow from two guys who seems to be in the Host Club will you be able to calm down??? BTW same for Riku.”

Hearing this Kai and Riku’s eye widened cried out “WHAT??!!!” then they also starts chasing after Mayu and Jun.

“Okay, okay We’re sorry!” cried Jun as he runs away from Kuu

“Yea! We did it because you guys were so cold toward us” Mayu added

“NO EXCUSE!” yelled Kai, Kuu and Riku

As Kai and Riku were chasing Mayu bing! An idea came up. Mayu then manage to tell Jun what his plan was and Jun agreed with it, then Jun starts yelling “Oi Midget and Air-head come get me!”

“Who are you calling Midget/Air-head!!!” exclaimed Kai and Riku

“I didn’t say names you admit it yourself” smirked Jun as he run away from Kai and Riku

On the other hand Kuu was chasing Mayu.

“Kuu, calm down… I have a deal to offer you”

Kuu raise an eyebrow telling him to continue.

“In exchange for your forgiveness I’ll offer you 1 week of free luxurious cakes?”

Kuu then starts thinking about the deal and Mayu can see that Kuu is considering it so he quickly added “I’ll offer you 2 week then”

Hearing this Kuu quickly made a peace treaty with Mayu and yelled “Oi Kai and Riku. Let’s stop being childish, they are still kids so we ‘adult’ should you know.. forgive them”

Kai and Riku stops and look at Kuu with a WTH face. Just when Riku was going to say something Mayu quickly went to Riku and whispered “Free, Newest Hot PSP and DS games. If you forgive us I’ll give you all the Newest and Hot PSP and DS games of this year to you.”

Hearing this Riku also calmed down and turns to Kai “Kai, Kuu’s right… They’re just kids so we should forgive them.”

Kai look at Kuu and Riku in disbelief “TRAITOR!! I can’t believe you were just bribed!!! What happens to your pride???”

“Well… pride doesn’t give me free delicious cakes/newest hot PSP and DS games” replied Kuu and Riku

Kai face palm himself thinking how easily his companions can be bribed with simple things… Just when Kai was going to protest.. again Mayu has come…

“Newest Volume of One Piece plus Luxurious Katsudon in the most famous Katsudon restaurant in Japan, the Lion Katsudon” Mayu offered

Hearing this Kai’s eyes lit up and he fakes a cough “Ahem! I have to agree with Kuu and Riku that Mayu and Jun are still kids and can be mischevious sometimes. It was also our fault to forget to keep in contact with them and making them feels lonely. I’m not someone who holds grudges so I’ll also forgive them for their little prank…”

Kuu and Riku looks at Kai with aren’t-you-also-the-same face. Seeing this Kai “An.. Anyway let’s not waste anymore time on this issue and talk about the mission”

Then once again everyone took a seat and makes themselves comfortable but then suddenly Kuu jumped out from his seat and cried out “Ouch!! I forgot that my butt hurts!!”

Seeing this everyone burst out laughing with Jun who fell from his seat from laughing too much… Kuu just pouted standing up of course and rubbing his butt.

Thanks minna for reading it :kneelbow:
Hope I can update ASAP :mon study:
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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> OS [White Christmas] Kai x Acchan >>> 2/12/11
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Funny Chapter.
All five in the host. YAY!  :nya:
Can't wait for your next update.  :on gay:
Thank you.  :kneelbow:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 6 Part 3] >>> 5/12/11
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OMG this is soo good  :wub:
It was mayu and jurina ? I should have known  :P
Why are they so easily bribed loool XD

Update soon  :heart:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 6 Part 3] >>> 5/12/11
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Jun and Mayu finally here~

A host club huh~

Please update soon~

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 6 Part 3] >>> 5/12/11
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oh my ohmy, host club with hot guys... cool.. jajaj a love the pairs :D

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 6 Part 3] >>> 5/12/11
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omg host club!! ikemen!! <333 haha!

Funny chapter!! The story is getting interesting!! I want the next chapter!! Please please~

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 6 Part 3] >>> 5/12/11
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Ah! So they're Jun and Mayu!  :lol: I think Mayu's fiancee is Yuki.... :roll:
Hei,Kuu.I know that one day you'll fall in love with that T-Rex!!
Thx for the update! So funny and i like it!

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 6 Part 3] >>> 5/12/11
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Woah the christmas fic is so touching. I'm glad Kai could help Acchan.

Hahaha too easy to buy ^^ and host club seem interesting. I wanna see Yuki and Rena.

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 6 Part 3] >>> 5/12/11
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Omg!  :shocked

This fic never fails on making me smile!  :w00t:

so funny...every line of it!  :rofl:

thanks for the update!  :thumbsup

please update soon :bow:

More Mayuki moments please.. Kidding do as u wish!  :grin:

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Re: Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 1] >>> 7/12/11
« Reply #112 on: December 07, 2011, 11:55:09 AM »
Thanks Minna for the Comment :kneelbow: I really do appreciate it so much XD I really enjoy reading it :peace: I suddenly got an idea and I wrote it down :) It's a Christmas One Shot XD Although you won't see how it's related in Part 1 :nervous Hopefully not disappointing :oops: I'll post the Part 2 when Christmas come XD Please enjoy reading it and excuse me for my English :P And for Not OS I'll try to update it ASAP :)

Christmas One Shot – Santa's Christmas Present

Part 1

The three of us were always together since diaper days, no matter where we go, what we do we were always stick together. At that time I believe that this will last forever…

Hi, nice to meet you all. I’m Takahashi Minami a.k.a. Takamina, an ordinary 2nd year High school boy. I used to always spend time with my childhood friends, Maeda Atsuko a.k.a. Acchan and Itano Tomo a.k.a. Tomochin but… since they have start going out I don’t know why but there is this uneasiness in my heart all these time and it hurts when I see them so lovey dovey to each other… And I unconsciously started to distance and avoid myself away from them…

This heart-broken feeling has been growing and hunting me for 6 months already… from May when they told me that they’re going out until now… December… It’s going to be Christmas soon and I guess I won’t be spending it with them like we used too… I’ll celebrate myself and they’ll celebrate it as lovers… It hurts to even think about how they will spend the Christmas together… I wonder if it’s really because I’ve fallen for Acchan like what Riku and Yuko was telling me the other day…

Sigh* I feel that someone has squashed my heart when I see Acchan feeding Tomo her home-made love bento…

“You jealous??” I was startled by the sudden question from Riku who was behind me with Yuko clinging onto his arm.

“Wha.. what??!! No.. I.. I’m not jealous!!” I stuttered.. Damn! Why did I stutter??!!

“Minami… I think you better be more honest with your own feeling… You are just torturing yourself and seeing you like this makes me remember myself when I’m denying about my feelings for Yuko…”

“What do you mean??” I asked confused

“sigh* You really don’t know why you have this feeling when you see Acchan and Tomo so close to each other??” Riku asks frustrated

I just gave him a confused look which causes Riku to shake his head slightly.

Instead of Riku, Yuko spoke up instead “Takamina, you’re in love with Acchan! And it’s obvious!!”

“What?? I’m in love with Acchan?? No.. I can’t be.. and even if I am it’s already too late.. since she already have someone she love who is also my best friend and I should be happy for them…”

“If that is what you want then I won’t interfere anymore but… Minami… Try to be honest to yourself or else you will regret it for the rest of your life.” Then they leave me alone thinking about it.

Flashback Ends…

I then went to lie on my bed since it’s already late at night and I’ve got school tomorrow.

Yea.. I think I’m in love with Acchan but.. It’s already too late… If her boyfriend is someone else then I think I can still put up a fight but its Tomo… and I do not want to hurt either of them. But my love for her is killing me and I don’t know what I should do… I think I’m slowly breaking down…

Sigh* When we were still kids, everything was happier… Santa san… if you really exist please tell me what should I do…

Then I slowly fall asleep…

The Next Morning
As usual I went to school, then… I saw Acchan and Tomo holding hands and looking so in love with each other. I could feel knives stabbing in my heart and I can’t stand it anymore so I quickly ran away from them.

I skipped class… I’m not in the mood to be in the class and see the two of them right now. I was on the verge of crying when I suddenly feel a hand on my shoulder. When I look up I saw one of my best friends, Minegishi Kuu, showing me his worried face.

“Takamina.. What happened?? Are you alright??” asks him concernly

“Nothing much happened.. I’m fine” I smiled weakly at him

“You know… you can tell me anything and I’ll listen to it. Spill it out Takamina, it’ll make you feel better”

Hearing this I decide to tell Kuu everything since the burden of my feelings are killing me inside slowly like a poison…

Love is like a knife with two blades
It could be sweet, it could be bitter
Once tasted the sweet side, you could feel heaven
But what I taste was the bitter side…
The bitter side of love is like a poison
It slowly devours you inside and
No matter what you do you are still trapped
Trapped in the thing people called ‘Love’

“Kuu… I’ve realized that I love Acchan and it hurts to see Acchan and Tomo together although they are both important person to me… I know I should be happy for them but I.. I.. just can’t..” I said as I am trying to hold in my tears as I do not want Kuu to use this to tease me later in the future.

Surprisingly Kuu just sit there and listen to me talk, he just quietly listen to my talking which made me feel comfortable as I told him more about my feelings these past few months and days.

After I have finished talking, he finally talks “Takamina.. Friends or not should not hinder your feelings. There is never right or wrong when it comes to love. Love is a selfish thing and Takamina I think you should listen to your feelings, to your heart. But if you really can’t or don’t want to then I suggest you as a best friend to forget about your feeling and face the future and find new love or else you’ll break down one day and as a BEST friend I wouldn’t want to see that…”

After telling me those he left, giving me some private time alone to think about his words, think about my feelings, my heart and my decision…

We were always together
By the time I notice, my feelings has changed to Love
But all is too late…
You already belong to someone else…

School has already ended and I’m now at home lying on my bed thinking about my feelings and my decision.

I miss your voice, your beautiful face and your touch…
If only if I could kiss you without touching your lips,
I wouldn’t feel so miserable now.
If only if I could hug you without touching you,
It would’ve been my salvation.
Even if it’s only a dream
It’s a dream come true to me…
But it’s only if…

I love her… I really do… I’ll give anything and everything to her if that is what she wants. I’ll do anything and everything for her to fall in love with me but… it’s already too late… She now belong to someone other than me and I can’t separate them because both are precious to me, our friendship is the most important to me and I don’t want to risk to break it because of my own selfishness. I know love is selfish but my conscience keep telling me that I should already give up on you… I know I never made a right decision but my resolve is made… From tomorrow I’ll be back to my old-self, as their best friend I’ll congratulate them and smile with them… This is my resolve…

I’ll throw away my love for you
Although I know that love is selfish,
But my resolve is already made.
I don’t want to break your happiness with him,
I’ll love you selflessly.
He’s the one you have chosen,
And if that’s your wish
I shall grant it to you my princess,
Even if it is killing me
Bye to my first and only Love…

The Following Day
I greeted them like how I used to, I showed them my fake smile since I still can’t smile from the bottom of my heart yet but I’m sure one day I’ll be able to show them my true smile and congratulate them truthfully.

Right now its lunch time and I’m at the back of the Gym. Why? It’s because there’s a letter in my shoebox this morning:

Takahashi senpai, please come to the back of the Gym at Lunch Time today.
I have something really important to tell you…
Please… Please come…

There’s no name of the sender but I can somehow feel how desperate this person wants to see me so here I am now waiting for whoever it is.

After a few minutes I saw a girl running towards me and I realize that it is Milky, my kouhai in Akiba Junior High and we are also both in the art club. But I didn’t know that she was also going to AKB High school since I thought she said she wanted to go to NMB High school when she graduated from Akiba Junior High.

“Milky??!!” I ask surprised
She was trying to catch her breath as she says “Hai… sorry I’m late because of the teacher…”
“It’s okay. I was just a little bit surprise to see you here, I didn’t know you also come to AKB High cause I though you say you want to go to NMB High but why didn’t you come to talk to me at all, all these times??”

“I’m really sorry…”

“Nah, it’s okay. So what is it that you want to tell me??” I ask curious

I see her getting nervous when she heard me asking her and she grab her skirt tightly breathe in and out and bite her lower lip as she said “Senpai, I’ve loved you since Junior High and I can’t forget about you so I change my mind and come to AKB High but I can’t pull out the courage to talk to you… Every time I want to talk I’ll always back down because I’m afraid… But I decided to confess my feelings to you. Senpai please go out with me, I really love you” she said blushing and bowing her head slightly.

Hearing her confession I blushed and my eyes widen because I didn’t expect this at all… I never realized that Milky is in love with me since Junior High… I guess I really am as dense as my friends told me that I am… But… how should I answer her??

I really don’t know what to say since I’m still confused then she said…

“I know you’re in love with Maeda san and that Maeda san and Itano san are dating right now. I don’t mind if you can’t give me your answer now but please give me a change and go out with me!” she said desperately

Seeing how deeply in love this poor girl is with me I don’t want to hurt her, I was really shock with her desperation and determination and without realizing a smile has formed on my mouth as the words came out of my mouth “Alright.. Let’s give it a try. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to see if things will work out between us or not”

I could see her smiling widely like a sun so cute~~ I could really tell that she’s so happy as she dash and hug me really tight and I hug her back with a gentle smile on my face.

Then the bell rang, lunch time is over so we both went back to our classroom and afterschool we went back home together holding hands like a couple would do.


Thanks minna for reading it :kneelbow: I hope it's not that bad :nervous I'll post Part 2 on Christmas!! XD

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Re: Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 1] >>> 7/12/11
« Reply #113 on: December 07, 2011, 12:12:14 PM »
Takamina and Milky? :gmon blonde: Wow....I didn't expect that.
But it's alright! I like it! :tama-bigheart: Thx for the update!  :thumbsup

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Re: Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 1] >>> 7/12/11
« Reply #114 on: December 07, 2011, 12:57:44 PM »
 :hehehe: Takamina and Milky... that's new I Like It :twothumbs

want to know how the story goes... Thanks for the Upadate  :on GJ:

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Re: Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 1] >>> 7/12/11
« Reply #115 on: December 07, 2011, 01:50:22 PM »
Thanks for Reading XD
There's still Part 2 :peace:
Who knows what might happened next smirk* 8)

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Re: Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 1] >>> 7/12/11
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I already saw Milky in several fics I have to see who she is lol

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Re: Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 1] >>> 7/12/11
« Reply #117 on: December 08, 2011, 07:22:57 AM »
yeah! I also see this "milky" in several fics, can you tell us who she is?.. I think that is the person who in a special program MUJACK if my memories works fine.. that in this program it was a special and takamina go to NMB`s theater, in a part of this the captain say "someone want that takamina sempai say something to you" and a  girl says "I want the takamina sempai tell me that she love me" well is more a "like me" phrase, she es milky? or not?

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Re: Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 1] >>> 7/12/11
« Reply #118 on: December 08, 2011, 02:19:58 PM »
@haru9210 Thanks for the comment XD I almost finished it but I'll post it on Christmas :P
@kahem She's a member in NMB48 8)
@Haruko Yea, she's the one :)

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Re: Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 2] Preview >>> 7/12/11
« Reply #119 on: December 13, 2011, 11:21:10 AM »
Thanks everyone for reading :kneelbow: I was just a bit bored so I decided to post this :nervous
Thanks so much for all the comments XD I really love reading them :thumbsup Arigatou :twothumbs

Santa’s Christmas Present (Part 2) – Preview

“I think I’m going to tell him…”
“Let’s stop this…”
“Why are they hugging??!!!”
“I and Milky are going out”
“Do you love him??”
“Yes.. I do..”
My heart hurts… it’s breaking…
“Are you sure you love her??”
“Yes.. I do… I’ll try… and I know that I’ll do it so… please don’t waver my resolve anymore”
“Minami.. I LOVE YOU!!”
“I’m sorry…”
It’s too late…
“Follow your heart, young man. If not you will regret it in the future..”
“I can’t betray her…”
“………… You’re only hurting her!!!”
“I know I can never replace her in your heart….”
This is for the best… I shouldn’t cry…
“Thank you…”
“Let’s go Tanken!!!” (explore)
“It’s our secret place!”
“I’m sorry…”

End of Preview
Santa’s Christmas Present (Part 2)
To be posted on December 24/25, 2011
Thank You

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