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Author Topic: Kataomoi Chapter 3 [wMatsui, JuriChuri, Kuminon] - (Inspired by KataFina's PV)  (Read 4851 times)

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Hello everyone~
This is the first time I'm publishing something here so I hope I'm doing things right! I'm currently writing a fanfic, inspired by SKE48's PV, probably my favorite SKE PV EVER. I know it's kind of old but well, it inspires me so much, I couldn't not try!

This is a fic I already started publishing on tumblr since almost a year but I was interested by this forum to exchange and meet more writters around, to have advices and opinions. I will publish the first chapter and well, if you guys want it, I will publish all the following chapters here, and all the updates!


Manipulation, Sex, Confusion, Onde sided Love, Bullying, Violence, Love Hotel parties.

It won’t be wMatsui fluff but the dailylife of Kataomoi Finally’s girls under little stories all connected into a giant mess.

Read on the forum
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Read on Tumblr
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6

- Chapter 1 : Fall Leaves -

In this chapter : Matsui Jurina, Takayanagi Akane, Matsumoto Rina.

Narrator : Matsui Jurina.

This morning, the fresh air was spreading a wet tarmac smell in the whole town. Fall. My favorite season so far. The dead leaves were whirling from heavens down to earth like schoolgirls’ dreams. It was funny to watch them swirling all around me. I just had to spread my arm and open my palm, in the most effortless way ever, to catch one. They were wet, light and fragile. If I was closing my hand like that, it was easy for me to crush them.

I was walking down the streets, an empty head, a flighty heart. After the night I spent, I couldn’t help feeling good, released from any kind of pressure : it was a wonderful way to start this new October’s week. I was politely helping old ladies crossing the streets, gently smiling at boys  who were staring at my bare legs, naturally apologizing to the world when I wanted to make my way through a crowd.

You could call me as wicked as you wanted, I never looked like I was.

The last path leading to our high school’s large portal was long and empty, borded by an endless number of trees, the floor covered by my beloved fall leaves. A large and proud grin appeared on my lips. The building seemed so small from the place I was standing: all those students walking into it like depressed ants forced to come back to the anthill or anxious bees scared by all the hardwork who was waiting for them in the hive. I took a deep breath and started running. It was a challenge, a mission, to take the anthill and make it mine. I was running. Running to forget. Running for adrenaline. Running to remember how good it was to feel alive. The school’s side was increasing  gradually, crescendo, as I was coming closer and closer. My legs were moving so fast, I was loosing the notion of speed, the wind was whipping my short hair, my heart was racing. I crossed the portal like a finish line but didn’t slow my pace, going through the schoolyard and throwing myself to the first door I found. The classrooms were at the first floor so I kept sprinting in the silent corridors, without paying attention to whoever was calling my name. I climbed the endless stairs and breathless, I finally reached it : the first floor.

But before I even started walking to my classroom, I felt a hand wrapped around my wrist. Surprised, I looked to the side and met Churi’s eyes. Dark and narrowed eyes, full of anger, ready to explode, staring at me. My sensation of freedom disappeared and I got  pinned against a door. It hurt but I didn’t wince. She placed her hand on the doorhandle , savagely, and opened it, forcing me to go inside. She slammed the door behind her, still glaring at me. Where were we? The Audiovisual Club’s room? Churi put her forearm over my neck and pushed me with strength. It was difficult to keep my balance as I had no choice but to step back, dodging the tables and the mess I was almost tripping on. When we finally reached the wall she threw my back on it, grabbed my bag and tossed it on the floor. She took my hands to pin them above my head, I was trapped but didn’t fight back.

"JURITAN!" She yelled, with a voice she tried to make sound furious but it wasn’t. Not enough. She was holding my hands tight, only a few inches between our faces. My chest, against hers, was making wide moves as I was inhaling and exhaling fastly, still recovering from my morning race.

"Don’t pretend to be mad if you use my nickname to scold me." I stated with an amused tone, a cheshire smirk gorvening my face, out of breath. But my smirk faded the second after to let place to a cold expression. "What it is? Don’t make a scene."

I knew my words would hurt her and yet, I couldn’t stop them from slipping out of my mouth. It was annoying to come here and being yelled at every morning for some stupidities. I could feel her frustration by the way she was standing in front of me, frowning. I stared at her features  who were changing from madness to shame. She let my wrists go  slowly and came next to me to rest her back on the wall. Akane couldn’t stand my look when she was angry, because we both knew I was able to make her forget about everything just by the way I was glaring at her.

"Where were you last night?" She muttered. Her fingers started messing with the ribbon around her neck as she was looking down, her long hair swaying over her shoulders. It was an obvious sign of nervosity. I looked up staring at the white ceiling in a dreamy way, wondering how I could reply to this question. MatsuRina’s moans were still resonating into my mind, I couldn’t forget how she was groaning my name and arching her back when I was on top of her yesterday. I shruged.

"I was running along the river. Have you seen my rank at the club? That’s pretty bad. Churi, I used to be in the top 5! I have to do something to keep it up. And when I went home I was so exhausted, I immediatly went to bed."

People always told me lies were a blameworthy thing, I never understood why. Lying was the only way I had to protect Churi from tears and mindbreaks She had, in her brain, a little button named Insanity. I was the only one who had the ability to switch it on and off, however and whenever I wanted. By lying, I was keeping her sane, happy. By lying, I was making her my property.

"You were supposed to come to my place.. But you forgot of course. It’s okay if you were busy but jesus christ, next time, just text me." Her voice was full of disappointment, like everytime. Even though, I knew I already won this fight : Next time she said, it meant she would forgive me anyway.

" I’m so sorry, I didn’t want  to upset you. I really need to practice, I’m worried, I won’t be selected this semester! Please forgive me .. Dont be mad at me, Akane."

I looked to the side and caught that sad expression on her face, an expression I didn’t want to see. I walked in front of her and grabbed her chin, lifting it so I could set my eyes into hers. She slapped my hand away, forcing my fingers to slip off her soft skin.

"Who am I to you?" She asked, irritated. " I am less important than a stupid athletic club, am I?" She sounded disgusted.

"You’re my closest friend." I said as I placed my hands over her hips, pressing myself against her, forcing her back on the wall. It was funny  how we exchanged roles. Wasn’t she the one who was pinning me against it earlier?

"Friend? You’re my friend? What kind of friend would forget about me like you always do?" She replied with a bitter tone, still refusing to face me.

"What kind of friend wouldn’t forgive me for my mistakes? I apologized. " I replied with an almost silent voice.  My fingers, still resting on her delicious hips started running up, over her sides to finally reach her breasts. Those breasts who were mine and only mine, those breasts I loved so much, those breasts I started caressing through the fabric of her uniform. She closed her eyes, afraid by her own reaction, bitting her lips so hard, she wanted to hold a moan. My left thumb pressed harder on them while my right hand got back to her chin. I cupped her cheek, in a tender way. "Look at me." I said, turning her face slowly to lock my forehead against hers. She shook her head, her eyes still closed, moaning a bit, out of frustration. "Look at me I said." I added with a firm tone, my fingers still touching her skin in a gentle way. She finally opened her eyes and set them into mine. I smiled at her, and she half smiled, weak and submissive.

"What kind of friends have passionate sex together?" She whispered in a playful way, staring at me with a wild expression like she was proud about this thought of us making love again and again. I knew I definitly won this fight, she already forgot the reason why she was mad five minutes ago.

I placed my lips closer to her ear. “The kind who share everything.” I said with a husky voice. “We share everything, Churi.” Our bodies were still one against each other, I could feel her shivering under my hot breath in her neck. This body of hers was my favorite playfield, I was ready to do everything to keep it. It was mine. I always knew how to press, kiss, touch, caress and lick it to get what I wanted. Churi wrapped her hands around my neck and held me tight. Her face slowly moved to the side.

"Please." She said, breathless, staring at my lips in a dangerous way. She was asking, almost begging for it.

It : a kiss.

We had several rules when it came to our special friendship. The first one was that she wasn’t allowed to kiss me, never. It was for her own good, we both knew it. I was the only one who could initiate it, so, from times to times when she needed one, she was begging.

Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight, twenty-seven …

I gave her a fake surprised look, smiling lazily. I was enjoying how needy she was.

.. sixteen, fifteen, fourteen …

I started rubbing my nose against Churi’s one, in a sweet way. She was smiling wide, but her frustration couldn’t stop growing, her attention was still focused on my lips. I moved them closer to hers, in a slow and hesitant move.

.. nine, eight, seven ..

"Onegai." She added in a moany voice, her grimp tightenning around my neck, her whole body asking for mine, shivering under the pressure. We were now breathing the same air. She closed her eyes.

… three, two, one. Zero. The bell rang.  I grinned again.

"Time for classes." I said, freeing myself from her arms and stepping back quickly.

"JURITAN!" She yelled, whinning and pouting. But it was too late, I was already holding my bag and opening the door, ready to cross it and  laughing out loud. She started running towards me but I was too fast for her and escaped,  rushing to the classroom. She started chasing me  and sometimes managed to grab my skirt. We were like children, messing with other for selfish and dark reasons. Like every morning, we entered the classroom giggling and wrestling, giving to everyone the sweet vision of how strong and intense friendships should look like.

One of us was truly enjoying this, the other one was probably bleeding inside.

She went to her chair, a few meters away from mine and said “You owe me one.” to me, a sweet grin on her beautiful face. I smiled back, sitting down. We were still looking at each other when some other girls caught our  attention by giving us a “Good morning.” She seemed happy again, I was glad for her.

"It’s good to see you, Matsui Jurina-kun."

The girl sat on the chair in front of me turned her head to look at me. MatsuRina. Her voice sounded vicious. And the way she was smiling, in a proud and mysterious manner, was very interesting, I loved it. Despite how cute she was, her real self was unpredictable.

I wanted to make her scream again.

" Oha’, Matsumoto Rina-san."

The sexual tension between us was palpable, obvious.  She looked back at the black board as the class was going to start. I hoped for her that Churi didn’t see that or else, this girl would be injured ..

.. badly.
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I saw this somewhere before... I can't remember where XD But all the chapters I've read were good

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Me too~ It is very good. ;)

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Funny how it was just yesterday I stumbled upon your tumblr while searching for WMatsui fics and read all your WMatsui and SayaMilky drabbles.  :lol:

Finally got the chance to say thank you to you since you started an account here!!!  :thumbsup

I was planning on reading your 'Kataomoi' fic today to be honest and when I saw this post, I was like... "It can't be the one that I'm planning on reading right??" Lo and behold, it was  :lol:

You've made a good choice on joining the forum, really! I just started not long ago and it is really nice to receive encouragements and feedback from everyone who reads  :)

As for this fic of yours, I am definitely looking forward for more! Keep it up, Author-san!  (I know you're at Chapter 6-ish in tumblr yes? I'll continue there  :lol:) :)

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I was just finished catching up with the fic on your tumblr account and it was . .  WOW. .

It was really really good . . .   :bow: :bow: :bow:

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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@MaYukiIsLife : Oh really? Wow, thank you so much, that's very nice of you!! ^^

@Ruka Kikuchi : RUKA, friend! You are here too? Wah that's great, I'm happy to see you! Thank you, you're always here to support me <3

@MisakiShishido: Haha such a nice coincidence and nice timing indeed! And yes you are right, I really enjoy working on tumblr but it's hard to know if I'm doing things right, or if people are still interested ^^" Feedbacks are nice! I know I will like being here, I also want to discover more wMatsui/Sayamilky fanfics writters~ And thank you so much for your support, it makes me happy to know you have read my drabbles! (aha, yeap, Chapter 6 published, working on the 7th now~)

@Rinca: Thank you so much for those words, I'm glad you like it! I hope I will be able to make the following chapters as good  :oops:

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So, let me tell you one thing. I might not comment - I can become lazy sometimes, LOL - however, I love your fic and I am going to wait for the next update patiently. I will not go to your tumblr, I'll wait to read it here, just saying, you have gotten yourself a silent reader. And a fan  ;)
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Thank you for your support sakura_drop, I'm happy about you being a silent reader and a fan! And don't worry, it's okay if you don't comment, only this comment you left made me really happy ^^

So I decided to put the 2nd chapter here, and probably all the following ones! As you will realize, I change narrators pretty often because I love showing all the girls' point of views!  I hope you will appreciate Rena's innocence!

- Chapter 2 : The Broom -

In this chapter : Matsui Rena, Furukawa Airi, (Kimoto Kanon & Yagami Kumi).

Narrator : Matsui Rena.

I always thought that the world revolved around me. Always.

Stumbling in the hallways of my family’s mansion, the only humanbeing I had the chance to meet was my reflection, mine, always. The white and infinite walls were covered by those large and impressive mirrors.  I used to be afraid of them, the mirrors,  when I was a little girl. I was scared by my own reflection thinking it was another person, believing that if I was standing in front of her  for too long , this girl who looked exactly like me would step out and drag me into her world : the parallel one where everything was reversed. I was terrified and had to run along the endless and dark hallways to never be caught by her. I knew she was faster, clever, meanner. I knew she wanted to hurt me.

But then, I grew up. Instead of fearing her, I was now listenning to her. She was the only one who could help me with my problems, the only one who was here for me.

I always thought that the world revolved around me. Always.


"Let me introduce our new student: Matsui Rena. She used to receive a home education, so please be kind to her, it’s her first high school experience. Don’t forget to help her, show her the school and tell her about our clubs, alright? I’m counting on you all."


"Hm Matsui-san, there is an empty chair between Furukawa-san and Ogiso-san, you can sit there if you want."

It has been a week since those words have been pronounced by our main teacher. I remembered every second, every syllabe, every feel of that disturbing moment. My heart was pounding into my chest, so hard, I couldn’t even talk, breathe or move. I was like an inanimated doll, my glazed eyes stuck on the floor. I bowed in a clumsy way without saying anything. It felt unpleasant and deadful to be surrounded by something else than furnitures and mirrors. Mother said it would be a good thing for me to go to school, to live the life of an ordinary 17 year old girl. She said she was worrying about me, after all those years I spent alone, she said isolation gave me something I had to get rid off. I never understood those words.

I finally lifted my eyes up but It was impossible for me to know what my classmates looked like. Faceless humanoïds, all dressed the in same way, all dressed like me, whispering from one to another. The parallel world I used to be scared of… I was standing in front of it, ready to get thrown in. After a desperate thought, my eyes started looking for her, my reflection, among all those unknown girls.

Matsui .. Matsui .. Matsui.” I could hear all of them. Those sharp whispers were quiet, almost silent and yet, too loud for me. My legs shaking, I started walking between the tables, they were all staring at me. Where they really? I had no idea. Wasn’t being the center of all the attentions a wonderful thing? It wasn’t. I just wanted to sit and disappear. Furukawa-san? Ogiso-san? I was confused, lost. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion, each one of my steps was heavy. But then, someone made a discreet sign with her head to show me the empty chair. ‘Over here’  her vicious eyes were saying. I nodded once, in an almost invisible way, too ashamed to smile or thank her properly. I sat down.

An entire week since all of this happened and it was still fresh in my mind.  Everyday, I was wandering around without really knowing if I was liking or hating it. This lifestyle was too new for me to figure out what my real feelings about this place were. The school bell, the cafeteria, the weekly chores : exactly like in the novels I used to read at home and yet, it felt different.

I was now waiting behind the classroom’s door as I was reminiscing my first days as a high school student, again and again. I sighed and opened it. A few girls were already here, standing in the middle as tables were pushed to the side, holding brooms and pails full of water. Nobody noticed my presence, none of them said hello to me, they were just chatting, laughing and whispering. After a week, it seemed like no one recalled me or my name, I was invisible. I grabbed a broom in the corner and stood next to the wall, watching them in silence. I just wanted Airi-san to see me and give me the instructions. As I was a new student I didn’t have a proper chores schedule yet but apparently  every wednesday and friday afternoons, a half of my class was in charge of the cleaning. I was part of the “friday group”.

"Rena, today you will clean the common room as Takayanagi is absent." Airi-san said. I startled. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t even see she was now in front of me. Furukawa Airi. The only one who was talking to me. Not because we had hobbies in common but because she was the students representative and had no choice : it was her mission to teach me about everything. "You know where this room is… right? You don’t need me to show you, huh?" Her tone was quite nice but I could feel how tired and annoyed she was. It was understable in her case, always going out of her way to make the chores system work. I nodded. "I know where I can find it."  She smiled, relieved. She was the only one who was smiling to me.

"What happened to Takayanagi-san? Is she sick?"  I asked. I wanted to thank her by showing her I actually cared.  She raised an eyebrow and bursted out of laughter, holding her ribs. “Churi? Sick?” Her voice was surprisingly loud while she kept laughing in a mocking way before coming back to the other girls who were giggling as well. “Isn’t she incredibly thirsty lately? She might have injured her tongue.” Someone told me.  Indeed, this sentence got adressed to me. I wasn’t expecting that but I smiled. “Or maybe her fingers. When you use them too much, joints start hurting.” Another girl said, wiggling her hand towards the first one who slapped it away jokingly. ” Hm, I think fingers injured her. She had too much and we all know that walking can be painful in that case. I saw her yesterday sneaking into the Audiovisual  club’s room ... again. ” The last one added, resting her back against the wall. Airi-san, a surprised look on her face, added : “Thank god this room’s walls are thick enough so we don’t hear her screaming all day.”  Were they laughing about this girl? I started staring at my feet wondering if they weren't laughing about how stupid my question was. I didn’t know, I was confused. They seemed to dislike Takayanagi-san and I didn’t want to know why.

"What is the Audiovisual club room for?" I asked with a shy and quiet voice. I had in my bag brochures with the presentation of all the school's clubs, the Audiovisual one wasn’t mentionned anywhere. I knew it because I read the informations a million times after Airi-san told me how important being part of a club was, wondering if I would find my place in one of them.

"An abandonned room at the first floor. The AV club got cancelled last year so everyone can use the room for .. private business. It’s never locked. " A random girl replied. " You didn’t tell her about that, Airin? I thought a students rep was supposed to show everything to the new ones?" Airi-san shruged a bit. This discussion didn’t go further. So many secrets : I wasn’t sure I wanted to know about them. I took my broom and left, closing the door behind my back.


I sighed in a relieved way. I was all by myself again and It felt better. I was sometimes forgetting how much I liked those moments when I could finally be alone. I started walking in the corridors, ready to end my chores quickly so I could come back home and work on my paintings. This thought brought my joy back so I was wearing a natural smile and going down the stairs, forgetting about everything those girls said.  I opened a door and closed it. My eyes started wandering all over the room: lockers? I suddenly wasn’t so sure about the common room’s localisation. I meandered a bit. The place was empty but I was kind of worried, I couldn’t go back there and tell Airi-san I was incapable to find my way, I didn’t want to bother her more. A few shirts were lying on the foor : I picked one of them. They were red, white and dark blue, like our uniforms, the school official colors. Every single one of them had a number and a name on their back, and the logo of our high school on the front, like in the sports mangas I used to read. It was probably the athletic club shirts. I picked them all and placed them on a bench, just to give a helpful hand. The one of the top, the last one I set down was saying “Matsui” associated to the number seven, a lucky number. I smiled at the thought that this shirt could be mine. I wasn’t good at sports and would never be part of this club but it probably felt good to exhaust yourself and be victorious after you cross the finish line. I kept walking around, out of curiosity, brushing my hair with my fingers from times to times.  Will I have to change here on tuesday, when the physical education class will happen? I shivered at this thought while my legs were leading me to the washrooms. Will I have to shower here, in front of everyone?

I took a few more steps but something caught my attention: I wasn’t alone. I turned my head to the side quickly and froze when I saw them,  two girls standing there, against one of the washrooms walls. They were staring at each other in such an intense way it made my heart race. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, my pupils widening at every second. After that, everything happened really fast : the taller one rested her lips over the younger ones. My heart missed a bit before racing again. My hands tightened around the broom as it became hard to swallow my own saliva. I felt like chocking. They kept kissing, in such a passionate way it made the Earth stop spinning. Without even thinking, I ran in the opposite way to the first door I found, opened it and stumbled outside. I rested my back against the wall for a minute, still holding my broom in such a determined way, it was bruising my hands. The door closed it by itself when I realized I was now breathing a cold and reviving air. I knew I wasn’t supposed to see them, I wasn’t supposed to be here.

Those two girls, kissing.

It moved me so much I felt annoyed by how sensitive I could be. I was wondering how it felt to be looked at with this indescribable passion, to be kissed intensely. I didn’t know. I didn’t know anything about romance, anything about intimacy. I just knew that, when it came to falling in love there were no rules.

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I already read until chapter 6 on Tumblr.
I hope that rena let Jurina into her life.

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already read until chapter 6 on your tumblr. and it's a really great fic ^_^

why are those people being so cruel to KumiNon. and especially non-chan. she's just a baby you know  :angry:

please update soon ^_^

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@Minami-chan : Heey, I'm happy you decided to catch up on tumblr, thank you so much for reading! Aah well it's true Rena was highly confused on that last chapter, we will see if she lets Jurina in ;) /dum dum dum, suspense/

@amachan48 : Oh thank you for reading, I'm so happy you think its a great fic~ I know riiight so mean, I'm so angry T_T /says the girl who wrote the thing/ But well, unfortunatly Kataomoi is a cruel world for everyone, we will see how KumiNon evolve~
And yes I'm already working on chapter 7, I can't wait to publish it but I don't know when I will be able to! I will do my best!

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Hey hey hey, chapter 3!
I know some of you already read the whole thing on Tumblr and wait for chapter 7, but I still decided to update it here ^^
This chapter 3 has MatsuRina as the narrator, she's "special" and makes this chapter 3 kind of sick.. aha but I love MatsuRina, she's one of the chara I like to use the most! I hope you appreciate her as much as I do!

- Chapter 3 : Audiovisual Room -

In this chapter : Matsui Jurina, Matsumoto Rina, Furukawa Airi.

Narrator : Matsumoto Rina.

I was feeling alive when I had her head between my legs. Her tongue  licking, playing, sucking on my clit was feeling good, so damn good. Laid down, I couldn’t stop moaning and screaming, my whole body swaying and shivering, electrified by all the pleasure. My fingers were clenched on the edges of the desk, my head thrown in the back, my eyes closed. All my senses were awake and yet, I was losing my mind. Under my lifted skirt I could feel her hands grabbing my butt and squeezing it with strength to countain my hips who were rocking crazily under her mouth’s moves. I was in trance.

She suddenly stopped everything, raising her head to stare at me.


Her stare. I could barely talk, barely breathe but I could see the hunger in her stare. She climbed on the desk like a feline ready to finish her prey, on all four, rolling her shoulders as she was slowly coming closer  with a wild and large grin who was revealing sharp canines. She lift her skirt and straddled me before grabbing my wrists to pin them on the desk, above my head. I knew Jurina was enjoying this, to dominate me. I could feel it in her aura full of that  captivating and disturbing pride. She grabbed the ribbon around my neck and snacked it, almost struggling me as she did. “Show me how much you like it, Rina.” Jurina said with a husky voice, unbuttoning my shirt in a rush. She took the fabric and spread it just to expose my breasts. She placed her hands on them and pressed them with an intense passion who made my body shiver again,  my nipples getting hard and my thighs even wetter. My skin there was red and warm like the rest of my body : I was on fire, ready to explode. Still breathing heavily I bit my lips as her eyes, full of desire , were wandering over my body. She wanted to show me I was hers, by undressing, exposing me and looking down at me : she wanted to prove I was under her control. Jurina’s hips started moving on mine, she was grinding herself on me. I could feel her, as horny as I was. She started groaning over the pleasure while her hands were playing with my breasts even more, pressing them harder. Our juices were getting mixed and so were our moans. I was already so wet but feeling Jurina’s privacy being rubbed against mine made me go insane.  ”Ki .. Kimochi.” I said, moaning loudly, my head falling to the side as I couldn’t handle the overwhelming pleasure. I felt her lips resting over my neck where she left sweet kisses before marking my skin by bitting it in a savage way. Pain and pleasure : I loved that. Our clits got rubbed faster as we were needy for each other. It felt like I wasn’t the owner of my body anymore, it was feeling heavenly good to be the slave of her dark desires, the puppet of her needs. I screamed one last time, loudly, as I hit my climax. It left me panting, in sweat under her.

”.. I-I loved it .. ” I said with a weak voice as my body was still shaking from the orgasm.

"Oh. I know you did." She replied, freeing my hands carefully.

My mind was still in the blurry, recovering slowly from it as she was watching me, still on top of me. Like the artist who just gave the last brushwork on her painting, she was taking a few minutes to look at me and enjoy how she finished me, killed by all the pleasure she gave me: I was her masterpiece. Her fingers started  running over my forehead to caress it in a tender way. As wicked as she was,  I always thought that behind her playboy attitude there was someone who actually cared about all the girls she brought into her bed. It was just a supposition but I didn’t really care, I wasn’t like all those desperate and stupid girls who were losing their dignity by claiming for her love all the time. I just wanted us to have sex and enjoy ourselves. That’s why I was her favorite. That’s why she was spending more time in my sheets.

I finally opened my eyes and felt her jumping off the desk to get back on her feet. I was still laid down on it, half undressed, my hair messed up, my panties hanging around my ankles. I turned my head to the side to admire Jurina. It was my turn to take a few minutes to watch her. She didn’t look disappointed or fully pleased, she just looked .. Jurina.

"What was the kimochi for? It’s the first time I hear that coming from you." She said, laughing out loud and slipping her shirt back into her skirt. A warm smile was printed over her lips.

"I don’t know you brat, I was losing my senses. " I replied as I pouted a bit.

Our aftersex talks were always relaxing and carefree. We could talk about everything, there were no taboos between us. Probably because we were on the same disgusting lenghwave.

"Don’t leave, it’s my turn to do you." I added, observing her tying up the  ribbon around her neck.

"I know I know but I have something to do right now. Hmm, let’s say .. Your place, tonight? So we can catch up." She replied.

"Not tonight, my whole family is coming for diner, I don’t want them to hear you screaming for me." I said, before sitting on the desk to put my panties back. Her cheshire smirk spread over her face again.

" Sunday then? I can free my afternoon, or evening, for you." She stated on a serious tone walking closer to me, she bended a little and rested her hands around me. I tried to control my reaction to those words. I perfectly knew she would say that, I perfectly knew she would insist on meeting again and I loved that. Her words were always tinted by an interesting but shameful selfishness. As much as she wanted us to do it again on sunday, she couldn’t admit it honestly, she had to pretend she was doing it for me. But I wasn’t stupid and it was easy for me to read through her. I tilted my head to the side with a half surprised face.

"Aren’t you supposed to see Akane on that day?" I asked.

I saw hesitation in her look, but she just shruged. “I will pretend I have an important diner with my family, I will tell her I don’t want them to hear her begging for it.”

It was my turn to laugh out loud, covering my mouth with my fingertips and shaking my head along. ”Don’t steal that from me!”

But she didn’t need to do more to convince me. I was already planning what I would wear for her on sunday. I smiled and fixed her hair. “You look like someone who just got laid. Here .. it’s better.” Jurina nodded once, her way to thank me, and did the same with my hair.

"I wonder how it feels to top her. Akane." I said, looking into Jurina’s eyes. She looked up a bit as she was probably wondering how she would reply to this.

"Tender. Soft. If sex could be associated to a taste .. It would be Sweet for Churi. Spicy for you." She nodded and so did I.

"Anyway, if you’re free on sunday, just text me. I heard it would rain and you know how rain makes me .. wild." After those words, she winked and took a few steps back to get her bag back, her attention still focused on me.


This word was still echoing inside my head, sending shivers down my spine as I could remember the last time she took me, wildely, under the rain.  I kept watching her getting prepared to leave, in silence, trying to keep the dirty memories I had in my mind quiet. She grabbed and moved the chair who was blocking the door. Raising her hand in the air, she made a sign to say goodbye and left, without looking back.

It suddenly felt empty.

She left quickly like always, I wasn’t sad about that but the warmness of her presence was always missing when she was leaving a room.  I stroked my hair a bit and looked around : what a mess here. We were in the audiovisual’s club room and it seemed like no one took the decision to clean that place since a few weeks. I jumped off the desk and stretched my arms, I didn’t have the patience to clean this up anyway.

I got surprised when I heard the door being slammed. I turned around quickly, thinking it was Jurina who forgot something.

"For god sake MatsuRina! Be careful, you horny airhead, I just bumped into Jurina."

She almost yelled, getting a key out of her pocket, ready to lock the door to be sure nobody would be able to join us.

Airin! I couldn’t hide how happy I was to see her, a large grin spread over my lips as I ran to her and wrapped my arms around her neck.

"Why are you saying that my sweet Airin? Do I look like someone who just had sex?" I replied on a sarcastic tone. She pushed me away and stared at me with that one jaded look, from my head to toes.

"Just lock the door. You idiot."

She said throwing the keys at me and walking to the curtains to close them a little more, as sunrays were still dancing through the room. I did as she commanded and hide the keys in my bra, a safer place than my pockets.

The Audiovisual club was a club founded by Airin herself two years ago. I joined it last year, we were in charge of the audio visual material around the school, always here to help teachers when they wanted to show a movie to the students. We were also recording those amusing podcasts with the Broadcast Club, filming the Dance Club’s performances, the Athletic Club’s  competitions and all the interesting school events. We were five official members but unfortunatly two members changed school so we had to close the club .. or else, pretend to close it. It was way funnier, to never lock the door and let the place looks like it was abandonned. All the girls knew about the unused audiovisual club room, all the girls knew they could come here and use this place as a confessional or a fucking spot. I walked to the shelves and placed a chair in front of them. Carefully, I climbed and took the little camera who was hanged under the highest shelf, hidden between two dusty old books.

"I fixed the problem on camera number 3, it wasn’t a big deal after all." Said Airin who started cleaning around so we could sit somewhere.

We had three cameras and five extra micros hidden in the room, to be sure not to miss any detail. It was one sick activity but we couldn’t help ourselves, we were enjoying that so much, it became an addiction. Monday was called “the watching day” , it was the day when we had to watch what the cameras recorded. That’s why I brought Jurina that time, I wanted to watch us having sex.

"Oh by the way, Shawako won’t come today, she wants to study for tomorrow’s exam or whatever." I said.

Hata Sawako, alias Shawako was the last member of the group. Her favorite scenes were about girls making out : she was always saying she could watch them for hours. Airin was only interested into gossips : as the students rep she wanted to know about everything and everyone. But she was kind of a honest person, she would never use those gossips to blackmail people she just wanted to know. And me, well, I liked when they were taking it on a sexual level. That’s why I already knew how it would be to top that Churi girl, I already saw Jurina and her, a few times, and like Jurina said it seemed soft and tender. I couldn’t forget the way Churi was enjoying this and moaning Jurina’s name, holding onto her. It was such a submissive girl .. Too bad for her she was a faithful idiot, I would have loved to try things with her.

I jumped off the chair and ran to the tv to plug the camera on and grabbed the remote. Airin fell on the pillows she placed in front of the tv and so did I. She rested her head over my shoulder, it made me smile. I was burning of impatience so I just skipped straight to the end of the video. On screen we could see me and Jurina entering the room.

"Matsurina. Are you serious right now?" She asked with a desperate voice. "Are we seriously watching that first?"

"Not for too long, I just want to check something, I promise." I replied.

I pressed the play button and stared at the screen. It was the very beginning of our session when I started kissing Jurina in a needy way while she was sneaking her hands under my shirt. I skipped a bit and switched to the part when I was against the wall and she was fingering me in a crazily. My moans were so loud, it was easy to see how much I was loving it.

"Stop this, it’s disturbing." Airin said, her head still over my shoulder, her fingers running over her phone’s keyboard as she was texting, not interested by what happened between Jurina and I.

"Please, It’s not the first time you hear me moaning." I said, sighing.

I couldn’t explain my deep passion for that. I only knew I was truly enjoying watching all the forbidden moments we were recording. Shawako always said it was because I was the craziest, the creepiest, an insane person hidding behind a cute and polite attitude. She was probably right but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the main reason. I kept on watching, absorbed, captivated, bitting my lips, being turned on again.

"Hmm.. look at her eyes." I whispered with a little moan, to Airin who wasn’t really paying attention. I checked her phone and she was almost falling asleep while typing. Between our secret club, the musical club she was trying to join, all our classes, her students rep status, she never had enough time to rest. I was worried about her. She was probably my closest friend here, I didn’t want her to feel bad, sad or exhausted. Lately, it felt like even our watching days couldn’t make Airin happy, it felt like she couldn’t have fun with us anymore. I started stroking her hair as I was keeping an eye on the video, wondering what I could do to bring her smile back.

"Ne, Matsurina."


"What do you think about that new student ? Rena." She asked, yawning a bit.

Was she talking about the girl sat on the chair in front of me in class? The one who was so confused on her first day I had to help her?

"Well, she is pretty and looks smart. Maybe a bit shy. I can’t say that much, I never talked to her and we don’t have any videos of her."

"It’s not like we will ever get some. She’s different from the girls here. She is a respectable and kind one. And we both know good girls don’t come here." Airin said in a whisper.

"Interested in her?" I asked, my fingers still stroking her hair.

"Not really. She’s boring." Airin replied almost immediately.

Lies of course.

I nodded silently, knowing perfectly how I could make Airin smile again. If that Rena girl was too “kind” to visit the audiovisual club room, maybe it was my duty to bring her here.

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