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More Than A Letter

Yagi makes paper roll into a ball and threw it gain and again, the room was filled with balls of paper scattered everywhere. "Why is it so hard to write a letter," she said. Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Yui. A special birthday. Yagi wanted to write a letter to Yui, but she was confused about what to write. Yagi put down his pen and got into bed. sHe lay down on the bed. "I think I can not write something special for her," Yagi sighed.
Yui will be the 20th birthday , Tomorrow.  it's been 3 years since the first time we met.

3 years ago ...

First meet

"Good morning everyone .." Said a lady who greeted us in a room. "Starting today you will work together and learn together as generation 9 of AKB48". This is the first time that Yagi was in this room, a room with a large mirror in front of us. One by one the 9th generation members introduced themselves,. "Yokoyama Yui iimasu .. Yurushi o, otanomimasu ... "The voice of the Kansai-ben accent funny, Yagi staring at a woman who had introduced herself, a woman with a white shirt and a nervous-looking. That was they first met.

It's you
"Thank you for the training today". Said instructur to the members  generation 9. Exercise for the day was done. Yagi getting ready to go home. One by one member leaving the place of practice. Yagi stopped when she saw a figure in the corner of the room, sitting while her hands were taught to memorize kreografi earlier. Yagi walking towards the figure.
"Why not go home? You have to go back to Kyoto, right?"asked Yagi.
"Ah! You ... You ... Nagao-san! "Said the girl.
"Call me Yagi", Said Yagi smile.
"Yagi-san? Call me Yui ".
"Everyone had come back, why are you still here?"
"I want to practice for a moment," Yui said.
"Why do you practice so hard like this?" Yagi surprised.
"Because I hate losing to others," Yui said. "Ah, I have to go home, or I'll miss the bus the night."
"You've always been a night bus home with you?"
"Yes, by the way, Thanks Yagi-san"
"For what?"
"It's nice to have a talk with you." Yui smiled

Smile with you
"Yagi-san ... Yagi-san ... Yagi-san ..." Yui rolling over in bed next to Yagi.
"Yuichan really like you, Mariya", Mina laughed. Members generation 9 was to stay together in Mina finished generation 9’s anniversary celebration.
“Yagi-san ~ ♥ Da~i~su~ki~ ♥ ” Yuihan hugged.
“I knew it, Yuichan” Yagi patted Yuihan’s head.

for you
That day is lastday concerts AKB48 - Tokyo Aki Matsuri, when will end. Takamina got the paper and promotional announcements Yui to be member of  Team K. Yui cried a lot and sobbed. "Hey, omedetou ..." Yagi hugged her tightly when they meet on backstage. Yui cried in Yagi’s hugged. "You cant crying for this. This is all because of your hard work." Yagi tried to calm Yui.
"Yagi-san ...." Yui smiled.

Yagi smiled remembering all the memories. she got out of bed and walked to the table. And began to write.

"Yuichan! Happy Birthday! "Some Members of AKB48  to make a surprise for Yui in her home.
"A ... Arigatou ...." Yui started crying.
"Hey ... hey ... do not cry yet, we brought a lot of food, let's party!" Said Sae.
"Yuichan, this letter from Mariyagi. she could not come because have a business "said Shimada.
Yuihan received the letter and kept it.
Yuihan birthday party complete. Member-members who come from home one by one. Yui went to the porch and opened the letter from Yagi.

To Yui
Good evening.

Yui, Happy 20th birthday.
Yui is already twenty years old

When I first met Yui, was it three years ago at this time?
Because there were lessons, Yui would come to Tokyo each time and return via the night bus, and head back to school. I think that was really hard.
At the start we were not that close, and not that bad either, we were just from the same generation. But, gradually we became close when we stayed over, went to the supermarket, made hamburgers, went out to play together, talked together, and unknowingly, Yui became a very important presence in my life.

During the first concert, everyone who was in the same generation were chosen for the unit songs, Yui and I were chosen for the same unit. Before the venue, I received “It will be the real performance soon right?” that sort of mail. I remember feeling very frustrated.

But, even though there were many inadequacies, and even more things to consider about, the only thing I can do is to desperately do my best right now. Because there is Yui, I need to work hard too.

When that sort of Yui entered senbatsu, and appeared on televisions and magazines frequently, and successfully acted as the Gishin angi senshi honmayan this sort of weird role, I was really happy.

Because Yui has always been working hard, that’s why there is the Yui today, this was what I thought.

Because it’s Yui, right now, she would definately still be practicing her dancing and singing until late night right?

As just like that, fall sleep on the sofa?

Even though it’s not obvious usually, but wouldn’t you feel uneasy, or lonely?
Yui would rarely talk about herself. If there was something, sometimes once in a while, let’s talk about it. Because I’m a close friend. I would rush over immediately!
On the day Yui was promoted to a full member, didn’t Yui-chan cry alot? Yui-chan’s behaviour is not readable at all. Crying so much it became hyperventilation(laughs)
Because I usually do not write this sort of letter, that’s why I wasn’t sure what to write.
But, in any case, I love the Yui who is straightforward,  hates to lose, who works hard, and is respected by everyone.
From now on, continue to be my close friend.
From Nagao Mariya

"Saechan ... may I ask a favor?" Said Yui.
"Of course, it's your birthday." Sae replied.
"Please take care of my house, I have to go to someone else", Yuihan pleaded.
"Okay! No problem. "
"Thanks Saechan".
Yagi had just arrived at his home from a photo shoot for a magazine outside the city. He put his bag and lay down on the couch. Kringgg Kringggg ... his mobile rang. Yagi saw the name on the screen of his phone "Moshi moshi Yuichan ..." she answered.
"Where are you now?" Yuichan said in coldtones.
"Eh? just got back home. Happy Birthday ... "
Tutttt .... the call have end.
"Ehhh??? Is she angry because I could not come her party? "Yagi sighed.

After a moment.
Knock Knock Knock. "Who?" Yagi goes to open the door. "Ehh??!! Yuichan? "Yui stood in front of the door, filled with sweat. "Why are you sweating like that? Let's go in. "

Yui walked towards Yagi and hugged her tightly. "I really miss you, and your letter make me be more miss you".
"Gommen ne, I'm not good at writing." Yagi hugged Yui. "But there are some things that I can not write that letter," Yagi put her forehead on Yui's. "Happy Birthday My Yuichan." Yagi kissing Yui. Yui surprised, this is the first time that Yagi kissed her lips, not in cheeck but on lips. Yagi releasing the kiss, "Just do not you get my letter, but also my heart." Yui tears began to fall. "Daisuki dayo, Yagi-san.” Yui kissed Yagi. And it’s be a passionete kiss on that night.



Myahahahaha~ i'm so sorry for my Broken English  :onioncheer:

But, Yagi have sent a letter to Yui on her birthday and it's make my heart melted... So, i write this story...

hope you like this altought this is not that good *LOL*

Thanks for reading this fict  :byebye:
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Re: More Than A Letter (YuiYagi One Shot Fanfict)
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Kawaii~! i love this fict! > w <

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Re: More Than A Letter (YuiYagi One Shot Fanfict)
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really cute   :wub:

please update   :thumbup :thumbsup

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(〜^∇^)〜 [My OS FanFics] : YuiParu - Loving U (130108 Update)
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Thanks for your comment  :kneelbow:

And this is the new one, i know my English is really broken.
But i never mind about my broken English and keep post it, i still learning. its okay for me,  if everyone know what i mean in that story *LOL*

Before reading it, please listen this song. A groups singer from Indonesia. And i love their songs.

"Loving You"

Ring, ring it's you again heart pops
I loved to hear you
It's been all day I've been waiting for you
Hello, you call my name
So much stories you shared with me

watashi ni kitai shinai de ♪
risou no kanojo ni nante ♪
kitto narenai ♪

My handphone rang. I Take it from the bag, and smiled when saw your name in screen handphone.
“Moshi Moshi, Yuichan ?” I said to you. Its so happy when I know u have call me.
“Paruru? “ it's your voice.  I miss your voice, I miss every moments when u call my name.
“yes?” I don’t know why, but when I heard your voice, my heart beats so fast. Maybe that because I love you,   though I never said it to you.
“I’m in Hokkaido now, have a holiday with my parents. there are so much snow, so happy to play snow throw.  A Satan in front of an onsen !” you said with so happy voice.
“Really?” i trying to make you tell me more and more.
“Yes ! Lets go here together next time!”
“Remember that to me next time. Okay ?”
“Okay. Do you want some souvenirs ?” you asked to me. You are the only one who I want.
“If you to give it, I will take it.” I said to you.
“Okay. See you next Paruru, don’t forget to eat and take a rest. I knew you are so busy now”. I smiled, why you know me so well ?
“I know, don’t worried me. Take care your self in there.”
“Jyaaa neee”  you said and  hang up the call. TUT-
“I love you” I said alone, and you never hear that.

So much stories you shared with me
You said a lot to me about girls
Oh, it's so nice
And every beauty thing they did to you
Don't stop and tell me more'

“Lets have a lunch together  after this practice.” You said to me when we are in practice room.
“Okay !” Oh My God, I really happy now. Do you know my heart beating so fast now?
“I will waiting at our favorite restourant.”
“I wiil come.” I smile to you.

And now, here I am. Walk into our favorit restaurant. You're sitting in the corner, waiting for me.  I walking to your place. “Sorry, make you waiting.” I said to you.
You smiled and said “I had just arrived”.
You ordered your favorit food,  Niku-don (Beef rice).
“Do you know ? Eichan (Ricchan) used t-shirt which I gave to her, but she cutted that and my name behind the t-shirt be Yokuyama. LOL.” You said to me.
“Really ?” i look to her, why you not give that one to me and I will never cut it !
“Its alright. By the way, Ryochan gave Kare to me last night. Its so delicious. I never think she can cooking.”
“Waw..” Why you not tell me, I will cooking everything for you!
“The girls in Team A are so funny, I thinks I will enjoy my new Team. But I still miss my Team K.”  you smiled to me.
“Its nice.” I smiled,  do you know how much I want to be same team with you? Do you know I  jealous with that girls who can be together with you?
“How about you?” you asked to me.
I tell you everything. Everything what can made we were together for much longer. Everything, except my feeling to you.

Loving you it hurt sometimes
I'm standing here you just don't bye
I'm always there you just don't feel
Or you just don't wanna feel
Don't wanna be hurt that way
It doesn't mean I'm givin' up
I wanna give you more and more and more'

I walked in coridor, and see you walking to me. I will to be near with you. And when we be close, i hug you without say anything. You're a little surprised, then you pats my head. “somethings wrong?” you asked to me. I broke my hug and look at you, “no. Just miss you.”
You are giggle. “You are so cute, Paruru. Lets go, Takamina maybe had waiting for us”. You said and hold my hand to walk with you.
Why you always do this to me, can you feel my feeling to you? Sometimes its hurts.  But its never make me forget i had fallin in love with you.

Knock, knock you came around heart pops
I loved to see you
It's been two years since I'm love with you
Bum! Bum! You break my heart
You said, girl I'm in love with her
But it's all right, I'm still alive yeah' ohh'
And all the beauty things she did to you
Don't stop and tell me more

Today is a shiny Sunday, i have my freeday.  KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. I walking to oper the door.
“Yuihan?” i said when i see you in front of my house.
“i bring some foods, lets eat all of this together.” You said with that smile, a cute n a uniqe smile, a smile which i loved one.
You walk in to my house. We sit in couch in front of my tv.
“ i bring Cheese cake.” You said. Ah, you remember my favorite cake !
We talking many things, suddenly laugh together. I love moment like this. Then, your handphone ringing. You smile when see your screen handphone.
“Look, Yagisan were in Hawaii now. She have a holiday with her parents. I hope i can go with her.” You sounds so hope can to do that. I cant look you like that. "i love her, really loved her since we were in KKS.”
I stop breath for a moments when hear it from you. My heart feel like broken and be two pieces.
“Ohh...” i said to you.
“She very kind, she know me so well.” You tell everything about her, its hurts but its okay if i can see your smile.

And when I see that smile upon your face
Deep in your eyes you had it all
And when I hear you super electrical voices

Today is our consert in Tokyo Hall, you will sing your solo Song “May”.
I love when you said you really cant waiting your first solo sing in consert.
And you said “Thanks” to me, to always be here for you. I will always be here to you, its enough for me.
Now, i stand here, See your perform from far. I love you. I am loving you.

Loving you it hurt sometimes
I'm standing here you just don't bye
I'm always there you just don't feel
Or you just don't wanna feel
Don't wanna be hurt that way
It doesn't mean I'm givin' up
I wanna give you more and more and more'


This bonus Pic ~ The pics which make me want to made this fics.


hope you like this Fics  :onioncheer:
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Re: (〜^∇^)〜 [My OS FanFics] : YuiParu - Loving U (130108 Update)
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yey!! finally a Parui fic!! :B

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