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Author Topic: ToDie [March, 26 2015 Mayuyu's Day!]  (Read 11693 times)

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ToDie [March, 26 2015 Mayuyu's Day!]
« on: February 25, 2015, 04:09:58 AM »

Yume (Wmatsui,Atsumina) : Part 1 Part 2-End

Love Me and Let Me Die (MaYuki) : Part 1

ToDie (MaYuki)

Yhuiii's OS Collection

Part 1

*sorry if there are typos, grammar mistakes
  :bleed eyes:.... This is the first time I write about wmatsui and atsumina

At Tokyo University

"Jun-kun, can I talk to you for a while," said the black-haired girl, pulling the man's arm.

"Sorry - release the girl's hands -" he said coldly and went passed leaving her.

"Jun-kun. I just wanted to talk to you a minute." She said softly.

A tall man approached her.

"Rena-chan, what's wrong with you?" He asked.

Rena turned and shook her head. "Jurina is still mad at me, senpai." She said.

"That boy, what is hard for a moment to hear your explanation." He scolded.

"Never mind senpai, let it go. It is not the time. I go home first, bye senpai ." She said and went to leave the man.

At Rena's Home

"Jun-kun, I want to talk. Only 5 minutes, please answer my call" said Rena .

Number that you are calling is unavailable, please try again later

Rena throws her cell phone, "inactive."


"Did you see Jun-kun?" Asked Rena on Jun’s classmates.

"He walked out,"

"Ah, thanks" said Rena and ran after Jun.

Jun crossing the street, Rena keep chasing him until He was on the other side of the road.

"Jun-kun!" Cried Rena. Jun still not turning then Rena followed him. Without realizing it, the green light is on. Rena is still running chase Jun.

Brakkkk !!!

People started running to see what was happening because the sound loud enough. Jun saw, "What ...nanda kore.." he muttered and took off his earphones.

"Excuse me sir, what happened?" He asked one of the walkers.

"There is a girl hit by a car there - pointing towards the scene -"

"Ok, Thank you" said Jun and passed over to the venue.

'I don’t accidentally hit her,she goes too fast' said the owner of the car gave an explanation to the police.

Jun tried to see who was hit by the car.

"Excuse me, you shouldn’t be here" prevent the police on Jun. Jun mumbled understand and re-look at the girl's body. He watched the entire body of the girl who has been covered by the newspaper.

Jun approached her and tried to open a newspaper that covers it.

"Sir! Do not touch it! " Shouted a policeman on Jun.  Jun still get rid of the paper.

"Please don’t touch it, sir,” said the police again.

Jun was silent and leave the premises.

The ambulance came and immediately took the girl's body to the hospital for a further check.

Rena’s POV

At Tokyo Hospital

Ergh,ittai,... my head hurt.

Where am I? Why my body feels so weak?

What happens huh? Ah, I was chasing Jun and its JUN !! Why is Jun in the hospital? I tried to approach him.

"Jun-kun, I want to talk for a minute," I said quietly. Jun just looked at me in silence. I waved my hand.

"Hei, Jun-kun,please answer me this once," I said pleading. He was still silent.

"Jun-chan!" Called a voice that is very familiar. It was Yuko-chan. Why is she here?

"Yuko-chan" I said waving my hand. She just glanced and back walked over to Jun.

"How it is?" She said hastily. Jun just stopped and pointed into the room. Hey who the hell do you mean, why they don’t notice me?

"Yuko-san," it Yuki-senpai’s  sounds . I smiled at him and walked over to him.

"Yuki-senpai" I called and hugged him.

Clinggg ~~

Ehh-why? Why ..nani kore??

"Still unconscious," said Yuko. Who was unconscious?

I approached them and try to see what they mean in the room.


Without i knowing my tears flowed. I can’t believe what I saw. I cried, cried for myself. I saw myself lying on the ICU with a hose through my body. And now I see that my loved ones waiting outside the room to know my futher situation.

I saw Yuki-senpai who deliberately hold back his tears. Senpai, I know you're crying in your heart, as well as Yuko who cried when contacting my parents, not to mention the man next to me is the only silent while listening to a song with his headset. There is no sense of sad or happy look on his face. I know you already hate me but ......

"Yuko-chan, I have to go home" Jun said goodbye and walked away. Yuko just nodded.

"I know he has been mad at Rena and me," said Yuki-senpai on Yuko.

"Daijoubu Yuki-chan, there will be time Jun will forgive you. Moreover, the fact you only consider Rena as a sister," said Yuko.

You're talking about me in front of my own. Anyway, maybe it has become my destiny, Jun would be mad at me and wouldn’t care about me anymore.

Am i dying???

I walked to the campus. Yes, now I'm invisible. I just wind that can only be felt by them, but not seen. I went to a place that is quiet and comfortable in the corner of the campus. It became my favorite place when I'm sad. The place is comforting me.

I saw a girl there and she was lying unconcious with hands that bled a lot. Oh My Godness! Is she commit to suicide?? I ran up to her. It is Maeda-san, yes she is Jun’s  classmates. I tried to help her but I could not.

I immediately seek for help.Yabai... They will not see me, but I had to help her.

I saw a man walking near there. He looked at me with a look of wonder. What... could he see me? I tried to approach him.

"Ano,  can you see me?" I asked.

"So you really creature from another world huh?" Said the man. Phew, thanks God he could see me.

"Can you help me? There was a girl there who fainted, she need your help please."I said. The man immediately walked to where the girl was unconscious.

"Acchan?!" Shouted the man suprised and then holding her and took her into the car. I just saw it and grateful because Maeda-san can be helped.

"Miss, could you come with me?" Said the man.

"Me?" I asked back. He nodded. I got into the car.

At Tokyo Hospital

So this man named Kai and he is Maeda’s boyfriend. Kai talked a lot about Maeda. She is very fortunate to have Kai, he loved her so much. I sat beside Kai that looks frustrated.

"I know Acchan has many problems, but she shouldn’t do that" said Kai frustated. I tried to calm his down.

"If she is conscious, told her to don’t do anything stupid like that again," I said. Kai looked at me full of mystery.

"Why do you go around like this? Don’t you know over there already exists the angel who will pick you -pointing to a corner of the hall -" Kai said.

I do not understand what he meant.

"Do you mean?" I asked.

"Rena-san. Now you've become a spirit, and the angel had come to fetch you away. Now, you'd better go and rest in peace there Rena-san.. " Said Kai.

Someone called the angel approached us.

"Matsui-san, now it's time." Said the man. I don’t understand.

"Time .. what? i do not understand, "

"You've got to go from here, and live in peace in heaven."

You mean? I'm going to die? No! I don’t want to! I am not ready. I still have not had time to tell the truth on Jun about what happened between me and Yuki-senpai.

"I still want to meet someone .." I said, pleading.

The angel looked at me . I don’t want to go before I talk to Jun.

"You're thinking of someone? Matsui Jun? " He asked. I nodded.

"So please don’t forced me to go now." I said pleading.

I saw the angel looked into the ICU where Maeda-san treated. I went to see her. Her lives still can be saved, whereas I?

"You can borrow her body to speak on Jun." He said, flatly. Why should I borrow Maeda-san’s body? Why not with my own body?

"Why should her? Can’t you restore my soul into my own body? "I begged. He shook his head and fixed with flat face.

"I've given you bid, if you don’t want to then come, follow me." What? Ah yes I want.

"Huh? Okey I want." I said. I looked towards Kai. He is gone.

"Where is Kai-kun?" I asked to myself.

"Don’t you see? He went to pay all Maeda’s administrative here. "Eh? I didn’t realize his leaving. Then, what should I say to Kai...

We went into the ICU.

"You have time for only 2 days" he said.

"Ehhh? 2 days? It was so fast!" I protested.

"How about 8 days?" I pleaded. He shook his head.

"3 days." He said back.

"Ehm, 6 days?" He kept shaking his head.

"5 days?" he offered. 5 days, long enough to see Jun.

"Okay, either 5 days." I said. 5 days ...

"But remember, before midnight on the last day, you'd have to carry all that you want, understand?" I nodded.

"Okay ." he asked me to approach Maeda, I slowly entered her body and everything is dark.

End of Rena’s  POV

Rena in Acchan’s body  POV

I opened my eyes. Where is this? I saw a man who was with me, yes it was an angel who will pick me up. And stick with the flat look. Actually he is handsome, he's just so cool.

Now I was in Maeda’s body, Jun’s classmates and she is Kai’s girlfriend, a new friend I had just met.

"Remember, your time is only 5 days, Matsui-san." He said and then left. I nodded and I saw the nurse came in and immediately asked him to call the doctor.


It is impossible within 5 days I can speak with Jun. With Maeda’s body, he would have wondered why I wanted to talk seriously with him.

I looked in the mirror. I never thought that  Maeda-san is pretty as this, no wonder if Kai loved her.

"Who are you?" Said myself. Does this Maeda who speak?

"Who are you? I felt there was someone else inside me, who are you? "Asked me back. Should I come out to show myself.

Clingg ~~

End of Rena in Acchan’s body  POV

Author’s POV

Acchan was surprised to see the figure in front of her.

"Kyaa!!! Who are you ??" asked her fearful.

"Calm down Maeda-san. I am your friend on campus. Matsui Rena desu. Sorry, maybe I've scared you. "Said Rena.

"T-then what do you want? Why did you get out of my body?"She asked.

Rena explain everything on Acchan. She was surprised to hear Rena’s story. Rena crying while telling things that happen to her. Acchan understand whats Rena’s feel and try to calm her down.

"I'm sorry, I really don’t know if Jun-kun can be stubborn like that," said Acchan.

"It’s ok Maeda-san. From the beginning I did wrong. I should feel like this, but before I actually went, I just want to clarify the truth to him. And I was just given a period of 5 days and I have to say through you .." Rena said.

Acchan nodded and she smiled.

"Daijoubu, if that's what you want I'll help you.You can call me Acchan" Said Acchan. Rena smiling happy and grateful to her.

"Ah, Arigatou ne Acchan" she said while holding a sense of tears.

# Day1

Acchan walked into the classroom and sat down in the empty seat right next to Jun.

"Ehm excuse me, can I sit here?" Acchan said. Jun looked briefly and nodded slowly.

"Ah, Thank you" said Acchan bit clunky.

"Never mind, Maeda-san." Said Jun.

Acchan noticed Jun who is engrossed in reading his book. Jun who was being stared finally turned towards Acchan.

"Is there anything wrong with my face that you're watching me like that?" Asked Jun little crossly.

"Ah Nothing. I just noticed the book that you read. You were reading the book. Glad that .. "said Acchan exactly it is Rena who spoke. Jun increasingly don’t understand with Acchan’s speech.

"Oh, all right." Said Jun strange. Acchan just smiled at Jun.

"Are you alone?" Asked Acchan on Jun who was eating in the campus cafeteria.

"You again, yes, why?"

"Can we eat together?" Asked Acchan. Jun who actually bothered forced to allow her.

"Yes you can, Maeda-san."

Acchan sat with happy and ate her food.

"Hmm, sorry if this question is a little hurt. Did you know Rena? "Asked Acchan suddenly.

Jun just looked at Acchan with a flat face.

"I Know, why?" He asked back.

"Hmm nothing, just ask. I was her childhood friend hehehe, "Acchan smile. Jun still looked odd on Acchan.

"You're her friend or not, it's not my problem, right? I'm lazy to hear someone discuss about Rena in front of me. " Jun said.

'It hurts...very painful when he said something like that in front of me, Acchan' Rena said silently to Acchan.

"Sorry that before you talk like this. I heard she was still unconscious in the hospital right now, right? "she asked back.

'I hope you don’t say that hurts me, Jun-kun ...'

"Dunno. But what I hear is like that. Yes, but again and again it's not my problem would she already sick or not is not my concern. I go first, Maeda-san. Excuse me. "He said.

Acchan just looked at Jun until he goes away.

Clingggg ~

"I didn’t know he was so angry at you Rena-chan" said Acchan.

"It's like that. What should I do?" Rena said tearfully.

"Tomorrow we'll try it again. Anyway don’t cry out Rena-chan,you still have a time. Don’t give up easly."

# Day2

'I'm still afraid of Jun’s word yesterday'
Rena said to Acchan.

"If you don’t try, it will not succeed Rena-chan. That's Jun. Jun-san "Acchan called and ran to Jun.


"Whether the state of Rena improved?" Asked Acchan.

Jun who was practicing basketball throw the ball into the field.

"You, I told you it's none of my business!" Jun said a little rough.

"Nan..nande?" Said Acchan in tears.

"If you want to know ... just ask Kashiwagi Yuki." He said and went.

Acchan cry heard Jun and immediately went running to the park.

Clingggg ~~

"Rena-chan ..." Acchan called. She is not bear to see Rena cry like that.

"My time is only 3 days away Acchan." Said Rena sidelines tears. Acchan sit closer to Rena.

"I knew. May I ask you something? Who is Kashiwagi Yuki?"

"He is my senpai. Jun thought we had a special relationship, but in reality I only consider it as my brother. " Said Rena.

Acchan let Rena cry until she calms.

After a few minutes, Rena already feel calmer. She look towards Acchan who was being silent.

"Acchan, I must ask you something?" Said Rena.

“What do you want to ask?"

"You like this place?"

"Really like. This place can make me feel more calm and peaceful. Why? "Asked Acchan back.

"I also like this place. And feel the same way about you. Hmm, you know? I have found you in this place with a critical situation. Fortunately I met with your boyfriend at the time and quickly help you, hihi" Rena said.

'Boyfriend?' Muttered Acchan.

"Boyfriend you mean, Dare?" Asked Acchan back .

"Eh you do not recognize your own lover?"

"Who? I don’t have a boyfriend .. "

"Kai. A Men who have blond hair and a short body. He’s your boyfriend, right? "

Acchan paused. And immediately tears down so swift.

"Acchan? Why are you crying? "Rena panic.

Acchan immediately wipe the welling tears.

"Hmm nothing. I'm just a little surprised. I was not with him anymore. So he still consider me as his girlfriend, Ckck "Acchan chortled.

Rena didn’t understand what was Acchan said .

"Well, Kai and I was already don’t have a relationship. If you see him, tell him to not consider me as his lover again. It was getting dark. Let's go home." Said Acchan.

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Re: (OS/Drabble) Yume [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [Feb, 25 2015]
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Please update soon

Jun stop being so stubbon!!!

What happen between Acchan and Kai !?

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Re: (OS/Drabble) Yume [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [Feb, 25 2015]
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3 days left, what will they do?
Wow, a cold hearted Jun-kun, Kyaaaa♥
Update soon! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Re: (OS/Drabble) Yume [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [Feb, 25 2015]
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Mou Jun should just listen for once  :angry:

What happen to Kai and Acchan  :?

Hope u update soon author-san~  :)
Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: (OS/Drabble) Yume [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [Feb, 25 2015]
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Eh... Kai is not with Atsuko

And Rena only has 5 days... And she used 2 already...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the new story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: (OS/Drabble) Yume - End [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [March, 2 2015]
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@Kirozoro :  :bingo: here is the update  :stuffed: thanks for leaving the comment  :k-hello:
@RenshuChan : thanks for dropping the comment  :wriggly:
@Siren : thanks for commenting  :shy2: here is the update  :hee:
@cisda83 : I'm glad if you wait this  :mon inluv: enjoy the update  :gmon hi:

**sorry if there are typos, grammar mistakes etc :mon angel:


Part 2-End

# Day3

At Tokyo Hospital

"Rena is still unconscious" said Yuko. Yuki was silent and looked at Rena from the outdoor.

'Rena-chan..When are you going to conscious ..' muttered Yuki.

From a distance seen someone come over to Yuki and Yuko.

"Ohaiyo gozaimasu" she said. Yuki and Yuko greeted back.

"Anata wa.. .." Yuki asked and then the person is immediately cut his words.

"Ah, I am Maeda Atsuko desu, Rena’s childhoold friend. " said Acchan. Yuki and Yuko are still confused over Acchan’s presence.

"I came here to visit Rena, I heard she was in a coma, I am very sad." said Acchan. Yuko soothing her, as well as with Yuki.

"This has been a few days since her coma, she was hit by a car a few days ago. We pray just hope that her state will be fine." said Yuki.

"Yuki-senpai, arigatou ne..' said Rena behind Acchan’s body.

Acchan nodded.

"Yuko-san, do you know about relationship of Rena with Jun? I had one class with Jun, but I don’t really know about his character." Asked Acchan. Yuko was silent and didn’t answer.

"Yuko-san ..."

"From what I hear, the reason why Rena is like this because she is pursuing Jun on the road, but he ignored her. Rena didn’t look to the right-left and keep walking pursue Jun who was in front of her until she was hit. She has been experiencing an internal bleeding in the brain, and the doctor said her condition is not yet certain what it will improve or not. I don’t understand why Jun could be act like that, I just only want.. he listened to Rena briefly, and this. I was quite disappointed to hear this news. And now .." said Yuko stopped.

"N-now what?" Asked Acchan quizzically.

"He never came to visit Rena. He was last here the first time when Rena was brought here. And since then he goes,I  don’t know where is he now." Said Yuko.

'No.No Yuko-chan, Jun was not wrong, really. It's entirely my fault '

Acchan just nodded in understanding what is going on with Rena and Jun.

"I understand why you really want to talk with Jun, Rena-chan." said Acchan in the way back since the hospital. Rena just smiled, sadly.

"Hmm..Acchan, Does Kai study in the campus with us?" Asked Rena, then Acchan paused.

"Acchan, I .."

"Follow me." said Acchan. Rena confused, then she just followed her.

With about an hour's journey, Acchan bring Rena to a place, precisely at a temple near the beach. Acchan get into a room that is very closed. Rena just followed her. There are a brown coffin and a wreath around it. Rena didn’t understand the meaning of this place.

"Rena-chan, here." called Acchan. Rena went to Acchan then Acchan opened the chest and spontaneous Rena was surprised to see it.

"K-Kai .."Rena said softly. Acchan smiled sad just heard that name spoken again.

They both sat alongside the beach and feel the winds of the beach and also the sound of the roar of the waves. Rena still cannot believe what she saw. The men who met her while helping Acchan last time, it turns out he was dead, ahead of herself.

"Now, you know why I told you that he is not my lover and my future husband again?" Rena was surprised to hear what Acchan’s said.

"Future husband?" Acchan just nodded and then cry. Rena soothing Acchan and hugged her.

"Kai, Takahashi Kai was shot by an unknown person on the day of our wedding. When he is saying promises, Kai was shot and fell in front of me. He was taken to hospital, but his life was not helped. " Acchan stopped and cried again.


"Therefore, I find out who the man who did it against Kai. When I investigated it turns out it was my ex-boyfriend. He didn’t want me to live happily together with Kai, then he kills Kai. I really hate him and I want to revenge against him. Kai is the only one that I have in this world,I don’t have a parents. I grew up in an orphanage, and Kai...he is my friend, parents,.. my brother, lovely midget.. "Said Acchan,crying.

Rena embraced her, tried to calming Acchan who was increasingly swift.

"You shouldn’t help me at that time. I wanted to follow Kai. I want to live happily with him there, not like today." said Acchan while sobbing. Rena just silent.

"Gomen ne.. I just don’t want to see you dead.But I think you still have a lot of things you must do. Not like me, I could never live again. Now I'm just waiting for that time to come. Someone was going to come back and take me away. However, I still cannot leave until I have to speak with Jun ... "said Rena softly. Acchan looked embarrassed to hear it.

"Acchan, you can’t do that anymore. If you love Kai, keep alive. Live happily. Kai will see you from heaven and he would smile if you can survive without him. Please, don’t waste the sacrifice that Kai has been done." Rena said. Acchan paused and then nodded. On the back, there is a midget-blond man who was watching them and smiled at Rena.

"Why don’t you say it from the beginning?" Rena annoyed.

"Hahahaha..Did I have to say anything?" Kai asked back. Rena who annoyed at Kai then smacked his head.

" midget! I thought you people who really can see me,. "

"Please don’t call me midget…I hate it,really. Gomen ne Rena-san. I'm just wanting to visit Acchan on campus.Then I see you like being confused at the time and when I knew it turns Acchan act like it, I was very upset. However, thankful now her condition has improved. How about you? What has been your last stints with men who you  want to meet it?" Said Kai. Rena just shook her head.

"I haven’t been able to talk to him." Said Rena with a very sad tone.

"Only stay 48 hours of your time, right?" Rena nodded.

"Ganbare Rena-san !! I'm sure you can." Kai said encouragingly, Rena just nodded vigorously.

# Day4

Rena was searching Jun’s presence on campus and the result is nil. He doesn’t exist on campus while the rest of her time in the world to live only 24 hours away.

"Rena-chan, I’m sorry I couldn’t find Jun today" said Acchan.

"Do you know where Jun’s favourite place?" Asked Acchan back. Rena think of something and smiling.

"I know, lets go. We go there "she said.

Sure enough, in this place, rather cafe in a corner of the city beside the railwaystation that is not too crowded but very beautiful place to visit, there is Jun, he sat in one seat near the window itself while enjoying a warm cup of coffee and still listen to music with his earphones.

"Jun-san." Called Acchan and approached him. Jun saw her and put cold face back.

"What do you want? "Acchan draw a deep breath.

"Jun-san, I want to talk about ..." said Acchan, actually it is Rena who spoke.

"If you want to talk to me about Rena, I'd better go." He said and then went and left.

Acchan saw it and cried when she heard Jun’s words. It is so painful.

"Acchan ..." called Rena and then her tears flowed.


Rena was not with Acchan today because she didn’t want to disturb Acchan who was studying until the night. Rena went home, there was no one there. She entered the room, her own room. There are many memories that she experienced during this. Not to forget her attention to the contents in her desk is full of picture frames with Jun. Rena saw it a while and then put it back.

"Tomorrow I will go from here,...Jun-kun.." she said to herself.

Seeing some pictures of herself with Jun just make her more not want to go.

"But this has been his decision." She said and then cried.

A very shiny light appear in front of her. Rena saw it and it turns out it was someone in charge to pick her up.

"You again .." Rena said.

"Your time is just until tomorrow. If more than the middle of the night you don’t run your final task, and unfortunately I'll pick you up." He said. Rena just nodded.

"My final task will not be done until tomorrow. Maybe you could take me away now."Said Rena, gave up. He was smiling and then invite Rena to go.

End of Author’s POV

Rena’s POV

My body feels so weak. I opened my eyes and saw my room lights on. No, this is not my room, but this the hospital. I was in the hospital? Why ? I see a lot of hose and I use breathing apparatus in my mouth. There beside the heart detector. So I'm really so bad? I see there is someone out there who saw me and ran from there. Soon, some of the nurses came along with doctor and examined me. Then, I saw Yuko and Yuki-senpai  came to me.

#The last day ...

"Rena-chan, the doctor said you could be treated in regular room now. Your stated has improve. Now you eat, I'll prepare the medicine." Said Yuko relieved. I just nodded. My condition is improving, but I would go at midnight. Yesterday night the angel gave me the last chance to met the people that I love. So he gave me the opportunity to come into my body.

"Yuko-chan.. .. "I called. Yuko turned.

"Nande Rena-chan?? "

"Can you call Atsuko-san here?"

 Acchan comes with carrying flowers. I am happy. I just recognize her a few days ago when borrowing her body, and now I feel so close with her.

"I never thought you were concious Rena-chan. I am very pleased " said Acchan with pleasure. She forgot that tonight I will go.

"Have you met Jun today?" I asked. Acchan shook her head. Well, it could no longer expecting to meet and talk to him.

"You still want to ..."

"No. I think is enough " I said, sadly. Acchan looked at me with a strange look.

"Rena-chan , I will make him come here," she said and immediately went.

"Hya..Acchan!" I shouted her. Where is she go?

Now I'm back alone in this room. Yuki-senpai can’t come here because he had to go to examine his campus’s project. Also Yuko, I told her to go home and go back to campus.

"Rena-san," calling someone and it is Kai.

"You .."

"I'm here to see you and Acchan. Can you convey my greetings to her?" I nodded.

“Arigatou, See you in heaven.”

End of Rena’s POV

Author’s POV

It is 8 pm. Rena is still alone and just looked at the clock in her room.

"Four hours again," she said to herself. Rena took her cell phone. Looked at the wallpaper picture with Jun when they spent vacation together in Hokkaido a few months ago. She smiled to herself while saw it. She lit a song which she likes. Jun’s song. He sung  for her. Rena listen and embrace a small alpaca doll that she got from Jun, for her birthday present.

Daisuki da kimi ga daisuki da
Boku wa zenryoku de hasiru
Daisuki da zutto daisuki da…...

Rena sing some lyrics. Listen it..with a  sad smile.

"Rena-chan !!" Call someone and immediately hugged her tightly.

Acchan stood at the door and smiled. Then she left both of them.

"J-Jun-kun?" Rena said incredulously.

"Please forgive me. It's all my fault, Rena-chan. I'm sorry ." he said, crying.

*Flash back *

Jun saw Rena helpless and blood coming out of her head before him immediately asked the police to call an ambulance.

"Quickly call an ambulance, sir!" Cried Jun while kept hugging Rena.

"Rena-chan, hang on a minute. Ambulance will come soon." Said Jun in panic. He was so panicked when looked Rena like this.

Ambulance came and Jun immediately went into it.

During the trip, Jun never stop praying for Rena.

"I beg you,.don’t leave me Rena-chan," pleaded Jun. He kept clasped Rena’s hands.

"I'm sorry .." he said.

Arriving at the hospital, Rena was rushed to the ER. Jun waiting in outside and continued to show the face of worry and fear. Then Yuko comes with Yuki and Jun immediately reveal the usual cold look he show them.

"Jun-chan?" Called Yuko. Jun back cold silent as usual.

"I just saw her and bring her here." Said Jun cold. Yuki frantically rushed to the doctor who will examine Rena. Yuko was silent cry. Jun just sat, silent and still with a cold stare.

'I'm sorry Rena-chan. I will take full responsibility of. I will continue to visit you every time, I'll be waiting for you, I'll take care of you, I'm not going to drop you again, this is all my fault, you don’t need to apologize, I'm selfish act like this, I'm sorry ...” Jun said to himself and promised.

The next day, Jun came to the hospital to saw the condition of Rena. The doctor said only 38% chance of her survival. He re-look into the room and saw a weak Rena laying there.

'You have to get up, Rena-chan. ..'

Jun entered into the room by using a mask and a hospital clothing. He sat beside Rena and continued holding her hand.

"Rena-chan, please wake up.. You should always be with me, I promise that." Said Jun softly and kissed Rena’s cheek, full of tenderness. Then he  left alone the weak Rena lying there.


Jun came to the hospital to look at Rena, but he changed his mind because there is Yuko, Yuki and Acchan.
He saw Acchan talked with Yuko. They talked about his stubborn act.

"I said it to Acchan solely because I cover my sadness of what is happening." he said to himself. See Acchan walked away from the hospital, He immediately went away from the hospital.


Jun went to the cafe where he expressed his feelings on Rena 3 years ago and was sitting up in their favorite side. He was enjoy a warm cup of coffee while listen to Rena’s song. Kareha no Station. He knew that Rena is really like a train, thats why this place is really memorable because she is always here, watching a trains. Jun kept thinking how was Rena conditions.

"I shouldn’t do this to you, Rena-chan" Jun regret.

Jun enjoy the warm coffee and listening to the melodious Rena’s voice from his I-pod.
Acchan come to him. He already know that Acchan will definitely ask about Rena. Before Acchan finish her words, he go and leave. Hold his tears because of Rena , that's what he felt.


"Jun-kun !! Don’t you want to meet her, for the last time? "Said Acchan. He was silent,he didn’t understand what was Acchan said.

"Do you know? I also don’t understand what happened exactly, just that Rena has helped me. Now I have to help her, to take you to meet her briefly. She loves you, Jun. While her friends blame you because you were already making her got hit, she specifically said that it was her fault and continues to defend you. She keeps talking about. You know what her felt when you told me that you don’t like to talk about her in front of you? She was very hurt to hear it, Jun. Now, it's up to you, if you want to meet her, you can come with me. If not, I will not force. Bye."Acchan went away.

Jun paused, long enough to hear what was being said by Acchan . And then soon He followed Acchan.

*End flashback *

Jun took Rena out and sit in the garden of the hospital. The doctor has forbidden them, but Rena wants and only briefly. Given the time was almost 11pm. By sitting in a chair wheels and a fixed infusion hand, Rena sitting and standing beside Jun.

"All this time,it’s my fault. .Rena-chan. " Said Jun.

"Forgive me. I shouldn’t behave like that , I was wrong. I just saw you with Yuki-senpai and got jealous. I just don’t want you with another man. I just want you with me. Only with me, not the other. I'm sorry. I’m so stupid. " He said. Rena just smiled sadly while heard that.

"No, I was wrong. Indeed, I shouldn’t behave like that. But I just wanted to tell you. Yuki-senpai and i was limited to brother-sister bond, nothing more.  Yuki-senpai is really care about me because he was already think of me as her sister, nothing more, Jun-kun." said Rena.

"As long as I want to say that to you, but you're mad but now I've been a bit calm, as I've said .."Rena said softly.
Jun looked at Rena who was so pale.

'God please don't you take her away from me .. Rena-chan' Jun pleaded in prayer.

"Jun-kun, what time it is?" Asked Rena but Jun didn’t tell her.

"So what? Are you cold huh? Let's go inside. You must sleep and rest." but quickly Rena shook her head.

"No way! I want to be here, please." said Rena. Jun couldn’t deny her request.

"Okay, all right. But before 12 you have to go back to the room, okay? "Rena nodded.

Jun sat on the grass while Rena on wheel chair.

"Hmm Jun-kun, I want to sit beside you," she said.

"Rena-chan, here is too cold. I didn’t bring a jacket,you could catch a cold. " said Jun. But Rena still want to sit beside him and forced Jun to allow it.

She rests on Jun’s chest and then hugged him.

"I like this, Jun-kun, I love you ..." Rena said softly. Jun kissed the top of Rena’s head and hugged her.Then Rena closed her eyes.

There is a long silence until the time is shown at 12 am.

"Rena-chan, it was 12, let's go in." Said Jun softly. But there was no answer from Rena. Jun saw Rena asleep in his arms. He didn’t bear to wake her up.
Rena’s hand clutched.

'Cold ..' he muttered. Jun holds Rena's cold cheek . Instantly Jun panicked.

"Re-Rena-chan..Rena.." he called. He checked her heartbeat.

"Nil ..." he said. Jun hugged  her and cried.

"Rena-chan, please don’t go ..don’t you dare to leave me alone.." he said over and over and crying.

"Matsui-san?" Calling someone.

"Rena-chan... please don’t leave me." Jun said repeatedly.

“Matsui-san !! If you're still asleep in my class. You better get out of my class! "someone shouted and Jun woke from his slumber.

"Ehh, Shinoda-sensei..?" Said Jun is still in a state of semi-consciousness because just woke. All that is in the class laughing at Jun while Jun look around with embarrassment.

"Now get out from my class." Snapped Shinoda-sensei. Jun goes out.

He walked and muttering to himself.

"Aree??..So it was just a dream ?!..." he said to himself.

"Jun-kun!" Called someone from behind. Jun turned and smiled sweetly at her.

"Yeah, Rena-chan?" He said softly. Someone who called him was now a look of strange.

"You're not angry with me?" she said softly. Jun shook his head.

"No, I’m not Rena-chan, how can I angry to my beautiful princess.. I already know why. Let's go to our favorite cafe." Said Jun and took Rena who look confused and didn’t understand.

"Let’s go, Rena-chan." Jun called. Rena just smiled sweetly and walked beside him.

"Yes, Jun-kun,." Rena blushed.

They go with happiness between them.

It’s just a yume after all

*sorry if this story is really crap
  :mon surr:

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Re: (OS) Yume - End [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [March, 2 2015]
« Reply #6 on: March 02, 2015, 05:47:19 AM »
It beautiful! they are together!!

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Re: (OS) Yume - End [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [March, 2 2015]
« Reply #7 on: March 02, 2015, 01:48:23 PM »
They can be together at last  :cry:

So in the end its just a dream or a vision  :?

Anyways grest OS~ Write more soon author-san~  :fap
Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: (OS) Yume - End [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [March, 2 2015]
« Reply #8 on: March 02, 2015, 04:00:28 PM »
I was like...curling my toes when Jun said Rena's hands were cold, then I was like...breathe for the first time after like years when Jun realize it was just a dream :lol:

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Re: (OS) Yume - End [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [March, 2 2015]
« Reply #9 on: March 06, 2015, 07:41:10 PM »
After all that drama...

It was all just a DREAM...

Oh... you tricked me so cunningly

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: (OS) Yume - End [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [March, 2 2015]
« Reply #10 on: March 07, 2015, 07:27:52 PM »
So it's all just a dream?.... :shocked ,anyway great fanfic author-san :D

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Re: (OS/Drabble) Yume - End [Wmatsui,Atsumina] [March, 2 2015]
« Reply #11 on: March 08, 2015, 11:53:19 AM »
thank god that's all just a dream, likes the title, yume.
thankyou for this great story author Yhuiii-san! :)
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every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: Love Me and Let Me Die [MaYuki] [March, 15 2015]
« Reply #12 on: March 15, 2015, 08:39:28 AM »
@Haruko : thank you  :D
@Siren : its yume i guess  :lol:
@RenshuChan : calm down  :fap
@cisda83 : i'm not tricking you  :P i just dont know how to end it
@KashiwagiRena : yeah its a dream  :twisted:
@sastio13 : thank you  :roll:

sorry for my bad english.. any grammar mistake etc...  :bleed eyes:

Love Me and Let Me Die

Part 1

"Please don't love me.."
"Let just me who love you..."

*Mayu’s POV*

"Mayu-chan let’s breakfast." Asked mom as she patted the seat beside her. I obeyed and walked over without expression as a running robot.

"Mama and Papa had to go to America for business, so for the next week you should always have breakfast alone. Understand?" Mom said. I just nodded, still without expression. I'm lazy to show my sad expression that until now has never been ignored by others.

"You have learned well. Mom and Dad had finished breakfast. Later when you've finished just off to school with Mr. Takeshi. " Again I nodded. Daddy smiled poignant to me. Maybe, he feels like he has a mute child who always answered any words from her parents only with a nod.

"Mayu-chan, during our departure, you have to keep yourself well. Daddy would be very worried about you if you're sick. Bye ... " Dad kissed my forehead and walked toward the car.

"Mayu-chan! Are you angry? You have to keep yourself well. Mommy will miss you dear .... "Mom kissed me on both cheeks alternately. Honestly, I wanted to cry when I saw mama’s tears. But why should I cry? They will not cancel their departure just because I was crying.

At School

"Students, we will gain a new friend." Shinoda-sensei shifted and there was a guy.

“Hi .. Kashiwagi Yuki-desu. Just call me Yuki." What a brief introduction. But I prefer it that way.

"So the rumor was true. Kyaaaa !!!! Glad to be in the same class with member of Persona !" Shouted one of the girls in my class. Suddenlly the classroom atmosphere became hectic.

Persona? What is that? Is that another AKB48 sisters group? Uso daro... Clearly, he is a guy. His face was pretty decent, but his eyes. Why his gaze makes me hard to forget about it?

"Can I sit down now?" Asked the new student

"Here  ...." Invite Miyuki. Meanwhile, that guy just smiled sweetly and continued to walk either direction. Hahaha .. I really want to laugh at Miyuki were rejected by this guy.

"Yuki-san. Just sitting in here, "said Aika with her trademark smile that could make a men fall in love with her. But again, this guy kept walking.

"May I sit here?" Asked the new student with a wink. Geez ... what the hell is that guy?!! Did his eyes hurt? I was silent and turned my face to the other way.

"Your silence means yes to me." He said sitting straight. Again, he winked. Looks like I was right. He suffered from sore eyes. I reached into my bag.

"Here ..." I said, handing him a mini bottle of eye drops. He was somewhat surprised to see me. Why should he be like that?

"What it’s?" He asked with a cute innocent look. His sharp eyes are not very suitable for his innocent face.

"Can’t you read it?" I asked mockingly. He smiled. Why even he smiled?

"Thank You. But I'm not sore eyes." He answered directly facing the blackboard. I saw him smiling as he continued to stare straight into the board. What is he thinking about?

When break time, many girls came to our table and intended to invite the new student to the cafeteria. However, he refused everyone.

"Can you accompany me to the cafeteria?" Asked him. What? Why did he say no to girls before but now even took me to the cafeteria? Indeed, fickle guy.

"If you want to go to the cafeteria then why you reject the invitation of that beautiful girls?" I said sarcastically. He pursed his lip for a moment and then smiled. I watched his movements.. Why he is so weird?

"If you don’t want to accompany me to the cafeteria, you must be willing to be my girlfriend !!!" He said with emphasis on the words girlfriend.

"No! No way. No, ... " I replied. I usually don’t respond to other people's words. Usually I always nod if agreed and said nothing as a sign if I don’t agree. But now? I can speak casually. It’s strange.

"If you say so, mean you ready to be my girlfriend ... Ahahaha" His laugh was satisfied. And I? Of course, I immediately stood up and dragged him to the cafeteria.

"What do you want to eat?" Asked that guy who now sat in front of me. I was silent as I continued to cover my face with a book. I was afraid of being seen by her fans.

"What happened to you ? Why you cover your face like that?" Asked this guy. Why doesn’t he realize that I was afraid of being killed by his crazy-fans who I think is very fierce.

"Don’t talk too much. Spend your food fast and get out of here !!!" I whispered quietly so no one would hear other than this guy in front of me.

"Hai ...." he said, then hastily finished his food and immediately returned to the classroom. Class already crowded when we both entered simultaneously. All eyes of the girls in my class cynical stare at me with a look of killing.

I'm trying to not care and walked to my seat. This guy followed me casually as he continued to spread his smile. What a flirtatious man !!!

School ended, again my desk filled with the girls and some boys. Miyuki, she kept looking at me cynical.

"Yukirin. Where is your house? Let's go home together?"Asked Miyuki. Yukirin? Since when is the name of this guy turned into a giraffe?

"Sorry, I promised I'd go home with Mayu-chan." What? When did he promise me? Wait a minute, if in a flashback seems I have not introduced myself to him. How could he knew my name?

He pulled me away from the crowd. Huftt ... finally I can breathe. But .. Why is my heart beating like this?

*End of Mayu’s POV*

Yuki’s POV


"There is a new task for you Yuki-chan!" Said the man.

"Who?" Yuki immediately knew what the task is meant by the man.

"This. You have to make this girl fall in love with you." Answered the man while giving a piece of photos on Yuki.

"Takamina-san! Why is my job turned to be like this? Usually my job is to kill people? Isn’t for tasks like this, the more experts are Yuko-san?" Yuki confused with his new assignment while Takamina just smiled.

"This is your duty. Ganbatte ne. How can there be a girl who refused charm of Yuki, a member of the known Japanese Idolgroup "Persona" hahaha ... " Takamina replied.

"But ..." Yuki was about to argue but Takamina already disappeared.

"Huu... I hated his habit !!!" Yuki grumpy alone.

(Flashback End)

"Takamina-san ... Why wasn’t she seems blown away by my charm? This time I was actually a member of the ‘famous’ idol group, right?" I asked to make sure. Takamina-san smirked briefly.

"You Yukirin, Kashiwagi Yuki who became center of Persona. Of course you're really an idol." Answered Takamina-san assured even though I did not feel reassured.

"But she was not affected at all by my charm." I persisted with my opinion. Then Takamina-san saw his I-pad.

"Ahhhh ... now I know why she could be like that." Takamina-san muttered, snapping his fingers.

"She's too long lonely. She was like living in this world alone. Formerly she simply replied the words of people with a nod or shake." said Takamina-san. But I still didn’t understand what the relationship was described by Takamina-san with my faded charm?

"It says here her hope which her current 16th birthday that she wanted to feel the warmth of a parent's love and want to feel the love." Continued Takamina. I just nodded.

"Yuki-chan! She needs you. Make her happy before her time came." Takamina said.

"Okey Takamina-san ... But why you told me to make her fall in love with me? Why not with another man? Why not directly on the subject matter and just pull out?" I asked streak

"It has become her destiny ...."
Fate. The words were suddenly filled my brain. Takamina-san words just now still clearly rings though he was gone.

Her destiny is my fate too ???

  :scared:  :yuki:

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Re: Love Me and Let Me Die [MaYuki] [March, 15 2015]
« Reply #13 on: March 15, 2015, 09:42:46 AM »
whether Yuki angel? :?
more soon author-san  :thumbsup

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Re: Love Me and Let Me Die [MaYuki] [March, 15 2015]
« Reply #14 on: March 15, 2015, 12:16:41 PM »
Ooooh cant wait the next part

And also your other fic

Yhuui chan

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Re: Love Me and Let Me Die [MaYuki] [March, 15 2015]
« Reply #15 on: March 16, 2015, 07:35:28 PM »
So mayu will die..soon??..
sad..lonely mayu..yuki make mayu fall in love with ya..
yuki is shinigami right??or
thanks for the story yhuiii san
Whoaaaaa...can't wait for next chap~  :on drink:
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

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Re: Love Me and Let Me Die [MaYuki] [March, 15 2015]
« Reply #16 on: March 18, 2015, 08:57:07 AM »
Is it sad story or have happy ending? :shocked
If mayu gonna die why would yuki (shinigami or angel maybe..) have to make her fall in love to him not other human? :? :?
Thanks for this new fic Yhuii-san.. waiting for your next update.. :twothumbs

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Re: Love Me and Let Me Die [MaYuki] [March, 15 2015]
« Reply #17 on: March 18, 2015, 02:23:36 PM »
I wonder why Takamina want Mayu to fall in love with Yuki

Yuki is famous!!!

Update soon

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Re: Love Me and Let Me Die [MaYuki] [March, 15 2015]
« Reply #18 on: March 25, 2015, 11:32:45 AM »
mayu will die? :w00t:
wait, takamaina and yuki are angels? mayu's destiny is yuki's fate? :shocked:
hem, interesting!  :twisted:
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every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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ToDie [March, 26 2015 Mayuyu's Day!]
« Reply #19 on: March 25, 2015, 10:20:07 PM »

Inspired by MV Praying with The Tear - Dome TheStar 8

I suggest you to look at those video and listen to this songs
Watanabe Mayu - Itsu Demo Soba Ni Ite Ageru
Kashiwagi Yuki - Birthday Wedding

*sorry if there are typos, grammar mistakes etc  :bleed eyes:


"All right, ready. In the count of three, one two three! "

Tiitititititititit ..

"Again!, Come Mayu-san ..."

"Please raise the voltage!"

"One two three"

Tittttt ..........

Yuki was surprised to see that Mayu’s body repeatedly forged by pacemakers. Her lips incessantly budging, hold the words she wanted to say. The dripping sweat kept pouring from her forehead. Those action figures in her now grasp smash into the ground. Mayu trying to take parts of the figure that have been scattered. But unfortunately she couldn’t even reach it.

Mayu repeatedly looked at her hands that seem transparent. Her eyes rounded, narrowed her pupils tried to focus to the object of what she saw. She didn’t believe she could see herself lying in bed with a lot of hose that surrounds her. Occasionally she glanced into the mirror in front of her to make sure that someone who is her own self lying in bed.

Now, she looked at Yuki who was fighting back the tears in her eyes as not falling down her cheeks. Mayu wonder why Yuki looks as dreadful as it, this is the first time Mayu see Yuki cry.

"K-Kowaii!" Said Mayu with the teardrop who started poking out in her eyes corner.

"Why are you crying Yukirin? Stop it! I don’t like it!" Mayu snapped as she tried to push Yuki’s body. Eventually she instead falls pushed by an energy reflection. The tears flowed freely, flowed over her face. She was banging the ground with her strong hands clenched.

"Why I must die like this? As I live I'm not afraid to die, why…when do I die I feel sad? Why to touch someone I love is just very difficult. What should I do?" Mayu desperate, she felt such deep sadness because she has realized the fact she will leave Yuki forever.

"Yuki! Why do you have to cry! Death is the destiny! Everyone would be dead. I'm sure you already know if I'm going to die." Shouted Mayu but Yuki didn’t listen.

"Even if I met you in the next life. I wouldn’t want to give up my life in a crybaby girl like you. Please stop crying!" Mayu was no longer hold any load that is in her heart. Seeing someone who was she loved crying is a terrible. She better scraping the blade over her body rather than having to look at this.
The white light lit so brightly in front of her, everything that is around Mayu now just like a glow that spread to form a dazzling gradation. She immediately stood up from her position before, and wiped her tears with both hands. Many times she looked around but she found was a white light.

"Whether it is time?" She asked trying to get an answer.

"All right. I'll go." Said Mayu, with footsteps walked towards the light source. Inversely proportional to the will of her heart that longed to return to her hospital room to hug Yuki.

"I was born to die. My parents didn’t even want me. I really hate them, but now I realize. They throw me because they don’t want to feel lost me after I die. What I get in my life is just a feeling of happiness can love Kashiwagi Yuki. But if you allow me to return briefly to earth, I promise I will wipe away her tears. I don’t want to live as sadness in someone's life." Mayu said that accompany every inch of her footsteps.

Until finally she stopped at the end of the light source, she found a white door which she regarded as the entrance to the new world. Slowly she put her hand on the door handle which was wrapped in gold.

"Even if you offered me a happy life in the next life. I prefer to repeat this story, as long as you let me go back to just wipe her tears." Mayu slowly closed her eyes and opened the door.


"Mayu was dead. Brace yourself, Kashiwagi-san!" The doctor said as he patted Yuki who has been frozen stiff.

Yuki didn’t respond to anything said by the doctor. She just kept staring at lifeless Mayu. Without the slightest bold to approach Mayu’s body. The nurse has begun to raise the white blanket to cover Mayu’s face, but her hand gestures stopped because of a grip. The nurse shook her hand, her sweat repeatedly poking out of her forehead. Yuki could only round her eyes staring at the nurse.

Mayu lowered back the blanket that has on her forehead. She glanced at the people who are around her while still holding the nurse’s hand. The doctor, Yuki, and the nurse just gaped at Mayu who are suddenly back with a playful smile that she often did to everyone. Mayu directly take a sitting position, because no longer hoses are blocking her movement.

"Hmm! Ano.. Aika-san? Why are you so scared? I was just kidding. Geezz.. is this pretty face already looks like a ghost?" Mayu said playful while slowly releasing its grip in the nurse’s hand.

"Ehm! Yokoyama-sensei... What I was so pretty that make you never let go of your eyes away from me? I was just posing as a weasel who pretended to be dead!" Joked Mayu.

"Arghh! And this one, you too late to see me. You just still destroy my favorite action figures! Quickly returned to the store, and buy me a myriad action figures!" Mayu commanded Yuki who still dumbfounded in her place.

Having managed to convince herself that this is not a fantasy or a dream. Yuki immediately ran and embraced warmly Mayu’s body.

“M-Mayuyu.” Yuki whispered.

Yuki tightened her arms as if nothing would ever take off her arms for long periods of time. Mayu replied, she put her hands on Yuki’s back then patted it gently.

“How dare you make me crazy worried Mayu..”

“It’s Okay Yuki, I’m here..”

Seeing this scene the doctor and the nurses  immediately left the room. Although in their mind is still full of question marks in the scene that they had experienced. They could only call it a 'miracle'.


Yuki began stroking Mayu’s hair who is tangled because she has not had time to comb it.

"Where were you, so haven’t had time to comb your hair? Your bangs look messy." Yuki whispered to Mayu’s ear.

"Erghh! You’re so annoying." Mayu pushed Yuki’s body slowly from her arms.

Mayu soon opened a drawer that was next to her and took a pink comb. Yuki immediately grabbed it and comb gently Mayu’s hair.

"Auch! Itaii! slowly black!" yelled Mayu.

"Haii,. you still call me black instead of Yukirin?" said Yuki beamed. As if a face filled with anxiety a few minutes ago is now turns to face the happiest person in this world.

"Lets just say so!" Mayu replied as she ruffled Yuki’s hair.

"Ahh, why are you late to visit me?"

"Because my stepmother sent me back to the matchmaking event."

Mayu soon turned to Yuki, she seemed to want to eat her alive.Yeah, Yuki is too honest to Mayu which sometimes makes Mayu become uncomfortable. Mayu’s eye gaze narrowed as a tiger that will ensnare his prey.

"Eh,..Why? Are you jealous huh?" asked Yuki while lightly pinching Mayu’s nose.

"Is not I told you to call her mother? No need to put step-mother! Moreover, wasn’t Miyazawa Sae handsome enough? Why did your mother find a mate for you again?"

"Because I refused." Yuki said as she laid back the comb in a desk drawer.

"Why? He is a handsome man and kind. He even visits me and brought my favorite anime." Chirped Mayu.

"Because he is not Mayuyu.."

After saying that Yuki kissed her lips gently. Mayu were shocked immediately closed her eyes.


Mayu and Yuki sat on a chair in the hospital across the pond fish. Yuki occasionally take the gravel is in Mayu’s hand then thrown into the pond, causing the sounds of splashing water. Their gaze occasionally interlocked and ends with a small smile.

"If the nurse knew, she would scold us." Said Mayu who still wore the patience uniform.

"This is all wrong the hospital that don’t sell a fish food!"

"Shhh! I'm bored, what if we take a walk out?" asked Mayu wink on Yuki.

"No, should not be, you are the patient."

"Huftt, while in high school there was even a vague punishment that prohibits students to escape from the school hours. And we broke it, but why now in here you don’t dare?" Mayu replied as she stood up to leave Yuki.

Mayu stepped closer to the walls of the hospital which are not so high, while Yuki reluctantly continued to follow Mayu from behind. Arriving in front of the wall Mayu lay the bricks to support her body to be able to pass through the wall.

"Hahaha shorty..! How can you not be able to go beyond this short wall?" Sneered Yuki as she chuckled.

"Shhhh." Mayu grin looked at Yuki.

By force of Mayu, Yuki finally willing to bend her body in order to Mayu could rise above her shoulder to cross the line of the wall. Occasionally she winced in pain and Mayu could only chuckle.

Now Mayu had managed to get out of the hospital, but Yuki is still in the hospital. They both are separated by a white wall, it is not too high. But somehow this makes Mayu’s heart restless. She couldn’t see the figure of Yuki again, she repeatedly calling Yuki’s name but Yuki never responded. Mayu repeatedly tried to climb over the wall in front of her but didn’t succeed, the wall was higher than her height. She fell while climbing the wall.

"Auchh .ittai.." she shrieked in pain.

"Mayuyu! Are you okay?" Asked Yuki panic when she looked Mayu fallen.

"W-Why?" Mayu began to cry like a little girl after slip.

"Why? Why are you so long?" whined Mayu while banging Yuki’s shoulders and gritted her feet to the ground.

"Auww..aww. ittai.,Mayu stop it. I had caught the guard, and he told me to used the front gate. I was forced to walk rotate. Are you really worried about it?" Yuki's facial expressions seemed mocking at Mayu who caught very worried.

"No,.. well, now you'd better carry me to the car. My feet hurt after falling earlier." Said Mayu embarrassed.

With bridal style, Yuki carried me. From here, she looks very pretty, how can a sickly girl like me has a girlfriend like her? Really lucky, but unfortunately why my luck runs so short. Yuki…she glanced at me and carve a cheery smile. I love her smile.

Yuki put Mayu sitting beside the driver's seat. She holds Mayu’s ankle and slowly rotate it.  While Mayu did was grimacing in pain as she grabbed Yuki’s hair. In this way, they break even both winced in pain haha.

"Where are we going?" Asked Yuki while driving.

"Lets visit Yuko-chan. We couldn’t walk around with this hospital uniform, Yuki."


They stopped at Yuko’s boutique. The staff  was surprised to see Mayu who came back after a long time she was reportedly in a coma in the hospital.

“Oh My Godness..Shiriri-chan! You're still alive!” Shouted Yuko while running and hugged Mayu.

“Erhh Oshiriko-chan.. how can I die if there are a lot of sexy oshiri here.” Said Mayu with a wink.

“Lets grab Yuki’s butt!!” smirked Yuko.


Yuki immediately smacked their heads.
“Auchh ittai..” Both of them groaned in pain.

“Please stop both of you.  Mayu, I will burn all your action figure collection if you keep touching people butt, and Yuko-san I'm sure Kojima-san didn’t know that you secretly record Acchan  bathing.”

“Eehh Yuko-chan you’re rock !!” mumbled Mayu.

“Shhtt…gomen Yuki .. Please don’t tell Nyan-nyan about this.” Begged Yuko in tears.

“Well if you can keep your behave Yuko-san. Now  I need clothes for Mayu.” Yuki said impatiently.

“As you wish Kashiwagi-sama, leave it to me.”  Yuko immediately dragged Mayu enters the changing room.

3 minutes later..

Yuko out of the changing room.

“Mayu-chan, come out.” said Yuko.


Whoaa kawaii,,,.. but eh..

“Ano Yuko-san it’s SEIFUKU..?? Maji de.. She even not a highschool student. Is she AKB wannabe or something..huh..” Yuki sighed and immediately shooked her head.

Mayu pouted then back into the changing room.

Moments later

“I'm sure you'll like this Kashiwagi-sama." Said Yuko with a mischievous smile

Then Mayu came out and winked on Yuki.

“Yukirin..” whispered Mayu naugthy.

Ehhhhhh Yuki got nosebleed :yuki:

“You're crazy Squirelll! What have you done to Mayu!" Yelled Yuki poised to throw a hanger that is in her grasp on Yuko.

“Hahaha..just kidding Yuki-chan, don’t be so serious kekeke.” Teased Yuko pulling Mayu back to the changing room.

Yuki just facepalmed herself.

And finally , Mayu came out.

“How was it?” Mayu smiled shyly.



“Ehh, that’s good..”

“Just ‘good’ huh?” Mayu pouted.

“It’s perfect Mayu..” Yuki blushed.

They arrived at a beach with quiet visitors. They held hands and walked to the shoreline. They stood amid the pounding of the waves without the slightest release their grip. They closed their eyes to enjoy the wind blows barrage came to them and the crackle of small waves that constantly invade their feet.

"Please stop this time Kami-sama…, together with her as this is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in this world after the death of my parents. I don’t want to lose the people I love again. Stay..please stay with me like this forever ..Mayu." Yuki muttered to her own self while tightening her grip on Mayu’s palm.

"Yuki…If I go later, I hope you will forget all your sadness and replace it with memories that we make today." Mayu whispered, glancing over Yuki who still closed her eyes.

"Oii! Yukirin!" Mayu shake Yuki’s body and made Yuki opened her eyes.

"Ehh? How can we get here?"Asked Yuki, after realizing she and Mayu had reached the end of the beach close to the cliff.

"Waves that carry us, hmm.. turns very quiet here." Mayu replied.

"That's good then." Yuki gazed mischievous grin.

Mayu kicked her legs and made Yuki fall in small waves on beaches. Mayu laugh at Yuki, who is known to have poor balance. Yuki looked at Mayu upset. She soon rose from her fall position, her jeans soaking wet under water.

"Turn around!" Yuki command on Mayu.

"Eh..Nande?" Asked Mayu while trying to stop the laughter and immediately obey Yuki to turn around.

"Do it Mayu!" Yuki stared deep Mayu as if something wrong. Mayu immediately stopped her laugh and trying to guess the contents of Yuki’s mind. Yuki approached Mayu and whispered to her.

"Whether today you are in period?" Asked Yuki who make Mayu desperate want to see the back side of her dress.

"Hahh? ?No,I’m not, so what? " Mayu tried to twist her body to the back to find out what had happened so that Yuki can ask like that.

"Well! That's good then ... "Yuki smirked at Mayu and immediately sprayed her with salt water beaches. Mayu can’t complain when her face repeatedly approached by salty water that occasionally go to her lips.


Yuki and Mayu lay their bodies in a stretch of white sandy beach. Yuki embraced Mayu. They stared at the sky flooded with sparkling stars of the night.

"Sugoii...beautiful.. ne Yukirin why are so many stars tonight? "Asked Mayu curious like a little kid.

"I do not know, it would be something good for sure." Yuki replied while tightened her hug.

Their heads facing each other, their eyes meet to form an imaginary line straight. There are many words they want to say, but they do not know where to start.

"Yuki.., do you remember the first time we met?

“You're like sadako, which is always alone. Not dare make friends with anyone, ahhh mechaa kowaii! You're not my type at all!" Mayu said.

"Hey..You also are not my type. A spoiled girl who always bothered me in my spare time! Chatty girl! " Yuki replied to Mayu that is now attempting to grasp Yuki's hand.

"Hey, I’m Mayu. What's your name?"

"…..." The taller girl was just silent. Didn’t dare to look at the twintail little girl in front of her.

“So your name is Yuki, right?”

The taller girl stared at her in confusion.  She has not even answer her question.

“I've been told by Keiko-san hehehe, and hey you know what.. we will be roommates!” Said the twintail girl happy.

Yuki just put a flat face.

Her life changed when her parents died.  She had to live in an orphanage. Her so called friends left her one by one, yeah because Yuki  is no longer a rich girl. That's why she hated friendship. And on that day she met with the annoying little girl who always follow her.

“Hey, Yuki-chan want to play dolls?”

“….” Yuki just walk away.

“Yuki-chan lets watch this anime, this is really good, I’m sure you will like this.”

“…” Again, Yuki was silent. Not heeding her.

“Today the weather is good, come follow me, I'll show you something Yuki-chan.”

Because bored, Yuki finally followed her. They arrived on a hill not far from the orphanage. There is a tree house and swing there. The view from there is beautiful.

“Hoahh..” Mayu breathe freely. “This is my favorite place, when I'm sad this place makes me calm,..”

Yuki looked amazed scenery around her. Mayu is true, this place is very beautiful and peaceful.

“Why are you still following me when I just kept avoiding you.” Yuki finally spoke.

“Whoa.. this is the first time you talked back!” Mayu jumped happy.

“Just answer my question.”

“Hmm I want to be your  friend..”

“I don’t need friends.”

“You’re lying.” Mayu stared Yuki’s eyes.

“Only fools who believe in friendship.” Said Yuki coldly.

“Yuki, do not waste your time just to lament the past.”

“You do not know anything about me. ”

“I know you Yuki!. You're just afraid of being betrayed. That's why you're being like this. Yuki, I sincerely want to be friends with you.”

“Do not pretend to care about me!” Yuki eventually ran away. Yuki scared. She is not ready to open her heart.

“Yuki!..” shouted Mayu. “Please don’t run..”  Mayu pursued Yuki.

But Yuki kept running until she heard something from behind.


Mayu fell to the ground.

Yuki stopped, she panicked when she saw Mayu fall. She immadietely approached Mayu.

“Are you okay?” said Yuki worry.

Mayu panting, she holds her chest. She was in geat pain.

“I-m..I’m.. ok-ay..” have not had time to finish her sentence, Mayu fainted.

“Mayu!!!” Yuki soon carrying Mayu. For the first time, Yuki was worried on Mayu. Yuki never feeling like this since her parents died, but why now she became very afraid if something bad happened to this girl. She did not even make friends with her.

“Please hang on, Mayu. " without realizing Yuki tears dripped.

“Keiko-san..Keiko-san!! ” Yuki yelled as she had arrived at the orphanage. Then Mayu finally rushed to the hospital.


Mayu opened her eyes. She was shocked when she saw Yuki asleep while holding her hand.


“Ergh…” Yuki woke up. “Why do not you tell me about your illness?  You make me worry like hell.” Said Yuki.

“Ehmm..” Mayu just silent, seeing Yuki hand still holding her hand. Yuki who just realized immediately release her grip, she felt ashamed.

“Please do not run away from me again Yuki-chan, because I can not catch you.” Mayu pleaded. There is a feeling of sadness in her words.

“I will not leave you again,..” Yuki promised.

Mayu smiling happily. A smile that made Yuki’s heart be warmed. Since that day Yuki realized that there are someone was precious to her. And that person is
Mayu. She wants to protect her , because her smile is so precious.

"Heii, I'm not fussy. But in the end you're screaming in the middle of the park if you're going to marry me when I grow up!"

"Erghg..It's because the little Yuki’s mind is ‘baka’, but you also coquettish. While in junior high school what makes you so attractive that makes Jurina kiss your cheek! It’s disgusting." Yuki muttered.

"Of course, because I'm pretty and cute! And you, why did you change your image into a black-hearted girl who never reply to all my email?"

"Black-hearted? Jeez. I’m busy you know. That’s why  I got the first rank in the school, while you?" Yuki mocked.

"Yeayaya! I know! Just stop this. I was a stupid-unattractive-spoiled-fussy girl but in the end you also fascinated at me!" Sneered Mayu while she stuck out her tongue. can’t win over Mayu kekeke :lol:

Things became silent. They stared at each other for a long time as if the object they see is a rare item that can only be seen once in a lifetime.

"Mayu, allow me to ask you something?"


"Why are you suddenly become as healthy as this? Honestly this question from this morning I wanted to ask you but I'm afraid to hurt your feelings. "

"Hmm .. I do not know." Mayu said.

"Are we going through the day tomorrow we like this? You're not going to lie again right with those complicated hoses ? " asked Yuki began to worry.

Mayu only responds with a smile. Leaving Yuki’s own frantic search for answers.

"Yuki-chan, can we get back to the hospital?" said Mayu while taking a sitting position.

"What's up? Did you feel any pain in your chest? " Yuki immediately got up.

"No. ~~ I just missed Aika-san and Yoko-sensei hehehe. "

"Hya! You've coma for a week and did not see me. Now why do you even miss them? " Yuki pouted.

“So you're jealous huh keke ... I'm just little tired Yuki."

"Come." Yuki kneel down  so Mayu could climb onto her back.

Then Yuki walked slowly while piggyback Mayu.


“Hmm nani?”

“Arigatou ne..” whispered Mayu.

“As long as you happy, Yuki will do anything for Mayuyu.” Answered Yuki.

Yuki always spoiling Mayu. From child, because Mayu’s heart is weak, Yuki always protect Mayu. Since her condition is getting worse, so Mayu no longer continue in high school. Every day she always visits Mayu in the hospital. She told Mayu everything that happens in the school. She even brought all Mayu’s favorite stuff. She is willing to bother around Tokyo only to find Mio K-ON signed limited edition action figure for Mayu. Yeah, she will do anything to make Mayu smile.


They went to the hospital. Yuki was concentrating on driving while Mayu closed her eyes. Looks like she fell asleep from exhaustion walk around all day. Finally they reached the hospital. Yuki released Mayu’s safety belt and pecked on Mayu’s cheek. Usually this way Mayu will soon wake up. But why now this technique does not work? Yuki patted Mayu’s shoulder . She is still not wake up. Then Yuki won Mayu's face with both hands, and pat her cheek but  again, still no response from Mayu. Of course became Yuki panicked

"Heii Mayu, are you prank me again like this morning?? Please stop it, this is not funny! " said Yuki crying.

Yuki immediately carrying Mayu to inside hospital. Then Mayu was rushed to the emergency room.


The slightest tear dripping from her eyes. She was too afraid that if this is true. When she was with Mayu, she hoped that moment was not a mere dream. But now she hopes this is just a dream that later will end when she opened her eyes later.


I stood at the top of the hill. The hill is familiar to me. There is a hill near the orphanage where Yuki and I usually play around there. From here I can see the sky with loose. I stepped my foot to the tree house in this hill.

Mayu ...

I saw Yuki. She stood back to me, standing on the edge of the hill. Yuki looked at the empty expanse of the mountain in front of her. I tried to approach her but her figure suddenly blown away by the wind.

No!..Yuki ... please do not leave me.




The girl was asleep. Like a sleeping beauty, her face looks peaceful.  Wonder what is in her dream at that time. The room was silent, only the sound of clinking medical devices. A nurse came in with a bouquet of lilies. She looked at the girl who was lying on a hospital bed.

"Mayu-san, when you will wake up..." She whispered softly. There is a sense of sadness that is implicit in her words.

"Ergh .."


Slowly The girl opened her eyes. The nurse ran outside to call the doctor.

"I'm still alive .." Mayu mumbled softly. Implied happiness etched on her face.

"Mayu-san, how do you feel? Is there something pains? " Mayu shook her head slowly.

"Thank God your operation running smoothly." Said Yokoyama-sensei, smiling with relief.

"Sensei, where is Yuki? Why did she not visit me? "Asked Mayu wonder. She tried to get up, she wants to meet with Yuki, but her movement was stopped, she was still too weak.

"Do not move too much, Mayu-san. You've just conscious after a coma for seven days. Your body is still in need of adaptation. "The doctor said, stroking Mayu’s head gently.

"But Sensei, I want to meet with Yuki .."

"Unfortunately Kashiwagi-san will not come Mayu-san." Yokoyama-sensei sighed sadly. "Today is the day of her wedding." Added the doctor.

"Ehh? Wedding? Uso daro? "Mayu shocked. "W-With whom ? May I visit her wedding? Mayu asked streak. The smile on her face had disappeared, replaced by a sense of disappointment that is intolerable.

"Well I'll take you there."


They arrived at a church. Mayu remember this place. When still a child, Yuki promised to marry her in here. The church is located not far from the orphanage they used to be.

"You're married with someone else at this church ... How dare you Yuki.." Mayu muttered to herself.

Mayu exit out of the car. She stepped slowly entered the church yard. Strange. Yeah, the feeling was that currently plaguing Mayu’s mind. The atmosphere in here is too quiet for a wedding. Then she opened the door of the church slowly.


No one there. There is only a cake and a letter on the table near the pulpit. What happened?

Mayu looked at the doctor with a puzzled. But the doctor is only signaled Mayu to go to the pulpit. She slowly walked up toward the pulpit. Mayu saw that cake.

'Happy 21st Birthday Mayuyu'

Deg ..

Ehh ....

Mayu realized if today is her birthday.

'Whether she was prank me?' Thought Mayu confused.

She took the envelope that is near the cake was. Then she opened the envelope slowly.

Wedding Ceremony

Kashiwagi Yuki
Watanabe Mayu

Place: In heaven

Time: I do not know, there is no clock here

What the hell is this???

The tears trickled on Mayu’s face. Her feeling frantic.

"Yuki baka!! Baka!! Baka!!!" She kept saying, her chest thightness.


Mayu turned her gaze toward the LCD screen on the back of the pulpit.

"Yuki .."

"Mayuyu, .. happy birthday! How about a gift from me? Do you like it?"

"Yuki stupid !! How can I feel happy while you die?!!

"Take good care of my heart! beware if you ruined it! I'm too long to have high-quality heart, I do not need it anymore. It is better for you. And my step-parents, Ehm  I mean my parents were also for you. I don’t like those filled with rules, you said you wanted to have parents, right?

“No Yuki, you’re wrong..stupid!.. All I need is you!!”

“Hey! Why are you still crying? Is those gift less? Well then, you are also allowed to play with that pervert squirrel again, as long as you happy.. You're also free to watch anime until late at night, and don’t worry, I’m not going to scold you anymore.”

“Bakarin…” Mayu sobbed.

"Ehh..Why are you still crying? Okey,you may also use my savings to buy your favorite limited edition action figures. Now you're free to eat kaarage, jellybean, candy and sweet things, I'm not going to force you to eat vegetables again.”

“Oii! Why your crying deepened? Shut up! You crybaby! Didn’t yesterday we had fun?”

Why Yuki???

“I was too scared if you die and leave me. So just let me go. I will continue to wait for you even if it is in heaven full of handsome angel. I hope we can meet again later in life that further and has a story with a happy ending."

“Have you read the invitation?”

“Yeah I hope you come to our wedding, that little Yuki had promised to marry you when you're an adult. And now I'm going to keep my promise.”

“I love you, Mrs. Kashiwagi Mayu.."

Mayu could no longer support herself.  She fell, sat on the floor. Everything is frozen. Her beautiful eyes seemed to dry up because no longer able to issue swift tears. The video has been finished,turning blank.

Yuki, Kashiwagi Yuki has gone forever.

"W-Where her ashes scattered?" Asked Mayu riled.


I immediately ran to the top of the hill just yesterday I visited in my dreams. Occasionally I stopped because I was unable to endure that welled up in my heart. Breathing also seemed very hard, my legs buckled but I kept trying to reach the top of the hill. Does it taste like you experienced so far, Yuki? frantic, you feel guilty, and you're not willing? Yuki forgive me! I do not know if this is what you feel. I'm too selfish, I take it easy to sleep in bed while you heart race like this.

If you go, then what about me Yuki?

Finally Mayu up on this hill, this is the place Yuki ashes scattered. She shouted loudly calling Yuki from the top of the hill.

"Yuki!" Cried Mayu with the remnants of power she has.

"You called me, Mayuyu." Imaginary figure of Yuki standing in front of Mayu.

Mayu looked deep into the eyes of a woman she loved it. She did not dare to approach or try to reach someone who is in front of her. She was afraid when she did it, it will change the figure disappeared into ash granules.

"You say death is destiny, right? Then why are you crying Mayuyu."

"I did promise to wipe your tears, but not the way it should kill you, Yuki!" Mayu tone unstable because too afraid if the figure in front of her will disappear.

"You don’t kill me, I'm happy to wait for you in heaven. So you quickly resolve your problem in this world. " The shadow was gone, the figure was lost in the wind. 


Your letter still there at its old place
Our pictures are placed near here
I don't want those thing
All I want is you , tell me what should I do

Just one time I want to hear your voice.
Always missing you , I don't know where are you now .
Pray with the tear every day , hope that you will hear my blessing.
Waiting for all my life , waiting for you to back to me.

Tokyo, 15 July 2048

A beautiful woman with black hair standing on a hill as she stretched out her hand, trying to enjoy the breeze. After a day job as an idol was completed, she always found time to enjoy the view from the top of this hill. She was sitting on a tree house, staring at stars.

A handsome blond-haired man with a posture that is not too high, accidentally also came to the hill. Realizing there was someone who came to the hill first, so he decided to go back. But his pace stalled because of a woman's call.

"Hei, if you're trying to go up to the hill, should not you stop first to release your tiredness?" Cried the woman from a tree house.

The man turned, then he climbed the tree house and sat beside the woman. He was smiling at her then he offered her  a pack of jellybean. The woman immediately opened and put it into her mouth.

"I do not think a man like you like jellybean." The woman chuckled. "Are you waiting for someone?" She added.

"Hmm, I have no idea. As if I like waiting for someone when climbing this hill." Replied the  handsome man.

"When I have finished my work, I also always come here, it feels like there is something waiting for me here. And I should immediately see it. How strange isn’t it?"

They laughed together, as if they have known for a long time. Though this is the first time they met.

"What is your name?" As he held out his hand

"Yuki, Watanabe Yuki-desu." while replying to the man's handshake.

"I’m Kashiwagi Yuma. Nice to meet you "

I wish to deal my time all my life
For just one second to see you

Just one chance I want to hear your voice
Always missing you , I don't know where are you now
Pray with the tear every day , hope that you will hear my blessing
Waiting for all my life , still wait for you to back to me

*I will be very busy until the next five weeks... so I can not update my fics soon.. gomen ne
  :bleed eyes:


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