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Title: Kuroishi Jealousy (Christmas Special Nogizaka46 x Fudanjuku OS) - COMPLETED
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Hellooo everyone.... Merry Christmas for all of you
As I promise I post this one shoot between Nogizaka46 x Fudanjuku
Here is the link to the actual show: ( (
Please enjoy and give your comment...
Kuroishi Jealosy

(One Shoot)

   Today as usual one of many studio in TV Tokyo being crowd by many staff and people who come to watch the show. It was 10 o’clock in the morning and the show will start in just 15 minutes later. As the staff being prepare for the show, checking the sound system, and set the lighting in the room, the two MC also preparing their self. They put their make up, checking their hair style for today show and practice their line and script for today show. As the two being immerse in their practice, they didn’t notice the time until one of the staff start to call the two.
   “Matsumura-san, Nakada-san we start in 5 minutes please get in the set now.” Said one of the staff with earphone attach on his ear.
   “Hai... we will go there then.” Said the two in unison.
   “Nee... Kana-chan, do you know who are the guests star today?” Asked Sayurin as the of them walking towards the set.
   “Well of course I know, the guests star’s name was listed on our paper script for todays show, how could you to not read about it?” Asked Kana-chan slightly confuse for the question.
   “That’s not what I mean. I read the guest star list, but I don’t know who are they. Do you know them?” Asked Sayurin tilting her head in confusion.
   “They are members of Fudanjuku. A boy band group which consist of 7 members. For today show the top 3 of them will be our guests star. They are Akazono Kojiro, Aiba Kensui, and Seto Kouki. Even if their group is not as big as ours, but they have their loyal fans and of course their hard core male wota – “
   “Wait a minute... A male wota? But you said they are boy band group right?” Cut Sayurin.
   “Well they are boy band group, but at the same time they are girl band group too. Actually at the beginning they formed as a girl band group called Nakano Fujo Sister, but after that they change their group as a boy band group called Fudanjuku. So that’s why they have many male wota as their fans.” Answered Kana-chan.
   “So... They are girls right? But they doing danso for their work?” Asked Sayurin still curious.
   “Yes... That’s right, they doing danso for all their performance and interview. At the beginning they sometime perform as their girl form, but after they stop and postpone their girl band group and just focussing for their boy band group they always work in their danso form.” Said Kana-chan while walking in the set with Sayurin.
   “Okay ... Get ready everyone... We’ll start in 5 seconds... 5..4..3..2..1... Action!” Said the director.
   “Ohayou minna-san... today we meet again in We Love Live Idols Show, I’m Matsumura Sayuri desu and my partner here – “
   “Nakada Kana desu... Today as usual we’ll have an interview with our guest star. Can anyone guess who are the guests star today?” Asked Kana-chan.
   After Kana-chan’s question the audience in the studio start to murmuring their opinion, some say AKB48, some other say Morning Musume, and some other say C-ute.
   “Nee... Kana-chan why not we call our guests star now? I think the audience here are curious enough too guess it and meet our guests star today... “ Said Sayurin making the audience more eager to see the guests star for today.
   “Well then here they are our guests star today... Please welcome Fudanjuku...” Said Sayurin and Kana-chan in unison.
   Soon the studio being full of the clap sound,  girls cheer, and boys yell as the three members of Fudanjuku start to get in the set.
   “Minna-san ohayou...    We are Fudanjuku-desu...” The three members said in unison making the audience cheer for them more aloud.
   “Akazono Kojiro desu.” Said the shortest boy with brown hair cheerfully waving his hand to the audience.
   “Aiba Kensui desu.” Said the tallest one with dark brown hair while winking his left eye to the audience.
   “Seto Kouki desu.” Said the black hair boy while smiling shyly to the audience.
   After the short self introduction from the three boys, Sayurin and Kana-chan start their interview. Asking what their groups look a like? What they do up until now? What their favourite concerts up until now? How they keep their relation in the group? And finally what is their lastest single?
   As the boys answer the questions by turns, Sayurin start to know why the group have many fan girls. The three of them look so ikemen and charming in their own style. First of them, Kojiro-kun who looks handsome with his brown hair. Although he was the shortest one from the three, he has this self confidence aura around him. He knows how to treat a girl, and being so gentleman along the show. His cheerfull and sometimes flirty character making him looks easy to approach among the three. He also has a good sense in fashion which can bee seen from his answer about his favourite clothes.
   The second one is Kensui-kun. He was the tallest one from the three that making him being stood up. His dark brown hair and his cute face can make any girls swoon over him. As gentleman as Kojiro-kun, Kensui-kun attracts the girls with his playful and his dorky side. Even if he looks like someone who can’t be serious with his playful side of him, but he can be serious at times, and that gap makes him looks more attractive.
   The last one is Kouki-kun. The only boy with black hair among the three. His long and mature face makes him looks handsome and cute at the same time. If the other two members look so confidence, Kensui-kun looks shy along the show. As gentleman as the other two members, Kouki-kun with his shy, calm, and slightly mysterious side make the girls fall for him. However his shyness sometimes can be replace with his sudden brave and confidence side which can be seen at one short confession scene between him and Kana-chan. This side of him makes him look more attractive and making the girls more curious about him.
   The show went well, as the three of Fudanjuku members being so nice and openly to answer many questions. Sayurin and Kana-chan then ask the three of them which Nogizaka46 song they like the most?
   “Anoo... the one that called Oide Shampoo, we like that song.” Said Kensui-kun blushing a little.
   “Ehh... Oide Shampoo? That song surely is catchy and the dancing part is cute, right?” Said Sayurin while humming the song with Kana-chan.
   “Ah... there’s a request from the audience here for us dancing and singing the song together. Would the three of you please stand up and doing it? Asked Kana-chan standing up from her seat.
   The five of them then start to line up for the dance. With Kouki-kun being the head of the line and followed by Kana-chan, Kensui-kun, Sayurin, then Kojiro-kun at the end. As they line up Kensui-kun couldn’t help but being shy and reluctant because he was standing between the two girls. After being convinced by Kojiro-kun and Kouki-kun, Kensui-kun then start to line up in his former place.
   “ 1..2..3... Oide Shampoo...” Sang Kana-chan making them start to sing and dancing together.
   As the five of them singing and dancing together the girls couldn’t help but blushing for being so close to the boys. Kana-chan start to waving her hands to her face hoping her blushing face to be normal again, while Sayurin putting both of her hands on her cheeks to hide her red cheeks. After the singing and dancing was over the two girls sigh in relieve. Unfortunately for Sayurin, her runny nose start to spill making her embarrass in front of the three boys.
   They then start to talk for a while before the show slowly going to end, suddenly Kojiro-kun ask a question to Sayurin and Kana-chan.
   “Anoo... Sayuringo, today the three of us feel happy for being in this show, but I have one question for both of you. Can you two tell us, which one of us who do you like the most?” Asked Kojiro-kun while pointing his finger to him self and his two friends.
   “EHH.... EH.... About that I...” Said Sayurin while shocking and confuse from the question. “Nee... Kana-chan how about you? Who do you like the most?” Asked Sayurin while putting both her hands on her cheeks.
   “I really like todays show too, and I like the three of you but to be honest I like Kouki-kun the most.” Said Kana-chan with her blushing cheeks while look at the two boys but Kouki-kun.
   “AH... Arigatou Kana-chan... Ureshii yo.”Said Kouki-kun smiling his shy and calm smile while bowing his head slightly to Kana-chan.
   “Neee... Sayuringo,how about you then? What’s your answer?” Asked Kojiro-kun still curious for the chubby girl answer.
   “Anoo... I really enjoy todays show too, and I like how kind and good looking the three of you. But I like...” Answered Sayurin looking slightly to Kojiro-kun before said, “I like Kojiro-kun the most.” Said Sayurin so softly almost like a whisper.
   “Souka? Arigatou nee... Ureshii yo.” Said Kojiro-kun cheerfully while scratching her neck.
   They continue the show with Fudanjuku’s flirt scene, the three boys start to sing and flirting to the poor chubby Sayurin who can’t stop from blushing and giggling in delight. Sayurin couldn’t help but to squealing in so much delight when Kojiro-kun start to flirt her and proposing her to get married with him.
   After some minutes later, the show comes to an end. The five of them then start to exchanging their thanks to staff and to each other. They then start to taking photos together with the three boys being stand in the middle of the two girls. They also start to exchanging their mail address, and continue their little talk. As the five of them talking cheerfully, there was a pair of eyes who staring at the two of them with such hatred and anger.

At the same time in one of many studio in TV Tokyo, there were 4 girls in a cute outfit standing in front of a photographer. The four of them are Sakurai Reika, Wakatsuki Yumi, Hashimoto Nanami, and Shiraishi Mai. After doing some photo shoot for about two hours their work come to an end.
   “Otsukaresama deshita...”
   “Otsukaresama deshita minna-san.” Said the girls in unison.
   “Finally... it’s over, we can go home now...” Said Sakurai to her partner, Wakatsuki.
   “Yeah... we can go home now, but didn’t you said you want to go to this new book store yesterday?” Asked Wakatsuki while changing her clothes.
   “Ahhh... I nearly forget about it, but thanks to you for remind me about it. Wakatsuki surely eager to go on a date with me eh? Hehehehe...” Teased Sakurai while grinning to her partner who now blushing slightly.
   “Wha – What... It’s not like that. You asked me first to go with you yesterday so of course I remember it. Don’t so full of your self. It’s not like I’m so eager to go on a date with you and make me can’t slept yesterday.” Said Wakatsuki hiding her growing red cheeks with her words.
   “Ohh... really? It’s seems like that to me, so stop being a tsundere here... I can tell your feelings from your face you know... that’s why I’m your partner after all... Hehehe...” Teased Sakurai beaming with smile.
   “Wha – What ever you say... Now let’s go or I leave you...” Said Wakatsuki while walking past Sakurai who still grinning, ready to leave the changing room.
   “Mouu.... Wakatsuki wait for me... Don’t leave mee....” Said Sakurai start to chasing her partner.
   “Haahh that two surely is ignoring us here... That’s what people called lovebird, eh?” Said Maiyan shaking her head watching her captain and her ikemen friend antics.
   “Yeahh... that’s for sure. They really can’t control their lovey-dovey moment, but at least they look cute together, unlike your baka-couple there.” Said Nanamin while taking her bag, ready to leave the changing room.
   “Wha – What does that mean? Hey Nanamin...” Said Maiyan chasing her friend.
   “You figure it out your self... surely you know what I mean right?” Said Nanamin to Maiyan who walking side by side with her.
   “Well I’m sorry for not being a cute couple like Sakurai and Wakatsuki there, but at least Sayurin and me, have our own shipper out there. They were so happy to see the two of us doing our baka-couple thing.” Said Maiyan while texting a mail to Sayurin asking her to go together after her work.
   “Yeahh... right, I’m pretty sure there were some people out there who write some fic from your baka-couple moment. Maybe I should take some photos of it and put it in my blog or some tumblr so there will be more people out there who become your shipper.” Said Nanamin who look thinking seriously about her idea.
   “Stop it... you look like a stalker now, beside your antics will annoy me.” Said Maiyan as the two of them walking towards Sakurai and Wakatsuki who stop in front of a studio.
   “Well you right about it, maybe I should sell the photos instead. Just imagine how much money I’ll get from some of your baka-couple photos.”Said Nanamin grinning with her new idea.
   “NANAMIN!!!” Yelled Maiyan in annoy.
   “CK... I’m just kidding, you know. But seriously now with the two of you being this baka-couple thing how long it will takes to make it a real thing?” Asked Nanamin seriously.
        “EHH... Wha – What do you mean by that?” Asked Maiyan in confusion.
   “With the two of you being baka-couple, it’s possible for both of you to make it a real thing like Sakurai and Wakatsuki or WakaRei couple there. What I’m asking now is when will you two make it real? Don’t tell me you wait for Sayurin’s confession, because it will takes a long time before it happens.” Asked Nanamin looking so serious.
   “Wait a minute, I think I have something that I need to make it clear here. First of all the thing between me and Sayurin is purely  just a fan service. We are just best friend nothing more nothing less. Next, I like Sayurin a lot but not in that way. And the last thing is we all know that Sayurin likes me too, but obviously not in that way too.” Answered Maiyan trying to make the things clear.
   “Yeah... right obviously not in that way, at first I think Sayurin being the dense one here but it looks like the two of you just as dense as ever. I might believe you if you said you don’t like her in that way, but I can’t believe it if you said that she doesn’t like you in that way. It just as obvious as Ikoma’s feeling towards Nacchan or Miona’s towards Minami.” Said Nanamin as the two being closer to WakaRei couple while waving her hands to the couple before said, “With you being so kind to her, it’s possible if she likes you more than you did. After all it takes two people to make a good kiss, so if you don’t like her in the same way just tell her the truth before it’s too late.”
   “I’m not giving her hope or something like that, I just being nice to her after all we are best friend and that’s what best friend do.” Said Maiyan slightly frowning.
   “Okay... then, if you say so. Just remeber that I’ve been warn you now, don’t blame me if ever something happens then.” Said Nanamin ending their talk.
   “I’ll remeber that.” Said Maiyan, glad the talk is over.
   “Nanamin, Maiyan... what take you two so long? Hurry come here, Sayurin and Kana-chan just start their show, let’s watch it toghether!” Said Sakurai enthusiastically rushing the two to enter the studio with her and Wakatsuki.
   As they enter the studio and standing in the corner, they see Sayurin and Kana-chan welcoming their guests star for the show. They see the three handsome boys and notice the audience going wild as the boys introducing their self.
   “Who are they?” Asked Maiyan, Nanamin, and Wakatsuki at the same time.
   “You girls don’t know them? They are boy band group call Fudanjuku. Actually the three of them are girls and member of girl band group call Nakano Fujo Sister, but they change their group as a boy band group called Fudanjuku and doing danso for their work as Fudanjuku member.” Said Sakurai to the three of them who look at her perplexedly.
   “What –“
   “Why –“
   “How –“
   “Easy,easy girls... I know them from some magazine I read long time ago, at first I dont’t really interested in them but when I know that they were girls who doing danso and working as boy band I find them quite interesting and start to liking them.” Said Sakurai answering their burst of question.
   “Ohhh....” Said the three of them in unison.
   “They have seven members who look so ikemen, but I personally like Kouki-kun the most, the one with the black hair there.” Said Sakurai cheerfully while watching Kouki-kun, not aware of Wakatsuki who looks somewhat annoy.
   The four of them then watching the show and notice how the audience being fan girling to the boys. As the show goes on they also notice how Sayurin and Kana-chan being shy and fan girling towards the boys. They all laughing at how Sayurin, Kana-chan, and the boys dancing and singing Oide Shampoo, the three of them try to stifle their laugh when they see Sayurin and her runny nose start to spill making her embarrass in front of the three boys. As the three of them laughing out lout, Maiyan couldn’t help frowning and feeling annoy every time watching Sayurin being fan girling and blushing so hard. She try so hard to stifle her rage when Sayurin looking so shy answering her favourite member from the three, seeing how she so shy being around that so call Kojiro-kun and smiling in delight when Kojiro-kun flirt to her and proposing her to get married with him. As Maiyan seeing how Sayurin and Kojiro-kun talking in delight and start to exchanging their mail address her rage start to spill and burst out when seeing how Kojiro and Sayurin take some photos together. After staring at the two of them with such hatred and anger, she walks out from the studio and leave behind Nanamin and WakaRei couple.

After Sayurin and Kana-chan exchanging their mail address with Fudanjuku members, the two girls then noticing their friends at the corner at the studio.
   “Hey... girls, what are you doing here?” Asked Kana-chan as the two of them approaching the corner.
   “Hey you two... we’ve been watching your show from the start, but sadly the two of you are too busy to hiding your blush to notice us here.” Said Nanamin rolling her eyes.
   “We’re sorry... it just the three of them are so ikemen to ignore.” Said Sayurin and Kana-chan in unison.
   “Yeah... we forgive you girls, it’s not that we’re not doing the same. Look at our captain here, she just can’t put her eyes off from that Kouki-kun there.” Said Wakatsuki slightly annoy watching how Sakurai still looking over Kouki-kun.
   “Eh... What’s with the stare girls?” Asked Sakurai finally noticing the stare from her friends. “Ahh since when the two of you being here?” Asked Sakurai to Sayurin and Kana-chan.
   “Since a minutes ago when you still too preoccupy to staring at that Kouki-kun while grinning by your self.” Said Wakatsuki now fully showing her dislike and annoyance.
   “Hmm... is that so? I’m sorry to not notice you two then.” Said Sakurai before turn to Wakatsuki and said, “And I’m sorry to ignoring you my partner, you must be jealous then Hehehe... ” Teased Sakurai grinning widely.
   “I – I’m not...” Said Wakatsuki turning her head from Sakurai.
   “Nah... still tsundere nee – Wakatsuki, I’m sorry okay..” Said Sakurai turning her head in the same way as Wakatsuki.
   “Okay... That’s it WakaRei couple, I’m getting sick seeing your stupid lovey-dovey moment here.” Said Nanamin before turning her head to Sayurin and said, “And you Sayurin don’t say you gonna do that baka-couple thing with Maiyan here, or I’m gonna leave now.”
   “I’m tempted to doing so, but sadly Maiyan is not here so I pass now.” Said Sayurin shaking her head.
   “What do you mean? Maiyan is here with us from the beginning of the show, right Maiyan?” Asked Nanamin in confusion while turning her head to where Maiyan just stand.
   “Eh?? Where is she? She is here just now...” Said Nanamin, and WakaRei couple in unison when noticing that Maiyan not there.
   “She’s here? But where is she now? Does she have another work for today?” Asked Sayurin tilting her head in confusion.
   “I don’t think so, we have same schedule for today, and she doesn’t have any work after today photo shoot.” Said Nanamin shaking her head.
   The five of them then decide to leave the studio and go home, with WakaRei couple continue to dating. As Sayurin going back home she couldn’t help but still wondering the sudden leaving Maiyan. She then decide to ask Maiyan about it tomorrow.

   As usual members have a Nogizakatte Doko shooting. As members being prepare them self at the set, Sayurin decide to talk to Maiyan who sit next to her.
   “Nee... Maiyan,Nanamin and WakaRei couple said that you watched my show yesterday. I’m wondering why you just left and not waiting for me, I thought you want to have a date with me like what you text to me yesterday.” Asked Sayurin slightly pouting her lips.
   “I’m sorry, I had to go home early yesterday.”Said Maiyan not looking at Sayurin.
   “Ah... I thought so. It’s okay then, we can go after today shooting then.” Said Sayurin cheerfully.
   “I’ll think about it.” Said Maiyan ending the talk between them.
   The shooting went well, as usual they have to take many embarrassing challenge from Banana Man. They start to laughing watching each other of them take the silly challenge. All of them burst in laugh when Sayurin doing her silly act and not to forget her famous Sayuringo Punch. All of them laughing out loud at Sayurin but not with Maiyan who looks silent. She just smiling her forceful smile that makes Sayurin wondering her strange behavior.
   At break time, Sayurin as usual take the free drink for her and Maiyan, as she spot where Maiyan is she then walking towards her. Sayurin then sit next to Maiyan and offering the drink to Maiyan. Maiyan then refuse it as she already take her own drink which is strange as she doesn’t like to stand in line for the free drink. Sayurin push aside her wondering about Maiyan, and start to talk to Maiyan who looks not listening to her. When Sayurin start to ask Maiyan about her strange behavior, suddenly Maiyan excuse her self to toilet. She left behind Sayurin who looks confuse.
   Maiyan’s strange behavior start to worse when she’s back from the toilet, she start to emitting her kuroishi aura everytime Sayurin with her. She start avoiding Sayurin who wants to talk with her. When Sayurin approaching her, she avoid her by walking towards Nanamin. When Sayurin tells her a joke, she laughing at Ikuchan’s joke. When Sayurin doing her Sayuringo Punch, Maiyan just ignore her and hugging Nacchan who looks hold back her tears. The strange behavior just repeat again along the day, that make Sayurin and other members left in confusion.
   “What’s wrong with Maiyan? Why she looks so strange when you being near her?” Asked Nanamin to Sayurin who sit next to her.
   “I’d like to now about it too...” Said Sayurin sadly.
   “She’s being so weird when she’s laughing at my fail jokes.” Said Ikuchan while remembering Maiyan’s strange behavior.
   “ It’s not that I hate her, but she makes me scare with her sudden hug to me, I try so hard to hold back my tears just now.” Said Nacchan still shock with Maiyan’s strange behavior.
   “Her kuroishi aura around her, is just worse than her kuroishi aura at Manatsu. If her past kuroishi aura is just around 50%, then it’s 100% now.” Said Nanamin seriously.
   “Ahh... what should I do then? She’s so mad to me, but I don’t even now why.” Said Sayurin desperately.
   “Are you sure you don’t know anything about it?” Asked Ikoma curiously.
   “Yeah... I’ve been trying to remember anything that I did that will makes her mad, but I don’t remember any of it” Said Sayurin shaking her head.
   “Maybe she’s mad because your lame jokes.” Said Ikuchan.
   “Maybe she’s mad because you take her snack today.” Said Nacchan.
   “Or maybe she’s tired of your lame jokes, your silly act, your Sayuringo Punch, and don’t want to be with you again.” Said Ikoma making Sayurin shaking her head and blaming her self.
   “Is that so? But she once said that she likes my Sayuringo Punch.” Said Sayurin shaking her head.
   “Maybe Ikoma is right, after all she can be tired about it and feels that it annoy her.” Said  Ikuchan.
   “Bu – But... I – “ Said Sayurin before being cut by Nanamin.
   “Enough girls, I don’t think any of them is the reason of Maiyan’s kuroishi rage.” Said Nanamin stoping the talk.
   “Then what is the reason for this kuroishi rage? Is it really not because of me?” Asked Sayurin hesitantly.
   “Believe me Sayurin, it’s not because of you. Maiyan will surely leave you from the beginning if she finds you annoy or bother her.” Said Nanamin convincingly.
   “Then what’s the reason then?” Asked Ikuchan curiously.
   “Yeah... what’s the reason, let’s clear it out before Maiyan attacks Nacchan with her hug again.” Said Ikoma for her beloved Nacchan behalf.
   “I think it was because yesterday show that we watched together. She looks fine before the show but suddenly leave us behind and now using her kuroishi rage to avoid Sayurin.” Said Nanamin before turn her head to Sayurin, “Knowing Maiyan, this is the only possible reason for her kuroishi rage.”
   “So... She’s mad after watching my show?” Asked Sayurin.
   “Yeah... but the real reason is she’s just jealous after watching your show yesterday.” Said Nanamin looking to Sayurin, “She just jealous after seeing you being so happy with that Fudanjuku boys especially that Kojiro-kun who seems flirt you a  – “   
   “Ohhh... that’s the reason? Okay I’ll explain it to her now, thanks Nanamin I owe you...” Said Sayurin who suddenly get up from her seat and finding Maiyan, not letting Nanamin explanation finish.
    “Nee... Sayurin,  cotto matte yo.... You really know what I told you right?” Yelled Nanamin shaking her head for her friend antics.

   After finding Maiyan all around the studio, toilet, and changing room but still can’t finding her. Sayurin then trying to find her at the rooftop. As she open the rooftop door she watch Maiyan standing near the rail looking down at the street. The wind blow her long hair and her face being light by the sunset, she looks so beatiful and it makes Sayurin heart beating faster and blushing at the sight.
   “ Maiyaaannn.... You are here. I search for you everywhere.” Said Sayurin cheerfully walking towards Maiyan who keep looking down and ignoring her call.
   “ Nee.. Maiyan.... I – “ Said Sayurin who suddenly being cut by Maiyan.
   “ I.. I... Should go home now..” Said Maiyan who start to walk and passing Sayurin.
   “Tell me...” Said Sayurin to Maiyan who keep walking towards the door.
   “Nee.. Tell me, tell me what did I do to you? Why are you being so mad to me?” Asked Sayurin her voice shaking with sadness.
    Hearing Sayurin voice in such sadness make Maiyan stop walking in her track, she let out a sigh before said, “It’s not your fault – “
   “Lies! If it’s not about me then why you avoiding me like this?” Said Sayurin start to raising her voice.
   “I’m not avoiding you, I just... I just want to be alone now..” Said Maiyan still not facing Sayurin.
   “You want to be alone or you want to be with everyone but me?” Asked Sayurin her voice start to crack as her tears slowly drop by.
   “Sayurin...” Said Maiyan now turning her body and facing Sayurin who start to sob.
   “If you want to be alone then, why you talk with everyone but me? Why you being so cold to me?” Yelled Sayurin as her emotion take control. “ Just tell me your reason...” Said Sayurin lowering her voice, holding Maiyan eyes.
   “I...” Sighed Sayurin who looks so hard to say something.
   “I know it... You, you tired of me right?” Asked Sayurin as her voice still cracking.
   “No, I’m not – “ Said Maiyan but suddenly being cut by Sayurin.
   “You must be tired of my goofiness, my silly act, my lame jokes, my big butt, and my sayuringo punch...” Said Sayurin start to choking in tears.
   “It’s not true... I – “ Said Maiyan shaking her heads.
   “I know I’m not cool and smart like Nanamin, I’m not an ojousama type like Ikuchan and not calm and sweet like Nacchan. I’m just a big butt girl with her lame jokes and silly act who trying to make people laugh at me, I’m sorry if my act start to bothering you, I just – “ Said Sayurin hardly control her stream of tears.
   “Stop it!!” Yelled Maiyan, she sighed before continue to said, “I’ve already said it’s not your fault. I don’t care if you’re just a big butt girl with her lame jokes and silly act who trying to make people laugh at you. I dont care if you really baka or just pretending it, all of that things is what make me liking you. Other members maybe can praise me, make a good talk, or anything but only with you I feel happy, I can laugh, I can be my self and talking a nonsense thing that I keep my self. Stop blamming your self Sayurin and stop hate your self.” 
   “Then, if it’s not about me, why are you avoiding me? Why are you so cold to me?” Asked Sayurin looking at Maiyan and wait for her answer.
   “I... I really want to tell you, but I can’t..” Said Maiyan, ‘I really want to tell you, but I also don’t know the reason’ Thought Maiyan while holding Sayurin’s eyes.
   “Is it... Is it.. because your jealous?” Asked Sayurin still looking straight to Maiyan eyes.
   Sayurin’s words take Maiyan by shock, she tensed a bit, looking stuned before said, ”I’m not understand what you mean by that.”
   “ Well I also not really understand about it, but Nanamin said, you were look troubled when I was with Kojiro-san and other Fudanjuku members. She said that you might be jealous about it. Is it true?” Asked Sayurin again watching Maiyan who looks tense so sudden.
   “What if... What if,  I said that I am jealous about it?” Said Maiyan after collected her self from the shock, now looking at Sayurin eyes.
   “I knew it... I’m so sorry Maiyan. It’s not like I don’t understand your feeling or being so dense. It’s just that they were really ikemen and kakkoii. I’m really am a bad and baka friend, I should’ve notice this before.” Said Sayurin a bit relief from knowing the truth.
   “So... you really know what troubled me? You do understand my feeling? Don’t you feel disgust about it?” Asked Maiyan hesitantly.
   “Of course I know your feeling, I’ve felt it too, and why should I feel disgust about it? There’s nothing wrong about it right? It’s just make you more humanly.” Said Sayurin encouraging her.
   Hearing Sayurin words make Maiyan shock with joy, she looks happy before asked, ”really? You’re not againts it? You’re not feeling disgust?”
   “Of course not, I don’t think liking someone it’s a bad thing and I think it’s good for you, I know about the dating rules, but I think you can’t help to not falling in love with someone who is really charming and kakkoi like Kojiro-kun...” Said Sayurin now being cheerful again.
   “Wha.. What?! What do you mean?” Asked Maiyan not uderstand what Sayurin said. 'since when she calls him Kojiro-kun?’Thought Maiyan.
   “Well... now I know that you like and might be falling for Kojiro-kun, that’s why you being jealous towards me who can shooting and interview him. But don’t get me wrong, I just admirer him, and I pretty sure that he will choose you over me – “ Explained Sayurin.
   “Hold on.. hold on a minute..” Cut Maiyan. ‘I feel there something off here.’ She thought.
   “ – I can give you his mail and number you know. We’ve been exchanging mails and he keeps mailing me and invite me to have a lunch together. I’ll mailed him to tell that you will come with me, so I can introducing you together, or you want his number – “ Said Sayurin taking out her phone.
   “Ba.. Baka.. Bakaringo.. Who said I’m jealous because I like that Kojiro-kun?” Yelled Miyan with redden face.
   “Eh... well you said you were jealous back then, so it must be because you like Kojiro-kun so much right?” Asked Sayurin not knowing why Maiyan suddenly yelled at her.
   “I’m NOT JEALOUS BECAUSE I LIKE HIM... I WAS JEALOUS BECAUSE I.. I...” Yelled Maiyan again before stuttering her words.
   “Because of what?” Asked Sayurin titling her head in confusion. “Hmmm... Ahh.. I know it you like the other Fudanjuku members right? Let me guess you like that playfull and dorky Kensui right?”
“NO!! I don’t like him... I like – “
   “Ahhh.. I know it... it must be that calm and shy Kouki-kun right... Well I never expect you’ll like him, but don’t worry I’ve got his number too. Here let me send it to you – “ Said Sayurin pulled out her phone and starting to search the number in her contact phone,  as she search for it suddenly her phone being snatch away by Maiyan.
   Maiyan snatch away Sayurin’s phone and then pressing some buttons before give Sayurin’s phone back.
   “Hey.. why you snatched away my phone... I was trying to find the number you know..” Said Sayurin after getting her phone back, she then starting to search the number again. “Hmmm??? It’s strange, I believe I’ve been keep their number’s yesterday, I swear I saw that number just now...” Said Sayurin as she keep searching it in her phone while scratching her head in confusion.
   “Stop searching for it... You’ll never find it again even if you search it until tomorrow, it will never show up.” Said Maiyan as she now snatch away Sayurin’s phone and turn it off.
   “Ehhh?? Nande?” Asked Sayurin taking her phone from Maiyan then put it in her pocket.
   “I just erased it from your phone, so you don’t have to search their number again.” Said Maiyan as she walking closer to where Sayurin stand.
   “Ehhh??? Why you erased it?” Asked Sayurin looking shock for a while. “Ahhh.. I know it, you do that so I can’t call them right? Don’t worry you can ask their number to Kana-chan, especially Kouki-kun’s number I believe she still keep it.” Said Sayurin nodding her head in understatement.
   “Sayurin!!! Stop saying that I like Kojiro-kun, Kensui-kun, or Kouki-kun! Let me tell you, I don’t like them. I don’t care to the flirty Kojiro-kun, the playfull and dorky Kensui-kun, or the calm and shy Kouki-kun.” Yelled Maiyan in frustation. “Why you have to be so dense and baka?”
   “So... You don’t like one of them? Then what’s make you jealous about? Why you don’t just tell me the reason then?!” Said Sayurin as she raising her voice in frustation, when suddenly she being pulled in a hug and feel something soft upon her lips.   
   Maiyan pulling Sayurin into a hug reaching for her cheek and kiss her lips, she close her eyes and let her self enjoying how soft Sayurin lips. It feels as soft as a marshmallow, no even softer than any marshmallow. A  very soft strawberry marshmallow she thought. As she break the kiss she open her eyes still holding Sayurin’s cheek and start to caress it softly.
   “What.. Why.. I .. You kiss me? Stuttered Sayurin as she blushing hard she start to  looking elsewhere but Maiyan.
   “Sayurin, did you still don’t understand why I was getting jealous?” Asked Miyan taking Sayurin’s chin so they now looking at each other. “I was jealous to them for being so close to you, for making you laughing and blushing all the time at the show that making your nose runny. I was jealous, especially to that flirty Kojiro-kun for proposing you on TV show, for keep mailing you and even invite you to have a lunch with him. And the most important reason is, I was jealous because I love you Sayurin.” Said Maiyan seriously looking straight to Sayurin’s eyes with love.
   “You.. You love me?” Asked Sayurin as she still not believing what she heard.
   “I love you Sayurin, I really love you, that make me so easily get jealous to whoever getting close to you. I love you and it annoys me to watching you being mesmerized by other people but me. I love you so much, that it makes my heart hurt when I know you like that Kojiro-kun. Said Maiyan pulling Sayurin into a hug.
   “I.. I’m sorry.” Said Sayurin as she start to sobbing again. She then break the hug before said “I – “
   “I know that you just love me as your friend and you just love me for fan service.” Cut Maiyan. “But I really love you and it’s make me crazy for just being your friend, but I understand your feeling and I don’t want to lose you so I’ll try to loving you as a friend again. I’m sorry for the kiss and the mess, I’ll go home now and I’ll call you later. Said Maiyan while caressing Sayurin’s cheek for the last time before turning her body and start to walk away towards the door.
Sayurin watching Maiyan walks away, her every step triggering Sayurin to something that she keeps deep down in her heart. Suddenly she run and hugging Maiyan’s back before said, “ I’m sorry Maiyan, please don’t go – “
Maiyan who suddenly being hugged being a little shock for a while. After taking a sigh and collecting her heart she then turning her body and start to hug Sayurin back. “It’s okay it’s not you fault, I’m here now.” Said her trying to calming Sayurin down by rubbing her back softly.
“ – please don’t go before I explain you something important. Maiyan do you remember when we have valentine show at Nogizakatte doko? At that time I really want to tell you my gratitude feeling for you. Dakara I try so hard to make that fruit pudding. I try so hard to make it edible for you. I really want to make you happy. I felt so happy when you eat my fruit pudding and liking my gift for you. But then when you said that you didn’t pick me and picked Ikuchan instead, somehow I felt like there’s something broken in my heart. I felt so broken heart, at that time I thought it must be just because I really like you as my friend and I just didn’t want to lose my friend. But when I saw you walk away from me just now, I realise I feel something deeper, I realise that I.. that I love you Maiyan. I really love you more than just a friend. I love you for real and not just for fan service.” Said Sayurin as she break the hug, she looks to Maiyan’s eyes taking her cheek, leaning closer to kiss her before close her eyes enjoying Maiyan’s soft lips. Her lips feel so soft more soft than any cotton candy she ever ate. A very soft cherry cotton candy she thought. 
    Maiyan close her eyes, and kissing Sayurin’s back enjoying their second kiss that she never thought would ever happen after their first one. Putting out all her love into the kiss, she trying so hard not to cry in happiness. When both of them feel out of breath they then break the kiss.
   “I love you... I love you Ringo Hime.” Said Maiyan touching her forehead to Sayurin’s as her hands holding Sayurin’s waist.
   “I love you too Mai...” Said Sayurin holding Maiyan’s neck closer and kiss her again.


   “Nee... Sayurin when you said that you like Kojiro-kun out of the two other members, what is that make you choose him?” Asked Maiyan as the two holding their hands and walking towards the door.
   “Well I like him because he looks a like my first ever boy crush.” Said Sayurin grinning slightly with a dreamy look on her face.
   “Wha – What??! Who is he? Did I know him? What’s he looks a like? Is he handsome?” Asked Maiyan as her kuroishi side back again.
   “You know him, He is so handsome, a bit cold but he is actually really nice and sometimes he can being so flirty to me.” Said Sayurin cheerfully.
   “Do you still meet him until now? Do you still like him?” Asked Maiyan holding her breath for the answer.
   “ Yes... I meet him everyday, and of course I still like him.” Said Sayurin as she winking her eye.
   “Bu – But, you just said that you love me and now you like another boy. Do you really love me?” Asked Maiyan now start to frustate and glaring her eyes at Sayurin.
   “Of course I love you, it just that boy is too handsome to being ignored.” Said Sayurin holding back her laugh.
   “Who the hell is he? Tell me now!!” Yelled Maiyan as her jealousy take control.
   Sayurin pulling Maiyan closer to her as she whispered, “It was Shiraishi-kun that I like from the Shaakism PV. Please tell him that I love him as much as I love you okay?”  She then wink her eye before running away.
   “Mouu... Sayurin, you baka....” Yelled Maiyan as she blushing and run after Sayurin.

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Title: Re: Christmas Special Nogizaka46 x Fudanjuku one shoot "Kuroishi Jealousy"
Post by: wmatsui fanfic. on March 02, 2015, 09:40:45 PM
I like it

Thank you for the fic.

Renayuki fic as you now I love renayuki please write it and make it happy ending.   

Cannot wait for it
Title: Re: Christmas Special Nogizaka46 x Fudanjuku one shoot "Kuroishi Jealousy"
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@ wmatsui fanfic. Haiii... thanks for reading my fic and leaves a comment here.
I'm waiting for a long time for a comment here.
Glad that you like it.
I already have a plot about RenaYuki fic, they're gonna have a rivalry kendo match, a triangle love between RenaYuki and Nanamin from Nogizaka46.
But unfortunately I didn't have a  spare time this days.
I'll be write it after my midterm test.
Until then, please wait patiently.
Title: Re: Christmas Special Nogizaka46 x Fudanjuku one shoot "Kuroishi Jealousy"
Post by: wmatsui fanfic. on March 03, 2015, 04:11:25 PM
@ wmatsui fanfic. Haiii... thanks for reading my fic and leaves a comment here.
I'm waiting for a long time for a comment here.
Glad that you like it.
I already have a plot about RenaYuki fic, they're gonna have a rivalry kendo match, a triangle love between RenaYuki and Nanamin from Nogizaka46.
But unfortunately I didn't have a  spare time this days.
I'll be write it after my midterm test.
Until then, please wait patiently.
Yep yep I will going to wait don't worry and thank you for reading my fic to ^o^