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Author Topic: aruka's OS Collection | Various pairings  (Read 87561 times)

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aruka's OS Collection | Various pairings
« on: August 21, 2011, 03:31:14 AM »
Hello everyone!! :wave: I'm new in this forum.
Firstly I want to say THANK YOU for the fanfics you all wrote here. I'm inspired to write one on my own because of reading yours. Now please allow me to share mines to.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!  :yep:

aruka's OS Collection
(previously ~ The Book of My Single-Shots ~)

written by: aruka

                    BONUS Content:

Last but not least... Happy reading, guys and girls!  :D :peace:

Notes: Single-shots = one-shots. I see there are too many 'one-shot' used in title topics here, so I use 'single-shot' instead. It's just a free term I thought of anyway.
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The Book of My Single-Shots [Retake! Now or Never!] (update 8/20)
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2011, 03:31:36 AM »
My notes:
  • "Normal sentences" are talks. "Italic sentences" are thoughts.
  • Since English isn't my first language, possibilities of mistakes and being monotonous always exist. I'm sorry if any of these things happen.
  • This is my introductory fic, thus making me a beginner in this forum. I decided to start with a popular pairing, so please enjoy!

Retake! Now or Never!
Pairing: KojiYuu (Kojima Haruna x Oshima Yuko)

Haruna just frowned on her standing spot upon looking on the television screen in one of the rooms inside the theatre.

Yuko, no doubt at all, looked so uber happy on that broadcasted programme. Her dream of engaging in skinship with the Kano sisters was granted. She even got more than unexpected... and it was all recorded on a footage shown on that same programme.

     “I’ve never seen Yuko-chan this happy before.” commented Sasshi after watching the footage. The other Not Yet members, Kitarie and Yui, approved her comment. Yuko just smiled bashfully.

Haruna quickly walked out from the room. It’s totally clear, she couldn’t cover her jealousy that was written all over her face.

     “Yuu-chan no BAKA! What a pervert you are on TV! And I’m really jealous of the sisters!“

Somehow Haruna couldn’t accept someone else gave Yuko more satisfaction than she could. It was never shown explicitly, but Haruna had tried to do it by giving Yuko subtle chances to grope her all the way Yuko like, while keeping her tsundere mode on.

     “To be honest, I also like what you did to me. No... I really really love being touched by you. Yuu-chan, atashi wa hontou ni DAISUKI!!!”

Spots of tears already emerged from the end of both her eyes. She couldn’t understand the aggressiveness of the cheeky squirrel and the level of her eagerness of skinships.

     “But what I’ve given you all this time... was that still not enough for you?!”

She remembered what Sasshi said on the programme. Now she felt so lost and defeated.

     “Weren’t you always so happy whenever you’re with me?!”

In her mind, Haruna’s screaming of frustration. The feeling of being lost was hard to accept, because she’s not willing to lose Yuko. After all, Yuko always chased only herself prior to meeting the sisters. Why should Yuko’s preference change to another person now?

     “Yuu-chan! What can I do to make you once again mine??!!”

There was an enormous urge of taking back what’s stolen from her. She knew she couldn’t afford to lose it completely unless she wanted to utterly regret it for the rest of her life.

     “It can’t be like this. I must do something or my life will be completely empty!”

It’s now or never for Haruna. There’s no way back!!

     “You must take your Yuu-chan back! Ganbare, Haruna!!” she motivated herself. Her fists clenched, her eyes were full of determination.

Would she be ready to take Yuko back to her side?


It was just another day of training for the AKB48 members, nothing special from the other days. As usual, the members put all their might in it with such spirit. Even though it was just training, it was a crucial step that determines the success of their real performances on stage, and they couldn’t not be serious.

And so the training session of the day ended.

     “Hai~ the training session of today ends! Otsukare-sama deshita!” said Takamina thankfully. The captain of Team A, also the captain of AKB48 as a whole, was satisfied with their progress and hard work.

It’s resting time! Some members went to the shower, while the others opened their cellphones and play with it. But there were also members who just sat down and talk to each other.

However, it was different for Yuko. She turned her head several times to every possible direction, like she was looking for something. She even walked herself to several spots inside that studio like a lost child. Takamina, who was sitting beside her Acchan all the time after the session ends, couldn’t help but feel curious about Yuko’s strange behaviour.

     “Yuko, are you looking for something?” asked Takamina.
     “Well, yeah. Did you both see my NyanNyan? She’s gone right after training ended.”

Takamina and Acchan shook their heads. They didn’t know Haruna’s whereabout at that time.

     “Maybe she went to the shower first?” Acchan suggested.
     “Probably... didn’t she say she has other plans this night after our training?” Takamina reminded Yuko, “Kojiharu indeed talked about it before training started.”
     " Ah~ sou desu ka. You’re right.”

Then Sayaka, together with Sae entered the training studio.

     “Oi, Yuko! If you’re looking for Kojima, she ran away to the shower almost half an hour ago.” confirmed Sayaka.
     “Yeah. She looked in a rush upon walking there back then.” Sae added more to the confirmation.
     “My NyanNyan... she didn’t think I will miss her today, did she?” Yuko pouted in a naughty way.

Without wasting any more time, Yuko initiatively walked to the doors of the training studio. She planned to catch her self-claimed beloved NyanNyan up. But before getting any closer to the doors, suddenly Haruna appeared from behind it, indirectly blocking Yuko whom was just several meters in front of her.

     “Yuu-chan...” Haruna murmured, didn’t think that Yuko was going to her direction.
     “NYANNYAN!!!” squeaked Yuko so loud. Her pout changed into a big smile with dimples around it. “I miss you so much already!!!”

Yuko fastened her steps toward Haruna, only to be stopped by the one she’s going to.

     “STOP IT RIGHT THERE, YUU-CHAN!!” shouted Haruna harshly while showing her palm, giving a sign for Yuko to stop.

Yuko got startled. She stopped her steps immediately. Her face displayed a scared expression towards the taller girl.

     “Nya.. NyanNyan... is there something wrong? You’re so scary!”

The other members suddenly turned quiet. They all looked to Haruna and Yuko’s direction. What’s happening now between them?

From out of the blue, Haruna approached closer to the one she stopped earlier. Yuko couldn’t help but feel surprised of the tsundere’s first move. However, she kept immobile on her standing spot, unable to move on her own. She’s clueless of what Haruna is going to do to her.

     “Don’t move, Yuu-chan. Keep steady.” ordered Haruna, this time in a softer tone.

Yuko looked all over her NyanNyan. Haruna had already changed her clothes, which meant she had already taken a shower. The lovely fragrance from her body reached Yuko’s nose. Nothing came out from Yuko’s mouth except sounds of her breathing so fast and nervous.

     “Kamisama~, NyanNyan’s scent is so...”

Aside from her scent, she spotted Haruna wearing a tight vertical striped shirt and denim hotpants with just sneakers on her feet. Haruna was so revealing in that outfit as her beautiful white legs were shown. Normally it’s the outfit for the summer, but now she’s wearing it on the night. The temperature wasn’t that cold at the training studio though, but outside.. don’t even talk about it.

     “NyanNyan! You’re so damn sexy!” Yuko complimented in a loud voice. She tried to gave a complimenting smile, despite being careful of not to annoy Haruna more.
     “Sshhh... be quiet, Yuu-chan. Who said you can speak now?” warned Haruna with a sharp stare.

The other members in the studio kept watching the two. It’s so unusual for Haruna to do the thing like she did those seconds ago.

     “Haruna, what are you going to do to Yuko?” most of the other members thought in confusion and worries.

And then, what happened next really switched a low-voiced tumult on inside the studio. Haruna suddenly opened the uppermost button on her shirt. Yuko’s eyes almost popped out of surprise.

Then Haruna opened the next button below. No words were coming out from Haruna as her sight was focused on her own moving hands. Now Yuko could see her collarbone. Yuko’s heart beat so fast while her eyes were still following Haruna’s hands and her recently revealed area.

     “NyanNyan... NyanNyan... NyanNyan...”

At the third button, Haruna’s cleavage started becoming distinct. Yuko’s jaw dropped heavily. She almost drooled upon looking at the scenery in front of her, so close to her eyes.

Not only Yuko was surprised. All the people inside copied her reaction too. They couldn’t believe Haruna would dare to strip herself in front of public! Yuko’s breath became audible. In addition, her heart was pounding faster and faster, more than she could ever imagine. But Haruna didn’t show any signs of stopping!

     “Please keep looking, Yuu-chan. This is... only for you.” Haruna said in total embarrassment. Her face turned red like never before. Perhaps the reddest her face could display.

     “I love you, Yuu-chan. This is... another sign of my love for you.”

And she opened the fourth button of her shirt. This time, the whole cleavage of her chest was revealed completely!

     “A.. a... ah~” Yuko stuttered, speechless. But amazingly she had no idea of what to do now. Usually, she would take the initiative to ‘attack’ Haruna’s chest, but this time she was too astonished to do so. It was so damn rare of Haruna to offer her own ‘beauty’ to the girl who usually embraced her with too much passion and greed.

Actually one button on Haruna’s shirt was still left unopened, but the opened four buttons were already more than enough to give Yuko the glorious scene of Haruna’s whole chest. Both Haruna’s hands grabbed the collars of her shirt, then opened them apart.

Haruna wore a white laced bra inside her shirt, which added more to the stunning charm of her ‘assets’. It honestly looked so hot!!

The studio became a gallery full of statues. Nobody’s talking anymore, or at least that’s what both Haruna and Yuko heard. They focused too much on the respective person in front of them.

     “Nya... Nyan..Nyan... I...” Yuko tried to speak, but failed completing her sentence.
“And... this is my final attempt. Haruna, it’s now or never. Do it now!”

Haruna suddenly put both her hands on the back of Yuko’s head. Then in a single motion... she pushed Yuko’s head to her half naked chest!!!

Yuko’s face was completely sticking on Haruna’s chest. A repeat of the same scene Yuko made with one of the Kano sisters on the footage in television.

It was a truly shocking scene for the other members. Takamina, Acchan, Sayaka, Sae, and the others gasped in very uber surprise. Their eyes widened, their hands covering their mouths subconsciously. Sayaka even tried to close Sae’s eyes (subconsciously too!), preventing her of looking at the mild 18+ scene like Sae was still unallowed to look at it. But Sae resisted and threw her partner’s hand away. She didn’t want to miss the scene also.



Haruna kept sticking Yuko’s face as long as she could. She really enjoyed the sensation of Yuko’s face being on her chest, while for Yuko herself, it was absolutely beyond indescribable. No words in human’s language could tell how Yuko felt when her face sank into her beloved NyanNyan’s chest so deep. No words at all!

     “Maybe my chest size isn’t as big as Kano’s... but I would try my hardest to give you my best, Yuu-chan!” in quiver Haruna tried to convince the dimple-faced squirrel.

Then she continued...

     “So.. please don’t leave my side! Yu.. Yuu-chan... DAISUKI!!!” Haruna confessed to Yuko. She had confessed her love (in a lightly way) several times before, but this time was very different now. The atmosphere inside the studio couldn’t be more intense.

After approximately a minute passed, Haruna released Yuko’s head to give her fresh air. Yuko was so quiet, none of her comments blurted out.

When Haruna finally loosened her grip on Yuko, Yuko felt weakness on her knees. Without she realized it she got a nosebleed.


Yuko fell down on the floor. It seemed she fainted from all the shock Haruna caused her. It couldn’t be another reason, Yuko was terribly shocked by Haruna’s brave move that Yuko lost all her senses for a while.

     “Are~ Yuu-chan!!!” Haruna screamed. She rushed to Yuko’s side, not wanted anything happen to her. The other members followed her surrounding the fainted squirrel in worried faces.

     “Yuko, wake up!”
     “Yuu-chan! Can you hear me? Yuu-chan!! Yuu-chan!!!” Haruna shook Yuko’s body frantically. She wasn’t ready for something like this. She kept calling her name. “Yuu-chan!!! YUU-CHAN!!!” Haruna’s now crying. She’s really worried of her and had no idea what to do if the only one she truly loved really leave her for real.


Fortunately, Yuko opened her eyes again. She still looked so weak, but in a sudden she gave a very wide grin on her lips. However, with the traces of her nosebleed still on her face, her facial expression looked more like that of a perverted old person than a little girl whom needed first aid.

     “Minna~ I... I’m in heaven...! Heehee~” she talked in a weak voice, but sounded so naughty. Her right hand formed a victory sign.

Haruna felt so relieved. A sweet smile formed on her lips to reply the one she wanted to love the most for now and forever. She then hit Yuko’s left arm softly.

     “Mou~ you pervert!”


Later on the same night, Mariko’s fingers were busy pressing the keys of her cellphone. Her face exhibited a quite annoying smirk. Miichan crawled up behind Mariko’s back and embraced her from behind. She looked at Mariko’s cellphone screen.

     “What are you doing, Mari-chan?” asked Miichan in a spoiled voice. She had also been lovey dovey to her Mari-chan since the training session ended.
     “As you see Miichan... a big scoop for my blog.” Mariko mischievously answered while showing a photo of Yuko’s face sticking on Haruna’s chest.
     “Heh~ when did you get this photo?!” Miichan’s eyes widened.
     “Just now, in the studio. I happened to take this precious picture by chance. You were taking a shower back then.”
     “Heeeeehhhh~ nande?! Why did you not tell me?!! Why?!! Why?!! If I knew so, I would immediately run from the shower naked!” Miichan ‘berserked’. She pinched Mariko’s cheeks.
     “Aahh~... itai!!” Mariko rubbed her slightly reddened cheeks (because of the pinch!).
     “This is your punishment for letting me ignorant of this big scoop!“ Miichan pouted.
     “Gomenasai, Miichan! I didn’t mean to!” pleaded Mariko, hoping Miichan to stop ‘hurting’ her.

And so, at 21 and a half hours in Tokyo’s time zone, Mariko’s blog had been updated with her latest entry.

 2011-03-14 21:25

 There was a huge commotion in the studio!


 Nyaro finally makes her move towards Yuko.. unbelievable~ *surprised*

 Yuko feels in heaven! *lol*

 Love is everywhere tonight ❤❤


-----< E N D >-----

Hope you like it~, comments and advices are welcomed so feel free to reply, and thank you very much for reading!!
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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 21/08/2011)
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2011, 03:51:29 AM »
So hilarious   :rofl:

I really couldn't believe what I just read :w00t:

Haruna doing that  was really something I wouldn't think of....just like the members and Yuko :w00t: XD
Yuko in cloud nine :grin:

You even added MariMii at the end so cute and funny :rofl:

I'm looking forward to more of your 'single shots'

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 21/08/2011)
« Reply #3 on: August 21, 2011, 06:42:24 AM »
I love it~

Not everyday where you have Haruna making the first move :U

All this MariMii I keep reading in fics is starting to make me ship it lol

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 21/08/2011)
« Reply #4 on: August 21, 2011, 12:09:43 PM »
 :on bleed:

kojiyuu's breastship skinship  :heart:

i'm fainted now imagining the action of haruna

please write more  :bow:

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 21/08/2011)
« Reply #5 on: August 21, 2011, 02:13:25 PM »
That was.... LOL. What did I just read?! LOLOLOL That was awesome!! xD Thank you for the story! Oh Kojipa xD
Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 21/08/2011)
« Reply #6 on: August 22, 2011, 09:58:38 AM »
@blughise: Yeah... Haruna sometimes can be too unpredictable. XD About the MariMii.. actually I was going to write only Mariko, but to make the scene more natural, I made her interact with Miichan. :grin: Hopefully I can continue shooting you all with my next single-shots.  :D Please wait for more!
@Kid_Alpha: Thank you!  :D I also ship MariMii because of the fics I read here.. they really shaped my liking of the AKB pairings in general.
@yukofan: Woaa~ be careful. Seems you nosebleed too much...  :lol: I'll try to write more...
@arisa03: Well, what you just read here was my very first AKB fanfic. You're welcome! Glad you like it!!  :D

@all: Thank you for the comments and 'Thank You's!!  :D :peace:
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The Book of My Single-Shots [My Girly Boy, I'm Your Fangirl] (update 8/21)
« Reply #7 on: August 22, 2011, 09:59:27 AM »
My notes:
  • "Normal sentences" are talks. "Italic sentences" are thoughts.
  • Since English isn't my first language, possibilities of mistakes and being monotonous always exist. I'm sorry if any of these things happen.
  • Yeah, another popular pairing here. So, please enjoy it.. happy reading!

My Girly Boy, I'm Your Fangirl
Pairing: AtsuMina (Maeda Atsuko x Takahashi Minami)

--- Flashback ---

     “Eh~ you want me to be the model in your music video?”
     “Yes! I’m a huge fan of AKB48, especially... you. To have you in my video would be a big honor for me.”
     “Ara~ there’s no need to be so formal. By the way, arigatou for being fan of me, err.. I mean AKB.”
     “So, how about my offer? Are you interested?”
     “Mmm... yeah, I’d like to. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~”
     “Sou desu ka?! Arigatou gozaimasu, Takahashi-san!”

Seemed the collaboration project will be very fine and interesting. Well, if Takahashi (or we all know her as our respected leader of AKB48, Takahashi Minami) was involved in it, the result couldn’t be wrong, was it?

--- Flashback ends ---

Several weeks had passed without anything special. Takamina rarely talked about it. It’s not that she didn’t want to tell anybody, it’s just her duties as an AKB48 member needs to be prioritized more rather than her side jobs.

But it was all revealed during the beginning days in August 2011. Takamina wasn’t at the theater's studio to practice. Seemed she's doing other works outside during that time.

     “Hey, MINNA!!! MINNAAA!!!! MINNNAAAAA!!!!!” yelled Miichan as she ran into the studio during their break. And of course, a big commotion was happening thanks to her scream that was equal to sound pollution.

     “Oi~ Miichan, you’re too loud!”
     “Miichan! Turn off your volume a little bit!! I’m sleeping!!!”
     “What is it?! Don’t tell me it’s nothing!”

Sounds of complaints started to be heard everywhere. Their eyes were all glaring at the chubby airhead. No, ‘annoying airhead’ would suit her better.

     “Look what I’ve found here!!” answered Miichan enthusiastically, automatically ignoring all the complaints and killer gazes from everyone. She browsed a bit on her phone, then gave them all a look at the phone’s screen. It was an online news article shown.
     “Mmm... what’s this?”
     "Just read it already.”
     “First PV appearance outside AKB... Takahashi Minami...”
     “... Takahashi Minami...”

Few seconds passed...
     “Eeehhhh~~~ Takamina is on a non-AKB PV??!!!” a big shock struck them all, resulting in a late reaction.
     “BINGO!!!” replied Miichan in an exaggerated way. “Takamina is appearing on this video! That’s what was said in this article.”
     “Looking at the song title mentioned in the article... which song is it?“
     “Ah, I know! It’s the latest opening theme of Fairy Tail. I like that song!!”
     “Oh yeah... I forgot Mayuyu is an otaku. She always knows every anime stuff.”
     “Eh~ is the song good? I want to hear it..”
     “Atashi mo...”
     “Easy guys..” Miichan calmed them all. “There’s also the PV in this article.” she explained.
     “Why didn’t you say earlier, Miichan?!”
     “C’mon! Hurry up and play it! We sooooo want to see the captain.”

And so, Miichan played the PV everyone had been eager to watch. It was a Youtube link embedded to the article so there was no need to jump to the tube’s site.


Acchan was lazily resting on her bed at her bedroom when the cellphone beside her suddenly chimed, the sound of an incoming e-mail. She quickly opened her phone and read the e-mail she received.

Acchan.. mai waifu.

I found a link of an uber kawaiiiii video


Watch this Acchan.. it’s a must!!
Watch it and I guarantee you will be super fangirling all over Takamina.. *smirk*


P.S.1 You better watch it on a laptop!! It would be a million times better than a cellphone screen...
P.S.2 A Takamina fever is spreading in the studio now. Super fangirlism is so ultra-crazy!! :D


     “Ara~ Gachapin? What is she doing sending me a link this late?” Acchan cluelessly frowned. She then read the whole e-mail till she ended on the last sentence of the mail.

Watch it and I guarantee you will be super fangirling all over Takamina.. *smirk*

     “Seriously, she refers me as her waifu and she’s telling me to see a kawaii video about Takamina? Miichan does indeed want me to cheat on her, eh? Hehe~” Acchan smirked. It’s just too strange if your own husband/wife asked you to cheat on him/her, wasn’t it? Then Acchan continued reading on the mail, “But super fangirling? Didn’t she think she talk all this in a way over the top? It’s Takamina she’s talking about. We all know her so well.” Acchan thought skeptically. Takamina’s style was way too boyish and the entire AKB48 knew that. “Oh well, maybe it’s better to click the link open.”

But Acchan’s phone was ringing right before she pressed the keypad to open the link. She then put on the phone near her ears, and it was Miichan herself!!

     “Hai~ Acchan! Don’t forget to watch it on a laptop! The bigger the picture the better the quality of it! Also keep Takamina safe for her sake, especially from Mocchi. Be careful. Hahahaha...”

Then she hung up without Acchan ever talked back. She was surprised of how Miichan knew the right timing to call. Otherwise, if Miichan hadn’t make the short call earlier.. she would have quickly forgotten the ‘postscript’ (P.S.) sentence on Miichan’s e-mail.

Speaking of which, she hadn’t seen Takamina for awhile. Her schedule was so full of dorama shooting, especially her latest one. This meant she wouldn’t be able to join the training and rehearsals in the theater for a certain length of time. Honestly, she sometimes felt so lonely without the usually failing shortie beside her.

So, she finally typed the link on her laptop and clicked on to play it.

     “Eh~ Jamil’s Rock City Boy? I remember Takamina talked to me about her being involved in a PV project with another artist. But she never went through details though.” mumbled Acchan in her mind.

Jamil’s music video titled The Rock City Boy was played now on Youtube, with Acchan at the front of her laptop screen. Yes, she was so deadly curious right now. Not because of Jamil and his song, but because of her beloved captain that would make her super fangirling over the captain. At least that’s what Miichan told her (ultra-crazy?).

But, not so long after the song started to roll...

     “Oh no... what is this? What is this?”

After an American boy (played by Jamil himself) arrived at the airport in Japan carrying his entire luggage, a quick shot of someone’s back was seen in the video. It was a woman in a bun hairstyle wearing a white uniform with a dominantly-blue tie. At first, it was still blurry when the front shots of her are shown, but later... when Jamil and the woman ran to each other on the escalator, it’s so clear in one continuous shot upwards.

     “Kamisama~! Takamina as a flight attendant?”

Confirmed. The woman was the captain of AKB48 herself. And she’s wearing a flight attendant uniform in that video.

     “Kirei!!! Cho kawaiii!!!! How could she be this gorgeous and elegant? I have no idea!!”

Acchan’s ears ignored the song already. Her mind and eyes were too distracted by the flight-attendant Takamina. Her admiration towards Takamina in the video slowly but sure occupied her brain since the captain’s first appearance in the video.

And then Takamina looked back at Jamil (while the angle was actually made to look her looking at the audience) and simply tilted her head giving a polite smile. Just a polite smile, but pierced so deep through Acchan’s heart.

     “Yabai! Her smile is killing me!!”

Acchan’s terribly blushing on her cheeks. She felt so awkward in a sudden. It was just a video shot of Takamina, but she felt like the shorter girl was smiling at her. Only for her.

     “It’s still on the first half of song and I’ve been this so uneasy?” she couldn’t even believe herself was so dazzled. “What’s going on with me?”

Then another video shot of Takamina shifted Jamil’s scene again. This time it was at a Shinto shrine. She was now a miko, a shrine maiden.

     “Now, Takamina as a miko?! Quite plain, but still.. it’s her.” Acchan’s all biased now. “She’s perfect in everything!”

At the moment she guided Jamil to pray in front of the shrine’s haiden (hall of oratory), she was then shot close up from the side.

     “Ah~ I suddenly feel so calm looking at her praying.” commented Acchan subtly. “But, how I wish I can kiss that cute cheeks right now! It’s so beautiful of her! And her nails.. so it’s not forbidden for a miko to be stylish...” she smiled again.

How Acchan missed all the kisses she had offered to her officially best friend in life. The feeling of Takamina’s cheeks, forehead, even the lips was all she wanted right now. And it’s been quite a big desire lately during her absence in AKB48’s routines.

But now, the desire started to seem too odd for its own base. It was getting more different than what it should be.

     “Oh no! I’m starting to look her as a girl now... in a boy’s perspective.”

She cupped her own reddened cheeks to calm herself, but fail to do so. On the other way, her breath started to ran fast upon realizing her own peculiarity.

     “I love her with a BOY’s feeling in my heart.”

In their real life, usually it worked the opposite way. When they were both together, no matter at what event, Takamina used to be the dude and Acchan’s the babe. But this time is so different. Much too different...

She instantly felt some sort of electricity on the most sensitive parts of her body. They were all twitching, as a response to the subtle commands of the owner’s brain.

And these commands, when translated to English, would read... “Acchan was personally attracted to the girly and feminine Takamina shown in the video. And it was all... sexual.”

     “Arrggghhh~ acting as Ashiya Mizuki is slowly making me into a real guy... because now I’m being aroused by you like having a turn on!”

Acchan subtly felt herself a male now... and Takamina was the female she must confess her feelings to as a male. For a moment she couldn’t deny it.

During nearly the fourth minute of the video, the scenes of her walking in a forest/park acrossed the footage. Again, she dressed differently from the previous ones as now she was a random teenage girl.

     “Woaa~ why do I have the feeling this looks like a scene of a dating sim game? Kawaii...!!!”

It was indeed look like a missing footage of PSP’s AKB1/48 Idol ni Koishitara game. Takamina in a simple while dress, with her long hair flowing naturally plus a straw hat, walking around the forest/park with cute expressions decorating her face. Surely it was a scene Acchan failed (again!) to resist.

     “How many times must I say that you are too kawaii, Takamina? Please don’t seduce me like this..”

She finally succumbed to the thought that Takamina DIDN'T FAIL being a girl.


In a moment, Acchan’s world turned blank and dark. The ecstasy of fantasizing Takamina was filling her world now... her fiery passion densed the ecstasy even more. This was the moment she would like to embrace as long as she wanted while Takamina was not on her side.

Acchan mentally gave her thumbs up to the director of the PV, expressing that she really liked the concept of it. The whole display of Takamina’s feminine beauty, was completely unmatched by everything and everyone else.

     “Hontou ni... that was saiko.. but the video still has a minute left. How long is the duration actually?”

She kept on watching. The last shoot showed Jamil jamming on his own acoustic guitar at the bus stop. Takamina, now as a lacrosse player student, secretly sat beside him, listening to him playing with full of attention. By the time Jamil finished the last line of the song, sound of clapping hands startled him. It’s the same beautiful girl she met everywhere!! Without waiting anymore, he instantly asked her out.

     “Ano~ would you like to go out for a cup of tea?”

Takamina hesitated upon the request. It was too fast for a guy she had just met that day to ask her out.

     “Aaa~ Sore wa chotto...” Takamina rejected it carefully. Either she’s too scared with a stranger or had other agendas waiting, her rejection was quite letting Jamil down. Their rendezvous continued with silence in the air.

When the bus finally came, she immediately took the bus, leaving Jamil alone whom was disappointed and dumbfounded.

     “Genki da se yo...”
     “Don’t mind...”

That’s what two random elementary students told him to cheer him up.


     “If I was the one who asked her out on the video, she would definitely accept it!” grinned Acchan.

The Youtube video ended like it should be. Although it’s just about five minutes long, Acchan had too much of a great time watching it. In the end, she once again mused about her beloved one.

     “Ah~ Takamina... you made me so damn lustful over you. If you are here with me now, I guarantee it would be too dangerous for you.” Acchan smiled mischievously. Indeed she felt too hot after watching it. Perhaps this is one of the effects of being super fangirling to the person you idolized.

She threw herself to her bed, looking at the ceiling above her. Her mind couldn’t keep steady about the model in Jamil’s music video. The various images of Takamina she had just seen on the video one by one flashed in her mind. The images of her smiling, pouting, winking, all mixed up together. Acchan’s extremely happy of it, while in the same time she extremely missed her Takamina very much.

     “I really want to be with you now. Kissing you for the whole night like a boy who lost control over himself.”

But she knew it’s useless to hope for it right now, because the one she desperately wanted to be on her side was simply not there. Only a good night she could hope for both her and Takamina.

     “I love you as a girl... and I love you as a boy. Oyasumi, Takamina...”

Before going to sleep for the night, she felt enlightened by a fact she had just realized.

     “Miichan... you were totally wrong. The video failed to make me super fangirling over her.”

Then she pulled on her blanket and closed her eyes.

     “I’m Takamina’s SUPER FANBOY!!!”

-----< E N D >-----

So, you've just read my second fic. Still... hope you like it~, comments and advices are welcomed so feel free to reply, and thank you very much for reading!!
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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 22/08/2011)
« Reply #8 on: August 22, 2011, 10:41:24 AM »
wooaaaaaaa...............! that was how i feel when watching the video......  :w00t: XD XD
and you describe it very detail... XD lol.
i like it. nice fict..  :twothumbs


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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 22/08/2011)
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Yeay!!! AtsuMina!!! ahaha... Acchan slowly turning into a guy for takamina!!!  :on lol:

I love the song!!! Love the pv as well!!!  :mon inluv:  I almost die every time I watch that pv...  :mon crazyinlove:

even now~~~  :imdead:

Thanks for the single shot!!! write more AtsuMina!!! yeah!!!  :on woohoo:

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 22/08/2011)
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oh notice I have missed these and been roflol. :grin:

KojiYuu fic is just too surprised what Kojiharu did., but I like it.  :twothumbs
Yuko definately in her superb clould nine. :wub:

Acchan is a fanboy of takamina .. .. can't help to think she's the dorminant one..  :D
the PV truely made takamina the real attractive one. (love the pv a lot)

Please write more love the way you had protray them. 

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 22/08/2011)
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AWESOME!!! XD :twothumbs

Acchan fanboying on TAKAMINA!!!!!! :lol:

Hey can you write the continuation of it.....I so wanna know what will happen to Atsumina after that :grin:

I'll be looking forward to your updates

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 22/08/2011)
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both fics AWESOME.... like it.. but i wanna what gonna do acchan when her boy´s instincts see takamina .. its gonna be interesting

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots (updated: 22/08/2011)
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@d_ruffi: Hahaha~ it seems we all feel the same thing. XD This video definitely offers something for us. Thank you very much!!  :D
@Flean: Oh my, please don't die now! Or you'll really miss AtsuMina (and I'll really miss your fics) for real!!  XD
@luckymmsg: Yeah, we're all surprised of Kojiharu. XD And the PV really succeeded making me see Takamina in a new light.  :w00t: Thank you very much!  :D I so want to write more..
@blughise & Haruko: THANK YOU!!! :D Well, since this is basically a single-shot, I actually just planned to end it right there. I'll try to write the continuation though, in fact there are already little pieces of ideas about it running inside my head. But maybe not too soon because I want to give room for other pairings first. I hope it's okay with you.. :nervous

@all: Thank you for the comments and 'Thank You's!!  :D :peace:
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The Book of My Single-Shots [AKRangers ~Princess in Distress~] (update 9/2)
« Reply #14 on: September 01, 2011, 10:02:08 PM »
My notes:
  • This is in SCRIPT format. And a SUPER LONG one. Don't tell I haven't warned you!
  • (This kind of sentences) means the current expression of the characters
  • Since English isn't my first language, possibilities of mistakes and being monotonous always exist. I'm sorry if any of these things happen.
  • Phew! Finally I can update this 'book' again! Truly SORRY for the damn long update... :bow: Been so busy lately with my works at college, thus giving me so little time to write this. Yet I'm still frequenting this forum just to read your great works, guys.  :thumbsup
  • And last but not least, please enjoy...!!

The beautiful earth once again is threatened by evil...

An evil being, called White Satan, wishes to turn the earth all white...
(SIGH~ the same person with the same desire again. BORING~)

From 5 skits with 4 victims, which the writer of this fic has watched so far, he’s on the upper hand...
(WHAT DA HELL???!!!)

It’s up to the five colored-warriors of love to defend the earth now!

And please, don’t fail again this time...


All rangers: “AK RENJA!!! ZA MUBI!!!
Red: “!”


[Narration: “Akihabara, Tokyo. This is where AKB48’s theater stood on. But we all don’t know actually, beneath the theater lies the secret base of the AKRangers.”]

Red: "Green! Orange! You've returned! Natsukashii~"
Blue: "How's your sidejob?"
Orange: "It's been good lately. But you know, we missed being an AKRanger."
Green: "Mmm... (nodded in agrees)"
Yellow: "It's good that you return. We haven't got any wins since you left us!"
Orange: "How's our subs? Did they do the job good?"
Blue: "Apparently they were more aggressive than you two. But still.. it's not enough to win."
Red: "I heard they were taken somewhere for intensive training. Even the 2nd Orange was given extra training to lose her weight."

Suddenly, the sound of the alarm broke through the room. The sirene flashed uncontrollably! PANIC ATTACK!

Emergency! White Satan alert! White Satan alert!

The antique TV in their base, which also functioned for reconnaissance, showed a real-time footage of White Satan and his newest victim.

Beautiful girl: "Kyaaaaa!!! Kyaaaaa!!!" (cried in scare)
White Satan: “Wha.. wha... wha...!!! Wha.. wha.. wha...!!!” (laughed)

White Satan, with a bucket of paint on his hand, painted a wall full with graffiti of black hearts. He tried to paint it white and has successfully painted a quarter of the wall. (A/N: a black hearted wall sure was absurd. Sorry guys, lack of ideas!)

Beautiful girl: "Yamete!! Don't paint the wall!!!" (begged)
White Satan: "I will make everything white! Wha.. wha.. wha...!!!" (laughed and not stopping)
Beautiful girl: "Please not this wall! This wall is black hearted like me!!"

Sigh~ What a ruckus... that White Satan sure didn't know when to stop.

Red: “He has appeared again, huh?! That White Satan!”
Blue: “As usual he’s trying to make everything white again!”
Yellow: “Again! Let go off that person!!”
Red: “Yosh! Ikuwayo...!!”
Yellow: “Oi! You missed the ‘again’ on the ‘ikuwayo’!”
Red: “He~? Sumimasen.. Ikuwayo... again!”

And the five girls stood up from their seats, ready to pose for the henshin.

All rangers: (drawing the letter ‘A’ in the air) “A!!”
Orange: “Aaa~ At last you AKBingo scriptwriters gave me a line to say!” (fully excited)
All rangers: (drawing the letter ‘K’ in the air) “K!!”
Blue: “Eh~? Mmm.. (confused expression) Kicking your asses would be the punishment for their lack of lines!”
All rangers: (drawing the letter ‘B’ in the air) “B!!”
Green: “But your asses won’t blow out gases even if the five of us kick you hard!” (face of an airhead)

Please laugh if you think the poem was funny.

All rangers: “Fuu... Mambo!!!”

[Narration: “I’ll explain! When the AKRangers successfully make an “AKB” poem, they are able to transform using the energy resulting from the laughter.”]

The henshin sequence rolled on. Red, yellow, blue, green, and orange! Henshin!!

And in just few seconds, the rangers, White Satan, and the hostage magically teleported into their usual studio set.


Pose the AKB letters configuration! Green & Yellow made an ‘A’, Red brought up a ‘K’, and Orange & Blue formed a ‘B’.

All rangers: “AK RENJA!!!”

Princess: “Kyaaaaa!!!” (being held by White Satan)
White Satan: “Wha.. wha... wha...!!!” (laughed)
Red: “You have appeared again, huh? White Satan!”
Yellow: “Let go off that excessively reactive queen of the obaasans away!”

Princess: “Heeeehhh... obaasan??!!” (excessively surprised expression of a black hearted woman)

[Sign: "18 years old --> Princess’ age = Obaasan’s age"]
[Narration: “If you are over 17 years old you are already an old woman.”]

Red: “Oi, Yellow! She’s an exception of the obaasans! Don’t you see she’s younger than she look?”
White Satan: “Wha.. wha... wha... white!! (laughed) Internal disagreement, huh?”
Princess: “Tasukete! Help me AKRangers! This person is ugly.”
White Satan: “Wha~? How dare you call me ugly!” (slapped Princess’ head)
Red: “Don’t you dare touch her, White Satan!”
Princess: “Kashiwagi Yuki-hime, Captain of AKB's Team B, yoroshiku!”
Red: “Ah~ I'm Watanabe Mayu a.k.a. Red. (pointed herself) Yoroshiku too!” (waved hello to the Princess)
White Satan: “Oi! Who’s asking your name?” (slapped Princess’ head)
Princess: “Aa~ itai!” (rubbed her head)
White Satan: “How dare you all come again! You bunch of irritating rascals. If you want me to return her, you have to clear this game! Shiroko!!! (called)
Shiroko: “Whii~~~te!” (imitated Shocker’s mook salute)

While the Shiroko were busy preparing for the ‘game’. Oddly, it took longer than usual so waiting was inevitable. Unusually, Blue felt like asking something... to White Satan!

Blue: “Ano~ actually I’ve wanted to ask this for a long time. Don’t the Shirokos look very much like Kamen Rider’s Shocker mooks?” (took the time to ask)
White Satan: “Euhh.. we’re once being a part in Shocker’s grand army. The Shirokos were trained directly by their senpais, the Shocker mooks.”
Orange: “Eh~? You were once in Shocker?!! Did you and the Shirokos desert Shocker for real?!” (surprised)
White Satan: “Not really.. We’re just disappointed knowing that Shocker and its reincarnations had been defeated in 1000 episodes without any single wins since they established in 1971. Haah~ what a bunch of losers they are..” (sighed) And Shocker finally lost their sponsorship from the Japanese companies whom grew tired of their constant loss for real. Shocker’s now bankrupt!” (another sigh)
Green: “So you try to find a new job in a Sentai series?” (spontaneously asked)
White Satan: “Sou sou.. We’re in a pinch back then. Lack of income forced us to jump into Sentai, which we then realized was too colorful.” (heart talks)
Yellow: “So you try to make everything white, you White Jiji?!”
White Satan: “Yes! Being in a colorful world really hurt our eyes!! And for your information, I’m not a jiji!!! I’m not even married!”
Princess: “Nani a tenda?!! (shouted) Save me already!!” (tried to break free but fail)
White Satan: “Ah~ yes! Why am I having this conversation with you all?!” (became aware of everything)
Red: “Shimatta! We’re careless! That was the best chance to save her without even playing White Satan’s game!”
Other rangers: “Aahh~ you’re right! (late reaction) Sumimasen..Red.” (depressed look)

The Shiroko had finished setting up the next game.

Shiroko: “Whii~~~te!” (imitated Shocker’s mook salute)
White Satan: “That’s too damn long for a preparation! (glared at the Shiroko) So, the game this time will be...!” (stared at the audience)

[Sign: “TERROR AGAIN! SHOOT OUT IN 48 SECONDS!” (then the Princess screamed of fright!!)]

White Satan: “The rules are simple. If you all manage to do a penalty kick within this distance in 48 seconds, the rescue will be a success. If you are to fail, the hostage will turn completely white. WHITE!!”
Princess: “Yada! Kowai! Hidoi yo! Bakemono! Buremono!” (various expressions of excessive fright and mockery)
White Satan: “Oi! You talk too much! (slapped Princess’ head for the third time)
Princess: “Aa~ itai!” (another rub on her head plus a fake cry)
Red: “White Satan! You will not get away with this!” (pointed her finger to White Satan)
White Satan: “Hoo~ Fired up now, eh?”
Yellow: “Omae-ra! Prepare for trouble!” (threw fist to White Satan)
Blue: “Yeah (nodded) ... and make it double!” (made a peace sign. Eh, peace?)
Green: “Mmm... isn’t that Team Rocket’s introduction line?” (looked confused)
Orange: “C’mon. Let go off that one. Let’s fight!!” (imaginarily rolled her sleeves)

White Satan tossed the Princess into the usual glass booth for his victims and locked her inside.

Princess: “Tanomu! I’m counting on you, Red! AKRangers!”
Red: “Don’t worry, Hime-sama! Just believe me. Eh.. I mean... believe us!”

Yosh! The rangers were putting their game face on, ready for the fight. The order of the kickers would be (countdown started):


The goal wasn't too big for football standards. It's more like.. a goal for hockey instead! That wily White Satan!

Shiroko: "Whi.. whi.. white~" (mocked the rangers. One of the Shiroko's defending the goal!)

-- Blue's turn ---
Blue: "Here I go!!"
1st attempt: Failed, the ball was caught by the Shiroko
2nd attempt: Failed, the ball missed the goal
3rd attempt: Failed, the ball missed the goal
Blue: "Aah~ it's annoyingly difficult!"
Orange: "Don't give up!"
Red: "Keep shooting!"
Yellow: "C'mon, Blue!"
4th attempt: Failed, the ball missed the goal
5th attempt: Failed, the ball flew too high above the goal
6th attempt: Succeeded!
GOOAAAAAALLLLL! Blue succeeded! 4 goals remaining. 30 seconds left.

-- Orange's turn ---
All rangers except Orange: "Hurry!!" (started to panick)
1st attempt: Failed, the ball missed the goal
2nd attempt: Failed, the ball missed the goal
Yellow: "Target accurately!" (sounded like a frustrated coach)
3rd attempt: Failed, the ball was caught by the Shiroko
4th attempt: Failed, the ball flew too high
5th attempt: Failed, the ball was caught by the Shiroko
Orange couldn't help but felt frustrated too.
Blue: "Keep trying, Orange!!" (cheered Orange up)
6th attempt: Failed, the ball missed the goal
7th attempt: Failed, the ball was caught by the Shiroko
8th attempt: Succeeded!
GOOAAAAAALLLLL! Orange succeeded! 3 goals remaining. 14 seconds left.

-- Yellow's turn ---
Yellow didn't want to waste more time. She quickly approached the ball and kick it randomly.
1st attempt: Failed, self explanatory
2nd attempt: Failed, the ball flew too high
Yellow: "Arghh~! Damn it!!"
3rd attempt: Failed, the ball hit the glass booth instead
Princess: "Ahh~!! (screamed of pain, probably because the sound of the hit) What are you doing??!!!"
Yellow: "Gomen, Princess!" (apologized)
4th attempt: Failed, the ball hit White Satan instead
White Satan: "Oucchhh!! Watch where are you targetting!!"
Yellow: "Gomen, White~ Ahh!! Why am I apologizing to you?!! You deserve it!!!"
5th attempt: Failed, the ball hit one of the crew
Yellow: "Argh~!! Get out of here!!" (shouted at the crew)
Time's over!!! 0 seconds!!! 3 goals remaining.

-- Green's turn --
Didn't get her turn.

-- Red's turn --
Didn't get her turn.

All rangers: "Aahhh~!!!" (super disappointed)
Princess: "Nooooooooooo~!!"

(the lights in the studio set turned red)

[Sign: “RESCUE FAIL!”]

White Satan: “Eat thiiiiss~”
Red: "Gomenasaaaiii~!!"

The princess looked so distressed. There’s nothing she can do except letting herself turn fully white.

[Narration: “If the AKRangers fails, the hostage will be turned completely white. But...”]

Princess: “Eh~? Eh~?” (surprised)
White Satan: “Nani? Nothing’s happened? The flour didn’t pour down!” (surprised+confused)
All rangers: “Eeeehhhhh~???” (surprised)
White Satan: “Oi, Shiroko! Check the flour bag on top of the booth!” (sounded a little low)
Shiroko: “Whii~~~te!” (imitated Shocker’s mook salute)

The Shiroko quickly checked on the glass booth. If the flour didn’t pour, something must be wrong... obviously.

Shiroko: “Whii~~~te! Whi.. whi. whi... whi.. white~” (explained something. That’s how Shiroko talked)
White Satan: “What? The flour bag is stuck?!” (failed expression)

The AKRangers almost jumped of joy. They sure were lucky this time.

Red: “Your plan has failed too, White Satan!”
Blue: “You can’t make the world white anymore!”
Yellow: “Now go back to space!!”
White Satan: “Wha.. wha... wha... white!! (laughed) If I go, the Princess will be trapped forever inside the booth!”
All rangers: “Eeehhh~???!!! Naniiii~???!!!”
White Satan: “This booth is designed to be automatically opened after a game is completed.”
Yellow: “The game is already completed, baka!”
White Satan: “But you failed, and the flour didn’t pour!”
Blue: “What are you trying to say?!”
White Satan: “A completed failed game must end with the victim turned white. But since nobody became white, it couldn’t be said a completed game.”
Princess: “Saite~!!! You moron!!”
White Satan: “Oi! You think I’m happy with this? I cannot make the world turn white! My eyes would still hurt so badly!!” (desperated)
Red: “White Satan! I demand you to fix the booth!! Immediately!!!”
White Satan: “Eto~ I have calculated, this will take one night!” (scratched his head)
Princess: “Naniii!~??!! That long?!!!”
White Satan: “The Shiroko’s were a bunch of idiots like me (didn’t realize he acknowledged himself an idiot). To fix a simple problem like that would definitely take longer for us.”
Green: “Ano~ you can always ask help from the AKBingo crew.” (deep down was a genius!)
Yellow: “We couldn’t see them in this set! They’re pretending to be invisible while we’re acting!” (reminding it was a shoot for a progamme)
Blue: “But that’s a good idea!” (a lamp was visible above her head. She didn’t think of anything though!)
Orange: “Let’s make them visible.”
Red: “Now, what do we do?”
White Satan: “You all get lost from my sight now! Wait for the reparation. We’ll call you later using the antique TV once we’re done.
Blue: “Eh~ how did you know we have an antique TV?”
White Satan: “Well, I read the cue from the crew right there.” (pointed his finger to one of the crews in the shooting set. The crew was holding the cue.)
Yellow: “Oii! Don’t tell them anything about our secret base!!” (shouted to the same crew)
Blue: “You baka! Don’t say ‘secret base’ in front of White Satan!”
Yellow: “Oops! (closed her mouth) Sumimasen deshita!” (bowed down to her fellow rangers)
Red: “We’ll retreat now! Don’t you dare do anything to the Princess, White Satan!”
White Satan: “Shuuu~ shuuuu~ (waved hands like repelling a dog) I can’t do anything before she turned white! And her reactions so far were too sharp for my ears!! Inexplicably offensive!!!”
Princess: “Promise me you’ll come back and save me, Red!” (cried dramatically in a cliched way)
Red: “I promise you, Hime-sama! I’ll return to save you. Wait for us!” (a same cliche level response)
Princess: “Goodbye, Red!” (sent off a goodbye kiss through the air)

Red caught the imaginary kiss with her hand and directly put it on her mouth. She blushed her cheeks because of it. The kiss felt so soft and smooth on her lips... since it’s made of air.

The battle was postponed because of technical errors. The writer of this fic apologized to you readers for the delay.

----- || -----

All the AKRangers went back to their secret base. Inside the base...

Blue: “Sigh~ for the nth time we lost again... again and again...”
Yellow: “AKRangers is slowly moving towards breaking the record of people with most failures.”
Red: “Aah~ Hime-sama, are you okay there? Be safe...” (looking at the ceilings daydreaming)

The antique TV suddenly displayed something on its monitor. It’s a video of a fat guy with glasses.

Fat guy: “Hohoho~ I see there are not so many bright faces here, huh?” (imitated Santa Claus’ style of talking)
All rangers: “Aki-Professor??” (they rushed near the monitor)
Aki-P: “Also known as Aki-P. (laughed) What’s going on, rangers? Depressed over the loss from White Satan again?”

The rangers nodded weakly. Some of them were pouting. Not good expressions at all.

Aki-P: “How about the victim?”
Red: “She’s being held hostage by White Satan. She’s trapped in his glass booth! She.. she...” (cried and shook the monitor in worries. Blue and Yellow held her down to calm her.)
Aki-P: “Come on.. come on. Don’t panic, Red. At least she’s still alive now. Calm yourself.”
Yellow: “It’s so rare of you to come here, even though by monitor only.”
Aki-P: “Ah yes. Speaking of which, I have a short footage to show you girls. Douzo...”

The short footage were displayed on the TV’s monitor. The faces of Acchan and Takamina were seen.

Takamina: “Yo, AKRangers!”
Blue: “Takamina? Acchan?”
Yellow: “The obaasans we failed to save before!”
Acchan: “Yeah! And thanks to you we both got the 1st and 2nd position of the queen who got powdered and pied the most in AKBingo’s history!“
Blue: “Hey! I was on 3rd position! You’re not alone! (protested)
Takamina: “Okay, enough with the powder.. Ehem~ I know you often failed in rescue and let the victims turned white. But let me tell you kids, it’s not right to give up now!”
Acchan: “Yes, it’s too early to say you fail. Believe us, Takamina has experienced more failures than you can think of.”
Takamina: “Now you said it, Acchan. It’s true...” (slumped)
Acchan: “But, she keeps moving on and on. Despite meeting failures all over again, she became one of the most respected people in AKB with all her efforts until now without ever saying ‘I give up’.” (then hugged the midget beside her)
Takamina: “Aahh~ that’s so sweet of you, Acchan. Arigatou~” (looked at Acchan with a dearly gaze)
Acchan: “You are welcome~” (kissed Takamina’s cheeks)
Takamina: “Acchan! Not in front of these kids!” (heavily embarassed)

Acchan and Takamina’s footage disappeared. It got shifted by Yuko and Haruna’s footage.

Yuko: “Oi! AKRangers! Thank you for succeeding in NyanNyan’s rescue!” (tried hard to kiss Haruna’s lips)
Haruna: “Stop it, Yuu-chan! Not now!” (tried hard to resist Yuko’s lips)
Yuko: “As long as my NyanNyan is safe, you are forgiven for letting me turn white.” (turned her head to the audience/AKRangers)
Haruna: “Ganbare yo, AKRangers!” (clenched both her fists)

Acchan and Takamina’s footage shifted back.

Takamina: “By the way, about you calling us obaasan! That’s downright cruel!”

The monitor then showed a split-screen between Takamina and Yuko.

Yuko: “Yeah! Speaking of obaasans, there are people in AKB whom deserves more to be called obaasan than us!”
Takamina: “Sou sou! I know who you were referring to, Yuko.”

Suddenly, Mariko and Sayaka’s footage entered the monitor.

Mariko/Sayaka: “Shuddup, you two!! Takamina! Yuko!” (looked unhappy)

The monitor splitted again, this time splitted into four.

Takamina: “Aaah~ the people we were referring to.” (shivered jokingly)
Yuko: “The people who can singlehandedly defeat White Satan...” (followed Takamina's expression)
Mariko: “We’re still beautiful and becoming so much womanly, you know!”
Sayaka: “Don’t you dare talking behind our backs, you brats!”

Takamina and Yuko both made an apology gesture.

Takamina/Yuko: “Sumimasen... don’t kill us! We still want to live long and prosper...” (whined)

The AKRangers giggled upon looking at the four. Mariko and Sayaka then turned to the rangers with an optimistic look on their faces.

Sayaka: “Yo, AKRangers! Believe in yourself!! The world still needs the power of justice and love!”
Mariko: “That’s right. Without little brats like you, the world will be a boring place with white colors only.”
Sayaka/Mariko: “Ganbare!!!”

Aki-P’s footage returned back.

Aki-P: “Thank you, girls! (looked far to his left side. Seemed the girls in the footage were shot not far from his current position) You see, AKRangers? (turned his head to the rangers) Even the people you failed to rescue back then still believe in you. The non-victims also put their hopes on your shoulders. Wouldn’t it be best to respond them and give your full potential?”
Red: “You’re right. As long as the world still suffers because of White Satan, the AKRangers are always there to help.”
Blue: “We can’t run away from our responsibilities right now.”
Yellow: “Our responsibilities won’t be fulfilled till we kick White Satan’s butt so hard."
Orange: “Mmm...” (agreed)
Green: “Mmm...” (agreed)
Aki-P: “That’s the answer I’ve been waiting from you. Give it all your best to make this world a happier place with more laughter and colors, without regrets and half hearted decisions. You all still remember why I chose you to be an AKRanger from the start, don't you?”

The AKRangers nodded in confidence.

Aki-P: “In AKRangers, you don’t work smart. You work hard. And you all have shown that kind of work since the start.” (wise guy style)
All rangers: "Thank you, Aki-Professor! Your words are motivating us!" (pumped up with bright eyes)
Aki-P: "That's good... and it seems I must go now. Remember... work hard! Ciao~" (waved goodbye)

The monitor turned off. But 2 seconds later... it turned on.

Aki-P: "Ow, there's something I forgot to tell you. The hint for White Satan's current game is... 'Captain Tsubasa'. Find the rest yourself. Ciao~ again."
Red: "Eh~ Captain Tsubasa??" (confused)
Yellow: "What did he mean? We must kick like Tsubasa?" (frowned)
Blue: "I think so! You know Tsubasa's often successful in executing shoot outs."
Orange: "Ah, sou sou! I understand."
Green: "Mmm..." (agreed)
Red: "Yosh! For the next game... let's kick it Captain Tsubasa's style!!"

This time is 10 seconds later... the sound of the alarm broke through the room again. The sirene flashed uncontrollably again! PANIC ATTACK AGAIN!

Emergency! White Satan alert! White Satan alert!

Turned on again. The face of White Satan on screen.

White Satan: "AKRangers! The booth is fixed now, but the game must be replayed. Come here right now! The black hearted princess is waiting!"
Princess: "Red! AKRangers! Please come now! I'm tired already being kept in this coffin by this funny creature."
White Satan: "You see? (sighed) She has been mocking me the whole night during the reparation. My ears were hot as hell! I'm offended! So damn offended!!!" (angered in desperation) You better come now!!!"

Turned off again. But this time, the rangers looked at each other with a new resolve.

Red: “Yosh! Ikuwayo...again and again!!”

And the five girls stood up from their seats again, ready to pose for the henshin again.

All rangers: (drawing the letter ‘A’ in the air) “A!!”
Yellow: "Eto~ (confused) A team's Takamina is a failed obaasan!" (mad dog's badmouth)
All rangers: (drawing the letter ‘K’ in the air) “K!!”
Blue: "Eh~ err~ (more than confused) K team's Sayaka is not failed but she's older than a obaasan!" (such insolence to her captain!)
All rangers: (drawing the letter ‘B’ in the air) “B!!”
Red: "B team's Yuki-hime isn't a obaasan unlike Yellow said!" (not confused at all, but totally biased)

For the second time.. please laugh if you think the poem was funny.

All rangers: “Fuu... Mambo!!!”

*fast forward... it's the duration*

*stop fast forward*

Red: "We've come, White Satan! Let go off the Princess!"
Princess: "Red! AKRangers! I've been waiting for you!"
Red: "I'm sorry for being too long. Now, you're safe." (assured the Princess everything's going to be fine)
White Satan: "Wha.. wha... wha...!!! (laughed) A lovey-dovey reunion! So touching~" (being cynical)
Red/Princess: "Shuddup, Jiji!! (shouted together with a killer glare on their eyes) Don't interrupt our moment!!"
White Satan: "Ha..hai.. (startled) Kowai.. (said to himself) To all men in the world.. avoid them." (stared at the audience)
Princess: "Oi! Start the game already, baka! Explain the rules at once!!"
White Satan: "Hai!!! (gasped in horror) So to win this game you must do it like yesterday and else and else and else."
Yellow: "That's fast!!" (surprised)
White Satan: "Of course! Don't think only the writer of this fic have the right to fast forward the story! I also have it too!!"
Red: "Yosh! No failure this time!"

The rangers were putting their game face on, ready for the fight again. The order of the kickers now would be (countdown started):


-- Green's turn --
Green tried to execute the first shoot out.
1st attempt: Failed, the ball missed the goal
2nd attempt: Failed, the ball flew above the goal
3rd attempt: Failed, the ball is caught by the Shiroko
Green didn't show any signs of giving up and kept on trying. 38 seconds left!
Red: "Remember Tsubasa's special moves!!" (reminded)
Green kicked the ball hard.
Green: "Hayabusaaa Shuuttoo!!" (reads: Hayabusa Shoot, means: Peregrine Falcon Shoot)
4th attempt: Failed, the ball hit the Shiroko's groin instead. An opening!
Red: "Now!!!"
Another Hayabusa Shoot!!
GOOAAAAAALLLLL! Green succeeded! 4 goals remaining. 34 seconds left.

-- Orange's turn --
1st attempt: Failed, she missed the ball
2nd attempt: Failed, the ball missed the goal
Orange was moving too slow. She ran all over the place to catch the running ball.
Yellow: "Hurry up! Move faster!!"
3rd attempt: Failed, she slipped and fell down
All rangers except Orange: "Awww~" (facepalmed)
Orange stood up again! For the 4th attempt she must succeed. Time was slowly running out!
Orange: "Must goal it.. Iguurruuu Shuuttooo!!" (reads: Eagle Shoot)
GOOAAAAAALLLLL! Orange succeeded! 3 goals remaining. 20 seconds left.

-- Blue's turn --
Yellow: "Blue! Hurry up!"
Blue: "Gotta make it fast! 19 seconds remaining!"
Blue stared at the goal, aiming for her target. She smiled in confidence.
Blue: "I won't do the same mistake like before." (thought herself)
Blue: "Haik~! Kamisoriiiii Shuuutttooo!!!" (reads: Kamisori Shoot, means: Razor Shoot)
The ball moved on a boomerang-like motion. The Shiroko couldn't guess the ball's movement!
GOOAAAAAALLLLL! Blue succeeded! 2 goals remaining. 13 seconds left.

-- Yellow's turn --
Yellow: "Yoshaa~! My turn now!"
Blue: "Ganbare, Yellow!"
Yellow concentrated on the ball in front of her.
Yellow: "Kojiro Hyuga-san! I won't fail you!" (spoke to herself)
Yellow started the move. With full power she kicked the ball.
Yellow: "Shineee~!!! (means 'die' in English) Taiigaaaaa Shuuuttooo!!!" (reads: Tiger Shoot)
The ball was a dashing meteor. It blasted off horizontally and dangerously.
GOOAAAAAALLLLL! Yellow succeeded! 1 goal remaining. 8 seconds left.

-- Red's turn --
Red: "7 seconds left!!"
All rangers except Red: "Red! Make a goal!! Quick!!!" (sounded worried)
Princess: "Go for it, Red! I know you can! Ganbare!" (gave her the spirits!)
Red: "This shoot.. I present it to you, Hime-sama!" (spoke in her mind)
Red put on her full-determined look. She knew the Princess and the world depended on this shoot out.
Red: "Doraaaiiibbuuu Shuuuttooo!!!" (reads: Drive Shoot)
The ball flew in a nicely 45 degrees. But...
All rangers except Red: "Aahhh!! The ball keeps going upward! It won't reach the goal!!!"
Princess: "Ah~ the ball, Red!" (panicked)
But amazingly, the ball suddenly dived into its opposite direction! It bounced on the floor, moved between the Shiroko's legs.. and hitted the net!
GOOAAAAAALLLLL! Red succeeded! The AKRangers triumphed!!

[-YOU WIN!!!-]

All rangers: "Yaaattttaaaaaa~~~~!!!!!" (truly jumped in joy)


[Narration: “White Satan was sent back into the depths of space!”]

The booth is unlocked automatically. The Princess was finally freed!!

Princess: "Red!!!" (dramatically cried and hugged her)
Red: "Hime-sama? Are you okay?" (smiled in relief)
Princess: "Mmm.. (nodded) Thank you, Red! Thank you, AKRangers!"

Their smiles were so bright now. It's a touching moment.. (someone! give the writer of this fic a tissue! He's sniffling!)

The rangers and the Princess were staring at the studio's ceiling. (pretending to look at the sky)

Princess: "White bakemono! The best white is the natural one you got from Olay whitening cream!!" (learned this from cosmetic ads on television)
Red: "But a tint of red would be also best on a natural white face." (kissed the Princess' left cheek for real!)
Princess: "Ah~ Red! (face turned red.. too red) No.. Mayu-san! Such soft lips..."
Red: "This lips is only for you, Hime-sama. Anytime you want..."

Red and the Princess looked at each other with a lovers' gaze. There lips formed a bashful smile.

Princess: "Red... you're really my knight in shining armor!" (so damn cheesy!)
Red: "And you are my goddess... the lost goddess from paradise." (corresponding the cheesiness!)
Yellow: "Ehem~ ehem~" (coughed jokingly) Don't forget we're still here, Red!"

The lovey-dovey new couple returned to 'reality' and giggled.

Red: "Sumimasen.. don't be jealous, Yellow. I'm sure you'll find someone in the future." (clapped Yellow's shoulder)
Blue: "That's right! Or... you would rather be... lovey-dovey with me instead?" (teased)

Yellow got blushed too!

Yellow: "Not in front of them, Blue!" (embarassed)

The others laughed at the reddened Yellow.

Yellow: "By the way.. White Satan sure flew so high!" (tried to change the topic)
Orange: "Yeah.. just like Team Rocket! Blasting off at the speed of light!"
Green: "Err~ about White Satan.. I see he's lying down there." (pointed at the lying body on the floor)

It's White Satan's body!!

All rangers: "Eeeehhhhhh~???!!!" (utterly shocked)
Blue: "Why is he still here?"
Yellow: "Red! You didn't kick him hard! You failed!"
Red: "I'm sure I kicked him hard enough. But.. he's not moving right now. Is he... dead?" (moved closer to the body, followed by the others)
White Satan: "Oi! I'm not dead!!" (turned his head to the rangers)
All rangers + Princess: "Aaaahhhhhh~ liviiingg deaaad!!!" (surprised)
White Satan: "I'm not a living dead either!! Even when I was supposed to be dead, you're still badmouthing at me! Insolents!" (stood up)
Yellow: "Kora!!! The narrator said you're in the depths of space now!! Why are you still in the studio?!" (vicious)
White Satan: "Because I'm not Team Rocket, you dimwit!! I don't blast off at the speed of light!!" (slapped Yellow's head)
Yellow: "Itai! (rubbed her head) Don't you dare slap my head, you White Jiji!" (mad dog Yellow mode on!)

White Satan's face turned pale (which was already pale actually). It's just so wrong to make trouble with Yellow!

All rangers except Yellow: "Yellow... Yellow..." (held the mad dog, not letting her ran amok!)
Yellow: "Get off me!! Let me go!! This Jiji's ass needs to be kicked!!" (resisted)
White Satan: "Sumimasen, Yellow!" (kneeled down in fear! Unbelievable!!!)

[Sign: “CUT!”]


Finally White Satan has gone for good..

The earth has returned beautiful again with its colorful tone..

Thank you very much to the AKRangers!!

You have proven yourselves are not a fail like Takamina!!!

- Cast -
Watanabe Mayu as Red -- Miyazaki Miho as Yellow -- Ono Erena as Blue -- Komori Mika as Green -- Sato Sumire as Orange
Kashiwagi Yuki as Princess Kashiwagi (Yuki-hime) -- Oomizo Kyoto (of Bad Boys) as White Satan

- Guest Stars -
Maeda Atsuko as herself -- Kojima Haruna as herself -- Oshima Yuko as herself -- Takahashi Minami as herself -- Shinoda Mariko as herself -- Akimoto Sayaka as herself
Akimoto Yasushi as Aki-Professor (a.k.a. Aki-P)

- Crew Team of AKRanger Skit -
The same crew team that handled AKBingo!

- Production -
Nippon Television


All rights reserved, Nippon Television, 2009.

Notes and references:
  • Green (Mikapon) and Orange (Suuchan) were almost never given lines to speak in the original AKRanger skits. So I made them speak more, though not as much as Red (Mayuyu), Blue (Erepyon), and Yellow (Myao).
  • All screenshots were taken from previous episodes of AKRanger. (In courtesy of Nippon Television and Youtube)
  • Shocker was established together with the airing of the first Kamen Rider series (KR Ichigo and Nigo) in 1971. Meanwhile, the 1000th episode of the whole KR metaseries aired in 2011, during the airing of Kamen Rider OOO.
  • Watch the American dubbed series of Pokemon to hear more about quotes of Team Rocket.
  • Watch AKBingo’s AKBEST20 episode to see details about the queen who got powdered and pied the most in AKBingo’s history.
  • Dig up Captain Tsubasa (animes, mangas, games) again to learn about the characters' special moves. The AKRangers were copying their moves in the story.
  • Olay, let me put your name here. Thank you!

So, that's my third fic. Yeah, it's a longer one indeed from my previous ones. I'm sorry if you felt uncomfortable reading the text formatted like above. As usual... hope you like it~, comments and advices are welcomed so feel free to reply, and thank you very much for reading!!
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You even brought Atsumina , Kojiyuu , Mariko-sama and Sayaka
Atsumina moment is so priceless
It's a good thing AKBRANGERS saved Yukirin

AWESOME!!!! :twothumbs
I'll be looking forward to your next update

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Rofl your fic made me laugh so hard! Especialy the last one lol Oh by the way captain tsubasa nice ;)

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@blughise & kahem: Yay~ (jumped of joy) I'm glad you laugh!! XD (since writing funny stories are hard!! :lol:)  THANK YOU for reading and commenting!! :D
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team rocket!  :on cigar: kojiro hyuga(& tsubasa)shoots! :on asmo: :hiakhiakhiak: x hime(mayuki),atsumina,kojiyuu(& blue x yellow(eremyao) :luvluv1: :shy2: :wriggly:
yahooo!! :on GJ:

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@MESS: yeah... I mix n matched so many things here, just for the sake of laughs :lol: :lol: hey, you notice the eremyao!  :w00t: such sharp eyes you have there! Thank you!! :D
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