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Author Topic: Paradise Lost: Middle Earth [Chapter 3]  (Read 5852 times)

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Re: Paradise Lost: Yggdrasil, Nine Worlds [Part 1 Chapter 1]
« Reply #20 on: March 16, 2015, 01:56:49 PM »
Hmm.. now they both will going on that school.. hmm..  :mon dunno:
But why Minami said like Jurinas's life is at stake.? :huhuh  Does someone want to hurt her?

Waiting next update! :)

P.s. Author-san, you better don't rush things with writting.. coz you still have your own things what to do..
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Re: Paradise Lost: Yggdrasil, Nine Worlds [Part 1 Chapter 1]
« Reply #21 on: March 16, 2015, 04:28:40 PM »
Thanks for update pandami-san.. :onioncheer:
I'm really waiting for it..
Yes it's Jurina.... :luvluv1: :luvluv1: And she's a devil.. :twisted:
Wow I never imagined that takamina will be jurina's sister... :glasses:
Why is jurina in dangered??? :frustrated:
So curious, can't wait for next chapter.. :on woohoo:
Ganbatte kudasai pandami-san.. :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Paradise Lost: Middle Earth [Chapter 3]
« Reply #22 on: April 03, 2015, 03:53:17 AM »
Chapter 3

Under a blooming sakura tree a couple stands under it to marvel at the sight of the beautiful blossoming flowers while some petals cascade upon them.

"Even if you think I'm a nuisance, no matter where you go, I'll find you. I'll always be listening for your voice. When the rain falls, when the wind blows, when the flowers scatter, when shadows loom. In every sign I'll search for your voice. I love you... %^#$." This words he whispers to her ears. A man with jet black hair parted in between, with a regal, but gentle aura envelopes the girl standing beside her tightly to his chest as if this with be their last together.

"Time may not be on our side with these countless wars happening around us, but even if we get separated for a decade or a century, my love for you will always finds its way to you. I love you with every fiber of me... %^&$*&." She responds him with these soothing words as he hugs him back.

That moment, felt as though they could grasp things like eternity, the heart or the soul. It’s as if, they would be able to share their whole life in serenity and peace...
But alas, time and place were not on their side. Time clearly had malicious intent, slowly ebbing away from them.

Suddenly, every living being were keenly aware that they wouldn't be able to remain together with their love ones forever. The overwhelming powers of their lives, the boundless vastness of time were shrinking hopelessly before them.

"Run %^#$!! I'll stop him here. Run and never turn around!" he shout while around them the rampaging demons and angels are attacking each other’s. Countless lives have been sacrificed since the start of this madman losing his mind. How many more will it be?

"No! I can't. I won't leave you here... %^&$*&. We'll going to end him both or die trying rather than me abandoning you and living then a miserable life without you!"

"As stubborn as always, but that's one reason why I love you. Here we go th-" Before he could finish a large spear went through his chest, barely missing his heart, and his almost lifeless body falls onto the ground.

"%^&$*&!" She jerks upward panting like she's been running for her dear life. "-pant pant pant-.That dream again. It's been 3 years since I last dreamt of it. So why now?" She ponders in her bed. "Well I better prepared before nee-sama comes and throw a bucket of ice cold water on my face. -Shudders- I'll never forget that first time... and I’ll make it the last." She gets up, make her bed and went to her bathroom to take a quick shower.

A week has passed since the headmaster came and today is the day they will go to get out of this world and stay at a strange world they know nothing about: no knowledge of their customaries, cultures, and others no less. But that is what the AKB Uni is for, right?

"The truth is... it's a place where every being of the past and present will meet for a future that will come again." He murmurs as he looks outside the carriage. Travelling from world to world is not tiring but it's a little bit boring even for a man that loves the scenery. Traveling along the road, trees and mountains are all he see. Houses were all, but built only around the city. So one would ask 'Why live away from the capital and pass thy life in solitude away from the buzzing and noises that gives joy and amusement to people, but nonetheless put some in annoyance as well?'. 'That's right. It's for those two to be forgotten and buried in the past.'

"Headmaster we're here." said the footman as he opens the door for him.

"Thank you." He walks towards the door and before he can knock, the front door open to reveal Minami ready for the travel. "Ah. Konnichiwa Minami-chan. You ready?"

"I suppose so Headmaster, but Jurina isn't, yet." The way she looks at the Headmaster, with those piercing dual eyes, unnerves the Headmaster a bit, but just as fast as it appeared it disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“Let’s wait for her then.” He smiles as Minami lets him enter the house. “Thank you.”


-Knock knock knock-

“Come in.”

“Jurina, what’s taking you? They are already waiting for you downstairs.”

“I’m just making sure everything’s in order, Aunty. And making sure I’m presentable as well.”

“And you already are. Now come on. Let’s not make them wait any longer.” She push Jurina outside her room, but she then suddenly stops. “Jurina… “

“Hai?” she asks and look at Minami’s mother.

“Your stay there will be long. How many years, I don’t know. But this is all I tell you… There are things more evil and dangerous than the demons… so always stay beside your Onee-sama. Don’t ever get out of her sight. It’s for your own safety. Is that clear?”

“Crystal clear ma’am. But Nee-sama is small... so should I put a leash and a chocker with a bell on her when we go out?”


“Just kidding, Aunty.” -laugh-


“Jurina here. Ready to go, Headmaster, Nee-sama.”

“Finally. Took you long enough, Jurina.”

“If everything’s ready then let us move before sunset reach us.”

Learn to detach…Don’t cling to things, because everything is impermanent… But detachment doesn’t mean you don’t let the experience penetrate you. On the contrary, you let it penetrate fully.

And so the travel to Middle Earth started. Once they passed the endless scenery of mountain, trees, farm, forest they finally reach Tana Fork. Before they can reach Eanrendel They must first pass through Bifrost also known as the ’Trembling Path’ : a rainbow that connects the worlds to Midgard, the guard at Bifrost is Heimdall. Bifrost is built out of fire, air, and water by the gods. The three materials gives the three colors Red “Fire”, Blue “Air”, and Green “Water”.

And so they went through without a problem and here they are: Eanrendel, Middle Earth. The place where every races meet.

“Wow! It’s beautiful here. Look Nee-sama that’s a devil… so we are almost identical in those parts, huh. The horns and tails, I mean?”

“Jurina, its bad manner to point at someone, especially at a stranger. But you’re right. However, Even without those, no one would question if your truly a devil or not.”  –smirks-

“What does that mean Nee-sama?!”

“Nothing. It’s you who’s giving meaning to things.” –laughs-

–laughs- I hope this enthusiasm doesn’t leave you when we reach our final destination.”  He amusement towards them since travelling hasn’t left him since the start and he see both these young ladies will definitely made an impression to those who students who attends the school.

AKB Uni.

“Welcome to my school. It’s a pleasure to have you both. From now on let us get along well.” The headmaster bows politely to both ladies, now a student of this school.

“Let us get along well… and thank you headmaster for enrolling us here.”

AKB Uni. A new home. A place where they’ll meet their new important people to love and protect… though it will also be the place where they’ll find things that are kept hidden and soon… very soon will be reveal before them.

From this day on wards each day holds a surprise. But only if we expect it can we see, hear, or feel it when it comes to us. Let's not be afraid to receive each day's surprise, whether it comes to us as sorrow or as joy it will open a new place in our hearts, a place where we can welcome new friends and celebrate more fully our shared race.

And here is the update. :mon beam: Took long enough. :mon yeah: Sorry about that minna-san.  :mon whimper: I’m still not done with school requirements :on study: , but I can't keep this out of my mind anymore. Thank you for still keeping up on me.  :mon sweat: Sorry again.  :kneelbow: please stay with me more.  :gyaaah:

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Re: Paradise Lost: Middle Earth [Chapter 3]
« Reply #23 on: April 03, 2015, 04:24:21 AM »

What is Takamina means when She said Akimoto remembers?

Can't wait for next ch

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Re: Paradise Lost: Middle Earth [Chapter 3]
« Reply #24 on: April 03, 2015, 02:27:53 PM »
Yay.. update... :on woohoo:
Jurina's dream is very confusing, :tantrum: Is it her past? If yes, In the past jurina is a boy?? :dunno:
Well gonna read it again.. :on study:
And finally school life begin.. :wriggly:
Can't wait for the next chapter.. Update soon pandami-san,.. :kneelbow:

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