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Author Topic: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Mayuki - Love-Struck Kitty Won't be Discouraged)  (Read 45101 times)

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Kuminon - Ad-Lib Romeo & Juliet (This post)
Godfather Death
Violent Kids
1 - 15
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What Flashes Before Your Eyes
2013 Matsui Rena: Rena to Furukawa
2013 Kimoto Kanon: Daisuki
2013 Suda Akari: My Friend
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2013 Kinoshita Yukiko: Such a Birthday
Majisuka 2 Talks
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AKB Double
Mayuki 2-Shot It's a Feudalistic World After All:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Rappappa Fight-O! P1
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The End, Beginning
The Love-Struck Kitty Won't be Discouraged

Yo! I can't really write Kuminon, so don't kill me for making it all weird. This is more comedy than romance, but I hope that you enjoy~ So sad that she graduated, but yeah..... still lives in my heart.... stupid sappy lines........

Ad-Lib Romeo & Juliet - Kuminon

“So this year for the school festival, our class will be performing Romeo and Juliet.”

A tall frail looking pale girl with long black hair announced the play that our class, class SK-3 would be performing this year. Matsui Rena, that was the name of the girl. Rena is one of my close friends. The reason that we became friends would be Matsui Jurina, the puppy-mouthed prodigy that skipped about 3 years. Well, that’s a completely different story.

“Now we have to cast the roles.”

I listened silently as Rena went over the roles. Everyone in the class was basically aware of the play and they were all barely paying attention, only just waiting for the roles of Romeo and Juliet to be called. The only person not paying attention would be the girl with pretty eyes and somewhat long dark hair. She always had headphones on and her uniform wasn’t exactly modified, but she wore a purple, baggy jacket over it. Somehow, I never did ask for her name.

“Who would be the best Juliet?”

Jurina raised her hand.


I was shocked. Rena-chan isn’t surprised at all. She’s even smiling. I would’ve thought that the WMatsui couple would make the best Romeo and Juliet. Shockingly, everyone in the class agreed. Well, that is except for that girl with the headphones.

“How about Romeo?”

At that moment everyone was silent. I don’t understand why I would be Juliet, but no one would decide on a Romeo. They’re so mean.

“Then we have to draw lots.”

Jurina has her cat smile on. I wonder if she’s planning something. Rena-chan took out a white box and took out a piece of paper. It surprised me to see that the box was already prepared; it looks like they expected this to happen.

“Yagami Kumi-san.”

Everyone turned to look at the back of the room. Their eyes were locked onto the girl that was currently not paying attention, she’s actually reading manga. So her name was Kumi. She looked up and our eyes met. I quickly turned away, slightly blushing.

Jurina once again smiles suggestively. They’re so mean, not telling me what’s going on here. Rena-chan smiles at the class and they all seem to understand. Churi, Airin, and Mizuki were all smiling back.

“So, it seems that Yagami-san will have to be Romeo.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. I’m sure they are planning something. Even though most of us are friends, minus Yagami-san, we still don’t exactly tend to agree on things like this so nicely. Of course, I get the idea I would be completely ignored in the case I say something, so I stayed silent. Rena-chan finished the rest of the procedures and the casting and the bell rang.

“The first practice will be afterschool today!” Rena-chan shouted out to the girls who were rushing out of the room to head to the cafeteria which was like a war-ground.

Somehow, time flies when you’re confused and unable to process information.

“Rena-chan, where’s the script?”

It was already time for the so called first practice. None of us had gotten a script, but everyone minus Yagami-san were going along and doing their jobs. Yagami-san was just sitting at the edge of the stage, staring off into space with her headphones on. She looked so cute and childish.

“Hmm? Didn’t Jurina-chan tell you that we would be improvising as we went along, so there really isn’t a script?”

“No…. Actually….this is the first time that type of thing was mentioned….”

I knew it, they were planning something.

“….Eh?... Well, basically everyone knows the story already, so we wanted something unique…. And then this happened.”

“So, isn’t the practice useless?”

Rena-chan was in deep thought for a while and she had a very serious face. This topic is just strange though.

“Yeah. Basically, this is useless, but the costumes people and the prop people need to do things.” She said very bluntly.



The puppy, Jurina called out to her. Rena-chan waved to me and went over to where Jurina was. I have nothing to do. This is an all girls’ school, but I feel like we’re so disorganized that we could be a yankee boys’ school.

I sigh. If there is no script, I can’t do anything can I?

Someone taps on my shoulder. It’s Yagami-san.

“Ah… Yagami-san….”

She frowns at my response.

“…..Call me Kumi…….. and……’s better not to sigh, happiness will escape…..”


Kumi lightly smiles and then she walks away. I didn’t notice before, but I’m probably blushing right now. I guess I kind of understand why they decided to choose Kumi as Romeo. She’s actually kind of like a prince, but what am I saying now?

Like before, time flies when you’re in confusion. It’s already the day of the festival. Nearly everyone is excited, but Kumi has a bored look on her face. I’m somewhat worried right now. In the end, Rena-chan was telling the truth, there was no script. This school is unbelievable sometimes. The play isn’t even Romeo and Juliet anymore. All the names have been changed to our real names.

“Class SK-3 will now be performing, [An Ad-libbed Version of Romeo & Juliet]”

There’s the announcement for us to go onto stage. To tell the truth, I don’t really have to be there yet. I watch as Kumi messes around and goes to the party. Jurina is Kumi’s brother in this story. It’s funny since I think that compared to the somewhat silent girl, the puppy would be more suited to be the idiot that decides to go to a party that he/she isn’t supposed to go to.

Then, I enter the story. It’s a masquerade party, so I can’t see Kumi’s face. Then, it seems that we fall in love. Well, it’s play only. I don’t have that much interest in romance as of now.

Surprisingly, the play is actually moving along pretty nicely. I would be really happy if this turns into a success.

But then, “This is WAR!!”

I guess Jurina got bored. Rena-chan is on the Kimoto family side. Note, they changed the story quite a lot. And Jurina is on the Yagami side.

Kumi and I are standing on the sidelines as all of the actors start a messed up fight. We didn’t even get to do that well known scene where Romeo calls out to Juliet who is in a tower. Or what was it again? Something like, Romeo, Romeo, art thou Romeo? I don’t know if that’s right, but it doesn’t actually matter right now.

“Kanon-chan! Watch out!”

Someone ended up losing their grip on their sword, so it flew over to me. The wooden sword nearly hit me on the head, but even though it wasn’t needed for her to do so, Kumi jumped in the way and pushed me out of the way. I’m so glad that this outfit is something that you can run around in.

“Itai…….” Kumi rubs the place that she got hit.

“….Ah…. thank you…… Kumi-san……”

Kumi looks really cool. She’s such a good person too. All of the nonsense that Jurina started stops for a moment. I feel bad for the audience watching this show.

It has become so silent that it would literally be possible to hear a pin drop. I see Churi at the side with a cue card. [Say something someone!!! Anything random!]

No one has anything to say though. This is why they weren’t supposed to make this an ad-libbed play to begin with. Even though this may have been their plan, it’s not really working out that well.

Kumi taps my shoulder with a somewhat embarrassed face. “…..To tell the truth…. I really like you…….”

That was the first time that she said anything like that in the whole play so far. It confused me if she was telling the truth or not, but I guess I do kind of like her. I guess my first love will end up being a girl. How strange.

Everyone is looking at us. Did they not plan for anything like a confession scene? I’m mentally face-palming myself millions of times.

“I love you too.”

Then Jurina smiles suggestively. “You two have shown us your love, so our families should now stop fighting.”

Rena-chan nods in agreement and they hug each other. The curtain goes down and the sound of clapping could be heard. I kiss Kumi’s forehead and she starts blushing. I hug her and she smiles lightly.

“…..You’re cutest when you smile you know, Kumi-chan…”

“…..Non-chan is cuter……”


“….Do you not like the nickname?”

“…I like it…..”

We hear Jurina, Churi, and some of the other girls talking among themselves.

“Mission: Kuminon – Romeo and Juliet, ACCOMPLISHED!”

They look our way and realize how annoyed we are. Both of us take a wooden sword left on the stage and start chasing the
group. Everyone seems shocked at how much Kumi has changed, from a silent girl that doesn’t care, to a somewhat more open and cheerful person. We both smile and chase the group around.

(suki desu) I like you~”
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Re: Kuminon (OS) Ad-Lib Romeo & Juliet
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2013, 08:20:37 PM »
Yeeeesh~ more Kuminon :D

Lol, I knew it! Looks like everyone knew about this except Non-chan and Kumibb :P

Jujubb skipped 3 years? lul wut? she's like older than anyone else? oO?


I liked it *le tears of joy* My OPT = Kuminon....dunno why thoo :P

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Majisuka Gakuen 2 Talks
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2013, 08:35:29 PM »
(did I get the capitalization and spacing right?) Thanks! First comment~~~ Yay~~
And I will post another One-shot? Drabble~ Majisuka Gakuen!

Majisuka Gakuen 2 Talks

“”””””“Itsumademo(Forever) maji(serious), even after AKB, SKE, 48s. Our graduations mean new things! Majisuka Gakuen, once in AKB, SKE, always AKB, SKE!””””””

Yuko: “This is Oshima Yuko desu~~”

Takamina: “Takahashi Minami reporting for duty!”

Acchan: “Maeda Atsuko here.”

Miichan: “Finally some more screen time! I am SHAKU!!”

Mariko: “Shinoda Mariko here.”

Sae: “Yosh let’s go! Miyazawa Sae!”

Rena: “Matsui Rena desu….. Yoroshiku…..”

Jurina: “Matsui Jurina!”

Mayu: “Erm, let’s stop with the introductions, it’s pain to have the viewers listen to this type of thing….”

All: “Majisuka Gakuen 2 SP!!!!”

Rena: “Well, I guess we should talk about episode 1 now…….”

Jurina: *blushes “Wow, that was actually pretty embarrassing…….. Really, Acchan don’t improvise so weirdly like saying
Komorin was the new leader of Rappappa.”

Team Hormone: “Not our fault…… Plus, Jurina-chan you kicked our Horumon.”

Shaku, Sado, Rena, Jurina, Mayu, Yuko: “You actually care?”

Team Hormone: “Well, we kind of started liking Horumon since we are TEAM HORMONE!”

Acchan: “Yeah, yeah, why didn’t you do that intro in season 1?”

Team Hormone: “Nachu was there.”

Takamina: “…..Yeah, I can’t believe I actually show up more in specials than the actual series when it comes to Majigaku.”

Rena: “It’s ok, don’t become like Miichan. I had some weird scenes…….”

Currently the prez is harassing Torigoya and Yuihan(Otabe) is somewhere on a job.

Jurina: “Yeah, it was funny watching you bang your head against Yuko’s face.”

Yuko: “Mou~ It’s not like I did anything bad to deserve that. I mean, I did my job when I showed.”

All: “We don’t really exactly remember what episode what and what happened in.”

Yuki: “Everything happened so quickly after all.”

Mayu: “Mamarin~ Great that you got here! Your recording just ended too! So cool BLACK speed!”

Yuko: “Gah! Don’t ignore me!! I got three roles! Yuko, Yuki, and Yuka!!”

Takamina: “Hrm, but do you remember who was who?”

Yuko: “Takamidget!!!”

Haruna: “Yuuchan, it’s ok~” *starts petting Yuko’s head

Yuko gropes oshiri and Yukirin’s oshiri.

Rena: “…”

Mayu: “OKOTERU!!!”

<<<15 minutes later>>>

Team Hormone: “Now that that’s over with, we can get on with our talk.”

Team Fondue: “Thus Team Fondue appears!!!”

Tomochin: “Hey, don’t say anything bad about me.”

Mukuchi: “But you beat up Bungee, it was Yabai(bad), like Yabakune.”

Others: “So much for being Mukuchi, that was also a stupid pun.”

Mayu: “Keke…… Yukirin is really BLACK………”

Mayuyu appears. Note that she was forced to do her strange Nezumi dances due to the interference of a certain Yukirin.

Yuki: “Mayuyu~~~

Yuko: “Shiriri-chan, do your best.”

Haruna: “Since Mochi and Chiyuu aren’t here today, you guys are just going to stupidly use up that time for this type of thing
in the end. How expected……. I’ll be playing my PSP for now….”

Tomochin: “I guess I should apologize for beating everyone up.”

Victims: “You should, it actually hurt and hit when you it….”

Kumi: “Yo!”

Everyone stares at the newcomer, Dance.

Kumi: “Eh? Wait!!!! Tomochin-san!!! We aren’t filming Majigaku, so don’t punch me in the face!”

Due to Shibuya’s difficulties, Dance is currently out of action and being tended to by the SKE members here.

Rena: “Mou~ that was really mean.”

Jurina: *nods along

Tomochin: “Well, I can’t say anything….”

Sae: “…..Yeah…………..”

Tomochin: “Sorry for getting you beat up so badly Sae!”

Rena: “That was pretty bad…… it was also kind of erm……..”

Sae: “I agree, filled with new things….”

Jurina: “I wasn’t at the filming, but it was awesome Rena-chan! Push the stupid piano to get revenge!”

Team Hormone: “Even though you beat up Gakuran so badly in season 1.”

Rena: *blushes “That’s another story for another time.”

Takamina: “Yups, we should actually go and zoom in on Acchan’s parts.”

Acchan: “Mou~ Takamina, that’s because you have scenes when I show up.”

Takadeka: “Maeda Atsuko-san, you are arrested for making Takahashi Minami fall in love with you and having too much screen
time that is used uselessly. Really, I’m turning into Shaku…..”

Takamina and Acchan are put out of the scene.

Kanon: “I’m here! Kumi-chan is a bit unlucky today, but Tomochin-san, don’t bully her!”

Tomochin: “Sorry”

Rena: “Non-chan was all dangerous and cool in that episode she showed up in as Miso.”

Jurina: “Rena-chan, I can’t believe you.”

Rena: “Hmm?”

Yuko: “Gekikara got stabbed right?”

Rena: “Oh, I already taught her a lesson for messing with me.” *Gekikara smile shows up for a second

Jurina: “Sadly, that’s where Rena-chan’s showtime really ends.”

Rena: “That was too bad, but I got to enjoy melon pan as I watched you and Mayu act.”

Mayu: “Please don’t remind me of how weird that was……”

Yuki: “Mayuyu~ you received the deathly love sentence……”

Once again, another pair was dragged away.

Yuko: “Rena got some screen time, but it was all with the members of Rappappa and in the last episode…. With-“

All: “No spoilers yet!”

Mayu appears all out of energy like a dead person.

Mayu: “No, please go on to that part…..”

Jurina: “Buu~ So mean, skipping the most awesome part of Majisuka Gakuen 2…. Our awesome friendship back to back fight,
betrayal, and Mayuyu punching me.”

Rena: “Jurina-chan, you shouldn’t become a masochist.”

Mariko: “Don’t worry, she’s not one. Or else she would be gladly accepting my punches.”

Rena: “Erm…. You don’t want me to get mad….”

All: “………….”

Kumi: “I’M A-OK!”

Rena is a bit annoyed and stuffs a spicy senbei into Kumi’s mouth.

Rena: “Oops…. Sorry Kumi-chan, here some water…..”

Kumi: “Why do you have to repeat everything bad in Majisuka Gakuen….?”

Tomochin and Rena: “Erm” *looks away guilty

Jurina: “Well, it’s ok! Our recording ends now! I don’t think that we’ll have another one of these since Aki-P fell asleep

All: “…………………………………”

Rena: “Majide……..”

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Re: Kuminon (OS) Ad-Lib Romeo & Juliet
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2013, 08:55:16 PM »
Wahahahahaha Yu-Yukirin so black!!! Black!!

I actually started laughing...... >_>

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Majisuka Gakuen 1 Talks
« Reply #4 on: April 28, 2013, 09:55:32 PM »
Thanks! I have a tendency to make more bad jokes than good ones in real life. Yay!! And this is the continuation~ The series of Majisuka Gakuen Talks currently has 3 part, maji2, maji1, and maji3. (I'll put Maji3 up later~)

Majisuka Gakuen 1 Talks

Despite being about Season 1, this is actually the second talk show

“”””””Itsumademo(Forever) maji(serious), even after AKB, SKE, 48s. Our graduations mean new things! Majisuka Gakuen, once in AKB, SKE, always AKB, SKE! Times 2!””””””

Acchan: “This is Maeda Atsuko here!”

Yuko: “Yuko.”

Mariko: “Shinoda Mariko, Sado.”

Haruna: “Hrm?...... Oh, yeah…. Kojima Haruna aka Torigoya.”

Mayu: “Stop with the intros, most of the people aren’t even here at the recording anyways.”

Jurina: “Mou~ Mayu, you’re so harsh. We already did a version for Maji2 anyways.”

Mayu: “That’s the point. We aren’t doing this show for those that don’t know about us.”

Minami: “It’s a bit sad that we will be doing scenes from the drama instead of doing just random talks.”

Acchan: “It’s ok, after all, you were always there in my heart.”

Miichan: “Just that you got about the same amount of screen time as me.”

Minami: “Erm……”

Yuko: “Extra Scene 1! This is not in the order of the drama or rather this wasn’t there to begin with! Yosha!”
Yuko: “Nezumi……”

Nezumi: “What? Yabakune is done for already. Stop worrying about Rappappa. You’re already going to die soon.”

Yuko: “Yes…. I know that….. but…..”

Nezumi: *looks with suspicion “?????”

Yuko: “To tell the truth…. The reason that Ono Erena is mad at Maeda and why Black is so quiet…..”

Nezumi: “This isn’t really right… Are you really Oshima Yuko, the president of Rappappa? Has that heart disease made you go
mad or something like that?”

Yuko: “Erm no. I groped their oshiri.”

All: *smack

Mayu: “Oshiriko!!! What the heck was with that scene? Special improvising is bad at times like this, you don’t need this type of weird scene added into Majisuka Gakuen!”

Rena, Sae: *stares angrily along with Mayuyu

Rena: “You know, I’m kind of mad in a strange way Yuko.”

Yuko: “……………………………………………………………………………………NyanNyan help me!!!!”


Mayu: “Well, onto the next scene…..”

Maeda: *looks at Kabuki sisters all beaten up “What the…”

Gekikara: *Walks over giggling like crazy, holding broken up umbrella “Nee…Okoteru??”

Maeda: “………”

Gekikara: “Minna(Everyone) Just make them…..”

Maeda: “…………..”

Gekikara: “Eat Melon Pan………”

All: “Erm, that was freakishly cute in a strange way, so we’ll let it go.”

Jurina: “Acchan is so lucky being the main actress here, I was a mysterious girl that tries to punch her at the end of the

Miichan: “That’s ok since I was some stupid over emotional student council president.”

Minami: “And I was dead.”

Acchan: “It’s ok. That just meant that I got to cuddle you more. Takamina, you also got the role of the Takadeka in season 2,
but I guess I shouldn’t bring that up in this talk after all.”

Mariko: “Even though you say it. On the inside, you are just a sadist like me, making fun of how little screen time these kids
got. Takamina is an M.”

Minami: “Not true!”

All: *stares in wonder

Minami: “….Seriously…. Let’s just go onto the next scene….”

Torigoya: “Mieta!(I see it)”

Maeda: “…….Why!! Why!! Why!!!!”

Torigoya: “What the he-“

Maeda: “My cake! My chips! My food!!!!!! My salad!!!!”

Torigoya: “Gah!!!! I think I’m going to puke!” *faints

Maeda: “Huh?” *looks at Torigoya

Maeda: “ARGH! How dare you make me recall that yummy stuff that I ate before AKB!!”

Miichan: I didn’t know you were a glutton too.”

Mariko: “Eh…..really……”

Everyone else: “Er……eh? I don’t know…..”

Rena: “There’s nothing wrong with food though.”

Kumi: *looks at Rena warily “Erm……though I didn’t really make an impression in season 1…. There was that scene that was cut out………it was horrible……..”

Mariko: “Hmm? Why don’t we play it out then?”

Kumi: “No, no, no, no…….. There’s no need to waste your time on something like this….”

Mariko: *ignores Kumi “Ok, scene start!”


*Yabakune mob starts rushing towards Maeda

*Sado appears to the rescue with the Shi-ten-ou minus Torigoya

Gekikara: “Nee~ Okoteru?”

BLACK: “*****” *omitted due to the fact that it is the same old death sentence

*Maeda seems to have run off somewhere (the real person) and Shibuya is being violent

Dance: “Eh? Shibuya-san why am I here?” “Why am I doing this again?”

Shibuya: “Urusai!” *punches Kumi

Dance: *nosebleed “Why now?”

BLACK: *stuff tissue up Dance’s nose at hyperspeed

Dance: “Itai!”

Gekikara: *mad that BLACK’s niceness is not appreciated, so she pours chili sauce into Dance’s mouth

Dance: “Why?”

Kumi: “Why me…..?”

Yuko: “It’s ok, in that fight with 30 Yabakune goons, they forgot that it was filming.”

Mariko: “That was bad. Yuko got beaten up really badly, but them Aki-P got really mad.”

Kumi: “……………..”

Acchan: “I’m back.”

Takamina: “Oh yeah, since I had that one appearance in the last episode, Yuko was groping everyone’s oshiri.”

Yuko: “Don’t tell them!!”

Haruna: “Seriously? And you were so serious during the filming.”

Yuko: “Sorry”

Haruna: *quietly into Yuko’s ear “You didn’t touch mine….”

WMatsui: “And due to the fact that we don’t have more content, this is over. Sadly this is the last time that us Majijo girls will
be in one of these shows it seems, I hope you all enjoyed this.”

Yuko: “Eh, wa-“

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Newest Update: Majigaku 1 Talks)
« Reply #5 on: April 29, 2013, 04:22:59 AM »
hahaha I think you're fic is funny :D :D :D
and I love the Kuminon fic Ghaa!!!
thank you for that  :D :D :D
hope for more fiction to come


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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Newest Update: Majigaku 1 Talks)
« Reply #6 on: April 29, 2013, 06:01:26 AM »
Ad-Lib Romeo & Juliet - Kuminon is well written...

I like the simplicity of the story...

Majisuka Gakuen 1 & 2 Talks are quite funny to read...

Thank you for the OSs...

Can't wait to see more..

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Majisuka Gakuen 3 Talks
« Reply #7 on: April 29, 2013, 10:10:49 PM »
-gibson-mayulover: Thanks! I might not be able to update this quickly anymore..... cuz of school.....
cisda83: Thanks! Simplicity is a good thing when you're a beginner... yay~~ cuz when it's too complex, I get really bad writers block sometimes~~
All: Here's Maji3 Talks, a bit short ,but yay!!! Yay, next update will be a drabble about Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou most likely? It'll be a bit weird since it's hard to make, but even though it'll be a bit bland, I still love the actual drama. Just that it's only 1 season long which is hard to write.

Majisuka Gakuen 3 Talks

“Majisuka 3! Don’t take away our serious things!! Even after graduation, we still live in your hearts.”












Messi: “You know, it’s a bit of a pain for the viewers like this. Though it sounds cool in the beginning, it seems mean to not let
the others introduce themselves, so it keeps on going, but this is kind of boring now. Oh, by the way, Messi.”

Peace: “Mou~ But we’re going to address each other with our role names this time.”

Miyu: “Some of us can’t remember the names correctly.”

An’nin: “And also, just to say, there is quite the number of Anna here.”

Messi: “You too…..”

Bunker: “You don’t have to be too serious you know!”

Daasu: “Says the person who hit Kumi/Komimi with a golf stick.”

Bunker: *looks away “Well, since Tomochin-senpai said it was ok……”

Sudachi: “It’s ok, I gave her a lemon as a get well gift!”

Komimi: *looks away

Uruseeyo: “Miorin, that wasn’t a good idea….”

Peace: “Hah… I think it’s best for AKB members to try not to injure Kuumin… That also includes Rena-san….”

Paru: “I agree….. Somehow, every single time……”

Nantene: “Kuu-chan has a tendency to get hurt somehow, she always gets a nosebleed. Nantene~”

Komimi: “Non-chan~”

Nantene: “It’s going to be ok….” *cuddles Kumi

Uruseeyo: “We don’t really need to Kuminon here, so get a room.”

Both: “??”

Bunker: “Mou~ Uruseeyo-chan… You’re overreacting….”

Messi: “It’s ok; I can cut it out if I want.”

Yagi: “But you won’t”

Messi: *pulls on leash

Yagi: “Ouch!”

Peace: *chuckles

Paru: *smiles

Komimi: “Haa~ If only injuries could be healed by cutting things out….”

Messi: “If that was true, I bet Rena-san would definitely help you.”

Yagi: “She’s nicer than Messi.”

Messi: *yanks on leash

Yagi: “Muu~ But I love you Juri-chan!”

Peace: “I think it’s ok to say ‘get a room’ now.”

Uruseeyo: “Get a room!”


All: “Pfft….” *note the Takafail feeling

Uruseeyo: “So mean, I’m not Takamina-san.”

[Somewhere out there]

Takamina: “Hee-chuu~”(Strange sneezing noise)

[Back to MG 3 Talks]

Bunker: “Even though we both got the idiot buff-head type character, Haruu~ got a bigger role or not.”

Uruseeyo: “Yeah, it was hard to decipher my role.”

Nanashi: “I was also pretty minor.”

Nobunaga: “Whew, due to certain reasons, I had to go for a bit… Eh? What?”

Daasu: “Nobunaga-san, seriously…….”

Murashige: “I’m here too!”

Uruseeyo: “So, anything to contribute to this dying talk?”

Nobunaga: “Well, as for my roles……”

Messi: “No need to hear it, even Yagi knows.”

Yagi: *leash gets pulled “Erm, Majigakuen 1, minor character.”

Messi: “Next” *pulls leash

Yagi: “Majigakuen 2, literally CENTER.”

Messi: *pulls leash

Yagi: “Nobunaga…….. somewhat major……..”

Messi: “Good job.” *pats head

Yagi: “Why is it that we have to wear our costumes for a Talk Show that’s basically like one of those radio shows?”

Messi: *pulls leash

Nobunaga: “Messi-san, no need to be so harsh on Mariyagi.”

Peace: “I do agree with Jurina here.”

Paru: “It’s better to not hurt friends.”

Miyu: “Wow, some of you are really getting into character.”

Uruseeyo: “Yeah…… Well, it would be weird to continuously yell URUSEEYO in this talk, so I’m just being me.”

Komimi: “If only that would apply to me….. Every single Maji thing I do involves me getting hurt…..”

Nantene: “It’ll be ok~ Nantene~”

Komimi: *starts sulking “At least, I show up quite a lot… Even compared to Rena-san……. In all 3 seasons…..nosebleed.”

Nobunaga: “Kuumin~ It’ll be ok.”

Messi: “It seems that there’s nothing else to say here.”

Yagi: “Mou~ At least let them say the ending parts.”

Nobunaga: “Well, bye. I guess season 4 might come soon.”

Paru: “I’ll do my best.”

Komimi: “I will do my best as well, even with the farewells to SKE.”

Peace: “Let’s go towards the future smiling. Ne~ Kumi-chan?”

Nantene: “Yeah! Let’s go! And I’m serious!”

Messi and Yagi: “This was Maji3 Talks! Bye!”

Extra Lines :Not added in the original script

Messi: "but, you know.... either way.......You're still going to get nosebleed."

Kumi: "Eh? Why?"
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Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou Talks
« Reply #8 on: April 30, 2013, 11:55:47 PM »
I would be happy if people commented more, but it's good to see people reading it~~
This update will be kind of bland, boring, and useless, but since I wrote it anyways....
don't kill me for this.........

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou Talks

““This is BAKADA! Don’t make fun of our spirit!””

““Well, technically this is Cattleya’s 2nd Branch.””

Tetsuya: “……….”

Tatsuya: “Gah… Seriously, Fumie, you don’t need to be so strict. It sounds weird when you say ‘Cattleya 2nd Branch’.”

Tetsuya: “Bakada will always be Bakada.”

Oba Mina: “So you guys are going by your stage names here?”

Maya: “Hrm? Well, this is a show for the drama after all….”

Paru: “We just recently did another drama, so it’s better to stick with normal names on the girl side.”

Shohei: *sobs “Girls…..make me so sad……..”

Tatsuya: “What now Shohei-kun?”

Shohei: “I confessed to Momo-chan in real life, but she rejected me….” *sulks

Mariya: “Well, you can’t exactly expect her to accept you.”

Paru: “I agree, there have already been a lot of scandals, so there would be big trouble if there was a relationship.”

Tetsuya: “Shohei-san, you need to grow up and act your age.”

Shohei: “Ah, shut up Tetsuya…. I’m your senpai!”

Oba Mina: “Isn’t that even more reason to act mature?”

Shohei: “…….” *can’t respond

Tatsuya: “Hey, hey, no need to be so stiff!” *pats girls on the back

Tetsuya: “It’s a sign of friendship~~”

Oba: *sighs “Seriously? Tetsuya-kun, I though you would be more serious than this.”

Maya: “But this is a comedy talk show.”

Shimada: “Shut up girly guy.”

Maya: “Huh? You want a fight!?”

Paru: “Seriously, Haruu~ stop. We aren’t doing anything related to Majisuka Gakuen currently.”

Shimada: “Well, it was a joke actually.”

Maya: “I guess we were getting too sucked into our roles.”

Oba: “Just wondering, but where are all the others?”

Paru, Tatsuya: “They had jobs.”

Shohei: “Haah~ If you two weren’t so bland, you would make a good couple.”

Mariya: *punches Shohei and beats him up

Shimada: “Paru isn’t interested in him.”

Paru: “Yeah.”

Tatsuya: “This is a dangerous topic you know….”

Paru: “Plus, I like Yuria-chan.”

[Sakae, Nagoya]

Yuria: “Ah, Paru’s talking about me.”

Jurina: “Are you psychic?”

[Back to them]

Shimada: “Man, to tell the truth, I was expecting some action on the girl side in Bakaleya.”

Paru: “It was so different from Majisuka where we had to do a lot of fight scenes.”

Tatsuya: “Hey, but they’re hard to do.”

The boys start ranting about how annoying the make-up was and the fact that there were a lot of those gang wars. Thus all the
girls fell asleep.

[An hour later]

Paru: “Is it already time?”


????: “Yo!!”

Girls: “Takamina-san, yo.”

Boys: “Why are we getting ignored over a midget….?” *silently cries

Tetsuya: “To think that this started out with such an energetic introduction…..”

Takamina: “I guess this turned kind of boring…. Well, we aren’t going to do it again because Bakaleya isn’t as popular or well-known as Majisuka Gakuen…. Spoilers are a really bad thing……..”

Boys: *depressed

Author: "Next time in Shinoki's Collection, It's a Feudalistic World After All, A Mayuki One-Shot."

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Lol poor boys XD

But but but, Taiga and Kaoru's characters are my OTP XD
Anai Chihiro is my one and only.

"Are we nothing more than the captain and her vice captain?"

My random OS Idea Center || Hakata Legend (HKT48 drabble fics) || Virgin Love (A TomoYuki Fluff) -hiatus?-

Tumblr version of my fics archive:

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Update: Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou Talks)
« Reply #10 on: May 01, 2013, 02:02:17 PM »
Majisuka Gakuen 3 Talks - is okay I guess... though not as fun as MG1& 2 Talks...

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou Talks - interesting to as the least. I like the end bit... so funny... when Takamina came into the dialogue

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the OSs

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

PS: I agreed with your fic... Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou is so as good as Majisuka Gakuen 1-3

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Update: Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou Talks)
« Reply #11 on: May 01, 2013, 08:16:31 PM »
I like the one-shots :twothumbs
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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Update: Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou Talks)
« Reply #12 on: May 02, 2013, 02:45:47 AM »
I want more MG talk!!!  :lol:
I can't wait for the next OS! MaYuki!!!  :drool:
I love KumiNon!  :twothumbs
Poor Kumi always get hurt  XD
I like your OS! Good job!  :thumbsup
Oh and I read your fic at that link that you gave me! it's really good!!  :inlove:  I want to read more of it!  :lol:

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Mayuki 2-Shot It's a Feudalistic World After All Part 1
« Reply #13 on: May 03, 2013, 10:44:20 PM »
Yuki88: Hrm... I don't really know the boys besides the Bakaleya roles
cisda83: Takafail became a Takawin!
kurosawa87: Thanks~
alexsher99: Thank! The one shot turned into a 2-shot that's going a bit quick and they are a bit OOC....
yeah Kumi's been the joke in Majisuka Gakuen for a long time..... and about the fic on AFF, I'm working on it, but I need some more AKB/SKE fangirling juice!


~It's a Feudalistic World After All~

“Princess! Princess Mayu! Where are you! Come out, your father, King Watanabe, needs to see you!”

Numerous servants walked around a large courtyard, yelling out to the young princess Mayu, searching for her desperately.
Unless they find her, they would not be able to keep their jobs. But despite their desperate efforts, it was unlikely that they would find her so easily.

The said girl had already sneaked out of the courtyard and was walking around the somewhat vast meadow and forest area around the castle walls. She was wearing a plain, laced, white dress and had long black hair tied up with cute pink ribbons.

Watanabe Mayu was sick of being cooped up in the castle. In her mind, she thought that without actually doing something, she would not be able to rule a country. Even though she was a great strategist, it was basically useless seeing that a king that hid in his own castle would not be followed. In her case, she was a girl, Queen, but she personally liked the title of King more.

Around this area was a small village that was filled with nice people. There were lots of nice people, but that didn’t mean that there weren’t mean people. It’s rude to say that they are mean people, but rather they are debt collectors and yakuza. There aren’t any thieves in that town at least. The debt collectors were hired by the duke charged with the area, so they were labeled demons and would not let go until they got what they came for.

Many times, the poorer people ended up getting themselves killed or deemed missing due to certain circumstances. Sadly, their children tend to be left behind. The reasoning is unknown, but it was a cruel thing to do. It was most likely because the children are worth less than the adults, so the adults die first. It’s up to what happens that decides the fate of those kids.

Speed, the only thing that the girl could take pride in was what she was now putting her life on. A raven haired girl in very sloppy attire made of nearly all black ran with all her might. One second, she was here and the next, she was all the way over

Even though it was unlikely that anyone would be chasing her into the meadow area, she was still running. Gruesome scenes were playing through her mind over and over again. She cursed the world and the person that got the idea of debt collecting and money. It was frustrating, but that was the world. If she went against the duke, well, she would be killed. The way of life of the high class and the low class was completely different.

Running in the hallways is bad because you’ll hurt someone. That’s what teachers tell students sometimes, but it still had a meaning back in the days. It meant a lot when you were running at such a high speed that the girl clothed in black was running.

Of course, despite being very unlikely to happen, the girl ran into the princess that was just pacing back and forth throughout the meadow. The girl in black managed to skid to a stop before creating a huge impact, but the extreme acceleration and deceleration caused their heads to hit each other’s.

Unfitting of her looks, the raven’s tears started to overflow. Well, that of course caused the cyborg princess strategist girl to get very confused. The girl in black was the one that had crashed into her in the first place.

In her mind she thought, ‘Commoners are hard to understand after all. This is why I should go out and experience things myself rather than being cooped up all day. Sadly, I can’t do something like that now.’ It was somewhat complicated seeing that those girls were actually about the age of 13 at the time.

“…..Um….are you ok?” Mayu tried to find out what happened, but that completely failed.

She tried to make a funny face to cheer the girl up. Not knowing why she would even bother, Mayu tugged on her cheeks and made weird faces until the girl in black stopped crying.

Instantly or actually not really, she went back to her poker face that broke very quickly. The girl in black stared at the princess with her dark eyes. The cyborg found her entranced by the girl and let down her hair. She held out the ribbons to the girl in black and the girl just stared questioningly.

They both sat down on the soft ground. Mayu went ahead and sat behind the girl in black. She took her ribbons and started to mess around with the girl’s hair.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

Mayu asked in a manner that seemed un-like a princess.

“……BLACK……. Just call me that……..”

The girl in black replied with a nickname of a sort. Seeing as that BLACK had decided to not give her real name, Mayu decided the same. While still playing around with BLACK’s hair like an elder sister would, she gave her name or rather nickname as

“……I’m Nezumi……”

Finally, she decided on a hairstyle to give the girl in black. She took the ribbons and tied the long, black hair into a ponytail. In a way, she thought that it looked a bit weird and too casual, but of course she didn’t really know whether or not BLACK would
like it.

“….Hrm….. I should go now……. Bye-bye, BLACK….. You don’t need to keep the hairstyle, but can you keep those ribbons for me?”

Mayu got up and decided to give her ribbons to BLACK. BLACK just simply looked up at Mayu timidly. Her eyes were somewhat puffy from the sudden crying. Without another word, the princess ran off back towards the castle. BLACK just silently observed the girl’s slowly disappearing figure and mouthed the words, thank you.


“Princess Mayu!! Come back here please!!”


Yay~ And that was part one of this 2 shot....

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Update: IAFWAA Mayuki 2-shot Part I)
« Reply #14 on: May 03, 2013, 10:56:02 PM »

Well hopefully Mayu finds a way around the rules to get her wish
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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Update: IAFWAA Mayuki 2-shot Part I)
« Reply #15 on: May 04, 2013, 05:04:39 AM »
GAAAH PART 2 want!!

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Update: IAFWAA Mayuki 2-shot Part I)
« Reply #16 on: May 04, 2013, 05:36:37 PM »
~It's a Feudalistic World After All~

very interesting story so far...

What's going to happen next...

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the 1st part....

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

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It's a Feudalistic World After All P2
« Reply #17 on: May 05, 2013, 03:47:35 AM »
kurosawa87: I wish I could make it more complex, but I decided to make it a 2-shot and I don't want another long shot cuz Im still deciding whether or not I should post my prologue of the first story of a trilogy mayuki, wmatsui and etc series with yakuza and etc........
gek geki: Well, here it is~
cisda83: It got a bit weird because of the fact that I had to cram it into a 2-shot~~ well, just make up the insides

And here is Part 2!!!!!!
It's Feudalistic World After All

“Princess Mayu!! Come back here please!!” A pale and frail looking girl with long black hair yelled out to the princess as they ran around in a game of cat and mouse.

Standing against a wall looking at the two was another tall girl with long black hair. She was wearing a black blazer and dark short jeans. In her hand was a dark book. Both of the tall girls were bodyguards of the princess, but the pale girl had a delinquent like outfit, a greenish jacket over a black school uniform along with numerous chain-like decorations. Strangely enough, the girl was very nice and proper.

Both of the bodyguards had a poor background. Due to that, they were actually not candidates for being the bodyguards of the princess. The candidates were all suitors from high class nobles. Of course, the princess, Mayu, nearly completely ignored the system and somehow got them the job. Their names were Kashiwagi Yuki and Matsui Rena.

Due to the fact that neither was extremely athletic and Mayu was faster, Rena was not even close to catching her. The country was mostly peaceful due to peace treaties that Mayu made, but her father was a kind of annoying person that believes in a feudal system where the king is boss, next comes the nobles, then the knights, and the merchants, then the farmers, and what’s left is the trash. He was obviously not going to let Mayu succeed the throne so easily with her view points.

“Yuki! Help me!” Rena gave up and went towards the girl that was standing against the large stone wall around the courtyard that they were playing around in.

Yuki looked at Rena without emotions and after fiddling around with her book for a few seconds, put it down and went ahead to catch the princess that really wasn’t a cyborg as some people call her. Speed, that was her specialty. She immediately caught the princess who just for your information was wearing a somewhat un-royal outfit, a school uniform. It was somewhat like a private school’s uniform, so it was formal, but not formal at the same time. No one could control Watanabe Mayu though.

The only way to control the girl was by force and usually she somehow found a way around in the end. That was why she called herself Nezumi. Well, she never told Yuki due to the fact that she was not aware that Yuki was BLACK. It was clear why she couldn’t tell that Yuki was BLACK, BLACK was a crybaby when she met her after all.

After catching Mayu, Yuki handed her to Rena. Then, she went ahead to get her book again. From the book, somewhat faded pink ribbons slightly fell out. Quickly, Yuki tucked them back into the book, but that action didn’t go unnoticed by the mouse.

Mayu asked herself: Didn’t I give pink ribbons to that girl BLACK back then? Yuki is somewhat like her, but different as well. They both have the same style, but then again, their personalities are pretty different. Then again, my time with BLACK was less than an hour.

Suddenly, interrupting their seemingly peaceful moment, a soldier with medium length black hair and a puppy like mouth that was curled into a frown came running over. She had a worried look on her face and was panting quite hard.

Even though she seems like an irresponsible little brat, Mayu was good at separating work from life. Life was basically work if you were in the royal family, so that was a very hard thing to do.

“What’s going on?”

Still trying to catch her breath, the soldier answered in a rush, “…..the opposing army of Rappappa is attacking….We’re losing.”

Rappappa was a group of people that was against the way King Watanabe ruled his country. They were a rebellion, but under normal circumstances, Mayu would have probably chosen to go to their side. She actually agreed with how they wanted the country to be, but hated their methods. She used underhanded tricks, but humans can be hypocrites.

“What in the world are the generals and cavalry doing!?”

Sometimes, she becomes very serious. Of course, that scares the hell out of nearly everyone besides Yuki and Rena.

“……They were put to sleep, many of them are injured………”

Put to sleep means, sleep drugged or dead. Seeing as the soldier said that many were injured, it meant that they were drugged. It was better than numerous casualties, but Mayu really hated the fact that a happy day can turn into something so messes up. This was how it ended up though.

Yuki and Rena were standing by as they watched the scene unfold. They had seen how Mayu acted when Rappappa attacked, but there was never anything so large scale before. Actually to tell the truth, the group had discussed and said that they though the leaders of the group were ok since they wouldn’t hurt people without meaning. The main problem were the lackeys.

There was a moment of silence. The soldier’s eyes widened as she saw a figure climb onto the wall. There was an archer there.
He was dressed in camouflage, so he had blended in until this moment. The sky was definitely not showing the situation like those picture books that the princess enjoyed making and reading.

One arrow came flying down. It missed, but cut a bit of Rena’s hair. Threats weren’t a good thing when attacking that girl.
Sadly, she was unable to climb the wall, so Rena could not go mad and destroy him. Then, another arrow came down, it was aimed at the soldier. Rena, something made her decide to save the soldier. She put herself in the way and stopped the arrow.
Though it was not able to be explained at the time, Rena had a certain defect in her head that caused her to be unable to feel pain. It got clearer if she turned spicy(gekikara), but she can’t do that due to the range differences.

“Idiot, get back here!” Yuki yelled out as she quickly came in front of the princess.

Another arrow came down, aimed at Mayu. Fast as she was, Yuki wasn’t that great at blocking things or stopping them. So she held out the book and the arrow came stabbing through. Amazingly, the ribbons were the things stopping the arrow after the arrow basically tore through the book. ‘What were those things made of?’ , that was what was showing on her face that the moment.

“Ah…. Those ribbons… I knew it….BLACK..” Mayu was somewhat surprised. Now she was sure that this was BLACK.

Yuki never told anyone the name BLACK besides that girl, Nezumi. Her eyes widened in surprise. How easily she destroyed her
built up personality was just a legend, an amazing thing.

“Oh, so you’re Nezumi… I guess that makes sense.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a bit. But then they were interrupted by the sound of a soft landing on the grass in the
courtyard. The puppy soldier hugged Rena tightly while looking at the tall sadistic looking person and midget squirrel that landed.

“……Oshima Yuko, the boss of Rappappa, I presume?”

The squirrel put up her hands and smiled. She was not in an attacking stance, but Yuki was glaring at her. It seemed that there was a warm feeling developing towards Mayu and Yuki was not about to let this weird squirrel kill Mayu.

“Hey, hey. It’s not like I ordered this attack.”

A dark aura consumed everyone there at the moment. Then, a midget with a ponytail suddenly came tumbling down. Due to the humor from the failed landing from the midget, Takamina, everyone started smiling unintentionally.

Getting up as if nothing happened, Takamina cleared her throat. “I’m sorry to say, but Torigoya has taken over the Watanabe Empire.”

The atmosphere once again turned dark, but Yuko interrupted this time. With a smile, she proposed to the soldier, Rena, Yuki, and Mayu, “Let’s join forces for now. We can go against each other when we take down my NyanNyan.”

Everyone was reluctant, but slowly, Mayu gave in. She shook hands with Yuko. After her, Yuki, Rena, and the soldier whose name was Jurina just for your information followed.



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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Update: IAFWAA Mayuki 2-shot Part II)
« Reply #18 on: May 05, 2013, 11:04:16 AM »
It's Feudalistic World After All

Great development on the story....

Black and Nezumi meet each other again... after so long

And recognize each other.... yeah...

Eh... Torigoya was the one that attacking the empire...

While Yuko did not order it...

Takamina is with Yuko...

How about Atsuko...?

Can't wait to see what happen next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Update: IAFWAA Mayuki 2-shot Part II)
« Reply #19 on: May 05, 2013, 02:23:08 PM »
Torigoya developed a power struggle between her and Yuko. Now the three are going to join her to take down the leader of the opposition
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