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Author Topic: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Mayuki - Love-Struck Kitty Won't be Discouraged)  (Read 45101 times)

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabble(What pairing?)
« Reply #60 on: August 14, 2013, 01:29:10 AM »
Holy fish. AtsuYuu leading KojiYuu?! GO ATSUYUU SHIPPERS!!!!!!

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabble(What pairing?)
« Reply #61 on: August 14, 2013, 02:05:11 AM »
Can you put in Saeyaka, too? Pwease~? :lol: Hehe, I sound girly. XD

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabble(What pairing?)
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TTLuver: Ok! Got it~
AshuraX: Hehe~ Wow, never noticed until you said so

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabble(AKB Double - Crack Fic)
« Reply #63 on: September 08, 2013, 04:49:00 AM »
AKB Double - A Crack Fic

“Oi! Takamidget catch this!!!!!!”

All the AKB members were on a baseball field at their school, AKB Gakuen, where no one graduates no matter how old they are. Their squirrel, Yuko, threw a random glowing piece of kryptonite rock like this at their midget. Being the failing midget, Takamina failed to catch the rock. It even exploded…

“…WHY THE HECK ARE THERE TWO OF MEEEEEEE???” Miichan is the first to notice that everyone has been duplicated, but then, chaos ensued.

“NYANNYAN!! I LOVE YAAAA!!” Yuko#2 jumped at Kojiharu and attempted skinship.

“KYAAA!! YUUCHAN!!!!!!! YAMETE YO!!!” Kojima shrieked and rapidly smacked Yuko#2.

“…noo…. Nyan…Nyan… Waaaaaaah!!” The original started to cry her eyes out like an idiot.

“Yuko, just steal NyanNyan back.” Miichan#2 consoled the squirrel. Noticing it, Miichan slapped her copy. That copy was trying to steal her screentime??? Well, then…. “FREAKING COPY!! DON’T STEAL MY SCREENTIME LIKE THAT!!!!!! KAM*******HA!!!” A white beam of light sent Miichan#2 flying.

“WAIT!! WHY IS SHE GETTING THE STUPID SCREENTIME!???” Enraged, Miichan attacked the non-existent cameraman.


“There… are… Lolis… everywhere…” Drool…

WMeetan teamed up!? Every single cute loli character started to run away.

“KYAAA!!! MEETAN’S SCARY!!” Myao immediately sheds her character and started to run away.

Of course… who wouldn’t run away from an old lady with a creepy wand thing… That thing that she used in her election video… Rather… there’s TWO of them!!

“MYAO!! SAVE ME!!!” Erepyon was captured!! Her copy had used her as a decoy.

“…” Everything turned silent.






Everyone was silent, waiting for what the slightly tanuki faced girl would do.

“KUH!! MYAO!!!!!!!! STOP SPENDING SO MUCH TIME THINKING AND STEALING MY SCREENTIME!!!!!”The gachapin came charging over like a mad bull.

Suddenly…. “HEY!!!!!! YOU GET SCREENTIME WHEN RUNNING!!!! WHY YOU!!!” Miichan#2 came in an kicked her original in the head.


“NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE LAWS OF GRAVITY!!!” There was no sense in the conversation, but no one really cared.

“Honmayan BEAM!!!!”


WYui exploded the perverted hags, gachapins, and lolis all at once. “Meh…” WParu were somewhat uninterested.



“Oh. There’s another rock…” Our ever so fail Takamina found the perfect time and accidently stepped on another suspicious glowing rock. KABOOM!

“YA JUST GOTTA EAT KEBAB!” Sakura-tan showed up in a weird costume and in hand, a large kebab.

“Listen to my guitar perf-” HKT’s ponkotsu Captain…

“MENTAIKO!!!!” A spinning Murashige indeed….

“GYAAAA!!” The spinning mentaiko went spinning into Miichan#2 and once again she went flying off into outer space.

“Haha! No gravity!” Stealing the time to be cool and pose like she’s smart… Miichan wasted a whole 5 minutes of their lives.

“…um...” And the rest of HKT suddenly appeared, crushing the gachapin under their feet.

“MY LOLI ARMY CHARGE!!!” Sasshi screamed. Sasshi#2 screamed, in terror that is.

“Honmayan slugger doesn’t exist you know…”

“It does… just try…”

“No way.. .Your just gonna laugh at me when I do that…”

“Do it…”

“No way… Totally a lie…”

Honmayan was so unconvinced.


And they got trampled.

“Fresh Lemon ni naritai no~~~`” Lemon power exploded and threw Sasshi off her throne.


“LEMONS ARE BETTER!!” Lemon#2 is a crazy person.

“I summon you! Mentaikomon!”

“This isn’t Dig*mon or Po**mon!!” Miichan#2 yelled.

“TOO BAD!” Lemon#2 and Murashige retorted in synch.

“Come on out! Lemon!!”

After a few explosions, Miichan#2 went flying off into space once again.



“Kuh… I have no choice…”


“Could it BE?”

“WAHAHAHAA!!!” The gachapin suddenly turned into a Godzilla version of gachapin.

“Lemon! Attack with thunderbolt!”


“…These girls are pretty cute~ I’m taking you HOME!!” Meetan came again and kidnapped both Lemon#2 and Murashige.


“GROWL!!” Godzillapin growled out loud after being attacked by thunderbolt.

“Ue~Kara~Mariko!” The goddess descended from heaven and sat on Godzillapin.

“Marichan~~” Kojiharu#2 went over to the queen of troll.

“…Uuu… Nyan… Nyan… Waaah! I’m abandoned for a trolling sadist!!”

“Well, squirrel… It’s your fault…”

The two midgets sat in the corner depressed as more chaos went on. Note that Maeda was not here due to beating up thugs and eating sakura petals trying to find the meaning of life but ending up in jail with Takamina#2.

“UHO-UHO!!” A giant gorilla came and started destroying everything.

“What the heck! So rude!” Sayaka screamed.

“It’s ok! You’ll always be my beautiful Sayaka~” Sae smiled.

“YOU TWO RUN!!! IT AIN’T THE TIME TO BE-” Miichan#2 got sent flying into space again.

“…Ara?” Miichan turned into normal Miichan again.

“Ciao~” Mariko-sama went back to the heavens.

“DON’T TURN BACK WHEN THERE’S A GIANT GORILLA!!!” Sayaka screeched. By the way, Kojiharu#2 went flying into the squirrel.

“…The fudge…” Miichan’s dark aura stopped even the gorilla. Everyone was looking forward to an extreme tsukkomi.


“…Indeed… How expected…” Everyone murmured.



“Because this is Moshidora!” Suddenly, Acchan#2 popped up with a random baseball bat that she picked up on the field. Well, it’s a baseball field anyways.

“ACCHAN! YAY!!” Everyone cheered, but that didn’t last long.

Unlike her trademark large swing, then epic swing, she threw the bat at the gorilla’s head. “Grr….”

“RUN!!!” Everyone ran as Miichan screamed. Yes, she had a camera close-up. Yes, she appealed before running off.


“…wah…. Gomen…” HKT’s Motomura was left behind though. There were tears in her eyes.

“…” Worriedly, the gorilla didn’t know what to do.

“TEAM HORMONE UNITE!!!!” To save the little loli who in truth by anime standards was not a loli, Sasshi called upon her comrades. Akicha, Bungee, Mukuchi, and Unagi came and they united to become… SUPER HORMONE ROBOT!!!!

“Robot beam…” Why was their battle cry so weak? Don’ t ask the author, ask them.

“…” Nothing happened.

“…This is bad…” They sweatdropped.

“…Roar?” Even the gorilla was confused.

“…Well, we’re running…” And then, later, the spectacle of a giant robot running could be seen.

“Eh! You’re leaving me behind?” Aoi-chan wanted to cry.

“Don’t worry~ Queen and Elizabeth are here!” WTomo#2 came along, they were Queen and Elizabeth. Note, Kamem Rider W characters that they played.



“Ok! Grab the kid and run.” Tomochin#2 bluntly said and then, Chiyuu#2 grabbed Aoi-chan and they started to run.

“Eh?” of course, the childish Aoi-chan wasn’t exactly prepared for any of this.

“…Meh… not in my job description…” Just like that, the gorilla retreated.

“YES!! Focus on me~ camera-man~” Miichan once again came to steal screentime.

“Ah… Sorry Minegishi-senpai, we were called here by Mr AD-san…” Suddenly, all of the SKE48 members appeared with Jurina in the lead. The camera focused on them and Miichan cried in despair. “NOOOOOO!!!”


A few days ago, I was thinking... Man, I wanna make some kind of crack fic... But.. reading this... I don't know what I was writing... But it was fun~ Just trying out new genres and Enjoy! Well... Hope you enjoyed~ Since this is the end note...

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabble(AKB Double - Crack Fic)
« Reply #64 on: September 08, 2013, 04:07:48 PM »
Lol! The Crack fanfic is just to random to be called normal!!!  :lol: :lol:

But man... I couldn't stop laughing as I read this one.. I mean it!! I enjoyed it!!

Please continue making Homayan believed in nobody...

I mean, please continue this fic!!

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabble(The End, Beginning)
« Reply #65 on: September 13, 2013, 02:30:29 AM »
Cometerz48: Thanks! Though I'm not sure if I can write it anytime soon... Hehe.. Honmayan will show up again... For some reason, I'm going ahead and subbing what I know of Magical Radio season 2 episode 12 right now since i want to... So my writing is slowing down even more...

Well, this here is an awkward OS that doesn't make much sense cuz it started out as a thought right after I woke up and then it developed during math class... and I wrote it during a thunderstorm... Ta-da! Guess who!

The End, Beginning

AKB48, Akihabara48, an idol group was started back in 2006, no 2005, by that famous Akimoto-Producer. In the beginning, there were only 7 members of the audience. It may have seemed to be more, but just seven. There were reporters and such people attending, but that did no good.

Team A was the original team, how many members it started out with, I can’t remember. Then came Team K. Team A and Team K didn’t get along that well at first. Of course, that was because of the fact that it felt horrible to have the next generation just come in. The feeling was that of being replaced.

Somehow, the members continued going along. Quite a few quit, but still a large number stayed. AKB48 was called the panties flashing group. Being situation in Akiba didn’t always help. Akiba is considered Tokyo’s otaku district. Just as Shibuya was very liked by young girls, Akihabara was very liked by otaku. A number of people find that otaku are gross perverts, thus they labeled AKB as the idol group for gross perverts back in the day.

Certain people supported that little, or rather large, idol group that had started in 2005 in Akihabara. Mariko-sama, a girl who tried to help AKB as much as she could working at the café, she became the only member of the 1.5 generation. To think that she would graduate in the summer of 2013 was unimaginable, but that was just what happened.

No, that’s just too far into the future. This world I exist in is different, but the same at the same time. Let us continue with the undetailed story of AKB48 first before explaining everything.

Then came Team B. At the end of 2006, Team B was formed. Indeed now, AKB48 was complete. Were there 48 people? Maybe there were and maybe there weren’t, as always, there have been cases where members graduate. Mayuyu and Yukirin, I would say now that they would be considered Team B’s aces for some time, at least in my eyes. Those two were quite idol-like, though if they would be quiet, those two would probably be better as Yukirin is Black and Mayuyu liked France-Onii-chan.

AKB slowly climbed out of their depression or not. Gen 4-6 were recruited, having the 6th generation start in April 2008. Three months afterward, SKE48 was made. Yes, it would seem that AKB was getting out of their deep hole of darkness. Sakae, Nagoya, SKE48’s first generation started there.

“Ah! Jurina…”

Maybe that kind of exchange would happen back then. WMatsui was a pretty famous pairing among fanbases. Overseas fanbases often wrote fanfiction and things like that, but I have no idea about English, really I somewhat suck.

5th Generation, that’s a hint to who I am. No, that’s not who I am. That is the other me. The world that I exist in is gone, disappeared, not there anymore. Where I am is a mystery even to me, but I am but a spectator of that other place in a box. The only other person here is someone who I have grown to know, my other self knows her quite well, but as for me, I am not AKB even if it had existed in my world.

Oogoe Diamond, Jurina was center despite being such a kid and also from SKE48. The pressure must have been so great and it must have been so lonely. That puppy girl was so energetic when she was young, after all, I knew her. AKB members are nice; Mariko-sama approached her and that puppy and Mariko-sama’s friendship bloomed.

Over the next few years, NMB and HKT were made. AKB generations up to 14 were created in my world and the 15th generation was in this world. Things seemed to go uphill, at least with singles and sales, but there were a few bad things. Overseas groups were also established. Personally, I would say that Aki-P might be too ambitious for me, but that is me.

2009, the first sousenkyo was held. Yes, Maeda won. Next year, Yuko won. Then, Acchan. Then, Yuko. It all began in 2009. That election single was named Iiwake Maybe. Many had called it the Kami-Kyoku.

Well, where I come, I was not AKB, so things had went a bit differently. Senbatsu, scandal, transfers changed and didn’t happen.

2010, Majisuka Gakuen was filmed. Yes, that hot-blooded, somewhat anime-like drama. Nachu, the big Daruma. Acchan, the one with glasses powers. Sado, Mariko-sama. Gekikara, Rena-san who played a crazy character; Rena is said to have the ability to dilate her pupils. I only know what fans would know though.

Heavy Rotation, a very popular song was sang with Yuko as the center. Chance no Junban, the first janken single was also created. Despite Uchida’s hard work, it had the second least sells of all the singles in 2010. Of course, that must have been depressing.

Sakura no Ki ni Narou was probably the first of 2011. Coming with it was a somewhat weirdly episode drama with gay SaeMayu, awkward midget story, Tomochin’s lies, and other factors. I seemed to have an awkward role, but luckily, ‘I’ did not do it. Majisuka Gakuen 2 was another drama in there. Mayuyu had a lot of pairings that were pushed up to rival Mayuki that year, CeNezu and SaeMayu, though saying such things is awkward.

Also, there was that Earthquake. For me, it never happened, but for them it did. That girl, Iwata was caught up in it, but she’s all DOKKUN!! nowadays.

The former neglected AKB48 was now helping victims of that event with their songs and such. They would go and perform in devastated areas and as well, Kaze wa Fuiteiru was there as well.

In 2011, SKE also had that amazing PV that gave heart attacks and nosebleeds to fans. Kataomoi Finally, Akimoto-san had said that it would be a controversial song, but the song wasn’t while the PV was. Who would have thought that Yagami-chan and Kanon-chan would kiss like that?

“Hey! Lunch is ready!” I get a call. Hey, this box is pretty easy to live in even though someone has to cook. We two take turns cooking, today my friend, the Unagi is cooking. I wonder what she made…  Well, that was a big hint on who I am. Why do I even bother when the two of us are isolated anyways? It’s not like anyone cares…

Ok… Of course, after 2011 is that fated 2012. Why do I say that? In a few minutes, that’ll be explained all by itself.

By now, I guess I’ve gotten bored of explaining. Majisuka Gakuen 3 completely overturned the whole Majigaku idea. It’s not a school, it’s a prison. That’s just great… I really liked the other seasons, not because I was in them, but because it was what it was. Well, thinking about it, season 3 was great, but Akimoto-san just isn’t doing anything else after it at the moment.

There was a band single, a dance single, a Paruru single that would have been called From Beneath Paruru, and a few other crazy singles. But the biggest impact in the AKB48 world would be Maeda Atsuko’s graduation.

Just a few months later, 2012, December 12th, everything ended. No, it wasn’t Acchan’s fault. It was something else. But in that world, the major figures in AKB weren’t present just as I, an useless person, wasn’t there. AKB48 disbanded. The idea of that was horrible. The world ended right afterwards and I woke up to find myself in this box.

In the other world, AKB will continue to thrive. Somehow, I believe in them and also, even if they might disappear one day, only an atomic bomb can wipe those girls off the face of earth. Ah… I’ve been a bit optimistic, but it’s true. AKB in this world won’t just disappear like that.

Now, have you ever wondered, how long AKB will survive? Will AKB leave and disband? The answer is yes, but that won’t happen so soon. This group might survive for a century, half a century, or even more. As a fellow wota, I guess my guesses might not be all that correct, but this is how I think.

Forever and on, this box will be the only place I stay, so… That’s just how it is. Have you guessed who I am? Maybe I sound a bit too mature right now, to confident. Yes, I guess I am hetare after all, so forgive me for being out of character!

“Rino!! SOMETHING BIG!!” The Unagi came running over. Yups, that’s me, Sashihara Rino.

“Kitarie, what?” I ask.


2008, well, you know what this is asking for me to do.

“Come on then! We have nothing to lose! And my idols are out there!” I grin like a goofy kid.

“Mou… Well, true…”

“Yosha Ikuzo!”

“Ah! Wait!!”

It’s been some time since I’ve chanted the Mix, I grabbed the Unagi’s hand and ran towards the direction she came. Hey! It’s the outside, I’m not giving up the chance! Sayonara for now! And see ya later! Maybe I should audition for AKB… haha!

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabble(The End, Beginning)
« Reply #66 on: September 13, 2013, 08:04:22 AM »
nice....this is GREAT... :twothumbs

I hope you will also make takayuu fic....hehe

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabble(Years and Comrades)
« Reply #67 on: October 14, 2013, 03:15:22 AM »
no-chan: Thanks! I'm not sure how long it'd take to make a Takayuu, but I can probably do that~

Years and Comrades

The Magical Radio crew as well as Rie, Rena, and their assistants were having a big party in a karaoke place. It had been a year since Kumi and Ogi-chan left, but everyone finally had time to meet up again. Kumi was still that meek and slightly clumsy girl who went crazy once in a while. Ogi-chan was still great at martial arts and all that crazy stuff.

“…Ah, it’s already been such a long time since we did radio together. Right, Kumi-chan, Ogi-chan?” Kanon asked a rhetorical question.

“Haha, but it’s been even longer since we did any radio with that Jurina… She’s sadly a bit delayed today though.” Ogi-chan gave smile to everyone.

“Where is she right now anyways?” Their bird DJ curiously inquired. But they didn’t bother to call that puppy girl that had been Akane’s partner in the past. They just did radio together not a few hours ago after so long. Either way, Jurina was going to show up at an amazing time. She has great timing.

Now, now, everyone, let’s enjoy this night and we can drink.” Rie clapped her hands twice and her assistant helped her refill her glass. The president’s daughter’s strange way of speech hadn’t changed at all.

“Cheers!” They all clanked their cups. By now, almost everyone was old enough to drink obviously, though it seemed that they had forgotten a certain episode where drinking had led to a disaster. Hopefully, Kumi-san was better at controlling herself and Yuria Geller wouldn’t go all wacko with her vampire side.

Onimaru and Wakachin sat aside, being squished into the wall by all the others. Of course, that gross producer was more than happy to have his Wakachin act as the strange blue doll that he always hugged when he slept.

Because of Kanon and Rie’s amazing connections, the feast was on. Well, it was on until Jurina came in 15 minutes late.

“Wait a second!!” Like always, her timing is just too perfect. The second the girls were about to start eating, yes only the girls since Wakachin was suffering eating the love of Onimaru. Yes, that puppy mouthed girl Jurina barged in.

“Jurina!” Everyone exclaimed. The said girl had a strange package in her hands. It was obvious what to expect next.

“I have Russian Roulette Cream Puffs for everyone~~!”


With their typical interaction, a game of Russian Roulette with Cream Puffs started. With Wakachin being with Onimaru, Jurina was the commentator and judge for this game.

“Ok, so there’s one spicy cream puff filled with wasabi, it’s pretty simple and since there’s water here, it’ll be easier to go through.”

“Eh…” They moaned, especially Ogi-chan. The small-faced AD suffered the pain of spicy Russian Roulette games many times.

“1, 2! Eat it in one bite~” Jurina signaled.


“Fuu…” Rena murmured.


“Rena… You ok...?” Jurina asked curiously. Even though the former director could handle spicy, wasabi was kind of… not super appealing tasting.

“Uuu… I’m ok.”

“Hrm… This’ll make you feel better!” Jurina gave Rena a light peck on the cheek.

Thud. The former director fell the floor with her face flushed. Innocently, the puppy actress wondered if that girl who shared her surname had drank a lot of alcohol before she came along.

“Ooo! Wakabayashi kiss me too!” Onimaru cried out, disrupting the never existing atmosphere.

Wakachin attempted to cry out for help in his awkward manner, “Sawako-chan! Akane-san! Sav-”

Everyone tried to ignore the strange men and continued on with what they were doing. Jurina carried Rena in bridal style and laid her onto the sofa-chair thing, possibly defying the laws of Gravity, but then again, Rena was a light person.

Rena’s assistant, Nao, brought over a cup of water for when the elder Matsui came to. She looked somewhat relieved that she didn’t have to sing and have strange background noises at the moment. Nao sat down next to Rie’s assistant, Nanako. Nanako rested her head on Nao’s shoulder and they just watched.

“Now, let’s get back to partying!! Who wants to sing first!?” Yuria Geller magically poofed up a microphone and yelled out to the group.

“Yuria~ Let’s do Ookami to Pride together.” Kumi proposed only to be rejected.

Yuria pouted, “But… You’re just going to cheer and forget to sing…”

“Hehe… but Yuria is too CUTE~!!”

And everyone else went onto a different topic.

Suddenly Rena woke up. In the spur of the moment, took the glass of water and splashed it on Rie-san before ultimately smashing it upon Onimaru’s head. “WOAH!!!” Then she raised her hands and formed a blue energy ball that knocked the producer out.

Lucky Wakachin, he was saved.

“Kissed by a girl…” Rena murmured with a dark concerned look plastered all over her face.

Jurina sheepishly observed. It seemed that the former director was taking a little peck too far.

“After being kissed by Jurina!” And a monologue started.

“We two ran off to a small countryside and started a farm!!” Rena acted out her words.

Doing a strange voice, she giggled, “Honey~ This year, we’ve harvest a lot of crops.”

“Oh! Jurina-kun, you’re so cool!” The former director fangirled in her fantasy.

“BUT!!” She screamed.

With a grim look, she uttered, “It didn’t last long… Our happy days!”

“Kaboom!” She mimicked an explosion.

“We were attacked.”

“Rena! Run!!” She made the weird voice again.

Rena fell to the ground and cried out, “Noo! Jurina-kun!! Don’t sacrifice yourself!”


And then, the former director calmed down. Wakachin noted that the fantasy was like all the others before them, weird. Also, the ‘Monarch of the Night’ and ‘Kabuki-cho’ weren’t mentioned, surprisingly.

“So, you married Jurina?” Ogi-chan questioned awkwardly.

“If you want go to Canada and marry Jurina-san.” Rie-san stated with a matter of fact tone.

“…Rena-chan~ I love you!!” Jurina pounced onto the former director, her face flushed.

Nanako asked Nao, “Did she drink?”

“Oops… I wasn’t keeping an eye on her.” The assistant replied.

“WHOO HOO!! LET’S PARTY!!!” Jurina yelled.

Yuria Geller cast a spell. “Tehe~!”

“WOOOAH!! GO TO HELL!!!!” And Kumi went crazy, smashing her guitar onto Onimaru’s head.

Sawako and Ogi-chan looked at each other and the scene unfolding in front of them and laughed. Magical Radio, a place of messed of things, yes, that’s how it was. Akane sighed before joining in with the mess and Wakachin got trampled.

“Hey don’t forget about me!”

“Who would forget about the bird-san?”

“Hey who’s a bird!!?”

“I love you~ Rena-chan, since a long time ago~”

“Me too~”

Their lips met for a second and then chaos ensued again. Raising their cups, they clinked together, “Cheers! And may we be together for a long time afterwards!”

In that simple radio station, in that plain room. There was a place, a place that contained many memories. A radio sat by. A recording room was present. Two girls sat at the table. 1, 2… This was Magical Radio.

“This is Jurina-chan!”

“Nice to meet you!”

“As a gift for letting me join you, I brought Russian Roulette Cream Puffs!”

That was the starting line.

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Sweet, sweet, Halloween)
« Reply #68 on: October 29, 2013, 02:23:26 AM »
no-chan: Here's your Takayuu~
A Halloween special, on the day of Halloween, I'll have another short OS up.

Sweet, sweet, Halloween

“Yuko! Yuko! Yuko! Hurry up!!” A short girl with a ponytail, dressed up as a cabbage girl, waved to her friend. It was Halloween, the last day of October. And that meant, ‘Trick or Treat’ing. In their neighborhood, the candy giving festival was celebrated, so children would go out and obtain many yummy little sweets.

The receiver grinned in a squirrely manner. “Mou~ Takamina, no need to rush.” She, Yuko, was dressed in a fluffy and warm squirrel costume. The two were ready to go on their candy adventure, but first they needed to wait just a bit.

The two children held Halloween bags in their hands, ready to get a huge load of candy and sugar. Of course, they looked forward to eating chocolate, lollipops, and all that other candy after they finished.

“Can we go now?” Takamina asked childishly.

The squirrel smiled and nodded. “Hrm… Let’s go then~”

Thus, the two short little girls headed out. They greeted each door with a smile and most of the time were replied with one and candy as well. Some interesting people such as the neighbor, Mariko-sama, gave them weird candy shaped like eyeballs making the night more interesting. Halloween music could be heard everywhere. And many other children were out Trick or Treating as well.

After a while, the two took a break.

Yuko took out a large chocolate bar and unwrapped it. Splitting the chocolate in two, she gave one half to Takamina and the other half to herself. The innocent Taka tilted her head, confused. Yuko gave a pout, and said in a tsundere manner, “That’s your half. Let’s enjoy some candy during our break.”

“…Yuko… Arigatou!”

Nom, nom, nom. They finished their chocolate. Seeing how her friend had chocolate on her cheeks, Yuko went ahead and wiped it off with her finger. Realizing that it made her finger chocolate-y, the squirrel licked the chocolate off like any child her age.

After that, they went around just a little longer and got a little more candy. The candy-givers were glad to see their rosy little faces lit up with happiness and glee.

Now, it was time to go back home. The two short girls had also scheduled a sleepover since it was Halloween and they would stay up quite a bit. Their bags were filled with candy and the two were filled with sugary happiness.

But, there were some mean boys in the neighborhood. Because Takamina was short and Yuko was short, they would always make fun of the two. Since Taka was dressed as cabbage and had lots of candy, those mean boys decided to tackle the short girl to the ground and run off with the candy.

“…” Takamina looked as if she wanted to cry.

“Grr… I’m gonna get them!!” Yuko was mad. She let Takamina onto her back as she chased after.

The meanest little boy cried, “Oh no! That squirrel’s gaining on us.” The others were starting to worry.

In a flash, Yuko kicked them down to the ground and retrieved the cabbage’s candy bag. “Hrmph…” But for some reason, Takamina looked as if she was going to cry. Maybe from happiness, but it made Yuko’s heart jump and worry. Even though the squirrel wasn’t into flat shorties…

“Here.” The squirrel stretched out her hand and handed Takamina a choco-lollipop.

The short cabbage didn’t understand. She was quite dense after all, but she stopped crying. “???”

“Sweet things always make you smile… So.” Yuko blushed and muttered as she sheepishly looked away.

“Yuko… Daisuki.” Understanding what her best friend was trying to say, Takamina grinned and hugged Yuko.

“…Mrm…” Yuko couldn’t say anything as she blushed, trying to seem less awkward, she put a piece of candy in her mouth as she watched the short cabbage. This was a really sweet, sweet, Halloween…Sugar with a pinch of love.

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(My Friend)
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(Same universe as Rena-san's B-day OS. Sakae48)

Happy Birthday Akarin! Suda Akari!!!
My Friend

“Happy Halloween!!” This is Kizaki Yuria, yelling out to the dorm. Yups, Sakae48 has a dorm as well. And for now, Kuuchan aka Kumi and I are residents. Halloween, October 31st is a day off from school, so as everyone woke up, I reminded them of the holiday.

There was a silence in return. Then, everyone burst out into laughter. I don’t get it. Currently, it’s just me, everyone else, and the dining room. I look behind me and see Kuuchan dressed in a penguin pajama. She’s really cute; unintentionally my face turns slightly pink.

“Mrm… Happy Halloween… Yuria…” She mumbled, still half asleep. Due to the fact that Kuuchan was aware of the holiday, this happened. Even though oversleeping happens a lot with my beloved baka, who I will not admit is smarter than me.

Akarin, a new friend of ours from another class who we met here at the dorm, gave a stifled giggle. I think Halloween is something for her. Well, it’s something for everyone, so let’s not overthink it and enjoy this day off.

“Ooh~ Let’s have a Halloween party at night… A costume party??”

“Tonight at when…?”

Due to the fact that the dorm is really quite friendly even if there are a number of strange people, shy people, and unsociable people, we’re able to celebrate interesting things. Kuuchan nodded, and started to fall asleep again.

I wonder how many people would come. Actually since there’ve been a lot of not-pre-decided celebrations and parties from everyone, it’s become a normal thing. Everyone is too festive after all~

Another friend of ours, Yukko, smiled brightly as she asked. “So… What would Yuria be?”

“I dunno.”

“…Something cute…”

“Kuuchan, how ‘bout you?”

Kuuchan moaned, still sleepy. “Dunnnnnooo….”

“Hehe... Well, why don’t we search for something in the storage compartment?” Akarin giggled.

We have a storage compartment with that type of thing? It seems so. Well, the dorm mother is Mariko-sama after all, a trollish person from Tokyo. So with that, enough is said. The group of me, Kuuchan, Akarin, and Yukko headed to the storage compartment.

Well, Mariko-sama is nice and she leaves it unlo-

“KYAAA!!!” There’s a SKELETON!! WHAT THE!!!????? Eh!!?? DEAD PERSON??? I fell down.

“Yuriaaaa…. It’s just a mannequin.” Kuuchan moaned.

Akarin giggled a bit and Yukko went ahead and searched through a bunch of boxes. Out came a freshly baked chicken that would’ve made Churi-san faint. Then was a plastic Barbie leg and a pie, then a penguin. There was a throne, a trophy, a swimsuit that Airin would’ve been weird over, and a plastic bag. After a long time searching, Yukko finally found something like a costume.

“Wait… What the **** is this supposed to be!?” She crudely yelled, fuming due to the waste of time.

“…Haha…” I couldn’t help but laugh deadly seeing what she found, a dog’s pumpkin outfit.

Suddenly a gust of cold air leaked in. I shuddered and turned around to see a girl with a very small presence. I tried not to scream and luckily didn’t. The always smiling Akarin smiled towards the girl and tilted her head as if asking a question.

The girl whispered quietly, her bangs slightly covering her eyes. “Um… Costumes are in the box over there…”

“Oh. Thanks!” I beamed.

“Un…” She murmured.

We quickly found the box and Yukko suggested, “Hey, this place is kind of stuffy, let’s go to my room and sort this box out.” We all agreed, though the quiet girl didn’t say anything. Looking closely, I saw a nametag that read ‘Hata Sawako’. Hrm… Sawako-chan, she’s a nice person.

Ok~ Halloween party. I energetically marched out of the storage compartment. Seeing that Akarin was lagging behind I turned around. There she was, Sawako-chan whispered something to her. I could only faintly hear it, “Happy Birthday… Akari.”

But then… She faded into thin air… A GHOST? Is Sawako-chan a ghost or something like that? If so… Well, actually, there’s no problem at all. Haha. I’m not the type to care whether or not a nice person is a ghost or not. But I guess it’s Akarin’s birthday today, I must congratulate her.

“If you’re curious, Sawako is my friend, my guardian angel…” With a smile like always, Akarin whispered before quickly catching up to the others. “Come on! Yuria!”

“A-ah… Hai!” and, “Happy Birthday I guess…”

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(2013 Akarin B-day: My Friend)
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SHINO! I see TakaYuu!
Ashura demands moar AtsuHaru~!!
No, wait... Ashura challenges ya to make an AtsuHaru OS!!! >:3
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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(2013 Akarin B-day: My Friend)
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Should have Rena knock on the door of Akarin and go totally Dasu on her XD
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(New Poll)
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kuro: hrm? I don't get it exactly.. but I'm guessing... super fisher nyaaaa! mode? :3 nyaha~
AshuraX: Hai! I'll probably write on in the anthology or if not, just one normally~ I take up your challenge :D !

So the poll is about... I'm going to try to write a lot of one-shots...
I'll try to write as much as I can.
Currently, I've got the plots for:

Chori X Murashige

But I'll do a lot more probably~~ ...hopefully~~
The poll says vote up to 4 options, but... yea. I don't really care how much, but I'll only release one for this winter.
So, do create some data that can be helpful nyaaa :D

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(GekiBlack: Spicy Bread)
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:3 I'm guessing that the silent readers out there are curious about the Mayuki OS eh? Well... it's part of the anthology... I wasn't even going to post this because it's in the anthology... So, basically, if you ain't one of the people that I shared a preview of the anthology to... you'll have to wait. (This is called the persuasive powers of people... if you want the thing earlier, than vote for Christmas~~)

Yes, yes, you have no idea what i'm talking about maybe? But... reading through all those wonderful angsty and even so so so so so so wonderful GekiBlack and such fanfiction on this site... you get the point right?

GekiBlack, douzo~

GekiBlack - Spicy Bread

“Black.” The mad queen of Majisuka Gakuen uttered one word breaking a silence that had started to creep into the Rappappa’s club room. That word was the name of the silent queen who was always carrying a cross and bible of some sort around.

In response, Black looked up from her book, “What?”

Sado, Shibuya, and Torigoya were watching the small interaction between the two Yamato Nadeshikos. Sado fiddled around with her new toys as her old one was broken, but it seemed that the new ones would break due to the fact that all the attention was gathered towards the only queens talking.

“…Um…Sado-san, Shibuya, Torigoya…can you stop staring?”

Upon realizing that Black had noticed their watching, all three averted their glance and started to sheepishly whistle. Looking at them act so funnily, Gekikara giggled and crouched down near the silent queen.

“Nee~ Are you hungry?” When the mad queen asked, everyone stared at her oddly again. Gekikara ignored the gazes, but it truly was strange. The typical phrase was, ‘nee~ you mad?’

But, now it was asking about whether or not the silent queen was hungry or not. This was an interaction that one could only be found here in the Rappappa’s room between Black and Gekikara.

Surprisingly setting her book down, Black answered with the faintest smile, “I guess I am.”

“Let’s gooo~ eat...Spicy bread?” Gekikara childishly grinned.

The two queens got up and walked out of the Rappappa room.

Sado smirked with her troll face. Torigoya started to space off and Shibuya was just plainly shocked. Somewhat mad, the hotblooded Shibuya chased after them, “Hey! Don’t leave me behind!”

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(GekiBlack: Spicy Bread)
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Hooray for GekiBlack!!! Demo ne, why so short?

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Drabbles 31 - 37)
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hikari: I didn't have any plots in mind for anything longer te~he

Da DRABBLES are back though~~!!

31 - 37

31. Fans and Baka (Mostly Me Again)

Kumi-san in Magical Radio 2, “Go to Hell!”, in English. We think, ‘I doubt she knows what that means… Kuu~min~ so cute!!’

Yuria Peace, she gets fooled quite easily. “Eh? Shikoku isn’t a foreign place?” We think, ‘Yuria, your baka-ness is too cute…’

Kaneko Shiori, she’s amazing. When someone orders ‘the usual’, she writes down ‘the usual’ on her notepad. We think, ‘Maybe we should order SKE48 and maybe she’ll serve it to us…’

Once again, Kin-chan, when she misheard a Spanish dude, she really served him Styrofoam with sauce. We think, “Maybe we should avoid having her serve food…”


32. Fishers Case with Zombies 2

“Do you think I’m cute?” Suda Akari winked towards the zombies, killing off a lot of them, but there were a few zombies that didn’t fall for her charms. Suda frowns slightly.

Since Suda didn’t manage to get rid of them like that, Milky tried, but they were not fished. Since the two fishers were mad for another reason other than zombies, the unfished suffered.

“Tsk…” Suda Vader!! She took out a light saber and with a swing, decimated many of the unfished.

Milky using her Waruki powers took them out while Yukirin was still driving and running them over.


33. Nightmarish WTomo

Miichan: “Tomochin, is something wrong?” *Miichan finds Tomochin coughing a bit.

Tomochin: “Dear J~”

Miichan: “…”

Mariko: “Should I get Tomo~mi to come over?” *Miichan nods

Tomo~mi: “…”

Miichan: “Tomochin won’t say anything but Dear J.”

Tomo~mi: “Chiyuu~”

Miichan: “No… I think I need an actual answer…”

Tomo~mi: “Chiyuu~ Chiyuu! Chiyuuuuuuuuuuu!!!”

Miichan: “…I don’t understand… Help me Mariko~~~”

Mariko: “Ue Kara Mariko.”

Miichan: “No!! Mariko!! Stop messing around!!” *shakes Mariko-sama


Tomochin: “Dear J~?”

Tomo~mi: “Chiyuu~”

Miichan: “I guess I’ll be saying… Gachapin…”


34. Hatoful Kareshi - AKB48 Version - SaeMaYuki

Welcome to Akibahara Pigeon Academy, where everyone is a pigeon, a very prestigious pigeon school.

“Coo! Coo!” Yukirin, a Cauchious, was getting jealous over the fact that Mayu and Sae were hanging out too much together. Sae was an American Show Racer, very amazing and cool. Mayu was a Bohemian Fairy Swallow, a very high class and beautiful pigeon.

“Coo~Coo~” It seemed to Yukirin that they were flirting.

“Coo~” The air turned all sweet.

“…” Yukirin, despite having mostly black plumage to begin with, began to emit extreme black aura.

“COOOOOOOO!!!” She attacked the two who she thought were flirting.


35. Hatoful Kareshi - AKB48 - Atsumina

“Coo??” Acchan, a Tippler, was flying very high and doing a lot of cool things, but noticing her friend Takamina failing, she asked if Takamina was ok. Takamina was a Valentia Figurita, a very tiny breed of bird after all. Takamina failed a lot as well.

“Coo…” The tiny bird said that she was ok.

“…Coo…” Acchan still worried.

“Coo…” ‘Mou! Acchan, don’t worry about me.’

“CoostuuCoo!” Acchan decided that she would treat Takamina to Katsudon.

“…” She was silent.

“Coo?” ‘Do you not want to go with me?’ With puppy eyes, Acchan asked.

“…Coo…” ‘I do’, Takamina gave up.

(A/N: I think I really love birds. Pigeons are really handsome and cute sometimes… Haha… Bird < AKB though.)


36. Google Translate - Suda Akari

“Hirari-chan~~” Akarin floated over to her AKB kouhai.


“…Um… I used Google translate to translate my name…” Shows Hirari computer screen.

“…Suda… Sub… Kaori????” The English speaking girl read it out loud with a tint of questioning in her tone.

“Ara~??” A dark aura surrounded Akarin, or rather Darth.

“Urm…” Nervously, Hirari watched. It was like when her mom got mad at her for failing a test. Hirari, you must study, but that’s not the point.

“WHO THE HECK IS SUB KAORI!! I’M SUING GOOGLE FOR RUINING MY BEAUTIFUL NAME!” The narcissist of SKE’s 3rd gen exploded with anger.


37.  Bird Theory

If there is just one fact in life, that fact would be that SKE48 Team KII’s Takayanagi Akane is a bird. I, the person who is narrating, am Furukawa Airi, a normal old otaku who happens to be a Rena-oshi.

Watching her every step, erm hop, she is a bird. Her appearance is like a bird. Also, she has quite a few parakeets at home. The strangest thing is that she over ate Ramune candy this one time, but she might want more.

Eh? I’m a stalker? No, I’m a scientist. It’s just that Takayanagi Akane interests me too much.
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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Rappappa Fight-O! Part I IAFWAA cont.)
« Reply #76 on: November 21, 2013, 02:11:32 AM »
Remember [It's a Feudalistic World After All] from some time ago? I actually started the continuation of it back when I was finishing up the second half of it, but never got to writing the continuation. I prefer my former writing style, but I feel like I've lost that freshness... Either way, I hope you enjoy. This is only part 1!

Comment or something plz~ I'll be glad to recieve what you think 'bout this~


Part I

“….Rena-chan~~~ I love you~~~ chuu~~~” A puppy soldier hugged the tall, pale girl with long black hair, attempting for a kiss. Due to a certain thing that happened some time ago and a whole other story that happened as the Rappappa lead by the squirrel with medium length brown hair was once again put together after Torigoya took control of the Watanabe kingdom.

Rena pushed Jurina away. But then, the puppy solider showed her signature puppy smile or pout in this case, so Rena felt a bit bad somehow. She gave up and reluctantly let Jurina hug her. Of course, this former bodyguard and technically commoner, was not about to let the kid kiss her.

A relationship was normal in this group, even if they weren’t supposed to be together, it didn’t matter. To tell the truth, the squirrel was actually a fallen noble while her closest person, Torigoya was a noble. Having feudal systems was actually a bad idea due to the fact that there are numerous people in the ranking of commoners. Feudal system is basically, higher social class is boss of lower people and controls everything like authoritarians. They give the lower class some land and work and protection in return for everything they want basically.

One tall girl with short auburn hair that looked like a sadist was a sadist and a very smart person. She could probably be on par with one of the King’s advisors, but not to the level of Mayu. There were a lot of people that were great and talented in Rappappa, but sadly, the system did not allow the lower classes to go and do important jobs that easily most of the time. Just as to say, the girl was Shinoda Mariko, mostly known as Sado due to her sadist nature.

There was a Gachapin with long black hair that went by Shaku, her name was Minegishi Minami. She was a prankster, but if she tried, she could be an ok fighter or possibly assassin. Somehow, there was a pairing between her and that Sado.

In this group, it wasn’t as if there was only one midget. Remember the one that failed so utterly that it made a gap in the space-time continuum? Well, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but this one with a ponytail was Takahashi Minami. She would probably be the manager type, so she would be a general or some major military figure. Sadly, the way the country was run, her accomplishments would probably be taken by others due to her commoner background. Takahashi was a midget, thus dubbed Takamidget, Midget, Bakamina, or preferred by her, Takamina.

The point is pretty clear, but they are all considerably eccentric and interesting in some way. Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki, Nezumi and Black, their nicknames explain almost everything. They don’t really fit their own status as princess and former bodyguard, so they were usually called by their nicknames.

Itano Tomomi, known as Shibuya was a fashionable seeming girl with long brown wavy hair. She was a cool girl type, but she had a slight problem with her temper. It’s a bad thing to make Shibuya mad, if you do, you will suffer a nosebleed just like her right hand girl Dance always ends up with.

There were quite a number of people in the group, so it would actually take quite a long time if they wanted to do something like compiling a database of their looks and personalities seeing as that there are really no such things as camera in this era and world.

“Oi! WMatsui! Stop messing around; our final battle with Torigoya probably won’t be far away. Seeing as how we’ve probably been labeled as a threat already, she won’t just sit still. Torigoya is dangerous; she can basically read your mind.”
Shibuya growled at Jurina and Rena. It was true, everything that she said. Torigoya was a mind reader and their force was getting dangerous as of the late for her rule. As Dance tried to intervene, she obvious got punched resulting in a nosebleed.

Sado and Yuko stood by and sighed. They knew that Shibuya was right, but it was going to be hard to win. Rappappa was more or less based off of hand to hand combat due to the lack of ammunition and weapons at the moment. Unlike King Watanabe, Torigoya was flexible. Just because the people were used to a feudal world didn’t mean she couldn’t change it up a bit.

“…Try to keep your cool, after all I think that mind readers will take advantage of you…I don’t know your Torigoya-san, but I’m just guessing that she will do that… Despite being predictable, it’s only natural to do…”

The basically emotionless girl with nice white skin and black hair spoke up as she rested her head on the lap of her tall former bodyguard whose black hair was tied up in a ponytail due to the need of excess activities. It was a task that was impossible by anyone besides Sado, Yuko, and Nezumi, casually telling Shibuya to stop her explosion. But today was the first time that anyone had ever tried to calm her down while being in such a position.

“Why you-“ Like it could ever work.

Well, a glare from BLACK stopped her. Of course, the black aura emitted from the girl was so great that even the hot-blooded Shibuya was stopped by it. Nezumi, knowing that it was bound to happen, smiled to BLACK. And then she looked towards the somewhat short squirrel.

“Hey~ Shiriri-chan~ so, what do you have in mind?”

Mayu confidently yelled out, “Oshiriko, overflow that chicken’s mind with your perv thoughts! Your butt-loving mind~”

“Mou…don’t call her a chicken. And…remember to compensate me because I know I’ll get slapped.”

At that moment the mood turned strange. Shibuya was flaming with fury and about to hit the squirrel. Her lackey Dance tried to step in between, but that didn’t seem to end well for Dance. The ending was exactly as expected, a punch in the face.

Sado helped Dance up and scolded the hot-blooded girl. Then she took in mind Mayu’s plan. The two former bodyguards were somewhat shocked, but at the same time found it normal.

“Yea, sounds good, let’s go and first try to find a way into the castle where Torigoya’s staying.”

The puppy soldier sweatdropped. “…Somehow, I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

Jumping into the shot was Shaku who suddenly interrupted Jurina only to be cut off and faded away.


Standing guard around the new Torigoya castle was a group of girls who went by the name of Team Hormone. They were all low class nobles and one member was part of the clergy--but since she failed to do anything, she was sent off to Team Hormone.

The girls in Team Hormone were the hetare leader Sasshi, the unagi-face Unagi, the most-normal seeming yet the weirdest Akicha, the ever so silent former clergy Mukuchi, and the soft-looking Bungee.

Rappappa’s midget, Takamina, came up to the group, pretending to be lost, “Excuse me…I’m not from around here…can you kind girls help show me around?”

“Um…sorry, we’re kind of on duty right now…” Sasshi awkwardly replied in a hetare manner--innerly screaming, “Unagi! Help me! Save me! How am I supposed to say anything?????”

As that went on, Black, Yuko, Nezumi, Rena, and Jurina snuck into the castle. Traveling in too large of a group was bad according to the squirrel leader, so she split them up. Jurina and Rena together. The princess-bodyguard duo together and Yuko herself solo. The other members were outside as back-up.

Jurina had to urge to try to kiss Rena, but she refrained and only just held hands. Seeing the somewhat distant treatment, Rena actually felt somewhat uncomfortable--thinking that maybe the puppy didn’t like her anymore. Of course that wasn’t the main problem, but people were like that.

Walking along, going through a longer route into the castle that didn’t have an inner moat, there was an awkward silence. With the darkness of the night, one couldn’t see the blush on Jurina’s face or Rena’s concerned look.

Suddenly a group of idiots dressed in yellow jumped out. They were Team Hormone’s successors, Team Fondue, “No passing trespassers! We are TEAM FONDUE!!”

Jurina immediately jumped in front of the girl she liked and glared at Team Fondue. Without a moment’s hesitation, Jurina attacked the group. At first she kicked down two of the members, but then they started to retaliate using their weird formations such as Formation Octopushy and the Missile attack of some sort.

“Jurina!” The black haired girl tried to help, but the puppy shook her head and said for Rena to stand back.

The puppy soldier let out a battle cry and her fight began, “Yaaaah!!!”

The princess casually strolled around with Black accompanying. They were more or less of a decoy duo. It seemed that no one else was around. A light breeze swept across the grounds and Mayu shivered.

“…Here.” Yuki handed Mayu a jacket in a slightly tsundere manner.


They casually strolled around some more. It seemed that no one was coming for them. “…Maybe I’ll take the moment…soon…”


Rappappa’s squirrel had a mission. She didn’t have a clue why Torigoya betrayed them, but she was going to talk it down with that chicken, “…Nyan Nyan is a baka…”

Torigoya suddenly appeared, pouting, “Hey, who are you calling an idiot?”

“Wah! Nya- I mean, Torigoya. What did you mean to do by betraying us?” Yuko jumped and then tried to interrogate.

In return, Torigoya smirked and snapped her fingers. The squirrel didn’t know what was going on until…


“…Yuki! I-”


“Rena-chan! The reason I don’t want you to fight is-”


“Oh…this is bad…” Yuko gulped.


There were hundreds of footsteps and the sound of an army appeared to be coming towards the castle. Team Fondue got up and smiled. Team Hormone realized the situation, facepalmed and went ahead to restrain the midget who’d been distracting them.

Rappappa’s many members gulped anxiously. This was on now…


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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(WMatsui: Kissing Monster)
« Reply #77 on: November 24, 2013, 05:31:52 AM »
The first and probably last time I'll ever write out an OS in the box provided by jphip.

WMatsui - Kissing Monster

The puppy girl of SKE48 was also called a kissing monster sometimes. Well, to be blunt about it Matsui Jurina was indeed a girl who had kissed many of the members. She was an energetic child, a joker of puns, a hard worker, and many other things, as well as the stealer of kisses.

Accompanied by SKE's hentai Furukawa, she had once set out on a journey to kiss the bird that is KII's captain. Churi had fallen asleep and was on the table napping. The hentai held a video camera of some sort in her hands and the younger Jurina grinned happily like the chesire cat.

In no time at all, the bird Churi's lips were stolen. Waking up, the bird turned bright red at the suddenness of lip to lip and looked away shyly. Furukawa sheepishly grinned.

Remembering those times, Jurina smiled. Churi's lips tasted like ramune candy oddly enough. Ah, that bird.

To be truthful, it can't be said that the puppy only was that thief of lips within her own group. Even in AKB to her senpai, she kissed the cyborg girl Mayuyu. The cyborg who Jurina had grown close to after the filming of Majisuka Gakuen 2, she kissed.

Nezumi and Center's love might not exactly be true, but Jurina did indeed steal the cyborg mouse's lips. Kashiwagi Yuki was somewhat jealous afterwards, but that wasn't the problem.

Summing it up, Mayu's lips felt soft--just like an idol. She tasted sweet, like chocolate. Though, that kissing monster might not have actually been putting too much effort in being some kind of food judge when kissing. It was all just on a whim.


Oddly enough, Jurina never truly kissed the other half of SKE48's WMatsui. Matsui Rena, the perfect, somewhat frail and pale, Yamato Nadeshiko of the world--Jurina never kissed Rena.

The reasoning for that was because the cheshire smiling puppy pun-maker was shy. Jurina was shy to kiss the girl who was always dancing right next to her, the elder Matsui.

That hesitation had brought much worry to the mind of Matsui Rena. She always felt somewhat troubled seeing the younger girl so casually kiss the other members but never so much as try to show the same affection to her. Of course, this spice loving Yamato Nadeshiko was a slightly more subtle and quiet type of person as compared to the sporty and energetic people in this world.

Finally bring up the courage to say something, the something turned out to be not such a wonderful thing. "Jurina, do you hate me?" It seemed somewhat harsh and all that...

The puppy was flabbergasted, shocked at the question. "No...Rena-chan, why would I?"

Rena looked away disappointed--somewhat sad actually. Jurina looked to her fellow ace with concern. For some reason, the puppy's heart ached and pounded.

" never..." Rena never finished that thought.

Within a flash, the world ended. Finally after so long, the kissing monster finally stole the lips of Matsui Rena. No, this time around, it wasn't just the typical messing around that Jurina'd just laugh off. Blushing, the puppy stared straight into the eyes of the elder Matsui.

Rena's face suddenly turned red and her thoughts jumbled up. Jurina was seriously--very seriously, looking at her even though the puppy was indeed blushing.

"Never kissed you? That's because...

I think I love you."

"...I think so too..."

Finally, WMatsui had kissed. Just one note, Matsui Rena's lips tasted...slightly spicy yet delicious.

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(WMatsui: Kissing Monster)
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hm, nice story. i really like the something delutional about the lips, hehe well done sir...!!!  :twothumbs

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Re: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(WMatsui: Kissing Monster)
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Cute~ though R is one of the first few members that J stole their kisses. Also in Rena's case, it was her first kiss too! XD and I wonder if J really give flavor to all the girls she kissed~

And I missed your 'WMatsui - Play With Me' OS so I read that just now. I love it! The story could have evolve into sth even more amazing too!!! Nice one!  :twothumbs

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