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Author Topic: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [COMPLETE] 13 Chapters  (Read 45343 times)

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[AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [COMPLETE] 13 Chapters
« on: June 09, 2013, 11:39:55 PM »
Thinking of writing a fanfic that I rarely see here.
Anywho, this is my first time, so please be gentle with me...
Wow that sounded perverted.

[Chapter 1 (Part I)]

"Number 1, Team K, Oshima Yuko!!!"

After trying hard for all these years, I finally made it back to the first spot.
But, even though I'm standing on top...
I still can't feel anything...
The rivalry I have right now with the Aces of the New Gens...
Can't be compared to those times.

When she shined with all of us back when we were all still together...
I would always be watching her back which leads us all to the heights of stardom
Sometimes, she would be by my side, but not relying on my strength...
I miss those times...
The group right now can't even be compared to how it was...
Even if right now, everyone is giving their 100%,
But if she was here, she would give her all... Even if it's beyond what she could do...
Leading us all, she gave her 200%

It took me years to realize my own feelings...
Even now I can't seem to accept what my heart is telling me...
I met her almost everyday but still couldn't get used to it...
But maybe someday...


"Y- Yuu-chan... Don't cling to me too much..."
"No~ I need to recharge my NyanNyan powers~ *rub rub*"
"I- Idiot! Don't rub my chest!!"
"Ehehe~ You might be saying that but you seem to enjoy it the most~"
"I- I'm not!"
"Hahaha! Look at how red you're blushing~ TsunTsun NyanNyan's so not honest with herself~"

   The two girls, Oshima Yuko and Kojima Haruna are flirting with each other without regards to their juniors. Seeing this, Takahashi Minami, the General Manager, decided to step it.

"Hey, you two, Get a room... I know you're lovey-dovey and all, but it's making the juniors embarrassed"
"What do you mean?"
"Don't know. Takamina's just jealous~ You can join if you want~"
"No! What I meant was-"

Before Takamina could finish, the door flung open. Then entered a few people they could recognize a mile away.

Mariko :"Yo, nice show today"
(I) Tomomi :"We came to check on how everyone's doing"
(K) Tomomi (Chiyu) :"Sorry for barging in chiyu~"

Yuko :"Yay~ It's been such a long time~" she says before pouncing on the three
Sayaka :"Hey, don't disturb them!" she stopped her
Yuko :"Eh?! Sayaka's here as well?! No!!! Let me go, you gorilla!!"
Sayaka :"Who you're calling a gorilla, you perverted squirrel?!"

The three other graduates ignored them and walked to Takamina and Haruna.

Takamina :"Mariko-sama? Tomochin? Tomo~mi? Aren't you guys supposed to be busy today?"
Mariko :"We just finished our work and met up here all of a sudden"
Chiyu :"Really! It was like fate!"
Tomomi :"Yeah, all of us suddenly felt like visiting for some reason"
Haruna :*drools*
Mariko :"Ah, she's in her own world again..."
Tomomi :"And she didn't even greet us"
Chiyu :"Haruna, Haruna. Wake up, will you?"
Takamina :"Don't mind her. She's been fooling around with Yuko for almost 2 weeks straight."
Tomomi :"What? Yuko getting the center again made them too lovey-dovey?"
Takamina :"I don't know. She's clinging to Haruna a lot more than usual."
Mariko :"Maybe because of stresss"
Chiyu :"Or she's hungry!"
Takamina :"No, I don't think the latter could be any true..." she gave a wry smile

   While the 4 are still talking (and 1 thinking about hamster world domination), they heard the door open again. A girl came in. Not realizing this, Yuko was still trying to get out of Sayaka's grip. She fell silent after the girl passed her. She tried to greet her and opened her mouth but before she could, the girl sprinted to the General Manager.

??? :"Takamina~~!!" she pounced on the little one
Takamina :"A- Atsuko?!"

   That girl was the Ex-Ace of the group and a famous well-known actress. She starred in a blockbuster that became popular world wide and even surpassing a classic, The Avengers.

Mariko :"Hey Acchan, it's been a long time."
Tomomi :"Yeah, how many years has it been?"
Atsuko :"Huh? We just saw each other last night" she giggled
Chiyu :"Eh?! I've never heard of this!"
Atsuko :"No, you were there too..." she says to Tomo~mi while she's feigning ignorance
Takamina :"Atsuko... Can't...Breathe..." she tries to say while the taller one is hugging her too tight
Atsuko :"Don't care. I missed you so much, Takamina~" she release her grip and patted Minami's head
Takamina :"Wait, we saw each other three days ago"
Atsuko :"That was that and this is this." She hugged her tightly again
Mariko :"And here's the other lovey-dovey couple"
Chiyu :"And she was complaining about Yuko and Haruna" she laughs lightly
Tomomi :"..." she clung to Atsuko all of a sudden
Atsuko :"Hm? What's wrong, Tomochin?"
Tomomi :"... Just felt like it..."
Sayaka :"Acchan, weren't you supposed to be filming today?"

   Sayaka, who was watching from the distance, decided to join in, leaving Yuko.

Atsuko :"Heh, we finished early and I was bored so I came here."

   Yuko watched them from a distance and realized all the juniors left since training already finished. She focused on her, watching her every movements, listening to what she's saying and looking at her smile while hugging Takamina. She felt a pain in her chest but decided to ignore it. So she went to where Haruna was dazing about something. She took Haruna's hand and brought her to another room then pinned her to the ground.

Haruna :"Eh? Yuu-chan? What's wrong?"
Yuko :"... Nothing..."
Haruna :"Then why are you crying?"

   Yuko felt her checks were wet with tears and laughed a bit.

Yuko :"Haha... That's just sweat..." she says lying while still sobbing a lot
Haruna :"There there..."

   Haruna hugged Yuko tightly while caressing her. Yuko finally broke down and cried so loudly but no one other than Haruna heard it.


   Yuko was finally done crying and wiped her entire face with a towel.

Haruna :"Are you okay now?"
Yuko :"Yeah... Kinda" She showed her usual smile
Haruna :"Then let's go." She brought Yuko to the previous room

Haruna :"Huh? When did you guys get here?" She asked, not realizing their arrival
Mariko :"You two done making out?" She teased the two that just came in
Haruna :"W- We weren't making out!"
Tomomi :"Now she's lying through her teeth"
Takamina :"Whoa, she's as red as a tomato!"
Chiyu :"You're red as well, Minami." She says looking at Takamina still being hugged and patted by Atsuko.
Takamina :"Geh!"

   While they teased each other, Yuko looked at Takamina and Atsuko hugging each other. With Atsuko showing her affection to Takamina, she manages to hide her expression even though it was painful. Atsuko looked at Yuko for a while and smiled just like the old times. She could feel her heart beating fast and her face getting red but Atsuko showed no sign of noticing.

... I want her to hug me... But why is she hugging only Takamina...? It hurts.... It hurts...

To be continued?
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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2013, 03:41:41 AM »
 :w00t: wooaahhh ATSUYUU yeeaah

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings
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Ah... This took placeafter Sayaka, Mariko and WTomo graduated...

She was still a perv... always skinship over NyanNyan...

Eh... she might have feeling for Atsuko but she could not show it...

Atsuko always liked to hug Takamina... They were so cute together..

And Yuko always hugged Haruna...

Was Haruna really that airhead...? She didn't notice people when they arrived...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait...

Thank you for the new fic

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2013, 10:05:57 AM »
I'm looking forward to this new fic too! Please update soon.

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[AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings Chapter 1 (Part II)
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Thanks, guys. I really love AtsuYuu and I always for some reason space out like NyanNyan and fantasize bout those two fooling around~
Oh yeah, this story takes place after the elections next year, where Yuko is at the top again.
Now moving on,


Chapter 1 (Part II)

[Atsuko's POV]

"... She's late..."

   And here I am, waiting for the girl's arrival. We have been hanging out a lot lately, even more than me and Minami but she was rarely late. It's been almost 50 minutes already. Maybe she stood me up!, I thought to myself and chuckled a bit. I was wearing a white shirt with black jeans. I also wore a hat so that nobody recognizes me, and it worked. Nobody even came near me. It feels lonely but it's better than having about 50 people chasing after you all the time. I updated my blog while waiting for her but...

Random bystander :"Wow! It's Maeda Atsuko!!!" the man points in my direction

   And there goes my free time. It's not like I'm not grateful that fans recognize me a lot but it's kind of annoying if they disturb me when I was busy with something else. I wondered if the members had it rough as well. While I was thinking that, people were swarming towards me asking for an autograph. Some even took a picture shouting "MY ANGEL!!!!!" and such. Hahaha! I was praised~ I decided to just take care of things here while waiting for her.


Girl :"Sorry I was late! I missed the train!"
Boyfriend :"Don't worry bout it, baby. You're always in my heart"
Girl :"Oh you player~"
Boyfriend :"But you love that side of me" he smiles
*lovey dovey lovey dovey*

Atsuko :"..."

   GET A ROOM!!! I yelled inside my mind while watching the pathetic couple flirting in front of me. I took care of all my fans and She's STILL not here!. I'm pissed. Seriously pissed. I haven't been this pissed ever since the incident in Seibu Dome.
   I took out my phone and dialed her number.

Boyfriend :"Hey! Isn't she that famous actress?!"
Girl :"She is! It's Maeda Atsuko" she says as the two of them gets closer to me
Girl :"Nee, nee, can I please have your autog-"
Atsuko :"Piss off. I'm in a bad mood right now" I gave them an intimidating look.

   The two of them were most likely scared and decided to run away.
   I still couldn't reach her phone. At first I was pissed then I got worried and called her a few more times. After the third failure, I saw the girl running towards me. It was the girl I was waiting for, Oshima Yuko.

Yuko :"Yo! Sorry, Acchan! I was-"
Atsuko :"..."
Yuko :"H- Hey, don't stare at me like that..."
Atsuko :"..."
Yuko :"I- I'm sorry! It's just that-"
Atsuko :"..."
Yuko :"O- Okay... I promise I won't be that late again..."
Atsuko :"..."
Yuko :"That death glare is REALLY painful, you know. Plus the silent treatment together is a Triple combo K.O!
Atsuko :"... Isn't it Double?"
Yuko :"Yay~! A response~!" she did a victory dance and it looked kind of silly.
Atsuko :"Fine, let's go. You owe me a cake"
Yuko :"Hai~ I'll be sure to remember that" she gave me a thumbs up
Atsuko :"And I meant a WHOLE cake." I walked off leaving her behind.
Yuko :"... She's still mad..." she followed behind me looking apologetic.


   After talking about a lot of things from sumo wrestlers to Martian baseball players, we arrived at our first stop.

Yuko :"And here we are in a love hotel!!!"
Atsuko :"Oh, Yuko. You're such a player."
Yuko :"Now let's start our 'fun', Atsuko."

   I already recorded what she said and sent it to NyanNyan.

Yuko :"Haha, it's rare for you to follow on with my joke." she looks a bit red. Maybe she's not used to joking around with me.
Atsuko :"Just felt like it." I closed my phone after sending the recording to NyanNyan and entered the butler cafe, our real destination.
Butlers :"Welcome to AKButler cafe, miladies."

   It's actually a place for AKB members and staff to hang out and bring their friends. Since Yuko invited me, I can enter. The butlers in the cafe are actually some Kenkyusei that I don't recognize. My eyes look at the shortest girl with short hair and charming facials.

Atsuko :"Hey, that short girl looks cute"
Yuko :"Reminds you of Takamina~?"
Atsuko :"Nah, Takamina's not as cute as this girl"
Yuko :"'Dear Takahashi Minami, I am sorry to inform you that the Actress Maeda Atsuko has eyed a girl cosplaying as a butler. You have been dumped' and send" she was typing randomly on her phone while joking around
Atsuko :"What? She's been clinging to NyanNyan lately as well so it doesn't make a difference."
Yuko :"Wait! First time I heard that!" her eyes open wide while staring at me to give an explanation.
Atsuko :"... Pafu." I ignored her
Yuko :"Explain yourself Q10!!!!"

   After joking around and teasing each other, we went to the arcade, watched a movie, and met with the other AKB members to go to the karaoke. There was Takamina, Mii-chan, Jurina, Rena, Sashi, Yui, Mariko and NyanNyan. I was clinging to Takamina almost all the time while Yuko was playing with her Oshiri sister and clinging to her pet cat. After that, we separated so Yuko and I went to a park. It was already night time so we could see most couples making out with each other but I'm used to it. Probably Yuko as well.

Yuko :"W- Whoa! Look at them go! Aren't they embarrassed?!" she says while closing her eyes with her hands and looking at the gap for some reason.

   Or not. She was red to her ears.

Atsuko :"Just imagine, Shunkan Bunshun's next front page. 'AKB SCANDAL! AKB's top ace and Ex-Ace found in the park filled with couples making out.'"
Yuko :"Oi oi. You know just how bad it was with Sato Takeru's case."
Atsuko :"Who cares. It's what they think."
Yuko :"I know but it's still a shock to most of the members. Even Takamina didn't know what to do."
Atsuko :"Hey, wanna make out?"
Yuko :"EEEHHHH???!!!!" she was red all over and kept her distance from me
Atsuko : (Whoa, I just LOVE her reactions) "Relax. I was joking obviously"
Yuko :"Haha... yeah, I see..." She looks disappointed... Maybe she wanted to joke around more.

   Before I could crack a joke and teased her more, I saw two familiar figures by a bush near a tree. I went to that direction slowly. Realizing I was acting suspicious, Yuko also followed me from behind. Slowly, I reached the bush, I could hear them giggling. Now, I looked behind the bush, and then I saw them. Without any top on. And their panties under the bush.

Atsuko :"Ah."
Yuki :"Ah."
Yuko :"Ah."
Mayu :"Ah."

   Thus... Silence fills the air...


   Whoa... Never expected that... XD
Anywho, thanks for reading~! And please comment on how I could improve this~ Your ideas are most welcome for this newbie~
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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings
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Interesting fic :lol:

I can't wait for you next update :nervous
Random Thought:


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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 1 (Part II)
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Ah... Atsuko always hung around Yuko more than with Minami...

Poor Atsuko needed to deal with lots of fans even in her day off...

Oh... Atsuko was so scary... glaring at the fans...

Ah... Yuko was in trouble for being late...

Eh... really AKButler cafe... where...? or just made up...?

Eh... Minami and Haruna had been clinging to each other as of late...

Poor Yuko... for being teased around by Atsuko...

She hope Atsuko would like her back... so badly...

OMG... really Mayuki were in the bush...

What's going to happen to Mayuki now that Atsuko and Yuko... found them in such compromise situation...?

Would Atsuko and Yuko tease them...?

Can't wait to see what's happening next

Thank you for the update

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 1 (Part II)
« Reply #7 on: June 11, 2013, 03:56:52 AM »
Cute AtsuYuu moments! I like this pairing too.. XD

Yuko why disappointed..! Don't ya worry someday you'll be making out with Acchan someday.. :fap :twisted: I wonder what really Acchan feels about Yuko?

Uwaaaa! The last part was sooooo funny! :lol: I can't stop my laughing.when i remember that scene! MaYuki and AtsuYuu on the really awkward and weird situation! Ahaha :lol:

What will happen next? Can't wait.. :fap

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

GREAT~ HILARIOUS~ :twothumbs

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 1 (Part II)
« Reply #8 on: June 11, 2013, 04:30:53 PM »
Yay.... Atsuyuu  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:

Gaah... Haruna is so sweet in previous chapter... My Kojiyuu haato  :luvluv2: :luvluv2: :luvluv2:

And my Atsuyuu heart feels so happy in last chapter...  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

Yuko :"And here we are in a love hotel!!!"
Atsuko :"Oh, Yuko. You're such a player."
Yuko :"Now let's start our 'fun', Atsuko."

I already recorded what she said and sent it to NyanNyan.

Oh Acchan... You devil you  :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak:

Aaand Mayuki..., Get a room you two!!!  :scolding: :scolding:

Thanks for the update Ashura-san  :bow:
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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 1 (Part II)
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Woah  :heart: An AtsuYuu fic  :heart: :heart: :heart: Thanks for making oneeeeeeee  :peace: Hope you update soon  :nervous

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 1 (Part II)
« Reply #10 on: June 12, 2013, 04:58:31 AM »
even though I ship AtsuMina and KojiYuu, I seriously love the bond of the two Aces.  :heart:  :mon inluv:
Acchan you tease!  XD Hahahaha Yuko pervert as usual...  :smhid and Mayuki, go get some privacy!!  :on thumbb:
Thank you very much for this author~san!  :kneelbow:
Please update soon~!!!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 1 (Part II)
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Thanks for the feedback, guys~!
And yeah, the thought of seeing the Immovable Ace and the True Ace together makes it so cute~


[Chapter 2]

Yuko :"NyanNyan love~"
Haruna :"Eh?! Get off, Yuu-chan! We're on stage!"
Yuko :"Who cares. They want the service~"

   The fans roared. Most of the fans are looking at me and NyanNyan's skinship as we finished singing Aitakatta. NyanNyan was being deredere again and our juniors were showing us an awkward face. My eyes met Mayu's and I remembered the incident last night.



Atsuko :"... H- Hey, you two, fancy meeting you here!"

   Acchan, being the good girl she is, broke the silence to make them feel less embarrassed and focused on a different subject

Atsuko :"I- I thought you two were... err... going to eat at a restaurant" she says as she remembered them saying that during karaoke as they were leaving early
Yuki :"W- We just thought of going here first since we weren't that much hungry" she says as the other girl nods
Yuko :"Forget that. Just wear your clothes already" I could feel myself blushing and averted my gaze

   After they finished putting on their clothes,

Mayu :"Forget what you two just saw" she says with a terrifying gaze
Yuko :"Hey, no need to get mad."
Atsuko :"You're lucky that it's us. If it was a random bystander, then who knows what will happen"
Mayu :"He'd be dead, of course"
Yuki :"M- Mayuyu..."
Both me and Atsuko sighed.
Yuki :"C- Can you two please not tell this to anyone?" She says looking down apologetically
Yuko :"Yeah, I don't mind. Most of the members know how lovey dovey you two are, anyways" I smirked
Mayu :"I trust you, Oshiriko-chan, but it's her who I don't trust." She says while glaring at Acchan
Yuki :"Mayuyu!" She hits her head and glares at her
Mayu :"What was that for?!" She rubs her head and tries to glare at Yuki but stopped after she saw how angry Yuki was
Yuki :"I- I'm very for what she said, Maeda-san!" She bows and also made Mayuyu bow as well

   But even in this situation, Acchan still has her angel-like smile that could capture anyone's hearts. When I looked at her, I felt that my heart was beating faster and faster as my cheeks became crimson red. When I looked at the other two, their face was also red as they looked at her. Acchan stepped forward and rubbed Mayuyu's head. With that, Mayuyu and Yukirin got up.

Atsuko :"Awh, don't you trust me, Mayu-chan?" She said as her smile changes into a pout
Mayu :"I- It's not that, but..." She bit her lip as she looked down
Atsuko :"Eh? You don't trust your graduated senpai?" She says acting shocked
Mayu :"No! it's not t-" Before she could finish, Acchan put her finger on Mayuyu's lips to shush her. I could see Mayuyu blush as she felt her senpai's finger on her lips
Atsuko :"Well, because you don't believe me so much, then I have no choice." she held my hand
Yuko :"Eh?!" I was shocked and startled. Even though I've always initiated skinship with Acchan, she was never the one who started it. But before I could ask her what's wrong...
She kissed me.

   It was so sudden, my mind went completely blank. My heart was melting as I felt her soft lips touched mine. I hoped this could last for all eternity. I hoped that she wouldn't part her lips with mine. I was also hoping for her to part immediately because any more, I could break. But alas, it became worse. She put her tongue inside. I couldn't believe it. The girl I love French Kissed me, tasting my entire insides. I could feel our drools coming out of our mouths. I was even redder and hotter. After what felt like an eternity, she parted her lips.

Atsuko :"So there you go." She wiped her mouth

   I came back to my senses and looked at the other two. They were dumbfounded an embarrassed looking at us kiss

Yuko :"W- What was that...?" I asked her, still red to my ears.
Atsuko :"Hm? Oh, sorry for the sudden kiss." She turned around after apologizing to me and looked at Mayuyu. "There, problem solved."
Mayu :"Eh?! What does you kissing Yuko have anything to do with this?!" She says looking embarrassed and lost at the same time
Atsuko :"Huh? It's simple. you saw me making out with Yuko, I saw you making out with Yuki. If any one of us tattled about this, we could use what we saw to get back at the one who tattled it. So, if your secret's out, and you know I did it, you could tattle bout me making out with Yuko."
Mayu :"Eh? Are you serious?"
Atsuko :"Maji da yo (I'm serious)" She says in a way which reminded me of the Majisuka Gakuen days.
Mayuyu and Yukirin were still left speechless.
Atsuko :"So, trust me, okay?" She looked at her with her angelic smile, making Mayuyu blush more
Mayuyu :"F- Fine... I'll trust you... Senpai..."


Yuko :"Hey Shiriri-chan~" I pounced on her from behind
Mayu :"Oshiriko-chan?"
Yuki :"Well done today, Oshima-san"

   I got up and dragged both Mayuyu and Yukirin to an unused room

Yuko :"Err... About yesterday..."
Yuki :"No need, we know that there's nothing going on between you and Maeda-san"
... It kinda hurts when she says it like that...
Yuko :"Really?"
Mayu :"Yeah, we know that Maeda... -san, was only trying to make us trust her."
Yuki :"Yup, but are you okay about her k- kissing you... like that?" She says, getting embarrassed for what she said.
I also feel myself getting redder but I shrugged it off
Yuko :"It's okay, Acchan was just trying to make it looked convincing"

   It's true. When we were going home, I asked her why she did that, even putting her tongue in.
"Hm? Not like it matters, right? It's just a kiss. Plus, I bet you did it all the time~"
   Well, I did it with some of the friends I had just for fun, but I never felt like this with anyone before. The feeling when she kissed me was different. Even though it was only for a few seconds, I was breathless. My heart couldn't take it. I almost ran wild before she parted her lips. Yet, She only shrugs it off like it meant nothing. How could she be such an idiot?! Notice my feelings already! Baka! Acchan no BAKA! Weird girl! Sadist! Airhead! Shy girl! Ace! Beautiful! Angel! Good actress! Great kisser!

Mayu :"Oshiriko-chan~ You still alive there?" I came back to my senses
Yuko :"Ah, anyway, you don't need to worry about that."
Yuki :"Hai..."
Yuko :"Don't worry~ Acchan and I won't tell anyone!"
Mayu :"It's not 'that' that I was worrying about."
Yuki :"Mayuyu!" She glared at her but she just ignores
Yuko :"Hm? What do you mean."
Mayu :"We know already. Well, most of the members knew."
Yuki :"Stop it, Mayuyu!" She tried to hit her but stopped once she saw how serious Mayuyu was
Mayu :"*sigh* Hai, I'll shut up."
Yuko :"No way~ I'm curious now~!"
Mayu :"Really?"
Yuko :"Tell me~!!!" I made a curious face which made her grin
Mayu :"Do you REALLY want to know?"
Yuko :"Indeed, Watanabe Mayu-sama!"
Mayu :"Fine. All of us knew."
Yuko :"Of what?! Did you managed to find a UFO?!" I feel dat my eyes are shining of curiosity.

But, I regret telling her to continue

Mayu :"We knew...

That you have an unrequited love for Maeda Atsuko"

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 1 (Part II)
« Reply #12 on: June 12, 2013, 11:51:37 AM »
Oh... Yuko was in heaven and back... after Atsuko's kiss

Atsuko was so great at handling Mayu.. she even made Mayu blushing here and there...

AH.... so cute Mayuyu

Eh... so everyone already knows about Yuko's feeling for Atsuko

But not Atsuko...

How about Haruna and Minami... did they also know?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 2
« Reply #13 on: June 12, 2013, 12:52:08 PM »
Do you have an idea how happy i am when i saw this?!

Uwaaa heaven!!! LOL

*clears throat* XD
Oh they knew it! also Acchan?!
O___o ehhh... argh i cant wait for the next chapppiee
Can you update ASAP? LOL kiddin' take your time ^^

Wushhh Thank you very much! You make my day! Lovelots

Btw when i read the Maji da yo part, i miss MG =_=
i wanted to watch it again
Atsuyuu ♥ Takayuu ♥ Atsumina ♥ Mayuki

YOSH! I'M BACK! FINALLY!!! (notreally)
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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 2
« Reply #14 on: June 12, 2013, 02:46:40 PM »
This is getting more interesting~  :thumbsup

and..EEHH~?! the members knew about it?

Please update soon~  :bow:

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 2
« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2013, 03:01:16 PM »
OMG. I was LOL-ing ver hard on the part where Acchan 'french kissed' Yuko  XD Genius  :cow: :cow: :cow:

:"We knew...

That you have an unrequited love for Maeda Atsuko"

There you go  XD Now what will you do Yuko  :nervous Let's just hope that a certain cat won't know about that unrequited love else you're dead  :panic:

Nice fic. Please Update soon  :)

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 2
« Reply #16 on: June 12, 2013, 03:37:36 PM »
The update keeps better and better! :fap

Acchan kissed Yuko! :wub: :wub: :wub: Ah! Mayu i just love your bluntness! Everyone knew! Wow! I think Acchan knows about Yuko's feeling..

What will Yuko do? Everyone knew about her one-sided love. Will she denied it or not? Does Takamina knew also about Yuko's feeling? If Acchan knew all about it. Does she have same feelings with Yuko? Will Yuko confess to Acchan? Or not just to keep their friendship.

What will happen next? Can't wait :fap

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

INTERESTING~ :twothumbs

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 2
« Reply #17 on: June 12, 2013, 04:13:49 PM »
A little show from MaYuki and Acchan's kiss awesome
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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 2
« Reply #18 on: June 12, 2013, 11:18:51 PM »
 :w00t: AtsuYuu french kiss hoho
But unrequited love oh~.
I wonder what would yuko is doing so unrequited love finally avenged.  :thumbsup
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Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [ONGOING] Chapter 3
« Reply #19 on: June 13, 2013, 01:08:41 PM »
As per usual, thanks for commenting, ya guys~
Now I REALLY wanna know what happens.
@Yourockme-san, I know how ya feel. I watched MG 1 n 2 once more after writing that >w>

And as for what will happen next...
Let's just leave it at that...

Anywho, enough with the rants. Now for the next chap OwO


[Chapter 3]

   Her words rang inside my head. I was speechless. I wanted to protest and deny it but I realized that her eyes are dead serious. 'What do you know about me?! She and I are just friends! Don't make some silly accusation without any proof!', why can't I say it? Words aren't coming out of my mouth. Even if it did, I'm sure that she has solid proof of it. I knew Watanabe Mayu for years now, and she always think before she says anything. There's no telling if what she's going to say is for the better or worse. Which leads me back to last night.

   Acchan managed to calm down Mayuyu in an argument. Nobody in AKB could ever do that, not even Yukirin. More like she would make it worse for Mayuyu and she would calm down the next day, yet Acchan only took seconds. That's why I respect Acchan. Unlike me, she's level-headed and always think about her surroundings. Not only did she took action based on the outcome but also manages to excel in almost everything she does. I don't know when I started to fall in love with her, but I think as long as I'm in AKB, even if I'm a 9th gen, falling in love with Maeda Atsuko is inevitable.

"F- Fine... I'll trust you... Senpai..."

   Another mystery. She's usually a stubborn kid but why did she call Acchan with a 'senpai'? I mean, she never calls me that. Not even Takamina or Mari-chan. She only calls them that on screen or on stage. Yet, why? Wait, is this... jealousy? Am I being jealous? If I am, am I jealous of Shiriri-chan or Acchan???

Mayu :"So tell me, are you in love with Maeda-senpai"
There it is again...
Yuki :"Well, are you, Oshima-san?"
Yuko :"Yes."


WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SAY?! I should at least deny it once! What are you doing, Yuko! Look! Even Yuki is looking at me strangely! ARGH! I blame Mayuyu for this!

Mayu :"See? At least you realized it."
Yuko :"Huh? What do you mean?"
Mayu :"The only ones who didn't realize of that fact is Sashi and Maeda-senpai herself"
Yuko :"... So... Atsuko didn't realize?"
Yuki :"I don't think so. Sorry to say this but in all my years in AKB, the most idiotic person when it comes to romance is probably Maeda-san."
Mayu :"I mean, there are even some juniors that fell for her"
Yuko :"Wait, what?!"
Yuki :"It's true. I think that Sashihara Rino and Itano Tomomi fell in love with her as well"
Mayu :"Yeah. We could always see them clinging to Maeda-senpai. In fact, if Mama isn't here, I think I would've fell for senpai as well"
Yuki :"Eh?! So that makes Maeda-san my enemy?!"
Mayu :"You know you would fall for her as well in that situation"
Yuki :"Err... Can't deny it..."

   Hearing that Acchan has many secret admirers made me kinda angry for some reason... So it's not just me that harbors these feelings for her.
But I realized something important. Something I should have asked.

Yuko :"Does Nya- I mean, Kojiharu and Takamina know about my feelings?"
Mayu :"..."
Yuki :"..."

   They were silent... which only means one thing.


'Heya~ There's something I needed to tell you! Could you please come to the theater? Please~? ( ・ω ・)'
I sent this message to several people and waited. I needed to set this straight.

??? :"Yuko/Yuu-chan?! What's wrong?!" two people barged in and shouted
Yuko :"Wow, no greeting? That's not nice, Takamina, NyanNyan~" I joked to both of them

   It only took them 5 minutes to come, even though it's already night time. Wait, how did they get in in the first place?! I had to wait for hours so I could trap myself inside!

Minami :"Cut the jokes, are you hurt? Is there something troubling you?" she put her forehead on mine to check if I had fever
Haruna :"If you're worried about what you did on stage, then there's no need. I don't mind it at all!" she says, trying to ensure me about how I hugged initiated skinship with her and some other members on stage
Yuko :"No, I'm not hurt and I didn't regret what I did on stage"
Haruna :"At least worry about it a little!" she smacks my head
Yuko :"Ow! That hurts NyanNyan~!" I acted like I was crying
Minami :"*sigh* Well, what DID you call us here for?"

As per usual, she's always on the more important things. As expected of the General Manager

Yuko :"I need to tell you two something"

   The two closed their eyes and listened to what I wanted to say. Their looks seem to indicate that they probably knew what I was going to ask, but I asked anyway. Because, if I don't. I can't move on.

Yuko :"I love Maeda Atsuko"

   As I expected, there was silence. It felt like time itself stopped.

What's with this awkwardness...? Did I just say something unbelievable? Did I go too fast?!

   I looked down and clenched my fists. I could feel that blood was coming out from it since I clenched far too hard. I can't take it anymore! At least say something! I couldn't take it anymore. I waited for my punishment. A punch in the face from Haruna and a glare of death from Minami.

   But as I looked up,

Both :"We already knew"

   They were smiling...
   It wasn't like an evil smile or a scary smile, it was a genuine smile coming from them. Their faces, indicating that they knew long ago, and as I wanted to ask them more, NyanNyan hugged me.

Haruna :"It's okay, so don't cry..."

   Huh...? I only realized after she hugged me. It was the same as before. I was crying without even realizing it. What was different is that it wasn't out of anger or jealousy, it was from pure relief. I was really relieved that my two best friends are okay with it.

??? :"Yo Yuko, Let's g- Whoa, was I interrupting?"

   The two's eyes fell on the girl who just arrived. It was the girl that caused all this, Maeda Atsuko.

Minami :"Eh? Acchan? What's Acchan doing here?!" She seems to ask Haruna that question
Haruna :"I don't know!"
Yuko :"Haha. Took you long enough." I said to her as I wiped my tears
Atsuko :"Sorry, my senpai wouldn't let me go."

Senpai...? Is she talking about a guy...?

Atsuko :"So anyways," She clung to Minami "I missed you~!!!"
Minami :"Eh? We just saw each other last night!" She says bringing up the karaoke

   But, I was red.

Haruna :"Yuu-chan? What's wrong? Something happened with Acchan last night?"
Yuko :"I dunnoh watchar talkin bout!"
TakaHaru :'Bulls-eye'
Atsuko :"Let's forget about that and just go, Minami~" She hugged Minami tighter
Minami :"Eh? Where?"
Atsuko :"Hm? Yuko said she wanted to go play tonight, right?"
Haruna :"P- Play?!"

   Both Minami and Haruna were silent

Atsuko :"Mou, you both are too perverted" she laughed and teased them
Haruna :"Then where ARE we going?"
Atsuko :"Don't know. It's all on Yuko" she says and finally looked my way

   I was pouting and feeling a little jealous, probably because she hugged Minami too much...

Atsuko :"What's wrong, Yuko?" she lets go of Minami and walked to my direction
Atsuko :"Relax. I won't even try to make a move on NyanNyan~" she says, reassuring me as she pats my head

   Nyaaaa~~ I felt happy that she was patting my head but angry since she's so stupid. I looked at the other two and saw them staring needles and Acchan and me. Wait, maybe they're NOT okay with me and Acchan going out! I needed to reaffirm and ask them if they're okay with it, but now

Atsuko "*pat pat*"
Yuko :"Nyaaaa~"

   I'm in heaven~

Minami :"Okay, okay. Break it up! Let's go!" she dragged Atsuko as Haruna drags me
Haruna :"We can't be wasting time!"
Atsuko :"Huh? Go where?"

   I was really happy at the status quo. Haruna, whom I'm always comfortable with, Minami, whom I rely on, and of course, Atsuko. I wished that this relationship would last forever. But...

Yuko :"Takamina... Takahashi-san, there's one more thing I needed to tell you..."


Minami :"Huh? What is it? And why so formal?"

...I'm selfish!

Yuko :"From now on,

AKB is in your hands"

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