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Author Topic: The Game of Life [Chapter 13 -PARTS-] D - Minami, Yuki  (Read 20015 times)

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 11]
« Reply #40 on: August 31, 2013, 12:31:31 AM »
Interesting... Harem huh?

Eh... Mayu betrayed Atsuko?

What's going on?

What with this twist in the drama?

I can't predict the path of the story...

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 11]
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Mayu betrayed Atsuko..

But Jurina helps them...

A lot of things happen in this chapter

Can't wait for the next chapter...

Update soon, please.. :bow:

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 11]
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NOOOOOO?! :banghead:

Mayuyu why?! Mayu.... Stabbed.... Betrayed... Atsuko...  :bleed eyes: *hyperventilating*

I soooo love the twist of to story. But.... Mayuyu!???!!! Give me back my Mayuyu?!

What will happen next? I can't wait...


Thank you for your hard work and update :kneelbow: :twothumbs

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 11]
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no no no mayu well this is weird but i still hope it end up the normal pair you know mayuki,atsumina kojiyuu,wmatsui,saeyaka and all

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 11]
« Reply #44 on: September 02, 2013, 02:12:17 PM »
Nice fanfic you have here.. :wigglypanda:

After reading everything u made me shipped AtsuMayu in this fanfic  :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

But..  :on blackhole: why Mayu betrayed Atsuko  :pleeease:
I feel sad for Jurina, Yuko and Takamina  :gyaaah:

I look forward for the next one  :prayers: plssss update  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

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You have to try it...

Before saying it's really impossible!

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The Game of Life [Chapter 12]
« Reply #45 on: September 06, 2013, 12:20:46 PM »
cisda, sorry! I just went with the flow and it sorta happened... I can't believe Mayuyu did that Q.Q Oh well, now all that's left is to reclaim their school and BOOM! The harem arc starts! Kiddin. Of course there won't be any harem... Probably... Unless my AtsuYuu heart protests so...

olive, Mayuyu betraying Atsuko kinda... hurts me... And thank you, Jurina-chan~ That's why we all love Jurina-chan~ Even though she betrayed my current SKE oshi~

kenjoy, I'll have to take care of Atsuko's harem before they can make a move on Mirai Gakuen again... Sorry, man... Don't worry! I won't kill Mayuyu YEEEEEEEEEEET YEEEEEEeet YEEEeeet yeeeeeet *echoes*

Terra, I'm sorry to say... AtsuMina won't happen. Probably SaeYaka's the only one I'm planning to pair up.

Akblaire, AtsuMayu shipper GET! XD Now we'll have a new force in this forum!!! LoL XD

   Mayuyu... Why... I'm kinda regretting I did that to Acchan... These hands... are stained... CURSE MYSELF!!! *gets PWN'd by Zeus*

[Chapter 12]

   Oshima started to climb on top of the Ace as she looked at the sleeping beauty in an affectionate way. Her fingers ran along the girl's silky shoulder-length hair. Oshima's breathing became a tad more complex as she eyed the girl while drooling in a perverted way, with her face all red on imagining what type of play she would do to the younger girl.

"I love you, Acchan..."

   Oshima confessed as she came closer to steal the girl's lips yet again,

"Let's stay as friends."

   Oshima was stopped by the palm of the younger girl once she woke up and finding a squirrel-like molester on top of her.

   Maeda quickly got up and pushed the older girl to the side. She made her way to her other friends as she rejected the older girl, leaving her in a state of perverse on the sheet she once laid on. Maeda realized the eyes of all the others were already on them.

"Good morning, thanks for your hard work." Shinoda joked as she hid the digital camera she had.
"Acchan just rejected her flat-out. Poor Yuko." Miyazawa also pitied the squirrel-girl who was smelling the sheet Maeda slept in. "Or not." she continued to eat her breakfast, cooked fish.

"You guys realized what just happened and continued to eat? You could at least help me by hitting Yuko in the head, you know." Maeda sighed at her friend's carefree attitude.
"And what's the fun in that?" Akimoto commented and made the others laugh.

   Maeda sat with the others and ate her breakfast.

   It has been a week since they came to the cave. Maeda declared that they should wait before attacking the others. They didn't know what the Ace is planning but they have complete trust in her, thus they agreed and continued their everyday lives in the cave and the forest.

"Oh yeah, have anyone seen Takamina and Jurina?" Kojima asked, which the others shook their heads.

   In the cave are Maeda, Miyazawa, Akimoto, Shinoda, Kojima, Kashiwagi and Oshima. Jurina and Takahashi was nowhere to be seen.

"This sounds bad..." Shinoda got up which was a signal to the others that something isn't right.

   As they all got up and went towards the entrance, they could hear the scream of a girl. Two of them, to be exact. The voice they recognized a lot.

"Takamina-san!" Kashiwagi quickly dashed towards the direction the scream came from, as she heard two voices, Takahashi and Jurina.


   As they got into a clearing in the forest, they saw two girls and standing in front of them, was a giant black bear. They were quickly taken aback as the bear let out a frightening roar. The bear was around 200 centimeters in length.

"G- Guys!" Takahashi was hiding behind a rock with Jurina as they spotted their friends in a situation they just escaped from.

   The bear looked at the humans in front of it and stopped once it's sight reached Maeda. Maeda smirked as she saw the bear's curious glare.

"Hoo~" Maeda walked towards the bear slowly, careful not to startle it.

   The others looked at the Ace in amazement for her bravery and probably even stupidity. Maeda grinned evilly as she hopped on top of the bear, startling it as she grabbed it's fur. The bear didn't know what to do so it got on all fours and ran towards another direction, trying to shake off the human on top of her.

"Acchan!!" they all followed the bear but lost sight of them.


   The group searched for the Ace everywhere and finally came to another clearing, the lake. They spotted Maeda but what was surprising was that the bear was lying beat up and defeated as the victor sat on top of it while fooling around with it. Maeda saw her friends and gave them the foolish smile she always had.

   The others were looking at her, jaw dropped, as they realized what was going on.

"A- Acchan beat it?" Kojima asked, as her mouth was trying to form an awkward smile.
"L- Looks like it..." Miyazawa was also baffled as to what she just saw.
"And she isn't even hurt that much..." Takahashi commented as she saw Maeda with only a few scars on her arm.

   To their surprise, the bear woke up from slumber and got up, making the girl tumble backwards and onto the ground. Maeda rubbed her head that hit the ground, softly.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Maeda made an obvious comment as she looked at the bear standing in front of her as mighty as it gets.

   Maeda smirked as she saw the bear still alive and well. The bear raised it's paws which made the others quickly dashed towards her.

'We won't make it!'  they thought to themselves as they desperately made their way towards the Ace in danger.

"Kuma~" Maeda cutely opened her arms and she was hugged by the bear in a tight hug, which surprisingly doesn't make the girl hurt at all.

   The others stopped their tracks and looked at the two hugging in an affectionate and playful way.

"I missed you too, Kuma~" Maeda rolled around with the bear and the bear appeared to be smiling in a way.

"Eh??!!" finally, they lost it.

[Shimazaki Haruka's POV]

"It's been a week already..." I said, dissatisfied with how the search was going.

   A week has passed since the fight with AKB Gakuen and their top's disappearance, but we couldn't find them anywhere we searched. Their school students didn't know either. It seemed like they didn't know what Maeda Atsuko, their top looks like. I didn't know if I could believe them but if that really was the case, then I've got to hand it to her. She's one hell of a mastermind. The first one to ever escape from any of Mayu's traps.

"Paruru..." the one that stood next to me spoke worriedly as she looked at me.

   I looked at Yui who has been with me ever since I found her.


"Get away from meh..." the girl glared at me in the rain as she laid her back on the wall.

   I looked at her with sympathy. Her clothes were torn and her eyes were red, probably from crying. She looked like she was older than me. I sat down with her as we covered ourselves under the umbrella. She looked surprised by my actions so I smiled at her, reassuring her that I mean no harm.

"Why...?" she asked, as raindrops started to fall from her hair, or was it her tears? I don't know. It was hard to tell...
"Don't know. Instincts, maybe..." I answered and gave her a wry smile as I myself, don't know what I'm doing.

   She looked down again with her cheeks turned red. Did she have a fever?

"You okay?" I asked her, worried, as I checked her temperature with my palm, placing it on her forehead.
She was taken aback by my action as she flinched. "I- I'm fine!" she slapped my hand away as she covered her face while hugging her legs.

   I was kinda worried but there's no way you wouldn't get suspicious is some stranger suddenly came to you and offered you her umbrella, so I decided to shrug it off and sat there with her for a while.

"You sound weird. You're not from here, are you?" I asked her as I remembered that her dialect was a bit different.
"Y- Yeah. I'm from Kyoto." she answered, still not looking at me in the eyes.
"Kyoto? What are you doing here?" I asked her back but didn't get an answer.

   She kept silent after I asked her. The silence wasn't comfortable at all. I thought I probably have stepped on a landmine or something, or that question was a little too personal. So, I apologized.

"S- Sorry..." I apologized to her as I made a wry smile. She shook her head as she still didn't look at me back. "My name's Shimazaki Haruka. What about you?" I introduced myself.

After a few seconds of silence, I thought of giving up but then she answered. "Yokoyama... Yui..."

"Yokoyama?" I asked her with her last name.

She shook her head and tried to explain. "Y- You can call me Yui..." she lifted her head up and finally look at me in the eyes, with her cheeks redder than before.

I gave her a warm smile as I called out her name. "Sure, Yui." which she flinched and quickly went back to covering her face with her legs. Gah, that didn't work at all. "So do you have a place to stay?" I asked her in which she shook her head. She's kinda cute... I decided as I patted her head. "Want to stay with me?"


"I'm fine." I patted her head as I smiled at her warmly. She blushed yet again as she looked down.
"H- Hai..." she answered, with a blushed face which made her look cute~

"The happy couple happily making out like that in front of their friends over there, you done yet?" I heard the sound of Saya-nee teasing us as Miyuki was making 'woot woot' sounds, joining in the tease. Sasshi was trying her best not to laugh as Mayu and Rena looked at us weirdly, giving us the glare.

"W- We're not like that!" Yui blushed madly then took out a paper fan and hit Saya-nee right in the head, though she dodged it.
"Haha~ TsunTsun Yuihan is SO cute~" Saya-nee teased as she ran away outside with Miyuki, dragging her with her. Yui also followed to 'punish' them.

   Now all the ones left in the room are me, Mayu, Sasshi and Rena.

"So any luck on Assan?" Sasshi asked me about AKB Gakuen's top, Maeda Atsuko.
"No luck. Can't find her anywhere." I answered as I got up.
"So she's nowhere to be found, huh..." Mayu looked down, worriedly.

"Mayuyu, you've been acting awfully worried for the enemy, don't you think?" Rena asked, doubting the shorter girl.

Mayu glared at her "You have no right to say that to me. Whoever I like, it's the same with you." she criticized Rena about her love towards a certain person who shares the same last name as her.

Rena smirked and answered back "I guess you're right about that..."

   Sasshi clapped her hands and gathered our attention towards her.

"Okay okay, you two can be lovey-dovey some other time." Sasshi said and received the glares of both Mayu and Rena. I chuckled a bit at her joke. Sasshi can be funny when she needs to. "Right now, all we need to focus on is to grab Assan's attention to launch her counter-attack."

   Sasshi made a point there but I just smirked and sat back on the seat.

"Sasshi, I agree with you, but I think we only have to wait. If Maeda is really like me, she might have certain problems going around her. She might be trying to solve that problem right now. When she's finished, I'm sure she'll come for the attack." I commented and grinned evilly, thinking of the fun I might be having once Maeda makes her move.

"Heh." Sasshi smirked as well. "I guess you're right."

   Mayu and Rena also smiled as they were more close to Maeda. I'm pretty sure they can't wait either.

"But..." Rena opened her mouth. "I wonder what Maeda-senpai is thinking..."

   Even though Rena has cut all ties with Maeda, she and even Mayu still calls Maeda with the '-senpai' honorific. It just shows how much she still respect her. I don't think it's a bad thing. What they think of Maeda isn't any of my business. I'm starting to get curious of how Maeda got their respects.

"Who knows..." I answered and looked out of the window. "Maybe she's having a hard time between a rock and a hard place"

[End of Shimazaki Haruka's POV]

"Hahahahaha~" Maeda rolled around, still, hugging the bear as the others sat down, bored of being ignored by the Ace.

"Ehem ehem!" Takahashi faked coughed and got the attention of Maeda.

   Maeda finally realized that the others were still with her and stood with the bear, making it stood up also.

"This is Kuma~ He's like a father to me~" She introduced them to the bear and the bear looked at them.

"H- Hello Kuma..." Kojima greeted the bear....

"Wait, what do you mean it's like a father to you?" Jurina asked Maeda, surprised.

"Ah, that..." Maeda explained. "I was actually an orphan and was left here in the forest. Kuma and Tora raised me since I was a kid. Tora passed away when I was 13, though... He taught me to hunt and live, while Kuma protected me against everything around me."

"Wait..." Takahashi halted Maeda's story. "Was 'Tora' a taiga?" she asked.

"Huh? Yeah, Tora's a tiger." Maeda answered.

"Oooh!" Oshima raised her hand. "Did you go around naked while you were a child?!"

Everyone facepalmed.

"Errr... No... I was wearing the clothes I stole from other people. Wait, I'm not as stupid when I'm a kid. I'm not some jungle girl, you know." Maeda defended, though the other girls doubted it.

   The bored Kuma climbed up and leaned itself onto Meada's back, though the girl didn't feel anything from the almost 200 kilo bear.

"... Maeda-senpai, don't you feel kinda heavy?" Kashiwagi asked the question most of them wanted to ask.

"Hm? No? Why?" Maeda and Kuma were both clueless as to why Kashiwagi would ask that. Yes, Kuma knows human language thanks to all the years it's been spending with Maeda.

"No reason..."


   After separating from Kuma and Maeda crying, wanting to hug the bear more, and the others dragging her away, they finally came back to the cave, and it was already around 4 p.m.

"Wait a sec," Jurina halted her movements as they were going to wash their clothes in a nearby river, near a lake and the others trying to fit themselves in Maeda's clothes. "Do you know how to make a baby?" Jurina asked Maeda.

Maeda's face quickly became red as she hits the younger girl in the noggin. "Of course I know!"

"But didn't senpai say that you've been with the animals since childhood?" Jurina asked again to confirm.

"Yeah, why?" Maeda answered, still not catching on.

"Then where did you learn that...?" Jurina finally asked and the others realized the meaning.

"Oh, that... Tomo taught me."


"So... why the hell are you three clinging to me... And Minami, get off." Maeda voiced out her dissatisfaction to the three girls.

   Oshima was clinging on Maeda's left while Jurina was clinging on Maeda's right. Takahashi was clinging on top of the girl. They rarely does that but thanks to Maeda's spur of the moment honesty, saying Itano taught her... improper... things, they felt a surge of jealousy which led to them being overly too clingy towards their crush.

"Who cares~ It's cold~" Oshima fake shivered and clung to the girl tighter.
"Yup~ Maeda-senpai's warm~" Jurina agreed and also tightened her hug.
"Acchan... Chest... Warm..." Takahashi, whose face is in between the girl's... watermelons... was in heaven. Though she was struck back to reality by the smacks of all three of them.

   Maeda wasn't uncomfortable of the situation since she knew that the three were clinging to her far more than usual. She knew of their feelings but she doesn't know what to do with them. She still didn't give up on Watanabe, but she also doesn't want to hurt the three of them.

"We'll strike tomorrow. Make sure you all get enough sleep." Maeda decided and told not only the three, but also the others, all of them, who were listening in and Shinoda who was taking pictures.

[Watanabe Mayu's POV]

   I looked at the foolish fights the yakuza was having with each other, shooting at absolutely nothing as they mocked each other and insults were thrown. The yakuza and yankees weren't much different than each other. They get into stupid fights, they hurt each other, they beat people up... And... They protect.

   The fight they were having couldn't even be compared to the beautiful movements I saw when I first met Maeda-senpai. She was moving gracefully, without even putting her mind into it. She was really beautiful. I was awestruck when I saw her. I couldn't even move back then. It became worse when I saw her full-strength fight with Yuko. She was really full of vigor, while still immovable from her spot.

   When you compare the Maeda-senpai and these useless yakuza, it's like night and day. But there's one thing that they have that senpai doesn't...

   A loss...

   Maeda-senpai has never lost in any fight. She was the strongest. Even though Yuko was her rival, Yuko's strength couldn't even be compared to senpai's. Senpai needs someone to show her defeat. Someone to show her the true light within the darkness. Someone, or some people.

   That's how I met Paruru. Her aura was similar to that of senpai's. That's when I thought... I could use her...

'I'm sure you're planning something, but if I can get to fight someone as strong as me, then I don't mind it one bit'

   She already found out the moment I made my move. Paruru may look airheaded like NyanNyan, but she's like Maeda-senpai. She's very perceptive of her surroundings, though she doesn't show it.

   That's why I'm... teaming up... with Paruru and Mirai Gakuen. So I could help Maeda-senpai find that 'light'. A rival. To show her she's not alone in this world... And to show her just how much the others want her to find that rival as well.

   I even had to stab her in the stomach. I didn't worry, though. Because I know of senpai's strength. I believed that something as simple as that won't kill her. Thankfully, my guess was right. If senpai was in critical condition, Yuko and Jurina would've stormed into Mirai Gakuen by now. Even Takamina would lose her mind and start to kill.

   I feel really sorry, but I don't have a choice. To defeat her, I have to play dirty.

"Hey, Nezumi. The gang's all up for it. We'll follow you to the depths of hell." A woman came to me and told me the preparations are done.

   She's with the yakuza I saw just now. It seems they made a truce. So that means everything's going according to plan.

"Yankees and the Yakuza... Ganging up to defeat one girl... Pitiful, I'd say." I commented and walked away. "Though...

If that's how I'm gonna make senpai happy...

So be it."

[To be continued]

   Kinda expected, huh? Well, cliche storyline's cliche XD I don't wanna make Mayu into a bad girl... But I hope Acchan would set Mayuyu's mind back to her usual self. I miss cutesy Mayuyu Q.Q
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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 12]
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Ashura - DON'T YOU DARE KILL MY MAYU~!!!!  :mon zoom: :mon mad: Anyway...:mon sweat:

KUMA? WATTA~!  :mon ehh:

Acchan's harem is starting~!..

I see.. That's the reason why Mayu betrayed Acchan and the gang..  :mon emo:

But there are alot of ways to show and to make Atsuko happy, Mayu.. Why teamed up with the enemy..

:mon scare: Mirai Gakuen going to attack..

Hope you update soon.. ONEGAI..  :mon whine:

Thank you for your hard work and update  :kneelbow:

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 12]
« Reply #47 on: September 12, 2013, 03:41:56 PM »
kenjoy, chill~ I was just jokin~ XD Yeah, she should've chosen another route but she chose this route because she wants to see Atsuko's full vigorous fight. She wants to see Atsuko giving her 100%.

   I was gonna be like, BAM! BOOM and KABOOOOOOSH!!! but sadly, this isn't a superpower fic~ How about I make Acchan OP and have powers like Momoyo of MajiKoi??? Okay, that's just stupid... SO~ Let's just see what the remaining Kami8 would do.

[This chapter has multiple parts, and will contain the real pairings in which each character would be in. Be warned that this chapter might make my ship sink to the bottom of the sea due to the cannonballs every other ship is going to shoot. Proceed only if unusual pairings are okay for your heart.]

[Chapter 13] A

   Each member of Mirai Gakuen's top are gathered inside the small room which was left by AKB Gakuen's top. The library was in deserted state which could only be explained by the top's neglect of the empty room. The table was all gone and the bookshelf was destroyed. All that was left was one chair. A certain chair in which brings shivers to them. The school's Ace looked at the chair, sweating, as she felt that the chair itself stood on it's own. As if the chair was fighting, letting out an aura of magnificence as they all looked at it. The school's Ace, Shimazaki Haruka, gulped and went forward, getting closer to the chair with each step, but as she got closer, she felt herself getting pushed down by an unknown pressure. She tried to withstand it but the pressure was too heavy for her alone. She looked at the chair again as she was petrified by just the presence of the chair.

"What is this... pressure...?" she asked herself.

   The others only looked at both the chair and the Ace in amazement. That is until a certain figure entered. The girl looked at the state Shimazaki was in and went forward. She then patted her shoulder as she shook her head, telling her to not do anything foolish. Shimazaki nodded reluctantly as she retreated back to her fellow friends, still sweating heavily.

"You okay...?" Shimazaki's closest aide, Yokoyama Yui asked as she looked at her friend in awe, amazed by the bravery she showed.

   Shimazaki let out a silent nod then she opened the door. Everyone else left as she told them to, but as Shimazaki looked behind once, she saw a chair, but when she looked back yet another time, she saw an image that couldn't be laughed off as a mere illusion. A girl stood on the chair and watched the scenery outside. An image of brilliance. The beauty itself could be mistaken for a painting of some sort, but that wasn't the case. The girl looked at her through her black shoulder-length hair and smirked.

   Shimazaki was paralyzed. She looked at the bloodthirsty eyes of the girl. The girl's eyes weren't physically scary, but just the look in the eyes could turn the whole room temperature at it's peak. The room became hotter, Shimazaki couldn't breathe, air barely escaping her lungs as she struggled to even stand. Her eyes were watery as her very heartbeat getting faster, beating in a way that could be described as the galloping of a horse. She wanted to vomit there and then, but she couldn't those eyes won't let her.

"Paruru?" she heard a voice and fingers touched her hair, bringing her back to reality, which was looking at an empty chair in a desolated room.

   She looked back to see Yokoyama looking at her worriedly due to her not coming with them. Shimazaki hugged the older girl in fear as she let out unknowing tears, afraid of what she just saw. Her breathing became ragged and her whole weight dropped on the poor girl. Yokoyama, surprised to see her friend in such a way, fell down with her. They dropped to the ground, Shimazaki on top of her, crying her eyes out for no apparent reason to her. Yokoyama reluctantly patted her head and soothed her, giving her the warmth that she needed. Even though she didn't know what happened, but just seeing the sad state her friend was in, she couldn't help but be worried of it. And she couldn't neglect her in any way possible.

"We were supposed to go to clean up this school, but why the hell are you two hugging each other so affectionately for?" a girl voiced out, seeing the creepy scene of the Ace crying and hugging her best friend.

"I- It's not like that, Saya-nee!" Yokoyama half-shouted as her face became bright red.

"Yeah, right, whatever." Milky rolled her eyes as she nudged Yamamoto to look at the defeated Sashihara that was holing up in the corner.

"What's wrong with her?" The younger Watanabe asked as she looked at Sashihara in pity.

"Well, she came when Paruru was rubbing her face in Yui's breasts." Rena answered.

"Seriously?" Mayu facepalmed and dragged the pitiful girl away who was mumbling 'Yui' in each breath.


   Shimazaki sighed as she slumped back to her seat. They were in AKB Gakuen's gymnasium. They couldn't use the library for unknown reasons so they decided that the gym was big enough to fit everyone. She looked at the people around her. Some were big muscular men, some were thin with tuxedos, and some were wearing coats. There were also a few Mirai Gakuen students who survived the war but not many. The AKB Gakuen students already gave in and were sent to the hospital by Shimazaki's hands. She took a breath and glared at the men.

   The pressure inside the whole gymnasium was getting heavier and the room temperature was slightly getting higher. Some were sweating and others were shaking out of fear as they looked at the girl's eyes.

"For what reason are you all here?" she asked them, slightly threatening then they all took at least one step back.

"W- We were called here by Nezumi!" a girl said and the others nodded, more like they were forced to.

'Nezumi...?' Shimazaki thought and looked at Mayu, who was only yawned as she looked at the scene in front of her. When Mayu realized the stare of Shimazaki, she quickly smiled in a way which made the girl sigh.

"And for what purpose was that for...?" Shimazaki looked at Mayu again and asked.

Mayu smirked and walked towards the Ace. She showed a deceiving smile as she walked closer, each step causing the slightly younger girl to doubt her assumed ally's trust. She stopped as she was only one step away from the Ace and finally answered, not letting the smile go "For the fight against Maeda."

Shimazaki could've sworn that Mayu was going to add another sentence in the end, and that the girl was forcing herself to call her most respected senior with only her last name, but she shoved it off as a facade. "She's still not found and you're gathering them here just for backup?"

After a few seconds of silence after the younger one's forced question, Mayu backed away but answered nonetheless. "We need all we have to face the Untouchable Queen. And..." she stopped and looked behind, smirking at the younger girl "Her attack... is today."

   Just when Shimazaki's eyes shot open as she tries to come up with a strategy and escape routes to get away from the older girl, some Mirai Gakuen student came in. She heard the bad news and quickly stormed out. What was once there, a few hundred yankees and a couple of yakuza families were now lying on the cold ground, and some struggling in pain.

"Haruka, was it?" a lone girl stood there as she looked at Shimazaki in a way which reminded her of only a few hours ago. Shimazaki was petrified yet again by the gaze of the girl. But...

She smiled. For what reason did she smile? Was it because of a new respect she has for the older girl? Was it because she has found someone worthy of fighting her? Was it because of any of these reasons? Nobody knows... But nevertheless, Shimazaki smiled.

"Atsuko..." she knew she was being impolite, but for some reason, she used her first name. Maeda smiled in response.

"I'll be going ahead." another girl came from behind Maeda and Maeda nodded, telling her to do as she please. The girl smirked and ran to the inside of the school.

Shimazaki didn't mind. No, she didn't even care. The person in front of her meant more than anything. The person who caused her into a state of fear, depression, madness and insecurity. The girl, Maeda Atsuko took the first step.

[To be Continued]

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 13 -PARTS-]
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An update.. :bow:

Yeah...Acchan and the others are fighting back !!!  :w00t:

Can't wait for the next chapter...

Update soon..  :bow:

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 13 -PARTS-]
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[Part B has a different timeline, and happened before the others. Be advised that The two Aces aren't the real pairings]

[Chapter 13] B

   A few figures looked at the scene in front of them. A few hundred full-grown men were busy fighting with each other, and making noises that nobody would dare to listen to. The Ace sighed at the foolish scene and the others laughed a bit, thinking of how the men were more childish than even them.

"Acchan, are you sure we're supposed to go through every one of these 'grown-ups'?" Takahashi asked the Ace who only nodded, making the others sigh.
"Man, that's such a pain. Can't we just fly over?!" Miyazawa asked the impossible.
"If you can fly." Akimoto huffed.
"Acchan can fly, though." Oshima joined.
"No, she can't!" Kojima hits the older girl's head.
"Who knows. Acchan's superhuman, you know." Shinoda added.
"Fly, Maeda-senpai!" Kashiwagi nudged the Ace, who smiled wryly.
"You know that it's impossible even for me..." The Ace chuckled and looked at Jurina who came running from the horde of hungry men. "Status?" The Ace asked.
"They're here for the fight with Maeda Atsuko." Jurina reported.

   They all slumped back and thought of any other ways to get through. The men were watching them, waiting every second. They didn't dare make a move because they knew the terror of Maeda Atsuko. And because there were the whole Kami8, (they thought Jurina was one) it petrified them more. Maeda looked at her friends once she thought of a plan.

"The route." she stated the plan.
"Ah! You mean the route of the forest you usually take to go to the library?!" Takahashi caught on.
"So we'll use that route to get past them!" Oshima also got it.
"But then they'll follow us. Not to mention it's easy for them to intercept." Akimoto stated. She doesn't only has brawn but also brains.
"Ah, Sayaka's right..." Miyazawa slumped back.
"So one of us have to take care of the place here while Maeda-senpai and the others use the route." Kashiwagi said the solution.
"But who???" Clueless Kojima was clueless.
Maeda sighed.

"All of you will go use the route." Maeda stated, not allowing any of them to interrupt. "Yuki knows the route well since she uses it too, so she'll lead all of you there."

"No, thanks, Acchan. Leaving you here alone with these... buffoons? I don't think so." Takahashi disagreed.
"There's no other way, Takamina. I don't want any of you to get hurt and even possibly hospitalized." Maeda kept on standing on her high horse.
"And you think you won't?!" Takahashi lost it.
"Yup~" There it was. The goofy smile she always had. The smile they loved. The smile which was with them ever since the Kami8's birth. The smile which introduces a light in the darkness.

"But you were supposed to be the one to find Mayuyu..." Takahashi felt dejected for some reason.
"Yes... But that's why I want you all to find her for me. Bring her to me."
"You can do it yourself, can't you?!"
"Takamina..." Maeda still smiled as she patted the girl's head. "I trust you more than anyone. I want to find her as quick as possible. That's why I'm asking all of you for help. Without you guys, I'm nothing..."

"But..." Takahashi was about to talk back, that was until Shinoda placed a hand on her shoulder then shaking her head.
"You know more than us of how stubborn Acchan can be." she advices the girl.
"Once she sets her mind on it, she'll do it." Miyazawa sighed but then smiled.
"But..." Kojima also smiled.
"That stubbornness has never failed us once." A smile a appeared on everyone's lips as Kashiwagi continued.

   Takahashi had no choice but to step down and let the Ace do what she wants. The stubborn and childish side of Maeda Atsuko was her sole weakness. That and the Ace's body.

"We'll be going ahead. Don't die on me." Takahashi said as she and the others ran away towards the secret path.

   Maeda looked at the retreating backs of each of her members. Oshima stopped for a while to look back and see Maeda one last time. Maeda smiled at her and nudged her to continue. The shorter girl sighed and continued her retreat.

"Now..." Maeda took a deep breath and looked at the men, all ready for war. "Shall we dance?"


   One by one, each one of them were beaten by the crazily insane movements of the Untouchable Queen. At first they were owning because they have guns, but that was until Maeda finished off a Yakuza underling and acquired her own. Like dominos, they fell and was beaten single-handedly. After a few minutes and almost half of the men defeated, Maeda was finally showing signs of fatigue. It was almost impossible for her to just go on and fight hundreds of Yakuza on her own without killing them. She knows that the most. She couldn't kill, because that was the promise she had with Itano Tomomi. She will not kill. As she slammed one man's head onto one of his own kind, she remembered of what happened with the last Massacre she had at a Yakuza's hideout.

   She was afraid... Afraid of what might happen if any of them was hurt like Itano and Minegishi. She didn't want any of them to become like her close friends. Maeda knows it best. She'll even sacrifice herself. She also knew that Takahashi will eventually bring Watanabe down the right track. That was the real reason she wanted to be left alone. She wants to fight to the fullest against the hundred men around her.

   A body was then flown right next to her. She was shocked that a man was knocked back so far but it wasn't her that caused it. She looked at the one who made the man like that. A smile escaped her lips.

"Yo." the girl smiled as she greeted Maeda.
"Yuko..." she doesn't need any explanation.

   Why was she there? Why didn't she go with Minami? She didn't need to ask any of these questions. She knew the reason. She knew it more than anyone. She knew Oshima for so long. She was her rival and best friend. The one she would willingly lend her back to.

"Stand by me." she ordered the shorter girl, as if used to it. She knew the girl was chuckling behind her from the movements she did as the two stood back-to-back.
"By your will."

[Takahashi Minami's POV]

   I sighed as I looked at the sad state the library was in. It was empty. All that's left were broken pieces of wood. And also... The chair... The chair in which Atsuko always stood in. The chair of the Ace. Who knew that it was the only thing still standing. We were surprised and happy at the same time. The chair's just as strong as it's owner.

"You did great..." for some reason, Yuki walked towards the chair and patted the seat. It didn't look weird at all. We knew of the fight the Chair must have went through.

"Okay, here's the plan." I gathered everyone. "Sayaka's with Harunyan, Sae's with Jurina, Mariko-sama's with Yuko, and Yukirin's with me." I said, but was stopped by Harunyan.

"Yuu-chan's not here, though." she said.

   I looked around and just like she said, no squirrel around. "WHAT THE HELL?!" I shouted, not caring if anybody heard us. I mean, seriously! What the hell is that squirrel doing at a time like this?!

"Seems like she went to Acchan's aide." Sae says.

"Ah..." I literally took back what I said before. IF Yuko's with Acchan, then I don't need to be so worried anymore. "Then-"

"I'll be going solo, thank you very much." Mariko-sama lifted her hand as she yawned.

"Eh? Are you sure?" I asked, and she smiled warmly.

"Don't worry. I'm going to be fine." she says but then her smile... "Coz I can't wait to pay back that little Kyoto girl for what she did to Nyaro~" ... became sadistic...

"I- I see..." I smiled wryly, feeling for the poor girl Mariko-sama was going to torture... "Then... each of us will search every nook and corner for her. Split up and defeat any enemy you see. Don't dilly dally much, since Acchan's going to be finished with her fight in just a couple of minutes. You have that many time limit to take care of every obstacle in this building, understood?!"



[To Be Continued]

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 13 -PARTS-]
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[Chapter 13] C
Miyazawa Sae's POV

"Jurina, right!" I warned her and she immediately blocked the fist that was coming from her right then she kicked the sides of the girl.

   There were about 7 girls around us. Some were holding bats and some were just trying to punch us. We managed to dodge every single strike that came to us and then finally, all of the girls around us were beaten and laid on the ground. I sighed and patted Jurina's head for her hard work, since that was what Atsuko would usually do.

"You okay, there?" I asked and she returned me with a wide smile.
"Heh. This is nothing~" she said calmly and stuck out her chest with pride.

   I chuckled at the adorable scene Jurina just did and looked at the ends of the hallway to see nobody. We were in the first floor which was supposed to be the busiest floor in the school. It's probably because we managed to beat every single one of their underlings the last time we were here. I opened up a locker, my locker, and took out a smoke grenade as Jurina looked at me in surprise.

"Whoa! Cool! Where'd you get it?!' Jurina obviously had this sparkle in her eyes as she looked at the grenade. I then put the grenade in my pocket
"Ah, Atsuko gave this to me as a souvenir from her trip in some yakuza's hideout." I said and then closed my locker.
"No fair! I want one too!" she swung her arms around, throwing a tantrum.
"Ask Atsuko, not me." I said plainly and then something caught my mind.

   There was the ominous aura from somewhere and as I looked outside, I saw that all of the yakuza and yankees were beaten up. And standing on top of their pile of fainted bodies was Atsuko and Yuko behind. Yuko then left, leaving Atsuko to look at someone. I can't make out who the person was, but for some reason I think that her aura was the same as Atsuko...

"This is going to turn ugly." Jurina said as we looked at the situation.
"Huh? What do you mean?" I asked, confused by Jurina's comment.
"Paruru's not as strong as Maeda-senpai but she has something that Maeda-senpai doesn't." she said.
"And that is?"
"The will to not lose."
"Huh?" I was still confused and Jurina sighed.
"Imagine Yuko's spirit and fighting power and Rena's insanity." she said and I flinched as I thought of the two combinations. "And Paruru's stronger than that."

   I gritted my teeth. I never knew that Mirai's Ace could be that strong. Not to mention Atsuko had never tasted defeat before, so she obviously doesn't know of how to avoid it. If this 'Paruru' person's strength is like Yuko, then it's obvious that she could be on par with Atsuko and if she's as insane as Rena, then it doesn't matter how many times Atsuko hits her. She would get back up and return it tenfold.

"I thought I heard my name here."

   Sweat dropped down my back as the sudden voice was heard behind me. I knew the voice too well to just think of it as just somebody roaming around. I quickly ducked and rolled sideways, realizing that the ominous aura coming from the girl was directed straight at me. The window I was looking through broke as I dodged and Jurina managed to escape as well.

"Rena!" I shouted her name as I looked at the lone figure in front of me.

   The girl wasn't looking at me. She was looking at another person. She was looking at the one who shared the same name as hers. She looked at the one she trusted the most.

"Jurina..." she said, looking dissatisfied.

   I could see that Jurina was scared for her life, probably even planning her escape route inside her head. I don't know why but I couldn't move at all. I just looked at the two's exchange.

"Come here, Jurina..." she said, gesturing Jurina to come over to her.
"..." Jurina was gritting her teeth, glaring at Rena in a way which caused her to laugh "... I won't, Rena."

   The air suddenly turned heavy for some reason. I couldn't breathe at all. The sudden pressure around Rena was heavy. I looked at her back. Her back seemed so lonely, so sad, so... frightened.

"So be it." was her response.

General POV

   In an instant, Miyazawa had leaped forward to Rena and tried to punch her using the pressure of her jump to double the damage, but Rena managed to avoid it by simply shifting her movements backwards and took some steps behind her. Miyazawa missed and attempted to use her hind legs and swung it at Rena's direction, but the girl blocked it with her palm and pulled Miyazawa's leg. After that, without the older girl managing to react, Rena had used the momentum from her pull to strike Miyazawa straight at her stomach, using her elbow. Miyazawa coughed and was struggling on the ground, clutching her stomach.

"Sae!" Jurina shouted and went forward to face her enemy with the same last name.

   Rena glared at the younger girl and Jurina flinched but went forward nonetheless. Jurina slid down and tackled Rena's leg. Surprised, Rena fell to the floor, using her hand as support and kicked Jurina in the shoulder. Jurina took in the pain but with Rena on the floor lying on her front, she went on top of the older girl and grabbed the girl's hand, forcing it behind the girl's back as she also used her free hand to lock Rena's head in a headlock. She also used her leg to bind the older girl's leg so that she couldn't move her leg nor kick with it.

   In that situation, Rena writhed in pain and searched for an escape. Using her free hand that wasn't bind, she grabbed Miyazawa's leg and hauled the surprised girl to her back, causing Jurina to let go of her lock and save Miyazawa from further pain. Rena escaped and distanced herself from the two.

"You're still sane, Rena?" Miyazawa asked, smiling even though she was badly beaten, as she leaned on the support of Jurina.
"Probably." Rena answered, not smiling but just glaring still at Jurina.
"I see...' Miyazawa's smile faded and she got up. "Jurina..." she called to the younger girl. "Go to Atsuko's aide." Miyazawa ordered.
"WHAT?!" Jurina was shocked. Even Rena was.

   One reason was because Miyazawa is a lot more weaker than Rena was and the other being Atsuko can handle everything herself. Why would Miyzawa go so far as to let Jurina go and face Rena by herself? Jurina couldn't find the answer to that question and she didn't dare to try and find out.

"No! You know yourself that you alone can't beat Rena!" Jurina shouted, trying to change her upperclassman's mind.
"Please, Jurina."

   One word from Miyazawa was what it took for Jurina's resolve to completely crumble into absolute nothingness. It wasn't actually what Miyazawa had said, much to how she said it. The way she said it. For some reason, Jurina found that Miyazawa's voice was more stern than usual, her back gave in an aura which could be described as a soldier going to war. Miyazawa was prepared for the consequences.

   Jurina gritted her teeth, still wasn't satisfied, but she took Maeda into a more higher priority. She took a deep breath and then turned around from the two.

"Roger..." she said and then ran away.

   Jurina retreated, running to help the one she loves the most with her mind set that Miyazawa knows what she was doing.

   Once the figure of Jurina could not be seen anymore by Rena, she opened her mouth.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she asked, almost as if ordering the answer out of the one who tried to save her a few days prior. Miyazawa sighed but didn't took her fighting stance. She only looked straight into Rena's eyes, which caused the girl to feel sick to her bones.

"Probably something stupid that could literally get me killed by Sayaka." Miyazawa answered smiling as she took a few steps closer to Rena, shortening their distance.

   Realizing this, Rena's eyes shot open and she took the first move to dash forward and hit Miyazawa right in the stomach which was still hurting. The pain was evident in Miyazawa's face but she endured it and grabbed Rena's hand, which was on her stomach, and pulled her to herself, squeezing the girl from behind her.

"What are you-" before Rena could mock the girl once more, she felt a soft sensation on her lips and her eyes opened wide.

   Miyazawa had kissed the girl right in the lips. Miyazawa's soft and wet lips was pressing on her own in a peck. Her mind went blank from the unknown sensation of being kissed by the older girl. She didn't fight back nor did she make any move. In a few seconds, she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation Miyazawa had given her until they separated.

   It took a few more seconds after their lip's separation for Rena to finally figure out what just happened as she looked at Miyazawa whose cheeks were bright red from the embarrassment prior.

"W- Why did you just kiss me?!" Rena stuttered, covering her lips with her hands as she too, was red to her ears.

   Miyazawa scratched the back of her neck as she was feeling very awkward as to what she just did. She took in a deep breath and looked at Rena straight in the eyes. She then grabbed the girl's hand intertwining their hands together. Rena was shocked at first but then when she looked at Miyazawa who was serious, she couldn't fight back, only to follow in what Miyazawa was going to do.

"You can cry all you want, Rena."

   Out of all the perverted things Rena thought of, she didn't think that Miyazawa was going to hug her, which she did. Miyazawa embraced her in a tight hug as the older girl patted the younger's head, comforting her. Rena realized that she was crying. For what reason was she crying? She had already known. Not just her, Miyazawa had also realized it from watching Rena's exchange with Jurina. Rena was crying for her lost love.

"... Sorry..." was all she could say. Rena cried in the older girl's arms, finally letting out her real feelings to the one that had already chosen her destiny.

"I'll be here for you..." Miyazawa reassured, as she stroked the girl's silky black hair.

"... Always?" Rena asked, unsure. She didn't want to be left alone ever again. She was already fed up with the emotions and pain inside her chest that moment when she saw the back of the running Jurina. She wanted to make sure of it. She wanted the older girl to be by her side.

"Always. My 'seriousness' is for your sake." Miyazawa smiled and looked at Rena straight in her eyes.

"Haha, you're mad, you know that?" Rena showed a goofy smile as she thanked Miyazawa from the bottom of her heart.

[To be Continued]

   I wonder why I put the smoke grenade part in...?

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 13 -PARTS-] C - Sae, Rena
« Reply #51 on: October 01, 2013, 05:54:32 PM » update !!!

Ehhh...Sae and Rena.. it's a bit unusual..

Waaa...who's next??

Update soon, please.. :bow:

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Re: The Game of Life [Chapter 13 -PARTS-] C - Sae, Rena
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Thank you :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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The Game of Life [Chapter 13 -PARTS-] D - Minami, Yuki
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[Chapter 13] D
Takahashi Minami's POV

"HORYA!!!!" I kicked the girl in front of me and grabbed the girl on my left.

   I then pulled her towards me and kicked her in the stomach. The girl writhes in pain and I kicked her in the sides, making her fall down. I looked at the status of my partner and she was doing fairly fine. The 3 girls surrounding her couldn't even get close, due to the aura that she had released. When they were busy, I took the chance and ran towards one of the yankee's back and kicked her legs. When she was about to fall down, I grabbed her shoulder and tossed her to another girl, making them both fall and fainted. Which leaves only one girl left. We both grinned and the girl flinched, thus ran away from us, for she was too scared of what could come. I laughed at the sight with my partner.

"Man, that was easy, huh, Yuki?" I asked her and she chuckled.
"Yup, Takamina-san. Seems like we've cleared the area for now and there's probably no way that girl would come back here again." she said and smirked.
"True that." I agreed and we both took the 'lifeless'(?) bodies and hauled them over to a nearby classroom.

   I dusted off my hands and clothes from the fight since we were moving around too much. I fixed my clothes, same with Yuki and we sat on the teacher's desk, since we've already cleared the area. The only thing we needed to do was to wait for Atsuko's arrival.

"Hey, Takamina-san." Yuki asked me as we sat next to each other.
"What is it~?" I smiled and looked at her, causing her to blush a bit.
"Urm, Takamina-san, you're too close." she averted her eyes and I blushed as well.
"Haha, sorry. My bad~" I distanced myself from her and smiled wryly.

   Then suddenly came the awkward moment for us. It took us a few minutes to get over this awkwardness but just as I was opening my mouth to break the silence, someone else broke it.

"Your nose hair is showing!"

   Yuki and I were taken aback by the voice that said that. We looked around to see nobody, so it's probably from the outside.

"What the hell was that?" I asked, still dumbfounded.
"Don't know. But it sounds like... Sayaka?" she said.
"Yeah. Sounds like her but..." I stopped as I thought about it.
"Yeah... Sayaka's usually too level-headed to be saying that." Yuki smiled wryly.

   Just thinking about it, Sayaka's cool and always think before she says anything, but seriously? Nose hair? Why the hell would she shout that in the middle of nowhere making everyone hear? That's kinda too much for her.

"Could it be Haru-Nyan?" I asked again.
"Ah. Haruna seems too airheaded to notice these things so it's probable." Yuki shared her thoughts.
"But was it necessary for Sayaka to shout that out loud???" I asked again.
"That, I don't know. But Sayaka's kinda funny so she thinks about the most random things." Yuki chuckled.

   Seeing Yuki chuckle so sweetly and innocently, I couldn't help but smile. The awkward moment was gone thanks to Sayaka. I thanked her in my heart for creating this comfortable atmosphere, even though she shouted nose hair. Poor anyone who's near her. I then looked at the window to see the scenery that was a bit too discomforting.

"Seems like Atsuko did her part already." I said as I looked at the fainted bodies lying around outside on the ground.
"Seems so." Yuki said, and followed by a chuckle.
"I hope she's fine..." I said unconsciously and smiled a bit.

   For some reason, Yuki's laugh stopped and then came a discomforting silence. I gulped and looked behind me to see Yuki was looking downwards and I couldn't see her well. Sadness was what I thought when I saw her. He long black silky raven hair covering her eyes and I couldn't see it well, but it's sad. My hand moved instinctively forward to touch the younger girl's face.

"T- Takamina-san!" Yuki's voice was louder than usual and I flinched from that, retracting my hand back to it's former position, by my side, out of reflex.
"Y- Yeah?!" I asked, my face becoming hot because of the embarrassment, thinking about why I almost did that.

   She didn't lift her head, only looking down to the floor.

"D- Do you still like Maeda-senpai?" she asked the question.

   My eyes shot open as I heard the question from her. I still like Atsuko, but why would she ask that? It's obvious what my answer was going to be.

"Of course I-" "Be honest, senpai!"

   As I was about to answer, she interrupted me and finally lifted her head. She glared at me straight in the eyes. Her eyes were bloodshot. She wanted the answer out of me even if it was obvious. Her face was closer than usual and my heart skipped a beat. Like a galloping horse, my heart raced in it's track, it was so loud that I think that even Yuki could hear it's sound. I gulped, my cheeks burning red and I averted my eyes, for her eyes, her big black orbs, tried to suck my entire soul into it.

"W- What are you even t- alking about, Yuki?" my voice was clearly cracking up, and I managed to stutter a bit.

   She bit her lips, eyes still gazing into my soul even though I've averted my gaze from hers. She took a breather to get ready and leaned closer to me. She then opened her mouth.

"T- Takamina-san, I-" before Yuki could finish her sentence, I saw someone near the door and I quickly put my hand on her mouth, covering it and pushed her to the wall slowly, eyes glaring at the door.

"Who's there?!" I shouted, then commanded them to come inside.

   The figure entered, and I saw a girl.

"My name's Watanabe Miyuki. I see you two made use of the room to be lovey-dovey with each other." the girl says as she entered.
"W- We are not being lovey-dovey!" I protested, but was acting otherwise.

   Then I looked at Yuki who was red to her ears, eyes opened wide and still my hand was on her mouth. I quickly retracted and fell head first down to the floor.

"Ouch!" I grunted and cupped my head with my hands due to the dull pain.
"Whoa, that's gotta hurt a lot." Watanabe snickered.
"Y- You okay, Takamina-san?" Yuki asked worriedly.
"Kinda..." I commented and got up.

   I then looked at Watanabe and just when I was about to dash forward, Yuki got in the way and stopped me.

"Takamina-san, let me fight." Yuki told me.
"Huh? You said that you couldn't beat her last time." I said, worried that she might get hurt.
"It's okay... I have confidence this time." Yuki declared.

   Watanabe smirked and watched us. I looked at her and then at Yuki. After a few seconds of thinking, I then sighed, telling her to do what she wants. Yuki smiled and thanked me.

"Yankees these days." I joked and sat back on the teacher's desk as Yuki got down to the floor.

   Watanabe was already on guard and eyed Yuki as Yuki took her stance. When Yuki was just about to move forward, Watanabe also dashed to Yuki, making Yuki flinch and dodge it, rather than continue her planned assault. Yuki then kicked Watanabe's legs but Watanabe didn't flinch. Watanbe did a headstand as she fell and kicked Yuki on her legs using the moment. Yuki fell back and covered the bruise that she had gotten.

"Yuki..." I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist, holding myself back from helping her.

   It continued on and on, and from my analysis, the two aren't that much far apart in sklls, but what made it different was that Watanabe was slightly faster than Yuki, using her height as an advantage to kick Yuki in the legs. Always the same spot. Making Yuki feel so hurt that the pain was evident on her face.

   My eyes were turning bloodshot as I looked at the cruel way Watanabe was treating her opponent and just when I was about to lose it and dash forward to help Yuki,

"Takamina-san!" Yuki shouted, not facing me and both me and Watanabe halted our actions.

   Yuki was breathing heavily, probably exhausted, since it's been a few minutes into the fight and her legs looked red in pain and covered with bruises. I listened intently for the next words from Yuki. She took a few more deep breathes and,


   My heart skipped a thousand beats when I listened to her confession and I blushed bright red. My eyes shot open as I looked at the back of the girl in front of me. She was taller than me but she looked so small, so alone. I could see that her ears were turning red. Biting my lips, I calmed down and

"But I love Atsuko, Yuki." I calmly said, but my voice stated otherwise. My voice was horse. Insecurity crept in at the most unneeded moment.
"I don't care!" she shouted, which made both Watanabe who was listening and me flinched. "If I win this match, I want you to go on a date with me! Just the two of us!" she shouted again, demanding.
"But I-" I was about to decline but Yuki didn't stop.
"Then i want you to take me out for dinner! I want you to hold my hands as we walk through the shopping district" her voice was sounding more quieter "And I want to make you dinner. And you'll say that it tastes delicious, giving me a pat in the head for my hard work" from this point, I could see that she was scared but nonetheless continued "then finally, after all my good work, I want you to kiss me. A peck on the lips will do. Just... I want you to love me as well."

   Watanabe was shocked but then looked at me as well. She had a warm smile as she watched us and I also couldn't help but smile as well. Her confession was shocking, but for some reason, I feel happy.

"Then win." I commanded, smiling like a fool to the person in front of me. "And I'll do as you wish."

   Yuki's back seemed more confident as I said that and I knew that she was smiling as well.

"Just so you know, I'm not really much of fan in romance so don't expect me to lose willingly." Watanabe smirked and took her stance yet again.
"I know. Let's fight fair and square." Yuki said, smiling.
"Your move." Watanabe said and Yuki ran towards her.

General POV

   Kashiwagi ran to Milky and just a few centimeters apart from her, Yuki punched the girl lightly, earning a confused stare of one Takahashi Minami.

"Argh! I'm hurt! The irony!!!" Milky said, almost fake as she fell down to the floor, dramatically with a few coughs and mumbles.
"EH?!" The confused Takahashi could only question herself of what had happened.
"I have won!" Kashiwagi pumped her fist to the air and laughed maniacally.
"*Dead*" Milky faked her death and then laid on the floor.

   Kashiwagi then skipped happily to the dumbfounded Takahashi. But then she realized it and she quickly faked hurt and clutched her knees as if in pain.

"Argh, I have won, but I'm still hurt, Takamina-san." Kashiwagi lied down on Takahashi's lap who was already sitting down on the floor.
"Eh?! Liar! It was obvious that you two set this up!" Takahashi shouted almost cutely as the younger girl snuggled on her lap.

[A few weeks prior on Mirai's attack]

"Wait, wait! Let's make a deal!" Milky pleaded before the older girl could make her finishing blow.
"Hm? And what of it?" Kashiwagi asked, interested all of a sudden, still not lowering her fist.
"I'll do anything you want if you spare me for now!" Milky negotiated.
"..." Kashiwagi thought for a second and then a face popped up in her mind, the face of her true crush. Not Watanabe Mayu who she took care of and thinks of her as her own daughter, and obviously not Miyazawa Sae who she had loved to play along with. She thought of a certain 148(.5) centimeter girl who she always adored, other than her respected senior, Maeda Atsuko. "I need you to do this..."

[End of Flashback]

"Hehe~ Date with Takamina-san~" Kashiwagi singsonged as she snuggled up to her senior more, pushing most of her weight to the older girl as she hugged the girl playfully.
"Urg..." Takahashi couldn't resist to pat the girl and scratched her scalp as one would do so to a pet cat and Kashiwagi meowed in response. "You're evil, you know that?"
"I get that a lot." Kashiwagi snorted and chuckled.

"Man, lovebirds these days." came the tease from Milky who was watching the two in excitement for she actually loves lovey dover romance things.

"You're incorrigible..." Takahashi commented "But..." she then gulped, mustering up her courage "I love you as well, Yuki." she placed a light kiss on the girl's lips.

   Blushing bright red this time around, Kashiwagi covered her blushed cheeks and reminded herself that this was only the beginning. Takahashi was also red and then as she looked at Kashiwagi, she chuckled, finding the girl the cutest. She thought that Yuki looked a lot like Atsuko and acted a lot like the Ace, but she shook it off from her head.

'Moving on, huh...' she thought as she placed another kiss on the girl.

   The number of seconds added together that the two kissed in that minute? 30.

[To be continued]

Author rant: Man, these two are so easy to ship~ And LoL poor Milky for having to see those two making out with each other. :lol:

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Takamina and Yukirin together???

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Hey, please don't forget this fic, i wanna know what will happen next ! Yuko/Maeda/Kojima/Sayaka/Mayu still don't have a chapter ^^

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Please continue this fanfic  :bow: don't leave this :cry:

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Woah... miss lots already

Ah.. RenaxSae, YukixMinami

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Atsuko still insisted over Mayu

Yuko still choose Atsuko

What about the others?

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