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Author Topic: Limit-chap2-part2(atsumina) 22/8/2014  (Read 5593 times)

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Limit-chap2-part2(atsumina) 22/8/2014
« on: December 27, 2013, 05:52:00 AM »
Somewhere deep in the forest, there’s a man walked with confused on his face while furiously cutting those bushes that covering his way with his right arm while the other arm holding a compas, sometimes stopped his track to take a slight of scene around him. Gazed around so he was sure to make his moved right, not wanting to crowled even longer in this deep forest. He must stepped faster before the sun drop down and left him all alone in the dark forest. No thanks.

He’s really sure the way is right because he was seeing a big like mansion in the deep this forest before his plane curshed down on the land of the trees and bushes back there. He was glad to make hisfelf out of his plane at the time when the plane he rided suddenly being damage in the machine and cousing him to make an emergency landing but being flying right on the hill that filled with many trees, he then make a decision to just jump out off of the plane and letting his body brushed to the trees before landed hard on the ground.

“Gaahh that Akimoto guy, why he gived me that such of plane! I though he give me the best one but what whit that ‘best one thing!!’ Baka!! Huh!” grunted the man while cutting some more bushes in front of him. “And made me trapped in this deep forest! Aah..I wanna home..and its has been two days I leave my girls at home..owh I hope Mari-chan can watch over her sisters. Mari-chan I’m so sorry~~ please take care of your sisters a little more longer.”

Looked at his wacth and to the sky that slowly trun dark and filled with the cloud that’s like it will raining soon. “Hisshh and I will get wet soon. Don’t wanna~!!”

Slash! Slash!!

“That Akimoto, he’s better send me a heli to get me out of this and...where the hell that big mansion be?!! Its had been a hours already and seems that I can’t get to that mansion on time. The sky was dark now,” get a flashlight from his bag and contniued his way with the lit light of flashlight.

“Humm I wonder why a big like mansion can be in this forest? Who’s the owner of that thing? What his/her  thinking to built such a big mansion in the deep forest like this? Haa..and what the hell I’m thinking of that anyway?! Baka!!”


“Eh?” just when he has been busying   with his though, there’s  a sound reached his ears make him stop the walk. “What’s the sound?”

Kshreek..shreek...trak, trak..

“Hee that sound’s near, but where?” take more step forward slowly he can feel a heat coming from his direction make him curious. Look up he can see through the dark sky that theres a smoke, a big smoke and  slight of orange light from there. Noticed that, he then faster his step and with a slight slash from his dagger  theres he found that big mansion in front of him.

Its big just what he see before but now that big mansion was wrapped by another big fire. Yes, that mansion was burning up like hell illuminating the night with the brightness of the fire. The man stood up in his place with jaw droped and quickly cover his bare face with his palm due to the heatness from the fire.

“What the?!! What the hell happened with this mansion?!”

That man then looking around hoping to found some people who had ran out from the burning mansion. Taking his step to searching around but no one to be found. Just when he trun to the other side of this burning building he suddenly stopped his track to look at a standing little girl in front of the burning building. That little girl seems not knowing his present there keep her eyes on the burning mansion in front of her.

Noticed this, the man called for her. “Hey little girl, what happened here?” and slowly walking to her.

The little girl look her straled by the suddened then voice slowly turned her head from the building to the man that for the nth time stopped his track again. The distance between them not that far just right for the man to look trhought into the little gilr’s eyes. Those brightly red eyes.

The man get shocked by those bright red eyes. Strange. Suddendly feeling his spine up just by that look. They are silent there, just the craked up from the fire that burning the mansion beside them. And slowly a single water touch his face following by another falling water from the night sky.

The rain got his sense back and again take his step forward to the little girl that still showing her brighly red eyes that got gleamy under rain and light of the burning mansion. Just a meters away the look at the little girl suddenly shaken up and began to falling down to the ground. Make him run to that faaling little girl.

“EEHH!! Hey...!!”
Hello there~~
Oh hai, its my first time writing AKB48 fic, etto..gomen for my bad grammar, stiil not good with english though hehehe...and if its okay I want to put some member JKT48 in this fic, etto..if its okay.
Hope you guys like this story of mine, and I will continue if you’re want me to.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^^
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just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: Limit-prolog
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Pretty nice prologue and I'm interested in seeing the continuation.

You can try inserting space between each line for easier reading, though. ^^;
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Re: Limit-chap1-part1(atsumina)
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2014, 06:58:38 AM »
Yuki88 thanks for your comment!
here's the continuation, sorry if it's lame and short..will add the next part.
please enjoy!


The pair of eyes suddenly open up revealed two of black orbs following by the fastly of breathing that flew out from the parted lips. The sweat wetting the side of a face. Those eyes face up the ceiling above her and quickly turned to her side after hearing a bang and folowed by a moaned of pain sound of a girl. Take a deep breath the girl slowly rise up from her sleeping position to sit up on her bed. Then facing the still moaned girl on the ground that rubbing her sore butt.

“What are you doing down here Jurina?” asked the girl frowned. Her  voice still catching of breath after the  breathing fast before.

“Ittaaiii..ah Takamina-nee, gomen..etto, I was told by Mariko-sama to wake you up but looked like you were having a bad dream then so I tried to wake you by shaking your shoulder but you’re eyes suddenly opened and shocked me and end up here,” explain the younger girl called Jurina or Matsui Jurina for clear.

“...” no replay from the older girl called Takamina. She just take another breath to calmed down herself for the time. Jurina that still on the ground looked up at the older worry and then stand up herself.

“You okay..?” asked her with concerned in her  vocie. “You look a little pale there, should I call Mariko-sama?”

“Ah..its okay, no need to I’m Jurina-chan, can you leave me alone? I need sometime though..” asked the older back.

Seeing the older  face, Jurina just  nodded her head and replied, “Okay..we wait for you down there then. Just tell us if anything happend..hmm..”

“Daijoubu,” said Takamina or Takahashi Minami for real with a smile to the younger beside her.

Give back the smlied with her own cat-like smile, Jurina then take her leave out of the bedroom leaving the older girl that lowered her head by the hand griping tightly on her blanket. “That dream..huh!”.


“Morning! Ah you guy’s are back, welcome home. How’s thing there?” asked Takamina entered the living room. Sometime fixing her black hoodie over her head, hiding the shoulder brown hair of her.

“ Morning Takamina..we’re home, ah yah, everything’s okay. Just.. its seems that they’re really serious with that “durg” thing. I don’t know but there’s something wrong with that “durg””, replied a pale skin girl with long black hair, beside her was Jurina that clinging to her right arm. They’re sitting on one of the sofa there, beside them on the single couch sitting another girl with ciborg-like face playing a gadet in her hands.

“ need to worry..yet. We still can stop them. And this time we managed to captured some of them when they’re having transaction lastnight. ” said the ciborg-like girl with her monotone voice and motionless expression.

“Yeah, and daddy haved some of that “drug” to be analizing at the quartez. We just have to wait for the result then,” added the pale skin girl named Matusi Rena. Although she have the family name’s same with Jurina but these girls are not related by blood.

“Humm sou ka..things just getting serious now,” responded Takamina nodding her head. Take a sigh then thish short girl slowly take her leave but a quetion stopped her.

“Yo, where are you going?” a voice echoed in the room form the stair. A tall model-like woman with short brown hair and beautiful and like a boss face come and approach them.

“Day-off. I want to go out for a while,” answered her casually. “And go for a look at that burned buliding,” added her.

“You went there again? It’s the tenth time’s already you went to that place since daddy told you about found you in front of that burned mansion a month ago and.. nothing found’s yet?” aksed Mariko curiousty about this “sister” of her.

“Not yet. But I wont stop find out about my true identity beside my name from what he had found out in that burned mansion. I’m really curious about my background..” said Takamina make a silent space in that room.

“Nah do not worry, I just pass by. Not planning to go home late,” added her trying to lift up the atsmospher.

“Ah Takamina-nee, can I have a request? I want to take a break too and too lazy to go out..” asked the girl that placed her gadet to the tabel glass in front of her.

Takamina looked at the younger and ask, “What do you want, Mayu?”

“Can you buy me a figure and manga’s? Its out today but I can’t buy them by my self now. To tired to go out, onegai~” said  the ciborg-like girl called Mayu or Watanabe Mayu pleading.

“Okay, no problem though, which the figure and manga’s do you want?”

“Here,” handed the older girl some piece of papers. Takamina took them by hand and just nodded her head.

“And Mariko-sama? You want to go out too?” asked Jurina looking at the tall woman before that was standing beside Takamina. The called Mariko-sama or Shinoda Mariko looked back at the younger one among of them.

“ too. My head seems to explode anytime soon from those work for some month’s now. I want to take some fresh air..” replied Mariko.

“Heee minna take their day-off now, ne ne Rena-chan can we take a day-off too? I want to speend the time with you, onegai~~” pleading Jurina with her puppy eyes to the pale girl that arm still huged by her.

Rena look at the younger and give her sweet smile, “Sure Jurina-chan, I don’t have any work to do today.”

“Yosh! Let’s go to our room then,” then she drag the older one by hand and take their step to stair there. Leaving the three other girls that seeing them chulked by the younger behavior.

“Hyaahh I’ll go to my room then, having fun with yours day off!!” soon Mayu then take her leave too following the two girls before and climbed to the stair.

“You come with me?” asked Takamina to the older girl.

“Nope, need to meet someone important today, so go a head.”

“Hum ‘kay then, I leave first.”


A tall beautiful girl was cleaning a table while humming a song happily. A cute-like cat smile appeared on her face, sometime let her voice out of her cute lips to sing along by the music that she hearing from her earphone. Still doing her job, she’s not aware that behind her was standing a tall woman with short brown hair that seeing her closely with a smile appeared on her face. Take a sigh the woman come closer to the girl and then placed her right palm on the girl shoulder make the girl jolted from here stand and instantly rotated her body to the one behind her.

“Kyaaa-ah!! Mou! You freaked me out!” yelped the girl annoyed by the woman acted. Pouting her lip toward the person before her. The woman just chukled by the girl’s reaction. The girl still pouting plug out her earphon from her ears. Then faced properly the woman with black glasses before her.

“Hahaha..gomen ne, can’t help. You’re too serious there~ I’ve called you two times already you know,” said the woman.

“Ah gomen nasai. Anou sumimasen, but it’s not open yet etto..”

“I know, just want to meet someone here,” said the woman and take her glasses revealed a beautiful face of her make the girl before her shocked again.

“A Mariko-chan!! Aa hisashiburi~~!” squaled the girl and give the woman a big hug.

Mariko reply the hug by the younger girl then separated their body, she gave a slight tap on the younger head smiling. “Hisashiburi mo Kojiharu-chan.”

“It’s been a while ne~ where are you this humm two month’s..? ah I don’t know, you just go dissappeared without news, mou..” said the called Kojiharu or Kojima Haruna for full name.

“It’s two month’s and three week’s to be exact, ah I’m sorry I did’nt tell you guys that I’m leaving for some work’s back then,” said Mariko corrected the younger before her. Give an apologize smile to her.

“Your suddened leaving really make her deppression you know. At least give her a call or what so she did’nt have to worry where are you at that time,” said Haruna with sad tone. Just make the older woman feeling guility in her heart.

Ah, she know it that suddened leaving will make her sad and she must apologize for that, for hurting her.

“You must apologize to her, Mari-chan. I don’t want to see her with gloomy feeling around her. These past month’s was different with her gloomy acted.”

“I know. That’s why I’m here for. Lucky those damn work’s already cleared so I have more free time now. I’ll apologize to her. Aah I’m really miss that chubby girl of mine.”

Hearing that make the younger smile,”I’m happy to hear that. So..let’s meet her now.”


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just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: Limit-chap1-part1(atsumina)
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nice update  :hee:

hmm, takamina dont know about her identity? o.o

ahh, i wanna read the next chapter  :on lol:

i wait for ur update deguchi-san :3

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Re: Limit-chap1-part2(atsumina) update
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blakwhite thank you for drop your comment here ^^ sorry for the long update..
here's the next for chap1, hope you're enjoy it and fogive for my poor english   :err:

Behind the washbin there’s a girl was washing her both hands after doing some cleaning in the kitchen. Just when she was about to take the white towel to dry her wet hands suddenly she felt a pair of skinny, long, yet strong and warm arms warpped around her body instantly make her  jolted and did  jump a bit from her standing, followed by a bit yelped blow out from her lip.

“Why so shocked~?” a soft whisper blow out slowly through her ear sent a shiver to the whole of her body. Feeling the tense of the girl, the one who embraced this girl let a sweet chuckled beside the ear that again given anothet shiver to the girl’s body. “I miss you..” another soft whisper and thighter the hug around the girl just to let her known who’s the one that embracing her now.

After some seconds that like an eternity for them, the girl finally relaxed her body and leaning her body to the tall one behind her and reply the hug by holding thigly onto the older girl hands that embracing her.
Snuggling deeper to the tall woman behind her, she let a whimper, “You’re back...”

“Yes I am..I’m back for you and never leave you again..” replied the taller one and sniffing deeply to the girl’s scent that she missed so much.

Not be able to restrain herself again, the girl turned around and throw out her arms around the woman neck, burying her  face onto the woman’s chest, soon a sobbing can be heard from the girl. The tall one also pulled the girl to her embrace, hugging her  so close.

“Promise me..promise me to not ever leave me again, I can’t bear it if you leave me again like that..promise me Mariko...” sobbing the girl.

Mariko held tigh to the younger in her arm, she could feel the shivering body of this girl and that hurt her heart seeing this girl of her crying because of her. She hated herself for leaving her before.

“I promise you Minami..I’ll be by your side for now on and forever..I love you..”

They areboth  staying like that for about some good time, enjoying the silent that engulfing them. Feeling back the longest warm that they missed so much. The younger one finally over her sobbing and parted herself from the older neck but still with her arms around the older neck. Their face just inch from each other. Thus they both can feel each other warm breath touch their face.
Mariko let a warm smile and lift up her hand to wiped those trace of tears, she wiped it softly and ended it by give a soft kiss.

“I miss you Minami..I really do miss you..” speak Mariko so softly while caressing the smooth cheek of the girl in front her.

“Me don’t know how I miss you so badly. Why are you leaving me like that? I’m so damn worried about your suddened leaving and not even give me a single news. Where are you? What are you doing? Why are you leaving me like that? You really make my live turn down you know! I-“ the sudden blabering girl was silent up becouse of soft lips that thouched with her lips. A sweet kiss that bring back the silent between them. Just a slight thouch and Mariko parted away from those soft lips againts her.
“I will explain them to you..anything you want me to, but for now..I just want you to company me this whole day,” said Mariko smiling.

Minami or Minigeshi Minami the girl’s name, just frowned after hearing what her tall woman say. “Wha-“
Again another kiss silent the younger, and Mariko give her vicious smirk and then took the younger hand, “Lets get to the changing room, we won’t go on date with that plain clothes right? I brought you some,” not letting the younger relpy she dragged the dumbfounded Minami to the said changing room.

After changing her clothes with the new one that Mariko had brought her, Minami sit beside her lover that smiling so sweetly to her. “Why are you looking at like that?”

“You’re so beautiful Minami..perfect like always,” praising Mariko while Minami just rolling the  her eyes due to the shyness the older give her, “Humm..but there’s something left there,” the pause sentence make her eyes back to the older one, titling her head to the side confusedly.

“Where’s my chubby Gachapain~?” added Mariko with trolling face while pinching those cheeks of girl before her.

“A-tta..ittai..heeyyy!!” yelled Minami in pain while trying to free her self from those fingers. “’s all your fault!!” growled Minami after Mariko letting her soft cheeks free.

“Your leaving make me lose my appetite to eat my pricious foods, and my weight’s all your fault!!”

“Awwhh I’m so sorry my dear. Right, now I’ll pay all my fault to you and to make you forgive me, I’ll take you whereever you want to eat. I’ll make those chubby cheeks of yours back so I can cuddle to your soft and puffy cheeks~~” and again pinching those soft cheeks that look swollen any longer if the younger not freeing herself soon.

“Mou yamete! You just make my cheeks get swollen you sadist! Humph!” annoyed Minami and turned her face from the older while rubbing her now red cheeks.

Mariko let a light laugh before brought back those cheeks to face her and slowly yet softly planted kiss all over those red cheeks. Feeling that, Minami just gave up for what the other want to do to her. She is missed these feeling anyway. Feeling to be able doing love dovey with her loved one. Mariko after kissing all over Minami’s face found her way to the younger lips, kissing them so softly than soon become the hotter one when Mariko brought the younger’s body closer to her and Minami replied them while placing back her arms around the older neck. Brought their body more closer to each other.

After some good minutes, Mariko parted away their lips, let the younger in front her to fulling back her breath.

“I love you..”

“I love you too, Minami..really I want to continue that but not now, we have a date that waiting for us ne..”

“Yeah..hehe..but before that,” Minami cupped Mariko’s face and look up closely to the older face, her eyes. Mariko give her confused face to the younger one. “What? Something on my fac-“

“Your eyes,” cutted Minami and make the older silent.

“Why are you wearing contac? Do not tell me that since your leaving you are not dri-“

“I don’t ever drink other else exept you, I’ve told you that right?” cutted Mariko now, caressing the younger hand on her face.

“Why? It’s long time already and why you’re not even drinking yet? That’s just give painful to your body and worst drive your agony. You’ve told me that too right? Why you just tell me and not to hiding it by those useless contac?” asked Minami worried.

“...” no reply, Mariko look away from those eyes, not wanting too read thoes confused, worry, sad, and hurt that given to her.

“Mariko, I-“
“I just don’t want to hurt you. It’s already three years since we met and from that day, You’ve become my victim, vicitim for my hungry. Not that I say you-“

“I’ve enough of that useless reason of you. I’ve already told you that I’m yours right. From that time you’ve saved my live, I’ve give my life to you. So it’s no reason for you to hesitate to not drinking my blood. Coz this body and soul already yours,” said Minami seriously.

Mariko taken aback from her though and look at that sincerely of the girl in front of her. She can’t think other reason to refues those offer. The offer that only make her live until now.

“I’m thanking God for given you to me. With me being a such creature yet you acted very different to me, not like the other that will frightened becouse of my being. You look at me like I’m your everyday woman around you. Those feeling you gave me make me belive in you. Your present really different from the other present that I met in my long live. Thus I promise to not letting any hurt you and yet I’m the one that hurting you..Minami, I don’t know what I’m going to do if it’s not you that I have,” Mariko said that with her heart, just if that heart still can beat, right now it’ll go beat crazyly becouse of how she felt for this girl that she love with her live.

“I’m happy..hearing that, after this long time, I’m not regreted my decision to give this live to you. I really do love you Mariko, and really do anything for you. I don’t care the other becouse you’re different too to me, you gave me this secure feeling whenever I’m around you, I feel that I can do anything with you and know that you’ll protect me. And no, you’re not hurting me..never hurting me, and I believe you’ll never do that to me. The only thing that can me hurt is seeing you hurt. So please, I’m already yours right, do not feel any hesitate if you want to do that..”

 Hearing those make her body warm, bring back her courage to facing the girl’s eyes. Seeing the confidance in those eyes. And who she is to reject that now formed puppy eyes to her. Let a chukled she brought the younger body to her lap. Minami quickly wrapped again, her arms around Mariko’s neck, titled her head while the older bruhss away her long hair to the side. Caressing the smooth skin under her fingers.

“You know..your scent already drove me crazy when the frist time I entered this cafe of yours.”

“Ckh..just do it, you sweet talker, that tickle..” a gigled.

“As you wish my princess..”

“O! is that Mariko-sama?” a question from a black hair girl with ponytail, her face seems a bit different from ordinary Japan’s people, but still Asian look. Her smiling face looks cute to her. Leaving Haruna with her cleaning towel, the tall beautiful girl just watching that ponytail girl skipping the table’s around her, that girl make her way to where Mariko and Minami come out from changing room.

“Watch out!” yelled Haruna when she see that girl nearly hit a chair.

“Oh, Kinaru-chan. Genki desu ka? It’s been a while ne..” greeted Mariko after the said girl called Kinaru or Devi Kinal Putri for sure, standing before her.

“Hai!! Genki~ sou it’s been a while, where are you all this time, Mariko-sama? We’re really worried over you, you know..especially Mii-neechan,” replied the excited girl.

Mariko patted the girl’s head, “Some really important to do that time, I’m sorry I’ve made you all worried,” said Mariko. “And for your nee-chan, I want borrow her for a while, I’ll give her back to you tomorrow, can I?”

“Hee..I don’t think is that Haru-neechan?” asked Kinaru to Haruna that already standing beside her.

“It’s okay for me, I’ll tell the other. Just make sure to return her in complete,” said Haruna in teasing voice.

“Aa I can’t sure ‘bout that~” replied Mariko in her trolling voice that given her a blow up in shoulder. While Kinaru just titled her head, can’t understand.

“Don’t mind them, Kinaru-chan should you go to school already? Why are you here?” asked Minami.

“Etto…I don’t feel to go to school today..please! just this day! Ne Mii-neechan~~” pleading Kinaru with her puppy eyes. And Minami can’t say anything if this girl giving her that pleading look.

“Have you told Atsuko?”

“She’s say it’s ok hehe..”

“Puh, you spoil kid. Then help your Haru-neechan here okay?”

“Nah, I just want to do that now. So don’t worry!”


“Can we go now?” asked Mariko.

“Opss sorry keeping your time Mariko-sama..go go, let’s out to your date lovers~” joked Kinaru hussed her sister and Mariko. Haruna just watching them with chuckle, happy seeing her sister Minami back to herself again.

“Nah, Kinaru-chan,” called her to the younger.


“Get back to work~”

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just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: Limit-chap1-part1(atsumina)
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finally u update it  :mon lovelaff:

hmm, looks like mariko is a vampire?  :pig huh:

and, whoa, u add kinal as ur FF char, its so rare :3

looking forward for next update :3, ganbatte ne ~

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Re: Limit-chap1-part1(atsumina)
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update soon please

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Re: Limit-chap1-part1(atsumina)
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pleaze update author san :panic:

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Re: Limit-chap1-part1(atsumina)
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Re: Limit-chap1-part1(atsumina)
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Re: Limit-chap1-part3(atsumina)
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blakwhite thank you~ yes like I said before that I wanr to add some member from JKT48
chocholate I'm update now, thanks for droped your comment here~
noah minami here's the update, thanks~
Haruko ah yah, just like blakwhite-san said, she's Kinal the cap'n of tim J from JKT48...I'm planning to add some of them. btw thanks for droped by here..

so here's the final part of chap 1, hope you're enjoy it and forgive for my terrible english  :err:

After getting what her sister wanted, which was taken her almost a day just to bought  those stuff she asked her for. Takamina then went straight away to the place she want to visit. And just like Mariko had told her this morning, it’s the tenth times already she went to that place. A neglected burned mansion that placed on top of the hill of the forest. She still wondered why her family built a mansion in that such place, there’re absolutly far away from the city and no one else beside them that lived in that place. Beside true that that place was pretty enough with the natural scenery that make you feel good, but still it’s weird. And by now after some years passed looks like there are already more people were living in this area, by some homes or vilas that was built when she take her way to go to that burned mansion.

Chose to not to think about that again, she’s finally arrived in front of seemed was an entrance of this mansion, looking around before she get enter to this burned mansion, she took noticed to the courtyard that still the same like a week ago at her ninth visited; bushes, growing weed, branchs, burned wood and stone laying here and there etc. Nothing seemed left from the fire that burned this place.

Sighed, Takamina took her step up to the mansion. Placed her plastic bag on the ground near the door and then starting her intention to what for her come to this place. Looking around for the nth times, she hardly trying to remember anything about her being here before when her child time. Wondering around this burned place, almost all rooms in this mansion already become to ashes, nothing left. However this old building remain to be sturdy stand up.

Taking a look to another room once again and nothing found for the result. Blow out a frustration breath, she then decided to ended her little journey for that day. Looks like this time was not her luck anymore. Sigh-ing she then went back to the entrance and was about to pick up the plastic bag but stopped in her midway, sensing that someone was wacthing her. Instanly warned her guard.

It’s fast though how this person come out of his/her place, but Takamina had prepared for the sudden attack and make a swift, turned around, took the person’s left arm that was about to reach her, twisted it to the person’s back, and last knocked down his/her leg, make her body slumped on the hard ground with a bom sounds. Locked the arms and pinned it down, make sure that the person under her can’t move.

“Who are you?” asked Takamina coldly.

“Iyaah matte!! I’m not mean to harm you! Let me go please..I’m not a bad person,” replied the person that was a girl. Takamina get a little shock by that and make her guard down, not aware the girl that was under her now take her shock-ing time and managed to rolled their body that make Takamina let a yelp while the girl locked her two arms above her head and then sitting on her body.

“WHAT?!?” yelled her can’t believe of what was just happened in a such fast time.

 “Heh, good reflex you got there, but sorry I’m not that weak you know, hehe..” showing her dimple smile that look cute to her. Takamina blinked her eyes for a while and trying to get her sense back. Take another breath while looking at the girl upper her.

“Eeee, a girl?! I though you were a boy before,” said the girl with shocked and dissapointed face.

“Wh-what do you mean? Of course I’m a girl and why are you sitting on my body? Get up of me!!” growled Takamina in irritance because this girl was thinking that she’s a boy. And what with those dissapointed look?

“Your appearance were like a boy so-“

“Get off of me!” growled Takamina again cutting this girl speak.

“Haiii~ but don’t try to attack me again okay?” sighed the girl slowly let go of Takamina’s arms and stand up. Offered her right hand to the hooded girl to help her up. Takamina look at the hand and took it then stand up also by the other girl help.

Takamina cleaned her jacket from the dirt and then looking at the the girl that gave her a playful grin that make her look cuter. Just like a squirrel. Takamina shooked her head and look at other way. While the slightly taller girl seeing the hoodie girl that now showed her rather short lightbrown hair because the hood was off of her head.  Her smile got wider by that.

Irritated by the smiling girl in front of her, Takamina broke the silent between them. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” asked Takamina.

“Oh, curiousity dragged me here~ you know, I’ve looked at you went to this place about third times already and so I wondered why a good looking boy like you go to this burned place, err and you seems looking for something too so..I wonder,” explain the squirrel-like girl, shrugged her shoulder.

“How do you know that I’m often went to this place? Are you stalking me? Who are you exactly? And I’m not a boy!”

“Hum but you look like one-eh Whaa clam down there..just kidding and I’m not a stalker you know. I was just moved here about two weeks ago and then wandering around here just to kill the time and by then I saw you were walking to this burned place. Like I say, I got curious and then followed you. I see you were looking or more likely inspecting this place. Believe me, I’m mean no harm to you,” said the taller girl again, hoping the other girl in front her will believe. Because that’s what had happened.

Takamina looking closely at her for a while and then let a sigh. “Then why are you attacked me like that?”

“I’m not attacking you, it’s you who’s suddenly took my arm and twisted it and then bend me down. I was about to greet you and get to know you?”


“Why what?”

“Why you want to know me?”

“ know, I’m new here and you look like a nice person and yeah..just wanna be friend...ah it’s okay, if you don’t want to. I’m a stranger after all..and sorry for bothering you,” said the girl with sad tone. Looking away from the shorter girl in front her.

Seeing this, make her feel guilty. This girl just wanna be friend..and let another sigh..

“Nah it’s okay. I’m sorry too for twisted your arm before, I just in bad mood and just let it out. By the way, you are good too,” said Takamina smiling make the taller girl looked back at her.

“Glad to hear that. Ah my bad, I’m Oshima Yuko, sorry for the late introduce and you are?”

“Takahashi Minami,” replied Takamina shortly.

“Nice to be able meet you Takahashi-san! Ano no mean anything again but, what are you doing here? You look frustrated after out of this place,” asked Yuko curious.

“Actually.. this burned place was my mansion before, Takahashi family to be exact. Have you heard about a burnt mansion, that a family get killed by that and left just a little girl that standing alone in front of the mansion when that burning happening?” asked Takamina. She’s not sure at all to tell it to the other about her story more over to a stranger but, there’s a feeling that she can trust this girl before her. And she’s wonder why..

“Eh wait, I think I’ve heard ‘bout that. So this burned mansion was yours? And that little girl is you?”

“Yeah..” answered Takamina.

“How did you can survived from that fire that burning your house? I heard that fire were burning this place badly, and nothing left as you can see now, right?” aksed Yuko confused.

“I’m wondering ‘bout that too. By the time I’m awakens, I was already in hospital and there’s a man that said he’s the one that found me lying unconscious in front of the still burning mansion,” explain Takamina.
“Soo that’s why you are here to find out about what were happened here?”

“Yeah..I’ve asked him about this but he just said that he’s just found me that way and nothing more. I just know ‘bout this story when he told me about month ago and then I immediately went to this place, wondering about my family that strangely no one known that there’s a mansion in this hill,” said her with a sigh and then walked toward one of the burned wall, she touching that blacklish wall that now were covered by moudly with her palm. “I don’t know why he told me that now when years already passed since that day. And that’s why just as you said before, I’m here to searching for anything hint that can explain what had happened here and why it’s only me that survived. I want to know about this Takahashi family,” added her then turned her body to facing the girl back again.

“Have you found any?”

“Sadly, nothing..”

“Hum I see.. ah I’m sorry, we’ve just met this day and you already told your story to me, a stranger. I feel bad about you.. ah I’m sorry,” said Yuko feel guilty with this hooded girl in front her.

“It’s okay. I wonder why too. Honestly I just talked ‘bout this only with my sisters. But, I don’t just gave me a comforting feeling eventhough we’ve just met now,” explained Takamina looked at the taller girl.

“Hee..thank you, I thought I just bothering you there. Glad to hear that,” said Yuko with her cute dimpled smile appear on her beautiful face.

And again Takamina rolled her eyes away from that cute smile.

These two girl get a little talk after until the shine of the sun setting with the orange color, awaring Takamina that she must back to go home now.

“Ah, it’s really nice meeting and talking with you Oshima-san,” said Takamina smiled.

“Same here, Takahashi-san and just call me Yuko,” replied Yuko.

“Then its Takamina for you..Ah I really want to talking with you more but I’ve must go back home now. Not want to worried my sisters.”

“Ah,’s getting late now,” agreed Yuko. She watching the girl putting back her hood back on fixing her appearence.

“You know, you look really like a boy, with those black jacket and hood and a shorts” stated Yuko make the short girl turned to her, frowned. “I know you are’nt but your style and the way you acts just like a boy to me. A cute little boy,” added Yuko grinned before Takamina could retort back at her for the insult.

“Hiaahh yamete yo. I’m really comfortable with what I wear and my acts just as normal for me. And I do not really care what people tell ‘bout it. I just enjoy being it so..yeah..beside I only  wear this when I’m not in working. ”

“Hehehe you’re funny..” laughed Yuko, and for the nth time Takamina rolled her eyes again  from that cute scene before her. Clearing her throat, she then exused her self from the girl and headed out of the burned builiding.

“Meet you later Yuko-san!” called out Takamina while waved her right hand before  turned back to continuing her way back to home.

“Until later too Takamina!” called Yuko back watching until the back of Takamina dissappear from her sight. Slowly that smiling face of her turned to a steady face. The cute smile that was appeared vanished from the beautiful face of her.

“Humm different..but still the same, ne Yuko,” a voice sounded from her left, standing by her side another girl.

“I don’t know what are you talking about. Let’s back home,” replied Yuko turned her body and walking a head leaving the new girl that let a sigh from her sexy duck lip.

“Tadaima!” called Takamina while entering the living room.

“Okaeri Takamina..” replied Rena from the couch, reading a book while Jurina lying her head on the older Matusi’s lap faced the screen of tv in front of her. “Okaeri Nee-chan!” called her out still watching the show.

Takamina popped her body on the other couch, placed the plastic bag on the glassy table that she was holding all the day.

“Where’s Mayu?” asked her.

“In her room doing her homework. Ah have you eaten yet?” asked Rena back.

“I’ve,” replied Takamina shortly.

“Mariko-nee texted me that she is’nt come home tonight, something to do she said,” said Rena.

“Sou ka. Nuh I’m tired, I’ll go upstair first. Oyasumi...” get up again from the couch, Takamina headed to the stair but stopped in the midway.

“Jurina, do not to late for sleep. I don’t want you ditching your school again tomorrow,” said her.

“Haaiii~~ wakatteru yo Papa~” replied Jurina out playfully.

Takamina just chulked at the younger and then continuing her step upstair.   
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just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: Limit-chap1-part3(atsumina) 26/2/2014
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Author-san , When the scene atsumina?!   :mon whimper:

Update soon  :cow:

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Re: Limit-chap2-part1(atsumina) 19/7/2014
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Finally I've an idea to continue this story!!
atsukojiyuu_C thanks for read and coment! here's the next chapter and it's atsumina~~
hope you guys enjoy!


A young beautiful woman with long silky black hair was step out from a store, in her hands are so many plastic bags. She hardly holding them all and walking on the street. Just when she was about to steady the plastic bags in her hands unconsciously she bumped into someone that make her holding lost and let the things inside the bags scattered around the way.

“Ah..I’m sorry,” said the young woman sorry while quickly bend down and gathering back her things. While the person who is a young man with good appearance she bumped into seems not pleased by the woman before him moved but after seeing the young woman face he bumped into his face flashing a smirk.

“A’s okay really I’m sorry too, I’m not seeing my let me help you,” said the young man and also bend down helping the young woman gathering the things and put them back inside the plastic bags. After the things all packed back their both rose up. The young woman adjusted those plastic bags so for them to not lose from her hold again.

“Thank you and I’m sorry..” said the young woman again bowed her head but get stunned in her stand after she looking at the person she’s bumped into.

“Told you it’s okay, beside we can met each other again ne~ it’s like fate that bring us together again I see hehehe..” said the guy smirking at the young woman before him that looks like she want to run away from this guy before her right away.

“Mo-Motsuto-san.,” stuttered the young woman. She cursed her clumsiness for her to meet again with this annoying guy that always bothering her and her kid. She thought that she already get away from this annoying and stalker guy after her family moved away from their former town three years ago. She can’t believe if this guy still obsessing over her and searching for her. How she wishes this guy just go away and not bother her over again.

“Why stutter Atsuko-chan, are you surprised that you can met with your beloved stalker again? Hm? And just call me Judo, that waaay more sweet of you if you call me Judo, ne..” said the guy again with flirting tone. Smiling at the young woman called Atsuko.

Atsuko want to puke by the jerk in front of her said her name so annoyingly and how she wishes again for give this jerk a punch on his ugly face. Unfortunate for her that her hands are now were holding her belongings.

“What are you doing here?” asked Atsuko coldly hoping someone came or anything just so she can get away from this guy.

“What with the cold tone? I miss you right? Do you miss me? You suddenly moved away made me so frustrated because I can track where you and your family moved to. Don’t think I’ve gave up over you just because you moved, I’ve searched for you this whole times. And luck me to meet you here!” said Judo clapping his hands.

“Why you always disturb me live? I don’t like you okay. Please let me go I’ve to go,” Atsuko replied irritate and trying to move away from the guy.

“Eeits wait wait, why so fast? Finally I found you and you planning to go away from me again? Not this time dear I’ll not let you go again. Never,” said that he grab Atsuko hand in tight grip nearly make the young woman yelled in pain for her to trying to escape from this guy.

“Let go of my hand you jerk! Let me go!!” shout Atsuko panic.

“No! You’ll go with me whether you like it or not. I’ll never get you away again Atsuko,” said the guy angrily while trying to dragged the struggled Young woman with him.

Atsuko try her best to escape from his tight grip that make her groaned in pain. She try to shout for help but unfortunately for her the way they’re in now is quiet, beside the loud of her voice and the day just past half day the street was empty, no one was walking on that street now.

With her struggled that useless due to different strength, Atsuko almost lost her hope when the guy dragged her with him. Her things are thrown away and scattered on the way due to her struggled.

“You’re not bringing her anywhere.”

A sudden cold voice that chill up the guy’s spin and a sudden and strong punch were landed on his face instantly make the guy let his grip on Atsuko and he stumble back almost fall down on the street due to the strong push by his face. A line red of blood can be seen on his left check and nose.

“WHA-Arghh!!” groaned the guy in pain holding his sore face.

Atsuko after being freed from the grip get stunned in her track by the quick scene in front of her. Confusing with what happened. A short figure in black hoodie appeared in front of her, with steady back facing the pained guy in front of them. She’s looking at the figure back wondering who this person that saved her. Atsuko snapped from her trance when a slight small, soft and warm hand wrapped around her trembling right hand that have been gripped by the guy. The soft grip suddenly make her relive, she can feel a warm feeling engulfed her body slowly calmed her down. She don’t know this warm feeling this short stranger gave her but somehow she feel secured and protected by the hold and…a miss feeling.

“Who are you?! Why you punched me?!?” spat Judo angrily at the short figure that gave him a sudden blow.

“Me? I’m her husband and why I punched you? It’s obliviously because you’ve bother my dear waifu. That’s punched are not enough yet, I want to beat you into pulp for make my waifu scared and hurt. Just I don’t do it, I don’t want my dear waifu frightened because I’ll make you into peace if you don’t disappear from my sight now ,” said the short figure with a deathly tone in its last word.

“Yo-you What?!?!”

“I’m counting~ in one~”

“Wa-WAIT how can you become her-“

“In two~”

“SHIT! I’m not done!!” and the guy finally run out for his live when the short figure stepped its right foot acted want to give him.

“Cih what a chicken,” said the figure annoyed looking at the running guy.

“A-ano..” a soft stuttering voice were sounds of from the hooded figure back make its snapped and turned its body face the tall beautiful young woman and get stunned by the view.

Atsuko was surprised by the look in front of her. There’s a short quite handsome and cute “guy” in front of her, “his” stunned and innocent look face can’t help her to let a soft chuckle from her her rosy lips.

The melodious chuckled again snapped the said “guy” from “his” stunned moment then make some noise to cleared “his” throat.

“A-are you okay? Hem..I’m sorry I’ve to said that err no mean that eh, sorry..” stuttering “he” say it while “his” hand went to “his” back of head rubbed it shyly.

Atsuko can’t help it but let out her laugh at the “guy” acting so cute in front of her. Really, where is the strong and scary look “man” that saved her before? Sure the scene before her is made her scared but nonetheless that jerk’s finally get away. Thanks to this good looking “guy”.

“Uhmm it’s okay, I don’t mind about what you’ve said to him. I’m very grateful that you’re come, I don’t know what’s that jerk do to me if you didn’t came. Thank you..” said Atsuko sincerely looking at the short figure in front of her.

“A-ah..yeah, that guy is really a jerk nee. Lucky that I’ve come across this street and seeing you being dragged like that by him, I only can’t kept quiet when seeing that, so I have come to rescue you from that jerk..yeah..” honestly “he” just walking on the opposite street planning to go home but “he” hear a ruckus and went search for that. Found out that a man was forced a girl to go with him, just when “his” eyes met the girl’s face suddenly a unknown anger snapped “him” and in a split of second flaying a hard punched to the man.

“Ano..your hand..” a slow voice snapped “him” for the nth time then looked at “his” right hand still wrapped around the girl’s soft, white, and warm right hand. Awarded, quickly retreat “his” hand from the girl’s.

“Aaahh..sorry, I unconsciously grab your hand, eh is it okay? I see some bruise there,” asked the “guy” worry and true to “his” word. Why the hell I grab her hand? Unconsciously doing that..gah!

“Umm..yeah it’s okay..” said Atsuko shyly by the “guy” concern. Why I’m being all shy because of this guy? Duh!

“Not okay for me, here let me see it,” the hooded “guy” casually took of her right hand and doing examining look at her bruise hand and when “he” doing that Atsuko face getting warm up and can’t hide the blush forming on her face, lucky for her the hooded “guy” were seriously looking at her hand.

“Cih, I’ll beat him badly if I see that jerk again. This is seemed worse..wait,” the guy mumbled angry and then holding the girl’s hand with “his” left while the other searched something from its pocket. Brought out a small tube like and open it, “he” pushes the tube and a green cream come out. “He” put some of the green cream on her swollen right hand the icy cream make her flinched.

“Ah it’s okay, the cream is for a bruise like this. It’ll heal fast by an hour, I get this from my friend due to my activity sometimes forced me to fight hehe…” said the “guy” explained about the cream “he” put on her hand. She is getting redder when the “guy” slowly and softly rubbed the green cream around the bruise. The icy and the soft finger of “him” make her relaxed and didn’t feel the pain again.

“Yap! All done.”

“Uhmm thank you, though I can treated it by myself but thank you..and for saved me, you’re a nice guy,” said Atsuko after getting calm down with her blushing state. She’s smiling gratefully at the “guy” before her.

“ are..welcome..” Atsuko really can’t help to laugh again by the “guy” stunned and all innocent face “he” make.

The hooded “guy” stare in awe at the beautiful sight of the smiling girl but then snapped due to the girl called.

“Eh, you said what?”

“Hm? Thank you for saved and treated my wound?”

“No..not that one, the last part what is it?”

Atsuko got confused but said it anyway, “You are a nice guy?”


Atsuko got startled by the sudden outburst, ”Eh what..?”

“Why people always mistaken me as a guy?! I’m not a guy I’m a girl!” grunted the “guy” eh the girl took off her hoodie revealed a good looking young woman with a rather short lightbrown hair, just now she notice that the girl that she’s mistaken as a guy were having a dimples on her cheeks somehow make her cuter.

“A-eh..sorry, I’m sorry..I don’t know if you were a girl! Your appearance and acts just like a guy, sorry..” said Atsuko guilty. But somehow...

“Nah it’s okay, it’s always happened to me so..I’m okay..” her thought were cut off by the short girl. She then took a good looking at the girl that saved her life. Again somehow…

“A yours thing are scattered over here! Let me help you,” said the short girl bend down gathering the things that have been throw out from the plastic bags. Atsuko looked at the girl gathering her things then followed to gathering her things too. Gladly her things are complete but some are get damaged due to twice being thrown out.

“Thank you..” said Atsuko after her hands filling with plastic bags again but not all some are holding by the short girl.

“So many thanks I get today’s okay, it’s okay. Ah my bad, What’s your name? Mine are Takahashi Minami but you can call Takamina,” said Takamina introduce herself.

Atsuko taken aback by the sudden talk but then replied the girl with a smile, “Mine are Maeda Atsuko,” said Atsuko shyly.

“Beautiful name! let me walk you home Maeda-san, I’m afraid that jerk will come back, it’s okay?”

“ it bother you? I mean..”

“No, not bother me at all beside I’m doing nothing now, so?”

“Humm, un..”Atsuko shyly nodded her head then quickly turned her body not letting the short girl saw her blushing face.
Meanwhile Takamina seeing the blush although the tall girl tried to hide it, she’s chuckled by the cuteness of the in front of her. Walking by the tall girl side, wondering what she’s doing…


Another place, Judo after being punched by an unknown guy made him furious and what’s that husband thing? Is that girl he’s searched the whole years are now in married? What the heck!!

“Want to get back your girl?” an unknown voice disturbed his thought, looking around but found nothing. Just when he was about to turn back to the front a masked man appeared almost make him stumble back.

“What the! Who are you?”

“Just offering some help if you want.”


“Take this..” the mask man shoved a pill to the guy’s mouth forced him to
 swallowing the pill.

“Akh ugh what’s that? Eh-“

The mask man whispered something to his ear then after that he step back, step more leaving the guy freezing in his stand, slowly his eyes turned to a full with one.

somehow.....I enjoyed typed this one..
just love to read alot of fiction story

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wow! atsuminA!!

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Re: Limit-chap2-part1(atsumina) 19/7/2014
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yeay atsumina :) and kinal jkt48
this ff is awesome

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Re: Limit-chap2-part2(atsumina) 22/8/2014
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Haruko yeah~ thanks for read and dropping your coment here  :)
maharani niken thank you, I'd like you to enjoy JKT48's girls here  :)

here's the update, and sorry for the mess english..


Three girls in seifuku of high school were gathering under one of tree in the garden of a university. These girls or the two of them were so happily chatting with each other while trying to flirting with the college girls that passed their spot or a group of girl that were chatting not far from their spot. These college girls or maybe the entire campus were already familiar with these three group of high school girls for they are always come and standing at the same tree whenever they come to the campus. Mostly they are just playing around, flirting with them or just rest under the hug tree chatting between them or just wondering around the campus. And surprisingly they all are well liked by them not only the college students but also the teacher.

One of them which is the youngest one with black short hair were throwing her most charming smile to a group of girls and one guy that passed them with earned her squealing from they and thus she laughed at the other girl beside her with ponytail black hair and a glasses wear on.

“You see that? You see that?! can’t beat me. I’m the most charming girl her! Haha..” said the black short hair girl while slightly shoved the girl.

“Oooh no no no. That not yet. You haven’t see my charming yet..hmm, Ah! Look at those girls. Ahem..see me in action,” the ponytail black hair girl then walked toward a group of girls that was about to pass their spot.

“Hello girls~” greeted the ponytail girl showing her best charming smile at the girls that also earned her squealing and she laughed when them tried to touch her slightly cubby cheek but of course she dodged them all. She is just want to teas them all and then walked back to her friends spot with back walking and showing some style to them.

“Whahaha that’s you call flirting with charming style! Haha..” laughed her. The short black hair was pouting but then joins her friend laughter.

Another girl, the short one among them with pink jacked hoodie on, she glanced at her friends flirting hobbies at those older girls. She mouthed a “baka” but then chuckled and back reading her manga that she’s been reading the time these three come to this tree, to their spot. She’s awarded that not only her two best friends that getting attention from the college students but also her with some girls around there were squealing at her cool and expressionless style not to mention her face that’s so cute.

A loud yell was disturbed her from her reading time and looked over the manga, looking at the three tall beautiful girls were walking toward. A little smile appeared at her lips when she watching the taller one among them, the one that walking on the right side. The girl with beautiful like-princess face that make her feeling butterflies were flying in her stomach and her heart felt doki-doki when she see that also beautiful smile of her.

The hooide girl then stood up from her comfortable seat and slowly walked toward her friends. She can see one of her friend which the short black hair one running toward the other tall girl on the middle and throwing herself to the girl. Lucky the pale looking girl was able to hold the girl in her arms or else they’ve to fell to the ground.  Again, she can’t hold a chuckle escaping and then she frowned when she found her other friend, the ponytail one was stunned on her stand. Like standing like a statue. Wondering she touch the taller shoulder and asked in worry.

“Hey, Kinaru, you okay?”

“Eh-ah!’m okay, yeah..” replied Kinal snapped from her trance and gave the short girl an awkward smile. She turned her gaze avoiding Mayu’s worried look.

Seeing the girl stuttered like that only make her worrier. She wanted to ask again but was stopped when the three tall girls with Jurina already hanging on Rena’s arm, appeared in front of them.

“Hello Mayuyu, Kinaru-chan..sorry for the long wait. There’s something to do first,” said the princess-like girl which is name is Kashiwagi Yuki.

Mayu averted her gaze to the taller girl, “It’s okay..hmm, I’m seeing a new friend here,” said Mayu in her cyborg style, finally realized a new figure beside the two tall girls.

“Ah, she’s a new student in my department, thought a year under me but she’s a genius one!” Rena answered on Yuki behalf while showing another tall girl about Kinal’s height, with her face an Asian looking just like Kinal but more beautiful in other side. The new girl shyly walked up when Rena and koala Jurina steeping aside to let the girl be seen by the other.

“Kinaru-chan! Her face just like you but she’s more beautiful than you haha..” teasing Jurina that get a laugh and an embarrassments for the new girl that make her blush, only made Jurina now squealing at shyness and cute.

“Mou Jurina!” complaint Kinal pouting but there something she’s thinking of about this new girl. Something that she’s can’t even sure by herself. But then took aside the unknown feeling.

“Yeah..yeah..I’m thinking of you when I’m seeing her. Are you know each other?” asked Yuki.

“Ermm I don’t think so. I just met her now so I believe her too, right? Eh what’s your name?” asked Kinal at the girl in friendly way. Somehow she’s got interest with this new girl.

“ name’s Jessica Veranda but please do call me Ve, errm..yoroshiku onegaishimasu..” said Ve in low voice but still can be heard by the other. Again Jurina now with Yuki and Rena were squealing at her shyness and cuteness.

“Beautiful name indeed just like the one having it, name’s Devi Kinal Putri but you can call me Kinaru! Oke? Ki-Na-Ru, not Devi okay?” turns Kinal introduced herself and smiled at the girl.

“Oi, oi, you just were flirting at her huh! Ah mine is Matsui Jurina, call me Jurina! And FYI I’m not related to Rena-chan but we’re live in the same house, so if you come to Rena-chan house so you’ll also meet me and..ah this chibi too also live with u-auch what’s that?!” Jurina suddenly rubbing her shoulder when she felt a palm just hit her shoulder.

“Who are you calling chibi, baka! Cih! Name’s Watanabe Mayu, Mayu is fine,” said Mayu in her cool and cyborg style although an irritated can be seen in her expressionless face.

Ve was only smiling, seeing these high school girls’ interactions. They all are cute and interesting but there’s one girl that had caught her attention.

She turned her head when one of her senior called her name.

“Ve-chan, want to come with us? We’ll be going to grab some kinds at café,” invited Yuki to the younger.

“Yeah, join us!” added Jurina exiting.

“Ermm..I’m sorry. I’ll would like to but, there are something that must I do right now..err..” said Ve trying her best to not let her seniors down. Honestly she want but..

“Maa it’s okay. You’ve just moved here right? So there are many things you’ve to do. We can go together another time, ne..” said Rena, reassuring her junior.

“Mou~ no fun, but yeah..understand~” Jurina just nodded her head and smiled cutely when Ve gave her an apologetic face.

“Uhmm, I’ve to go now. It’s nice to meet you Jurina-san, Mayu-san, and..Kinal-san,” said Ve politely and bowed her body slightly to them then walked first leaving them behind.

“She’s a nice girl,” commented Mayu.

“Yeah..” added Yuki agreeing.

“And cute too!” said Jurina, “And that make me hungry~ let’s go now Rena-chan~~” whined Jurina dragged the older already to the other direction. The girl that being dragged only chuckled, saying to slowdown.

“Hhh..that pupy, oi Kinaru come one!” called Mayu to Kinal that slightly sanpped from her trance again and seeing the hoodie girl and Yuki already walking toward Wmatsui.

“Eh-yoiii don’t leave meee~!!!”


In a room like operation’s room that was filled with some high-techs, some people in white lab coat were walking around checking the techs and some big display there’s showing any rated like and running numbers and words. A figure of body-like was shown off on one of the screen.

“This one’s looks a bit different from the other,” said one of the white lab female in curious tone, adjusting her glasses seeing at the display in front of her precisely.

“You think like that? I think same too, I was about to say it actually,” another white lab female voiced out beside her. The glasses female turned her attention to the other female with brown short hair that was flashing her wide genking smile toward her.

Seeing that she just ignore it rolled her eyes while sighing and going back to the display in front of her, waved her hand when the short hair girl complained to her about ignoring thing.

“Why you said it is different, Sayaka? What make this one different from the others?” another voice of short female with long wavy brown hair to the girl called Sayaka.

“Yeah yeah..I’m curious too,” said the short hair girl poking her finger to Sayaka’s cheek.

“Stop that will you? Ughh Saeeee!!” groaned Sayaka in irritated trying to shoving away the younger’s finger.

“Ckh, okay..let me say it. Look at this,” she then doing some typing and when the part she want were appeared then she pointed her pen at one spot on the side neck of the figure and another spot on its throat.

“What’s wrong with that?” asked Sae curiously starring at the pointed place.

“Look, there’re black spots there and here and when I tried to doing some examination for these things, I had found some odd things..ugh I don’t know if I can call it bacteria or any other organic thing like but, they looks different and they all are only gathering in these two spots,” explained Sayaka seriously.

“Eh, really? I wonder what’s that?” wondering Sae titled her head aside.

“Maybe I can try to doing examination for them too,” said the long wavy brown hair.

“I don’t think you can, Umeda..just when I was finished with my examination, these odd things were vanished like an ash being blew up by wind,” said Sayaka that made her two comrade looking at her in shocked face.


“I don’t understand..”

“Me neither..” replied Sayaka sighed. Time’s flew by their head was filling with the new revelation.

“You should report about this, and maybe..I’ll do some check up to the other body,” said Umeda after some minutes of silent then she walking toward the door.

“Yeah, I’ll.”

“Nee Sayaka..” called Sae to the older after Umeda out of the room, Sayaka turned her head to the younger one.

“What’s it?”

“Somehow..I’m feeling bad thing will going to happen.”

“…don’t worry. Everything’s going to be alright.”


Takamina was walking on the street after the short young woman was come out from a vending store, in her hand were holding a plastic bag with some canned coffees and snacks. She’s looked at the bright stars up there and the shining moon, unconsciously let out a small smile when she inhaled the fresh night air.

“Such a nice night tonight~” hummed the short female.

She walked through the street though it’s already going to be late at night but she’s enjoying herself walking alone there. Just when she was about to turn her direction to the left way, her ear suddenly picked at noises voice at the other way.


“What-?” a familiar voice. Quickly she turned her direction to the voice come from and dashing toward there. She halted her step when she see the familiar female at the corner with two men there trying to doing the inappropriate thing toward the female.

“WOY!!” anger quickly filled her up and in instant she’s already behind one of the men and kicked the man away, after that she took the other man’s arm and dragged him and sent a blow toward his stomach caused the man to scrunch on the ground.

Takamina quickly turned her attention to the taller female, checking her condition.

“Maeda-san, are you alright?” asked her worriedly.

“A-ah I’m, I’m just come in time, thank you..” replied Atsuko tried to calm down herself but her trembling body won’t stop though. She’s embraced herself in fear.

Seeing the other female in such condition boiling her anger again, she then turned her body to those men that was about to attacking them again. Not going to allow that, Takamina then prepared herself for the attack.

She caught the first man’s punch, looking at the man’s face that was the man from before that bothered the taller female the day before. She caught the other upcoming fist and then kicked his stomach made the man stumbled back.

‘Something was wrong with this guy..and his friend.’

She quickly reacted before a punch landed on her cheek and then send a powerful punch to the other man. But then,

“Akh!” something hard made it way to her back make her stumbled to front but quickly came to her sense and dogged the other swing of a metal pipe.

“Ta-Takahashi-san!” yelled Atsuko shock and worried over the short female getting hit.

“Ugh..I’m oka-Wah!” dogged another swing, she quickly send a hard kick toward the Judo man that make him stumbled back ward.

“You little, a husband, huh! Don’t you try to kidding me, midget girl!!” growled Judo angrily and both with his friends he attack the shock short female together.

A pulse ticked, Takamina growled back also in angry tone, “Who you said midget bastard!!” and they fighting again. It’s not hard for Takamina for she’s always trained herself in fighting and her move also fast made those men difficult to attacking her despite of her short height she can be able to send her punch and kicks toward them also avoid them.

But like she’s thinking before these men are different especially that Judo man, his eyes were white like there’s no pupil or anything but white and around his neck although it’s night she can clearly see black thing-like. She remembered that there isn’t when they encountered before. Those things nothing but made her curious also there are some bad feeling about those black spot thing.


Her mind were alert when she heard that and finally realizing that she’s only fight with Judo’s friend while the man itself already by the side of the taller female again.

“Maeda-san!! Ugh..damn it!” she gave a full strength punch toward the man and final kick that made the man throwing to the ground hard with blood rushing out and finally the man fell unconscious. She quickly turned to the taller girl that tried to freeing herself.

“Let go of her bastard!” growled Takamina and forcedly tear out his hand from the female but feeling it difficult. Annoyed she tried to gave the man a punch to his face but to he surprised her fist was missed his face and suddenly she can felt her upper arm is going to break.


Judo pushed Atsuko forward hardly make the female scrunch on the ground and let out a yelp and groan in pain but she quickly turned her head ahead and bulge her eyes in fear seeing the sight in front of her.

Takamina was screaming out loud in pain feeling her upper arm being bitten hardly by the man. She can feel the hot red liquid were going through out from the wound. The man itself like he’s enjoying bitten the short female but then suddenly a strong force was hit his body send him flying and crashed hard to the neared wall, throwing out blood. A pool of blood slowly surrounded the man’s body that was lying unmoved on the ground.

“Ghah..hah..hah..hyah..” hard breath she’s doing after an instant force hit her that she herself was doing an impossible action. In her mere conscious because of the great pain in her upper arm, she could felt it thought it’s only last in seconds, she can felt the strong force or whatever of that coming out from her body and acted itself that result the Judo man in stated. 

She try hard to calmed herself despite of her bleeding upper arm, she straightened her body, shoving her good hand to her pocked and pulling out her phone, after make a quick message she shoved the phone back to her pants pocket.

Still breathing hard she turned at the female on the ground there. Felt relive filling her heart seeing the girl not getting any wounded, but then frowned when she see the female expression. The expression of shock, worry, frightened, fear, and the verge of wanted to cry.

Seeing those expressions make her heart clutched in pain much worse than her bleeding upper arm and she wanted and only just wanted to shush away those fear things from the younger female.

“Maeda-san..” called Takamina softly in concern while walking slowly toward the younger female on the ground. Upon reached the said female she slowly and tried so her wounded upper arm can’t go more bad when she’s kneel down beside the still female.

“’s okay now, are you okay?” asked Takamina softly and worriedly.

A soft touch finally makes the younger dragged out from her trance and quickly turned her fearing eyes toward the short female beside her that showing worried face toward her.

“I..I..Min..Taka..what..” stuttered the female doesn’t know what to say. Her mind was blank with fear and then she can’t hold her tears that now storming her face. Her body was trembling hard in fear, seeing the sight before that was like a very bad nightmare. And when her narrowed eyes landed upon the still bleeding on the older female’s upper arm, she again bulge her eyes upon the sight and throwing her palm at her gasped mouth.

“Ta..Takahashi-san, you..your.. upper arm..” stuttered Atsuko still with teary eyes. She stretched out her other hand, wanted to just hold at the wound and hoping it’ll stop the bleeding but a single hand beat her up and holding her hand in a firm hold. She lifted her eyes toward the sweaty and grimace face of the older female. 

“It’s okay, I ask again are you okay? You can walk?” asked Takamina still in her soft tone tried hard not to grimace loudly over her wound. She looked at the younger in concern. Seeing those tears only make her heart ache, how she can move her other hand only just it can wipe those falling tears away.

“A-aa..I’m..I’m fine..” replied Atsuko hiccupping, she’s tried to stop her tears and ended with small sobbing. She also did not want the older female to worry more for her. She should worry for her own wound.

“Nice, now get up and let’s get out of her,” said Takamina and going her body to stand up while also helping the younger female to stand on herself, Atsuko only obeyed and said nothing when the short older female gripping her hand in the gentle firm grip and warmness slowly make her a bit calm. She followed Takamina out of the dreadful place.

Np: it's Jessica Veranda, being known as Ve, also from JKT48. She's got the third place in JKT48 first sousenkyou
just love to read alot of fiction story

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