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Author Topic: [Obsession Kills] Affliction: Chapter 5 (WMatsui) [Collab]  (Read 12455 times)

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Re: [Obsession Kills] Affliction: Chapter 1 (WMatsui) [Collab]
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Wtf!!! I like this kind of continue this amazing ff...thanks

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Re: [Obsession Kills] Deranged (Oshima Yuko/KojiYuu)
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Everyone is crazy. They just don’t show it often.


October 17, 2014

My identity isn’t important here. Even though I specifically start writing this ‘diary’ to write my thoughts and doings, I will not write my name, or anything that revolves around my true colors. But I want you to know that what I do for a living is nothing but a routine. A routine where people think is absurd, crazy. But for me, it’s normal.

But first, I want to thank you for your time. My sister told me you’re a nice person to talk to, so that’s why I write these secretly so one day, when I’ve gone completely insane, I want you to come and read the things I wrote down in this book.

I want to tell you what I do regularly day after day. I live in the city, possibly the place where anything can happen. I am working as a journalist, professionally writing down news and spreading them publicly for people to read. Even though people seemed to enjoy what I write, there are some who doesn’t.

There are times where I was harassed, threatened, robbed.

But it didn’t bother me. It never did.

But, I guess that’s the life of a journalist. You win some, you lose some. At least most of the public responded well with what I write. I even receive some decent payment as well.

During these times, there is always one person who finds herself taking care of me even though I don’t need to. Again, I’m not telling you her full name. But I call her Rena. We’re friends. Close friends if I might add. Sometimes she’s helpful, sometimes she’s stubborn, sometimes a bit bitchy. But that’s who she is.

We were eating ice cream near the streets when she asked me something.

"Have you ever thought of losing it?"

I was confused at this, so I asked, “I don’t get what you mean.”

"I meant, have you ever just try to let go all of your emotions, and do things that are beyond the boundary," Rena explained. "It was a weird question, but I was just wondering if you ever felt like that once in your life."

"I guess I have," I said. "But I always keep it a secret, so no one would see what I really feel."

She nodded, and then we ate in silence.

We never talked about it since then, and we planned to keep it that way. I don’t want to risk losing one important in my life just by telling her what I really do as a routine.

Then again, should I even tell you?

I don’t know. Maybe I should.

The clocks ticking, and my bed is calling for me to sleep. I guess I will write to you later. Don’t know when, though.

I’ll try my best to write to you as soon as I can.

Oh, and I think you already know what’s my name.

- Yuko


October 19th 2014

I know I promised to write to you as soon as possible, but work and a couple of assholes prevented me for doing so. Sorry about that.

But this entry’s a bit interesting, so it won’t be a waste of your time anyways.

I should start now.

It actually started yesterday, after buying a few things from the grocery store. Barely few people were walking at that time, so I was only accompanied by the cold wind and the light shuffles of my foot. The distance between my house and the grocery store was quite close, so it didn’t take long for me to be at least a few blocks away from my residence.

Then, a taxi pulled over a couple of meters in front of me.

I saw the side door opening, and someone with long brown hair wearing a cream-colored coat and dark denim jeans steps out of the vehicle, her expression a mixture of panic and frustration as she looks through her wallet hastily. She didn’t have any money to pay.

To be honest, I wasn’t really a good civilian. But if the time was right and the problem was exceptional, then I would help out someone in need. This was one of the times I do exactly that.

But first, let me tell you first that this girl whom I met was beautiful. I would be lying at any other time, but this time I’m telling the truth. She was beautiful. I couldn’t describe it into other words, because it’s hard to describe someone so mesmerizing like her. I know I shouldn’t be saying this, since people might think I’m weird, but this is me saying what I wanted to say, and I say that this girl was beautiful.

I paid the taxi driver, even when she said that I shouldn’t and I don’t want to bother her, I insisted. And then the car drove away.

"I really don’t know what to say. I can’t believe a stranger paid me for something so little. Thank you very much." She smiled awkwardly yet gratefully, then bowed at me as a sign of gratitude.

"No, no. Don’t need to bow," I laughed a little. "It was nothing, um… I’m sorry, but what’s your name?"

"Haruna. Kojima Haruna." She told me her name.

"Well, Kojima-san, I was very glad that I helped you in the time of need. Truth to be told, I rarely do these kind of things to anyone, actually. So, you were lucky indeed." I smiled warmly.

She giggled. “I guess I was lucky.”

I nodded. “You were.”

After some time, we go on our separate ways. But not before she gave me her number unless she and I wanted to chat, or simply to get to know each other more. In that moment, as I got home, I feel a sense of happiness in me. And so, that ends my so-called interesting story.

I know. It might be cliche, and overrated, but everyone has their share of stories in their lives where they coincidentally met a tall and beautiful stranger in the streets. Not only me.

I think I should end it here. The girl in my basement keeps screaming her lungs out of how someone, anyone could ‘save’ her from me. Noisy girl.

Her name is Yui, for your information. Apparently, I picked her up on the busy streets of downtown Tokyo. You can say she eagerly went into my car after I showed the money I planned to give it to her after our late night session.

Didn’t even know what she was expecting.

- Yuko


October 20th 2014


Yuko here, ummm

My hand’s covered in her blood, my shirt and pants are too

You should have seen her struggle, she kept crying, and screaming, and spitting words at me

I only shut her up when she starts to get too annoying

And luckily my baseball bat and hammer did the trick

I guess she didn’t see it coming

But who doesn’t like surprises?

- Yuko


October 22nd 2014


I hope you didn’t leave me after what happened a couple of days ago. But my sister told me that you’re a very patient and understanding person, and I would like to thank you for that. And you deserve an explanation.


I kill people. For my own needs.

What’s so sick about it is that I don’t have a certain to kill. I just do it, and I feel satisfied.

I know. I know this is scary and fucking unbelievable, but I’m trying to explain it to you without making you freak out. I guess I still did, and you suddenly realized that you’re reading the thoughts of a demented, crazed, psychopathic person.

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

Please don’t leave me, don’t tell this to anyone or to the whole world. I want myself to be hold as a secret.

This is who I am. This is who I really am inside.

And I’m scared.

I’m scared of losing myself. Everything I learn, everyone I know, will someday leave me alone in this world, and I don’t want that. I don’t want my sister to leave me, I don’t want Rena to leave me, I don’t want the nice old-man living in the same neighborhood to leave me. I don’t want anyone to leave me. Without them knowing, they’re the ones who kept me safe from myself. They’re the ones who kept me sane.

And when that day comes, I’ll lose Rena, and the old man, and probably Haruna as well.


I’m starting to cry again.

- Yuko


October 29th 2014

I’m really sorry about before. I was being emotional, and I couldn’t think straight, then I started cutting my wrist and I felt normal again. Like, back to myself.

I hope you didn’t leave as soon as I’m writing this.

I really hope not. Because, I actually have some good news.

Since the taxi incident, Haruna and I started to communicate one another. Whether if it’s through chat, or coincidental meet ups in random places, we’re still able to talk when it felt like we just met for only a few days.

Haruna’s a nice person. She’s great at handling a conversation, making sure it doesn’t go awkward and she tries her best at asking me questions that she think I found uncomfortable, though I was fine at anyone who asked me color of my underwear is.

Through the course of our relationship, I have gotten to open up myself a little bit more. What’s my age, where do I live, my hobbies and interest. I completely left out the part that killing people for my satisfaction is one of my hobbies. She would leave me immediately if I ever tell her about that.

I’m just hoping that this friendship of ours grows and grows throughout the days, and weeks, and months.

I really hope it does.

The other good news is, I have exclusively made an article for a popular magazine about a famous politician who’s name is known to people due to his constant scandals for carrying home numerous sex slaves and children, and sexually abuse them until one was reported dead in the man’s bathroom. Covered in scars, wearing nothing but a bra and short pants.

Sick stuff.

As sick as I am.

Recently, I have finally get to meet Rena’s long-distance girlfriend after I was invited by the person herself. Jurina was her name, and she seemed like a pretty nice girl.

Too nice in my taste, to be honest.

- Yuko


Novermber 12th 2014

I’m sorry for the lack of entries. A lot of things are happening actually, and I don’t know if I could tell you one by one.

But I know I can tell you one important thing.

I’m in love with her.

I’m in love with the person I met in the night on the streets, the person who I paid the taxi driver when she didn’t have any money at all, the person who I constantly see during my frequent visits to the regular cafe I go to during my abundant free time. I’m in love with her. I’m in love with Kojima Haruna.

I can’t describe this feeling inside me, but it’s slowly evolving into something more than plain adoration towards her.

It evolved into love. And, I don’t know what to do about it.

Do you ever feel like you’re just doing these things in your life because of how our society goes? In every human growth, he or she must learn new things around the environment, and then they are forced to go to school, starting from playgroup and ends with high school. After that period ends, you go to a university much to your parents’ liking, or your own. And then after graduation, you have to find a job that gives you a decent amount of money, and isn’t what you have hoped for. Then you have to find a house for you to live in, register your insurance, and the list goes on.

All of this has always been a burden in our lives, but you couldn’t find a way to escape.

When I’m around with her, it feels different. It’s like all the stress I have in my head quickly disappears, and all that’s left to do is thinking how much I adore her.

It’s much different when I kill. In only relieves the stress I have for a current amount of time, and then it goes back again. The immense thirst for people’s cries and screams, to see them beg me to stop what I’m doing, to feel the impact of their flesh on the heavy tool in my hand, to see the crimson-colored liquid oozing out of their wounds.

Fuck. Fuck, this is not what I want to do.

I just realized something.

Haruna, and the thirst to kill. These are two important things in my life.

And it looks like I have to pick either one of them.

Damn it, this is not what I want. This is not what I fucking want!

- Yuko


November 20th 2014

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know what the hell I’ve done.

I was out of my mind, and I didn’t know what I was thinking, and the moment I woke up and checked the basement underneath my house, I was greeted by the rotten smell of something dead.

It didn’t took me a while to found the lifeless body of the famous politician I made an article about once.

I don’t know what to do. Sooner or later, they’re going to search for him. The police, the news, everyone in the whole country will wonder where did the controversial man is now. Right now, every inch of fear I have inside is silently creeping out, and it’s slowly devouring me into insanity.

I didn’t know what to do then. The next thing I knew, I was staring at his dead body as it was burn the flames I had lighten up with gasoline.

And all I could do was cry.

Cry for how sick I am. Cry for how I was the one who killed the sin-tainted man. Cry for how everyone soon will find out by my real self. Cry for how I am a fucking monster.

Just… fuck.




November 23rd 2014


I… Fuck.

Just fucking… what the fuck did I even

Just forget it

Fucking forget it


November 30th 2014

I killed her.

I fucking killed her.

What the fuck…

What the fuck?!!


December 3rd 2014

We were having dinner in my apartment. It was a nice dinner. We had a fun time talking to each other as she constantly compliments my cooking, which she found delicious. I told her it wasn’t that good, then she said it’s as good as the ones in the cooking shows she watches. And then we laughed, continuing our usual conversation.

After washing the dishes, she looked around the apartment and came across a series of photos on the shelf near the television. Then, she started asking me who’s the girl in the picture.

"Oh, that’s my sister," I told her. "Her name’s Mayu, and we were really close during our younger years. Because of our obsession for butts, our friends would call us Oshiri Sisters, which is really embarrassing since I’m actually telling you this."

She laughed. “It’s really fine, Yuko. I’ve met more perverted people before you, so it’s normal for me.”

I nodded, before I finally caught on what she had said. “Wait, what?”

She smiled amusingly. “Nothing,” she looked at the pictures again before asking, “So, where’s Mayu now?”

"Oh, she shot herself in the head last year."

Dead silence.

And then, the silence grew even more.

It was tensed, and awkward. I didn’t like it one bit. Neither did she, as she was looking at me with her eyes filled with regret and guilt.

"Oh God, I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry. I… I didn’t even know…"

"No, it’s alright," I gave her a bitter smile. "I’ve dealt with the pain already. I miss her, though. One day, she told me to never leave her, and the next day, she went away. Leaving me instead."

I looked around my house.

"You know, this place holds many secrets. You probably don’t know how much time I spent with Mayu. She’s so dear to me, that I would do anything for her. I love her so much, it hurts to think that my little sister isn’t here anymore."

I pulled up my sleeve, and showed her what I’ve done to myself. The amount of shock in her face was hard to describe, as she covered her mouth with both of her hands and her eyes widening when she sees the scars.

I smiled. “This is the pain. And when I do this to myself, it helped me through troubled times. It relieves the stress in my head, so I keep doing it until now. But that’s not all.”

I walked over to the set of golf clubs near the phone table.

"I realized that hurting myself doesn’t satisfy me enough. So, I kept thinking and thinking," I started walking near her. "Until the thought of hurting others came to my mind."

She looked at me with so much horror, the atmosphere suddenly tensed up and now, I’m staring at her with this sickening look in my eyes.

"I love you, Haruna," I confessed. "And I wish that you will accept the real me."

She started to panic as I walked even faster towards her, looking for any objects she could find around her. Then she looked at the front door, and thinking it was her only exit, she ran towards it. Before I quickly swung my golf club directly to her legs.

I looked at her, my face showing no emotions, as she lay on the floor in pain, trying to get up but the intense feeling on her legs was rejecting her for doing so. I could see the tears in her eyes, the heavy breaths as she crawled slowly towards the door which was out of her reach. I walked slowly behind her, golf club in hand while the other hand reaches out towards the old record player on the shelf next to me.

Once I hit the play button, classical starts to play through the speakers.

Without even thinking twice, I swung my golf club at her. And again. And again. And again.

End of story.


I don’t know what to do.

I don’t even know who I am anymore.


December 10th 2014


Why did you leave me?

Why did you have to take your own life?

I thought you wouldn’t leave me

Say something, Mayu



December 15th 2014

Why Mayu….

Why did you go….

I hate you….

I fucking hate you….


Get away from me



December 21st 2014

I’m sorry

i’m sorry you have to read all of this

don’t come and save me

i’m crazy

i’m crazy and i deserve to die

just leave me

just fucking leave me


December 23rd 2014

I’m alone in my room.

Rena came and try to help me…

She came too late. I already have a gun in my hand.

I have no choice. She was shouting, and begging me to stop with tears streaming down her eyes.

Though, I was lifeless. I didn’t know what I was doing. So, I shot her.

Her body is laying next to me, fresh blood still pouring out of her forehead. That’s where I shot her at.

I just wanted to say thank you after these past two months, you were there to listen and read, and understand what I was going through. But a person like me deserve to die, and I should not be in this world anymore.

I’m hoping that I could get to meet my sister again.

I will, right?

I’m crazy. Everyone is. They just don’t show it often.

- Oshima Yuko
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Re: [Obsession Kills] Deranged (Oshima Yuko/KojiYuu)
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hey, aryamachdi-san, just right after i read affliction you come again with another new.
i found it's interesting you build a diary-like story, and it's about depressed OSHIMA YUKO ! :o
sorry to say, but it become less pretty when you bring the killing scene in plain explanation. it would be more lively if you explore the inside of "YUKO" and her desire of killing. thanks for making these genre of story. :)

P.S : sorry for bad english and harsh comment. u,,u
         looking forward to the up next affliction.

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Re: [Obsession Kills] Deranged (Oshima Yuko/KojiYuu)
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...did not see that coming... O_O

I wonder if Mayu also had mental issues...

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Re: [Obsession Kills] Affliction: Chapter 2 (WMatsui) [Collab]
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Chapter 2

“What?” Jurina stared at Rena, confused as to why she was acting like this. She had no idea what was going on. Did this girl have a memory problem or some kind of trauma happen in her past or something?

“Nee-chan..." Rena spoke, staring at the other girl in confusion. "Who are you?"

In all of the times she have been confused in her life, this was one of the most confusing. Jurina continued to study the other girl's strange behaviour which resembles a toddler. Shifting in her seat in order to face Rena easily, the bed creaked slightly at her weight as she changed her current sitting position. "Rena-san. It's me, Jurina. Don't you recognise me?"

“Jurina?” she said tilting her head to the other side in her child voice. “I don’t know you.”

“What are you talking about? We just met yesterday, Rena.”

Rena blinked, realizing what was going on. What she said next made Jurina’s heart skip a beat.

“I’m not Rena...”

Jurina’s eyes widened in shock. “What?”

“My name’s not Rena. It’s Yuri.”

“Yuri?” Jurina repeated, her head filled with questions.

Rena nodded her head, smiling. Jurina held her head, trying to comprehend what was happening. Right now, this wasn’t Rena, but someone else, who seems to claim she’s a young child at the age of nine and Rena’s younger sister. Before Jurina could think about it any longer, Mariko opened the door.

“Jurina-chan, is everything alright? I thought I heard a scream," Mariko said, walking into the room after she heard the scream that originated

“We’re fine, but...”

“Mariko-san~!” Rena, or in this case, Yuri, got up and ran to Mariko’s side, tugging her sleeve. “Nee, nee, Mariko-san, where’s Nyan Nyan? I wanna play with her.”

All that Mariko did was stare at the other half of Rena who's continuously tugging on her sleeve with her childish eyes looking at the tall girl in hopefulness.


“It’s Rena. She’s acting really weird and I don’t know what to do.”

Mariko chuckled a bit, patting Yuri’s head.

“Lemme guess, is that you, Yuri?” Mariko asked, smiling down at the girl in front of her.

Rena nodded, a small smile plastered on her face.

“Alright. Just wait until morning to play with Haruna. All of you have had a long day," Mariko stated, trying to put the strange-actingly Rena to bed.

Even though she was a little bit disappointed, she could't wait for next morning to come quickly. “Okay. Oh, and also, who’s the other nee-chan sleeping on the empty bed?”

“She’s Jurina, my new patient," Mariko explained. "She’s going to be sharing a room with all of you from now on, so please behave yourselves, okay?”

Jurina just sat and watched as Mariko was coping with this child Yuri. She tucked her back into bed, giving her one of the stuffed animals to sleep with, then went to Jurina’s side.

“I can guess she probably didn’t tell you about her.”


“This is the reason Rena was brought here. She’s suffering from a condition called Multiple Personality Disorder, which causes her to switch at times and believe she’s different people, in this, she has three," Mariko carefully explained. "Yuri's the least dangerous among the other two, so it's safe to talk to her whenever she's in that personality.”

“Three?” Jurina asked.

“Yuri, Kyoko, and… well, I don’t think I should talk about her just yet. Let’s not risk it," Mariko suggested, looking over the now sleeping Rena.


Mariko’s eyes became sharp and serious. She leaned down and whispered in Jurina’s ear.

“Her name is Gekikara. She’s a very dangerous personality living inside of Rena. It would be best if we not talk about her out loud, because it could seriously hurt someone.”

“Alright...” Even though Jurina didn’t know what she meant by that, now she knew why Rena had suddenly changed, so she went along with it and tried to learn some more about her. Apparently, she had started the switches when she was exactly nine, and the chaos of it caused stress in her life, so she was brought here.

But still, Jurina couldn’t help but feel there was something more, as she had noticed a darkness in Mariko’s eyes when she talked about Gekikara.

“I wonder who she is?”

After Mariko left, Jurina just kept watching silently as Yuri slept peacefully, hugging the stuffed teddy bear in her arms and sucking her thumb. She giggled a bit before covering herself back in the blanket and heading back into sleep.


"I wouldn't be so sure if that's a good idea, the patient's physical state is unstable and the slightest of disturbance would bring her to the ER again. What do you think, Kashiwagi-san?"

The girl didn't reply as her mind was seemingly far from reality, and in the depths of her consciousness. She didn't spoke a single word after a few seconds, and with a shook on the shoulder, she went back to the real world.

She looked around the room, eyes darting to the person she first laid eyes upon. Her vision was blurry, but it regained consciousness after a moment. "I'm sorry. Um, w-what were you saying, Watanabe-san?"

A sigh departed the lips of the young girl in front of Yuki. Looking back at her colleague, she nodded her head slightly and murmured something out of earshot. With a nod of the colleague, the latter stood up from her seat and left the two alone in the office.

Yuki sighed, rubbing her temples as she realised that she spaced out once again. "I'm sorry, Mayu. I didn't mean to ignore you like that, my head's been bugging me for awhile."

Shaking her head, Mayu lean forward and lay her head onto Yuki's forehead to check her temperature. The other girl was left flustered at the sudden act of touch, feeling her cheeks getting warmer and warmer and her heartbeat racing in an intense rate.

"You're a bit warm. You should really rest, Yuki. You can't just go to work with your body being unhelpful towards you," Mayu said, concern filled her soft voice as her hand left Yuki's forehead.

Yuki smiled, feeling grateful that she has someone who looks after her even though she doesn't need to. "You're too sweet. But thank you, Mayu. At least someone's concern of my own being."

Mayu smiled a little, but when she noticed the bitter tone at the end of Yuki's sentence, she began to remember what she wanted to ask in the beginning. "How's everything with Yuma-kun?"

Yuki thought about it for a moment. "Same as always. He's busy with work, so we rarely get to see each other often nowadays. But we're still communicating through messages, and I guess that's the only silver lining there is."

Mayu only nodded. The same response every time.

If she ever had given the chance to be together with Yuki, she would definitely take it.

But her shyness was the thing kept her from doing so. And she hated it.

"You haven't got a boyfriend yet?"

Mayu looked up at Yuki in shock, the question that left Yuki's mouth was unpredictable. But with a small smile, she shook her head.

"That's a pity." Yuki chuckled. "By the looks of it, you should've have someone who's head over heels for you."

Mayu smiled at the girl's sense of humour, and chuckled.

"I guess I'm just different than any type of girls."


The morning sun awakens from the horizon, the streaks of orange and yellow light shined throughout the city. It would be called a peaceful time to wake up from slumber, unless you don't count today's morning.


Jurina woke up to the sound of Rena screaming. She saw Rena standing up from her bed, a shocked look on her face. She groaned as she hit her head against he wall.

“Mou, not again!”

“What--” Jurina looked and saw what was wrong. Her eyes widened in shock. She wet her bed.

She instantly remembered that her alter Yuri had come out last night in her place, so she wasn’t too shocked about it. Still, anyone who wouldn’t know would think it was Rena’s fault.

“J-Jurina-chan… I can explain.”

“It was Yuri, wasn’t it?”

“Eh?! How’d you know?!”

“Mariko-san came in last night and told me everything. So, it’s okay. I know it wasn’t your fault.”

Rena blushed madly before turning around and banging her head more on the wall again like a mad woman. Jurina couldn’t help but giggle silently at Rena’s embarrassment. Then, the door opened and Mariko came in.

“Rena-chan, it’s time to take your--” Mariko froze at the current scene, then saw the wep place on Rena’s bed. “Did Yuri wet the bed again?”

“Yes. I’m sorry, Mariko-san...”

“It’s alright, Rena. Just go get changed and I’ll clean this up.”

“Okay...” Rena left with her change of clothes, covering up the wet place on her pants so no one would notice. Mariko took off the bed sheets and folded them into the laundry basket.

“I’ll have Haruna put this in with today’s wash.”

“Nee, Mariko-san, who’s Haruna?”

“Oh, Haruna’s my nurse. She helps me take care of Rena and my other patients, mostly younger ones. Especially with Yuri-chan, too.”

“So, that girl Nyan Nyan Yuri mentioned last night...”

“Yup. That’s her nickname for her.”

“Why Nyan Nyan?”

“Because she has humongous ears that make her look like a cat.”

Jurina tilted her head a bit, raising her eyebrow as she mentally repeated those words in her head.

“Is there supposed to be a joke somewhere?”

“Well, anyways, I’ll come back later to give you a tour of the asylum. Here’s your uniform, so get changed, quick.”

“Alright.” Jurina took the folded grey uniform and headed to the bathroom to change. She came out wearing a completely grey, pajama-like uniform, just like everyone else.

She smiled.

“Finally. I'm the same again."
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Re: [Obsession Kills] Affliction: Chapter 2 (WMatsui) [Collab]
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This just got more interesting!! :D
Rena has 3 personalities! :shocked Yuri sounds cute~  :inlove:
I'm curious about Kyoko :?, we all know how Geki acts!  :twisted:
MaYuki moment was cute~  :wub:
Lol Yuri wet the sheets XD Rena must have felt embarrassed knowing that Jurina was there! :nervous
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Re: [Obsession Kills] Affliction: Chapter 3 (WMatsui) [Collab]
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Chapter 3

It could be worse. She would've been stuck wearing her own clothes for the rest of her damned life in the psychotic place she was put into, and feel like a total outcast because she wasn't wearing what the patients are wearing. But after she did, she felt slightly relieved. She wasn't different from anyone. She was a part of the crowd. She was now like them.

The past few days has been filled with questions and surprises, mostly about the girl she shared a room with. Admittedly, she already called herself weird and somewhat a freak, for having these abnormal abilities she had take control of since birth, but the case Rena was put in definitely raised a lot of question marks in her head. Who was the girl? Why did she got put into this wretched place? How did she get her mental disorder, was passed it on from birth or was it from a certain incident? With that being said, Jurina has been silently wondering about Rena since day one.

But not now. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after. She has stuff to do first. Mariko stated that she would give her a tour around the building, probably because she didn't want the newcomer to get lost. Figures. She's not a little kid anymore, she can find her way on her own.

As much as she wanted to start the tour alone, she couldn't. She wouldn't. Mariko has been nice towards her since she was put into the asylum, so rejecting an offer when the person has done so much for you was a completely arrogant move.

So, she decided to wait for Mariko. Which means, more alone time with Rena.

Jurina shuffed slightly as Rena came into the room, wearing identical clothes like the old ones. Silence engulfed them in an awkward situation, after what just happened earlier, Jurina didn't seem to blame Rena for it. If she often wet herself in bed every morning, which she doesn't, she would feel the exact same embarrassment and shame as Rena's feeling now. So, there was nothing to blame about.

Tapping her fingers on her knee, looking down on her feet as a way to distract herself, Jurina felt the deafining silence a little too long that it should. One thing's for sure, one of them should start a conversation quick before it gets too awkward.

Much to her shock, Rena spoke up first before she did.

"Listen, um, Jurina..." Rena started, her voice barely even loud enough for a normal person to hear, but Jurina heard it anyways. "I'm really, really sorry about what happened earlier, and um... I know it's kind of, you know, embarrassing to look at but it's just..."

When she heard Rena trailed off, Jurina looked up from the ground and saw the shy girl in front of her sitting uncomfortably on the edge of her bed. Letting her lips tilt into a small smile, she couldn't help but laughed nervously.

"It... it's alright, really. You know, I kinda always think that you don't need to be young to wet yourself in bed. It's completely normal," Jurina said reassuringly, but realization struck her when she noticed she just said. She mentally facepalmed herself. "Oh God, uh, that sounded super wrong. W-What I mean is that, you shouldn't be embarrassed if you wet yourself in bed, I do it all the time. I mean- wait! That's not-"

Jurina didn't have the chance to fix up her embarrassing mishaps when she heard the shy girl giggling. Meaning, she just made a fool of herself. Sulking in her embarrassment, she mentally gave herself another facepalm.

"I kinda get what you mean. But, thanks. For helping me feel better, and that's a good thing of course," Rena said, ending it with a short laugh. Jurina find it admirable, thinking that she would love to her the girl laugh again.

"Yeah. Yeah, of course. You're welcome." Jurina smiled warmly. She felt relieved that Rena smiled back, and with the verbal contact going on, the awkward atmosphere started to diminished.

Rena thought for a moment, before saying what she wanted to say. "So, you wet your bed as well, huh?"

Jurina's expression turned into shock and embarrassment. "What, no! Um, I didn't actually mean- not that I never wet myself before but, oh great! Now, that sounded even more wrong than I thought it would." Right in this moment, the only thing Jurina wished for was a black hole to suck her right out of existence. But when her ears perked up to hear the sound of laughter coming from the other girl, she knew that she just got trolled.

"You were... You're messing with me," Jurina said, stating the obvious. Then, she slowly started to join the fun. "Oh my God, out of all people... Out of all people who are good in trolling, it just had to be you."

Rena's laughter died when she calm herself down. "Oh, so that means I'm not good at trolling?"

Jurina shrugged. "Well, I wouldn't say yes, but saying no wouldn't be the answer as well, would it?"

Rena opened her mouth to speak, but could only chuckle instead. "Yeah, I guess so."

Right before Jurina could say something to outsmart her opponent, the door of the room opened, with Mariko's head sticking out of it.

"Hey. Sorry to bother the fun," Mariko smiled. "But I just wanted to take Jurina on a little tour around here. Do you mind, Rena?"

As much as how she was greatly disappointed by the fact that Jurina was going out of the room, she doesn't want Mariko to know. She could only shook her head and reply, "No, it's alright. I don't mind."

Mariko nodded, and turned her head towards Jurina. "Come on, I'll show you around the place. It won't take long, I promise."

Jurina glanced at the disappointed Rena, giving her a sad smile and stood up from her bed. She walked towards the sitting girl, and patted her head softly. Their eyes met once again. "I'll be back as soon as possible. Don't wait for me, okay?"

Rena heaved a heavy sigh, and nodded. Her lips tilting into a small smile, which felt fake for her.

Jurina smiled. "Okay." She walked towards the door, and with a final glance at Rena, she waved at her.

Just as before she could fully closed the door, she saw the older girl waving back at her.


There are nights where Yuki couldn't sleep at all. And there were nights where she would woke up in a cold sweat, her heartbeat racing and her head slightly dizzy. She would walk downstairs to take a drink of a glass of milk, which was heated before, then walk back upstairs and crawl back into her bed, resuming to her slumber. Even though in the morning, she would woke up feeling like she had been killed and got revived from the dead, it was normal for her.

This was one of those nights.

"Yuma!" She woke up screaming. Screaming for her lover's name, sitting up straight on her bed.

She calmed herself down after a couple of minutes, trying to slow her heartbeat to normal speed, but that didn't seemed to fully work. The fact that she ran out of milk the night before, made it useless for to go downstairs and get some. There was a twenty four hour convenient store down the street, but she was too lazy and tired to be walking out in the cold dead of night. So, she's stuck in her room, trying to calm the hell down.

She closed her eyes, messaging her temple as she tried to remember what she dream about. She remembered talking to someone. Someone named Mayu. She was a close friend in the dream, but she never actually met the person in real life before. Although, for some reason, she found that the girl vaguely looked like Yuma. Was she a female version of him, or perhaps she was related to him somehow?

Then, the scene changed into an old room, in front of her eyes was Jurina and Yuma tied in chairs, a cloth tightly wrapped around their mouths, muffling their shouts. They were calling her to help them. But she couldn't, for she was tied herself. Then, out from the darkness, a tall figure walked slowly behind the two tied-up people, wearing a mask to hide his or her identity. Holding two identical handguns. Yuki screamed, begged as she tried to free herself from the ropes around her.

But it didn't stop the masked killer from shooting both the tied victims in front. Yuki remembered the sickening sound of bullets piercing their heads, the blood splattering over the killer's shirt and onto the floor. How their heads were hung low, indicating that they were both dead. Killed. Just before she realized, she heard the clicking of a gun, and saw the killer in front of her, pointing right on her forehead.

And just before the masked person shot her, she woke up. Just in time.

She didn't know what it was. Yuki was in sheer panic, afraid of something might had happened to both of the people she knew, and cared. Silently praying that it was just only a dream and not a premonition, she slowly laid down on her bed.

Until the phone beside rang.

She immediately picked it up, and answered the caller. "Hello?"

"Yuki, are you awake?"

"Yeah," Yuki said tiredly. "Yeah, I just woke up from a dream. What is-"

"Yuma got into a car crash."

At this moment, it felt as if the walls around her crushed in against her, the world crumbling into tiny little pieces. She froze, not in time, but her whole body immediately stopped working once she heard her colleague said the sudden news. Her heart ached terribly, feeling as if she wanted to throw up but she couldn't. The shock made her froze. "W-Wha..."

"I just got a message from a friend, saying that the police reported a car crash just outside of Tokyo, just an hour after Yuma left to go home. His crashed in a ditch, and I don't what the fuck actually happened, but they also stated that the car was also burned for God knows reasons what. They found his body nearby, but it wasn't," Her colleague paused for a moment, hearing as if he just finished crying. "They weren't intact."

In her mind, she could only ask why. Why, why, and why. Why would anyone do such a thing, why tonight, and why does it have to be Yuma. Fucking Yuma out of all goddamn people in this world who has the right to be killed. And who. Who would've done this, she thought to herself as she felt her head spinning and her mouth letting out a series of small laughs.

"Listen. This was not an accident. This was set up, by some fucking psycho who loves to kill people for his own entertainment. The police suspected three serial killers, but they knew that it's one of the three. It's gotta be him, Yuki. It's gotta be-"

Apparently, she didn't heard what her colleague was about to say next when she threw her phone across the room, hitting the wall with a loud thud.

It was the night where she cried the most.

It was the night where she broke every single thing in her room, letting her emotions get the better for her.

It was the night where she started laughing and crying. All at once.

It was the night of loss.

It was the night of severe pain.
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Re: [Obsession Kills] Affliction: Chapter 4 (WMatsui) [Collab]
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Chapter 4

"Tell me something about her."

"Her name is Kashiwagi Yuki. 23. She worked in a hospital alongside with her longtime fiance, Nakato Yuma, who was reported to be brutally murdered and mutilated, and exactly three days ago, the police found his rotten corpse in a ditch outside of downtown Tokyo. The patient seems to have a severe case of depression, and was said to have aggressive behavior during work ours by her colleagues. She doesn't show any signs of restraint after the police took her, and have not shown effort to engage any sort of verbal action. Apparently, she began to lose weight due to the lack of eating."

"Anything else?" The doctor inquired, reading over the information he was given by the nurse.

"That's about it," The nurse said. "The police said not to piss her off in her current condition, so I suggest try to act nice."

"Aren't we all nice to our patients?" The doctor chuckled, then sighing as he glanced over at the girl sitting not far from him, her head hung low with her dark hair covering most of her face. "I pity her."

"Do you know her?" The nurse asked, glancing over at the girl as well.

"Apparently so. Her father used to be a psychologist and would often come here to check on several patients. She would also come and accompany him for educational purposes, we would sometimes talked about other things as well," The doctor explained. "But that was before he was murdered by the same people who killed her fiance."

"Mutilated?" The nurse asked out of curiosity.

The doctor nodded. "Mutilated," He stared at the patient for a moment before going back to the nurse. "Thank you for the information. You can go back to work now."

The nurse nodded, bowing slightly before excusing herself and walked away to finish other matters. The doctor sighed, turning her attention back towards the silent patient. His disbelief towards the situation at hand was still hovering, never in his life that a day his dear friend's daughter would be assigned in a mental hospital. He stared at her with pity, thinking of how much suffering she had gone through because of the death of her fiance.

'Such a cruel world we live in,' the doctor thought before making his way towards the newly arrived patient.

The doctor kneel down in front of her, trying to get a good look of her face but wasn't able to due to her long black locks. He cleared his throat to get her attention. "Yukirin?"

The girl flinched at the man's deep voice calling her name, her breathing hitched as she took up the courage and slowly raised her head. As she looked up and stare at the familiar face of an aged man smiling at her sincerely, the doctor couldn't stop his heart broken sight of the damaged expression Yuki had.

The doctor continued to smile, trying his best to overcome a frown, and took her hands into his. They were cold in his touch.

"Come on. Let's go," The doctor said softly, waiting for a reply or a nod from the girl, but didn't get any of them.

He didn't try to hold onto his frown when his eyes captured the tears streaming down Yuki's cheeks.

The doctor didn't hesitate to pull the girl into a reassuring hug, his hand gently rubbing the girl's back as he listened to the girl's painful sobs, her tears staining the fabric of his white coat. As much as he wanted to comfort the girl, there was nothing else he could do to prevent what has happened.

No one couldn't stop a killing from happening.


"So, what do you think of the place when you first come here?" Mariko said, starting up a conversation as she and Jurina went out of her room. "Was it as depressing as you thought it would be?"

Jurina thought about it for a moment before replying, "Not really."

"So, it isn't depressing?" Mariko asked even further.

The young girl scoffed. "Every mental hospital is depressing."

Mariko laughed at her response, ruffling the girl's hair afterwards. "I'm starting to like you more than I should."

"Watch out, because I can easily kill you when you have your back turn for even a second," Jurina said, chuckling as she started to grow comfortable with the older girl as time goes by. She never had the courage to talk to anybody during her time in school, not that she was introverted, but she has trouble trusting people with their words. But after Rena started talking to her, she asked herself why didn't she start it off in the first place.

Mariko looked at her watch, checking the time for a moment before reverting her attention back to the young girl. "We still got some time before my shift starts, so let's head over to the cafeteria first."

Jurina raised an eyebrow. "Don't tell me you're hungry at this time."

Mariko smiled. "Who said I wanted to eat? The cafeteria's practically the best place in this place, since it isn't as dull as you think would it would be," Mariko chuckled before walking ahead. "After all, who doesn't love food?"

Jurina blinked at the response, shaking her head as she sighed while catching up with the older girl.

The two walked in comfortable silence, passing by room of numerous patients of different conditions and illness. Some of them were quiet, but there are times where a random scream emitted from one of the rooms, causing both of the girls to flinch in surprise. Judging by their screams, Jurina can tell that their case were serious. Whether if it's depression, psychosis, or other kinds of illness that were main reasons these people are called 'patients'.

They were not sick, in Jurina's opinion. They just needed some professional help to guide them through.

The silent walk between the two girls ended as they have made their way to cafeteria. In her eyes, it looked like any average cafeteria in schools and hospitals. Thinking that Mariko might have overhyped it about the cafeteria, Jurina chuckled slightly which earned a glance from the older girl.

"What's so funny?" Mariko asked, looking at the young girl weirdly.

"You just make it seem that the cafeteria is oh-so-cool, even though it's like the same cafeteria in my school, but different wall color and atmosphere," Jurina explained, grinning. "It still has a depressing feel to it, Mariko-san, no offense."

"Drop the honorifics, I'm not that old," Mariko rolled her eyes as Jurina giggled at the annoyed response. "Well, at least the food isn't stale like any other hospitals I've been to, I'll give you that."

A young man passed by, smiling warmly at Mariko, bidding a hello towards the girl with a wave in which Mariko did the same thing in return. Jurina eyed at the two adults in curiosity, wondering what kind of background did they had with each other.

"Friend of yours?" Jurina asked, earning a nod from Mariko.

"You could say that. Once upon a time, he saved me from a deranged patient who tried to stab me with a knife during lunch. It was good thing he was there, or else I would've gotten-"

"Don't say that."

Mariko turned her head, raising her eyebrow in confusion at Jurina's sudden firm tone. "What?"

"Don't call the patients as deranged. You can call them ill, or sick, but calling them crazy or berserk is just bullshit," Mariko felt herself getting goosebumps as Jurina's stern voice surprised her. "They don't mean to hurt anyone, and even if they do, it's not them; it's the illness. We live in a world where people are scared of the term 'sick people' that we use it as an advantage for us to run away in fear, when in reality, those who are sick are just like us. They just need help from people like you, Mariko."

Guilt flushed the older girl in silence, slowly rendering the younger girl's words into her mind. She knew that it was her job to treat the patients, and in no way she would even try to insult them. There are times when words slip out of her mouth, and she couldn't hold them back. If there was one thing Mariko hated, it's being consulted by someone younger than her.

Jurina sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get angry like that. It just pisses me off when people think that these people are freaks."

Mariko smiled at the honesty, patting the girl's head. "It's alright. I didn't mean what I said earlier. You know, about ill patients being crazy. I would never insult them, not even a hotheaded girl like you would get a single word from me."

Jurina pouted her lips, crossing both of her arms. "I'm not hotheaded."

Mariko chuckled at the sight, admiring the girl's act of cuteness as she started walking towards the cafeteria. "Come on, I'll treat you something."

Jurina eyes sparkled with hope. "Does that mean I can get to eat every single food here?"

Mariko looked back at the girl, blinking a few times before saying, "I ain't gonna waste that much money to make you fat, Jurina."

"I'm not fat," Jurina countered.

"You will be if you're gonna eat the entire cafeteria," Mariko teased, sticking out her tongue playfully.

Jurina shook her head at the sight. "And I thought I'm kid in this conversation."

"What did you say?" Mariko shouted from afar, taking a tray from one of the shelves near the buffet set.

Jurina giggled before catching up with older girl. "Nothing." It's to say that being held up in an asylum wasn't that bad.


The man shifted his glasses slightly, letting in a deep breath. The knife in his hand tapped slowly onto the table, creating slow knocks that echoed around the room as he cleared his throat.

"Is he the one?"

A young man in front of him nodded. "Is there anything you wanted me to do?"

The man sat up from his leather seat, walking slowly towards the tied up client, knees down on the floor as perspiration continued drip down from his forehead, his breathing ragged and muffled due to the his gagged by a handkerchief.

"No. Your work here is done. You can go home now," The man said, clearly wearing a black suit, as he kneel in front of the gagged person in front of him. The young man obeyed his orders, nodding and bowing slightly before exiting the room. Leaving it in dead silence.

The suited man chuckled, playing with the knife in his hand as he stared intently at the client. "You had one simple job," He said, taking deep breath. "One job. And you manage to fuck it up."

The gagged client eyes widened as the tip of the knife caressed his exposed neck, screaming his lungs out but to no avail as the handkerchief in his mouth drown out his screams.

"What's that?" The suited man asked, leaning his ear towards the client. "You want me to leave your family alone?" He chuckled darkly, circling the tip of the knife on the client. "I never laid a single finger on your wife and son, but I guess I'll have to think it through again."

The man pulled the client by the hair, leaning it back to expose his neck even more as he looked into the other man's eyes, seeing the sight of fear.

"It's okay," The man said. "You don't have to worry."

The swift movement of the knife made contact with the neck, crimson blood started to pour out of the large wound as the client's muffled chokes began to fade while his body slowly dropped down onto the carpeted floor.

Sighing, the man casually wiped the red liquid on his knife with his suit, staring at the pool of blood staining the carpet.

"I told you. You don't have to worry."


I have found songs by the same band that suited the theme of the story. Feel free to check them out.

End of All Days - Thirty Seconds to Mars:
Night of the Hunter - Thirty Seconds to Mars:
The Kill - Thirty Seconds to Mars:
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Re: [Obsession Kills] Affliction: Chapter 4 (WMatsui) [Collab]
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Lately, I got a thing for psycho/creepy stories so I really enjoy your fics though it freaks me out a bit X)

Affliction got me hooked.
9 year old Rena is cute~  :nya:
Mariko-sama pampering Jurina too~

“Because she has humongous ears that make her look like a cat.”
"It... it's alright, really. You know, I kinda always think that you don't need to be young to wet yourself in bed. It's completely normal," Jurina said reassuringly, but realization struck her when she noticed she just said. She mentally facepalmed herself. "Oh God, uh, that sounded super wrong. W-What I mean is that, you shouldn't be embarrassed if you wet yourself in bed, I do it all the time. I mean- wait! That's not-"
Hehe  :hiakhiakhiak:
The fact we know Ju indeed wet her bed in irl, when she was still in primary school makes that even funnier XD

Yukirin is sent to a mental hospital,  then Yuki and Jurina will meet again.
Jurina has super powers,  does the hospital know she's an esper?
The bad guy appeared.

Really looking forward to next chapters! ^^
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Re: [Obsession Kills] Affliction: Chapter 5 (WMatsui) [Collab]
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Chapter 5


That was the only thought that resonated in her mind. Nothing but his name, circling around her and repeating over and over like a broken record. Any other memory or thought she had was either pointless to think about or completely forgotten. Except for the memory of her fiance, her head was as blank as a new sheet of paper.

“Yukirin.” The doctor’s voice send her back to reality, while the thoughts of Yuma still remained in her mind. She blinked a few times, and slowly raise her head to meet the eyes of the doctor in front of her. The aged man smiled, his lips curved upwards as he spoke in a gentle manner.

“Come on, now. You need to eat.” The doctor kindly tried to talk to her. Even if he gotten a “no” out of her, he would’ve at least gotten a response.

He picked up a spoonful of the fresh soup and tried to feed her, but she refused, turning her head away. She kept her mouth shut, not wanting to speak or move. Right now, there was a huge, empty hole inside her, and it was painful to try and do anything. She’s lost her will to try and motivation to live.

“Please, Yukirin?” The doctor softly plead, placing his hand on the girl’s shoulder. “This isn’t good for you.”

Still no response. She just bitterly gritted her teeth as she tried to resist the pain in her empty stomach, pretending like it was nothing.

The doctor sighed. “I don’t think Yuma would want to see you like this.”

At the name “Yuma”, she felt like she was shot. Her mind flashbacked to when she saw the news, seeing Yuma mutilated on the road, his glassy eyes and broken glasses seem to stare right through the screen and at her.

All of it was too much and she screamed, throwing the tray at the doctor and knocking him over. She curled herself up into a ball as sharp intakes of air entered her lungs, salty tears streaming down her face. She held her head, trying to make the thoughts go away. Eventually, everything inside her became empty and her mind was blank again.

The man sighed deeply as he got up, frowning at the pitiful sight before him. Seeing as Yuki was suffering too much at the moment, he decides to let her be and have her rest a bit. He tells her, though, she’ll eventually have to eat and he’ll come back to check on her later.

As soon as he shut the door, Yuki laid in her bed as her mind was filled with a new word, once again, repeating over and over in her empty head.


Her eyes blank and empty, she stares at a broken mirror shard on the floor and picks it up. Without a shred of doubt coming across, she takes the mirror shard and slowly brings it down to slice her wrist.

Being truthful, it didn’t hurt at all. Even when she kept staring at the fresh crimson blood slowly bleeding down her wrist, the pain never came. To her, nothing else could be more horrible enough to compare to the pain and agony she felt now.

She finally released it, watching the blood drip down onto the floor and fall onto the other mirror pieces. The crimson liquid stained the pieces of glass, and she stared at it like it was something natural for her. The tears of pain and sorrow formed in her eyes, not wasting time as it streamed down her cheeks. She didn’t feel anything. She couldn’t feel anything.

And for the first time, since the news of the incident, she let out a hollow chuckle.

“Kashiwagi-san?” She heard the door open and one of the nurses walked in. When she saw Yuki’s wrist, a jagged line running through it, and her hand tainted with red stains, she almost screamed as her stomach turned over. “Wha-? What is the meaning of this?!”

Yuki didn’t answer the nurse and ran out of the room, escaping to the halls of the hospital.


“Die… Die… Die...”

Death, she realized, was the only way she could possibly meet Yuma. To go to the other world, where he was. It was the only way, she thought, and there was no one that could stop her.

She ran up the stairs, the trail of crimson following behind her, ignoring the shouts of the nurse behind her until she made it to the roof.

Her feet staggered to the edge of the building as her body felt incredibly weak. It was the combination of lack of nutrition that was supposed to fill her body and frequently dropping blood loss. As if she were a zombie, her bare feet dragged along the hard surface, stepping on rocks every so often and making them bleed. And even then, she still couldn’t feel a single ounce of pain. Her focus was upon the ledge, while death whispered her to come closer and closer towards oblivion.

Yuki finally made it to the edge and stared below at the far drop with empty eyes. Silence surrounded her, no longer breathing the strong wind or the nurses calls, she lets the puppet master of Reticulum pull his strings and slowly bring her closer to death.

Feeling herself slowly give way, her eyes closed as her body finally lost all balance and she fell.

Then she was met with darkness.


“... Mmm...” When Yuki opened her eyes again, she found herself in a different room, tied to a bed by restraints. It took a moment for her brain to function properly, waiting for her eyes to get used the new environment. Her vision focused as she saw the unfamiliar surroundings, until she realized this was another patient’s room.

Confusion struck her for a few seconds, wondering to herself what in the world happened. She slowly turned her head, and her eyes fell onto someone in a pink hoodie sitting on the floor. The figure had earbuds playing music as she stared at the floor in a daze. Yuki, trying to move, woke her from her “daze” and stared at Yuki.

“You’re an idiot...” the hooded figure said as she stared at Yuki lowly. “Dying isn’t an option when you’re here. If you wanna escape your pain, you gotta fight for it.”

She took off Yuki’s restraints, but even so, Yuki didn’t try to run. She didn’t know why. She didn’t feel like running anymore.

“We’re all prisoners in this place, but if you think dying is going to get you anywhere, you’ve got another thing coming. The people in here brainwash you to make you act like they want, it’s like politics. Everyone here is a victim to mass mind control.”

Yuki just stared at the hoodie girl, raising her eyebrow. There’s no way this girl was telling the truth, so she must’ve been seriously messed up.

“Luckily, I was able to catch them in the act and never fell victim to the brainwashing tactics. I’m gonna get out of here and start a revolution on the world. Everyone outside these walls has gone mad, and it’s all because of the damned goverment’s hypnosis. Pretty soon, they’re gonna start implanting chips into the brain’s of babies and turn the world into a new steampunk era. It’s going to basically be like a global Industrial revolution.”

Yuki couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This girl must be seriously ill if she has such strong beliefs like that in the world. But, she understood that maybe she was thinking that because of trauma in the past. That’s all she could guess as the girl kept rambling.

“Look, everyone here has already been taken by the clutches of the government’s secret service, and I wasn’t going to let you lose yourself to post-hypnotic suggestion.”

“What? Do I know this girl?”

“I was able to save you before they could even start the first phase. It’s not the worst, but it’s good that I was able to catch up to you before they could drug you and erase your memory.”

Yuki finally spoke up, in a soft, raspy voice.

“What makes you think they do that?”

Instead of answering, she gave the older girl a serious glare. Before she could say anything else, she pulled out a pocketknife and pointed it at Yuki’s neck. She pulled up Yuki’s hair to reveal the back of her neck.

“No scars. No ear bugs. You haven’t been implanted.”

She then sat beside her on the bed and opened her mouth, forcefully pulling out Yuki’s tongue. She took a flashlight and looked inside.

“No change in color.” She even proceeded to smell her breath. “No aftertaste or odor. Have you eaten since you’ve been here?”


“Good. You haven’t been drugged either.”

As her final test, she took a lighter and lit it in front of Yuki, focusing on her eyes.

“Your pupils are normal.” She let go of Yuki and stared at her. “Unbelievable. Even though you’re new, they should’ve put you through some really hard trials. Yet, you were able to resist them...”

“What do you mean? They didn’t do anything to me. Not like they could, I was depressed...”

“You don’t believe me?”

“N-no… not really.” Yuki rubbed the back of her neck, afraid of what the girl could’ve done to her.

“I knew it.”


“You’re like me. The people brought to this mad house are immune to regular mind control tactics, so they’re brought here for ‘special’ conditioning, that way, they become weaker and more open to suggestion. But, you and I, no matter what, we’re both unable to even receive those suggestions into our heads. Here, we’re the closest thing to God, and they’re the Devil.”

“What are you saying?”

“We have the power to break free from this place and change the world. Once we get out, I’m gonna be the first to overthrow the government and stop the brainwashing over the people of the world. I’m gonna make sure this world is free, and you’re going to help me.”

Yuki was shocked, but the girl kept looking at her dead serious.

“Why me?”

“Two reasons. One, like I said before, you’re like me. You’re the only one whose mind hasn’t been affected by a mind implant or hypnotic suggestion yet.”

“And the second reason?”

“I saved your life.” The hoodie girl said in a serious tone.

Just then, a sudden memory hit Yuki and caused a sharp pain in her head. She held her head as the vision played in her mind. She looked and saw her feet and wrist were wrapped in gauze, still a bit stained in blood.

“Now you understand. Dying is not an option.”

The hooded girl then went to her desk and pulled out a strange looking earpiece. She placed it inside Yuki’s ear and turned it on with a remote.

“This way, we can keep in touch if we’re separated. I can hear whatever goes on around you, and also speak in the earpiece to guide you.”

“Guide me?”

“I saved you from death, so in return, you’ll be my slave.”

“Eh?!” Yuki was shocked at hearing the word “slave” come out of the girl’s mouth.

Before she could say or do anything else, the girl pushed a button on her remote that made a high-pitched tone go off in her ear. She immediately went silent and looked up at her.

“Every time I see you resist me or if you’re about to go under, I can press this button and snap you straight back into reality.”

“Is that really okay?” Yuki asked, unsurely.

“It is very necessary.” Mayu stated.

“Well, if you say so...” Yuki slowly got up, rubbing her temple slightly. “I’m going back to my room.”

Another high pitched tone hit her.


“You’re not to tell anyone about this. I’ll be watching.” Mayu warned, her cold tone in her voice made it sound too serious for oblivious girl to hear.

Yuki simply nodded and dismissed the girl. However, before she walked out the door, she turned to face the hoodie girl one more time.

“What’s your name, anyways?”

“Nezumi. But, for now on, you will call me ‘Mistress’.” She pushed the button again and Yuki winced in pain. “Understood?”

“Y-yes… Mistress.”

Nezumi smiled. “Good. You are dismissed.”

Yuki faked a smile and left the room, groaning as she shut the door. Just what has she gotten herself into?

“Yukirin.” She saw her doctor walking up to her with a confused expression. “Are you okay?”

Yuki felt as if she was unable to speak once again and simply nodded as if she were mute.

“Thank goodness. Watanabe-san must’ve taken good care of you, yes?”

Her expression changed when she heard that name.


Watanabe… was Yuma’s surname.

The doctor noticed the confused expression written on the girl’s face, signaling him to explain even further. “Ah, let me explain Watanabe-san. Her name is Mayu, she’s almost 20. The reason she was sent here is because she has a very severe case of Chuunibyo.”


“See, um, normally,” The doctor said, taking time to come up with the right words. “As time develops and the person ages, the disease will go away, but it still remains in some adults, such as Mayu. There are three known cases of Chuunibyo, but we believe that Mayu has existing traits of all three. She gives herself an alias ‘Nezumi’ and acts a bit, uh… how do I put it?”

“Nuts? Crazy? Whacko? Coo-coo!”

“Unhumanly insane?” Yuki suggested. The doctor’s eyes widened when he heard Yuki’s voice. He smiled in relief inside, but he kept his happiness from coming out so Yuki wouldn’t get the wrong idea.

He cleared his throat. “Um, well, in a way, yes. She believes that the world around her has gone mad rather than herself, and she’s strongly against all of our treatments. She’s quite a hard case.”

“Why does that seem so familiar?” Yuki muttered, recalling her strange encounter with the other girl.

“Well, you should probably go back to your room and rest.”


As they start to walk back, Yuki hears Mayu’s voice in her ear.

“Be careful when you’re eating or drinking the food here. They may put drugs in it to try and mind wipe you. After you finished eating, come see me.”

“Fine..” Yuki whispered in a low voice. Although she couldn’t help but feel ridiculous at the girl’s orders.

“Yup, definitely crazy to me.”

“Huh? What’s that, Yukirin?” The doctor looked at her once more.

“Oh, well...” She didn’t want to say anything weird, like suddenly becoming another mental patient’s slave, so she finally said, “I’m hungry.”

The doctor smiled. “Then, let’s get something to eat.”
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Thanks for the update!  ^^
Wasn't Mayu a doctor that liked Yuki in chapter 2?  Or was she just in Yuki's dreams?

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