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Author Topic: Shikyo Taisen [Bleach-themed Fic]: Chapter 8 (01/26/14)  (Read 20564 times)

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Re: Shikyo Taisen (No Pairings): Chapter 5 (09/28/13)
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I see~

None taken, Amakuchi. I actually got it at first but was confused in the fifth chapter. No movements from dem hollows and all since she activated her hypnosis.

Anywho, why'd the 3 (and the other new one) are immune to Yukirin's hypnotism/hypnosis?

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Re: Shikyo Taisen (No Pairings): Chapter 5 (09/28/13)
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^ It was the time of their attack. Since the moment Kashiwagi unsheathed her sword til' the time Yagami lost all of her strength due to the fight. The hollow made no move. I thought it was supposed to at least attack something or someone or make comments bout the unidentified mystery in front of them but thus nothing.

So I was guessing that it was just a misinterpretation on my part.

And no we, Amakuchi-san and I, weren't fighting XD Just fooling around (I guess)

And as for my other question. Yeah, it was just my sudden 'waiting' question. Like how I usually do.

P/S, I think Cross-san/Minamiyuki-san's grammar/Engrish is okay as it is. It's not like he/she is some English folk that's main language is that of English itself. And of course, I'm way worse XD

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Re: Shikyo Taisen (No Pairings): Chapter 5 (09/28/13)
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Must... Resist... Insulting...
Lucky to have a cousin that loves AKB...
As for the grammar, yeah, I think I'm 'okay' in that. Not awesome but 'normal', I guess.

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Re: Shikyo Taisen (No Pairings) [Bleach-themed Fic]: Chapter 6 (10/09/13)
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I'm BACK~!!!!!  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

It seems there's a argument in here ehh???

For the replies:
@Doko Demo Door: Although hurtful, I'll take that insult as a compliment. I will reply to you: I don't care if my fic was full of incorrect grammars, as long as I can able to retain the flow of the story, it's fine. But in case, I will do my best to make my grammar better.  :) :) :)
@AshuraX: I'm sorry if there is a plot hole in there. But thank you for reading my fic....  :) :) :)


Chapter 6: Incoming
Seven days had been passed since their battle with the Hollows, the released of their zanpakuto and the recovery to their injuries. They can able to live in normal life again but they already know that the danger is still there. So they decided to have a practice in Rena’s house since Rena’s family owned a very large dojo. And also they make Yuria as their teacher. Yuria would gonna reject this but seeing the cute plead of these humans, she has no choice but to teach them some of her basic knowledge of using Zanpakuto.
In the midst of their training, Rena calls for a break since it’s already a lunchtime. While eating their meal, Acchan went to asked Yuria about Soul Society.
“Ne~ Yuria, how large the Soul Society is?” Acchan asked.
“Well, I can’t answer that question so easily. It’s just like you ask me how large the universe is.” Yuria said.
“Next question, there are many portions in Soul Society right?” Kumi asked.
“Yes, there are two portions. The Rukongai were the souls live when they arrive in Soul Society and the Seireitei which is at the center of Soul Society.” Yuria said.
“The Rukongai is divided into three-hundred twenty districts, eighty of these districts on four directions, each are numbered in descending order on how far they are from the center. By that, the farther from the center, the less peaceful it is.”
“Less peaceful, you mean the farther from the center, the numerous the scum that are living?” Yukirin asked.
“You’re right. I was living on the 1st district, known as Junrinan district.” Yuria said.
“How about the Seireitei?” Rena asked.
“Seireitei is the known as the “court of the pure souls”. The majority of the residents in there are nobilities and Shinigamis. Like a castle guarded by a wall that only a gate as an entrance, there are four gates in there.  The wall is made of stones that can negate all spiritual powers so it’s impossible to breach Seireitei. The only way to pass through the wall is open the very large gate which it could take the strength of the Gatekeeper to open that heavy thing.”
“It’s my turn. What is Gotei 13?” Yukirin asked.
“Gotei 13 is one of the three primary military branches of Soul Society; the other two are Onmitsukidou and Kido Corps. It is made up of thirteen divisions, with several divisions having certain specifications. It is led by the Captain-Commander, mainly 1st Division Captain Takahashi Minami. Just like any army, the Gotei 13 has ranks. There are 20 ranks for officers and none for non-officers. I’m assigned in 2nd seat in 10th Division; in short I’m a lieutenant and the captain is 10th Division Captain Ogiso Shiori.”
“Captains of each division are the most respected Shinigami within the Soul Society. All captains are able to utilize the final stage of their Zanpakuto, which is short ‘Bankai’” Yuria said.
“Bankai? So there are other forms for Zanpakuto, aside from Shikai.” Kumi said.
“Captains are exceptionally stronger and more powerful than their lieutenants. Their spiritual pressure, comparable to us, is tremendously dense and their stats are very high. Most captains are skilled in the use of Shunpo and Kido, and generally have extensive knowledge of Shinigami history and battle tactics. All of these factors create the vast power gap between our captains and us, the lower-officers.”
“You mean that all captains are that strong?” Rena asked. Yuria replied with a nod.
“There are three ways to become a Gotei 13 captain. The first one is Captain Proficiency Test, a test which requires the ability to perform Bankai. The second one is Personal Recommendation, to have this from at least six captains and approval from at least three of the remaining seven. The last one, but rarest, is Trial by Combat, to defeat a captain one-on-one with at least 200 witnesses from the captain’s division.”
“Ouch, the last one really hurts.” Kumi said.
“Ok, break time’s over. Let’s continue.” Yuria said in commanding voice.
While the training continues, Yuria sensed an incoming Reiatsu (spiritual pressure). And she knows whom is it. While being not seen by her becoming-friends, she lowered her head. Her cheeks were flowed by tears. She wipes the tears that flow from her cheeks so they wouldn’t able to notice it. She looked at the setting sky as she bitterly murmured.
“I’m sorry. It looks like my time is up.”

From a far away, four figures are walking down to the streets.
“Captain, I sense an unusual Reiatsu. It must be her.” The lieutenant girl said. She’s wearing sleeveless Shihakusho (Garment of the Dead Souls) and black punk choker. Her sword was hanged on her back.
“You’re right, it is her. Captain what should we do?” Another lieutenant girl said. She’s wearing long-sleeved, mini-skirt version of Shihakusho. Her sword was hanged horizontally on her back.
“You don’t need to treat me as higher-ups, my dear wife.” One of the captains said in melodious voice. She’s wearing a sleeveless, mini-skirt version of Shihakusho with the top slightly loosed, slightly revealing her upper chest. She’s also wearing a sleeveless white haori on the top of her Shihakusho. Instead hanged, she’s bringing her sword on her right hand.
“Still you’re my captain.”
“Let’s be serious in here, shall we?” The short-sized captain seriously said. She’s wearing a standard Shihakusho and sleeveless haori. Her sword was hanged on her right waist.
“Aside from that, she’s with the four humans.” The captain said.
“But those humans are really not ordinary humans.”
“What do you mean not human, Nami?”
“Their Reiatsu, it’s so dense.” The so-called Nami said.
“Hmmm. A formidable opponent, I see.” The one lieutenant put her hands on her chin as she nods in affirmation.
“Let’s go now.” The midget captain said.

Elsewhere, on the old Japanese-style house, two persons are drinking a tea.
“They are here.”
“You’re right. I think I’m gonna go there.”
“Yeah, you can go now. Your friends need you.” As the figure went away with the sword on left hand, another figure appears behind the sliding door.
“The war is nearly coming.”
“I know about that, we need to prepare for the worst.”

“Wahhh, it’s so tiring!” Kumi stretched her hands. Their training’s been finished in the setting sun hours.
“Guys, I should go ahead.” Yuria said while rushing towards the gate.
“Where did she go?” Rena asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe she’s getting a drink for us.” Yukirin said.
“Acchan did you noticed it?” Kumi worriedly said.
“Yes, it seems that I felt last time is the cause of that.” Acchan seriously said.
“What do you mean?” Yukirin asked.
“Her fetchers are here.”


Yuria was running away from her new friends. She knew they will come for her. She stops from her running.
“I know that you are here to capture me because I commit a crime right? 7th Division Lieutenant Furukawa Nami, 8th Division Lieutenant Kitahara Kazuhiko, 7th Division Captain Furukawa Airi and finally, my big sister, 6th Division Captain Oshima Yuko.” Yuria looks at her said persons. Then the four suddenly appears in front of her.
“Nice one, 10th Division Lieutenant Kizaki Yuria. Despite being stealth, you can actually able to detect us so easily.” Nami said.
“You’re right Yuria. You’re under arrest for illegal usage of Senkaimon (World Penetration Gate) and entering on Human World without the permission from the higher-ups.” Yuko said.
“As from the orders of 1st Division Captain Takahashi Minami, we gonna capture you dead or alive. So if you want not to be harmed, you should come to us peacefully.” Airin said.
“Peacefully you say? As if you tried hide those killing instincts coming from your face.” Yuria smirked.
“We don’t say that we’re gonna kill you, we say that we’re gonna.” Nami innocently said.
“Execute me.” Yuria seriously said.
“Enough chit-chat, if you don’t want to come with us. Then we will force you to drag to Soul Society.” Kazuhiko said.
“Kajiru (Bite), Kenshimaru” With that Release Command said, Nami rotates her sword very fast. The sound of chainsaw was heard from the rotating sword. Then Nami stops the rotation and shows her jagged-teeth edged sword. Nami rushed toward Yuria and swung her sword downward.
“Damn. Sakiru (Bloom), Benizakura (Crimson Cherry Blossom)” Yuria’s sword change its color into    red. Then she intercepts Nami’s attack by slashing upward. Then Nami’s sword’s tooth-edge suddenly moves like a chainsaw mechanism, creates a spark between each other sword. Then her eyes widened as she saw not too far from her, Kazuhiko prepares to attack Yuria. She holds her sword in Iaido style with her left hand on the sheath and lower guard.
“Oh my god, this is my end.” Yuria tries to break away from Nami’s attack. Nami pushed Yuria and moves away from the attack range while Yuria outbalanced from her position.
“Ureero (Mourn), Shizuhitan (Silent Sorrow)” Kazuhiko pushed up the guard. Then a crevasse was created from the ground, moving toward to Yuria. Yuria closes her eyes as she gonna to took the final blow
Before it makes contact to Yuria, a striking sound was heard. Then her butt was hit on the ground.
“Itai.” Yuria said.
“Are you alright, Yuria?” Yuria looks at the source of that voice and finds out its Kumi, offering her hand to get up.
“Kumi? What are you doing here?” Yuria takes the hand as she gets up.
“Are you gonna leave us without saying goodbye?” Kumi acted like she’s crying.
“Stop that.” Yuria pissed over Kumi’s act.
“Yuria~!! Kumi~!!” Acchan, Rena and Yukirin called while ran toward them.
“So really it’s them. Two Lieutenants and the worst of all, two Captains.” Acchan smirked.
“Oh look what we have now; it’s the four humans who save the helpless girl.” Kazuhiko said.
“Shut up, you supposed to be her friend. Not to be an executioner.” Yukirin angrily said.
“You shut up. You don’t know who talking about.” Nami shouted.
“Here’s the plan, Yukirin will battle to that girl with her sword sheathed, I will battle that girl with jagged-teeth edged sword, Rena will battle to that ponytailed-girl Captain and Acchan will battle to that midget Captain.” Kumi said.

“Kumi, that sleeveless Shihakusho you say is 8th Division Lieutenant Kitahara Kazuhiko, wife of 8th Division Captain Kitahara Rie. The mini-skirt version of Shihakusho you referred is 7th Division Lieutenant Furukawa Nami, wife of 7th Division Captain Furukawa Airi. The ponytail-girl you described is Nami’s wife and also, her captain. The last one, the midget captain is my sister, 6th Division Captain Oshima Yuko.” Yuria said.
“Your sister, then why the hell they want you to be killed?”
“It’s because I make a grievous crime.” Yuria lowered her head.
“I like that plan. It looks like a suicide plan.” Yukirin sarcastically said.
“It’s better than run. At least we could fend off them from Yuria.” Kumi said.
“Now let’s go.” And they went to respective opponents.

To be Continued.....
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Re: Shikyo Taisen (No Pairings) [Bleach-themed Fic]: Chapter 6 (10/09/13)
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I was gonna scream AtsuYuu but.. Meh.

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Re: Shikyo Taisen (No Pairings) [Bleach-themed Fic]: Chapter 6 (10/09/13)
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I haven't seen BLEACH for a while then BAAAM and this pops up T^T
I'm casually sobbing since BLEEEEAAAAACCCCHHHH...ehm!

So wait....does that mean Yuria's state is like Rukia's? It's like 4 Ichigo and 1 Rukia...wait I can't remember who came to take back Rukia... O.O Byakuya and Renji....? I guess...
Wait, why is Airin married?! NO.AND KITARIE TOO /sobs/
Please keep killing my KumiYuri T^T I love those fanfics...where Kumi doesn't end with Yuria sobs more... please put Kanon into the mess and kill my heart more
I'm guessing Yuko's getting the Byakuya role? xD

I wonder who Kon's going to be xDD
Please keep it up~
And don't worry about your grammar, It'll get better! Mine was worse D; Now it's better I guess...? But the fact that my typos have become worse than ever.
Anyway! I can't wait for your next chapie~ /fades creepily/

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Re: Shikyo Taisen (No Pairings) [Bleach-themed Fic]: Chapter 6 (10/09/13)
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OH MY GOD! WHY IS AIRIN-SENPAI MARRIED INDEED?!! and... No matter how many grammatical errors this fic has got.... I still love the frigging plot.... ACTION FTW MAH BIG BROTHER!! XD XD

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Re: Shikyo Taisen (No Pairings) [Bleach-themed Fic]: Chapter 7 (10/24/13)
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Finally, updating now....

AshuraX: Why not screaming it now??  :lol: :lol: :lol:
LittleTina: Ohh... A fellow shinigami... I'm so happy....  :) :) :)
mayuyuXlyukirinlover13: I don't know?? Who do you think is that girl Airin married??  XD XD XD



Chapter 7: Defeat
Yuria helplessly watches as her four friends went to their respective opponents. Her body cannot move due to many injuries she inflicted. She want to stop them because their fighting to the very dangerous beings.
“Stop, they’re the ones who shouldn’t be fought! They’re the elite officers of Gotei 13!”
But her pleads cannot be heard as the sound of striking metals are loudly produced when each other’s sword clashes.
“Please stop, I don’t want all of you to be hurt.” Yuria murmured as her tears flowing on her cheeks.

“I can sense your sword contains tremendous Reiatsu. That’s your zanpakuto, right?” Nami asked.
“Where do you get a zanpakuto? Who give that to you?” Nami said while swings her sword which being parried by Kumi.
“I don’t want to answer that.”
Kumi thrusts her sword to Nami. Nami thought she dodges it by backing away but she saw a huge black blade-like aura coming from Kumi’s sword. Nami use her sword to block but the recoil makes her sending a couple of meters away.
“What the hell is that?” Nami was puzzled at that moment. Then she saw Kumi’s sword generates black aura coming from the blade. Kumi’s sword generates a very large blade-like aura, then swinging in a very wide arc. Nami dodges the swing using Shunpo but she saw the result. The whole areas of trees are cut off.

Yukirin dodges all of the invisible slashes while Kazuhiko swiftly sheathing and unsheathing her.
“Damn, those attacks are unpredictable. Where the hell are they come from?” She continues to avoid all invisible slashes despite having a hard time of sensing the attacks.
“Come on, don’t just dancing in front of me. Why you don’t attack me?” Kazuhiko smirked.
“You said it now.” In just an instance, Yukirin was already in front of Kazuhiko that makes the lieutenant surprised. Before Yukirin hits her sheathed sword on Kazuhiko, she blocks the swing using her own latter.
“Since when do you reach me instantly?” Kazuhiko stunned.
“Since when did I reach you? At the time that you attack me with those innumerable and invisible slashes.” Yukirin said.
“But how could I can’t able to see that?” She pushed away Yukirin while continues to give invisible slashes to the raven-hair girl.
‘Tsk, despite that hypnosis. I can’t able to get near through her.’ Yukirin gritted her teeth. She evaded the incoming attacks.

“Look I don’t want to fight. I just want to bring Yuria-chan to Soul Society safe and sound.” Airin pleaded.
“You just want to kill her.” Rena furiously said.
“I don’t have a choice. It was the order of the higher-ups” Airin sighed.
“Well I don’t have a choice too but to not let you get her.” Rena readies to unsheathe her sword.
“Shouganai na (I can’t be helped).” Airin releases an intense Reiatsu.
“Tsk, this Reiatsu.” Rena gritted her teeth.
Without warning, Airin suddenly went behind the shocked Rena. Before Airin could land a critical attack, Rena unsheathes her sword that releases an intense lightning charge and blocks Airin’s attack.
“She’s damn fast. I can’t sense her Reiatsu from that.” Rena releases a wave of lightning to Airin but the captain dodges it effortlessly.
“This is harder than I thought.” Rena said. She went behind Airin and tried to slash her but only to be met by sword horizontally above Airin.

On the other side, Acchan skids backward due to force she received. Her whole legs began to trembled and weakly fell her knees to the ground.
“The strength of a captain is not from what I expected.” Acchan breathing heavily from exhaustion while kneeling. Yuko was still standing in front of Acchan and shows no signs of fatigue and injury.
“Are you done now?” Yuko calmly asked.
“I’m not done yet.” Acchan rushed.
“Surrender 10th Division Lieutenant Kizaki Yuria to us and we will leave you all alone. She will be executed for committing a crime and that’s not of your concern.” Yuko said while pointing her sword to Acchan’s face.
“As if we let that happen.” Acchan slaps Yuko’s sword and tries to charge at her. But Yuko only swing her sword, creates a widespread force that sends Acchan to the wall.
“Your efforts are futile now. My last request, surrender Kizaki Yuria to us.” Yuko said.
“My last answer, is no!” Acchan stands up. She released an immense spiritual energy that surges to her body. Yuko just only sighed and massaged her nape.
“You leave me with no choice.”

“Tsk, I can’t believe it. I will gonna be defeated by a mere human?” Nami holds her sword two-handedly while using it as her stand.
“You’re good, Lieutenant Nami. I wished I could fight you more, but I have a friend to be saved.” Kumi said as she stands in front of Nami.
“Sayonara, 8th Division Lieutenant Furukawa Nami.” Kumi raised her sword. But before her sword touches Nami, a blood suddenly gushed out in front of Nami.
“Why?” Kumi weakly said. When Nami looks in front of her, she saw Kumi was falling ahead to the ground with the blood on her back. Then she saw Airin, standing on her with her sword flowing with Kumi’s blood.
“Are you alright, Nami?” Airin went to Nami and checked her if she sustain any injuries.
“I’m alright, Captain Furukawa. These injuries are nothing.” Nami sheathes back her sword.
“Is that so? Then let’s help Kazuhiko now and we’re all done here.” Airin said.
“Captain Furukawa, what happen to your fight?” Nami asked.
“Oh, it was wonderful. But I don’t want to waste my time so I quickly end it now. See?” Airin points Rena who’s lying unconsciously sidewards with her sword beside her.
“Damn it. I’m near to my limit.” Yukirin used her sword as a stand. Her fast breathe signifies she’s near to exhaustion.
“You’re good. That makes me tired too.” Kazuhiko tiredly said.
“Tsk, my body feels very heavy. I have reached my limits now.” Yukirin weakly said as she falls to the ground lying unconscious. Kazuhiko nearly falls if she didn’t catched by Yuko.
“Captain Oshima, what happened to your opponent?” Kazuhiko politely but weakly asked.
“I don’t want to have my time wasted to such a lower-rank species.” Yuko said.
“No need to apologize.” At the time they saw Yuria weakly walks in front of them that makes them totally in shock.
“You’ll promise that you don’t lay your hands on them once I’ll come with you?” Yuria asked.
“We will promise, Yuria-chan.” Airin replied.
“Then let’s go.” Yuria said.
“Nami, open the Senkaimon.” Airin commanded to Nami which she obeyed. Nami place her zanpakuto in front of her and stabs it to the air. The blade of her zanpakuto vanished.
“Senkaimon, unlock.” Nami turns her sword like a key opening to the lock. The area where the sword stabs distort for a while, the traditional Japanese waiting room door appeared in front of them. Once the door opens, a five Jigokuchou released on the opened door and went to the five Shinigamis. Before they went to the door, Yuria suddenly heared a slightly weak voice.
“Yuria…… don’t…. go……” Yuria looks at the source of the voice, only she saw a conscious Kumi have her hands trying to reach Yuria.
“I’m sorry, Kumi. It’s for your own safety.” Yuria said.
“No…. please…..” Kumi weakly plead.
“Goodbye and thank you, everyone.” Then the Senkaimon closed as Kumi’s sight turns black.

 A girl, with her sword holding on her right hand, was walking on the streets when she saw four familiar bodies lying on the cold road.
“I’m too late to save you all.” She murmured.
“Oh well. Time to drag you all to acquaintance of mine.”


To be continued.....

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Re: Shikyo Taisen (No Pairings) [Bleach-themed Fic]: Chapter 7 (10/24/13)
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OH! I missed your update xD

Chapter 6
Even though they just met, they willing to save Yuria~ That's sweet xD

Chapter 7
Oh no~ Airin~ Why you hurt Rena? :cry:
LOL! I know there's no pairing in here, but I just want to type it LOL XD :P

Hmm, so four of them are in par with the lieutenant, but the captain is still too strong

And I wonder who's she at the end?

Can't wait for your next update~! :)

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Re: Shikyo Taisen (No Pairings) [Bleach-themed Fic]: Chapter 7 (10/24/13)
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Same as the above, I'm curious of who that person in the end was.
Awkward moment when Rukia accidentally stumbled upon this world XD
Acchan couldn't even be on par with Yuko...

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Re: Shikyo Taisen [Bleach-themed Fic]: Chapter 8 (01/26/14)
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Chapter 8: The Training
“Where am I? Why is my body covered by a blanket? Am I already in heaven?” The girl said as the darkness still covers her view. Then she heard a cute girlish voice, replying her questions.
“You’re not in heaven, you silly. You’re just sleeping in futon.”
This makes her eyes slowly opens and look at the source of that voice. She tries to get up but she felt the sting coming from her back. Despite of that, she continues to get up and look at her surroundings. Below her is a futon with flower design, sitting on the grayish tatami. She looks at the right side and saw an opened shouji. On outside, she saw a tree standing above the pond. Its leaves are carried over the wind.
“It seems that you wake up.”
The girl looks on the foreground of the tree. She saw a girl sitting on engawa, her hands act as a stand. Then she saw a sword leaning on the side of the sliding door. Its hilt is color orange with shuriken-shaped guard and its sheath is color maroon.
“If you looking on your zanpakutou, don’t worry about it. It is right in beside you.” Then she looks beside of the futon and saw her yellow-hilted sword with sheath. The girl narrowed her eyes why does she know about the zanpakutou and how did she knows what she thinking about.
“If you’re thinking why I knew about the zanpakutou, is because I have that too. You see the sword with orange hilt? That’s my zanpakutou.” The girl, sitted on engawa, said while not turning around, enjoying the view of nature’s beauty.
“Who are you? Are you shinigami too, just like those guys?” The injured girl finally speaks.
“First of all, I’m not Shinigami, well not half. And second, you already know who am I, Kumi.”  The girl smiled. The so called Kumi looks at the girl with curious looks. Then something struck at her mind as she analyzed the voice. Her eyes went wide as her curiosity turn into astonishment.
“Watanabe Miyuki, is that you?” Kumi slowly ask to the girl. The girl replies with a giggle as she turns around. Her eyes meet on the injured girl’s eyes.
“Yes, Yagami Kumi. It’s me, Milky.”
Kumi tries to get up again. Instead she meets a pain on the back for the second time. Milky went on Kumi and helps her to get up. Then she reaches a cup of water beside the futon and puts on the injured girl’s mouth.
“Don’t force yourself to get up. You still have deep cut on your back. It will take three days for that cut to be closed. Look, your wound’s bleeding again.” Milky removes the bandage that covers Kumi’s back. When the bandage removed, shows a not so large cut diagonally below the nape. After Milky tends Kumi’s bleeding wounds, she close it and put a T-shirt.
“Where are the others? Are they also the same as me?” Kumi’s eyes filled with worries.
“Don’t worry, they are ok.” Milky said.
“Did you know that I’m the only one who pulls you all to here?”
“Really, Milky? Then you’re very strong.” Kumi smiled.
“I’m not… I’m just.” Milky couldn’t finish the sentence as they surprised the sliding door openly slam and shows injured Acchan, Rena and Yukirin. When the three saw Kumi, they recklessly run to her, causing to be stumbled and roll over. They’re wince in pain but fastly recover and talk to Kumi.
“Kumi are you alright?”
“Did you have some sleep?”
“Where did you hurt?”
Kumi was bombarded with questions that she couldn’t able to answer back, and instead laughs at them. The three stops bombarding questions and pouts at Kumi but later joins to the laughter. Milky only smiled at them, reminding of their times when she was with them a decade ago. Then the girls stop laughing and look curiously at Milky which she replies them with a raised eyebrow.
“Uhm, excuse me. But may I know you?” Rena obliviously asks to Milky. Kumi and Milky look at each other, then smiles like nothing happens.
“Hey, why are you two smiling? Kumi, did you know this girl?” Acchan asked.
“Really guys, you already forgot her?” Kumi still retains the smile.
“Yeah?” This makes Kumi facepalm for a while while Milky still smiling at them.
“You don’t have to worry about that, Kumi. It’s been a decade since we’re together and left to Madrid.”
“Decade? Madrid?”  The three still tries to recollect their memories and suddenly realization struck on them.
“Wait a sec. Are you Watanabe Miyuki?” Milky still puts her smile as she watches them widened their eyes.
“What do you think? I’m a ghost?”
“MILKY~?” The three shouted while hugging Milky.
“Guys, I don’t think Milky will gonna live longer. You’re suffocating her.” The three then release their hold as watching Milky gasp for the air.
“When did you come back?” Yukirin asked.
“Last week.”
“Why you didn’t say you’re going back here?” Rena asked.
“It’s a surprise, and besides you’re busy with a lieutenant shinigami.” The last word makes the four silent, changing from smile to sad face. Milky already noticed the situation and went back to her seat. She picks her sword and sits on engawa as she playfully rotates her weapon.
“I’m sorry, I could just save Yuria.” Acchan lowered her head.
“It’s not your fault, Acchan. We’re already on limit so we couldn’t do anything.” Rena pats Acchan’s shoulder.
“Despite that we’re gonna save her, she save us from death.” Yukirin sadly said. Kumi couldn’t contain her emotions as her tears are started to falling down to the blanket.
“Yuria, I’m so sorry.” Kumi gripped the blanket very tightly. Milky sighs deeply and stop rotating her sword. She makes the attention causing the girls looking at her with sad face.
“Look guys, it’s not the end of the world. If you want to save her why you don’t invade the Soul Society, crash the party and stop the execution.” Milky blurted out.
“And how could we do that? You know that to enter Soul Society, we need a Senkaimon” Acchan said.
“Yeah and we need also a Jigokuchou to be authorized to enter Senkaimon.” Kumi said.
“And a lack of Jigokuchou, means we’re entering Dangai (Parsing World).” Yukirin said.
“Which in short it’s more suicide mission than battling many captains.” Rena finalized.
“In short, it’s hopeless.” All four sighed.
“I can help you with that.” The door slides open, revealing two girls, one with jeans and pink jacket with red polo inside and another one with white seifuku.
“Itano-san and Sakura-chan, what are you doing here?” Milky said.
“I just want to greet your friends. By the way, I’m Itano Tomomi, the owner of this house.” The girl with pink jacket said.
“And this girl who wears white seifuku is Miyawaki Sakura.”
“Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.” Sakura bows. The four saw two 60-cm wakizashi worn on Sakura’s right waist.
“The position of wearing the sword is reversely, that was so un-samurai thing.” Yukirin commented.
“It’s because I studied swordsmanship at Berlin, Germany.” Sakura gladly said with Kagoshima-ben that only Yukirin could understand.
“Eh? You’re speaking Kagoshima-ben?” Yukirin reacted.
“Hai, I can also speak Kagoshima-ben.”
“Hai hai, let’s stop with that Kagoshima-thing. Like I said, I will help you for entering Soul Society using Senkaimon.”
“But entering Soul Society will alarm the whole Seireitei, are you still gonna invade Soul Society?” Tomochin seriously asked.
“We will risk everything for the sake of our friend.” The four said at the same time.
“Very well, the execution will start 25 days from now. You will gonna rest for five days and after that, we’re gonna start your training for 10 days. So we still have 10 days for the day of execution. That includes with Sakura-chan and Milky-chan. Are we all clear?” The rest nods their head. Then Tomochin went away to the group leaving Sakura, Kumi, Acchan, Rena, Yukirin and Milky.
“I guess we should thank her for saving our lives.” Kumi said.
“We still don’t know who she was.” Acchan said.
“By the way, what do you mean includes Milky and that little girl?” Yukirin and Rena asked.
“It means me and Sakura-chan will help you save Yuria-chan.” Milky replied.
“Eh? What do you mean?”
“Did you see the two wakizashi that Sakura-chan wearing, it’s her zanpakutou. Also if you’re asking why we can use zanpakutou, Sakura-chan is a half-quincy and half-shinigami while I’m quarter-hollow, quarter-shinigami and half-human.” This makes Acchan, Kumi, Rena and Yukirin widened their eyes.
“Don’t just react like that. You will gonna take some rest. Then we will have a sparring training after you’re all recover.”
The four look at each other and nod simultaneously. Their eyes are covered with determination. They said two words at the same time.
“For Yuria.”

To be continued

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