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Author Topic: RenshuChan's OS Collection (WMatsui, JuriAnnin, JuriMilky & others)  (Read 105293 times)

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 6th OS : Another Story (JuriAnnin)
« Reply #40 on: January 09, 2014, 01:51:33 AM »
Seriously?! Just when it was getting hot and troublesome (for Jurina).

Mayuuuuu dont do this!!! Go find a Yuki andandand  :twisted:

Why you lost you words? You should continue~ Dont give up yet ><

As I promised, I read the newest one ;) but I'll read the rest when i have a bit more of a spare time o/


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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 6th OS : Another Story (JuriAnnin)
« Reply #41 on: January 10, 2014, 07:37:17 AM »
I'm really glad you use both JuriAnnin and SayaAnnin cuz it's rare pairing here (and I ship SayaAnnin haha).

I really wanna read more of SayaAnnin though 8D *is shot*
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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 6th OS : Another Story (JuriAnnin)
« Reply #42 on: March 25, 2014, 02:54:22 PM »
Anyone here? No, it's okay, I'm okay :roll:

Okay, here's my other obsession. I hate when I got too many ideas but then I don't know how to pour them into words. I'm a bad writer, I really am. This story... I don't know, I guess I'll make it into some short parts.

Hope someone would read it :D Enjoy !

By The Time I Saw You - Part 1

It was hard for me to fell in love. Love wasn’t the thing I gave my first priority to. I live my life for these 22 years without giving too much care about love and the related things. I believe love would come by itself, no need to looking for it, my true love would find me however. I wasn’t a freak who wanted to live by myself for the rest of my life. I was just haven’t found this someone yet.

The only thing I’ve been in love with was photography. I wasn’t an expert or something like that, I was just simply loved to took many pictures. There were many things I could only seen once in my life, and it was what I love about photography. The pictures I have taken somehow brought many memories back inside my brain everytime I saw them. I didn’t want to lost any moment in my life, that’s why I always brought my camera with me.

“Rena-chan, stop taking pictures, will you? I’m tired, let’s take a rest,” Airin whinning behind my back. She was my very best friend. The only one I always sticking with since I was a little kid. Today I have nothing to do so I asked Airin to accompany me to looked around, taking some good pictures. Maybe it was already too long since whe looked really tired.

“Hai, hai. We’ll take a rest, but I don’t know any good place to go. You can decide,”

“Your treat?” Airin’s face lit up, showing her wide, bright smile.

“Well...” I shrugged my shoulder. It couldn’t be helped, she was already too excited about the rest, I didn’t wanna see her sad face just because I rejected to treat her.

“Let’s go!” Airin pull my wrist. The tired Airin had changed into the energetic Airin just then. Her childish manner was adorable.

Here, both of us stood in front of a small cafe. Well, the cafe looked cool from outside. Airin pushed the glassed-door and the sound of a door bell you usually heard in another cafe made someone turned her gaze towards us.

“Irasshaimase ....” the girl happily greeted us.

“Churi,” Airin greeted the girl. Maybe the girl was Airin’s friend. It wasn’t strange, Airin was very good in socializing. She might had many friends I never knew, but Airin knew indeed that she was my only friend. What a fail girl I was.

There, they lost in their conversation. This wasn’t a rest, she was stood in front of the counter while chatting. Maybe she forgot that she was whinning because of tired a while ago after chatting with her friend.

And worse, I was being ignored by the two of them. Well, I wasn’t tired actually, so I might better did my own stuffs. I found this cafe quite nice. The decoration was very nice, full of colors, she got a very nice sense.

I took my camera and took some pictures of the cafe.


“Hmm, maybe if I take some-“

“Ouch!” someone yelled behind me. This is bad.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry...” I quickly helped this person to cleaned her shirt which was getting dirty by the coffee stain.

“No, no... It’s okay miss, I didn’t see you in the first place, that’s why I bumped into you,” she said while kept her face smile. It should have been my sentence.

“Urgh, It was really my fault. Again, I’m sorry miss ....”

“Jurina,” she offered her hand while the other hand still tugging her wet shirt.

“I’m Rena,” I accepted her hand. Well it was kinda shocking me. She should had been angry at me or yelling at me, but no. She didn’t. She was simply smiling at me. She was really kind.

“It’s okay, Rena-san. I can ask Churi to make the new –“

“My treat! It would be my treat. Well, sign of my deep apology,” I cut her words.

“Well, thank you so much then,” she smiled.

And as I promised, I bought her 2 new cups of coffee. I was really glad that she didn’t mind about her dirt shirt before. Yeah, she smiled too much. And that was too bright. She looked so charming, fabulous. Too bad that she had to go soon. After she closed the door I realized that I have fallen in love with her. My mind told me that she got everything that I really need.

But then, I saw someone stood up from a bench in front of the cafe. I saw Jurina handed one of the cups to the person and ruffled her bangs affectionately. I saw them walked away hand in hand.

Just like this? My newly-begin love has just ended?

That's all, the first part :wth

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 7th Story : By The Time I Saw You - Part 2
« Reply #43 on: March 25, 2014, 03:08:46 PM »
For the 2nd time, Hi again !

Here's the next short part 2. Not enjoying much ? I know it  :rofl:

By The Time I Saw You - Part 2

I didn’t want to accepted everything just like that. Quite stubborn, eh? But I just couldn’t.

“Rena-chan, this is your coffee,” Churi said while flailing her hand in front of me.

“Oh, yeah, thanks... churi,” I answered her.

I was too focus on the entrance door while waiting for my coffee today. But again, nothing. I was thinking if everything would work out. Should I gave up on everything?

I had been coming to Churi’s cafe almost every 2 days a week and it had been 2 month I spent my money to bought a cup of coffee. It wasn’t like I was coming here all along just to enjoy a cup of coffee as a coffee lover. The main reason was waiting for someone to came through the door and had a little chat, or more.

“Everytime you come here, you will always sit here and looking at the entrance door intensely,” Churi stood beside my table and looking at the door while folding her hands in front of her chest.

I looked up to her and smiled,” It’s just nice to sit here while enjoying your great coffee, Churi,” I talked to her and showing the cup to her and took a little sip before put it down on the table again.

“Come on, Rena-chan, even it’s just a cup of coffee, you never drink it till the last drop. You just drink a few sip for almost 4 hours everytime you come here. There must be something,” Churi then sat down in front of me and looking intensely right in my eyes. “Say, who are you waiting for to walk in my cafe these 2 months?” She said in a very curious look.

“Should I?” I asked her and she just answered the question by sharpenning her gaze at me. “*Sigh* Okay, I give up. And yes, I have been waiting for someone,” I said shortly and hopefully she would stop asking about it.

“Heee, who’s this lucky guy?” her eyes sparkling at my answer and eagerly waiting for more information.

“I have told you what I wanted to share, stop asking, please,” but hell, she didn’t care if I wanted to share it or not, she would keep asking more.

“No, you should tell me the whole story. Airin told me many things about you and your zero experience in love. Now, you look like you’re falling to the deepest hole of love,” I should talked to Airin after this. She became unreliable and embarassed me in front of Churi, my so-called new friend.

Churi kept pushing me to tell her the whole story. However, I couldn’t keep it as a secret anymore. Maybe Churi could help me. Who knows?

“Say, do you believe in love at the first sight?” I asked her.

“Um... kinda,”

“ I believe in it, Churi. I have an experience about it... I mean, I am in the middle of the experience. I met many people, but
this person is different. I can tell it,” I took a sip from the cup.

“I met her here before, at the very first day I came here with Airin. That’s why I keep coming back here, hoping for the fate makes both of us meet again here, the first place I saw her,” I looked outside the window telling the rest of the story to her.

“There was a click sound in my heart when I saw her, my knees weakened and my stomach created some strange feeling I couldn’t describe. My heart beats faster everytime I remember her gentle smile and her face feature,” I smiled at my own thought.

“Kyaa... that’s too sweet, I hope you’ll meet her soon,” Churi held my hands and assuring me to not lost at my hope.

The door bell ringing and Churi stood up directly towards the door.

“Irasshaimase... ah Jurina,” Churi greeted the customer.

I stifenned at the mention of that name. Did I hear it correctly? It wasn’t part of my imagination, was it?

“Hi there, Churi. Usual order, please,”

That voice, I remember that voice clearly, that was really familiar in my ears. Curse my curiousity, I looked up to the new-arrived customer to reassured my expectation.

I was still in awe when both of the involved in those short chat before the person noticed my existence.

“We meet again, Rena-san. I guess this is a fate,” she said in her calm voice while smiling widely at me.

I nodded then looking down to hide my red face. I look up to her and giggling softly,”Well, kinda...”

She left me and heading to the counter where Churi’s skillful hand mixing a cup of coffee that Jurina ordered before.

#3rd POV   

Churi realized something when Jurina arrived, it wasn’t about Jurina though, it was Rena. Churi saw something from Rena, a relieved and happiness look imprinted on her face.

Could it be that Rena-chan was talking about Jurina all along?

Churi knew who Jurina was. Churi really knew many things about Jurina. Realizing that the biggest possibility about Rena liking Jurina hitted her mind. She had an urged to tell Rena all the way. But she wasn’t 100% sure about the two of them. She might be hated by Rena if she decided to separate them.

Maybe they were just friend. I shouldn’t hastily take a conclusion about it. Not yet. But ...

Churi was really troubled at her own thought. After giving Jurina the cup of coffee she looked at Rena’s direction. She looked at Rena’s red face while averting her gaze towards Jurina.

It can’t be wrong. I should talk about it with Rena.

But before Churi got a chance to approach Rena, both of them already left the cafe, together.

Just like that ? Yeah, just like that.
Please kindly, wisely, cutely wait for the next part  :thumbsup

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 7th Story : By The Time I Saw You - Part 2
« Reply #44 on: March 25, 2014, 03:17:30 PM »
Well, if it's like the last part and we only have to wait for about 20 min ,i can live with that :)
But Churi's reaction made me curious about Jurina, so please update soon !

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 7th Story : By The Time I Saw You - Part 2
« Reply #45 on: March 27, 2014, 06:33:15 PM »
LOL  :lol:glad that someone read it.
It's still on proggress and I only done some parts.
here's the next ^_^

By The Time I Saw You - Part 3

#Rena POV

She walked towards my table, or rather the door. Maybe she wanted to go. But I didn’t want to lose the chance to talked to her. I couldn’t make sure where and when we would meet again. I stood up from the chair and approached her.

“Jurina-san,” I greeted her. She looked a little surprised. After collecting my braveness, I pushed my self to talked to her.

“Rena-san,” she answered calmly and stopped in her track. Just like any other greets, she smiled.

“Wanna go already?”

“Um, yea, I don’t have anything to do, so I better go home soon,” she said.

“I want to go home too, wanna walk together?” I tried to be cool and friendly towards her. I was sure she wouldn’t deny it, which was right.

Even I was the one who offered her to walk home together, I fell in a bad silence since the time we walked out the cafe’s door. I didn’t know where to start and about what. I shouldn’t directly confessed my feelings towards her, it would be strange. It was just our 2nd meeting, it’s impossible. She might thought that I was a crazy person or a freak person who randomly confessing her love to a newly-met person.

I sometimes took a glance at her face. She looked really cool and calm from this side. I wanted to walked side by side with her, maybe forever.

“Um, Rena-san, here’s my appartment, wanna come over?” she said. It was surprised me that her appartment wasn’t far from Churi’s cafe. And everytime I went to the cafe, I always passed this building.

“Is it okay? Won’t your girlfriend mind me?” I said. Remember the girl I saw in front of Churi’s cafe at the day I saw her for the first time.

Jurina looked surprised. She then laughed before she dragged me inside the building.

“I don’t have a girlfriend, trust me. So no one would mind if you’re coming over my place,” she said. Pulling out a key from her pocket and openned the door. She offered me to came in first. I might just really like her, but really, she was a gentlewoman if that word even exist in a dictionary.

“What do you want to drink?” she asked me from the kitchen.

“Anything is okay,”

“Make yourself home, Rena-san,” she told me. I sat on the couch in front of the tv. I guess that was the only seat I could find in her appartment.

I took a better look at her appartment. It wasn’t a big yet not really small. I guessed it was because she just live on her own.

Her bed wasn’t far from the living room, or should I say TV room. There was just a thin curtain which separate her tv room and the bed room. It was really tidy.

“Sorry for the wait,” Jurina announced her arrival and put two glasses of hot tea on the table. “I’m sorry if my appartment is not like what you expected before. Have a drink,”

I took a sip of the tea and saw Jurina took something under the table. It was a jar of cookies.

“This is the only leftover, enjoy it, I’m sorry if it’s not delicious, I cooked it myself,” Jurina scratched her head. A smile of proud could be seen on her face. I eat one and it was extremely delicious.

“It’s very delicious, Jurina-san. You’re a good cook! I want to eat more,”

“Well, you can come over anytime,” she smiled widely at me. I couldn’t help but felt overwhelmed by her aura. If nosebleed was real, I bet I already dropped litres of blood.

“I will,”

That's the 3rd part.
I just couldn't help but posting it, maybe someday I will make its full version  :roll:

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 7th Story : By The Time I Saw You - Part 4
« Reply #46 on: March 27, 2014, 06:39:17 PM »
Soon? Nah, it's just your hallucination  :fap

By The Time I Saw You - Part 4

Since that day, me and Jurina became closer. We changed mail address and sometimes, Jurina would call me or I called her. I also came to her appartment when I badly wanted to meet her. We shared many things and got to know each other. I knew that she lived alone in Nagoya. Her parents already divorced years ago and she choosed to live alone than lived with one of them. I felt so sorry about her family, but she was really strong and faced the reality however.

She worked in a club as a DJ. Well, if there was any other better word than “cool” I would love to say it. She invited me to came to the club, but I never thought about visiting a club, not even a slight bit. I wasn’t ready, so I declined her invitations.

“Come on, Rena-chan. You can order orange juice there. Club isn’t as bad as you think. You should visit first before conclude anything,” Jurina stood up from the couch, heading to her so-called room to change her clothes.

I came here today, because I wanted to meet her. Because I had leisure time, paid her some visit after such a long time, 2 weeks, I didn’t come. I was thinking of any possible reason to decline her invitation this time. I was thinking and thinking, but no idea popped in my head. I was stucked by her shadow of her changing clothes on the curtain. Blame her too tiny appartment that has no other room.

After some minutes, Jurina came out with her ripped-off jeans, a white shirt, sweater, sneakers and a bag. Her soft perfume could be sensed when she came nearer.

Finally, I stepped on the club’s entrance. Heck, I couldn’t walk away this time. She got me said “yes” after a long while of her begs. I never dreamt to stepped my foot in this kind of place. I always had this “good-girl” attitude my parents always taught me since I’m a little kid. No boyfriend, no hanging out until midnight, no sex, no drugs, no alcohol, no everything that they thought negative.

The first time Jurina openned the door, the loud music that made some thuds sound made my ears deaf. I couldn’t hear anything but the music. And, I could smell something really strong everywhere, smell of alcohol? I don’t know, maybe. It was all new to me.

“Come on, Rena-chan. Don’t be shy,” Jurina shot a wide smile and more like looking down on me. Well, I’m okay with that, she could always looking down on me if it was about this environment.

“I am NOT!” I yelled at her.

She was just laughing at me and continued bringing me along with her to ... I don’t know, somewhere.

It was really hard to walk inside the club. People were too enjoying the music and gave no interest to anything. They were jumping and bumping to one another, including me who bumped into them. At that time, I just realized that I lost from Jurina’s grip. Shit! How could I found her? Thanks a lot to the darkness.

I looked around, averting my eyes to every direction to got a glimpse of Jurina’s whereabout. Until I felt someone rested his hand on my shoulder. A smell of something strange coming out from his mouth. I could see a bottle dancing on his grip. I was stiffenned, I didn’t know what to do. I was just too afraid about this man. Now I know why my parents always forbid me to came to this kind of place. Mom, dad, forgive me...

“Come on, let’s dance~” He put the bottle into her mouth and started to drank. He was totally drunk and laughing for no reason. He started to made his face nearer to my face.

Someone, help me ....

Before he kissed me, someone put a hand on my cheek, so the man kissed the hand. “Sir, can you let her go, please,” thanks God, that person just went away without a protest.

I let out a sigh. Safe .

“You’re Jurina’s friend, aren’t you? Are you okay?” the person who saved me earlier asked. Oh my, I really owe this person.

I just nodded, still unable to catched some words as my rapid heart kept beating uncontrollably.

“Come on, follow me, make sure you won’t be lose again,” she dragged me along with her to found Jurina.

I saw Jurina at the DJ’s stage. She looked concern and looking all over the places. She must have been looking for me. Silly me.

“Yo, kiddo,” the person who dragged me earlier called Jurina and made her spun around and run to our direction.

“Oh God, thanks for helping her, Mariko-sama,” Jurina looked relieve after seeing me and her friend came. After saying thanks to her, Jurina’s friend went to another place.

But the most shocking event was just about to start. Jurina then hugged me tightly. I was so sure if the club was full of lights, she could see my face burning deep red. My heart beated more rapidly, if earlier was because of that drunk person, now it was because Jurina’s contact with me. It was the first time, she hugged me.

“I’m sorry, I lost you earlier,” she looked at me.

“It’s okay, just this time. Don’t make me lost again,”

“I won’t, I’ll always keep you by my side,” she smiled and started to play her mix.

See ya, I'm working on it again, please kindly to wait ^_^

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 7th Story : By The Time I Saw You - Part 4
« Reply #47 on: March 28, 2014, 03:46:05 AM »

You are a great writer so please do not think you are a bad writer. I enjoy your stories! I hope you update soon :)

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 7th Story : By The Time I Saw You - Part 4
« Reply #48 on: March 29, 2014, 07:21:58 PM »
Thanks for reading, you made me feel to work harder and write more ^_^
This is the next part, I just write anything in my head.
Sorry for the lame stor, sorry for the short part.
Anyway, hope you'll enjoy  :roll:

By The Time I Saw You - Part 5

The music started. Even I wasn’t really enjoying the typical music, I just enjoying Jurina’s style in form of a DJ. She was really cool. Jumping and dancing at her own music with the earphone hanging halfly on her neck, looked really enjoyable. She really an awesome DJ, people in the club yelling at her name.

Unlike the idols on television who were singing and dancing and the fans would calling their names over and over again, this was the contrary. People dancing and enjoying the music while Jurina’s smile grew wider at the sight of those people.

Not long after, a girl came on the DJ’s stage and started to go all over Jurina. My eyes hurted. She was hugging Jurina from the back and whispered something to Jurina which made her smile. If I could do something, I might have punched that girl.  But no, I had no rights to do that. All the things I could do were just sitting there and averting my eyes to another direction.

But, oh well, my eyes were so itchy to looked at their direction. And, I saw the girl kissed Jurina. Shit! Even it was just on her cheek, still, my head and eyes and heart are burning like hell’s flame.

Jurina walked to my direction,”Rena-chan, I’m going for a while, just don’t go anywhere, okay. I’ll be back soon,” she went away with that girl holding her hand.

I couldn’t help but curious about where they were gooing to and what would they do. But before I could stood up and followed their way, Jurina’s friend grabbed my hand.

“Don’t. If you like Jurina, you better forget it. You’ll just get hurt,” she gave me a convincing eye. Could it be .... I loosen her grip and started to walk away. I didn’t trust her words. I just needed to made sure it by myself.

I found their steps were heading to another side of the club which were full of rooms. I saw Jurina and the girl came into one of the rooms. Thanks again to the darkness which kept me almost unseen.

I took a peek inside the room and was really shocked at what happenned before my eyes. My eyes got watery and made everything I witnessed blurred by the water.

I  should have trusted Mariko’s words...

I ran away from the scene. Ran away straight away to my home. Glad that the taxi still could be found at that night. My heart was thobbing hard and it was hurt as hell. I couldn’t take the fact that Jurina was .... messing with that girl. Okay, I know that I wasn’t her girlfriend or something like that, but.

“Miss, we’re here,” the driver called out. “It’s 1,500 yen,”

I was about to took my purse, but stupid me leaving the club without taking it with me. It wasn’t just my purse, the key house also there! And it was still at the stage.

“Ano, sir, can we go to another place,” huh, I guess it was a bad day.

I needed to go to Airin’s house and lend some money from her to pay the taxi bill, and also sleep there. I have no other choice, I won’t go back to the club, I hate that place. Maybe I would just send someone to take my purse there.

Mariko was right. I shouldn’t like her in the first place. I didn’t know much about her life, we were simply just a chat buddy. I should have done more research about Jurina before liking her and fell on her feet.

“Wait here, sir,” I told the driver and waking Airin up in the half past midnight. Hope she would just woke up right away.
After a long wait, the door openned and reveal an unfamiliar person.

“Ch-churi?” I was shocked because Churi was there and, looked messed up.

“Eh, Rena-chan? What’s up? Airin already slept,”

“I’ll tell you later, please lend me some money to pay the taxi please,” I begged.


I told Churi after that because Airin wasn’t up then.

“I’m so sorry, Rena-chan. The day you met Jurina after you tell me the story that day, I was about going to tell you about her. But I have no chance because you went away before I get back to your seat,” Churi said.

“Eh? What do you mean?” slightly confused, I asked Churi for more details.

“Jurina was my schoolmate back in High School. She was really popular. Well, she wasn’t smart, but she was popular because of her flirty and player attitude towards girls in high school. Much to my disappointment, my cousin was being one of her victims,”

“Victims?” I don’t know what the victims stood for, a criminal case?

“If a girl confessed her, she would just turn down the confession. But if the girl insisted in being her girlfriend, she would have just asked the girl to bed. You know the rest. Then she would just leaving the girl without any mercy after dirt the girl,”

It was just too much for me. I don’t know how to react. How to react to myself who was being in love with her all along.

After Churi finished her story, she asked me to sleep.

“Wait, sorry if I’m being rude, but why are you here?” I asked her.

Churi laughed lightly at my question. “Well, spending time in your girlfriend’s house wasn’t bad, right?” Churi then left me to Airin’s room and sound of the door being locked could be heard.

I smiled at the fact that Airin already had a girlfriend, but me, just fooled by my own mind about Jurina.

Should I give up on you, Jurina...?

That's for the 5th part. I'm working again. :sweatdrop:

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 7th Story : By The Time I Saw You - Part 5
« Reply #49 on: March 31, 2014, 07:35:41 PM »
I should end this story soon, or I'll make it more confusing, not just you readers, but me too.
So this is the last chapter.
Boring and a no good way to close the story.
Sorry for the crappy English and mistake here and there.

I should create a new story, later (^_^)/

By The Time I Saw You - Part 6 (END)

It has been 2 weeks. The last time I saw the most heart-breaking fact about Jurina both from Churi and my very own eyes. Thank God, I didn’t need to go inside that club since Airin helped me to get my purse back.

Again, I tried to forget about my feeling towards Jurina. The very first person I fallen for also the very first person who told me what breaking heart felt like. I had no idea, but I just couldn’t accept the fact that Jurina was, truly, really, a flirt. I really would love to deny the fact, but, there was no way my eyes would lie to me.

Why do I have to feel this?

“Thinking about her again?” a too familiar voice broke my daydreaming about my first love. I couldn’t say no if she asked me that question, but it was too hard to believe that I was like being dumped before I could say anything just because of that fact about her.

“My God, Rena-chan, you really need to stop. There’s no point to think about her. Look, she never looking for you, right?” Churi a bit pissed about me loving Jurina. I knew it was her way to show her care towards me. She left me at the usual table where I always sat in her cafe to greeted her customer.

Even Churi already been my best friend, but I didn’t tell her everything. Including the fact that Jurina actually looking for me. Not like she looking for me like I was a lost person. She had my e-mail, thus she kept sending message since the day I left the club. She asked me the reason why I left that day, asking where I was, why didn’t come to her house. Even until this very day, she kept asking about me. But none of them I replied. That night still haunted me, not just in my reality but also in my dreams.

My phone vibrated, a new message.

From : Jurina
Subject : I miss you  :cry:

Where have you been losing all this time? Didn’t you already promise me to always come to my house. You’ve been losing for 2 weeks. Did I do something wrong to you? Then I’m sorry. Please, don’t mad at me  :cry:

No, I shouldn’t reply that message. I still had too many thoughts about her to consider about replying her message or not. But
I felt bad not replied those message. Again, my mind circling around her.

What should I do ...?


Screw me up ! I had no idea why my feeling was stronger than my positive mind. I should really visit a psychiatrist, I guess my mind have broken since the first time I met her.

I stood up in front of Jurina’s appartment door. I replied her message that day and promised to visited her on the weekend. But it was postponed because I wasn’t ready to meet her. So the next weekend I visited her.

I pressed the bell and waited there. It was a cold night and I almost frozen by the wind. I waited impatiently because of the wheather. Glad that Jurina wasn’t too long to open the door.

“Rena-chan !!! I miss you !!!” Jurina throw her body to me right away after openning the door. It was too tight, but it was very warm. After loosen the hug, she pulled me inside her appartment.

“Say, was it true?” Jurina suddenly asked me after served a cup of hot tea for me. Really, why she couldn’t start with a normal conversation like normal people did when she met her old friend? More importantly, what she was asking about?

“What?” I asked confusedly.

“Yesterday, Mariko told me that you were following me that night when I was going out with that girl. Was it true?” she didn’t look into my eyes. Was she embarassed ? could it really happen?

Instead of answering with words, I was just nodded as an agreement, agreeing what Mariko said to her.

“Oh, well. So, err... did you... did you” I felt that she was really embarassed.

A nod. Yeah, I saw you, clearly.

“Was it the reason you walked away from the club without saying anything to me that night? Also the reason you never replied my message?” her voice cracked, could it be that she was crying?

“I...I’m sorry Jurina, really. I didn’t mean to go that far, I was... I was just curious. I was je-... I was a jerk, I’m sorry for crossing your privacy, and sorry for not replying your messages,” I said. All this time, I was just about to say about the real fact about our problem there, glad that I was abled to cover that.

“That girl was my smex partner,” Jurina said out of the blue.

“What? Err, you don’t need to tell me if it’s your private life, I’m okay, I-“

“She only come when she need me to fulfill her lust,” Jurina cut my words with a shocking new fact about her and that night girl. “Mayu never sees me as I see her. Even so, I still accept her everytime she comes to me to get some smexy time,” Jurina smiled bitterly.

I heard too much. Why did my heart hurt? Why this Mayu girl made Jurina like this? Could I still love her after knowing all these fact?

“But that night was the last time she would visit me, because I asked her to leave. I wanted to run my life without her messing around. And I said to her that I already have someone who care about me, looking after me. And the most important thing is that she never wants me to juat fulfill her lust, but filling her heart,” Jurina explained.

So, she’s no longer with that Mayu in any kind of realtionship. But she has another person who seemed to really love her. Huh, I guess I have no chance at all...

“Do you want to know who the person is, Rena-chan?” Jurina smiling at me.

I already going to cry, but I really need the continuation. Maybe it was my last time being with Jurina before she and her new special person being in a relationship, soon.

“This girl has a long dark hair, but recently she change the color into brown. She got an almond-shaped eyes, a pale skin that I thought she was sick, a sweet smile, she got this princess aura surrounding her that makes me feel that I only could be her fan, she got a same family name as mine, but she’s not my sibling,”

I cried at her description about that person. How could it be? Was it real?

She run her thumbs in my face. Taking every teardrop with her soft touch. She smiled before landing her lips into mine.

“Yeah, it was you all along, Rena,” she looked at my eyes.

“Is it real? Or, is it just one of your many ways to flirt me before taking me onto your bed for a smexy time like what my friend said to me?” I asked her seriousness. I didn’t want to be one of her victims like Churi said.

Jurina let out a chuckle, “I never do that, I swear. Who told you that ?”

“Churi did,” I answered sharply.

“You know what, Churi is Mayu’s cousin. If Churi told you that I was a flirt and slept with many girls back in high school, well, that was what Mayu said to her,” Jurina explained.

I only gave her a questioning look.

*sigh* Okay, the flirt part was right, but the sleep thing, ugh... I sounded like a ho. The sleep thing wasn’t. Mayu told Churi, not only her but the whole school about that so people stayed away from me so she said that she could have me on her own,”

“Can I trust you? Because I’m just a dumb, I never fall in love, I never have a relationship, you’re the first. So if you hurt me when the time being, I might never going to trust anyone and anything when it comes to love,”

She made a swear sign. I didn’t know why, I fell so hard in her waves of sweet smile and love.

“I hope, I can rely on you, Jurina,”

“Like I told you before, I will always be by your side, today, tomorrow and forever. I guess I’ve been in love with you, by the time I saw you at the cafe. But stupid me, I still didn’t realize about that until you left me that day and Mariko told me why you left,”

“Same here,” I hold her tight, I wanted to feel her warm and feel her love.

“Can I asked some questions, Rena-chan?” she asked while hugging me.


“Just answer me with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ okay?” she said.

I looked up to her,”Why does it seems fishy?”

“Mou, I said answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” she started whinning like a child. It was cute...

“O- umm, yes,”

“I love you, Rena-chan. Do you love me?” she started the chain of questions.

“Yes,” I answered with 100% sure ‘yes’ from my deepst heart.

“Next, do you trust me now, Rena-chan?” her next question was kinda serious.

“Yes,” I soften my gaze toward her.

“Last question! Are you ready?” She was really childish ! But why did I have a bad feeling about the next one ?

“Y-yes...?” instead of an answer, my answer sounded like a question.

“Can I ...” she held my hand tightly and closed the space between us. “Can I get my smexy time with you now ???” she looked at me with her puppy eyes.

“HELL NO !!!” I answered her. No, not this fast ! But, oh well... “Just one last ki-“

She even didn’t let me finish my sentence and kissed me straight away.

“Thank you Rena-chan, for trusting me,” she leaned closer and tilted her head to deepened the kiss.


Well, yeah, that's all folks...
See you in another story.... :jphip:

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Ur story are awsome :thumb:

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Ur story are awsome :thumb:

whoaa, arigatou !!!  :fap

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you are doing good job.. :D

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Why there's not much people commenting this? :catglare:
Well let me be your fighting spirit!!!  :yossi:
This is GREAT, RenshuChan!!!! Keep up the good writing! :thumbsup
I'll be expecting for moooore WMatsui stories from u~  :cathappy:
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Well, Minami-pops -san and Embee5442-san thank you for your support. thank you for reading too  :thumbsup
Yeah, I tried to write another pair but I can't. I ended up pairing this two.
Whatever, I guess I have a writer illness. I don't know how to write a good story, but if someone read it and someone like it then I would be very happy and makes me want to write and write again  :yep:

Thus, I ended up writing a WMatsui story again.

Not much from them, but generally it's about the pairing, but they don't appear much. LOL
Just read it and hopefully you'll enjoy this  :fap

High School's Memory

My name is Matsui Jurina. I’m a girl, definetely. And I do like girls, that can’t be helped. Since I’m quite popular and all. It’s not that I’m cocky, but it’s the truth. Well, fans do explain everything.

Being loved by many people is a very great thing for me. You know, I can get anything that I want just by mention it out of the blue in front of my fans. It’s not that I’m using them, but they really make me think that I’m the luckiest person to get anything almost easily. But sometimes, they can be creepy and do any ridiculous thing. For example, I need to buy new P.E uniform almost everyweek, because I will always lose it once in a while after I use it. I don’t know how, but maybe they steal it when I was in a changing room ? I don’t know.

The other part of my story is, I have some creepy girls who go crazy about me. Wait, if you think that I’m a player then you’re in a big mistake. I am NOT a player, people just fall in love with me way too easily. That’s why I have some stories about this “magnetic” story about me.

The first one is Watanabe Mayu. She’s from another school. I met her when I had a visit to her school as a student council’s member.

:hip smile:

“Jurina-san, please help me to give this letter to the president council of AKB High School,” Rena said.

She was the President of student council. She was really strict when it came to work. Well, she asked me to deliver this letter to the president council of another school. It was about a social event we would do together. Not only from AKB high school, NMB high school and also HKT high school also invited by our president to join this social event. Another member of student council already asked by her to another high school, and I got a task too.

The AKB high school was a very prestigious school. The student who studied there wasn’t a usual people. Most of Japan’s richest people’s daughter were studied there. Including the president council, Watanabe Mayu. She was the daughter of Tanabe Corp, an industry which created all kind of robots in Japan. That caused her to be called the cyborg girl. I wonder if she wasn’t a human but a real cyborg. That was too amazing !

I knocked on the student council’s room and got inside when a voice let me in.

“Excuse me,”

“Yes, Matsui-san, right? Please have a sit,” she asked me to sit as she kept writing on her desk. She looked really serious about her work, yet looked cute with those glasses on.

After finishing her works, she put down her glasses on her desk and look at me who sat at the guest room. This school was too amazing, how could a council room be this large? It was like an appartment ! I guess I could play tennis there.

“So, Matsui-san, what bring you here?” she sat in front of me while crossing her legs. She looked... hot. Oh, well, screw my brain!

“Uh, erm, I come here in the name of student council, bring you the letter from our president council. It was about the social event we hold every year, and this year we try to ask another school to join this social event. You can read the rest on the letter,” she tiptoed me while I was speaking. She was smiling at me before taking the letter on the table.

“Matsui Jurina-san, isn’t it?  I guess I don’t need to read the letter because I will definetely join this event,” she said with a too bright smile.

“Err, just you?”

“Oh, hahaha, sorry I mean me and the rest of the school will participate, so what date will it be held?” she said. Was it me, or this president really enthusiastic while talking to me? Nah, I guess it was her personality.

“You can read the letter, Watanabe-san,”

“Nah, I’m tired of reading, please just tell me,” she said. She turned her position from formal into a too informal manner. She leaned closer across the table, I mean, really crossing the table and got too close to me. What was it? A rape?

“S-sorry, Wata-“

“Shh, call me Mayu, Baby,”she said all to seductively while put her index finger on myy lips.

I might make girls fall for me, but not this fast ! I tried to keep our space, but hell, I was trapped in that sofa. She leaned closer and closer until a knock coming from the door.

*Sigh, safe...

“What?!” She yelled and stood up from her position before. That was a 180 degrees of personality change.

“A-ano, Watanabe-san, there is someone looking for Matsui-san,”the voice answered timidly.

“Who?!” she yelled again.

“Matsui Rena-san,” the voice answered.

“K-kaichou?” I whisperly said. What was she doing here?

“Tell her to wait!” she yelled, for the third time. But she never left her eyes from me. She made me trembling from her cold aura just then.

She then leaned her body closer to me again. I was really afraid, I had no idea what she was thinking. How could a girl had double personality? Well, I had heard that rich people are strange, but she’s just really strange. I haven’t sat there for an hour but she already seduced me and tried to rape me! Crazy! I stood up immediately, not wanting any physical contact with the president. I grabbed my bag and ready to bid a goodbye to her.

“Before you go, I have a favor to you. Can you do it for me?” she said.

Urgh, what should I say? If I say yes, would it be fine? If I say no, would I leave the place safely?

“I’d do what I can do,” I said

She grabbed my hand and put it on her chest, “Be my girlfriend,” she said.

“WHAT?!” oops, I was yelling. “Sorry, wh-what are you talking about Wata-“

“Ma-yu,” she cut my words.

“Y-yeah, ma-mayu-san. Isn’t it too sudden? We haven’t met each other before, now...”

“I read your profile, it says that students in SKE high school are go crazy about you. I guess same here,” why her image suddenly became creepy? Who wrote the profile about me? Who told her about that? Wait, I know, rich people were surely had a creepy mind, I couldn’t deny that fact.

“If you reject my feeling, I won’t promise you to pass that door safely,” okay, someone REALLY HAVE TO SAVE ME !


And suddenly the door openned with a hard thud. Someone seemed angry and going inside the room forcefully.

“MATSUI JURINA! You really have to go back to school!” it was Rena-san. Okay, what was it all about?

“Why?” I said timidly. I was still in a hard shock with the sudden confession of this crazy president council of AKB, now my own president council. Sigh... my heart really needed a break.

“WHY YOU ASK? A girl is sobbing in tudent council room because she said you took away her virginity!” Rena-san yelled.


“WHAT? WHAT THE HELL?” right before I said my own ‘what’, Mayu-san continued it for me.

“Uh, I’m sorry Watanabe-san, but this ‘shitty’ in front of you is not a good person. It’s already the... I don’t remember how many girls reported that she was raped by this ‘asshole’ !” Rena-san? Really? You’re a liar, a BIG LIAR! I never raped anyone!

“You should thank me because I come here instead of her, or she will surely kill you,” Eh, wait. What was it? She looked at me and gave me a very short-short knowing smile. So...

“Ugh, that girl,”

I really needed to thank her if I could went out from that crazy cyborg’s room safely.

“Y-YOU... GET OUT! GET-OUT!” That’s it! She pointed her finger at my face. She yelled again as I gained my victory.

“But, please make sure your school will join our social event, Watanabe-san,” Rena-san bowed to her before got out of the room.

“YES! And bring that punk out of my room, NOW!”

Rena-san took my hand with her full strength. It was hurt actually, but I knew that it was part of her plan. So, I just following her path. After reaching the park area, Rena-san let out my hand and went to her car where her driver had been waiting.

“Ano, thanks Rena-san, for your help,” I said to her.

“No, need to thank me, Jurina-san. It was my mistake because I sent you to her. I forgot that she had said that she was interested in you. I should have asked someone else other than you,” Rena-san explained.

So, Rena-san knew that Mayu-san had a crush on me but just a little forgot and got me into trouble. Huh, what a day.

After apologizing, Rena-san went home, and so did I. I really didn’t know what would happen if she wasn’t coming through that door. Maybe I would have been Mayu-san’s grill meat.

:hip smile:

Well, that was my other story. I got this kind of treatment very often. In other times, a girl confessed her feeling in the middle of Seira-sensei’s lecture. She was in the same class as me. And it is just too memorable to forget.

:hip smile:

Seira-sensei was teaching English that day. She wrote some Japanese words and asked us to translate it into English.

“Anyone knows? Please raise your hand and write the answer on the blackboard,” Seira-sensei said.

“HAI!” someone raised her hand.

“Yes, Kizaki-san,”

The mentioned girl then wrote an English word beside the word “KAZE”. She smiled brightly and walked back to her seat with a proud smile. And the next thing I saw was a flying chalk which landed in Yuria’s forehead perfectly. And the whole class laughed at her.

“Itta...” Yuria said under her breath.

“Kizaki-san, are you fooling around?” Seira-sensei said. She was a bit pissed off with Yuria. “What is the Japanese word?” Seira-sensei asked.


“What is your answer?”

“Tornado,” she answered nonchalantly.

“Where’s your mind going? ‘Kaze’ means ‘Wind’. What makes you answer ‘Tornado’?” Seira-sensei massaged her forehead in depressed manner.

“But, tornado is part of ‘kaze’ too, right sensei? So my answer is not totally wrong, right?” Yuria said as it was a normal thing.

“What do you want? Do you want the smooth wind which blowing your hair turned into tornado? Do you want to get killed?” Seira-sensei gritted her teeth. She was indeed, looked like going to burn Yuria with her flame.

Yuria just looked at her in her style. She didn’t pay too much attention if she done something wrong. She always thought that it was right, from her point of view. What a selfsih-stupid person she was.

“Urgh, next, this is the easiest one,” Seira-san spotted someone from the back row raising her hand. “Yes, Takayanagi-san,” Seira-sensei let the girl wrote her answer on the blackboard.

The girl took the chalk from Seira-sensei’s hand and wrote something. But, instead of writing the answer, she continued the word with word ‘shiteru’ and wrote my name.

“EEEEEHHHH???” the whole class made a unison reaction, excluding me. I wasn’t in charge of react about anything. Another confession...

“What’s with your ‘Ai shiteru, Jurina-chan’, Takayanagi-san?” Seira-sensei, again, burned by her own fire.

The girl didn’t respon to Seira-sensei’s question, she looked at me with her sparkling eyes and wide smile.

“Will you marry me?” she said as she knelt down in front of the class.

And the whole class made another unison sound but longer ‘Eeeh,' for the second time. Seira-sensei couldn’t accept that she was being ignored by the girl and ran away from the class.

Another student circling us and started to tease us. Urgh, I really hated confession. I didn’t want to be in a relationship. I just wanted to be free and enjoying my life alone. No one to butted in, no one to prohibitted me, no one to whinning to got my attention everyday.

“I can’t, I’m sorry,” I said. I turned my gaze back into my book. But then I heard someone sniffing and it was non other than Takayanagi Akane, the one who was just confessed her feeling towards me and got rejected by me.

She pulled out something from her pocket, and I could see it clearly, it was a knife! What the hell?

“S-say ye-yes, or I... I’ll kill myself!” she said. Okay, she prepared everything well, even cronologiccally.

This was bad, totally bad. The whole class started to whispering one another and some of them who stood behind me urged me to just say yes.

“SAY!” she demanded me.

And the whole class went like ‘Whoaa’ in unison. I guess they were trained to do all that unison reaction if any case happen at class.

“Excuse me, is Matsui Jurina-san here?” the door openned and revealed a not so familiar long black hair and melon-pan lover, Rena-san, the president of student council.

“Hai,” I said as I raised my hand.

“Wait, what’s happening here?” Rena-san asked, as she looked at Takayanagi-san directed her own knife to her abdomen.

Then another student explained that there was just a sudden confession and turned out like this because I rejected her.

“Wait, Takayanagi-san, can I have a word with you?” Rena-san came nearer her as she turned the knife to Rena-san’s direction.

After that, I saw Rena-san and Takayanagi-san walked to the corner of classroom. I saw Rena-san whispered something and then Takayanagi-san dropped her knife and looked at me like a ghost. She then ran away from the class. And it was the second time Rena-san helped me to avoid to say yes.

“Jurina-san, we will have an athletic festival next month, because we’re in student council so we will start to prepare for the festival next week.” Rena-san explained her real reason to come to my class.

After saying that, Rena-san walked out of my classroom. But before she went too far, I catched her in front of the door.

“Well, thanks for your help earlier. But, what did you say that made Takayanagi-san scared of me all of a sudden?” I voiced out my curiousity.

“Nothing, just scaring her. See you later,” Rena-san left me with a big question mark. I hope she didn’t tell anything bad about me like the last time she did with Mayu-san.

:hip smile:

But yeah, that was just an old story. I already graduated from high school. I’m still popular here in university, but I’m relieved that there’s no creepy girl who would confess to me and doing all crazy things to get me.

“Hey,” I called someone who have been my hero back in high school.

“Hey, going to class now?” she walks while her hands are full of books. She never changes, always put study as her priority. She’s really clever, that’s why she gets good marks in almost of the subject.

“Yes, let me help you, that looks heavy. Don’t force to study too hard, you need a cooling down,” I take half of her books and walk beside her to our class.

“I have to. I’m not the one who can get good marks even she’s not studying, I’m not that smart, so I need to keep study hard,”

I somehow feel my heart is breaking. Is it my fault?

“No, you blame yourself again. No, baby, I don’t blame you. I just want to study, okay?” she continue to walk after assuring me with a short hug that she’s okay with study hard everyday.

Well, I never regret those creepy moment with some girls. At least I will certainly get a hand to help me solving the problem. And now that hand who always helped me back in high school, already been mine. Thanks to that prom night and all stupid things that night which made us as a couple.

I’m glad she accept my feeling. She was the first one I really wished to buts in, prohibits me from doing anything and whinning to get my attention. I never regret that night I asked her to come to another side of school to had a private talk. I never regret being a student council member because there where I met her.

“Rena-chan, I want to ask you the same question, since you never give me the clear answer. What did you say to Takayanagi-san that day?”

“That one? Urgh, it has been a long time, and it was just my suddent thought, so I’m really sorry that I forgot about what I said,” really? She forgot? Yeah, maybe. Let me just forget it too. I’m okay if finally, I ended up with Rena and I can see her smile everyday just to all myself.

:hip smile:

#Rena POV

Yeah, that day I just said that you still have a problem in controling your pee when you were sleeping so you ended up soaking your bed. Hehehe, I’m sorry Jurina ....


Okay, I'm bad at finishing and making a good story and finding a good words. Sorry for my bad English  :doh:

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 8th Oneshot : High School Memory (WMatsui)
« Reply #55 on: April 03, 2014, 08:59:36 PM »
 :on spit:
It was clever from Rena, that pee stuff.

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 8th Oneshot : High School Memory (WMatsui)
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What a clever president

Lucky Jurina have Rena help her out of trouble

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 8th Oneshot : High School Memory (WMatsui)
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Your stories are amazing! I wish more people would comment on them!
Rena is so intelligent! She is like a guardian angel to Jurina, helping her out everytime.
I can't wait for your next story!  :twothumbs

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 8th Oneshot : High School Memory (WMatsui)
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Your stories are WONDERFUL!  :w00t:
But I wanna know how Jurina and Rena became a couple... so a sequeal, pretty pleease??? :mon cute:
I'll be waiting for more~!!! :D
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Re: RenshuChan's Lame 8th Oneshot : High School Memory (WMatsui)
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Hahahaha I don't know if it's good or bad the form that Rena help jurina...but still I love WMatsui...thanks

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