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Author Topic: Shinoki's One-Shot/Drabbles(Mayuki - Love-Struck Kitty Won't be Discouraged)  (Read 44520 times)

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kuro-san~: Kumi is a god in that~

[If you know where I got this from~ it's a song~ Gumi~]


The rain fell down hard. The sky was black and cloudy. Sudden bursts of thunder and lightning shocked the school girls of Akiba High as they ran home. The weather report didn’t say anything about a storm! What happened to 0% precipitation?

That princess-like girl cried out in anger at her luck-to think that today she actually had checked the weather.

The second-year Kashiwagi Yuki was quite famous for being a beautiful figure in the school. She was quite respected, looked up to, and popular. That girl was being drenched under her school bag as she tried to use it as an umbrella, failing and splashing up puddles as she ran.

By each second, surely the rain gods must’ve been feeling nervous to suffer the wrath of this goddess.

As if trying to distract Yuki’s anger, a sudden weak meow cry came out. Hidden in the start of an alleyway was a box. Yuki halted to a stop. As she looked closer, there was a black cat with a horrid gash to its left hind leg.

Yuki tried to reach out for the cat in curiosity. In return, the black cat lashed out and growled. It was desperately hurt and too scared to reach out for the help of some random human. Yuki stared into the cat’s eyes, rude. The cat stared back and hissed weakly.

The rain gods were surely scared.

With a pout, Yuki hurried away from the cat that stared at her with mixed emotions. Quickly enough, she reached her home. Throwing her bag down and saying that she was back to her mother; Yuki ran up and grabbed an umbrella as well as some other objects. Swiftly enough, she ran back out.

She quickly found the cat.

Those stupid rain gods getting startled so easily made a huge crack of lightning. Hitting a large tree, the object quickly began to collapse towards the injured little cat. Yuki grimaced. That stupid cat sure was stupid!

Yuki wasn’t just going to let an imbecilic cat die like that. She dropped the umbrella and items and jumped. With one fell swoop, she got both her and the cat out of danger’s way. How ungrateful such a feline was. It responded with a few unthankful scratches at Yuki.

“You stupid cat!”

With no problem with doing it, Yuki gladly slapped a cat that was irritating her. The black cat flinched.

Much to its surprise, Yuki picked up her items and applied a stinging disinfecting thing onto the cat’s wound. Then she carefully wrapped it up, tying a cute little bow at the end. Yuki carefully set down the cat with the umbrella shielding it.

She mumbled, “…Ah, it’s too bad that we can’t keep cats.”

Yuki casually then walked off. The cat was dumbfounded, feeling an odd emotion in its chest.


“I hope everyone was able to safely get home after that sudden storm yesterday,” the teacher said as she stood in front of the homeroom class with something to say.

Yuki yawned. That phrase was pretty much like a rhetorical question. Her friends, the playboy-ish Matsui Jurina and the nice-but-scary-when-angered Matsui Rena, seemed to be nodding off like they always did when homeroom took long. It was a shock that the three were popular.

“We have a transfer student today,” said the teacher as she gestured towards a figure at the door.

A petite yet perfect looking girl walked in. She wore a hoodie over her school uniform; maybe it was cold. As the teacher wrote the girl’s name on the board, the girl stared at Yuki blankly. There was an evident frown and no other emotion on the face of the new transfer student, Watanabe Mayu.

Yuki was a bit confused. She tilted her head in questioning as she looked around. The emotionless, cyborg-like girl was still, and Yuki noticed that Mayu’s left leg had a bandage wrapped around it. Yuki shrugged, it wasn’t her problem.

As Mayu was pointed to a seat far from Yuki, the classmates rose and began to chatter.

“Hey, wanna join the basketball club?” “How was your old school like?” “How do you keep your skin so nice?” “What shampoo do you use?” “How’d you hurt your leg?” “Ah, I’m curious too.” “We want to know, Watanabe-san~”

“…tripped while moving in during a storm.”

Yuki realized just then that Mayu really had a cute voice. Somehow, the girl snapped out of her daze and shook her head, sending a slight glance towards the transfer student. Then, she heard a few chuckles. Jurina and Rena looked at her interested.

They chorused, “…Do you have a crush on Watanabe-san already~?”


She pulled her hoodie over her face as she let out a small squeak. Black kitty cat ears threatened to pop up as did a furry black tail. She held onto a sole umbrella as she stood in front of a shrine at the top of a large, large mountain.

The little kitty cat prayed to a god who would answer to a little cat, “…kami-sama, please let me be with her, just for a bit longer. I want to thank her, and…”

“…Yes, I’ll grant you humanity for a longer time.”

The little kitty gasped in happiness. The goddess let out a sad smile. She didn’t particularly want to see sadness, but a goddess still had her limits.

“…But, if you should ever touch your love, then…this spell will become undone.”

“…So this is love? Thank you,” whispered the little kitty with a smile.


Usually, one would say that a puppy would be the enemy of a cat.

Matsui Jurina casually seemed to be flirting with Mayu after school had ended. The girl had shown her abilities in book-smarts and failure at athletics already. As Rena was around to handle Jurina, Mayu was not under too much pressure.

Still, with a handsome grin, Jurina held out a hand, “We’re, Yuki, Rena, and I, going to karaoke, want to come along?”

Mayu took a good amount of time to process. Then, she slowly nodded nervously. Trying to avoid human contact if possible, the girl didn’t take Jurina’s hand though. She just nodded.

In her heart, the lonely, untrusting, and ungrateful child felt warmth. Even though she wouldn’t take anyone’s hand, Mayu felt oddly happy to be hanging out with these people.

She wouldn’t let a smile out just yet though.


The quartet was odd yet famous around the parts. The never-smiling cyborg Watanabe Mayu, the black princess Yuki, the playboy Jurina, and the spicy princess Rena, they were quite a famous group. Despite that, Mayu still seemed distant.
Even so, the friends knew her smile and couldn’t help but grin and laugh around her. It was warm.

Mayu wasn’t just some random transfer student. They were friends. Somewhere it seemed as if Mayu was more than friends when it came to Yuki. Well, the Matsui duo just knew and watched. At the same time, Mayu was content with watching from within her little hoodie. She felt blessed to be with such kind friends.

Yet another lunch, they all gathered together. Mayu nibbled on her food as always, slightly curled up. The quartet happily chatted. The two couples of the group were being warm and loving, and life was going well. It was going well.

Quietly, Yuki looked at Mayu. She secretly tried to sneak a hand over to Mayu’s and grasp onto the girl.

Suddenly, Mayu jerked her hand away. There was a slightly worried and distant look on the still typically emotionless face. Yuki felt a pang of hurt in her heart. Her expression tightened up into a discomforted and injured expression.

Mayu gasped. She wanted to apologize. It wasn’t so easy though.

Yuki got up and ran. Mayu didn’t know what to do anymore. The other two had no words. As they tried to hold out their hands to help, Mayu just couldn’t accept. She distanced herself and curled up more.

Cowardly or not, this little black cat ran away as well.


As time went on, distance grew. The emotionless cyborg and the popular trio were separate. They weren’t meant to be in the same world after all. Mayu couldn’t help but send a few sad glances towards Yuki sometimes. The other did as well.

The ever so blue skies felt grey. The mood was dark. Even a break didn’t help.

Rena and Jurina tried to fix the problem. They futilely attempted at things. Failure was all that came along.

Yet another day it was.

As Mayu and Yuki walked along, both tried to avoid each other’s gaze. A strange coincidence said for them to walk in the same direction that day. A tense atmosphere was present.

The light turned the right color to walk.

Yuki stepped onto the street to walk across. A car was coming along. It was racing. The driver was drunk. Yuki didn’t even have time to be angry at the fool for driving in such a state.

The quick eyes of a cat widened up swiftly. Mayu felt frozen up. She wasn’t going to let Yuki die. One more second and the girl would become road kill. That was bad. She didn’t want that. Mayu felt a pain in her left leg. Why now!? Never the less, she lunged into the street and pushed Yuki out of the way.

The car seemingly ran her over. Still, the girl came out virtually unscathed.

She let out a gasp again. Tears were beginning to build up. She grabbed her hood and pulled it over her face. Then she broke into a desperate run, a sprint, a race, a challenge just to escape, leave, get away.

Yuki was shocked. As she pulled herself to her feet, she tried to grab Mayu. Just by her fingertips, the girl had gotten away. Yuki chased afterwards.

A long sprint. A painful dash. They continued to run. Mayu fled. She continued until she came to a halt at the alleyway where the two had first met. She skidded to a stop, not caring about the state of her sneakers for doing so on such rough ground.

Tears began to overflow. She tugged at her hood even more. The cat ears were apparent. A black tail drooped down in sadness.

Yuki caught up. She let out a yelp of surprise at Mayu. Mayu cringed and shuddered.

With a smile, the little cat turned around, “…Sorry. I didn’t give you back your umbrella.”


The little cat said with a sheepish smile, “Hehe…I love you.”

She stepped towards Yuki. In a second, she lifted her face up to Yuki’s and stole a kiss. With another awkward smile from an untrusting, ungrateful, black cat, Yuki was shocked.

Mayu turned. She walked on. And Yuki could no longer see her.

“…I…do too…,” Yuki mumbled, “You idiot! If you really didn’t give me back the umbrella, you should give it back to me before…stupidly leaving.”

And then, she may have cried.


Sakura petals fell. The trio was heading onto college. They had graduated from high school already. With a wide grin on Jurina’s face, a smile on Rena’s, and another smile on Yuki’s, the three trotted along. There was a feeling of missing something, but they couldn’t say anything about it anymore.

With a chuckle, Jurina suggested that the three go up to a shrine to pray for good results. They had already passed college entrance exams though.

Shrugging, the other two agreed. They were going off into adulthood. They may be splitting ways.

Still filled with a burst of youthful energy, the three girls ran up a huge flight of stairs up a mountain. They raced to see who would win. Honestly, it should’ve been Jurina. Jurina had to go and support Rena though. Yuki giggled at their love and won the race.

The shrine was a petite little shrine. Yuki walked up and dropped a coin into the offering box. Silently, she prayed without her two friends as she waited for the two to come up.

With a sound of a slight shrine bell and whatnot, Yuki stepped back from the offering box. She let out a sigh. She looked up to the sky. The beautiful blue sky wasn’t all that beautiful.

The two Matsui had finally arrived. They pouted and hit Yuki’s shoulder. The three giggled like children at their antics.

Another bell sound rang. None of them hand rang any bells though.

All heads turned towards the sound. A breeze blew by, sweeping away a pretty storm of pink petals. A petite black cat walked out from the back of the shrine. There was a scar on its left hind leg.

A figure in a hoodie came out from behind. In her hand was what seemed to be an umbrella.

Yuki gasped as her eyes widened, threatening to tear up. And she couldn’t help but smile.

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Yay mayuki is meet again

Mayu is a black cat, *imagine Mayu as black cat*

Kyaaa so cute

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