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Author Topic: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri and Furuyanagi) - Chapter 2(28/03/14)  (Read 11735 times)

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This is my first time writing a school-genre fic.. Too many multi-chaptered fics I need to update... But I can do it.. GANBATTEMASU!!!! :) :) :)

Well, ENJOY~!!!!!  :) :) :)


Shichitenshi Gakuen

  • Prologue: The First Meeting (March 18, 2014)
  • Chapter 1: New Student (March 20,2014)
  • Chapter 2: Dancing Wind (March 28, 2014)


Prologue: The First Meeting

“Hey dad, may I ask where I will gonna study?” The girl on the backseat asked.

“You will know soon, my dear.” Her father replied while driving their family car.


“Like your dad said, you will know soon, Yuri.” Her mother smiled at her. She adjusts her daughter’s seifuku necktie and fixing her blue hoodie jacket.

“That school is very expensive, but thanks to the recommendation letter that we received, you can able to study there.” Her father said.

“Why the school gave us the recommendation letter?” The girl asked.

“They saw your talents and skills despite of your slightly poor academic grades, Yuri.” Her mother checked her headset which is hanged on her neck.

“Poor grades.” The girl cutely pouted when her mother said that directly to her. Her mother saw that and chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it, Yuri. I’m still proud of you. You’re still my cutest airheaded daughter I ever have.” The young girl blushes at her mother’s

“Yuri, are those things ready?” Her father said while not looking away at the driveway.

“Hai, dad, cleaned and polished.” The young girl took the 110 cm bag from the left backseat.

“Well, here we are.” Her dad said.

They stop at the widely opened metallic gate. They saw some students running through the gate as if they are late at the class. On the left side of the
gate, a black nameplate with a name written in kanji: 七天使学園, translated as “Shichitenshi Gakuen”. The girl holds the long bag very lowly, as if that she’s very shy from going to that place.

“Well, this is it. The last time we will together.” Her dad said.

“Don’t say that, Dad. You know that I will gonna home.” The young girl said with sad face.

“After your graduation, then you will come home. Just do your best, ok?” The young girl nods. She went out on the car and went through the gate,
passing to the border of her future.

“Here’s our daughter, walking to the place when we first met.” Her dad said.

“Yeah. I still can’t believe how she able to make that. We know that she has poor grades, still her works are classified as high-degree of metallurgy.” Her mother said.

“Orihalcon-Titanium-Diamond Alloy with Silver-Nickel coating, such a cute brilliant airheaded daughter. It’s time for her to chase the dream she want to pursue.”

“Yes it is. I forgot to tell her, this school not only teaches academic performance but also teaches how to fight.”

“Don’t worry about that, she will know soon.”

The young girl walks through the gate and analyzes her view. She amazed of very large field fill with trees and flowers. She saw some students are lying on the grass, while some are running and chasing each other. She look at the very far in front of her and saw several structures. But what she amazed more is the seven buildings towering each other with a bridge connecting on the rooftop. She saw on the wall filled with several towers, which looks like a military watchtower.

“This is not a school. Schools are not large as this; even university cannot reach 10 million square meters. This is a city! Or more like Academy city that I’ve watch in Toaru Majutsu no Index.”

“Wait, if this school is large as the city. Then the main class is…” She looks at the building depressively.

“Goddamn it, by my calculation, I’m gonna walk at least 5 km. Then I will gonna late in class.” She sighs defeatedly.

Then suddenly a car stops in front of her. The window opens.

“Hey girl, where are you going?” The driver asked.

“I’m going to class, sir.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Hop in!” The girl has no choice but to join a ride rather than walking or running a very long road. They arrive at their destination in less than 5 minutes. The girl went out of the car and bow to the driver, thanking for the ride. The driver waves his hand, signifies its fine.

The girl slings her long bag as she fixes carefully her backpack.

“Now, where should I go?” According to the driver, the school was divided into seven departments, each was housed in this seven towering buildings.

She noticed the distance of each building is very far, mostly 100 meters.

“No choice eh.” She went on the nearest place, which is her left side. She saw the name above her as ‘NMB Department’. The sliding door automatically

“Really huh? More look like a business building rather than school building to me.”

As the girl walks through the middle of the hall, she was greeted with the short-haired girl.

“Welcome to NMB Department, Yamamoto Sayaka desu. May I help you?”

“Actually I was kinda lost.”

“May I know your name?” The girl said her name, and then the named Sayaka pulls her Ipad Air and looks at the list of names. After a couple of minutes, she sadly smiled at her.

“I’m sorry, but your name is not on our database.”

“It’s fine, thank you.” The girl went out to the building. She went to AKB Department and met Takahashi Minami, she receive the same result. She also went on JKT Department and SNH Department and met Melody Nurramdhani Laksani and Mo Han respectively. She understands Melody because she’s speaking Japanese despite being Indonesian. Her conversation with Mo Han went nothing as she didn’t understand Chinese, until the girl named Miyazawa Sae came and translate what the Chinese girl said. As always, same result.

“May I ask something?” The girl said.

“You’re already asking.” The girl named Sae chuckled.

“This SNH Department is for Chinese students right?”

“I get your point. Actually, I’m being transferred from AKB Department for more learning and to teach students all about Japanese culture and language.”

“Oh I see. Well, I will gonna go now.”

The young girl’s very tired so she sits on the bench that was near the fountain. The 5 meter-radius fountain was placed on the center of these buildings. It was built for central attraction for the students and teachers and also for stress-reliever. She took a can of coke and drinks it, trying to refresh her throat. Then she put her green headset and plays the music.

Not so far from her, a girl wearing denim jacket with violet headset hanged on her neck, runs through the stairs. She brings also a backpack and has a slim, long suitcase that was held on her left hand.

“Yabai~. I’m gonna late at this moment.” Before she passes through the fountain, she saw the girl wearing green headset.

‘Eh, I thought all of the students are on the class? Is she also late?’ Then she went to the girl and pats her shoulder. The young girl removes her headset and look at the source of her disturbance.

‘Wow, she’s cute.’ The two thought, complimenting each other.

“Ano, are you late too?”

“Looks like, because I’m lost.”

“Really? This is your first time in this prestigious school?”

“Yup. I know this is prestigious school. I can see all of the students here are very wealthy, some are come from royal family while others are daughter of owner of multinational companies.”

“You’re lost because?”

“I don’t know where my class is.”

“Really? Well then I can help you about that.”

“Hontou ni?”

“Wait a second.” The girl puts down the suitcase and picks her phone in the pocket. She press ‘9’ and puts the phone on her ears. After a several rings, someone whom she expected answer her call.

“You should know that you’re nearly late in your class.”

“Gomen ne, Nishishi. I overslept because of that algebra homework.”

“Fine fine. You should hurry now, 15 minutes before the class starts.”

“I know. I’ve met someone; she’s also late because she’s lost.”


“Yes it is.”

“Could you please give your phone to her?” The girl gives its phone to the new student. After a while, the transferee gives the phone back.


“Nakanishi-san said that my name is on their database. She said that we need to go there fast or else I’ll be late at my first day.”

“Oh yes, I forgot. We should hurry now.”

“By the way, we haven’t chance to introduce ourselves right?” They giggled each other for a while.

“Yagami Kumi desu. And you are?” The girl wearing denim jacket said.

“Kizaki Yuria desu.” The girl wearing hooded jacket replied.

After their friendly introduction, they’ve run through the hallway, catching the time to making their way to the class.


To be Continued
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Re: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri) - Prologue(18/03/14)
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*heavenly music playyys~*
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Hmm...ain't that a great explanation~ :p

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Re: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri) - Prologue(18/03/14)
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3 Words

This Sounds Awesome!  :mon lovelaff: :mon squee:

Can't wait for the rest  :bingo: :mon love:

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Re: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri and Furuyanagi) - Chapter 1(20/03/14)
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Here's the first chapter... ENJOY READING!!!!!!  :) :) :)


Chapter 1: New Student

The class hasn’t start yet with their sensei so students go to their respective friends and having some conversations. The classroom’s sliding door opens, revealing a girl wearing denim jacket over her seifuku, her violet Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphone was hanged on her neck, her accessorized blue bag that slings on her left shoulder. She brings a 110 cm x 45 cm x 15 cm suitcase.

She went on her respective seat which is in the fourth row, in front of the window and put her things carefully. Then she saw her friend coming at her.

“And I thought you’ll gonna be late, you’re in 5 minutes before the class starts.” The boyish-looked girl crossed her arms in annoyance.

“And there’s an elevator right? I’m not that slow, Nishishi.”

“By the way, where’s the new student, Kumi?” Nishishi asked.

“Oh, she’s in the principal’s office for the discussion of rules and some important things.” Kumi said.

“Souka. Oh I forgot to say that we will gonna do that today.” Nishishi said.

“Not that again. And I thought it’s already consistent?” Kumi sighed.

“Her Kumi!” Kumi saw the two girls approaching to them.

“Ah, Churi and Airin! Ohayo.”

“Are? Why you’re late?” Airin asked with playful tone.

“I’m not late, Airin. We still have 5 minutes before that thing starts.”

“It was announced all of sudden. I wonder why they need to do that again.”

“It’s because the school wants to balance every classes.“ They saw another two girls approaching them.

“Rena and Jurina, ohayo.” Kumi said

“Ohayo.” Rena said while eating melonpan.

“Balance?” Churi and Airin tilts their head.

“Yup. Balance, in numbers, strengths, knowledge and talents.”

While their chatting about the event today. Kumi opens her suitcase revealing two folded semilunar-shaped blackish-silver colored blade with its razor
edge on the outer curve and handle holder in the inner curve about 30 cm near to the pointy edge and two 15 cm handle. She assembles her weapon, revealing two scythe-like tonfa.

“You more look like a shinigami holding a scythe rather than an Okinawan martial artist holding a pair of tonfas.” Churi chuckled. With that, Kumi extended the handle to 75 cm long.

“Or rather a shinigami holding two scythes.” Kumi smiled

“Whatever.” Churi opens the suitcase she carries, and then assembles all the parts.

“Zastava M93 Black Arrow, Serbian bolt-action anti-materiel sniper. It has an effective range of 1,800 meters but I modified it to maximum effective range of 2,750 meters. Even with a wind strength of 50 mph, my sniper can still shoot at straight line.”

“Wow Churi, since when did you have expertise in sniping weapons?” Rena asked.

“Since third grading? Come on, you know that I like sniper rifles. This is my most favorite.” Churi hugs the black sniper rifle.

“As you like birds? Did you inherit the eyesight from your pets?” Nishishi asked.

“No? It’s in my birth that I have 20/5 vision.”

“How far can you see clearly from that vision?” Jurina asked while playing her yoyo.

“It’s like; I can see Jurina’s face very clearly from the rooftop of this building to the outer gate of this school.”

“Sounds like not human to me.” Airin said as she fixing her retractable recurve bow.

“Airin, I thought you’re my bestfriend.” Churi pouts.

“Hai hai. I’m sorry, ok?” Airin puts down her weapon and hugs Churi.

“Apology accepted.” Churi smiled and hugs Airin too.

“Guys, if you want to make out do it on your own room, not on the classroom.” Kumi sighed.

“Ma-ma-making out?” Hearing that word, Churi and Airin separated to each other very fast and blushed furiously.

The sound of the opened sliding door turns silenced to the whole class. A middle-aged woman walks to the table and puts her thing on it.

“Good morning class. Before we start on the introduction to that event, I will introduce you to the new student.” The whole class whispered on one another.

“Ano, Mai-sensei. Is the new student come from the wealthy family?”

“Good question, Mukaida-san. Unfortunately, she’s not come from a wealthy family. Her parents are also graduated from this school 20 years ago. She’s
only receiving a recommendation letter from this school because they saw her capabilities.”

“Kizaki-san, you may now enter.” The class focuses their sight on the girl appeared from the door. She wearing hoodie jacket with green Beyerdynamic RSX 700 Wireless Headphone hanged on her neck. Her backpack was slung on her right shoulder and she carries a 110 cm bag. Then she went to the table and picks the chalk to write her name on the blackboard.

“Beyerdynamic headphone? Is that very expensive?” Churi whispered.

“Yeah, and that headphone costs 70 euros.” Airin replied.

When she finished writing her name, she bowed in front of the class.

“Kizaki Yuria-desu, from Aichi Prefecture. My favorite drink is strawberry milk. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.”

‘She’s really cute.’ Kumi thought.

“Kizaki-san, you may now sit where you want.” Yuria then went to Kumi’s company.

“Hi Yagami-san, thank you for helping me.” Yuria blushed.

“You don’t need to thank me, Kizaki-san. It’s my pleasure to help someone.” Kumi blushed too.

“Now that Kizaki-san joins to our company, you have 5 minutes to prepare whatever you have. After that we will gonna start that event.” Mai-sensei
walks out to the class. Then the noise comes back again.

Before Yuria prepares what’s inside of that long bag, she was being surrounded by some student.

“Hi Nakanishi Yuka-desu, I’m the class representative of SKE department.”

“Kizaki Yuria-desu.”

“The one who holds that black sniper rifle is no other than bird-lover, Takayanagi Akane.”

“Hi, Takayanagi Akane-desu. You can call me Churi. And just like this tomboy said, I like birds.”

“Hey! Don’t call me tomboy!” Nishishi shouts.

“Takayanagi-san, the sniper that you hold. That’s M93 Black Arrow right? It’s made by Zasterva Arms in Kragujevac, Serbia on 1993.”

“It seems that you know all about guns ehh.” Churi said.

“It’s just like, I’m a gun otaku. So I need to know all about guns.”

“This is Furukawa Airi, the one who holds a bow. Like Churi, she’s a sharpshooter too.”

“This puppy-face girl is Matsui Jurina, she’s a throwing expert.”

“Chotto! Don’t call my face a puppy, mou.” Jurina pouts.

“Kawaii.” Rena pokes Jurina’s cheek.

“And the one who pokes Jurina’s cheek is Matsui Rena.”

“Two Matsui? Are they relatives?” Yuria asked.

“We’re only having the same surname but it doesn’t mean that we’re relatives.” Rena explained.

“Oh ok.”

“If you need something, you can talk to us.”

“Arigatou Gozaimasu.” Yuria opens her long bag and pulls something inside, revealing two identical 100 cm katana. The hilts are color navy blue and their sheaths are color azure. Their guard are also identical, an eight-petal shaped guard. Each sheath is tied with cloth, with the thickness of 5 cm, 10 cm near to the guard for special handling.

“What a beautiful sword.” Kumi commented.

“Thank you.” Yuria unsheathes her two swords, then the whole class silent as they awed at the beauty of Yuria’s sword. The blade is shimmering in silverfish-golden color. The one sword was tattooed with flaming design while the other sword was tattoed with electric design, symbolizes of the two strongest elements, fire and lightning.

“Her sword, it’s not only beautiful. It’s a masterpiece from the heaven.” Airin said with her eyes shone like a star.

“Who’s the famous blacksmith who made the perfection of beauty?” Rena asked.

“I didn’t ask any blacksmith to make this.”

“Then who made it?” Jurina asked.

“It was me.” An awkward silence occurs. Yuria counted from three, two and one.

“EHHHHHH??!!! YOU MADE THAT??!!” Their eyes widened in surprise.

“Hahahahaha. Your face, you should see it. Hahahahahaha.” Yuria laughed at their exaggerating reaction. Kumi just smiled at her friends.

“Do I mind to know what materials do you get to make that perfect sword?”

“It’s an alloy of diamond, titanium, copper, tungsten, osmium, iridium and aluminum; and it was coated with melted silver-nickel alloy.”

“Really? So that’s how it is. And could you please stop having your jaws dropped to the ground. If the fly enters, I don’t know what will happen to all of you.” Kumi chuckled.

Mai-sensei enters the room and signals the class to silent so that they could listen to their teacher.

“The Board decided that the SKE Department will hold the Class Shuffle Games on the penthouse. So you will have 15 minutes to go on the highest floor. Dismiss.”

Then the class walks out to the room, making their way to the very top floor of the building.

“Kizaki-san, may I accompany you to penthouse?” Kumi asked.

“Sure Yagami-san, arigatou.” Yuria thanked.

“Drop the –san, it’s too formal. You can call me Kumi.”

“Then you should call me Yuria, Kumi.” Yuria smiled at her.

“Hey, what are you blabbering about?” Churi appears on Kumi’s side while Airin appears on Yuria’s side.

“Nandemonai, let’s go.” Kumi said.

‘Class Shuffle Games? I wonder what it is.’ Yuria thought.


To be Continued

Dou?? How is it???  :) :) :)
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Re: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri and Furuyanagi) - Chapter 1(20/03/14)
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I don't even use emoticons normally...but I have dubbed this:
A wonder of the world that makes me comment in such a manner...

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Why didn't I expect this genre? This genre - > :on kimbo:

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Re: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri and Furuyanagi) - Chapter 1(20/03/14)
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Hi! I just discovered your story and what a great start! I am captivated! Please update soon!

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Re: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri and Furuyanagi) - Chapter 2(28/03/14)
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Here's the chapter 2.. ENJOY!!!!!!  :) :) :)


Chapter 2: Dancing Wind

After running through stairs, they’re been greeted by the whispering breeze. Yuria saw four elevator doors open at the same time and students are came out from each doors. The airheaded girl wondered why the elevators can fit too many students so she asks Kumi about this.

“Ne Kumi, how much weight can elevator carry?”

“And why are you asking?”

“It amazed me how those people can fit inside the elevator without overloading.” Kumi giggled at Yuria’s statement.

“Well if you can imagine, those elevators can carry 4,500 kilograms or 50-70 persons.”

“Wow, then those elevators can lift a car?”


“Guys, enough for the elevator topic, we’re finally here.” Yuria looks from any direction and saw nothing but plain ceramic floorings.

“Here? But I can’t see anything except clouds.”

“Not here, follow me” Airin said and gesture them to follow her. After a minute has passed, Yuria saw something in front of them. As they’re walking toward the black object, it became clearer.

“Stop for a while. Wait until the clouds are dispersed.” They watch the clouds slowly disappeared. When the floating white cottons are disappeared, Yuria gasped very deeply. They’re standing on the stone bridge with metal rails. At the end of the bridge is an opened-window dome-shaped arena. Yuria saw that the arena is on the center of the seven buildings and being connected by each bridge.

“I don’t know if that structure will be fallen by the no-supported beams from below.”

“That’s also my thought to when looking at the structure standing on the intersected bridges.” Churi butted the conversation.

“The building has eight anti-gravity propulsion systems that were installed below as a support for the structure’s mass. Also, the intersecting bridge has extremely magnetic metals for the total effect of magnetic levitation device that was placed below the arena. With that, the arena has double foundation and can withstand any natural calamities without falling down.” Airin explained. Churi shivered when the strong wind touches her skin. Airin saw that so she undress her jacket and put it on Churi.”

“Airin? W-w-what are you doing?” Churi blushed.

“I don’t want my lovely parrot catches a cold.” Airin smiled makes Churi blushes furiously. Kumi saw the scene and rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“Come on, give me a break. Let’s go Yuria.” Kumi holds Yuria’s hand and pulls her to the arena, the otaku and bird-lover follows them from behind.

“Are those two are always like that?” Yuria asked while being pulled by Kumi.

“Yeah, ever since Airin confessed to Churi a year ago, they’re very sticky with each other.”

“Oh, sou desu ka.” Yuria look at her hand being held by Kumi. She unconsciously smiled and blushed at the same time.

Finally, they’re in the inside of the dome. They saw the woman in business suit, who introduced herself as Dean of SKE Department, Urano Kazumi. She explains the purpose of this event: to balance the number of students in each class base on their grades, skills and talents. The event is divided in two parts: Intelligence Proficiency Examination and Combat Proficiency Demonstration. The dean signals to the students, signifies the first part will begin now. Then teachers came out and distribute the test papers to each student.
Yuria change her facial expression from smile to frown as she look her test paper.

“Of all of the questions I will take, why differential calculus?”

After the distribution, the dean signals the students to start the test and give them 1 hour to answer all questions. Yuria look at Churi and saw her expression turns grim too. She saw Kumi troubled answering some of the question. Yuria saw Airin continuously write the paper, answering the questions without worries. Despite her grim expression and having a hard time to answer, she manages to finish the examination.
The dean raises her hand, signifies that the time is over and orders the teachers to fetch the test papers. Then she announces that the second part of the event will start. In this part, each of the students must demonstrate their strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, durability and agility by participating in one-on-one competition which will take place in a 400 sq. meter arena. The rules are simple: They must survive in the battle in arena within 12 minutes. Once down, the referee, who is the dean herself, will count to ten and if the participant did not respond then the one who still standing will be the winner. They are free to use any weapons they. The three judges, which were presented beside the arena, will observe the match and score the participants base on their performance.

The dean announced the first participants that will come to arena, Takayanagi Akane vs. Furukawa Airi. Kumi and Yuria watch the expression of their seatmates, from happy face to dark expression.

“Shouganai na, we need to do this.” Airin expressionlessly gets her bow from the side. Then she makes her way through the arena

“I guess so.” Churi slings her Black Arrow anti-materiel sniper on her shoulder and followed Airin.

“That’s the first time I saw their expression. It’s like not-so-good expression?” Yuria said.

“You will also first time to see this moment.” Kumi said while not looking away to the arena.

Down to the arena, Airin check her quiver if she has sufficient arrows while Churi loaded her sniper with magazine filled with ten 12.7x108mm anti-materiel rifle cartridge. When their eyes meet, an imaginary electric bolt sparks through their sight, filled with determination and desire to win.

“I will not lose even you’re my girlfriend.” Airin rotates her silver arrows.

“I will not lose to you either.” Churi pulls the rifle barrel and releases it, automatically charges the bullet to the chamber.

The dean raise her hands, signifies that the first match of Combat Proficiency Demonstration will begin.


To be continued

What do you think will happen when Churi and Airin fight?? I dunno...  :lol: :lol: :lol:
(To meet you someday, was the last thing I will wish for.)
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Re: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri and Furuyanagi) - Chapter 2(28/03/14)
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I wonder...will this be a long distance battle~

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Re: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri and Furuyanagi) - Chapter 2(28/03/14)
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Hey your fic is amazing

I'm anxious for next chapter

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Re: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri and Furuyanagi) - Chapter 2(28/03/14)
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This might be embarrassing, but I literally went "omg!" when I saw you updated this story! I can't wait for the next chapter. Please update soon!

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Re: Shichitenshi Gakuen (Kumiyuri and Furuyanagi) - Chapter 2(28/03/14)
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[Needs an update]

Since both are technically long distance attackers, it could be used to either of their advantages, it all depends on the reload speed and time

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