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Author Topic: OS Collection <No Fluff> [48/46] — It's Scary Living Alone  (Read 3652 times)

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OS Collection <No Fluff> [48/46] — It's Scary Living Alone
« on: March 09, 2017, 01:00:36 AM »
Whenever I'm not writing a chapter from one of my stories, I write one shots. I'm gonna post a lot of them on here. It'll get longer. I'm posting the shorter ones. Also, I got really tired of trying to write happy stories. Not all stories end happy.


Recordings of You

"This is 110. What is your emergency?"

"Oh my god! My wife is gone and she wouldn't answer my calls and it makes me nervous every single day! What do I do?!"

"Ma'am this isn't a—wait Mayu?! Seriously. I told you to stop calling me here. They check the logs you know?"

"Haha. Who checks the logs? Wasn't it that really lazy chick? Jurina? You can't be serious."

"Either way. You're disrupting me. I could be helping a real emergency right now!"

"You are! My emergency!"

"And what is that?"

"I already said it!"

"You can't possibly mea—ok I get it. I haven't been home lately. I'm really sorry about that. But chief won't let me off! He always says how 'work makes you free' and goes on rambling bout' his political views."

"Either way. You're not beside me at night."

"I thought we already talked about this. Yesterday in fact."




"Look. Before I go I wanna ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Are you recording this right now? I know you do it sometimes. Whenever I'm gone."


"Don't let anyone hear them okay? You talk about some weird shit sometimes whenever you call."

"Haha. Don't worry I won't."

"And remind me again. Why do you record us?"

"You're never here aren't you? You're always off working. I barely see you anymore. And most of the time, you don't answer when I call you on your cell."



"You're going now right? I mustn't keep you from you work."

"Yeah. Hey I'm—"

"You're going now right? I mustn't keep you from you work."

"You already—"

"You're going now right? I mustn't keep you from you work."

"Shit." Another voice came out of the speaker instead of Mayu's melodic voice. "I guess I'm caught."

"W-What? Who is this?"


"Who are you? Why are you on Mayu's cell?"


"Her hair is very pretty you know? Her eyes too. I wonder why you never come home to this." She gave a slight chuckle. "She's here with me right now. Say hi Mayu."

"Hi Yuki! So about last night—"

"...A-Are those—"

"Your recordings?"

"Oh my god. I-Is she—"

"Actually here? Why don't you come back home? She misses you so much."

"You're sick. You're crazy you know that."

"I think you're crazy. When's the last time you slept on your bed? Beside her? You're always sleeping on the bench in the break room at the station."

"You know me?"

"Of course I do."

"Why do you think I know that she calls you now and then. I do my work."

"...Wait. How do you—"

"Hey Yuki."


"I didn't like how she called me lazy."
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Re: OS Collection <No Fluff> [48/46] — Recordings of You
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2017, 03:15:51 PM »
Hold onnn!!! What the?!! what happen with Mayu?? damn! are you gonna end it here?? i dont understand what really happen here.. but i already had my own deduction.. lol! and it kinda angsty.. i know u already warned us *reader* that there is no fluff.. but still! lol 😂
Nice one btw! and yeah i'm waiting for your 46g one-shot fic! :')
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Re: OS Collection <No Fluff> [48/46] — Recordings of You
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2017, 07:04:40 PM »
Can you  make  me a furuyanagi  one  pls?

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Re: OS Collection <No Fluff> [48/46] — It's Too Cold
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2017, 04:38:37 AM »
It's Too Cold

I was married at age 23 and I've never felt so happy in my life. With the constant pestering of my parents about law school, it was certainly a welcome respite. Their eyes were beaming and their cheeks were sore from smiling all that day. They talked to me about the honeymoon and the news and we even told stories from way back when.

I felt free. Free from the constant bickering. Free from the threats that they made. They wanted to cut me off. Cut me off from funds, take me out of school. They even threatened to lock me up in a box and throw me into the ocean. It was brutal. But as soon as I announced my marriage, they've been nothing but courteous. It was weird, scary even that their attitudes could change so fast. They may have forgotten but I'll never forget the words they said.


I hated that word. It was thrown around in our fights from time to time. I thought I would get numb and not care but that word always gets me. When I heard that word I felt empty. It wasn't because I felt like I let them down. No. It's cause I felt like I could've done something else. If every choice you made in life led you to be locked up behind bars or held at gunpoint, were you making the right choices? That's what I felt. I felt like I took the wrong path. That word really got me. It really did.


Her eyes left me speechless and her lips got my heart racing. When I pulled the veil up, I was breathless. In my head, I thanked the heavens I met such a wonderful girl. She was a bit younger than me, a few years, and she only just entered college. She was a political science major. Who would've thought that such a girl was interested in a game like politics? Not me that's for sure. She was brilliant though. She was valedictorian and was number two in the whole country. I remember the look on her face when she saw the rankings at the website. She was so disappointed.

Number two.

She felt devastated. Imagine working your ass off just to be number two. I think that's what she felt. She never really liked to talk about it much. She would try to shift the conversation whenever our friends talked about how smart she was. She tried to shift it in a way that they wouldn't talk about the nationwide test. I helped her. She was grateful for that.

We got married just a month ago and we're now living alone in our home. Just the two of us. It felt strange. Cohabiting. I learned new things of her I've never learned before. I learned that she showered at a certain time of the day. 7:00 p.m exactly. I could hear the water running at that time every single day. I learned that she had chronic snoring. Seriously this girl was louder than a bear poked by a sword in the ass. It was that loud. Not pleasant at all. I even learned that she kept her old teddy bear named Nise around to hug whenever I was off studying in the library at night. It was cute.

Living together this past month was great. It was a new experience. But weird things have been happening lately. Sometimes when I turn on the tv, I'd hear this loud banging sound from the bedroom. I run over there all the time but I only see Jurina studying. And sometimes when I enter the bedroom, the loud banging, instead, came from the kitchen. I run over there but I always see Jurina just eating at the dining table. The loud banging continued on and on and on. I felt crazy. I asked Jurina about it and she said she didn't hear any loud banging. She said I must be tired from studying. But no, I wasn't tired at all. I felt wide awake when I heard those things. It's like when I heard them, my adrenaline pumped up and I had the energy to fight some crime or something. I wasn't tired. Not at all.

I tried testing different things to see what could cause the loud banging to be heard. I tried entering and exiting the bedroom. I tried turning on and off the tv. I even tried staying up at night to see if there were any pranksters doing it. But that was an anomaly. Jurina would've heard it too if it was pranksters.

I was studying at library one night when I heard my phone rang. It was Jurina.

"Hey what's up?"

"When are you coming home?"

I looked at the clock. 2:43 a.m. It was late. Later than I usually do.

"I'm sorry. I lost track of time. I'll be there soon. Don't wait up. Remember you have an interview tomorrow at the Dean's office."

I felt her nod from her side. "Ok but the apartment feels scary."

I raised an eyebrow. "Why? Don't you have Nise there with you?"

There was a slight pause between her next words.

"I keep hearing water sloshing around. I never told you. I thought you heard it too."

It happened to her too!

"Stay there! Don't sleep. I'll be there."

"What? Why?"

"I'll explain later. Stay on the phone with me. I'll be there soon."

When I got to the apartment, I saw her sitting, her back resting against the headboard of the bed.

"You're back."

I kneeled beside the bed and took her hand.

"Are you sure you're hearing water?"

"Yeah it started about a week ago."

That's when mine started.

"Listen. I keep hearing stuff too." "Remember that loud banging I told you about? That's what I was hearing."

She paused.

"D-Do you know where it's coming from?" She asked me, her voice quivering. It must be cold. Now that I think about it, the apartment was unusually cold today. You could even say it was freezing.

I took a glance at the thermometer by the light switches.

27 degrees.

What the fuck?

"Are you cold right now?"

"No why?"

"It's twenty seven degrees right now. And you're wearing a tank top and shorts right now. How are you not freezing?"

"I feel really warm. The thermometer is at 78 right now. What are you talking about?"

I was in disbelief. Is what she was seeing and feeling different from what I'm seeing and feeling? I heard about this once. A man and his wife divorced because of it. Apparently he was seeing his old girlfriend as her and married her cause of it. But this case was different. I wasn't just seeing her as different but I was seeing the whole world around us as different. As if we were in different worlds.

"I-Its nothing. Forget what I said."

I kept holding her hand and it felt warm. Like it was actually seventh eight degrees.

"You're hands are cold. Really cold."

I gulped. We were in different worlds. We really were.


"Do you remember the nationwide test?"

She immediately looked down and pulled her hand away from mine. Her face contorted into a frown and an aura of murder permeated around her. I gulped again.

"I though we agreed."

"Agreements don't last long."


"What place did you get again?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"No I just...I just want to check something. I want to remember."


I looked at her hopefully.


Holy shit I knew it.

"I thought you were second?"

"I thought so too but..."


"You're parents..."

"My parents?"

"T-They found me. They found my scores. They have influence. They have...everything. They even have you."

"W-What? My parents did that? They actually—"

"Don't act like you don't know. You were there. You watched them do it all. Watched them as they ruined my life. And then—"

"And then?"

"They forced me to marry you. I wanted to run away. But no...they wouldn't let me. Not after they took so much effort to ruin me. They just said I had a pretty face. I must have some use."

She started sobbing and buried her face into her hands. We were there for the longest time. Just me and her. Fire and Ice. Hot and Cold. We don't mix. We may never do. But soon enough, her cries started to die down and she looked into my eyes.

"I remember these eyes. They used to be beautiful. Your lips were soft and I remember the time when we kissed in front of that fountain at the quad...I remember...I remember those days. But now you're gone."

I titled my head slightly.

"What do you mean I'm gone?"

"Y-You died!"

"What?! What do you mean I died!?"

"What are you talking about? You already know. You wouldn't be here as a ghost if you didn't."


I looked at my body and sure enough I was ephemeral. Now I was truly scared. If this was some sick dream, I wouldn't have any of it. I'm taking some counseling that's for sure. Aren't newlyweds supposed to be happy?!

"Tell me how I died."


"Tell me."

"Y-You...You drowned. Your parents they..."

I let her catch her breath. She was crying too hard.

"They locked you in a box and threw you into the ocean. They said they warned you before that they would. I thought it was just a joke. I could hear the water even now! Gahhhhh!"

She started screaming and covering her ears with her hands. I tried comforting her and holding her but it didn't work. She didn't feel my warmth at all. And then I remembered.

I'm freezing.

"Calm down Jurina! Calm down! We'll get through this. Take deep breaths! H-Hey! Listen to me! T-Take deep breaths!"

Loud banging then resonated throughout the apartment. It didn't just come from one place. It was everywhere. It got louder until my eardrums were about to collapse. And then I felt a stinging pain in my hand. It was as if I was hitting something with my fist. The scenery around me then changed. Jurina was gone. The apartment was gone. It got colder and my body felt like it was floating in mid air. I blinked once and then it all changed.

I was banging on a clear glass box, blue all around me. And then I remembered, I was drowning.

Help! Help! I'm drowning! I was screaming in my head. If I yelled, I'd drown faster. I could hear screams coming from the outside. Jurina's voice.

"You bastards! Pull Rena up right now! She's dying!"

This was the past. I couldn't change it. I was dead. I didn't feel it. Death seems painless. It just hits you and you don't even know it. I didn't even know it and I've apparently been dead for over a month. What life was I living this past month? I've been living it with Jurina I think. Was she living with me knowing I was like this? God it must be awful. Seeing the one you love but never being  able to touch them. Never able to hold them in your arms. Never kiss them ever again.

I saw a white light. I guessed it was the sun but it grew larger by the second. I felt lighter and lighter. The area around me wasn't blue anymore and it was warm—scathing hot even. There was a fountain beside me and I looked around at the scenery.

Young men and women were hanging out by the trees and the benches. They were having picnics and they seemed happy. As if life didn't notice them yet. Because if it did, they wouldn't be smiling so brightly as they are right now.

"Hey Rena!"

I looked behind me and it was Jurina holding two ice cream cones.

"I have the strawberry and you have the vanilla. Here you go."

I took the cone in my hands. It felt cold and I almost dropped it.

"Be more careful. It took me five minutes to get that!"

I raised my other hand to say sorry.

She made a look of satisfaction and started eating her own ice cream. Her eyes were inviting and she looked younger. Two, three years maybe?

"Hey Rena. How's college?"

I hesitated to answer. What was this? Why was I here? This was the quad at Jurina's high school and the last time I remember being here was when we were on a date right before she took her placement exam.

"It's interesting."

"Interesting? Are you meeting other girls besides me!?" She started pouting. It was cute. I decided to play along with this. I didn't know who this girl was. I don't even think she's real. She's playing with me. This world is playing with me.

I tussled her hair. "Of course not. There isn't anyone else."

"Better not be." She then took a hold of my arm and led me away from the fountain.

"Where are we going?"

"There's something I want to show you."

I let her whisk me away and before I knew it, I was standing in front of a giant building.

"This is where it's happening tomorrow."

"What's happening?"

"The exam! I'm going to place first and I'm gonna get that scholarship!" She was laughing as she was now hugging me from behind. I leaned back and met her head, resting myself against her.

"Jurina. Do you think you can do it?"


"I have to. Or else, I can't go to the same school as you."

"Even if you did, you won't. I'm going to law school next year."

"It's the same campus. I just want to be there with you okay? It feels lonely out here."

I sighed. It felt so long since I felt this sort of tranquility. This sort of peace that I never got to experience ever since my parents showed up. I felt like the time I have right now is what life is. And if the world was going to send me back, I'm going to live this life to the fullest. And who knows, I may be able to change my fate.

"I'm sure you'll do it. I'm sure you'll get first."

Please. You have to.

"Hmm. Your back is really soft Rena."



She was silent. I could only hear the sound of the cars passing beside us on the road. She was still hugging me and I felt tears fall out of my eyes at the warmth she gave me. I never felt so warm before. I love this warmth.

"Hey Jurina."


"I love you."

"I love you too."

We paused after we said those words but I chose to break it.

"I wanna tell you something."

The world is giving me a second chance. It's telling me to live again. It's giving me a choice right now. A choice that I'll probably regret for the rest of my life. It's telling me to drown in the ocean or live somewhere, someplace but the important part of that was that I could live. It was the best chance I was going to get and I don't know what to do.

If all my choices in life led me to die in a box in the ocean, what was point of making those choices?

I already know my fate. So I'm going to make the choice to change it.


I'm sorry Jurina.

"Let's break up."
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Re: OS Collection <No Fluff> [48/46] — It's Too Cold
« Reply #4 on: March 10, 2017, 01:48:04 PM »
OMG!!! This is so angsty!! but i like it very muchhh!! Err.. does it makes me masochist then? hahahahaha
Well, i thought Jurina is the ghost!! didnt expect actually it was Rena! :o
Nice one by the way!~ 

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Re: OS Collection <No Fluff> [48/46] — It's Scary Living Alone
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It's Scary Living Alone

I bought some new furniture for my apartment just the other day. I had moved in about a month ago and because I was too lazy to buy some, I've been sleeping on old clothes on the floor. I don't even have a tv and or even Internet. I know, no internet for a month? Anyone else would go crazy. But I was lucky. I lived right above a Starbucks. Even so, I wasn't a big internet user since I just use it for checking email or the news. It wasn't that bad.

But anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about. It's about the closet I bought the other day. It's weird. I bought it as part of a set and they told me it's haunted. Of course I didn't believe at the time and I played it off as some hoax that he was trying to cultivate. But when I saw the receipt, he only sold it for five bucks. So of course when I saw that, I had a lump in my throat but I still was adamant that it wasn't real. And even now, I still don't think it's real. Even after what's happening lately.

It disappears. I don't know where it goes. It just disappears. I've lost a whole wardrobe of clothes already from it. Whenever I put stuff in, it disappears. And the weird thing is, it gives something back. The whole wardrobe that I lost? Fourteen hundred dollars. And when I put an apple in there to test it? I got tickets to a Nogizaka46 concert. At first I thought it scaled with how much it was worth, well...until it gave those tickets. They were the best seats in the house. So it definitely didn't scale with how much it was worth.

I didn't dare tell anyone else. Who knows? They might try to steal it. I mean. It's a really useful tool right? Who knows what I could get? Who knows the endless possibilities that lie in wake? Because I don't. And I sure won't let anyone else find out either. This is mine and no one else's. I chose to cover it with a cloth so that when people came over, they wouldn't recklessly open it. They may wonder why nothing is inside of it. I hope they don't find out. They may start asking questions.

I have guests coming today: my mom and dad. They were excited about me finally living on my own. Is it strange that the ones who were happy bout' me leaving the house was not me but instead them? They're a weird pair. They're unlike other parents. They were eccentric to the core.

My mom was an archeologist. So she was adventurous to the max. She led an expedition once and got lost in a giant cave. She returned back home three weeks later than when she was supposed to all battered and bruised up. But the notebook of notes and pictures she was carrying? Mint Condition. And do you know the first thing she said when she came back? She said "Did you do the laundry?" God she was cool.

My dad was a former Marine and currently owned a bookstore in the slums of Osaka. He lived in America for most of his life until he came here and married mom. He had scars everywhere. From the cat-like scratch marks around his eyes to the giant tiger gash spreading across his back. It was disgusting but amazing nonetheless. He never liked talking about how he got his scars. Well, except the one on his hand. Apparently when I was young, I had taken a knife from the kitchen and started to swing it in the air like I was sword-fighting. He saw me, tried to stop me, and know what happened. He did tell me something though. He said "You'd make a good cook." It didn't occur to me at the time that he was joking but fuck it, I enjoyed cooking now.

The doorbell rang and I got up from the couch. I peered into the hole, saw it was them, and opened the door. Hugs and kisses were thrown around. Greetings were exchanged. And then I invited them to sit in the dining room while I cooked them some food. They talked to me as I cooked.

"Are you settling in well?" My mom said.

"Yeah. At first—" *sprinkles paprika* "—it was rough but I got used to it soon enough."

"I remember when your mom and I first lived together. At the time, I was fairly young, fresh out of the marines. And my god, it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life."

We shared laughs as I gave them their food. We kept telling stories and caught up. They then started wandering around the house, seeing how I lived. They may have been glad I was out of the house but they were still my parents, they wanted to know if I conducted myself well.

"You keep this place clean."

"Learned it from you."

They then entered my room and my mom, being the archeologist she was, noticed the huge closet covered with the cloth. Well anyone would've noticed it. She pointed towards it and looked at me.

"Oh it's a new closet. It just got delivered earlier today."

She nodded in understanding and walked closer to it. She then proceeded to rip off the cloth off the closet. I gulped and closed my eyes. My mom had a knack of founding out things that were hidden. And I wondered how long she'd take before she found out what it did.

But it wasn't there.

Instead, it was the box for the vanity mirror that I ordered just yesterday. It wasn't supposed to come today. That was for Sunday and it was only Friday. What's happening?

"This isn't a closet. Atsuko what are you talking about?"

Cold beads of sweat trickled down the side of my face and my heart beat erratically. Why wasn't it there? I didn't move it. I don't think I moved it. What is this?

"Oh it was my mistake. I thought it was."

She looked at me curiously. I hated those eyes. Whenever she was suspicious of something, she would use those eyes. And whenever she did, I'd always give in. When I saw those doubtful orbs, I would panic.

"Why did you think it was?"

"N-Nothing! Just an honest mistake mom. It really is."

She then relaxed. It was over.

"You are living alone now. I'll leave you alone." She moved towards the door. "If you need anything, just call okay?"

I nodded and she smiled. And then along with my dad, she left the apartment. I saw them off at the door and closed it. I quickly put the locks on and ran to the room.

It was there.

"What the fuck?"

The closet door was slightly ajar and I opened it fully. There was a single coin. Not just any coin. A gold coin. It had strange etchings on it. I bit it to test it's malleability and it bent a little. I was surprised. It bent a little. True gold is easily bent.

I quickly stuffed the coin in my pocket. What was put in there?

Who put it in there?

I couldn't sleep that night as the closet across from my bed haunted me. It taunted me. It wanted me to put things in it. It was hungry. I didn't know what it wanted. And I don't know what I was going to do with it.

People must've hated this. If it could give me chills then...they must've been screaming in fear. I don't know why it was so scary. Maybe it was the endless possibilities that could arise from such an item. It gave power, money and people with too much don't end up too good. Should I trash it? Sell it off?

I need to burn it. Nobody needs this. I don't need this. If it gets in the wrong hands, well...we'd all be screwed. And one more thing—

Hold on...what's happening?

The closet door slowly opened. Centimeter by centimeter it slowly did. I quickly sat up in my bed and rested my back as far as could against the headboard, my head pressed against it hard enough it break it. Slowly, a small hand appeared from the little dark crack in the closet. It was a shriveled grey hand and it tried to grasp on to something but it kept missing and it grasped thin air. It started to get frustrated and it's grasping became faster and faster until eventually it's whole self tumbled out.

What the fuck?

I ran. To the kitchen. To the knives. It was the one thing I was good at. I went into a stance.

It's elongated limbs. It's long, disheveled hair that covered it's eyes. It's anorexic body. It's constant hissing. It's weird movement. It's scary. It walked like it was crawling and my was terrifying.

It followed me and was now right in front of me. It looked up at me as if he was subservient. And then it happened.

Oh my god.

It started vomiting on the kitchen floor. It's stomach juices spilling on the tiles, making it slippery. And then what came next was what scared me.

All my clothes and all the things I gave it soon came.

It then said something else.

"Massssster give it back! Giivvveee iittttt baaaaaaccccckk."

I was feeding this thing? I WAS FEEDING THIS THING?!

I started slashing at the thing and it screeched like a banshee. It started throwing itself across the apartment with great speeds. It knocked over the tv, couch, and glass started to break. It didn't like the sound of glass. And it screeched even louder when he knocked the vase down onto the ground.
Using that as a distraction, I lunged straight at it and sliced it's head off. I thought I hadn't killed it since it's body stayed in the same position but it soon fell over onto the ground. It's head twitched on the ground, it's snake like tongue hissing in the air, but I knew it was all over. The body dissolved into small little gold coins and was gone.

I fell on to the ground as I clutched my heart. I need to burn that thing. That closet needs to die.

I ran to the room and called my friends. I told them I needed to trash something and they didn't let me say why. Thank god they didn't let me say why.

I had to mop the floor of the kitchen before they came. They may have wondered what transpired. look at the apartment and people would know something happened.

I took the gold coins and put it into a small box I used for gifting and left beside the sink in the bathroom. Those would fetch a good price.

The doorbell rang and I quickly opened the door. I wanted to do this as fast as I could. They went to the room and we carried it downstairs to a flatbed. We drove it out of town and burned it under the night sky. I've never felt so free in my life. Free from all this. I thanked my friends and promised to return the favor. They then drove me to the front of my apartment building and I entered the lobby. There was an old man there and when he saw me, his eyes lit up.

"Ah! Miss Maeda. There is a letter for you. Here."

I thanked the man and made my way up to the apartment. There was an odor from the vomit but it wasn't too bad. After all, I put some perfume in the closet too. I opened the envelope with a knife and read it.

Dear Maeda,

Hope you have a nice time living alone! Your dad wanted to tell you all about the city but I said you should experience it for yourself. I just wanted you to know that we'll be watching your progress. You've turned into a fine lady.

Oh! And I wanted to ask about that mirror you got. I really thought it was the closet that I asked that man to sell you. I found it on an expedition and I thought it would be useful for you. Don't worry about it! I know how it works. Just don't put real food in that thing. If you do well...your dad can tell you all about it. He now has two scars on his leg. I know I know. It may sound like 'Mom! Why would you give me this thing?!' But I assure you, you will find some use in it. Why do you think we retired already? I put our car keys in it and now we don't have to drive at all anymore from the money we got. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it. Wherever it may be.

Love, Mom

P.S. Throw away the gold coins

Maeda looked towards her room.

There was hissing.

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