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Author Topic: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi 8 (11/8/16)  (Read 110344 times)

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Re: [AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 8 (9/30/16)
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Thank you for updating!!!!I'm following all your atsumina fics too so if you have time but please don't overwork yourself... we'll wait. ☺ I even bookmarked this page XD. I dunno other couples are cute too but I'm so addicted to atsumina 😍😍😍 I wanna kidnap them and wed them and throw them in an isolated island XD sorry XD And yes I love your works and how you write well but honestly speaking I don't like Uta even though she's a nice character T__T so thank you for balancing the moments. I also don't like them getting involved with guys in real life xp It's like I'm waiting for that that thing takamina said that they'll get married in 7 years on the 10th anniversary. I search atsumina fanfics on google and patiently clicked on every single one. There are some well written fics on wordpress. By the way, thank you for liking my post on tumblr about the atsumina feels is also strong in the manga. 😉 so thankful for you writers <3. I will still read your works but I'd love it of it's atsumina. Ahe~~~
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Re: [AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 8 (9/30/16)
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Damn... I want to know what will happen next... ah~  :shocked  ..I am sure.. that something will go ve~ry wrong..
About previous my comment - No worries.. your stories I has always enjoyed, it's just.. there are really rare writers now who writes Atsumina stories like these... where are MOSTLY THOSE TWO!  :huhuh  But if you still continue to write like that, then for sure I will read it... I think..  :roll:

BUT, IT HAVE TO BE ONLY ATSUMINA STORIES!!!!!!!!  8)2  I won't accept other couples from you, because  I am too stubborn to do it!!!  :smh 

Recommendations!? About what? You want to write new story?  :huhuh  First you have to finish these stories!!!  XD
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Re: [AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 8 (9/30/16)
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what will you do now minami? whose the one that you will choose? uta??? or our beloved ace,atsuko?  :hehehe: :hehehe: :hehehe:
well it doesnt matter for me cause even you choose uta,you will always end up with atsuko.
right minami?  :shifty:

btw,why you want to write takayuu story? are you leaving our atsumina already?  :OMG: :OMG: :OMG:
i will always read your story even its not atsumina but still i hope you keep writing atsumina story since it really rare find another author who still write atsumina story.

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Re: [AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 8 (9/30/16)
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I do wish for that to happen too on their 40s.
Well it's still years away from now.
I do wish to see them together again just like old time.

Thank you for the update.
I know Acchan's been bad on this fic
But please let it be Atsumina in the end.
Good luck and will wait for another fic to be updated! 🙌
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Re: [AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 8 (9/30/16)
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Thanks for the update!
In Takamina's head too much Maeda. Well. The end of history is close.

@Drakon: I plan on continuing the TakaYuu story and give it an official name, but idk yet.
:luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

Also... would you guys be opposed to me writing TakaYuu fanfics?
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YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
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[AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi 8 (11/8/16)
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Hey everyone, it's been a while. I'm currently not writing at the moment, but rest assure that I will try to ^_^

@Genkikid: Lol, I am kind of messed up because I don't know who Minami should be with... I'm still planning >_<
@~roxas~: Thank you so much for reading all my fics and bookmarking my page! Makes me really happy :love: I understand why you don't like Uta lol, it's because of your love for AtsuMina  :twothumbs So how many good AtsuMina fics have you gone through? I might want to read some to get some motivation, but no genderbender please.
@black_maa: Eh? I'll always write about AtsuMina, even if I do write other pairings, so don't stop reading! lol. Recommendation on new AtsuMina story for me to read, but I am thinking of starting a few new ones... Hai hai, I will do my best to finish these ones first X3
@ryu201: Waaah~ Ryu-chan kowai! lol and I'm not leaving AtsuMina, not ever, so no worries. Thank you for reading my fics <3
@phoenix0i: Have you heard about Minami wanting to sue a tabloid company? I think it's great she really values AtsuMina :) and thanks for the support.
@Drakon: Lol, you're the only one who seems excited about TakaYuu hahaha


Chapter 8

Third POV

The light angels have been practicing together to combine their powers to try and locate their one and only Pure Tenshi.

Sweat was glistening off of everyone, and the constant need to inhale for air is unmistakable. Anyone who looks in on them would think that they have tried their best, but seem to not have succeed, though the smiles on their faces would say otherwise.

“Yatta ne!” Miyazawa cheered, as everyone nods in agreement.

“We’ll rest today and will head out tomorrow, okay?” Akimoto suggested.

“Before heading out, we should let our queen knows…” Kojima added.

As all the light ones headed back to their quarters, there was one who wandered over to the rose garden instead. She knows that the place was restricted for the queen and her best friend only, but she can’t help to visit there.

She knew Minami loves smelling the white roses because it calms the older girl down. She can feel at ease here as well, knowing that it’s a safe place for her friend.

“Haruna? What are you doing here?” Mai-Mai seems surprised.

“Ah! I’m sorry for being here, my queen.” Nyan Nyan bows.

“It’s okay. You miss her too, huh?” The simple girl walked over to the gazebo and sits down. She gaze towards the garden with a longing look, but quickly blinked it away as she turns back to her friend.

The Saint Tenshi took the invitation and came over to settle herself. She wasn’t really sure what to say to the other girl because they weren’t really close. The only common thing, common person, that they have was Takamina.

“I miss seeing her running around up here to educate the kouhais…” Kojima confessed.

“Yeah… She’s hard not to miss around here.” The older woman smiled, trying to hide her confliction.

“We’ll transport ourselves to wherever Takamina is tomorrow. The girls were going to let you know the next day, but I thought I should tell you now.”

“Hmm… I didn’t think you guys would master it that quick.”

“They want to find their leader and get her back, so they work hard.” The Saint Tenshi shrugged.

“You don’t seem too enthusiastic in finding Minami back…” Mai-Mai has taken noticed, finding it weird that the best friend seems so nonchalant about her missing captain.


“I’m not really worried about Takamina because I know she can take care of herself, but…” The younger girl scrunches up her face in thought. She wasn’t sure if she should continue or just leave it there.

The queen has a hint of what her angel wanted to share. She has confident that in no time, she would hear it from her companion.

“I don’t think Takamina is exactly happy up here with us… Don’t get me wrong. She loves us and are happy to train us, but I can’t help and feel that she isn’t fully content with what she has. Does that make sense?”

Oshima was surprised to hear the taller girl speak so much. She never thought the girl sitting aside her was thinking of the same thing as her best friend before the Pure Tenshi disappear.

“Are you content up here with your situation, Haruna?” The older girl asked, wanting to understand if her companion also feels loneliness for not having a soul mate.

“I’m… I’m neither of them.”

“That’s an odd thing to say.”

“Is it?”

“Perhaps not. Maybe I’m thinking too much.” The queen laughs.

Kojima was confused. She didn’t understand what was funny, but she figured it was something that she had missed. She felt like she had spent enough time in the garden, so she stood up to go back to her castle.

“Good night my queen.” The Saint one wishes. What she didn’t realized as she was leaving, was that she was being watched and scrutinized.


“Now Yuko!” Shouted Shinoda.

The squirrel came from above as she plunge her sword down right on top of her trainer, but said person was quickly to disarm her and threw her towards the oldest Kuroi, who easily caught the girl.

“Damn it! I’m sorry I couldn’t do better Mari-chan.”

“It’s not your fault, she’s just too good.”

All the other Kuroi Tenshi has their fair share of sparring with the leader, but none of them seems to be able to land a hit on her. They all felt useless and weak. They just couldn’t understand why nothing works.

Acchan, on the other hand, never joins the match. She was happily watching her slave beating everyone up, even though none of them sustain any real damage because her Shiroi wouldn’t hurt them.

“Why don’t you guys all come at me? It’ll be more fun that way.” Takahashi chuckles. She has been training her newly acquainted friends, but only in combats. She hasn’t taught them anything regarding their inner power yet.

“You really think you can take us all, huh?”  Mariko challenged, even though she should know better. She believes that her team can work well together enough to be able to touch her sister like friend’s slave.

“I know I can.” Takamina smirk. She’s never one for smugness and has always been humble, but this sudden change is not noticeable to her.



“Don’t tease my friends.” The master says with humor, but in fact, she was worried that maybe the older girl might be in trouble if she’s being attack all at once. There’s no way she can defeat all her friends, right?

“What if Acchan also join us?” Miichan asked, feeling that with her friend’s Sinner power, they’ll be able to defeat the Shiroi.

“Um…” Takamina looks over at the younger girl who was just sitting on a comfortable looking chair, sipping on her tea with wide eyes. They’re both surprised by the suggestion.

“That’s not a good idea guys.” Acchan spoke up. She doesn’t want to fight her slave and with her experience, she knows that if they were serious, there will be much more injuries attain.

“Why not? Since Takamina here thinks she can take on all of us.”

“Yeah, it’ll definitely be good for profiling.”

“I think it’ll help us gauge the extent of her and our powers.”

“I want to prove her wrong.”

“I don’t really care much.”

All the Kurois spoke at once, There main goal was to defeat the Shiroi no matter what, but what they said was also a true thing on the side.

“I don’t want to knock Atsuko down…” Takahashi didn’t mean any harm when she spoke those words. She only meant that she didn’t want to have to fight her master, but it seems to have come out wrong.

“You did not just say that.” Maeda was offended.

“Atsuko, it’s not what you thin-“

“Save it Minami. If you think you can handle us all, then why not have fun, right?” Acchan was smiling, but one can definitely tell that there’s some evil intent behind it. Everyone shudders a little bit, thinking that the Shiroi got in trouble.

“Mari-chan, what’s the plan” The young ace stood up, walking over to the group.

While the dark angels are whispering with one another to form a plan, the light one just watches them. She couldn’t fathom how all of this escalated within a few minutes. She really doesn’t want to lay a hand on Atsuko, but with the additional member, she might have to be serious.

The Pure Tenshi never had to withdraw her sword nor has she ever uses 100% of her strength/power, and she would continue to keep it that way. What’s the point of being really strong when all it’ll do is cause other people pain?

She definitely doesn’t want to hurt Atsuko, but a part of her is curious to how strong the young girl might be. She was only able to get a glimpse of it, but now may be the opportunity to see more.

“You ready? Mi~na~mi~” Maeda immediately strip her Wrath outfit into the Sinner one. One could already see her aura slowly and steadily comes out as she gets herself ready.

The first attack was delivered by none other than the master with her quick punch. This was unpredictable because one would think that the younger Kuroi would go last.

Caught by surprise, the Shiroi has to bear the brunt of the hit with her bare right hand since she only had a few seconds to move her face away.

The 666 years old did not even flinch when her move was unsuccessful. She knew that her left fist would be caught by her slave and instead of being frustrated, she actually feels proud.

The other Kuroi’s, once again, underestimated the Shiroi Tenshi. They were astonished that Acchan’s special move was easily caught, but what they didn’t know was that because Takamina wasn’t fully guarded, her right hand was now broken due to the force.

Yuko took the opportunity to draw her sword behind the oldest deity and continue on with the plan as she speed up to pierce through.

The leader well aware and always keeping count of where everyone is at, quickly focuses her energy to her back to shield her from the sharp object, while still starring at her master in the eye.

The squirrel continue to plunge forward, but the barrier bounced herself back into a boulder.

Mayuyu, Yuki, and Miichan all jumped in together with swords in one hand and dagger in the other.

The captain dodges easily, doing back flips on one hand while trying to heal her other. She disarm the cyborg girl and threw her towards Oshima, knocking said girl back into the rock.

Kashiwagi got angry that her girlfriend was being thrown like a rag doll, releases her darkness as she flew towards Takamina and slashes none stop.

While still trying to heal her injury, the 3000 years old girl shrouded her left hand with her aura, blocks every cuts that the other girl was trying to make. She found an opening and snaps the sword in half before throwing her attacker towards the other two.

Minegishi knew she wouldn’t stand a chance, but she’ll follow through with the plan anyway. She wants to see her sword live long, so she disregard them and went in with hand to hand combat.

Shinoda still honing her own energy walks over to her little sister, hoping that the girl is still doing things as planned.

“You’re not backing out, right?”

“No, I’m not. I’m just… Is it weird that I like seeing her doing so well?” Acchan looks over her shoulder to her friend.

“Then you would feel better knowing that I’ve noticed she hasn’t even once drew her sword.” Mariko scrunches her brows, not liking the implication that she made.

“What?” The younger girl was surprised. How could she not be aware of that?

“It’s safe to say that she isn’t even using all of her strength…”

“That’s… That’s not possible, is it?”

The sisters continue to watch the match between slave and girlfriend. They find it a bit odd that their friend hasn’t been thrown yet. Does that mean the gachapin can match the Shiroi? That combat isn’t one of the Pure rank’s strongest suit?

If they were to look closely and are aware of Minami’s tactic, then they would see that she’s only using this opportunity to heal her hand even more. She’s well knowledge and well practice in each fighting categories. She’s especially good with hand to hand combat because she hasn’t use her swords for years, but it’s not to say that her swordsmanship isn’t superb as well.

“What rank do you think she’s in, Acchan?”

“She… She wears the same outfit as us, but there’s no way she’s the equivalency of a Sinner, right?” The question has swarm through the younger Kuroi from the moment she first met her slave, but she never really came to a conclusion.

“I think she’s even stronger to whatever rank it is up there that equal us… Could she be the queen?” Shinoda had an epiphany.

Both types of Tenshis are aware that their opponent’s ranks are the same as their own, but with different naming system.

“What would a queen do down on earth, let alone, here with us?” That really doesn’t make any sense to the master. There’s just no way that she could easily enslave a queen, right?


Both girls turn back to the fight, just in time to see Minegishi being thrown towards the other three, but luckily was able to be caught by their friends.

Takahashi right hand was completely healed as she looked over at the sisters. She wondered what they were talking about, but decided that it doesn’t matter because she’s ready for any surprise attack that they’ll be throwing at her.

“That’s not all you guys got, right?” The Shiroi taunted, which is not something she would normally do, but came out just as easily.

Just as Takamina finishes her sentence, the same four fighting earlier started attacking her altogether. Two of them had swords and the other two went for hand to hand.

Mayuyu and Yuko lunge forward with their long sharp object as Miichan and Yukirin with their fist, intending to mark their target. The Pure rank Tenshi did a back flip to dodge and disarm the hands with swords, sending the object straight towards a boulder. Still in midair, she spun herself using one of her hand as momentum to kick the four girls in the face before standing back up and dusting herself like doing all those moves didn’t affect her at all.

Mariko using the time when her friends took the attention of the other girl away, focuses all her energy into the palms as she dashes with the momentum from pushing off the ground to head towards the girl.

Being aware that something massive was coming towards her way, she too, had focused her powers into her hands to block the incoming surge.

Both rivals collided their palms together, no one was being pushed back yet, as others observe the internal fight between them.

Mari-chan thought she would leave some kind of impression since she’s using all of her strength, but the shorter girl doesn’t seem to budge.

On the other hand, Takahashi used 50% of her power to nullify the impact that the older looking girl had prepared for her. She would have used even less, but she respects her opponent’s potential and decided the girl would deserve at least half of her strength.

If their highest rank member only brings out half of her energy to surface, what about the young ace, her master? Speaking of the young girl, why hasn’t she been attacking as well?

Over 3000 years of training newbies, she had come across many different ways and see a lot of things that she knew immediately what the plan was.

Mariko was bounced backwards and slid a few feet. She was surprised and amazed by the light power that the angel had used to throw her. She felt a little shocks of lightning courses through her body.

Don’t tell me she can control elements too?

Takamina was once again, brushing off dust that’s barely there off of her body. Her hands were still glowing from her formed energy, with a few sparks flying out of them, as it slowly runs back and shrouds her whole body.

“Sugoi!” Mayuyu commented with the others nodding in agreement.

“Mayu!” Yukirin pulled her little cyborg back from getting closer to the Shiroi.

“Just who is this girl?” Yuko was no only amazed, but a little envious

“Mariko, are you okay?” Miichan quickly ran over to her fallen girlfriend to help her up.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just didn’t expect her to be that powerful.” Shinoda winces a little as she wraps one arm around her girl’s neck.

“How is she able to control lightning?”

“We all are capable of manipulating one or two elements that are based off of our origin.” The older Kuroi said, coughing as she uses too much air to speak.

The Sinner rank girl was right. They each are capable of controlling one or two elements that relates to the type of angels that they are. Being able to control one element is a given to each individual, but if the person succeeds in doing so, then that already shows how much they’ve trained and how much power they have.

Now, being able to control two elements? Well, you will literally be the strongest Tenshi out there. Your strength is outmatch and no one can beat you except for the higher being.
Everybody could probably guess the two types of elements that the Shiroi and Kuroi could hone. Takamina has already demonstrated one from the ‘good’ side, lightning, and the second one would be wind.

None of the girls on the ‘bad’ side shows any sign of control on the elements, but if they could, it would be fire and earth.

“We are?” This was the first time that Minegishi has ever heard of. She looks at all of her comrades, going through her mind on if she knew anyone who has such power, but none came to mind.

“We’re doomed, Mariko!” The gachapin started freaking out. She already knew that the Shiroi was stronger than all of them, but now with the power to control element or elements, she doesn’t think they’ll ever have a chance of beating the girl.

The older woman laughs. She knows her girlfriend can be exaggerating at times, but it’s still funny to hear it. There’s no way they are ‘doomed’ because Takamina is a Shiroi Tenshi. That in itself is enough of an explanation.

“Why are you laughing?” They younger girl helped Shinoda over to their group of friends.

“We’re fine, Miichan. She’s nice.” Mariko continues to chuckle.

“Hey, are you alright Mari-chan?” Maeda walked over to her older like-sister. She watched the whole exchange between her friend and her slave. It was quite a sight to see. She wonders if she can inflict any damage on the girl, but there is only one way to find out. She wasn’t sure if she likes the idea of them fighting at all.

Sure it was fun when they didn’t know each other and when they were enemies at first, but days after days of getting to know one another and living together, she feels conflicted.

“I’m fine, but don’t forget your role in this, Acchan.”

The younger girl nodded as she walks towards her slave. Same thing with what Mariko did, the Kuroi has been honing her power to use all her strength towards the light one.

“Atsuko… are we really doing this?” Takamina needed the confirmation before she actually puts herself into the position of fighting.

“Don’t hold back on me, Minami.” As Acchan let go, her black and red aura is flying out of her body in density.

Smiling as she see her young master running towards her, she too, releases the energy that’s been itching to come out and play. For years, centuries, Takamina has been holding back because no one is a match for her. She hadn’t met the right opponent who she deems to deserve her full potential, but maybe now is the time.

The only thing that the other Kurois can see is the immense power that came out of nowhere from the chibi girl. The force was too great that it would have flew them backwards if they weren’t mythical beings.

As they tried to watch the battle, they couldn’t see anything because everything was too fast. The master and slave are going at a level where Mariko can only catch glimpses of them.

They can only predict what is happening by taking in all the shattered boulders around the field. Wind are gushing at them and are especially focused in the center. They can see fire twirling around in combination with the wind.

“Do you think we should do something?” Yuko asked, standing next to Mariko, looking at the whirlwind.

“Abunai desu yo!” Minegishi shout out, not wanting to get near that circle of destruction at all.

“Miichan is right. We don’t know what it’ll do to us even if we were to be careful.” Shinoda continues to observe.

Before they knew what was going on, the match was already over. All they heard were sounds of impact made from colliding with fists. They weren’t able to see if anything hits its target, but all they can see now is Takamina pinning down their ace.

Acchan didn’t seem to be hurt anywhere, but then again, they wouldn’t know if there were any internal injuries. They quickly rushes towards the two girls, as said girls stood up with smile on their faces.

“Sooo… who won?” Mayuyu asked.

“No one.”

The master and slave answered at the same time. It’s a given that the 3000 years old Tenshi would won, but she didn’t want her companion to lose face.

“Minami won. I lost fair and square.” Maeda grinned genuinely, she didn’t feel embarrassed for losing at all, and instead she just felt proud that her friend was strong. She understood why her Shiroi answered the way she did, and she appreciate that.

“Eh? Hontou?” The gachapin asked, couldn’t believe that their own ace didn’t win.

“You’re not as you appear to be, Takamina.” The older Kuroi complimented.

“Thanks? I think…”

The group laughs as they went back inside the castle for snacks. They were all famished from the extensive training that they had.


The Shiroi went to the underworld to look for their leader. They zapped in front of a castle where they felt that has most of their captain’s essence. They carefully walk up the steps, sensing no danger; they burst through the front door.

The sight before them made them all stunned. Their leader was wearing different color clothing, sitting next to a Kuroi, laughing and drinking with the others.

“Takamina…” Sayaka said, astounded.

Minami was shock to see her Shiroi friends. The shock did not go unnoticed by the others, especially Atsuko.

They all turned to the direction that Minami was staring at, seeing a few Shiroi standing, surprises them all.

“Takamina, what is the meaning of this?” Tomochin yelled out angrily.

Minami stood up from beside Atsuko to walk over to her friends.

“Sayaka, Tomochin, I can explain…”

“You better explain quickly before I do something.” The duck lips girl threatened.

The leader turned back to look at Atsuko and the group. She then turned towards her friends.

“Can we take this outside?”

“Ye-“ Sayaka was about to say.

“No!” Tomochin interrupted.

Minami sighed and look at Atsuko, asking if it was alright for the Shiroi to sit with them and talk about it. The young Kuroi nodded in agreement.

“Come over here and sit guys. I’ll explain everything and any question that you may have.”

The Shiroi went over to take a seat. They are on the opposite side of the Kurois.

Both team look at each other, analyzing their enemies, except for two. The two stares at each other with yearning, with a secret that no one knows.

“So, I’ve been staying with Atsuko-“

“Oh, so you two are close now?” Tomochin continues to be angry.

Acchan started to feel irritated by the duck lips girl. Takamina sensing Atsuko’s agitation, puts a hand on hers to calm her down.

The motion did not go unnoticed by the other tenshis. Miichan, Mariko and Sayaka raised their eyebrow. Yuko and Haruna seems shock. Tomochin got angrier. While, Chiyuu, Sae, Yukirin, and Mayuyu looks confused.

The Kuroi calmed down, looking over at her Shiroi smiling, letting her know she appreciated it.

“As I was saying, I’ve been staying with Atsuko in her castle.” Minami looks at Atsuko, smiling sweetly at the girl, while explaining to the others.

“She actually saves my life…” Takamina turned over to look at her friends.

“What do you mean?” Sayaka inquired.

“I broke the rules…” Everyone from the Shiroi side gasp.

“Why, why would you do that?”

“I had to, to save the humans…”

“Tell us what happened.”

Minami look over at Atsuko. The Kuroi girl felt guilty, but at the same time glad that she was the one causing it. Otherwise she wouldn’t have met the girl beside her.

“A demon came to earth, and was capturing the human’s soul. The damage was too great for me to use my powers, so I use the holy dagger…” Takamina left out the part that Acchan was said dark one.

“I fainted afterwards, about to die, until Atsuko came by and brought me to her place. She uses her own blood to save me. “

Both the Shiroi and Kuroi are shock. The Shirois couldn’t believe that their leader had to sacrifice herself, while the Kurois are shock because Minami was covering for Atsuko.

“Is there something you’re not telling us?” Tomochin questioned.

“No, what makes you think that?”

“Who was the demon that caused the destruction and why was a Kuroi there?”

Takamina new the girl would question her, so she was prepared.

“I couldn’t find the demon and Atsuko happened to go to earth due to her queen’s punishment.”

“I find it hard to believe that a Kuroi would save a Shiroi without having a motive.” Tomochin snickered.

Acchan couldn’t take the girl’s attitude anymore, stood up. Tomochin seeing a challenge, stood up as well. Both Takamina and Chiyuu held their partner back, not wanting anyone to get hurt.

“Atsuko please, they are my friends…” Minami giving Acchan her puppy dog eyes, making the girl gave in.

“Tomochin, calm down, Takamina wouldn’t lie.”

“No, Takamina must be under some kind of spell by that Kuroi!”

Minami snapped, her aura releasing slowly, but very intensely. Others around her sense it and shivered. Even Acchan was taken back. Takamina using her authority voice spoke up.

“What did you say, huh, Tomomi?”

All the Shiroi was scared for their life, but especially Tomochin’s, who whimpered as the leader called out her name. The Kuroi was also scared, even though they know they are safe.

Tomochin was about to speak up, but seeing the fire in the leader’s eyes and feeling her powerful energy, stopped her from opening her mouth.

“I am not under any spell. I am as clear as the day we all sparred.” The captain continues using her authority tone.

“You changed, Takamina, you’re not the same Takamina that we all know and love. It is all her fault!” Tomochin spoke, pointing at Acchan.

Normally, Atsuko would have been mad to be accused, but she knows that it was her fault that Minami is down here. She feels bad, not sure on what to do.

“Tomochin, enough, Takamina is the same.” Sayaka said, defending her leader.

“Look at her, Sayaka, she’s wearing their colors! She used that tone when she only ever uses during practice!”

Sayaka looked at Takamina. She can’t deny the fact that Tomochin is right, but she believes that the captain is the same.

“Takamina…” Sayaka started, but didn’t know what to say.

“Come back with us…” Tomochin finishes what they were all thinking of.

Minami, Atsuko, and the other Kurois are dumbfounded at the revelation. Both Takamina and Acchan dreaded this day. While the other Kurois didn’t want to lose such a valuable friend that they have become close with.

“I-is it really okay to come back? I committed a sin though…”

“You had a good reason to, we forgive you for that. You can come back to us and be our leader again.” Tomochin said softly.


The Kurois were surprised to hear that Takamina was the Shiroi’s leader. Sure they knew that the girl was a Pure Rank Tenshi, but they didn’t expect her to be the head as well. They were speechless by the new finding, though it explains why the short girl is really strong and well knowledge in training.

Takamina is having an internal struggle. She wanted to go back, but at the same time, she enjoys it here. Mostly, she doesn’t want to leave Acchan behind.

“I-I don’t know what to say…” The leader turns to look at her master, hurt was evident in the Kuroi’s eyes.

“What else is there to say besides yes?” Tomochin was frustrated.

Sayaka stepped in, looking back and forth between the captain and her friend.

“Just think about it, Takamina. You’re our rightful leader, and only you can take us to victory.”

“Victory? What are you talking about?” The ribbon hair girl was confused.

“The Kurois broke our treaty, so there will be war, and we need our leader back!” The duck lips girl clarified.

The Kurois gasp, looking over at Takamina and Acchan.

“I don’t want to go to war. The Kuroi isn’t as bad as we thought…” Minami tried to defend the tenshis.

“You are completely brainwashed by them!” Tomochin accused.

“That’s enough!” Takamina, once again using her leader tone to make the girl back down, which also causes others to taken back.

“You guys can all leave now.” The captain continued, dismissing her Shiroi comrade.

“M-Minami…” Acchan finally spoke up after a few minutes of silence, holding onto Takamina’s right hand, and squeezing them gently.


“If you want, we have a few extra rooms that your friends can stay in…” The master spoke softly.

“A-Atsuko…” Takamina’s heart beats faster, blood rushing up to her cheeks, and eyes completely sparkling.

The leader smiled sweetly at her master, gently squeezing their hands, and pulling the girl into an embrace.

“Arigatoo, Atsuko. I really appreciate your kind offer.” Minami whispered as she snuggle her nose to Acchan’s neck, inhaling her scent.

“I-it’s nothing.” The Kuroi said, being tsundere, but smiled and also indulging herself in the Shiroi’s smell.

The Kurois were surprised to see Acchan being nice, offering her castle for Takamina’s friends. The Shirois were stunned to see their leader being so close to the young tenshi.

The slave released herself from the hug to turn over to her friends. Her right hand held onto her master’s subconsciously.

“Atsuko had offered for you guys to stay with us. What do you think?”

“N-“ Tomochin started.

“Yes, thank you very much for your offer.” Sayaka bowed politely.

Acchan smiled at how calm and nice Sayaka was.

“Well, it’s getting late and we all need our rest. Come, and we’ll show you to your room.” Takamina started walking with Acchan in hand. The Kurois follows immediately since they know that the day is over, while the Shirois followed them slowly.

“This is you guys’ room, TomoTomo.” The leader assigned the first room that was in the hallway. The couple walked in with one of them being mad.

“…” Minami chanted to lock the room up, and not let anyone out.

“Why Takamina?” Sayaka asked.

“Just a precaution. Here is yours SaeYaka. I trust you two won’t be doing anything, so I won’t lock it.” The twin tower walked into their room.


“Nyan Nyan.” The leader went to hug her best friend.

“How are you, Takamina?” Haruna asked, really concern about her friend.

“I’m good. Atsuko has been taking care of me.” Minami turned to her master and smiled genuinely.

“Will you come back with us?” The tall Shiroi asked.

Again, the question of Takamina coming back was raised. The Kurois all had a sad expression on their face. Acchan looked away, not wanting to hear the answer.

“I-I don’t know. I committed a sin though.” The captain repeated the same thing.

“Just be careful Takamina.” Haruna hugged her friend. They continued walking, while the leader was wondering why her friend had told her that, until they reached Shiroi’s room.

The girls continued walking. One by one, each of the Kuroi couples disappeared. The only last two people left are Minami and Atsuko, heading towards the end of the hallway.

As they reach the door. The master turned over to face her slave.

“Are you gonna go to your room?” Acchan wanted to say more, but find it hard to let it out.

“I want to stay with you!” Takamina blurted out. It was unclear to whether she was answering the Kuroi’s question or the unanswered question that everyone dreaded.

Acchan didn’t know if she was shocked or dumbstruck or confuse or happy, but she wrapped her arms around her Shiroi’s neck, snuggling close.

“Let’s go into our room and sleep together.” The master released from the hug and pulled her slave in, closing the door behind.

“Minami~ undress me~” Acchan teased, trying to lighten up the mood, but what happened next made her blush.

“Hai, Atsuko hime-sama.” The slave answered seriously, kneeling down, slowly taking off her master’s shoes. She continues taking the socks off, the skirt, and the shirt. The Kuroi was left in her bra and panty.

Takamina stares lovingly at Acchan, taking in the young girl’s beauty.


The master blushes and looked away, too embarrassed to look at her slave directly.

The Shiroi started stripping off her clothes as well, but slowly. She was too nervous.

Minami, in only her bra and panty, took hold of Atsuko’s hand and leading them towards the bed. She settled onto the left side of the bed, holding her hand out, asking Acchan to join her. The Kuroi took hold of the hand and lay onto the right side of the bed.

They were both facing each other, staring into each other’s eyes, no words needed to be spoken. They are content with the silences that they have. In the back of their mind, they knew that this may be the last time they’ll be spending together. Feelings are still being discovered, but one thing they are sure of is that they don’t want to be apart.

Acchan starts tearing up with the thought of not seeing her Takamina again.

“Atsuko… don’t cry…” The Shiroi tries to comfort her master, but the young girl cries harder. The slave pulled the Kuroi close and held her tight.

Tears were also slipping from the leader’s eyes as she embraces her master.

“D-don’t leave m-me…” What the young girl said was muffled, but was heard clearly by the slave.

“Don’t leave me, Minami.” Acchan continues crying out of control.

The Shiroi tries to soothe girl, but nothing was working. One thought came into her mind, but she doesn’t know if it’ll work. The only way to know is to try…

“Atsuko…” Takamina pulls back from the hug, causing the Kuroi to yearn out. The slave took the opportunity of seeing her master’s face, closes the distance between them.

Minami eyes were closed, but Atsuko’s was wide open from the surprise. The young girl slowly closes her eyes to enjoy the sweet sensation of the kiss that the Shiroi brings. Both were amazed by the feeling of softness from each other’s lips, and the feelings that caused their heart to beat fast.

Takamina stopped the kiss, leaning her head against Acchan’s, as both are trying to breathe and understand the situation. The slave opened her eyes first to check if her master had stopped crying.

“Atsuko, I won’t leave you okay?” The Kuroi blushes, opening her eyes to show it sparkling.

The older girl embraces her master again, feeling relieved that her master had stopped crying and that her plan worked.

“M-Minami.” Acchan shyly calls out.

“Hai?” Takamina looked at the girl smiling.

The Kuroi rolled over slightly, now being on top of the Shiroi.

“You promise you won’t leave?”

“Ha-“ Before Minami could finish, Atsuko leaned in to capture her juicy lips. This time, the slave was shocked, but she recovered quickly. She put in as much passion as she receives from the other girl. They continued holding each other with their lips attached.

Both wanting more, but didn’t know what else to do. Takamina took the initiative, licking the top of Acchan’s lips. The young girl gasps at the sudden feel of wetness. The Shiroi continues using her tongue to trace the Kuroi’s soft marshmallow, until the master opens her mouth.

The older girl’s tongue seeks out her companion’s as she explores this unknown territory. She slides her hand on her master’s smooth back, moving up and down, intensifying the heat within.

The Kuroi traces her slave’s tone abs, moving up slowly to cup her round pillow.

“Ah~” Takamina moans, feeling embarrassed for making such a sound.

Acchan, on the other hand, body started heating up. Her heart was fluttering nonstop. Never had she ever heard such a captivating sound before. She wants to hear more of it, she wants more of Takamina.

The Kuroi started squeezing and massaging the Shiroi’s soft mound.

“Un~ A-Atsuko…” Minami called out as she blushes. The master went in to kiss her slave again, continuing her ministration. She reaches her other hand on to the leader’s other chest and feeling them.

“Minami…” Acchan was breathing hard, leaning her forehead against the other girl with her eyes close. She reopened them to a sight of a blushing Takamina. The Shiroi has completely taken the Kuroi’s breath away.


“I want you, Minami.” The master said in a deep raspy voice, causing an electrified feeling running through the slave.

Takamina flipped them both over, making her the top. She leans down to capture the Kuroi Tenshi’s puffy lips.

In the back of the Shiroi’s mind, she also wants Acchan, but she doesn’t want to move too fast for she was still unsure about her feelings. Plus, they are too emotional right now, and could end up regretting this.

Minami pulled away, looking down at her master. The girl’s face was flush red, and it was a beautiful sight to the older girl.

The Shiroi lay on top of the Kuroi, embracing her.

“Let’s take it slow, Atsuko…”

Acchan nodded her head, hugging the slave back. They lay in that position for a few minutes before Takamina spoke up.

“Let’s get some sleep.” The leader leans down to peck her master’s lips one more time before she move to the side.

Minami stretch her arms out, waiting or Atsuko to snuggle in. The Kuroi laid her head on the Shiroi’s right shoulder. Her nose was next to Takamina’s neck, breathing in the older girl’s scent. They were both content as they fall asleep in each other’s arm, wishing that tomorrow wouldn’t come so soon.


“Did you find out the source of that power yet?” The queen yelled in frustration.

“N-no my queen, we’re still working on- ah!” Meetan used her whip to cut the demon in half, said demon was gone, and was quickly replaced by another.

“Worthless fools!”

“Please let me serve you, my queen.”

“Go make yourself useful and don’t come back with bad news!”

She continues to walk around her kingdom, still feeling the immense strength running through her body. It gives her great pleasure, bordering frenzy, and she wants that power for her own. If she can’t have it, then no one else can. She’ll destroy it if she has to.


Well, for those who been wanting me to continue this story, I hope you guys enjoyed it :)

I made a poster for it too, and I'm quite proud of it haha. Anyway, thanks you guys for always being patient with me.

Hopefully, I'll get back to writing soon and update more. Jyaa ne \(^_^)/
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Hmm.. ammm... I have no idea what to say about this part for this story...  :sweatdrop:
Except about that one part, what was kind of  :oops: :drool:  .... uh.. want more of that in your stories..  :D XD .. (me and my pervert mind.)

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promise you won't leave atsumina??? cause now you are my only hope for reading atsumina's story  :fainted: :fainted: :fainted:

you update this story!!!!
and this chapter is......someone please bring me few blood bag,i lost too much blood :mon bleed2: :mon bleed2: :mon bleed2:

Hmm.. ammm... I have no idea what to say about this part for this story...  :sweatdrop:
Except about that one part, what was kind of  :oops: :drool:  .... uh.. want more of that in your stories..  :D XD .. (me and my pervert mind.)
totally agree!!!  :mon nyah: :mon nyah: :mon nyah:

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Nice update! Hello from your silent reader  :hand:
Actually I waiting for nisenmono to be updated.

Thanks dor your hard work. Waiting for more. :thumbsup

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Ooohhh that AtsuMina 'almost' scene  :bath:

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@Drakon: Lol, you're the only one who seems excited about TakaYuu hahaha

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Really? I haven't heard abou it but thank you for informing me.
Takamina really is protective over Atsuko. Graduated or not.

Thank you for updating. This chapter really is a great one.
Finally Atsumina is taking their first step.
I will be tuning on with this fic. ☺
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Please update these following Atsumina stories:
Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

I especially like the Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi and Futari the best.

Can't wait to read the next chapters each other these various stories

Thank you for the updates so far

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want more...
want very much ...
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