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Author Topic: You and Me... and the Red thread - Chapter 20 (09/04/2021)  (Read 120121 times)

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You and Me... and the Red thread - Chapter 20 (09/04/2021)
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Konnichiwa! This is our first fanfic yes! "OUR" first fanfic, me and my friend here write this story and we will used my account to share it with you guys!  XD
Please bear with our writing  :roll:
We tried to emphasize some of their personalities in real life.

Please comment and tell us what you think about this fic (if you could please state why do you think this will be a good/not good story, it will help us improve our writingg  ), and if we could ask which pair has the most interesting love story?

douzo!  :P



Watanabe Mayu’s POV

It’s been 10 years since then… that time I was only 5 years old when my parents passed away because of an accident.
My family doesn’t have any close relatives and I was still a kid back then so there is no one to take care of me and handle our family’s business.
My mother’s best friend Kashiwagi-san took care of me and my family’s business. They have been best friends ever since their childhood so she is the only one I can be trusted to. Kashiwagi-san teaches me all the things I need to know in business so that when I’ve reached the right age, I’ll be able to handle things on my own.

Those painful years made me hate the things around me.

I don’t want to trust anyone.

People are full of greed… they will do everything just to get what they want... everything… even if it means taking a life. Even if it means taking away a child’s happiness to be with her parents.

Those people took advantage of my parent’s kindness… that’s why I won’t trust other people.
But this girl... she made me open my heart...

“She’s different from others, I just know that”
“She thinks about others the most even though she might not express it that much”
“She tends to worry a lot but she doesn’t show it”
“She always wears the sweetest smile”   
“She really has a wonderful voice that keeps me calm”
“She was like a mother to me….”


”but then again, I’m really confused”


She is the only daughter of Kashiwagi-san, her name is Kashiwagi Yuki and I call her Yukirin.
She always looks after me. She always takes good care of me more than anything. 
That’s why I am able to be the true me whenever I’m around her.
She can see right through me…
But she’s also spoiling me too much… and I found myself being happy about it.
Whenever I’m upset, she always comforts me. She always tells me that everything will be just fine, that I am great and strong and… she will always be there by my side.

Then I started to think…

“What can I do for her?”
“Do I really have the right to be at her side?”

Because of these thoughts I started to realize this feeling inside me.

“Am I falling in love with her?”

“But this is wrong”

“She’s already in love with someone else”

My heart aches…

When she told me everything… It really hurts… it hurts…

It hurts so much that I wanted to disappear in this world!

She’s in love with her childhood friend, Miyazawa Sae.
It really hurts but I have to keep my cyborg face whenever she talks about her.
She love that dork a lot but I don’t like her, she’s a play girl.
I know she is just fooling around my Yukirin and I don’t like it.
I don’t want my Yukirin to get hurt!

But I can’t tell her…
I can’t tell what I really feel for her.

I remember when she got home really drunk.


“We had a fight!!” Yukirin said while she throws herself in her bed and keeps crying
“What happened?” I asked without showing emotions on my face.
I’m worried about her, I don’t want her to be like this… seeing her cry breaks my heart… but I have to be strong… for her.

“Ne? Mayuyu do you love me?”
“Huh!?”- I was shocked. Why is she asking me this!!? No, no, no... Wait!? Is she drunk!? Please don’t ask me this kind of question… my heart will explode.
While my head is messed up by her question, Yukirin grabbed my wrist and pulled me…
She pulled me closer to her…
Suddenly I felt something soft touching my lips…
It’s sweet… her lips as sweet as honey…
-But this feeling why is it so painful? I’m kissing her, I should be happy… her lips are sweet but… why do I taste this bitterness?-


I was so stunned that I let her kiss me...  No, honestly… I have desired this for a very long time… I want to kiss her… I want her to kiss me…
It was a long kiss… when our lips parted, she hugged me tightly.
“She got my first” I thought while trying to hide my blush…

“Mayuyu… Don’t leave me like Sae did”, Yukirin said while starting to cry again…
“I really love her but she have changed! She doesn’t want to tell me why. I’m her best friend right? But she does this to me!!”
That whole night she was crying,
She falls asleep in my arms while I keep brushing her hair with my fingers.
She still smells nice even if she was drunk.

I kissed her forehead and whispered...
“I want you to need me, even if you make me a substitute I don’t care, I love you Yuki”

I put a blanket to cover her up. Turning off the lights I glance on her again and tell myself that I need to be at Yukirin’s side… always. 
I have made up my mind…
I went back to Yukirin and hold her hands. I kissed it gently and fell asleep as well beside her.


I took an accelerated exam in Yukirin’s school, and I passed.
I’m not really interested in school and stuffs but for Yukirin’s sake I need to do this.
I need to protect her from any harm.
Only two weeks from now I’ll be able to go to Yukirin’s school and be by her side. 

Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

Being the only daughter of the owner of Kashiwagi Financial Corporation, one of the largest financial company in Tokyo, I have learned to be a sociable person.
But honestly, I really don’t care about the people surrounded me except for my parents and my 3 childhood friends that I love so dearly… The four of us are always together, like siblings.

My parents are always busy so I’m always alone.

I don’t want them to worry about me and I don’t want to bother them so I didn’t tell them what I really feel.

But because of my childhood friends (Sae, Rena and Jurina) that always cheers me up whenever I’m sad, I don’t feel that lonely anymore, especially when I’m with Sae… 

When we’re in kindergarten, Sae always protects me from the kids who tried to bully me at school.
When I get scared because of thunders, she always hugs me and comforts me.

“She is gentle and energetic”
“She is very talented and sporty”
“I love everything about her”
“She is just like a handsome prince that everyone who would fall for”
“My prince”

I think I’m in love with her.


But there are times that my childhood friends are not there when I feel all alone…
It was very lonely that I tried to hide inside the closet and cry…
And then…

Another important person came into my life…

I was 7 back then. 
My parents brought a girl to our house, she was the daughter of my mother’s friend.
She really looks so fragile to touch and her eyes tell you that she’s drowning in sadness…
She’s screaming inside, she’s hurt…
I don't know what exactly the reason is but somehow… she became attached to me,
I don't want to leave her. I want to support and protect her. 
That was I thought and decided…

I always keep an eye on her. Always try to talk to her because she doesn’t talk that much, she always isolates herself to us except to my Mom and Dad who always teaches her about business stuffs. Even if she’s still a kid you can tell that she’s really smart, she’s a genius.
I know that she is scared to show her real self to others, so I keep on trying to make her talk to me until one day she opened herself to me.
I was like a proud sister back then. We became close like sisters… no, rather like a mother and daughter…
But, I don’t know what this is…
I just came to realize it that there is more about Mayu when this incident happened.


“Oh! A high fever huh…”
“I can’t move at all…  I guess I’ll just keep myself inside my room.”
“My friends are out of town…“  *sigh*
“I wish they are having fun… “

“Hmm? Someone is knocking… I’ll just pretend sleeping. “

*Opens door*

“Yuki? Do you want to eat?” I heard someone talking… its Mayu

“Hey Yuki?! “

I can feel that Mayu is walking towards me

“Yuki you’re sweating and your cheeks are red.” She then touches my forehead…
I heard her slowly walks towards the door.


I hope she doesn’t notice. I will just sleep again maybe when I wake up, I will be ok.
Because it’s always like that ever since I was a kid.

Hmm? I slowly opened my eyes…
Eh? There is a wet towel in my forehead…
And beside me… Mayu is sleeping while holding my hand.
“She’s really cute when sleeping.” I can’t help but to smile… “She’s really a sweet girl”

I tried to sit up but my head really hurts and I don’t want to awake Mayu because of my sudden movement.
I closed my eyes…

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she said in a firm voice while she touched my forehead…
Why is she mad at me? What did I do? I just don’t want to bother anyone… I thought but I didn’t answer…
“I’m worried about you.” She said as she kissed my cheeks
“Now eat up and drink this medicine.”
Oh…she’s worried about me… but she’s wearing an emotionless face again… oh well
“Yes, yes I will.” I reluctantly answered
I took the porridge and try to feed myself but she stopped me.
“Huh? What is it Mayuyu?”
“Just sit, I will feed you.” She said as she took the bowl of porridge from me. She helped me to sit up properly and feed me.  She also makes it sure that I take the medicine and help me again to lie down on my bed. Then again she put a wet towel in my forehead and covered me with a blanket.
“Now, sleep again. I will be here by your side when you wake up. I will look after you.” She said while she kissed my forehead
“Please try to rest and get better soon, I don’t want you getting sick.” She said with a worried voice…

I was really surprised by her actions… My heart is beating to fast… *doki*doki*doki*doki*
What is this feeling?

“Yes I will, uhm… thank you Mayu.” I can feel my cheeks turning redder.
Oh, she mustn’t see me like this…

“No more talking. Just sleep.” She said and I obediently nod
When I closed my eyes, I can feel that she held my hands again and kissed it.

I feel really safe and comfortable.


Even though she had opened herself to me, sometimes she is still acting cold… like an emotionless cyborg.
So when she shows this caring side of her I really feel special.

Oh, she also became friends with my childhood friends but I really don’t want Jurina touching her all over. I don’t know why but I’m really irritated when Jurina tries to hug her or even KISS HER!! Yes! Kiss her!! *irritated*

Jurina is such a kissing monster, even if we are 1 year older than her I don’t know when she became a kissing monster.  And I keep telling Rena to stop Jurina in her weird stuff.

Mayu is MINE!

Huh? What did I just said?
Oh well, I’m just being protective that’s all.

Soon I, Rena and Sae will be 2nd year high school while Mayu and Jurina will be 1st year in high school. Mayu is 1 year younger than Jurina but she took an accelerated exam in our school and passed. I am really proud of her.
I was so happy when Mayu passed the exams, now the 5 of us will be together in school. We still stick together as always. Clinging to each other, supporting each other... but there is one thing I am not happy about

I noticed that Sae have changed.

She’s still flirting with me and Rena and to other girls surrounded her *irritated* but there is something different with Sae’s treatment on us now, like she is hiding something to us. It hurts me just thinking about it. We are best friend and childhood friend right? And I’m also hoping that there is something special between us. Because of this we had an argument and I got drunk. I know I am not allowed to drink because I’m still a minor but who cares.  I got home and Mayu saw me really drunk. I don’t really remember what happened that night all I know is that…

Mayu will never leave my side.

I can remember her fingers brushing my hair and Mayu hugging me tightly. I love Mayu’s scent it keeps me calm. I always have this feeling when Mayu shows her caring side to me, like I’m really special. 

I don’t want to let go of this hands that’s all I’m thinking now.


Oshima Yuko’s POV


“How long will I wait to see you again?”
“I really miss you so much… but I can’t still go back”
“Do you still remember me? I hope you didn’t forget about me…”
“I miss your cat face... you really are beautiful”
“I miss your voice singing to me while we are at our secret place”
“I hope to see you soon… just wait for me my Nyan Nyan  <3 ”


I’m Oshima Yuko. I’m currently the student council president in Fierté de Maide All Girl’s Academy. I got here through a scholarship, and oh I’m in my 2nd year now in high school. (︶ω︶)

I really worked hard to achieve this… ✖‿✖

And you know, I always want everyone to be happy while I’m the kaichou in our school, so I always plan something unique that will be loved by the students although I might cause trouble too with my vice president and secretary hahaha but hey, we’re friends °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° and I know they like it too.
We support each other in the student council. And we also have this unique bond. ~(‾⌣‾~)
I’m also a part of the drama club. Well you know, I am very talented *laughs* ╭ (oㅇ‿ o#)ᕗ

I managed my own admission to this school, I also live alone so I took care of myself and I am managing my own business.
I might not look like a responsible person but I want to prove something too,
That I can be independent and reliable... that I can also handle stuffs on my own.

Although I’m acquainted with the owner of this school, because she is my business partner, I didn’t ask her help me to make me a scholar and be the student council president…
I do achieve it on my own.


Actually I’m looking for someone and hoping to see her soon. She is my first love.
It’s been 11 years since we didn’t see each other. I was 6 back then and because of some family and business problems I need to leave.
But now I’m back and I know we will meet again.
I’m really excited to see her. All I can think of now is her.

“We will meet again, just two more weeks… ”
“I can see you and hug you again… I hope you still remember me”
“But if not… I’m willing to make you fall in love with me again
“That’s a promise! You are the reason why I keep on standing till now… You’ve been my strength for years…”
“I will not let those things happen again between us… I promise you that I will make you even happier than before and I will never leave your side again“

Kojima Haruna’s POV


He run away from me, so I chased him

“Oi! Come back here! I told you not to kiss me like that!!” I said while running towards the kid.
“Haha! But Nyan nyan is so kawaii! Look you’re blushing now!! Haha!! “, the kid with a short black hair said while running fast.
“mou~ if you do that again I will hit you and that will be really hurt” I said while chasing him
We ran around until a man in a suit called him.
They talked and then suddenly he looked at me as I walk near them.
“Nyan Nyan~ mata ashita ne. I need to go home now.” Said the kid while he holds my hands and kissed me again on the cheeks.

That time I felt like my heart is about to break I don’t know why.
The next day we didn’t meet. He doesn’t show up on our meeting place. So I wait and wait.

2 weeks have passed finally he showed up. I was really mad at him that time.

“Nyan Nyan, I’m really sorry… please forgive me” he said while scratching the back of her head.
He then put her right hand on the top of my head and brushed my hair with her finger as I cry on his chest.
“No!! I hate you!!! I hate you!! I hate you!! You said that we will always be together then you didn’t show up for 2 weeks and now you’re telling me that you will go somewhere very far away from here tomorrow that’s unforgivable!!” I said while crying out loud.
“I’m really sorry Nyan Nyan… We will see each other again soon I promise”. He said as he hugged me tightly.
He then gets something in his pocket… it’s a key chain, a cat holding an infinity sign.
He gave the key chain to me.
“What’s this?”
“It’s a symbol of our love” he said as he smirked like a squirrel.
When he said that I knew I blushed really hard.
“Let’s promise to each other that we will see each other again then” I said as I hold the key chain near to her chest.
“Hai, hai Nyan Nyan-sama. I promise to return as soon as possible to protect my lovely princess”. The kid said while showing his pinky swear finger and putting another hand upward.
“And you must also promise not to love anyone! And you will never leave me again when you get back here because I don’t want to be lonely again you understand?” I said fierce fully.
“Hai, hai Nyan Nyan-sama” he said as he kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly.
“And don’t ever think about breaking our promise! I will also promise not to look at anyone except for you Yuu-chan” I said as I kissed him in the cheeks then I lift his left wrist and stared at the wolf tattoo with and letter O above the wolf.

“Good bye for now… Nyan Nyan, I will miss you” he then runs towards the car while waving his hand to me.


*Sigh* Well It’s been a while now. 11 years huh?

“I’m still holding on to our promise Yuu-chan. Please come back to me, I really miss you.”

My name is Kojima Haruna, my close friends calls me Kojiharu. But there is a special someone who calls me different and only he calls me Nyan Nyan. He said that I look like a neko so he’s calling me Nyan Nyan and you know I also love nekos a lot. I have lots of hello kitty collections and other really cute stuffs inside my bed room.

Oh, I also like games; I’m a gamer but not a player when it comes to love.
I’m loyal when it comes to love and actually I’m waiting for my prince to come back. I’ve been waiting for him for 11 years since then he is my first love.

“I don’t know why I like him, well he is just too special for me“
“I miss his very cheerful smile and positive thinking to all stuffs”
“Even if he’s too playful and naughty sometimes but he is mature deep inside”
“He takes everything easy not pressuring himself too much and takes care of everything surrounded him”
“Even at the young age I think he thinks like a wise old man too”
“He has this sense of responsibility and I love him the way he handles me even if I’m very moody and forceful”

Years passed really quickly.

I’m not really smart so I thought I’ll just study in a normal school but I found myself very lucky to pass at an elite school. Although we’re rich I am not that confident to pass because I’m really an air headed person but… LOOK I PASSED. (*^▽^*)
Thanks to my sensei that introduced me to that school and helps me in studying. She really put all of her effort on teaching me one on one. At first I thought she was bullying me but she really helped me on a lot on things. She even accompanied me to the school when I went there to take an exam. I guess I’m really lucky. (★^O^★)

I’m really excited to meet new friends and I hope I could also meet someone who likes games too and someone who really loves fashion.


I was hoping to meet my prince again soon.

I don’t remember his face clearly because it was too long ago and maybe he changed a lot too, but I remember his tattoo on his left wrist so I need to keep in mind that tattoo.

I’m still living in a fantasy that someday my prince will come back and we will live happily ever after.

I don’t care about what other people think because this love of mine is what keeps me going in life to aim more and keep working hard, to be the perfect lady for my prince.

Even if I’m an air headed person I care about my friends because they are precious to me. Oh yeah! I almost forgot too, I am the youngest daughter of one of the biggest IT Corporation in Tokyo. But I’m just really a simple person deep inside.

Anyway I need to get ready everything now because there is only 2 weeks before I will enter my new journey for being a high school student YATTA! I’m gonna be a 1st year high school now!

Just watch me my prince.
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Wahahaha! The first comment! >8D

Awww, the KojiYuu flashback~ :luvluv1:

That MaYuki though, Mayu will never leave Yuki right? :tantrum:

Interesting fic! Update please :on gay:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Miyazawa Sae’s POV

I am the super energetic friendly Miyazawa Sae. (≧∇≦)/

Because of my boyish attitude and love for sports (and with my brother’s influence on me) I often called a prince. I am a girl but there are many girls who like me. Although I like them too because there my friends. I love my friends and I love everyone. ^o^



there is someone whom I love the most,

“She was my rival, my close friend, my lover.”
“She’s very athletic and she’s also good at studying… “
“She’s smart and she’s really beautiful… “
“Every time I stare at her I feel like my heart is melting…

When was it, when I realize that I fell in love with her?


I remember the first time we’ve met, it was a sports tournament, and we were rivals back then. The first time I saw her I was captivated by her beauty, she’s different, I knew she was…

The second time I met her was at the park, she was sitting on a swing with a melancholic look.
Although I’m good at talking and making friends that was the first time that I’m nervous to talk to someone. I gathered all my courage to talk to her…

-------Flash back------

“Uhm, hi, having a bad time?”  I spoke softly…
“Ah- you are that ace player, last tournament” she said. You can see on her face that she was a bit surprised.
“Oh, yes I am… wow, you remembered me huh?”
 “of course, coz’ it was a great match” she softly giggled
“Yeah, it was a great match indeed… who knew that we will lose”
“It wasn’t much a score difference though, if my last shot didn’t scored we would’ve lost the match”
“Hmm… But you know I’m glad that your last shot scored”
“You’re glad?”
“Yeah, I’m glad that you won”
“Huh? You’re glad that we won and you lose? Are you stupid?” she then laughed
“Eh? No, no, that was just-” I said embarrassedly
“Then what is it?” she asked as she wipe the tears in her eyes that was caused by too much laughing.
 “Uhm... I, I- purposely said that to make you laugh…” I said while I turn my head on the side as if to hide my embarrassment
“Hmm…” she said but I can still hear her laughing.
“Well you know, I was glad because you were glad that you won… and your happy face… it’s kind of cute” I said as I look at her face to face.
Her face suddenly get red… redder and redder, her face embarrassed, confused… it’s really cute… really…
*head chop*
“itta…” I said as I scratch my head where she hits
“Ah, sorry… are you okay?” she said but she didn’t look at me… she’s still blushing, so cute…
“You’re really strong aren’t you?” I said while I still scratching my head

“But for a girl like you to be this strong, it’s really cute” I said as I come closer to her
She then hits me again but I evaded it and stick my tongue and laugh…
“What’s with you?” she said while raising an eyebrow, but then she laughed… we laughed…

“So, did that make you feel better?” I asked
“Eh?” she asked with a confused look
“Well, when I saw you had a depressed look on your face… you know, that- that doesn’t suit you… I prefer that you smile” I said while smiling to her.
“You’re a flirt”
“Eh… no way… I just want to be friends with you, and you know I really meant it when I said you’re cute”

She blushed again…

“Uhm, thanks” she said smiling shyly
“So we’re friends now, right? hehe, Nice to meet you I’m Miyazawa Sae”
“So we’ve become friends right away before we knew each other’s name? And hey I didn’t agree to it yet”
“ehhhhh” I said as I give her a puppy eyes look
“N-Nice to meet you, I’m Akimoto Sayaka… geez, I can’t believe you”
“hehe” I grinned at her as she gave me a helpless look.
“So what are your problems? Come on tell me we’re friends now right?” I said as I smiled to her

-------End flash back------

After that we often met at the park (sometimes I would wait for her), we also exchanged mails
She was actually fun to talk with, and although she has a strong personality with a strong sense of responsibility and leadership I have learned that she’s actually weak inside. She often cries at the park alone to let out her problems.

Honestly, at first I don’t get it why she’s working very hard on everything she do. She takes things seriously although we’re still middle schooler that time. But as I
have learned about her situations and her personality, I’m starting to understand why she is like that.

Every time I see her working very hard, I slowly realized what I am doing with my life. I am easy going, childish and selfish person, doing what I want and always playing around. I don’t take life seriously because I can easily get what I want. My family is rich and I am spoiled by them.

“I want to do my best too” I thought

I don’t know when but somehow I became attached to her… until, I fell in love with her.

She’s really kind, caring and passionate. She has many traits that I like so if I will be asked why I love her, I can only say…

“I love her because she is Sayaka.”
I love her because it is her.

Sayaka I'm really happy that I got to meet you!!!! I'm not as serious as you, but the reason I'm on this straight path now is because you were always by my side.

Having a strong core, but a weak nature is who you are.
Having a weak core but a strong nature is who I am.
We fit together, and we perfectly understand what each other is lacking
And because I always see you working hard, I also want to make you relax and to enjoy life like me.

"If you're okay with it, I want to support you"

“I know that you’re a strong girl but if ever that you feel like you can’t take it anymore,
I want you to trust in me, please rely on me.


Akimoto Sayaka’s POV

I’m Akimoto Sayaka, I’ll be a 2nd year high school student at Fierté de Maide All Girl’s Academy. I got in an elite school through a scholarship. I am currently the captain of the basketball club in our school.
My family is poor and I’m just a half-Japanese and because of that I often get bullied. And so, I decided to focus and excel on academics and sports so that I can stand for myself.

I love my family and I keep on working hard for them. Even if I have problems of my own I don’t want them to worry, so I always keep my problems to myself.
I have a strong sense of responsibility and I always lead my members. I have to keep strong even though I am really fragile. Sometimes when I can’t take it anymore, I'll cry alone not wanting them to see me cry.

During those times I felt weak and there is no one I can share my problems with, until I met someone…
Someone that I didn’t knew that will become special to me.
Someone I didn’t knew that I would fall for.

We've met 3 years ago, sometime during my middle school. We go to different schools but somehow we still meet each other. We often meet at the park and sometimes we hang out. When we entered high school we went to the same school, we were classmates and we also joined the same club so we became really close.

She may act spoiled and childish but she's actually caring and supportive and whenever i feel sad she's always there to listen to my problems.

She's very cheerful. Her smile is like a bright sun that can melt you.

I really like her, I like her to the point that sometimes I get jealous of the girls that always hang out with her, but I can't tell her that so I pretend not to care but still it makes my mood bad, surprisingly she’s always there on my side asking what's wrong.

We're just friends and we're both girls so I couldn't possibly say that I like her more than friends.

Just when I decided to just stay friends with her, I was shocked that she confessed to me. I didn't believe her at first but I know she wouldn't joke like that.

It was sometime at 1st week of last month (March).

-------Flash back------

“I can’t control my jealousy, I need to create some space between us” I thought as I walk to our club’s locker room.
I was assigned as a captain recently so I need to manage our team’s practice time. Truthfully I want to skip practice. I’ll just see Sae flirting with others. I don’t want to see that…
but what can I do? I can’t get angry at them. They didn’t do anything wrong.
I arrived at the locker room, but there is no one in there… I opened my locker and I saw a letter…
It’s from Sae…
“Sayaka, we need to talk. I’ll wait outside the P.E stockroom”

“A letter? What could be it? What do she want to talk about?”
“Could it be because I’m avoiding her?”
I thought while I went near the stockroom

“There’s no one here…”
“SAYAKA~” I heard her calling from behind but as I turn my face she suddenly hugged me.
“Uhm… Sae? What is it?” I said nervously.
“Sayaka, why are you avoiding me?” she asked me with a serious tone.
“w-well, I was just having a bad mood that’s all” I replied frantically. I can’t think of any another reason and I don’t want her to know the real reason why I’m avoiding her.
She’s still hugging me. As I resist she only hugs me tighter. It’s not that I don’t want this, I want her to hug me but my heart is beating too fast.
“Sayaka… what do you think of me?”
“What… W-what kind of question is that? You’re my energetic close friend Sae” I said nervously, I can feel my heart beating so fast, I can barely breathe.
“Close friend?”
“U-uh, yes…”
“Sayaka, Are we really just friends?”
Why is she asking me this kind of question? I thought. I want to run away.
“Sayaka don’t dare to run away.”
Why is she doing this to me…?
“Sayaka, Please be honest with me, Am I really just a friend?”
 I can’t take it anymore, I suddenly burst into tears…
“Sayaka…? u-uhm sorry… Did I scare you? I’m really sorry”
“No, no, it’s not like that…” I decided to tell her that she’s not just a friend, I want to say that I really love her…
“Sayaka, I love you… I love you more than everyone. I love you the most, please go out with me!”
“EH!?” I was shocked, I looked at her face. She’s really serious.
“Sayaka, Please be my girlfriend”
Hearing those words, I can’t utter a word… is it because of shock or relieve that she also love me more than a friend?
“Sae… Am I dreaming? Wahhhh… *cries* Sae I also love you… I thought I’m just a friend to you… I’m really trying my best to hide it from you because I thought I’ll just ruin our friendship…” I can’t help it but to cry, she then rubbed my back to comfort me
“Sayaka, let’s go in there” she said as she grabbed my hand and lead me to the PE stockroom.

“Hey, Sae… it’s dark in here”

*lights turn on*

“Eeh?” I flabbergasted. As Sae gave me a bouquet of flowers.
The stockroom was cleaned up, on the table was a cake, which has a heart on top of it, and snacks.
The room was also filled with petals
“What is this?” I said embarrassedly
“Isn’t it obvious? A celebration~” she said with a big smile on her cute face. She then held my hands and kissed it.
My heart skipped a beat…
“I’m really happy we’re going out together now. All of my efforts are worth it” she said happily.
“Sae… geez… What if I didn’t agree to go out with you?”
“Well I knew you would… ehehe” she said as she smiled brightly
“geez, this girl… why are you making me fall for you deeper?” I thought as I smiled happily…

This is one of the best moments of my life.

-------End flash back------

Since Sae is my first lover… I don’t have any clue how to    handle a relationship.
As I fell for her deeper, I became scared…
What if she suddenly leave me?

“I can’t always rely on her; she might get tired of me”
“If she always see my bad sides, I’m afraid that she might lose interest in me”
“There are many cute girls around us, I’m losing my confidence…”
These thoughts always occurs on my mind, but
I want to trust her

I want to be a perfect girlfriend for Sae.
But I can’t express myself.
"I wish I can be honest to myself"
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Matsui Jurina’s POV

I’m Matsui Jurina, the next heir to the branch Family of Matsui, one of the loyal servants of the head family of Matsui.
Traditionally in our family we had a master and servant bond but it was already long ago that we exclude this relationship and make ourselves as a whole family…

But for me having this bloodline I still offer my loyalty and serves the main family, especially to my princess, Rena.

We grow up together, shares everything, protect each other and love one another
but my love for her is different.

When I was a kid, because of my cheerful and playful attitude I always cause trouble. Rena and I always sneak out to play with our childhood friends. I always kiss all of them but only in the cheeks because all I want to kiss in the lips was Rena. I’m just showing my friends my sweetness to them, well it’s kind of my way of saying thank you for being a part of my life.

I always do something naughty and my Dad and Uncle will always scold me because of it. Because of me acting like this they always compare me with Onii-san so I change myself and do all my responsibilities. Every day I trained myself really hard to keep up with my brother. I started training in kendo and other martial arts when I was 5. Because of serious training I don’t have a lot of time anymore to play outside and I always hear bad comments about my performance.

I’m on the edge of giving up…
but because of Rena-ojou-sama I keep on going.

When I reached 8 years old and Rena was 9 years old, due to our traditional rules in order to maintain our lineage, we’ve been engaged to each other. Because there is no other descendant except me as the only child left of the leader of Matsui branch family and Rena as the only daughter of the main family. As planned, when we graduate we will undergo adopting the modern science technology to have a child of our own to continue having a full blooded Matsui. 

With the pressure from our family and because I want to be the right person for her, I became strict to her.

I actually have a big brother, he was 5 years older than me but he died early because of sickness and because of it I became the substitute on his place, to tell you the truth in some ways I’m also thankful to what happened because I can have Rena on my own.  I know it’s a bad thing, but what can I do? I really love her. She completes my empty heart.

When I was a kid, I’m really cheerful and playful. I have lots of friends.
But I’m not really that cheerful in our house and I need to keep up with their expectations…
“She is my strength”
“She is the one I look up to”

“She is my reason to live”
 “She’s my everything”
“I love her so much”

“But then… people change”

She changed a lot when she was in 3rd year in middle school.


“It’s getting late, where are you Rena-sama.” I said as I look at my watch.
I was waiting for Rena at the front gate of their school and it’s already 6pm
“Maybe she’s still at her classroom; I will just look for her… Uncle will get mad at us when we get home very late”, I said as I walks again towards the entrance door of their school.
As I reached Rena’s classroom there is no one inside but Rena’s bag is still there.
“Oh where is she? Don’t tell me she forgets her bag and went home” *sigh*
I walked towards Rena’s sit. Then I look down on the window and saw Rena with someone else. She is not familiar…
“Who is that person?” I wonder so I just watched the two below.
Then I was really shocked on what I saw.
“They kissed!?” I clenched my fist then runs home.

-At Matsui‘s residence-
‘”Tadaima…” I hear Rena as she enters our room.
I was leaning on the wall beside an open window heads down and crossed arm.
“Where have you been?” I asked calmly as I try to hide my anger.
“I just went to buy something at the convenient store”
“With who?”
“With Yukirin and Mayu”
“Oh!? Really?”
 “Yes, why are you acting like this?” she said with an irritated voice
“Don’t lie to me I saw you with somebody else”
“Huh?” she was shocked by what I said and I can see her nervousness in her face
“Look, Jurina she’s only my friend from another school, its nothing”
“Oh! A friend kissing each other passionately at the back of the school, that’s nice!” I said sarcastically
“Just leave me alone Jurina, let me experience the freedom that I will never experience because of our family traditions! You know you should also try to be happy and ignore our family rules.”
“Do you love her?”
“I am asking you a question Rena. Do you love her?”
She remained silent but when she tried to explain I cut off what she’s about to say
“Ok, I will take that as a Yes. Thank you. Sorry for disturbing you. You don’t have to explain because I have no rights, I’m only your loyal servant. Good night Ojou-sama. Have fun.”  I said as I walked towards the door and left


“I was really hurt, like my heart was about to break into pieces”
“I just want to scream out loud and cry all night”
“Where is my Rena that loves me so much? Or that love was only an illusion…”
“Did she take me for granted?”
“Am I nothing to her?”
“Am I the only one who wants this relationship?”
“Am I the only one loving here?”

I decided to keep distance between me and Rena. Although we still keep attached when we are with friends and family but when we are alone my mood changes, I didn’t even talk to her. But I still obey every single command she asks me to do, but after than I will just leave her alone. I’m no longer her protective servant. I tend to ignore her when she talks about something that bothering her. I no longer listen to her problems. She keeps on asking me why I keep acting like this and telling me in the end we will just be together anyway.

“But what I want is your love Rena not this”

As I follow you every day going out without me by your side.

“I always saw your lovely smile to her”.
“Your sweet treatment to her… your lovely charm that you only show to her”
“You are the one who always take the first move… ”
“I can tell when you touches her with your hand it is full of care and love”
“When you look at her your eyes is shining as bright as the stars”
“And when both of you kissed each other… only a tear drops on my eyes”
“You never let me kiss you like that”

Then I began to think …

“If you really love that person so much then its fine with me as long as you’re happy with her, even if it hurts me inside”
“I will break our family rule and give you your freedom”
“But if she hurts you I promise I will get you back”
“And I’ll do everything to make you fall in love with me”
“I was still hoping for us to fix this”
“Make you realize what I am to you”
“Because Rena I will never ever give up on us…that’s how much I love you”


Matsui Rena’s POV

I’m Matsui Rena one of the highly respected kendouka (a practitioner of kendo) in Tokyo. My family owns a dojo. We are part of the traditional family. Despite of my look as an Ojou-sama, I am the captain of the kendo club in our school. I love kendo, because it is not only physically but also mentally challenging activity.

I don’t have any problem at all regarding school, friends and family, except to the tradition in our family that is passed through generation. The eldest child in the main family when the day they are born they are already committed to someone whom this person is part of the branch family. In my case I’m the only child, so I can’t escape to it. This is passed through generation in order to maintain the pure lineage and to maintain the peace and order in our family.  I am from the main family of Matsui and I’m already engaged with my cousin Jurina. Well I’m not really against to it on being her fiancé because we grow up together at least I know who will be my future partner.

But I want to experience real love on my own and not forcing myself to learn to love the person that I will spend my life to the end.

I do love Jurina but only as a cousin, a little sister that always protects me, who always love me the way I am. But she turned into a different person like I can’t breathe when she’s near me because she too strict to me she was not like that before but when her brother died she became a different person. I tend to sneak outside without her and always stay at the park near our house. There I found my first love her name is Furukawa Airi, and I call her Airin.
As I play with my PSP on the swing at the park. I can’t keep my eyes focus on my PSP screen this girl keeps staring at me.
“What’s her problem?” I said then I notice she’s like drawing something on her sketchpad
“I will just ignore her” I said to myself and keep busy with the device I’m holding. Then I felt someone walking towards me. As I look up she shows me her drawing. A drawing of me sitting in a swing and enjoying everything.
“Huh?” I said as I was still confuse on what’s happening.
“Do you like it? But I like you more.” as she smile widely to me.

I found myself keep going at that same park where I met her. We started talking to each other about stuffs, first about our hobbies and likes. I tend to learn more about her, that she also likes anime, she loves to draw, she plays flute and she is a very hard working person.

“I think I’m falling in love with her”
“She is very sweet and gentle”
“She is so cute”
“She is very responsible and strict sometimes… but I can say I’m not a prisoner with a chain in the neck”
“I keep falling in love with her”

After 6 months on getting to know each other, she confesses to me and we became official. I keep violating our rule regarding curfew at home and tend to go home without Jurina. I always got scolded by it but I don’t care at all. Jurina always take responsibility on my mistakes, so she is the one who receives punishment. I know I’m being selfish but I don’t want to lose Airin. Only Yukirin knows about us and worries about it but I beg her not to tell Jurina about it. But soon Jurina found out about us. When I look at her I can feel her pain. I know I hurt her a lot. After that incident we didn’t notice that we build a wall between us but she still plays her role as my lovely fiancé in front of others but when we it’s just the two of us she changes again to someone I didn’t know.

Soon things got messed up between me and Airin. Every day we fight on some stuffs, we always have arguments regarding on our status, our future, her jealousy towards Jurina and more.


“It’s getting late, you need to go back home now Rena” she said coldly to me.
“But we have just met 5 minutes ago, are you still mad at me because I’m late” I said angrily.
“It’s not like that; I just don’t want you to be scolded again because of me and Jurina is waiting for you”
“Why you keep acting like this? Your treatments towards me are really cold and please stop saying her name in this”
“Rena, maybe it’s time for us to end this”
“Huh? Are you kidding me Airin?”
“I’m serious Rena”
“Then tell me why?!”
“We are different and we both know nothing will happen in the near future between us”
“Stop thinking about those stuffs”
“No… Rena, can’t you see? Open your eyes Rena you are rich and the heir on your family. And I’m just an ordinary person. I’m not good enough for you. And you are already engaged with your cousin. Can you leave all those behind you just for me? Can you betray your whole family just because of me?”
“Huh...Ye… Yes I can...” as I look down
“Then can you prove it? You really think you can? Just think between me and Jurina… who is more important to you then?!”
“E-eh? Look… Airin both of you are different she’s my cousin and I only see her as my cousin and I love you”
“Yes only your cousin, so that’s why you always talks about her? I can feel your care and love towards her it’s different.”
“Please Airin I don’t want this…”
“I don’t want this too either Rena but look at what will happen to us… We just both keep hurting each other… ”
“No please Airin” I said as my teardrops keeps falling
“If I ask you, who’s more important to you Jurina or me what will be you answer”
“……I….I’ll…” when I hear those words I can’t think. All of my thoughts are messed up. I don’t want to choose.
*Sigh* “Maybe you still didn’t realize it but I notice it since the beginning. I’m thankful because you dared to love me. Even if your heart is already belongs to her. Maybe this will be the best for us Rena…” she kissed me on my forehead and walks away from me leave me behind in our very special place in the park we’re our love story began.


I tried my very best to contact Airin but she is nowhere to find. But I keep looking for her and started to lose hope too. I have no one to run to, I don’t want Yukirin to be worried about me because she has problem that time too and I don’t want to tell Sae about this because for sure she will just make fun of it.


I started to look for Jurina…but she is really different now…she turns to someone I wouldn't not ever think of it to become…

“She is always surrounded with different girls…”
“She let them kiss her in her lips…”
“She always spend her time on them…”

“She doesn’t care about me anymore…”

I can feel a pain in my heart. I asked myself…

“Where is my protective Jurina?”
“Where is my lovely puppy that always tags along with me?”
“I really must have hurt her so much”
“I’m disappointed about myself”
“I didn’t think on what I’m doing…and I hurt her deeply… I only do what I want”
“I forgot her love for me”
“She might think I don’t care about her anymore”
“Will she forgive me?”
“Can she give me another chance?”

“Yeah…Maybe Airin was right…”

All I want now is to see Jurina’s true smiling face again for me and only for me.


I can only find myself thinking and wondering where is she…
“I miss her”
“I miss every little bit about her…”
“I must do something”

“Now I know what I want… and it’s you Jurina”

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Maeda Atsuko POV

I’m Maeda Atsuko one of the honorable(scholar) student , part of the music club and the secretary in the student council of FDM all girls’ academy (Fierté de Maide Academy) and I’m in love with my teacher.

I’ve been in love with her for so long that I can’t resist on following her. I can’t stop thinking about her every day. Our age gap was out of the question. I loved her but 8 years gap is really a big pain for me. Because she can only see me as a kid who just doing everything that she wants to do and thinking that I’m just exploring things up and that’s why she didn’t take seriously everything I told her.

I might look strong outside but I’m screaming inside and I don’t show this to people surrounded me. I might be an stoical person.

I still can remember our first meeting. She was 17 years old and I was 9 years old back then I always got sick that’s why I keep on skipping class but because my parents don’t want me to just ignore my education they get me a tutor. Actually no tutor can stand me. Because of my stubbornness even if I’m sick. Until she became my tutor.


“Acchan please get down here now!” my mom said


“It’s too early to get up. Why mom keeps calling me?” as I stood up and fix myself and go downstairs.
“Ohayou gozaimasu Okaasan” as I greeted my mom cooking in the kitchen I notice someone new in the dining table eating what mom’s made for breakfast.

“Ohayou” both them greet me while she smile at me widely

I flicked.

“Who are you?”
“Oh?! Sorry I forgot to tell you about it last night. She will be your new tutor dear and she will live here from now on”, as my mom said while putting food in the table.
“What?!” I’m really shocked to what I heard. Why the hell will she live with us? I asked to myself and walks towards the table and began to eat as well .And guess what her room is next to mine. It’s really nice, my mom really pushing me to study.

That afternoon…

“So I will be your tutor, call me Takamina” as she sit next to me… Why are you acting too friendly with me?
*sigh* “Well then Takamina, would you please get out of my room and find another job” as I said coldly and began listening to my iPod.
Then she stares at me and gets my iPod and put it on her pocket.
“This is confiscated for now. Sorry but I can’t this is the only job I can get for now because I’m still studying and I have no place to stayed too” as a tear drops falls at the corner of her eyes.
“Sorry, I’m really having a bad time now so please can you cooperate with me”, she said again.
I’m really confused on what she said then I just started to obey her. We study until 5 PM.
As I stretch my arms she gave me back my IPod. “Thank you for your hard work, rest for now and eat dinner later okay?” as she walks to my door and hold the knob
“Anoo… chotto matte kudasai” I said and trying to form a word that will not offend her
“Hai?” she turn her head back to me
“Etoo.I.. I ”yes this is nice I’m loss of words.
“Nevermind” I said coldly again
“Okay, by the way your taste in music is really nice” she said and get out of my room

I felt my cheeks now are burning.

So when she goes to school I keep asking mom about her.

I learned that she and her sister are the only one left because her mom and dad passed away. And she was the one supporting her sister, while she study on morning she works on afternoon till late evening and only sleep for 2 hours to review all her notes and do her homework as well. She do that and this to be able to support both of them but sadly before she live in our house her sister died too and keep blaming herself about it.

My mom met her at a convenient store, where she work that time. Then my mom began to notice her every now and then because she’s not only working in a convenient store but also in a fast food chain and in a factory by chance she passed by that factory. My mom really adores her hard work. Then mom starts asking why she keeps herself working hard. She’s concern about that girl’s status. Then she told my mom it’s because for her sister and for her as well. But sadly due to a reckless driver her sister’s life has been taken away.

My mom asked her to live with us a payment she will tutor me, well Takamina really don’t want to live with us without any payment because she’s too shy and feeling like she will be burden to us. But then again because my mom offers her to tutor me she then grabs it.

“She is really smart, I want to become like her a very hard working person” I said to myself


When I turn 10 I keep myself healthy so that I will not skip a day in class and keep myself working hard. I study to the fullest so she will notice my improvements and determination on passing all my tests.

But then soon… she will move out and will live in Tokyo because she will study in a university to become a teacher.

My heart breaks into pieces … I don’t want her to leave.

I decided to confess my feeling towards her before she leaves.

That was my first confession to someone and I got rejected what a pity. Is it because she can only see me as her little sister… that she is too older for me and it is not right.

Then she started studying at the university but still visit us when she has time. I become very stubborn towards her but still she obeys and does what I told her, like this is the way of her spoiling me, maybe.

When I’m in middle school I always cause trouble and tend to be called in the principal’s office because I hurt someone and Takamina is there to take responsibility on what I’ve done. Well you can’t blame me because some student’s mock Takamina when she fetches me at school sometimes. She might be small but I like her the way she is.
When I have a chance I really tell her that my love for never change. But still she has the same response to me like the last time. So I tried to date anyone who confesses to me but they never have a chance to touch my hands or even kissed me. Like I’m really pissed off and break up with them one by one. 

No one will be compared to Takamina. And I found myself still following her.

I got a scholarship in High school, the same school where Takamina teaches and I live with her in her apartment. I keep on teasing her and prove to her that I really love her. She scolded me at school when I kissed her in her cheeks… haha well I’m just enjoying myself. I really don’t have lots of friends because I’m an introvert and I’m really pressured when I’m the center of the topic especially about in academics. But soon I tried my best to overcome this. I really wanted to join the drama club because it’s my dream to become an actress but I joined in the music club were Takamina is the adviser. I only talk to my classmates regarding school stuffs and all I want is to spend all my time with Takamina. But Takamina also pushes me to enjoy my high school days and find some friends. She keeps tagging me along with Yuko and gradually we became best of friends and partner in crime, thanks to Takamina.

But then another teacher come and she was our Math teacher Yui-sensei I really don’t like her she’s way too close to Takamina like they were flirting to each other. Because of it I can’t handle it anymore I lose my coolness and confront Takamina.


I waited for her at home.

“Tadaima” Takamina said while she took off her shoes
“Are you and Yui-sensei are in a relationship or something?” I asked directly
“Huh?! What are you saying?” She asked me confusedly as she looked at me wondering.
“Answer me. I know you heard me clearly” I said coldly while crossing my arms
“Look Takamina, like I said before I still love you and if it changes to anything it is deeper now” as I continue and left her in the front door and walks towards my room and lock it.


I started to realize why I love her…

“I like her determination to achieve her goals”
“I like the way she sings.... it puts my heart at ease”
“I like her strong and positive way through life”
“But one I thing I only knew… that she was a cry baby on a lot of stuffs… but I like it…. I like every bit of her”
“She really is being true to herself… when she’s happy and sad that’s why she can’t stop her tear drops”
“But then again why wouldn’t you notice me? And be true to your feelings about me?”


Takahashi Minami’s POV

I am Takahashi Minami, a teacher at Fierté de Maide All Girl’s Academy. My nickname is Takamina, my friends and colleagues call me by my nickname, but lately my students whom I am close with also started to call me by my nickname too. At first I didn’t like it because it looks like they were just fooling around with me and they didn’t respect me as a teacher but I’ve gotten used to it.


My parent’s died in an airplane crash when I was 10. Ever since that time I always cry, it was too hard for me that I wanted to hate God, I wanted to hate everyone. But still I keep on living forward even if it’s hard, even if I cry, I can’t back down. There’s only me and my sister left. I would take care of my sister who is 2 years younger than me.

I started to work part time at the age of twelve, I worked really hard to support the both of us taking every job that I see. With this cruel world I must take care of my sister, the only family left for me. I became both mother and father to my sister. Even if we don’t have parents anymore, we’re still trying to be happy.

But another accident happened, that time my sister, my only family left was taken from me. Maybe God hated me… why do he keep taking my family away from me. I was in pain, I don’t know now how to keep moving forward. I wanted to die but when I try to end my life, I remember my sister’s last words… “Nee-chan, please continue to live… please live happily… I want you to be happy, I love you”

Remembering my sister’s last word. I burst into tears. Why did this happen to me? I just wanted to live normally like others.


Then I met Maeda-san (Acchan’s mother), she took me in when there is no more place for me to live, in return I would tutor her daughter, Maeda Atsuko.

The first time I met Atsuko, I thought she was such a brat, and she really is… but I must admit she’s also caring…

There was a time that she saw me crying alone, she just stayed by my side and rubbed my back to calm me. I opened my heart to her, I told her what happened to me in the past, I knew that she  wouldn’t understand everything I say but still she keeps on listening to every word I say.

We grew closer like sisters… I sometimes spoil her, obeying all she says but I also scold her…
I really cared for her… I tried my best to help her in her studies. I already considered her as my younger sister.

When I was about to go to college, I got a scholarship from a company but it requires me to study in Tokyo where I would live in a dorm.

Atsuko was shocked when I told her that I would leave, so shocked that she confessed to me… I know she didn’t mean it that way because she’s still a kid. But I’m happy because she really tried her best to stop me from being away with her.

And then last year, I was surprised that she went to study here at FDM (Fierté de Maide All Girl’s Academy) through scholarship. It makes me happy that she keeps working hard to study. Because I’m worried about her living alone in a dorm and auntie (Acchan’s mom) asked me to take care of her, I let her live with me here in my apartment.

At school, she’s always following me around… like a little kid… it’s kind of cute… I always scold her when she’s fooling around but I can’t get angry with her. She’s always smiling at me which makes my loneliness fade.

She always tells me that she really love me and that she was serious when she said that she love me, but she’s still a child…

I also love her, I really love her but for me she’s just my little sister.

“I just want to protect her, take care of her forever, I already considered her as a sister, and I don’t want to ruin her future”

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and so what do you think minna?

actually this line from mayu's POV
“What can I do for her?”
“Do I really have the right to be at her side?”
-> Mayu really said that to yukirin @(120912 AKBingo, Watanabe Mayu’s letter to Kashiwagi Yuki)

and we used sae's statement to sayaka for sae's pov
I'm really happy that I got to meet you through AKB!!!!

I'm not as serious as you, but the reason I'm on this straight path as part of AKB is because you

were always by my side.

Having a strong core, but a weak nature is who you are.

Having a weak core but a strong nature is who I am.

We fit together, and we perfectly understand what the other is lacking, and I think that's why

we, as the Twin Towers, are the pillars. ♪
~ for saeyaka fans, please expect a bit tsun personality of sayaka  hahaha
if you want to know why we characterized sayaka as a bit tsun please refer to this and you'll


so, we'll try to update this fic every week XD coz you know we also have a life lol actually

we're quite busy with work hehe XD

Please comment and tell us what you think about this fic (if you could please state why do you

think this will be a good/not good story, -it will help us improve our writing),

and if we could ask, which pair has the most interesting love story?

Arigatou Gozaimasu! :)

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Wahahaha! The first comment! >8D

Awww, the KojiYuu flashback~ :luvluv1:

That MaYuki though, Mayu will never leave Yuki right? :tantrum:

Interesting fic! Update please :on gay:

Hi ChibiRine :) yes we will! we will try to update every week because we are kinda busy at work now. Maybe every Saturday will update this fic i think? and we are happy if you'd enjoyed it!  :D

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I was about to comment after read Mayuki and Kojiyuu pov and poff another update

now i'm speechless :nervous
all I can say that this fic is AWESOME :twothumbs

want more.... :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Ok this get my full attention now FULL!!!

I want it the next!! Kyaaaaaaaaaa


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Sorry if I'm only here for wmatsui.

From what I remember they both have their own POV, and the tenses used are past. So they just told us what happened to them prior and with flashbacks. And things are just about to happen.

They mostly talk inside their heads. Minimal interaction/talking with other characters.

Good characterization I suppose. I can understand where both parties stand.

"you left her first!!!" and "even the most patient person has their limits" were my thoughts when I read rena's POV haha

The format used, with several POVs. Were great if you plan to have the pairings plot separate from each other. But if not, I think it's best to think of how to connect each pairings story.

Try to limit using flashbacks, there are other ways to tell a Character's past.

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@MaYuki x JuRena  @kurogumi @qr.rima
~ thaanks for the reply, we're starting to rearranging the plot that will be used in the chapters of the story so we'll try our best to update every week.  :cathappy:
~ sorry if it will took long before we update coz we only got weekends and night to write.  :)2

Sorry if I'm only here for wmatsui.

From what I remember they both have their own POV, and the tenses used are past. So they just told us what happened to them prior and with flashbacks. And things are just about to happen.

They mostly talk inside their heads. Minimal interaction/talking with other characters.

Good characterization I suppose. I can understand where both parties stand.

"you left her first!!!" and "even the most patient person has their limits" were my thoughts when I read rena's POV haha

The format used, with several POVs. Were great if you plan to have the pairings plot separate from each other. But if not, I think it's best to think of how to connect each pairings story.

Try to limit using flashbacks, there are other ways to tell a Character's past.

-> we intendedly separate each povs because this is not a real chapter, just a prologue to the main story which will have 5 pairings... and there will be a chapters where all of them will make an appearance and some chapters where the story is focused on one pair. they're basically connected to each other  :( sorry if our format confused you guys.

Anyways, sorry... this is just a prologue, not the main story... it seems that my friend didn't said it when she posted this fic xD
... this is a joint project of my friend and i actually  :cathappy:

we're starting to write chapter 1 and if the god of laziness will leave me alone (hopefully) we'll update 2-3 chapters nxt sat.  :D


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Ok next saturday

I will wait


I will comment each pair:


There there my favorite number 1 pair on akb yeah,i could said whatever the story as long as mayuki is there it will be on my list favorite!

Cough" cough"
Ok now where i will start....
Ah first,after read mayu pov and yuki pov,

Mayu love yuki and yuki she's start to realized that mayu was special for her,she still at denial but it's a good start
 Sae is the obstacle for this pair,but we also know that sae is found love but is not yukirin.

I will said mayuki progress is on mayu hand cause she still need to make yuki fall in love with her.

From my view yuki just need special attention,so this is the point to make her fall


Okay they just need to meet again
And kojiharu will attend the same school right?

As a first year right?it mean she will friends with mayu and jurina too

Oh its interesting

Ok its sweet and has a good step on their relationship but,but when i finished reading their pov i start wondering what sae and yuki argue about? Is yuki confessed to sae?or what?because it make yuki drunk to.

And then wmatsui~
I think it will have longer comment,because of all the pair this one is interesting,they already engaged! And has complicated problem too

Not like others pairing,they has clear future,which is should be good for them,but rena screw this,she left jurina for airin,but it cant be help right?
For someone who the future already arrange by their parent,they dont quite any chance to experience others than what their parent give to them,maybe... Just maybe rena dare to date airin cause out of curiousity about loving person...but she's not awared that her heart already belong to someone which is jurina her fiance and cousin.
She's not awares cause she's always together since child,jurina always protect her that why maybe she kind of bored and she on her teens so~ maybe teens hormon you know a teenagers we always trying all weird stuff LOL
Yeah that's!
And she start realize it when airin leave her,i just hope its not to late for rena,she said she will do something right?and jurina herself state that she wont give up on rena,let she how they fix it!
But lol rena need more jealousy over jurina,now that her jurina became popular and surounded with so many girls

And last
Love between student and teacher
A forbiden ones and an interesting too
Because its secret
A secret always make thing get spicy and hot lol

Ok now the result,
Its all have interesting plot
They start their love journey on this high school field

Mayuki the pair that i love so much lol i cant said more about them lol

Kojiyuu who yearn for each other

Saeyaka who so lovely,but a key to mayuki pair too

Wmatsui the pair who already blessed but their love need to be test by their own curiosity

Atsumina,they need a time to make their love blessed

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OMG My feels~~ :cry:

My Saeyaka feels~~~ :deco: :deco:

THIS IS AWESOME~~~~ :heart: :heart: :heart:

:heart: l Completed: Fire and Ice l Black Chocolate l My eternal blue rose l Dishonored l The Black Rose l Fruits of a Rose l Remnants l :heart:
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:heart: l Collab threads: Sky&Ruka l Ruka&Michael l :heart:
 l Compilation thread: 48G New Gen l :heart:


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MaYuki <3 I can understand as an only child of an owner if a company, it can be awkward to socialise with others... Now that I'm 25....

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  • 松井玲奈 looooooooooooooove~

YUKI!! ARE YOU bLInD??? mAYU IS ALWAYS on YOuR SIDe and never leave you!!
Isnt ThAT mean YOU And MAYU forever??

TAKAMinA!! Are YOu crAzy??? Acchan LOVED yOu!! ANd YOu knOW it and Love her TOO
WHY Denied it?!

sAE!! WeLL nothing wring with her ehehehehhe

yUKO!! HArUnA!!! Well be safe ehehehe

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Interesting story...

Just want to left comment, i think i will reply more longer after next chapter

Please update it :bow:

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  • I love Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Saeyaka, Wmatsui
OMG!!! Some of your's prologues makes me cry
But they're really good...
Continue soon!!!

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I can already tell this story is gonna be amazing. Thank you for the story and I'm happy you made mayuki first as they are my favorite pairing of all time. Please continue their part!

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yeah i'm agree ^

sometimes some very good stories
but it is very difficult to finish the story.
obtaining the story stops in the middle and make the reader long to follow disappointed because it was made out of curiosity.  :ptam-wub:

of course we all have an activity that must be done in real life,  :onionshower:
and the dividing of time is difficult,  :onionwhip:
especially if we have left our old jobs of course we forget what we are going to continue.  :dizzy:
and this happens to everyone including me.  :badluck:

but I believe for sure that this would be amazing, the story enables many things, especially using everyday life

writing and delivery very good
I really like the description of each character, we know the psychological make each character, make me to know what is their problem and what they want. makes me to guess what will happen to them,  :dunno: :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

rena supposed to be like this ...  :on ksweat:

mayu supposed to be like this ....  :on crazygran:

yuki should be .... etc  :on hypto:

I like these kinds of possibilities imagined
that is where things that make me curious answered by the author of this story.  :on voodoo:

I really was looking forward to the sequel

and hey is done by two people, this is great.  :mon geek:

sorry I do not comment on each character in the story, I think there are doing hahaha, :kickass: :sex: :knee: :mon freeze:

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Thank you for writing fic for my love the most OTP saeyaka!!
Please keep it up and must complete this fic ^^
but I kinda afraid saeyaka become less important in the story since it's already too sweet in the first chapter XD ^^"
would the tsundere sayaka pissed sae off afterwards? I am looking forward for the update~

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