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Author Topic: Mariko no Megane [MariHaru OS] - COMPLETED  (Read 3284 times)

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Mariko no Megane [MariHaru OS] - COMPLETED
« on: November 07, 2014, 10:42:40 AM »
minna-san! ^_^

another OS from me.

Mariko no Megane
Shinoda Mariko x Kojima Haruna

KojiHaru's POV

"So... The answer is..."



"Uhmm.. Are you sure?"

My teacher looked at me.

"Hehehe.. No.. It's wrong, ne?"

She nodded her head.

It was quite awkward, having a new home-school teacher, especially because she's two years younger than me.

She removed her glasses and sipped her juice.

"Okay. Let's try answering it again." She smiled.

Ugh, I don't really like math. :/

Picking up my pen and paper, I computed and computed for what seemed like a decade.

"Sensei, is this the right answer?"

She nodded affirmatively and smiled.

"Yes, Kojima-san."

"Yay! I finally got it! SHI-A-WA-SEEEEEE--"




"Haruna? Are you home?"

That voice... What is she doing here?

The door swung open. There appeared a tall and slender figure of a woman.

"Uhm.. I thought.. You were not busy.. So I.." She said.

"Oh.. I have lessons now. But we'll be finished in a while.."

"Okay. Then, I'll wait here."

She closed the door. I looked back at my teacher. Her mouth was slightly opened, blushing cheeks, and big eyes. Looks like she's about to drool at any moment.

Another person who fell in Mariko's spell.

Resuming our recent activity, Mariko silently sat in a wooden chair near us. She was seriously watching us.

Ugh. I don't like it when she's watching me. An additional awkward atmosphere..

When our session was done, my teacher started cleaning up her things.

Her actions are unusually weird.

Ahaha.. I bet she's Marichan's fan.

"Ano.. Shinoda-san.. Can I have your autograph?" My teacher said shyly. She's blushing.

Mariko smiled at her.

"Oh sure."

Teacher is excitedly watching Marichan as she scribbles on a piece of paper.

"Uhm, Shinoda-san.. I'm really a fan of yours.. But unfortunately I didn't have a chance to attend handshake events.. That's why.. I'm really happy I've seen you up close." Her authoritative voice turned fragile and shaky.

It was amazing to see how the presence of Marichan change someone so suddden.

After a few minutes, teacher left with a big smile and blushing cheeks.

"Nee, Marichan.. Why did you come here today?"

She didn't speak.

I looked at her.


"You didn't tell me about your home school."

"Eh? You didn't answer my question."

She raised an eyebrow.

"It was a sudden decision. I cannot stay in this industry forever."

She smiled. She stood up and looked outside the window.

"I went here because I wanted to see you."

"See me for what reason?"

"NOthing. I just want to."


She turned around. I can't let her see that I'm blushing.

"Uhm. By the way, Marichan.. Can you help me with these assignments?" I said while I turned around to get my notebook.. and alsoto hide my reddish cheeks.

Hihihi. I need to keep my composure.

I turned around again to face her.


But she's standing extremely close to me.

Too bad, I didn't hear her footsteps.

I stepped back.

"Marichan.. Please be my teacher.. Even only for today. Can you?"

She took a step towards me.

Kyaaah. She's so close.

It's a good thing the table's near me. I reached for the glasses there.

"But please wear this."

I stepped two steps backward.

"Well, okay."

She wore the glasses.


She's so gorgeous. She stepped two steps forward.

I can't take it. She's so close.

I was about to step backward again.. But.. I didn't notice that my back already leans on the wall..

Mariko smirked and placed her hands on both sides of me.

Her face was so close to mine. I can almost feel her breathing.

In any time, she'll be able to hear my heartbeat.

The temperature in the room seems to rise. I can clearly see her brown eyes and red kissable lips.

"Okay..I'll be your teacher, Kojima Haruna-san."

"Uhm.. You're too close Mar-- I mean sensei."

I looked away.

She moved her face closer.

"Pardon me, Kojima-san. What are you saying? I didn't hear."

I didn't answer.

"And now.. Be ready for our lesson.. I'm gonna teach you how to love me." Mariko said with a smirk.


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Re: Mariko no Megane (OS) [MariHaru Fanfic]
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2016, 05:26:32 AM »
It's actually pretty good.. Just too short, there are no heads nor ends  :?, it's like cutting off a potentially interesting story out of nowhere  :(
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