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Author Topic: Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update Yuiparu Finale  (Read 40818 times)

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Sae  :on voodoo: :on yellcard: :angry1: :on kimbo:



:scared: :scared:

:frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:



 :kneelbow: :on drink: thankss for the update sadrilim san :ding: :glasses:
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Aaaahhh yuki !!!! Why???!!!???  :O :cry:
Author-san.. please update soon! :grin: I'm so curios!! Nice story :thumbup :D

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Re: Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update Mayuki storyafter
« Reply #42 on: December 10, 2015, 07:28:24 AM »
I remember that previously, Yuuma's name was Ooshima Yuuma since he's Yuu's twin. Or have i misunderstood something? :?
Anyway, nice story u got here. I hope MaYuki would be back together soon. :thumbup
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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@kuro_black29 : I need to find a bad guy here, but please don't hate Sae. :nervous

@Safiraalsana : well, this is the next part. But please don't kill me because it become more lamer and lamer. lols  :banghead:

 @faanpal : well, I don't really get what did you asked about. But yes, his name still Oshima Yuuma. if you ever see him with the name Watanabe Yuuma (in Atsuko OS after story) that because I type the wrong one. Sorry about that. I have edit it.  :panic:

Okay, here is the last part of Mayuki after story. I am sorry if I make not so good OS.  :bow: I think I have run out of Idea for them. But anyway, I manage to finish the OS. Enjoy and Sorry for the bad english.

I will make KojiYuu after this. Hope you will enjoy the story I made for them. I planned to make the different story for them. No angst in their story after. I am done with Atsumina and Mayuki for it.  :sweatdrop:

Part two


The next day, Yuki wake up and feel her head in a lot of pain. Not only that she also feel her eyes is sore. And then she realize that she has been crying since she is at home, luckily that she take a day off today. so she doesn’t need to explain her panda eyes. Beside she didn’t have any mood. She then checked her phone. And found one missed call and one mail.
She is very happy, because she think it is from Yuuma. But then she need to be disappointed because it is not from Yuuma but Sae kun.  Sae mailed her, asking her if she have time this afternoon. After yesterday meeting, Sae has asked her phone number so that they can keep in touch again.

As Yuki read the mail, she remembered yesterday event and guilt quickly come through her heart. she know she need to clarify the thing soon to Sae, because after yesterday event she know that the one that she loved so much is Yuuma. She just feel confuse because when she is kissed by Sae, her heart beat so much, but as she reply Sae kiss, the one that she think is Yuuma. She feel guilty now.

As she is in daze, her phone ringing. it is from Rena. 

Yuki : moshi – moshi, Rena chan?

Rena : Yuki ? what happened with you? your voice looks hoarse. Are you sick?

Yuki : no, I just tired. Yesterday I have a hang over.

Rena : hm.. after long time no see, you have a great time with Yuuma, eh? he he he

Yuki : what?! Rena chan, you sound like his twins. What do you mean?

Rena : eh? you didn’t meet him yesterday? I hear from Jun, that he has come home yesterday. And he plan to meet you yesterday.

Yuki : but… I didn’t met him yesterday…

Rena : eh?! I …

Yuki : it is okay, Rena chan. May be he is tired, so he change his plan. So, what wrong Rena chan? Why you called me?

Rena : well…  right now I come to Tokyo since Jun want to meet with Yuuma. It been a long time. So, I wonder if I can meet you. Jun also invite Minami and Atsuko. Too bad Yuu and Haruna is on their vacation.

Yuki : well, why not. Count me in. where is the meeting place?

Rena : in Akiba Mall, in Bitter and Sweet Café,  this afternoon.

And now Yuki feel furious, why don’t her boyfriend inform her about his arrival. Now she go back to sleep as she feel tired and confused, she will deal with Yuuma in this afternoon.

In the other hand, Yuuma is at his house. he really doesn’t have any mood to do anything. after seeing Yuki kissing with the other man, he feel uncertain. Will Yuki break up with him or will she pretend there isn’t anything happened. Will she tell him about that man.

As he lost in thought. His phone ringing. lazily he opened his phone.  It is from Jun. he has inform Jun about his arrival and his plan to purpose Yuki yesterday. but he know Jun will called him back if he reject his call, and don’t try to turn off the phone. Or he will come to bang his door house.

Yuuma : hello..

Jun : yo man, what’s with you? how about yesterday? did Yuki accepted it?

Yuuma : …

Jun : hello? Yuuma?

Yuuma : well, yesterday I am really tired and because of the delay. I postpone the plan.

Jun : What?! Oh well, I just plan to tease you about that thing. but, it is okay. How about today? we are present. There will be me,
Rena, Atsuko, and Minami in there. Meet us in our old place this afternoon, 6 p.m. Don’t be late.

Yuuma : okay.

Yuuma thought if just they four. Then it is okay. He doesn’t want to meet Yuki, not right now. too much thing that he afraid of.


At Bitter Sweet café

Atsuko : kyaa.. Rena chan, long time no see. I missed you so much

Rena : un, me too, Acchan. You become more beautiful

(note : this time, Atsuko and Minami will be married and don’t have kid yet)

Atsuko : you too, Rena chan. I wonder when will you two join us. We should have our double dating.

Jun : of course, Rena chan is beautiful, she is my girl after all.

Minami : well, not as beautiful as my wife.

Jun : no, Rena chan is the most beautiful. No girl can compare about it

Minami : well, for me no body can  replace her place. she is the most beautiful.

Rena : Ju.. Jun, don’t be like that. It is  embarrassing.. (blushe madly)

Atsuko : kyaa!! Minami you are so lovely. You never said it out loud when we are in public.

Yuuma : yeah.. can’t you too be quiet. It is in public place.  Whatever…

All of them : …

Yuuma : Why don’t we eat first? I am hungry.

Minami : yeah, I also very hungry.  I missed this café special katsudon.

When they eat their dinner, Yuki come there. she is late because she wake up late, but luckily she still manage to come.

Rena : ah! Yuki!!

Yuki : Rena chan, I missed you so much. (hugging Rena)

Yuuma is surprise when he see Yuki in here. he then make an eyes contact with Jun. from his eyes, Jun know that he is angry. But, Jun doesn’t get it, why he is angry. Did he has a fight with Yuki. But how come, even if they always seems to fight with each other,
and tease each other. But the fight won’t stand a chance in second, and they will become lovely dovey couple again. Jun just let it pass. As he doesn’t understand why Yuuma is angry in the first place.
Yuki then pay her attention to Yuuma, her gaze now fix to her boyfriend as Yuuma didn’t even bug to look at her. it make her some how pissed off.  But instead of broke the mood, she choose to sit down and eat.

They chat with each other happily, but Yuuma and Yuki didn’t even talked to each other, even though they sit next to each other.  after the other couple go back, leaving Yuuma and Yuki alone.  Yuki then break the silent as Yuuma didn’t even bug to start the conversation.

Yuki : I heard that you come back yesterday, why don’t you meet me or even tell me, so that I can come to pick you up.

Yuuma : there is delay on my flight, and I am too tired to make a call. Let’s go home.

Yuki : liar! I checked yesterday flight, and there isn’t any delay from UK. When we eat, you don’t even looked at me, even talk to me. Yuuma.. I missed you so much..

Yuuma : you missed me so much? Why? Kashiwagi Yuki, I don’t understand you anymore.

Yuki : wh.. what are you talking about. Yuuma..

Yuuma then looked at Yuki with his cyborg and cold gaze. And Yuki is too surprise. She never see Yuuma gaze which is very cold. She often see his cyborg face, but not with this cold gaze.

Yuki : answer me! Yuuma..

Right now Yuki voice is shuttering. She feel weak when she see Yuuma icy glare to her. some how her guilt rise again. as she know there is something that she hide from Yuuma.

Yuuma : you want an answer? fine Kashiwagi Yuki, I know that I always busy, and lately I don’t have a time for you. I also missed you so much and I don’t want to have this long distance relationship with you. So in this three month I work like crazy to earn my degree and so I can go  back soon to Japan. Yesterday is the last day  for my assignment. I go back as fast as I could to your place.  And I.. saw you kiss that man yesterday.

Yuki : I.. I..

Yuuma wait patiently despite his heart is very hurt right now. why don’t she deny that it is him that kiss her by force. Why don’t she deny it say that she love him. Yuuma feel betrayed. Seeing, Yuki just stay silent, tear slowly come out.

Yuuma : sigh… I think we need some time alone, Kashiwagi san. let’s go. I will take you home.

Yuki is surprise by Yuuma reaction. He call her by family name and with that cold gaze and tone. That is she realize that she doesn’t want Yuuma to leave her side. Not even once.  All anxiety and sadness quickly come out, as she think about Yuuma not in her side.

Yuki :no.. Yuuma. Please don’t do this. I love you.

Yuuma : …

Yuki : hiks… please… Yuuma. I am sorry, last night… I hiks.. met my hiks…

Yuuma : don’t cry in here. let’s go home. If you don’t want then I will call a taxi for you.

Yuki : no!! Yuuma. Please… her me explain..

As Yuuma want to leave her, she hug him from behind. Tears flow from her eyes. As she sobbing and held Yuuma tightly. Yuuma feel hurt to see her like that. He want to ease her pain and hold her into his embrace. But again, his mind can’t forget the moment when Yuki kiss that man.

Yuuma try to break free and go away. As Yuki try to follow him and doesn’t let him to leave her. As Yuuma pass the street, Yuki  follow from behind. But then, there are a car with high speed. As Yuki is too shocked, her body refuse to move. As she think it is the end of her life she closed her eyes, but instead of that,  she feel an embrace, and there isn’t any pain at all. When she opened her eyes, she can see Yuuma. His head is bleeding, his breathing becoming hard, and slowly Yuuma lost his conscious.


Yuki is  at hospital right now. she is waiting for Yuuma to wake up, as doctor say that the impact to his head is not a worried matter. He is fine and just unconscious because of the shock to his head.  Wmatsui and Atsumina also come to hospital after hearing that Yuuma has an accident.  But as it is getting late and the doctor said there isn’t anything worried about his injuries. They get back to their house.  Jun has inform Yuuma’s parent and said they will come tomorrow, because they are at Kagoshima to visit their grandmother.

Yuki looked at her boyfriend who is sleeping. She then touch his hand and interwind hers with him. Slowly she fall a sleep beside Yuuma, not long after that, she can feel her hand is being squeeze gently.

Yuki wake up and her eyes meet with Yuuma eyes. His gaze is not that cold anymore.  It become warmer. They looked each other and none of them want to break the gaze. Until Yuuma break the silent.

Yuuma : you really make me worried, Yuki.

Yuki : don’t do it again, I can bear any feeling of losing you. you scared me to death when your head is bleeding and you lost your conscious.

 Yuuma : why? It concern you so much, doesn’t you have a new boyfriend already?

Yuki : WHAT?! No!!! Stupid Yuuma. I don’t want to break up with you. please.. hear my explanation. I know I am wrong. I beg for you forgiveness. Please… Yuuma

Yuuma heart really in ached seeing Yuki pleading eyes, and her hoarse voice. And he realize that his love toward her is still so strong.  And seeing her suffer like this make his heart hurt also. He decided to hear Yuki explanation

Yuuma : tell me, who is that guy. And what happened back then..

Yuki then tell him everything and of course about the kissing scene.  And she also tell him her feeling toward him.

Yuki : I know he is my crush back then, and I am confuse with my feeling. but then, I realize it, when he kiss me, deep in my head I think about you and after see you unconscious, I know my answer. I love you.. I LOVE YOU YUUMA!!

Yuuma  : Yu..Yuki (blushed)

“Mr. Oshima is something wrong? What happened ?!”

Because of Yuki loud voice, it make the nurse who have an late shift worry. So she checked on Yuuma. To see if he is okay.

Yuuma : ah, no it is okay. Sorry because of my girlfriend’s loud voice.

“please be quiet, and if there is something wrong please press the emergency button. Now, please excuse me”

After the nurse leave, there are silent between them. Yuki has told him anything and also her feeling. but will Yuuma forgive her. Or will he asked for a break up. Thinking about breaking up, make her heart hurt, and tear unconsciously fall from her eyes.

Yuuma : don’t cry.. I hate it when I see my girlfriend cry.

Yuki : Yuu.. Yuuma, that’s mean you forgive me?

Yuuma : yes, I know I am at fault because I have been so eager to finish my study and go back to Japan and forget about my girlfriend. I can’t blame you at all, if you want to break up with me. I..

Haven’t finished his word, Yuki quickly kiss him. she kissed him with full love and desperately. Her hand round around Yuuma’s neck and pull him closer. As now she is move to Yuuma lap.  Yuuma in the other hand, pull her down and now he is lying and Yuki is on his top. They kiss until they feel the urge to breath.

Yuuma : I love you too, my witch. You really have bewitch me with your love.

Yuki : mouu!! Yuuma, stop with those witch things (blush)

Yuuma : hm.. I will, if I get another kiss.. maybe.. (smirk)

Yuki : stupid cyborg (blush)


Sae : so that’s mean…

Yuki : I am sorry, Sae kun. Thank you for your feeling for me. But, we can’t be together. I realize that the one I love is him.

Sae : I see… well, can we still be a friend?

Yuki : of course.. Sae kun. You always be my friend.

Sae : thank you Yuki. Thank you for your answer.


Yuki : ah, I am sorry. Please excuse me (picking up the phone)

Phone conversation

Yuki : moshi – moshi

Yuuma : what make you so long? come out now. I will be waiting for you in the car

Yuki : but Yuuma, it just 15 second ago.

Yuuma : no, I don’t want. not for this guy.

Yuki : hai, hai. I understand my jealous cyborg.

Yuuma : what? I am not jealous. You remember that we still have to meet with Jun and Rena right?

Yuki : hai. I won’t take long

Sae : your boyfriend?

Yuki : yes.. I am sorry Sae kun

Sae : ha ha, it is alright. If I was him, I also will be jealous, if his girlfriend met with another man. and more over she is so beautiful

Yuki : Sae kun, stop teasing me. Yuuma and I promised our other friend that we will have a dinner in Akiba Restourant.

Sae : well, see you again Yuki

Yuki : un.. see you again, Sae kun.

With that Yuki leave the café, and go inside the car. Yuuma then drive to meet with his friend. Yuuma drive until they reach a high class restaurant. When they arrive in there, there are no Wmatsui expect them.

Yuki eyes become bigger, because she can see a big banquet of roses in the dining table. With a romantic music, Yuuma lead her to the table and give her the banquet. He then kneeled in front of Yuki.

Yuuma  : Kashiwagi Yuki, I know I am not a perfect boyfriend. I make you worry and lonely. But I can guarantee you, that you are the only girl I love in this world more than anything. I want to be with you always, and I want to see your smile just for me. And I can guarantee you, I swear to make you the most happiest woman in this world with all my might. I promise. So, will you marry this stupid cyborg ?

Yuki : Yes! I will. I love you, Yuuma.

Yuuma then get up and round a ring in her hand. As now they shared a lovely kissed to seal the promise.

The end

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Re: Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update Mayuki complete
« Reply #44 on: December 17, 2015, 06:41:25 AM »
Mayuki >,<
Thanks for this great OS author-san

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@Mayukishipper : I am glad that you like it  :twothumbs, I am worried since Mayuki after story is quiet failure I think... I don't have confident on it, and left it hangging for quiet a long time. :banghead:. BUt I glad, I post it, if not it will be on hiatus.

Okay, I guess all my after story come to the end.  :cow:

Finally after a long break. I manage to finish them all. The last one come to KojiYuu couple (this is the longest OS I ever made till now which contain full version).

I wonder should I make for SayaMilky and Yui Paru.   :?

I will let you all decided. :lol:

Or should I make another Wmatsui after story? Since most of them are married or will be married, and the last one is Wmatsui left hanging. :nervous

Please comment, Sayamilky or Wmatsui  :bow:

Anyway, please enjoy my story and sorry for bad English.

KojiYuu OS : I am yours

One day, in the morning. Somebody knock the door of Takahashi household. And when Minami opened the door, there is a guy with squirrel teeth smiled at him. while Minami give a frown to the guy.

Yuu : Takamina good morning!!

Minami : good morning Yuu, what bring you to come to my house this early?

Yuu : he he he, can you help me this time? you see, I have some business and I need somebody to take care of Milky.

Oshima Miyuki

The daughter of Oshima Yuu and Kojima Haruna, have a bright personality, and very cheerful. She have her mother beauty and her father bright personality. Her nickname is Milky.

The so called girl then look at Minami while she hides her half of body on her father leg. The girl shyly looked at Minami before she flashed a bright smile at him.

Milky : hi uncle Minami, good morning

Minami : hi Miyuki chan

Yuu : please, help me this time only. This will be the last time.

Minami : sigh.. fine, I will help you this time, but I think you should stop, you know if Haruna find out, she will be pissed off, or rather sad.

Yuu : I know, but I can’t help it. even though she already explain it to me, I really need to go and look the person. I can help it but feel insecure. Takamina, I am sure if you are in my shoes you also do the same thing.

Minami : okay, okay. I understand. Say, Miyuki chan do you want to help uncle to wake up Sayaka and Yui?

Milky : un, I want to uncle. I want to play with Sayaka

Yuu : hee? Just Sayaka? How about Yui?

Milky :  of course with Yui too, Papa don’t tease me. I will tell Mama about this.

Yuu : hee!! Papa so sorry, Milky. don’t tell mama please!!

Milky : un, alright. Milky will help Papa. But no teasing anymore.

Yuu : alright my baby girl. (give a kiss on her cheek)

Minami : wow, to think that your six year old daughter know the thing you want to do, that actually scared me, Yuu.

Yuu : well, she has my genes for this thing. 

Minami just rolled at his eyes, as Yuu said it proudly.

Minami : say, Miyuki chan why don’t you go upstair? They are at their room.

With that, Milky then go inside, leaving two man in front of the door.

Yuu : alright, Takamina I leave my baby girl to you. Thank you

Minami : just make sure you come back before dawn.

Yuu : hai!

With that Yuu go and drive to Haruna work place. Right now, Haruna work as Model, even though she is married and have a child already, her body didn’t change much. Yuu even think that her body is sexier day by day. Even though he doesn’t like Haruna job, he can’t say no, just because he didn’t like any body see his wife body, it is Haruna dream job. Since high school she dream to be a model.  And as a good husband, he will support Haruna for her job as long as it is not nude or gravure.

Lately, he find out that Haruna has been close to a person name Shinoda Mario. When Yuu asked about him, Haruna just laugh and said there is nothing between them. She said that Mario didn’t interest in her. They just patner in job.

But Yuu won’t believe that easily. Because if there is a chance every men will want to date Haruna.  That what Yuu think of, and some of magazine have proven that Haruna  was inside of list top women that you want to date.

After he arrive, he quickly go through the front door, and went inside. Yuu have the access to the building, because he is best friend with the security. Usually, he accompany Haruna to her working place and that why, he also got the access from the security.
While he looking for his wife and then he see her with a good looking tall guy walking, and went to the photo studio. Haruna is giggling, and looks like the Mario guy is saying some joke to her. it is make Yuu heart boiling.  But he keep his composure, and follow them to the photo studio

Yuu Pov

I don’t understand. Why Nyan nyan look happy with that guy. It is really just a partner for work? This really make my heart boiling. I know that lately, we barely met each other because of work. Don’t tell me, when I am absent that guy try to steal my nyan nyan away?
Damn!!! I won’t let that happened.

End of pov

He hide himself in the back, so Haruna can’t see him. He see them work together, and even though he hate to admit it, they look good together. And if it is not because of work, Yuu will definitely go there and take Haruna back. So he wait until their work is finish. 

As Haruna want to go back, Mario called her and whisper to her. His action, make Haruna blushed and smile shyly at him. He also give something to Haruna and this doesn’t escape from Yuu eyes. As soon as, Haruna go home, Yuu quickly go and met Mario.

Mario feeling that there is somebody who come closer to him, he turn back and met with Yuu who yank his cloth. At first, Mario is surprise with Yuu action, and as he met Yuu furious eyes, somehow it send shiver to him.  But he try his best to act normal as possible.

Yuu : Shinoda Mario, am I right?

Mario : that is me. what  do you want? and who are you?

Yuu : my name is Oshima Yuu. Do you ever hear the name?

Mario : I see, so you are Haruna’s husband.

Yuu : don’t call her name as if you are that close to her. She is my wife, and I warned you to stay professional.

Mario : what do you mean?

Yuu : don’t act stupid. I saw you whisper something to my wife. What did you say to her?

Mario : about that huh? why don’t you go home now? you will know about that soon. You should trust your wife more. (smirk)

Yuu : You! Fine, if you didn’t want to tell me. I will find out about that thing myself. And stay away from her.

With that Yuu leave Mario and prepare to go back. He need to pick his little girl before go back to his house. As Yuu knocked Takamina house, Atsuko come and greet him.

Atsuko : hey, Yuu. come to pick Milky?

Yuu : yeah. where is she?

Atsuko : she is inside, playing with the twins. Come inside.

Yuu : Milky, let’s go back

Hearing no answer from his daughter, he decided to look for her.

Atsuko : hm.. weird, just now she is with Sayaka. Yui, do you see your brother and Milky?

Yui : I don’t know, I saw them run to up stair together.

Atsuko and Yuu then go up stair and when to the twin room. But they find no one.

Atsuko : I think they play hide and seek.  I wonder where they are. Sayaka, Milky? are they inside the futon?

Atsuko pretending to find them, as she know they are hiding at the wardrobe. From the wardrobe they can hear some laughter. Until Atsuko opened the door. 

Atsuko : there you are! Got you

As Atsuko lift the boy and nuzzle her nose to his neck, make the boy laugh.  Yuu also lift his daughter.

Sayaka : stop it, mama. Ha ha ha.. it is ticklish…

Atsuko : what are you two doing inside the wardrobe? You know it is Milky time to go home, right?

Milky : I don’t want to go home yet. Papa, I want to play with Sayaka longer. Please.!!

Yuu : may not. It is dark already. We need to go back, Mama will be worried if we are not at home yet.

Milky : I don’t want to!! (struggling)

Yuu : hey, Milky. don’t do that. Come on now.

Atsuko : say, Yuu. why don’t you let Milky to stay tonight? I am sure Sayaka and Yui will be happy.

Yuu : but..

Milky : pleaseee (pleading eyes plus a bit teary)

Yuu : sigh.. don’t give me that look, lil girl. Alright. Tommorow is Sunday anyway. Play as much as you want.

Milky : yeah!! Papa daisuki!! Sayaka kun, let’s go down stair, you still need to finish the dish I made for you.

Sayaka : un..

Atsuko : they looks like husband and wife don’t you think? (giggle)

Yuu : too fast. I don’t want to think about it yet. Anyway Acchan, I will go back first.

Atsuko : okay. Say my hello to Haruna, okay?

Yuu : okay.

With that Yuu go back to his house. when he go inside his house, he is greeted by Haruna.

Haruna : Yuu chan, where have you been? Where is Milky?

Yuu : I bring her to Takamina house, and she want to stay a night in there. So, I leave her at there.

Sensing there is something wrong with her husband, Haruna then touched Yuu face, and caress it. she then move closer and kiss him. Yuu also returned the kiss, but not as passionate as his usually.

Usually, if Haruna kissed him, he will return the kiss and kiss her wildly and passionately. But, this kiss is different. So she break the kiss and looked at him confusedly.

Haruna : Yuu kun.. is there something wrong?

Yuu : hm.. there is nothing wrong, nyan nyan. I just a bit tired. Today is a busy day. Any way, how your work today?

Haruna : .. it went well. I manage to finish it without any problem.

Yuu : that’s good. What do you cook for? I am so hungry.

Haruna feel weird, but she let it a slip, because she know Yuu doesn’t like to be push for the thing that he doesn’t ready to tell. It is not like, he will keep a secret from her. But, Yuu always need a time, before he can tell Haruna about it. All Haruna need is wait for the right time.

After they finish their dinner, Yuu go and take a bath. As he go inside the ofuro, his body relax a bit.  As he lay down on the bathtub, erase his memory about the scene this evening. As he feel tired, he feel a sleep.

As he feel a sleep, the door opened and there is a light steep come inside the bathroom.  And then go inside the bathtub.

Yuu feel there is something soft that pressing his body and there are a pair of hand that caress his face. As he opened his eyes, he see Haruna smooth body which is covered with the towel. But, Yuu can see her the curve of her oshiri, and more  over it is pressing his chest. As Haruna come closer, she started give him a quick peck on his eyes, his noses, his cheek, and lastly she move closer and kiss him slowly on the lip. As her hand round around his neck. She kiss him deeply, and asked for his access to his mouth.

As Yuu can feel the lust from the kiss, and from Haruna eyes. Too much temptation to handle, as he quickly give Haruna the access to his mouth, their tongue meet each other and battle for domination. As Yuu, became more aggressive, he suck Haruna tounge, and make her moan lewdly.

He quickly throw away the towel that covered Haruna body. And his hand roam to her body, started from caressing her back, bosom, stomach, and butt. His action, make Haruna moan louder and louder. Her lewd sound echoes.

Haruna then get up and leave the bathtub, her action make Yuu wondered, but then she come back with bringing a paper bag.

Yuu thought “ that is the paper bag, that Shinoda guy give her, what is that?”

Haruna then take out a bottle of some kind of oil. She smile shyly at him, and asked him to go out and lay on the floor which has been covered with layer.

As soon as Yuu lay down, Haruna began to pour the oil in her hand and body, after that she give him a massage. Sometimes, Haruna will tease him by pressing her body to his back.

Yuu : Nyan nyan, it is feel so good.

Haruna : I am glad you like it, I have been worried since you looks down lately. And I can see you are overwork.  So, I asked Mario to give me some of these oil. These have aroma therapy flavor, so you can relax.

Yuu : you look close to him and nyan nyan, you don’t need this oil. For me, your present are enough. (pouting)

Haruna : are you jealous, my dear Yuu chan? (giggle)

Yuu : yes, I am. Satisfied?

Haruna : please don’t, mad. I just asked him, as my friend, what usually make man happy, and also relax. So he give me this oil. He said, his wife will massage him with this oil, and it make him relax.

Yuu : What?! he is married?!

Haruna : yes, and he also have a child.

Yuu : souka.

Haruna : un.. so Yuu chan, please don’t let this thing bother you. I know sometimes you are jealous because of my job. But Yuu chan, please know this I love you, and the person who own my heart and body is you. I am yours Yuu chan. I love you

Yuu : Nyan nyan, I love you more.

With that, they kissed passionately and that night, the feel each other and become one.

end of the Story

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Please make another wmatsui author-sama, im beging you~ pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  :kneelbow:

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Mannn...i love author san wmatsui..mayuki and kojiyuu afterstory
Do write sayamilky yuiparu version too~~
And make more wmatsui and mayuki fics~~
XD...glad author san not on hiatus..yeay~~

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WoW I want kojiyuu OS too....

Thanks author san.....
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Awww Kojiyuu are so cute  :nya:

After all, a jealous Yuko makes a great story...

Please make a Sayamilky and Yuiparu one next!

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It's an amazing ojiyuu fic, thank you for this!

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Any body interested with Tanotomu fanfic?
I am planning to make Natsumado, Tanotomu, and snh48 (zavoki and kiku) beside Sayamilky and Yuiparu...
Or I should make more Wmatsui?
But if no body want to.
I won't make any of them.

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Any body interested with Tanotomu fanfic?
I am planning to make Natsumado, Tanotomu, and snh48 (zavoki and kiku) beside Sayamilky and Yuiparu...
Or I should make more Wmatsui?
But if no body want to.
I won't make any of them.

Tanotomu yeahh :3
I am looking forward to it, Sadrilim-san.

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More wmatsui!!

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gendbend wmatsui XD

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WMatsui pleaseee . . .

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wmatsui please  :twothumbs ....

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NatsuMado genderbender please.. :on cloudeye:
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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Okay, so aside for SNH48, I will make another pairing. 

I planning to make them as Mayuki and Wmatsui child. Any idea for Tanotomu and Natsumado?

Who will be whose child?

For Paruru, I have my mind already. So just for these two.

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Natsu being Mayuki's n Mado being Matsui's. As for TanoTomu, it's up to you, author-san..
I'll look forward to it. :wub:
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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