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Author Topic: One More Chance [Atsumina OS] - COMPLETED  (Read 4106 times)

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One More Chance [Atsumina OS] - COMPLETED
« on: August 18, 2012, 06:51:08 PM »
I just wrote this awhile ago, I don't know why but I just suddenly type all these words down.. :nervous
I didn't proof read any of the part so there might be some mistakes... :panic:
Just hope you guys won't mind~ :)
It's actually... not gonna be HE :cry: Sorry for writing a fic like this...

One More Chance

My name is Maeda Atsuko and I am Takahashi Minami’s girlfriend. We know each other when we were in High school and during that time Minami is very cold towards anyone but I don’t know why I’m always attracted towards her. I approach her aggressively everyday and everyday and finally after 2 years we started going out with one another.

Minami is actually really kind, warm and gentle but because of what happened to her before that’s why she became cold. Her father had an affair with another woman and betrayed Minami’s mom and Minami’s mom become crazy and kill herself. After that Minami went to live with the relative and she was having a hard time there since nobody there welcomed her. But it didn’t matter to Minami since she had a best friend that time that was always there to support her. They were always together, playing around, study together, they are like sisters but… their relationship was broken when she betrays Minami… She was actually caught red-handed doing prostitute and was about to be expelled but she cried and tell the school principle that Minami forced her into it, even though Minami was actually innocent. But since normally Minami is cold toward others and she is popular and known as the ‘good student’ in school, the principle of course believe her and expelled Minami instead…

After that incident Minami closed her heart…

Minami’s relative didn’t want to see Minami so they send Minami away to AKB High school where students are required to live in dormitory.

That is where I first met Minami… Under the sakura tree of the north gate…

Minami is actually pretty famous in AKB High school because she had handsome features that made more than 90% of the female students falling for her. Although her cold aura make other people not to approach her easily but it actually does attract people in some way. I was also attracted by her cold aura, it made me want to be closer to her, want to know about her. So I start approaching her everyday; at first she ignore me as if I wasn’t there at all but slowly she would talk to me and sometimes even show me her smile!!! Her smile is so warm like sunshine and my heart beats like crazy whenever she smiles!

After 2 years, I confessed to Minami as we are going to graduate soon and Minami accept my confession!!! I was so happy that I could die.

Then day by day, we have sweet time together. We would always be with one another and sometimes even share a sweet kiss, everything was so good.

Now that we are in University we are still like couples who are in honeymoon. We’ve also made many friends, Yuko, Haruna, Mariko, Miichan, Tomochin, etc. Every day was so happy but I was just so stupid to ruin everything…

Since I’m already in university my parents starts to bother me like when will I get myself a boyfriend and the son of xx company wanna have dinner with me and blah blah blah… I want to tell them that I have a girlfriend but I know I can’t because they definitely won’t accept it…

At first, mom and dad will just give up when I tell them that I don’t want to go meet the son of xx company but later they starts to put pressure on me and I have no choice but to go.

I went to the restaurant and there’s a tall man who is waving his hand towards me so I went there and have a seat. He introduces his name that he is Sato Takeru, he graduate from xx University and now is working for his parents, etc.

The dinner wasn’t as bad as I think it was. Sato san was actually really gentle and we have the same interest so we kept chatting for so long. I think it wouldn’t be bad to have him as a friend.

After dinner, he sent me back to my dorm and kisses my hand and leave. But Minami seems to have see the scene where he kiss my hand so she was asking who he was. I didn’t want to lie to her so I tell her the truth that my parents forced me and knowing Minami, she wouldn’t blame me since I was forced.

Now that I think back, I shouldn’t have accept to have dinner with Sato san the second, third, xx times….

Since my first impression of Sato san wasn’t bad, so when he invited me for dinner again, I didn’t decline.

Slowly, little by little from dinner I would also go and watch movies with him or meet him at Cafe during weekends and so on and I haven’t realize that I am spending lesser and lesser time with Minami.

I think one of the reason why I prefer to stay with Sato san is because Minami will always ask me why am I having dinner with him and I would always tell her because we are friends then we would always have a conflict after that…

With the pressure mom and dad gives me that tells me to go out with Takeru (we got close and we start calling each other by names now), Minami got really pissed off when she hear that I calls Takeru by his name and we ended up having another conflict, I accepted Takeru’s confession…

After the conflict with Minami, I met up with Takeru and he confessed to me which I accepted. So now I’m going out with both Minami and Takeru, I know I should do this but I don’t want to break up with Minami and I enjoy the comfort I have with Takeru. Later on I would always go and have a date with him secretly. I feel so much fun with him but when we kiss I would always feel something different deep inside me…


One day, like any other day I am having a date with Takeru. We went to watch “Step-up Revolution”, actually I felt a bit guilty since Minami also invited me to watch the same movie yesterday but I declined telling her that I have to go back to my parents’ home.

After the movie, we decide to go and have dinner but then Takeru starts to come close to me and I know what he wants to do. I didn’t reject and responds to his kiss, it was a long deep one. Then we separate and I saw a figure that I know so well…. Minami…

“Minami!!” I shouted when I see the figure running away. I try to run after her but was stopped by Takeru, but I struggle myself free and run after Minami.

Since Minami have short legs I was still able to catch up to her and stop her.
“Minami, let me explain.”
“Minami… I….” I can’t think of any reason because it was just the thing Minami saw… I wasn’t forced or anything…
After a period of silence Minami spoke out something that breaks my heart…
“Atsuko… Let’s break up” Minami says as tears starts to flow out of her gentle eyes which now seems so sad.
“Minami, no!” I begged but Minami pushes me and run off.
“You know what, Atsuko?? Haruna, Yuko and even Mariko sama told me that they saw you with a guy and really close to one another and that you might be cheating on me but… I told them that you will never do such a thing! And now what?! Look what happens to my trust to you?!!” Minami shouts
“I… I….” I starts to sob as I feel really guilty about betraying Minami
“From now one, we are only strangers…” says Minami as she left.
I wanted to catch up to her again but my leg doesn’t have any power left…

After that night, Minami keeps avoiding me and I didn’t see her even once until now…

I try to tell myself that this is the best, because maybe a girl should stay with a girl. Takeru is rich, smart and gentle and my parents love him. But after breaking up with Minami I don’t know why but I just don’t want to spend any more time with him. That is when I find out that I really love Minami and my feelings for Takeru were never once love…

I tried to approach Minami again but she starts acting like I was a stranger which hurts my heart so much but I know that I hurt Minami even more than what I’m feeling right now.

I know that Minami hate betrayal, yet I was the one who betrayed her…
But I want to have one more chance and I won’t do stupid things again, I swear that I won’t betray her again.

But it seems that Minami has totally blocked me out of her heart… No matter what I do she keeps on coldly reject me and it seems she has pick on the habit of going out to pub, drink and even smokes! I really don’t like that but now who am I to tell her not to smoke?? I’m just someone who has betrayed her and is now a stranger in her life…

Every time when I see Minami so close or even hugging or kissing another girl, I feel like my heart is cut by a knife. Yuko, Haruna, Mariko, Miichan and Tomochin can’t really forgive me for betraying Minami but they still comfort me when they see how regretful I am now. They also try to tell Minami to give me one more chance but of course Minami just got mad at them and told them that if they even bring up my name then their friendship will end just there.

I really feel like dying when I hear it coming out from her mouth. Sometimes I even wonder if she’s really the Minami who is always so caring and gentle towards me… But I also know that, I’m the one who changed her…

Few months have passed, Minami still doesn’t forgive me. I also give up trying to approach her, I’ll just look at her from far is what I think of and I’m sure one day Minami will accept me again.

My belief is broken when I see a girl name, Kashiwagi Yuki with Minami… I actually even feel panic because normally even when Minami is going out with another girl they will usually break up really fast so I don’t feel threatened by them at all although I still feel jealous that they can be so close to Minami. But, this Kashiwagi girl is different… She’s been going out with Minami for more than a month already!!! Normally the other girls only lasts the most at 2 weeks!!!

I can even see some changes on Minami’s face when she is with Kashiwagi. She doesn’t put on her cold face, her eyes are really gentle when she’s with Kashiwagi. Whenever Minami looks at Kashiwagi full of love it always reminds me of how Minami looks at me. But I hate how that eyes full of love does not belong to me but that Kashiwagi girl now. I really feel threatened and I know I must do something to separate them.

When I’m thinking of how to separate Minami and Kashiwagi I accidently bump into Kashiwagi.
“Minami…” I look at her sadly as I see how worried Minami was and help Kashiwagi to stand up.
“Minami, I’m fine” says Kashiwagi
“You sure??”
Then Minami finally realizes that I was still on the ground, she stretches her right hand towards me which surprises me. I thought she will just leave me there…
“Minami…” I starts to feel tears forming around my eyes
I could see Minami sigh and tell something to the Kashiwagi girl, then the Kashiwagi girl left after she left a kiss on Minami’s cheek which I makes me really jealous.

“Acchan… Here, get up” Minami says gently which surprises me again as I grab her hand and stand up.
“Mi.. Minami” I cried out as I hug Minami
I can feel Minami’s body stiffens when I hug her then relax as she hugs me back.
“Acchan…” she says besides my ear which causes my heart to beat so fast.
Minami is not pushing me away, does that means I still have a chance?? I asks myself excitedly.
“Minami.. I..” I was cut of my Minami
“Acchan, let’s have a talk inside the Cafe”
I agree then we both went in ‘Memorial’ Cafe, the Cafe we used to go to when we are still going out with one another.
“Same?” Minami asks me
“1 cup of lemon tea with extra sugar, strawberry short cake and 1 cup of black coffee” Minami told the waiter
And I feel like crying again when I see Minami still remembers what I like to drink and eat…

We remained silent until the waiter brought us our order.
I stop eating the cake and look at Minami
“I’m sorry for all the harsh things I’ve said back them” Minami apologize and I can feel the hope growing inside me that maybe I do have a chance to be with Minami again but the hope turns to despair with her next sentence.
“Can we be best friends again??” Minami asks me sincerely but I do not like it at all because I don’t just want to be friends with Minami, I want to be her lover!
“No!” I object immediately
“I want to be your lover again!” I say half shouting which surprises Minami
“Acchan… I.. I’m sorry but now I love Yukirin.. We can still be friends.. I..”
“NO!! I don’t want to be your friend!” I says shouting and I can see every one looking at us right now but I don’t care.
“What’s so good about that Kashiwagi girl??!!! She’s a whore!! What do you like about her?? Her body??” I shouts out crazily as I can’t accept the fact that Minami no longer loves me anymore…
“Mi…” I was bewildered by her action… she just slap me.. she slap me just because of Kashiwagi!
“DON’T YOU INSULT YUKIRIN!!! SHE’S NOT A WHORE! SHE IS THE WOMAN I LOVE NOW!!” Minami’s word kills me off bits by bits as tears starts to flow out drops by drops.
“I felt bad about what I said to you before so here I was apologizing to you and want to be friends again, but you just have to insult Yuki! I’m sorry but I don’t think I want to see you until you know what is your mistake!” with that Minami left the Cafe after she pays for everything.

After that day I kept on drinking from day to night then sleep then did the same thing again and again until I feel my brain getting numb…

My head hurts like crazy so I decide to have a walk outside…

It is now late night so it was really quite, as I walk I saw two figures seems to be tangle around each other and looks like they are sharing a passionate kiss.

I was about to ignore them but the moon light suddenly shifts to them and now I am able to see the two figures clearly… It was Minami and Kashiwagi…

I feel like dying and many mixed emotions are filling me up; rage, anger, hatred and other negative feelings mixing one another.

I feel my blood boiling, my body starts to move on its own and my mind becoming blank……

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! MINAMI!!!!!!!!!!!”

I suddenly snap back to reality and in front of me was Minami covered with blood lying on the ground with Kashiwagi crying beside her. I still feel a bit dizzy and can’t understand what happened….

Then I see Kashiwagi looking at me, eyes full of anger and hatred as she points her index finger at me and shout “You murderer!! How dare you kill Minami!! I won’t forgive you!!!”

I start to tremble because I can’t believe what she said but then suddenly I notice what is in my hand…. A knife covered with blood….
I was so scared that I drop the knife on the ground and hug myself tightly that everything was just a dream.

God… why do you have to be like this to me?
I just wanted one more chance…
One more chance to be with Minami,
One more chance to love Minami….
I regret everything that I have done before,
My stupidity cause me to lose Minami once.
And now… My love, hatred and jealousy have causes me to lose her forever….

If there’s one more chance, I hope the one that die is me and not Minami,
If there’s one more chance, I swear I’ll let go of Minami.
I’d rather see Minami with another girl rather than Minami leaving me alone in this world, where I know I’ll never see her again…

If there’s just one more chance…

The police officers who were in patrol saw blood covered Minami immediately took control of the situation and call for more police. On 2:48 a.m. Takahashi Minami’s heart stops beating when she was on the way to the hospital. Maeda Atsuko was arrested at 2:30 a.m. after the police learned about what happened from Kashiwagi Yuki.

Maeda Atsuko didn’t struggle as the police put on the handcuffs, she is just like a doll and there seems no life from her eyes…

After staying in prison for 15 months, Maeda Atsuko committed suicide inside the prison at 2:48 a.m. exactly the time when Takahashi Minami left the world. Leaving her last message on the wall “Minami, I’m coming to you. Please give me one more chance to be with you and love you.”

And this marks the end of our story….
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Re: OS - One More Chance [Atsumina]
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2012, 09:14:14 PM »
oh god.. your story really makes me speechless, but I love it..  :cry:

thanks for the update!

amazing OS! :thumbsup

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Re: OS - One More Chance [Atsumina]
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That was a good fanfic  :) & very sad in the end.  It was interesting to see things took a turn for the dark side & I like how you decided to portray how Atsuko's emotions got the better of her. Thanks for writting this :D Hope to see more your fics ^^

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Re: OS - One More Chance [Atsumina]
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Owhh, it a sad ending. But the end of the tragic they meet each others afterlife.

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Re: OS - One More Chance [Atsumina]
« Reply #4 on: August 19, 2012, 05:04:55 AM »






I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: OS - One More Chance [Atsumina]
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Thanks for the replies~ :)
And to @Wmatsui22 san I'll try! ^^ Although don't know when.. hehe.. :P

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Re: OS - One More Chance [Atsumina]
« Reply #6 on: August 19, 2012, 02:25:40 PM »
Tragic story  :cry: :cry:
Why people murder my Atsumina  :cry: :cry:
Although it's sad... this is a great fic^^
Thanks for the update  :)

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Re: OS - One More Chance [Atsumina]
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 :dizzy: It's so sad!

 :fainted: :err:
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Re: OS - One More Chance [Atsumina]
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Ooh my atsumina hard  :shocked
that was a very sad story  :cry:

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Re: OS - One More Chance [Atsumina]
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My Atsumina heart!!!!!  :on cloudeye: :err: :tantrum: :fainted:
please make BlackGeki or Mayuki ....  :bow:

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Re: OS - One More Chance [Atsumina]
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Wow, what is this story?  :shocked


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