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Author Topic: My Salty Cat (YuiParu fanfic) - COMPLETED  (Read 23932 times)

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My Salty Cat (YuiParu fanfic) - COMPLETED
« on: May 31, 2015, 01:55:25 PM »
Well, guys. I know, that I haven't finished  my long fanfic. But my imagination can't stop to flow from these few days about Yui and Paruru. So I decided to make the short one for them. Hope you enjoy the first. And sorry for the bad english.

My Salty Cat, Yui Paru Fanfic
Chapter 1 : First encounter

Yui pov

My name is Yokohama Yui, I am a normal student, who have a normal live. Love interest, romance, job, study, no interest in that. Well, you can say that I am totally useless guy. I enjoy my life staring at the ceiling, and cloud. No body can take my happiness for that.
My name is Yui, and right now I am stuck in middle of fight, defending an unknown girl.  I just a passerby and why they need to do it when I pass that road. Do it somewhere else! This is troublesome. Well, even though I am an useless guy, I still have my heart as human. Well, let’s do it quick.

End of pov

Man  A : some nerve you have here, are you this girl friend?

Man B : I don't think she have a friend. Who are you?

Yui : … just leave her alone. This is trouble some to answer all your guestion.  Will you leave or not?

Man A : well, not until we get what we want. (pulled out knife)

Man B then hold the girl tight, he held her hair and pulled it. It make the girl scream, but nothing come from her voice is. Looks like the girl has long not drink anything. And suddenly the Man A started to charge with his knife.  But Yui dodge it fast, he then grab the man hand and smack him in face and unarmed him.  Then the other man tried to attack and he hit Yui face hard. But Yui didn’t stand back, instead he counter attack, make the other man fall down.
Yui then held the knife and point it to man A, he glare at him and told them to leave.  After that, he check the girl. The girl look terrible, her clothes are torn, and revealed some of her body, her body full of bruises, and messy hair, and look straved. Yui just sigh, he know he won’t be able to ignore the girl.

Yui : what is your name? where did you live?

Girl : …

Yui : hey.. did you hear me?

Girl try to stand up and go away, but she then fall down and unconscious.


Yui Pov

My name is Yui, I love my normal life. But looks like I will have a lot of trouble because of this girl. I wonder if I regret this decision. I think I will take her to the nearest clinic. I don’t have a lot of money to pay her bill first.

End of pov

At the Yamamoto Clinic

Dr, Yamamoto : So, Yui, what did you do today? bringing the injured girl to my clinic.

Yui : sigh, I don’t do anything to her uncle . I just find her get bullied by two man. How is she doctor?

Dr. Yamamoto : well, she got a lot of bruises and she a bit weak, with enough rest and eat properly, she is good to go.

Yui : souka,

Girl : un….

The girl woke up and look at the two man in front of her, she looks terrified. She sit in the edge of the bed. And when Dr. Yamamoto want to check her, she rampage. She throw the pillow and kick around. She is crying and sobbing. Yui just stand beside look at her, he wonder if he has give himself a trouble. He then snapped when Dr. Yamamoto scream, the girl has bite him. Yui then grab the girl shoulder and force to hug her. She resist a bit for second, until Yui hug her tightly and said shooting word to her.

Yui : shush…. Don’t cry, we mean no harm to you. You are safe now.

Girl : … (stop rampage)

Yui : good girl, now let Dr. Yamamoto to check you, okay?

Dr. Yamamoto then check the girl and make sure she is alright. He give Yui the medicine and vitamin for her. After that Yui decided to take her to the nearby family restaurant to eat some food. He give her, his jacket to cover her body, because her clothes is a bit torn.

At the restaurant

Yui : well, where do you life? I will call a cab for you.

Girl : …

Yui : no talking huh?

The girl just continue to eat the food, as she didn’t want to answer Yui question.

Yui : so, what is your name?

Girl : … call me paru

Yui : hee? What is your real name? looks like I need to bring you to police instead, you look lost.

The girl frown at police word,  She then stop eating and ready to leave.  It make Yui got more headache.

Yui pov

What wrong with that girl?! Don’t she know how to thank me?! I mean, I bring her to the doctor, and I give her food to eat, and now I just want to help her, she just leave like that?! I don’t care about her. Trouble girl. humph! I really lost my cool.

End of pov

Yui then payed the food and then decided to leave and go home. He decided to go to near mini market to buy some canned food for his cat, bisu. He live alone with his cat, because he doesn’t like to stay with his own family, his father remarried and have another child. He is happy for his father but, he feel like he is a stranger in that house, so he ask his father if he can move from house, and his father agree to him.
when he go home, he see somebody sit in front of his door apartement. It’s Paru, when she notice Yui, she quickly stand up and give him, his jacket back.

Paru : I just want to return your jacket. After this I will leave.

Yui : What? How come you know where I live?

Paru : I find you college id card in your jacket. (hand over the jacket and ready to go)

Yui : sigh.. wait! Um… do you mind to have a tea inside?

Paru just look at him, doubtfully, as if she didn’t trust Yui, but Yui notice it. Yui try his best to smile at Paru. He feel his heart beat so fast,as she never invited any girl to his apartment. But when Paru nodded he give a relief sigh.

Yui : come in, make yourself at home.

When Paru come inside, something jump into her, It make her scream, and fall down. Yui notice this and help Paru to stand up, he glared at the thing that jump to Paru.


Yui : bad boy, Bisu how come you jump into a girl like that.  I am sorry, Paru san, I don’t think Bisu will jump at you like that.

Paru : it okay..

Paru then sit in the couch at the living room. While Yui prepare the tea, Bisu purred and sit in Paru lap, he snuggle at Paru while Paru just smile and stroke Bisu fur.

Yui : you look beautiful when you smile. You should smile more.

Paru : flirt…

Yui : no, I am not.  Here a warm tea for you.

Paru drink the tea silently, but Paru notice that Yui blushed when he look at her. She notice that her chest a bit revealed due to her ripped clothes, she then cover her chest and glared at Yui.

Paru : Pervert…

Yui : I am so.. sorry (blushed) Um… if you don’t mind I can lend you a cloths, wait here.

Paru : …

Yui then come back and give her a clothes, his clothes.

Paru : can.. I take a bath also?

Yui : huh!? Oh.. yeah, the bathroom is in the back near the kitchen.

Paru : thank you (stand up and go to the bathroom)

Yui just sigh and Bisu jump into him, meow. Yui smile at the cat, he wonder what make the cat so close to Paru. Bisu is an antisocial cat, not many people can get near to him. he will hisses and try to bite any body who want to touch him by force. 

While Yui enjoying patting Bisu, there is a black out followed by thunder and raining sound. He hear a scream in the bath room and quickly he went to the bathroom. But he dared not to open the door because he doesn’t want to be called pervert again. He knocked the door and asked Paru is she okay. But no answer from inside, instead he hear a sobbing sound. Yui then decided to open the door, and when he open the door, he can’t find Paru.

Yui : Paru san, Paru.. where are you. Hey…

Paru : hiks… hiks..

Yui followed the sobbing sound and when he manage to touched Paru, Paru quickly warped her arm in Yui neck. Instead of shooting Paru, Yui feel panic. He can feel Paru soft wet skin, with Paru tight embrace it make him lost his cool.

Yui : Pa.. Paru… hey..’s ok..ay (shit! Why I suttering?!)

Paru : hiks.. hiks… I…

When Paru want to speak, the thunder claps again, it make her hug Yui more.  She is trembeling and sobbing.
Hearing Paru sobbing voice, somehow make Yui heart hurt, and before he can feel his manhood take over his body. He then quickly lift Paru with bridal style and reach a towel from outside of the bathroom. He try to make her calm and also cover her body with the towel. As Paru a bit calm down, she then release her grip on Yui. Yui sigh, and try to go to his room to take another clothe s for him and for Paru. As he pick the clothes, the thunder claps view time, really hard. it make Paru scream again, crying. It make Yui come back quickly to the living room as soon as possible. But, he tripped, fall down and landed on Paru body. As he want to get up, he touch something soft and he hear a moan from Paru. As he realize what just he touch, It really make his manhood to stood up.

Yui : I .. I am sorry.

He quickly stand up and ready to leave her, but Paru hold him tight, sobbing, while he try to release the girl grip, he afraid Paru can feel what happened between her thigh. As Yui feel it is semi hard already. As he feel lost already, he feel Bisu under his leg. He quickly grab Bisu and give him to Paru.

Yui : Pa.. paru, let’s Bisu accompany you first. I need to take a candle and pl..please wear the clothes I give you.

Luckily for Yui, Paru agree to release him, and held Bisu in her embrace. Yui quickly retreat and go to the kitchen to find a candle and flash light. His heart beating really fast, as if he has a heart attack.  He still can remember the smooth thing that he touch and it didn’t help him at all.

Yui pov

My name is Yokohama Yui, I am a normal student, who have a normal live. Love interest, romance, job, study, no interest in that. But, looks like my normal live will change because of her, Paru.

End of pov and end of chapter 1

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2015, 06:31:11 AM »

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic
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that's great plot. i have been searched for the new yuiparu genben fic. please update and i support you author sadrilim

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic
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Salty = paruru's character , salty cat => paruru = cat @.@ I wonder if It's true (-w-") This fanfic is interesting ! Please come back ASAP !     
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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic
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bisu and paru clicked on their first meeting =)

can't wait for the next chapter

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic
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Please Update this !!!
I'm so interested  :twothumbs XD
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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic
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Nee author-sqn please update this story  :hip smile:

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My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic chapter 2
« Reply #7 on: June 26, 2015, 09:21:20 PM »
hello all, I hope you still eager to read my stories.

Well,  I started to like Shimazaki Haruka, and her satly attitude. So I make this story. I planned to make it short through. I realize I am not good with long type story.

Anyway enjoy this story. I won't update this story for a moment. Because I need to focus on my job and last assigment.

sorry for bad english.

Chapter 2 : Paruru


Yui soon snapped from his day dreaming as Yui heard Bisu’s voice. From Bisu’s voice, Yui know that he need to come back as soon as possible. As Bisu has it own limit.  As Yui come back with few candles and flashlight. He see Bisu with it paw on Paru face trying to release itself. As for Paru, that girl really held Bisu tightly. The poor cat look at Yui as if asking for a little help.

But Yui dared not to see the girl again as he realized that Paru still not wear any clothes. He stepped back for a bit, try to think something, as he didn’t know what to do.  Yui then take a blanket from his room and wrapped it around Paru. He touch her hair gently and stroke it. His action help a bit, Paru has stopped trembling, but she still sobbing, as Yui doesn’t know what to do, he just sit beside her accompany the poor girl. But not for long, Paru rest her head on his shoulder. It send a electric down to Yui’s body. 

Yui doesn’t know what to do, as he feel his heart beat very fast, and more he doesn’t know what to do, he just sit there silently, he then realize that the girl has fallen asleep, as for Bisu, he finally manage to free himself from Paru.  Secretly Yui look down and see Paru face, her sleeping face is very beautiful as there is some strain of tears near her eyes. Seeing her sleeping face, make Yui smile. He feel relieve that Paru has stopped crying. Yui then lift the girl with a bridal style and place her in his bed.


Hm.. I never know that her face is this beautiful. Well, mostly I only saw her with a frown face or blank face. Not to mention her cold behavior. Try to act strong outside, but truly you just a timid girl, huh… Paru chan.

End of Pov

Yui then phoned somebody as he don’t know what to do to Paru.

“moshi moshi”

Yui : hey.. I wonder if you can come to my house tonight.

“ at this rainy day? Yokoyama Yui, you better give me a real good reason for that. Even if we just live a few block from here, it still raining.”

Yui : sorry nee chan, but can you really help me here. I really helpless with this thing. And too many thing that happened today. It really give me headache.

Yui then tell the story,  of course he skip the story when Paru embrace him at the toilet. He make sure he skipped the embrace thing, so his so called nee chan won’t make fun of him.

“souka.., wait me for 20 minutes I will come to your apartement”

Yui : thank you Atsu nee chan. You are the best.


Next morning, Paru wake up feeling hard to open her eyes. Well, her eyes is swollen, but when she wake up, as she smell a nice aroma coming from kitchen, she then get up and go outside. As she went to the kitchen, she saw a simple yet delicious breakfast, orange juice, rice, with fried salmon and rolled cabbage plus egg soup. It make Paru stomach grumbled. She is very hungry and the food in front of her really make some temptation. But she can’t find Yui anywhere, she began to wonder where the boy is. As she spotted on Bisu, happily eating his breakfast. She go near the cat, but when Bisu look at her, he quickly run away, hissed.

“ You should apologize..”

Paru hear Yui sound from behind. He held a newspaper with him and some plastic bag. Turn out that Yui went to morning market, that sell a fresh fish. Well, he and Bisu love fish after all.  And because he need to serve for more people, he need to buy more.

Paru : apologize..?

Yui : yeah.. Bisu is quiet upset because you held him tight yesterday. I don’t think Bisu will be friendly with you after what you has done to him.

Paru make ‘just wait and see’ face to Yui. As she went to the kitchen and take some dried salmon skin in her hand.  She went to Bisu but still give a space to Bisu.

Paru : nyaa.. Bisu… I am sorry. Yesterday I am too afraid of the thunder. As I didn’t realize that I held you too tight. Please forgive me nyaa…

Yui :… pzzt..

Yui try no to laugh, as Paru turn back and glare at him, send him a shiver.  But she then turn again and give her best apologize look to Bisu.

Yui : impossible Bisu will forgive you. Up until now, even my best friend can’t touch him, because he hug him by force. He even hissed at him every time he went to my house. what..?!


Yui stopped talking, as he can’t believe what he has seen. Bisu come closer to Paru as he eat the dried salmon skin from her hand. Bisu give his paw to Paru and

Paru lift him, gently store his fur. Paru then give him, her victory smile. As Yui is too shocked, he never see Bisu this close to anyone except himself. sure he sometimes upset his cat, but his cat will always forgive him as Bisu will come and snuggle with him at night.

Paru : well.. looks like you are wrong. Now let’s us eat breakfast shall we?



They eat their breakfast silently, but then Paru broke the silent.

Paru : did.. you see it?

Yui : huh?!

Paru : yesterday, did you see it? (deadly glare)

Yui : noo, I don’t see you naked body or anything like that, beside it was dark yesterday. I never see your white skin or anything like that.

Paru : you saw it, and this clothes.. did you.. did you.. wear it to me?! (angry..)

Yui : well, I can’t let you get a cold right? But …

As Yui hasn’t finish his word. Paru already give him a punch in face.

Yui : arrgh.. Paru… calm down…. (start to run away)

Paru : why.. you.. pervert! Stupid! Low life!!! (throwing anything that reachable)

Yui : whoaah!! Paru… stop it. no… No that CD, I save it for months to buy it. it is limited edition!!!!

As Yui prevent Paru from throwing his CD collection, he then tripped and fall down along with Paru on the sofa. As now Yui is on Paru’s top. It make both of them blushed so hard. Never did Yui think this will happened. As now Paru is laying on the sofa, he can see her milky skin a bit revealed as Paru wear oversize clothes.

“ wow… I know you are closet pervert, but I don’t think you will try to do something to her, Yui han.”

Yui : Atsu nee chan?! This is not like you think!!

Yui quickly stand up as both he and Paru is still blushing very hard.

Atsuko : hm… whatever, pervert Yui, stand back please. Hi.. Paru chan, my name is Maeda Atsuko. I am Yui senior in his school. I bring some of my clothes, Yui has given me some detail yesterday. And don’t worry, I the one who help you to wear your clothes.

Paru : un.. thank you so much. you can call me Paru.

Paru said shyly, but it just make Atsuko squealing more.

Atsuko : so cute…. From now on, you will be Paruru. (hugging Paru).

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 2
« Reply #8 on: June 27, 2015, 01:23:57 AM »
YuiParu moments i was squiling while reading this and the breakfast part up to the end thank you for updating...

again Paru and Bisu are like heaven because some fics that i've read with this pair they dont get along to easy..

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 2
« Reply #9 on: June 27, 2015, 06:01:59 AM »
I died after reading this chapter  :on bleed: :monk gboy:
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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 2
« Reply #10 on: June 30, 2015, 11:46:08 PM »
I died after reading this chapter  :on bleed: :monk gboy:

Lol/....then is this shinigami san spirit comment~
or have been beautifully reincarnated~

Thanks for the update sadrilim san~
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My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 3
« Reply #11 on: August 09, 2015, 07:38:26 PM »
Hi all,
Hope you all still wait to read my fanfic, as I decided to write this chapter first. I know that I still have a lot of fanfic to finish.
But nothing really come to my mind. As I have lost some of my idea. Today I try to write this chapter. Hope I didn't lose my touch. XD

Anyway, enjoy this chapter. I want to finish one of my long fanfic as soon as possible. I realize I didn't really fit on long fanfic.

Enjoy and Sorry for the bad english.

Chapter 3 : Trouble

Yui is at class, he stay silent as looking at the cloud though the window, no body ever care what he do.  Well usually he doesn’t even listened to the teacher. Even though he never listen to the teacher, he get a fine mark, which is never been a problem for him.

Yui Pov

Sigh… why I have this trouble again? I wonder if it is the right decision to do this thing. it is troublesome but, somehow I have a feeling that I can’t just ignore her and do nothing. Should I call a police telling there is a missing girl. But, from what her reaction when I said ‘police’ , she looks like hate it so much. I wonder did she do something wrong?

I just hope my problem won’t become bigger and bigger.

End of Pov

Yui try to find some information regarding the salty girl, but the girl remaind silent, as she doesn’t like to tell her problem or even where does she life. Even Atsuko try to ask her about one or few thing. But, Paru stay silent. She just tell them that she is not a bad person, and she is hiding from some bad people who want to hurt her. 

Flash back

Atsuko : so what do you think Yui? I can help you by lending her some of my clothes, if you want to.

Yui : …

Atsuko : you don’t want to help her? I think Paruru said the truth.

Yui then looked at the girl that sitting in the sofa, petting Bisu in her lap. Sure is, there is nothing to be afraid for him to keep her in his apartment. But what Yui afraid is trouble. He really hate troublesome. More work or things to add in his ass will sure kill him slowly.

Atsuko : well, I never thought that you are this cold hearted people. Well never mind. I don’t think I can change your mind if it is due to your laziness. If you don’t want to help, I will.

Atsuko then go to the living room and talked to Paru.

Paru : ano… I don’t think I want to trouble you all more than I have done. So… I will leave after this. Thank you for all the things.

Atsuko : but, Paruru..

After thanking them, Paruru ready to leave. But as she want to leave, Yui stopped her.

Yui : wait! Paru, you can’t just leave like that. I mean..  I need somebody to take care of Bisu, when I am at school.

Atsuko just facepalm hearing Yui lame excuse. As Yui giving her a weak smile.

Paru : I think Bisu will be fine by himself. you always leave him alone in the house, why you need to find somebody to take care of him now?

Yui : er.. what I mean is, Bisu will be sad if you leave now. I think you should stay, as Bisu take a liking on you.

Yui then held Bisu and give Bisu to Paru, as the cat gladly being held by the salty girl, giving his best purr on her. just like telling Paru to stay.

Paru : I…

Yui : please!! Please think this as Bisu sake.

Paru : fine, I will stay. Just because Bisu want me to stay.

Yui : sure.

End of flashback


The bell ring, make Yui snapped from his dream world. As the class is finished. He quickly go out from  the school and go to the grocery. He need to buy more food and some other item, regarding there is somebody live with him now.

When Yui go home, he find nobody in the living room, as he process to the bed room, he open the door without knocking. And this is his first mistake.

Paru :  KYAAA!!!

Yui : woah!! Calm down Paru, I .. I don’t know that you are changing.

Paru then throw everything that near her.

Paru : now I know why Atsuko nee call you a pervert.

Yui : whoa!! Paru, don’t do that it is dangerous.

Paru doesn’t care as she chasing Yui and throw everything that she can grab.

Paru : hentai! Pervert! You are the worst.

Yui : pa.. paru, calm down. I didn’t see any thing.

As Yui try to speak to Paru, but it is no used as Paru seem to be really angry and as he step back,  Yui step on the water bottle that Paru throw, and it make him fall down.  Paru try to help him, but Yui is heavier than her. it make both of them fall down together.

Yui : ITAI!!

As Yui opened his eyes, he saw them in an awkward position. Paru is in his top now, while she using his clothes make her more sexier. Yui can see clearly Paru cleavage. Both of them blush furiously.  But it didn’t last long as there is somebody interrupt.

“ Yui? I hear you voice. Are you okay?.. what?! Yokoyama YUI what are you doing?!!”

Yui : Da.. DAD?!


My name is Yokohama Yui, I am a normal student, who have a normal live. Love interest, romance, job, study, no interest in that. And now I certainly said my normal live will be change. It is all because of one troublesome girl. Paru…

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 3
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Wait for your next update :thumbup

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My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 4
« Reply #13 on: August 16, 2015, 08:28:35 PM »
enjoy and sorry for bad english  :cow:

Chapter 4 : Girls are complicated


I am so doomed, if this is a de javu? After Atsu nee, now Otou sama see our emberassing scene. Sigh… this Paru girl sure bring me bad luck. I mean, sure this is not all her fault. But did she need to be that furious. I know she have a nice body and silky skin and.. wait!!! This is not the time to think things like that Yokoyama Yui. I really need a proper reason to answer all Otou san question. If not… I afaid I will need to go back to my own house.
Should I tell Otou san the truth? I mean I did a good job right? helping people like what he did. But I am sure he will investigate more about Paru. And I am sure this is not a great option.  God please help me…

End of pov

Yokoyama Yuito

Yui’s father who work as police in Osaka, he sometimes come to Tokyo to check his son. Has a bright and cheerful personality. But can be very scary when angry.
Now three of them are sitting in the living room in the sofa. Yuito look at Paru and then shift his gaze towards Yui who is now fidgeting. From his look, he is quite angry.

Yui : er.. Otou san, what bring you to come to Tokyo?

Yuito : mind to explain why you and this young girl do at your room?

Yui : glup… you see.. er… actually I and this girl is dating.

Paru : ?! wha..

Yui : right, Paruru? I know what I did is wrong dad. But I can guarantee nothing bad will happened.

Yuito : sigh.. Yokoyama Yui, I will wait for you in your room, I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your boyfriend, young girl.

Paru is blushing by Yuito’s word, giving a nod to Yuito, so Yui and his father went to Yui’s room and have a little talk in there.

Yuito : now Yui, care to explain more? And don’t lying to me. If you still want to live in apartment. If you think you can lie to me, then you are wrong. I saw your thing in the bathroom and some  leftover in the kitchen. You two must be living together. And moreover, from this girl cloths, I can tell you two just started living together.

Yui : glup..  as you can see otou san, we are cou…

Yuito : don’t you dare to tell me you two are couple. From the girl reaction and more over when you two sit together, and when she is nervous , you don’t even give her any comfort.  What did I teach you, Yui?

Yui : sigh.. to be gentle and caring toward your love one, and don’t ever make somebody you love one to suffer or in pain.

Yuito : good. Now explain!

Yui then explain what has happened to Paru and how they end up living together for the few days. Yuito just hear Yui explanation and then nodded.

Yuito : you know what? I will go back this time, because I need to check on something. And don’t worry,  I don’t think she is a bad girl. I will be back for a few days after I confirm something in the headquater. Oh.. and make sure you stay with this young girl.

Yui : huh? What do you mean Otou san?

Yuito : not really, I come here for some case that my old friend asked for, and somehow it has a connection with Paru. So I won’t say anything.

Yui : don’t tell me otou san, you know something about Paru?

Yuito : why don’t you ask her by yourself. From now on, I just want to focus on my job first. Just protect her from any harm if you need.  Or should I send some men to protect you two? Oh, btw don’t tell that Young girl that I am a cop. I think she hated police.

Yui : no need otou san, I can do it by myself. Fine, if you don’t want to tell me. then I won’t ask futher more. I know you will tell me if the time is up. About that thing, you are right. she hated cops.

Yuito just smile at his son, he know Yui won’t force him to tell anything if he is not ready. Beside, this is a request from a friend and it is end up his son is connected to this case.


Yuito is a police chief in Osaka, and one of his old friend, Rei has asked him to help him to find his master daughter who is missing. There is a big clash on his master family because of his master sudden death. So the only person that will inherit his business is his only daughter. But now this only one daughter is missing few days ago.

Yuito know that there is something wrong with the Tokyo police department, and he is checking it together with Paru case.

End of flashback

After that, Yuito take a leave, because he need to investigate something.  Before he leave he has  a small chat with Paru.

Yuito : paru chan, right?

Paru : un…

Yuito : I know my son sometimes is a stupid one. But please take care of him. He is a nice guy and you can count in him. oh, if you are in trouble or he did something to you, please tell uncle. I will sure to punish him. ( giving Paru his phone number).

Paru : un.. thank you uncle.

Yui : hey! Otou san who is stupid? Somehow I don’t know if you are praising me or mocking me.

Yuito : And Yui, please be more gentle to your girlfriend. I won’t distrub your lovely dovey time.  bye bye

After that Yuito leave Yui’s apartment, leaving them alone again, blushing. They looks nervous, until Yui broke the silent.

Yui : we.. well, let’s go inside and have a dinner shall we? I think Bisu is quiet hungry already.

Paru : un…

When they have a dinner, Paru just stay quite all the time. it make Yui wonder, what make her become like that. Finish their dinner, Paru sit in corner of the sofa holding a pillow and hid her face. Yui then sit in the sofa not far from Paru.

Yui : say.. Paru, what happened with you. you seems down…

Paru : no.. nothing happened. (hiding her face at the pillow)

Yui : eh? really? You look more depress than before. if it because of what I have said upset you, please forget it. I.. I just kidding. He he he

Paru : baka.. (pouting)

Yui  : eh? why you also call me stupid. mou!! I am not stupid!

Yui pov

Sigh.. it is so hard to understand a girl. she looks down and now she looks angry. Girl is complicated. I wonder what things that make her upset. Because I said to my father that she is my girlfriend? And after I apologize she said I am stupid?!

End of pov

Paru then stand up and leaving Yui who complain at her.

Yui : wait, where will you go?

Paru : I am going to sleep. And don’t dare to come inside the room.  ( giving a annoyed look to Yui)

Yui : but.. but..

Paru then go inside and closed the door. Not letting Yui to finish his word.

Yui : that is my room, where I supposed to sleep. Hey, Paru! Sigh… girl sure are complicated.

end of Chapter 4

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 4
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I think paru is starting like yui? hahaha
can't wait for next update  :lol:

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 4
« Reply #15 on: August 19, 2015, 02:39:05 AM »
I was wondering if you could update today~ haha  :D

Update soon!  :thumbsup
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My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 5
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@mirurunky : well, that's right! I plan to make them fall in love faster. because I will make the ending very soon.

@fath107 : sure, why not? I have my free time back, and I quiet fond of YuiParu these days. In the contrary, my feeling towards Wmatsui is decrease because of Rena graduation in the blink of eyes.

So to all my reader, this is the next chapter. sorry if it is too much cheesy line or it become lamer and lamer.
enjoy and sorry for the bad english.

Chapter 5 : DOKI – DOKI

Yui grumble because he need to sleep in the sofa, not to mention he didn’t get any chance to get the blanket or extra pillow. He is too afraid that Paru will be angry again if he go inside his room.

Yui : sigh… I wonder why she is so angry like that. Did I did something wrong, Bisu?

Bisu : purr..

Yui : but she is too sensitive, why did she looks sad and now she is angry. Did she get her period?

Bisu : meow!

Yui : I guess I just sleep first. Hopefully her mood will be better tomorrow. Night Bisu.

Bisu : purr..

Paru POV

That stupid Yui, he is really something. First he declare that I am his girlfriend. And now he said that only a joke. Did he think of my feeling?! And why he looks so happy when he say that he just joking. Humptt..

Wait! Why did I need to be angry in the first place. He is nobody, right? Mouuu…. I don’t care about him anymore. Stupid Yui.

End of pov

Paru try to sleep, but even though she closed her eyes for quiet moment, she still can’t sleep. So she decided to go out, checking Yui. She found out that Yui is sleeping, with Bisu. When she come closer, Bisu seems to awake and he look at Paru. Paru just smile at Yui’s cat.

Paru : did I wake you up, Bisu?

Bisu : meow…

Paru : he he he, sorry if I do.

Paru notice Yui looks cold, because he didn’t have any blanket to sleep. so she come back to room and bring a blanket to him. she cover his body with blanket. As she cover Yui body, he shift his body to be more comfortable. Bisu also move, he then go back to sleep in his own cat bed. Paru notice that, and smile at the cat. For some people, Bisu may be just a cat, but he is too smart to be an ordinary cat, as he can really care about his master.

Paru then look at Yui sleeping face. His face looks so peaceful. As she began to stroke his hair and then continue to touch his eye, nose, and lastly his lips. When she brushed at his lips. She somehow feel some electric. Even though it is her who touch him, she feel some electric, and her heart beat become faster and faster because of that. But she brushed that feeling off.

Paru : sigh.. what did I do?! I must be crazy.  Well, good night Yui. I am sorry nee..


Next morning, Yui is awake by a delicious smell. As he opened his eyes, he can see that somebody is cooking at the kitchen. He then get up and go to the kitchen.  He notice Paru is cooking. In the table there is miso soup, fried egg, salad, and fried salmon and not to forget white rice. Looks like she is frying some sausage.

Yui gluped at the sight that he see right now. Not only the food looks good, but also when he saw Paru from behind. She still used Yui clothes as Atsuko is busy yesterday. So she promise them that she will bring her clothes today.  As Paru used oversize clothes and also an apron, Yui can really see her milky skin and because she tied her hair, he can see her bare neck and shoulder. It make Yui gluped at the scene.


Yui can help but touch his heart, as he feel his heart beating so fast.  Seeing Paru from behind already make him feel excited in the morning. As Paru notice somebody from  behind, she then turn around. And when their eyes met, she give him a sweet smile.

Yui Pov

This is really bad. Calm down my dear heart! and why she smile like that?! Oh gosh, she didn’t help at all. why she is so sexy in the morning. Damn my pervert head. I think I really need to stop  watching porn too much. This is really bad. I don’t think living with a girl will be this bad for my health… but, I really like her smile. Yappari.. her cheerful face is more beautiful.

End of pov

Paru : hey… I cook a breakfast today.  why don’t you sit down and eat?

Yui : ye.. yeah. let’s eat together?

Paru : un.. wait for a moment, I will prepare your bento first.

Yui : th.. thank you, Paru.

Paru : he he.. it is okay.

As Yui waited for Paru to finish, he can’t hide his smile.  He really think that somehow having Paru to prepare his breakfast and lunch isn’t bad at all. sure he always prepare his breakfast and sometimes his homemade bento although it’s seems troublesome, but for Yui who love to cook, it is not a problem at all.  But, having somebody who prepare your breakfast and greet you in the morning, somehow it  looks like the married couple live. Thinking about this thing made Yui heart rate increase faster and faster. His face become redder.

Paru : huh..? what happened to you? you face looks very red. Did you caught a fever?

As Paru touch his face, it make Yui heart somehow really happy. Even though this is just a smile interact with Paru, but seeing her this close to him make him nervous.

Yui : i.. I am all right. there is nothing wrong with me. he he he, let’s eat. I am hungry already.

Paru : okay..

as Yui take a slurp at the soup, take a bite of salmon, his face looks happy.

Yui : I don’t know that you are a great cook, Paru. This is really good.  You will be a great wife.

Paru : th.. thank you. (blushed) I .. I prepared different dish for your bento. I hope you like it.

Yui : un! Thank You Paru, I will love it.

Silent engulf the room again, as Yui feel bad because of yesterday, he decided to apologize first. Beside he is at fault because he didn’t knock the door first and he need to thank the girl, because when he woke up, he notice there is a blanket that cover his body. So do Paru, the girl think she need to apologize to Yui because she let him sleep in the sofa instead of futon.

Both : un..

Both : ah! you first..

Paru : he he, You first. It is okay.

Yui : right.. I mean, Thank you Paru. And I want to say sorry for yesterday. For not knocking the door.

Paru : no. it is okay. Beside I am really grateful that you let me stay and didn’t ask about my background. I promise I will tell you someday. But not right now.

Yui : okay. There is not a big problem. let’s eat.

Paru : un..

As they finish their breakfast. Yui prepared to go to the campus. Before he go, he give Paru some money and spare key. Just in case if she want to go out to buy something.

Paru : it is not possible for me to go out, with this clothes.

Yui : well, who know you will be too hungry to wait for me, or may be bored. I will bring Atsu nee clothes when I go home.

Paru : un.. will you go home faster? (puppy eyes attack plus pouting face)

Yui : I will try, then, be a good girl, and please help me to take care of Bisu.

Paru : un.. I will.

Yui patting Paru head before he go out. somehow, there is a urge feeling to do so. As for Paru, Yui simple action really make her heart beat faster. It is really different when her parents pat her head and when Yui pats her head. Somehow she can feel butterfly in her stomach.

Not long after Yui go out from the house, there is some people who look at the apartment from the car.

Man A : Chief, I think I have found the girl. she is living with the Yokoyama’s son.

Chief : bring that girl to me. I don’t want any problem. Make sure you kidnap the girl right, this time.

Man A : yes chief.

end of chapter 5

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 5
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Porn movie haha :lol:

Cant wait yuiparu lovey dovey moments  :P
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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 5
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wow.... so you have a free time  :lol: that's good!

uwaaaah  :bleed eyes: i could imagine paru with the sexy attire... i'll dead author-san..  :bleed eyes:

porn movie? just because of that you become like that yui?  :O i think it's because you're a man...  :w00t:

and just tell her already that you love her!  :D

ah... please more lovey dovey time for YuiParu~

oh god! Damn!! be careful paru!!!  :doh: :banghead:

thanks for the update!  and of course you must update as soon as possible~  :bow:

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 6,5
« Reply #19 on: October 16, 2015, 04:00:27 PM »
hi guys, this is next chapter, but still half of it.

i hope you all still waiting for my update. so sorry if I don't update frequently.

anyways, enjoy and sorry for the bad english.

Chapter 6,5

Yui can’t stop grinning this day. He is very happy because he and Paru has become more closer.  As Yui walking back together with Atsuko, he sometimes hummed happily.

Atsuko : you know Yui, you face looks like a fool.

Yui : what? Really?

Atsuko : yeah, you grin like a fool just now. what good news that make you happy?

Yui : well, today Paru prepare for me a breakfast and bento for lunch. And you know what, Atsu nee chan, she really can cook. It is so delicious.

Atsuko : hee? Really?! I want to try her food too.

Yui : un! Maybe next time when she is cooking, I will ask her to prepare for you some.

Atsuko : Yaay!!. Thank you Yui. Ah. sorry I can’t see her tonight. As I have my part time job again. My friend is sick so, I really need to replace her. But, I bring some of my clothes.

Yui : it is okay, Atsu nee. And Thank you for your clothes. I bet she will be happy to be able to wear some woman clothes.

Atsuko : he he he, I bet she will like it.

Yui : yeah, right (grin happily)

Atsuko : and now your face looks like a pervert.  it is so easy to read you, Yui han.

Yui : eh?! At.. Atsu nee, it is not like you think. I don’t ever think about her.

Atsuko : yeah, right.. well, I must go now. see you, Yui.

Yui : see you.

When Yui want to go home, he pass the cake shop. He think Paru must be hungry. So he went to buy some cake for her. Thinking of the salty girl that wait in his house somehow make his heart happy. Usually there isn’t anybody will wait for him in house expect Bisu. But now there is somebody who will waiting for him to go home. This feeling isn’t bad at all.

So after buying some cakes, he went home. But to his surprise his door is not closed. And to his horror, he saw his room in a mess. His heart started to beat faster and faster, feeling afraid and terrified. He remember well that his father told him to protect the girl. Yui search all over his house but he find nobody. He try to call for Paru but no answer.


Yui : Paru!! Where are you??!! damn it!!

Yui search for everywhere in the room, as he look at the certain door. somehow he feel relieve.

Flash back

Before Yui go to the campus, he give Paru some money and a spare key, but before that. Yui have told her about secret door more like a back way door from his apartment.  He told her if something bad happened, or if she want to go out.  She can used the back door also.

End of flash back


This mean that she go somewhere else.  She escape already. Because the back door isn’t that easy to opened. There are special lock that can be opened by certain key only. Looking from the way it is opened. It is not opened by force.  I need to go looking for her.

end of pov

as Yui looking around the place, he come to the nearest park.  He looking for her while calling for her. but there is no answer.  But then, he hear his cat voice.


Yui : Bisu. Not now boy, I am looking for Paru.

But the cat persistently getting close to him and refuse to stay away.

Yui : Bisu, what wrong boy…

As Yui bend down want to pick him up, Bisu quickly run in front. And then stopped, as if he is waiting for Yui to go with him. As Yui followed Bisu, he lead him to the big pipe near the river. In there Yui find Paru hiding herself inside the pipe.

Yui : Paru! Where have you been?! Thank God, you are okay.

Paru : Yui.. hiks… I am.. afraid..hiks

Yui quickly hug Paru, as he feel relieve see her alright. He hug her really tight, as he really afraid of losing her. As for Paru, she is surprise by Yui action, but she stay silent and hug him back. They stay silent and stayed for a while until Paru stopped crying. Yui then break the silent.

Yui : I am glad you are all right. what happened, Paru?

Paru : …

Paru just look down as she is afraid of answer Yui. She doesn’t know what to do.

Yui : Paru.. answer me now. please…

Yui lift her face and now their eyes meet, to her surprise, Yui eyes looks hurt, scared.. Paru noticed that his hand is trembling. His hurt eyes and pleading voice really make Paru heart hurt. Paru then touch his face, slowly and caress his face slowly. Feeling Paru touch, somehow make Yui calm down a bit.  Paru then decided to tell Yui where did she going.

Flash back

That evening, Paru is waiting for Yui in the apartment, she looks bored but she wait patiently as Yui say that today Atsuko will come and give her some of her clothes.  But, suddenly the phone is ringing. As Paru go to pick the phone. She hear some familiar voice. It was her butler voice, Rei.

Rei : hello…

Paru  just stay silent as she is to surprise to hear her butler voice.  She want to know why Rei can contact the Yokohama Yui…

Rei : Haruka sama… it is you there?

Paru : why…

Rei : there is not time, Haruka sama. Quick leave that place soon. There will be a group of man who will  go there. They are looking for you. please be safe, I am sorry, Haruka sama.

After that, Paru quickly go out through the back door and went hiding in the nearest park. She hide with Bisu, she hides as she is too scared to move from there. 

End of flash back

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