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Author Topic: Keyaki x the Hoopers Fanfict : Sherlock based (1st case 2/2)  (Read 4219 times)

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1st Case (part 1/2)
1st person pov
Hi, my name is sena. A former army doctor, i was now retired after my terrible accident during my last mission, to make it simple I got shot, it hit my shoulder and cause me got injuries which led me to the way I’m now, I’m limping, my surgeon says it won’t be permanent though, it just take some time to heal and myself to get rid of the trauma before I can walk normally again
Now, I’m just back to Tokyo spending probably rest of my life here, but ironically my retirement fund aren’t much and I spent it recklessly, so here I am walking around the town while looking for cheap apartment to life before I got broke, it will be nice if there is someone to share the flat though which means less outcome

3rd person pov
Sena keeps walking around the town, he really eagers to find a new place to stay instead of the expensive hotel he currently staying, he was deep in his thought when…

“sena!....sena!” a voice called him and he turn around to look at the sources which is a man he feels familiar

“I’m cecil, do you remember? We were in Hiroshima together during the training back then” a blond guy asks him with smile on his face, sena got confused at first before he remembered

“ah, yes, cecil I remember”

“my, where are you have been? You looks as skinny as broom stick”
And the next thing that happen both of them are sitting at the chair in the park with coffee on their hands (cecil’s treat) and sena telling him about his story

“so you are now looking for cheap apartment and a flat mates ?”

“yeah, cheap apartment, I don’t think anyone would be suit to share flat with me” at sena’s answer cecil just chuckled “what’s wrong?”

“you are the second person that say that to me”

“and…who’s the first?”

At the other side of the town
“uhuh, oh this is interesting” a black hair guy sit on his chair in a lab while looking at his microscope suddenly the door open and there is a woman coming, she is doctor

“got anything ?” she asks while placing a cup of coffee near the guy who just shook his head

“nothing extra ordinary, just usual stuff you find inside a poisonous food”

“and what exactly are you hoping then, huh?” the doctor said a little bit irritated since her colleague didn’t even bother to look at her

“maybe something new….like new poison or new chemical acid or anything…something different that’s what I looking for” he said before finally take of his eyes from microscope “by the way thanks for the coffee, yone”

“y-you’re welcome” the doctor said before go out knowing she won’t be able to be there any longer, not with that sociopath
Just when yone comes out, another people enter the room it was cecil and sena

“excuse us”

“hmm, a little bit different for my day” was all  sena said while followed cecil to the lab
The guy in the chair looks at them for a second before said “cecil, can I borrow your phone, mine was in empty battery”

“sorry I left it in my coat”

“oh, here “ suddenly sena talk “you can use mine”

“oh,….thank you” the guy finally get up from his chair

“it’s an old friend of mine, sena” cecil said and once the other guy whose appear to be taller than both of them, hold sena’s phone he asks “is it Iraq or syria?”
Sena was kind a confused and noticed cecil was looking at him “I’m sorry what?”

“I said where was it, Iraq or Syria ?”

“Syria, sorry how did you know?” sena asks the guy infront of him in confusion but he just give back his phone

“how do you think about music instrument?” instead of answering he asks again which makes sena more confused

“sorry what?”

“I play instrument when I’m thinking most likely are violin or piano when I got bored with the other, and sometimes I don’t talk for a bit long time” he said while looking at sena with a smirk “potential flat mates should know about the worst of each other”

Sena confusedly looks at cecil “you told him about me ?”

“not a single word” said the blond guy

“then…who told you about flat mate?”

“I did, I talk to cecil this morning, said I wasn’t type to live with anyone and now here he is after a lunch with an old friend coming from military duty, anyway I got nice place in central town, we can meet there tomorrow afternoon, sorry I need to go I think I left my wipe at the morgue” the mysterious guy said and walk
away, he was about to open the door when sena stops him

“wait, is that all?”

“is that what?”

“we just met and talking about flats”

“have any problem with that?” sena was a bit confused but somehow he got interested at his ‘flatmates’ behavior

“I don’t even know much about you, not your name and not where the place we will meet”

“I know you are retirement military doctor who just get back after probably some tragic experience during your duty, your limp are most likely due to trauma of injury and recently you are looking for cheap flat to share possibly because you are in bad economical state,  am I right?” the guy then leave after his explanation but before he close the door he said

“the name is Hirate Yurio and the address is 0046 zaka street, afternoon” and with that he left, sena looks at the amusement in cecil’s face

“yeah he is always like that”

The next day at afternoon, sena comes to the the address he was told, truthfully sena was curious about the guy that he search him on the internet and find something about that man which is his website. He was just arrive at the address when he saw the man

“ah, mr. hirate” sena greet him

“just yurio please” yurio shook his hands and ring the bell before explained “I found this place quiet ago, and the landlady gives me special prizes after I help during her husband execution back then”

“sorry? So you stop the execution?”

“no, I make sure of it” he said while smirk just then the door open and old woman about her 70’s come out

“oh, yurio” she greet and give yurio a hug

“mrs. Shinobu, this is dr. sena”  the share greetings with each other before mrs. Shinobu led them inside to show their flats which is turn out it was located on the 2nd floor and it means sena shall climbs the stairs with his still-limping leg

“are you alright?” the old landlady seems worried at his condition

“yes, it’s fine”

When they arrive, sena takes a good looks, the flats have kitchen, 1 bathroom and ordinary living room with chairs, table and 2 big windows not to mention the wall have painting, well just ordinary things so far in this flats

“we have 2 bedrooms if you need two”

“of course, we’ll be needing two” sena answer un amused, makes the landlady seems un easy

“oh, you don’t need to worry dear, the neighbors usually also being so noisy” she said before goes to the kitchen “yurio, look at the mess here”, the tall guy didn’t answer her though instead he just asks the newcomers

“so, what do you think?”

“well, it’s nice actually I don’t think I’m ready for something exclusive”

“it’s settle then?”

“yeah” sena nodded and take a seat on chair there “anyway, I’ve look up about you on the internet last night and found your blog… of deduction?”

“yes what do you think”



“you said you can know if someone is a pilot from their tumb and a taylor from their shirt sleeves?”

“yes, and I can deduce about your earlier career from the way you walk and your current condition from your phone”

“how?” sena asks but yurio didn’t answer him and just looking at the windows.

“have you read the newspaper this morning yurio, it’s suicide case again” mrs.shinobu come back while bring a newspaper at her hand, yurio silently looking outside the window before answering

“no need for that mrs.shinobu, I guess the information will come to me eventually” he said “and here he comes” at his words someone is coming to the room panting, he doesn’t looks like an officers since he doesn’t wear the uniform though

“where it is?” yurio asks

“an empty house near akiba district”

“is there something important? You wouldn’t come if it’s just suicide”

“you know that suicidal never leave notes before?...because this one did”

“alright, who’s at forensic?”

“……oda” said the guest, yurio didn’t seems pleased

“you knew well he can’t work with me…akane”

“well, he didn’t want to be your assistant”

“I need an assistant”

“alright will you come?”

“go ahead, I will follow up, I don’t like coming in police cars”

“thank you” and after that the guest which yurio calls akanen leaves the room, leaving sena in lost of words and when the sounds of the door closed below can be heard…..

“Yes…some strange method suicide and a note, uh this is can be fun, mrs. shinobu, I’ll be home late might need some food and sena relax yourself in this room and don’t wait up” and after that yurio put up his mantles and then go out.

“oh look at him, always get pumped up, at something likes that isn’t that wonderful to be young and healthy?” mrs. shinobu said to sena after yurio goes out. “I’ll prepare some tea if you need just relax your leg and-“

“Damn my Leg!” sena somehow automatically shouts which shocked the landlady but he then compose himself “oh , maybe some warm green tea will do”

“I’m your landlady dear not your housekeeper” but sena didn’t seems to hear it

“and with a biscuits please “

“not your housekeeper” mrs. shinobu said before going downstairs

Sena looks back at the newspaper, there was a headline “SERIES OF SUICIDE HAPPEN, POLICE CAN’T FIND THE MOTIVES” there is also a pictures of someone which turns out is the person who comes before “Lt. Sergeant Moriya Akane takes in charges”

“you are a doctor?” suddenly a voice breaks sena’s thought and when he looks up yurio was standing by the door of the room “an army doctor to be exact”

“umm, yes”  he said while getting up from his seat

“terrible experience, watching a lots of dead?”


“and quite some terrible nightmare of chaos and blood I suppose”

“yes, enough for a lifetime”

“wanna see some more?”

“dear god, yes!” and just with that both of them going downstairs and reach the front door

“sorry mrs. shinobu I guess both of us will skip the tea tonight?”

“both of  you?”

“some strange unnatural suicide, a lots of them and a note, there is no way to sit down while something fun is going on” yurio’s tone somewhat cheerful and give kiss at the old landlady’s cheeks before he goes out “ The game is on”

And thus sena founds himself and yurio on a cab going somewhere in which actually he doesn’t have slightest idea about where or what they’ll do, sawing sena’s confusion yurio talks up

“alright, you maybe got some question?”

“yeah, where will we going?”

“crime scene, another one?”

“what are you ?....well, I actually thought you are private detective but cops didn’t go to private detective” yurio just smirk before answer

“I’m consulting detective, the only one in the world, I invented the job, which means whenever cops and anyone in particular, got some interesting cases and they can't do anything they’ll run to me” he said while take a glance at the shorter guy for a moment “when the first time I met you, I ask Iraq or Syria and you look surprised ?”

“yeah, how did you know?”

“I didn’t know but I saw, the way you talk got some hiroshima’s accent but not that clear which means you were once being there, you’re face a bit tanned but no tanned on your arms so you were abroad but not holiday and then you were limping but didn’t asks for a chair seems that the your limp most likely are due trauma, not traffic accident because there won’t be connection with the 2 points earlier so I know that it was war injuries, Hiroshima also known as place for military training, so you must be a war veteran coming from abroad with hot climate so Iraq or Syria”

“and- how did you know I was in bad economic?”

“your phone is not new model probably a few years ago, there’s some crack but you don’t mind to repair it, you looking for a cheap flat because you don’t want to bother your family or maybe already didn’t have, so practically you are living alone and in bad economic” hearing all that explanations, sena’s jaw dropped due to amazement

“that was, fantastic”

“that’s not what people usually say to me”

“what they usually said?”

“’Shut it’” and both of them just chuckle

The two then arrive at the location, the surrounding area were surrounded by police line and some police cars were also there, after asking one or two things at the police nearby, both sena and yurio enters the empty house to meet akane and look at the scene.
Upon entering  they saw a terrible condition, a body of a man with expression looks very scared as if he saw the angel of death before he died, both of the hands is clenched as if he was in terrible pain, sena already watch a lots of dead but looking at the scene infront of him now still make his stomach sick

“ishida kai, 43years old, found dead by one of our officer this morning after last night seen wasting himself in a bar, all of his belongings still there except his phone” akanen told the body’s identity

“no witness?” yurio asks akane

“no witness” the inspector said,

“hmm, interesting,” and after that yurio start squat and begin to examine the body infront him, his face looks serious likes an eagle on the hunt and sena besides him can see how fast yurio’s eyes move as if he was doing a scanning

“got any idea?”

“yeah but before that…” he stands up “dr. sena, what do you think?”

“huh?” both sena and akane rise their brows at the comment which yurio just answer with

“I told you, I need an assistant” akanen seems surrendered at that guy so he just shrugged his shoulders

“well then, I’ll give you 5 minutes then” the inspector said while sighing before turn to sena “take your time”
Sena then join yurio squating besides the dead body “what I’m doing here?”

“help me with my hypothesis”

“I suppose to help you pay the rent, not examine a dead man”

“good guess but can you make some point at this body, besides this is more interesting and fun than spending time without doing nothing”

“ugghh, maybe you’re right” and thus sena starts examine that body too, using his experience as an army doctor. When he finished akanen enters the room and waiting for some informations

“got anything ?”

“well, yeah, dead of poisoning, no marks or scar or anything which indicates of physical harm and it seems that he died from suffocation, probably his lungs stops due the poison” sena explain anything that he founds, akane gives nod as sign that he understand and then turn to the other guy

“yurio, 5 minutes is over and I need anything that you got”

“well, the victims is more than 45 years old possibly already pass 50s, a traveller which you can check simply at his clothes, already staying in nearby district for a week, he goes out at night when there is rain and strong wind, his clothes is drenched he brings umbrella but didn’t use it maybe because it’s strong wind or maybe he didn’t think about it because he was a drunk, he was a heavy drinker and possibly once went abroad possibly at south east asia country because his skin looks brown and just back about 1 month ago, and looking at his bulky arms despite his age it’s clear he was once a works on something physical strength which I suggest it’s a mine, probably gold mine, south east asia has a lots of it” yurio stand up and explain all that his eyes can see “and oh, I forget he were once married but it looks a long ago and possibly already divorce but I think it’s because his wife die early, you can check at his finger ring there is a visible marks that there was a wedding ring once, and he didn’t come to this city alone maybe with friend which you can locate once the news of this incident already up on the press” he stops to take a breath

“that was amazing” sena without realizing it say that out which earned a stare from yurio “oh sorry”

“oh also, I know you still can’t believe but trust me, this old man is linked to the serial killing going out lately” yurio’s statement earned surprised from akanen

“wait, murder?”

“yes, it’s murder which you cops often mistake it as suicide while the symptomps are the same, they died because someone poisoned them or to be exact force them to poisoning themselves”

“but, wait, if they are murdered so….? How the murderer can take his actions?”

“finally, you got the right questions, now that’s what we need to find out besides looking for his identity of course” he put back his lenses at his coat

“now if you excuse us, inspector can I know who find this body first?”

“oh yeah, it’s our officer he is off duty right now, here is the address” akanen give a paper to yurio, “and another one” he said while pointing at the wall, both yurio and sena came close to it and there…


A kanji written in blood it was read as fukusyu *note: it mean revenge in Japanese* .

“well, now my hypothesis is proven to be true isn’t it?” yurio asks with amusement in his face but somehow akane seems some mocking smirk coming  from that guy

“so, have you done with your show-off freak” a voice coming from the door, there was a person with bob cut rest again the wall “we are searching for a Japanese man with terrible kanji writing didn’t we?”

“oh, you are quite good at looking it, oda” yurio smirk once again before continue “but you are wrong this hand writing is looks so bad not because he is bad at kanjis but indicates he is not Japanese man”


“you can see clearly he got the stroke in wrong way not just one but almost a lots of them and also….” Yurio take a looks at the writing with his magnifier before continue “it’s written with a left hand, and he write it above his eye-level, so inspector the person you are looking for is someone whose about 185cm tall, left handed and is not a Japanese but quite fluent with it even though he messed up on writing, and oh i suggest you look for his companion and his phone it's important”

Both akanen and oda just looks at each other, oda is in disbelief but akanen knows enough that he better trust yurio, while sena get amazed
“now if you excuse me, I have to go, I’ll give you a call if I already catch the murderer, will you join me doctor?” yurio quickly dash out of the door passing oda without care in the world

“oh, yeah right” and sena quickly try to follow him


“so what we’re gonna do now?”

“find some data, doctor, right now we are lacking of data” somehow sena got a silent for a bit since the guy said ‘we’ as if sena is already part of the case, 'it seems like I won’t be able to get normal life' is what he thought but deep inside he is very interested at something like this.

“so, did you have any theory or indication about the murderer?”

“not much, as I told you we are lack of data, but I indeed have some indication, did you read the news ?”

“on today’s newspaper? Yes, they are reported last seen on street before suddenly found dead”

“yes that’s right, now the question is not how but who, who is actually capable to abducting- if they were abducted- people on busy street without make ruckus?”

“yeah, right, so where we’ll go?”

“i need to see the officer who found the body first, come on doctor” yurio said and calling for taxi and both of them went on

*Knock Knock

Someone suddenly come out “what? I already told boss everything and I don’t want to get disturbed” that man said quit irritatingly
“well, your boss told me about you so….”yurio takes out 5 papers 100 yen “mind to explain something to us?”

“oh,oh sure, please come in, I’ll tell everything” that guy then open the door wide and allow yurio and sena to enter

“so, officer kato, how did you find that man?”

“well, it was start last night, I was patrolling around when a cab past me and stop near that house, at that time the driver comes out and then he helps the passenger who apparently drunk, I saw him try bring that man to wake up, and since I’m good person, sir, I help him , the driver look surprised but then tell me, that building was the drunk man’s house and asks me to bring that man in, the man is so drunk sir, that after I take him in, he place money on pockets and sleep, I was wondering why that house is empty but that drunk man is already sleeps and the driver is already gone, and then sir I saw a loud noise outside like car crash, so I ran out and look for it but found nothing, and then it start raining so I quickly come back to my post, and the next day when I looks to check on that
man he is already dead”

“okay, did that drunk man mention something to you before you leave him?”

“mm, ah yes, he mentions about his friend apparently named, ishikawa yu”

Yurio seems delighted,

“lastly, how did the driver’s characteristic?”

“hmm, he is tall quite tall actually and strangely he is not Japanese, but a foreigner, he can speak Japanese but sometimes he got mistakes when speaking”
Suddenly yurio slams the money on the table, his face looks disappointed, and somehow pissed

“here is your money officer, sorry but it looks like you won’t be able to get higher rank, the man you help last night is the key at this case, such a disappointment.
Come on doctor we can’t get anything else here” yurio said and get out of the house with sena leaving the officer in silence

“so your deduction about the murderer is right, isn’t it ?”

“yes, and he was a cab driver that explains everything except one thing, why he has to kill 3 people before he kill mr. ishida?”

“maybe he just killing in random?”

“no, it isn’t, if he indeed killing people on random then why he leave note?”

“hmm, I don’t know maybe he is trying to confusing the police”

“indeed, that is the reason sena, so it means that his real target is mr. ishida, oh well we’re gonna catch him soon anyway” yurio seems so confident that sena (again) amazed at him

“so where we’ll going next?”

“dinner, I’m starving” yurio answer while sena release a sigh, whether he is happy finally they got some rest or what, nobody knows.

To Be Continued

Cast :

Hirate Yurina as Hirate Yurio

Sena as Dr. Sena

hello guys FZA02 here, this is the first fanfic that i post here (not the first that i write) and yes this is cross over of keyakizaka46 and the hoopers (please google them if you want to know about them)
and i put the basic from both Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and also from the Sherlock tv series from BBC
and i'm not native with english so i'm sorry with the grammar mistakes

from now on yoroshiku onegaishimasu, all critique and advice are welcomed

sorry about the pic i don't know much about the settings
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Re: Keyaki x the Hoopers Fanfict : Sherlock based
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First thing first, welcome author-san

Great AU's, I love both 48/46 group and The Hoopers, and I always imagine if the two group got together in a fic.

So reading your story is make me so happy to see both of my favorite idols in one fic. Also I've been so hooked with Miss Sherlock series and you happen to write a sherlock AU....

I just felt so lucky to read this fic,  ughhhhhh......

Thank you for this fic, I can't wait to read the next chapter...
*Senpai Please Notice Me (TakaYui x Atsumina Fic) (on going)

*Kuroishi Jealosy (One Shoot)

*Nogizaka Girls High School Club Love Story (on going)


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Re: Keyaki x the Hoopers Fanfict : Sherlock based (1st case 2/2)
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1st Case (part 2/2)

Both sena and yurio are currently sitting at some restaurant near zaka street, it’s too late to have dinner on their flat, probably mrs. Shinobu’s already asleep

“so the driver is a cabbie, how do we  catch him?” sena begins their conversation between the meals

“we need to find mr.ishida’s companion, mr.ishikawa, first, sena, our time is limited”

“should we contact the police, they probably already found him”

“already did, they’ll sent me the information soon, or at least they’ll already check on him”

“yeah, right” sena then continue to eat his ramen before he feels like he is being watched, when he looks outside he saw a cab were stop near their place, yurio also noticed

“don’t you feel like we are being watched?”  sena asks the man in front of him

“hm, let’s find out who it was then” and yurio dashed outside, luckily both already pay beforehand so sena quickly stuff some more ramen at his mouth before following yurio to the cab

Both are running along the street but the cab suddenly go away and disappear in the middle of the traffic

“oh god, did you think it was-“

“yeah, it must be the killer, it looks like he already knows who is he against”

“he could escape before we can catch him”

“he won’t sena, I already told police to watch out whenever there is a cabbie whose stops from their job for a week later”

Suddenly there is a call at yurio’s phone

“yes, hello” everything was silent before yurio’s face start to get shocked “What?!!” he exclaimed loudly his eyes widen “okay, meet me at zaka street” and then he turn it off

“something happen?” sena asks him

“mr. ishikawa has been found…..dead”

“what? But how can that happen?”

“let’s get back to zaka street I’m sure akane will tell us the detail”

“anyway” yurio suddenly talks when they enter the flats “I think it’s already settled”

“what settled?”

“Mrs.Shinobu!” he shouts “dr.sena will take the room on the upstairs”

“w-wait, I don’t even say that”

“you didn’t, but the man on the door did” yurio said while smirking, there is a knock on the door and when sena opens it there is a man from the restaurant earlier

“yurio text me, said you are forgot this” and give sena his walking staff and then leave, sena just dumbfounded since he didn’t realize, he just run without the help of his staff

“now let’s meet akane, upstairs”

“I’m the first one who found his body” that was inspector moriya said when he arrives at zaka street and meet yurio and sena

“his room was flooded with blood, even the bell boy almost passed out when saw it, a knife was found stabbed at his chest, it seems he try to fight whoever
attacks him before his dead, his room was really a mess” he continued

“is there any witness who saw the attackers before or after the incident?”yurio asks, his eyes seems half closed

“a passing boy at that time saw a man get out from the room by the window”

“how is his description?”

“……..same as what you said earlier”

“did you bring his phone?”


“mr. ishikawa’s phone did you take it?”

“yes, bu-“

“give it to me, now” yurio asks even though it sounds more like a command, and akane gives the phone to him,

“can you borrowed me your phone for a moment sena?” now yurio asks the doctor besides him

“what for ?”

“there is a chance my number is being recognized, it’s on my website”

“okay, here”, yurio takes it and then type something using sena’s phone, after done he then give it back “now we just need to wait” he said
Curious on what yurio’s doing, sena takes a look at his phone’s messages history and confused “did you just text mr. ishida’s number ? and using my phone ?”


“what for?”

“you’ll see”

A few minutes later, sena’s phone rang and it’s displayed ‘unknown number’

“a few hours after he killed his targets” yurio said “I sent a text  that it will looks like coming from his targets, and I think, my guess that the murderer have mr.ishida’s phone is correct, now, let’s go meet him”

“meet him?” the inspector confused

“yes, I sent a message to asks him to come at least 2 blocks away from here”

“and do you think he is stupid enough to come?” sena

“no, I hope he is brave enough to do so, you know sena, sometimes people want to be acknowledged and get applause for what they did, and I’m sure this cabbie
we are looking for are no different” yurio said with some excitement in his eyes and then he turn to akane “me and sena will check first, there is no need to bring a whole squad of police, if he escape I’m sure police can track him down using that number”

“yes, I understand”

“okay, now let’s go!”

Both sena and yurio go outside and go to the meeting place, there they saw a taxi that being parked, both sena and yurio silently approach it but when they just feet away, the cab drift away in high speed

“we are pretty close, I think I should tell akane to start track him”

“it’s no use yurio “ sena begins to speak, “look!”
Sena was right, they saw that a phone being left on side of the street, they also found a paper with hand-written “I return the phone”

“it seems that we have some a little difficult target, aren’t we ?”

“yeah, you’re right”

“I’ll tell akanen about it, we can’t do anything anymore today, I suppose you still need to do some moving tomorrow aren’t you ?”

“yeah, I’ll be moving to our flats tomorrow morning, there is not much things to brings”

“good, I may be out at the morning to devise some plan with this case, but if you want I’m sure you can join us when we catch him later, doctor”

“sure, it will be interesting for me”


Sena was already coming to his new flats since morning to move out his belongings but he hasn’t seen yurio yet, mrs. Shinobu indeed says that yurio has been go out since the early morning, so sena decided to wait for him to come while relaxing himself, last night was sure surprising for his body too much, even at night sena founds himself a bit difficult to sleep since yesterday’s incident still clung to his mind
It was after mrs. Shinobu gives some food for lunch when yurio comes in, his face looks tired but one can see some excitement at his eyes, he quickly dig the food when he arrived

“got something?”

“I’m starving, I don’t even eat the breakfast, I was too focused at this case, it was my habit that I even forget to eat”

“not a really good habit”

“yeah, but it worth it”

“so, you’ve got some good news then”

“not just good news, sena, I believe that this case will be totally solved today, I’m sure it will works” yurio’s tone is so confident, 

“so what’s the plan ?”

“okay, today we’ll end this case, I know where that cabbie lives for the past few days, there is indeed some trouble that might be coming, there is possibility that he already move out, but we still can catch him, he cannot change his car nor the number of it so it will be easier to get him right away”

“wait, how did you get that information, ?” sena asks in curious

“I’m doing some…..stealth, and become one of those cabbie and easily get the information”

“that was…good”

“I’m going to meet him, and get him and you will call the police to take anticipation on my command if he will run away, and then you can come to the scene too but don’t go with them, because there is possibility they will come lates”

“wait, you haven’t told police anything?” sena couldn’t hide his confusion

“5 people dead, 2 on the same day, there are no time, that’s why I need your help sena”

“alright, I understand then, we’ll leave him to you”

“okay, now let’s go” both yurio and sena stand up and ready to go outside, but somehow sena got halt for a second and then go to his room and pick a gun, somehow he had some feelings that he needs to bring it just in case


Yurio arrive at an empty building, it was the meeting place between him and the murderer, yurio purposely sent an challenging text at him to provoke him, and he bite the bait and arrange meeting at some house at the edge of town,
When yurio enters the room, there is a man waiting for him, he looks about 50s, wearing a cap and it’s real he is not from japan,

“so, mr.joseph isn’t it ? what a nice to see you finally, it’s been tiring to looks for you”

The old white hair man just chuckle before answering “really, the detective hirate yurio, you are indeed great to be able to track me, but this will be your last day, detective”

“will it?” yurio reply with mocking face

“yes, just like how I kill those people and those two bastards, trust me detective you know nothing”

“then I will be delightful to hear your stories, mr.joe”

“the truth is, sir, those two, ishida and ishikawa were my childhood friend, we lived near from each other, we were buddies until adulthood hit us and turn us into freaking enemy. I was born in japan sir, despite my parent aren’t Japanese that’s why I can speak Japanese”

“I understand that”

“when my parent and I moved back to our country at first we still keep in contact but it turn bad when we meet as an adult, they were one of the chief on chopper mine, I was working at, they act as if they don’t even know me at all, and the worst happen 5 years ago
there was a woman that I loved, I won’t mention her name, she is a local civilians and I’ve known her for about 10 years, we loved each other sir, and would have been married if those two didn’t become so evil, they used their positions as chief to oppress her father and force him to let his daughter marry ishida, and you know what, he turn their life to hell, not long after that girl died and then her father as well that’s why I decided that I shall punish those two and put them to an end”

Yurio listens to the whole story with calm manner, and when he feels joseph is finished, he then asks

“how did you kill them ?”

“with this” joseph then place two bottles infront of them, they looks identical and contain identical pill

“I force ishida to chose whichever of this pills and you know what, too bad he choose the poisonous one, when I found ishikawa’s location I let him choose as well, but that idiot attacks me instead, so I just do what I should do, a self-defence sir and on the process I killed him with his own knife, that’s what you need to know”

“Indeed that it was all I need, but about those people that you killed before them, there is a motive behind it, isn’t it?” yurio looks at the man sharply likes an eagle looks at its prey before he realizes something “there is something, no…there is someone who wants you to do it, am I right?”

Joseph was taken aback, but then he try to calm himself and with very slow tune he answers “there is someone who would tell me about those two as long as I did what he wants, that ‘thing’ also gives some decent reward so I did it, you can say it was my helper”

“who would help a avenging serial killer?”

“who would be a fan of hirate yurio” the guy said, which surprised yurio “besides I won’t live for long, I have certain sickness, which means I can die any minutes, so it was worth it”

“so that’s why….”

“now enough for the chit-chat, detective, do you know which one is bad bottles and good one”

“hmmph, it’s child play”

“prove it then” joseph’s tone become very calm and somehow hypnotizing “prove it that you are the great hirate yurio, detective with un matched skills, you are bored aren’t you ?”
Despite trying to fall for it, yurio slowly picks one of the bottle and open it,


Sena who saw their meeting since beginning start to worried he was in the other building, he already calls the police but they haven’t come yet so he start yelling to make yurio stops

“YURIO!!” but to no avail it’s seems he can’t be heard, going there won’t make it in time so he starts thinking what to do before he realize something

“you are bored, aren’t you detective ?, now your boredom will be put to an end” joseph keeps suggesting yurio and when the detective was about to enter the pills to his mouth…


Joseph falls down to the grounds after that loud noise and it turns out he was shot, it was sena who shoots him with his gun that he brings, that shot also shocked yurio and make him drop the pill, somehow saved him as well, yurio  quickly looks at the hole in the window near him where the bullet come, but to his dismay no one was there, because sena already gone, yurio then take the dropped pill and show it to the dying joseph

“I was right wasn’t it? You maybe try to get me but I was right” he said, and then throw it at the dying man

“your helper, tell me the name now!”


“you were dying but still persistent, can you be at least useful a bit” and because getting annoyed yurio press that man’s wound with his feet

“the Name, Now!”

“I-I don’t know I swear, i-i-it’s just an initial, the M!!” he shouts the last word before slowly become quiet, he died, while yurio…his face cannot be painted, hearing
that initial…it’s actually first time of him to know it


Akane and his men came and after heard the explanation from yurio they understand what to do about that cabbie

“so, do you know how he get shots ?” akanen asks yurio

“I don’t know much inspector I was….you can say got hypnotized for a moment but if you are looking at the person…’s probably someone who long career on that kind of thing probably a military, and judging by how the hole of the bullet is perfectly round but a bit un balanced probably someone who just got healed from injury recently so…..” yurio’s words suddenly stops when he saw sena standing between the police car, looks as calm as he can

“so, what?” akane got confused with yurio’s sudden halt

“forget what I say”


“I-I’m just blabbering, I’m probably in shock, look I even got blanket” yurio said, indeed he was given a blanket by an officer there

“but, you can’t just leave like that”

“I’m in shock okay, I’ll tell you when I get better, besides you can say that that person also helps us” hearing those reasoning, akanen seems surrendered so he just let go yurio who walks away and come to sena

“are you alright?”

“sure, I am, I should ask that to you”

“I’m okay, thanks to you”

“yeah, right” there was a pregnant pause before sena give a sign for them to leave

“that was good shot by the way” yurio suddenly said

“don’t say it out loud we’re still on the crime scene”

“yeah, sorry. Thank you, sena”

“no problem”



“I know there is good ramen shop that near here” yurio suggest

“ramen, huh? That ‘s okay, it’s a great case anyway”  sena said and both chuckled while walking down the streets

A few days later after the taxi driver's case.
Sena was walking down the streets at the afternoon, and was going to nearby supermarket, when he was about near public phone, the phone ring. Nobody notices it except sena so he decided to pick it


“can you see it….dr. sena?” sena was surprised when the caller knew him but was more surprised when knew that the voice is belongs to woman

“I’m sorry what?”

“there is security camera around you, can you see it? Because I can see you clearly” sena looks up and indeed he saw security camera around you and they are moving

“who’s this speaking?” he asks

“well, please enter the car, doctor, I don’t like talking through the phone” and the calls ended at the same time there is a car stops behind him, and the driver open the door for the passengers as if sign to sena that it was the car that the caller said

Sena stills in wary enters the car which soon drive up, he was alone there and somehow he is a bit tense, and after ride that it seems very far, the car stops in and building and the driver open the door and lead sena to the way inside
And there he was lead to a room, like private meeting room where…..there is a woman is waiting for him, she has long black hair, and wears very neat suits, she was enjoying her foods which all of them are sweets which odd because that woman looks very slim when sena comes in.

“finally you arrive, doctor, do sit down” she said while put aside her food and wipe her mouth, she then wears her glasses and looks at sena which latter find it a bit….intimidating despite how the woman try to look friendly

“you don’t want to sit down?” she asks because sena keeps standing

“no, I don’t need that, who are you?”

“what’s your connection with hirate yurio?” she didn’t bother to answer but instead she asks sena instead

“nothing, I barely knew him we just meet 2 days ago”

“yeah and yet you moved in with him and recently solving crimes together” she said, makes sena startled and wonder how does she knows, she then continued
“can I hoping for a happy announcement by the end of the week?”

“who the hell are you?” sena once again asks now a bit irritated

“just an interested person, and yet I also concern about that kid” she said

“kid?....are you his friend?”

“you know him sena, how many friend do you think he could have” the woman answer un amused and then stand from her chair “I’m by far the closest thing yurio has had to a friend”

“and what’s that?”

“ an enemy, well if you do asks him probably he will says arch-enemy or nemesis, it doesn’t matter”  she then examine sena before said “can I see your hands?”


“your hands” and without waiting for answer, the woman grab both of sena’s hands and looks at it for a few seconds before let it go “I see”

“you see what?”

“the reason why you hang around him, most people doctor likes to lives their lives in what they called as ‘normal’ way, live in peace and doing some…..boring routine” the woman said while gesturing with her hand and her face a bit disgusted when said the last sentences before continue “but you are not, as former army…or army doctor…people tend to forget their experience while you. you miss it don’t you”she said now somehow amused leaving sena speechless

“and hanging with yurio, you see it again, the battlefield. Hmm, welcome back” the woman then pulls some envelope from her desks “ I have by the way an offer, I can pays you some lots amount of money in exchange for information, nothing specials just tell me what’s he up to”

“why me?”

“you’re not a wealthy man, and I can make you rich if you want to”

“…..sorry, but I won’t take it, and I don’t work for anyone”

“interesting, you seems can be trusted, and trust hirate yurio as well huh? Very well then” she said and going to sit again at her chair “you can go now dr. sena thought I’m sure we’ll see each other again…soon” and with that a butler comes in and guide sena out and drive him back to zaka street.

Meanwhile the woman just sits in her chair and seems amused, “interesting duo aren’t they, hirate yurio and dr. sena”

To Be Continue
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