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Author Topic: O Yankee From Above! (Majisuka Gakuen 1 - Fantasy AU - Multipairing) - (190617)  (Read 3073 times)

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I have had this idea sitting around since the 10th anniversary of 10nen zakura, so I finally create this account here to share it around (I have been reading stories anonymously for a while ;D). This story is also loosely based off some dozen of isekai (story where the mc is summoned into another world, usually a fantasy, medieval one with magic and monsters) light novels I have been reading these days. Well, enjoy your stay, romance won't come until later (around chapter 20 or sth maybe (? )

   In a certain sunny day in February, at the usual busy airport, a girl with long black hair, with only the left half tied up neatly, in black boots, black slim-fit military trousers and a camo sleeveless t-shirt, along with a deep green sukajan with white dragon embroidery, pushes her cart with a dozen of boxes on it around. She also carried on her back a military backpack. It seemed like she was waiting or looking for someone.
“Hey, Gekikara! Over here!” A girl also with long black hair, white shirt, black jeans and a black sukajan with white dragon embroidery but in a different design, who was standing beside a gray pickup truck, waved her hand. Gekikara walked right over with a newfound excitement; it had been 2-3 months since the last time they met.

“Thanks for picking me up, Black”, Gekikara giggled and started unloading the boxes on her cart into the rear trunk of the old truck after hugging the other girl, “By the way, you still haven’t bought a new truck yet?”
Black helped with the unloading while answering, “I just don’t want to. Also, your goods need to be brought to the supermarket anyway. Are you gonna stay in a hotel this time? Wanna stay at my place?”

 “Well, you know I won’t refuse your kindness”.

After unloading everything, Gekikara put her backpack on top of the boxes and closed the trunk with a bang.

“Take it easy, Gekikara, you will break my precious truck,” Black said after seating herself on the driver’s seat.

“Hey, it’s not my fault your precious truck is so old”, Gekikara replied while opening the door and comforting herself on the front seat of the so-called old truck. Black stoop on the accelerator and they were off the airport’s noisy parking area in no time.

“How was your last mission in Syria?”, Black asked.

“Decent. I saved a lot. There were so many abandoned children.” Gekikara in a soft voice. She was now a soldier in the Voluntary Force, which main job was to come to terrored or devastated places to rescue the locals. Although the force was voluntary, they still got pay a lot due to the danger of the missions and also because the force was organized by private.
The job paid good but it was not the reason for her participation. Gekikara met a girl named Furukawa Airi a year after her graduation, after she sold her mother’s house and started roaming the world. The small girl was there when Gekikara passed by a town attacked by terrorists and saved a child out of the fire. Airi asked Gekikara to join the force right away. “There are even more children that need help, will you join us?”, with a warm voice, Airi managed to convince Gekikara to join in the team. Gekikara was the one that understands the feeling of an abandoned child the most hence she didn’t want to see any children suffering in her sight. Despite being a privately organized force, Gekikara was trained full-fledged military style and it helped her control her brute strength better, while also taught her the importance of defense and accuracy in fighting. She still laughed when fighting though, Gekikara-style as always. She was in the hand-to-hand combat team which was to handle hostage involved cases, where they couldn’t just shoot, and rescue people from collapsed buildings. Airi was in the tactical team and they were a great duo.

However, Airi was shot 3 years after Gekikara joined the force and Gekikara went full monster to revenge for her dear friend. Nowadays, apart from her dog tag, she also wore Airi’s and donated most of her salary to various orphanages. Money never delighted Gekikara so she only kept enough for herself and for her share in paying Yuko’s hospital bill.

Yes, you heard it correct, Yuko was alive. The doctor said it was a miracle. The Rappapa decided to split the bill among themselves since Yuko had no family or relative. Rappapa was her only family and they decided to do what family supposed to do. Even though Yuko protested a few times at first, she understood that she had no way to pay the bill with how she had to stay in the hospital all the time now.

It was hard on the girls at first considering the only ones with a real job is Sado, who was a nurse-in-training, Black, who was a clerk and Torigoya, who was a masseur. Maeda was finishing her study in medical university, Shibuya and Gekikara was jobless, or rather had not found the job they wanted.

But then things started getting better. Firstly, Sado got promoted into the head nurse. Then Gekikara met Airi and joined the Voluntary Force. After that, Shibuya had been irritated by her underlings being beaten by boy yankees for a while now and started teaching them her boxing skill, then some other yankees came and asked to join her lesson, ultimately, Shibuya turned her hideout into a boxing class for girl yankees and had made quite a name for herself. The class, of course, had fees and even though it was not too high, the amount of trainees were enough to make up for that. Dance, still as loyal and faithful as ever, also joined the class, sometimes as experiment object for Shibuya, but also for serious lesson sometimes. Dance also helped with the equipment and gate-guarding for the class. When Maeda graduated from university and became a real doctor, the hospital fee for Yuko turned into a really small matter and to top that off, Torigoya saved enough to open her own massage parlor while Black inheriting the supermarket and the old pickup truck from its previous owner. He was a lonely old man with no heir or any relative, so he decided to give it to Black, his loyal and hardworking employee, after hearing Yuko’s story and how the Rappapa girls had decided to split the bill. The supermarket was in between Majijo and Yabakune’s territory, where no one dared to open up any form of business hence boosting Black’s supermarket sell being the only supermarket of the area. The students from both schools agreed to be on neutral term when encountering each other in her supermarket (or Black, and sometimes the other girls, would beat them into pulps). But what made Black’s supermarket become a hit was Gekikara’s goods. She got 4 breaks a year and due to another agreement between the girls, which was to come and take Yuko outside once a month for fun (didn’t mean she had not tried to sneak out but with Sado as the nurse and Maeda as the doctor, she stood no chance), she came back periodically with souvenirs for them everytime and one time, Gekikara brought spare military supplies back, and Black felt that the yankees would love these for sure, so Gekikara brought back more for Black on her next back, which sold out almost immediately. All type of fighting supplies like gauntlets, knee caps, camo suits, cargo pants,... were sold out in a flash. So Gekikara brought them for Black continuously and sometimes along with some of her job’s destination’s food or goods. They were good seasonal products.

Black’s truck pulled up beside a small, neat-looking supermarket and the two started unloading the boxes again, now from the trunk into the store’s storage. After all was done, they sat together on the staff’s room and chatted for a bit.

“Thanks for the goods, Geki. Just list the stuffs and prices out for me like last time. I will pay you later”, Black said while fidgeting with the water bottle’s cap after taking a huge gulp of water.

“Don’t mention it, this supermarket was technically ⅓ mine anyway”, Gekikara said while smirking then went on and took another gulp of water from her military water bottle.

Black facepalmed at what her friend just said, “I have told you that’s a bad idea so many times”.

“Well, we did it anyway”, Gekikara laughed.

It was years ago, after the Gekikara’s goods had been going on for a while, Gekikara suddenly suggested Black to sell her ⅓ of the supermarket’s stocks since she was technically a shareholder now with how much she effort was invested in the supermarket’s well-being. Black hesitated at first but finally did it and from then on, Gekikara had used it to reject her payment for the goods whenever she could. Black always had to force her to take it and Gekikara seemed like she enjoyed making Black angry.
“Where should we go next?” Gekikara asked while tugging her water bottle back into her already over-packed bag.

“Shibuya asked me to pick her and Torigoya up from the ring and then we can go to the hospital together” Black answered.

“Oh yes, I almost forget, Yuko-san…”, the atmosphere suddenly turned quiet and heavy, Black, not willing to look at Gekikara’s sad face and also to hide her sad face, stood up first and walked out to the truck, “Let’s go, the others are waiting”.
Gekikara had a month break every year and to fulfill the girls’ agreement to come and bring Yuko out for fun as frequently as they can (usually once a month), she came back every 3 months and spent a week with her family - the Rappapa, and mostly Yuko. Therefore, she usually scheduled to come back at the end of March, which was to bring Yuko out to see the cherry blossom, end of June, end of September and end of December, which was to celebrate new year together with her family. But this time, Gekikara had to take her break in February because of a dreadful new from Yuko: she had fallen into a coma and her time was coming to an end, in which the doctors agree on letting her to go home for there was nothing they could do anymore. 
The ride was filled with small conversation for Black and Gekikara to update each other with the 2 months gap. When the car stopped in front of the boxing class, Dance immediately came and opened the door for them, “Black-san, Gekikara-san, Shibuya, and Torigoya-san are waiting for you two”.

“Thanks a bunch, Dance. Has the class ended?” Gekikara asked with a smile toward Dance. Even though not recognized as a Rappapa’s member, the girls all adored Dance’s devotion and loyalty toward her Shibuya-san and also to their small group. They all saw her as part of their little family. Whenever Shibuya couldn’t come to take Yuko out, Dance would go in her place and although being teased by Yuko a lot, the girl did her job perfectly and kept Yuko entertain.

“They are coming to an end soon. Please come inside.” Dance said while holding the door open for them.

“Okay, see you later, Dance”, Black said while the duo stepped inside the place. Shibuya was observing the sparring between her trainees and making criticism on their fighting stand while Torigoya was just dozing off, as always.

It was truly an amusing thing how much a person can change, for better or for worse. Teaching other yankees helped Shibuya to be better at controlling her emotion and temper. She was still a hot-headed though and nothing gonna change that, but she got really better at listening and instructing others. Back then, she could only boss her underlings around but now she was a great teacher herself. Also, similar to Black’s supermarket, Shibuya’s ring was neutral ground and all the yankees from different schools agreed to stay neutral here (or, again, Shibuya and the others gonna beat them into pulps).

The class finally drew to an end and while some trainees pouring out of the class, some recognized Gekikara and Black and bowed to them slightly. Dance ran in and started cleaning up the place, also putting equipment away for tomorrow lesson. Shibuya and Torigoya approached the duo right after and while Torigoya gave Gekikara a tight hug, Shibuya only shook hands with her. Then they exchanged some words of merriment while Shibuya cooled off and drank some water off her high-fashioned water bottle. Shibuya was wearing a black legging with a pink tank top and a pair of training shoes and Torigoya was wearing casual t-shirt and jeans with her red sukajan on top. She left to take a shower and then put on her pink sukajan to join them for the ride to the hospital to bring Yuko home. The four queens were coming for their boss. When they arrived at the hospital, heir vice boss and vice vice boss were already waiting beside Yuko, in their fur coat and jean jacket since it was their workplace.

The ride was silent, a peaceful silence shared among them since forever. The traumatized child, the introverted, the hot-headed, the air-headed, the sadist and the serious (plus the scaredy catl), they all came together around Yuko and Yuko had made sure that even when she was no longer around, they could still stand beside each other, silently. They were no longer comrades, they were family. Family was different from friends or comrades. They didn’t have to always stick with each other, they didn’t have to have the same goal, the same dream, the same life values, but they would still come back to each other side at the end of the day. The girls were a family. And their home was the good old wind instrument club. They would occasionally take Yuko back to the room on their take-Yuko-out-of-the-hospital days for some nostalgia and with Black and Shibuya’s connection with new generations of Majijo’s students, the room was left untouched, silently waiting for its rightful owners to come back.

Yuko was coming home.

It was weekend, so no one was at the school right now. The school stood quietly embracing the early-spring breeze while the old cherry blossom tree shaking its branches as if welcoming Yuko and the Rappapa’s appearance. Rumors said that Center was the president right now and she also helped to maintain the wind instrument room as it was for them. Sado princess carried Yuko into their good old clubroom, which Yuko would loudly protest if she was conscious but she stayed quiet nonetheless. They put her onto her golden chair, the chair for the top of Majijo, their top. Yuko was quiet, so unlike her, with her head slightly leaned to a side. If not for her pale skin, the Rappapa swore they could see the old days playing in their head where their precious Yuko-san, after causing lots of mischiefs, soundly taking a nap on the same chair, her small figure embraced by the golden silk. At those time, the girls would usually sitting silently around her and let Yuko have her peaceful nap. So they did just that. Black sat down on the long chair and started reading her bible, Gekikara stood beside her while biting her nails silently, Shibuya sat down and stared at her newly done nails, Torigoya fidgeted with a feather, Sado rolled the kendama’s ball on her hand and Maeda read her book, Dance stood silently with bowed head beside Shibuya.
It almost resembled the scene from their good old days, except for all of them was praying this time. To gods, to demons, to heaven, to hell.

“Please don’t take Yuko-san away.”
You can stop here and take this as a nice little MG in the future oneshot, or you can scroll past this point and emerge in their adventure in a whole new world. Your choice ;D.
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O Yankee From Above! Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

“O thank you God from above for sending us 8 heroes to fight against the devil! O come! Heroes! Please come and show us your true strength”, a loud and fuming voice shook the ground and woke the Rappapa girls up. The last thing they remembered were sitting silently around each other in the good old wind instrument club room of the good old Majisuka Jyogakuen, guarding Yuko, until a loud thunder came.

The Rappapa girls with Acchan simultaneously ignored the big, fat and seemingly important man to check on their Yuko-san, who miraculously had dropped out of her coma and was holding her head, while Dance was still sitting, mouth agape, confused by the situation.

Sado asked in a worried tone: “Are you okay Yuko-san? Are you hurt anywhere?” and the other chimed in non-stop with more worrying questions like: “Can you stand up?” or “How are you feeling?” or “Did the thunder hit you?”

The messy scene went on for a while until the chubby king felt humiliated and decided to interrupt with his booming voice: “O heroes, don’t you worry, we have the best of the best healer here and I guarantee with you that your health will be cared of. Now let us measure your strength.”

Yuko, who was still slightly confused by the situation herself, calmed her over-worrying comrades with her usual bright voice: “Are ya guys my moms or something? I’m fine, I’m fine, don’t ya see?” She stood up and swung her arms around to prove her words and even though Sado did mumble something along the “even if you say so…”, they all quiet down and started observing their current situation. Dance had already recovered from her confusion and peek around.

They were in another world according to what the fat guy, who seemed like an important person, said, and while they were not believing it fully, they all stayed silent to see how this would turn out. Of course, if that guy tried to pull anything fishy, the Rappapa girls would not hesitate to fight their way out, then again, their yankee’s soul did not allow them to just jump into battle without a good enough reason, so they must wait patiently and hear what the fat guy and his group of people in weird cloaks had to say.

His speech started going for a long while but to sum it up, he wanted to fight (or as he said: “self-defense” against) the two other neighbor countries and he wished for his victory to be ensured with the help of the “heroes from another world”.
The girls had already smelled an unusual tension in the air. It was not the pleasant feeling of “O! I beg you, please help me carrying out this deed”, no, absolutely not. It was that tension of “Obey me!” and the top(s) of Majijo definitely wouldn’t tolerate anyone who dared to look down on them.

However, they remained inactive and let their boss and vice-boss do the talking. Maeda, Shibuya, Black, Torigoya, and Gekikara standing beside each other right behind their leaders in the usual battle stand, ready to jump into a fight with the fully armed army around them if the king tried to pull any stunt on their beloved boss. It was an unspoken mutual understanding, “For Yuko-san”.

Dance was standing right behind Shibuya and also being more cautious than ever, all ready to leave the place and left the fighting to the others.

“So, you want to measure our strength? How will you do that?” Yuko asked with an impatient voice. She had forgiven the disrespect attitude of the fat guy in front of her for the up tenth time since she kind of realized this is an unfamiliar place to all of them and as the boss, she should be careful with her moves.

“Oh, quite simple. Please stand still for a while, my precious heroes”, he said with a full-fledged business smile.

“Fine”, Yuko replied while making signal for her comrades to flight right away if they smelled anything fishy. Although there was some small whine of protest coming from behind, they all stood still and wait for the God-know-what activity to end.

“Ya smell something, Black?”, Gekikara, leaned slightly to her right, whispered half-heartedly with her friend standing right beside, then added in a giggle, as always, Gekikara-style.

“Yeah, Imma puke if we don’t get out of here right away”, Black calmly replied in her soothing voice, while fidgeting with her cross and eyes glued on the guards around them, ready to react.

“And I can’t agree more”, Gekikara bit her nails leisurely while watching those guys in weird cloaks freaking out because of God-know-what and ran up to the big fat guy, whispering into his ear. Not her problem anyway, Gekikara honestly didn’t care. As long as they didn’t try to touch her or her comrades, she would let them slip since Yuko-san had told her not to fight without a good reason.

Shibuya, on the other hand, was tensing up a little since she, as one of the more-normal people here, actually able to acknowledge the danger they were in. It was her boxing's reflex telling her that she should end this “fight” quickly or they would all be put in grave danger. Something was off. Shibuya, and maybe the others, too, saw through the plan to conquer the other two neighbor countries for no good reason of the pig in a red fancy cloak in front of them.

Shibuya wanted to punch him good and got out of this sickening luxury place, but she stood still, clenching her fists tightly, for Yuko-san, and perhaps, the others. She whispered under her breath to Dance, “If anything happens, run. I can't fight and babying you at the same time”. To which Dance answered reluctantly: “Hai, Shibuya-san”. Dance knew she would only be a burden to their fight so she would keep herself safe, that was the least she could do.

Torigoya was being Torigoya and dozed off slightly, but it seemed like her caution level was up, too. She didn't have that half-asleep look on her face and both of her hands are in the sukajan’s pockets, not twirling any feather, like she always does. She looked at ease, but she readied herself for the chicken instinct inside her was ringing nonstop and her counterpart was demanding her to flight, but she believed in her comrades, so she stood still and waited.

Maeda, even though no one really understood what was going on inside her mind most of the time, looked ready to “get serious” as well. She had her hands rest beside her body in her usual manner while she tried to control her breath. She had taken a look around and understood fully well that if a fight broke out against these men with armors and shields, guns, spears and swords, at least one of them would take critical damage, and all of them would be heavily injured, no matter how fast and strong they were. They only had their bare fists while these guards had tons of money invested in them. However, she stood still and watched over Yuko's back. Somehow that calmed her down and she believed with Yuko-san here, everything would be fine, not good, just fine.

Black had a strong desire to puke right now even though she had not yet eaten anything since forever. The fat pig's speech, the heavy-guarded palace, the filthy sparkling jewelry,... they made Black sick. She could just use her inhuman speed and dashed out, but she was not someone who would abandon her comrades, so she stayed. However, standing still plucked her nerves like guitar strings and she chose to use her speed to observe the palace instead and planned possible escape route for all of them. Her speed seemed to be even faster than before that none of the guards could notice her momentarily absence and even though Black wasn't sure why, at least her information may ensure some kind of a plan for her and her friends if anything happens. Then Black stood still and waited alongside with the others.

Sado, having the advantage of standing slightly left and right behind Yuko, along with her height, witnessed most of the chaotic events occurred one by one: the somewhat ridiculous mirror had some kind of information boards popped up, the confusion in those guys’ face, their countless attempt to redo it and now they were whispering to their king’s ear.

Although she didn’t understand why those guys tried to measure their strength with a gigantic, fancy mirror and not with a punching machine or anything alike, but she guessed it was a cultural difference and stayed silent. She caught some whisper in the wind like: “How can this be…” and “There must be some mistake…” but decided to brush it off. Her job right now, as the vice-boss was to ensure Yuko’s, and the other girls’, safety, and Sado focused solely on that, marking possible escape route and weak spot of the group of guards around them. She didn’t want to try to take on those seemingly real weapons and she was sure that none of her comrades did, well, maybe, except for Gekikara, but that girl was not normal to start with anyway.

Yuko, even though had just woken up from her coma, had to be the representative, official talk-person as the boss of Rappapa and stood right in front of the king and his team of weird magicians. She managed to hear most of the conversation going on.

“How can it be 0? Even a newborn baby have at least 10 to 40. Did we mess up the summoning ritual?” A guy said worriedly while rapidly tried to conduct more measurements.
“It can’t be. The ritual worked just fine the last time, only mistakenly caught one, the other 3 were indeed heroes.” Another guy with the exact same clothes replied.
Yuko wondered if they were each other’s twin or sextuplets, since there were 6 of them. Ah hah, so these guys have done this heroes’ summon thingy before. Yuko smirked and remarked inside her mind, while thinking of the right moment to strike, by words or by actions, and take her team out of this corrupted-by-power palace.

Yuko hated this type of overly luxury places, which usually packed of adults, who knew nothing about seriousness and often took her team lightly. However, looking at the fully armed team of guards surrounding them, Yuko knew that she really should settle this matter with words. Not her style, but considering having spears and swords, guns and shields, all ready to be swung at them, Yuko was forced to use the adult method: talking things out.

If she could, she would have pass this matter to someone else. This was totally different from fighting. But Sado was too S, Torigoya was too air-headed, Shibuya was too hot-headed, Black was too quiet, Gekikara was too loud (or rather, her giggle was), Maeda was too serious and Dance was too weak. She sighed internally and took on the tricky job. She focused back on the conversation happening in front of her and heard: “Let’s just get rid of them and redo it. We had the Philosopher’s stone, we can try again instead of trying to figuring this out. Maybe they are just a bunch of normal girls after all.”, the one in the further left said, while the other nodded in agreement, “Like, what is this type of job, Yankee?”

Yuko chuckled slightly, well, they were still branded as Yankee after all this time and she somehow felt a little proud by it. It was a solid proof for their never-dying yankee's soul. Yuko didn’t really understand the whole strength measurement thingy but her survival instinct could pick up the looks as if deeming them as unworthy and she realized the moment to act was coming close. She would persuade this fat guy to kick them out of here, legally, with some compensation for mis-summoning them here.

Yuko felt as strong as ever, so the problem lies within their mirror, not her team, and she didn’t intend to stay and fight for anyone, nevertheless this fat, filthy pig. Yankees fought for their reasons and their kind. It had always been that way, and Yuko wouldn’t allow anyone to break that.

The pig’s face had turned into a deep shade of red in anger and he was clearly frustrated with his team of magicians; this was Yuko’s chance. She flashed off her usual squirrel smile and spoke up somewhat innocently: “Well, it seems like there is some misunderstood here, we are no heroes (of course, they are Yankees, which usually are the villains), and neither are really strong”, there was a soft whine of protest coming from Shibuya, who couldn’t stand the thought of being called weak by a group of men, but without Yuko’s order, she continued to stay still, “so how about you give us some money so we can get by while finding something else to do, and you can have more heroes’ summoning?”

Even though she was smiling brightly, when demanding for money, Yuko made sure to look straight into the flustered pig’s eyes and flashed off her boss’ aura. She was not the boss of Rappapa for nothing. The king was frozen by Yuko’s gaze and aura then finally shooed them out of the palace with a sack of gold for each. If not for Yuko’s stare, they must have much less than that.

The palace’s gigantic door, with sparkling gems decorated all over it, closed with a loud bang. “Thank you for your generosity, your majesty”, Yuko said with a smirk while staring at the majestic door and a certain pig inside unconsciously shivered.
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

After being legally kicked out of the glittering palace, the girls’ worried nature kicked back in and they started bombarding Yuko with tons of questions again. It was reasonable since merely minutes ago, Yuko was in a coma and none of them thought she would ever open her eyes again.

“Are you really sure you are okay, Yuko-san?” Maeda asked in a doctor-tone and tried to find her stethoscope in her white coat pocket while Sado checking Yuko all over her small body. It looked just like a daily health check session if not for the fact that they were in the middle of the street in another world, where none of their clothing and attitude made the slightest of sense to the locals and they were stared at. But the other girls didn’t have time for outsider’s look right now. Their main focus was, of course, their Yuko-san. However, Yuko noticed all that gazes upon them and honestly it made her embarrassed a little, so she tried to calm them down.

“Okay, okay, guys, hands off me, Maeda, put that thingy away from me, Sado, stop looking me up and down, Gekikara, stop hugging me, Shibuya and Black, stop touching me and Dance, don’t make that face. I’m fine. I don’t know why but I am healthier than I have ever been. Happy?”
The others flinched slightly and they moved back to form a small circle around Yuko then nodded again and again while sobbing all together. Yuko could hear their muffled mumbles hidden in their loud sobs like: “I thought you would never wake up”, “I was scared that I would never be able to talk to you again”, “Thanks God”, “Yuko-san…”, “I thought we were gonna lose you forever”.

The Rappapa genuinely cared for their beloved boss but this really was not a place to weep so Yuko had to shake them by their shoulders and drag them to a more private place, prefer to not in front of a heavy gold door and having a hug session with her girls.

Looking at how late it was right now with the sky dyed with a deep shade of orange, Yuko thought it would be best if they could find an inn or something to stay the night for now.

So Yuko just led the Rappapa through the street and they also followed her obediently. Just like the good old days in Majijo, where she was young and healthy (or at least, her illness was not too bad). Back then, Yuko was not really fond of their obedience attitude. Heck, even Maeda obeys her after she had given her the boss’ title. But now, Yuko understood that it came from their respect toward her, so she didn’t go too harsh on them about the matter. She still didn’t like it though.

Yuko took a peek behind and saw Maeda chatting with Sado and her 4 queens were casually talking among each other so she rounded back and slung herself on Sado, making the poor nurse tumbled back and the other burst out laughing.

“So, Yuko-san, where are we heading to?” Maeda asked while still giggling lightly. Seeing Yuko acting all lively lifted a heavy burden weighed down on them, especially Maeda, since she was a devoted doctor. Yuko’s illness always hurt her and made her helpless for not being able to do anything.

The others chimed in, “Yeah, we want to know, too, Yuko-san~”. Gekikara came up and hugged her around the shoulder while calling her name in a ridiculous way. The other queens also came and they all huddled together on the quiet evening street. No one was out to stare at them and even though they did, the girls wouldn’t care anymore. Their Yuko-san is alive and kicking healthily, and that made their days.

“Now, now, girls, let’s find a place to stay the night then you guys can hug me all you want”, Yuko said while patting them on the heads. The Rappapa finally let go one by one and they all headed into the nearest inn they saw across the dusk street.

The team seemed like they have wandered into the merchant square of the city so most of the inns was packed with people, residents and nomads, having their dinner in the front bar.

They just randomly chose one that didn’t look too packed and when they stepped in, thankfully because of the noisy and chaotic state, not many people noticed them and their out-of-place fashion. However the landlady looked clearly troubled and hesitated to let them register. Yuko tried persuade her but merchant wasn’t always a good listener. They were almost kicked out again and even called officers on but a conflict broke out in the midst of the packed and noisy bar that soon turned into a drunk fight between a man and a girl. Some customers started making their way to the entrance and taking advantage of the chaos to dine and dash legally. The landlady had to drop the matter with Yuko and her little team then frustratedly tried to control the bigger and messier situation.

“Let’s get to work, guys.” Yuko saw a chance and she was not going to let it slip. She snapped her hand and the Rappapa rushed to work in a flash. Black dashed out to block the doorway with Dance tailing behind her. While Dance tried to calm the angry customers, Black just knocked a man that tried to force his way out and quieted the area immediately. Gekikara and Shibuya came over and control the little conflict by separating the man and the girl but the man didn’t learn his place and kept squirming, Gekikara just slammed his head down and he was as behave as a well-disciplined child.
They handed the man and the girl to the officers, who came a trillion years late, and waved them off. The customers were back to their table and continued with their food, nothing was too heavily damaged and the landlady happily let the Rappapa girls stayed the night with dinner on the house.

“Thanks miss beautiful owner”, Yuko said with a charming wink and took the opportunity to ask for some information about the unfamiliar world, “Do you, by chance, know any place that sell clothes with fair price, we just came from the countryside ya know”. The landlord seemed pleased by Yuko’s words and while patting her shoulder in a friendly manner and calling her “young fellow”, showed them the way to a nearby clothing shop of her acquaintance and told them just came in as her friend then they would get some extra discount.

Clothing indeed was their top priority right now after they realized that they were almost arrested for having clothes that stuck out like a sore thumb. Although the landlady had let them slip, they couldn’t go anywhere public with these.

It seemed like the Queens’ sukajans were not as much a problem as the stuff beneath it. Especially Shibuya’s extremely short (“and extremely fashion” - Shibuya) bright pink tank top and her black leggings. Even though Shibuya was the one who caught the most attention, Gekikara’s camo top, Black tight jeans, Sado’s nurse uniform, Maeda’s doctor white coat, and Yuko’s patient gown also seemed to be a problem to the locals’ standard clothes. Their sneakers caused many ruckuses as well. Among them, Dance’s outfit caused the least damage, but her big headphones were enough to make up for that.
On top of that, they all needed a good shower right now and none considered to continue wearing the clothes that had gone through a whole day. So they immediately rushed out to the recommended clothing shop.

The owner gave them a dirty look that said “get out or I will call the guards”, but when Yuko mentioned the landlady’s name, she let them in with a warm smile saying that the landlady’s friends are also her friends while helping them choosing suitable outfits.

Unfortunately for Shibuya and Sado, the fashion of this world must have not developed properly and most of the clothes seemed to come out of some fantasy RPG. Most of the clothes were in mild colors like deep green, blue, black, white, brown and none are in a bright tone. Even the white was not exactly white, they were more beige-like or gray-like. Guess they finally figured out why Shibuya’s pink tank top and Sado’s green uniform attracted so many eyes.

Also, the designs or the patterns were neither great so they both groaned while going through each and every clothes in the shop. It was a normal clothing shop for peasants and small merchants, so there was nothing they could do about it.

Fortunately for Black, Torigoya, and Maeda, their outfits didn’t stand out that much aside from the fact that it was a little too white, but they still needed to find new clothes since the situation indicated quite clear that they wouldn’t be able to return home for a while, and they were also not happy, at all, with the choices they had.

Dance, well, the most important thing in her life was her headphone, so as long as she could still keep it on her shoulder, any type of clothes underneath worked for her. She had picked up some normal short-sleeves black shirt and trousers and was assisting Shibuya in her nightmare journey around the shop.

The most exciting ones about the dreadful situation must be Gekikara and Yuko. Yuko was a squirrel by nature, and Gekikara was a hyper child, so the two kept dashing around the store and touching all type of clothes while commenting on their style, color, or practicality.

Yuko had not been wearing anything but the same green gown for years now and she was sick of it, so to her, all these medieval clothes were ten times more fashionable, and Gekikara, who played hero and went around the world most of her days to save people, had long learned to appreciate every little thing, so to her, these clothes were a form of blessing since it was better than being naked and definitely better than death. They both had finished their little shopping session in a flash with Yuko grabbing some red and blue shirts, both long and short-sleeves with a couple of black trousers and shorts while Gekikara taking hold of some black and deep green no-sleeves shirt with a couple of light brown trousers with some black shorts as well.

Since they both finished their task too fast, they started coming over to their friends and bothering them.

“Just pick one, they are not THAT horrible, Sado”, Yuko started throwing some black shirts toward Sado while laughing, “Besides, you can still wear your fur coat on top, so who cares what you’ve got underneath”. Sado sighed and caught the shirts being slung her way, “Who is the S one here, you know I can’t accept the form of these clothes… oh oops, no offense to you, miss owner”, she put them back onto the shelf and finally gave in, “I guess you are right, Yuko-san”.

Finally, Sado got some long sleeves beige shirts and black trousers. Clearly not her favorite look but did Sado even have a choice here. She sighed incredulously loud for the umpteenth time today.

Gekikara had wandered over Black, Torigoya and Maeda’s side and was urging Black to take a bright blue long sleeves shirt: “Don’t ya think ya should try new colors sometimes? How about this one?”

“Too colorful”, Black answered while picking up some not-so-white long sleeves shirts and black long trousers. She looked over to ask for Maeda and Torigoya’s opinions. Maeda had long finished her not so pleasurable shopping session with basic short sleeves brown shirts and black trousers and was assisting Torigoya in her quest of finding new clothes.

After a series of whining and urging from Gekikara, Black simply said, “Black is literally my name, you know that, right?”

“Then how about this red shirt and black trousers?” Gekikara asked with eyes sparkled in excitement, holding up a deep red, almost black, long sleeves shirt.

“... Fine”, Black gave up, “But only one”.

And with Torigoya finding herself a white long sleeve shirt with red slim-fit trousers that looked pretty cute to her and with the encouragement from Maeda and Yuko and Yuko’s pervert hands, both she and Black had finally finished their shopping. The only one left was Shibuya the troublemaker.

Poor Dance was catching everything Shibuya throw out from her scavenger hunt for the perfect clothes and looked like she was going to be buried alive by them.

Too boring, too dark, too bright, too un-fashioned, too weird, too un-practical,... with each description, a new shirt was thrown over and the owner’s offended look was getting heavier by the second.

Maeda, forever the thoughtful one, picked up a beige long sleeves shirt with knots pattern on the arms and showed it to Shibuya: “Not so fashion, but quite interesting”.

Shibuya stopped to take a look at it while the poor owner added with her half-relief voice: “Oh what good eyes you have, these are the newest trend”.

“Hmm, you are right, Maeda. Guess your fashion sense is not too bad after all.”, Shibuya nodding slightly while picking up the same shirts in black and deep blue.

Even though the owner recommended them some skirts, the fashioned ones were too unpractical and the practical ones were too dull, well, they were for working after all, so they all settled for trousers or shorts.

All was done and the only thing left to worry about is shoes. Sneakers and high heels were all unacceptable, so the only one safe was Gekikara with her brown army boots. To avoid unnecessary time wasted, they all agreed to choose brown or black boots. Not as if the store had any other color for them to choose.

When the Rappapa got out of the store, the once orange dusk had turned into the purple night sky, and the street was filled with light coming from bars and inns and stores and shops. The girls bathed in the night light of the city and walked back to the inn they would stay for the night, “Skylit”, the wood plaque said.
Random thought but the MG universe had so much potential in it, like, a group of super strong girls, so many great things could be done, but then again, most men didn't like the idea of being overpowered by women (well, unless he is an M), so all the potential naturally vanished in the end
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 3   

Apparently, the inn didn’t have any 8-people room, but they did have the family-of-4 rooms and the Rappapa all settled in one room to cut down the fee. They were basically a big family anyway.

“So, who will wear the pants?” Yuko asked then threw their belongings on the leftmost bed of the room.

“I will, obviously, Yuko-san.” Sado smirked while gathering her stuff to take a bath. Fortunately, the landlady let them borrowed some clean towels and stuff. They were also charged only half the price for using the hot spring at the back. Apparently, it was the specialty of this city - hot spring. Almost every inn in this area have one and they attracted lots of tourists, that was what the landlady said.

The others had gone ahead and were enjoying their nice, warm, natural bath while Yuko, Sado, and Maeda, who lost in their previous rock, paper, scissors game had to carry the spare stuff up to their little room. Since they bought so many, with around 4 shirts and trousers for each, the shop owner gave them each a secondhand traveler’s backpack to carry all those clothes. Although Gekikara didn’t really need one since her military backpack was on her back all the time (“A good soldier should always be prepared for every possible situation”-Gekikara) but she still accepted it and tucked it away for later.

The clothes merchant also asked if they wanted to sell the old clothes to her because of their unique look but none wanted to part with their last connection to the modern world, so they all denied in unison.
It seemed like the argument about the pants still going on as strong as ever with the phrase: “No, I will!” being thrown back and forth between 2 fully grown adults, who were once the tops of a yankee school.
Maeda facepalmed and quickly moved out of the warfare to avoid any possible strayed shots. Before dashing out of the room, she left a single line, “We all wore the Majijo skirts anyway”. And the door was slammed closed with a soft thud.

Sado and Yuko let go of each other and started thinking hard about the matter. All the way to the hot spring and all the time they bath in the healing hot bath, they both were in deep thought which left the other girls totally confused and the only explanation from Maeda was “Matter of the pants”, which didn’t really clear up anything.

All the way until dinner, the Rappapa’s boss and vice-boss were still lost in their own thought while the other savored their first meal in an unfamiliar world. Unlike the clothing accident, they were all fairly easy eater and felt satisfied by the greasy free meal of the inn.

“Let’s find Gakuran!”, Yuko suddenly said determinately and slammed her hands down the poor old wood table, which made it shook dangerously. Lucky for them, not that many people were left in the little bar and there were only the Rappapa girls sitting on the wooden table. However, the rest of the girls still looked at their leader incredulously as if asking if she was okay. Then Sado also lifted her head up and said, “We really have to settle this matter this way, huh?”

“Uh, sorry for interrupting, but we are in another world now, remember?”, Torigoya didn’t understand why both Yuko and Sado suddenly wanted to find Gakuran, but she knew that there was no way they could find the ikemen girl, at least for right now.

One tall child and one short child deflated defeatedly on their seats individually while mumbled “... why it has to be Torigya?” and “I can’t believe she is the one who wears it…” while the rest still as clueless as ever, with an exception of Maeda since she knew that she was half a culprit for this matter anyway. The always serious girl focused on her meal with extra tomato salad instead. Not the best tomatoes in the world, but neither too bad.

Gekikara, the one who sat right beside Yuko, looked back and forth between the demoralized squirrels and sadist, decided to ask up for everyone’s sake: “So, what’s this exactly about? Gakuran owes you sumn’?”

“Nah, forget it. I just want her pants”, Yuko said mindlessly and the others stared at her.

“Uh, right, Yuko-san and I both want her pants,” Sado added in playfully and winked at her boss who finally realized how problematic her phrasing was.

Judging by how the Rappapa looked at their boss, they clearly had misunderstood her word.

“H-hey why are you guys giving me that dirty look, Black! I know you are smirking, and you, Shibuya, stopped looking so amused!” Yuko tried to save her pride but Gekikara had already had an arm over her shoulders.

“Well, well, then spill the tea Yuko-san, what troubled you and Sado that much then?” The frail girl had a playful smirk on and kept nudging a flustered Yuko.

Yuko didn’t want to admit that the silly argument between her and Sado had troubled her that much so she tried to ignore everything and focused on her plate. Damn Sadist, she must have known that this would happen.

“Lemme spill it,” Sado, who had a wide smile plastered on her face, spoke up joyfully, “Yuko-san didn’t want to admit that I am the one who wears pants in Rappapa, so she wants to fight Gakuran for her pants instead”.

Well, that didn’t really clear up anything so finally, Maeda, who had finished her meal peacefully, had to explain in the sake of the too-embarrassed-to-speak-up and the too-sadist-to-explain.

As expected, the girls start laughing their heads off while poking fun at Yuko (they couldn’t do anything to Sado though, the damn sadist was just too thick-skinned). Even the quiet and collected Black was laughing and Dance was trying hard not to be disrespectful toward Yuko. Well, as Maeda said, they all wore the good old Majijo skirts anyway. You could say, in this household, they all wore skirts, and that didn’t change the fact that they were a family anyway.

The dinner passed uneventfully like that, just the 8 of them basking in the warm light with an average greasy meal. Gekikara got rather intrigued by the strange light, which was definitely not as bright as normal electrical light bulbs and also warmer than one, so she came to the landlady and asked her: “Excuse me, what kind of light are these? How do they work?”

“I bet ya don’t find this in the countryside eh? This is the new goods from the merchant guild of the city, no more dim night, now it is as bright as day. Come, I will show you”, the landlady said gleefully while waving for Gekikara to follow her, “See these, refined magic gems, not really cheap, but can last for a whole month.”

Gekikara’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she called her teammates over to take a look. “Magic”, a nonsensical term in their world, now was the defined of energy in this strange world. Based on the heroes summon ritual, they had kind of figured out about the existence of magic in this new world, but to see it being used widely as a type of energy like this was still a wonder.

The Rappapa started chatting with each other while touching and studying the strange gems, which must have been polished into a quartz crystal, with a rainbow halo around it.

It was not every day that the landlady had a group of friendly travelers. Sure, a lot of tourists, but not so friendly. She looked at the group amusingly, and when Gekikara returned the gem to her, she put it back onto the girl’s hands, “Here, you can keep it. It’s the payment for your help earlier”.

“Oh no, you have already let us stay and covered our dinner, how can we take this?”, Maeda softly spoke up while trying to give it back to her.

“No, no, take it as my gratitude. The incident earlier usually forces me to close up my business for the night, but everything goes smoothly today all thanks to you guys.”, she smiled fondly toward them and put the gem on Maeda’s hand.

“Excuses us then, miss owner. Thank you for your kind gift”, Yuko said and the other girls also bowed their heads and said words of gratefulness.

“But- Yuko-san…” Maeda still tried to protest but Yuko had stopped her.

 “Don’t always just give away, Maeda, learn to receive is also important. I thought you know it better?”

“Well, you’re right, Yuko-san”, Maeda breathed out with a giggle, “And thank you miss, we will receive your kind gift then.”

After dinner, the girls stayed to help the landlady clean up (which she denied but they still helped anyway) and grabbed the opportunity to ask some more information about the world they currently were in.

As the lady explained (she still believed that they came from a faraway, separate-from-the-outside village), this continent had 3 big countries situated in the middle, with some more small countries around. The reason for this centralized of big countries was that there was a high density of magic around and that meant there were more chances to discover magic mines, which turned into big business quickly.
On a side note, there were a total of 3 continents in the world and they were separated by a large ocean so they rarely interacted with each other.

“If you wanted to travel from city to city, there are traveling services. The escort fee for the Adventurers will be shared so it will be more affordable. Usually, you can reach the borderline of this country with Skybound and Arebtes by going North, just pass another city, and a small village, but since the village was abandoned and they said it is dangerous there, so the route was closed. You can reach Skybound from the North city by going East and Arebtes by going West though, longer but safer.”

The landlady also said she didn't have a map and only the Adventurers had them, she knew this information mostly from her customers’ stories. Even though the girls wanted to ask who are the Adventurers, but decided to stop there for the day since too many questions would make them look suspicious.

They got back to the room to discuss more about one heck of a crazy day.

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Chapter 4
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“Okay, let's count all the money we have first.”

Yuko started their meeting by clapping her hands and slamming her sack of gold down on the floor, the Rappapa girls followed and slid their sacks of gold over. They were sitting in a circle in front of the beds of their family room.

After a long and hard counting and calculating, they came to a conclusion that they got 15 gold coins each as the compensation fee from the fat pig. They didn't really know if that's a lot or not, but that seemed to get by just fine. In total, they’d had 120 gold coins at first, and now they had 109 gold coins and 7 silver coins left. All the clothes and and room and bathing costed them around 10 gold coins, which was not too bad considering there were 8 of them, but they really should start managing their money for long-term usage. God knew how long they would be stuck on this world.

After talking about the top-notch priority of all the worlds and universes: money, they started to discuss about the new information they had gotten throughout the day about this whole new world. They still didn’t know much yet, but they knew for sure they shouldn’t stay in this city, or rather, this country for long, since there was always a slight chance of the fat king suddenly changing his mind and re-capturing them. They had luckily slipped away once, they should treasure the chance they had. They agreed with Sado’s idea to stay here one more day to gather some more information and prepared for the trip to one of the two neighbour countries. The landlady said that the other two didn’t really fond of the fat pig and they had more than once denied his pledges.

They still didn’t know if compared to the locals, where would they place in term of pure strength, but none of them believed that they would stay below average, except for Dance. They should find a way to figure it out first. It would be more assuring if they knew their place in this world, just like they knew they were the top of Majijo.

“The best way is to get out there and pick on some thugs”, Shibuya suggested, “Moreover, we don’t seem too weak here, at least Gekikara and I had no trouble handling some drunk man earlier, and Black doesn’t lose her speed”.

“Yeah, we are above average in term of strength, that’s for sure, but where exactly do we stand on that?”, Yuko said slowly, “Beside, I have always love the view from the top, I want to know how far are we from this world’s top”.

The Rappapa turned silent, they, too, shared Yuko’s ambition. The top.

“Oh, what about your sickness, Yuko-san? I did a slight check-up on you earlier and you seem totally fine, no, it was like your illness miraculously disappear.” Maeda suddenly interrupted the quiet atmosphere with the most important question of the day, Yuko’s health. Before talking about strength, Yuko’s health was the top priority, since they were in a completely different world now and there would be no hospital or medical supplies that they known of, and that worried Maeda, the devoted doctor, the most. They may had magical potion here, but with Yuko’s illness, Maeda didn’t sure those potions would help.

“I honestly don’t know. I feel super healthy, and even a tip bit stronger than before?”, Yuko laughed gleefully, happy that she had her health back, These past years, she felt weak and helpless most of the time staying on the hospital bed, but now, she could run, kick, jump and took on any opponents she would like to. Her life had never been so joyful. “Like, no dizziness, no nausea, no hyperventilating, no seizures, maybe this is god’s blessing to me?”

Now they were talking about blessing, maybe that was it. Those last moment, all they did was praying to anyone, hell or heaven, that would listen to not take their Yuko-san away. Maybe their words really reach some places, and they were sent here as exchange for Yuko’s full health.

Honestly, the girls didn’t mind it one bit. They had no relative to take into account of. As mentioned earlier, the Rappapa was a family to themselves and no one else. So what if they were thrown in a completely new world? If it meant Yuko’s health, they would happy being thrown into hell.

“I guess it really is blessing then”, Black said with a smile, “Maybe god had heard our prayers for you, Yuko-san”.

“Why are you suddenly being so sentimental, Black?” Yuko smiled and blushed a little knowing her comrades cared for her so much that their words reach heaven, or hell, didn’t matter. It flushed Yuko with a sense of pride and warmth of the little family she built. She took each of them in, taught them the trade of the true strength, and they matured just fine, and Yuko couldn’t be more grateful for their presence in her life.

“Now, now, Yuko-san, are you gonna cry?” Sado teasingly laughed at Yuko and pinched her cheek.

“Screw you!” Yuko deflected Sado’s hands away from her face and coughed a little, “Enough of this, let’s move on, I’m fully healthy and that’s what matter the most, right?”

The other girls gave her a judging look but accepted to move on anyway. They had teased Yuko enough for today, they would try more tomorrow. It had gotten pretty late and they should finish their little discussion as soon as possible. It was a long day and they were exhausted.

“Ya guys remember what that fat guy said? That because we are from another world, we have some certain blessing or something? Not just strength but magic stuffs?” Gekikara raised her hand up like a kid in class to catch everyone attention.

“Oh! That! We completely forget about that!”, Shibuya snapped her hand which startled Dance who looked like she was going to fall asleep.

“Of course! How can we forget it?”, Torigoya said with a new found enthusiast even though she was dozing off mere minutes ago.

“Well, guess it is a magical world after all. Let’s check it out.” Yuko bumped her fist up in excitement.

“Uh, but how will we try it?”, finally, Maeda asked the million dollar question. They were total newbies and she sure magic was not something they could just randomly wave their hand to use.

“Torigoya! Do your mind-reading skill!”, Yuko looked at Torigoya with hopeful eyes only to receive a knock on her forehead.

“I have been doing that since forever, what’s the difference now?”

The others could only shake their heads in disbelief. “Honestly, Yuko-san”. Sometimes they didn’t understand why they chose to follow her in the first place.

Then they remembered it was because of the exact same reason. Yuko didn’t follow any prototype or procedure. She was those things herself, and they followed her.

“Hmm, I don’t know anymore”, Gekikara folded her arms and creased her brows, “Black, tried chanting your death sentences? They are from the Holy Book, maybe they will create magic?”

“Uh, I’m sure they won’t Geki”, Sado replied to her suggestion instead of Black who was looking at her with a look saying “disrespect-my-Bible-and-I-will-throw-you-outta-window”. Gekikara shivered on her spot. Black’s judgemental look was just too strong.

Everyone started thinking hard, the atmosphere quickly turned heavy and serious when suddenly Dance squeaked a little.

“Got any ideas there, Dance?”, Shibuya looked back at her faithful underling.

“Ah yes, Shibuya-san,... but I’m not so sure,...” Dance stuttered while scratching her head.

“Say it, Dance. Whatever it is it will be better than Yuko and Gekikara’s ideas, for sure”, Black said in her usual calm tone but this time mixed with hints of mischief, ignoring Yuko and Gekikara’s furious protest.

“O-oh, it’s just that, the-the scenes, the outfits of this place k-kind of resemble an RPG fantasy game I k-know… so, maybe we can check our status like how those guys in weird cloaks d-did by c-calling s-status display?”

Everything felt into silence, and Dance was as red as a ripe tomato, thick sweat beads scrolling down her face. Even though she had been around the gang and going along with them for years now, Dance couldn’t help but felt anxious in front of them. She guessed the feeling come from her utmost respect toward them and even though the Rappapa had, on many occasions, told her not to be too formal with them, she still couldn’t help it.

“Great idea! I remember playing those games with the boys, too, but can’t quite connect them! Your idea is great, Dance! Let’s try it!” Yuko said.

“Did you sneak over to the pediatric department again when I was not around, Yuko-san?” Sado asked in disbelief while Maeda threw her a side-glance. They both couldn’t believe with all that effort they put in to get Yuko to stay still, she still managed to slip. Yuko was really unstoppable.

“It is the children section, c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n, Sado, why do you keep using such loud word?”, Yuko protested in hope to derive the subject elsewhere but her sin.

“Because that is the name of the department, Yuko-san, no one calls it children section!”, Sado replied.

“NO one calls it pediatric department!”, Yuko added more fuel into the burning fire.

“Are we gonna test Dance suggestion? I’m sleepy.” And Torigoya splashed water on both of them.

The David and Goliath was put to a halt and the two actresses rejoined the circle.

“Now, since Dance suggests the idea, let her carries it out!”, Gekikara gestured over to Dance who was hiding behind her Shibuya-san.


“It’s okay Dance, do it. We won’t laugh, promise.” Maeda said.

Dance nodded her head hesitantly. “S-sure Maeda-san… Status Display”.

At first, nothing happened. Everything remained silent. The girls sighed in unison. They had reached another dead end and Dance was so embarrassed that she didn’t dare to open her eyes anymore.

Suddenly, light started to gather in front of Dance, and a virtual board pop up with a slight sizzled.

“Ehhh?!”, the girls screamed in chorus. And when Dance slowly opened her eyes, she saw 7 other heads poking around her, staring intently at her status board.

Real name: Yagami Kumi
Nickname: Dance
Job: Yankee from another world, Rappapa’s Underling
Lv: 1
Stamina: 500
Magic: 500
Strength: 1300
Defense: 4000
Accuracy: 2000
Speed: 420
Skills: Healing (consume 5% of her magic to heal a person to full health), Bullied (+1000 defense after being punched by Shibuya), Evaluate (checking the status of everything, unless they have Invisibility on, invisible to outsiders only), Item box (limitless magic storage, can be shared among the Rappapa)
Status: Normal>

“Hmm… let’s see, your real name is here, your nickname is here, job: Yankee from other world, yeah, we know that, uhh and Rappapa’s Underling, guess you are officially a Rappapa now, Dance”, Yuko said while going through the information with a bright smile plastered on her face. She, as well as the others, adored Dance and respect her absolute loyalty, and many time suggested her to consider herself as a part of them, but the girl kept denying by saying she was not deserved it. Guessed even the world got impatient with her and crown her itself.

“Th-thank you, Yuko-san…” Dance was still so flustered she just sat still and letting the other poking at her status display board.

“Oh, oh, it said here on the skill part that the evaluate skill is a blessing for those who were summoned from other worlds and we could view each other status display as long as we stay in the same team.” Gekikara pointed out excitingly, “Lemme check out my status”. And she called up her status display board. Gekikara was in total awe. She had witnessed countless of military innovations, but none could put her in as much awe as this magic virtual display.

“Ah, we had a skill called item box, maybe we could put our stuffs their and not having to carry them around?”  Torigoya spoke in, “Let’s call it up, uh, item box.”

A board with lines of small square boxes pop up in front of the Rappapa’s wide opened eyes and mouths. Even the calm and composed Maeda couldn’t closed her mouth in bewilderment. This was totally insane for someone who tried to live her life as logical as possible.

“Hmm, how to use this? Gekikara, grab the pillow”, Sado called out and after catching the flying pillow, tried putting it toward one of the boxes.

Plop. The pillow popped in smoothly, no glitch, no lag. And all the eyes seemed like they were going to pop out as well.

“Aren’t we have the evaluate skill? Let’s try it on this, too.”, Black suggested in an out-of-character exciting voice, “Evaluate”.

A description box popped up.

<[Item box of the Rappapa]
Storage: Limitless
Description: The item box of those who were summoned from the other worlds. The stuffs would be stored in a different dimension. Can be shared between the members of Rappapa without any distance limit.>

While the other tried out the sharing feature of the item box by doing silly tricks like taking things out from the thin air, which didn’t sound so crazy now with their item box, Gekikara called out, “Yuko-san, show us your status display! Maybe we will know why your disease disappears.”

The other echoed back, saying they also wanted to see it, so Yuko stood up on one of the bed, “Well then, let’s unravel this mystery, guys”, and she pumped her fist up like the transformation pose in the old school super ranger film, “Status display”.

The boards popped up ever so smoothly.
Real name: Ooshima Yuko
Nickname: Yuko-san
Job: Yankee from another world, Rappapa’s boss
Lv: 1
Stamina: 500
Magic: 110
Strength: 5000
Defense: 4900
Accuracy: 4200
Speed: 500
Skill: The view from the top (+100 for all of her abilities, +50 for all of her friends’ abilities as long as she has belief in them), Rappapa’s boss (can use half of her stamina to put on a barrier for everyone in Rappapa for 1 minute), Evaluate (checking the status of everything, unless they have Invisibility on, invisible to outsiders only), Item box (limitless magic storage, can be shared among the Rappapa)
Status: Deadly disease (permanently decrease 50% stamina)>

Everyone focused on Yuko’s status and realized that her disease was still there, but the symptoms had changed into something less deadly. However Yuko didn’t look satisfied and demanded to see the rest of the girls’ status in exchange. Well, the Rappapa rarely said no to their little boss.

7 information boards popped up simultaneously.

Real name: Maeda Atsuko
<Nickname: Maeda
Job: Yankee from another world, Rappapa’s vice-vice-boss
Lv: 1
Stamina: 880
Magic: 200
Strength: 4800
Defense: 4500
Accuracy: 4600
Speed: 430
Skill: Seriousness (+100 for all abilities as long as she is serious), Tomato (+100 all abilities for 1 minute after eating tomato), Evaluate (checking the status of everything, unless they have Invisibility on, invisible to outsiders only), Item box (limitless magic storage, can be shared among the Rappapa)
Status: Normal>

Real name: Shinoda Mariko
Nickname: Sado, Rappapa’s vice-boss
Job: Yankee from another world
Lv: 1
Stamina: 850
Magic: 150
Strength: 4600
Defense: 4100
Accuracy: 4800
Speed: 450
Skill: Tactical thinking (boost accuracy +500 as long as she keeps her composure), Kendama swinging (opponent’s all abilities -10 for 3 minutes), Sadist (+200 strength and accuracy when her opponents are suffering), Evaluate (checking the status of everything, unless they have Invisibility on, invisible to outsiders only), Item box (limitless magic storage, can be shared among the Rappapa)
Status: Normal>

Real name: Itano Tomomi
Nickname: Shibuya, Rappapa’s boxing master
Job: Yankee from another world
Lv: 1
Stamina: 840
Magic: 100
Strength: 4300
Defense: 4400
Accuracy: 5000
Speed: 470
Skill: War Cry (boost strength +500 by 1 minute), Boxing (perform a series of boxing skills will boost strength by +500), Bullying (+100 all abilities for 5 minutes after punching Dance), Evaluate (checking the status of everything, unless they have Invisibility on, invisible to outsiders only), Item box (limitless magic storage, can be shared among the Rappapa)
Status: Normal>

Real name: Kashiwagi Yuki
Nickname: Black
Job: Yankee from another world, Rappapa’s superspeed
Lv: 1
Stamina: 780
Magic: 250
Strength: 4600
Defense: 3900
Accuracy: 4800
Speed: 1000 (max)
Skill: Threatening with poems (opponent’s all abilities -100 for 1 minute) , Speed Boost, Black (+1000 defense and +100 accuracy in the dark), Evaluate (checking the status of everything, unless they have Invisibility on, invisible to outsiders only), Item box (limitless magic storage, can be shared among the Rappapa)
Status: Normal>

Real name: Matsui Rena
Nickname: Gekikara
Job: Yankee from another world, Rappapa’s Wild Card
Lv: 1
Stamina: 1000 (max)
Magic: 100
Strength: 4900
Defense: 4200
Accuracy: 4000
Speed: 470
Skills: Terrifying laugh (opponents’ all abilities -100 for as long as she keep laughing), Stamina Boost, Excited (+1000 strength and -500 all other abilities except for stamina when she sees too much blood), Evaluate (checking the status of everything, unless they have Invisibility on, invisible to outsiders only), Item box (limitless magic storage, can be shared among the Rappapa)
Status: Normal>

Real name: Kojima Haruna
Nickname: Torigoya
Job: Yankee from another world, Rappapa’s Mind Reader
Lv: 1
Stamina: 720
Magic: 1000 (max)
Strength: 3900
Defense: 3500
Accuracy: 3700
Speed: 470
Skills: Mind-reading (consume 1% of her magic to read a mind), Torigoya (+500 for all abilities and -50% stamina when in Torigoya’s mode), Evaluate (checking the status of everything, unless they have Invisibility on, invisible to outsiders only), Item box (limitless magic storage, can be shared among the Rappapa)
Status: Normal>

Even though Yuko got a little disappointed that she had the lowest stamina point, she was happy that, at least, the only thing decreasing was her stamina, her strength and speed all seemed top-notch.

They still didn’t know how strong they were comparing to the high-average of this world though, but if they had came this close to max, there shouldn’t be that many people who could block their path if they worked together. They still decided to secretly used the evaluate skill on random people tomorrow just for sure.

“I have been thinking about this for a while”, Maeda suddenly said when everyone had changed into their sleeping attire bought in the clothes shop earlier and settled on their assigned beds, side by side each other, “If this world’s magic can make Yuko’s disease becomes that insignificance, there should be a way to completely cure her, too.”

“I think so, too”, Sado, who was on the same bed with Torigoya, turned over and replied to Maeda’s question in an intrigued voice, “We should definitely find more information on this”.

“Have we talked about what should we do for money yet?”, Black, who lied next to Gekikara, rolled over and interrupted, “Maybe we should considering a job that have a high chance to come across information like that?”

“Look at all the skill we have on that status display”, Shibuya said, “even my bullying can turn into a boost skill, everything is possible at this point.”

The rest giggled while trying their best not to startle any sleeping ones.

Yuko, who situated beside Maeda, mumbled with a slight annoyance in her voice, “We can talk about that tomorrow, can you guys just sleep now”.
“Oh, why our little Yuko is so calm today? I remember you always tried to sneak out back then”, Sado had to mock Yuko a little bit more or her day wouldn’t feel fulfilled and after earning a glared from Yuko, who, even across the dimly lit room, still made Sado’s bones chill a little, the forever sadistic girl just smirked back then drifting off to sleep alongside her comrades.

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Chapter 5
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It was a busy morning in the Skylit inn’s small front bar. The sizzling of cooking, the rustling of people walking back and forth and different voices mixed together. A perfect morning for the landlady. She desired nothing more than to see this peaceful chaos daily.

Yuko, who woke up surprisingly early today, jumped into one of the seat directly in front of the happy landlady and called a light breakfast for herself. She also reminded herself to return to the Rappapa’s room and forced breakfast on them, too, or they would skip breakfast, all of them. She developed the habit from her long-term stay in the hospital, where 3 meals would be served precisely on time, but the other 7 lived like any other young spirits, too fast to enjoyed a proper breakfast. And there are a nurse and a doctor among them! They should have known better than this. Yuko made a small gesture with her head in disappointment.

She started chatting with some guys and girls sitting beside her. Yuko’s natural charm and her bright morning smile made her amiable. She bribed them with some beers and had them to spill out information, which was what the Rappapa lacked the most at the moment.

“Ah yes, so what exactly do Adventurers like you guys do?”

“Well, anything require strength”, a man in armor, who seemed like the leader of the Adventurer group Yuko was talking with, replied in utmost pride, “like hunting for specific monsters or escorting people or even gathering on places outside of Safe Zones, or searching for specific items in dungeons, or sometimes you can just hunt monsters and sell their bodies. Easy business if you’re strong, little girls”.

“Oh, are Safe Zones places that are not surrounded by walls?”, Yuko had noticed from yesterday that she could see blurry walls all around and got quite curious about what have they protected the locals of. Now she had her answer. There are even monsters here, huh, maybe our strength will have a breeding ground after all, “Some friends of mine want to form an Adventurer group, too, but they don’t have any idea about that”.

“Don’t you worry, it’s super easy”, the girl, who had super light clothing compared to the leader, pat Yuko’s shoulder reassuringly, “Just find any Adventure Central, they are quite popular among the big-3 countries so almost every town has one, some big cities even have 2. Quite impressive, huh?”

“Yeah, the number of Adventurers is decreasing these days, so newcomers are always welcomed”, The leader said with a sigh, “People prefer fighting against each other nowadays”. He shook his head lightly then took a gulp from his half-finishing beer.

Yuko suddenly remembered something, “Ah, my friends don’t really like officers”, she lowered her voice, “… is the Adventurer system relates with the royal?”

“No one likes the officers, kid”, a young man, the tanker of the party, laughed in empathy, “And the system is created by some legendary Adventurers, so, totally private. The Royals don’t want to mess with those high ranking Adventurers. Some said they can single-handedly defeat an army”.

“By the way, how does the ranking work?”, Yuko asked warily, “ Evaluate them?” If that was the case, the Rappapa couldn’t walk the path of an Adventurer. The evaluate item of this world didn’t work with them, and they couldn’t preveal their self-evaluate either, since it would equal to them yelling out loud: “We are from another world!”, and who knew how much trouble could they get into. Yuko could feel sweats trickled down her back imagining it only.

“Don’t be nervous, little girl”, the leader laughed, “Evaluate items are so rare that only the Royals have one, and maybe the Adventure Headquarter has one, but they won’t waste it on every new adventurer. The displaying strength is nothing comparing to fighting technique and experience, I have met a lot of people like that, so your friend will be fine, he will improve”.

“Yeah, just slowly raise your rank by earning contribution points from quests then took a rank-changing fighting test, and you are good to go”, the tanker added, “We were once rank E, too, now we are rank C, and the highest is rank S, and only from rank A to rank S requires exact strength evaluation”.

“Ah yeah, no way my friends can reach that”, Yuko smirked slightly and finished up her breakfast. She had gathered some critical pieces of information. Earlier, she had secretly evaluate the leader of the Adventurer group and saw his strength lied at 1200, and they were a rank C team, which meant they, the Rappapa, were definitely at least rank A or B. But there were also the fighting technique and experience issue. They definitely had hand to hand, Yankee-style, combat experience, but killing monsters were another story. None of them had ever killed, 2 of them saved instead. However, comparing to humans only, they stood quite high on the strength ranking already. Yuko couldn’t decide if that was a bad thing, but every world were the same: great fish eating small ones.

She leisurely chit-chatting with the Adventurer group for a while more about the map of the surrounding towns and possible routes to take until someone jumped on her, “Yuko-san, good morning”, that someone giggled while putting her head on top of Yuko’s and based on the sound, Yuko knew her identity right away.

“Gekikara, get off me. You are lucky that I have fully healed, or I would have collapse, and Sado and Maeda will come for your ass”, Yuko complained but her tone and smile were betraying her, “Ah, this is a friend I am travelling with”.

Both side exchanged polite greeting, something Gekikara had learnt from her old volunteer job, and she focused back on Yuko, “Can I try your breakfast?”, Gekikara said with her head still on top of Yuko’s head and her hands stretching out to grab Yuko’s last slice of bacon.

“Buy your own breakfast, this is mine!”, Yuko swiftly secured the bacon inside her stomach, “And why are you up so late? Is there anyone else awake beside you?”

“I’m up earlier than you do, Yuko-san”, Gekikara said in her usual giggles, “I just finished my morning lap. I also got some new information”.

“You do morning lap?”, Yuko was quiet shock, “Since when?”

“Don’t be dramatic Yuko-san, it’s a daily routine in the Force”, Gekikara nudged Yuko’s head.

“Why you never mentioned this? You could have taken me out for morning lap on your breaks, too”, Yuko felt betrayed, and here she thought Gekikara loved her. How could she exclude her from a perfect excuse to sneak out of the hospital like that? Everyone knows morning lap is good for your health.

“Because Sado predicted that you would beg to tag along and she threaten me not to do it”, Gekikara giggled apologetically.

“The great Gekikara was threatened?” Yuko talked in an overly dramatic tone and earned another feast of giggles from Gekikara.

“I was doing it for your health, you know that, right?” Yuko pouted and refused to meet eyes with Gekikara, “Come on, it was not that bad”.

“You betrayed me.”

“Aw, you know that I couldn’t do anything else”.

“You could have let me tag along”.

“I’m sorry, okay? Yuko-san~, I won’t do it again, forgive me please?” Gekikara flashed off her puppy eyes and Yuko couldn’t bear to turn those eyes down.

“Humph, you can redeem yourself by taking me on morning lap with you from now on”, Yuko still tried to sound angry, but honestly she couldn’t any longer in front of Gekikara’s puppy eyes.
“Aye aye, cap’n” Gekikara saluted her with a wide smile.

“Now can you wake the others up? And bring them down here for breakfast?”

“Sure!”, and Gekikara was gone in a flash, carrying out her mission from Yuko.

“Look like you two are good friends.”, The leader of the Adventure group said amusingly, “And it seems like you have a few more, how many people are in your little travel group?”

“8, we are childhood friends, growing up together and now roaming the world together”, Yuko smiled proudly talking about her little family.

“Young spirits”, the leader laughed along, “It’s rare to see a group traveling together that is not Adventurer. Do you have a destination in your mind?”

“We are thinking about heading toward either Skybound or Arebtes, but we still can’t decide yet”.

“Hmm, you better decide it fast, kid, the roads will be closed soon, and so is the border”, the tanker of the team said with a snap of his hand.

“Eh? But why?” Yuko was panicked a little, they really should haste their trip or they would stuck in the country of the pig king.

“The king, he wants to initiate a war between the other two and then jumps in to take advantage of that”, the tanker leaned closer and talked under his breath, “and closing the border is for easier conscription”.

Yuko remembered the pig’s “request” to them: self-defense against the other two countries. She had already caught the unnatural tone of the request, but the situation seemed much worse.

“He’s right”, the leader said in a worried tone, “We are planning to flee this country soon. We are Adventurers, not soldiers. We prefer killing monsters.”

“Oh, do you have a spare map?”, Yuko suddenly realized that without a proper map, they couldn’t get anywhere, “I can pay for it, any price.”

“Hmm, we have one for each of us”, the leader said while gesturing toward a small girl, who look like a hunter, “but we can give you one. It really doesn’t cost much. We will buy another one in the Central”.
Yuko received the map from the hunter and called another round of drinks to show her gratitude.

At last, the hour long conversation had to come to an end. The Adventurer group waved goodbye to Yuko and thanked her for the drinks while Yuko shaking hand with the leader, thanking him for all the information.

“Maybe we'll meet along the road someday. So long, young fellow.” The leader said with a hint of warmth. Yuko had that bright and so lovable nature that he felt genuinely relaxed around her.

“We will.” Yuko flashed off her squirrel smile and baded them a last goodbye. And they parted.

“Morning, Yuko-san”, a voice came from behind her and Yuko unconsciously flinched.

“Black! You scare me!”, she said while turning around and standing face to face with her quiet friend, “oh, is everyone awake yet?”

“They are on their morning routine”, Black replied, “I won the rock paper scissors tournament.”

“Can you come back up and tell them to pack our stuffs before coming down here for breakfast?”, Yuko asked, “I will wait here”

“Did something happen?” Black asked back in her usual cold tone.

“Nothing serious, but we should leave asap”

“Understood.” and with that, Black was gone in a blink.

Yuko sat herself down in a corner area after calling 7 breakfast sets. She had a lot to discuss with them and it seemed like they were running out of time, but Yuko had been racing with her own time for a long while some time ago, too, so she believed that with her team by her side, everything would be okay.

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Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

The Rappapa girls started to appear one by one until all 8 of them were sitting together around a table in the corner. Everyone wore the new clothes they bought yesterday with their “watermark” jackets. They almost looked like a locals, people didn’t turn toward them with an incredulous look anymore (if they did, it was mainly because they rarely see a group of girls traveling together, also Shibuya and Black's highlights caught many eyes as well, but it isn’t enough to cause a ruckus).

All of them were also extremely grateful for the item box skill, luggages were always a pain for long journey and now they didn't even have to worry about it. They dived into their breakfast enthusiastically immediately while listening to Yuko.

“I met a group of Adventurers earlier…”, Yuko started off by retelling her conversation with the Adventurer party, “... so I think we really should consider this path”.

“Hmm, reasonable”, Sado replied while gulping down her food, “we can't do anything else anyway. We only have our strength to begin with.”

“Well, isn't that what makes us Rappapa?” Shibuya smirked, “Being the strongest?”.

“Yeah, but I still need to ask you guys about the killing part”, Yuko hesitantly said “we will have to kill, for real. Are you guys fine with that?”

“I don’t mind if it's just monsters”, Maeda dapped her mouth with a tissue after finishing her breakfast.

The others chorused back in agreement. Everyone had finished their breakfast by now and was either enjoying a good drink, or just dozing off.

“So Adventurer it is”, Yuko grinned, “then let's catch a horse cart and flee this town first, then we can register at the next”.

“Yuko-san, the horse cart will be quite expensive”, Gekikara cut in, “I kind of wandered to the further North part of the town this morning and saw some carts. They said it will cost 1 gold coin for one because the king wanted to decrease the number of people going in and out of town”.

“That pig!”, Shibuya said angrily, “He plans to trap people inside so he will have more soldiers for the war”.

“I have asked the guard”, Gekikara continued her story, “they told me that walking from this town to the next will only cost half a day, but no one ever do so because of the danger outside Safe Zone”.

“So you mean we should walk since we probably can handle ourselves?” Black asked.

“Absolutely”, Gekikara giggled.

“Eh? I don't want to walk”, Torigoya whined softly while staring at Yuko, begging her with her eyes. Dance's spirit also deflated, too.

“Sorry, Torigoya, but this idea doesn’t sound too bad”, Yuko sighed and avoided eye contact with Torigoya apologetically, “We will have to walk sooner or later, when we reach the border, so how about we try taking on the monsters now, and if anything happen, we can return and take the carts as a last method?”

Everyone started nodding their heads in agreement and understanding.

“But how will we kill them?” Maeda asked the golden question, again, “Punch them to death is not an option, Yuko-san”.

The  great Yuko, who was ready to stand up and said proudly: “punch them”, had to halt herself down and massaged her temple: “Yeah, we really can't do that, huh?”

“U-uhm, I may have the solution for that”, Dance raised her hand up slowly at the end of the table to catch everyone attention.

Everyone turned their gazes to Dance and even though she had been in this situation before, Dance couldn't help but felt nervous, “p-please wait a bit”.

She said and called up the item box, then scrolled down for a while then stopped and mumbled: “Ah, here it is”, and she pulled out… a straight wooden scepter with a gem attach on its head.

“Ehh?” the other Rappapa girls eyes seemed to pop out and they all reached for the scepter and the shield, touching and staring at them with incredulous eyes. Lucky for them it was early noon right now and the bar was almost empty, so no one paid attention to their sudden loud scream.

“Where did you get these?” Shibuya asked in a shocked voice and everyone started bombarding Dance with the same question.

“Wait, wait, wait, please hear me out”, Dance put her hands up and tried to calm everyone down, “I was checking my status display this morning, and I noticed a small symbol looking like an envelope on the top left corner with a “1” attached, so I touched it and something look like an email display showed up. There was a mail with the title [Welcome to Margaret ~] and when I opened it, the scepter and the shield dropped out from the display”.

Everyone had stopped listening to Dance by now and were, as silently as possible, they opened up their status board and checked their mail.

Various type of weapons started appearing out of thin air and the girls were speechless. They just stared at their gifts in soundless awe.

“Oh my god! Black! You get a pair of fancy looking daggers?”, Yuko literally squeaked out of excitement and jumped over to the daggers. She held it up high and got dragged down by Sado or she would have attracted even more unnecessary attention than what she had already done.

In conclusion, when everyone finally calmed down a bit but still holding their new gifted weapons closely for inspection and gasping, Yuko got a pair of black, claw-like metal gauntlets that covered from her knuckles to her elbows, Sado got a pair of leather spikes cestuses, Maeda got a pair of golden brass knuckles with a small knife attached on it, Shibuya got a pair of red gloves with metal knuckles, Gekikara got a pair of military gauntlets, Black got a pair of deep blue daggers, as mentioned above, and Torigoya got a bracelet. They had fought bare handed for the most part of their life with an exception of Gekikara, who job related to warfare, and legally having weapons on them was definitely an interesting experience. Everyone was content with their presents, except for one.

“Why I only get a bracelet?”, Torigoya whined, “And it doesn’t even look fancy!” Her bracelet was simply a white one with a round ruby on top. It seemed like others weapons had gemstones attached somewhere in respect of their jackets clothes, too. Yuko got gold, Sado got silver, Black got black, Gekikara got deep green, Shibuya got pink and Maeda got a topaz-like gem. Dance also got a purple gem on her scepter.
“Maybe because you don’t need anything else?”, Shibuya teased the air-head of the team a little, “You are the psychic of the team, that’s why.”

“Hey, don’t be mean, Shibuya”, Yuko said giggling slightly, “But really, maybe this bracelet will help you control your mind-reading skill?”

“Let’s check their status”, Black suggested and everyone complied immediately since they were also curious what would these weapons do to their current ability.

After a long session and several loud squeaks later, Black let out a sigh: “Like, really? Not only we have strength that surpass most people, skills that no one have, and now legendary weapons?” Although Black had never played any sort of game, she honestly felt like she was cheating a little in the game of life here. Those weapons literally buff not only their strength but were able to pierce through any type of skins and armors and Torigoya’s bracelet now allowed her to perform her mind-reading to anyone in a radius of 1 km around her. Torigoya had picked her spirit back up and was currently testing her bracelet out with the others who were trying their weapons on.

“Oh, there is more, Black”, Gekikara was grinning widely in amusement. For the first time, she had the feeling of someone who started the race of life right in front of the goal, and she felt drunk from all the sudden happiness. She said while opening and closing her hands to acquaintance herself with the soft, comfy gauntlets. “Woo, these are great! And you should check out our sujakans’ status, Black. Lemme see… [Jacket making of other world material, can’t be destroyed by any force in this world]”.

Black massaged her temples alongside Maeda while their kids cheering and throwing a feast for their immense luck, something they never really had in their long, hard life.

“High-five Black!” Yuko came by with a bright smile, “If this is an RPG, we are definitely a bunch of cheaters, no doubt of that, but this is life and we are just the luckier part of the world”.

“I don’t really know what an RPG is, Yuko-san”, Black spoke up, “But this amount of luck is basically cheating, real life or not.”

“Oh, don’t be so serious Black”, Shibuya said throwing an arm over Black shoulder, “not everyday we get to be so lucky like this, and you too, Maeda, loosen up a lil won’t kill you two”.

“Black! Black! Can I try your daggers?” Gekikara flung herself on to Black and snatched her daggers away, not even waiting for the answer.

“Why ask if you are not expecting an answer?” Black watched Gekikara childish face lit up at the feeling of the daggers in her hands and drew out a warm smile.

Yuko was trying to run away from Torigoya’s experiment with her bracelet but decided to let herself caught anyway with a soft grin. Those two seemed so lost in their own little world that Sada had to clap her hands loudly to wake them up: “Okay, okay, we know that you two are the happiest couple alive, happy? Now isn’t someone said we should leave as soon as possible? It’s almost noon now.” Sado pointed toward a cuckoo brown clock on the other side of the inn as she said.

“Ehem, you’re right”, Yuko fake coughed once or twice to cover up her obvious flush cheeks and took the gauntlets of her hands, “Let’s return these into the item box, we shouldn’t walk around town with suspicious stuffs like these”.

Everyone complied to Yuko’s command and stood in front of her, all waiting for her sign.

Noon was hot on the heels and people started pouring into the little bar of the inn. They picked the perfect moment to settle everything and were ready to part with the lovely landlady, who let them stayed and had their last dinner cover.

Yuko waved farewell with her trademark squirrel grin and others also said their goodbye. The landlady also helped packing up some food for them and even though they were only cheap bread and dry meat, they appreciated her kindness and paid for the food with a grateful smile.

Finally, the team took the first step on their great journey out of this country and its rotten king, toward the Northern city.


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Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

The team was well-off the merchant square for a while after a heated discussion about water: should they bring some, or just find a river or something akin along the way and if they do, how would they carry it. Yuko saw the Adventurer carries something that looked like a water pouch made from skin, Yuko doubted its hygiene at first, but considering this was a magic world, it should not be too bad. So they all bought one pouch for each at a nearby merchant store and refilled them in a bar. Apparently, with the help of magic, clean water was a thing in this world, or our yankees would have had a hard time surviving.

They arrived at the city entrance’s post not so long after. It was a pretty short walk filled with casual chit-chatting and laughing. The weather in this world was also turning into blossoming spring soon, and if they were lucky, maybe we would be able to see cherry blossom, fulfilling their promise with Yuko: to take her out for cherry blossom every year. Literally, they didn’t have to “take” Yuko out anymore, but it would still be nice to be able to keep enjoying cherry blossom from now on.

When they passed by the post, some guards waved toward Gekikara and said: “Thank you for your help earlier, Matsui-san”.

The other turned to look at Gekikara, who had found a type of snack that resembled her beloved spicy rice cracker and was happily chewing on them while waving back to the guards. Black decided to ask up for the sake of everyone else: “What trouble did you cause?”

“Hey! I’m a volunteer after all, helping people in need is my instinct”. Gekikara pumped her shoulder into Black’s as she replied.

“Yeah the legendary Gekikara, whose name made generations of yankees shivered, has an instinct to help people, sure Gekikara, sure”. Shibuya stretched out like a cat and drew out a teasing smirk. Gekikara slapped her shoulder and she tumbled forward a little bit with a small gasp. “What? Am I wrong? Yuko-san, Gekikara is bullying me”.

“Hah, talked the one who always bullying Dance”, Yuko looked at the bickering duo with motherly eyes and Dance replied “It’s okay” under her breath.

“Okay, okay, stop this”, Maeda stepped in between the two reckless kids of the team and asked with a hint of curiousness in her tone: “But really, what did you do Gekikara?”

“Some guys refused to pay the entry fee and I just “peacefully” resolved the problem”, Gekikara sent a wink toward Maeda and she dodged it skillfully.

“Peaceful, yes, peaceful Gekikara”, Black decided to add her part of oil into this burning flame called Gekikara, “Also, did you tell them your real name?”

“Yeah, since you guys never gonna use it anyway, right?” Gekikara was forcing her spicy cracker into Shibuya’s mouth as revenge and Shibuya was jumping around, determined not to get caught by the spicy queen.

“Really Gekikara, we can’t imagine your image going with such a cute name like Matsui Rena”, Torigoya said in her usual absent-minded tone.

“The stimulation must be glitching somewhere to assign you with that name”, Yuko grinned and snatched the cracker off Gekikara’s hand, “Thanks for the meal”.

“Wait! Yuko-san…”, Gekikara couldn’t voice her warning in time and their proud leader was now running around drinking water to ease the burning sensation on her tongue. Gekikara could only sigh, “This is not the first time, Yuko-san.”

Sado knocked on Yuko’s head, “Yeah, idiot, why are you so stubborn?”

“I’m not an idiot! I’m showing my yankee’s soul!”, Yuko yelled back and tiptoed to come up face to face with Sado to show her never-dying spirit.

The two stared at each other for a while, tension sparking everywhere, then Torigoya hit Yuko on her head so she returned to her normal size but Yuko could only look at Torigoya with piteous eyes.

“Hurry up or we are gonna leave you two behind”, Torigoya ignored the puppy eyes and turned around to catch up with the others. When the two leaders having their eye-battle, the others had advanced quite ahead and now one shortie and one giant had to run to catch up with their team of good comrades.

Based on the map Yuko got from the Adventurer party earlier, the Northern City was straight ahead, they just needed to cross a prairie and a forest. The first half was fairly peaceful, with only some small creatures like slimes and goblins tried to jump them. Although this was the first time the Rappapa punched something else other than humans, they did a splendid job and collected a lot of drop items from the small fries. None of them were really valuable, but it was also the first time they saw items dropped after they punch something or someone, so the girls’ spirit was burning in excited and they couldn’t help but hoarded up everything. At first, Yuko suggested them to bring along the corpse of the goblins, saying that she heard that the Central would buy monsters’ dead body and, but they soon realized that goblin was such a common and weak monster that they probably wouldn’t worth anything at all.

Suddenly, when the Rappapa was only some meters away from the forest, a big red boar attacked them. “Big” was an understatement, honestly, since the boar was double Sado’s height and as big as Black’s mini truck. Even though they were taken aback a little, Yuko immediately called out to them and set her team up for fighting.

“Okay guys, we have talked about this before. Let’s take this giant down!”, Yuko yelled then equipped her gauntlets at last and ran toward the intimidating boar with the other girls follow hot on her heels.
The Rappapa had predicted this kind of situation, where they would encounter enemies that far outsized and outweighed them and they agreed with a battle-array: Gekikara, Sado and Maeda as the tankers, who would fight face to face with the monsters and keep them busy, while Yuko and Shibuya would attack around them and Black, with her speed and her daggers, would focus her attack on their legs and arms to immobilized them. Dance and Torigoya would guard the other 6’s backs and tend to anyone who was injured. The array was to avoid them getting in each other way, but it didn’t really matter, they had fought side by side for so long that an array did not exactly need, Yuko just wanted to try something new once in a while.

However, before they could carry out the formation, Black had already used her speed and slammed her daggers on the poor boar’s throat from above and the rest were so filled with childish excitement that they couldn’t remember half a word about their plan. They stood in a half-closed circle and punched the poor oversized boar around. The monster dropped helplessly after getting such “special treatment” from the Rappapa. Sado, Maeda, Torigoya and Dance just stood outside watching silently. Diving headfirst into a fight was never their style anyway, and also, the other girls were more than enough to handle themselves.

“Well, it ends faster than I expected”, Yuko stroked her hair backward in her usual combat style, “Let’s check this guy out! Evaluate!”

<[Red Boar]
Class: Boar Monster
Lv: 78
Stamina: 18700
Strength: 7000
Defense: 8000
Accuracy: 3500
Speed: 7500
Skills: Rage, Slam>

“Hmm, it seems like we can’t check out this guy’s skills”, Shibuya said and knocked her finger against the virtual status board.

“I thought the maximum stamina is 10000”, Gekikara said, looking annoyed for the fact that the big boar had almost double the stamina of her, “or that’s just the maximum for human”.

“Torigoya, did you try your psychic skills on any monster yet?”, Yuko lifted her head up, meeting with Torigoya’s eyes, who had her head right on top of Yuko’s.

“You guys finish them all too fast”, Torigoya groaned, “I blinked, and they were all dead”.

“Oh oopsie”, Yuko said with an apologetic smirk, “We will refrain ourselves next time, right guys?”

“Uh-oh, who was the first one to jump into combat?”, Sado asked.

“Black!”, Gekikara answered cheerfully

Black, the mentioned girl, was busy cleaning her face and hands from the splattered blood, Maeda gave her a wet cloth for easier cleaning up. She didn’t really like her weapons and their after effect, bur she had to admit they fit her fighting style perfectly. Black sent a glare toward Gekikara as if warning her to keep Black’s name out of their little argument.

“My good child Gekikara”, Yuko hugged the green kid and said, “See, Torigoya, it wasn’t my fault, it was Black!”

“I was only doing my part, Yuko-san”, Black answered in a matter-of-fact voice and sent another deadly glare toward Gekikara, but the culprit that dragged her into the matter was still wearing her usual grin, beaming brightly back at Black. Black sighed, “Well, fine, I will stop running ahead. I also don’t want the blood to splatter on my face anymore. Guess I will stick back with my fists”.

“Welcome back to the fists-gang”, Shibuya patted Black’s shoulder, “But we don’t have any spare fighting gloves, how will you fight? Bare hand?”

Black contemplated for a bit and when Gekikara’s gauntlets were thrown her way. She caught it in an easy manner but looked confusingly at Gekikara, who had her head inside her precious military backpack.

Gekikara popped back out, holding another pair of military gauntlets but in different design and they were also a bit shorter, “I fight better in these, you can keep those, Black”. She grinned and Black smiled back, “Thank you then, Geki”.

After a short break, the girls sat down under the shade of a big tree right in front of the border between the grassland and the forest for some food. They ate the dried meat with black bread, not a very delicious meal, but still quite fulfilling.

“Can we cook the boar?”, Maeda asked, she wouldn’t accept to eat dried food all the time if they were going to do more traveling from now on, “Isn’t it just, a big wild pig?”

“Big is a little understatement, but I guess you are right”, Sado said, “We should ask about this in the Central or something, we then can hunt for our food and lessen the money burden”.

“We really have a lot to ask”, Yuko said, “We should ask about the magic, too, maybe Dance and Torigoya can learn some more spells, water casting or fire casting, then we could travel for days”. Yuko had that dreamy look in her eyes.

“But how about a shower?” Black asked, “Yuko-san, I won’t go on any trip that I can’t have a shower at least once a day”.

The rest chimed in with “Me too”, and apparently, Yuko also didn’t want to go on for days without proper bathing.

“Let’s hurry to the next city then, hopefully, they do sell bath tube here”, Yuko said, “or we will have them to cast one for us”.

“Let’s go”, Shibuya said, “Noon is almost over, we should hurry up or we won’t reach the city before the day end”.

If there is anyone still reading this lousy story of mine, thank you very much  :bow:

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