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[AKB48] Burning Spirit Tales: Basketball Opportunities
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Author's Note: Hey guys, this is the first time I've done something like this, and boy does it come at a bad time (2 more finals and a 15+ paper due today, graduation on Sunday). I guess this is a way to relax and vent some stress before my last paper and finals of my college career. Due to time constraints, below will only be a short summary and what to expect. Thank you very much!


Title (English): Burning Spirit Tales: Basketball Opportunities
Title (Japanese): 燃焼の精神物語:チャンスのバスケ
Title (Romanji): Nenshou no Seishin Monogatari: Chansu no Basuke

Setting: Modern-Day Japan

Summary: "Bulkan" engages in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the famous "World National Cup: 5 on 5 Basketball Tournament" held in Japan. While his crew of 4 unique individuals get to experience Japan at their leisure (having the luxury of being Japanese, been to Japan, fluent in Japanese, or a mix of all), "Bulkan" is truly a 'pilgrim in this unholy land'. Having a chip on his shoulder as being the weak link on the team (the oldest, the shortest, etc), he has no motivation in the tournament coming ahead. However, with a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with unexpected guests, he may be able to learn the true meaning of competition.

Characters so far:

"Bulkan": The oldest of the group, force appointed to be leader of the crew. Has no special talents that sets him apart in the team. Considered the "Weak Link"

"Cupid": The only female of the group, considered to be the sniper of the crew. Underneath her icy stare lies the fiery pits of hell, if you cross her that is.

"Mole": The natural, lazy man. The disruptor of the group, considered to be a defense genius.

"General": The veteran of the group, had the most experience playing basketball. Shy and soft-spoken off the court...but don't let that fool you on the court.

"Egghead": The strategic genius. Constantly has millions of equations running through his brain 24/7.


I hope this to be a fun project and hopefully something that will be enjoyable for you guys to read! Expect something by early next week! Thanks!

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Re: [AKB48] Burning Spirit Tales: Basketball Opportunities
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Looking forward to it :O