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Author Topic: Threads of Intimacy [10/24: Kudou Haruka]  (Read 4359 times)

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Threads of Intimacy [10/24: Kudou Haruka]
« on: August 24, 2012, 10:46:34 PM »
Sorry if this is a bit boring, but it'll take me a chapter or two to get into the writing flow again :lol: How long has it been now? >.>
Anyway, this will be a little different, as it's not your standard "story" fic but more a... collection of sorts. You'll see what I mean as it goes on :lol: I think it's also time we had a bit more material for certain girls... Well. Read on if you'd like. ^_^

Sayashi Riho

Riho watched with heavy-lidded eyes as Suzuki Kanon munched happily away at the dry biscuit she held in both her hands. Kanon-chan hunched over the table, her eyes partially glazed with lips wide in a blissful smile, as she took another big, crunchy bite. Riho on the other hand slumped in her chair, her legs curled up beneath her as the hypnotic repetition of bite, chew, chew, bite caused her to slowly doze off. Then again, just about anything caused her to do that.

“Whaddya have after this?” Kanon mumbled around a mouthful of biscuit.

“Some photobook press thingy,” Riho replied through a yawn.

Kanon-chan’s eyes widened. “Photobook event?” she asked. Somehow Riho’s statement had actually made her forget about food for a moment. A loud crunch made Riho’s eyelids flutter again. Well, a very short moment. The other girl looked deep in bewildered thought. “Another one? I thought I was done for the day…”

“No, not that,” Riho replied, hugging herself tighter with her arms as she tried to curl up even tighter into a cat-like ball. An unfortunate side effect of her growth spurt made this a slightly more difficult proposition than she was used to. “The French thing.”

“Oh,” Kanon said, peering at Riho while crunching away. “That’s right. That’s out today, isn’t it?”

“Mmm,” Riho murmured blandly. She tried not to talk too much about her new solo photobook to the others, even Kanon-chan, so the subject hadn’t even come up until now. She didn’t know if they’d be jealous of her doing her second while none of them had even released one yet, but still thought she’d play it safe. At least she wouldn’t be alone in this for too much longer, and who knew what would happen after they go to Hawaii.

Then she jerked more fully awake as the room was suddenly awash in the giggling and chatter of two more girls, and she glanced up through her eyelashes at Kuduu and Maa-chan entering the room while focused on something held between them. Most of the giggling of course was from the Hokkaido girl, while Kuduu seemed to tolerate it the best she could with a crooked grin.

The instant Maa-chan saw the cookies in front of Kanon, who reflexively wrapped her arms protectively around them, she yelped and ran toward her. “Suzuki-saaaa~n!” the girl cried, and poor Kanon-chan played the deer in headlights as Maa-chan sidled up to her and snuggled into her shoulder.

At a look into those eyes Kanon sighed, helpless as anyone to them, and reluctantly moved her arms as Maa-chan darted a hand in for a biscuit. Kuduu rolled her eyes from back where the girl had left her and stuck her hands in her pockets, quite used to the other’s fluttering about. With her limp, she also certainly wasn’t up to running around with the energetic youngster for the time being.

Now hearing stereo crunching, as well as the giggling and chattering, Riho sighed as she realized she wasn’t going to get any sleep here and unfolded to slip out of the chair. Kanon-chan gazed up at her as if pleading for rescue from the girl who now hugged her arm tightly in both of her own, but Riho just gave a small half smile as she sauntered toward the locker room. It had only been a matter of time after all until someone else noticed the box of treats.

When she entered the locker room another girl was already there, her attention focused on the compact in front of her as she worked on making sure her makeup was completely off, but Riho caught a glimpse of a book lying open beside her on the bench. Something familiar in it tugged at her, and she walked noiselessly, catlike toward the girl. At about the same time she realized what was in the book, the other caught sight of her through the mirror and a face stared wide-eyed back at her as pale as if she hadn’t likely just spent the last quarter of an hour removing makeup which had provided much the same effect.

“Aiy-eeeeee!” the girl squealed, and she jumped up before dropping back down heavily and gathering up the book, slapping it shut before stuffing it in a bag beside her. She also winced slightly in pain, and Riho glanced down to the wrapped ankle she retracted back under the bench.

“Thank you for buying my photobook,” Riho stated bemusedly.

“It… it was a gift…” the girl stuttered, fists gripping the skirts spread across her legs as she stared fixedly at her locker. Riho could still see the red in the visible side of her face though, and as she wandered up to plop down on the bench beside her, she found that it did indeed cover all of it.

“Oh,” Riho replied. “Still. But… why do you look so embarrassed?”

A forced giggle escaped from the other’s mouth. “Em-embarrassed?” she said. “I am not! I just… can’t be seen holding onto the photobook of my greatest rival, after all.”

Riho giggled herself. “Daishii~” she said, poking at the girl’s arm, “You’re still set on keeping that up? Not that I mind the flattery…”

“It’s not flattery, Sayashi-san,” Ishida Ayumi said, turning stiffly to look into Riho’s face. “But I won’t lose.”

Riho stared back into those determined eyes, eyes which she’d seen on most of her new friends and coworkers, at least from time to time. “I won’t either,” she said quietly after a moment.

They continued the staring match a moment before they both looked away and fell into soft giggles. Riho’s died out quickly though as she caught sight of the wrappings once again.

“Does it hurt bad today?” she asked.

“Just when I let my weight fall on it,” Ayumi replied. “Thankfully I don’t have much of that.”

“You’re so lucky,” Riho said, taking in the other’s body. “You’re so tiny!”

Ayumi raised an eyebrow as she glanced back to Riho. “I wouldn’t exactly call Sayashi-san fat, either.”

Riho shrugged uncomfortably. “I guess it’s this growth spurt. I have a hard time telling what’s going on in my body anymore. I’m just glad I haven’t gotten injured again too.” She glanced quickly at Ayumi. “Sorry.”

The other girl waved it away. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back and dancing circles around you in no time. You just wait.”

“I will,” Riho replied, smiling. They were both very intense about their rivalry, Riho focused on keeping her spot as the up and coming focus of the group while Ayumi was determined to prove herself, but they respected each other as well, shared a bond that Riho felt was different from the others. Takahashi-san might have been the only exception when she was around, but that was different in another way…

As they looked smiling into each other’s eyes, Riho didn’t know who started it, but she felt their faces inch closer together, until she thought she could almost feel the other’s breath on her lips…

“Riho-chan!” Kanon-chan called out as she strode into the room. There were two soft thuds as Riho and Ayumi dropped down once more onto the benches after levitating a few millimeters for a split second, both pairs of eyes snapping straight ahead to stare fixedly at the lockers in front of them. The sound made Kanon narrow her eyes for a moment, but since she hadn’t been looking at them as she entered, she didn’t notice what was going on. “You left your cell phone in the lounge.”

Then as Ayumi quickly gathered the rest of her things and stood up carefully to slide her bag on before gathering her crutches and heading back the other way, Kanon stepped up and dropped the cell phone into Riho’s lap. She then turned back to her own locker as if this was an every day occurrence.

After glancing at the cell phone – it wasn’t every day – Riho looked up and her eyes followed the tenth generation girl out the door.

Then she jumped up nimbly, no injuries currently dragging her down. After snatching her cell phone from the air since she’d already almost forgotten it again, she grabbed Kanon’s arm. Kanon-chan turned to blink at her.

“I need to talk to you,” Riho said in an almost-whisper, although there was no one around anymore to hear them. “Will you come to Starbucks with me? It’ll just be quick, before I have to head out for the event.”

Riho could see the war on Kanon’s face as she considered the request. She’d just had the biscuits, so she really didn’t need any more food… But then again it was more food, and maybe even a frappuccino. In case she needed more convincing though…

“I’ll buy you a cookie,” Riho added, and Kanon sighed, resigned to her chocolatey fate.

“What’s going on with you anyway?” the girl said, turning back to gather the rest of her things. “You’re being weird.”

Riho glanced around the room, but again found no one nearby. Then she swallowed. And anxiously licked her lips before swallowing again.

“I think I almost kissed Daishi…”
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Re: Threads of Intimacy
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2012, 12:19:08 AM »
YOU! Wrote a thing!  :cathappy: and ohohoho my secret otp for the 9/10kis~ <3 look at you writing while the rest of us are dead X3 (not all of us, but yall know what I mean). Anyway, I always love your writing so I anxiously await a continuation of this~ (and here I go scurrying back into the darkness of inactivity ahaha -flees-)

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Re: Threads of Intimacy
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2012, 06:18:50 AM »
So that's what you were doing when you were quizzing me for how the 9/10kies addressed each other~ Ha~ My secret OTP SayaIshi~ XD

I'm starting to think that the general chaos of the pairings in 9/10 gen is extremely entertaining for all writers. So many possible permutations. :lol: Thanks for joining the new wave! I was getting lonely. :lol:


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Re: Threads of Intimacy
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2012, 06:47:10 AM »
Well long time no write :lol:

I find it interesting but with my lack of a background in 9/10ki's I feel this helps a little bit fic wise :nervous
Random Thought:


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Re: Threads of Intimacy
« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2012, 02:51:26 PM »
AHAHA, so it's SayaIshi :lol:
Zukki, you come in bad time :doh:

PS.I really think that my Zukki is not the kind of someone to be a lover,
she's kind of a friend you can trust all of your heart. :oops:

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Re: Threads of Intimacy
« Reply #5 on: August 25, 2012, 08:14:24 PM »
 oooh !! daishii !!! i like this one !! yay !! Zukki ! argh !!

keep up the good work !! yay! yay! yay!

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Re: Threads of Intimacy
« Reply #6 on: August 26, 2012, 12:10:38 AM »

The things I do for you, rokun. D<

But Zukki, my dear Zukki. ;____; Hi ILU.

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Re: Threads of Intimacy
« Reply #7 on: August 26, 2012, 05:24:56 AM »
S-so much tension...! xD

So much that you pulled me out of my absentee status, lol.

Having Riho in it just pulls me deeper in xD

Looking forward to the rest :B


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Re: Threads of Intimacy
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Gosh, I'm horrible, aren't I? ^^; I'm happy that so many of you enjoyed the first chapter though ^_^ Even pulling Yuu-chan out from her black hole of doom! O_O Shiawase_Honoo: I agree with you about Kanon. :) You'll see a pattern emerge slowly as I continue writing, I hope...

Yajima Maimi

“Mai-chan, you still awake?” Maimi asked the girl lying beside her.

“Mmm,” came the response in the dark.

“I’m still worried she’s pushing herself too hard.”

“You know she doesn’t let it get to her easily.”

“Yeah, she’s so amazing like that.”

Mai rolled on her side to face Maimi, who was still staring up at the ceiling. “Y’know it’s funny. Like one of my best friends and my big sister are dating.”

Maimi blushed. “I’m sorry if it’s awkward to you.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s awkward,” Mai replied, then wrapped her arms around Maimi and nuzzled happily into her shoulder. “Long as I can still snuggle with my big sister.”

“Of course!” Maimi replied with a laugh, patting the girl’s head. “But you know, you really need to learn to sleep by yourself one of these days.”

“I will!” Mai said, looking back up to her face. “I’ve been working harder at it lately! I can go shopping pretty easily by myself now, without freaking out even!”

“Congratulations,” Maimi said with a smirk.

Mai slapped her shoulder. “You’re being mean to me. You shouldn’t be mean to your little sister!”

Maimi stared at her with doe-eyed innocence. “Me? Mean!? Never…”

“If only everyone knew…” Mai replied with a grimace.

“If you post it to your blog, no one will believe you, you know,” Maimi said. “Especially with all the gushing you usually do there toward me. Oh, and the clinging.”

“Hey! I wasn’t thinking that!” Mai defended, though her shifty eyes betrayed her otherwise. “You better be kind to Airi though,” she continued, returning to the original subject. “If you hurt her, I’ll kick your ass.”

“I believe that!” Maimi replied, laughing.

Mai gave her a suspicious look. “I know what you’ve been doing since Hawaii, you know.”

Maimi gave her another of those innocent looks, which made the younger girl roll her eyes. “What on earth are you talking about, Mai-chan?”

“You know very well what I’m talking about,” Mai replied. “And it just makes it easier for you to hurt her.”

“Did you ever think about her maybe hurting me?” Maimi replied inquisitively.

That caused Mai to go quiet for a moment, pondering, before she looked back up into Maimi’s eyes. Maimi thought she could actually see fear in them. “…She hasn’t, has she?”

“Of course not,” Maimi said, patting the girl reassuringly. “I miss her though. You know we’ve not been able to see each other much lately.”

“You’re both busy,” Mai said with a yawn, and Maimi could see her eyes drooping. Then she surprised herself by yawning too. "But you’ll see each other tomorrow, right?”

“Mhm,” Maimi replied, eyelids fluttering. She felt very warm and cozy now. Warm…

“Goodnight, Maimi-chan,” Mai murmured, and they one after another drifted slowly off.

Maimi was running, the road long in front of her and winding gradually upward. The mountain breeze drifted sweet past her face, blowing her hair out back behind her. The next thing she knew her legs were bent a little more, and she was pedaling quickly up the same road.

“Can you go any faster?” a voice said behind her, an angelic voice yet one tinged with desperation as well. Maimi took one hand off the handle and patted one of the hands wrapped around her waist. Their fingers instinctively melded together, and caressed for a time as she continued pedaling on. “I don’t know if we’ll get there in time.”

“We will,” Maimi said, reassuringly.

“I hope you know where you’re going.”

Maimi looked up at the path in front of them, studying it. Though the road was in good shape, no cars traveled along it. In fact, there were no people to be seen at all as they rode swiftly on through the wind. At the top she noticed a gleam, a shrine at the peak of the mountain. The shrine? Is that where they were headed?

“Isn’t it beautiful up here?” she replied, her mind drifting. She glanced down off the side, the city sprawled out below leading up to the sparkling sea beyond. “The breeze is so nice, the air so clean…”

“We need to go faster,” the voice behind her replied, and when she looked forward again, Maimi was now holding on to the girl in front of her, hanging on tightly to keep steady as the other pedaled furiously. “You’re too slow,” the girl explained back to her.

Maimi gazed over the other’s shoulder, feeling comforted in her tight embrace. “Airi…” she said slowly. “Don’t crash now. It’s a long way back down the mountain.”

“What?” the girl in front of her asked, and Maimi looked down. Now she saw them being carried only by the wind itself as Airi continued pedaling hard, cityscape and mountains flashing by far below.

“You shouldn’t go too hard,” Maimi said, seeing the other’s legs almost a blur on the pedals. “You’ll hurt tomorrow.”

“Probably,” the other replied. “But we’ve got a long way to go.”

Maimi looked up and saw the gleam from the mountain-top in front of them again, though now they were already at the same level in the sky leading up to it. All the same, despite their seeming speed from below, they didn’t seem to be getting any closer.

“I’ve got a firm hold on you,” Maimi reassured the girl. However, Airi just leaned over and pedaled even harder.

“It’s okay, I’m riding the wind now.”

“Airi…?” Maimi asked, worry creeping into her spirit. When no response came, she repeated herself. “Airi…? Airi?”

“Airi?” Maimi murmured, and she opened her eyes to a white ceiling, just beginning to be colored by the morning sun. She stilled her legs, which she knew had been moving restlessly, and glanced beside her. A small girl lay there, facing away from her toward the lamp across from the window. “Mai,” she breathed, her mind slowly returning.

She carefully lifted herself up over the girl, gazing down at her face filled with contentment, her chest rising with each slow breath. Maimi leaned down carefully to brush a kiss just above her ear before laying back on her own pillow once again to stare once more at the ceiling, hands folded behind her head.

“Do I know where I’m headed?” she whispered to herself as she stared at the reflection of the daylight growing ever-so-gradually brighter from the ceiling. “How hard does the road have to be?”

Stop it, Yaji, she scolded herself. You’re just being silly. She can take whatever comes.

As she continued staring, she felt the body beside her begin to stir as well.

“Why do I feel like I'm the one just riding the breeze?”
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Re: Threads of Intimacy [10/11: Yajima Maimi]
« Reply #9 on: October 12, 2012, 08:17:28 AM »
Dream imagery is dreamy. >.> <.< >.>

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Re: Threads of Intimacy [10/24: Kudou Haruka]
« Reply #10 on: October 24, 2012, 10:25:03 PM »
Kudou Haruka

Kudou Haruka stared off into space, the pencil in her hand almost forgotten until she realized her mouth was hanging open, and snapped it shut. The last thing she needed was to drool on her homework. She glanced across the table at Tanaka-san, who was lounging with her cell phone in her hands, occasionally tapping away at it.

“I don’t see how you can do that all the time, Tanaka-san,” she said finally, trying out a new excuse for not doing the homework. “I mean phones can be fun, especially if you’re reading One Piece or something, but I don’t think I could just stare at it whenever I have a free moment…”

“You don’t like updating your blog?” Tanaka-san asked, not looking up. “After they went through all that effort to give you kids one too. If you start becoming like Maa-chan, they may just take it away…”

“Well Ayumin and Harunan are like posting freaks,” the shonen girl grumbled. “Especially Harunan. I think they write enough for all of us. Besides, I do try to update every day. I even have my own special corner!!”

“Duu de mo ii, right?” Tanaka-san murmured. “You should really write more about me in that, you know.”

Haru’s eyes widened. “But it’s just there for whatever! Besides, I thought it might be rude to Tanaka-san.”

“I’ve got no problem with it,” the other replied, biting her lip as she read something on the small screen. “There’s never a problem of there being more about me out on the internet. That’s why I update my own blog like I do!”

“Ahh, I see…” Haru replied tonelessly, gazing at the older girl. Her idol may not be quite like Michishige-san in vanity, but she could come close sometimes. And she did keep to herself a lot, though that’d been changing a bit since they’d joined…

“Tanasa-ta~an!!” came a shrill voice from down the hall. Speaking of changes. “Tanasa-tan!!!”

It was their second in three consecutive days of rehearsals for the concert coming up Sunday, and so the group had all come to the office. Currently though they’d split up into smaller groups for things like dance practice, singing practice, and some, like Tanaka-san and Haru, on break. Maa-chan had been called up to talk to management, and though Haru didn’t know what it’d be for, she thought the girl would be gone longer than this. Granted she usually hovered at ‘Tanasa-tan’s’ side whenever she had the chance, but she must have run all the way from the offices, and must still be running by the increasing volume of her cries.

“Tanasa-tan!” came one more cry, very close now, as expected followed by the girl herself dashing through the door and only coming to an unsteady halt after grabbing onto Tanaka-san’s shoulders.

“What the…!” Tanaka-san managed, also surprised by the girl being even more eager than usual. The jarring impact had Tanaka-san clutching her cell phone tightly just to hang on. Haru stared as Maa-chan caught a breath.

“Tanasa-tan!” Maa-chan cried out right beside her ear.

Tanaka-san blinked, having safely stowed her phone while now attempting to collect herself to listen to her adoring young kouhai. “Can you… please…? yell a little more quietly?” She rubbed her forehead.

“Oh! I’m sorry, Tanasa-tan!” Maa-chan said, only for the last word actually seeming to register her senpai’s request. “But I have wonderful news!”

“Huh?” Tanaka-san asked, appearing half-dazed. “Is Sayashi graduating?”

“No, silly,” Maa-chan said with a giggle, playfully slapping at her shoulder. Haru took careful note. It was always intriguing watching the two interact, and she wanted to try out some of the stuff the girl always seemed to get away with. Then again, the couple times she’d tried ended up with her carefully folding Tanaka-san’s clothes into the girl’s bag, as well as taking a short time-out and getting very well-acquainted with the wall she had been destined to face. It was amazing how many cracks were in this building if you looked close enough. It was truly like it could fall down at any time.

“I’m going to be doing a photo book!! In Okinawa!! Do you know where Okinawa is, Tanasa-tan? It’s really far south! And hot down there! I’ll have to buy a new swimming suit…”

The next sound was a semi-loud *thump!*, and the two glanced over to see Haru on the floor, having fallen out of her chair for no perceptible reason.

“Um…” Tanaka-san said, giving her a funny look, “Are you all right?”

“O-of course,” Haru mumbled, crawling back up onto the chair, folding her legs atop it and hugging the back with an arm. “Don’t mind me.”

Maa-chan took her directly at her word and, seeming to forget she was there after seeming to have just then even recognized her presence, turned back to beam at Tanaka-san.

“That’s great to hear, Maa-chan,” Tanaka-san said dotingly. “If you just heard about it though, aren’t those things supposed to stay secret until at least after you’ve done your shoot?”

Maa-chan gave her a confused look. “But I’m just telling you.” Tanaka-san looked past heragain to Haru, who was getting even more acquainted with the wall, even though it was farther away this time. Maa-chan gave a quick glance up as well. “Oh, Haru doesn’t count.”

“I told you not to call me Haru.”

“So it’s a given that I should know about it, and Kuduu doesn’t count, huh?” Tanaka-san asked, showing a slight grin. “I wonder who wouldn’t be supposed to hear about it then?”

“Well it’s not like I’m gonna go tell the nice convenience store lady down the street,” Maa-chan said, giggling again. “Really Tanasa-tan, you’re funny. Then again, she probably doesn’t know any fans…”

Tanaka-san though was still studying Haru, whose eyes had been slowly narrowing throughout the whole conversation. “Besides, Kuduu might feel you’re taking away a bit of her limelight. Her own photobook was just released, after all.”

“Oh!” Maa-chan said, and straightened to run over in front of Haru. “You aren’t mad, are you Haru?”


“She sounds mad to me,” said Tanaka-san, who was barely restraining her laughter now.

“You know, you sit in chairs funny.”

“It’s called gymnastic sitting. Something Kusumi-san likes to do too. You should pay more attention to our senpai.”

“I pay attention to Tanasa-tan,” the girl replied, seeming confused again.

Haru then suddenly jumped up out of her chair, causing Maa-chan to hop back a step herself with wide eyes. It seemed she was getting ready to apologize once again, which is how their fights usually ended up.

Staring into that face though, Haru felt some of the tension seep out of her. She thought about the girl’s news, and remembered how she felt when she first found out about her photobook. She had been excited too, if certainly less… bouncy.

“Sounds cute,” she said without thinking, and Maa-chan’s eyes opened again, if for another reason.

“Ahhh~!” she cried, looking back over to Tanaka-san. “Haru said I’d be cute!”

Stifling a sigh at the name, Haru replied, “No I didn’t.” Maybe she should just forget about the name, indulge her. For some reason “Tanasa-tan” suddenly started resounding within her head.

“Cute, cute, cute, cute~” Maa-chan sang, dancing around the table. “Duu de mo CUTE!!!”

“All right, all right,” Haru said, grabbing the girl’s arm as she danced by. Maa-chan looked down at her hand on her arm, then up into her face questioningly. Haru let her go, but they continued staring into each other’s eyes. “Um…” Haru mumbled, her head emptying for the moment.

“Ok you two, that’s enough,” Tanaka-san said, finally rising from her chair. It seemed she’d brought her cell phone back out too now that it was no longer under any threat. “I’m not saying we should go back to rehearsal just to pull you apart and settle down, but we really should be starting soon.”

“Okay Tanasa-tan,” Maa-chan said at the same time Haru said, “All right, Tanaka-san.” As they galloped down the hall though, Tanaka-san was not the one who ended up leading the way.

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Re: Threads of Intimacy [10/24: Kudou Haruka]
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“Huh?” Tanaka-san asked, appearing half-dazed. “Is Sayashi graduating?”
:lol: :lol:

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Re: Threads of Intimacy [10/24: Kudou Haruka]
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Oh! DODuu with Maa-chan and Tanasa-tan?  XD
Just this one that I can't know what is going to be :P

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Re: Threads of Intimacy [10/24: Kudou Haruka]
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rokun! Come back !! :bow: :bow:

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