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Author Topic: It started with a "Hi..." (YuiParu, SayaMilky, FuuKei)[Update:CH. 14 12/13/15]  (Read 21042 times)

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." (YuiParu, SayaMilky) Updated [Chapter 4]
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Author-san, I've a question or should I  say a request? Fuu-chan and Kei-chan are going to be a couple soon too, right? Looking forward to that.
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Important: I will not be able to update for a day or two, but I promise to make it up to you all!

@atsukojiyuu_C: I am glad you like the one, two, three. I was starting to think, maybe readers felt it was too repetitive or annoying. I will use it again for future chapters but not for everyone, just to change this up a little. Thank you for your constant support and your kind words  :twothumbs
@Shinoki, mitsuhara_itsuko, Konoe: I am glad you all like the pairing and the interaction! I made Paruru the bold one, so hope you guys will not find it weird because I know that Yui seems to be the tough and dominant one!
@teru_fi: Are you also a FuuKei shipper like me?  :nya: From the start, I already plan that FuuKei will be my other pairing. You will find out more in this new chapter!

Please excuse my mistakes and typos! I hope I don't disappoint!  :sweat:
Thank you everyone for the support and comments! Enjoy reading!  :on drink:

Chapter 5

Sayaka smirks at the fact that she got it right. Indeed, at the count of three, Yui and Haruka said something to each other. Since she won the bet, she turns to Miyuki, but only to laugh softly at the sight in front of her. Miyuki currently has her eyes widen and jaw dropped while facing the pair in front of her. Sayaka taps Miyuki on the shoulder and swings her hand in front of her face to gain her attention. After a few seconds, Miyuki finally responds by quickly asking how Sayaka did that.

“Sayanee, how could you have known that it only took three seconds?” asked Miyuki.

“I do not know how to describe it, but I relied on my instincts,” Sayaka simply said. “Do you remember when you texted Paruru to meet us at the café?” Miyuki gives her a quick nod. “Well, when they both looked at each other in the eyes, it only took them three seconds to say something to one another. It was like they were rushing to break the silence. In other words, I just took a risk. I wasn’t 100 percent sure they would, but I just felt it would happen again.” Sayaka tried to explain as best as she could to Miyuki, but she isn’t sure if the latter understood any of it.

As expected, Miyuki is in a perplexed state of mind. “Sayanee, I kind of understand what you are saying, yet not fully. Maybe, if I keep on observing their interaction more carefully, then I will see what you see.”

“I am sure you will see what I see one day. But, it isn’t a big deal. I only pointed it out for fun so don’t worry too much about it. Now that we have established a conclusion, I believe someone still owns me a reward kiss,” Sayaka shamelessly said. Sayaka points at her own lips, signaling for Miyuki to give her a kiss.
Miyuki chuckles at Sayaka’s action, but still complies and gives her a kiss on the lips.
While SayaMilky were having this conversation, YuiParu can be seen talking among each other.

“Looks like you kept your words. VERY soon, indeed,” Yui started.

Haruka understood what Yui is implying, “Of course, I can never lie to a lady.”

“Do you always smooth talk to every girl?” Yui asked.

Haruka smiles and confidently replies, “Not every girl, just this one cute girl I know, but lately the more I get to see her, the more of a beautiful lady she is becoming.”

As usual, Haruka never fails to put that familiar redness on Yui’s cheeks. Yui is certain that if Haruka ever scoot just a little closer to her, she can hear the irregular beating of Yui’s heart as it is loudly pounding against her chest.

 “Ar …ar... arigato,’’ stuttered Yui.

Haruka just smoothly replies, “No need to thank me for saying the obvious.”

Yui shyly looks away. She places her hand over her heart as a way to calm the rapid beating. Seeing this action, Haruka decides to stop her advances and focus on Mariko-sensei’s lecture for the remaining class time. Yui takes that as an indication to do the same and talk more during their lunch period.

“Hai, minna-san! That is all for today’s lessons. We will pick up where we left off tomorrow. Everyone enjoy your lunch!” Mariko-sensei announced.

The class president, Takahashi Minami, stands up and in a loud voice called out, “Raise! Bow!” The rest of the students follow the order. After everyone has bowed, tables are being shuffled and chairs can be heard squealing against the floor.

Some curious students can be seen heading towards Haruka, bombarding her with questions about her background. Yui feels that the crowd was a bit overwhelming for her, so she plans on leaving the scene. Haruka notices the slight movement of her left eye corner and quickly grabs onto Yui’s hand stopping her from leaving without her. Haruka politely stands up and tries to excuse herself from the crowd with Yui.

But, the students won’t open a path for them. They are persistent in getting information about the new transfer students. Haruka is starting to get a little irritated and was about to physically force her way out, but luckily, Sayaka and Miyuki comes to their rescue.

“Everyone, you are all making her a bit uncomfortable, please give her some space!” Sayaka defended.

Miyuki added in a threatening way, “She is my cousin, so I do not tolerant anyone messing with her or making her feel unsafe. So, I suggest all of you to leave her alone and not bother her so much or else I will make sure all of you will suffer under my hands! Is everybody clear on that?”

When the students hear the fact that Haruka was related to Miyuki, sweats can be seen dropping down their forehead and almost all of them begin to back off. Haruka is surprised of how the students reacted and is going to ask Miyuki about it when they are alone.

“Thanks Milky for saving me!” Paruru grateful said as the four of them are walking out of their class.

Miyuki had a happy smile plastered on her face and her body even jump a little, “Paruru, anytime! I am just so happy that we are going to the same school with each other! If someone bothers you, let me know, I will personally deal with them.”

Haruka decides this is the time to ask her, “So…why did the students act like that? They were scared in a instant.”

Haruka can see Sayaka shifting uncomfortably and averting her eyes around the hallways. Haruka smirks and asked, “Did it have something to do with Sayaka?”
Miyuki did not answer Paruru rather she just lift up her index finger and thumb and made a zip line across her lips,  showing that it was a secret. She clings onto Sayaka’s arms while leaning her head on her shoulder as she recalls about the past incident in her mind which later made most, perhaps all, of the students tremble in fear. 

Haruka feels that Miyuki was never going to tell her so she went for a different approach.

“Yui-san, do you know why?” asked the girl next to her who surprisingly has been quiet.

Worrying that she might have said or did something wrong so she tries to get to the bottom of this.

“Yui-san, are you okay? Did I say or did something that displeases you? Please let me know.”

“Haruka-san, I am okay! Do not worry! You didn’t say or did anything wrong. In fact, you have been very gentle and sweet towards me.”

Haruka can only smile big as she was glad she didn’t do anything bad towards her. But, her concern did not lessen as she can see Yui’s eyebrows ceasing downwards.

“Then, what’s wrong?” Haruka asked.

Yui just simply lifts up their hands which have been intertwined ever since they left the class. Haruka was about to retract her hand as she did not want Yui to feel uncomfortable at all. But, Yui just held tighter as to prevent their hands from separating.

“I am fine with holding hands, but I do not know what this means for us. I do not know what we are. Friends or …maybe …ahem lovers? “Yui struggled with the last part and felt embarrassed after realizing what she just said.

Haruka halts their movement. “Yui-san, we are whatever you want us to be. But, to clarify with you, I am absolutely sure we are friends unless you do not want to be my friend. As for lovers, I have not properly asked you yet, so put that on hold for now. We should get to know each other a little bit more and well, let me take you out on a date first.”

Yui looks at Haruka; she can see the sincere in Haruka’s eyes. She was touched by the spoken words and can feel that Haruka respects her by taking this relationship in a steady pace. Haruka is trying to show her that there is no rush to define their relationship because they have all the time in the world to simply enjoy the presence of each other.

The SayaMilky couple finally notices that Yui and Haruka were not following behind them and decides to tease them a little.

“Sayanee, look at them! In the middle of the hallway, being so sweet with each other! They are so cute!” Miyuki made sure that she was loud enough for Yui and Haruka to hear her.

Sayaka joins in the teasing, “I know what you mean, Miyuki. If my memory serves me right, it was Yui-han who told us to get a room when we were being all sweet with each other! I think she needs to follow her own words!”

Yui immediately blushes and turns towards the SayaMilky couple to give them a hard glare.

“Yah! We are not doing anything intimate, but talking to each other! Unlike you both who are so inseparable that you cannot stop touching each other even for a second!”

Sayaka defended, “Oh, looks who is talking! If I am not mistaken, you two are holding hands! Miyuki, I think that is pretty INTIMATE to me, don’t you think?”
Miyuki teased, “I agree with Sayanee! Looks like our little Yui-han has grown up!”

The SayaMilky couple was preparing to run for their lives, as they can see the fire in Yui’s eyes that indicates she is ready to kill the both of them.

Sayaka and Miyuki ran for their lives when they saw Yui making the slight twitch of movement to run towards them. But, Haruka just pull Yui back into her arms and hugs her.

“Mou, Haruka-san, let me go! I am going to kill them!” Yui proclaimed.

Haruka giggles at the image in front of her. She finds Yui quite cute to be angry at such a trivial thing.

“They were just teasing. Let them be! You will only ignite their excitement even more just by letting them know that it ticks you off.” Haruka reasoned. Yui sighs and gives into Haruka’s embrace. Haruka moves her hand up and down Yui’s back to calm her down.

“Don’t be mad anymore or else you will get wrinkles on your pretty face.” Haruka said.

“If I do get wrinkles on my face, will you ignore me and think that I am ugly?” Yui curiously asked.

“Baka” Haruka lightly hits Yui on the forehead, but soon replace it with a soft kiss. “I will not think you are ugly if you have wrinkles on your face, I will still think you are as beautiful as the first time I met you. Even if you have scars on your face, I will still cherish you.”

Yui was always known to be a tough girl, but she does not know why Haruka makes her feel loved and vulnerable. She can almost feel the tears that is about to come out of her eyes.

“No, don’t cry! If someone saw this, they might think I am bullying you! Where is that pretty smile that I like to see?” Haruka smoothly requested
“Mou, how can I not cry when you are being all so sweet? No one has ever said something like that to me before. I am not used to it!” Yui claimed.

Haruka said, “Well, I hope you get use to it soon because there is more where that comes from, my lady!”

Yui avoids looking at Haruka for she knows that her face is blushing, so she drags Haruka along with her to meet up with Sayaka and Miyuki at the canteen.

When they both arrive at the canteen, there is a huge crowd gathering around in the middle of a table. When Yui spots Sayaka and Miyuki, she drags Haruka along with her to ask the pair what was going on.

“Sayaka, Miyuki, what is happening?” asked Yui.

“Looks like Yoshida Akari is at it again. That girl never learns her lesson and she needs to back off.” Sayaka said.

Being new to the school, Haruka is unfamiliar with the usual school happenings, so she looks at Yui for an explanation.

“It is better to ask Miyuki as she seems to know more about the things around the school than I do. I rarely pay attention to the gossips and dramas that goes around school.” Yui stated.

Miyuki gladly explains, “Yoshida Akari is known to be one of the prettiest girls in the school. She is very popular among the male students, but unfortunately the one person she likes, doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. That person happens to be Jonishi Kei. Kei-chan is currently dating Fuu-chan and they both have been together for a while now. A lot of students actually ship them and the couple name, FuuKei, was formed. It is kind of like Sayaka and I, SayaMilky! Anyways, Akarin has like Kei-chan for the longest time and even confessed to her, but Kei-chan let Akarin down gently as she is in love with Fuu-chan. Obviously, Akarin was hurt and even got jealous of Fuu-chan, so most of times, she messes with Fuu-chan to get back at Kei-chan.”

Haruka was trying her best to obtain this new information as it was quite a lot to take in. So, Sayaka just summarize it up.

Sayaka concludes, “Basically, Akarin is just jealous of Fuu-chan for supposedly in her mind, Fuu-chan “stole” Kei-chan away from her and as revenge, she gives trouble to Fuu-chan.”

“Then, why are we not stepping in to help her?” Haruka asked.

“Oh, trust me, that won’t be necessary.” Miyuki assured Haruka. Haruka was about to open her mouth to ask why not, but Yui just stopped and said, “You will see in just a second.”

Right on cue, the canteen door slams open. The loud noise echoes throughout the room even scare some of the students sitting nearby.

A beautiful girl with big round eyes who currently has a vicious look and is fuming with anger. Students begin to create a pathway for the girl to pass by. They were already frightened just by her presence but cannot imagine what will happen to actual target the girl is heading towards right now.

When Fuu-chan sees Kei-chan, she stands up and tries to stop any violence that is about to happen.

Kei-chan wraps her arm around Fuu-chan’s waist possessively for a moment, and then stands in front her in a protective stance. “Kei-chan, I am okay, please just let it go.” Fuu-chan pleaded.

Akarin venomously said and points at Fuu-chan, “Stop it with your innocent appearance, you make me sick! Stop pretending to be all pure in front of Kei-chan!”

“Enough! I have enough of this! You need to stop this, Akarin! You will apologize to Fuu-chan! I have warned you before! You do not hurt her! This is not her fault! Whatever grudge you have against me, then show all your rage to me only! You leave Fuu-chan out of this! She did nothing wrong to deserve such a horrible treatment from you!” Kei-chan yelled.

Akarin starts to laugh in a manic way, “HAHAHA! She did NOTHING wrong!!! She stole you from me! You should be with me, not with her!!! Stop protecting her! She is nothing, but a fake innocent, obnoxious girl who will properly open her legs wide for any guy or girl!”

The room immediately went silence as just a second ago; a hard slap was given to Akarin. Everyone was stunned at what Kei-chan just did.

Kei-chan firmly warned, “You do NOT ever disrespect Fuuko like that again!”

Fuu-chan held Kei-chan back before she can do anymore harmful things to Akarin.

Akarin slowly held onto her injured cheek and said in a hatred tone, “Just because of this girl, you hit me! Jonishi Kei, I will remember this! This isn’t over!” Akarin begins to walk away from the crowd. After the scene has ended, students went back to their respectful tables to eat their meal.

Kei-chan quickly turns to see if Fuu-chan was hurt anywhere at all. Then she felt droplets of tears on her hand. Fuu-chan is crying for she felt terrible for what just happened.

Kei-chan hugs her and calmly said, “This isn’t your fault. I am sorry that you have to deal with this. Please stop crying. It pains my heart to see you cry.” Kei-chan wipes her tears away with her fingers and kisses Fuu-chan on the cheeks to hopefully make all the tears disappear from her beautiful face.

Sayaka, Miyuki, Yui and Haruka are concerned about the FuuKei couple and went over to see if everything was alright. Fuu-chan assures them that she is fine. Knowing that, Kei-chan will take good care of her, they left to go buy food. The four of them end up sitting with the FuuKei couple. Not long after, the six of them were engaged in a lively conversation filled with joy and laughter.

Clarification: I do NOT hate Akarin! She is one of my favorites in NMB, but someone has to play the antagonist! Sorry, if I made any Akarin's fans angry!
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Hai! They're a rare pairing in this forum so, I'm friggin' glad that someone did write a fic bout' them. Thank you, author-san. It's a great chapter.

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dominant Paru = <3 ... I LOVE U AUTHOR-SAN!!! 8D CX

I was squeeling internally while reading this CX
hallo ... ds is ket

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noooo it's not annoying.... somehow i like it  :twothumbs
your welcome author-san, actually i'm the one who should say thanks for this story  :D

YuiParu how cute! fluffy everywhere~  :shy2:

wondering why the students are scared of milky  :dunno:
will it exposed on next chap??

YuiParu - SayaMilky - FuuKei  :mon XD: yeah i love this!

thankyou anyway, and goodluck for the next!  :mon thumb:

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AAAAAH~ Too cuuuute!!! I've been waiting for a fluffy YuiParu fic and this one caught my eyes! :w00t:
Thank you for this story! I'll be your most loyal silent reader, author-san!!! :grin:
So update is a must! :roll:
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I found this very interesting as a story and the awkward moment between Yui and Paru was classic

I hope whatever you have to do is not going to prevent you from writing this out
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@teru_fi: I am glad you like it! I have search high and low for FuuKei fanfic but I cannot find much, so I knew from the start, they will be my third pairing. Thanks for supporting this story!  :D
@mitsuhara_itsuko: I am glad you like dominant Paruru! anticipate more of dominant Paruru!
@atsukojiyuu_C: thanks for your comment and support. The students are scared of Miyuki because.... it will revealed in the later chapter, not the upcoming two chapters you will read.
@embee5442: Your comment truly means a lot to me! I really appreciate it. Thank you so much! I won't disappoint you!
@ kuro_808: Thank you for your comment! It means a lot! I am glad you enjoy their moments. Nothing can prevent me from writing this story out! I am sorry to have worried you, but thank you for your concern. I promise to finish this story at all cause!  :twothumbs

Important: Hi everyone, I apologize for not updating for about two days now. I was busy with school and work. I will always give a heads up when I will not be able to update so you will know what to expect. To put everyone at ease, I will not be giving up on this story. I will finish this story. In fact, I already have a rough idea of how my ending will be like, but that is later on. As I have promise, I will make it up to everyone for not updating for two days now. I give you all two chapters and within these two chapters, two new pairings will make their appearance! If anyone of you have any questions or confusion, feel free to ask me, I will be gladly to answer them. Please excuse all mistakes and typos! Enjoy reading!  :on drink:

Chapter 6
The last class of the day has ended. Noises erupt throughout the classroom. Chairs are being placed on top of the tables. Some students are heading straight home, while others are discussing about where they should go eat. There are even a few students who race to the door as they are in rush to buy the new release single of AKB48.

However, the only ones who are slowly packing their bags were the four girls in the far left corner.

Being the energetic and cheerful one in the group, Miyuki happily asked, "Ne, Yui-han, Paruru, do you both want to go to the café with Sayanee and me?" Paruru did not mind at all since she has nothing better to do, while Yui just nods her head in agreement.

"Let's go then!!!" Miyuki announced with a cresent smile. Yui and Haruka smile brightly at Miyuki excitement. Sayaka shakes her head at her hype up girlfriend. She can never keep up with Miyuki's energy, but she loves this part of Miyuki because she knows that if she ever feels drained, then Miyuki will give her strength.
The four of them quietly walks out of the classroom and out the main gate of the school. They were taking a leisure time to walk to the cafe as it wasn't a far distance away from school. A casual, short conversation was exchanged among the four of them.

When they arrive at the cafe, a waitress other than Fuuko and Kei, politely welcomes them, As they settle down on their seats, the waitress immediately strikes up a conversation.

"Oh, if it isn't the SayaMilky couple and Yui-san, long time no see!" The waitress said, but she did not recognize Haruka. Judging by the fact, she is holding hands with Yui; the waitress assumes she is Yui-san's girlfriend. Being the friendly and outgoing person that she is, she walks over to Haruka and initiates a handshake.
"Hi, I am Matsui Jurina! You must be Yui's-san girlfriend! It is very nice to meet you!"

Yui obviously blush at the comment, but Haruka was not phase by what Jurina said. Sayaka and Miyuki laughed softly at Yui's flushed face.

"She is not my girlfriend, Jurina-chan!" Yui embarrassingly clarified.

Haruka turns to Yui and softly whispers into her left ear, "Not yet, but soon will be." A scarlet red color is plastered on Yui's cheeks now. Sayaka and Miyuki are quietly enjoying the scene that is being unfolded in front of their eyes.

Haruka reaches out to shake Jurina's hand while introducing herself "Hi, I am Shimazaki Haruka. I am Miyuki's cousin. It is a pleasure to meet you. Yui-san isn't my girlfriend YET." She made sure to put an emphasis on the "yet".

Sayaka and Miyuki were trying not to show their excitement but in the inside, they were overjoyed with Haruka's determination. Yui ducks her head away from the others as to hide her blushing cheeks.

"Souka! Gomennasai, I just assumed since you both were holding hands. I actually got a little excited inside because I never seen Yui-san have physical contact with anyone, let alone show interests for anyone. You must be special to her." Jurina explained. Jurina leans down towards Haruka's left ear and whispers an encouragement, "Ganbatte! I can see that she likes you too!"

Haruka shoots her a thank you smile. Yui looks puzzled and is curious as to what Jurina said to her. But, Haruka only mouth "Himitsu" (secret) to her.

After Jurina takes their order, she politely excuses herself from the table and went over to give Takanayagi Akane, also known as Churi, the order.
"You are not going to tell me what she said, huh?" Yui tries to push her luck one more time before letting it go completely.

Haruka takes this moment to tease her, "Are you jealous, Yui-san?"

Miyuki comments, "Paruru, there is no way Yui-han will be jealous of Jurina!"

"Why not," Paruru asked.

Miyuki simply answers, "Yui-han knows that Jurina-chan is already taken by Rena-chan."

Paruru was clearly unfamiliar with who she is as she is still new in town. Miyuki points to another waitress who has very pale skin and lovely eyes. She is tall and lean with thin black smooth hair.

"That is Rena-chan. She is Jurina's girlfriend. But, don't make her mad or steal her melon pan, she turns into Gekikara, very scary! Miyuki shivers at the thought of seeing Rena-chan in Gekikara mode.

Trusting Miyuki's words, Haruka noted to be on Rena-san good side.

Their conversation was interrupted as their orders were placed on the table. Fuuko-chan comes over to place two strawberry cakes for the two pairs to share.

"It is on the house. It is a thank you to all of you for looking after me, you know after what happened today. I am sorry for causing any concerns over me.
Haruka-san, Gomennasai, on your first day, you have to witness such a scene." Fuuko-chan apologizes with a guilt look.

Haruka assures Fuuko-san that there is nothing to apologize for as it wasn't her fault and that she shouldn't feel guilty for.

Sayaka concurs, "Fuu-chan, you cannot blame yourself at all. It is Akarin's fault for not being able to handle a rejection properly. Stop worrying! We are your friends; therefore it is our duty to look after one another. Plus, you have a prince charming by your side, the mighty Jonishi Kei!"

Fuu-chan smiles sweetly at the thought of Kei-chan. She always protects her from harm. Fuu-chan thanks them one last time and went back to serving other customers.

"I am glad she has someone to protect her, but I feel sorry that she has to deal with the constant bullying from Yoshida-san." Haruka expressed.

"Daijoubu, Kei-chan is always with her majority of the time and she is very protective of her. Last time, at this very café, a male customer inappropriately touched Fuu-chan and Kei-chan happened to witness the scene. Let's just say the guy ended up in the hospital for weeks." Miyuki explained.

"Wow, she is aggressive." Haruka stated.

Sayaka comments, "Well, love makes you do crazy things. People tend to get overprotective for their love ones." Haruka did not miss the quick glance Sayaka gave to Miyuki. It proves that whatever Miyuki did to have made students tremble in fear of her had something to do with Sayaka.

"Ne, Paruru, won't you do the same for Yui-han if someone hurts her?" Miyuki asked seriously.

Yui almost choke on the strawberry cake she was quietly eating. She glances at Haruka, anticipating for her answer. She can see that Haruka is frowning as if something is bothering her. Yui rubs her hand up and down Haruka's back, hoping it will ease her a little and surprisingly she succeed.

Haruka smiles at Yui, "I am okay. The thought of someone hurting you just makes my blood boils; I swear I will protect you from any harm." Yui was grateful for her words.

A vomit sound effect can be heard coming from Sayaka as she felt Paruru's words were too cheesy. Miyuki kicks Sayaka's shin under the table as she is ruining the moment. Sayaka has a sad puppy look plastered on her face while rubbing on her injured shin. But, of course, one single kiss from Miyuki can heal any pain for Sayaka.

After spending a little longer at the cafe, they paid for the bill and head home.

Since Paruru is living with Miyuki, Sayaka and Yui decide to escort them home. This is the first time Yui is escorting Haruka home as it has always been the other way around.

Sayaka and Miyuki are walking in front of the other pair with their hands intertwined. Miyuki is clinging onto Sayaka's arms and leaning on her shoulder. Sayaka feels peaceful to have Miyuki by her side. They both didn't talk at all, just simply enjoying the presence of each other.

There are small talks being made between Yui and Haruka.

"Haruka-san, how did you like your first day of school?" Yui asked.

"It was like a regular school day to me. But, of course the school I went to in America did not have you by my side. So, being able to sit next to you is definitely a plus for a first day." Haruka replied.

Yui does not know how she is still alive because Haruka's constant flatteries seems to make her heart beats so fast that she swears she might just get a heart attack.
Not knowing what to say, Yui shyly smiles at her.

Haruka clarifies, "Please let me know if I am ever overstepping the line and being too much, words just come out naturally for me. If you like me to stop with the constant flattery, then I will."

Yui quickly shouts, "No!" being aware of her loud outburst, Yui feels a little embarrassed and stutters, "I mean...I ...uh ... I like them, your sweet words."

Haruka was relieved with the answer. They did not talk anymore, but occasionally steal glances at each other.

Not long after, the two pair is in front of Miyuki's house. Sayaka and Miyuki hug each other for a minute, and then a quick kiss on the lips was initiated.

Yui stands there awkwardly as she is debating in her head to hug Haruka or not. Haruka notices the distressed and frown on Yui's face and helps her out. Haruka initiates the hug and left a kiss on Yui's cheeks.

Caught off guard, Yui ducks her head down, avoiding meeting eyes with Haruka. Haruka lifts Yui's chin up and their eyes meet.

Haruka bid her goodbye. Just before she turns away, Yui gathers up some courage and kiss Haruka on the cheeks for the first time.

Yui did not get a chance to see Haruka's reaction as she quickly drags Sayaka away with her. But if she had looked, she would have seen a slight pink on Haruka's cheeks.

Chapter 7

Yui and Sayaka are going towards the same direction since their houses were right next to each other. Yui was originally from Kyoto, but moved to Tokyo because of her father new job. Ever since she moved to Tokyo at a young age, she met Sayaka. They became close friends, sharing many good memories and even deep secrets with each other. They were so comfortable with each other that they can talk about anything. Miyuki did not join them until later on in the years. Even with Miyuki in the picture, they still became inseparable.

Ever since, Sayaka started dating Miyuki, she hasn’t gotten the chance to talk to Yui that much. So as they were walking together, Sayaka speaks up and brings up a topic that only she knows. Not that, Yui did not trust Miyuki, it is just she knew Sayaka longer and they have an unbreakable friendship.

“Do you still dream about her?” asked Sayaka.

Yui knew who Sayaka was referring to. This her was a little girl in her past when she was still in Kyoto. She occasionally dreams about her, but her face was always blurry. Therefore, Yui cannot identify her completely.  Every time, she wakes up, she will be cover in sweats and have a shortage of breath. She can only recollect bits of the dream. However, it isn’t a complete dead end. The only thing Yui have that belongs to the little girl is this locket necklace that Yui always wear, but hid under her school uniform. The special part about this locket necklace is that it needs a key to open it. The downside is Yui does not have the key to it. She assumes that the little girl from her past has the key to this locket.

Yui casually answers, “Before it was only occasionally, but lately it has became frequently. Sometimes, I end up waking up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep.”

Sayaka is starting to worry about Yui. “That is bad. If you are not getting your regular sleeping habits, then you might develop insomnia if you cannot fall back asleep.” Sayaka has always looked after Yui like a sister. She will always care and protect Yui from harm. She wishes she can help Yui with her dreams and find out who this little girl is, so Yui can get good sleeps at night.

“Have you tried asking your parents about this little girl?” Sayaka suggested.

Yui sighs and says, “My parents were never social with my life. They said they remember me being with a little girl, but they cannot recall a name at all. They said that if I were able to provide a picture or a name, it might be able to jog their memories, but not even I have any one of those.”

Sayaka feels disappointed at herself for being useless at this situation. “I am sorry, Yui-han. I wish I can help in some ways.”

“Baka, don’t blame yourself! You help me a lot throughout my life already. I owe you more than I can repay.” Yui wraps her arm around Sayaka’s shoulders.

Sayaka comments, “Ne, Yui-han, you don’t owe me anything. Just let me know if you ever need me, I will be there for you no matter where I am or what I am doing, so never hesitate!”

Yui does not know what she did to have deserved such a great friend like Sayaka. “The same goes to you, Sayaka. I am always here if you ever need to talk or need some comfort after heated arguments with Miyuki.” Yui offered.

Sayaka chuckles on the second part as it has happened before. Whenever Sayaka and Miyuki get into an argument, Sayaka would go to Yui’s house to seek comfort.
They both reflect back on their childhood memories and their present ones as they continue their journey home. Never have they both felt so lucky to have each other to rely on through thick and thin.

When Miyuki and Paruru enter the house, “Onee-chan! We are home!” Miyuki announced. Only silence greeted her.

Paruru said, “Maybe, she went out.”

“I guess so! Mou, she could have at least let me know.” Miyuki said. Although Miyuki is the younger sister, she acts as the older one. She cares a lot about her onee-chan.
Paruru and Miyuki settle their bags down and walk to the kitchen to get something to drink. But, as they got closer to the kitchen, they heard noises. It was more like moaning, to be exact.

They both look at each other with their one of their eyebrows raise and shrug. Little did they know, they were about to be scarred for life.

Disregarding the noises, they enter the kitchen and what they saw were two girls half naked, touching and kissing each other.

The two girls were too busy with themselves to notice Miyuki and Paruru have walked in.

The girl that has been sitting on the counter feels lingering eyes on her and turns her head. She is horrified with who she saw standing there.

Quickly, pushing the girl in front of her, she gets off the counter and tries to get dress as fast as possible. The girl who got pushed is bewildered with what just happened until she turns to the direction of the two unexpected guests. As the two girls were somewhat decently covered up, they look at the two other girls standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

The atmosphere has an awkward tension. No one said anything. Miyuki and Paruru have been averting their eyes elsewhere, avoiding the direction of the two girls inside the kitchen.

Wanting to get rid of this awkwardness, Miyuki’s onee-chan, Watanabe Mayu, breaks the ice. “I did not think you would come home this early.” Mayu nervously said.

Miyuki could not reply back as she is having a mental breakdown. She is trying hard to get rid of the image she just saw with her eyes. Her half naked sister being touched by her girlfriend, Miyuki wants to dig through her brain and retrieve that memory out, but she knows it will haunt her forever.

Paruru replies instead, “Sorry, we did not mean to disturb the both of you. Please continue whatever you both were doing. We will be upstairs in our room!” Paruru drags the stunned Miyuki up to their rooms.

Mayu’s girlfriend, Kashiwagi Yuki, also known as Yukirin said, “Oh my god! I cannot believe your sister and your cousin saw us! This is so embarrassing! Now, it is going to be so awkward every time I see or talk to them.” Yukirin is dramatically panicking. On the other hand, Mayu surprisingly has a nonchalant and calm posture about this whole situation.

“Mou, Yukirin, would you calm down? It isn’t a big deal! We are all girls anyways. It is okay if she saw us half-naked. I used to share a bath tub with Miyuki, so she is used to seeing me naked.” Mayu casually explained.

Yukirin countered,” You might be able to take this lightly, but I am your girlfriend! She has not seen me naked before, nonetheless, seeing us together in such an intimate position! I thought you said she would be over at a friend’s house!”

“Well, she usually stays at her girlfriend’s house for a while then comes home a little late and sometimes when it is too late at night, she just sleepover at her girlfriend’s house. I guess now that Paruru lives here, she doesn’t want to leave her alone.” Mayu simply said. “Don’t put this one on me! Things happened in unpredictable ways. If I can see the future, then I would already see the winning numbers for the lottery!”

Yukirin sighs, “No, I am not blaming! I am sorry! I just cannot believe we were caught. That is all. So what do you want to do now? I cannot continue this here, now that they are home.”

Mayu grinned mischievously, “your house?” Yukirin shakes her head at her perverted girlfriend, but nods her head in agreement. Mayu did not forget to leave a note to her sister that she is sleeping over at Yukirin’s. She did not want to get lecture by Miyuki for not telling her about her whereabouts because she knows her sister worries a lot about her.
Paruru places Milky on her bed and swings her hands in front of Miyuki’s face.

“Earth to Milky! Come back to reality!” That didn’t have any effects at all, so Paruru shouts into her ears and successful bought Milky back to Earth.
“Ouch! What was that for?” Miyuki complains about the shout.

“It was to get your attention.” Haruka shrugs and sits on the computer chair.

Miyuki hits her head softly to hope for the image to magically drop out of her mind, but all she is doing is just damaging her brain cells. Haruka grasps Miyuki’s arm to prevent her from hurting herself any further.

“Paruru, what do I do? I cannot get the image of my half-naked sister with her girlfriend out of my head!” Miyuki discontentedly said.

Paruru suggests, “Think of something else. Think about something that makes you happy and that puts you at ease.”

The first thing, or should I say person, that pops into Miyuki’s mind is Sayaka. However, her peacefulness did not last very long as now she is thinking about Sayaka in an inappropriate way. A slight pink is now visible on her cheeks and she curses her onee-chan for causing her to have these thoughts.

Paruru notices the blush and shakes her head as to how similar the two sisters are, perverted is the only word that pops into Paruru’s mind.

“Stop thinking and just talk to me, maybe it will get your mind out of the gutter.” Haruka advised.

Miyuki asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

“How about we start by you telling me what you did in the past to have made students tremble in fear?” Paruru asked.

Miyuki teasingly asked, “Does it bother you for not knowing?”

Paruru knows that she is playing a game with her. If she says yes, then Miyuki will definitely make her suffer and died out of curiosity. But, if she says no, then Miyuki will definitely let it go! Sigh, all this thinking already gives her a headache.

“Honestly, yes I want to know, but only tell me when you want to.” Haruka decides to just be fair and not force the issue. She knows she will find what happened eventually. They were very close cousin that shares a strong family bond. Similar to Yui and Sayaka, Haruka and Miyuki do exchange secrets as well.

Miyuki firmly said, “Thanks for understanding, but I won’t tell you. Maybe, one day, Yui-han and Sayaka will tell you because I am afraid I will not be able to control myself if you hear it from me.”

Paruru knew whatever happened must have been bad. She does not want to over exaggerate the situation, but she has never seen Miyuki so serious in the years of knowing her.

Haruka just nods and let it go. Miyuki decides to change the subject on Haruka.

“So…when are you going to tell her?” Miyuki asked.

Paruru sighs and says, “When the time comes, I will. But, I am hoping that I do not have to tell her anything. I am praying that she remembers before I have to reveal anything to her.”

Miyuki places her hand on top of Paruru’s as comfort. “Paru, I am here whenever you need me! Let me know if I can be of any assist to you.” Miyuki suggests, “But if you can, try giving her hints and maybe it will trigger her memories.”

 “Miyuki, I understand, but I do not want to do that either. I know I am making this harder for myself, but I just want to keep hoping that just somewhere inside of her mind that she knows it is me.” Paruru said.

Miyuki cannot counter back, but support her decision. “Okay, I believe you know what you are doing. Ganbatte! I will anticipate for the day that the both of you will truly reunite.”

Paruru hugs Miyuki tightly. Feeling forever grateful to have such a wonderful cousin to rely on, Paruru will never forget this family love she receives.

Miyuki starts to feel tired and wants to take a nap, so Paruru retreats back to her room. As Paruru shuts the door behind her, her hand unconsciously touches a key necklace that lies underneath her school uniform.

Two new pairings: WMatsui & MaYuki! (I hope you all like the small appearance of these two popular pair!)
Is the her that both side are referring to are each other? What exactly happened in Miyuki's past that made students tremble in fear? All of this will be revealed in due time! Thanks for reading! I will update soon!

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." (YuiParu, SayaMilky, FuuKei) [Chapter 6 & 7]
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This had to add to the intrigue of YuiParu although Milky sure has the intrigue of her elder sister.
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Haruka clarifies, "Please let me know if I am ever overstepping the line and being too much, words just come out naturally for me. If you like me to stop with the constant flattery, then I will."

So Paruru is really a natural smooth talker. :lol: Oh my, there's no way for Yui to get used to those flatteries cause I can't too. XD

My Mayuki is being naughty already. Double win for me. :ding: 

Ooh YuiParu knew each other. :yep:

I couldn't stop grinning while reading. Nice job. :twothumbs I envy you. You update very fast despite being busy.

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." (YuiParu, SayaMilky, FuuKei)[Chapter 6 & 7]
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why do I feel like there's gonna be a smut chapter for the YuiParu couple? XD ... anyways, thx for the update~ ^ w ^
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." (YuiParu, SayaMilky, FuuKei)[Chapter 8]
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Chapter 8

IMPORTANT: The first half might be confusing, but I wrote below what the bold, italics and quotation indicates, so hopes that helps everyone. I apologize now if my story isn't progressing well for everyone, I don't want to rush into things, so I am going slow. I really hope it is interesting to some of you. Feel free to ask me anything. If you want to, comment to let me know how I am doing so far. Please excuse my mistakes and typos! Thanks for the support and happy reading everyone!

Bold = Adult Yui

Italics = Five years old Yui

“Sentences with quotation and in bold” = Yui’s thoughts

Yui can tell she is at a park. She can feel the familiarity of the place, but cannot fully grasp where she is. She scans the area and sees kids laughing and playing at the playground. There is a little girl that stands out for her because she is alone playing in the sandbox. Yui thought that the little girl looks very familiar and walks over to her. She gasps when she sees the face of the little girl. It is herself when she is just five years old.

Yui knows she is dreaming now. Yui tries to talk to her young self but the five years old Yui never response back. Perhaps, she is invisible is the explanation that went through her mind. Left with no choice, she just stands there and observes herself, when she was just a little girl.

Five years old Yui can be seen playing alone inside of the sandbox at a nearby park right across from her house. She glances around the area and saw kids her age interacting with each other. Some kids were on the swings being pushed by their parents. Others are taking turn going down the slide. No one paid her any attention. Yui did not mind the loneliness, in fact, she is used to playing alone since her parents barely have time for her.

As she is peacefully building her castle, a group of boys comes over to disturb her. One of them, who seem to be the leader, destroys the beautiful castle Yui made. Yui is a tough girl, so she did not cry like most girls in her situation would. Instead she tries to confront the boys, but she is outnumbered as they surround her. She ends up getting push to the ground and even gets a cut on her elbow.

As the scene is being unfolded in front of her eyes, Yui starts to remember remnants of what happened at this park. “If I am not wrong, this is the day when I first meet her.”

The leader sees that Yui is defenseless and goes in for a kick. Yui saw that the kick was coming and closes her eyes to brace herself for the impact, but nothing came. All she hears is a scream and a thud. She opens her eyes to see what happened and a figure is standing protectively in front of her. Yui moves her head a little to the left to look at the boys. She sees the leader on the ground holding onto his face and groaning in pain. His boys are surrounding him and seeing if he is okay, but not sure as to what they should do to help him. Her savior starts to yell at them.

“Six boys against one girl, where is the fairness in the fight!?! On top of that, no man should ever hit a girl! Didn’t your parents ever teach you that!? Leave now, before I do hurt all of you like I hurt your leader!” The figure said in an authoritative voice while cracking her knuckles. The boys carry the leader away and quickly fled to go back to their mommies. They did not want to end up being beaten by a girl.

For some reason, no matter how hard Yui squint her eyes, the figure’s face is still very blurry. But she can tell that the figure is a girl by her lovely voice.

The figure turns around to Yui and kneels down.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? Where are your parents?” The figure asked in a concern tone.

Yui did not say anything but show her the injured elbow. Luckily for Yui, the girl always carries a first aid kit in her pouch.
The girl gently takes her elbow, making sure to avoid the wounded area. “Don’t worry, my mommy is a doctor and she taught me how to clean a wound.” The girl opens up her pouch and takes out an alcohol cleansing pad. “I am sorry but this is going to hurt a bit, but I will be very gentle. My mommy said that it helps clean the wound and prevent infection.”

The girl keeps on mumbling sorry to Yui every time she hears Yui wincing. The girl suddenly remembers what her mommy would do to alleviate the pain. So she starts to lightly blow on the wound every time she gently dabs on it with the pad. She can feel that Yui is more relax now. Then, after cleaning the wound with the pad, she bought out a bandage and places it over the wound.

“There you go! All better now! Are you hurt anywhere else?” The girl asked.

Yui shakes her head and says, “Thank you.”

“No problem! I am glad you are okay! If those boys ever bother you again, you tell me I will beat them up for you!” the girl said.

Yui just nods her head, but she did not understand why this girl is helping her.

“Why did you save me?” Yui innocently asked. The girl looks directly into Yui’s eyes and firmly said, “I cannot just watch someone getting hurt and not do anything! My father always tells me that a man should never hit a lady, but protect them from harm. Therefore that is what I did; I protected a lady from harm!”

Yui can tell that this girl is around the same age as her, but she is much more mature and disciplined. On top of that, she unconsciously shivers under the intensity of the girl’s eyes. Unable to handle the eye contact, she deliberately averts her eyes to her left and sees her castle completely destroyed. The girl notices the frown on Yui’s face and decides to cheer her up.

“Wait here, I will be right back! Do not go anywhere until I am back!” The girl quickly sprints towards a direction. Yui quietly waits for her and as time pass, Yui is starting to feel unease as to what is taking the girl so long. It has been about ten minutes now and no sign of the girl. Yui starts to feel restless and gets up ready to go home, but all of sudden, someone calls out to her. She looks up and sees the girl running towards her, holding onto something.

The girl places her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath. “Hey, sorry I made you wait. I went to get you something.” The girl takes out the object behind her back and gives it to Yui.

It was a beautiful white flower. Yui accepts the flower and just looks at it. The girl explains, “My mommy told me the name of this flower is Gardenia. It is beautiful, isn’t it? I hope you like it! Whenever my mommy is sad, my daddy always gives her flowers to make her happy again. I do not like to see you frown. Can you smile for me?”

“Now I know why Gardenia became my favorite flower. It was because of her.”

“Thank you! It is very beautiful.” Yui smiles at her. The girl has never seen such a cute smile before. She rubs against her neck awkwardly and shyly replies, “You’re welcome.”

A horn startles the two girls and they both turns to look at the source. A man is waving his hand, signaling to get into the car. Yui did not recognize the man, but the girl did.
“Daddy,” The girl proclaimed. “Sorry, I have to go now! I hope to see you soon! Bye!” Yui sees the girl running further and further away from her, towards her daddy’s car.

“Wait, no, come back!!! Come back! Your name!! What is your name?!?” Yui shouts out loud, but no sound came out of her mouth. Yui wants to chase after her but her body wouldn’t move. Her feet feel like they were nail to the ground. Yui can only watch helplessly as the girl disappears from her sight. Yui turns to look at her five years old self and is surprised to see that she is looking directly right at her. The five years old Yui just points downward. Yui is confused and looks down to see a black hole beneath her. Before she knows it, she drops straight down.

Yui screams out loud and abruptly wakes up. Her forehead is covered in sweats, trying to catch her breath as she is breathing heavily. One hand places over her face, while the other hand unconsciously is holding tightly onto the locket necklace.

Yui looks at her alarm clock, in bright green neon lights; 1:00 AM is displayed. She lies back down on her pillow and tries to get some sleep. But, her brain does not want her to sleep as she is constantly thinking about the dream. Tossing and turning, Yui knows that this is going to be one of those many restless nights.


Yui is completely exhausted as she didn’t get much sleep done. She tiredly went to freshen up and puts on her school uniform. Her parents are yet at another business trip; therefore she bids goodbye to the silence. She slowly walks over to Sayaka’s house and rings the doorbell. The door opens and Sayaka greets her happily. But, when Sayaka sees the big eye bags, she immediately had a concern look. Sayaka tells Yui to wait for her while she grabs her bag and bid her parents goodbye.

They were heading towards Miyuki’s house and Sayaka constantly have her eyes on Yui. Yui feels those lingering eyes and keeps assuring her that she is fine. Sayaka finally speaks up, “you dreamt about her again, didn’t you?”

Yui did not feel like opening her mouth so she just nods her head. Seeing how tired Yui is, Sayaka decides not to push this matter any further. They arrive in front of Miyuki’s house and Sayaka rings the doorbell. Paruru answers the door and gestures for them to come inside since Miyuki is getting ready. Sayaka went upstairs to find Miyuki, while Yui wearily stumbles onto the couch.

Haruka joins Yui on the couch. Yui has her eyes closed and the eye bags did not go unnoticed by Haruka. She gently rubs Yui’s back in a circular motion, hoping to give comfort. Yui looks up for a brief moment and shoots Haruka an appreciative smile, before resuming to her eyes closed.

After a few minutes later, Sayaka and Miyuki comes running downstairs and everyone left for school.

“Sayanee, is Yui okay? She looks really tired.” Miyuki asked in a concern tone.

Sayaka glances at the girl in front of her and went back to face Miyuki. “She just didn’t have enough sleep. She will be fine.” Sayaka did not sound very confidence, but Miyuki did not ask any further. She just hopes Yui will be okay.
Lunch begins and students are running towards the canteen to buy food. Yui did not get up from her seat. With her eyes closed, she just laid her head on the table. Haruka just motions for the SayaMilky couple to go get food while she stays with Yui. They both mouthed a thank you and left the two alone.

Yui is on autopilot mode. She could not focus to any of the lectures. Her eyes keep feeling drowsy and her body feels weak. She just wants to call it day and go home. With her eyes closed, she feels her hair being softly stroke by someone.

Haruka lightly strokes Yui’s hair and looks at her angelic face. She decides to ask what she has been wanting to since this morning. “Yui-san, are you okay? I can tell you are very exhausted. Did you not get much sleep last night?” Haruka worriedly asked.

“I just had a lack of sleep last night. Don’t worry, I will be fine,” Yui said. Haruka did not ask anymore and just let her rest for the remaining time before lecture starts again.

Walking outside of their class, Milky can tell that Sayaka is feeling restless over something.

“Sayanee, you can tell me anything. I know this isn’t just one of those sleepless nights for Yui. It is something more than that or else you wouldn’t be so distress over it.” Milky stated.

Sayaka suddenly hugs Milky and buries her face into Milky’s neck. Milky returns the hug, but is shock to hear a slight sobs from Sayaka. Sayaka never shows her vulnerability to anyone except for her and Yui.

“Sayanee, what is it? Is something wrong with Yui?” Milky gently asked her, while fearing for the worst.

Sayaka calms down a little. “No, I am just overreacting. Yui is just having her sleepless nights. I just feel like I failed her for not being able to help her out.”

Milky wipes Sayaka’s tears away. “Baka, you did not fail her. She would have been disappointed in you for thinking this way. There are just some things in life we have to face alone. She will be fine because she has you supporting her. Stop selling yourself short, Sayanee.”

Sayaka is feeling a little better after hearing Milky’s words. She is grateful to have an understanding and supportive girlfriend. “Thank you, Milky. What would I do without you?”
“You will stay strong and continue on with life if I am ever not here with you.” Milky honestly said.

Hearing those words, just makes Sayaka hugs her even tighter. Sayaka cannot imagine a world without Milky in it.

Feeling the tightness in the hug, Milky assures her, “Relax, I won’t be going anywhere any time soon. You are stuck with me for life.” She can feel Sayaka smiling against her neck.
“Come on, let’s go meet up with Fuu-chan and Kei-chan!” Milky drags Sayaka down the hallway.


“Where is Yui-han and Haruka-san? Are they eating together in class?” Fuu-chan curiously asked. Kei-chan is just sitting next to her, eating her meal quietly but fully engross with the conversation.

“Yui-han did not get enough sleep last night, so she is trying to catch up on some sleep. Haruka is staying with her.” Sayaka explained.

Kei-chan wiggles her eyebrows and asks, “Did Haruka-san kept her up all night long?”

Fuu-chan caught the pervert meaning behind the question and immediately blush, even fumbles to open the cap for her orange juice.

Kei-chan slightly giggles at Fuu-chan’s reaction and helps her open the bottle.

Miyuki playfully smacks Kei-chan on the head, “Kei-chan! Do not corrupt our innocence Fuu-chan with your perverted mind!”

Kei-chan rubs her head. “Fuu-chan might be innocent, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t old enough to understand.”

“Still, she is our precious Fuu-chan. I do not need your dirty mind flocking over her innocent mind.” Miyuki reasoned.

“Hai, Hai, Gommennasai. So, why can’t she sleep? Does she gets nightmare or does she has insomnia?” Kei-chan genuinely asked as she is also concern about Yui-han.

Miyuki comments, “I am guessing just another sleepless night, but Sayanee might know more to it.” Hoping Sayaka will let her in.

“I know we are all concern over Yui-han, but it is not my story to tell. We can only hope that she feels better later.” Sayaka said. They all nod in agreement.

Fuu-chan suddenly suggests, “We should have a sleepover! Maybe then, we can comfort her if it is a nightmare. We can try to help her fall asleep if it is insomnia.”

Milky agrees, “That sounds like a good idea! We can do it at my house! I have a big living room that can fit all of us. I will ask Yui-han and let you all know.”

Fuu-chan added, “Someone can sing her to sleep too!” Fuu-chan is totally excited for this upcoming sleepover.

“Calm down, Fuu-chan. We have to wait to see what Yui-han says first. ” Milky said. “Does someone sing you to sleep, Fuu-chan? That is so cute!”
Fuu-chan embarrassingly nods and gives a quick glance to Kei-chan, “Whenever I cannot sleep, I call Kei-chan and she sings me sleep!”

Sayaka bursts into laughter and teases Kei-chan, “Oh my god, Kei-chan, I never thought you were romantic!”

Kei-chan could not hide the blush on her face.

“Sayanee, do not laugh, you do the same for me, remember!” Milky announced.

Now, the tables has turned. It is Sayaka turn to blush as Kei-chan starts to laugh at her. “Looks who’s talking, Sayaka,” Kei-chan sarcastically said.

The rest of the conversation is filled with teasing between Kei and Sayaka while their respective girlfriends can only shake their head at their playful moments.

Hope I didn't disappoint! I will update soon!

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This chapter is too interesting. Like seriously.. Kei-chan and Fuu-chan had some sweet moments too.

Take it slowly author-san.. Ganbatte!

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interesting chapter~! ^w^ ... just who is that mysterious kid from Yui's dream?? owo
hallo ... ds is ket

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author san :bow:
gomene I rarely left a track in here T^T but the truth is me always waiting for your update ><)b good luck for your nation exam!
please keep writing... me love fuukei so much T~T)b and you had just gave me a warmed heart fic of them *sob* me happy :cry: :cow: and I also love all pair in here, thanks!

your update is like some genki pills for me >< thankyou very muchh :bow: :bow:
anyway I cant wait for the pajama party :3 he.he.he.he.he *grin* let fuukei join too okay? ><
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Woah new chapters!! Sorry i just managed to leave a comment  :panic:

With this curiousity of mine, guess i have to wait till you post the chapter that contains the reason why the students are scared of miyuki  :smoke:
But of course i can wait~~  XD

So yuiparu know each other since they're a little kid, but for some reason yui forgot the name and can't even recognize paruru?  :mon suspect:
I'm looking forward to the story progress!!!  :mon star:

Mayuki appeared!
Sayamilky interactions, fuukei little moments, sweet!

Thankyou author-san~~

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Thanks everyone for the support! Also, Yui cannot remember the name or the face of the girl in her dreams because her childhood memories became vague as she grew up and moved away from Kyoto. Here is another update! Happy reading, everyone! Please excuse all my mistakes and typos!

Chapter 9

Bold = Adult Yui

“Sentences with quotation and in bold” = Yui’s thoughts

Italics = Five years old Yui

“So what do you think, Yui-han? Sleepover?” Miyuki asked. The four of them are currently walking home together. Miyuki just explained to Yui a moment ago about Fuu-chan’s idea.

“I am sorry I made all of you worried over me, but I am really fine. It is just one of those sleepless nights. I will be okay once I take a nap when I get home.” Yui does not know who is she trying to convince more, her friends or herself that she will be fine. The dreams are getting more frequent than usual. She does not know how much longer her body can last without proper sleep.

The other three companions share a glance with each other. Concern and worry are being convey within each of their eyes.

Sayaka walks in front of Yui and halts her. She places her hands firmly on Yui’s shoulders and said with a serious face, “If this isn’t one of those sleepless nights, if this get any worse, you must promise to let us in and help you! Do you hear me?”

Yui lifelessly looks at Sayaka with weary eyes and simply say, “I promise.” She knows better than to argue with Sayaka. When Sayaka is serious about something, she always gets what she wants.

After that confrontation, the four of them resume their walk home in silence.

“Tadaima! (I’m back) Yui said to the thin air. Yui is usually a neat person, but for today, she just carelessly takes off her shoes. Her main priority is to head to bed and caught up on some sleeps. When she enters her room, she did not bother changing out of her uniform. She dives right into her bed and let sleep overtakes her body.

She is standing on top of a grassy hill overlooking the starry night. “Where am I?” Suddenly, she hears voices to the right of her. She walks towards the voices and discovers two little girl sitting on top of the grass field. There is also a man nearby watching over them. Yui remembers him as he is the father of the girl that saved her in the park. “Well, saved my younger self.”

Yui doubt that they can see her, so she just stands nearby and observe just like last time.

“Thanks for agreeing to come out with me, even though it is already pretty late at night. I am surprised your parents let you.” The girl said.

When the word “parents” was mentioned, Yui, once again, is silent. Yui is a tough girl, but sometimes she wishes that her parents would care about her more or play with her. All they mostly do is argue with each other or just work on their individual things.

Yui has her knees against her chest with arms securely wrapped around her legs and her chin resting softly on her knees. She just looks down on the ground and didn’t answer the girl back.

The girl notices Yui’s behavior and apologized. “Sorry, I said something wrong, didn’t I?” The girl is scratching her head awkwardly as if trying to figure out how to fix this weird atmosphere she caused.

Yui turns toward the girl and just shakes her head. “My parents are barely here for me. They don’t seem to care where I go or what I am doing. They didn’t even ask about my injured elbow. To be honest, no one cares about me. I am nobody without any friends.” Yui smiles sadly at the girl.

The girl takes both of Yui’s hands and look directly into her eyes. Yui feels overwhelm with the intense eye contact again, she feels as though the girl can read through her soul.

The girl softly said, “Coincidentally, we only live a few houses away from each other, so you can come over my house to play whenever you want. When you feel lonely, talk to me because I am here for you. On top of that, I am sure my family would love to have you. They always say the more the merrier. Daddy already likes you, he secretly told me in the car. He told me you are a very humble child. Don’t ever feel like you’re nobody because you’re somebody to me.” The girl’s eyes held sincerity and love.

A shed of tear escapes from Yui’s eyes. “Are you sure you’re only five years old? You speak like an adult. But, thank you, your words were beautiful.” Yui has a hint of blush on her cheeks.

The girl gently wipes her tears away. “I have been told by my parents that I am too mature for my age. I can’t help it. Words just come out naturally for me.”

“Words just come out naturally for me… why does this sound so familiar? Where did I hear this before?”  Yui is lightly hitting on her forehead with her right palm to hopefully jog some memories.

The girl notices the blush on Yui’s cheeks and comments, “Ne, anata wa houtoni kawaii desu.”

Yui froze when she heard what the girl said to her younger self. Her eyes widen and her face got a little pale. She immediately looks up and tries her best to put a face on the girl. “No… it can’t be.”

Yui shyly looks away and mumbles so gently that the girl has to lean in closer to hear, “Do you always smooth talk to every girl?”

The girl giggles at Yui’s comment and replies, “No, not every girl, just this one cute girl that I know.”

“No… No… this is just all a coincidence! It can’t be… her. There is no way.” Yui tries hard to be in denial.

The two little girls just didn't talk anymore, but simply admire the beautiful stars above them. When a cold breeze gently hits against their skin, Yui shivers under the cold. The girl takes off her jacket and places it around Yui.

Yui can recognize the familiarity of the scene in front of her.

“I don’t want you to get sick.” The girl simply said. Yui smiles and leans her head on the girl’s shoulder. Yui is so focus on the bright stars that she didn't notice the blush on the girl's cheeks when she laid her head on the girl’s shoulder. The girl gathers up some courage and wraps her arms securely around Yui.
“Glad tomorrow is a weekend or else, we will be so tired for school.” The girl said. Yui just nods her head in agreement.

“Ne, do you believe that I can grab a star from the sky and give it to you?” The girl suddenly asked.

Yui lifts up her head and stares at the girl in disbelief.

The girl confidently smiles and points towards the stars, “Go ahead, pick one and I will grab it.” Yui is still skeptical but nonetheless complies with the request. She randomly points at one.

The girl places her hand in front of Yui’s eyesight and closes her palm. “There is a star inside my palm.”

“Liar… there is no way. It is impossible.” So, Yui opens the girl’s palm and she was right, there is no star.

The girl patiently explains, “There is no star because you don’t believe me. You have to trust me. I will count to three.”


The girl slowly opens her palm.


Yui looks intensively at the girl’s palm.


A star charm magically appears in front of Yui’s eyes after the girl shakes her hands in an up and down motion.

“But, that isn’t the kind of star up above the sky.” Yui said, but is still very amazed with the magic trick.

“It is still a star. Here, for you, I saw this star charm when my daddy and I went shopping and I thought about you.” The girl hands the charm to Yui.

“Thank you.” Yui held tightly onto it, scared that it might magically disappear on her. “This is my first present ever. But, I didn't get anything for you.”

The girl quickly replies, “You don’t have to get me anything. I just want to do this. I hope you like it.”

Before Yui can answer, the girl’s dad calls out to them that it is time to head home. The girls stand up and walk over to the car.

Yui slowly follows them to where they are heading.

The girl is about to open the door, but Yui grabs her hand, hoping to get her attention. The girl looks at Yui and Yui said, “Arigato…”

Yui has her hand covering her mouth as she cannot believe what her younger self just said. Suddenly, a bright light covers Yui vision and she feels like she is falling straight down once again.

Yui jolts up from her sleep with sweats dropping down from her forehead. She takes several deep breaths and slides her small drawer open by her bedside. She takes out a wooden box from inside of the drawer and slowly opens it up. She lifts up the cold metal object. She examines it multiple times and it is indeed the same star charm as the one in her dream.

She takes out her locket necklace and held onto it along with the star charm. When she heard what the girl said to her younger self, the familiarity of the conversation, she already has her guesses on one person. The last thing her younger self said before she woke up still vibrates throughout her mind as it just confirms everything…well almost everything.


Could it be that the Paru in Yui's dream is the same Paruru that she is thinking about? More will be revealed in the later chapters!
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Wow, I'm amazed by how this story turned out. Never thought YuiParu could be this great lol. Quite unfamiliar with Yui being on the girl side so much hahaha. I look forward to the next chapter. XD
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so it really was Paru~! CX ... I always had this feeling that that mysterious girl would be someone else ... like Kawaei or Rie or whatever XD ... I like that you update real fast :DD ... nice job, author-san~ XD  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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Sugoi! It turned out well. Thank you for the updates (and they're fast ones too).

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