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Author Topic: [WAKAREI OS] WE WERE IN LOVE| ROOMMATES |MUKUCHI NA LION (4 APR 2017)  (Read 3633 times)

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sometimes i felt poor to reika. when she tried to forget ryuu, he just held her. why ryuu didn't want reika dating with ikuo? whether Ryuu jealous or because ikuo is ryuu's friend and he know ikuo very well? Ryuu with cuts on his face must be very cool :shy2: I wanna see ryuu and ikuo fighting over reika (shit i'm into S)  :lol:
so naachan's condition was down. and of course it make ryuu sad too. what do you think author-san?? just save her. (why i'm so emo). at first i hate this! i hate their triangle love. i hate when manager-san pairs wakanana. and i hate that i love wakanana.
cause you're my favorite author so i hope you make this fic ending with interesting  :hee:

talking about 17th single. i love it so badly. it more than i thought! same as you. i love when they dance in a circle and i like marika's part. she was really outstanding! i hope she'll get more spotlight. but i felt annoyed with some fans who comparison nogi with their sister (keyaki) and they also said that nogi wanted to like their sister.

thanks for updating author-san :)

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recently I gave my comments to chapter 5. but i'll commenting this part too :D
whether nanase would really die?
so their relationship is ending. on the one hand I think about nanase and her condition. but on the other hand I think about reika's feeling.

well as i thought.. ikuo is a player :lol:

hurmm ryuu.. i know that you and nanase were over. but not so the way it works. you want jun keep nanase for one night and in your apartement you and reika ....  :smhid :wigglypanda: now i feel poor to nanase wwwwww

how about my hashigawa pairs btw? i need more about them too :roll:

thanks and please update soon author-san :twothumbs

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Huwaaa.. Why naachan? Is she will be die? I hope you make naachan with jun...   :fainted: :pleeease:
And for wakarei, they're finally together. I love it... :ding:
Thank you and please update soon, author-san.  :mon lovelaff: :mon sweat:

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  • Okay, first, please call me Tuu! Hmmm well, I'm a silent reader and yeah sorry for my bad English! m(_ _)m
I feel like riding a roller coaster when reading this chap  :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease:

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  • WakaRei: So real it's unreal life been so busy after my last comment. I need to catch up  :on study:

Anyway, onto the comment.
Even though Ryuu ruined the moment, MaiMai sure knows how to handle cold Naoki. All hail Holy Mother!  XD
I knew there’s bound to be some IkuRei happening in this fic, I just didn’t think he would have Himetan too. I do ship IkuHime, though.

I also had a feeling Naachan situation will get worse. But asdkfldgkldgkldk!!! I wanted WakaNana to work at least until Naachan is gone or get better (whichever is gonna happen in the future) and I wanted Ryuu to genuinely love Naachan like how he loves Reika  :mon whine:
I feel like WakaRei happening too fast? Like it doesn’t feel right while Naachan is still there. But that’s just me….

I swear, someone needs to write a WakaNana fic that doesn’t end up tragic or them being with someone else  :pleeease:
I need a happy, fluffy, diabetes inducing WakaNana fic. Someone, writes it, please!  :on speedy:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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