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Author Topic: [WAKAREI OS] WE WERE IN LOVE| ROOMMATES |MUKUCHI NA LION (4 APR 2017)  (Read 4350 times)

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recently I gave my comments to chapter 5. but i'll commenting this part too :D
whether nanase would really die?
so their relationship is ending. on the one hand I think about nanase and her condition. but on the other hand I think about reika's feeling.

well as i thought.. ikuo is a player :lol:

hurmm ryuu.. i know that you and nanase were over. but not so the way it works. you want jun keep nanase for one night and in your apartement you and reika ....  :smhid :wigglypanda: now i feel poor to nanase wwwwww

how about my hashigawa pairs btw? i need more about them too :roll:

thanks and please update soon author-san :twothumbs

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Huwaaa.. Why naachan? Is she will be die? I hope you make naachan with jun...   :fainted: :pleeease:
And for wakarei, they're finally together. I love it... :ding:
Thank you and please update soon, author-san.  :mon lovelaff: :mon sweat:

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  • WakaRei: So real it's unreal life been so busy after my last comment. I need to catch up  :on study:

Anyway, onto the comment.
Even though Ryuu ruined the moment, MaiMai sure knows how to handle cold Naoki. All hail Holy Mother!  XD
I knew there’s bound to be some IkuRei happening in this fic, I just didn’t think he would have Himetan too. I do ship IkuHime, though.

I also had a feeling Naachan situation will get worse. But asdkfldgkldgkldk!!! I wanted WakaNana to work at least until Naachan is gone or get better (whichever is gonna happen in the future) and I wanted Ryuu to genuinely love Naachan like how he loves Reika  :mon whine:
I feel like WakaRei happening too fast? Like it doesn’t feel right while Naachan is still there. But that’s just me….

I swear, someone needs to write a WakaNana fic that doesn’t end up tragic or them being with someone else  :pleeease:
I need a happy, fluffy, diabetes inducing WakaNana fic. Someone, writes it, please!  :on speedy:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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