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Author Topic: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 16 08/04/2017  (Read 4702 times)

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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 10 21/01/2017
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Who is the one that want to kill Maeda Atsuko?

Did Minami able to shoot to save Atsuko (mizuki)?

Will Rena regret possising as Atsuko not doing her job as bodyguard?

Does Rena able to shoot if so... why doesn't she bring gun with her?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 11 29/01/2017
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@hackata48, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic   :D

Here is chapter 11  :D

Chapter 11: Awkward Feeling

In the dark street

“I will count to 3. If Maeda Atsuko doesn't come here, this silver candy will go straight into his head” the man said

“1” the man starts counting

“Mizuki” Rena and Yuki calls at the same time and tends to rush to Atsuko

However, Jun and Mayu hold them back

“Acchan, don’t be reckless” Jun holds her hand and said

“Yuki, it is dangerous” Mayu said

“Let’s me go. I have to save Mizuki no matter what” Rena said in serious tone

“Yes, I have to save him. Nothing can happen to him” Yuki said

“No, I can’t let you go, Acchan. I will save him, but my main job is protecting you” Jun said seriously

“Yes, yours and Acchan’s safety is our first priority” Mayu said

Then Jun and Mayu turn back to the masked men. They try to aim at the man who holding Atsuko by her neck. However, they can't shoot because Atsuko is standing nearly in front of the man. Just one miss shoot, it will be her who got shot


The man keeps counting

“Acchan” Yuki and Rena thought worriedly while looking at Mizuki

“What do I do now?” Jun and Mayu though

“What is the point I’m her bodyguard, but can’t protect her.” Rena thought angrily

When she is about to rush to the masked man



The gunshot echoes through the silent forest. However, the shoot didn't come from the men. Instead, Jun, Mayu, Rena, and Yuki see blood running down from the forehead of the masked man. Then he slowly falls down on the ground.

They turn around and see Minami was the one who shoot. He holds the flashlight on his left hand and uses it as the base. His right hand puts on top of his left hand. The flashlight will help him aim at the leader, and he successfully did it

At the same time when Minami shot the man, a lot of car rush to them. Then a group of black suit men rushing out surrounding them.


After shooting, Minami quickly rushes to Atsuko.

“Are you ok, Mizuki?” He holds her arm and asks

Atsuko stays silent. Her body is shaking. She still can’t register what is just happened

“Mizuki, what's wrong?” Minami asks worriedly when seeing Atsuko's strange action

“Mizuki” Rena and Yuki rush to Atsuko at the same time with Minami

Atsuko shakily looks at the man lying dead on the ground. His head is covered with blood

“Blood” Atsuko thought

Suddenly something flashes back in her head causing her to hold her head tightly

“Mizuki” Yuki hugs Atsuko

“Bl...blood...a lot of blood, Yuki. Blood” Atsuko said in shaky tone

“It will be fine, Mizuki. It will be fine, Mizuki. Don't look” Rena pats her back and said

“Yes, everything is fine now. You are safe now” Yuki pats her back and said

Minami looks at Atsuko worriedly. He can feel how scared she is. Then one of the black suit men comes to Minami and bows at him

“Young master”

“Sato, bring all of them to my father. I will call him and inform him later” Minami said

“Yes, young master” Sato bows at Minami and said

“Let's go back to the car, Acchan. These men will take care of them” Jun said

“Ok” Rena nods

“Let's go, Mizuki” Yuki said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then they all get back in the car and drive back to the mansion.

After awhile

They reach the mansion. Atsuko now is calm down a little. They leave the car and walk into the house. Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki are walking in front while Minami, Jun, and Mayu are following them from behind.

When they are going into the house, Minami calls Atsuko


Atsuko stops and turns around to look at Minami.

“What is it, Minami?”

“Are you ok, Mizuki?” Minami asks worriedly

Atsuko can feel the worry in his tone

“Don't worry, Takamina. I'm fine” she smiles at him and said

“I see. That good” Minami smiles gently and said

He can still feel shaken in her voice

“Now, go back to your room and rest well” Minami pats her head and said gently

Atsuko feels very warm when hearing Minami's warm voice. It helps her feel much better than before.

“Uh, thank you, Takamina” Atsuko smiles and said

Then she goes back to her room with Rena and Yuki.

In Atsuko’s room

When the door just closes, Rena suddenly bows deeply at Atsuko and said while holding her fists tightly

“I'm sorry, Ojou-sama”

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised

“Rena-neechan, why are you apologizing? And why did you call me that all of sudden?” She rushes to Rena and said in surprised tone

“Don't bow like that, Rena-neechan” she holds her shoulders telling Rena to stand up, but she refuses

“Ojou-sama, I'm sorry. I can't protect you” Rena said

All the time, since Atsuko was captured to when they going back to Takahashi mansion, Rena was very mad at herself because she can't protect her.

“Rena-neechan, that happened is nothing your fault. Please don’t address me like that” Atsuko said

“No, it is all my fault.” Rena shakes her head and said while tear dropping down on the floor

“I should have realized that one of them snuck into the car. I should have gone into the car first. I should have come to the car. I should…”

“No, that isn't your fault Rena, it was my fault. I was near Acchan at that time. I should have pull her out, no, I should be the one coming first to check on the car.” cutting Rena’s word, Yuki said

“Acchan, I’m sorry. I’m your big sister, but I can’t protect you. I promised to grandfather, I promised to mom and dad to protect you no matter what. However, I failed. You were so scared because of that incident. I don’t deserve to be your sister” She bows at Atsuko and continues while holding her fists tightly

Atsuko looks at Rena and Yuki who are painfully blaming everything to themselves. She can see their tear dropping down on the floor

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko whispers

She comes to them and holds their shoulder

“Please, Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan, please don’t bow like that. Please” Atsuko said

Her tear also rolls on her cheeks

“There is no one at fault here. How can you know that someone snuck into the car? How can you react when he points a gun in my head? Please, Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan, look up at me” Atsuko said in pleasing tone

Rena and Yuki slowly look up at Atsuko. They see tear keep rolling down on her cheeks. Suddenly Atsuko leans and hugs them tightly

“Please, Please Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan, except grandpa, you two are my only family. Please don’t act like that. Please, Rena-neechan, please don’t call me that. Also Yuki-neechan, please don’t say thing like that. You two are my only sister, my dearest sister. Please don’t say it. It feels so lonely.” she said in tear

“Acchan” Rena and Yuki thought while looking at the little girl who is crying while hugging them tightly

“We are sorry, Acchan” Rena and Yuki said while patting her head

“You are our precious little sister too, Acchan. I'm sorry for saying that” Yuki said gently

“Yes, Acchan. You are very dear to us. I'm sorry for calling you that. I won't do that again” Rena said with gentle tone

Atsuko looks up at Yuki and Rena

“Promise” she said

Rena and Yuki smiles gently at her and said while wiping tear on her cheeks

“Uh, promise”

Atsuko smiles widely at them

“I love you, Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” she hugs them tightly and said

“We love you too, Acchan” Yuki and Rena said


In Minami’s room

Jun and Mayu follow Minami to his room to talk about the incident just now.

“What a crazy time?” Mayu said while flopping on the sofa

“Yeah, if Takamina didn’t shoot, we really don’t know what to do” Jun said while sitting down

“Hey wait a minute, shoot?” Mayu sits straight up and said

“Takamina, you can shoot now” Jun said in surprised tone

He also realizes it now. Minami just shoot after 5 years. Because of the incident, they totally forget about that.

“Uh” Minami just nods while sitting down on the sofa.

“How can you get over it, Takamina?” Mayu asks

“I don’t know, but at that time, there is an urge inside me. If I don’t do that, Mizuki will be in real danger. He will get hurt. Then just like an unconscious action. I take out the gun that laying in my pocket untouched for almost 5 years.” Minami said while looking at the gun in his hand

“I see” Jun said

“So, the urge to save Mizuki helped you recover from your trauma” he continues

“Yup, I think so too” Mayu nods and said

“Uh” Minami nods silently

“By the way, Takamina, who are those men?” Mayu asks

“They are my family Secret Agent” Minami said

“Secret Agent?” Jun said in surprised tone

“You mean the big undercover bodyguard under Takahashi clan, right?” he continues

“Yes, that is them” Minami nods

“But, how can you call your security here for help, Takamina?” Jun asks

“About that, thank to this” Minami said while raising a small button in front of them

“What is it, Takamina?” Mayu asks

“This button connects with the secret security in this house. It is put under my shirt collar. When I pushed this button, my security will locate my location and come there, right away” Minami said

“Cool. It is really Takahashi clan. Secret Security System everywhere” Jun said in amazed tone

“Yeah, it is super cool”

“So, when you saw those attackers, you pushed that button?” Mayu said

“Uh, I pushed when I saw those men. I planned on buying sometime to wait for them. However, what I didn't expect is that one of them already snuck in the car from the other site. Luckily, I was able to shoot that shot. If not, I will never forgive myself if Mizuki is hurt” Minami said

“Yes, I'm glad you were able to pull that trigger again because I'm sure, I can't shoot at that men since Mizuki standing nearly in front of him” Jun said

“Yes, me too” Mayu said

“Hold on, if you can shoot now, then you should thank him a lot, Takamina. He successfully helped you get over your fear” Jun said

“I guess.” Minami smiles and nods

“I don't know why I can feel my confidence whenever I'm with him” he continues

“I see” Mayu and Jun said

They also don't understand either. They don't know why Minami seem so attach to Atsuko, and likewise

“Anyway, we glad that everything is ok” Jun said

“Uh, I'm very happy too” Minami smiles and said

“I wonder those men, who they are?” Mayu said

“Me too, what do you think, Takamina?” Jun asks

“That is also my wondering. Who are they? And how can they know about our routine? This place is completely different from the one we go” Minami said

“Yes, you got the point. Whoever they are, how can they know about this” Mayu said

“I wonder, do they know this mansion?” Jun said in wondering tone

“Maybe. However, this mansion is not just a simple place if you know what I mean” Minami smiles and said

“We know how powerful Takahashi is” Jun said

“Yup” Mayu nods

“Anyway, you guys should go back to your room and rest. After my father get information from them, he will contact us” Minami said

“Ok, let's call it the day” Mayu said while standing

“Goodnight buddy.” Jun said

Then the two leave the room.

Later at night

Minami goes back to his room after taking a glass of water in the kitchen. When he passes by Atsuko's room, he sees a small gap and the light is still on.

“Huh? He is still awake this hour?” Minami though and stops at the front door

“I guess I will talk to him a little” he mumbles while raising his hand to knock the door

When he is about to knock the door, he hears Atsuko’s startled voice.


“Huh?” Minami thought in surprised

“Mommy, daddy don’t leave me”

Minami quickly rushes into the room. He sees Atsuko is struggling on the bed.

“Don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me”

Minami sees Atsuko raising her hands on the air like she is reaching someone

“Mizuki” he thought and rushes to her

He holds her shoulder and calls her

“Mizuki, Mizuki”

Atsuko still keeps struggling on her bed

“Blood, a lot of blood...blood”

“Mizuki, Mizuki, everything is ok, everything is ok. I’m here” worriedly, Minami unconsciously holds her hand and said

“I will protect you, Mizuki. Don’t be scared. Everything will be fine. I'm here for you” Minami said gently while patting her head

Atsuko slowly calms down. Minami slowly sits down while keep gently patting her head comforting her

“Why did he looks so scared? Just like that time” he thought


“Bl...blood...blood...a lot...of...blood”

“Sshh...Mizuki, everything is fine. Don't look at it”

“Bloo...blood so sc...scary”

“You are safe now, Mizuki. You are safe”


Minami remembers the conversations between Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki and her strange behavior.

“It is just like he has some trauma with blood.” He thought

Suddenly he remembers what he just heard moment ago.

“Daddy, mommy please don't leave me”

Minami looks at Atsuko with confused look

“What’s happened to you, Mizuki?” he thought

In the early morning

Minami is woken up by something snuggling closer to him. He slowly opens his eyes to see what is it. He widens his eyes in surprised right after he realizes Atsuko curving into a ball and snuggling closer to his chest while his hands wrapping around her.

“What? Why I’m here?” Minami thought in surprised while his heart starts beating super-fast because of this

Then he remembers about last night. He unknowingly fell in sleep in Atsuko’s room. Suddenly Atsuko snuggles closer to him making him nearly jump in surprise.

“Calm down, Minami. He is just a guy.” Minami tells himself

Then he slowly steps down from the bed so that Atsuko couldn’t notice it. After he safely remove himself from the bed, he thought


However, then he tells himself

“Why should I be worry? Mizuki is a guy. Sleeping in the same bed is not that big of a deal. It is just like a big bedroom in police training”

However, all the time, his heartbeat still hasn’t calmed down. He takes another deep breath to calm himself down, and it finally works. But when he looks at Atsuko again, his heart beats faster again. Suddenly the image of the little girl he met in the past flashes back to him

“Onii-chan, can you play with me?”

Minami doesn’t know why he sees the image of the little girl in Mizuki. He quickly pushes that thought out of his head

“Don’t be stupid, Minami. He is a guy. He is not that little girl. Go back to your sense”

After fighting with his inner for awhile, Minami is able to throw all the thought that he thinks stupid aside, and returns to his normal self.

Suddenly he hears the sound of the bed shuffle. He looks up and sees Atsuko slowly sits up while rubbing her eyes. She frowns her eyes to look at the person in front of her

“” Atsuko calls in confused

Then she widens her eyes in surprised when realizing that Minami is in her room. She moves back and calls in surprised and confused tone. She also suddenly feels so shy because of this.

“Ta...Takamina, why are you in my room?” Atsuko asks stuttering

Minami is surprised with Atsuko suddenly woken up. He scratches his head doesn’t know what to say


Then an idea flashed in his head

“Ah, that is right, when I went out of my room, I saw your room’s door slightly opens. Plus, the light is on, so I thought you already wake up. Therefore, I want to invite you to take a walk with me at the backyard of the mansion”

He made up the whole story to prevent the awkwardness

“That’s right, last night, I had a hard time to sleep, so I turned on the light and openned my door slightly. It will help me feel safer since I know that your room just across mine, and Yuki and Acchan are next to mine” Atsuko said

“I see. Do you feel better now, Mizuki?” Minami asks in worried tone

“Yes, much better” Atsuko smiles and said

“I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel very safe. It is like all my worriedness in gone away” she continues

“I see. I’m glad” Minami smiles and said

“So Mizuki, do you want to go to take a walk with me?” Minami asks

“Ok” Atsuko smiles and nods

However, suddenly her smile disappears. Noticing that Minami asks

“What’s wrong, Mizuki?”

“I can’t go” Atsuko looks down and said

“Why?” Minami asks

“Because I will annoy you” Atsuko answers in sad tone still looking down

Minami feels very sad when hearing her tone. He walks closer to her. He holds her shoulder and said

“Look at me, Mizuki”

Atsuko slowly looks up at Minami

“I’m really sorry about what I said the other day. I didn’t mean to say you are annoying, Mizuki. I never think of you like that, and I will never ever think of you like that.” Minami said in honest tone

“Mizuki, as I told you before, you are my best friend, my important friend, and one of my greatest friends that I have ever had except Jun and Mayu.” he continues

Atsuko looks Minami with surprised look

“At that time, when I saw those gangsters put the knife on your neck, I was so scared. I was scared that you would get hurt. Because of too worry, I was angry at myself and my problem. You did all of that for my sake, and I can’t even protect you. I was angry at myself, at how useless I’m because I can’t overcome that past. All I meant was that problem is very annoying. I didn’t mean you, Mizuki” Minami said sincerely

“Takamina” Atsuko calls happily

“So you don’t think I’m annoying?” she asks happily

“No, not a bit. You are the greatest friend to me, Mizuki” Minami shakes his head and said

“Thank you, Takamina. I’m happy” Atsuko said happily

Minami smiles gently at her.

“Sorry Mizuki for hurting your feeling” he pats her head and said

“No, it is fine” Atsuko shakes her head and said while wiping her happy tear away

“Ok, now Mizuki, let’s prepare and we will go for a morning walk.” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods and steps down from her bed

However, when she just stepped down, she trips on the carpet

“Careful” Minami catches her

However, then he also lost his balance, and the two fall back to the bed with Minami is on top of Atsuko. Luckily, Minami was able to use his hands to support preventing him from falling on Atsuko. Atsuko blushes madly at their position.

Suddenly the door open. Then Rena and Yuki walk in

“Mizuki, are you…” Rena asks but stops when seeing Takamina in on top of Atsuko with his two hands on either side of Atsuko head.

“Wh…what are you doing to him, pervert?” Yuki shouts and rushes to Minami with Rena


“Get away from Mizuki, pervert” Rena Minami out before he can explain what happened while Yuki helping Atsuko up

“Wait you two misunderstood” Minami said

At the same time, Jun and Mayu rush in because they hear Rena’s and Yuki voice’s

“What's wrong, Acchan/Yuki” they ask at the same time

Then they see Yuki and Rena are standing shield in front of Atsuko.

“What are you doing to Mizuki?” Yuki asks angrily

“I didn't do anything.” Minami said

“Don't lie, we saw by our own eyes” Rena said

“Acchan, Yuki, it is…”

“Don't worry, Mizuki. We will protect you from that pervert” Yuki pats her head and said cutting her explanation

“Wait, hold on guys” Jun and Mayu rush to between Minami, Rena and Yuki.

“What's wrong, Acchan?” Jun asks

“Ask you pervert friend” Rena points at Minami and said

“Pervert?” Jun and Mayu look at Minami with surprised look

“Once again, I said I'm not pervert. That is an accident. Just let's me explain it.” Minami said

“Acchan, maybe there is some misunderstanding” Jun said

“Yes, Takamina is not that kind of person. Plus, Mizuki is a man. How can he do something to him” Mayu said

“Don’t defen...”

“Acchan, Yuki, Takamina didn't do anything to me” Atsuko rushes to in front of them and said

Then she tells Rena and Yuki everything

“He just came here to ask me to take a walk. When I stepped down from the bed, I tripped. He just helped me to prevent me from falling. Everything is just an accident” Atsuko finished

“Really Mizuki?” Rena asks

“Yes” Atsuko nods immediately

“I see” Rena and Yuki said

“I'm sorry for the misunderstanding” they bow and said to Minami

“It's ok. Just a misunderstanding. I’m glad that everything is solved.” Minami said

“Thank you Mizuki” he smiles at Atsuko and said

“No, it is my fault of this misunderstanding” Atsuko smiles at him and said

At the garden

Atsuko and Minami are now walking around.

“Thank you, Takamina” Atsuko speaks up

Minami looks at her in surprised

“I should say this to you yesterday, but I forgot. Thank you for saving my life, Takamina” She continues

“You’re welcome, Mizuki. However, I should be the one saying that” Minami said

“Thanking me? For what Takamina?” Atsuko asks in confused tone

“Because of your encouragement and enthusiasm, I was able to hold my gun again” Minami said

“Oh, that’s right. You shot that shot that mean you can hold your gun again. That is great, Takamina” Atsuko said happily

“Uh” Minami nods

“Great, then you can take that police test, right?” Atsuko said

“Yes, but….” Minami said a little hesitant

Atsuko looks at Minami in confused

“What’s wrong, Takamina?” she asks

“Uhm, yesterday, because I want to save you, that is why I can shoot. I don’t know if I can do that properly in front of other” Minami said

“Mizuki, can you help me with practice?” He looks at her and asks

“Of course” Atsuko smiles happily and said

“Don’t worry, Takamina. We can practice together” she suddenly holds his hands and said

Her action surprises Minami. However, when he sees her bright smile, he smiles back. He feels so peaceful when seeing that smiles


That is chapter 11. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 11 29/01/2017
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Oh... Minami able to shoot

Good for him...

Well who is the leak?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 12 11/02/2017
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Hello everyone, I’m sorry for not updating last week.

@cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 12  :D

Chapter 12: Yuki is missing

In the afternoon

In Minami's office

Jun and Mayu are gathering in Minami’s office to have a meeting with Minami's father about the attackers yesterday. Kai just told Minami to call them this morning when he was walking with Atsuko


While Minami and Atsuko are walking at the backyard talking about his training plan, his phone rings

“Give me a second, Mizuki” Minami takes out his phone and said

“Go ahead” Atsuko smiles and said

Then Minami walks toward the lake to pick up his phone

“Good morning, father” Minami said

(Hi, Minami. I got news about those people) Kai said

“Really father? Who are they? Who is behind this?” Minami asks hurriedly

(They are just street gangsters) Kai said

“Street gangster?” Minami asks in surprised tone

(Uh, they said that they didn't know who Maeda Atsuko is) Kai said

“They don't know her?” Minami said in confused tone

(Uh, that is a part of it. I have a meeting right now. Call Jun and Mayu to your office at 12:00. We will talk more about this problem) Kai said

“Yes, father” Minami said

Then he hangs up

“Don't know Acchan huh?” Minami thought in confused while looking at his phone

End flashbacks

“So uncle said that those people said that they don't know anything?” Jun asks

“Uh” Minami nods

“Weird? If they don't know Acchan, why did they attack us?” Mayu said

“Uh, that is the point here” Minami nods and said

“They probably lied” Jun said

“Yes, I think so too” Mayu said

“Could be, but that is so obvious. They wouldn't make up a lie like that when they were caught red handed” Minami said

“You got the point” Jun said

“Or maybe they are just a pawn who only work as order.” Mayu said

“Yes, that is another possibility” Jun nods

They are talking for awhile until Minami sees it is time for the meeting. He turns on the big TV screen on the wall.

“Hello dad” Minami bows at Ken and said

“Hello uncle” Jun and Mayu bow at him

“Ok, you all are here already, I will show you the clip of the testimony of the leader of them” Kai said

In the clip

There is a man sits on the opposite of Juichi.

“Who order you to kidnap Maeda Atsuko?” Juichi asks

“The man that was shot death” the man answers

“Sir, I really don't know who Maeda Atsuko is. Yes, I admit I'm a street gangster. It was that man hired me and my people to catch her.” He continues

“Don't lie.” Juichi said

“I'm not lying. When he offered to catch Maeda Atsuko, I just thought that was a revenge between gangster or something. I accepted it because of the big amount of money he offered.” the man said

“So do you know who is the death man?” Juichi asks

“How should I know? I just know that he offered a big amount of money with a simple task. Holding those people for him” the man said

“He told me that his name is Koro.” he continues

“You just accepted an offered without knowing who the person is?” Juichi asks

“Sir, I’m a gangster and I only work for money. Don’t be so naive like that” the man said

Then the screen turns back to Kai.

“Togawa Oda, a street gangster. He works for loan shark and other illegal act.” Kai said

“I see. So they didn't know anything about the men I shot and who is the person behind him” Minami said

“Seem so. All his men gave the same testimony.” Kai said

“ uncle, do you know who the dead man is?” Jun asks

“Yes, we got his information” Kai said

“His real name is Iwai Tori. He used to work for a security company. Last year he was fired because of  a conflict between him and a client. Until then, he didn't get any job. However, the strange thing is though he doesn't have job, he still have more than enough of money to burn in his gambling habit.” Kai said

“Yes, that sound really weird” Mayu said

“So does that mean there is someone behind him who gives him all of that with one reason is to be his or her servant” Jun said

“If so then we need to be careful” Minami speaks up

“What do you mean, Takamina?” Jun asks

“The person behind him knows about Acchan existence long time ago. They also know very well about is. That person even plan a long big plan in welcoming her here. I have a feeling that everything went accordingly to his plan.” Minami said

“Good point there Minami. I think so too. I will order police and our people to find out more about the dead man. Do you best in protecting those three” Kai said

“I understand” they said

In the afternoon

In the dining room

The group is eating their lunch. Then Atsuko turns and said to Yuki

“Yuki, I can't go with you and Mayu to his mother's rehearsal”

“Huh? Why Mizuki?” Yuki asks

“I have to train shooting with Takamina” Atsuko smiles at Minami and said

Minami smiles at her and nods

“I also can't go with you Yuki” Rena said

“You too” Yuki said

“Yup, Jun just asked me to go to the boat by the lake near here.” Rena said

“Yes, we will go to the lake. When I first came here, I noticed spectacular scenery there” Jun said

“I see. So there will be only us go to my mother’s rehearsal” Mayu said

There is a hidden happy in his voice. Finally, he can go out alone with Yuki. Jun notices how his eyes lit up in happy. He leans and whispers

“It is as you hope, right buddy?”

“Glad you know that best buddy” Mayu said

At the same time

Rena leans near Yuki and whispers

“It is great to be alone with Mayu, right?”

Yuki nods unconsciously. Then she hears Rena silently chuckle. She quickly shakes her head and whispers reasoning hopelessly

“Of course not”

“Don't lie. It obviously shows on your face, girl” Rena whispers teasingly

“Shut up” Yuki whispers shyly

When she looks up, she sees Mayu is smiling at her. It makes her look down shyly

In the evening

After saying goodbye to Atsuko and Rena, Yuki and Mayu go to the auditorium.

In the auditorium

Mayu and Yuki walk into the room toward the stage where Ayumi is.

“Mom” Mayu calls her

Ayumi turns and smiles at them

“Hello Mayu, Yuki-chan” she said

“Hello auntie” Yuki bows at Ayumi and said

Ayumi smiles and nods at Yuki. Then she looks around and doesn’t see anyone.

“Where is the others, Mayu?” she asks

“They are busy today, so only us come here” Mayu answers

“I see.” Ayumi said

Then she turns and calls Yuki

“By the way, Yuki-chan”

“Yes, auntie” Yuki said

“I heard Mayu said that you play piano very great, can you play a piece for me?” Ayumi said

“It is not that great, auntie. Mayu is just nice with me” Yuki shyly said

“Don't be so modest, Yuki-chan.” Ayumi said

“Yes, Yuki, your music is very great. At that time, I really enjoyed what you played” Mayu smiles and said

“But…” Yuki shyly looks down while playing with her finger

She doesn't have confidence when playing in front of her idol. Noticing that, Ayumi leans and whispers in Yuki’s ear

“Don't worry yuki-chan. That boy looks like that, but he is very picky in music. He won't just praise anyone, and until now, he didn't praise anyone but you. Therefore, your music will be very good”

Yuki looks at Ayumi with surprised look. Ayumi smiles and nods at her

“Ok, I will try. Please teach me if I do something wrong” Yuki bows at Ayumi and said

“Of course” Ayumi smiles gently and said

“Do your best, Yuki-chan” she continues

“Good luck, Yuki” Mayu said, and Yuki nods

Then she comes to the piano in the middle of the stage and sits down. She looks around and feels a sudden nervous because this is the first time she play in this scenery. Thought, there aren't a lot of people, she still feels very nervous. Mayu notices that.

“Don't worry, Yuki. Just imagine this place is your music room” he said

“You will be fine. I will always support you” he smiles and continues

His words make Yuki feel a lot better

“Ok” she smiles and nods at him

The she turns back to the piano. She puts her delicate hands on the piano keys and closes her eyes to focus. After taking a deep breath, she starts her first note

Ayumi smiles when hearing the first note.

“Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement” she thought

She looks at Yuki’s serious, but also enjoying face while smiling. When she turns to Mayu, and sees her son is very enjoying. However, not only that, she also notices how he looks at Yuki. Then she leans and said

“It is just like you said huh?”

“Yes mom, I told you. You will like it a lot” Mayu proudly said

“Uh, I love it both the piece and the person” Ayumi whispers

“What do you mean, mom?” Mayu turns and asks

“You know what I mean, Mayu-chan” Ayumi said and winks at Mayu

“W..what? How should I know?” Mayu said while blushing

“Oh then why did you blush? And why did you stutter?” Ayumi teases

“Mom, let's hear Yuki’s performance” Mayu said while turning back to Yuki

Ayumi looks at her son and smiles.

“I’m about to have a very pretty daughter in law” she thought happily
“I should text his father about this great news” she keeps thinking while taking out her phone.

Ayumi texted her husband about what she thought. She also secretly took picture of Mayu and then Yuki for him. Because Mayu is too focus on Yuki, he doesn’t notice it. After everything is done, she leans on her seat and enjoys the performance.

After awhile

Yuki finishes the piece “Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement”. People who are working around the stage claps loudly because of the good performance

“Very good, Yuki” Mayu stands up and said happily while clapping.

“Yes, it is very great, Yuki-chan. I'm impressed” Ayumi claps and said

“Thank you Mayu, thank you auntie” Yuki said while blushing.

Suddenly Ayumi said

“Great! So it is decided”

Mayu and Yuki turns to look at Ayumi with confused look

“What is it, mom?” Mayu asks

“Yuki-chan, will you play duet with me in my concert next week?”

Yuki widens her eyes in surprised

“Playing duet?” She said in confused and surprised tone

“Yes, playing duet with me in my concert. This is a grant new thing I added into my list after hearing what you played. It is really good, Yuki-chan” Ayumi smiles and said

“But auntie, it is no more than a week until the concert, also I have never performed in front of so many people. Another thing, I'm not good enough for playing duet with you. I…” Yuki said worried

“Don't be so panic, Yuki-chan. I said you can do it, that is mean you can do it. I have faith in you” Ayumi smiles and said

“Auntie” Yuki calls in surprised

“Yuki, just do as my mom said. She is a super great person, and when she said you can, you definitely can” Mayu said

“That's correct, Yuki-chan. Will you accept my offer?” Ayumi asks

After thinking a little, Yuki bows and said

“Yes auntie, please teach me more about piano”

“Good, now let's get on practice” Ayumi said

At night

In Yuki’s room

Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki are talking to each other.

“Acchan, Rena, I have something to announce” Yuki said in happy tone

“What is it, Yuki-neechan?” Atsuko asks excitedly

“Did Mayu confess to you?” Rena asks teasingly

Her tease makes Yuki blush

“I don’t know what are you talking about” she said in shy tone

“Oh...Acchan, your neechan is shy” Rena keeps teasing her

“Rena” Yuki calls her shyly

Atsuko giggles when seeing Yuki’s reaction

“How about you, Rena? How about your Jun?” Yuki asks trying to fight back Rena’s tease

Yuki’s words make Rena blush.

“What about him? I don’t know” Rena said while turning away

“Hee! Really? Didn’t you guys just went out on a boat date this evening. Two people alone on a boat in a middle of the lake, what a romantic setting right” Yuki said in teasing tone

Her tease makes Rena blushes again.


Rena follows Jun to the lake.

"Let's go Acchan. I already told the housekeeper to prepare a boat for us." Jun said happily

"OK" Rena nods and smiles

When they get to the lake, Jun walks into the boat. Then he raises his hand and said

"Come on Acchan, I will help you"

Rena nods and holds his hand shyly. Jun helps her to get on the boat. Suddenly the boat shakes. Jun quickly hugs her waist preventing her from falling. Now, they are very close to each other and Jun is hugging her to his chest. Rena blushes at how close they are. Then he asks

"Are you ok, Acchan?"

She can feel his breath on her face. It makes her heart beats like crazy

"Uh, thank you, Jun" Rena said shyly

"That is good" Jun said

Then they just stand like that silently.

"Uhm...Jun" Rena calls him

"What is it, Acchan?" Jun asks

" can let me go now" Rena said

"Oh...ah...Uhm...I'm sorry" Jun said

"'s ok" Rena said while looking down shyly

Then she hears Jun's voice

"Acchan, let's go to the middle of the lake. At that place, we can see very great scenery"

"Ok" Rena nods

End flashback

“W…what…n..nothing. We just enjoy the fresh air while reading books. That’s it. Nothing” Rena stutter while blushing

Atsuko laughs softly when seeing her two sisters who are keep teasing each other back and forth.

Yuki and Rena stop when hearing Atsuko’s soft laughter. They look at each other and smile when seeing Atsuko’s happy smile without worry again. Then an idea flash in their head.

“Acchan, you look so happy. There must be something very great with the morning walk and also the shooting training with Takamina, right?” Rena asks

“Yes, that must be it.” Yuki nods in agreement

Atsuko blushes when hearing Yuki and Rena mentioned Minami


In the shooting range

Atsuko is standing aside while looking at Minami who is training very seriously. She feels very happy when seeing how serious he is when practicing. Suddenly her heart beats faster for no reason.

*Ba-dump* *Ba-dump*

She holds her chest and thought

"Why did my heart beat so fast like this?"

End flashback

“Uhm...ahh...Ok, Yuki-neechan, what is it that you want to say to us?” she asks trying to divert another topic

Rena and Yuki laugh at Atsuko’s shy action. This is the first time they see her like this.

“Someone is shy, Rena” Yuki said

“Yuki-neechan” Atsuko calls her shyly

“Ok, ok Yuki, little Acchan is very shy now. Let’s talk about your announcement” Rena said

“Ok” Yuki nods while giggling

“What I want to say is auntie Ayumi just invited to perform with her in one of her performance” she said

“Really Yuki/Yuki-neechan, it is great” Atsuko and Rena said at the same time in happy tone

“Uh” Yuki nods

“I was so surprised and happy when hearing what she said”

“Congratulation, Yuki-neechan. Your dream came true. You can performance with your idol” Atsuko said and hugs Yuki happily

“Yes, congratulation Yuki. Do your best ok” Rena said happily

“Thank you Acchan, Rena.” Yuki said

“I will do my very best. I won’t let you two down” she continues in enthusiastic tone

Meanwhile in Mayu’s room

Mayu is lying on his bed and thinking about Yuki. He unconsciously smiles when remembering Yuki’s smile

“I think I really…”

Suddenly his phone rings. He takes the phone on the nightstand to take his phone. He looks at the screen and sees his father is calling him by facetime. He picks up his phone and said

“Hello dad”

(Hi son! How are you doing?) his father said in cheerful tone

“I’m good dad. How are you?” Mayu said

(I’m very good) His father said

(Son, this evening, I received a text from your mother about Yuki, our becoming daughter in law. So I want to asks when will she become our daughter in law, Mayu) he continues

Mayu blushes when hearing what his father said

“W…What are you saying dad?” he stutters

(What he means is that he is waiting for you to introduce Yuki-chan to us) his mother comes out and said

(By the way, Tatsu, I forgot to tell you that our son still hasn’t confessed to her) she continues

(Really?) Tatsu said in surprised tone

(Mayu, you have to be quick what if someone make the move before you. I heard your mother said that she is a very good girl) he continues

(She is, honey. She is a very good girl not mention how pretty and cute she is) Ayumi said

(Just like your father said you should make your move quick before I lost that cute daughter in law) she continues

(I noticed the way she looks at the young boy with her. A very caring way) Ayumi turns to her husband and said

(Is that so?) Tatsu asks

“It can't be. She just sees Mizuki as little brother, mom” Mayu said

(If you say so. I just want to warn you. As I said, I don't want to lose a cute daughter in law) Ayumi said

“Mom, dad, I’m sleepy. I will go to sleep now” Mayu said trying to stop his parents from this embarrassing topic

(Ok, goodnight son.) Ayumi said

(Remember that I really want to meet this daughter in law, ok son) Tatsu winks at his son and said

“Bye mom dad, goodnight” Mayu said and hangs up

In Watanabe mansion

“It is very fun to tease him now, honey” Ayumi leans on her husband shoulder and said

“Uh, sure is” Tatsu said and laughs

“Our son finally found his second half like how I found my world” he continues while hugging her shoulder

“Sweet talker. I know our son inherit from who” Ayumi said

“However, we just be sweet to our love, stupidly sweet, right” Tatsu said and laughs loudly

Ayumi laughs at what her husband said

The next day

In the evening

At the auditorium

Today Yuki also comes to the rehearsal to practice for the concert next week. Yuki is practicing piano, and Mayu is out to bring some water for her. While Yuki is practicing a new piece, a security comes to her and tells her

“Ms. Yuki, Mrs. Ayumi calls you to her office”

“Ok” Yuki said

Then she comes to a man who is checking the stage

“Mr. Ichi, , please tell Mayu about that when he comes back” she said

“Yes, Ms. Yuki” the man said

Then Yuki leaves the auditorium to Ayumi’s place with the security man.

After awhile

When Mayu comes back, he doesn’t see Yuki anywhere.

“Huh? Where is Yuki?” he thought

Then he sees Ichi walking to him

“Mr. Watanabe, Ms. Yuki told me to tell you that she went to Mrs. Ayumi’s office. She will be right back” he said

“Ok, thank you” Mayu said

Then he sit down on the audient chair and waits for Yuki.

After awhile

Mayu sees his mother comes back

“Mom” Mayu stands up and said

Ayumi looks around the stage but doesn’t see Yuki anywhere

“Mayu, where is Yuki-chan?” Ayumi asks

“Huh? That is what I want to ask you mom. Mr. Ichi said that you called Yuki to your office, right?” Mayu said in confused

“I called Yuki-chan to my office? I didn’t. All the time, I was talking to the people who responsible for the concert next week” Ayumi said in confused tone

“You didn’t call Yuki, mom?” Mayu asks in worried tone

“Uh, I didn’t” Ayumi nods and said

“This is bad.” Mayu thought

He quickly takes out his phone to call Yuki.

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

(The number you dialed is not available...)

Mayu calls Yuki again and again, but no matter how many time, he still gets the same result.

“Yuki, where are you” Mayu thought worriedly

“Mayu, is Yuki-chan, ok?” Ayumi asks worriedly when seeing his worried face

“Uhm…” Mayu is hesitant

He can’t tell his mother about his worry that maybe Yuki was kidnapped by those after Atsuko. Then he got an idea. He looks at his phone and said

“S…she is fine, mom. Yuki just texted me that she is busy with her family business, so she has to go back first. She said apology to you”

He wants to reassure her that everything is fine. Ayumi looks at her son. Then she smiles and said

“I see. That is a relief. Tell Yuki-chan that don’t worry about the rehearsal. Just come back when everything is fine”

“I know mom. I will tell her that” Mayu said

“Good, now go and see if Yuki-chan needs your help.” Ayumi said

“Yes, I will” Mayu said and turns to leave the place

When he is about to walk away, he hears his mother’s voice


“What is it, mom?” Mayu turns and asks

“Do your best ok” she said to him gently

Mayu is surprised with her words

“Ok, mom” he nods and said

In Takahashi mansion

In Rena’s room

Atsuko and Rena are sitting in Rena’s room worriedly while waiting for Minami, Mayu, and Jun. They are talking to Minami’s father

“Rena-neechan, is Yuki-neechan ok?” Atsuko asks worriedly

“Did those people kidnap her, Rena-neechan?” she continues

“Calm down, Acchan. Yuki will be fine” Rena pats her head and said

“She is also trained to be your bodyguard, right?” she smiles gently and continues

“Really?” Atsuko asks

“Of course” Rena smiles and said


In Minami’s office

“So Yuki is missing” Kai said

“Yes uncle. I tried to call her phone many time, but I can’t reach her. I also looked for her everywhere, but I can’t find her” Mayu said

“It is my fault that Yuki was missing. I shouldn’t leave her alone.” he continues angrily

“Now is not the time to feel angry to yourself. We have to find her. If Yuki was kidnapped by the same those people who want to kidnap Acchan, then we are in real trouble” Minami said

“Uh, Minami is right. We have to find her” Kai said

“What can we do now, uncle?” Jun asks

“I will order my people to investigate the auditorium and everywhere near there. For now, you three just need to watch Mizuki and Acchan closely” Kai said

“We understand” Minami and Jun said

However Mayu stays silent.

“Good, by the way Mayu, don’t act on your own” Kai said while looking at Mayu

“This is an order” he emphasizes seriously

“Yes sir” Mayu bows and said

“Very well” Kai said

Then they hang up. Suddenly Mayu walks out of the office

“Mayu, where are you going?” Minami calls him

“I have to find Yuki” Mayu said

“You can’t act reckless, Mayu” Jun said

“Yes, my dad told us to stay here and protect Mizuki and Acchan” Minami said

“I can’t. I can’t leave her like that” Mayu said

“I will take full responsibility for my action” he continues and leaves the room

At night

In a dark place

Yuki is unconscious on the chair. Both her hands and legs are tied to the chair. In the dark side of the room, there is someone sitting there looking at her while smirking


That is chapter 12. Hope you guys enjoy reading it :D
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Yuki! No!

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Oh... Yuki got kidnapped

Who did it?

What will Atsuko and Rena do?

Will they blame Mayu?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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please update soon!  :cry: :cry: :cry:

I hope mayu, kai and jun can save yuki!  :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 13 04/03/2017
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Hello everyone, sorry for not updating the last 2 weeks.  :D
@hackata48, @cisda83, @fath107: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 13  :D

Chapter 13: I Finally Found You

In a darkroom

Yuki slowly opens her eyes and looks around in surprised. The whole place is covered with darkness.

“Where am I?” She thought

Yuki tries to move, but then she realizes that both her hands and legs are tied very tight to the chair she sat on. Suddenly light in the place is turned on. Yuki frowns because of sudden brightness. Then she hears a woman voice

“You finally wake up huh?”

Yuki looks at the source of the sound. Her eyes slowly get used to the light in the room. The woman face slowly appears clearly in front of her.

“You are…” Yuki widens her eyes in surprised when seeing the familiar face

“Hello everyone, my name is Saeki Aya”

“'re welcome, Mayu-san”

“Hello Aya-chan, my name is Yuki. We met yesterday. We haven't talked much right, nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you Yuki-san”

“Aya-chan” Yuki said in surprised tone

“Yes, this is me” Aya said in dangerous tone

“What's happened here, Aya-chan?” Yuki asks

Aya looks at Yuki and smirk darkly. Her smirk suddenly reminds Yuki of what's happened in the morning


“Please come in here, Ms. Yuki” the man said to Yuki

“Ok, thank you sir” Yuki said and walks into the office.

Yuki looks around, but she doesn't see Ayumi anywhere.

“Huh?” she thought in confused

Then she hears the sound of the door opens. Yuki turns around and sees Aya walking in with a tray on her hands

“Hello, Yuki-san” Aya said

“Hi, Aya-chan” Yuki smiles at her

“Yuki-san, sensei told me to tell you that she has a sudden business to take care. She will be back soon” Aya said

“I see.” Yuki said while sitting down on the sofa

“I brought some tea with cookies for you” Aya puts the tray down and said

“Thank you, Aya-chan. You don’t have to bother yourself like that” Yuki said

“It's ok, Yuki-san. Sensei told me that she heard Mayu-san said that you really love tea. Yesterday, she just bought a very good tea. Therefore, she wants me to bring this for you” Aya said

“Thank you” Yuki smiles and said

“Let’s try the tea, Yuki-san. Sensei also wants to hear your opinion about this tea. She is also a very big fan of tea.” Aya said

“I see. Then this must be a very good tea” Yuki said while picking up the small cup

She puts it under her nose to enjoy the savor of the tea first

“ smells very great” Yuki said

When she is about to drink, she looks up and sees Aya just sits there looking at her

“Why don’t you drink it too, Aya-chan?” Yuki asks

“I’m fine, don’t worry. I don’t drink tea much” Aya said

“I see” Yuki said

Then she drinks the tea slowly tasting its taste.

“This tea is very good” Yuki said

Suddenly she feels dizzy and her sight turns blurry. Yuki shakes her head to make herself awake, but it doesn’t work

“Yuki-san, are you ok?” Aya stands up and asks

“Uh, I’m” Yuki nods and said

However, the dizziness is increasing. Yuki can feel her head spinning around

“What’s happened to me?” she thought

Then something flashes on her head, she looks down at the cup in her hand

“Don’t tell me” Yuki thought and quickly looks at Aya to ask what is happening

However, she can’t keep herself awake anymore. Her grip on the cup loosens, and she slowly lost her conscious. The last thing she sees when she looks up at Aya is the smirk on her face

End flashback

“Aya-chan, you are the one capture me” Yuki said in surprised tone

“Yes, I’m. How stupid, you just realized now” Aya said while sitting down on the table opposite Yuki

“Why did you do that?” Yuki asks

“Because you are annoying, and I hate you” Aya said

“I’m annoying? What did I do to you? We just met no more than 3 days” Yuki frowns and asks

“You ask me what did you do? You did a lot of annoying things. Yes, only in that short period of time, but you annoyed me. You pissed me of a lot” Aya said in angry tone

Yuki looks at Aya with confused look. Aya jumps down from the table and walks toward something on the left side of Yuki. It is covered by a white cloth. Aya holds the cloth and pulls out. Under it is a piano

“You know when did I become student of sensei?” Aya asks Yuki while tracing the piano

“Do you know how long did I follow her?” she continues asking Yuki

“How should I know” Yuki said

“Sensei is my parents’ friend. Therefore, I learn piano from her since I was 10. Until now, it is already 10 years since I became her student.” Aya said

“Why did you tell me that?” Yuki asks

“That is the reason why I hate you” Aya said

“You aren’t making any sense, you know that?” Yuki said

“My name is Saeki Aya. A promising student of a famous music school since I was 12, student of the famous pianist, Minamoto Ayumi. I received a lot of rewards in a lot of different competitions” Aya said

“So what? What is the point of telling me that? I'm not interesting in them. I just want to know why did you capture me here?” Yuki said

“Because I want you to disappear” Aya said in dangerous tone

“Huh?” Yuki looks at the young girl in front of her with surprised look

“Since the day I became her student until now, she never once allows me to join her concert of play duet with her. Even after I received a very honorable award in piano, she still said that I still have to learn a lot. Never once she give me a compliment” Aya said


Suddenly she slams her hands strongly on the piano keys making a very loud noise.

“What are you doing? How can you slam on it?” Yuki shouts

She loves piano a lot, and she won’t forgive anyone who aren’t appreciated it.

“Don't put your frustrations on piano” She continues

“Shut up” Aya points at Yuki and shouts

“My frustration came from you, a rock in my way” she continues

“Just get to the point already” Yuki said

“You see me annoying and get all that frustration just because auntie Ayumi asked me to join her concert and praised my performance, right?” she continues

Aya looks at Yuki with angry look. Seem like her words point directly at her heart

“Yes, just like you said” Aya said calmly while sitting down on the chair.

“That old hang is really old and deaf. I don't know why she praised your child play performance” she continues

“How can you address auntie like that? She is your sensei” Yuki said

“Tsk…don't make me laugh. I still follow her until now just because she is famous. Plus, my parent told me so. I can go out and do much better than her if I get a chance” Aya said

Suddenly Yuki laughs loudly making Aya to turn and look at her

“Why are you laughing?” She asks while frowning

“I laugh at your confidence.” Yuki said

Aya looks at Yuki angrily.

“Shut up, I will show you how a professional perform” she said and start playing the piano

After awhile

Aya finished the piece she performed. She turns to Yuki with a smirk on her lips. She sees that Yuki is closing her eyes while leaning on the chair. Her smirk gets wider because she thinks that Yuki feel defeated when hearing her performance

“Feeling defeated after hearing my performance now?” she said in victorious tone

Suddenly Yuki laughs loudly. She laughs louder than before. Yuki’s laughs pissed Aya off a lot.

“Why did you laugh?” Aya asks annoyingly

“I just found that there is a lot of hilarious things. You are funnier than I thought” Yuki said still laughing

“A daydreaming girl in real life” she continues in sarcastically tone

Aya even more angry at Yuki’s attitude. She slaps her face and holds her collars

“Shut up, you little” She said in angry tone

Yuki looks at her and smirks

“Oh my, did I made the world famous pianist to be angry” she said still with the sarcastic voice

“You…” Aya grits her teeth and said with angry voice

Suddenly Yuki's face turns serious.

“From your performance, I see that you are able to make some sound from piano” she said

“I understand why auntie always told you to learn more” Yuki said

“What do you mean?” Aya asks while frowning

“I don't have a position here to talk, but try to watch and listen to your performances again. After that, re-watching all the performances of auntie Ayumi. I think you will understand stand her more” Yuki smiles and said

Her words surprise Aya a lot. She looks at Yuki's eyes and sees her seriousness and sincerely.

“Aya-chan, I know you are not a bad person. Just try to remember auntie’s words. I know she taught you everything. Those shining around you is not real Aya-chan. Everything has to come from your heart.” Yuki said

“If you can make everyone happy with your music, that is your real success.” She continues

“Aya, why did you want to learn piano?”

“Sensei, I want to make everyone happy”

“Good, then remember this, Aya. music comes from your heart and you have to feel it by your heart and soul.”

Her words suddenly remind Aya of something when she just start studying with Ayumi. However, Aya shakes her head and said

“What do you know about me? I hate you for getting in my way. I hate sensei because she biases on you. I hate everything”

“Do you really think so?” Yuki asks

“Of course” Aya said

"You never hate auntie. Opposite, you respected her and love her a lot as well as piano. Those words you said earlier didn't come from your heart. You just tried to deny it because of your frustration." Yuki said

When Yuki is about to say more, Aya shouts cutting her words

“Shut up”

“Don't try to fool me. I will capture you here until the end of the concert. Because of missing you, sensei will have to change plan, and I will play in your position. I will make her realize how great I'm, and Mayu-san too” she continues

Suddenly she hears Yuki's chuckle

“Just as I thought” she said

Aya looks at her while frowning

“Auntie Ayumi invited me is not only reason making you this angry. Another reason making you this is Mayu” Yuki said

Aya frowns while looking at Yuki

“I'm not blind you know.” She continues

“So what? Mayu-san and I are childhood friend. I don't know what he sees from you that he keeps talking about you. I will let him see who is the one for him” Aya said

“When my plan success, you will be out of the picture” she continues

“Trust me, your plan will never work” Yuki said seriously

“If you don't look back and reflect yourself, I'm certain that auntie would rather cancel that performance than allow you there. On top of that, you will never become a pianist like auntie Ayumi” she continues in harsh tone

“You…” Aya grits her teeth angrily

Then she takes a deep breath composing herself again.

“Just wait and see. I will make you regret for saying those things today” Aya said and walks out of the room

“I know you will think about my words, Aya.” Yuki shouts, but the door just coldly closes

After the door is completely closed, Yuki leans her back on the chair and sighs

“What's a shame, how can I let my guard down like this” she thought

In another place

There is a man sitting on a big sofa. In front of him, there is another man.

“You got a plan to capture that little brat?” The man on the sofa asks

“Yes sir, mother of one of the police is a pianist, and the girl with her is a fan of her. He always brings her there. Therefore, I ordered my people to observe them from afar waiting for the chance. Today, he finally got that chance” the man standing reports

“I see. The girl with her, you sure if we have her, we can get that brat?” The boss asks

“I'm positive about that. They seem to be very close to each other. We can lure her by that bait” the man said

“Uhm… what's her name again?” The boss asks

“Maeda Yuki” the man answer

“ that is her” the boss said

“Good, I hope that your plan will success this time, right?” He continues

“It will sir” the man said

“Don't disappoint me like the last time. That useless man. Deserves to die” the boss said

“I won't let that happen again, sir.” The man said

Then he bows and leave the room

Inside the room

The man on the sofa picks up the glass of wine and leans back to the sofa

“Old man, you are good at hiding huh? However no more, I will kill that precious granddaughter of yours. Daughter of your proud and beloved son” he said and laughs loudly

On the street

The man is driving while calling someone

(Yes sir) the other site said

“Prepare your people. Tomorrow we will execute the plan” the man said

(Yes sir) the other site said

The next day

In the morning

At Takahashi’s mansion

Atsuko sits sadly at the door step in front of the house. She is worries about Yuki. Minami comes and sits down next to her

“Don’t worry, Mizuki. I believe Yuki will be fine” Minami said

Atsuko just nods silently. Minami can notice her face look so sad.

“Don’t you trust me, Mizuki?” he asks in sad tone

Atsuko looks at him with surprised look because of his sad tone.

“Of course, I trust you, Takamina” she said sincerely

Minami smiles gently at her

“Then believe me, Yuki will be fine. Mayu will definitely find her” he pats her head and said

“Don’t be sad ok” he continues

“Ok, thank you, Takamina” Atsuko said and smiles at him

“Good, you finally smile” Minami said in happy tone

Atsuko is very surprise with Minami’s words

“Everyone is very worry about you, especially Acchan” Minami said while looking back to the house

Atsuko turns around and sees Rena are standing there looking at her worriedly. She stands up planning to go to Rena. Before that, she turns and looks at Minami

“Thank you, Takamina” she said

“You’re very welcome, Mizuki” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko smiles at him. Then she turns and walks toward Rena

“Acchan, I’m sorry for making you worry” Atsuko said

“It’s ok, Mizuki.” Rena smiles and pats her head

Minami stands there looking at Atsuko and smiles happily

“Good job, Takamina” Jun comes and said

“I’m glad that he feels a little better now” Minami said

“Now I hope Mayu can find Yuki quickly” he continues

“Me too” Jun said

In the dark room

While Yuki is sleeping, she hears the sound of the door opening. Then the light is turned on. She turns to the door and sees Aya standing there. She just stands there silently. However, Yuki can notice something strange from her eyes.

“Did you think about my words?” she asks

Aya just stays silent and walks toward Yuki. Yuki looks at her with confused look when she stops in front of her. Suddenly Aya takes out a knife. It causes Yuki to even more surprised

“What are you…”

Hasn’t finished her words, Yuki sees Aya bends down and cuts the ropes that tying both of her hands. Suddenly she hears Aya’s voice

“You won, Yuki-san”

“You…” Yuki said in surprised tone when hearing Aya’s voice

“This morning, when I came to the auditorium” Aya said while cutting the rope tying Yuki’s leg


Aya is helping Ayumi with checking the order once again before her concert. While checking, she sees the performance with Yuki’s name on it.

“Her name, why can’t sensei acknowledge me skill” she thought angrily

Suddenly she hears someone call her


“Yes sensei” Aya looks up and said

“Do you need anything?” she continues

“Uh-uh, it is just that you are spacing out” Ayumi looks at her and said

“Is there something bother you?” she asks

“No, sensei. It is just that, today, Yuki-san still didn’t come. What’s happened if she won’t be able to come and do her part?” Aya asks

She wants to know Ayumi’s initial thought first

“There are 3 days away from my concert. I’m sure she can make it” Ayumi said

“In the worse situation, if Yuki-chan can’t make it, I guess I will have to cancel that performance” she continues

Aya holds her fists tightly when hearing that. She calms herself down and said

“Why can’t I?”

“Huh?” Ayumi looks at Aya and asks

Aya stands up while holding her fists tightly

“Why can't I perform in your concert sensei?” She said

“Aya, I told you that you still have to learn more in order to perform” Ayumi said

“Learn more, learn more, learn more. Why did you always tell me that?” Aya raises her voice angrily

“Are all my rewards from a lot of different competitions not enough to provide my talent, my capabilities?” She continues while looking at Ayumi

“Aya” Ayumi stands up and calls her

“As I…”

“Enough, what did she have that I don’t? 10 years sensei. I’m your student since I was 10. Until now, it is already 10 years. I always tried my best so that you can notice me. However, anytime I received a reward, instead of a complement what you said to me was always, “You have to learn more. Don’t let that shine cover your heart”. Not once, sensei, not once that you approved for me to perform with you. Why?” cutting Ayumi’s words, Aya said in angry tone

Then without letting Ayumi say something, she turns around and leaves the place angrily.

End flashback

Yuki is very surprised when hearing that.

“After that, I went back to my house and did an unbelievable thing. I watched all sensei’s performance, your performance at the rehearsal, and mine.” Aya stands up and said

“You did” Yuki said in surprised tone

“Yes, I did. I don’t know why did I listen to a stranger who are my rival in both my favorite career and my rush.” Aya laughs and said

“However, after those hours of watching, I realized one thing. The thing that I should realize since I start learning piano. The lesson of sensei that I should remember by heart. However, because of my stupid pride and confident, I neglected it. I neglected the feelings inside of me.” she continues while looking at the piano

“Just because I didn’t see my mistake, I thought sensei being unfair. I put my frustration on the piano which I should treat as my partner, my best friend, my irreplaceable one. Then from that, I slowly lock all the feelings. I’m so wrong, I can’t face sensei now” She said in regretful tone

Yuki looks at Aya who is looking down sadly while tear dropping on the floor. She can feel her sad and regret

“What are you saying, Aya-chan?” Yuki said in gentle tone

“People make mistake. It is never late for you to return” she continues

“I can’t turn back now. Sensei properly feels very disappointed in me. I remembered clear all her lesson. She tried to teach me a lot of time about feeling. Every of her lesson is about putting my feeling in when playing piano. Letting it emerges with myself.” Aya said

“I believe aunties Ayumi is waiting for you” Yuki said

Aya looks at Yuki with surprised look. Yuki smiles and nods at her

“Go back and apology to her. Telling her how you felt. I believe she will be very happy” Yuki said and pats her head

“You love piano, right? Do you really want to give up?” she asks

Aya shakes her head slight

“With Aya-chan, I believe you can do it.” Yuki said

Aya can feel tear build up in her eyes.

“You don’t hate me, Yuki-san?” Aya asks in small tone

“Why should I? As I said, you aren’t a bad person, and your action just prove it” Yuki smiles and said

“Thank you, Yuki-san” Aya said in tear

“You’re welcome. Now let’s go back and apology to auntie” Yuki pats her head and said
Suddenly a loud gunshot echoes through the small room. Yuki widens her eyes in surprised when seeing Aya slowly falls down on the floor

“Aya-chan” she whispers in surprised tone while sitting down to check on the shot on her back

“Who said you can go huh?”

Yuki looks up and a man pointing a gun at her. Behind him, she sees three other men. She looks at the man again and realized who he is

“Ms. Yuki, Mrs. Ayumi calls you to her office”

“You are that security man” Yuki said in surprised tone

“Yes this is me” the man said while walking into the room

“Why did you shot her? Didn’t you work for her?” Yuki said while frowning

Suddenly the man laughs loudly

“Work for her? Don’t be ridiculous. She is just a tool for me to catch you” the man said

“What do you mean? Who are you?”  Yuki asks

Suddenly something flashes back in her head

“Don’t tell me?” Yuki thought

“You don’t need to know about that. Only know that, you will be the next tool for me to get Maeda Atsuko” the man said

“Just as I thought” Yuki thought

She slowly stands up while looking cautiously at the man

“Aya is fine for now. I have to get out here for her safety. I also can’t let him catch me. If they caught me, Acchan will be in danger” she thought

“I won’t let you harm her” Yuki said

“Really? By yourself? You want to fight with the gun in my hand?” the man said in scornful tone

Yuki smirks

“Don’t underestimate me, jerk. I can do everything to protect her” she said and quickly rushes to the man

Her action surprises him. He never thought Yuki can fight. Because of that thought, her action makes him unable to do something. She kicks his hand making the gun slips out of his hand and flies away. Then Yuki turns around and kicks his stomach making him fly back to the group of men behind him. Taking that chance, Yuki rushes out of the room
The man stands up angrily and shouts angrily

“What are you all standing there for? Catch her useless”

“Yes sir” those men said

Then they all rush out to chase after Yuki.


Yuki is rushing down from the stair and sees that she is in some kind of storeroom basement.

“Where is the exit?” She thought while looking around

Because the place is very dark, she can barely see things very far from her. Suddenly she hears the voice behind her

“Where is she? Split up and look around. She can't run away from here”

Yuki immediately hides behind a big pillar. Suddenly the whole place brightens up.

“Don’t hide little brat. You can’t escape from here” the man shouts

“How can I get out from here?” Yuki thought while looking around

Suddenly, she hears another footsteps. Following that is a cold voice

“Where is the girl?”

Yuki turns to secretly look to see who is it. She sees another man, but she can’t see his face because he is wearing a mask

“I...I’m sorry sir. She ran away here” the man scarily said

“Useless” the masked man slaps the man and said angrily

“How can I raise a stupid dog like this” He kicks the man and said angrily

“I’m very sorry sir” the man kneels and said

“However, don’t worry sir. She can’t escape here” he continues

“You better caught her, or you know the consequence” the masked man coldly said

Yuki turns back and leans on the pillar

“I have to find the way to get out from here” she thought

When she is about to walk, she accidentally kicks on the a steel bar on the ground.

“Man” Yuki thought

She quickly rushes away


Yuki falls on the floor because her leg is shot.

“So you are here, little brat”

“Who are you? Why are you doing this?” Yuki asks while trying to stand up

“I will tell you when I got that little brat in my hand” the man coldly said while walking toward Yuki

“I won’t let you hurt her no matter what” Yuki said

“Don’t force me to kill you here” the masked man said

“Then do it” Yuki said

“Don’t think that once you died, I can’t get that brat. I never failed in getting what I want” the man said

“Sorry, but you will fail this time. I won’t ever let you lay a hand on my little sister” Yuki said seriously

Suddenly she takes out something and spray at the group of men. That is glitter powder. Then she quickly rushes away.

“Luckily, I brought that with me. Not much, but it can help me buy sometime” Yuki thought while running down another stair

However because of her hurt leg, her speed is slowed down. She stops and hold her left leg because of hurt. Sweat is all over her face. She is enduring the pain on her leg

“Come on Yuki, you can do this. You have to get out of here or Acchan will be in danger” she thought.

When Yuki is about to step down from the last step, someone kicks her back making her fall on the ground. Yuki turns around and sees the fake security walking toward her while dragging a baseball bat down the stair

“You little brat, you caused me to be scolded by my boss, I will make you pay” the man said angrily

When Yuki is about to stand up, her hurt leg causes her to fall back

“What’s wrong? Where is a fierce girl who hit me before” the man said sarcastically

“Jerk” Yuki said

“As long as, you are alive. I’m free to do anything to you, and I will make you pay for running away.” The man said in dangerous tone while raising the bat

“Taste this” he said

Yuki closes her eyes thinking that she will be hurt. However instead of feeling hurt, she suddenly feels someone hugging her from behind and a whisper in her ear

“I finally found you, Yuki”

Yuki quickly opens her eyes and looks up.

“Mayu” she calls in surprised when seeing Mayu


That is chapter 13. Hope you guys enjoy reading this.  :D
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 13 04/03/2017
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Hooray for the rescue, but where's that Bitch?

I want to snap her neck and use her mouth as a bottle opener (and maybe 'Toy')

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 14 11/03/2017
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@hackata48: Thank you  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 14  :D

Chapter 14: Important

In the abandon factory

“Taste this brat” he said

Yuki closes her eyes thinking that she will be hurt. Suddenly she feels someone hugging her from behind, and a familiar voice whispers in her ear

“I finally found you, Yuki”

Yuki quickly opens her eyes and looks up.

“Mayu” she calls in surprised when seeing Mayu

Yuki immediately gasps in surprise when seeing his head is bleeding. Mayu shielded for her from the hit

“Mayu, your head” she said in worried tone

“I’m fine, Yuki” Mayu smiles and said

“Who are you brat?” the man shouts

“How dare you hurt, Yuki?” Mayu stands up and said in angry tone

“I don’t care. I only need to eliminate you also” The man said while rushing to Mayu

Mayu kicks his hand which holding the bat. Then he turns around and kick on his face making him fall on the ground.

“Damn you, brat” The man shouts

He puts his hand into his jacket planning to take out his gun. However, Mayu already points the gun at him and said

“I’m police, you are under arrest, Kota Isuka”

Then a lot of police rush in. Seeing that, Kota drops his hand giving up. He is unable to do anything with police surrounding him. Mayu turns and smiles at Yuki

“Yuki, I’m glad you are saf…” Hasn’t finished his words, Mayu falls on the ground lost conscious

“Mayu” Yuki calls him in worried tone

In the hospital

Yuki is sitting inside Mayu’s room. She looks at the man lying there worriedly. His head is bandages. Yuki slowly raises her hand to touch his head

“Idiot, why did you shield for me” Yuki whispers

Suddenly, Mayu raises his hand to hold her hand and said

“Because I want to save you, Yuki” he opens his eyes and said

“Mayu, you are awake” Yuki said in happy tone

“How do you feel, Mayu? Does your head hurt? Do you need anything? Did you feel dizzy? Do you need I call doctor for you?” she keeps asking him a lot of question in worried tone

Mayu smiles at her worried face. He is very happy when knowing that she worries for him a lot. He sits up and puts his finger on her lips. Yuki stops asking and looks at Mayu. Mayu holds Yuki’s hand and said

“Don't worry, Yuki. I'm fine”

“This is just a minor injury” he continues while smiling at Yuki

“Minor? You were hit by a baseball bat. Your head is bleeding a lot, and you lost conscious baka” Yuki said in sobbing tone

“Why did you shield for me? What if something happen to you? Tell me what can I do?” She continues in tear

“Also, that time you have a gun, don’t you. Why don’t you just use it? You are a big baka” Yuki said while wiping her tear

Mayu holds her hand and pulls her into his embrace

“I'm sorry, Yuki. I made you worry. However, at that time, my mind can't think of anything. When I saw him is about to hit you, I can’t think of anything. I don’t even remember I have a gun. The only thing appears in my head is I have to protect you from hurt no matter what” Mayu said

“Baka, I won’t allow you to do that dangerous thing again.” Yuki said

“Ok, I promise you that, Yuki” Mayu strokes her back and said

Suddenly the door opens.

“Yuki, did Mayu wake up?” Minami walks in with Atsuko, Rena, and Jun

Hearing their voice, Yuki and Mayu quickly break their hug. However, they all saw it already when they walked in

“I see. Sorry, did we interrupt you two, Mayu, Yuki?” Jun said in teasing tone

Atsuko, Minami, and Rena are giggling at Jun’s question

“We didn’t do anything, idiot” Mayu shouts in embarrassing

“Seem like someone is shy. Maybe we should leave the room, right Yuki?” Rena said in teasing tone

“Acchan” Yuki calls in embarrassed tone

“We know, let’s go guys” Rena said and pushes Atsuko out while Jun pushing Minami out

“Stop joking” Yuki said

“Ok, guys let's stop teasing them before their mind blows up.” Minami said while giggling at Mayu’s and Yuki’s face

“Oh well. Then let's get back to serious matter” Jun said

Then the 4 come into the room and sit down on the sofa.

“You know that my dad is very angry when he knows that you go against his command” Minami said

“I see. That is what I expected. However, I can’t just stand out when knowing Yuki might be in great danger” Mayu scratches his head and said while looking at Yuki

“Yea, yea I know.” Jun said

“You can't leave your beloved Yuki, right?” He continues and winks at Yuki and Jun making them blush

“Now tell us, where were you been since the day Yuki’s missing? We can’t contact you in anyway” Minami said

“Also, how can you find Yuki?” Rena asks

“About that, after leaving the mansion, I contacted uncle Ichi, my mother’s assistance asking him about the security man who calling Yuki” Mayu said


Outside of the auditorium

Mayu parks his car at where he can observe clearly at the backside of the auditorium. Then he takes out his phone and calls Ichi, his mother assistance. He is the one who told him about Yuki

“Hello uncle Ichi”

(Hi, Mr. Mayu. What can I do for you?) Ichi asks

“I have a question about the security man who called Yuki. Did you see his face?” Mayu asks

(Uhm...I can’t see his face because all the time, he always kept his face turning to Ms. Yuki. Even if he turns around, he still keeps his hat down over his face. It feels somewhat suspicious)  Ichi said

(But why you ask sir? Didn't Ms. Yuki already came home?)  he asks

“Nothing, I just want to find out why did he lie” Mayu said

(I see) Ichi said

“By the way uncle, can you guess how tall he is?” Mayu asks

(Uhm...I guess about 1m7.)

“Ok, thank you, uncle Ichi” Mayu said

(No problem, Mr. Mayu) Ichi said

Then Mayu hangs up the phone

“So he doesn’t have any information about that man huh?” He thought while looking at his phone

“I guess, I will have to use my skill now” he mumbles 

At night

Mayu parks his car at a parking lot about three blocks away from the auditorium. After that, he opens his laptop and accesses the auditorium’s security system. After typing some codes into his computer, he hits the enter button. Then the cameras of the whole auditorium show up

“Hum...let’s see. I only need to see the hallway to the stage and also the back of the auditorium. Let’s also add the parking deck here.” Mayu said while eliminating all the area that he doesn’t need to look at

Mayu looks through the camera, and he notices a man in security suit at the hall.

“Hum, this man look suspicious. Uhm… his height matches with uncle Ichi’s description. That could be him” Mayu thought

He tries to look for the time when the man show his face. However, his cap still covers most of his face. At most, he can only see half of his face.

“Man” Mayu said in angry tone

Suddenly something flashes in his head.

“Let’s try this” he said while searching something with his laptop

“I will search the system of the auditorium for the information of all the security here. I will try to match that part of the man to the database. Hopefully it can give me an optimist result. No, it has to give me a result. I have to quickly find Yuki” Mayu thought

He looks for the information about the suspicious security man. He searches through the whole system and found 5 men that have the highest matching rate with the suspicious man.

“The first one, Kokoro Kuro, 45 years old. Working For 10 years. I know him. He is also best friend with uncle Ichi. He would properly greet him if he came in there. One more thing, he isn’t that high” Mayu said

Then he starts looking at the other 4

“Those three also. The height didn’t match” he said

Finally he comes across a person

“Kota Isuka, working for 3 year. 1m73. About that”

“Let's see. He lives in Shibuya huh. Let's pay him a visit early tomorrow”

Then Mayu continues looking at those cameras especially area around the parking lot and back door. He wants to see if he can find any other suspicious people come out. He expects there will be other people. However, he didn’t notice anything suspicious.

In the morning

Mayu is woken up by the sunlight that shine brightly at his face. He sits up and rubs his eyes.

“I felt asleep. What time is it?” He thought while looking at his phone

“What? It is already 9:00. Man, why did you fall in sleep, Mayu” he scolds himself while starting the engine.

“I guess, I will come to the auditorium. He might be there”

At the auditorium

In security office

“Hello, my name is Watanabe Mayu, I’m a police. Can I meet Kota Isuka?” Mayu said while showing his badge to the security

“Hello sir, Kota is not here today” the security said

“Today is his day off?” Mayu asks

“No, today is his shift, but he doesn’t show up nor informing about anything” the security answers

“I see. Can you give me his address?” Mayu said

“Give me a second sir” the security said

In front an old apartment building

“So his house is in this old building huh?” Mayu thought and walks into the building

It looks very dirty and old. There are a lot of suspicious looking person around the stairs.

“What a place” Mayu thought

Then he comes into the elevator and goes to level 5 of the building.

Now Mayu is standing in front of the house with the address is 501. He rang the bell twice, and wait. However, no one opens the door for him. He rings the bell again, and he receives the same result.

“Kota Isuka, police here. Open the door” Mayu knocks the door and said loudly

Suddenly he hears a woman voice with sexy tone

“Are you looking for Kota?”

Mayu turns around and sees a girl standing there. She leans on the door of her house while looking seductively at Mayu

“Yes, do you know about him?” Mayu asks

“I know a lot of things about him.” the girl walks slowly to Mayu while swaying her waist

However, Mayu doesn’t even give her a look

“Tell me where he is?” Mayu said

“I will tell you everything if you come to my house, handsome” the girl said while touching his chest

Mayu pushes her hand away.

“Don’t play with me. Do you know about him or not” he asks again in serious tone

“Mr. handsome, don’t be so rough like that. I said I will tell you everything, right” she leans closer to him and said

Mayu raises his badge in front of her face and said coldly

“I said tell me about him, or I will sue you for obstructing the person on duty. I know what you are. If you want a peace life, spill everything you know”

The girl is taking back with his cold tone

“Ok, ok, I will tell. You don’t need to be so work up like that.” the girl crosses her arms and said

“I only know his name is Kota Isuka. He seems to be a boss of a group of gangster. He gambles a lot, and does a lot of bad things” she continues

“Do you know where he is?” Mayu asks

“How should I know? However, seem like he didn’t go home since yesterday” the girl said

“Where did he go?” Mayu asks

“I said how should I know? I’m not his mother.” the girl angrily said

Then she walks away into her house, and strong slams the door. Mayu stands there holding his fists tightly

“Damn! I thought I got some clue” He thought angrily

“Yuki, please be ok” he mumbles

When he is about to leave, the door of the girl’s house opens again

“I remember one more thing” she said

“What is it?” Mayu asks

“The day before yesterday, after we … you know what” the girl said and winks at Mayu

Mayu frowns when hearing that

“So what?” he asks in irritating tone

“I overheard he talking to someone over the phone. It is a very strange and suspicious conversation” the girl said

“Strange conversation?” Mayu repeats

“Yes, he said something about helping kidnaping someone. Then abandoned storeroom, and something like that” The girl said

“Kidnapping, helping?” Mayu thought

“Do you know who he talked to?” he asks

“Uhm...If I remember correctly, he called her Ms. Saki, no Ms., what is it again” the girl said

“Saki, Sae…?” Mayu thought while stroking his chin

Suddenly an idea flashes back in his head

“Saeki Aya, no way, it can’t be” he shakes his head and thought

“That’s right, Ms. Saeki” the girl said

“Saeki” Mayu is surprised with what he heard.

“Thank you for your information.” Mayu said and rushes away

He quickly comes to the auditorium to find Aya. He still can’t believe the person behind this is Aya

At the auditorium

Mayu is walking quickly to his mother office. He just called her and verified that Aya is with her in her office. When Mayu is near her office, he suddenly sees Aya rushing out. She stops in front of him with surprised look


When Mayu is about to call her, she rushes away from him. Mayu turns and looks at her direction with confused look. When he turns around, he sees his mother standing there looking at him worriedly

“What’s wrong, mom?” he asks

“That kid, she still hasn’t grown up” Ayumi said

“What do you mean, mom?” Mayu asks

Then Ayumi briefly tells him about their conversation which is about what if Yuki can’t come to her concert. It gives Mayu another thought.

“Could it be?” he mumbles

“Mom, I have to go now.” Mayu said and rushes to chase after Aya

End flashback

“I chased after her, but she left. Luckily, I put my tracking device on her car before I came to my mom’s office. That is why I can find Yuki” Mayu finished

“Wow, what a work you do there, Mayu. Impressive” Jun said

“Yes, it has been so long since I see you this enthusiasm” Minami said

“Of course, it is because of Yuki, right?” Jun winks at Mayu

“Not again guys” Yuki said shyly

Suddenly Atsuko stands up and walks toward Mayu

“Mizuki?” Yuki calls in surprise

“Thank you Mayu for saving Yuki. I own you a lot” she bows deeply at him and said

Her action surprises everyone.

“Yes Mayu, thank you for saving Yuki.” Rena stands up and said

“No problem, Mizuki, you don’t need to bow” Mayu said while smiling

“Ok, the important thing is done. Now I have to go to apology to uncle Kai, and prepare for my punishment” Mayu said in depressed tone

“I’m sorry Mayu” Yuki said

“What are you saying, Yuki? This is not your fault. Even if I can go back time, I still choose to save you because you are very important to me” Mayu said

“Mayu” Yuki calls in surprised while blushing

“Ok, ok the important job is done, this time we will leave for good” Jun stands up and said

“Mayu, we come here to deliver my father’s words” Minami said

“He said: This time you successfully rescued Yuki and arrested the criminal. Therefore, I let you off this time. Next time, if you disobey my order again, prepare for a great punishment” he said in his father voice

“That is what he said. You are lucky buddy” Jun said

Mayu gulps and smiles at them.

“Safe” he said

Then the four leave the room, and the whole room suddenly turns into silent. Mayu and Yuki just look down silently because of shy. Suddenly Yuki speaks up

“Did you mean it, Mayu?”

“Huh?” Mayu looks at Yuki with question look

“What is it, Yuki?” he asks

“Uhm...When you said I’m very important to you, do you mean it?” Yuki asks

“Of course. Yuki, you are very important to me” Mayu answers immediately

Then the room turns silent again

“In what way, Mayu?” Yuki speaks up

“I’m important to you in what way? Is it in a friend mean?” she looks directly in his eyes and asks seriously

Her question surprised him, but not a lot because after the incident, he wants to tell her the deep down feeling in his heart. Mayu holds Yuki’s shoulders and smiles gently at her

“You are more than a friend to me, Yuki” he said gently

“When I first met you, I really don’t know what is this feeling inside of me. It is just like, I can’t take my eyes off you. They just keep looking for your present. To tell the true, I never thought about that. My first impression to you is that you are so cute, I want to talk to you. I want to protect you from danger. The thought of you getting hurt enough to make my heart in pain. Then slowly I realize what does it mean, and now I want to say this feeling out loud to you Yuki.” He continues

Yuki looks at Mayu’s serious eyes while blushing

“I love you, Yuki” Mayu takes a deep breath and said sincerely

Yuki smiles gently while caressing his face

“I love you too, Mayu” she said while smiling gently at him

“Really, Yuki?” Mayu asks with surprised tone

His stupor face makes Yuki laugh loudly. She leans and pecks on his lips

“Of course, baka. If not, I won’t be that worry when you get hurt. Do you know how worry I am?” she said while smiling at him

“Yuki” Mayu calls her happily while hugging her in his arms

“I’m sorry for worrying you, Yuki. I promise I won’t make you worry again” Mayu said

Then Yuki remembers something

“Can you go visit Aya-chan with me?” she looks up and asks

“Aya? What’s happened to her?” Mayu asks

He fainted before he know about the situation in the storeroom

“She was shot when trying to release me” Yuki said

Then she tells Mayu everything

“I see. How is she now?” Mayu asks

“She is fine now, and I heard that she awoke. The bullet didn’t hit any of her major organ. Aunties Ayumi and her parents are there taking of her” Yuki said

“I see, that is good. Of course, but is your leg ok?” Mayu asks gently

“Uh, I’m fine. Still I have to need that walking aid for two days” Yuki nods and said

“Ok, then let’s go” Mayu holds her hand and said

Then he helps her to stand up and support her to walk to Aya’s room


In Aya’s room

“Mom, dad, can I talk to sensei a little?” she asks her parents

“Sure honey” her father said

Inside the room

Aya turns to Ayumi and bows deeps

“Sensei, I’m very sorry for what I said yesterday. I’m also very sorry for what I had done. I disappointed your trust” Aya said

Ayumi looks at her gently

“Sensei is sorry too, Aya” she pats her head and said

“Sensei?” Aya looks at her with confused look

“The way I taught you was wrong. I shouldn’t just say thing like that to you. I have to explain to you more. I failed as your teacher” Ayumi said sadly

“No sensei, I’m the one who wrong here. I shouldn’t let my pride blind me. If I slowly think about your words, I won’t cause this trouble” Aya said while tear dropping down on her hand

“Aya, let’s forget everything and start over. You will always be my proud and important student” Ayumi said

Aya looks at Ayumi in tear. She hugs her and cries loudly

“Thank you sensei” Aya said

Then they hear the knocking from the door.

“Come in” Aya said

The door opens, and Yuki and Mayu walk in. Their appearance surprised her

“Hi mom” Mayu said to Ayumi

“Hello, auntie” Yuki bows and greets her

“Hello you two” Ayum smiles gently and said

Then Yuki turns to Aya and asks

“Hi Aya-chan, how are you?”

Aya looks down silently. She feels so guilty to talk to Yuki. Ayumi stands up and said

“I will go outside, you kids talk to each other”

Then she leaves the room. Yuki comes and sits down next to Aya

“How do you feel now, Aya-chan?” she asks

Aya still looks down silently.

“I’m sorry, Yuki-san, Mayu-san” She whispers

“It was all my fault that you two got hurt. If I didn’t do those stupid things, this wouldn’t happen. I’m sorry” Aya said in tear

Suddenly she feels Yuki pats her head gently. Aya looks up in surprised

“It’s ok, Aya-chan. I told you before, right” Yuki smiles gently and said

“Thank you, Yuki-san” Aya said

Then she looks at Mayu. He still stands there silently. Yuki notices it. She said while standing up

“I forgot I still have to meet my doctor. She needs to check my leg again. I will go first”

“Let’s me help you, Yuki” Mayu said

“It’s fine, Mayu. You stay here. I will be right back” Yuki said

“Ok, at least, let’s me help you to the door” Mayu said while holding her arm gently

“Ok” Yuki smiles


Atsuko, Rena, Minami, Jun are there. Ayumi and Aya’s parents went to talk to her doctor

“Ok, Mayu, you can go now, Mizuki and Acchan will help me” Yuki said

“Didn’t you just want me to talk to Aya. Just sit down” Mayu smiles and said

“You know?” Yuki asks

“Of course, I’m” Mayu said while smiling

“Ok, ok, you two. We got that you two are couple now. Don’t have to be that sweet” Jun teasingly said

“Isn’t that too obvious” Rena said and winks at Yuki

It makes Yuki blush again

“Go and talk to her Mayu. We will protect Yuki here.” Minami said

“Ok, thank you” Mayu said

Then he helps Yuki sits down and goes back into the room

Inside the room

“I’m sorry Mayu-san. I know I can’t ask you to forgive me for what I had done to Yuki-san. However, I want you to know how regret I’m” Aya said while bowing deeply

Mayu looks at Aya and sighs

“Just lean on the pillow and rest, Aya. You are injured” He said while helping her

“Ma...yu...san” Aya calls in surprised

“Yes, I was really angry when I found out that you were the one who kidnapped Yuki. You even caused her to get hurt by those criminal” Mayu said while sitting down

“No, if saying I’m angry, it is not a right word” he continues

“At that time, what I felt really was disappointed. Disappointed because someone I know did something like that” Mayu said

Hearing that Aya look down in regret

“I’m sorry” she said in sad tone


Aya quickly looks up when hearing the word “However”

“After hearing what Yuki said about what happened in that storeroom, I’m happy” Mayu said while smiling

“You are happy?” Aya asks in surprised tone

“Uh, because I always believe you aren’t a bad person. After all we are childhood friend, right?” Mayu smiles and said

“Mayu-san, thank you” Aya said

“Aya, do you remember when we were kid, how did you call me?” Mayu asks

“Mayu-nii” Aya calls in small tone

“Yes, you used to call me that. I don’t know why after I get back from police training in U.S, you changed the way you called me. I thought that must be because you grow up now” Mayu smiles and said

“No, it’s not” Aya whispers

Suddenly she remembers Yuki’s words

“If you want to confess, just do it. If he doesn’t have feeling for you, then you can leave that unrequited love aside and move on with life. Don’t let that unspoken things hold back your life and waste it”

“Uhm...Mayu-san, I...I have something I want to tell you” Aya looks at Mayu and said

Mayu looks at her. He knows what she wants to say

“I...I love you since we were a kid. That is why I was so shy and call you that when you came back from your training.” Aya said

“Thank you, Aya” Mayu said

“However, I’m sorry, I can’t return your love. To me, you are like my little sister.” He continues

“It’s ok, Mayu-nii. I know. You and Yuki-san are matched perfectly to each other.” Aya smiles happily at Mayu

“I feel so happy right now when I can tell you all that feelings. I can now move on. However, first, I have to pay for what I’ve done” Aya said in relief tone

“Don’t worry, Aya. I will definitely help you.” Mayu said

“Thank you, Mayu-nii. I feel a little tired. I want to rest” Aya said

“Ok, I will leave now. Rest well Aya” Mayu said

Then he leaves the room. After the door is closed, Aya’s tear start rolling on her cheek. She slide down on her bed and cries silently

2 days later

Yuki’s leg finally recovered. It is also the concert day. Atsuko and the rest come to the auditorium to watch Ayumi’s and Yuki’s performance.

Inside the auditorium

“Thank you everyone for coming here to my concert today. To close this concert, I have a special performance for you all here. I will perform as dual with a very special person, especially special to my son.” Ayumi said and looks at Mayu when she said her last sentence

Her words make him blush

“Everyone, please give a big applause to welcome Yuki” Ayumi said happily

There is a big applause welcoming Yuki to the stage. Yuki steps out and bows at the audience. She looks at Mayu and smiles at him. Mayu also smiles back at her. He mumbles

“Do your best, love”

Then Yuki and Ayumi sit on their perspective piano, and start playing the piece


In another place

Exchanging for the happy, warm, and heartfelt feeling, there is a very heavy and cold atmosphere. There is a man sitting on the sofa and another man standing in front of him while bowing

“Failed again huh?” He said in angry tone

“I'm sorry sir” The man bows and said

“Useless” the man on the sofa said while throwing the glass at the standing man

The glass falls on the floor and break into pieces

“I'm sorry sir. Next time, I will catch her for sure” the man keeps bowing and said

Suddenly a woman voice appears

“What was all that commotion”

Then a woman with a black dress walking toward the man on the sofa

“About that brat again” she asks while sitting on his laps

“Who else? Those stupids useless. Can't even catch a brat” the man said angrily

“I don't understand why bother catching that little brat. Just kill her already” the woman said in cold tone

“Her existence is still a mystery to a lot of people. Just get rid of her and find that stupid will of that old man” she continues

“You are a dangerous woman” the man said while lifting her chin up

“Don't you like it” the woman said seductive

“Of course.” The man said and laughs

“Sir, then what do I have to do next?” The standing man asks

“What else? Do as my mistress said. Kill that brat. This time, I don't want to hear any failure or you know what to do” the man said in cold tone

"One more thing, you know what to do with a failure, right?" he continues

“Yes sir. I won't let you down again” the man said

Then he leaves the room.


That is chapter 14. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Oh... getting rough and dangerous now....

kill order....

what's going to happen next?

cant wait to find out

thank you for the update

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 15 25/03/2017
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@cisda83: Thank you  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 15  :D

Chapter 15: The Beginning of the End

In early morning

At Takahashi mansion

As normal routine, Atsuko and Minami are walking around the backyard while talking to each other happily.

“I'm glad that everything is good now. Yuki finally found her second half. Also, Aya-san got probation instead of going to jail.” Atsuko smiles happily and said

“Uh, I'm glad about that too” Minami smiles and said

“Aya gave her testimony honestly. She was tricked by that Kota man. He took her weakness and talked her to do that. He also admitted that he saw her jealousy toward Yuki and plotted this plan. However, no matter what, he still didn’t say who was the one order him. He said he plotted it himself because he overheard about the heir” he thought

“I don’t think he was the one doing this. No one can really know about the heir of Maeda clan. It has to be someone behind pulling him” he continues his thought

While thinking, he hears Atsuko’s call


Her call snaps him out of his thought. He turns to her and asks

“What’s it, Mizuki?”

“Nothing. It is just that you are spacing out. Are you worrying about the test today?” Atsuko asks

“No, it is just some random stuff. It is nothing important.” Minami smiles and said

“Also about the test, I’m not worry. After all, I was trained by this greatest sensei. Sensei will support me all the time, right?” he continues in happy tone while rounding his arm on her shoulders

His action makes Atsuko look down shyly.

“O...of course, I...I will always support you, Takamina. However, don’t call me that. I can’t help you with anything” she said

“Baka, your support is enough, Mizuki. You are my great support. My bestest friend” Minami smiles at Atsuko and said

His words make Atsuko blush, but she quickly tries to erase the blush.

“W...when will you go, Takamina?” Atsuko asks

“Uhm...I guess after we finish walking” Minami said

“Then let’s go back, Takamina. You should go early and prepare.” Atsuko said

“It’s ok, Mizuki. The test won’t begin until 10” Minami said

“Plus, it is very fun talking while walking like this every morning with you” he continues while smiling

His words surprising her. She is very happy when hearing that.

“Me too. I feel very happy too. I learned a lot of new things here from you, Takamina.” Atsuko said

Then they continue their walk.

In the evening

At the police department

In the hallway

“Congratulation on passing, Takamina.” Mayu rounds his arm on his shoulder and said

“No only that, the top too. Invincible Takahashi” Jun adds

“Our Takamina is finally back” he continues

“Thank guys.” Minami smiles and said

“At first, I was so worry.” Mayu said

“Yea, suddenly you seem so off. I thought your trauma is back. However, when you pulled the trigger, it is perfect.” Jun said

“Uh, very impressive.” Mayu said

Minami smiles when hearing that

“It is all thank to Mizuki” he thought while smiling


In the shooting range

Minami stands in his position while pointing the gun at the target.

“You don’t deserve to hold a gun.”

“You will dirty it.”

Suddenly those bad memory flashes back to his head again. His heart suddenly beats faster. Sweat is running down on his face. His eyes start getting blurry

“No, I can’t” he thought

When he is about to give up, Atsuko’s voice echoes in his head

“You aren't a murderer, Takamina. You are a great police. I know you not just train yourself in shooting for fun. You want to protect everyone with that amazing skill, right?”

“I will always support you, Takamina”

He can feel like Atsuko is standing next to him and give him the support he needs

“Yes, I didn’t train shooting for fun or anything. I learn this to be a good police and protect everyone” He thought

His eyes turns serious and determined. Then he pulls the trigger.

End flashback

“Ok, we all successfully completed the test. We should go back to Takahashi mansion quickly and celebrate. My lovely Yuki must be waiting for me” Mayu said

“Yea, we know you got a girlfriend. Don’t be full of yourself here” Jun said

“Then why don’t you confess to Rena. Don’t stay here and jealous over other’s happiness” Mayu said while giggling proudly

“Who said that I feel jealous?” Jun said

While those two are talking and teasing each other, Minami got a call. He looks at the caller and realizes that is his father

“Hello dad”

Minami frowns when hearing what his father said.

“Ok, we will be right there” he said and hangs up

Jun and Mayu are talking to each other. Suddenly he hears Minami’s serious tone. They turn to him and asks

“What’s wrong, Takamina?”

“We go work to do before we can go back and celebrate” Minami said

Then they all follow Minami to his father’s office.

In front of Kai’s office

Minami knocks the door.

“Come in” They hear Kai said

Then Minami opens the door and the three walk in

“Uncle” Jun and Mayu greet him

“Dad” Minami greets him

“Dad, Toka Isuka is dead?” he quickly asks

Jun and Mayu are surprised with what Minami said

“What? How can that happen? Who killed him” they said at the same time in surprised tone

“He killed himself this morning while the police test is running” Kai said while turning on the TV screen

Minami, Jun, and Mayu turn and look at the TV. They frown in surprised when seeing the prison where Toka is. They see Toka is in sitting position on the bed at the corner of the room. His right hand is holding something. There is blood dripping down from his hand, and blood is all over his clothes.

Minami, Jun, and Mayu frowns trying to look to see what is the cause of his dead.

“A spoon?” Minami said in surprised tone when seeing what is it.

“Uh, when my people checked on him, they saw he stabbed himself at his throat by the handle of a spoon.” Kai nods and said

“So he sharpened the handle of the spoon and used it to committed suicide. But where did he get that spoon?” Mayu said

“Maybe he took one from the food tray and hid it” Jun said

“Uh, by the look, it could be it” Kai said

“Dad” Minami calls Kai

“What is it, Minami?” Kai asks

“Did he really kill himself dad?” Minami asks

“He did. The camera that are placed in there recorded that” Kai answers while showing them the clip.

In the clip, they see Toka sitting on his bed while holding the spoon. Suddenly he laughs madly. After that he takes the spoon and strongly pierces into this throat. He falls back on his bed and leans on the wall and died immediately. Minami, Jun, and Mayu are very surprised with what they see.

“So he really did kill himself” Jun said

“It seems so” Mayu said

Minami still keeps silent while looking at the clips again. He still feels something odd with this incident. Seeing Minami silent, Kai asks

“Minami, what are you thinking?”

“I feel something is weird from that clip, but I can’t point it out.” Minami said while frowning

“I see. I will order Juichi to investigate about that.” Kai said


At Takahashi mansion

Atsuko is walking back and forth in her room while waiting for Minami to go back. Rena and Yuki look at Atsuko’s worried face. They know Atsuko is worry about Minami’s test

“Acchan, don’t worry. Takamina will pass this easily. After all he is the strongest shooter in police department, right?” Yuki said

“Yuki is correct Acchan. Takamina will be fine. You saw him training, right?” Rena stands up and said

“Uh, but I’m still worry. After all, he just training shooting again. Plus, it is already late. Why didn’t he call yet?” Atsuko said in worried tone

“Don’t worry my little Acchan. He will be fine. Maybe he has some work to do. Come on let’s go to the music room. I will play music for you” Yuki smiles and said

“Yes, let’s go Acchan, we can play some chess there too” Rena said

Then the two pull her to the music room. They know Atsuko loves music, and it is the only way can help her relax.

In Minami’s car

Jun is driving back to the mansion.

“Takamina, what is the weird thing that you said earlier?” Mayu asks

“I don’t know. I can’t point it out. I just feel something is weird from Toka” Minami said

“I see.” Mayu said

“I also have a wonder. How can Toka Isuka know about Acchan?” Jun said

“Yea, I’m still thinking about that too. He is just a gangster. How can he got that top-secret information?” Mayu said

“People in Maeda clan are most suspicious about this.” Minami said

“Uh” Mayu and Jun nods in agreement

“Maybe, one of them hired him to kidnap Yuki.” Mayu said

“I have another wondering” Minami said

“What's it, Takamina?” Jun asks

“Is Maeda clan the only party that involves in this case?” Minami said

“You mean there could be more?” Mayu asks

“I don't know. I just have that feeling. I felt like whatever we do, they all know it.” Minami said

“Uhm...that is true, but who is the other party?” Jun said in wonder tone

“Guess we still have to investigate more. However, the most important thing is tightening the protection for Acchan, Yuki, and Mizuki” Minami said

“Yes” Mayu and Jun said

Back to Takahashi mansion

In the music room

Atsuko and Rena are playing chess while listening to Yuki’s music. Then they hear a knocking sound

“Come in” Rena said

The door opens and Keiko walks in

“What is it, Keiko-san” Rena asks

“Ms. Atsuko, young master and his friends are back” she informs then

Atsuko stands up immediately. She is waiting for this new for so long. She quickly rushes out of the room to downstairs before Rena and Yuki can react. Her action amuses them. They look at each other and smile


Atsuko is walking downstairs. She stops in the middle and smiles happily when seeing Jun and Mayu walking in. However, she doesn't see Minami with them. Plus, their expressions look so serious and somehow sad

Then Rena and Yuki reach her

“Mizuki, why are you standing here?” Rena asks when seeing Atsuko just standing there

“I didn't see Takamina” Atsuko said

Then she quickly rushes to Jun and Mayu

“Jun, Mayu where is Takamina?” Atsuko asks them

They just stay silent and look down. This cause Atsuko worry more

“Guys, where is Takamina?” She asks again in more worried tone

“Mayu, where is Takamina?” Yuki asks Mayu

“He is at the lake” Mayu said

Atsuko quickly rushes to the lake to find Minami.

In the house

Mayu and Jun look at each other and high five. Their action confuses Rena and Yuki

“What's wrong you two?” Yuki asks

“Nothing, we just helped Takamina to pull up a small play”

“A play?”  Rena and Yuki said at the same time

“Uh” Mayu and Jun nod

“Let's put that aside. Yuki, don't you worry about my test? Why don't you ask me anything” Mayu pouts while holding Yuki's hand

“I know you will pass it. My Mayu is the best” Yuki smiles and said sweetly

“Yuki, you are the best.” Mayu said while leaning his head on Yuki's shoulder

Suddenly they hear Jun’s voice

“Acchan, don't you worry for my test? Why didn't you ask me anything”

He imitates Mayu's voice to tease him

“I know you will pass it. My Jun is the best” Rena said in teasing tone

She also imitates Yuki’s sweet tone

“Aww! You are so sweet, Acchan” Jun said

“Yes, I never thought I can be this sweet. It is true that love can change a person, right Jun?” Rena continues teasing

“Yup, Mayu all of sudden become so spoiled” Jun said

Their tease make Mayu and especially Yuki blush madly

“Cut it out, you two” She said in embarrassing

“What did we do? We didn’t do anything, right Jun?” Rena said innocently

“True, we didn’t do anything. We just talking to each other, right?” Jun shrugs and said

“ the way, how about Takamina? Did he pass this test? Mizuki is really worry about him. Also, why did he not come here?” Yuki said trying to divert the topic

“Acchan, seem like someone is trying to divert the topic” Jun said

“Ok guys, don’t tease my Yuki like that.” Mayu said

“Did you hear that Acchan? Don't tease Mayu's Yuki ok” Jun said while giggling

“I got that Jun. I won't tease Mayu's Yuki anymore” Rena said

They still don't give up on teasing the newly couple.

“You guys stop teasing me” Yuki said in embarrassing

“Ok, ok” Rena and Jun said while giggling

“Back to the business, how did Takamina do on his test guys?” Rena asks

“Yes, Mizuki is worry about him a lot. Especially when he saw your depressed face” Yuki said

“About that…” Jun and Mayu said while smiling at each other


Atsuko reaches the lake. She sees Minami sitting by the lake silently.

“Takamina looks sad” Atsuko said while looking at Minami's back

She has a feeling the he just sits there sadly.

“Could it be…” Atsuko thought

This thought makes her don't know what to do. She slowly walks toward Minami and sits down next to him silently.

“Takamina” she calls him

“Hey Mizuki” Minami said in sad tone

“He is really sad. Did something happen on the test? How can I cheer him up?” Atsuko thought worriedly

Suddenly Minami speaks up

“I'm sorry, Mizuki”

Atsuko looks up in surprised when hearing what Minami said

“So it is true” she thought

“It's ok, Takamina. If you didn't success on this test, you still can be a police, right? Next time, yes, next time, I'm sure you will pass it. I'm positive about it” Atsuko said trying her best to cheer him up

Minami looks at Atsuko who is clumsily cheering him up. This make his heart feel very warm

“I'm so lucky to have a friend like him” Minami smiles in his mind and thought

“About this mission, I will tell Acchan to talk to uncle Kai. I don't want you to leave this mission. I want you to be our protector, Takamina” Atsuko said while her eyes start getting moist because of tear

However, Atsuko quickly turns to the lake while looking down. Minami is surprised when seeing that.

“I heard that if you were removed from this mission, I can't meet you again. You are my first friend since I came here. I….you give me the safe feeling that I felt when I'm with Acchan and Yuki. You are my important friend. I really don't want you to leave. I really don't want that” Atsuko said while holding her fists tightly

Minami widens his eyes in surprised when seeing tear dropping down the ground. He can feel his heart is hurt because of her tear

“Mizuki” he thought

Then he sees Atsuko sits straight up while wiping her tear

“I'm sorry. I'm a man. I shouldn't cry. Takamina, please see this as I'm begging you, please don't leave this mission” Atsuko said still wiping tear that keep rolling on her cheeks

He smiles gently and pats her head

“Don't worry, Mizuki. I won't ever leave this mission” Minami said gently

“Really?” Atsuko looks at him and asks

Minami smiles and nods

“Of course. However, I really have to say sorry to you first, Mizuki” Minami said

“It's ok, Takamina. I know you did your best. Let's train more to get over your fear, ok” Atsuko smiles at Minami and said

“Mizuki, listen to me” Minami said

“What's it, Takamina?” Atsuko asks in confused

“I'm sorry I lied to you” Minami said

“Huh?” Atsuko tilts her head in confused

“Actually, I passed the police test. I also got the gold medal for the test” Minami said while showing Atsuko his prize

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised. Her mind still can't catch up with what Minami said

“Takamina, you mean you passed?” She asks him

“Uh, I passed. And it all thanks to you and your training” Minami said in happy tone

“Here is the proof of our hard work” he continues while giving Atsuko the medal

Atsuko slowly raises her hand to take it. She looks at the golden medal with the words “The Best Score”

Her lips slowly form a wide smile. Her eyes lit bright up in happy. She looks at Minami and said in happy tone

“You did it, Takamina. You passed. Congratulations”

“Uh, thank you Mizuki” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko looks at the medal while smiling innocently.

“If Minami passed this test, then he can still be the captain and continue protecting me. This is so great” she thought to herself

Minami looks at Atsuko. Though he sees that she's really happy. He still feels guilty for worrying her and making her sad

“Uhm...Mizuki” Minami calls her

“What is it, Takamina?” Atsuko turns to look at Minami and asks

“I'm really sorry for lying to you. I didn't mean to make you sad and cry like that” Minami said

“It's ok, Takamina. I know you only want to surprise me. I'm not mad. You passed is all the matter. I'm very happy, right now” Atsuko turns and smiles at Minami her brightest smile

Minami suddenly feels his heart skip a beat when seeing that.

“What's this?” He thought

“Alright, Takamina, can I take your medal to show to Acchan and Yuki?” Atsuko asks while standing up

Her words snap him out of his thought

“Ah...uhm...sure” Minami nods and said

Then Atsuko rushes back to the mansion to meet Rena and Yuki.

Back to the lake

*Ba-dump* *Ba-dump* *Ba-dump*

Minami touches his heart and feels it keep beating like crazy.

“Calm down, Minami. What's wrong with you?” Minami thought to himself

“Mizuki is a guy, remember that. He is just weak and soft like a girl, but he is a guy. Don't be stupid.” He keeps reminding himself

He doesn't know he felt this way because that is his instincts feeling toward a girl names Maeda Atsuko not a boy names Maeda Mizuki.

In the early morning

Atsuko wakes up early. She happily preparing herself and then rushes out of her room to Minami's room which is opposite hers. She knocks his door and calls Minami happily


Minami opens the door and sees Atsuko's happy face

“Let's go to walk, Takamina” she said in happy tone

“Uhm...I...I’m sorry, Mizuki. I'm busy today” Minami said

He can see her eyes immediately turn disapointed.

“I'm sorry Mizuki.” he said in sad tone

“It's fine. We can take a walk together tomorrow” Atsuko said while smiling at him

“I...I’m sorry, Mizuki. I can’t make it tomorrow, too.” Minami said

She sees sad look in Minami’s eyes. She quickly pats his shoulder and said while smiling

“It’s ok, Takamina. I understand. Don’t worry, Takamina. We can always take a walk together some other time”
“You are busy, right. I will go back to my room now. See you later” she continues and quickly walks back to her room

Minami looks at Atsuko who is quickly closing the door behind her. Then he sighs and closes his door.

“I’m sorry Mizuki. I have to settle this crazy feeling inside me” Minami thought and walks back to his desk continue looking the case

He wants to use work to distract him.

In the morning

Atsuko's POV

It has been a week since Takamina and I talk to each other. I don't know why, but seem like he is avoiding me.

I don't know. Did I make him mad or something? I really don't know. I'm confused. Why it has to be so complicated?

Today, I also didn't see him. I'm now walking down to the dining room for dinner. Hopefully I can see him there. I don't know why, but I miss him.

End Atsuko's POV

Atsuko opens the door of the dining room and walks in. Rena, Yuki, Jun, and Mayu are already there. She tries to look for Minami, but she doesn't see him anywhere.

“Good morning, Mizuki”

While looking around, she hears Rena’s voice. She turns and smile at her

“Good morning, Acchan, Yuki” Atsuko said

“Good morning, Jun, Mayu” then she turns and said to Jun and Mayu

“Come here, Mizuki” Yuki said

Atsuko nods and sits down next to Yuki and Rena.

“How is your sleep, Mizuki?” Rena asks

“Very good” Atsuko lied

In the whole week, her mind is always thinking about Minami and his strange behavior.

“I see, that is good” Rena said

“Let’s eat your breakfast, Mizuki. We cooked this for you this morning” Yuki said

“Yes, Mizuki. Eat up.” Rena said while smiling

Of course, Rena and Yuki notice that. They notice her sad face for the whole week. Therefore, they want to cheer her up

“Yuki, so that is why you wake up so early huh? I’m jealous.” Mayu said in pouting tone

“Don’t be jealous, Mayu. I also have a special treat for you at lunch” Yuki smiles sweetly and said

“Aww!! Thank you, my lovely Yuki.” Mayu said in happy tone

“You two don’t need to be so sweet all the time like that especially in front of a lonely single person like me” Jun said

“Ahh...I feel so lonely. You got a girlfriend now, and Takamina will also get one soon. I’m the lonely one” he continues

Atsuko is surprised and looks up at them when hearing that. Rena and Yuki notice that.

“Takamina is about to have a girlfriend?” Yuki asks in surprised tone

“Uh, yesterday, he went back to his parents’ house for dinner. This evening, he will go on a blind date” Mayu said

“A blind date?” Rena repeats in more surprised tone

“Uh, a blind date. However, it is weird. Normally he will deny his mother request. I wonder why did he agree” Jun said

“Yea, I think so too. He seems a little weird these days. I wonder what’s up with him” Mayu said

Suddenly Atsuko stands up

“I’m full now. I will go back to my room” she said and leaves the dining room

Atsuko closes the door and sighs

“Why did my heart feel so empty when hearing that?” She thought

Then Atsuko walks back to her room.

At the same time

Minami walks downstairs toward the dining room. When he is at the middle of the stairs, he sees Atsuko walking on the other direction.

“Mizuki” Minami thought in surprised

His heart suddenly beats faster again. This whole week, he tried to avoid her because of this strange feeling inside him.

Then he sees Atsuko stops and looks at him. However, before he can say anything, Atsuko immediately looks down and walks passes him.

“Mizuki” Minami turns and looks at her back

Suddenly he remembers her face

“Why his face looks so sad?” He thought

In the evening

In Minami's car

Minami is on his way to the meeting place where his mom told him.


In Takahashi mansion

In the dining room

“Minami, your father said that tomorrow, you are free, right?” Minami's mother asks him

Minami looks at his father in surprised. Of course, he is not free. He has to protect Atsuko group.

“Yes, Tamako, he is free tomorrow. I gave him a day off” Kai said

Minami looks at his father with confused look

“Then that is good” Tamako said

“What is it, mom?” Minami asks

“I arranged a blind date for you.” Tamako said

“What? A blind date?” Minami said in surprised tone

“Uh. She is my friend’s daughter. She is a doctor of Tokyo University hospital. She went to study medical in U.S. she just came back here 6 months ago. She is a good choice” Tamako smiles and said

“Mom, I told you before, right?” Minami said

“Minami, I just want you to soon have a wife. You are 26 now and you are still single. Mayu also got a girlfriend now. Jun will soon get girlfriend for him. The girl who sat next to him in Ayumi’s concert, I think they will soon be together. Just you left, Minami.” Tamako said

“Mom, I will find the person I love myself” Minami said

“By the way, you seem to be very close with the young boy who sat next to you, right?” Ignoring Minami's words, his mother said

Minami is surprised with his mother’s words

“Mom, Mizuki and I are just friend” He said

“Minami, I just want to say, you are the only heir of Takahashi clan.” Tamako said

“Mom, what are you thinking? I told you Mizuki and I are just friend just like Jun and Mayu. We are guys. Nothing can ever happen between us” Minami said

“Ok, ok, I will go to the blind date tomorrow” he continues

“Good. We are waiting good news from you” Tamako said in happy tone

End flashback

Minami sighs and thought

“Why did I agree to this blind date?”


In Atsuko's room

Atsuko sits silently on her bed. She hugs her knees while resting her chin on them. She feels sad, extremely sad when hearing Minami will go to a blind date. She doesn't know why, but she feels like there is a big hole in her heart. Tear unconsciously rolls on her cheeks without her even knowing it.

Then the door of her room opens. Rena and Yuki walk in with worried face. They know Atsuko must be very sad when hearing about Minami's blind date

“Acchan” they call her gently

Atsuko looks up that them. Their heart tightens when seeing her tearful eyes

“Acchan” Yuki hugs her tightly

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan, why my heart feel so hurt? I don't know why?” Atsuko said in tear

“My poor little Acchan” Rena pats her head and thought

They really want to tell her that she already loves him, but again she can't either reveal her identity or her truth self. They trust Minami, Jun, and Mayu, but they still feel very risky to reveal Atsuko's real identity now because everything around them is still very blurry and unclear. Also those people who wants to harm Atsuko. They don't want to risk Atsuko's life. Therefore, the only thing they can do is staying by her side comforting her

Back to Minami

Minami parks his car at the parking lot of the restaurant. Suddenly he remembers Atsuko's sad face and her words

“Takamina, you are my first friend since I came here. You are my important friend”

“Why did I have to come here? What did I want to escape? I don't care about this stupid feeling. I just know that Mizuki is very important to me. I can't use this blind date as an excuse for the stupid mess inside my head. I will put everything aside until I complete this mission” He said to himself

Then Minami takes out his phone and call his mother

“Hello mom”

(Minami, are you here? We all are here now) Tamako said

“I'm sorry mom. I have an urgent police business. I have to go now. I'm sorry I have to cancel this meeting. Also, mom, I have a very important business to do. Please don't arrange any blind date for me again” Minami said

Then he hangs up

In the restaurant

There is only Kai and Tamako there

“See honey, I told you he won't come” Kai said while laughing softly

“Ok, ok, my husband is the best. Telling me to cancel the arrangement beforehand. However, he still can't find for him a girlfriend. She is a good girl after all.” Tamako said

“Don't worry. He will find for him one soon, very soon.” Kai smiles and said

Tamako looks at her husband with confused look.

Back to Minami

After talking to his mother, Minami hangs up the phone and leaves the place. Minami quickly drive back to the mansion. While driving, he got a phone call from Mayu.

“What is it, Mayu?” Minami picks up his phone and asks

(President Maeda’s condition suddenly got worst. We are on our way there) Mayu said in hurry tone

Minami widens his eyes in surprised

“I will get there, right away” Minami said

30 minutes later

Minami reaches the secret place to the Maeda hospital. He quickly rushes to the room where he came there whenever Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki came.

He quickly opens the door. Suddenly he hears Atsuko's painful calls


He sees her kneel down on the floor, and she is hugging Rena and Yuki tightly. They are crying because of the deadly sound they hear


Minami stays still at his place and doesn't know what to do. Jun and Mayu close their eyes and look down

There is only Atsuko's crying sound through the place.

“Grandpa is my only family. If something happens to him, I really don't know what to do”

“I will always be with you whenever you need me, Mizuki”

Minami remembers Atsuko's words at the island and also his promise with Atsuko.

“I can't help him when he needs me the most. Useless” He scolds himself while tear rolling down on his cheeks


That is chapter 15. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 15 25/03/2017
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Ah.. Is the grandpa dead?

What will happen next?

Will they be able to solve who try to kill Atsuko?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 16 08/04/2017
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@cisda83: Thank you  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is Chapter 16  :D

Chapter 16: Lost

45 minutes before Minami reach the secret place

Outside of Takahashi mansion

There is a black van rushing out of the gate of the mansion in a hurry manner. At the drive seat is Jun and next to him is Mayu. They just received a call from Kai telling them that Atsuko’s grandfather’s condition suddenly turned worse. After the call, they quickly rush to the car to go to the hospital

On the small road

Now, Jun and Mayu are taking Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki to the secret room at the hospital. Atsuko is very worry about her grandpa, her only family in this world. She doesn't know what to do. She holds her shirt tightly in panic and scared.

“Grandpa, grandpa, please don't leave Atsu, please” she keeps repeating those words in her mind while tear dropping down on her hand

Her heart beats so fast because of scared and doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly she remembers Minami.

“I will always be with you whenever you need me, Mizuki”

“Takamina is not here. Takamina, I need you, Takamina, where are you?” she thought shakily

She doesn't know why, but she wants his support. She wants him to be here with her. She is very scared if something happens to her grandpa. She wants him to tell her that her grandpa will be ok, everything will be fine. She wants his protection.

Rena and Yuki are sitting in the front. They look at Atsuko at the back seat with worried eyes. They know how scared she is now.

“Acchan, please be strong” they thought

After 15 minutes

They finally reach the place. Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki quickly rush to the room.

In the room

Atsuko is looking worriedly at the TV screen which is connected with the room of her grandpa. His doctor is trying his best to save him. The sound of his weak heartbeat echo through the room.

“Grandpa, grandpa, Atsu is here. Please don't leave Atsu alone” Atsuko thought while tear rolling down on her cheeks

“Don't worry, Mizuki. Grandfather will be fine.” Yuki whispers

“Everything will be fine” Rena adds in whisper tone

Suddenly, Atsuko sees his heartbeat drop significantly and then a long deadly sound echoing through the whole room tearing her heart apart.


Her family, her only family just left her forever. Atsuko can feel the pain in her heart. It is so great that she doesn't how to react. She wants to scream, but her voice didn't come out

“Please don't leave Atsu. Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa.” she calls him repeatedly in her head

“Grandpa” she calls him out loud while kneeling down on the floor

Rena and Yuki hug Atsuko, and they cry together

At the same time, Minami comes and opens the door. He hears Atsuko’s painful voice and sees her painful face.

“Takamina, you are my important friend”

“Mizuki, I will always be by your side whenever you need me”

“Thank you, Takamina”

“You are a liar Takahashi Minami.” Minami holds his fists tightly in anger and scolds himself

Then Kai comes in.

“Acchan, I stopped Maeda people to come into his room. You can come in to see him one last time” he said

“Thank you uncle” Rena stands up and said

Then the three walks into the room. Before they close the door, Rena turns and said to Kai

“I’m sorry uncle, can you turn off those camera as usual. We want to be alone with grandpa”

“Of course. As always.” Kai said

He goes into the room together with Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki. After that, Kai leaves the room by the main door

Inside the room

Atsuko rushes to her grandpa and kneels down next to his bed. He is lying there motionless with a white cloth cover him. She uses her shaky hand to slowly open it. Her tear starts rolling more on her cheeks when seeing Ryuu’s face

“Grandpa” Atsuko buries her face on his hand and cries

Rena and Yuki are standing near her. Their tear are also rolling down on their cheeks. Ryuu and Atsuko are also their only family. Now Ryuu is gone. It also hurt a lot. However, they know they have to be strong because they know Atsuko is hurt more than that. They want to be her support

“Grandpa, grandpa, why don’t you open your eyes and look at Atsu” Atsuko shakes his arm and said in tear

“Grandpa, Atsu is here. Atsu is here. Why did grandpa leave Atsu alone?” she continues in painful tone

“Acchan, don’t be sad. Grandfather will be worry” Yuki bends down next to her and said

“Uh, Acchan. Grandfather didn’t leave you. He will always be with you and watch over you” Rena said

“I don’t want that. I want grandpa here. I want grandpa be with me physically” Atsuko said and cries louder

“Acchan” Rena and Yuki call her worriedly

Her crying voice echoes through the room. It saddens Rena and Yuki a lot because they can’t help her with anything except looking at her painfully

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” suddenly Atsuko calls them in hurtful tone while looking at them

They look at Atsuko’s eyes which are filled with pain and sadness

“Did I do anything wrong? Am I a bad granddaughter? Is grandpa angry at me? Grandpa doesn’t love me anymore?” she asks them while tear keep rolling on her cheeks

“What are you saying Acchan? Of course, he loves you” Rena said to her in tear while wiping her tear

“Grandfather loves you more than anything in this world, Atsuko. He loves you very much. You know that” Yuki said

“Then why did he leave me? Why did everyone I love leave me? Daddy, Mommy, and now grandpa. Why did they leave me alone?” Atsuko said painfully

“Atsuko, don’t be stupid. They all love you. They all love you very much” Rena hugs Atsuko and said

“Atsuko, you know that right. Mom, Dad, Grandfather love you. Of course, if they have a choice, they will never  want to leave you. You are their only and most precious daughter and granddaughter” Yuki also hugs her and said

“I don’t want they to leave me Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan. It is hurt a lot. I’m all alone” Atsuko cries painfully in their arms

“Baka, Atsuko, you aren’t alone. We are here for you, little sister” Yuki whispers

“Yes, Atsuko, we love you and we will always be with you and protect you, our most precious little sister” Rena pats Atsuko’s head and said gently


Outside Ryuu’s room

There are a lot of people standing there. They are Maeda members.

“Why don’t you let us in? Inside this room is our father, grandfather. Can’t we see him one last time?” A middle aged man said in angry tone

His name is Maeda Hayate, the second son of Ryuu and Atsuko’s uncle. He just moved back from Osaka to manage company because of Ryuu’s condition.

“Calm down, Hayate” the woman next to him said

Her name is Maeda Toyama Miku, and she is his wife and a former model.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t go in. Before Sakuya comes back here with uncle Ryuu’s result, no one can come in. When everything is done, I will let you in.” Kai said

“What do you mean we can’t come in, right now? Why did we have to wait for the result?” a woman asks

Her name is Maeda Hinata, third daughter of Ryuu, Atsuko’s aunt. She is also the doctor and director in this hospital. The middle aged standing next to her is her husband, Suzuki Ichi who is also managing one of Maeda Corp branch in Tokyo.

Two young men behind them are their son, Suzuki Itachi and Suzuki Tenchi. Itachi is also surgery doctor as his mother Hinata and Techi is working in one of Maeda branch as architect.

“I can’t say anything. This is police business” Kai answers

“Police business? This is Maeda clan business. Why didn’t you let us in?” an old man step up and asks in angry tone

His name is Maeda Tora, Ryuu’s younger brother and Atsuko’s great uncle.

“We totally have the right to go in there, right Maki?” He continues while looking at the young girl who is standing beside  Hayate and Miku.

Maki is the eldest daughter of Hayate and Miku. She is also the eldest granddaughter of Ryuu, and she is a lawyer

“Yes, great uncle” Maki said

“I’m sorry, but before uncle submitted into this hospital, he gave me, Takahashi Kai, the right to protect his patient room even if something happened to him. Therefore, the police still has the right to hold you all here until I let you in” Kai said

“Do you want to see his written paper for this?” He asks

The Maeda members stay silent. They know they can’t do anything because Kai holds all the paper of Ryuu

“Now, can you please have a seat and wait for Dr. Yamamoto?” Kai said

Some of Maeda members is very angry, but they can’t do anything.

After awhile, Sakuya comes back with his report

“I’m sorry for making you waiting, uncle Kai” he said

“It is ok. So can you tell me and all the Maeda member here about uncle Ryuu’s dead report” Kai said


In the secret room

Minami sits down on the sofa silently. He is very sad because he knows how painful Atsuko is feeling now. However, he can't help her anything, and he wasn't with her when she needs him

“You are such a liar, Takahashi Minami. I'm sorry, Mizuki” he said to himself angrily

“I hope Acchan, Yuki, and Mizuki will be fine” Jun said in worried tone

“Uh, I hope they can be strong. It is very painful when seeing them crying like that” Mayu said

Then they turn to Minami and see him just sit there silently. However, they can see how painful he is from his face. They just look at each other and decide to stay silent.

Back Ryuu’s Room

While Rena and Yuki are comforting Atsuko, they hear the door open. Kai walks in and said

“Acchan, you three have to go now. Maeda members will come in here”

“We know, thank you uncle” Rena stands up and said

“Let’s go Mizuki” Yuki holds Atsuko’s and said

“No, I want to be here with grandpa” Atsuko shakes her head and said while holding Ryuu’s hand tightly

“Mizuki, let’s go. We can’t stay here” Rena bends down and said gently

Atsuko stays silent while keep holding Ryuu’s hand tightly. Rena and Yuki look at Atsuko worriedly.

“Mizuki, listen to us. You don’t want to worry grandfather, right?” Rena bends down and said

“Please Acchan” Yuki whispers in Atsuko’s ear that only she can hear

Atsuko slowly stands up while withdrawing her hand from Ryuu’s

“Let’s go Mizuki” Rena holds Atsuko’s hand and said

Kai comes to Atsuko and said

“You have to be strong, Mizuki. For you, for them, and especially for your grandfather”

Atsuko just nods at his words. Then Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki leave the room

In the secret room

When the three are sitting there, they hear the sound of the door opens. Quickly, Minami rushes out to find Atsuko. He sees Atsuko comes out silently with Rena and Yuki. Atsuko looks up and their eyes met.

When Minami is about to call her, Atsuko just silently walks pass him without saying anything. Minami is very surprised with it. He turns around and looks at Atsuko back sadly


Then the group just silently goes home without saying anything

At Takahashi mansion

Atsuko is sitting silently in her room. Just right after they came home, Atsuko locked herself up and refused to go outside. Rena and Yuki are very worry about her. They want to come into the room with her, but Atsuko asked them to leave her alone for a moment. Therefore, Yuki and Rena are now in Rena’s room

Jun and Mayu are also in their room because they know each of them need their space to calm down after the shocking news.

About Minami, he is standing in front of Atsuko's room looking at the door worriedly

“Mizuki” he thought


Inside the room

Atsuko is sitting cowerly on her bed. She hugs her legs tightly while burying her face on her knees.

“Grandpa” Atsuko whispers in tear

“Grandpa, what is it?”

“This is my present for your 10th birthday, Atsu”

“Wow, grandpa, is this solar system model?”

“Yes, it is. My granddaughter is so smart. Let’s build it together ok”


“Atsu, this is your birthday gift. Happy 15th birthday, Atsu”

“Thank you grandpa”

“Wow! This is Jupiter’s model”

“Uh, let’s build together”

“No, grandpa, Atsu wants to build this myself. I will show you when I’m done.”


“Grandpa, Atsu finished.”

“Wow! Good job Atsu. You built it in one day. Grandpa is very proud of you”

“Grandpa, you will stay with Atsu forever, right?”

“Of course, but one day, Atsu will get marry and has your own family”

“No, Atsu only want to be here with grandpa, Rena-neechan, and Yuki-neechan”


2 months ago

On the island

At the secret basement

Atsuko is sitting on the chair while Ryuu is working with his work

“Grandpa, do you have to go back? Atsu will miss you” Atsuko said sadly

Ryuu looks at his granddaughter and smiles gently. He walks toward Atsuko and pats her head

“Grandpa still has business to manage in Japan. I will go back here right after I finish my work” he said gently

“But your work always took you more than 5 months” Atsuko looks at him and pouts.

Ryuu looks at Atsuko and laughs gently

“Don’t pout like that, little Atsu. Grandpa promise that I will definitely come back before your birthday” he said while patting her head

“Really, grandpa?” Atsuko looks at him and asks

“Of course, did grandpa ever miss my lovely granddaughter’s birthday?” Ryuu smiles and said

“This time, grandpa will give you a great gift” he continues in gentle tone

End flashback

“Grandpa, you promised me.” Atsuko whispers

“Remember this Atsu, no matter what, grandpa will always be with you. I will never leave you”

Atsuko remembers the last things her grandpa told her before he left the island 2 month agos.

“Grandpa, you said you won’t leave me” Atsuko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

In the evening

Yuki and Rena come to Atsuko's room to check on her. They are very worry because she stayed in there since noon and refusing to eat her lunch. They also bring some food for her. When they get there, they see Minami still standing there worriedly looking at the door

“Takamina, you are still here?” Rena calls him

“Hi Acchan, Yuki” Minami turns to them and said

“Did you see he come out” Yuki asks

Minami shakes his head sadly

“I hope he is ok. This news must shocked him a lot” Minami said in worried tone

“This sure does. Grandfather is his only family. Grandfather raises him with love and care of a real grandfather to his grandson not just a butler” Rena said

“Yes, Mizuki loves grandfather a lot.” Yuki said

Rena comes and knocks the door

“Mizuki, can you open the door for us?” She said

Then the door opens. Minami smiles when seeing Atsuko. However, it quickly disappeared when he notices her strange face. Her eyes look so sad, and she is completely different from the cheerful person since the first day he met her.

“Mizuki, are you ok?” Minami asks her

“Acchan, Yuki, come in” Atsuko shortly said

Rena and Yuki come into the room. Then Atsuko closes the door without looking at Minami
Minami is surprised with Atsuko's behavior. He can feel pain in his heart when seeing this. Now he can understand Atsuko's feeling when he kept trying to avoid her last week

“This is all your fault Minami” Minami holds his fists tightly and thought

Suddenly his phone rings. He looks to the phone and sees that is his father. Minami returns to his room to answer Kai’s phone

Back to Atsuko's room

“Acchan, Takamina is very worry about you. He stood there the whole time since we back” Yuki said

However, Atsuko just stays silent

Yuki and Rena look at each other in confused, but they decide to change the topic

“Are you ok, Acchan?” Rena asks gently while looking at Atsuko

“I'm fine, Rena-neechan. I'm sorry for making you and Yuki-neechan worry” Atsuko speaks up

“It's ok. As long as Acchan is fine, everything doesn't matter” Yuki pats her head and said

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan, I have a request” Atsuko looks at them and said

“What is it, Acchan?” Rena asks

“I want to come to grandpa’s funeral”

Rena and Yuki look at each other in surprised. Rena steps up and stops her

“You can't Ac…”

However, hasn't finished her words, Atsuko continues her words

“I want to come there as Maeda Atsuko”

“Then that is absolutely not, Acchan. You can't go, especially in your real identity” Yuki said

“Why can't I? I'm his granddaughter. What kind of granddaughter that doesn't even attend her grandpa’s funeral. Plus, above all of that, I really want to see him off for the last time” Atsuko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

“Acchan, do you know how danger it is to come there especially in your true identity? There is already an unknown party wants to harm you.” Rena said

“But I want to be with grandpa those last days. I want to be next to him just for a little more. Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan, please” Atsuko said in tear

Rena and Yuki look at each other.

“Please, Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko said in begging tone

They look at Atsuko's sad face and sigh. They expected this. They know she is in pain, and she wants to be with Ryuu. They also want to be with him. He is also their only family

“Ok, I will talk to uncle Kai. However, with one condition” Rena said to Atsuko

“What's it, Rena-neechan?” Atsuko quickly asks

“Firstly you have to eat dinner that we brought for you” Yuki said

“Uh, after that is taking a good and deep sleep. Then I will talk about the condition, and we will talk to uncle Kai” Rena said

Atsuko looks at the two hesitant

“Don't you trust your big sisters, Acchan?” Rena and Yuki ask

Atsuko shakes her head.

“I will do it” she said

“Good girl” Rena and Yuki said while patting her head

At night

In a secret place

A dark figure walks stealthily toward a big safe. It types the password to the safe and it opens. In there, there is a big file envelope. The figure picks up and envelope and looks at it

“Maeda Ryuu's Will” with the seal of Maeda clan on it together with police seal.

It smirks victoriously because of what he got. Then he quickly gets away from the place.

In another place

There is a man sitting on the sofa with a woman on his lap. He is on the phone

“How was it?” The man asks

“Good. What's it about?”

He frowns when hearing something from the other side

“That old man” the man curses under his breath

“Destroy it” he said

“Also Remembers your main part” he continues

“What is it?” The man asks

“Really? Then it will be easy. This time don't disappoint me” the man said in happy tone

“I'm waiting for your good news” he said

Then he hangs up

“What's it that make you happy?” The woman asks while tracing his chest

“Our plan are going well my dear.” The man said

“Really?” She asks

“Yes, we are about to get what we want” the man said

“Then we should celebrate” the woman said

“Of course. I will celebrate right now” the man said while pushing the woman to the sofa

“Come to me big boy” the woman seductively said

The next day

In the evening

In Maeda Mansion

That is a very big and traditional looking house. Maeda members are gathering together to talk about Ryuu's funeral.

Suddenly the door opens. Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki walks in. Minami, Jun, and Mayu follow them from behind

“Who are you?” Tora steps up and asks

“My name is Maeda Atsuko. I'm the daughter of Maeda Heiji and Maeda Kawachi Nami. I came back here for grandpa’s funeral” Rena steps up and said strongly

Maeda members look at each other with surprised look.


That is chapter 16. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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