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Author Topic: Home Sweet Home (a SayaIshi fanfic)  (Read 343 times)

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Home Sweet Home (a SayaIshi fanfic)
« on: January 03, 2017, 10:23:43 PM »
To celebrate the new year, here is a new fanfic celebrating our favorite pairing : SayaIshi! (Sayashi Riho x Ishida Ayumi from Morning Musume)
Enjoy! ;)

Rated M Fanfic


Chapter 1: Wandering

It was a hot afternoon of June. A long dark-haired girl was wandering in the streets of Tokyo with a huge travel bag on her shoulder. The chunky silhouette didn’t seem to know where to go and was nervously checking at her cellphone. It had been four days since she came back in Japan and she was out on the streets, again.

She had spent four days at Suzuki Kanon’s apartment, her best friend, before being booted out. The ex-Morning Musume member complained about her laziness, her difficulty at waking up and, above all, her messy way of living.

The poor girl needed to find a place to sleep quickly since the sun was already setting. She sure thought about giving a call to Masaki, Haruka or Sakura but the three still lived with their parents and she didn’t want to crash into families.

It was the same for Mizuki and she regretted it badly. She would have loved to live with the so sexy Fuku-chan! She could have been able to touch her skin all day long! And maybe even at night!

A sly grin broke on the girl’s face but she was soon taken out of her reverie by the vibration of her phone. She was running out of battery.

Damn! She needed to act and quickly.

She suddenly remembered that Haruna, from the 10th generation, was living alone in Tokyo. She decided to give it a try but she landed on her answering machine:

Hello you. I don’t know who you are but you are, for sure, a good person since you call me! Unfortunately, I can’t answer right know, I spend the day with Aya-chan. Wish me good luck, I think I’ll need it! Thank you! Fu fu fu

The girl lifted an eyebrow as she was listening to the strange message. The woman nicknamed “Honey” didn’t change although she was nearly 24 years old, still so bizarre! No wondered she was close friend with Wada Ayaka, the leader of Angerme...

Then she thought about calling her kouhai but it would be too shameful for her to ask for their help.

And she thought about her senpai.

Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa were married, so, it was out of the question for her to disturb their peaceful lives. Likewise, Michishige Sayumi and Kamei Eri were on cloud 9, living their romance to the fullest since Sayumi’s graduation. She had never been close to Mitsui Aika, so, she would find it odd to ask for her help.

And there was Tanaka Reina.

But the girl was scared of her well-known parties with the Lovendor crew where a lot of drinking was involved. Totally desperate, she still decided to give it a try.

“Moshi-moshi?” A familiar yankee voice answered.

“Tanaka-san? It’s me...” The girl announced shyly.

“Oh my gosh! Does it’re finally back? I mean, in Japan?” Reina exclaimed loudly.


“Since when?!” The yankee couldn’t hide her excitation any longer.

“Last saturday.”

“And ya didn’t tell me?! Ya little...I’m gonna kick your butt when I see ya!” The Rokky growled. She was now talking in her famous Fukuoka dialect.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t want to bother you...” The girl cried out in panic.

“Still the same...certain things don’t change, huh!” Reina retorted on an indignant tone, feigning to pout.

“Sorry.” The kouhai answered with a faint voice again.

“So! We must definitely party! And Sayu and Eri must definitely come! They’ll be so happy to see ya! Ai-chan and Gaki-san too! But ya already saw them, nah?” The senpai suggested, totally pumped up.

“No. In fact, I have a more urgent problem to settle. Right now I...I don’t have any place to be...” The girl confessed quietly. She was ashamed to be in such a situation and very pale now.

“What?! But what happened?! Ya know ya can tell me and ask me anythin’!” Reina said with concern.

“ parents don’t want me to go back home since I haven’t find a job yet and, in any case, I need to live in Tokyo in order to find one. I had stayed at Kanon-chan’s apartment for four days but I got kicked out. I suppose my character is unbearable for her...” The girl explained with guilt and sadness in her voice.

“Fuck! That sucks! Suzuki’s always been a pain in the ass! I’m really sorry for ya but don’t worry, ya can stay at my apartment! It won’t be too fun since I often hit the road with Lovendor but if you’re willin’ to be alone, I thin’ it’ll be fine!”

“Thank you Tanaka-san! You’re saving my life!” The girl exclaimed happily. She then breathed a sigh of relief.

“The only problem is that I’m in Fukuoka right now and I couldn’t make it before tomorrow mornin’ but, and I said BUT,  ya can call Sayu! I’m sure she can help out for tonight and you’ll be safe if it’s just one night!” The Rokky suggested with confidence and on a friendly tone to reassure her kouhai. She nevertheless seemed highly amused by her last sentence and was giggling happily.

“Ok.” The girl answered on a deaf tone, unable to hide the disappointment in her voice.

“If Sayu doesn’t answer, try Eri! Call one or the other, it’s quite the same ya know...”


“My lil’ bro says hi to ya!”


“Promise me ya’ll call Sayu, ok? I can’t imagine ya sleepin’ in the street tonight!”

“I promise, don’t worry Tanaka-san and thanks for your help.” The younger girl answered politely.

“You’re welcome! I’ll mail ya tomorrow to let ya know when I’m in Tokyo!”

“Ok. I’ll wait for your mail then.”

“See ya!”

“Bye bye.”

And with that, the girl hung up and...frowned. Her problem was far from settled as she didn’t intend to call her senpai, Michishige Sayumi, but there was one person she hadn’t call yet. In fact, she really was not in a hurry to give it a try but her situation so required, so, she dialed her number.

“Moshi moshi?” A sharp voice answered.

“Eri? it’s me!” The girl managed to sound enthusiastic.

“Oh crap, Bocchi! Did you come back?! It’s been a while!” The older girl exclaimed loudly.

“Don’t call me that way!” The younger retorted angrily.

“But you like it and I’m sure you missed it in America!” The sharp voice teased happily.



“Listen, I don’t have much battery left, so, I’ll make it quick. I’m in deep shit tonight. Would you...would you let me sleep at your home? I’ve got nowhere to go and...”

A repeating bip suddenly rang.

“Eri? Eri?!”

There was no voice anymore on the other end of the line. Her generation mate just hung up.

“That damn Eripon!” The girl growled with frustration.

She was now definitely sure she had nowhere to go tonight. She wondered if she could find a manga kissa* where she could take a shower and rest a few hours.


Unless she called that person. That very person…

The girl looked at her phone again. The screen was dark. She pressed a button to light it up but nothing happened. Her battery just died.

“This is one of the worst day in my life, for sure!” She thought. She was more frustrated than ever.

She had to go to her apartment directly if she ever wanted to have a chance to sleep in a bed or on a sofa tonight. She was still not too sure about the idea since their relation had always been ambiguous and complicated. Moreover, they left each other on bad terms two years ago. They hardly talked since that fateful Valentine day.

Without realizing it, her feet were already going in the direction of the older girl’s apartment which was, strangely and thankfully, not far from here.

The homeless girl took some comfort in the fact that she could finally get rid of her travel bag which was really too heavy.


There she was, in front of the apartment’s door.

Thanks to a kind neighbor, the girl managed to sneak easily inside the building. She quickly found the right door since she came here a few times and her comrade never moved out of here since she moved in Tokyo in 2011.

The homeless girl gulped.

She needed to be brave. She couldn’t run away her whole life after all. She lifted a shaking finger toward the doorbell and rang. A familiar voice shouted.

“Yes, I’m coming!”

The girl gulped again and readjusted the bag on her shoulder. She quickly reordered her hairs too to look better.

The door opened slowly, revealing a beautiful young lady with a pale face framed by long ginger straight hairs and adorned by oak tree colored eyes.
As soon as she saw who was in the doorway, she let the ladle she held in her right hand fall on the floor, her eyes widening in shock and her lips parting in an utterly surprised expression.

“Sa...Sayashi-san?!” was all the shocked girl could articulate.

“I...I’m home Ayumi-chan!” was the only answer, formulated awkwardly, she got.

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Re: Home Sweet Home (a SayaIshi fanfic)
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The disadvantages of being the "lone wolf"!

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Re: Home Sweet Home (a SayaIshi fanfic)
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Well, she somehow managed to find a place where she can stay for that night ;)

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Re: Home Sweet Home (a SayaIshi fanfic)
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Chapter 2: Reunion

“Sa...Sayashi...san...when...what...I mean...” Still shocked by seeing her ex-dance partner on the doorstep, Ayumi babbled and blushed furiously.

“Ayumi-chan, I’m sorry to intrude but can I just...put my bag on the floor? It’s quite heavy and...” Riho chuckled, amused by her friend’s strong reaction.

“Ah sure! Of course!” The Juuky answered slightly panicked while picking Riho’s bag. The tiny girl nearly fell with it as she put it on the floor.

“Gosh, it’s heavy as lead!” She exclaimed frankly.

“Ah yeah. I’ve got all my things packed in it...” The ex-ace of Morning Musume answered with an embarrassed smile.

“Does it mean...?” Ayumi stuttered, refusing to believe that the day she had so dreamed of finally happened.

“Yes, I’m back! After two long years...” Riho confessed with a sweet smile.

“’ve got nowhere to go...right?” The older girl asked quietly, knowing all too well that it already happened in the past and how much it hurt her ex-dance partner.

“Yes. My parents refuse to let me come back to Hiroshima as long as I don’t have a job. I’ve lived at Kanon-chan’s home until this morning. She booted me out. Well, you know how I am!” The Kyuuky confessed, embarrassed. She was now looking at her feet to hide her confusion.

“And it’s not a problem for me! It never was...You can stay here as long as you want!” The Juuky stated with conviction while looking at her friend in the eyes.

The younger girl blushed and muttered a simple “thank you” while bowing humbly.

“I was cooking. I suppose you might be hungry and you have a lot to tell me about America!” Ayumi exclaimed enthusiastically with a bright smile while going back to the kitchen.

Riho picked up the ladle fallen on the floor and put it on the kitchen sink.

“Ayumi-chan...I’ll stay at Tanaka-san’s home starting tomorrow. I’ll just sleep here tonight. I know how you are busy with Morning Musume and I don’t want to disturb you...” The homeless girl stated on a soft tone.

“Ok.” Was all Ayumi could articulate. The older girl struggled to hide her disappointment. Focused on her cooking, she kept her eyes on the food to hide the bitter tears that were rolling along her cheeks. She wiped them quickly, before turning to her ex-dance partner, and managed to smile.

“You do as you please Sayashi-san but I want you to know that you can stay here as long as you want!” Ayumi confessed honestly, her eyes still moist, her smile bright and yet sad at the same time.

 “Thank you Ayumi-chan, I really appreciate.” Riho nodded with a sweet smile.

Ayumi then quickly resumed her cooking while Riho sat on one of the bar stools. She put her elbows on the table, her chin resting on the palms of her hands, and stared at her ephemeral flatmate.

The 21 years old girl has grown a beautiful woman during these two years. Her silhouette was more perfect than ever, thin and muscular at the same time, and her long flowing straight hair paired with her soft face and her beautiful eyes gave her a very feminine appearance.
The ace found her ex-dance partner totally to her taste although she lacked curves. She still didn’t grow breasts nor hips but her plumped lips and her round ass were more attractive than ever. And her smile was still so charming and heartwarming.

Ayumi felt Riho practically undressing her with her eyes and it made her feel very unease. She finally decided to turn around.

“Is something the matter Sayashi-san?” The older girl asked softly but unconsciously glared at her friend.

“No, I just find you beautiful Ayumi-chan.” The Kyuuky confessed with insurance while smiling brightly, her eyes taking their characteristic crescent moon shape.

Ayumi turned back hastily to her cutting board, her face blushing quickly and furiously to become as red as the tomatoes she was slicing. She managed to babble a faint “thank you” before resuming her cooking and trying her best to stay focus on her recipe.
Her heart was pounding madly in her chest and it was painful. As she was puffing silently to try to calm down, she felt the ace’s burning gaze on her again and suddenly visions of the girl she had loved for so long filled her head.

She remembered the teenage girl who had so much confidence in her dancing but was, at the same time, so shy and clumsy with people. She remembered how she grew up and became more charismatic and more beautiful. She remembered how she was so cool in Triangle and how she couldn’t possibly resist her. She remembered how she was so sad in that fateful year of 2015 and how she was unable to help her. And she remembered how her departure broke her heart and made her realize how much she was in love with her.

And now she was finally back and stayed here for the night, at her home.

Riho was back with a tan, a whole new self confidence and a face sharper and more charismatic than ever. Her eyes were still soft but her gaze was more intense than before. She seemed to have gotten rid of the shyness that incapacitated her in her relation with others.

Ayumi had this crazy thought that if Riho decided to make a move toward her tonight, she would be unable to resist. She even wondered how she was supposed to have rest near a so dangerously sexy being...but she was soon taken out of her reverie by an innocent “Ayumi-chan, do you need some help?” of her temptress.

“Thank you Sayashi-san but I’m almost done. Unfortunately, since I’m not too fond of them, I didn’t buy any desserts for tonight. If I’ve known you came, I would have thought of...”

“Oh, you’re not the dessert Ayumi-chan~?~” The ace cut off on a bold tone with a sly grin on the face.

The older girl instantly froze as the words reached her ears, her eyes widening in shock and her cheeks reddening again. She slowly opened her mouth to answer but no sound came out of her throat. Her shaking right hand rested firmly on the knife she was using a few seconds earlier.

“Just joking! If you may excuse me, I go to the toilet...”

And Riho left the kitchen like nothing ever happened but with a big grin on the face. Ayumi was still unable to move.

“It’ll be a long night!” She thought while sighing.


When Riho came back, she found the table already set for two persons. Ayumi was finishing the cooking of the dishes. She was still wearing her cute blue apron and the ace couldn’t help but find her sexy.

“You’re sure you don’t need some help Ayumi-chan?” Riho suggested while popping behind her ex-dance partner and putting her head above her shoulder.

“Gaaahhh! Sa-Sayashi-san, you surprised me! No-no, it’s ok, I’m almost done, thanks!” The older girl stuttered after having jumped to the side, shocked.

“I’m sure it’ll be delicious! Your cooking is the best Ayumi-chan!”  The ace exclaimed and beamed innocently at her friend.

Ayumi instantly blushed and struggled to slow down her heart rate. The girl known as Sayashi Riho, ex-ace of Morning Musume and most awkward member ever, was indeed too bold tonight…

The Juuky then served quickly the food and the two girls sat down to dinner.

Riho talked about America on her own initiative during dinner, especially California, and L.A in particular, where she had studied dancing and English for two years. Ayumi nodded and smiled politely the whole time but wasn’t really listening. She was far more concerned by Riho’s departure the next morning. As thoughts of loss, loneliness and sadness were spinning in her head, the older girl couldn’t help but feel frustrated, almost angry by the time.

The one she loved was finally back at her side after two years and yet she had to leave, again.  Sure, Riho had decided to stay in Tokyo this time and Ayumi got the chance to live with her but was unable to take it. The time when she was unable to ask for a date was back and she was really not pleased about it. She loved the ace so much and found her so attractive that it was literally paralyzing her.

And it had always been like that.

Ayumi was cursing herself for being so shy, such a coward.

Riho continued to talk happily but felt something was off. Her ex-dance partner seemed totally lost in her thoughts and quite upset. The ace strove to find a way to ask what was in her heart but never found the right words. She finally gave up, disappointed.

And the two friends finished their meal like that, in this awkward atmosphere. Tired, they decided to take their bath and go to bed.

Ayumi never noticed how Riho often peeked at her while texting her senpai, Tanaka Reina. She was too occupied drowning in her dark thoughts.

After arguing over who would sleep in the bed and who would sleep on the sofa, it was finally decided that Ayumi would stay in her bed with all her plushies while Riho would sleep on the couch.

The ace quickly fell asleep. The day had been quite a challenge for the girl and she was exhausted.

Ayumi was tired too but never got the chance to retire into the arms of Morpheus. Her dark thoughts were still there and she was unable to get rid of her frustration and her sadness.

These feelings were suffocating her.

She pondered on how to calm down. The best way seemed to have a cold glass of water. Unfortunately, she had to go down the ladder of her bunk bed to go to the living-room and then, the kitchen. It was impossible without turning on the lights and potentially waking Riho up.

“Fuck!” Ayumi hissed between her teeth.

She still decided to give it a try, counting on the famous deep sleep of her friend.

And so she turned on the light of her small bedside lamp and began to go down the ladder. Riho growled faintly and turned in the opposite direction of the light, putting the blanket above her head. Ayumi quickly went into the kitchen and breathed a sigh of relief as the ace seemed to have fallen asleep again.

As she was sipping her glass of water, she heard a faint “Ayumi-chan, are you ok?”

The older girl quickly turned around to see Riho awake and beside her.


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Re: Home Sweet Home (a SayaIshi fanfic)
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Chapter 3: Midnight confession

Riho was there, standing in the kitchen with sleepy eyes and messy hairs.

“Sa-Sayashi-san! You...You’re awake?! So-sorry to have woken you up!” Ayumi babbled, red and totally panicked.

“Don’t worry Ayumi-chan, I’m ok but you, are you ok?” Riho asked with concern while making her way toward her friend.

“Of-of course! I’m perfectly fine!” The older girl stuttered while straightening her posture. She feared her ex-dance partner might find out that she was her very true weakness tonight.

“You don’t really seem so Ayumi...” The ace noticed while bringing her face closer to Ayumi’s one who blushed harder.

“I-I tell you I’m fine!” The Juuky retorted on an irritated tone and looked away.

“If that’s so, I go back to bed. I need to wake up early tomorrow after all...” Riho announced on a fake indifferent tone, not shipping her friend’s excuses.

As the girl was ready to leave the kitchen, she felt a strong grip down her shirt followed by a faint “wait”. The ace decided to comply and so she waited, patiently.



“I...I don’t want you to leave...tomorrow...Sayashi-san...please...don’t...don’t leave me...again...”

The last words were covered up by sorrows. No doubt, Ayumi was crying right now. Riho felt her heart break thinking about her long time dance partner so vulnerable, begging for her to stay. She had never thought the tiny girl cared for her so much...Happy and sad at the same time, the ace was frustrated too to not be able to find the right words. She decided to turn around. What she saw stunned her.

Ayumi kept her head low, her eyes tightly closed and her fists clenched at her sides. Her face was moist with tears which ran freely along her cheeks. Riho had never saw her in such a state of despair, except during that fateful year.

The ace instinctively took her ex-dance partner in her arms and hugged her tightly. Feeling the small frame shaken with violent sobs, she decided to talk on a sooth tone and with a very soft voice to try to calm down the girl.

“Ayumi...if you want me to stay, I stay. It’s as simple as that.”

“Don’t...don’t be so nice to me!” The older girl retorted angrily while sobbing harder.

“Why shouldn’t I be nice with you? You were my precious dance partner Ayumi-chan and you always will...” Riho confessed earnestly. 

Ayumi looked up to her loved one. The ace had a look of apology on the face and she didn’t like it.

“Don’t look at me that way! Don’t pity me!” The tiny girl cried of anger.

“I don’t pity you Ayumi! I would never dare to pity you!” Riho retorted harshly. She was clearly offended now.

“Sorry...” The Juuky mumbled faintly.

“Listen Ayumi. I’m sorry to have hurt you in the past. I know it’s been difficult for you and I’m truly sorry about that. I acted selfishly, I know it...” The ace confessed quietly and honestly.

“No, you realized your dream Sayashi-san, I’m proud of you!” Ayumi exclaimed vigorously, fearing she might have upset her flatmate.

“And I hurt you doing so. I’m not proud of it, it’s a big failure for me...” Riho confessed while looking away. She was clearly hurt and sad right now.

“No, it’s just that I’m weak...”

“You’re not weak Ayumi-chan. We all have our ups and downs and you’re a strong person Ayumi-chan, you must believe it!” The Kyuuky looked back at her friend with conviction and hugged her tighter.

“I’d like to be as strong as you say...” The tiny girl confessed bitterly while looking at her feet, tears filling her eyes again.

“I believe in you Ayumi-chan, so, you must believe in yourself! And I won’t go anywhere! I’ll stay here as long as you want me to stay. Hope you won’t regret it!” The ace announced cheerfully with a sweet and charming smile.

Ayumi looked up and found Riho looking at her with tender eyes. The older girl instantly blushed but didn’t look away. Instead, she smiled brightly and stroked the ace’s cheek softly.

“I love you.” She whispered softly.

“Uh? What? What did you just say Ayumi-chan?” Riho asked, not sure of what she thought she just heard.

“Nothing! I go back to bed and you should do the same! It’s been quite a long day after all!” The tiny girl announced cheerfully, like nothing happened, while leaving Riho’s arms and the kitchen.

The ace stood there, stunned. All she could do was frowning and scratching her hairs in disbelief.


Morning came quickly. Too quickly…

It was 6 a.m and Ayumi was already awake. As she went down the ladder of her bunk bed and made her way toward the kitchen, she saw a cute baby face on the living room’s couch trying to open one eye, without success. She couldn’t help but smile.

“What...what time is it?” A cavernous voice asked.

“It’s 6 in the morning. I slept well! Usually I wake up at 5!” Ayumi exclaimed cheerfully.

“Ya’re insane...” The low voice sighed and disappeared under the blanket.

“But you can stay in bed Sayashi-san! I know it’s early and you must be tired of your trip back to Japan...” Ayumi answered on a soft and reassuring tone. She was indeed in a very good mood.

“But it’s too bad ‘cause I was more than willing to cook a good and big breakfast for you...” The tiny girl teased mischievously on the same soft tone.

“Fucking dilemma...” Riho growled under her blanket.

Ayumi always found funny and charming how her ace had such a cute and innocent sleeping face and yet behave like a grumpy bear in the morning. Today was no different.

Lost in her thoughts, she suddenly saw her favorite ferocious beast leaving the couch, well wrapped in her blanket. The clumsy bear hit her knee against the coffee table, stumbled three times, nearly fell two times but finally sat on one of the bar stool.

“Good morning~!” Ayumi said happily with a bright smile.

“Hum...’morning...” Riho mumbled while rubbing her eyes.

“So, what do you wanna eat?” The tiny girl asked while looking at the taller one fondly.

“What ya have will be fine...”  The ace answered after yawning. She was definitely not fully awake yet since she was talking in her kansai dialect, which was pretty rare.

“How about scrambled eggs with french toasts and cheese?” The Juuky suggested with a sweet smile.

Riho didn’t answer but a grin quickly appeared on her face and her sleepy eyes suddenly sparkled. No doubt, the ace was highly interested by her flatmate’s proposal. Ayumi took her change of behavior for a yes and began to cook.

Riho looked dreamily at her the whole time. Ayumi never knew if her friend was ending her night or if she was fantasizing about Fukumura Mizuki, again.

Just thinking about her rival, the Juuky unconsciously frowned. Mizuki was everything she wasn’t: tall, sexy, beautiful, rich and good at singing. And she was a nice girl with a good sense of humor too. Indeed, life could be quite unfair.  How was she supposed to compete with such an individual? In fact, she never could…

The tiny girl was still thinking about all of this when she served the breakfast. As she turned down, she saw Riho slumped on the bar table, sleeping. It was time to wake her up and she couldn’t help but fear this moment.

“Sayashi-san? Sayashi-san, it’s time to wake up!” Ayumi said while patting softly her friend’s shoulder.

The sole answer she got was a low growl and a cute sulky face. Highly amused, the older girl slowly and teasingly put the plate beneath Riho’s nose. The tasty smell quickly filled the ace’s nostrils who blinked a few times and put on a cat smile. And then, she finally woke up.

“Good morning again~!” Ayumi exclaimed cheerfully and giggled, finding her loved one indeed too cute.

“Hum...yeah...mornin’...I’m hungry...” The ace mumbled.

“Perfect timing! Good appetite!” The Juuky exclaimed while serving her friend.

“Thank you. ‘Appetite too” Riho mumbled and began to eat. The girl’s mood quickly changed from grumpy to happy.

“Ayumi-chan, your cooking’s really the best!” The ace exclaimed with a bright smile, her crescent moon shape eyes closing simultaneously.

Satisfied, Ayumi looked at her flatmate with a bright smile. This morning, the two girls ate their breakfast in silence, a calm and comfortable atmosphere filling the room. They were both happy and totally relaxed.

Ayumi surprised herself by thinking how they looked like a couple. They didn’t need to talk to each other to enjoy this intimate moment, this simple pleasure. Unfortunately, she was taken out of her reverie by the time on her clock. It was already late and she had to leave soon.

Her job didn’t wait. It never did.


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