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Title: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: tkmnwen on March 16, 2012, 07:48:54 PM
Basically like what the title stated, they are drabbles inspired from photos.
I post them on my tumblr but I guess I'll cross-post them here as well. ^^
Since they don't have titles, I'll just refer them as pairing and a number behind if I do write more than once for that pairing. :/


AtsuMina #1


Her hand sought the empty space beside her and she sighed. She left without a goodbye after-all. Acchan blinked a few times to get her eyes adjusted to the morning sunlight and sat up, leaning onto the sliding door for support. Last night’s events were still fresh in her mind.

That mysterious dancer in black caught her eye. It’s not even breath-taking sexy. It’s more like weirdly enchanting and Acchan can’t take her eyes off her. Minami knew she found her prey for the night ever since that girl laid her eyes on her. Sliding off the pole and down the stage, she made her way through the dancing crowd to the girl. A few drinks later, they were heading to the girl’s place.

“She reminds me of someone, someone really familiar,” Acchan thought, reaching to the floor to grab her blouse which she had hastily discarded the night before. Her eye caught something on the bedside table. It took a while, but Acchan made out the words and the cellphone number scribbled at the bottom of the note.

“Atsuko, we met again.”


AtsuMina #2


“Minami! Look at the leaf. So pretty. Ah~ I love autumn!” Acchan exclaimed, dropping herself onto the soft patch of grass beside Minami.

Minami looked at her girlfriend who was busy scrutinizing the leaf with such a captivating innocence on her face and couldn’t help but smiled. Pulling out her cellphone, Minami snapped a photo to preserve this moment for forever. She looked at the photo and smiled even wider; she loved everything about this girl, the messy bangs, the charming eyes, the beautiful wrinkles on her nose when she smiles, the entrancing smile, the soft chest…

“ACCHAN! Your blouse!! Pull it up!!!!!!!”


KojiMari #1


The night ended with the pair drunk and touchy, moving towards the path of no return. Hands roaming each other’s bodies, occasionally slipping underneath to caress the soft skin, earning a suppressed moan from the other.

The morning after, Haruna came out of the shower room wrapped only in a way too short towel. “Do you have a shirt that I can borrow so I don’t look too suspicious, wearing the same outfit two days in a row?”

Will post up more later ^^

Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 16, 2012, 08:22:09 PM
I love it. Keep it up! i'll be waiting for more!


 :on bleed: :mon bleed2: :mon blood:
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: tkmnwen on March 16, 2012, 08:22:35 PM
KojiYuu #1


“Say…Nyan Nyan, do you believe in true love?” Yuko asked, stopping in her tracks suddenly and turned around to look at the love of her life. They might be inseparable and a couple in the eyes of the fellow members but both of them knew they were not. No one popped the important question yet, afraid of the possibility of being hurt by the answer.

Haruna looked down at the hands holding her own, trailing the way up to the little waist she was so used to holding, the soft chest that no one else really had a chance to enjoy except her, and then the look of innocence and expectation on Yuko’s face…

“Yes I do,” Haruna whispered, pulling the shorter girl closer to her. “Yes I do, and my true love…it came in a form of a little girl who resembles the cutest squirrel on earth, having the purest innocence that refused to be tainted by the world out there. A precious person who puts up with all my tantrums and stuck with me through the toughest times in my life, and shown me what love really is,” Haruna continued, resting her head on top of Yuko’s.

“Say Yuko…will you be my girlfriend?”


KojiYuu #2


“NYAN NYAN! Look what I’ve bought at the convenience store,” Yuko screamed upon setting foot in the room, waving a magazine high in the air. Haruna did a facepalm and silently prayed that the day will be too busy for the squirrel to flip through the magazine. She couldn’t imagine the number of perverted scenes that will run through Yuko’s mind if she got to see the photos.

“Nyan nyan in white~ nyan nyan in red~ nyan nyan in BIKINI!” The squirrel sing-song as she flipped through the pages, not forgetting to skillfully snake her hands around the taller girl’s waist. “Oh my Nyan nyan~ So perfect!” Yuko threw her hands in the air and somewhat gracefully spun around, coincidentally rested her face right on Haruna’s bosom.

“Oh God, save me,” Haruna mumbled as she stared at the younger girl, who looked very much in bliss. However after a while, in that awkward hugging pose, subconsciously, the cat-like girl rested her chin on the shorter girl, looking as if she was in bliss too.


KojiJurina #1


“Here, have more meat in order to grow up faster and stronger!” Haruna stuffed a piece of meat into Jurina’s mouth and pushed her away. The younger girl had been trying to land a kiss on Haruna for the past 15 minutes and didn’t look like she’s going to stop any time soon. Jurina pouted, chewing the offending piece of meat in annoyance.

“It’s her birthday celebration. Let her have her way today. Be nice, Nyaro!” Mariko chided from across the table, watching the pair with great interest.

“I swear you are having some really warp joy in watching me suffer in the hands of this little pervert. And to think she’s only 15!!!” Haruna whined as Jurina wrapped her arm around Haruna’s skillfully.

“I see that SKE had taught you well. And Nyaro, shush! Let me snap a photo to show everyone how adorable Jurina is.”


SayaTaka #1


Sayaka swept her sweaty bangs to the side and sat down to catch her breath, observing the members messing around with each other after the good performance. “Water?” Takamina offered her drink to the fellow captain, occupying the seat beside. Mouthing a thank you, Sayaka grabbed the bottle and took a big gulp. “Penny for your thoughts?” The petite captain continued, taking her bottle back.

“I guess…nothing beats ending a performance well, knowing that all the hardwork had been paid off and that all the members actually had fun throughout the preparations and during the actual performance,” Sayaka mused over the question and shared her thoughts. Takamina nodded in agreement and grinned.

“A photo to remember this awesome moment. Say cheese!”
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Post by: Flean on March 16, 2012, 09:12:39 PM
This is really interesting..  :on GJ:
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 16, 2012, 09:13:52 PM

Not even the nose-bleeding-maker-photo of Acchan can compare to this sweet photo of Yuko-sama. Yuko-sama is eprvect and the most awesome!!  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

About the drabbles... I loved all of them. Really. So keep this up!  :thumbup :thumbup
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Post by: XxRoByNxX78 on March 16, 2012, 10:06:18 PM
hehe these are really gd keep it up =)
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: Tanchan on March 17, 2012, 01:00:33 AM
I love the Atsumina's ones, can you write more please? Would even be better if it's a one shot.
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: tkmnwen on March 17, 2012, 03:43:52 AM
Did an AtsuMina before I slept last night but didn't manage to post it up here as well.
Thanks for all the comments :D

AtsuMina #3


“Minami!” Without any other warning, Acchan sat herself on the said captain’s lap despite the many unoccupied chairs in the room. Minami wrapped her arms around the ace, pulling her in and resting her face on her girlfriend’s back.

“What were you thinking?” Acchan asked, her hand playing with Minami’s.

“You,” came the short reply.

“Mhm…? What about me?”

“Everything about you. How much I love you, how much time we wasted before getting together, how you had always been there for me throughout all the horrible times in my life, how much more I should love you, how can I help to ease your burdens as the ace, how I can’t help but feel like a jealous boyfriend whenever you hang out with Miichan too much, how important you are in my lif-” Cut off by another pair of lips on hers, Minami stared at the pretty face kissing her in shock.

“Sometimes…you talk too much.”
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 17, 2012, 04:12:14 AM
 :wub: :wub: :wub:
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Post by: douya08 on March 17, 2012, 04:24:30 AM
nice to see you here :welcome:
usually I'd like to read your fic on tumblr.. hehe

pls write more~ :cow:
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: Haruko on March 17, 2012, 06:11:24 AM
Yeah!! finally you are here.. Im follow you in tumblr i love your short fics.. can I request you some fic? with a specific photo?
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: Nakamii on March 17, 2012, 06:16:59 AM
Yay! AtsuMina! :heart: I Love It! The Stories and (The Picture too...) Especially the AtsuMina #3! It's really cute (plus a kiss scene) :drool: I want Moar! :bleed eyes: Update Soon! :yep:
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Post by: LeNosferatu on March 17, 2012, 08:35:58 AM
eh?? this is new  :shocked: and omg the concept is sooo cute  XD

write more like this for mayuki plsss~~
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Post by: kahem on March 17, 2012, 01:24:28 PM
Ow~ so cute~
The atsumina3 should be called 'how to shut up Takamina by Atsuko' rofl
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Post by: tkmnwen on March 17, 2012, 05:50:57 PM
@sakura_drop_: Thanks. ;~; And I love those photos too  :inlove:
@Flean: Glad you liked it.
@XxRoByNxX78: Thanks
@Tanchan: Yes I will and hopefully one day I'll do a oneshot/fic. (:
@d_ruffi: Thanks for reading them :D I hope you liked them ^^ It might be boring for you since the same stories are cross-posted on tumblr and here. :/
@Haruko: Thanks! I don't hang around here much (or rather anywhere except Tumblr) so I hope I am doing things right. You can drop me a ask on tumblr with the photo. No promises that I could do it though but I'll try. ;~;
@Nakamii: DDD: I didnt realise there's no kissing in #1 n #2 (well there's implied sex in #1 though). Thanks (:
@Hitobo: Glad you enjoyed it ^^
@LeNosferatu: I'll try with MaYuki but no promises~ ^^
@kahem: I guess that could be a title, but it'll spoil the surprise at the end if it was. ^^ Thanks!

Probably an update later the night. Working on another AtsuMina at the moment.  :lol:
I don't really write in advance, posting straight after I wrote any so...Let's hope tonight will be productive. ^^
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Post by: tkmnwen on March 17, 2012, 06:46:35 PM
AtsuMina #4


Acchan stood on the side, feeling hopeless as she watched her girlfriend on the verge of fainting from the heat. Although honestly, Acchan felt that it was more because of the stress she had been shouldering for the past few weeks which in turn made her weak and caused her to fall at this critical moment.

The staffs were running all over the place, fetching ice to cool her down, water to keep her hydrated and fanning her as much as they could, hoping her body temperature will go down. Despite her weakened state, Takamina refused to be moved to the rooms backstage to rest. “I can’t leave the show now,” was what she said.

Acchan never felt so desperate in her whole life. With the captain falling, the entire team seemed to be at a lost. “The show must go on,” Acchan thought. “Takamina won’t want the team falling apart and putting up a lackluster performance for the fans out there.” 

“Let’s do this!” The ace shouted to no one in particular, however attracting all the attention from the other members at the backstage. “Let’s do this show for Takamina!” Acchan shouted once again, eyes shining with determination and looking right in the eyes of the members in front of her. She turned to look at Takamina, the sick captain, her precious girlfriend and nodded as a tear rolled down silently.

“Let’s go!” 


MaYuki #1


“Hey handsome, what are you reading?” Yukirin raised her head to come face to face with her favorite person and grinned.

“When did you change out of the suit?” She questioned, putting down the book that she was engrossed in earlier. They had just wrapped up a commercial filming where a couple of the members were dressed up as men in suits. “Say, girlfriend,” Yukirin started, draping her arm over Mayuyu’s shoulders. “How about we go for a date, with me in this outfit and you…as you?”

Mayuyu blushed a deep shade of red and nodded shyly. Yukirin jumped off the couch and snaked her arm around her girlfriend’s waist, occasionally brushing against Mayuyu’s soft skin underneath her short blouse as they left the studio. Mayuyu shivered, already feeling her legs turning into jelly with the bold skinship her girlfriend was showing.

“I guess dressing up like a guy, made her think and act like a guy as well,” Mayuyu thought to herself, blushing madly at the possible scenarios that could happen the night after the date.


Did a MaYuki which LeNosferatu wanted.
Not too good with MaYuki though since I don't really know much bout these 2 members. LOL
AtsuMina #4 is less of the love but more of how the ace stepped up to push the team on behalf of the captain. ^^
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: kahem on March 17, 2012, 07:09:17 PM
Yukirin acting like a guy... Ow~
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: XxRoByNxX78 on March 17, 2012, 11:02:16 PM
wht actually happaned on the atsumina number 4 pic coz i was like wtf and when did it happen thanks for the update
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: Flean on March 18, 2012, 12:20:13 AM
wht actually happaned on the atsumina number 4 pic coz i was like wtf and when did it happen thanks for the update
It was during the Siebu Dome Concert right??

btw, I almost cry reading AtsuMina #4...  :OMG:  These girls really are pushing themselves just to performed for their fans.. I'm proud to be one of their fans.. :farofflook:
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: tkmnwen on March 18, 2012, 10:49:29 AM
Like I said on tumblr, I just got my hands on the scans from Bukiyou photobook and it will mean a truckload of acchan/atsumina fics. I'll apologize if some people aren't too keen on atsumina (thou I ship this couple hard). ;~;


AtsuMina #5 // Bukiyou Series #1


Acchan waited at the airport for the tour guide to pick her up on this Europe tour. She needed a getaway from the crazy workload back home, and was glad that Aki-P approved this break. With the dramas that her management accepted on her behalf, on top of all the AKB48 commitments, it was no wonder that the ace is on the verge of breaking down.

Jumping up and landing on her luggage, Acchan sat and can’t help but thought to herself, “I am sure Takamina can fit into this luggage…” Making a mental note to try this once she reached home, she hopped off the luggage as she spotted her guide rushing through the crowd towards her.


AtsuMina #6 // Bukiyou Series #2


“Acchan!” A flash blinded the girl for a moment as she turned back to the voice that called out for her. “Just because you, caught off guard, make the best photos,” the girl behind answered sheepishly, afraid that her girlfriend will be pissed.

“You be glad that this trip is paid with your card. Else, I would already have severed all ties with you from all the flashes you had been ambushing me with over the past few days,” the girlfriend warned, eyes narrowing at her increasingly smaller girlfriend. The shorter girl nodded, hooking her arms around Acchan and grinned adorably.

“I just want to preserve your smiles for forever.”

“Well, I’ll be with you for forever, so why need the photos?”
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Post by: Flean on March 18, 2012, 10:56:57 AM
“I just want to preserve your smiles for forever.”

“Well, I’ll be with you for forever, so why need the photos?”

OMG!!! my heart!!  :luvluv1:    this is so sweet!!!!  :mon lovelaff:
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Post by: tkmnwen on March 18, 2012, 11:10:48 AM
AtsuMina #7 // Bukiyou Series #3


“Just one more photo. Please,” the captain whined and begged like a kid being rejected candy and the ace just sighed and made a face.

“Seriously, I don’t know how you managed to get Aki-P agree to let you have a break too. And to think he lied to me for you! What kind of horrible tour guide is this?” The ace complained, walking even faster from her irritating girlfriend. Indeed, the getaway that Acchan planned for herself became a getaway for 2 when the tour guide that picked her up at the airport brought her to this other guide who was supposed to be more fluent in Japanese. What he forgot to add was that this other “guide” was only fluent in Japanese and was none other than her girlfriend, Takamina.

“Well, he wasn’t really sure that you could handle Paris alone so he said yes when I asked to go with you,” Takamina answered, finally catching up with her girlfriend. “You are going to thank me after you see all these photos that I took of you!” She continued, finally making this poor innocent puppy face that she knew Acchan was absolutely in love with.

“Alright alright. You win,” the ace heaved a sigh in defeat and winked for the camera. Takamina pumped her fist in the air in victory and hugged her girlfriend.

“This is going to be a long trip.”

I am posting the drabbles as I write so no promises how regular the updates will be. And I’ve decided to make the Bukiyou scans’ drabbles into something like a one shot. Each of the different photos is a separate drabble that can stand on it own, but at the same time is connected and can be read as a one-shot as well. I guess it sort of fulfil one of the requests for me to write a oneshot. ;~; Somehow fulfilling it. Renaming them as Bukiyou series as well.

I hope you guys like this new style. ^^
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
Post by: douya08 on March 18, 2012, 01:30:35 PM
“I just want to preserve your smiles for forever.”

“Well, I’ll be with you for forever, so why need the photos?”

OMG!!! my heart!!  :luvluv1:    this is so sweet!!!!  :mon lovelaff:

agreed...!  :shy2: :luvluv1:

I am posting the drabbles as I write so no promises how regular the updates will be. And I’ve decided to make the Bukiyou scans’ drabbles into something like a one shot. Each of the different photos is a separate drabble that can stand on it own, but at the same time is connected and can be read as a one-shot as well. I guess it sort of fulfil one of the requests for me to write a oneshot. ;~; Somehow fulfilling it. Renaming them as Bukiyou series as well.

I really really like it!  :twothumbs
can't wait for the Atsumina's drabbles~ :mon fyeah:
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Post by: tkmnwen on March 18, 2012, 02:03:37 PM
@Flean: I am glad you like the cheesiness in that 2 sentences. I love it but was afraid it was too much.
@d_ruffi: Here's more atsumina for you  :lol:


AtsuMina #8 // Bukiyou Series #4


“Look look look! So many acchans~!!!” Takamina shouted excitedly, letting go of her girlfriend’s hand and running towards the stall in front. Acchan did an imaginary facepalm as she watched her girlfriend gestured wildly to the stall-owner to get permission to take photos of the tomatoes. Not going to lie, the different tomatoes for sale at the stall was rather amazing, but Acchan refused to walk near the stall now that her girlfriend had made a clown out of herself.

“ACCHAN~~~” Acchan groaned inwardly as she heard her name being yelled out and her tiny girlfriend was waving animatedly at her with a huge tomato. Running over, she dragged Acchan to the stall and smiled expectedly at her girlfriend. “It’s your favorite tomatoes! And all the different sizes and colors too! Look at this! It’s so huge, bigger than your face!” Takamina continued elatedly, taking up the said tomato and placing it beside Acchan’s face. Acchan made a face, and that prompted the girlfriend to capture it down for eternity.

“Now, can we go please?”


wMatsui #1


Rena smiled when she saw the smile on Jurina’s face. That’s how a 15 year old should be like; carefree, happy, cheery and just having fun with no worries. Rena was glad that they got the same day off from work and arranged to bring the kid out to take her mind off the heavy workload that awaited her the next day.

“What’s on your mind?” Jurina asked after observing Rena’s deep in thought face for the past few minutes. Rena snapped out of the trance and blushed, being caught daydreaming by the little one. She shook her head and grabbed Jurina’s hand to move to their next location. “What~is~on~your~mind~~~?” The little one continued to question, halting in her steps and pouted at the elder girl.

For the second time of the day, Rena blushed.

“You,” came the soft reply.


AtsuMina #9 // Bukiyou Series #5


“God, I hate rainy days. I can’t take proper photographs of you without getting the camera wet,” Takamina groaned, wiping her camera for the umpteen times since they were out two hours ago.

Acchan shook her head and pulled her girlfriend to continue walking. “That should teach you to stop taking photographs every few seconds,” Acchan chided, trying hard to stop herself from kissing the captain upon seeing the pout on her face after being scolded by the girlfriend. They continued strolling hand in hand in the light drizzle, amazed by the beauty of this city.

“Oh look! That’s such a cute car!” Acchan exclaimed, running towards that vintage looking car, taking the umbrella with her and leaving Takamina under the rain. “Don’t come over,” the ace shouted. “Take a photo of me with it!” she continued, striking a happy pose beside the car.

“Right, and she was telling me to stop taking photos a few minutes ago,” the captain mumbled under her breath.


AtsuMina #10 // Bukiyou Series #6


Takamina stopped breathing.

This girl standing in front of her who seemed to be in a daze was so pretty it made Takamina’s heart skipped a beat or two. No, pretty wasn’t enough to fully describe the beauty in front of her. None of the adjectives that existed would be sufficient to illustrate this gorgeousness.

Silently, Takamina took up her camera; made sure the setting was set to no flash and took a shot of the girl. She grinned, pleased with herself for being able to keep this moment in print for forever. “Why are you standing there, grinning to yourself like a silly kid?” The girl in front of her turned and asked, pulling the photographer nearer to her. “Look at this ornament. It’s so beautiful.”

“Nothing, can be more beautiful than you are. Nothing.”


Seemed to be a really productive day for me. And it's only 9pm. Probably be writing more through the night. Those photos in Bukiyou are so great for writing. ;~; And it helped that I ship AtsuMina hard. ;^; I hope they are still read-able. Not too cheesy, not too boring... :/ Thank you for reading so far for those silent readers as well. (chuckle)
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 18, 2012, 03:09:27 PM
All of them are really good. Keep this up!  ;)

I especially liked WMatsui..  :wub: :wub: :wub: (I'm biased, I know  XD )
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Post by: aruka on March 18, 2012, 03:49:36 PM
Keep continue! I love the concept of this story. :wub:
And you picked very good photos too! The Jurina and Bukiyou Series #6 pic really stunned me for awhile the moment I look at them. :inlove: (Not that I dislike the others~).
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Post by: tkmnwen on March 18, 2012, 05:06:01 PM
wTomo #1


“Uh…Tomochin, I think you are dead,” Mariko whispered to the girl on the right after she snapped the photo. Tomochin raised her eyebrow in question, sliding her arm off Yuko and slowly turning back. Her girlfriend was right behind them, eyes sending daggers out at both Yuko and Tomochin before turning around and stomping off.

“Tomo-mi! Wait up! It’s not what you see,” Tomochin yelled, running after her jealous girlfriend. Yuko looked at Mariko and both of them burst out laughing.

“Damn, Tomo-mi is one hella jealous girlfriend,” Mariko said in between fits of laughter.

“And Tomochin is one hella hen-pecked boyfriend for sure,” Yuko continued, bending over in laughter.


KojiYuu #3


A soft click echoed the room as Haruna took a photo of the little squirrel sitting on the table top, looking intently at the photos she took earlier. The said squirrel cocked her head to the side and stared at the pleasant intrusion, sticking her hands out to signal the other girl to come closer. Wrapping her arms around the taller girl, Yuko looked up and whined. “Why are you taking a photo of me when I am in such unflattering clothes?”

“Because no one takes photos for the photographer. I want to capture your pretty smile for you,” Haruna spoke softly, resting her head on her girlfriend’s.

“And because no matter what you are wearing, or not wearing, you are still the prettiest girl out there,” Haruna added, earning a nimble on her exposed neck for her cheekiness.


AtsuMina #11 // Bukiyou Series #7


“Alright now, tell me why did you want a photo with a random, really ugly pole?” Takamina grumbled, unhappy that she had been asked to take such a pointless photo. Well, it wasn’t totally pointless. Acchan was smiling really happily in that photo, but that pissed Takamina off even more. Why was she grinning so happily in such a pointless photo!?

“Well, you kept taking photos of me. I wanted a photo with you.”


AtsuMina #12 // Bukiyou Series #8


“I don’t get why we have to change hotels in the middle of the vacation. Why can’t you book the same hotel for the week?” Acchan grunted, dragging her huge luggage down the street. Looking at the map provided by the hotel online, she nodded. “This should be the place,” she mumbled.

Takamina shrugged. There wasn’t any reason for the change of hotel honestly. She just didn’t feel like staying in the same place for the whole week. She looked at her girlfriend’s backview and sighed. She had no idea how her girlfriend could look so perfect, the front and the back but she was grateful that Acchan was her girlfriend.

Hers, nobody else’s but hers.
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 18, 2012, 05:09:31 PM
#11 of AtsuMina is just  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And KojiYuu is  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
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Post by: tkmnwen on March 18, 2012, 08:15:53 PM
AtsuMina #13 // Bukiyou Series #9


Acchan came out of the showers in her underwear and silky pajamas top, back-facing her dying girlfriend who was struggling with herself not to jump onto the unsuspecting girl. “Say, what’s with that horny look on your face?” Acchan popped down on the bed and continued to towel dry her hair, staring at her girlfriend with a knowing smile on her face.

“Oh I don’t know. I haven’t been laid for the past week because my girlfriend is too busy working and holidaying and now she comes out in something really skimpy and asking me why I looked horny. Damn, of course I’ll be looking horny!!” Takamina couldn’t control herself anymore and yelled, jumping onto her girlfriend with a hungry look on her face. 

“Sex in the afternoon…we’ll never have the chance to do this if we are back home,” Acchan thought as the little captain left kiss marks all over the ace, marking her property.


AtsuMina #14 // Bukiyou Series #10


“Gorgeous,” Takamina whispered once she stepped out of the shower room. Grabbing her camera from the table opposite, she captured the gorgeousness swiftly before it disappeared. The simple ensemble of clothes, the beautiful smile, and the innocent look on her face, coupled with the exquisite scenery behind took Takamina’s breath away.

Throwing her towel back into the tub, Takamina grabbed her bag and called out to her girlfriend to tell her that she’s ready to go. The girlfriend walked over, hooked her arms around Takamina’s and opened the door.

That photo shall be a secret for Takamina for the time being.


With this, I shall hit the sack. ;~;
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Post by: kahem on March 18, 2012, 11:36:51 PM
Tomotomo!!!!! Lol jealous Chiyuu must be something ^^
Ow~ Atsumina moment with Takamina wanting taking picture of Acchan~
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Post by: Haruko on March 19, 2012, 01:19:25 AM
gorgeous drabbles i love all atsumina, kojiyuu and wmatsui fics :D  thanx
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Post by: Tanchan on March 19, 2012, 04:12:32 AM
Wen-san can I hug you? I'm a hard Atsumina shipper so these drabbles hit right on the spot. I especially love the very first Atsumina drabble that you wrote (yes the one with Takamina and Acchan's "one night").
Title: Re: ~Photo Drabbles~
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@kahem; I thought that Atsuko wanting a photo of Minami was rather funny  :lol:
@Haruko; thank you for reading them ;~;
@Tanchan; I'll give you a hug for reading these drabbles and for being a hard atsumina shipper. LOL the one night thing was randomly done because I did the wallpaper for my comp and thought it was nice to write something bout it. ;~; but no atusmina in this update. m(_ _)m


RenAirin #1


“What are you reading?” the ace popped down beside her girlfriend on the couch and asked, passing her the bowl of salad that she had thrown together earlier on in the kitchen. The girlfriend looked at her girlfriend who was busy struggling to get the TV remote from the coffee table in front without lifting her back off the couch, obviously not interested in getting an answer back and facepalmed.

“Oh, just some photobook I picked off the bookstore earlier. The girl looked really attractive in the red dress and it caught my attention. The photos inside took my breath away. She’s like a goddess. Her calm expressions made me felt at ease, the smiling photos made me smile with her, the crying ones made my heart ache with them, and oh my god, the bikini ones made me die so badly. Did I mention the one that she’s topless and bared her back? Gosh, it’s so-,” Airin spazzed to her girlfriend, whose actions started to slow down as Airin spoke and was rudely cut off with a pair of soft lips on her own.

It took a few seconds or more before Rena broke the kiss and smirked. “Now, let’s see who’s this awesome eye-catching lady and if she could be even half as alluring as I am to you,” Rena challenged, grabbing the photobook out of her girlfriend’s hands.

“Oh,” Rena mumbled sheepishly. Airin chuckled and gave her jealous girlfriend a light kiss. Rena had been so jealous that didn’t even realize that what Airin picked up at the bookstore earlier was her photobook, and all she had been spazzing was her.

“You are really cute when you are jealous.”


KojiYuu #4


It was one of the rare moments that Haruna reciprocated Yuko’s feelings. It wasn’t obvious but it was sufficient to make Yuko felt thankful and loved. The shorter girl smiled at her cellphone, that photo will be her wallpaper for forever and making a mental note to thank the short captain for snapping such a precious photo secretly.

The photo was taken before a performance, way before a performance since they were both in their casual clothes, with the squirrel hugging the cat-like girl who was leaning against the wall. The pair did not get to meet for the past few days due to Yuko’s hectic filming schedules and she was glad the love of her life reached the studio earlier. Yuko remembered that few precious minutes before they were interrupted by the arriving members. 

As usual, Yuko was the one who initiated the skinship, hugging the other girl and slowly pushing her to lean against the wall. Haruna didn’t resist, she was craving for the skinship too, and if Yuko had not jumped on her the second she walked in, she would have done the same once she spotted the squirrel.

Yuko thanked God for her height as she rested comfortably on the top of Haruna’s chest, her favorite spot in the whole world and started to mumble on about all the things that had happened in the past few days. Haruna listened on, nodding at times to indicate to the squirrel still had her attention, occasionally looking down to Yuko’s adorable face and silently hoping that time could stop right then.

It was that moment when the little captain saw and took a photo with her cellphone. Takamina was sure that Yuko would definitely appreciate it since the little squirrel had probably never seen this side of Haruna. She was spot-on.

Haruna didn’t know what exactly about Yuko that made her loved her so dearly. She looked down at the lovely girl who was still rambling on about her filming incidents and can’t help but smiled. “Maybe just about everything,” Haruna thought to herself.

“Maybe just about everything about her that made me loved her so much. Everything.” 


I did the RenAirin one as a request from tumblr. I know nearly nothing about SKE48. If you are on my tumblr, you probably seen my struggle with the Kingyo pb scans and my lack of SKE knowledge. The new KojiYuu drabble is more like a short one-shot than a drabble. It's one of my fave Kojiyuu photos and I put in extra efforts in writing it. ^^ And no Atsumina in this update. Sorry ;~;
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Waa i'm kojiyuu shiope for its better aww so cute love it
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AtsuMina #15 // Bukiyou Series #11


Acchan closed the door almost immediately after she opened it. “I don’t feel like going out now anymore,” Acchan whined, walking back into the room and sitting down on the bed, looking up with an adorable pleading puppy expression on her face. Takamina heaved a sigh of defeat and sat down beside her girlfriend. She knew there was no use to argue with that girl when she used her ultimate weapon against her.

“Anything you say, my lady. Anything,” Takamina mumbled, removing her coat as Acchan reached over to grab an orange. “Seriously, when will you ever stop eating?” she questioned, earning a soft smack on her head from the girlfriend.

“It doesn’t matter if we go out or not since even when we are in the room, you are still taking photos,” Acchan retorted, stuffing a slice of half eaten orange into her girlfriend’s mouth.

“And you are lucky you looked adorable when you are stuffing your mouth full with oranges,” Takamina said, multi-tasking between chewing that offending piece of orange in her mouth and snapping away happily pictures of her irresistible girlfriend.


AtsuMina #16 // Bukiyou Series #12


“Wake up sleepyhead. Come on, I cooked breakfast too,” Takamina coaxed gently. Acchan whined in response as she rolled around in bed, refusing to wake up. The room went silent for a while, and the ace opened her eyes slowly to check what happened. A soft click on her left made her groaned; obviously her girlfriend took yet another photo of her without her permission.

“Hey hey, what’s with that sulky face? It’s a revenge for not wanting to wake up,” the captain justified her actions, pulling away the covers and pulling her girlfriend up earning a playful nip on the nose from her girlfriend.

“You are lucky you are adorable, else I would have bitten your round nose off!”


Rena #1


“Tell a story with your eyes,” the photographer whispered to Rena. “Think of the story that you want your fans to know. Take your time to tell the story. Touched the ones who will be looking at this story,” he continued, taking away her umbrella with him as he moved away.

Rena closed her eyes and let her memories and feelings flowed, choosing the right story to tell wasn’t easy. Heck, nothing was ever easy for her. Started off as an undergirl, she had no idea that she could be the ace she was now. She was never the outspoken and crazy girl that most people loved, always known for her neat and tidiness among the fans who adored her. She didn’t try to change who she was even though it had been hard for her on this route to stardom because she just couldn’t stand out among the many others with this personality of hers.   

It got fuzzy after she acted in Majisuka Gakuen as Gekikara when she started to gain more fans and fame. It seemed that time flew by and the love she was gaining was increasing at the speed of light. She didn’t really know how to handle all these love but she was glad that she had the other members who gave her lots of support and advices. You would think that in a group with that many girls, jealousy would be flying around in abundance, but nope, at least not in team S.   

She was thankful. To the fans who stood by her since the time when she was nothing, to the fans who loved her along the way, to the members who gave her such a strong pillar of support, to the staffs who believed in her and finally to herself for not giving up despite the tough times.

With that, she opened her eyes.


Rena #2


“Give yourself a kiss,” the photographer instructed.

“How?” Rena asked, surprised at the command.

The photographer gestured to the full-length mirror on the opposite wall. “Tell us another story,” he said. “A story about you appreciating yourself for all that you had gone through,” he continued, taking a seat beside the mirror. Rena walked over and stood in front of the mirror, taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes.

The amount of hate she had to endure after her shot to fame was overbearing. On many occasions, she faked a smile in front of everyone, only to break down once she got home. She hid in her room for hours, crying over those unfounded claims of her doing what she did not. So many times, she thought of giving everything up and just goes back to leading a normal life. For every time when it seemed like she couldn’t handle all these stress, she overcame them.

Rena took a step forward and leaned towards the mirror, letting out a sigh of relief when her lips touched the cold glass.

“You’ve worked hard,” she whispered.


I really like the photos in Rena's photobook but I know nearly nothing about Renairin and wmatsui and have adapted a RenaxRena kind of writing. It's slightly darker and more emotional. Perhaps more real? I don't know if I can portray her well in these RenaxRena drabbles, I hope I do. If you looked carefully, the Bukiyou series is going chronological with the photos in the book and therefore, I am halfway through/done with it already. ^^

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Jumping up and landing on her luggage, Acchan sat and can’t help but thought to herself, “I am sure Takamina can fit into this luggage…”

“I just want to preserve your smiles for forever.”

“Well, I’ll be with you for forever, so why need the photos?”
Acchan was smiling really happily in that photo, but that pissed Takamina off even more. Why was she grinning so happily in such a pointless photo!?

“Well, you kept taking photos of me. I wanted a photo with you.”

!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:!!!! I  :heart: your fanfics!!! My favourite ones!!
Please keep updating!! about takamina being so short :dunno:
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I really love every drabble of yours, especially Yuko-sama and Rena-sama ones!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Keep this up!  :thumbup :thumbup
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wMatsui #2


“Hey gorgeous, what are you looking at?” A greasy sounding voice rang out from behind Rena, an arm sliding across her waist and pulling the ace closer to the intruder.

“Not in public, Jurina,” the ace chided, pushing Jurina’s arm away from her waist.

The younger girl snaked her other arm across the ace’s flat tummy and pulled her once again over to herself. “There’s no one around anymore. They told us to get changed and left us,” Jurina whispered, staring deep into her girlfriend’s eyes and feeling herself getting lost in the beauty that was facing her. She leaned forward and captured the ace’s lips, nipping gently at her lower lips playfully. Gently backing Rena up towards the bed, the pair fell onto the soft sheets.

The younger girl fumbled around trying to untie her girlfriend’s bikini top, breaking the kiss to remove the offending piece of cloth that had been taunting her the whole morning during the photo-shoot. Planting kissing along her jawline then moving slowly down to her collarbone, the ace closed her eyes as she enjoyed the attention her girlfriend was showering on her.

The usually prim and proper Rena would never agree to such an act, but as she slowly closed her eyes, she gave in to the lust that was invading her senses.


Updates will come a lot slower.
Working on a possible incest oneshot at the moment. ;~; Been a while since I wrote longer stuffs.
Also working on the fanfic idea on ikemen!akb48 which might just be a full length standalone fanfic.
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This is just too awesome!!! I actually recently started to like WMatsui more and more... So kudos to you for writing this awesomeness!!  :wub: :wub: :wub:
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No photo drabbles for this post. Something different though. I hope it don't break any rules. ;~;


Title: Unknown
Type: One-shot
Warning: NC-17, possible incest, nothing too nasty, rather messy, and oh my god why did I write this?
Summary: In this alternate universe where 2 members are siblings, one of them is actually a guy, and a friend fell in love with the brother. Anything else, you have to read the one-shot.

“Atsuko!” a voice called out behind Acchan and she turned back to see her classmate cum best friend running towards her. “Say Atsuko, can you do me a huge favor?” Yuko asked softly, halting in her tracks and looked intently at her best friend. Atsuko nodded even though she was unsure of what Yuko would be asking from her. “Can you…can you fix me up with your brother?” Yuko continued, this time looking down blushing. Atsuko raised her eyebrow in surprise. Well, it never occurred to her that Yuko was ever interested in her brother. At least, whenever Yuko came over to her house, she had never shown any signs of her being interested. Yuko fumbled with her words for a bit, but managed to get her point across to Acchan about her interest in her brother.

Before Acchan could overcome the initial shock, “Atsuko!” another voice rang out, immediately followed by a boy much taller than Acchan jogging to her side. Squeezing into the space between Acchan and Yuko, the boy grinned at the pair, ruffling their hair. “And Yuko! Hello there my dear ladies. Ready to go home?” the boy continued, failing to notice the awkward atmosphere between the girls and the rapidly blushing Yuko. “Come on~ let’s go! I’ll buy lunch. Ah~ how many people are envying me now? Holding hands with such pretty ladies,” grabbing their hands, the boy led the pair away from the school gate.


Acchan sat in her room, thinking back on what Yuko told her earlier the afternoon before her brother interrupted them. How was she going to tell her brother about Yuko’s feelings for him? She thought of not mentioning anything to the boy but she knew Yuko would pester her the next morning for his reaction and there would be no way for her to lie about it.

Heaving a loud sigh, Acchan dragged her feet out to the living room where her brother was, engrossed in watching some girls from an idol group playing while clad in skimpy swimsuit. “Sae, I’ve something to tell you,” Acchan started with a straight face. Sae knew that when Acchan puts on that face, it would only mean that there’s trouble for him. Patting the space beside him, he gestured to Acchan to sit while switching off the TV to give his sister his full attention. She took the seat and looked carefully at her brother then shook her head. “Nothing. Never mind. It was nothing. Continue watching your show,” she said, standing back up and heading back to her room.


She tossed and turned in her bed for a long while, frustrated that sleep refused to invade her senses. A soft knock on her door, “Atsuko, are you still awake?” Sae asked as he opened the bedroom door slightly and peeped in. Acchan turned to the door and nodded, giving Sae the signal to come into the room. Sae took a seat on the floor beside Acchan’s bed.

“What was that you wanted to tell me?”
“Don’t lie to me. I know it had to be something important.”
“Well, I don’t know how to put it across.”
“Mhm, just say it straight then.”
“How do you feel about Yuko?”
“See, this is what happen when I say it straight.”
“Why did you ask?”

Acchan sat up on her bed and told Sae everything that Yuko said the afternoon before he interrupted them. “Oh wow, now I feel like an idiot,” Sae mumbled when Acchan got to the part where he held their hands, which happened a few minutes after Yuko confessed to Acchan about her feelings for Sae.

“What am I suppose to do now?”
“I don’t know, tell her you don’t like her?”
“How do you know I don’t like her?”

“WHAT? You mean you like her to-” Acchan yelled, jumping off her bed, “OWWWW,” and landing on the side of her foot in the dark.

“Watch it!” Sae grabbed his sister just in time to prevent her from crashing onto the ground. “Damn, you are such a klutz,” he complained, reaching out to on the lights in the room so he could check on her possible injury.


“Atsuko couldn’t attend school today. She injured her leg last night and couldn’t walk much and got the day off from the doctor,” Sae explained Acchan’s condition to the teacher in-charge of her class at the end of the day, being overly mindful to go over only after Yuko left the class.

But like the saying about how you can’t avoid what you are meant to meet, Sae saw the last person he wanted to meet at the moment once he stepped out of the school gate. “Sae! Where’s Acchan? Is she alright?” Yuko bombarded the poor boy with questions. Yuko had left the class earlier, thinking to head over to Acchan’s place when she remembered that she could check out what happened with Sae and so she headed back to the school. The elder boy repeated what he told the teacher earlier on and watched as worry flashed across the shorter girl’s face.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine. She’s the strong…and rather clumsy Atsuko,” he reassured the best friend. He turned to leave when a hand reached out and grabbed his. Turning around once again, he saw the shorter girl looking down with her ears flushed red, hand still grabbing onto his.

“Sae…did Acchan mention anything to you last night? Anything…about me?”
“Uh…yeah. She told me what you said to her yesterday.”

“Really?” Yuko asked, voice quivering. She was afraid of the answer that Sae would give her. She was afraid of the rejection, but it was better than being unsure of his feelings to her. Or so she thought.

After the first sentence, her ears seemed to block out everything else. She felt her tears rolling down her cheeks even though she struggled hard to keep them in. She could see him looking at a lost with what to do and say when he saw her crying. Shaking off his hands that were holding to her shoulders, she ran down the road, away from him, away from the pain.


“I told her.”
“Told who what?”

“Yuko. About how I feel about her,” Sae said, recounting the whole incident to his sister.

“WHAT?!” Acchan screamed, slapping her brother on his head in anger. “Oh my god, you are such an idiot. Yup, you are an idiot. And why didn’t you chase after her?”

“I don’t know how to act if she continued crying in front of me! Maybe it will be better if I gave her space?” Sae shouted back in defense, earning another hit on his head.


That night, Sae tossed and turned in his bed till the morning, worried about Yuko and hoping she would be fine. Acchan had tried to call the younger girl a couple of times on her cell-phone but the phone was switched off the entire night. Sae thought back at the scene outside the school and felt his heart wretched a little.

That night, and the next few nights, Sae couldn’t sleep.


“Yuko? Yuko, where have you been?”
“Sae…I love you.”
“I love you too Yuko, now where are you?”
“I love you so much. Even though I’ve never said it before, I’ve feelings for you for a long time. Every time when I go over to your place, I’ll look at you secretly. Atsuko doesn’t know it until I told her that the other day. I love you so much even though you said you look at me only as a sister. I can’t stop loving you; it’s so hard for me. It hurts me so badly these few days.”
“Listen Yuko, tell me where you are at now. We can talk then.”
“I thought about keeping this a secret for forever, but I thought maybe there was a slight chance that you will like me. Maybe I can handle even the rejection. But I can’t. I tried to forget about you. But I can’t. Help me, Sae.”
“Where are you Yuko?”


Sae opened the front door as silently as she could; it wasn’t easy since Yuko was leaning on him, drunk and almost knocked out. The boy cursed under his breath, coaxing the drunken girl into the house with him. It already wasn’t easy to get her out of the bar. It wasn’t before Yuko forced nearly half a bottle of vodka down Sae’s throat and made him looked like some bad guy bringing a drunken girl home before they could get onto Sae’s car. The drive home was evidently another challenge that God had tested on Sae.

Knowing that Acchan was already asleep and didn’t want to wake her up, the boy carried Yuko in his arms into his room, knowing full well that he would be making friends with the couch in the living room that night. Sae believed that sleeping on the sofa was an easier way out than to explain to a panicking Acchan what happened, especially when he was already nursing a throbbing headache from the alcohol earlier on.

Wiping the sleeping girl’s face with a warm towel, Sae tucked the girl in and closed the door. Feeling relieved that at least Yuko didn’t get into any trouble; God knows what might happen to her if he didn’t get there in time, the boy headed off to give himself a cold shower, hoping it would clear his headache.


“Sae…” a voice purred softly beside the sleeping boy. The boy stirred in his sleep, and slowly opened his eyes to see Yuko kneeling on the floor beside his bed for the night, the sofa. Startled, the boy sat up and brought Yuko up onto the couch. “Sae, I couldn’t sleep,” Yuko continued, staring deep into Sae’s eyes. Sae silently thanked the Lord above for the dim moonlight that night; else it would be really awkward for him.

It only took a moment of inattention in which Yuko leaned over and planted a chaste kiss on Sae’s lips; to which his eyes grew double its usual size and an instant reaction to push the girl away. The immediate reaction after was to reach over to help Yuko up, and the girl took the chance to pull Sae down onto the carpet with her. Conveniently, Sae found himself landed face first onto Yuko’s full bosom. For the first time of the night, he realized that the girl was clad in nothing but her underwear.

The realization made him dizzy for a moment, and it certainly didn’t help when Yuko snaked her arm under his shirt, feeling his abs and at the same time, planting kisses along his neck. It might be a moment of lust, coupled with the effects of alcohol which made Sae returned the kisses that Yuko showered upon him. It didn’t take too long before he laid her onto the carpet, straddling over her and leaving love marks on her neck and chest.

“You are so beautiful,” he breathed, caressing her face. “So beautiful,” he whispered each time as he kissed along her curves.

Yuko brought his face up to hers and looked at him carefully. “I love you,” she whispered, pulling Sae down and giving him a deep kiss. He nipped on her bottom lip, pushing his tongue into her mouth and a sensual dance begun between the two. Sae broke the kiss momentarily to remove his shirt and started kissing Yuko along her jawline, hands reaching behind in an attempt to unclasp her bra.

The younger girl moaned as Sae touched all the right spots. This was the part when in a fanfic, the author would write about an interruption from outside and an awkward stop to this make out. But unfortunately, life is not a fanfic and the pair continued their make out. Yuko groaned, eyes darkened with lust as Sae slided a finger into her, trying hard to hush her moans so that Acchan would not overhear them.

Sae woke up with an even worse headache than the one he had when he went to bed. The sun shone into the house as he crawled up from the sofa, half shocked that he was only in his underwear. Sitting up, it finally hit him when memories of last night’s events flashed past his mind. “Damn it! Shit, I swear I screwed up big time. Fuck!” Sae cursed, slipping his shirt over his drool-worthy torso.

“Foul-mouthed so early in the morning?” a voice called out from the kitchen behind the couch. Sae cursed once more under his breath, earning a painful smack on his already aching head. “I’ve cooked breakfast,” Acchan announced, passing Sae a bowl of hot porridge. “I am going out for extra revision classes. Take the aspirin and drink lots of water. I hate it when you have a hangover,” the younger sister instructed before grabbing her backpack and went out.

Thank you for the night. I love you but I know you will never love me back the same way I felt for you. Thank you for the precious memory. See you around. –Yuko

A note rested on the table beside the sofa and Sae groaned after reading it. The wave after waves of guilt that was crashing onto him was almost as unbearable as the splitting headache. He needed to apologize to the girl, but what can apology mend? More importantly, did his little sister see or hear anything?  “No, she probably didn’t. She didn’t say anything, or act weirdly just now…did she?” Sae thought to himself.


Unknown to Sae, the night before just as he ejaculated into his sister’s best friend, the name he called out was Acchan…

And unknown to Sae and Yuko, Acchan’s room door was left slightly ajar as she couldn’t fall asleep, knowing her brother left the house in the middle of the night. She heard everything that happened in the living room. Right till the end.
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tkmnwen-san, this....... is....... pure....... torture!

you're making me check this thread every minute just to see if anything new has been posted!

i love this! especially the wmatsui ones, just cuz, you know, i've always been a wmatsui fan xD

thank you for writing all these!!!! they are HEAVEN!
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AtsuMina #17 // Bukiyou Series #13


Takamina went to make the bed as she watched her girlfriend scooped herself a bowl of soup that she made for breakfast. Sitting on top of the sink, Acchan seemed to glow under the sunshine. Takamina couldn’t really pin-point how a simple act of drinking soup from the bowl could be so alluring to her.

“It must be the exposed legs,” she thought. “Or the messy hair. Or the innocent eyes. Or maybe the way she holds the bowl. Or the residue on the side of her lips.”

A soft click later, Takamina found the reason.



AtsuMina #18 // Bukiyou Series #14


“Thank you for the food,” a voice purred behind Takamina. Turning around, she found herself face to face with the cutest girl on earth, smiling at her with her bowl of finished soup. For a split second, Takamina frowned and it didn’t go unnoticed by her girlfriend. “Why the frown?”  The younger girl asked, smoothening the creases in between Takamina’s brows and smiled.

“Because…I wanted to take a photo of you,” Takamina pouted, thinking back at the lost chance to capture that adorable look on her girlfriend a while earlier. She was rewarded with a pair of soft lips colliding with her own.

Acchan pulled away from her girlfriend and smiled. “Go get your camera,” she murmured, taking a step back and holding her finished bowl of soup up.

“Thank you for the food.”


AtsuMina #19 // Bukiyou Series #15


“Let’s stay home today,” Acchan suggested to a bewildered Takamina.

“Again!? It’s not like we get awesome weather to explore Paris every day,” Takamina whined, thinking back on the day when it rained and she had to struggled with taking photos without getting her camera wet.

The girlfriend whined, putting up the innocently irresistible face that she knew Takamina couldn’t resist. “We can take lots of pictures!” She promised and watched as Takamina’s expression changed to a smiling one. Taking up her girlfriend’s hands, they jumped onto the bed together, screaming and smiling like it was their own party. A few mischievous touches here and there from Takamina earned red marks on her arm from Acchan’s smacks.

“I love you soooo much,” Acchan declared, flopping onto the bed, exhausted.

“Say cheese,” Takamina said, earning a playful kick to her chin from the girlfriend just as she captured the look of pure joy on Acchan’s face.


Rena #3 / wMatsui #3 / RenAirin #2


“Rena, wait!” a hand grabbed onto Rena’s from behind her and forced her to stop in her tracks. Rena refused to turn back, knowing that if she did just that, her tears that were already threatening to fall would definitely roll down.”Rena,” the voice behind her continued. “Please Rena, it isn’t what you think it is. Please. The hug was nothing. Please look at me,” the person pleaded.

“Please let me go,” Rena pleaded in response. “Please. My heart had been broken so many times; I thought I forgot how it felt to be hurt. But I was wrong. It hurt so much so please, just let me go.”

The grip on Rena’s wrist tightened. “Please let me love you. I am sorry it took me so long to realize my feelings for you. I am sorry I made you cry so many times. I am sorry that I didn’t tell you who I was going to meet just now. I was just…just trying to make things right. I thought I was. It was a goodbye hug. I am sorry it took me so long to say to you that…Rena, I love you,” the girl confessed.

Rena felt strength leaving her arms as the girl spoke. Finally, her umbrella fell as the girl pulled Rena into her arms. Kissing away her tears and pain, the girl made a promise.

“I’ll never make you cry again. Please, let me love you from now on.”


AtsuMina #20 // Bukiyou Series #16


“I think I’ve got a tan,” Acchan mumbled, sulking as she sat on the bed examining her arms. “Luckily we stayed in today. Just look at the sun!” the ace exclaimed, poking playfully on her grouchy girlfriend’s face. Acchan knew she had to do something to make her girlfriend less resentful else the captain would give her a hard time when they return to practice in Japan.

“Take up your camera,” Acchan said, earning a surprised look from the grouchy girlfriend. Not a person to be asked twice when it involved taking photos of her girlfriend, Takamina took up the device and looked expectantly at her girlfriend.

Standing up and placing one leg onto the bed, the ace grinned at her girlfriend. “Now, would you help me check if I’ve gotten tanner…on my thighs?”


Rena's drabble is up to you to decide if it's Jurina (wmatsui) or Airi (renairin) since I've shippers from both reading the drabbles I am writing. ^^
And gosh, already the 16th drabble from bukiyou pb. ;~; What do I do when it ends?! I hope you guys still like what I am writing ^^
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ME GUSTA ME GUSTA ME GUSTA. Specially the RenAirin ones  :heart:
thankyou for the updates  :thumbup
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God, this is soooo awesome!!!! That one shot was wonderful, these drabbles are a pure win!!! I love everything you write, so keep going!
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:on lol: Like your Atsumina one shot

Pls update soon
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Euh wow Sae/Acchan/Yuko... Love can be a bitch sometime
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Aww atsumina so adorable.. But maybe anOther kojiyuu  Please
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@crazywota; thank you for reading ;~;
@sakura_drop_: thank you for still reading. hahahaha~ im fast running out of ideas so i hope i can still continue.
@Kiiz: thanks. i wrote a lot of atsumina D:
@kahem; ikr ;~; love... D:
@Haruko: sorry that there isn't a kojiyuu in this update but im currently in the midst of writing one, so u can expect it in the next update ^^


Yuko #1


Those eyes that were still slightly puffy from the tears shed earlier spoke a thousand words as the girl rested her head on the bar top. The breakup had been ugly but to her, it was freedom.

Freedom to accept new things and people into her life and be daring enough to face up to the fact that this girl that she was with wasn’t worth her love. Freedom to find someone who would be willing to love her as much as she loves her back. Freedom from the nightmares that haunted her every night for the past months; the ones that had images after images of her ex-girlfriend with a fellow friend.

Freedom, because she had finally had the guts to put down this burden which wasn’t meant to be hers since the start.


She sat up as the bartender gave her a glass of champagne. It was on the house, he told her. Probably pity, she reasoned. She took a slip from the glass and felt refreshed. Refreshed. The ability to feel this was lost the day she realized her ex-girlfriend cheated on her, repeatedly.

It was unintentional that she walked in when her girlfriend was in the arms of the other, moaning out pleasures that she thought were only for her ears. They were lost in lust, so thirsty for each other that no one noticed that she came in. She left the room in shock and cried the whole night; not a single call of concern from her girlfriend was received that night. It gradually got worst, with the pair making out in public places shamelessly. Her friends told her to leave, saying that she didn’t deserve to be mistreated like this, but she held on, thinking that she would change. Believing that she would change for the better, someday.

As she looked back on how stupid she was to endure such mental torture for the past two over months, she smiled. At least, she freed herself today.


The breakup still hurt. How long had they been together? 4…5 years? Even though it meant freedom for her, it still hurt a lot. A part of her seemed to have died along with the breakup. The cool and refreshing champagne cleared her mind for a bit; at least she knew that she won’t wake up to a wet pillow and a hangover the next day.


The door opened and cold air washed over her bare back as she rest her head onto the bar top once more. This time, she was smiling. Everything happened for a reason. The courtship, the dates, the betrayal and the breakup; all of these taught her lessons in life that can’t be learnt in school. As painful as some of the lessons might be, it would be essential to shape her into someone that is strong enough to take on the challenges that life will be throwing to her.

Tomorrow on, she will be different and daring. Daring to accept new challenges in life and daring to put a stop in the things that are affecting her life adversely. Tomorrow on, she will be a new Oshima Yuko.


Team K #1


Girls are jealous, complicated and unreasonable creatures by nature. Who would have thought that a team of so many girls could be so closely bonded? It worked against their nature but defying nature was what got them where they were now.

Let’s be different, the tall one said.  Let’s be friends, the other chimed. We can be stronger by being different, by being friends, by being comrades, a squirrel-liked girl agreed. Friends? We were put together in a team and told to treat each other as rivals. You can only be on top if you win the others, which was the rule in this group that we auditioned for.

One by one, they barged into each other’s hearts, claiming the friendship spot; eating all their meals together, crying with each other after tough trainings, picking each other up after one fell and laughing together after a successful show. No one gets left behind in this team as everyone walked side by side each other.

“Mee-tan, your head is blocking Maachan,” the photographer yelled and everyone laughed as Mee-tan grabbed the younger girl and pulled her to the front, not without a mischievous grope first.

This is Team K.


Sayaka/Saeyaka #1


The captain position is a very lonely rank in this huge group of girls. They said it’s an honor to be the captain of the team, but that don’t mean it’s a position that’s highly sought after by the members. Always in the front to lead, shoulders heavy with responsibility and doing the most work; although it usually don’t translate to having the highest popularity. Oh the irony.

Sayaka sat at the edge of the stage and observed her fellow team members, making mental notes to point out the tiny mistakes that each of them made during the rehearsal. They don’t have much time left to rehearse and to practice before the concert on Saturday and they cannot afford to make any more mistakes. It wasn’t easy for the team to get together to practice, not with so many outstanding members in the team which resulted in vast differences in schedules.

She was thankful for the three hour spot that they got to rehearse before Yuko needs to run off for her drama filming, Itano for her CF filming and the DiVA members for their meeting. She was thankful for the teamwork shown between the members; helping to fill in the details to the ones who missed the rehearsals earlier the week so that everyone will be on the same page for this rehearsal. She was thankful.

“Water?” Sae asked, throwing a bottle to the captain and sat down beside her.  “So…how did we do for the rehearsal? I thought it was rather decent since there weren’t any big mistakes but we could use some improvements on coordination for the dance steps,” the short hair girl gave her opinions and waited for Sayaka’s.

“Mhm, it was good but like you said, we would need some improvements here and there. I hope we have time for more rehearsals before the show. And I hope we can improve enough to put up a flawless show,” the captain agreed then frowned, knowing that to arrange for more rehearsals before Saturday would be difficult though not impossible.

“You know what?” Sae looked at her captain and asked. The captain cocked her head to the side and waited. “Because we are Team K, everything is possible,” Sae continued, pointing towards the group of girls who were sitting together, taking a short break from their rehearsal. “We will own that show on Saturday,” Sae promised.

And all of a sudden, the captain stopped feeling so lonely after-all.


This update seemed a little heavy, less on those lovey dovey drabbles I posted the past few days. Yuko's photo gets a short drabble for each picture in that photo, although interconnected. The Team K drabble was inspired by old Team K photo. Despite my oshi and 2nd oshi aren't from Team K, if I have to pick a favorite team, it would be K. And for the Sayaka centric oneshot/drabble...because I don't ship Saeyaka, it would be hard to write one on them but I really want to write a Sayaka thing since she's one of the sweetest and nicest member I ever met. ;~;
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You have no idea HOW MUCH I love you for this awesome update!!!! These deep things you wrote!!! i love them... Really. My Yuko-sama looks so beautiful in those pictures... When they just showed up and when I saw them my heart stopped beating from sadness in her eyes and then started beating again upon seeing her smile. And my favorite team is also K!!! And my No.1 oshimen is from K!! Ah, Yuko-sama is just awesome... And I also think Sayaka is one of the sweetest and most sincere in AKB..

I'll be waiting for more of your updates!!
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I missed original Team K so much~ we are the team K!!!!
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Aww yuko you are awesome keep going on

I gonna to pretend that another girl broke yuko's heart because my kojiyuu aww
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AtsuMina #21 // Bukiyou Series #17


Acchan sat on the floor trying to catch her breath; turned out that it felt more tiring to stay in the hotel room than to go sightseeing. “See, now you got yourself all sweaty and tired. Told you not to jump on the bed too much!!” Takamina gloated. “To think you didn’t just jump around but jump and tried to sing at the top of your lungs. My eardrums almost exploded,” the captain continued to complain, rubbing her ears in protest.

“Right, that’s coming from the person who had lots of fun taking photos of me making a fool out of myself,” Acchan retorted, looking up and sticking out her tongue childishly at her girlfriend. Takamina rolled her eyes and sat opposite her girlfriend, throwing a towel to the girl.

Takamina looked through her camera, very pleased with herself for the photos that she had taken of her girlfriend throughout the trip. All those photos of Acchan smiling made her smiled; she was glad this trip freed her girlfriend from the burdens back home.

“Smile!” the captain instructed and took a snap before Acchan could react. There was something in these spontaneous photos that attracted Takamina. It felt more personal, she reasoned.

“Show it to me! I bet I looked ugly in that photo! Show it to me now!!!” Acchan demanded, pouncing onto Takamina and wrestled the camera away from the little captain. She took a look at the photo and returned the camera to the pouting girlfriend.

“I think you will like it a lot.”


AtsuMina #22 // Bukiyou Series #18


Takamina felt her face flushed red when she saw the photo she took earlier of her girlfriend. Acchan looked on in interest, enjoying the fact that her girlfriend was so easily turned on. “Ah ah~ I feel so hot,” Acchan complained, lifting up her shirt a little and fanning herself underneath it. This time round, Takamina looked on in anticipation. The ace crawled onto the bed and adjusted the air-con to a lower temperature and lay down, enjoying the cool air blowing on her tummy. 

“Still too hot. Oh my god, I am still sweating,” the ace whined, sitting up and adjusted the temperature once again. Exposing her white bra underneath the shirt, Acchan watched as her girlfriend’s eyes darkened with lust.

 A moment of inattentiveness was all it took for the little captain to silently add one more picture of her girlfriend into her personal stash of sexy Acchan photos.


@sakura_drop_ : thank you for the sweet comment. yuko sure is breath-taking ;~;
@kahem: i love watching old shows with old team K ;~;
@Hitobo: thank you for the encouraging comment. i actually enjoyed writing such stuffs a lot more than fluff but it can get heavy for the readers. people usually like the fluffy ones more i guess. ;~; but im still a new fan to them and was a little worried about writing such works because im afraid to portray them wrongly.
@Haruko: im working on a kojiyuu that i promised ;~; im sorry its still not done though. i'll try to make it...less heart-aching ;~;
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I wonder if IRL Takamina is like in your fic it would be funny ^^
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AtsuMina #23 // Bukiyou Series #19


For Acchan, it started as a game for her in which she took pleasure in looking at her girlfriend’s flushed face while struggling to fight her lust and being embarrassed when caught. Taking off her top sexily then playing with her shorts with a hint that she might pull it down, she found joy in watching Takamina fumbled with her camera as she looked at her girlfriend.

The ace knew how sexy she looked in the thin white bra that could hardly cover anything. It was an irony when she found herself inhaling and exhaling irregularly as she teased her girlfriend further. Takamina could see the tables of this game turned as her girlfriend’s eyes darkened with lust, tugging harder at her shorts in an attempt to remove them.

“Let me,” the captain said in a low voice, dropping to her knees and sliding the obstructing piece of cloth off and watched as Acchan kicked it away eagerly. If the bra could hardly cover anything, the matching piece of lacy underwear that Acchan had on certainly covered nothing. “Fuck,” the captain whispered as she placed her palm between the ace’s thighs and rubbed slowly. “I am controlling this game now,” she declared as the ace whimpered and nodded.


KojiYuu #5

小嶋陽菜 夜風の仕業 (

Yuko bit her lips as she watched her girlfriend took the stage to sing her solo song for this concert. Her breathe hitched in her throat as the gorgeous girl in white raised up from the platform onto the stage. With the spotlight on her, it seemed as though an angel graced the stage; and then she began to sing. Yuko looked on as the lyrics hit her hard; couldn’t you at least call/I’ve been waiting for a long time/I understand you are busy with your work/I want to see you so much that it made me cry…

“You alright?” Yuko turned and came face to face with the captain who was standing by for her stage after Haruna’s. She nodded as tears fell from the corners of her eyes and the captain brought the girl into her embrace. “Well, at least she’s giving you enough hints to make things right,” the captain said, patting her fellow member on her head. “And knowing you, you will make things right.”


Yuko waited nervously near the entrance of the backstage that Haruna would come in from, praying that she would be able to correct things between them again. The angel in white met eyes with the ace once she came in and turned away towards another direction. Yuko ran after the girl, grabbing her wrist to halt her in her tracks. “Nyan nyan! Can we please talk?” the ace begged desperately and found herself being led into an empty room near where they were standing.

“Speak then,” the taller girl said coldly, leaning on the closed door. “Tell me why you are so busy recently that you can’t even pick up my calls or return my calls,” the girl continued, folding her arms in front of her and waited for the ace’s answer as tears welled up in her eyes.

Yuko walked nearer to her girlfriend, pressing the taller girl hard against the door then capturing her lips in hers. She hoped that this kiss could tell Haruna everything that she had wanted to tell her because she wasn’t good with words, romantic words. Yuko broke the kiss and cupped her girlfriend’s face in her hands.

“I am sorry for not returning your calls for when I saw the missed calls; it was already too late into the night. I am sorry for not making time to meet you for nothing should be more important to me than you. I am sorry to make you wait for me and for making you cry. I am sorry for everything, my angel.” Yuko whispered as tears rolled down her cheeks. Digging into her skirt pocket, Yuko placed something in Haruna’s hand.

“I wanted to give this to you at the end of our 3 days concert, but I don’t think I should wait till then. Haruna, will you live with me?”

In Haruna’s hand was a tiny key to Yuko’s house.


For the AtsuMina piece, it's actually not complete because the tumblr version contained sex scenes and I don't know the limits for posting them up here. This version works as well since it seemed complete like that as well. But if you want to check out the entire piece, (

And the promised KojiYuu piece. It's different from what I was planning but after watching Haruna's stage from the SSA day 1 concert, I am like..sdkjfdjkfds I love it. ;~; And so I wrote something. (:
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WOW!!!!! Great one!!! Acchan is so impatient hehe
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I really loved your KojiYuu a lot (but I guess that was predictable knowing I'm biased towards Yuko-sama :wub:). And of course I enjoyed you AtsuMina series (oh, that sexy drabble on tumbrl was so HOT)

I'll be waiting for more updates!
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AtsuMina #24


The look in her eyes was evident. It wasn’t just uncertainty for her future but also uncertainty for the group as she made this selfish decision. Even though there were a lot of discussions with the higher ups and with Takamina, it was after-all still her call. “I Maeda Atsuko, will graduate from AKB48,” she announced much to the horrors of the fans and fellow members.

After all the tears, the hugs, and the chaos, she took the little captain’s hand and walked down the stage. The strong little captain that had been by her side for the past 6 years, the one whom she relied on for the past 6 years, the one whom she threw her tantrums upon for the past 6 years. The one whom she knew she could rely on for the rest of her life, in simpler words, .

As she looked at the strong captain who was putting on a bright smile despite the tears, she knew this friendship had no expiry date attached on it. As much as she had worries for AKB48’s future, she knew that they would be alright if there’s Takahashi Minami with them. And as much as she had worries for her future after AKB48, she knew she would be alright if she had Takamina as her friend with her on her road ahead.


AtsuMina #25


When the ace placed her fist to her heart, the captain knew that the ace was going to announce it. Despite talking over it for countless times and knowing about this much earlier than the rest, it did not translate into less pain and hurt for her. To have aimed for the same goal since they were 14 and finally achieving it when they are 20, it hurt a lot to see this friend leave the nest and soar for her dreams.

In the midst of the uproar after her announcement, the ace took the captain’s hand into hers and together, they walked down the stage to the fans. The captain could feel her friend’s insecurity and squeezed her hand to give her strength. The past 6 years in which they shared the same dreams, worked towards the same goal, cried and fought over the craziest things and never leaving one behind; all these would become precious memories that no one could take away and would be the fuel for them both to strive for more in the road ahead them. To Takamina, this is simply what they called as .   

She knew the worries Acchan had for the team and it was one of the reasons for her uncertainty in making the decision of leaving the team. When they got to the end of the extended stage, she gave the ace’s hand a squeeze and together, they stopped and looked at the fans in front of them. For Takahashi Minami, she will continue being the captain for this 48 family, take up Maeda Atsuko’s responsibilities to bring AKB48 to yet another peak and rewrite Japan music scene’s history. For Takamina, she will continue being the best friend of Acchan’s, be there for her solo journey on the unknown road ahead and give her the support like how she knew Acchan will give to her.


This is pretty much sums up completely what I want to say and how I feel regarding Acchan’s graduation.
I think to call this a one-shot or a fanfic isn't really what it is, just my feelings on this announcement in words.
I don’t think I can put them into words properly … and I thought to write it in the fanfic way like my works could … and I think it did. ^^

Acchan, go on ahead and be the best in everything you are gonna do in the future. Because you are our ace, and you are Maeda Atsuko, you can do it. ^^
Takamina, even with Acchan’s graduation, you are still gonna be alright, just because you are Takahashi Minami. ^^ 
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thanks for this words and for this precious photos.
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Thx for this touching post.
Acchan!!!! T_T
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wTomo #2

[Photo has no link to the writing. Only wants to add some adorable Tomo-mi into the thread  :D ]

Tomomi is thankful for a lot of things that had happened in her life that leads her to where she is now. For example, the existence of the other Tomomi from Team A.

“Tomomi! Wake up~” the older Tomomi nudged the sleeping girl who responded by turning her back to the girl and snuggled deeper into her blanket. “Unbelievable,” Itano Tomomi muttered, poking the sleeping girl a few times. “And to think it was her who had been whining for days to go out together.”


“Tomochin, when are we going to spend more time together?” the younger Tomomi whined, clinging onto Tomochin’s arm and made an irresistibly cute expression.

One look at her face, Tomochin knew she would be spending the whole of her next off day with the girl.


“If you are not going to wake up, I am going to leave,” Tomochin warned.

The sleeping girl pouted, eyes still closed. “B-but…Tomo was so close to kissing you in my dreams. Just…five more minutes?” The younger girl whined softly. Tomochin resisted giving herself a facepalm and sighed.

“If you wake up now, I’ll give you a kiss,” Tomochin promised. The younger Tomomi peeled open one eye and looked at the older girl before sitting up, puckering her lips and waited for her morning kiss. Tomochin leaned closer as Tomomi tensed up and closed her eyes once again.

“Just kidding,” Tomochin whispered before jumping off the bed and got out of the room, missing the look of disappointment on Tomomi’s face.


AtsuMina #26 // Bukiyou #20


“Aren’t you glad I dragged you out? This is such a beautiful weather!” The little captain exclaimed as her girlfriend lowered herself onto the soft patch of grass. After the afternoon rendezvous, the pair went out to the nearby park which Takamina wanted to go to since the day they moved into this hotel.

As her girlfriend relaxed under the warm sunshine, the captain fumbled with her camera, trying to capture beautiful shots of Acchan.  “I always wondered…how do you even live with your own gorgeousness,” the captain mumbled to her girlfriend whose amused look was captured perfectly. The girlfriend held up her arm and grabbed the little captain, pulling Takamina down on top of her.

“And I always wondered…how do you live with my gorgeousness?”


AtsuMina #27 // Bukiyou #21


She felt selfish to want to graduate in order to focus more on her solo career. At the same time, she felt selfish if she continued to hold onto AKB48 and denying the juniors a chance to shine. It would not be an easy decision for her; to leave or to continue staying in the team both has extreme pros and cons for her and the team. She had hoped that this trip could shed some light on her possible decision but so far, it hadn’t been helpful.

The captain came into the room, only to stop short behind the door when she heard the ace mumbling to herself about her thoughts on graduation. She frowned, knowing Acchan had been thinking over this for a long time now and the last thing she wanted was to let it spoil her trip. The captain peeked into the room and felt her breathe stopped at the gorgeousness that was Maeda Atsuko.


The ace looked up to the gleeful face of her girlfriend and wrapped her arms around the tiny captain. Takamina stroked Acchan’s hair; both of them remained in the same position for a few minutes, enjoying each other’s company. “I don’t want to leave you…ever,” the ace whispered, tightening her hold of her girlfriend.

“You won’t. Not even after graduation.”


Yup…incorporating the recent events into these drabbles ;~;
And I'll be continuing those Bukiyou scans drabbles ^^ It's already the 21st drabble from that photobook. '~'
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wTomo #3

A/N: Read wTomo#2 in the previous post first even though this could be a standalone drabble. It would make more sense. ^^

Tomomi was thankful for the existence of the other Tomomi in Team A.


The younger Tomomi puffed up her cheeks in anger as Tomochin hopped out of the room after tricking her into waking up. “All Tomo wanted was a kiss,” she mumbled to herself before reluctantly dragging herself out of the bed. She thought back to the scene in her dreams and groaned; so close, she was so close to getting a kiss from Tomochin before that girl tricked her into waking up.

“I made breakfast for us,” Tomochin announced when she saw the other Tomomi walked into the kitchen. “Eat and then we’ll go shopping like you wanted alright?” Tomomi mumbled something under her breath and Tomochin raised an eyebrow then giggled.

“I love you too.”
“Tomo said Tomo hate you!”
“And that’s why I said I love you too.”
“Tomo hate you. Tomo hate you. Tomo hate you, Tomochin.”
“I love you. I love you. I love you, Tomomi.”
“Don’t you get it? Tomo hate you! Tomo hat-”

Cutting off the younger girl’s words with a soft peck, Tomochin smiled against the other girl’s lips. She pulled away from Tomomi, retrieving something from the apron pocket and bringing it up to the girl’s line of sight; a tiny velvet box. Opening the box, Tomomi stared as a silver ring tucked snugly inside was being pulled out by Tomochin.

“Be mine?”
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Acchan, go on ahead and be the best in everything you are gonna do in the future. Because you are our ace, and you are Maeda Atsuko, you can do it. ^^
Takamina, even with Acchan’s graduation, you are still gonna be alright, just because you are Takahashi Minami. ^^

This is the best post that I ever saw on JPH!P XD
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Title: Crystal // KojiYuu #6
Pairing: KojiYuu
Characters: Haruna, Yuko, Mariko, Miichan.
Words: 3142

“Nyan nyan~” The door burst open to reveal an energetic squirrel, sprinting towards the cat-like girl at the far end of the room. “I miss you,” the girl whined and got comfortable sitting on the lap of this ‘nyan nyan’ girl. The girl nodded absentmindedly, focusing on the magazine she was reading before she was rudely interrupted by the squirrel. The squirrel puffed up her cheeks in mock irritation and grabbed the magazine, throwing it across the room. “!” Yuko demanded loudly, ignored by not just Haruna but the other members in the room as well. It was a usual occurrence; Yuko harassing Haruna only to get the cold shoulder from the latter. “Pay attention to me,” the girl whined again, leaning towards the taller girl who responded with a quick peck on the older girl’s forehead. If there was something that Haruna learned over the years of harassment, it would be that a kiss would silent the other girl almost immediately and it never failed.

To everyone else, it seemed that this was a one-sided love. How Yuko could remain so infatuated with Haruna over the years despite the younger girl’s lack of response bewildered their friends. It must be love; many reasoned and had tried ways to help the shorter girl in her pursuit for the cat-like girl but to no avail. Don’t mistake this though; it wasn’t as though Haruna didn’t make any advances towards Yuko, but it was in such measly amounts that no one bothered to think that it meant anything. “I heard the photoshoot later will be in swimwear. Nyan nyan in swimwear~” Yuko said dreamily, earning a smack from Haruna. Yuko pouted and lowered her head, rubbing it in pain as a look of guilt flashed past Haruna’s face.


Haruna tightened the robe around her body as she walked towards the changing room. The photoshoot had been relatively smooth even with the perverted squirrel trying to grope her whenever a chance arises. She was glad the staffs at the shoot today were mostly females; she had enough of those men who tried so hard to undress her as they photographed her and she would pick a perverted Yuko over those men any day. “Yuko Yuko Yuko. Why am I thinking about her so much lately?” the cat-like girl mumbled to herself as she locked the room to change back into her casual clothes.

Haruna is a beauty even though she had chose not to believe so. Life before AKB48 included many heartbreaks and tears; boys she dated turned out to be jerks and toyed with her heart so much that she didn’t think that she was truly in love before. Thankful for the no dating rule, she had used it many times to get away from those advances from co-stars. That rule however, did not keep away a little perverted squirrel that had on numerous occasions made known to everyone that she loves Haruna. Haruna treated it as a joke at first but was slowly pulled in when Yuko had shown so many times how serious she had been in her love declarations.

“My nyan nyan, open up,” a voice interrupted Haruna’s thoughts, followed by the shorter girl latching herself onto Haruna once the door opened. “I am going off for my drama filming. I’ll miss you,” the older girl whined.

“I’ll miss you too,” the taller girl mumbled softly in reply, resting her head on Yuko’s crown. Haruna didn’t know what made her said that but what she knew was that she had to say so. Yuko pulled away from Haruna and beamed an eye-smile at the girl, mouthing an “I love you”.


“You know, you should start loving Yuko more,” Miichan casually suggested during the break no3b had in the midst of their new album recording. Haruna’s forehead wrinkled in confusion. “Well, I heard from the trainees the other day that they voted who’s their favorite senpai and Yuko won hands-down. And look how she had been friendly with the other members recently. Don’t be surprised if one day they snatch her away,” Miichan shook her head as she filled in the airheaded girl then walking away to find the captain. Haruna looked at her cellphone; half a day had gone by without a mail from Yuko and a year ago, that wouldn’t have happened. Stopping at the door, her fellow bandmate turned around and looked at the bothered girl. “You know, sometimes you shouldn’t wait till the last minute before doing what you should do.”


That night, Haruna couldn’t fall asleep. Her mind wandered back to the moments she had with Yuko over the years. The skinship, as Yuko liked to call it, that they shared which Haruna resisted at first, but found herself liking it after a while; for a long time now, the resistance from the cat-like girl were a pretense. She had promised not to fall in love with anyone after joining the team, building a wall around her heart to prevent it from getting hurt once again. But this one girl had been trying over the years to tear down this wall; even though it hadn’t been a success yet, Haruna could feel that she was opening up bit by bit to that girl.

And that, that scared Haruna.


The next day, Haruna woke up with a splitting migraine. She didn’t even remember falling asleep; her mind was filled with thoughts about Yuko, particularly, the things that Yuko did for her. Her day past by foggily. Haruna sighed as she pushed open the door to the dance studio for the practice, only to wince in pain from the loud noises and bright lights from the room; how her fellow teammates managed to maintain this high amount adrenaline even at 1AM amazed her. She took a seat near the door quietly, observing the squirrel-like girl messing around with the team’s cyborg and found herself frowning. In fact, she sourly thought, Yuko seemed to be happier around Mayuyu than around her.

Haruna is a tough character to crack. With the walls she built around herself, seemingly airheaded and my-paced were the steps she took to protect herself. With these teammates, she found love from friendship. But love on its own still scares the shit out of Haruna. “You have to grow up, Haruna.” Mariko spoke a tone just above a whisper. The cat-like girl looked away from the duo and at Mariko, who was staring towards the direction that Haruna was looking at earlier.

“My nyan nyan!” Yuko spotted Haruna from across the room and ran over. Then without warning, she lost her footing, tripping over her other leg and landing painfully on her tailbone. A pain shot right through her body and she curled into a ball in the middle of the room. Haruna gasped, jumping out of her seat and rushing to the girl as the other members did the same. Yuko's face contorted in pain just as their instructor came into the room. "I...I don't think I will be able to stay for practice today," Yuko said faintly with an apologetic look on her face.

The instructor dismissed the apology with a wave of her hand, yelling for someone to bring Yuko home to rest. Mariko pointed down to the girl who was kneeling beside the injured squirrel and the other members followed suit, much to the amusement of the injured girl. "Nyan nyan...I think you have just been volunteered by everyone," Yuko whispered, making a move to get up then face twisting in pain and let out a loud cry.

Haruna flicked Yuko's forehead lightly. "Don't you dare move on your own. I'll carry you," the taller girl chided. "Mariko, do you mind calling a taxi for us?"


That night, Yuko couldn't sleep; she feigned asleep just so Haruna, who had been acting like a fulltime nurse since they left the studio, could rest without worrying for her. Replaying the night's events in her head, the squirrel couldn't help but smiled as a tear rolled down her cheeks. As sadistic as it might seemed to be, Yuko thanked her clumsiness for her fall earlier the night.

Haruna had carried her bridal styled out of the studio, onto the taxi and into her room; when in heavens did that girl get this amazing strength puzzled Yuko, for Haruna was known for being the least athletic among them all. Knowing that she’s hurting too much to shower, Haruna wiped the sweat of the shorter girl with wet towels and helped her get changed into her pyjamas. Yuko watched as the taller girl did all these with a look of seriousness on her face, occasionally frowning when she winced in pain from the little movements. If there’s anything that Yuko’s feeling right now, it’s loved.

Yuko turned her body slightly to the right, biting her lips to stop herself from groaning in pain and observed the sleeping girl. Sitting on the chair beside Yuko’s bed and resting her head on a hand on the bed, those pouty lips looked even more kissable under the moonlight that crept into the room. Her eyes travelled down to the hand that was supporting her head only to find a towel held tightly in her grasp. The faint silver streaks of moonlight that washed over her body only further enhanced her beauty. “I love you,” Yuko whispered, closing her eyes once again and tried to sleep.


After the incident, Haruna’s actions towards Yuko seemed to fluctuate a lot more than usual. While she opened up to Yuko loads more than usual, she seemed to pull back a lot more as well; one moment Haruna might be telling Yuko about her past, the next would be Haruna telling the shorter girl that she had an appointment and had to leave. “Nyan nyan,” Yuko started, taking a seat beside the taller girl only to see her bolting up from her seat.

“I’ve to do something. Be right back,” and off Haruna went, dashed off to God knows where, leaving a bewildered Yuko. Mariko took a seat beside Yuko, the exact same seat that Haruna was sitting on just moments ago.

“Where is that cat running to?”
“I have no idea,” Yuko replied, barely a whisper.

“Do you know what’s wrong with her?” The ace turned and looked at the eldest, hoping that she had some answers for Haruna’s weird actions recently. Moreover, the two were known to have close friendship, sharing their deepest secrets with each other; something that Yuko couldn’t help but felt really jealous of. Mariko cocked her head to the side and looked closely at the squirrel; the uncertainty seemed to seep through from Yuko’s dark brown orbs as the girl tried to appear indifferent to Haruna’s actions in front of her.

Mariko nodded.


Marichan…are you awake? –Nyaro
Mhm…where do you want to meet me? –Ue Kara Mariko
The restaurant near your place? I could do with some hot soup now. – Nyaro
See you in 30! ( *`ω´)八(бвб) –Ue Kara Mariko

It was one of those sleepless nights that Haruna had always dreaded and taking out her cell-phone, she sent a mail to her best friend. Thankfully, Mariko was available to meet her and the night crawled on with the two ladies exchanging heartfelt talks with each other over a hot pot of soup and some alcohol. The older girl watched as Haruna fell silent for a moment, trying to fight back her tears and placed her hand over the girl’s arm to calm her down. “It’s about Yuko, isn’t it?” Mariko asked softly as tears started streaking down the girl’s eyes. Haruna sniffed loudly and nodded, secretly thankful that they had been given a private room instead of out with the public. “Remember that I told you that you have to grow up?” the older girl continued. “She loves you, and you love her. What exactly was the thing that’s holding you back? Is it…worth losing her over that?”

Haruna didn’t know what was holding her back from accepting and reciprocating Yuko’s love fully. It would be irresponsible to say that she was afraid of being hurt again because Yuko would be the last person to hurt her and Haruna knew that very well. Then why was she so afraid to let Yuko into her heart? Haruna didn’t have an answer, or so she thought.

“You were afraid because you based those fears on your past relationships. But you know Yuko’s different. Why not try to open up to her…and see if she’s the one that you had been looking for? The unknown in front of you terrified you but without embracing the indefinite ahead of you, there will be no way for you to find true love.”


Where are you? – Yuuchan

Yuko sent Haruna a mail, desperately wanting to see Haruna after hearing what happened between her and Mariko some nights ago. It explained everything; why Haruna had been talking to her and opening up to her more and why Haruna had been drawing back even more. Haruna was trying to let Yuko in but she was unsure, unsure of the future and basically just about everything. Yuko wasn’t sure if she could convince the girl otherwise but she wanted to be there for the love of her life and work out a way for the both of them.

……Answer me please, where are you? –Yuuchan
Rooftop. –Nyan nyan
Stay there! –Yuuchan

“Go, I’ll cover for both of you.”


The rooftop door clicked open.

“Nyan nyan?”Yuko’s confidence seemed to seep away with every step she took towards the girl. Taking a seat beside the taller girl, Yuko grabbed hold of Haruna and turned the girl towards her. “Nyan nyan, I can’t promise that I won’t make you cry but I can promise I will always make sure you have a smile on your face. I can’t promise that I will love you forever but I can promise that you will be the last person I ever loved. I can’t promise that I won’t hurt you but I can promise that if you are hurting, I will be hurting more,” she paused and took a deep breath just as the taller girl wanted to speak. “Please let me finish. I can’t promise you a lot of things, Nyan nyan…but I can promise that I’ll give you all that I can ever give to you. You mean a lot to me,” Yuko spoke in a panicked whisper, looking down and nervously fidgeting her fingers.

“You mean a lot to me too…”

“What?” Yuko looked up to the girl in front of her, doubtful of what she heard a second ago.

“I said…you mean a lot to me too. Like…like really a lot!” Haruna yelled out the last word, then taking a deep breath before continuing. “Because you meant so much to me, I was afraid to accept you. Because I knew the walls around my heart were slowly being torn down by you, I was afraid that you would be turned off by the me that was in it. Because I knew the past would always be a scar for me, I was afraid that I couldn’t love you as much as you love me. But because I knew I couldn’t win over that nagging little voice in my head telling that I love you,” Haruna paused, gently placing her hands on Yuko’s face and leaned her forehead on the girl’s and said in a firm whisper.

“I love you.”


“Happy 4th year, nyan nyan…” Yuko mumbled, fitting snuggly in front of her girlfriend as they enjoyed each other’s company before needing to head off for another rehearsal. The girlfriend rested her head on the squirrel’s shoulder, nuzzling into Yuko’s neck knowing that her girlfriend loved it.

“Yuuchan, I’ve got you a present.” The shorter girl twisted her body around and watched in anticipation as Haruna reached to the drawer of their bedside table and retrieved a plain black box with a messily tied ribbon on top. “I guessed you wouldn’t really mind the messy ribbon…since you are not Takamina,” Haruna said sheepishly as she watched Yuko unwrapped her present. Sitting in the middle of the box was a delicate crystal squirrel figurine. “I’ve got myself a kitten figurine too,” Haruna said as she took out the other box from the drawer. “I had them engraved our initials at the base as well.”

“The squirrel looked really happy and I want my Yuuchan to be always happy. Especially when she is with me. But yet because this is a figurine, it’s quiet. And that is a side that Yuuchan doesn’t show often to others. This is the part of Yuuchan that is very precious to me because a quiet Yuuchan is a very vulnerable Yuuchan; it is the moment when she’s serious and just a wrong move would result in grave consequences and I am very honoured to always have a part in this. Being a crystal figurine, it is also very delicate and fragile and my Yuuchan is so as well, even though she tried hard to appear otherwise. Taking the figure up to the sunlight,” Haruna paused, placing the squirrel figure on the side of the bed where the sunlight washed into the room through the half drawn curtains. “You can see that the insignificant details of the figurine coming to life; how the crystal shimmers in the sunlight and refracting the light into the many different colours of the rainbow. That’s like my Yuuchan. Those hidden qualities within you will only shine out when you are in the right company and I want to be that one that highlights all your positive qualities.”

Yuko couldn’t believe her ears, slowly taking in everything that her girlfriend had said. Even though they had been together for such a long time, and even though Haruna had been more open in skinship towards Yuko, never once did she say such words to the girl before. Not that she needed to, honestly. She felt her breathing got harder and felt light-headed. All she could do was to stare at her girlfriend lovingly, amazed and thankful to God that this amazing girl here beside her, was hers to keep.

“I love you, Yuuchan. 4 years ago, 4 years later, and for the many 4 more years in the future.” Haruna whispered, gently placing her hands on Yuko’s face and leaning in to give her a shy kiss. A very sweet and shy kiss that spoke of Haruna’s feelings for the girl who had selflessly gave all her love for this cat-like girl over the past few years.

“Let me love you forever.”


I actually spent a lot of time on this piece. Like a lot a lot. LOL.
I started wanting to write KojiYuu with no plot/aim in mind and came up with this somehow in the end. I wanted to address Haruna's lack of skinship towards Yuko and also how it all changes in the end when she found love in that perverted squirrel.

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awww my kojiyuu so sweet :D.. where i cand find one yuko for me :D... I hope that yuko let free haruna for me cof cof aww thanx :D
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these drabbles are fantastic! love the variety of pairings and scenarios for each drabble :) its interesting how you use photos to get your ideas in writing these  :thumbup keep up the good work and i hope to see some more kojiyuu drabbles/fics :P
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Oshiri Kojiyuu

 “Mayuyu! Did anyone tell you…you have a pretty butt!” a voice rang out from behind the quiet girl followed by a loud smack to her butt. The girl jumped in surprise and turned around, coming face to face with Team K’s Yuko, better known as a perverted midget ace. The younger girl gave an awkward smile and inched away from the shorter girl. “You know, I have a pretty butt too!” the ace exclaimed, turning around and sticking out her behind to show the frightened girl.

“Yuko! Can’t you see you are scaring the poor girl!” a voice reprimanded the ace and Mayuyu gave her saviour a grateful smile.

“Nyan nyan! B-but! She does have a pretty ass!!” Yuko inserted, latching herself onto the taller girl and whined. Mayuyu stared at the pair, unsure of what she was supposed to do. “But my nyan nyan has the best butt on earth. The best!” the short girl exclaimed, skilfully reaching behind and gave the taller girl a pinch on her butt, earning a painful smack on her forehead.

“I am sorry for the embarrassing actions from Yuko,” Haruna apologized to Mayuyu, bowing her head. “Don’t mind her. Not all of us are as insane as she is. Sorry,” Haruna apologized once more before dragging the midget out of the room by the collar of her shirt.

“Ma~~~Yu~~~Yu~~~~~~~~Let’s be oshiri sisters~~~~~” Yuko yelled as she was dragged out of the room, making a butt sign with her hands. “We’ll talk more soon!!!!!” 

Mayuyu shuddered.


Majisuka Settings:


It was past visiting hours as Sado quietly slipped into the hospital ward that Yuko was in. Closing the door quietly, she paused as she picked up the faint snoring sounds from the love of her life. A smile crept onto the taller girl’s stoic face.

Yes, Sado loves Yuko. So much that it didn’t mattered to her that the shorter girl couldn’t reciprocate the love because all she could love was Rapappa. Sado didn’t know when she started having feelings for Yuko; maybe it was the day when the crazy girl defeated her or the day when they sat at the top of Majisuka Gakuen admiring the scenery from the top. It didn’t matter because for as long as Sado remembers, Yuko is the one for her.

Taking a seat beside the bed, Sado admired as the girl slept peacefully. If only time could stop, Sado would want it to freeze at this moment because it seemed that the only time when Yuko could be at ease is when she sleeps. Always thinking about Rapappa, about her friends, about the school, Yuko could never give herself the rest she deserved. Even after falling sick, Yuko couldn’t let go of Majisuka Gakuen, draining all her energy to make sure Rapappa is fine.

Sado stroked the sleeping girl’s hair gently, leaning over to give a light kiss on the girl’s forehead. “I love you,” she whispered as she turned to leave the ward.

The sleeping girl stirred in her sleep, gently touching the spot where Sado kissed earlier and smiled.



You don’t know how scary she is when it is unleashed…

Yuko fell back onto her bed as the sentence resonated in her head after Sado left the ward. No one had really seen Torigoya being…well, being Torigoya except her. Her skills were a legend, something that no one had seen before but very much feared since she’s part of the Heavenly Queens; and everyone knows that no one messes with Rapappa unless death is what they are asking for.   


Quietly following the tall girl for a while and observing her unique skill, Yuko wondered if she could really defeat this girl. “Come out from where you are hiding,” an eerie voice called out as Yuko stepped out from behind a pillar. “Why are you following me?” the girl in front of Yuko asked, looking at the shorter girl with a playful yet creepy grin on her face. A hand whooshed up and landed itself on Yuko’s head followed by a very sharp “見えた!”.

“The top will always be a lonely place.”


Yuko shuddered as the advice from Torigoya ringed in her head once again. The latter had looked into her past and picked her weakest point; the fear of being alone. Yuko remembered how she collapsed on the dirty ground once Torigoya let go of her as flashes from her past flew past her eyes; the loneliness felt so real once again and Yuko shivered. 

“Can I look into your head once again?” a spine-chilling voice called out, making Yuko jumped from her bed and looked around, finally spotting a lone figure near the door.

“Torigoya…” Yuko whispered. The figure nodded, walking nearer to the bed and the sick girl couldn’t help but hugged the seemly sinister-looking person. “Please don’t get hurt…” the shorter girl mumbled into Torigoya’s shoulders, tightening the hug.

“I won’t…Because I don’t want Yuko to be lonely at the top.”



The two became friends, or more accurately, more than friends after that trip out of the hospital. Granted that it wasn’t really a trip since Yuko sneaked out, but it definitely make Atsuko open up to Yuko much more than before.  The wannabe nurse came for more shifts and the troublesome patient stopped sneaking out of the hospital. The other nurses and doctors were thankful to Atsuko for being able to somehow tame the wild patient to which the girl humbly smiled and left, not wanting to waste a single second with Yuko.

“I wished that I don’t have to fight anymore.”

Yuko wished that she could help Atsuko fulfill that simple wish but rules are rules. When someone who’s strong comes into the school, she will face challenges until someone stronger defeats her.

Yuko smiled bitterly as she looked at the girl in her arms who was sleeping peacefully. She stroked the healing wound on the edge of Atsuko’s lips, watching as the girl snored softly and giggled a little. Gently removing the stray strand of hair covering her pretty face, the older girl hummed her favorite melody as Atsuko stirred slightly in her sleep.

You know Yuko. She’s nearly fearless. Nearly.

And the one thing that she feared the most wasn’t death nor was it the possible fall of Rapappa after she passed on; it was the fact that one day Atsuko might get hurt more than the superficial wounds she was suffering now because there will be new fights that she will have to go through every day in Majisuka Gakuen.

And that, that scared Yuko. 

“Yuuchan,” a soft voice called out. Yuuchan, that adorable nickname that Atsuko gave to the fearful Yuko-san which brought a smile on the older girl’s face. “Why haven’t you slept?”

“Because I am chasing away all your bad dreams so that you can have a peaceful sleep and get strength for a new day in school later…”
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Hehe Yuko is spoiled here, she has a lot of partner ^^
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i love the Crystal fanfic <3 awww..haruna is so lucky for having yuko in her life..

yuko-sanxmayu/sado/torigoya/atsuko <3
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oh yuko....your love for butts is just amazing  :thumbsup
gahhhh these pairings ! they're so lovely  :D :D sado is just so loyal ! and she even fell in love with yuko
then theres yuko and torigoya  *squeal* just so awesome! torigoya doesnt want yuko to feel lonely :)
and then theres yuko and atsuko :O just too cute!

but its just so depressing that yuko has to die in the end in majisuka :(

thanks for the update  :D
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Woah~ An Update! ^
I Love the AtsuYuu ones... At first, I thought Yuko was the who was taken care of/The one who's Hurt.. But then, It's the Opposite...
Ah! The Last line (AtsuYuu's) was So Wonderful!
Thanks for the Update! Want moar!
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I'm loving all these fics~ Please keep posting! <3
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I've been writing drabbles randomly at work recently so most of them aren't photo drabbles.  :nervous
Hope you guys don't mind. ;~;


For my oshimen, an amazing little captain who turns 21 this year.

Happy Takamina Day

Being a captain isn’t an easy job. Heck, simply being an AKB48 member isn’t easy period.

But being the captain of the entire fleet of girls in Japan’s most popular girl-group just made it about a hundred times harder. Aki-P must be thanking the Gods up there for being able to discover probably the toughest girl in history to take up such an important task; thanking that he found a Takahashi Minami.

As much as she had said that AKB48 shouldn’t be an end but instead, just a road leading to everyone’s dreams, it is quite evident that AKB48 is Minami’s everything. It is her start, her road and if anything, she wants to be with it till the end. 6 years and counting, Minami has been in this team, giving her all and helping to shape it to where it is today. Minami wants to make this group one that the graduated members would be able to tell everyone proudly that they were once part of this awesome team, one that the trainees would work hard because they want to be part of this amazing team, and one that the existing members would be filled with pride knowing that they were what made AKB48 this wonderful.

And because of all these, Minami gives herself too much pressure.

Many times, the little captain would break down behind closed doors from all the stress before putting on a strong front once again to lead the team forward. Many times, she would quietly pop a pill when she felt sick and carried on, worried that the team will go into chaos without someone holding them together. Many times, she would go out with the members till late, rather not spoiling the fun by leaving early, only to come home and spent her night awake just to plan out the team’s schedule for dance practices together. Many times Minami would sacrifice so much for the team that everyone seemed to take for granted, as though all these were part of Minami’s duties.

“Happy Birthday Minami!” voices behind the captain rang out. Snapping out of her trance, the little captain saw two cakes being brought into the room, lit with 21 candles. A tear quickly escaped the corner of her eyes as her teammates watched in amusement.

“You’ve worked really hard, Takamina,” a solemn looking Mariko said, ruffling the captain’s hair. “On behalf on everyone here…and everyone that’s not, happy birthday. And please, give yourself a break. You know you are allowed to give yourself more space and less responsibility, don’t take it as though you have to do everything yourself…because you don’t,” Mariko paused and watched as Minami took everything in. “And we know you won’t heed the advice anyway because that’s what we had been telling you for the past 2 years.” Mariko added, laughing heartily. The other members laughed along, giving the tough captain hugs and birthday congratulations.

The night crawled on with everyone talking about everything else.

“You know, you are really someone everyone respects. So please, take care of yourself and let us shoulder some of your burden. Especially with Atsuko leaving soon, let us be your support,” Mariko moved to the seat beside the captain and said, hoping with an additional year, the captain will be less stubborn and more cooperative. Minami gave an absent-minded nod and Mariko knew that her words fell on deaf ears once again.

“Oh by the way, Acchan says she will let you bed her if you heed my advice.” Minami snapped her head to Mariko’s direction with her eyes wide open, dropping her jaws.

“Wait!!! What did you say just now? What Acchan? What advice? WHAT?” the captain panicked, grabbing the older girl’s arm and begged her to repeat. Mariko stuck out her tongue and shook her head, refusing to repeat a single word. “B-but!! It’s my birthday today and you should be nice!!” Minami argued, putting on her cutest expression, hoping Mariko would take pity on her.

The older girl stood up and laughed, leaving a bewildered Minami on the sofa, lost and confused.

“Go into the second room on the right. Acchan’s waiting.”


AtsuMina #28

“Say…why are you so clingy lately? Even in public!” The captain asked, pulling her girlfriend to into her embrace gently. The pair had just ended the rehearsals for the next Team A concert and were grabbing the short time to rest before starting another round of practice with the members.

The ace gave a soft whine, pulling Takamina’s arms closer around her and laid comfortably. Knowing that that is the way Acchan avoids questions that she doesn’t wish to answer; Takamina rocked the girl in her arms gently, quietly enjoyed the sweet moment that the pair could rarely share now. 

“Because…soon I won’t be able to do so in public…” the ace mumbled softly, finally letting her girlfriend knows of her insecurity.  The short captain turned the insecure ace around and looked into her sad eyes, closing the gap between their faces with a firm kiss. 

“Well, you can always wait till I get home…Nothing’s going to change ya know? You will always be mine, like how I will always belong to you.”


Somehow after Acchan announced her graduation, she had been very very very clingy towards Takamina. :/ Just thought that I should write something about it as well. ^^
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Coming back to post some of the back-logged oneshots/drabbles. ;~;


the case of Haruna's panties;;;

“Nyan nyan, what is this all about?” An agitated squirrel barged into the room, waving Tomochin’s cellphone in the air. Haruna raised her eyebrow in question before being shoved in her face a reply from Mariko to her on twitter. “I saw Tomochin laughing at her phone and asked her what is it, and she show me this!!!”

篠田麻里子‏ @mariko_dayo
Your p-p-p-p-pant◯ can be seen ( *◯ω◯)

Haruna pushed the cellphone out of her face and glared at the over-reacting girl. “I already told her it’s not my panties,” the taller girl replied, sounding bored. “Why are you so…excited?” She added, rolling her eyes and pushing the clingy girl who’s now blushing away.

“I am not excited! I am worried,” the older girl protested, waving her hands in the air as if to prove her point. Haruna scoffed at the answer and walked away, knowing that Yuko’s mind was definitely in the gutters thanks to Mari-chan’s tweet. Silently thanking God that her agency doesn’t allow Yuko to have a twitter, Haruna sent a DM to Mariko to blame her for the Yuko-harassment.

A sudden tight hug from behind surprised Haruna, almost causing her cellphone to fall out of her hands. “I…I only reacted like this because I love Nyan Nyan,” Yuko mumbled into the taller girl’s shoulders.

“And because only I can see Nyan Nyan’s panties.”


gorilla vs squirrel;;;

Some things just don’t change even with time.

Yuko looked at her cellphone and smiled.

One day, I’ll be the one asking you out for lunch first!!! – Akigori 
Never. It’s already so many years. Gorilla sure is shy. – Yuu-chan
Just you wait!!! - Akigori

Yuko had always believed that if the elections meant anything, it probably meant that people are blind to not vote for Sayaka.

Without a doubt, that gorilla is one of the squirrel’s best friends.

They were told to treat each other as rivals, but the old team K had changed the rules on their own; becoming tighter comrades and striving to higher peaks together rather than to fight against each other. And throughout the years that they had been together, 6 years to be exact, Yuko always believed that Sayaka is so much better than herself and there’s so much more to learn from the leader than she couldn’t ever finish doing so.

The shorter girl loves hanging out with Sayaka, loves teasing the leader’s awkwardness around the other members, and loves horsing around with her; basically just doing what friends would normally do. Yuko knows almost everything about Sayaka; the struggles the leader have because of her responsibilities, the disappointments the taller girl felt after elections, the happiness the leader felt whenever something went smoothly…

And all these only made the squirrel respect the gorilla even more.

“Yuuchan! Sorry! Sorry, I am late,” a voice boomed from behind Yuko and a panting Sayaka appeared a second later, both hands clasped in front of her face, apologizing. The shorter girl flipped her cellphone close and frowned, waving her fists at the apologetic girl before breaking out into uncontrollable laughter.

It’s the taller girl’s turn to frown, looking confused at the same time at the giggling girl. “Did…did you seriously think I’ll be angry?” Yuko asked, in between fits of laughter. Sayaka glared at the tickled girl, watching as the mischievous ace made a funny face at her. A smiled crept onto Sayaka’s face and it wasn’t long before she joined in the laughter.

The leader could never stay angry at the ace for long; Yuko knows how to make her feel better when she’s down in the pits, how to poke fun at her without being overboard, and how to give her support even without doing anything much. One thing that the leader knows, no matter how different their ranking might be for the elections, the ace will always be by her side, leading Team K with her and that she can always count on Yuko as a teammate, as a friend. 

“What are you thinking?” the shorter girl poked the leader, who seemed to be caught up in her thoughts. “You are paying for the meal since you are late,” Yuko continued, grinning at her leader then regretting almost immediately when the leader hooked her arm around her neck and pulled her forward.

“You make more money than I do. Stop trying to get free meals from me!!”
“But I have a Nyan Nyan to feed back home!”
“And I have a whole Team K to feed!”

Some things just don’t change even with time.


whiny chiyuu is irresistible chiyuu;;;

"Tomochin~” a whiny voice from behind the girl called out to her just before a pair of arms snaked around her shoulders, pulling Tomochin back. Tomochin made a face; one of the things she dislikes the most was public display of affection, and it just happens that the girl whom she likes loves it. Tomochin peeled away from the girl’s embrace before turning around to look at her.

“Tomomi,” she started, glaring at the Tomomi girl in front of her.

“Tomo~chin…” Tomochin’s eyes softened at once when she heard Tomomi using the unique way of calling her name. If anything, all the telling off that the older girl felt like showering on the other girl died upon looking at Tomomi’s apologetic face.

Yet, Tomochin turned around suddenly, back-facing Tomomi. The sorry girl sighed softly, knowing that she had probably pushed Tomochin to her limits and pissed off the girl. Before she could say anything, the older girl reached behind her to hold the other girl’s hands before clasping them across her waist.

Tomomi let out a soft gasp in surprise, then pulling her girlfriend deeper into her embrace. “Tomo~mi…” the shorter girl started, leaning closer to Tomomi. “I am sorry. I’ll try…to like this…more,” she promised as Tomomi rested her head on the older girl’s shoulder, warm breathe caressing Tomochin’s neck making her hard to concentrate on what she wanted to say. “I love you.”

Tomomi gave Tomochin’s stomach a playful jab before turning her girlfriend around, cupping the shorter girl’s face and giving her a chaste kiss.

“I love you too.”



Natsumi could feel her feet protesting in pain while she continued to battle it out with the shorter girl; no one is giving each other a chance for to catch a breath, stealing nervous glances at each other hoping one will give up first. Umechan is so close to throwing her hands up and waving the white flag when she bit down on her lips, drawing blood to get the temporary boost of strength to continue on.

Tomomi clings onto Yuka’s arm as they looked at the arguably best dancers in AKB48 gave their all in this impromptu challenge. It all started with Yuko’s innocent comment of “Natsumi! I think you danced the best for today’s End Roll performance! I love watching you dance!”. Tomomi thinks it’s probably Umechan’s time of the month; it’s really uncharacteristic of the short girl to be this scary unless it involves a certain kenkyuusei. Yuka thinks it’s probably that kenkyuusei that Umechan set her sights on had rejected her; Umechan had been acting beyond stalkerish and touchy towards the poor kenkyuusei who goes by the nickname of Micha.

“Woo waaaaaaaah! You guys are dancing!” A loud voice echoed the tense studio as a squirrel popped her head in and exclaimed. It wasn’t long before the clueless girl stood in between the pair and did a crazy dance, failing to recognise the tension in the air.

Yuka gave herself a mental facepalm before leaning over to cover Tomomi’s eyes, muttering softly, “Don’t look, it might get bloody. You don’t want to see a dead squirrel”.
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So, I 'thank you' it, but I did not comment, so...

KojiYuu  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Yuko-sama will always be the pervy Yuko-sama, nee? But I like her serious mode, too... What I'm saying?! I love Yuko-sama the way she is, all, everything about her  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Thank you for these wonderful drabbles  :bow: :bow:
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i love the gorilla-squirrel relationship..LOL..And kojiyuu <3..