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Author Topic: ✰Adventure48✰ - Heroes - COMPLETED  (Read 67290 times)

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Re: Heros
« Reply #80 on: December 20, 2011, 10:41:31 AM »
Blue Moon Rune and Sun Rune. Two of 27 True Runes. I wanna play Suikoden again.  :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

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Heros -- Chapter 9
« Reply #81 on: December 23, 2011, 05:39:27 PM »
Thanks d_ruffi, Megumi, kahem, RenaChii, Sok, virgo_shaka

@ virgo_shaka : Hehe.. because I don't know what to name for their elements, so I borrowed blue moon and sun rune from suikoden^^ suikoden is my favorite besides FF♪( ´▽`)
@ kahem, Sok : hmm... I'm still thinking who will be partner with Kuu.. XD

Please read o(_ _o)

Chapter 9
Friends and Foes

Part 1

// So, this is Majijo Castle where they live? It looks poor and ugly…//

“Help! Help!” said a hooded girl running towards the castle.

She’s being chased by two well-built men who wear like a robber. One of them swaying his knife while the other launching the hemp-rope towards her. The robber throw the knife on her and cute her forearms, while the other succeeded to twined her legs making her falling to the ground. The girl won’t give up and keep running towards the castle gate.

“Help! Help!” the girl cried.

Fortunately, Sae and Yuki were taking a walk near there. The hooded girl run into Sae and hug him.

“Help me! They’re robbers!” the girl cried.

Sae raise his hand up high borrowing the solar energy of the sun and launch it to the two robbers. Their eyes were in pain because of the brightness and the hot they received.

“AHhh…! Run!”

The two robbers run away. The hooded girl still hugging Sae and crying on his shoulder.

“Thanks… thanks for saving my life.”

“Nah… it’s okay.” Sae sratches his hair and give a wink to that girl.

The hooded girl tip toe and give Sae a kiss on his cheek, “Thank you…”

This acts raised Yuki’s anger, she went beside Sae and trampled his foot very hardly… giving him an annoyed face and walk away. Sae squatted down and rubs his toe in pain.

“Are you okay?” asked the hooded girl.

“It’s okay… by the way, what is your name? Why are they chasing you?” asked Sae.

The girl began crying, “My name is Mayu, Watanabe Mayu… I am with my parents having a trip to the city of Iimiram. Those guys appeared in the middle of way and attacked us… my parents…sob… killed by them…”

“Poor girl… I’m sorry to hear that.”

“No… I’m grateful that you helped me. By the way, is she your girlfriend? I guess she’s really mad when I kissed your cheek…”

“Umm… you can say that she is my… Wife??” Sae answered doubtly.

“Oh… I guess I have to go for an apologize then.” Mayu went after Yuki.

Back Garden of the Castle

Yuki sat on the bench and frowning her face, mad at Sae about why he let that girl to kiss his cheek. Someone walks slowly approach her and put a flower crown on her head.

“I’m sorry for what I did before… I don’t know you are his wife. I’m just want to say thanks for saving my life.” Mayu said.

Yuki took the flower crown and smiling, “This is beautiful… thank you.” Yuki smiled at her. “You don’t have to apologize, I was mad at him not you.”

Mayu clap her hands together and act cute, “Yokatta…”

“Come, sit here”

Yuki and Mayu get along very well. They’ve met just now, but they already chats like sisters. Mayu told Yuki about her miserable incident, Yuki cheering her… and now they’re chatting and laughing together…

Sae is peeking at them behind one of those pillars in the corridor. “She was so mad at me … and now she’s laughing and having chit chat with the girl who kissed me…?” Sae put his hand under his chin and thought, “I should observe more about my past-life wife’s behaviours…”

// Phase 1 complete... They are nothing just a fool. So easy to be deceived. I guess this mission will last no more than 2 weeks //



Wow! This is the cleanest and neatest city I ever walk through. Workshop here and there, alchemist shop, weapon shop, potion shop, inn, theater, fashion shop, antique shop, food streets, and brothel. Hmm… should I try the brothel? Haha… I’m going to test all the foods in this town first…

I wandering inside the city testing the foods and exploring the antique shop hoping can found the material I want for my dearest plane – Persona. There’s a small bridge across me, I walk there to take a rest and having my meal. As I walk through into the small gang before going there, I heard people shouting “Stop right there!”

Soon after, someone bump into me. This person is taller than me, wearing a black wool cabby hat with short brown hair, white shirt inside and a black long coat. I saw something drop from his pocket but this person ran downward the bridge and out of my sight before I can call him.

Curiously, I picked up the box and opened it… and guess what? Inside it is the material I’ve been searching for!! “Snow Violet Crystal Shard!!!” I quickly closed it again and pressed my mouth with hand, turn my head to the right, to the left, and finally hide it in my pocket smiling cunningly.

There’re more people run through here, they were all wearing black coat. I heard them shouting and cursing someone for stealing their trading goods. Maybe this is the stolen goods, but that’s not my business, just ignore it. I am very happily walked back to the castle. I finally can repair my Persona and renovate it into multifunction plane.

Somewhere in the city

“Chief Mario, we must find the material soon for the ship. Otherwise, we can’t get out from this city” said one of his followers.

“Damn! Must be dropped somewhere when I’m running” Mario walk around in circle in front his desk and recall the place he ran through, “Must be that boy… find all the boy between 16~20 years old and bring him to me!! NOW!”

“Yes Sir!” the men disband themselves to follow the order.

Mario sat at his chair, looking at the photo at his necklace. “I won’t let you down, father. I won’t denigrate your name in mafia family. I’ll lead those brothers to better live”

At the city gate

Kuu was so happy walking to the exit of this city. Suddenly his vision became black. There’s two men in black covered him with black sack and kidnapped him into underground black market café. Outside the café, there can be seen so many boys in tied and blind folded, black sacks thrown aside. They went inside the café and take the lift to upper floor. They arrived at third floor of an old building in the middle of the city.

“Chief, is this the person you want?” the men took Kuu out from the sack.

“He-” Kuu surprised when he saw the person right in front of him.

Chief Mario came closer to examine Kuu. He narrowed his eyes, “Garb him tight!” he ordered.

“Hey! What are you going to do with me?! I have no money!” Kuu struggling.

Chief Mario searched his body and found the small box of violet crystal shard. “This is it”

“No! that’s mine! Give me back!” Kuu shouted.

Chief Mario kicked Kuu stomach and punch his face, “This is MINE! I know you picked it up on the street before” he gave Kuu a devilish smirk.

“Give me back!” Kuu use his Nen and throw away two men who grabbed him. He dash into Mario, making the box slipped away from Mario hand and flying in the air. They launch kicks and puched rapidly in very fast movement. While the box is still in the air, they both jumped to catch the box and Mario hand is closer to the box because he is taller than Kuu. Knowing this disadvantage within the height, Kuu use his Nen by controlling the air and make the box flying to his side.

“Height has no use against me” Kuu run away and break the window, jumped downward.

“CHASE HIM!” Mario ordered his henchmen. He punch his hand at wall, breaking it. “Don’t let me see you again, otherwise don’t blame me to be cruel on you”

Back at the castle

Kuu happily go back to the castle to inform the others that he found the material for his ship. Just as he opened the door, he saw Yuki and Sae having tea together with the others.

// Sae… vampire girl… laughing… chatting with others…? //

Kuu hastily took out his gun and pointed at where Yuki was, “Vampire girl! What did you do to them? Are you hypnotized them? Controlling them? Or… you turned them into vampire too?!!!”

“Kuu… let me explain…” Sae approach him.

“No! don’t come anymore closer!” Kuu was about to pull the trigger. Sae gain his Nen and use the solar power to melt Kuu’s gun.

“Ouchh… hot~ hot! Hot!” Kuu throw away the gun. He steps back and bump into somebody.

“Ouch…” a girl fell on the floor and spilled the tea she brought.

“Sorry, are you okay?” Kuu offered his hand to help the girl stand up.

“I’m fine. Thank you’ the girl smiled cutely to him.

// Wow… such cute girl…  // Kuu was gaze at her for seconds.

“Umm… could you let go of my hand?” asked the girl.

“Oh… haha… sorry…” Kuu apologize. ”I am Kuu. Minegishi Kuu. What’s yours?”

“My name is Watanabe Mayu, nice to meet you” Mayu gave him her cute smile again.

“Umm… I’m sorry to make your clothes dirty… how about we go to have some shopping this afternoon. I’ll pay for your clothes” Kuu offered a date to Mayu.

“It’s okay. I’ll just get some change in my room. Please excuse me” Mayu smiled and get out from the room. Kuu followed her from behind but stopped by Sae who grab his shirt collar.

“Easy…easy, you’ll scare her” Sae said teasingly.

“Eehem… looks like somebody fall in love~” Atsuko said teasingly. Minami and Yuko gave him a whisle.

Kuu finally snapped out from Mayu charm and going panic again, “VAMPIRE!! I am now in vampire nest! Oh no!”

Sae shut his mouth with hand, “Shut up! Hear me first! Let me tell you the story”

After some minutes, Kuu began to understand the situation.

Sae explained all the things about his past and this vampire girl named Yuki also introduce herself, and also explained about how Mayu came and stay in this castle.

Somewhere in the castle

// Damn! If that bastard didn’t show up. They already drunk my poison tea.//



Thanks for reading ( ´▽`)
Hope this chapter didn't confuse you

Q : did you notice the name of the city?

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Re: Heros -- Chapter 9
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so mayu is the woman in all black dress and she's the one who made the poison tea  :?

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Re: Heros -- Chapter 9
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Mayu's trying to kill them?  :mon chilly: Why? I wanna know.  :mon gamer: Kuu's interested in Mayu.  :mon woo:
Thank you for the update.

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Re: Heros -- Chapter 9
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Oh~ Nezumi is here and is kuu partner
What is special with the name of the city?

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Re: Heros -- Chapter 9
« Reply #85 on: December 24, 2011, 11:07:39 PM »
Yup, Suikoden is really fantastic game along with Final Fantasy and Chrono Series. And you made the Blue Moon and Sun Rune bearer here the same character with Suikoden. Yuki as Blue Moon Rune's bearer share the same charasteristic with Sierra from Suikoden II as a vampire and Sae as Sun Rune's bearer characteristic is the same with Prince Freyjador from Suikoden V for being a woman-killer. :)

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Re: Heros -- Chapter 9
« Reply #86 on: December 24, 2011, 11:11:45 PM »
Why you jealous Yukirin~? That's your daughter~ LOL

Please update soon~

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Heroes -- Chapter 9 - Friends and Foes Part 2
« Reply #87 on: February 02, 2012, 01:41:45 PM »
Thanks Sok, Yagami.Rai, d_ruffi, kahem, RenaChii, virgo_shaka, Megumi, qyyzz101

It's been weeks since the last update due to my personal matters...  :kneelbow:
Anyway, hope you like it..



Chapter 9
Friends and Foes

Part 2


Somewhere in the tavern

“Let me go!”

“Jurina, just obey what father said.”

“Rena nee-chan! Please wake up! Don’t you know what are you doing? He is not our father anymore! He is MONSTER!” Jurina struggles against his sister – Rena. His hands are being cuffed by Rena.

“Such a rebellious kid” a man in black royal robe walks into the room.

“You’re not my father! You are the shame of Akimoto Kingdom, shame of Matsui fami-”


Before Jurina can continue his words, he slapped by his father. “Lock him in this room until he realized what is his status and duty!”

“Yes, father” Rena tied Jurina’s hands with rope and hanged him at the ceiling.

The room filled with silent. After King Matsui and all his guard went out the room, Rena whisper something to Jurina, “I know killing is wrong, but I have to do it… I have to find the reason why father become so cruel… and who is the master behind this.”

Without giving chance for Jurina to speak, she exited the room and locked the door.

Somewhere in the city

“Kuu, why are you wearing a mask?” asked Minami.

Kuu rub the phantom mask on his face, “This is cool isn’t it?” he sighed, “There’re people here want to catch me just because I picked up something”

“Then, just return it”

“No! that’s the material I’ve been searching for!” Kuu sighed, “Besides, I already use that for my Persona. They will definitely kill me”

“By the way, where does your uncle live?” Kuu asked Mayu.

“Umm… if I am not wrong, he lives in that tavern” Mayu pointing a luxurious tavern not far from them.


This person named Kuu seems to have interest on me. He is stupid too, maybe I can use him as a bait…

“Anyone here want to join me?”  Kuu barged into the gathering room, “I want to escort Mayu to where her uncle lives…”

“I wish I can meet my uncle and tell him about my parent’s death…” Mayu pretend to be frightened, “But I’m afraid of beasts and robbers on the way to there…”

“Don’t worry, we’re all good fighters. Aren’t we?” Kuu puts his arms around Minami’s shoulder, only gets smack from Haruna and Atsuko.

“Don’t touch Minami” Haruna and Atsuko said at once.

“Mou, Harunyaan~ I’m jealous here” Yuko starts clinging on Haruna again, as usual Haruna will push Yuko away from him and Yuko just sticks like glue.

“Acchan, let’s escort her” Minami asked for Atsuko’s decision.

“Hmm…” after thinking for a while Atsuko agree with Minami, “Okay, let’s escort her. But not all of us, some must stay here in the castle”

“We’ll stay here” said Sae and Yuki.

“Me and Harunyaan too~!” Yuko is still clinging against Haruna.

“No! I have to protect Minami!” Haruna complained.

“What? You are hungry? Let’s find something to eat then~” Yuko tried to drag Haruna away but he is too heavy for Yuko’s small size body. “Sae~ Yuki~ Help me~” she asked.

“Hai~” Sae and Yuki gladly help Yuko to drag Haruna away.


Flashback End

“Here you are, we gotta go back to the castle now” Atsuko said.

“Wait!” Mayu grabbed Atsuko’s sleeve, “Ermm… thanks for escorting me. Please come inside and have a tea first, I have to treat you as my thanks.”

“Yeah… yeah… no need to rush~” Kuu huddle at Atsuko and bring him inside the tavern, following by Minami behind them.

“I’ll go to get my uncle here. Please have some tea” Mayu

Upstairs in the tavern

Knock Knock

“Mother, I have brought them here” Mayu reported to her mother.

A tall woman in black dress gown gets up from her bed, “Good job, Mayu. I’m not wrong in adopting you as my daughter”

“I might have starved to death if I didn’t meet you. It’s you who saved me, I serve my life for you, mother” Mayu help her mother get down from the bed and guide her to sit on the sofa beside it.

Knock Knock

“My Queen, preparation’s complete. Princess Rena is ready to launch attack” a guard reported to Mayu’s mother.

“Good… Seal all the way out from this city. Until we get the crylist” Queen commanded.

“As you wish, my Queen”

Back to downstairs of the tavern

“Hey, you there. Hurry and get out from this city!” Jurina approaches where Atsuko and the others were.

“Jurina! How have you been?” Atsuko give him a hug.

“We’ll talk later. Gotta get out of here first” Jurina motioned them to follow him.

Suddenly needles flying towards them. Jurina uses his boomerang to knock down all the needles. There is this hooded girl disappear into the shadow. Not long after they were surrounded by the guards.

“What’s going on here?” Kuu asked.

“They must be aiming the crilyst” Atsuko stands in front of Minami in standby mode and scans the area to find the way out. “Follow me!”

Atsuko burst into the guards to open the way for the others. The guards are just too weak against Atsuko and been thrown away easily. Once they arrive at the backdoor, Atsuko crushes the wall to seal the way out. As they walked out from the tavern, the streets already been surrounded by Matsui’s armies. All gates of the city being sealed and no one could get out from the city. They quickly sneak into a small street between buildings.

“Damn!” Jurina growls.

"Wait a minute..." Kuu seems to realize something missing, “Wait! Mayu is still inside!”

“She’ll be fine. We gotta get out of here first” Jurina said firmly.

“How can she be fine? She is just a weak girl. I gotta find her” Kuu parted from them to search for Mayu but is held by Minami.

“Kuu, calm down!”

“How can I calm d-” before he continues, Jurina smack him.

“One life against four, which is major?!” he yelled. “Wake up… she’s not weak as you think she is. She’ll be fine” His words make Kuu silence and feels down.

“We should find a safe place to clear our head first” Atsuko and the others sneaking all the way in the city to find


To be continue~

Thanks for reading ( ´▽`)

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 9 - Friends and Foes Part 2
« Reply #88 on: February 02, 2012, 05:32:58 PM »
Thanks for te update

So Jurina and rena are siblings..

I wonder who is the queen??..

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 9 - Friends and Foes Part 2
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Who is that 'mother'? Is her who made Jurina's father like that?

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 9 - Friends and Foes Part 2
« Reply #90 on: February 03, 2012, 04:25:07 AM »
Wow~ Thnkas for the update!  :on GJ:
What? Junria and rena related?
Kuu still thinking Mayu's innocent and weak.  :on yellcard:

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 9 - Friends and Foes Part 2
« Reply #91 on: February 04, 2012, 11:11:36 AM »

Thank you for your update!
Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 9 - Friends and Foes Part 2
« Reply #92 on: February 04, 2012, 09:37:01 PM »
Un . . . maybe it's that 'mother' the one behind this

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Heroes -- Characters Summary
« Reply #93 on: February 15, 2012, 02:46:44 PM »
Thanks for reading minna~
Thanks kahem, Sok, d_ruffi, Megumi, RenaChii, msst28

And yes, the mother is behind all of this... who is that mother? (still thinking the suitable character  :P )

I make the summary of the characters showed up until chap. 9 and the explanation of their current status, will update Chapter 10 sooon...

Nen >>> spiritual power which forms from inside body to strengthen physical power

Crilyst >>> kinds of mysterious crystal stone which grants power to its owner.

Numbers of crilyst shown up until now are:

Water crilyst by Maeda Atsuko

Fire crilyst by Takahashi Minami

Wind crilyst by King Matsui

Lightning crilyst by Kojima Haruna

Blue moon by Kashiwagi Yuki

Sun rune by Miyazawa Sae

Beast rune by Matsui Rena


From Takahashi Kingdom:

King & Queen Takahashi >>> Status is unknown since the destruction of Takahashi Kingdom

Great General, Kojima >>> Died while protecting Princess Minami

Great Alchemist Minegishi >>> Cousin of General Kojima, expert in mechanic and weapons, currently is missing

Takahashi Minami >>> The only heir of Takahashi Kingdom, the holder of Fire crilyst

Kojima Haruna >>> Son of the Great General, Kojima and the holder of lightning crilyst. He is also Minami’s childhood friend

Minegishi Kuu >>> Son of the Alchemist Minegishi, expert in mechanic and he has the ability to control air. Grown up together with Minami and Haruna

From Maeda Kingdom:

King & Queen Maeda >>> Status is unknown since the destruction of Maeda Kingdom

Great physician Oshima >>> Best friend of King Maeda and is Yuko’s father. Currently is missing when Atsuko is 11

Maeda Atsuko >>> The only heir of Maeda Kingdom, the holder of Water crilyst

Oshima Yuko >>> Daughter of great physician Oshima, she inherits her father’s skill in medic.

From Matsui Kingdom:

King Matsui >>> The one who destroy Maeda Kingdom & Takahashi Kingdom in order to get the crilyst

Princess Matsui Rena >>> Daughter of King Matsui who posses the power of beast. She always become insane and berserk like a blood thirst monster whenever she uses her power of the beast rune

Prince Matsui Jurina >>> Son of King Matsui and the only one who doesn’t get controlled in his family. He helps Atsuko and the other against his father. He feels that his father sudden change and become cruel is caused by someone

Mayu >>> A cute girl who is adopted as daughter by black dressed woman

Black dressed woman >>> Known as the Queen Matsui, the stepmother of Rena and Jurina. Still unsure with her identity (maybe related with the black dressed woman in Sae’s past life…?)

From the journey:

Miyazawa Sae >>> A thief from Sun village. He is reincarnation of a prince from Vampire land.

Kashiwagi Yuki >>> A gorgeous vampire who is Sae’s lover (250 years ago)

Shinoda Mario >>> (real name still unrevealed) She cross dressed as a man to protect her father’s family business in mafia world. Unfortunately, her treasure is stoled picked by Kuu and used for his multifunction airplane, Persona. Her mafia members been killed by Matsui armies in the city.


This is the image of the multifunction airplane - PERSONA~

And this is the chamber where they always gathering at~

[Image above is adopt from Highwind in FFVII]

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Re: Heroes -- Characters Summary
« Reply #94 on: February 15, 2012, 03:49:45 PM »
I don't know why Haruna keeps pushing Yuko away from him~ -____-

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Heroes -- Chapter 10 part 1 -- Declare of the War
« Reply #95 on: February 15, 2012, 06:04:58 PM »
Chapter 10
Declare of the War

Part 1


Hosh hosh hosh

// Damn! I got separated from them… //

“Stay right there!” Guards appeared at the end of the road and chasing Kuu.

Kuu keeps running and running since he has no strength to fight against them. He runs to the centre of the city and found familiar building, the black market cafe where he was kidnapped before. // Maybe I can distract them in that building // Kuu smirks and run inside the café. Different from what he thinks, the café was in mess as he went inside. It seems like there’re been fights not long ago. Tables and chairs crushed with unmoving bodies lay on the ground.

“Sorry… sorry… “ Kuu steps on those bodies to across the hall.

Drap drap drap

Not far from him, a figure is running fast toward him. Before he can move his body, the figure knocked him down and dragged him to hide behind barrels.  Kuu raise his head to find out that the figure is mafia chief who kidnapped him, “YOU… hmmpphh !!!!!”

“Sshhh…”Mario pressed his hands on Kuu’s mouth to prevent him shouting.

“Hmmpppphhhh!!!” Kuu waves his hands to tell Mario that he can’t breathes and plead Mario to release his hands.

“Puuuahhhh… are you trying to kill me?” Kuu whispers.

“………………..” Mario’s eyes keep scanning the area and ignore Kuu.

Kuu lock his eyes on Mario, waiting for him to response. Mario’s hair is so messy and there’re bruises over his smooth face. Somehow Mario looks hot, Kuu travels his eyes to his sweaty neck and went down to his worn, unbutton white shirt. His chest is… similar to woman…

// WOMAN…?!!! // Kuu gasped and pressed his hands on his own mouth.

Mario turn to face Kuu and found him locking his eyes on her chest… or precisely, on her breast. Mario’s eyes widen and she gave him a hard slap, make Kuu thrown backward and rolling on the floor.

The sounds of Kuu rolling and hits on the wall attract the guards, “There they are!!!”
“RUN!!!” Kuu yelled and ran to upstairs. After stepping up few stairs, he turn to look at Mario who is still sit on the floor, “What are you doin-”

Kuu noticed Mario’s leg is swollen and bleeding. He took off his coat and went down again to where Mario was. After putting his coat on Mario, he lifted her up in bridal style and ran upstairs once more.

“What are you doing? Let me down!” Mario hits Kuu on chest.

”Hmm?” Kuu leaned in very close to her face, makes Mario gasp and stay silent. “If you open your mouth again, I’ll kiss you~” said Kuu with his famous wink.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!!!” The guards shout.

“Hold on tight~” Kuu whisper softly in Mario ears, makes her blushing. He’s speeding up his pace towards the windows, “Here we go~”

Mario snapped out and understands what will Kuu do, “Are you trying to jump from here? Crazy!! This is 15th floo— WAAAAAAAAAA” Mario closed her eyes and hug Kuu tightly.

At the same time

Jurina is trapped inside a dark building… only him and a hooded girl. The girl is using needles as weapon and Jurina keep dodging all the attacks without effort to fight back.

“Why don’t you fight back?” asked the hooded girl.

“I won’t fight you” said Jurina. “Please, leave them. Don’t hurt them”

“Why? They’re here to kill your father. Why you keep defending them?”

“Mayu, they are the one who can stop my father from his insane. They are the one who can save this kingdom from destruction. Do you know that your mother is going to–” Before Jurina finished his words, Mayu launched a fist on his face, makes him fall to the ground.

“I know nothing” Mayu walked passed by Jurina, “You should just sit at your throne and watch the war, my Prince… Matsui Jurina” Mayu went out and locked the door to prevent Jurina going to where Atsuko is.

At the same time at the center of City Iimiram Atsuko and Minami were surrounded by the guard. No matter how many times they banished those troops, it always appears like limitless. They already run out of strength to fight. In the middle of the troops, a tall, well-built man in royal black robe walks toward them. Beside him shows a girl in dark blue robe.

“Are they the descendants from Maeda and Takahashi?” asked the man.

“Yes, father. He is the only heir from Maeda Kingdom and the girl is the heir of Takahashi Kingdom” answered the girl.

“Good job, Rena” King Matsui throw his fist on the air and signaling the troops to move back. He approached Atsuko and Minami, “Hand me your crilyst and I will spare your live”

“HYAAAA!”  Atsuko launch an attack against him but failed.  King Matsui grabbed his left arm and cut it off with the sword.


He threw Atsuko’s left arm far away then he launched his strong fist right on Atsuko’s chest. Blood spilt out from Atsuko’s mouth. His body feels limb and falls to the ground with blood flowing from his left shoulder. His crilyst dropped out from his clothes and rolled to King Matsui’s foot. He picked up the crilyst and smile evilly.

“Atsuko!!!” Minami cried and run to Atsuko. King Matsui smirked and holds his sword readily to slay Minami when she approached.


To be continue...

Thanks for reading ( ´▽`)
sorry for the bad english and hope this chapter didn't confuse you...

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 10 part 1
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Ok.. understand more about the characters..

 :shock: Persona really big.. I imaging a small plane

 :OMG: Atsuko lost his hand..

how there you cut atsuko hand...  :angry1:

Well hope you update next chapter

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 10 part 1
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MariKuu! Kiss her Kuu! KISS HER!!! <333333333333333

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 10 part 1
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MariKuu! Kiss her Kuu! KISS HER!!! <333333333333333

jaja i thought the same thing..

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 10 part 1 -- Declare of the War
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“HYAAAA!”  Atsuko launch an attack against him but failed.  King Matsui grabbed his left arm and cut it off with the sword.


He threw Atsuko’s left arm far away then he launched his strong fist right on Atsuko’s chest. Blood spilt out from Atsuko’s mouth. His body feels limb and falls to the ground with blood flowing from his left shoulder. His crilyst dropped out from his clothes and rolled to King Matsui’s foot. He picked up the crilyst and smile evilly.

“Atsuko!!!” Minami cried and run to Atsuko. King Matsui smirked and holds his sword readily to slay Minami when she approached.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :on blackhole: :on blackhole: :on blackhole: What's Happen to my AtsuMina?! :pleeease: Btw, Please Update soon! I'm really Curious about the continuation! :mon XD:
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