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Author Topic: ✰Adventure48✰ - Heroes - COMPLETED  (Read 65001 times)

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✰Adventure48✰ - Heroes - COMPLETED
« on: November 20, 2011, 02:17:10 PM »
-- INDEX --





-- HEROES --

Chapter One -- Part One  Part Two
Chapter Two
Chapter Three -- Part One  Part Two
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six -- Part One  Part Two
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight -- Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four
Chapter Nine -- Part One  Part Two
Chapter Ten -- Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four
Chapter Eleven  Part Two   Part Three
Chapter Twelve - Final




Akihabara was once a peaceful land who ruled by King Akimoto. After he passed away, the land split into three kingdoms who ruled by his three sons. In fact, all of them were adopted by King Akimoto, but he always treated them as his real son. Each of them was granted with a powerful magic crystal which is called “crilyst”. Legends said that each crilyst has its own power and for who own all those magic crystal shall be the ruler of the world.

Not long after King Akimoto passed away, one amongst the siblings suddenly been acting weird… his action and words became cruel and immoral. Soon after, he came to the plan on taken down two others kingdom and took the crilyst to become the ruler of the world.

The time has come…

People were screaming breaks the silence of the night. Fire everywhere burned down the kingdom, somewhere in the palace was in chaotic situation.

“Just leave us here! Hurry!” Said a man in bloody form, holding sword and beside him stood a woman with her clothes stained by blood. “Please take good care of her, Kojima-san” said the woman beside that man.

“I will. My King and My Queen. I’ll protect Princess Takahashi and the crilyst till the last breath.” Said the great general of Takahashi Kingdom.

“Sorry to trouble you and your family, Kojima-san.” King Takahashi apologized to his great general. “And if you could, please find Maeda’s heir. I believe they have sent their son away to a safe place.”

“This is my honor to serve you, My King. I’ll do my very best.” She bowed and left with teary eyes with a three years old girl whose sleep soundly in her arms.

“I wonder how is the situation on Maeda Kingdom…” said King Takahashi hold his wife tightly before facing the armies.


Shadow of a man sat on the throne watching those people who won’t change loyalty for him get slaughtered. That man smiled to himself, “Now now, Takahashi kingdom already mine and I just have to take down Maeda kingdom next, and I, Matsui Jurenai will be the ruler of the world! Huahahahaha….”

Soon after, a messenger came in to deliver the situation of the other kingdom, “My King, the other side was reported they have taken down the palace. All royal families were slaughtered.”

Kurosuke walk down from the throne and shed crocodile tears. He put his arm on the shoulder of the messenger and said, “You know, I’m sad that I have to lose my two brothers. My father devoted them.” Suddenly he laugh and grinning crazily, “But I don’t know why.. my head said that I should be happy, VERY HAPPY” and the voice of his laugh filled the night.

Meanwhile in Maeda Kingdom

“Brother, please take care of him.” Said King Maeda to his best friend.

“Of course I will. For the name of Oshima Family, I’ll raise him up to be a great knight just like you.” Said the man showing his dimples by grinning confidently.

“I just hoping he won’t grow up as pervert man like you.” King Maeda said jokingly to Oshima. They both laugh loudly until the face of Maeda frown. “I believe Takahashi have sent his daughter away too. Please find her and protect her behalf me, behalf Maeda family.” Said King Maeda while put his hand on Oshima’s shoulder. Then he turn to face his son. “Atsuko, you’re three years old now. You should understand the situation and go with uncle Oshima, okay?”

The raven hair good-looking boy wore a sleeveless white suit with long coat outside. He tried to hold back his tears and tighten his grip as he nodded. King Maeda smile and hug him “That’s my boy… and.. please keep this crystal safely. Do not lose it.” He gave the magic crystal to his son and slightly push him away to Oshima.

“Let’s go, Prince!” said Oshima hurry drag the young prince and running down to the secret passage.


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Re: Heros
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Wow.  :ding: Sounds very interesting.

Please keep going. :kneelbow:

hope you update soon.  :hee:

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Re: Heros
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Oh! It's sounds quite interesting!!! XD

 :w00t: This time Takamina is the princess and Acchan is the prince??!!!
Sounds interesting!!!! XD

Please continue :bow:
I want to know more about what will happen to Takamina and Acchan 8)

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Re: Heros
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Maeda as a boy whilst takahashi as a girl.... let see how the story flow... please update soon... thank you...


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Re: Heros
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Takagirl. Atsuboy. Rolling on my bed. Getting excited all over. Very interesting. Need to know what happen next. Update soon.


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Re: Heros
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sounds really interesting :ding:

hey! Takamina is the girl? and Atsuko the boy?? :dunno: :dunno:
kind of weird

but please continue the story and update soon
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Heros - Chapter 1
« Reply #6 on: November 21, 2011, 05:53:47 PM »
(*´v`*) thanks for the comment.
 :heart: here's chapter one. Hope you'll like it (*´v`*)


Chapter 1

Dear… Their descendants still alive… You must not let any of them live. Their descendants will just bring misfortune for you to rule the world… they’re jinx.. their stars completely against yours… you must destroy them…and get those crilyst..


The sound of horse tapping clearly heard in the middle of highway. Two people were quarrel along the way. “This is the only way. We have to separate or else we might be captured by the armies!” said general Kojima to her assistant.

“No! I said No! We should be fine.” Minegishi scold back.

“Think it! Two adults with three children. Can we really protect them while fighting with those outnumbered armies? Please consider your son’s safety.”

“Then what about your son? What about you? What about princess? Can you guarantee their safety?”

Kojima silent for a while, hard to face her son. She looked at princess’ angelic face then turn to face Minegishi. “That’s why I trusted my son to you.”

“What?” Minegishi was surprised to hear that.

A pair of small hands grabs Kojima’s sleeve. “Mom, do I really have to be separated from you?” asked a six years old young boy with teary eyes.

“Be brave, Haruna. It’s just for a while. I’ll be reunited with you soon. Just go with your aunt okay?” The tears flowing all over his charming face.

“Promise?” he raised his pinky finger to her mom. Kojima made a pinky promise to her son then Haruna hug her mother tightly, “I’ll miss you, mom.”

General Kojima kiss his son’s forehead and wave him goodbye. “I count on you Minegishi. See you later” and with that, general Kojima disappeared with princess Takahashi into the woods while Minegishi continue her way by cart.

Meanwhile at Oshima resident.

“There.. there.. this is our new home! Home Sweet Home!” said old Oshima happily while get in into their new house.

The house was simple build from woods with completely four bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and a large backyard. The house was in east wings of a small village called Harmonia. People there were mostly polite and warm to each others. This village was the place where old Oshima grown up, since his grandpa’s house still in there he decide to bring up a peaceful life there to raised up both prince Maeda and his daughter, Oshima Yuko, who is currently six years old.

Years after years, Oshima diligently teach them martial arts and power of "Nen" everyday. "Nen" is an internal strength that flowing inside human body which can be use to strengthen physical being and doing something like lift up a huge stone with one finger, flying, create flame, etc. Besides, he also taught them about calligraphy, weapon, alchemist, herbs and war strategy. While Yuko always complain as she does usually, Atsuko learn all of it seriously. He takes everything seriously and is such a fast-learner.

You’re son is a capable man, dude” said old Oshima to himself and smile gently. “Well.. I’m gonna do some shopping. Don’t talk to any stranger okay?”

“Okay” answered Atsuko.

“Do Not bring any women back home! Do Not drink! Do Not go to the PUB!” warned Yuko pointing her father while dried some herbs and tea leaves.

“Ha….haha….” Oshima turn back and laugh sheepishly.


Oshima mumbling to herself while going to the market.

Ten years have past, Maeda.. I really regret for leaving you too early. I should stay longer and beg for more… Damn! Your son has such big appetite! The money you gave me is running out now! Ugghhh…. I think I have to find some job.. or else we all gonna starve to death..

*Iieeeekkk* (eagle sound) suddenly an eagle thrust against Oshima’s direction.

“Waaaa… What a big eagle! Is it aiming my food? Uh.. no way..”

*Iieeekkk* (eagle sound) The eagle flying around Oshima’s head and drop a letter then flied away.

Wait, that eagle seems familiar. Is that Kojima’s eagle?

Oshima hurriedly pick up the letter and read it.


To my little pervert werewolf,

How have you been? I’ve found out that you go back to “FIRSTCAMP”. The great Lion told me to find his sweet Cheetah’s doggy. Here I already have his kitty but I was attacked by wild Bear in the middle of my way to your place. I know you have the doggy, how bout we make a deal tomorrow’s night. I’ll wait for you in RIVER, please be there after midnight.

From your little tiger.


Finished reading the letter, Oshima recalled some old days where he and his friends went camping in the forest.

Such an old nicknames, huh? I wonder how long it was since that time? Thirty years ago?
We’ve always been together all the time since the first meeting, Maeda, Takahashi, Kojima, Minegishi, Matsui, and me. What is exactly happen to that Matsui, he’s like… he’s completely a different person.

Doggy that Kojima mentioned must be prince Atsuko and that kitty is possibly princess Minami, then he’s being pursed by… Matsui’s armies!

What are you thinking, Matsui? Why you have to kill all their descendant.

Oshima hurriedly went back to his house and prepare things to meet Kojima.


(´・_・`) sorry if it's bored...
But I'm waiting your comment for my improvement (*´v`*)please advise me and thank you..

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Re: Heros
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Oh! :w00t: Update!!
 XD I think Takamina will meet Atsuko soon :D
At first I was confused with the nicknames :? But then I read it again and I understood it 8)
I can't wait to read what will happen next ;)

Thanks for the Update :thumbsup :peace:
And Please Update Soon :bow:


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Re: Heros
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nice2!! :twothumbs not boring at all!!!  :smhid

need to know more detailed.. I got confused with the code name... LOL...  :lol:

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Re: Heros
« Reply #9 on: November 21, 2011, 06:29:27 PM »
Oh Acchan is boy, interesting!
Lol I like the coded language ^^
Oh the nen like hunterXhunter?

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Re: Heros - explaination for the code >//<
« Reply #10 on: November 21, 2011, 06:59:25 PM »
>///< sorry for confusing you with the code..

Pervert werewolf = Oshima (Yuko's father)
Firstcamp = Oshima's grandpa house in Harmonia village
Great lion = Takahashi (Minami's father)
Sweet cheetah = Maeda (Atsuko's father)
Wild bear = Matsui Jurenai who take down Takahashi and Maeda Kingdom
Little tiger = Kojima (Haruna's mother)

@kahem : ^^yes.. the Nen is like hunterXhunter but is more like Rune power in RPG  :D

This fic based on adventure storyline :cool1:

Thank you for the comment  :love:

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Re: Heros
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I'm a little confuse in this chapter :dunno: :dunno:
Can you please this chapter a little more precise :kneelbow:
but please continue the storie don't let this stop you

update soon(maybe I'll understand the next chapter)
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Re: Heros
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Thank you for the comment :)
I'll try my best to improve my writing >//<


Chapter 1
Fugitive part 2

Somewhere in the forest near Harmonia village.

“Kojima-san, are you alright?” asked a little girl who sat beside wounded general Kojima. Her outfit was filthy and boyish. Her hair were messy and disordered. Dust and soil cover her face makes her looks like a poor lost wanderer.

Kojima’s wound was fatal. She already lost a lot of blood and she knew that she won’t hold anymore longer. She is now rest under a hundred years big tree. The tree has an unusual shape. It’s circling like a rainbow and its leaves cover from above like a shelter.

“Minami, please open your mouth.”

Little Minami nodded and open her mouth obediently. Kojima took out a shining crystal which slightly burning like a flame. She put it in princess’ mouth then used her power of “Nen” and force the crystal inside the princess’ body.

“Wha.. what is that thing, Kojima-san? Why you put it in my body?” asked the confused princess.

“That’s the crylist… belonging of your father.. you must not lose it.. so I think it’s the best way to hide it inside your body… cough…” Kojima coughing hard.

“Minami.. I am afraid that I couldn’t protect you anymore..”
Tears starting to fill in the little princess’ eyes as Kojima continued, “From now on, you have to protect yourself... I’m sorry I can’t keep my promise to your father…ugh…cough” Kojima starting to cough blood.

“Please.. don’t say too much. You need rest, Kojima-san. I’ll go find some herbs to heal your wound.” Said the princess worriedly. Before she go, Kojima grab her wrist.
“I know my body well. My time is up… please… listen to my last will… will you?”

Minami can’t help the tears flowing. She nodded and walk near Kojima’s side, listen carefully to what Kojima said. “My princess, do you still remember my son, Haruna?” Minami nodded.

“Then take this..” Kojima handed over a well-crafted necklace to her. “If you ever meet my son, tell him I am sorry that I can’t keep my promise and… I love him… I’ll be watch over him.. always..” and with that, Kojima gave out her last breath.

“Kojma-san… Kojima-san! Wake up please! Don’t leave me alone.. please…” Minami burst out tears and cried loudly. She cried until she fell asleep beside Kojima’s cold body.

At the midnight in the forest

Whoooooo (wolf sound)

Little Minami wakes up after hearing the wolf cries. She panickly grab Kojima arms and tried to drag her away.
With this little body, it is impossible for Minami to do it. “Kojima-san, wake up please! There’re wolves coming here. Please.. wake up…” Tears filled her beautiful face.

Whoooooo (wolf sound) the sound is getting closer and closer

Still not give up, Minami trying to drag Kojima to hide in the bush.

“Kwakkkkk” suddenly there’re plenty of crows appeared nowhere and attack Minami. She’s waving both of her hands to make the crows go away.
But the crows continuously getting closer to her and make her to edge back. She didn’t know that behind her was a hill. Minami step back and step back and finally, her feet touch nothing.

“Ahhhhhhhhh….!!!!!!!!!!” Minami screamed as she fell into the merciless strong stream below.

Oshima POV

“River….river… as long as I remember it’s a nickname for a big strange tree around here."
As I walking near to the tree, I saw something. “Is that you Kojima?” I called, but no answer.

Hmm.. I shouldn’t be careless to just walk in there. That might not be Kojima. Should I use our little signal to call out each other?

I decided to use wolf’s sound to test if that person is Kojima. “Whoooo… whhoooo

I can see someone is moving but not clear because it’s so dark here in the forest. I walk closer slowly and still giving my sign ‘Whooo… whhhoooooo

Suddenly plenty of crows appear from nowhere. Not long after, I heard a girl screaming. I hurriedly dash to the source of the sound to save the girl but it’s too late.
That little figure fell from the hill to the stream below before my eyes. “Damn it!” I punch the tree beside me, when I turn around and my foot hit something. Looking down to my foot, I found Kojima’s body.

“No way… could it be that little figure is princess Takahashi…?” If that is princess Takahashi then I’ve done something unforgivable.

I have to make sure if that girl is really the princess or not. “Kojima! Kojima! Toothless tiger! Wake up!” I tried to wake her up but I can only felt her body is cold, I can’t sense her pulse. Her heart has stopped beating...


How is it ?  >//<
Do not mind to comment me :)
Thank you   :heart:


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Re: Heros
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Man!!! I cried when Kojima died!!!  :fainted:  and I like your writing style...  :on lol:

But what happen to princess Minami!!!!  :mon scare: dareka!!! save her!!!!  :mon pray2:

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Re: Heros
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AAAAHH~~~ what's the next? what happened???
panic panic panic
Thank for your fic :kneelbow: I like it :nya:

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Re: Heros
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Aww Kojima died...and minami trying to drag his dead body, trying to get run away from the wolfs... ;_______;

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Re: Heros
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Mama kojima is dead T_T

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Heros -- Chapter 2
« Reply #17 on: November 23, 2011, 01:10:49 PM »
Thanks for the comment  :love:
I feel very happy to see you like my fic  :yossi:
Let's continue for the next chapter  :yossi:

Chapter 2
The meeting

Somewhere in the Harmonia village

Atsuko POV

“Uncle Oshima! Uncle Oshima!”

Uncle.. where have you been? I searched for you entirely five days. Did you get caught hang out with major’s wife and then got kick out from this village? Or you’re in the prison now? Or the worse… they’ve executed you…???!!!

“Acchan! Have you found him?” Yuko nee-chan run toward me with a very very very angry face.

“No.. not yet.”

“He’ll be dead man if I found him! I’m going to PUB and CLUB to find him. You go home now.” Yuko said as she run down the street. People around her were laughing and told her that they will inform her if they met uncle.

“Uncle Oshima, you’re really in big trouble now. Hmm.. Maybe I should walk around a bit before go home.” I sigh and keep looking around hope I can find him before Yuko nee-chan. Then suddenly something flashes pass by me. I shut my eyes for a while to adjust that sudden light. When I open my eyes, I found something unbelievable.

“Is…is that..a phoenix…?... PHOENIX ???!!!”

People around me was surprised by my sudden loudly voice. They approach me and laugh while saying things “Hahaha… you’re still underage to go to that place. Just let Yuko handle it.”

Well.. Phoenix inn is a well-named brothel in this village, from what I heard uncle Oshima often go there. But that’s not what I mean.. there’s really a phoenix stood there.. just a few steps in front of me. It’s a beautiful phoenix with calm red flame surround it. That thing stand there gorgeously watching me. It slowly gets closer and closer to me and I feel like it is trying to tell me something. But why no one see it except me? Is this only my imagination?

Now it stands just a few inches before me and bowing lightly to me. Don’t know why, my heart is telling me to follow it and I do so. This phoenix guide me out of the village to somewhere near the river. Suddenly the phoenix fly so fast and disappear, I run as fast as I can.. hope that I’ll catch up to it. After walk out from the woods there’s a single body near the river bank. I get closer to examine it and.. it was a wounded girl laid there. Wounds all over her legs and arms, although her face was dirty from the mud and soil but it still cute, her hair was in a messy, her shirt was torn and her hand holds something tightly, I think it’s a necklace or something like that.

“Hey, are you okay? Wake up.. are you okay?” I gently shake her body and poke her cute face.
She slowly opened her eyes and murmuring something before she fell unconscious again.

“Hey, wake up!” Panickly, I hurry lift her up with bridal style and run her to my home with all my might. Although Yuko nee-chan is only 16 years old, she is well-known as a physician. I believe bringing her to Yuko nee-chan is the right decision.

Minami POV

Hey… you.. okay…are you okay?

Such a gentle voice… who is it?
I slowly open my eyes.. the light was to bright.. I can’t clearly see the face before me but he gave me a warm feeling.. and his voice.. I like his voice.. maybe I’m in heaven now… and this person is my angel who came to greet my arrival.. how lucky I am. I wonder if Kojima-san also at somewhere here? Have you seen Kojima-san, “…Angel..san..” before I can ask, my vision went black again.

The next morning at Oshima resident

“How is she, Yuko nee-chan?”

“She’ll be fine. With these medicine and my Nen power, she’ll wake up soon.” Yuko explained, “With this condition, looks like she fell from somewhere very high. Lucky, she just only got scratch… but.. weird.”

Minami still lying on the bed. Yuko and Atsuko was mixing some potion for her. After a moment, Yuko was short of some chrysantum leaves and decide to get it from the storage. When Yuko get out from the room Minami begin to wake up.

“Ughhh… where am I… am I in heaven?” murmured Minami.

“You’re still in earth, my little princess.” Answered Atsuko jokingly.

That voice… my Angel-san…Minami quickly looked at where the voice come of. She then saw the charming angel approach her. (well.. that’s what Minami think now).

“How you feel? Anywhere hurt, my princess?” asked Atsuko caringly.

Shocked to hear Atsuko said Princess, Minami reflects to grab the table lamp beside her and ready in attack position. “How did you know I am princess! Who are you? Did you here to snatch my father’s belonging? Get away from me!” Minami scared and continuously waving her table lamp at Atsuko.

Atsuko easily grab her wrist to stop her. “Hey.. easy. I don’t understand what you mean. Besides, am I look like a bad guys?” he shows off his charming smile which often melts girls heart.

“Bad guys never write “Bad guys” on their forehead!”
Minami trying to push Atsuko away and accidentally hit his right legs. Atsuko lost his balance because of the kick and ended up on top of Minami with his hands grab both Minami’s wrist. They both are now breath heavily because of the fight. Without realize, their face become closer and closer and…

“Atsuko!! What are you doing?!”’ Yuko shout loudly as she walk into the room.


>//< ehehhehe.....
End of chapter 2..
Hope you like it  :)


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Re: Heros
« Reply #18 on: November 23, 2011, 01:37:44 PM »
They both are now breath heavily because of the fight. Without realize, their face become closer and closer and…

“Atsuko!! What are you doing?!”’ Yuko shout loudly as she walk into the room.
gah!!! almost!!!  :on lol:  and LOL Yuko nee-chan spoiled the moment~~ nyahaha...  :wahaha: but its a good thing...  :mon determined:

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Heros -- Chapter 3
« Reply #19 on: November 24, 2011, 11:37:07 AM »
(´・ω・`) hope you're not bored with my fic...
Thank you for reading my fic ^^
Here's chapter 3

Chapter 3
New Life

Part 1

Atsuko snapped out and distance himself from Minami, “nee-chan… it’s not what you think.. I’m just.. just.. slipped..”

“Hyaaa!” Minami attacked Atsuko again, but her body is still weak. Before she can hit him, her legs limp and she almost fell to the ground.
Atsuko went to support her and hug her tightly to prevent Minami attacked him again. Minami keep struggling against him.

“nee-chan.. she has lost her mind. She attacked me all of the sudden.”

Yuko went to the chair and smirk at them, “from my view point, it’s you who want to take advantage of her and she’s just defend herself.”

“Yuko nee-chan! I’m not uncle Oshima. I won’t do that. Can you help me to calm her down?”

“Just keep hugging her tightly like that. I know you like it.” Yuko smirk went wider.

“Oshima Yuko!” said Atsuko with serious tone.

“Hai” Yuko stand up sturdily from the chair.

“I order you to calm her down immediately!” ordered Atsuko.

“Nah.. don’t use your status to order me. I don’t like it.”

Yuko went closer to Minami and kneel down, “We’re not your enemy, princess Takahashi. We’re your friends. And this person next to you is Prince Atsuko from Maeda Kingdom.”

“What? You’re the lost princess from Takahashi family?” Atsuko release his hug and bow to her, “I’m sorry for my bad attitude.”

Minami not sure if she can trust them, or they’re just enemy in disguise?

“You can trust me, princess” said Atsuko to assured her.

Eh?! He can read my mind? Minami was surprised by Atsuko sudden answer.

Yuko get up and explain everything. She said that after her father left, she found a letter on his desk. It was for her. Inside the letter is the explanation of what will happen in the future. For you to know, Oshima is a well-known fortune-teller, this ability granted him “Great Minister” position in Maeda Kingdom. The letter wrote that a week after he left, Atsuko will bring back a wounded girl and this girl is the lost princess of Takahashi Kingdom. Atsuko and Yuko should protect her from Matsui’s armies. The real princess has a birthmark at her back, the pattern is somehow like a flaming wings. He also wrote about Atsuko destiny to take back the throne to stop Matsui from his insane brutality and saving people from this misfortune. But Yuko didn’t tell them about Atsuko’s destiny. She thought that it’s just too early for him to know. She will wait until Atsuko is mature enough to hold his own destiny.

“I’ve seen the birthmark at your back so I can confirm you are the princess.” Said Yuko.

Yes, I did have that birthmark.. but it sounds too coincidentally… should I trust her? How can I prove that they’re from Maeda Kingdom? Minami still deeply in her though.

“And the letter said the next question you want to ask is how can we prove that we’re from Maeda Kingdom.”

Eh? They are mind reader? Hmm.. let’s see what will you do..

“Acchan, would you mind to show her your crilyst?” asked Yuko.

Atsuko took out his necklace, inside the necklace is a glowing stone. Atsuko get it out and it glows in beautiful light blue colour. Minami’s eyes open widely, “I do have the same thing as it. But mine is glowing like flame.. yours is more like the water..”

“Okay! Things SETTLED” said Yuko happily, she grab each Atsuko and Minami right hands and make them shake hand, “Now now.. let’s introduce ourselves. My name is Oshima Yuko, 16 years old, daughter of Great Minister Oshima. My current status is the most beautiful and sexy physician in this village and my second job is Atsuko babysitter. You can call me Yuko.” said Yuko proudly.

“Geez.. Yuko nee-chan. I’m old enough to take care myself. Ehemm.. my name is Maeda Atsuko, 13 years old. Currently is just an ordinary boy live in this village. Everyone call me Acchan. You can call me that too.”

“My.. my name is Takahashi Minami, 13 years old...” she paused for a while before  continue, “.. I have no where to go.. I’m just a traveler…that..” before she can finish her words, Yuko greet her with a warm hug.

“You can live with us here! Me and Acchan will take care of you as little sister, right Acchan?”

“Hai! Welcome home, princess” Atsuko show her his famous smile.

Tears of happiness pour down her face.. she never felt this warm feeling for these years. She’ll be living with a new status now as an ordinary girl who live happily with Yuko nee-chan and Acchan as a family in Harmonia village. Far far away from the cruel reality out there.


Five years have past…

Atsuko has joined Harmonia army to protect the village. Tonight they were going to slaughter a fiercefull tiger which have killed 48 people in this month. They were now hide in the woods, waiting for the tiger. The night was so quiet enough for you to hear your own heartbeat and breath.


The tiger appear. It walk slowly and seems like the tiger notice that itself got surround by the army. The tiger walk slowly to the center. Thanks for the moonlight, now they can see clearly that tiger’s appearance. For their surprise, the tiger was much more bigger and taller than normal tiger (about 10 feet). It fangs were white, sharp, long and big. It stood there for a while and without warning began to attack them. They were too weak against this tiger. Their attack didn’t hurt it.

Atsuko move from his position, he runs and jump and launch his fist aiming tiger’s head with Nen power. The tiger got hurt and laid down on the floor. But soon, the tiger get up and run away. Atsuko excitedly run after that tiger. “I won’t let you get away”

“Don’t! Atsuko! Let it!” the leader scream him back but Atsuko already went deep into the forest.

Dou? (´・ω・`)

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