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Author Topic: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; KaixAcchan] OMAKE  (Read 17822 times)

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ahh, it's ended already. i thought it's going to be a long story. but i like the end anyway :)

thank you for writing this amazing story.
so sweet moments of kai and acchan...

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awwws was cute <3 atsumina and kojiyuu <33333 good fic <3333

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The atsumina and parents episode made me laughed like an idiot, seriously! Takahashi-papa and Maeda-papa you rocks XD

And kojiyuu awwwwwwww sweet happy ending :3
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wow this is a nice ending. kojiyuu and atsumina is really cute XD
i was happy that this story end like this .
please make kojiyuu more and more shiruba_rein san  :bow:

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Great ending there...

Like lots...

Thank you for the great story...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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awww good ending congrats

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i think it will be long story .
 :nervous :nervous

thankyou for writing the happy ending story . nyahahha

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  • i love Akb48 and Maeda Atsuko ❤ kojiyuu/atsuyuu
finallyyy~~ a very cute and romantic ending lol. thank you so much for finishing the fic xD  :inlove: im glad you alreay post the last chapter haha  :lol:

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♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; KaixAcchan] OMAKE
« Reply #48 on: June 29, 2014, 06:42:21 PM »

Hey ya’ll . . . . It’s been a while :D :D

I’m sorry if I haven’t been updating any of my ongoing fics . . . . I’ve been distracted . . .

School has officially started in our country this month . . . .
But somehow, the university that I’ve been admitted to would start their classes on August . . .

So I got extended vacation! Yehey! . . . .

But as I said earlier, I’ve been distracted so I think it would take some time until I update my ongoing fics . . . So, in exchange I’ll post this omake that has been in my laptop for like 6 months. I just didn’t know the right time to post this until today so . . . . Please enjoy :D


In a certain restaurant in Akihabara, two couples are having a great time while having their double date. They have gone separate ways after they graduated in high school, each couple went to a different university, but they still remained friends. After their hectic finals their in college, the four friends decided to meet up during a holiday. One is a midget with blonde hair who is feeding his girlfriend, a girl with a shoulder-length black hair sitting right next to him, with pasta. Sitting across from her is a close friend of hers, a tall brunette with brownish slightly-curly hair and her fiancé who is also a midget but with a chestnut colored hair; the two of them are observing the happy-eating couple with smiles on their faces.

“How’s Toudai? . . . . Is it really hard there?” Yuu, the chestnut color haired midget asked his comrade in height.

“Not really. . . . so far I enjoyed my stay in there, lots of activities and vacant classes . . . . “ the other midget with a blonde hair, Kai answered.

“Me too . . Although, I hope your classes are really vacant or are you just skipping them??. .“

Acchan, who was seated next to Kai, replied while eyeing her boyfriend. Kai in return just laughed nervously while rubbing his cheek “Of course I won’t do that Atsuko . . . . I want to graduate the same time as you. . .”

Haruna and Yuu just sweat-dropped while looking at them.

“It seems like you really have a hard time, huh Kai? . . . . “ Yuu feeling pity for his friend just shook his head side-ways.

“How about the two of you . . . how is Keio University ? I heard that there were drop-outs last month. .“ Kai asked

“Well, it’s their fault for slacking off . . . . I always get good grades so I got no problems . . . “ Yuu grinned while huffing his chest proudly.

“Not just good, your grades are excellent! . . . I wish you could give me some of your brain cells . .“ Haruna, the brunette with long locks, pouted

“Nyan-nyan, if I could, I would . . . . . but for now, let’s just stick with tutoring, okay? . . . “ Yuu pinched his fiancée’s cheek softly

“Hai . . . “ she replied

“ I wish Kai’s just like you, Yuu . . .” Acchan sighed while avoiding eye-contact with the person seated right next to her.

“Why is that? . . . “

“He got the lowest score in their test . . . “

“Ooohhh . . . . What subject? . . . . “

“Calculus . . . “

“Calculus huh? . . . . I admit, it’s a little hard . . . . “ Yuu replied

“You see Atsuko! . . . . even Yuu here, our valedictorian in high school, admits that Calculus is hard!! . . . There’s no way I would ace it like you hoped . . . . “ Kai claimed

“I said it’s a LITTLE hard . . . . Even Nyan-nyan managed to pass. . . “ Yuu held Haruna’s hand earning a smile from her.

“I see, so even Haruna huh . . . “ Acchan murmured

“I suggest that you would change your tutoring methods, Acchan . . . “ Yuu began to stroke his invisible beard

“What do you mean . . . “ Acchan asked.

“For example, if Nyan-nyan passed the test, I would treat her ice cream or crepes and such . . . . but if she manages to ace her test, I would do anything she asks for . . . . . and it worked! “ Yuu grinned.

“But did she aced her test?” Kai asked with his curiosity piqued.

“W-Well . . . Only once . . . and it was HORRIBLE!” he exclaimed

“No it’s not . . . in fact, it was romantic . . . “ Haruna swooned while Yuu was having a terrified look on his face and his arms formed an X to show his dread.

“What did you made him do? . . . . “Kai asked, stifling his laughter as he glanced at his friend.

“Well, in our monthsary, I asked him to take me in a hot air balloon festival . . . . “ Haruna answered

“Hot air balloon festival??. . . . . Ooohh, I want to go to one! . . . Did you ride on a balloon?” Acchan squealed

“Yep! . . . . It was so amazing! . . . you can see everything from up there” Haruna said dreamily.

“No, Nyan-nyan. . . . it is the most horrible festival in the whole wide world!! . . . the whole place is filled with balloons!! . . . . and they were freaking BIG! . . . . do you understand what I mean?! BIG.BALLOONS! Get it?! BIG BALLOONS!” he kept emphasizing ‘big’ and ‘balloons’ with dread written all over his face.

“But hot air balloons aren’t like the balloons that you’re afraid of . . . . You’re smart, you should know better” Acchan chuckled at the comical reaction of her friend.

“For him . . . balloons defy the laws of physics . . . . “ Haruna pouted.

Acchan just sweat-dropped at the sentence of Haruna while the guys just sighed.

“Hmmm . . . . but I think I gotta try that method, if it works on Haruna maybe it would work on Kai too!“ Acchan nodded in agreement.

“Matte, Atsuko. Are you implying Haruna and I have the same wavelengths?!” Kai asked incredulously.

“ . . . . No . . . .”

Kai took a sigh of relief.

“I’m saying that your even worse than Haruna . . . “ Acchan just stated nonchalantly while the blonde midget just faking a cry just like a kid at Acchan. “Atsuko~ “ Kai sniffled.

“Why do I get a feeling that you’re insulting my Nyan-nyan? . . . . “Yuu leered at the other midget.

“Maa, maa~ I’m sure Kai doesn’t mean it that way, Yuu-chan” Haruna smiled at her fiancé while fixing his bangs.

Regaining his composure, Yuu straightened his back and turned his direction to Acchan.

“The thing is, you gotta bribe him with the thing that he wanted the most . . . “ Yuu raised on of his eyebrows and gave a smirk to Kai

“And that would be . . .  ?“  Acchan asked to satisfy her curiosity

“Of course guys would do anything for se- “

Yuu couldn’t finish his sentence because he had his ear pulled by his girlfriend.

“I-Itai, itai . . . “

“Yuu-chan, don’t say things like that . . . .We’re eating. . . . “ Haruna scolded

“I was about to say ‘Seeing their beloved happy’ . . *sigh  . . You and your dirty mind“ Yuu shook his head sideways showing disappointment to his fiancée, Acchan and Kai stifled their laughter. It seems that Yuu’s perverted character has been rubbing on Haruna.

“Mou~ . . . hurry up and eat your food . . . “ Haruna pouted at Yuu’s action

The other two giggled thinking that the engaged couple suddenly switched personalities.

“For how long have you two been dating now?? . . . . . “ Yuu began to ask the couple across him. The two stopped their actions and began to think for a while.

“Hmmm . . . . . It’s been like, 2 years and two months? . . . . “ Kai turned at his girlfriend to confirm his answer.

“No you silly . . . . . It’s been 2 years and six months . . . . You asked me out a day before Yuu proposed to Haruna . . . . “ Acchan poked his nose.

“Heh~ sugoi . . . . we managed to go out for that long . . . .” Kai continued to feed his girlfriend with pasta which she happily ate

“Didn’t you say that after college . . . . . You plan to propose to her, right Kai? . . . . “ the tall brunette, Haruna asked the blonde midget.

“Yeah . . . . I even asked for her parents’ approval . . . . So there are like 2 or 3 years to prepare . . . . “ Kai said as he placed his hand above Acchan’s which was on the table.

“Do you really have to do that? . . You could just ask me to marry you; I’ll answer right away” Acchan looked at her boyfriend fondly.

“Of course I will, I just want it to be romantic . . . Unlike someone who proposed in the hospital after his accident . . . . Geez, he didn’t even bring a ring when he proposed to her . . . . . “ Kai gave his friend across from him a smirk, which was replied by a kick on his leg under the table.

“Shut up . . . . “ Yuu glared at his fellow midget. “But at least I bought her one after a few days . . . . “ he added while looking at the ring which fitted his beloved’s finger perfectly.

“It was in a spur of the moment . . . . . . But I was beyond happy when Yuu-chan proposed to me, I was glad that he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. . . . “ Haruna said as she raised her hand and admired the diamond which shined brilliantly on her finger.

“Yeah, yeah . . . . but you are already engaged for 2 years, so you have already done ‘it’ by now I suppose . . . . “ Kai grinned mischievously earning a smack from his girlfriend while the other couple has their face completely red.

“B-Baka! . . . what the hell are you talking about?! . . . . “ Yuu slammed his hands on the table causing to other costumers to look at him curiously.

“Y-Yuu-chan . . . . calm down . . . . “ Haruna guided her fiancé to sit down and apologized to the other costumers for disturbing them.

“What? . . . . I’m just curious . . . . knowing you, you could’ve done it so many times . . . . “ Kai said again earning another smack from his girlfriend

“What’s with you Kai? . . . . . it seems like Yuu’s perverseness transferred to you . . . . “Acchan sighed as she shook her heads sideways to show her disappointment towards her boyfriend.

“But aren’t you curious also Atsuko?? . . . . “ Kai took a glance at his girlfriend who was blushing a little.

“Well, yeah . . . . I suppose so . . . . “ Acchan replied scratching her not-so-itchy cheek.

“For the record . . . . we haven’t done anything besides kissing, hugging and cuddling . . . .” Haruna replied regaining her composure.

“But at that time . . . . when Yuu was admitted to the hospital . . . . didn’t the two of you slept together?? . . . . “ Now it’s Acchan’s turn to ask the question.

“Yeah we just slept together, nothing more than that . . . . . and besides Yuu-chan just had his surgery, I couldn’t risk opening his freshly-stitched wound at that time . . . . “ Haruna answered the question of her friend.

“And besides . . . . I promised Haruna that I would cherish her . . . . “ Yuu smiled at his fiancée

“But we can do it all the time after we get married . . . “ he grinned and received a slap in return

“N-Not all the time, baka . . . . . We can do it j-just once in a while . . . . “ blushing furiously, Haruna tucked her hair behind her ear.

“So when’s the wedding?? .  . . . “ Kai asked as he feeds Acchan a piece of steak.

“Nyan-nyan’s parents wanted it this year but my parent’s won’t be going home until then because they are still busy with their work abroad . . . . . So I’m planning that it would be next year . . . . “ Yuu replied after he sipped his juice.

“Won’t it be hard? . . . . You are still in college, it might be hard for you to focus on your studies . . . .“ Acchan asked worriedly, not for the guy but for the girl.

“We’ll manage . . . . Well, the good thing is . . . . Yuu-chan can teach me the subjects which I find difficult . . . . .” Haruna smiled.

“The perks of having a genius boyfriend . . . . “ Acchan sighed.

“Yeah  . . . .. and the next thing you knew, you guys are already making out . . . . “

By saying that, Kai earned a smack from both Acchan and Yuu. As an apology, Kai began to feed Acchan with steak. Looking at the sweet and adorable side of her boyfriend, Acchan gave in and forgave him.

“Leaving the jokes aside. . . . So what’s it gonna be? . . . . A church wedding ? . . . civil wedding? . . . . “ Kai asked as he wiped the sauce from Acchan’s mouth with a tissue.

“I was thinking of a beach wedding. . . . . Yeah, a beach wedding sounds romantic . . . . “ Haruna replied dreamily.

“Yeah . . . a honeymoon at the beach is not so bad! And I also get to see Nyan-nyan in a bikini. . . . “ Yuu’s eyes sparkled with a perverted grin plastered on his face.

“We’re not even married yet and you are already thinking about the honeymoon? . . Don’t be too excited Yuu-chan . . . “ Haruna pinched Yuu’s cheek. Yuu whimpered so she kissed it afterwards

“Enough about us . . . . . How about the two of you?? . . . any progress so far? . . . . “ Yuu asked the couple who had been feeding each other for quite some time.

“Besides kissing and hugging? . . . . . Hmm. . . . none I think“ Kai replied as he chewed on his pasta.

“But Acchan said you were sleeping together for 3 months when both of your parents went to Italy? . . . . ” Haruna asked nonchalantly.

“Heh~ You already slept together . . . . . so what does it feel like? . . . You touched her ‘there’ and ‘there’ right?. . . ” Yuu smirked mischievously. Acchan spurted out the juice that she was drinking. Haruna pinched Yuu’s cheeks so hard that it left a mark.

“D-Did I really?? . . .  hahaha . . . . “ Acchan adverted her gaze from her friend

“Yeah . . . . you also said that he ‘accidentally’ squeezed your boobs on the first night he stayed at your house . . . . “ Haruna added while Acchan was red from embarrassment

“N-No . . . t-that wa- “

“So you did touch her ‘there’ . . . How about ‘there’? . . . “ Yuu grinned.

“B-But he wa- “

“Kai even said that his father was really disappointed because he expected to see his grandson when he returned . . . . . “ by cutting Acchan’s sentence again, Yuu sneered at his fellow midget.

“And the two of you are acting like a married couple . . . . feeding each other from time to time and acting all lovey-dovey. . . “ he added, grinning widely.

Kai and Acchan were blushing madly while the other two high-fived under the table.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see little Acchans and Kais running around your house . . . . “ Haruna smiled and fed Yuu with steak.

“Yeah . . . those blonde and black haired kids chasing each other . . . . “ Yuu grinned as he savored the food in his mouth.

“Why would they be blonde? . . . . “ Haruna glanced at her lover and Yuu pointed at Kai’s hair.

“Oh . . . . “ was her short reply.

“Speaking of which . . . . are you perhaps, a biracial? . . . You’re blonde despite being Japanese . . . . “ Yuu asked as he wipe his mouth with a table napkin.

“Well . . . . . I’m not a biracial, I’m pure Japanese . . . “ Kai replied as he ran his fingers through his hair. “It was originally black . . . . “

“You dyed it? . . . why would you even do that?? . . . . do you really want to stand out that much? . . . .“ Yuu asked

“Yeah . . . at that time . . . . because she wasn’t paying attention to me “ he murmured while stealing glances on the girl beside her

“When?? . . . . “ Yuu asked

“It was- “

“During the second year of our middle school . . . . . “ Acchan replied

“I think it was around the time when I became the student council president in our middle school . . . . . Kai started rebelling and dyed his hair blonde . . . . “  she added

“Chuunibyou? . . . . “ Yuu asked
(Chuunibyou (中二病) is a derrogative colloquial term in the Japanese language used to describe a person which manifests delusional behavior, particularly thinking that one has special powers that no other person has. Originally a term used to pertain to children in the second year of middle school who act like adults, the term eventually evolved into a term generally used to describe delusional behavior in general.)

“No it’s not!! . . . . “ Kai denied

“Were you imagining that you were Super Kai! . . . or something?. . . . “

“I told you it’s not! . . . . . “

“Or maybe. . . . the Crimson Blonde? . . . or the Blonde Reaper? . . . . “ Yuu continued

“I told you it’s not! . . . “ Kai slammed his fists on the table, earning glances from the other costumers. Yuu smirked while Acchan was calming his boyfriend.

“I know a name that suits you!! . . . . “  Yuu exclaimed

“Yuu-chan . . . I think you should stop already . . . . “ Haruna was tugging the sleeve of her fiancé

Yuu just grinned at Haruna and smirked at Kai. “You are the 148cm Blonde Midget Ninja! . . . . “

( . . . )

( . . . )

The two girls started laughing their asses off while the blonde midget was red due to embarrassment. When they calmed down, Acchan patted the head of her boyfriend saying “Kawaii~ . . . . “

“That was funny Yuu-chan . . . . . but its mean at the same time. . . . “ Haruna pouted.

“But at least you laughed! . . . “ Yuu replied.

“But I’m curious . . . . could you tell us the whole story on why Kai dyed his hair? . . . . “ Haruna leaned closer showing her interest.

Acchan nodded.
“I remember I was busy checking the activities planned for the annual school festival at that time. . . . . “


Akiba Middle School @ the Student Council Room

(Acchan’s POV)

I grabbed another paper from a pile on my table and read its contents. Every sentence makes my eyebrows meet, seeing my annoyed face, Matsui Rena who is my senpai and the vice president of the council approached me.

“What’s the problem Acchan? . . . . You seemed troubled.” She asked worriedly as she took a glance at the paper which seemed to be crumpling at my grip.

“Those idiots are at it again . . .” I signed the paper with a red pen and stamped the word ‘rejected’ and grabbed another paper from the pile.

“Ah, you mean the class 2-D? . . . I heard they are making unreasonable ideas for their classroom. .“ Rena said as she shook her head disapprovingly.

“Also, Kai wrote that absurd idea . . “ I sighed while pinching the bridge of my nose.

Rena just chuckled beside me. “What did he write? . . . “

“He wanted to make their room a Fight Club . . . “ I paused my work and look at Rena blankly.

“And the reasons are?? . . . “ she asked

“ ‘1. You do not talk about fight club
2. You DO NOT talk about fight club
These 2 reasons are already enough, so just accept it already Atsuko. Please do not ask any further.’
Is what he wrote . . . The nerve!” I growled while Rena just patted my back softly.

“Why don’t you take a break Acchan? . . . I’ll handle your work for the moment. . . “ Rena smiled at me as she motioned me to get up from my chair.

“Arigatou, Rena-senpai . . . how about yours?” I asked her

“Don’t worry, its already finished. . . Just go and talk to your Kai” she grinned playfully and I blushed in return.

“W-What do you mean ‘my’ Kai?!. . . “ I stuttered as she ushered me outside of the room.

“Saa~ Have fun Kaichou . . .” she smiled as she close the door. I sighed as I began to walk on the hallway towards the back of the gymnasium because I know Kai and his friends are always hanging out there during lunch time.

@ the Gymnasium

I saw Kai’s group huddled together and formed a circle. It seems that they are focusing their attention on the thing that is on the ground. Two of them have their backs at me and the other two have their sights at the ground so they didn’t see me approaching their group.

“Ah! . . . don’t turn the page yet! . . . “ I heard Kai’s shouted. Actually he wasn’t hard to find, he was the smallest of the group but he seemed to have the authority.

“Mou, hurry up Kai . . . You’ve been staring at that girl for hours . . .The next page has foreign chicks with big boobs . . . ” one of his friends complained.

“Just let him be . . . You know that Kai has a thing for girls with black and short hair . . . “ his other friend chuckled in return.

“You know what? . . . I think that there is a certain someone that has those features . . . “

“Really? . . . . Who? . . “

“Maeda Atsuko from class 2-A . . . She’s also the student council president even though she’s just a 2nd year. . . “

“Heh~ So Kai likes girls who are like Maeda . . . “ one of them teased.

“N-No, I don’t!! . . . I don’t have a thing for that uptight, bossy, cheap, lousy, short-tempered woman!!” Kai raised his voice, unaware that I was standing near him and listening to their conversation.

I can feel a nerve popping inside me but I can also feel a loud thump in my chest.

“I tell you guys . . . . No one digs chicks like Maeda. I’ll treat you pizza if there’s someone who dares to confess to her . . . “ Kai snickered as his two of his friends began to laugh their asses off, the other one just kept silent.

I feel irritated. I feel heartbroken.

I want to punch Kai in the face.

“I can’t believe that you two are childhood friends . . . “ his friend who didn’t laugh said.

“Yeah, I can’t believe it either . . . ” I replied butting in their conversation.

The boys snapped their heads at me with fear evident on their faces.

“U-Uh . . . . You know what, I think my girlfriend’s calling me . . . “ one of his friends said while running away.

The other two followed his example and escaped from my sight but the poor midget was frozen in fear. I could see the object that they were focusing on earlier. I raised my eyebrow and looked at the thing in disgust.

“Ma-Matte, Atsuko. I can explain . . . . “Kai said in fear.

“Yes . . . Please do explain everything at the counseling office . . . “ I leered at him.“And as for this magazine . . . . “ I picked it from the ground and tore each page into pieces.

“Noooooo~ “ Kai cried in grief.

“I don’t think that this is enough for the things that you did . . . . “ I gave him an emotionless stare and he looked back at me with anger.

“What’s wrong with you Atsuko?! . . . I have enough of you bossing me around.”

I didn’t reply and just stared at him with my arms crossed.

“You didn’t have to rip it in pieces!! . . . do you know how much I’ve gone through just to get my hands on that magazine?!”

“I don’t know and I don’t care . . . “ I turned around and decided to leave him there. Trying to ignore the purpose why I actually wanted to talk to him in the first place and that is to suggest ideas for their activity for the school festival, but then after hearing those things from him, I wanted to smack him hard in the face but I need to regain my composure and act as a student council president.

He grabbed my shoulder, forcing me to face him. I yelped a little because of his sudden and tight grip.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“What’s wrong with me, huh?! . . . . I’m bossy, irritating, uptight, cheap, short-tempered bitch who always order you around!! . . . . “

I can’t hold the tears that threatened to fall. Kai’s lessened his grip on me and his anger faded. He just looked at me, afraid to utter a single word.

“Of all the people, Kai . . . You are the last person who I wanted to hear those words from!” I cried and he looked down.

“We’re childhood friends for fuck’s sake! . . . . you should be the one to know me best because we grew up together and you are telling your friends that I’m that kind of person?!. . . . “

“A-Atsuko . . . I-I didn’t mean to. I-It was in a spur of the moment . . . “ he looked up and approached me.

“Yeah right . . . you’ve only been gone for a year and when you return you act like a dick . . . “

I wiped my tears and took a deep breath.

“The final submission for your suggested class activity will be tomorrow, if you failed to submit reasonable activity, your class will be in-charge of cleaning the whole school for a week . . “ I set aside the anger and sadness that I felt right now. My duties as the president are far more important because we only got a week to prepare.

“What?! . . . you can’t just do that!”

“. . . Try me . . . “

Without waiting for his reply, I turn my back towards him and began to walk, going to the student council room to resume my work. He must hate me right now, but it’s his fault in the first place.

I wish my best friend is here. I wish Yuu was here . . . I want him to comfort me, I want to tell him all about my problems but he’s already gone. He transferred schools because of Haruna and Haruna would just go home after class, I doubt that she would come to the school festival. My best friend is not here, my other friend is depressed and now my childhood friend is being a jerk.

Today is the last day of the school festival.

And the highlight for tonight is the campfire dance, this is a school tradition in which a boy and a girl would dance around the fire and after that if both parties have mutual feelings, they would become a couple.

On the day of the deadline, Kai’s class submitted a decent activity for their classroom and they called it ‘Shout Out’. I decided to check Kai’s class in their ‘Shout Out’ where anyone could shout whatever they want on stage. After that, the intensity of their voice would be measured and they would get a prize if their voice could reach 100 decibels.

I went inside their room and surprised to see many people. My ears also hurt because of the shouting. Most of them are saying nonsensical things just for fun and others would just vent out their anger. I was scanning the room to look for Kai, I want to apologize to him and ask if he’s doing well. I saw him with his friends laughing in the corner of the room and when our eyes met, he stopped laughing and he quickly got on stage.

I was surprised to see Kai getting on stage, he held the microphone tightly then he turned his attention towards me. Our gazes have been locked for minutes and others who are waiting on the line are complaining.

“Hey, if you wanna confess, make it quick!! . . . “ someone from the crowd shouted.

“Yeah, hurry up!! . . . You don’t want the girl to wait!!” someone replied.

Others murmured in agreement.

After hearing those statements both of us blush in deep red and Kai had a slightly annoyed look on his face.

“Shut up!!! . . . . “ he yelled. The crowd went silent and then he focused his attention towards me.

Wahh . . .Doushiyou? Is he really going to confess? . . in front of all these people? I could feel my heart beat louder every second.

He gritted his teeth.

“Atsuko!!! . . . . I think we should stop going together because we are mistaken as a couple!!. . “

The whole room stood motionless. I could feel my eyes welling up with tears.
Why does he have to say that? . . does he really hate me that much? . . . why did he have to say it in front of these people than to tell it to me privately? . . .

“Awww . . . poor girl”

“That guy is cruel . . . shouting a thing like that”

The crowd turned their attention towards me and murmur things out of pity, I want to run out of this room but I was stunned because of Kai’s words, as for Kai, he went down the stage and didn’t even bother to get his prize because he got 104 decibels. He went to his group of friends and gave them a high five, one of his friends looked hesitant, and he is shifting his gaze between me and the stage. He then suddenly ran towards me and led me up on the stage.

“ . . . C-Chotto, what are you doing?! . . . “ I asked the guy.

He grabbed the microphone and faced me.

“I-I’m Miyamoto Kyousuke from class 2-D!! . . . “

He paused for a little with his face beet red.

“Ma-Maeda-san! I like you ever since I saw you. . . p-please be my partner for the campfire dance tonight!! . . . “ the guy confessed to me in front of the students.

The crowd was surprised, some were cheering for him, some are clapping because of admiration and some were teasing him.

His face looked familiar.

Ah! He’s the one who didn’t laugh when Kai told them that he would treat them if someone dared to confess to me. Kai and his other friends looked at him in disbelief and then he sets his gaze on mine, waiting for my reply.

Well, he doesn’t seem like a bad person. He looked honest and sincere, and besides I still don’t have a partner for the dance so, why not? It’s not like I wanted Kai to be my partner or anything.

“ . . . F-Fine . . . “

Kai had that unexplainable look painted on his face. He glared at guy who was obliviously happy. The crowd cheered for us and congratulated us. When our turn was finally over, we went down from the stage and I approached him.

“Thank you for that . . . I have a partner now for the dance . . . “ I smiled at him and he blushed in return.

“I-Iie. . . It’s an honor. . “ he bowed slightly.

“ So see you later tonight, Miyamoto -kun “

“Kyousuke! . . . J-Just call me Kyousuke . . . “

“Okay, Kyousuke-kun . . . then in return, just call me Atsuko . . . “ I giggled in reply.

“A-Ah . . . Yes. A-Atsuko-san” I smiled at him for the last time then went out of the room.

When I was walking in the hallway checking every event in every classroom, I was suddenly grabbed by the arm and dragged towards an empty room. I heard the door slammed shut and I faced a very angry midget.

“What was that all about?! . . . “ He shouted, unable to control his anger.

“Nothing. He just simply confessed and I accepted . . .”

“Maybe he just wanted to be treated for pizza!! . . . “

I looked at him with disbelief. “Really? . . . just for pizza? . . . “ I was about to approach the door but he stopped me.

“He might be joking, you know?! . . .“

“I don’t think he would go that far for a joke . . . I mean why would he take courage and confess to me with so many people witnessing it? . . . and there’s no problem with that . . .”

“What do you mean there’s no problem?! . . . Of course there’s a problem!! . . . “

“Why are you being jealous? . . . “ I calmly asked.

“I-I’m not . . . I mean, why would I be jealous?! There’s nothing going on between us anyway!!”

That struck a nerve. I forgot to be calm and lashed out my anger towards him.

“Exactly my point! There is nothing going on between us, we’re just childhood friends . . . you don’t have the right to be jealous, you don’t have the right to shout at me, you don’t have the right to question my decisions, you don’t have the right to be angry if someone shows their interest at me, and you don’t have the right to act like a protective boyfriend!” I glared at him while my chest has been rising and falling heavily.

After realizing all the things that I said he adverted his eyes from mine and asked in a softer tone.

“ . . . I was just wondering why you accepted that jerk’s offer. . . .”

“You didn’t have to drag me all the way here if you just wanted to ask . . . and it’s none of your business . . . “ I replied in a cold tone as I push him aside and walked towards the door.

He grabbed my wrist and pinned me against the wall. He leaned his face dangerously close to mine but I stared at his eyes and neither of us dared to look away.

“Of course it’s my business!! . . . you’re my childhood friend and he’s also a friend . . . “

I snorted.

“You want a reason?! Fine! Kyousuke-kun didn’t have a partner, I didn’t have a partner . . . he asked me to the dance and I accepted. It’s as simple as that . . . “

“Oh, so you call him by his given name now?!”

I didn’t reply and I forcefully released my wrist from his grip and opened the door.

“Why about me then? . . . You didn’t consider going with me to the dance? “ he asked with obvious hurt.

I turned to face him with a blank stare.

“First, You didn’t ask me. Second, You had your chance, but you decided to waste it . . . “

With that, I exited the room leaving Kai alone inside.

“Oh, and by the way . . . . ‘I think we should stop going together because we are mistaken as a couple’ . . . “ with that I closed the door and ran towards the student council room which was empty and cried my heart out.

When evening came, everyone gathered in the field and the council members prepared the campfire. At a certain spot, we cleared the grass so that the fire won’t spread.
So the campfire dance went smoothly. Many couples were formed and they are lost in their own world and others who didn’t have partners were just sulking in the corner, some were having fun with their friends while I was talking to Rena-sempai when the dance was over.

“I heard what happened earlier . . . .” Rena said to me while I was looking at the campfire.

“ . . . Let’s just not talk about it . . . “ I sighed.

“I haven’t seen him since the campfire dance started . . . “

I didn’t reply but Rena continued to talk.

“Maybe he didn’t come because he doesn’t want to see you dancing with another guy . . . “ she took a glance at me and then she focused her attention to the campfire.

“If he didn’t want me to dance with another guy, he shouldn’t have acted like a jerk . . . .” I replied in a monotone. “And besides, after bad-mouthing about me in front of his friends, he didn’t even say ‘sorry’” I added, trying to hide the hurt that I felt but Rena noticed it.

“Acchan, I know you are a strong person and I know that you don’t want anyone to see your weak side . . . but sometimes, you have to let out those feelings.” Rena smiled at me.

“Nah, I won’t do that here . . . “ I smiled in return.

She giggled and began to pat my head. “Speaking of which, are you dating Miyamoto Kyousuke-kun? . . . “ she asked.

I shook my head.

“No, I mean he’s a nice guy but . . . . “

“He’s not Takahashi?? . . . “ Rena added while I blushed hard at her statement.

“Mou . . . Sempai, stop teasing me!! . . “ I pouted. “How about you sempai, why aren’t you with Jun? . . . “

Matsui Jun is a classmate of mine who is dating Rena-sampai. At first the two were at odds with each other because Jun stole Rena-sempai’s first kiss but after days of bickering, affections and jealousy, Jun finally confessed and Rena-sempai accepted because she also felt the same. Now, they are one of the famous couples in the school.

“Jun-kun is having fun with his friends . . .  “ she looked at the group of guys who are sitting on the field.

I took a glance at my watch and took my bag.

“I should go home . . . it’s already late.”

“Takahashi won’t take you home? . . . “ Rena asked worriedly.

“No, we had a terrible fight . . . he even said so himself that we shouldn’t be together . . . “

“You want me and Jun-kun to take you home? . . . “ Rena offered.

“It’s okay sempai . . . “ I politely declined her offer and went home.

So I went home alone. Other than my footsteps, I could hear the barking of the dogs or the engine of a car from nearby but I was just the only one walking on the street. I clutched my bag tightly and try to turn around to see if somebody is following me. I saw a midget with blonde hair but I can’t see his face clearly because it is hidden behind his scarf. He was pacing in slow steps but his distance from me is not that far. I could feel that this blonde guy is suspicious so I began to walk faster but he also tried to match my pace. When I could already see house, I began to run, I ran with all might. I quickly opened the gate and locked it before the midget could reach my house. I didn’t bother to check he caught up to me; I quickly went to my room and hugged my pillow. I’ve been sweating a lot and my heart beats fast, I could still the adrenaline coursing in my veins because of fear and the running. I took a peek in my window, and saw the blonde midget standing in front of our gate but after a few seconds, he continued walking until he disappeared from my sight.

The Next Day

Ever this morning since I stepped foot in the school, students are complaining about a group of student who have been causing trouble and apparently they haven’t been identified yet. And ever since this morning, I haven’t seen Kai. I want to talk to him as soon as possible to resolve our problem but since unidentified student have been causing trouble around the school, I guess I should find Kai after I resolved this issue.

“Kaichou Class 2-A classroom is in a mess . . . someone had been wasting toilet paper and pranked your class . . . “ one student went to me and told me the news.

“ Acchan, one student reported about some vandalism on the gym. Good thing that he saw the suspects . . . “ Rena-sempai approached me and showed me the picture of the vandalism.

“Good. Does he identify them?”

“No he doesn’t. . . . but he said that the guy who did it was short and has blonde hair . . . “

“B-Blonde hair? . . . “ I asked surprised. It couldn’t be him . . .

’Is he the one who followed me to the house last night?? . . . Did he also follow me to school?!

Before Rena could answer there was a loud crash that came from the window. I quickly went there to see who did the act. Two guys were already running away so I couldn’t see their faces, but there is one guy who stayed and looked at me and smiled with his dimple showing. He waved for a short moment then ran away. I stood at the window motionless until I couldn’t see his blonde hair anymore.

“TAKAHASHI KAI!!!!! . . . . . “

(End of Acchan’s POV)

End of Flashback

“So ever since that day, Kai has been causing trouble for you . . . “ Yuu summarized while looking back and forth between Acchan and Kai.

“ . . . I never knew Kai could be such a jerk . . . “ Haruna deadpanned while Kai was looking uneasy.

“You should be thankful that I wasn’t there at that time . . . I may have beat you up and made Acchan mine~ . . “ Yuu said playfully which earned a glare from his fellow midget and his fiancée while Acchan just chuckled.

“Hahaha . . . Mou~ I knew that you’d only beat him up if you were there Yuu . . . You loved Haruna too much to even make a move on me . . .” Acchan smiled at Yuu which the latter replied with a grin.

“Sou desu ne~ I loved Nyan-nyan so much . . . “ Yuu nudged the girl beside her and kissed her cheek.

“And besides . . . . You’re not my type . . . “ Acchan added and she looked at Kai who smiled at her in return.

“Yeah . . . because I’m not Kai . . . .” Yuu smiled.

“But I love Yuuchan . . . “ Haruna latched herself to her fiancé and Yuu kissed her forehead dearingly.

“I love you too Nyan-nyan . . . “

“Geez. Get a room will you . . . . “ Kai complained.

“Shut up . . . You’re just jealous . . . “ Yuu replied and Kai pouted at Atsuko.

“Atsuko~ Say that you love me too . . . . “ Kai pleaded with puppy eyes.

Acchan looked away for a while and leaned closer to Kai’s ear. The blonde midget blushed at the close distance of her girlfriend.

“Aishiteru yo, Kai~ . . . “ Acchan whispered and playfully bit his earlobe.

“Whew . . . It seems like Kai is going to get some action tonight” Yuu grinned with a perverted look on his face.

“Shut up, just mind your own business! . . . . “ Kai raised his voice a little.

“The night is long my friend . . . “ Yuu raised his wine glass and proposed a toast.

“Indeed . . . “

The four clanked their classes and enjoyed the night with their respective partners.


Honestly, this is the longest chapter that I made . . . . Hahaha . . .

I guess I’ll really end it here  :D

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like this OMAKE....

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goodluck for your ongoing I'd Do Anything, i'll wait~ please don't put it in hiatus  :bow:
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