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Author Topic: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- My First You  (Read 54539 times)

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Stupid Me
« Reply #100 on: January 15, 2013, 11:22:08 PM »
all your history

are really cool  :twothumbs
and Minami just say... "YES"   :inlove:

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Stupid Me
« Reply #101 on: January 18, 2013, 03:27:10 PM »
I had a great time reading this. I actually read this a few days ago and I've just decided to comment now just to express how I really like this.. Oh wait, I loooove this!. XD

Hopefully to see more works from you, ;A; MORE MORE MOOOORE atsumina!  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: lol Thank you for this wonderful OS

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✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #102 on: February 13, 2013, 06:50:41 PM »
It's been a while again minna~~  :hee:
Me too busy playing games nowadays~ nyahahaha~  :on lol:
Forgive me for not update my fic...  :kneelbow:  got attracted by games~  :on lol:

Here's my Valentine fic~ and of course the pairing will be my OTP~~ nyahaha~
Hope my writing still well enough as before cause I really lost my inspiration to write...  :( :(
Hope you enjoy reading  :) :)

Our Valentine
===============   ===============   ===============

Inside a house, inside a room… there sit brown-haired woman on the bed while unpacked her things. She unpacked a box and took something out of it, looking at the photo album. The sunlight shimmering through the window’s curtain slowly revealed the woman’s face. A smile formed on her face when she looked at the photos and recalled the memories she spent together with someone she loved the most. She flipped to the next page and her eyes stopped at a photo where she stood in front of school gate. She smiled to herself as she remembered some good memories in her high school… and of course… with that special someone…


“Akiba High School…” a short figure was standing in front of the closed gate. She looked at her watch which showed 09.00 am… She was definitely late on the first day of school, new semester of the year. She thrown her bag over the gate and climbed over it.


She landed on the ground with perfect pose and smirked, “Let’s get hurry before the next class started” she said while picking up her school bag.

“Not so fast, Takahashi Minami” a voice coming from behind.

Minami turned around and saw the president of student council standing in front of her. Her cold eyes behind glasses, her shoulder length black hair and her neat figure is making some goosebumps for the other girl. Minami saw that student council taking out a pen and begin writing on a paper she’s holding.

“Wait… wait… wait… don’t write my name on that list” Minami begged.

“Rule is rule, you are late and I need to write it” said the student council.

“Come on, Atsuko. Give me once chance! Just this once, I’ll never be late again” Minami pleaded, “I don’t want to wash toilet after school again, pleeeeeaasseee”

“I hear you say this so many times already and you still late” said Atsuko as she done writing the name on list and turned to leave.

“Don’t be so cruel to your childhood friend~~” Minami said.

“Who said we’re friends” Atsuko acted cold and walked away.

Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko have known each since kindergarten. They also have been neighbors for years and so do their parents, they’ve been enemies for years. Because of that, both of them didn’t get along very well. Especially Maeda Atsuko who always act cold to Minami, well-known as Mr. Late in school.

“You make me to!” Minami sneaked behind Atsuko and grabbed the list and running away.

“Hey!” Atsuko run after Minami to get her list back.

Minami ran into the building with Atsuko followed behind. Turned right, turned left, turned right, and turned left, Minami tried to escape from Atsuko. She went into music room and locked the door from inside. She landed her back at the door, trying to catch her breath.

“Did I manage to escape from her?” Minami gulped and attached her ear on the door, concentrated to hear if there’re any footsteps coming. All she heard inside the room is her hard breathing. She let out a breath and let her body fallen down, sitting on the floor. But then, a figure appeared right in front of her.

“A…Atsuko!!” Minami jawdropped, “H-how?!!”

Atsuko stood there with her usual emotionless face and slowly leaned forward, “I’ve been waiting here for you” She stretched her hands next to Minami, trapped Minami between her and the door, “You should try to change your route. You always end up hiding here whenever I’m chasing you”

“Sou ka…” Minami scratched her head and smiling sheepishly.

“Give me back the list” Atsuko ordered.

Minami grinned and the next second, she put the list inside her mouth and swallowed it, “It’s in my stomach now~ HAHAHAHAHA!!”

Within a flash speed, Atsuko grabbed Minami’s collar and pulled her off the ground and slammed her hardly down to the ground with judo style. Atsuko fixed her glasses and walked out of the room, leaving the half-dead Minami lying on the ground.

Flashback End

“I can still feel the pain of my back…” Minami recalled the feeling and rubbed her back gently. “You sure are rough that time~~” Minami lay down on her bed and staring at the ceiling, still thinking what happened after that…

“You’re still not giving up to put me into trouble, huh?” Minami chuckled by herself.


At the same day after Minami got slammed by Atsuko, she went to class. In the middle of class, there’s a sudden inspection by student councils. Anyone who broke the rules should get punishment. Without looking at anyone else, the president of student council – Maeda Atsuko walked straight to where Minami was sitting. She pulled Minami’s collar to make her stand up from her seat and glaring at her.

“Takahashi Minami, clean up the rooftop of old building after school”

“WHAT?!” Minami couldn’t believe what she heard, “I didn’t break any rules, are you picking on me?”

Atsuko fake a smile and dragged her in front of class, she pulled Minami’s hair, “Colored hair, break rules”

“Piercing” Atsuko said as she pointed Minami’s earrings, “Break rules”

“Bruise on your face and that band aid on your left cheek, you must have been in a fight… break rules”

“Short skirt, break rules”

“This is my natural color hair” Minami defended herself, “Wearing earrings is piercing?! And who is the cause I got bruise on my face?!” Minami glared at Atsuko, “My skirt is still 2 cm under knees, how can you say that it is short?”

Atsuko replied with calm tone, “How could I know who cause the bruise? You’re Japanese, how could you have brown hair without dying it? And your skirt, if I wear it, it’ll be too short. Overall, you break the rules”

“What?!” Minami was stuck there can’t process anything in her mind.

“Get her up to the rooftop” Atsuko commanded the other student councils.

Flashback End

“Kyaaa~” Minami smiled and rolling on the bed, hugging her pillow, “That rooftop on that old building was the first place we spend a night together~~~”

Minami buried her face on the pillow and nuzzled on it with big smile, “That was the first valentine I spent with you…”


That day was February 13rd… Minami got punished to clean up the mess rooftop. That building has been abandoned for years and the school principal wants to renovate it. Taking this chance to make fun of Minami, Atsuko put her into the job of cleaning that messy rooftop. The student councils dragged Minami to the rooftop and locked the exit so that Minami had no choice other than staying there, cleaning up the mess.

Broken chairs, rusty tables, boards, rubbish, wet floor… Minami growled in frustrated and fold her sleeves, “Fine! Let’s clean it up!”

Four hours passed, it’s six in the evening… Atsuko got up to the rooftop to check on Minami.

“Takahashi Minami?” Atsuko opened the door and stepped out to the rooftop but no one there. Broken chairs and tables were put neatly on the corner and the floor was cleaned. She was amazed that lazy Minami can clean up all these by herself.

“Takahashi Minami?” Atsuko calling her once again, “It’s time to go home, stop playing and come out”

“HYAAAATTT!!” Minami sneaked from behind and attacked Atsuko. She hit Atsuko with a wooden rod and Atsuko managed to block it with her arm. The wooden rod was broken in two. Minami eyes widen and jawdropped, she walked close and touch Atsuko’s arm, “Are you made of iron?”

“How do you think?” Death fire can be seen in Atsuko’s eyes.

“Ha… haha… hahaha… I was just… joking…” Minami fake a laugh and slowly move backward and ran away, “SORRY!”

“Come back here!!” Atsuko growled and grabbed Minami’s collar in no time. She pulled her back and swirled Minami with judo style to the ground just like what she did before. But this time, Minami twisted her legs and managed to escape from that deadly attack. Her back was almost broke when Atsuko did that before.

“Same trick won’t work on me~” Minami smirked and grabbed Atsuko’s wrist, twisted it behind her back, “You know what? Tomorrow is valentine” Minami whispered next to Atsuko’s ear.

“So... so what?!” Atsuko raised her voice.

“They said, there’s a legend in this old building rooftop… This building was once an altar for the god Cupid in ancient time and often used as a place where wedding ceremony held. Thus there’re some rumors started to spread that the couple who exchange their kiss under the moonlight on this rooftop when the church bell starts ringing, will be blessed and live happily forever” Minami grinned and whisper gently beside Atsuko’s ear, “Wanna try it?”

Atsuko’s eyes widen and raised her voice more louder, “Who… who want to be couple with you!!”

“I was just kidding~~ hahaha~~ your parents and mine, you and I, we’re enemies… we will definitely won’t be together!! hahaha~~ your panic face is sure funny!!” Minami laughed out a loud.

Atsuko’s face became a bit red. she struggled and stepped on Minami’s foot, causing her screamed and let go her grip on Atsuko. Without warning, Atsuko kicked Minami’s stomach and punched her face. Minami can’t help but to step backward. Another flying kick from Atsuko made Minami flying back and hit the fence. Unfortunately, the fence behind Minami was too old and rusty that it can’t hold Minami’s weight and broken.

“WAAAAA!!” Minami shouted as she felt her body was about to fall down from the roof.

“Takahashi Minami!!” Atsuko screamed out her name and pulled Minami’s wrist. “Stop moving!”

Minami was panicked and confused, she didn’t hear what Atsuko said and keep struggling, moving her body that caused Atsuko fell down together with Minami from the rooftop. They hugged each other and closed their eyes, thinking that they gonna die. Minami was praying while Atsuko was cursing her.

“How could this happen to me?! I’m still young and still have many things to do! I haven’t got a boyfriend, haven’t hold hands, haven’t kiss, haven’t married, haven’t… ARGHHHH!!” Atsuko was panicked and seemed out of her character. “I curse you! Takahashi Minami!!”


Both of them thought they gonna die but somehow… they landed on a soft things and rolling through something and crashed into something then ended up in a dark place. That place is dark enough for them to see nothing.

“Arghh…” Atsuko growled and rubbed her head, “Where is this place?”

“Welcome to hell, Maeda Atsuko” Minami playfully stuck out her tongue and talked with spooky voice. She put her cellphone under her chin and made a scary face, “Gaoooooo”

“Kyaaa!!!” Atsuko screamed and punched Minami’s face.

“Ouch..!! Hey! It’s me!” Minami shouted and stopped Atsuko from beating her. “I don’t know you are such a coward…”

Atsuko stayed silent and slowly leaned forward until they’re face was just an inch away from each other. Minami was startled to see Atsuko so close to her, the closest distance ever in her life. Atsuko narrowed her eyes then moved away. “Sorry, I lost my glasses. I can’t see you well”

“Sou…” Minami blushed.

“Where exactly we are?” Atsuko asked and looked around her surroundings but the room is too dark.

“Hmmm… I dunno either” Minami picked up her cellphone to see their surrounding but her cellphone’s light is not enough to light up the whole room. Minami started to walk and suddenly Atsuko wrapped her arms around Minami’s.

“Don’t go too far from me…” Atsuko blushed and looked away, “I’m… afraid of dark”

“Eh? What a surprised! A tough girl like you afraid of dark?”

“Can’t I?!” Atsuko raised her voice again.

Minami said nothing and kissed Atsuko’s cheek… that earned a punch from Atsuko, “Ouchh!”

“Why you kissed me?!” Atsuko mad.

“I was just trying to make you relax a bit. You’re all tensed up” Minami rubbed her swollen cheek. “Let’s find the exit” Minami held Atsuko’s hand and earned another punch from Atsuko.

“Why you holding my hand!” Atsuko struggling to free her right hand.

“With only one hand, you already beat me like this” Minami put her cellphone close to let Atsuko sees her swollen cheek, “If I let go your other hand, wouldn’t I be dead right now?”

They keep walking hand in hand to find the exit in that dark room. It was too silent and Minami tried to break the ice, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we’re friends?”

“……………” Atsuko remain silent.

“Your parents and mine are enemies, that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends”

“You know well what our parents will react if they know we become friends” Atsuko replied.

“Yeah~ my dad will lock me in my room just like what happened when we’re kid… when I carried you back home because you sprained your leg” Minami smiled.

“Takahashi Minami, I… Kyaaaaa!!” Atsuko suddenly screamed and hugged Minami tightly.

“What? What?” Minami confused and hugged Atsuko safely in her arm.

“I think I saw something dark flying over there!!” Atsuko jumped in Minami’s embrace while her finger pointing aimlessly nowhere, “There!! There!! There!!”

Looking at Atsuko’s panic face, Minami can’t help and leaned forward to kiss her once again… but this time… on the lips. Atsuko was caught up in the situation and replied the kiss. Before Atsuko completely closed her eyes, she snapped out and slapped Minami’s face.

“Takahashi Minami! Why you kiss me again?” Atsuko asked with blushing face.

“Because I want to shut your mouth, your scream makes my ears hurt” Minami put her hands on Atsuko’s shoulder and leaned forward, “And please, don’t call me by my full name. You can call me Minami”

Before Minami touched those lips once again, she leaned back and asked, “Why you punch me when I kiss you?”

“Well… that’s my reflect…” Atsuko looked away, “You kiss me and I punch you.. it’s fair enough”

“Well… I can consider it as a fair trade” Minami smiled and leaned in to kiss Atsuko again, on the lips.

Ouch!!  Ouch!!  Ouch!!  Ouch!!  Ouch!!  Ouch!!  Ouch!! Ouch!!  Ouch!!

Flashback End

Minami wiped her tears that coming out from the corner of her eyes, still laughing on her bed. “Hahaha… Just how many times did I kiss you that night? My face was swollen and my parents thought I got bullied by you. And then…”

Minami’s smile faded away, “Your family moved away and so did my family. We didn’t even say goodbye… I know you since kindergarten, we went to the same primary school, secondary school, and high school… how many years we spent together and I just realized my feelings to you when you moved away. Too young, too dumb to realize… that I love you”

Minami sighed and then smiled to herself again, “I thought I heard bell ringing when I kissed you… maybe it’s just my hallucination. I really hope that the legend was true but the reality is always cruel. There’s no legend… no cupid…”

“Minami~~” someone came into the room.

“Hai!!” Minami answered and quickly wiped her tears.

That person sighed, looking at her messy room, “Haven’t you done unpacking things? Why this room becomes a mess like this?”

“Hehehe~~” Minami laughed sheepishly and scratched her head, “Sorry Haruna, I was fallen asleep”

Haruna stopped beside Minami and planted a kiss on her forehead, “Hurry up and get change, it’s time to go”

“Why must we have dinner in restaurant today?” asked Minami.

“Because today is V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E~~” Haruna pouted, “Can’t you be more romantic?”

“Haha…” Minami smiled awkwardly as a replied.

“Don’t forget to bring your bouquet, I already reserved a table” Haruna reminded.

Some minutes after…

Minami hurriedly went into the restaurant with bouquet in her hands. She took out a piece of paper that wrote the number of table Haruna reserved. She looked around and found the table.

“Sorry to keep you waiting” Minami hurriedly sat on her seat without looking at the person in front of her.

“I don’t mind waiting” said the person.

“That voice…” Minami lifted up her head and saw the person’s face. “That smile…” Minami can’t help but smile widely at the person in front of her.

“It’s been a long time since the last time we spent valentine together” said the person, “Is that flowers for me?”

“Y-Y-Yes!! Yes!! This is for you!” Minami immediately handed the flowers to that person. Not long after, her cellphone ringing, a message from her sister, Haruna. The message said that she has another date and this person will replace her to spend valentine with Minami.

“H-How…” Minami can’t even talk properly right now because she was too happy. The person right before her right now is the person she missed the most.

“Are you the same person that I know, Mi-na-mi?” the person giggled.

“Of course I am, Atsuko” Minami answered, “Will you spend your valentine with me again?”

“So fast forward, ne?” Atsuko chuckled.

“Will you?” asked Minami once again.

“I don’t mind to punch you for a lifetime” Atsuko said playfully.

Minami gently touched Atsuko’s hand and staring into her eyes, “I start believing that legend again. Thus hear the bell ringing will be blessed and live happily forever”

“Is that mean you heard the sound of bell ringing too?” Atsuko tighten her grip on Minami’s hand, “I thought it was my hallucination to hear that sound”

“I heard it…” Minami smiled, “And that means…”

“We’re blessed” Atsuko replied.

“And will live happily forever” Minami joined.

“Happy Valentine, Minami”

“Happy Valentine, Atsuko”


Happy Valentine Minna!!  :nya:

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #103 on: February 13, 2013, 07:29:29 PM »
WOW! I loved this!!! Such an awesome read. I really like Atsuko and Minami's relationship in this & the flashbacks were awesome :)

Lol you got me near the end, I thought minami was together with Haruna :P Loved the ending, it was sweet :) Thanks for the valentines update!

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #104 on: February 13, 2013, 07:53:30 PM »
Within a flash speed, Atsuko grabbed Minami’s collar and pulled her off the ground and slammed her hardly down to the ground with judo style. Atsuko fixed her glasses and walked out of the room, leaving the half-dead Minami lying on the ground.

this is so funny! :hiakhiakhiak:
but i love it..
i love how acchan has that kind of attitude  :onionwhip: and taka so so so adorable teasing her always nyahahaha
thank you sechiii   :on slopkiss:

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #105 on: February 13, 2013, 07:57:53 PM »
This was so romatic!!! :mon inluv:
The scene on the rooftop and after they fell was so HOT!!! Minami is so bold!!! Sasuga my idol!!  :mon determined:
And thank YOU HARUNA!!! Thank you for bringing my AtsuMina together!
Thank you for this sweet and romantic update!

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #106 on: February 13, 2013, 08:27:18 PM »
Very impressive on this one altogether

Haruna ended up getting them back together in the end

Posted by PWO fail master

Random Thought:


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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #107 on: February 13, 2013, 09:54:22 PM »
aw! I so love this! :heart: :heart:
gad! the flashbacks were hilarious yet didnt fail causing me to giggle. kya! so cute!

My favorite part was the one at the school where Atsu pushed her reasons why Minami broke the rules. Hahaha best part!!!! I was literally laughing at that one!

This is such a nice valentine fic. My heart goes doki doki for it. Amazing story as ever  :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #108 on: February 13, 2013, 10:27:22 PM »
Niichan!!! this was not only funny but also very sweet!!! Suggoi!!!  Sankyuu!!!  :deco:
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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #109 on: February 14, 2013, 12:47:21 AM »
my atsumina heart is totally awake  :wub:
Happy  :heart: day to everyone!

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #110 on: February 14, 2013, 07:43:50 AM »
aww atsumina :B

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #111 on: February 15, 2013, 06:12:44 AM »
Haha awesome fic!!
I love this fic :heart:
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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #112 on: February 15, 2013, 06:17:56 AM »
Ichikawaaaa~ I like it! Haha... funny and it really made my day yesterday. Keep writing  :thumbup
Thanks a lot

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #113 on: February 16, 2013, 11:03:54 AM »
Just give hi-- her more punches when he-- I mean she kissed you, Maeda-san~ (LOL)

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Our Valentine
« Reply #114 on: February 16, 2013, 08:20:02 PM »
Wah... Atsuko such a abuser.... kept hurting Minami

But Minami accepted all the abuse happily.... coz' she likes Atsuko's attentions

Well at last they met each other again... in the future...

Atsumina... great...

Thank you for the nice fic.

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Ferris Wheel Romance
« Reply #115 on: April 07, 2013, 10:19:57 PM »
 :cool1:  Back alive from bungee jumping
And then doing writing marathon to finish a fic for today! a special day! Taka's bdae~~   :sweat:  (so tired)
But somehow... somehow... it seems like I finished a failure fic...  :depressed:
Maybe my head, my mind, and my soul haven't come back to me.. hahahah.. and the result.. I made this confusing fic  :dizzy:
As usual~ another Atsumina AU fic~

Hope you like this one  :kneelbow:

My mind went all wrong~  :dizzy:


=====================       =====================        =====================

Amusement Park

I’m here waiting for the night… cause I am only exist and be useful when the night come…

“Minami! Hurry up!”

“Hai!!” there this cute girl hurriedly tied her long hair into ponytail and wore her hat, then she picked up some cleaning stuffs. She ran fast forward and stopped under this Ferris wheel, looking at this huge steel. The sun was so bright which made this steel blinking in this hot day.

“Yosh! Let’s do my best again today”

I adore this girl so much… She is working part time in this amusement park for one year, cleaning this HUGE Ferris wheel.

“First, I need to check on the machine if it works fine and then I need to make sure every seat is clean and comfortable. How many seats were on it? Hmm.. let me count.. there’re one.. two.. three… forty seven.. forty eight.. Forty eight seats and I need to clean up all those seats before five in afternoon”

She said to herself with a serious face and that’s cute!

She moved to those three seats from the very bottom and started cleaning. Clean up the seat, clean up the floor, clean up the window and then starting the machine to turn next three seats to bottom and do it all over again. The moment she stepped into the last seat, suddenly the wheel is moving. She was startled and fall down, the bucket in her hands was flying on top of her and the water splashed all over her body.

“Who the hell starting the machine?!” Minami screamed out from the window.

“Ooopps~ I don’t know there is someone in there~~” another girl called Yuko, her partner said from the below.


Minami screamed her name on top of her lung. She knew Yuko did it intentionally. Picking up the bucket, she cleaned up this seat all over again. As the wheel slowly moving up, she took a break and starred outside at the scenery.

“The view was so different within day and night… Silent, empty, and lonely.. From inside the wheel, I can see clearly all the area of this amusement park. There’s revolving horse, roller coaster, arcade house, haunted house, café, etc”

Silent? Empty? Lonely? Why do you feel like that? Can you feel that? Yes, you can see all the area of this amusement park from this point of view. When the night come, the view will be more beautiful… really beautiful with all the smiles on people’s face and the neon light all over the street

“The wheel is now on the top” Minami put down her cleaning stuff, “What is this feeling of loneliness in my heart?”

Loneliness in your heart?

Minami placed her palm on the surface of window and closed her eyes as she can feel something about this Ferris wheel. “Thinking about it, this park always crowded when the night come. Kids were riding revolving horse happily with smile over their face and parents watching over them aside. People were screaming and enjoy riding roller coaster but this Ferris wheel… waiting silently for anyone to come. Waiting for people to come into its embrace, a silent and calm moment”

There’re so many people come to this amusement park in the night but the amount of happy people is actually small… and I’m waiting for people to take a ride with me. Sad or happy, I want to see their smile in the end of this trip

Minami slowly opened my eyes again and suddenly paused looking at somewhere. I looked at the spot that she’s looking, there I saw a girl on the building rooftop far away from our place. She is sitting on the edge of the rooftop and swaying her legs, looking down with blank face. That is the person I often see her coming around this park with her boyfriend. Her smile… I was dazzled by her smile at that moment. And I know this Minami got the same result too.


“This is starting button and this is stop button, this is speed up button and this is slow down button” Yuko explained to Minami how to operate the machine, “Understand?”

“Hai!” Minami replied with a nod.

“Let’s play that” a sweet voice catches my attention to look around, a sweet girl indeed.

She is clinging on her boyfriend’s arm and pointing her finger to this Ferris wheel. This little Minami got my attention too, it’s too obvious to read her face that she was captive by that smile. The moment when their eyes met, she smiled at Minami. Her smile was so dazzling and Minami’s face told me that this girl made her heart fluffy. I could hear her heartbeat was increasing and bumping loudly. I slightly gave a push from her back to make her move. She was about to approach them and offer the ride but then that girl’s boyfriend dragged her away toward the roller coaster area.

“Atsuko, I want to play that”

I can feel Minami’s heart fell so heavy at that moment. She was standing there watching her from afar. I can tell the girl is afraid to play roller coaster but still trying to show that sweet smile to her boyfriend. Minami turned down her head and sighed, she walked back to under this useless Ferris wheel and simply put a smile on her face.

“What’s wrong with me? Haha…” She scratched her head.

“Someone got shot from Cupid~~” said Yuko playfully and hit Minami’s arm with her elbow.

Got shot from Cupid? Can I get shot from Cupid too? *laugh* What am I thinking? Do I still have a heart? Lazy to listen what Yuko said to Minami, I am more interesting to watch that girl. Standing here, I can hear her loud scream riding that roller coaster. Everyone’s screaming a loud but I can only focus on her voice. I can only look at her… Why am I attracted to her? If I have the right to make a wish, I want her to take a ride inside this Ferris wheel. I want to take her in and accompany her for a ride, just a spin with this Ferris wheel…

Atsuko… that girl called Atsuko… I will remember her name…

Flashback End

Atsuko, she always smile kindly everytime I saw her, but now her face kinda depressed and sad, I stretched my hand wanting to reach her but she is too far away from me. If I can, I want to jump out from this Ferris wheel and fly to her place. I… I…

As the wheel is moving downward, that figure is slowly disappeared from my sight along with the sunset. Minami suddenly acted so panic like she got burned or something and walked around in circles. “I… I don’t want her disappear from my sight… I don’t want it.. YUKO! MOVE BACKWARD! BACKWARD!!” Minami opened the window and shouted at Yuko.


“BACKWARD!! MOVE THE WHEEL BACKWARD!!” Minami shouted louder from inside the wheel

“How long have you been working here? There’s no BACKWARD button on the device!!” Yuko shouted back.

“Ah… sou…” facepalmed, Minami felt a bit embarrassing now. I can see blushes on her face.


This place is just an ordinary dull place in the day time but will become shining in the night. Beautiful lights and music will surround this place. Laughter and voices will cover this place. As usual, I am here, waiting for people to come riding. Looking at the crowd around this park, adults and kids, it’s strange that I just want to bring her… That girl, I just want to bring her in, riding with me to the sky.

“Today is your birthday right? Why don’t you take a leave today?” asked Yuko to Minami.

“I moved and live in this city alone, no friends, no relatives, no one celebrate with me… No need to celebrate” Minami smiled. She stretched her hands up to the sky and yawned, “I guess we’ll be standing whole night for nothing again”

“I don’t think so…” said Yuko while pointing a person not far from us.

Minami turned to look at the direction and saw that girl.. the girl I’ve been waiting for. She’s walking alone with a troubled face. The moment when their eyes met for second time, she just simply smiled at Minami politely. When she was about to walk away, I gave a push on Minami’s back to let her stepped forward. She stopped right before her and bowed.

What are you doing there? Why are you bowing at her? Open your mouth! Ask her to take a ride! Go Minami!! Ask her, do you want to take a ride? Ask her!!

“Do… do… do you want to take a ride with that Ferris wheel?”

She smiled gently, “Sure, how much is the ticket?”

“On me!” Minami is a little bit out of control to say that. That girl looked confuse at Minami, “I mean… I mean there’s a special offer tonight” Minami lied, “You have free ticket”

Baka! Can’t you think of another reason? She won’t believe you!!

“That’s nice” Atsuko replied.

EH?! She accepted the invitation? Whatever… it’s good that she’s willing to take a ride. Atsuko, I see her simply smiled at Minami’s offer but somehow I can feel the sadness behind that smile. Tonight she’s coming alone, there must be something happened between her and her boyfriend… I must cheer her up then! Come take a ride Atsuko, I’ll take you to the sky, I’ll let you see the beautiful stars, I’ll give you the calm and peace. I want to make you smile. I want to see you smile again…

I saw Minami guide her into the seat. Inside Minami’s eyes, I can see the desire that she wants to take a ride together with Atsuko. Today is her birthday, should I grant her a wish? As my repayment to her, for cleaning and taking care of this Ferris wheel everyday.

Atsuko already inside the wheel, just when Minami is about to close the door, I took Atsuko’s handkerchief and dropped it down. Minami saw her handkerchief fell and went to pick it up. When Minami stepped inside the wheel, I closed the door and started the engine. The wheel began to move and I can see Minami’s panic face. Her panic face is soooo cute!! Haha…

It’s been four minutes already since the wheel moving. Atsuko keep looking outside the window with sad face and didn’t move a bit. The same with Minami, she sat opposite of Atsuko and keep her head down, holding Atsuko’s handkerchief. I can tell that she is hesitating to open the conversation. The silent is killing me. Her sad face is killing me… and what kill me the most is her tears… the tears that keep falling down on her cheek.

Can’t you take a move, Minami? Isn’t that you should comfort her right now? Why you so useless? If I can, I wish to smack you right now.

“Should I start something to talk about? Or should I just stay silent by her side until the ride is over?” I heard Minami murmured to herself.

The silent is killing me… I thought I can cheer you up but now you are crying inside this wheel. What should I do? I thought those beautiful stars will make you feel better but you can’t see what in front of you. Your eyes were covered by the sadness… by the darkness. You can’t even feel the present of this poor girl in front of you. I thought if I go higher and higher, you will lift up your lips a bit but I am now going down.

The silent is killing me… I don’t even remember why I am here. I’m just a poor soul trapped inside this Ferris wheel, waiting for something everyday. How many days, how many years I’ve been here waiting, I don’t remember. What am I waiting for? I don’t quite remember… If I am this Ferris wheel, each wheel represents my heart. If this wheel is my heart, those tears you dropped now were making my heart rusty.

Sitting beside her, I stretched out my arms. I want to give her a tight hug but I can’t. Her helpless expression hadn’t had support. Her hands, who is she waiting to hold? Her heart, who is she waiting for to disturb that lonely heart? I really wish to give her a hug.

You!! Minami!! Come here and give her a hug!!

I walked to Minami and intend to pull her up but all of the sudden, something is pulling me forward, I can’t see anything, I can’t think of anything, I can’t feel anything. All I know is my vision became all white… I forced myself to open my eyes and ended up in a strange but familiar place.

“Kai!!” I heard someone’s calling. It sounds like someone is calling me.

A girl with shoulder length black hair is running toward me with two ice cream cones in her hands. Within seconds, all the pictures flashes inside my head like playing movie. All of it… all of my memories when I live as human are back to me. All of it… all the memories I want to forget… Karen…

Flashback to Kai’s past
(A/N: Karen Kyuuto is Atsuko’s name in the drama Q10. I used it in here to make different between the present Atsuko and the past life Atsuko. Kai is the past life of Minami. Hope you are not confuse reading this story)

“Karen?” I can’t believe what I saw here. Am I back to the past?

“What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?”

“No, I just can’t take my eyes off you”

“Mou~” Karen pushed one of the ice cream in her hands directly at Kai’s mouth, “Eat that~ hahaha”

I take away the ice cream and wipe off the stain on my face, “You become naughty lately, I should teach you some manner. Come here!” I grinned and trying to put some ice cream on my hand to her face.

“Kyaaaaaa” She dodged and ran away from me.

Suddenly, another white light covered me. The memory of us having fights flashed inside my head as I traveled through that white light and I arrived at the same familiar place. All my surroundings felt strange but familiar. I turned around and found the Ferris wheel before me. The same Ferris wheel I’ve been staying for years. I am in the amusement park? I tried to remember what happened after this but I can remember nothing. All I know is I was having fight with Karen.

I bought two tickets to ride this Ferris wheel together with her. I am waiting her… I am waiting her for hours and she’s still nowhere to be found. I want to ride this Ferris wheel together with her just like the first time we had a date. We enjoyed the beautiful sky together, talking and laughing inside the wheel like there’re only us in this world.

“WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I heard people screaming and the next second I saw something hard dropped from the wheel, pinned me down. So, this is how I die? Now I know why I am trapped inside this Ferris wheel… I know what am I waiting for… I know what makes me waiting for so long… It’s you… Yes, I’m waiting for you. I’m waiting to take a ride with you.

Kai’s Flashback End

Another white light absorbed me and pulled me out from that place. When I opened my eyes, I saw Karen is in front of me. No… This is not Karen… This is Atsuko. They share the same face. I looked around and shocked by my reflection on the window. I am now… inside of Minami’s body. Why am I inside her body? Suddenly the wheel stopped moving. It stopped so suddenly that the wheel is shaking. Atsuko can’t manage to stay balance and fell forward. I immediately catch her in my arms.

“What happened?” she panicked. I can feel her grips tighter on me.

“Don’t worry, I’m here” I said to ensure her, “It’s safe with me” I hold her tighter in my arms.

I closed my eyes to feel her presence, her scent, her soft hair, and the feeling within me. I want to feel like this again. I will remember this… We stayed like this for quite sometime until Atsuko broke the hug.

“Why is it still not moving?” asked Atsuko.

“They’re working on it. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine” I said with a gentle smile. Her tears were shining under the moonlight and it forbids me from seeing her face clearly. I raised the handkerchief in my hand and wipe that wet face. “Clear~ I can see your face better now”

She confused and blink her eyes several times.

“Look” I pointed to the sky, trying to avoid any awkward moment. “Why don’t you enjoy this scenery? You’re not paying attention to what this Ferris wheel takes you to, and it’s rude”

She turned down her head and playing with her thumbs. This is so similar with Karen when I said something that made her feels guilty. Was I been given second change to fulfill my last wish? The last thing I wish to do with you.

“Come closer” I held her hand and bring her closer to the window, “Did you know, this Ferris wheel always want to see people enjoying the ride with smile and happiness but most of the people who came to ride this Ferris wheel bringing their sadness in. Everything will return to where it starts, just like this Ferris wheel… it will spin back to the beginning. Don’t let the sadness block the beautiful sceneries in front of you. Let’s enjoy this ride until the end, okay?”

Atsuko simply nodded and smiled. The smile I ever wanted to see. The wheel started moving again and it’s moving down. Her smile went wider as the wheel moving down. Her hand is still on mine and we’re looking at the same sky. Inside of me, I wish this wheel will never spin again, just stop at the top, don’t moving down. I want to just stay like this forever. Can I become greedy? Can I ask for one more spin again? Just one more spin again, I want to accompany her…

Another source seemed to pull me out from Minami’s body. My soul is moving out from Minami’s body, I can see my soul is being pulled out from Minami’s body. Where will I go after this? Will I stay in here or will I disappear? I don’t know and I don’t want to know…

That hand, I don’t want to let go. That hand…

End of the ride

“Huh? The ride ended already? Why am I so dizzy?” Minami said to herself.

“Thanks for the ride” Atsuko bowed at Minami.

“ don’t mention it. I… I… Hahaha… I do nothing” Minami bowed back to Atsuko.

“It’s nice to meet you” Atsuko bowed again and then turned to leave.

“I saw you took the ride with her~~” Yuko tackled Minami from behind, “What did you do in there~~~???”

“I-I-I do nothing!!!” Minami tried to remove Yuko’s arm off her neck, “Let go of me!!”

“Tell me, what’s her name and her number then I’ll let you go~” said Yuko playfully.

“I don’t know!!” Minami replied.

“Don’t be so stingy~ share with me~” Yuko poked Minami’s cheek with another hand.

“I really don’t know!!”

“Then what you doing in there??!!” Yuko a bit out of patience.

“I just sit there and then I don’t know what happened!” Minami shouted.

“What you mean you don’t know what happened?!!” Yuko shouted back.

“I-I-I…!” Minami stopped struggling and looked down, “I think I fell asleep in there… all things I know is when I opened my eyes, the ride is over”

“What the…” Yuko released her grip on Minami, “What the hell you’re doing!!” Yuko kicked Minami’s butt hardly.

“Why did you kick me?!!” Minami angered.

“What else?! Do you want another kick to make you move forward?!” Yuko raised her leg and kicked the air.

“What forward?!”

Yuko sighed and walked beside Minami, “I know you like that girl”


“No need to deny” Yuko stepped behind Minami and gave her another powerful kick on butt, “JUST GO ASK HER NAME AND NUMBER YOU FOOL!!!!”

“HAIIIIIIII!!!” Minami started to run, searching for Atsuko.

Lucky that Atsuko is walking at slow pace, Minami hurriedly stopped in front of Atsuko and stretched her arms widely as a sign to tell Atsuko stop walking. Atsuko stopped and a bit confused at Minami’s weird behavior.

“Do you… do you…” Minami trying to catch her breath, “Do you want to take another ride tomorrow?”

“Sure” Atsuko answered with a dazzling smile.

Minami replied with a big smile, “I’ll wait for you tomorrow”

“I’ll come here again tomorrow”


I just realize what I wrote in the end... not so happy fic for Taka's bdae..

Me go sleep now... so tired... 4 am already in my place~ XD

Oh... and a little omake below~   :byebye:


Yuko:       “What’s her name?”
Minami:    “Ah… I forgot to ask her name!!”
Yuko:       “Number?”
Minami:    “>_> I forgot too”
Yuko:       “Then?!! What are you doing there?!!!” *in rage*
Minami:    “I asked her to come again tomorrow…”
Yuko:       “What did she say?”
Minami:    “She said she will come again tomorrow!!!!” *smiled like a fool*
Yuko:       *facepalmed* this is… incurable…

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Ferris Wheel Romance
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Thought it was a great fic :D lol @ the Yuko and Minami moments :P & Atsumina was cute!
LMAO at the omake, Yuko is right, Minami is incurable when it comes to certain things :P

Thanks for the update!

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Ferris Wheel Romance
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Hahaha... Takamina was Kai...

So they are destined to be together

That's great

I like this fic... very sweet

Can't wait to see more Atsumina OS

Thank you for the nice fic

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:
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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Ferris Wheel Romance
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I totaly agree with Ruka-jiichan, Suna-niichan is the best!


I also wrote some Atsumina, but it's nowhere near this good...
Also, jiichan should also write dem Atsumina even if it's perv


Thank you, niichan, for this bitter-sweet story. If Minami had an opportunity to read your story, I think she would be happy
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✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- A Thousand Cranes
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A Thousand Cranes
One of the thousand ways to represent my feelings for you

==============     ==============     ==============

It’s a silent night where the sky were filled by little stars, those little stars were surrounding the very round and bright moon. There’s this brown haired girl sitting on her balcony, enjoying the night wind and bathing herself under the moonlight. She sat on the laying chair facing the moon. B4 sized paper in her left hand and pen in right hand. She smiled as she finished the last word written on the paper. She put down the pen and started folding the paper. She folded into rectangle, folded it half, and folded here folded there, and it turned out to be a simple paper crane.

She got up and walked into the room and put the paper crane on her study table. Beside of her notebook on the table, there’s a colorful box laid there. She opened the box and put the crane inside of it. Inside the box was already filled by many cranes. At the corner of the table, there’s a box of small cut papers inside, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and green. All were small cut into 2cm x 2cm size. She took one of it and wrote something on the small paper. She sat on her chair and folded the paper into small sized paper crane. She put this small crane into a pink transparent bottle. The girl picked up a marker and drew the number 998 on the sticky note beside it.

“Time sure flies so fast. In a blink of eye, I’ve made 998 paper cranes” She took the pink transparent bottle and looks at it for a while before she put it back on the table.

She stretched her arms lazily in the air and jumped on her lovely bed. Searching in the dark, she finally found her mobile phone under the pillow. She checked on her phone to see if there’s any message from her beloved. To her disappointment, there’s nothing in the inbox. She put down the phone and closed her eyes. Not even a minute, she picked up the phone again. Still… nothing there… She stared at the screen for a while. She typed something on it and deleted it, typed something again and sighed and deleted it. Another some minutes passed, she opened her incoming message to re-read all the messages from her beloved. Smile appeared more and more widely when she read the lovely part. She put down the phone and closed her eyes to let some scenes flow inside her mind.

[phone ringing]

She hurriedly picked up the phone and looked at the incoming message. There’s one new message in the inbox. She opened it happily and found out it was just a message from her network provider. Disappointed, the girl growled and hid her phone under the pillow. She pouted and put on her warm blanket, covered her face.

“No message today?” she whispered sadly. Her eyes were a bit warmer and redder from before. She closed her eyes again and sighed.

[phone ringing]

The phone ringed once more and the girl grabbed her phone excitedly hoping it was from her beloved. The name which appeared on the screen made her heartbeat raised a bit.

[ “Oyasumiiii~~~” ]

That is all what written in the message. Just a very simple goodnight and this made the girl happy. She replied the message immediately and put on some cute emoticon in the end of the message.

“Goodnight, Acchan” the girl gave a peck on her phone, “May I have a good dream tonight” she said to herself and fell asleep.

The next morning…

The sunlight went through the curtain and fell on the brown haired girl’s face. The girl cuddled her face on the pillow and rolling, rolling, and fell down from the bed.

“Ouchh” She rubbed her butt and messing with her hair. She opened one eye to look at the clock which showed, “10 A.M. ?!!!!!”

The girl shouted and panicked, “Mom! Why don’t you wake me up? Ughh... I’ll be late for the rehearsal today!!”

She hurriedly grabbed random clothes and went into bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she came out from the bathroom and grabbed her bag, running out from her room to downstairs. She ran to the kitchen and grabbed some sandwich on the table, “Itekimasu!”

“Be careful, Minami!” her mother replied.

“I’m late! I’m late!” Minami kept replaying those words inside her mind and ran with full power to the bus station. Luckily, she got there right at the moment the bus arrived. Minami went into the bus and sat on the last seat.

“Tired…” Minami relaxed herself for a while, then continue eating her sandwich. She took out her phone to check if there’s any message in her inbox. “Nothing…” she put it back into her pocket and looking outside of the window, “Is it abnormal if I said I am missing you every single minute after you left?”

“I dreamt about you yesterday” Minami said to herself, “In my dream, I was searching for you”

AKB48 Theater

“Gomenasai!!!” Minami barged into the room and bowed. She paused at that position for a while but no one respond her. She lifted up her head and saw nothing inside the room. No people, no music, no bags, nothing.

She panicked and walked around the room, walked to the changing room to make sure if it’s really no one here, “Anybody here?” she shouted. Even the staffs weren’t here. This is so weird. She sighed and sat down on the floor thinking that is it Mariko trolling on her again?

Minami looked straight in front of her. She saw the reflection of herself in the mirror, only her, alone… The feeling of loneliness suddenly filled inside the room. Memories flashed inside her head, she closed her eyes to recall it and enjoy it.


Minami smiled as she recalled the voice of Atsuko running from afar to hug her tightly. Atsuko would give her a big generous hug and rubbed her cheek on Minami’s. And that wrinkled nose smile, that smile she missed so much. Other than that, the voice of other members also filled in her memories where they enjoyed each other companion.

Minami opened her eyes and took a deep breath. She smiled and wiped those little tears that formed on the edge of her eyes. She took out her phone and dialed Mariko’s number, “Mariko, where are you? Why no one here in studio?”

“You are in studio?” asked Mariko.

“Yes, where are you? Where are the others?”

“I cancelled the rehearsal today” answered Mariko.

“What?! Why didn’t you inform me first? Why you cancelled the rehearsal?!” Minami was a bit in rage.

“Isn’t that you approved me to cancel today’s rehearsal?” Mariko asked back.

“When did I?” Minami confused.

“You said it this morning” Mariko explained, “You’re late and I called you. When I asked if today’s rehearsal is cancelled, you did say yes!”

“I… I… did I…?!” Minami was shocked to hear that. But then she heard some sounds in the background, “Who’s with you, Mariko?”

“Ah… not there! Not now! Stop it, let me concentrate talking with Takamina”

“Mariko?” asked Minami, confused, “What happen there?”

“Ah.. ya.. later Minami! I’m kinda busy right now!” Mariko immediately hanged up the call.

[ Tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut ]

At the other side

“You’re so naughty, huh!” Mariko raised her voice at the person before her, “Acchan”

“Hehe~” Atsuko giggled, “Who told you to ignore me~”

“I’m on the phone with Takamina, what if she knows you’re with me? You’re supposed to be in New York filming your new single right now”

“You’re lying bout that rehearsal cancelled thing, aren’t you?” asked Atsuko.

“Yup~ Actually I cancelled rehearsal today without her permission” Mariko laughed.

“Put down the phone, let’s finish our business first~” Atsuko said playfully.

Back to Minami

“Should I go home now?” Minami kicked a tiny stone on the street. She lifted up her head and saw the advertisement by Atsuko on the building. “Acchan…”

Minami stopped on her position and looked at the advertisement. Acchan’s smile was so attractive and perfect. Minami smiled wider until someone else appeared beside her Acchan. Another ikemen holding a pocky biscuit and put it into Atsuko’s mouth. Atsuko happily eat that pocky but then the ikemen move closer and took a bite on the other side of pocky.

“Too close!! Too close!! I can’t accept that!!” Minami shouted out of her consciousness, gaining people attention. She hurriedly put on her mouth-mask walked in high speed toward next bus station.

Minami’s home

Right after Minami got home, she immediately locked herself in her room. Threw away her bag on the floor and jumped on her bed. She laid there, staring at the ceiling. The image of that advertisement appeared in her mind again. She sat up and messing her hair, growling and laid down again, burying her face on her pillow. Minami got up from her bed and walked to her study table. She took out a B4 sized paper and started writing again.

       Dear Acchan, How are you today? I bet you’re doing well in New York. If I don’t forget, you’ll finish your work there tomorrow, right? Can’t wait for the day you come back here. Today I saw your Pocky advertisement, and I don’t really like it. That guy is too close to you. Even though I admit he is ikemen, and this is part of your job, but still, I can’t say I like it.

       I know you have your own new social circle after you graduated from AKB family, but… I am… you know… Seeing you work with those co-star and your smile with them… I’m a bit jealous… I’m sorry, sometimes I get jealous thinking someone could make you happier than I could. My heart feels so tight, thinking bout the distance between you and me. I wish I could fly to where you are.

Minami sighed and starred out the window, recalled the guys she has seen to be with Atsuko., “Sato Takeru, Hoshino Gen, Narimiya Hiroki, Yamashita Tomohisa, Nakamura Aoi… Arghhh” She knocked her forehead on the table three times.

     People said curiosity can kill, and I say jealousy can kill too. I am officially missing you now. You’ve become famous and very busy with your works. I am busy with my single release too. We hardly have time to talk nowadays. Sometimes, you don’t even send a goodnight for me and I can’t sleep (Laugh).
        Some people said paper crane represents friendship, some said love, some said good fortune, but I say, this is one of the thousand ways to represent my feelings for you. Everytime I am missing you, I’ll write it on this paper and fold it into paper crane. Hope it will fly to deliver my misses for you. This is my diary cranes~ (laugh). Just for me… And I made another one, you know. The smaller crane that I made from 2cm x 2cm paper. It took me quite time to fold it and of course, something written in it but I guess you won’t know.

Minami noticed there’s no more line to write. She scratched her head and wrote down the last words in the end of the sheet, “I think I write too much today”

Miss you, Acchan!

Minami put down the pen and folded the paper into crane, and put it into the big color box next to her. Then she took a small cut paper and wrote “I Love You” on it before folding it into crane. “My 999th crane done!” she said as she put that small crane into the pink transparent bottle and wrote 999 on the sticky note beside it.

“Tomorrow will be my 1000th crane~” Minami jumped on her bed and rolling on it. She took out her phone and checked on the inbox again. Nothing there… sighed…

[ Phone ringing ]

“Mariko?” Minami picked up the call.

“Takamina! Come to my place right now!” Mariko shouted from the other side.

“You don’t need to shout like that!!” Minami angered, “My ear hurts!!” Minami shouted back with louder voice.

“Wow.. wow.. wow.. calm down Takamina” Miichan snatched Mariko’s phone.

“You’re there too, Miichan?” asked Minami.

“Yeah~ we’re having a small gathering. Come here for dinner Takamina!” Miichan explained.

“Come here Takamina!!” Yuko and Haruna shouted in the background.

“Woahh, so many people there?” asked Minami.

“Not really, you coming or not?” Yuko shouted beside Miichan.

“Okay, I’ll be there right away” Minami closed the call and smiled, “Sometimes, it’s good to have crazy friends. Wonder why they suddenly make a gathering”

Mariko’s apartment

“Excuse me” Minami opened the door of Mariko’s apartment. Once she got into the apartment she got tackled from behind. That person didn’t hold back to jump on Minami and caused both of them fell to the ground.

“I miss you!” said that person, still hugging Minami on the ground.

“Acchan!!!” Minami surprised, “When did you come back? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I miss you~ I finished my works earlier to come here and hug you~” Atsuko pressed her lips on Minami’s cheek, “Do you like this surprise?”

“Uhn..” Minami nodded and blushed a bit realized what they are in their current position, with Atsuko laid on top of her. “Ano… should we get up first?”

“No~?” Atsuko said playfully.

“You can save that moment later, Acchan” said Mariko while she bringing out the dinner. Yuko and Miichan were helping her. Haruna was sitting on the couch, playing her game.

“Let’s have dinner first” Atsuko helped Minami to stand up and walked to the dining table.

Minami smiled, having her hand in Atsuko’s. “Even though you’re here with me… I still miss you…”

They were all sat on their seat, Mariko came out from the kitchen to bring the last dishes. It was a huge bowl chicken soup, black colored chicken soup. She put it in front of Minami, “This is all yours”

“This huge bowl of soup all mine?” Minami said to make sure.

“I made this for you since morning, Minami” Atsuko answered.

“You made this for me?” Minami sounds so happy and grabbed a spoon to taste the soup. When she was about to put the soup into her mouth, everyone was staring at her while Atsuko just smiling next to her. Minami slowly put the soup inside her mouth and the next thing she could do is stay silent.

“How is it?” asked Atsuko happily beside her.

“G-g-good! Hehehe…” Minami laughed sheepishly. She lied about the taste, actually the soup is umm…

“Really? I’m so glad” Atsuko hugged Minami and gave her a peck on cheek, “Finish it all, Minami!”

“F-f-finish it all?!” Minami chocked and coughed hard. She landed her hand on Mariko’s shoulder and whispered, “Help me, Mariko… the soup is too salty and spicy and.. I don’t know how to finish this”

“Actually I was with Atsuko this morning when you called, she accidentally dropped the whole sauce bottle and that’s why the soup looked so black. She almost blew up my kitchen” Mariko whispered back, “Good luck Minami!”

Minami took a quick peek on Atsuko. Her face is shimmering with happiness to hear Minami said her cooking was good. Minami can’t bear to see Atsuko disappointed, she nodded and held up the bowl, paused for a moment to take a breath before gulped it all once. Before her lips touched the bowl, Haruna held her hand and took away the soup.

“They’re just trolling on you, Takamina” Haruna spilled out.

“What?!” Minami raised her voice a bit louder and looked at Atsuko.

“Mou, you’re ruining the mood, Haruna. I want to see her finish that whole soup” Yuko pouted at Haruna.

Atsuko smiled and pinched Minami’s nose, “You’re so cute!” Minami pouted and looked away.

“Let’s take a pic of Atsumina~” Mariko took out her phone and standby in her camera mode. Atsuko wrapped her arm around Minami’s shoulder and pressed her cheek on her while Minami is looking elsewhere, acting that she’s still mad, “Put a peace sign, Minami”

Minami sighed and do as what Mariko asked. Mariko took the pic and edited it a bit then she posted to her tweet, “I bet many Atsumina fans longing to see this pic of you together~”

Miichan went to the kitchen and back with a new bowl of soup in her hands, “This is the real cooking from Maeda Atsuko” she put it in front of Minami.

“You have proved to me how much you love me by drinking that awful soup. You’ll have my reward tonight~” Atsuko gave a wink to Minami, “I’ll sleepover at your house tonight”

“Hohoho~~ reward~~” Yuko teased.

“Let’s eat, minna. The food is getting cold” Mariko suggested.

“Sit beside me, Mii-chan” Atsuko called, “I want to play with your shaved head after this~”

“No, only me can touched her shaved head” Mariko put her arm around Miichan and rubbing her shaved head with a proud smile. Miichan blushed a bit and stayed silent in Mariko’s protective arm.

“I want my Haruna!!” Yuko wrapped her arms around Haruna’s neck and smiling like a fool.

“Mou~ no fun~” Atsuko said playfully.

“You already have me, Acchan…” Minami murmured to herself. But Atsuko has sharp ears and she heard it.

Atsuko moved closer and whispered to Minami, “Want to skip dinner and move to your house now?”

Minami cleared her throat and grabbed a bowl of rice in front of her, “Let’s have dinner first” Atsuko just giggled beside her.

Minami’s house

“Nothing changed much in your room” Atsuko said as she walked into Minami’s room.

"I don't like changes" Minami replied.

“What’s that?” Atsuko spotted the big box on Minami’s study table.

“Ah! Nothing” Minami quickly replied.

“Let me see” Atsuko demanded.

“It’s nothing.. nothing special to be seen”

“Are you hiding something on me?” asked Atsuko. Minami wanted to answer no but she is definitely hiding those crane diaries. She doesn’t want Atsuko to know, don’t want her to read, don’t want her to know the vulnerable side of her.

“It’s just some paper crane”

“Let me see it~” Atsuko pushed Minami out of her way harshly and opened the box.

Minami fell on the ground when Atsuko pushed her. Her heart stopped beating for a while when she saw Atsuko opened the box. Atsuko just laughed and closed the box, “Why don’t you fold it with better paper?”

Minami relaxed that Atsuko didn’t find it weird. Before Minami could get up from the floor, Atsuko walked to her direction and pinned her down, “Are those paper cranes you made for someone? You cheat behind me?!”

“Yes” Minami answered, “No!” Minami confused how to answer Atsuko’s question, “I mean Yes, I do made those cranes for someone but No, I will never cheated behind you!”

Minami could see the suspicious and doubtful eyes from her beloved, “Do you see the pink transparent bottle there?”

Atsuko turned her head to look at it and back to Minami, “Yeah.. So?”

“Would you like to take a look?” Minami smiled gently but no movement from Atsuko. Minami frowned and pouted, “You grabbed my wrist too hard, Acchan”

Atsuko snapped out and let go of Minami, “Sorry” she said coldly.

Minami took the bottle and handed it to Acchan. She held Acchan’s hand and brought her out to the balcony. “Hold it up, let the moonlight shine through it”

Atsuko did as what she told. She held the bottle above her head and saw it through the moonlight. Inside of the bottle were all small cranes consisted of five different colors, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange.

“How many cranes inside?” asked Atsuko.

“999 cranes” Minami answered firmly.

“Did you fold this all by your own?”

“Of course~ do you like it? I made this for you” Minami said with a gentle smile on her face.

Finally, a smile appeared on Atsuko’s face, “Why don’t you make it 1000? I never heard about 999 cranes” she giggled.

“I was going to do, but not now~”

“Mou~ I want it now~” Atsuko pouted.

Minami just smiled, “People said who folded a thousand can be granted a wish” Minami entwined her right hand with Atsuko’s left hand, “Did you know why people send 999 roses for their girlfriend?”

“Hmm…” Atsuko paused for a while, “No?”

“999 roses mean I love you forever” Minami grinned, “Can these 999 cranes replace those 999 roses?”

Atsuko pinched Minami’s nose gently, “Old fashioned… but I like it”

“Can I have a kiss?” asked Minami boldly and leaned forward.

“I still want my 1000th crane” Atsuko avoided the kiss from Minami.

“I’ll give it to you on your birthday~” Minami grinned, “Cause it will grant you a wish~”

Atsuko smiled and leaned forward slowly to Minami, when their lips were about to touched, “Hachiiuuuu” Minami sneezed. Both of them paused for a while and then burst out laughs. The purposed kissing under the moonlight has becoming, laughing under the moonlight.

“It’s getting cold here, let’s get inside” Minami suggested.

“I’ll be sure make you warm inside~” Atsuko made her wrinkled nose smile and winked at Minami.

“That… sounds nice…” Minami blushed, imagining what Atsuko will do to her.

A thousand cranes, A thousand misses, A thousand I Love You



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