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Author Topic: I Hate You, But I fell In Love With You [AtsuMina fanfic] - COMPLETED  (Read 19984 times)

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                                                                     Chapter One

Atsuko’s POV
It’s been 6 years since AKB48 was formed. I got close to many of the members. Practically they are all my friends. But then of course there is someone that pisses me of. There is someone I hate. I can't stand her. She thinks she is the leader. But she is an idiot. How can an idiot be the leader of the most popular idol group in Japan. Really!!!! I can NOT stand THAT “girl”. She has no sense in fashion. She acts like a boy. She never baths with us. She is a weirdo.
Takamina’s POV
She is really beautiful, but has an awful character. She really pisses me of. She is the center and honestly I do NOT know why. Was is it about her. Is she really that good. No! I don’t think. She gets everything because she is pretty. But still there is something about her. But I don’t know what.
We have a recording today for AKBINGO! God I don’t want to see her. Anyway here are we trying to avoid each other. But then suddenly Sata – san told us to gather around. We were surprised. Akimoto Yasushi – san came for the first time to a recording for AKBINGO!.
“It’s seems there is a problem between two members in Team A..”
And of course everyone look at me and Maeda Atsuko…
“And we have to solve that problem because those people are causing trouble for the other members. So I have decided…
That was the moment my life change upside down. My life was over so as I thought. I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought I had become deaf. The members were surprised but not as surprised as we were.
“You are going to live together! Starting tonight!” he starts to walk away but we went towards him shouting.
“I’m am not living with HER” we sad in one voice.
“Yeah, you are. I have work to do, so…”
“But wait..”
“No, but’s. You have to work this out. Your things are already in your new apartment. So good luck!”
Our eyes met and we immediately looked away pisses of. We were about to scream at each other but Akimoto – san was not done…
“Oh, I almost forgot. There is only one bed.” He said smirking. What the HELL is he thinking?!?!
“WHAT?!!?!” we said in once voice again.
“Are you serious?” I asked him shouthing.
“You have to live together and sleep in one bed for 4 months. After that you decide.”
“Here are your keys. Oh, so is this late. Well you don’t have any work left so go home. And I hope you like your new home.”
We both sign. We both knew there was nothing we could do. So we both got in a cab together without saying a word because we knew it would turn into a fight. I used my key and opened the door. We were surprised it was a really nice apartment. The atmosphere was dark. Suddenly she broke the silence.
“I’ going to take a bath. You do whatever you like to do….” She said with annoyed voice.
“ Fine…” I said as I sat on the couch and turned on the television. I turned around and I saw her taking her clothes of
“What the hell are you doing?!” I said surprised by her actions.
“Don’t turn around you idiot!” she said as she threw a pillow in my face.
“Can’t you take your clothes of in the BEDROOM?”
“The room is on the second floor and the bathroom is right next to the kitchen and the kitchen is here!”
“Then take your clothes of in the BATHROOM!” I said as I walk to her trying to go to the kitchen witch is behind her. ”Why are you getting so angry? Do you like me or something?
“You are kidding me right? There is no way I could fall for someone like you.”
“What do you mean by that?’’
“I can not fall for someone that gets everything because she is cute.
I could see a tear falling down her cheek. I felt bad but I am not going to apologize because it’s the truth.
But then I had to fail like I always do. I slipped and fell on top of her she was surprised. I could see her collarbone I kept staring at her face. So beautiful. I slowly wiped away her tear and said in a quiet voice “I’m sorry Atsuko.”
She was stunned as I called her by her first name. I don’t know why I did that but she just looked so sad and beautiful. There is something about her. My heart is beating like it’s going to explode any minute. I slowly moved my head closer she closed her eyes like she knew what was about to happened, but she didn’t really mind it. I closed my eyes as our lips touched. They are so soft. I tilt my head. I deepened the kiss. I feel it she is responding the kiss. I suck her upper and  lower lip she lets a little moan. She slowly opens her mouth and our tongues met for the first time. She wraps her hands around my neck and out kiss is getting rough. My hands start to wonder around her stomach and go up and up, until I touched her breast. She suddenly broke the kiss, slapped my face and ran towards the bathroom. I was so shocked from what just happened that I couldn’t even move. I finished my bath after her and got upstairs. I am in front of the door and slowly open it. I can see her. She is lying in the bed with her face against the wall with her back facing the door. I slowly walked towards the bed, laid in the bed with my back facing at her. There was a silence between us until she broke it.
“I hate you!”
“Yeah, I hate you too..”


New fanfic from me. Hope you like it. Enjoy! :)

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Re: I Hate You, But I fell In Love With You. [AtsuMina]
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2012, 03:58:03 PM »
Oh~ really interesting. I never saw things like that hehe can't wait for the next chapter

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Re: I Hate You, But I fell In Love With You. [AtsuMina]
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2012, 06:54:17 PM »
Wow!! :inlove:
i love these kind of stories!!!
Please continue!!     onegaishimasu :bow:
i love akb48!!!!

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Re: I Hate You, But I fell In Love With You. [AtsuMina]
« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2012, 07:25:56 PM »
aww am i am already loving this i cant wait till they say i love you lol

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Re: I Hate You, But I fell In Love With You. [AtsuMina]
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2012, 09:28:54 PM »
Yay a new fic  XD
I'm already in love with the story
I wonder what will happen during the time they ar living together :?
Please continue  :kneelbow:

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Re: I Hate You, But I fell In Love With You. [AtsuMina]
« Reply #5 on: May 19, 2012, 01:08:05 AM »
Happy happy happy

thought that atsuminas  ... were all (or many) stopped, I'm glad there's a new story.

I imagined Takamina sleeping on the couch when Akimoto said that had only one bed.

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Re: I Hate You, But I fell In Love With You. [AtsuMina]
« Reply #6 on: May 19, 2012, 01:52:11 AM »
Yesh! A New Fic!
Here it is, Again... hating each other. They're just Decline each other feeling [maybe?] and, Bakamina, you shouldn't make a girl Cry. When Takamina apologize to Atsuko, I though Takamina doen't really hate Atsuko and She just has something she love from Atsuko... so Does Atsuko...
About the s*x part, It's like you just reverse it from your previous Fic [Why can't you love me back?] I mean, this one, Takamina attack first... and the one who hate it is Atsuko...
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Re: I Hate You, But I fell In Love With You. [AtsuMina]
« Reply #7 on: May 19, 2012, 06:19:04 AM »
Wow, they are arguing and hating each others. Well, at least for beginning, later on become sweet.. :p

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Re: I Hate You, But I fell In Love With You. [AtsuMina]
« Reply #8 on: May 19, 2012, 07:04:12 AM »
owww takaboy.. you let atsuko sleep in bed..

good story a little diferent because they hate each other.. :D

Love it!! make them fight :D and jelousy and.. i wanna know what goona happen this 4 months :D

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Re: I Hate You, But I fell In Love With You. [AtsuMina]
« Reply #9 on: May 30, 2012, 08:46:30 PM »
                                                                                 CHAPTER TWO
Takamina’s POV
The night was long, too long if you ask me. After what happened last night I’m still shocked. I don’t know why I did that. She was lying on the floor with me on top of her. She just looked so sexy, I couldn’t resist. She is so beautiful. She has a perfect, sweet voice, but I don’t know why I just hate her…
Great! Now the right side of my body hurts. That is what I get for sleeping on that side the whole night. And I couldn’t really sleep. I slowly got up, trying not to wake her up, but failed. WHAT?!?! It was just a whisper, but I swear I heard her say “Minami”. Maybe I am day dreaming again.
“Get up. We have work to do…”
“Mmmmmmm..” she says as she yawns.
Oh My god. So beautiful. She looks like a angel. I want to kiss her again. WHAT?!? Takahashi Minami. What the hell are you thinking?! I hate her for making me fell like this..
:Get up, damn it!” I said yelling at her.
“Don’t yell at me, I’m awake idiot.”
“I’m not an idiot, idiot. I’m gonna take a bath..”
“Fine… Like I care.”
I walked out of the room and took a bath. I put on my clothes and make up and prepared to live this house as fast as I can. I got out from the bathroom and didn’t see her downstairs. Don’t tell me she is still sleeping. She is going to be late for rehearsal.
I opened the door and saw her lying on the bed with her eyes closed. I think she is sleeping. I have to wake her so I lightly pushed her and I was stunned as she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me closer.
“Oi, wake up. Do you hear me..”
Now our faces are inches away… “Wake up, idiot!” She opened her eyes and stared right into mine. She pushed me away, hard. I fell on the ground.
“Idiot, what are you doing. You tried to kiss me again, didn’t you?
“No, you pulled me closer to you and tried to kiss me.”
“I’m sorry… I was half – sleeping.” She said as she walked out of the room.
Why did she try to kiss me. Is she messing around. Last night after we kissed she slapped me and now she is trying to kiss me. What is wrong with her? Is she messing with me. I really hate her. She is an awful person. I can’t forgive her.
Atsuko’s POV
What the hell am I doing? Thank God I woke up. If I didn’t what would’ve happen. Would’ve she kissed me if I didn’t wake up. But her face was so close and she looked really cute. What am I thinking? I have to prepare for rehearsal or I’ll be late.
At the studio
“Hey, Takamina. What’s up?” asked Miichan as she approached me.
“Hey, Miichan. I’m fine..”
“Well, you don’t look fine. Your eyes are red. What did you two did last night?” she said teasing me.
“Nothing! I just couldn’t sleep well on only one side!”
“Heee. If you say so.”
We started rehearsal and every time I look at her she lookes away. She always does, but this time is different. I don’t know why, it just is…. We dance and then a guy with water came and bummed into Maeda. Now she is all wet. I went to her with a towel. She is all wet and her T – shirt is wet. Now I can see her bra. She saw me looking at her breasts and looked away blushing. Why the heck is she blushing.
“What are you looking at?”
“O, I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to see..” I said looking away from her.
“Thank you.”
“For what.”
“The towel, idiot.”
“Don’t call me an idiot and you are welcome” I said as I smile. But this time was not a forced smile it was a smle from the heart.
“Watch out. Go change or you will catch a cold.”
“Yeah, you are right..”
Atsuko’s POV
I went to the dressing room to change my clothes. She is really kind and mature. I have to thank her properly later when we get home. I’ll cook a dinner for her.
Takamina’s POV
I went home before her. I took a bath, changed into my pajamas and sat on the couch to watch TV. It wasn’t long before she got home.
“Hey” I said not looking at her.
“Hey. Are you hungry?”
“Yeah. But we don’t have nothing to eat. I’ll go to the store to get us something. What do you want?”
“No. No need to. I’ll cook dinner.” She said as she walked in the kitchen.
“Fine. What are we going to eat?” I said sounding excited.
She looked at me and smiled brightly with her beautiful smile and said:
“Your favorite.” And meanwhile blushing.
“And, do you know what my favorite is?”
“Yeah, Katsudon, right?”
“Yeah” I said as I smiled.
I sat on the couch again and waited for her to get the dinner ready.
“It’s ready.” She said while putting it on the table.
“Ahhh, I’m starving”
“Well hope you like it.”
“It’s delicious. But why are you doing this. Is it for me?”
“I’m happy you like it. I wanted to thank you for earlier and apologize.”
“Well, you are welcome but why are you apologizing?”
“I’m sorry for saying I hated you. I was just angry. I don’t hate you.”
“It’s ok. I’m sorry for saying I hated you too.”
“Do you think we can be friends?”
“Yeah, of course. As long as we both want to.”
“I’m happy.” She said blushing cutely.

hope you like it. :) And sorry for my bad english. :D

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yay there fianlly friends heheh i wonder when they will be a couple

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 :heart: Lovely....  :yep:
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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You Update! But, If they already become friends, Then doesn't it look like that this fic is gonna end soon? LOL. Btw, Great one! :thumbup
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yeah, i like that they gonna be friends.. but we need more troubles :D  jelousy and.. that kinds of things :D drama more drama :D

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KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~ <3 It's been a long time since I read fan fic again ..I'm glad I read your fan fic!~  :mon squee:

They're so cute~ <3  :mon mischief:

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Oh~ They are now friends~ ^^
Wonder when they will start to step in a relationship that is more than a friend~~ XD

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Wo! Cute fanfic! I can't imagine Atsuko and Minami hating each other,but it's pretty interesting!

Continue it soon please
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Good fan fiction.. But i still need need the continue !! is Takamina and Acchan will be friend..or be enemy again..? Is still mistery :D

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Hehehe slowly slowly they started to like each other ^^

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If you can't take AtsuMina apart. Do NOT read it!!!
                                                                      Chapter Three
Atsuko’s POV
She said we can we friends, but does she really think that, does she really want that. I think she hates me more than I hate her. No, I don’t hate her any more. But it’s still awkward between us because of the things that happened the past days. Yesterday I almost kiss her and the other day she kissed me and I responded the kiss. And almost did it. I’m sure I don’t like her that way. There is something wrong with me. But the big question is can we be friends?
I’m cooking dinner tonight. I’m like the wife and she is the husband. We are just like a couple. What am I saying? Well anyway, we are going to eat omlet tonight. I hope she likes it. I don’t why but every time I cook I get so nervous. Because I know that she is going to eat it and I hope she likes it. I don’t know why I really hope that she likes everything that I cook. Like  said something is wrong with me. I am like a girl that is in love. And I’m cooking for my boyfriend. Ah, if only I could get a boyfriend and get rid of this feeling! Suddenly I stopped thinking and felt someone behind me. I turned around and saw her. She was standing right behind me. And now she is in front of me. Our bodies only inches away. I looked in her eyes, so captivating. She looked down..
“What are you cooking tonight?” she asked curiously.
“Ah.. Omelette.” I said as I turned around avoiding her eyes.
“What is wrong?”
“Ah, nothing..”
"Come on, you can tell me."
“I told you it’s nothing!” I said raising my voice.
“Fine, don’t yell at me. I was just trying to be polite. “
“I’m sorry.”
“Everything I say you turn into a fight. You really do hate me, huh?”
“No…. I don’t think I hate you…”
“You don’t think… So you don’t know.. Just forget it. Is it ready? I’m hungry…”
“Go change your clothes and come down. It will be ready by then.”
“Ok..” she said annoyed.
I can’t believe I just yelled at her. Why did I do it. She was just asking me politely and I just yelled at her. I’m an awful person. I want to rip my head of and just bleed to death right here. And now I really start to think that we can’t be friends.
We ate the dinner in full silence. Non of us said a word. I started to clean the dishes and she suddenly …
“I will sleep on the couch from now on.”
“Why. You don’t have to. If you are so against sleeping on one bed with me I’ll sleep on the couch.”
“No, you can’t. You are the ace. I can’t let you sleep on the couch.”
“Well, you are the leader. I can’t let you sleep on the couch either.”
“Please, I’m begging you. Don’t turn this into a fight. Let me sleep on the couch.” She said half – crying.
The moment I saw her crying face I knew there was something behind them. I feel awful. She really does want us to be friends. What the hell am I doing?
“Okay. But let me give you a massage in the morning.”
“Okay” she said smiling.
A month past and now we are best friends. I can’t believe it. We were like the biggest enemies. We hated each other. Now I feel like I can tell her everything. But THAT feeling is growing bigger and I still don’t know what that is.
“Ne, Minami..”
“Hm, what is it Acchan?”
“Let’s invite some of the members over for dinner tonight.”
“Okay, that would be great. Let’s show them what great friends we are. “ she said smiling brightly.
“Minami, could you open the door?”
“Ah, Takamina. What’s up, midget?”
“Hi, Miichan, KojiHaru, Yuko, Tomochin.”
“Ah great apartment. It’s nicer than mine. I envy you guys.”
“What are you saying, Tomochin?” I said as I pushed her lightly as she blushed. 
“Hey, everyone, dinner is ready.”
“Ah, Accha. You are the wife and Takamina is the husband, huh?”
“Ah, Miichan, don’t tease us.” Acchan said blushing cutely.
After we ate everything and nothing was left something happened. At the beginning I didn’t know that this would’ve changed my life.
“Hey, let’s play spin the bottle.” Miichan said smirking.
“What is this game.” I asked.
“You haven’t played?” asked Tomochin, surprised.
“Well, this is going to be interesting..” said Yuko teasingly.
“Okay, here are the rules. If I spin the bottle I have to kiss the person that the bottle points to.”
“WHAT?!” Me at Takamina said in one voice.
“Why are you so nervous? It’s not like you are dating, righ?”
“No!” in one voice again.
“Okay lets spin it. Oh, Yuko.” Said Miichan as she leaned down and kissed her. They kissed, oh my God. It’s a real kiss between girl. Ah, now I’m excited.
“Tomochin, it’s your turn.” She spins the bottle an I’m shocked t see the person that she has to kiss. It’s, Minami. I don’t want to see this scene. I can see, Minami is nervous. She has already kissed a girl in Mendol. I don’t know, but for some reason she always ends up kissing girls. Then Tomochin smiles and leans down and seals, Minami’s lips. My heart hurts. But this kiss is different. It’s a real kiss. Minami wraps her arms around her neck and Tomochin tilts her head to the right and opens her mouth and her tongues ask for permission. I can’t believe it, Minami grants that permission and their kiss is becoming hotter until the atmosphere got weird…”
“Oi, oi. Don’t get all axcited. It’s only a game, so… “said Miichan.
Both of them parted and blushed like crazy. They looked at each other and smiled.
“Acchan, it’s your turn.” I spin the bottle and it stopped in fron of Minami. I smile. I’m so happy I get to kiss her. Will she kiss me like she did to Tomochin. I hope she does….. I lean down and press our lips together. We both closed our eyes. But that was it. We parted and she looked at Tomochin and asked her…
“Can we talk in my room?”
“Un..” said Tomochin cutely.
The both got up and went into the room. I want to know what is going to happen, so I followed them without anyone noticing.
Both of them are just standing in the middle of the room, staring at each other…
“Tomochin, why did you kiss me that way?”
“Because, I…….” she couldn’t finish, because, Minami sealed her lip, but it was a short kiss.
“I like you, Tomochin.”
“I like you too, Takamina.” She said as she leaned down to kiss her. This time with passion.  A tear rolls down my cheek, but suddenly someone pushed me against the wall and kissed me with passion. She sliped her tongue, meeting mine. But I pulled away….
“I love you, Acchan..”
“Go out with me.”
GOD, I HATE THIS STORY!. I want to finish it quickly. Hope you like it. I'll update as soon as possible and sorry for my bad english. :banghead:

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