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Author Topic: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?  (Read 79963 times)

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#Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson One : For the sake of my oshimen
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This is Majisuka Gakuen…
An all girl high school…

I have to survive until the graduation day…
Why am I ended up in this school?

Lesson One – For The Sake of My Oshimen

Acchan~ Acchan~ Acchan~

Yuko~ Yuko~ Yuko~

Mayuyu~ Mayuyu~ Mayuyu~

Jurina~ Jurina~ Jurina~

Oh… wonderful~ their performance is flawless~ awesome~ “ACCHAN~

I gave out my best voice to scream her name, my oshimen – Maeda Atsuko. She is really beautiful and cute. She is perfect! Yes, perfect! I can’t find another word to describe her. I’ve seriously fallen in love, her dazzling smile and appearance… I will always in the first row, cheering you with my best voice. It’s okay to be just one of your fans, but please look at me… I feel like fainting…

Let me introduce this most famous band – Baby Blossom. Even though they’re still high school students, their performance is flawless. The members consist of four high school student from Majisuka Gakuen. The guitarist, also the vocal – Maeda Atsuko, nickname Acchan. She is 3rd year student. Her appearance is like an angel~ she has a cute voice, pretty eyes, beautiful hair and flawless skin. Everytime I’m looking at her eyes, I feel electric shock over my body. Is this what they called, fallen in love? Hehe... >///<

Next is the bassist, Oshima Yuko, another 3rd year student. She is energetic and cheerful person. She has middle range brown hair and a pair of irresistible dimples. She is the second vocal of the group. Then the 1st year student who takes role on keyboard is Watanabe Mayu, we called her Mayuyu. She is very popular among teenagers and otakus (she is an otaku too~) and the last is the drummer – Matsui Jurina. She is the handsome girl in this group.



There she goes again with her famous wink. No one can resist her wink. Although I do like her too, but Acchan is always the best! “ACCHAN~~~”


After the performance

Ugghh… toilet… toilet… why is the toilet at the backstreet?

“Kyaaaa! Don’t touch me!”

I heard someone is crying at the backstreet. I run there and saw Acchan is getting harassed by two men. Why is Acchan being alone here? Where are the others members? I can’t think of anything else and run toward them. I use my bag to fight those men. They easily pushed me away and kicked me. I fell onto the ground.

“As a big fans of Acchan, I won’t let you hurt her!”

I stand up and posed like a wild bull and dashed toward them with full power. To my recklessness, I didn’t spot where my target are and dashed forward randomly. Finally, I hit someone. When I lift my head to see the person… it was… Acchan?! To my bad luck, I tripled and pushed her down to the ground, falling down on top of her. The worst is… my lips touch her cheek…


A light and a click, that is…

“CAMERA?!” both of us screamed in unison.

Unknown, a reporter was there and ran away after taking photo of that moment we fall. I stand up and ready to chase for that guy but… I can’t hold it anymore. “I forgot my natural calls!!!”


The next day…
As I thought, that guy published the photo of me kissed Acchan’s cheek… and worstly, I am on top of her. That picture makes a huge disaster for Baby Blossom. One of the big scandal in history. For you to know, members of Baby Blossom are forbid to have relationship… a love relationship. That #@$@//&**^@@$% reporter wrote NONSENSE FAKE REPORT that Acchan has boyfriend on newspaper, he even photoshop the background into another place. It’ll definitely drop down her fame. Fortunately I was wearing a hat on that day, so the reporter didn’t capture my face. I will be dead if my father knows that I am worshipping idol rather than studying hard in school. Everyone in my school starts rumoring about Acchan and that guy (me) on the photo. I feel really guilty about this matter.

As a big fans of Acchan, I decide to clear her name. I will surrender myself to the media and explain that incident. Yes, it is decided. Today will be the last day I’m coming to see their performance. Acchan, I will surrender myself to the media and clear your name after seeing today’s performance.


After the performance, I went to TV station. On my way going there, I walk past a mirror. Looking at myself from the mirror, I think I should at least have a proper outfit. I am wearing too casual… white shirt, black jacket and a pair of black trouser with a leather hat making me looks suspicious person (probably). Walking inside a store, I was looking for a proper outfit. Suddenly someone pressed my mouth and dragged me out from the store. They put me in a van and drive it away. Once the van stopped, I arrived in a beautiful garden~ They guide me to an office. A brown short-haired woman is sitting on there behind the desk, looking at me with sharp eyes behind her glasses.

I was pressed down to sit on the sofa by two black suit men. They looks like bodyguard in the movie or somehow like that. The glasses girl took a folder from her desk and approached me. She fixed her glasses and smile at me, “Relax, I won’t hurt you”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Mariko, I would prefer you call me Mariko-sama. I am the principal of Majisuka Gakuen, also the manager of Baby Blossom”

“Manager of Baby Blossom?” Great! I can use this chance to clear Acchan’s name!

I cleared my throat and confessed to her, “Em… I want to report! I want to tell you about that incident on newspaper, Acchan has no boyfriend. That guy on the photo was me. It was an accident, I can explain to media”

“I know…”

“Eh???” What did she mean by that? She knew what happened?

She claps her finger and gesture her bodyguard to leave us alone in the office. She began to flip the folder in her hands, then she starts reading my identity…

“Takahashi Minami, male, 17 years old, a well grades student of Akiba Gakuen. Height 145 cm, weight 50 kgs, ta–”

“Stop! There’s something I want to correct. My current height is 148,5 cm. You should revise your data” I complained a bit about my height. Well, I am really sensitive about this.

“That’s not really matter” She fixes her glasses again and throws the folder on the desk. “The only thing that matter is I want you to sign this contract” she handed me a paper with many words written on it. “If you sign it, Acchan will be clear from that scandal”

“Eh? Wait… I am confused…”

“No need to confuse, just sign it” she put her palms on the table in front of me, staring at me with deadly glare.

“I… let me read this contract first” When I was about to flip the paper, she stops me.

“No need to read. I prepared it perfectly, just sign it”

“I have to read it first, I’m not used to sign anything I haven’t read”

“I have no choice then” She grabbed my thumb and stamped it on a stamp pad, then moving to the contract.

“Wa-wait! I can’t…!!!”


I saw my thumb on the paper. I stamped my thumb on the paper… no, not me. She stamped my thumb on the paper. I just sitting on the sofa, dropping my mouth watching her took away the contract.

“You are now officially becomes member of Baby Blossom” Mariko gives me a victorious smirk, “Thanks for your cooperation”

Becomes member of Baby Blossom? Is that mean I can get near to Acchan~? I feel like floating in the air, flying through the clouds, feeling the wind breezes upon me… but suddenly something came inside my mind makes me falling down hard and back in reality.

“W…wait…wait… why I have to become member of Baby Blossom to clear Acchan’s name?”

“Do you think if you go to media and tell them the true, will they believe?” Mariko pissed, “You will only blow it more, they will start to spread that you are defending her as her boyfriend”

I begin to imagine what she said…


In the conference

“Acchan has no boyfriend! The guy on that picture is me, I was trying to save her from two bastard who harassing her but accidentally tripped on her. What I’m telling is 100% true! I can swear!” I raise my three fingers with left hand and put right fist on my chest.

The crowd starts mumbling to each others. Then someone in the middle of the crowd shouts, “He must be Acchan’s boyfriend. He is just defending her girlfriend!”

The crowd starts to take photo of me and pushed me in the edge, questioning me. The lights and their voices make my head dizzy. I can’t think of anything… I am surrounded by those busybody reporters. Suddenly Acchan comes out from the crowd and glaring at me. She raises her hand and slaps me several times.


Imagination End



Mariko hits my head hardly with her big paper fan. (anyone remember Mariko’s fan in ‘A Greatful Mistake’ fic of mine?)

“What are you shouting? It almost makes me deaf!”

“I do! I do! I am willingly to become member of Baby Blossom!” I kneel down at her with my hands on my chest, fingers entwined, looking at her with puppy eyes.
“Good, and also I have done your registration, transferring you into this school. To be a member of Baby Blossom, you have to attend this school. I informed your parent too, don’t need to worry about that. You are the student of Majisuka Gakuen starts from now. You don’t have to go to Akiba Gakuen anymore”

She walked to her desk and made a call, then bringing a bag to me while my mind still processing the words she said. I am transferred to Majisuka Gakuen… I am student of Majisuka Gakuen… Wow, it sounds cool. But wait a minute… isn’t that Majisuka Gakuen is an all girl high school??!!!!!!!!!

Mariko opened the bag and took out a wig and put it on me, “Hmm… it fits on you”

“Isn’t that Majisuka Gakuen in an all girl high school? What do you mean by transferring me?” I grabbed the wig and about to pull it off from my head.

“Never take off that wig” she commanded me with cruel tone. She took the contract and pointing some paragraph on it in front of me, “I hereby willingly to join Baby Blossom and disguise myself as a girl to attend Majisuka Gakuen … … … until I graduate from this school”

“What?! Me disguise as a girl?! No way, I won’t do that”

She flips the paper and pointing some paragraph on it again, “If I didn’t make it as what I state in above statement, I am willingly to pay the fee for cancelation of this contract” She moves again to the nominal amount of … “¥ 1,000,000,000,000.00!!!”

She moves her fingers to another statement, “or willingly to be jailed for 10 years…10 YEARS?!!!” I shouted in depression.


She hit me with her big paper fan, “DO NOT SHOUTING IN MY OFFICE!”

“Or do you want to go to the media? I’ll take you there right now and Baby Blossom will be surely dismissed, Acchan’s future will be ruined by you”

“Stop, don’t say it anymore. I’ll do it! I’ll do it! For the sake of my oshimen, for the sake of my Acchan, I am ready to take this deal… Yes, as the biggest fan of Acchan, I am willingly to do anything as long as it can protect her"

Mariko fixes her glasses and gives me a serious look, “There’s one more thing for you to know. You have to keep your identity as a secret. If there’s third person know that you are male, the Baby Blossom will be dismissed for sure.”

I pressed my mouth with both hands and nodded rapidly as okay.

Knock knock

The door opened, a long haired brunette comes in, “Mariko-sama, is she the new student you mentioned?”

“Yes, please take her to the dorm, Haruna-san”

“Hai~” she answered with cute voice. “But Mariko-sama, the rooms in dorm are all full. Where do I have to put her?” she tilts her head a bit to the right with her index fingers on her chin.

Mariko frowned and looked at me, then she turned to face Haruna, “How about sharing a room with other student?”

She thinks for a while, “Almost all room is shared by two student…” she paused and bend her head, looks like in deep thinking, “Ah~ there’s one room left… Acchan’s room!”

“Okay, just put her there. I’m counting on you, Haruna-san” Mariko walked away from us, back to her desk.

What? Sharing a room with Acchan… This makes my head dizzy.

“Takahashi Minami, right? Please follow me” Haruna started to walk but I can’t move my legs. I am lost in my mind of getting shared a room with Acchan… can you feel what I am feeling right now? It’s just……

“Takahashi Minami?” I heard that tall brunette is calling me but right now, my body still won’t move.

“Can I drag her?” she asked Mariko.

“Do whatever you want” Mariko replied.


To be continue…

Takamina (boy) and Acchan is gonna share a room~ What will 'she' gonna do~??


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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson One : For the sake of my oshimen
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OMG!! this is so interesting..  :mon dance:  Taka trapped inside all girls school and shared the same room with his oshi..

way to go Taka!!!  :mon misch:

wonder what will happen next.. can't wait..  :mon fyeah:

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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson One : For the sake of my oshimen
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Oh, TakAcchan oncoming  :wub: :wub: :wub:

And I hope for more Yuko-sama, and also for some Rena-sama appearances  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson One : For the sake of my oshimen
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@ Flean : Thank you for the comment  :heart: :heart: of course something will happen :mon evillaff:
@ sakura_drop_ : They are on my list~  :mon thumb:

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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson One : For the sake of my oshimen
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like your idea..
boy become girls
 :thumbup :thumbup

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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson One : For the sake of my oshimen
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 :wub: AtsuMina!

Oh Minami as a guy ---> girl

 :twothumbs Can't wait for another update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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#Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson Two: I am a girl!
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Thanks Minna-san  :heart: :heart: arigatou for the comment and thanks~
Here I present the update^^
I hope you don't get confuse because my poor english.
Please enjoy reading  :D


This is Majisuka Gakuen…
An all girl high school…

I have to survive until the graduation day…

For the sake of my oshimen, in order to protect her fame, I, Takahashi Minami disguise as a girl to attend this all girl high school. I will also take part in her band, Baby Blossom.
That is the contract I’ve made with the manager. Now shall be the beginning of being ‘New Minami’…

Lesson Two – I am a girl!

===========   ===========   ===========

“Keep walking like a girl” Mariko commanded.

“I’m tyring!” I growled at her quietly.

“I’m gonna give you a test to see if you pass as a girl. If you failed that means Baby Blossom will be dismissed” she said with mischievous smile. “Be careful to Yuko and Mayu”

“I won’t failed” I glared at her, “I won’t waste those hellish six hours training I’ve been through”

In the corridor

Haruna-sensei is Mariko’s assistant and is in charge as homeroom teacher of Baby Blossom members. As what she explain to me along the walk, Majisuka Gakuen has six area – the main hall where all formal events were hold, sport hall for sports events, the dorm, garden, refreshing area, and the main building. The main building was place in the center of the school, it consists of classrooms, library, canteen, and offices. The wide gorgeous garden is placed back of the main building, this place often used for their tea time break to have conversation either to take some outside photograph. Refreshing area is the smallest building among the other. Inside of it consists swimming pool, sauna, spa, massage center, karaoke rooms, studios, salon, and others beauty shops for the girls.

 “145… 146… 147… 148… 148! This will be your room~” Haruna stopped and pressed the doorbell. She pressed it for a minute and there’s no answer. “Looks like I have to use my master key. Hmm… where is it?”

She is searching for the master key inside her left pocket, right pocket, her mini purse. She didn’t find it and search again inside her pocket. When she takes something out from her left pocket, the master key fell on the ground. Is she really a homeroom teacher? I picked up the master key and gave it to her, “Is this what you searching for?”

“Wow, you’re so smart” she patted my head and took the key, “Where do you find it?”

“You dropped it on the floor just now” I answered reluctantly.

The door opened and she pushed me in, “My job done here. Just take it as your home~” and so she closed the door.

I am standing there, watching her closed the door. Sighing, I switch on the light to observe my surroundings. Design of the room is in simple white, there’s a mini coffee table in the center of the room. At the right corner, there’s a king size bed with some pillows and dolls on the edge. Next to it was a study table filled with books and other stationary. Next from the right, there’s wardrobe with a mirror hanging down to the floor. I walked to the right and found the bathroom, it was clean and neat, equipped with a big bathtub. Walking out from the bathroom, I move straight to the left side of this room and found mini kitchen. The kitchen was simple build with fully equipped utensils.

I went back to the center of the room and spotted myself in the mirror, long browned hair tied half in a ponytail. “Hmm… I look quite like a girl with this wig”

“Good afternoon everyone, I am a girl~” I began smiling at the mirror and pouted my mouth like what the girls always do. I can also do this~ then I continue to make some cute poses, masculine posses, and sexy poses. I lift my head up a bit and pouted my lips, my right hand is placed back at my head and left hand straight down placed on my knees with my knees bend down a bit lower. “Sexy~~~”

“Are you enjoying for being a girl?” I heard Mariko’s voice comes out from nowhere.

I turned back and found Mariko-sama is sitting there, having a sip of tea. Startled by her sudden presence inside the room, I tripped and fell down on the floor. She saw what I’m doing? Oh no, this is so embarrassing >//<

“W-When have you been there? Don’t scare me like that, I almost get heartattack”

KLIK  (shutter’s sound from Mariko’s camera)

“Hohoho… your blushing face is quite cute as a girl too~” teased Mariko.

“D-did you just take a picture?”

“If you don’t want it appeared in google, you must do what I said” another wicked smile showed on her face. “Tomorrow we will have a conference to clear that rumor. I need your cooperation, please make sure you memorize your new identity” she took out a paper and gave it to me.

“Takahashi Minami, 17 years old, 3rd year transfer student from Chiba and soon to be member of Baby Blossom. Me and Maeda Atsuko were cousin, I was so excited to see her and jumped on her. Out of my thought, the reporter has mistaken me as her secret boyfriend…” I read as what it said on the paper.

“Be sure you memorize it. Now, follow me” Mariko walked out from the room and I followed her.

“Where are we going?”

“Build your new image”

15 minutes later

“Wow~ this is cool” We ended in a room with many mirrors on the wall and some instruments placed neatly at the corner, “Is this where they do practice?”

“Can you play instrument?” asked Mariko.

“Heh… I am a genius in music~ I can play anything” I answered enthusiastically.

“Let’s see how well can you play it?” Mariko handed me the electric guitar.

I grinned at her and grabbed the guitar, placing the belt on my shoulder and testing the sound. Another grin shows on my face and I started playing it. Just for some minutes, I saw Mariko smiling face. She told me to stop the guitar and I do so.

“I think I can put you as the lead guitarist”

“Eh? What about Acchan?”

“She’ll be playing rhythm guitar, it’ll be much better for her to concentrate as main vocal” Mariko said as she pulled the guitar away from me, “Oh, can you bring me the box over there?”

“Okay” I went to where the box she’s pointing at and bring it back to Mariko, “What is this?”

She opened the box and it revealed many small boxes and wigs, “This is make-up tools. You need to learn this since you’re gonna be a girl” she brings me a chair and told me to sit down. She cupped my face with right hand and smirking at me with the most devilish smile I ever see.

This is the beginning of my special training, I named it as ‘The special training of hell in order to have girly idol-like postures within 6 hours!’ Start from the make-up skills, sitting postures, talking, smiling, fingers poses, walking, etc. This whole 6 hours, I’ve been hit by her several times…


“Sit with your legs closed!”



“This is not how you use it!”



“Pick up the cup with lifting your pinkie finger!”



“Walk properly like a girl!”


Flashback End

Everyone is having dinner in dining room. The room is quite large with sets of tables and chairs. All the students were eating and chatting with each others. Mariko guides me pass along the path and ended in another room. The room is smaller and private. I saw Yuko, Mayu, Jurina, and Acchan were having their meal. Jurina is crying because Mayu snatches her food. Yuko is talking to Acchan with foods full in her mouth while Acchan just stay silent enjoying her food.

Somehow, their aura is different with ‘them’ on the stage. The cool Jurina is now crying over her food been taken by Mayu. The shy Mayu seems to be an arrogant girl here and the sweet Acchan, why is my sweet Acchan been so cold? Among them, Yuko is the only one with the same Yuko I know.

“Ehem…” Mariko-sama cleared her throat. “This is the new member I told you”

“Takahashi Minami desu, 17 years old, a student transfer from Chiba and soon to be member of Baby Blossom, also as cousin with Maeda Atsuko-san. Nice to meet you, please take care of me” I introduce myself and bowed at them.

“Cousin?” Acchan stopped eating and glaring at Mariko.

“It supposed to clear your scandal. Start from now, you are cousin with her” Mariko clap her hands and there’s a whiteboard coming down from above, showing some writing on it.

“We’ll have a conference tomorrow with the reporter. Minami will confess that she is the person in that newspaper. She is Acchan’s cousin and excited to meet her and unintentionally jumped on her then this picture captured by unknown reporter” Mariko clap her hands once more and the whiteboard back to above. “I want you to see her as a teammate and know her as Acchan’s cousin, understand?”

“Roger!” Yuko and Jurina answered.

“Fake cousin” Mayu nodded while Acchan ignore her.

Yuko swallowed her food and wipe her mouth. She walked around me in a circle then stop right behind me, smiling and she groped my chest?! I froze at the moment then free myself from her and placed my hands crossed to cover my chest. I thought the rumor in fan forum is just a rumor, I can’t believe the Oshima Yuko is real pervert!

“Your chest is almost flat!” she said unbelief. “And finally, there’s someone shorter than me!” she said enthusiastically followed by Mayu and Jurina laughing at me.

I heard Mariko is laughing secretly at the corner, I frowned and gave her a death glare. Yuko comes over and pinch my cheek to from a smiling face, “What’s with that frowned face? Show me a smile~” Yuko moved beside me and put an arm around my neck, “Her face is quite kawaii too”

Mayu comes closer too and staring at me, “Masculine”

“Ma…masculine?” I laugh sheepishly and act girly, “I am girl~ I am kawaii~ I am weak–”

She comes closer again and our nose almost touched. I gulp and afraid to move. Her eyes were staring at me like I am a criminal. A sweat drop from my forehead and my heart starts to beat faster. Ugghh… this is awkward. What should I do? Is she know that I am male?

“She has masculine face line” She said coldly and walked away, “My face is more kawaii than her”

Fiuuuhh… I let out a sigh of relief.

“Okay, keep enjoying your meal. I’m gonna take her away” Mariko released me from Yuko and pushed me out of the room. Before Mariko closed the door, she said to Acchan, “By the way, she will share the room with you, Acchan”

“Don’t make decision by yourself” Acchan gets up to face Mariko. “I won’t share my room”

Heck?! That was the expression I can tell from Yuko, Mayu, and Jurina face.

“I am full. I’m going back to my room” said Yuko.

“Wait for me” Mayu followed.

“I’m gonna do my homework now” Jurina also walked out from the room.

“Is Acchan mad?” I asked Mariko.

Mariko closed the door and told me go back to the dorm first, “She like being quiet. Silent but deadly” She handed me a key and a luggage before she went back into the room. “It’s late now. I think you should take bath first before she goes back to the dorm. Ganbatte to be a girl, see you tomorrow”

As when I get into the dorm, I hurriedly take bath and fixed my wig, get dressed well, and waiting for Acchan to come back. The room is so quietly that I can hear my own heartbeat. Listening to my own heartbeat, my head gets heavy and slowly my head fall onto the coffee table and fell asleep.

“Minami, why don’t you sleep on bed?”

I saw Acchan coming into the room. She holds my arms and gently pulled me up to the bed. Now, we’re sitting on the bed. She pushed me down gently and pulled the blanket over me. No, I shouldn’t sleep on the bed!

“Umm… Acchan, I think I just sleep on the floor”

“Why? My bed is big. We can share it” she climbed on the bed and crawled over my body to the other side of bed. “Why is your face red? Are you having fever?” I can’t move my body as it seems like a ton of weight. I saw Acchan’s face coming closer to me and finally our forehead touched. I can feel her hot breath on my face.


“Ssstt, Mariko has told me everything. I’m very touched by your action. You’re willing to disguise as a girl to clear my name” she is staring at me with passion eyes.

“That’s nothing. I am proud to be your fans. I am willingly to do anything for you. Even if you want my life” I touched her cheek with right hand and caressing her.

“Can I kiss you?” she said seductively.


She curved her lips and so do I. We both leaned in kiss each other passionately.

(Note: color words is dream)

At the same time while Minami is dreaming, Acchan comes back. She saw Minami fell asleep on the floor, drooling, and laughing sheepishly at herself.

“Weird” was the only thing Acchan said at her. Then she went to sleep.

The next morning…


To be continue...

Nosebleed? What happened in the next morning?
Feel free to comment  :) :) to tell me what you think  :) :)
Thank you for reading~


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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson Two: I am a girl!
« Reply #47 on: July 05, 2012, 02:44:01 PM »
At the same time while Minami is dreaming, Acchan comes back. She saw Minami fell asleep on the floor, drooling, and laughing sheepishly at herself.

“Weird” was the only thing Acchan said at her. Then she went to sleep.

This got me laughing so hard..  :mon lmao: omg!! he's dreaming pervert stuff!!  :mon lol:

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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson Two: I am a girl!
« Reply #49 on: July 05, 2012, 03:19:55 PM »
I laughed so hard ! This story is so funny 
Mari-chan is so mean with Takamina xD
And Takamina "I'm a girl~ I'm Kawaii~ !!! Very natural  :tama-laff:

Takamina make a pervert dream *facepalm* Good luck Acchan  :k-great:

Please continue, this is so good and "Black Cat" too if you can, this story is just too cute  :k-wink:

Matta ne~

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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson Two: I am a girl!
« Reply #50 on: July 05, 2012, 03:29:59 PM »
 :mon lurk:

UwO!! Aidoru Panic is really great!! a cross-dressing fic!! Kya~ Minami as a guy is cute #ermm  :mon dunno:

I mean i can imagine it. #don'tmindthat

it really reminds me of AKB49 :3 Kya~ so Jurina will  take Yukirin place as the drummer? hmmm..

and the most epic scene is when he like the banana parka.. ==" GOD! You're a boy minami!! That's just so wrong! LOL you should polish your fashion sense.. seriously..

i wonder what will happened later. fufufu :3

Minami, can you control your lust over Acchan?  :mon misch:
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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson Two: I am a girl!
« Reply #51 on: July 05, 2012, 06:02:09 PM »
@ chibi-nyao-chan : Thanks for reading^^ since Taka is takaboy here, I think more aggressive character match 'him' XD and I'll try to update Black cat
@ bochang : The banana jacket is inspired by an episode from AKBINGO where Takamina wear a jacket with banana pattern on it, then she wears it too in AKB0048  :lol: I think she likes that jacket  :lol: yeah, Taka should polish her fashion sense  XD

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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson Two: I am a girl!
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 :on spit: HAAAHAHHA! I was suspicious why the text turned to blue LOLOLOL all that was a dream!
 Minami is a pervert!

Hrrm nosebleed? Maybe she she saw Acchan nakked or something

Thank you for your update!
ArìgatoU! :kneelbow:
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Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson Two: I am a girl!
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Lol, being made to join the group as a way to make up for the scandal?

Won't that lead to more scandals? LOL

This is like the opposite of Mendol, when Ray came to visit Kai's pinky finger was sticking out LOL

Mendol is from so long ago but Persona is so handsome!!

Takaboy dreaming of pervy stuff already? XD


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@ Megumi : thanks for reading, hehehe... about the nosebleed~ the answer is below~
@ haru9210 : thanks for the comment^^ hope you enjoy reading^^
@ epiclulz : thanks for the comment and yeah, that pinkie finger reminded me for the mendol  :P


This is Majisuka Gakuen…
An all girl high school…

For the sake of my oshimen, in order to protect her fame, I, Takahashi Minami disguise as a girl to attend this all girl high school. That is the contract I’ve made with the manager. If there’s third party knowing this contract, Baby Blossom will be dismissed. Unfortunately, my identity revealed…

Lesson Three – Identity Revealed! NO! and Cockroach Attack?

===========   ===========   ===========

“Hoaaamm…” I sit up and rub my eyes, “Am I falling asleep on the floor?”

“Hurry up, you’ll be late for the conference” I heard Acchan’s voice.

I turned my head and saw my Acchan was pulling up her skirt. My eyes widen and jaw dropped at the moment, my eyes unintentionally keep watching as she fixes her uniform. Is she wearing pink color underwear? GAH! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!  I slap myself and turn my back at her, shut my eyes off.

“Where’s your uniform?” she asked.

Oh no, my nose is bleeding…

I heard her foot steps coming closer, “Are you okay?”

“OKAY! I’M VERY OKAY!” I put my hands to cover my face and run into the bathroom, “I need to go toilet”

Just when I was about get into bathroom, my head bumped at the door because I forget to open my eyes. I fell on the ground unmoving.
“You are bleeding?!” she took a tissue and helped me clean my nosebleed, “Did you just knock yourself at the door? Baka”

I smiled because this is the first time I get scolded by my oshimen. So, this is the feeling of getting scolded by Acchan. Still smiling, I took the tissue from her and wipe my nose, “Umm… you should go first. I’ll be there soon”

She paused there for a while then gets her things and went out from the room. I walked to the door and pressed my ear on it, make sure that she’s away. Her footsteps are getting far and farther. Yosh, I should get change now. I immediately open my luggage and took out the uniform, hurriedly change into it.

“This wig is troublesome” I decide to take off the wig then continue changing.

Suddenly the door opened…

Oh no, I forgot to lock the door!!

I turned my head and saw Acchan… Acchan saw me… She saw me… I just put on my skirt and haven’t buttoned my shirt revealing my flat chest. Her eyes staring at my chest then to my black short hair, then go on to the wig which placed on the ground.

“KYAAAAAAA” I shouted girly, hurriedly put on the wig and fix my uniform.

“Who are you?!” she shouted at the same time in front of the door and dash toward me. She grabbed my left arm and placed it on my back, pressing my shoulder down to the coffee table. “Pervert! What’s your motive? Why do you disguise yourself as girl?”

“Itai… itai!” I yelled.

This really surprise me, I mean Acchan know how to fight? She is quite strong as a girl but I’m stronger. I turn my body twist my arm a bit, grabbed her wrist, reverse our position. Now she is the one pressed on the coffee table. “Let me explain”

“Get off!” she growled.

She raised her foot upward between my legs. I release my hands on her to prevent her foot coming up. “That was close…”

She starts launching her fist and kicks at me. I don’t want to fight her and keep dodging her attacks. At the last movement, she grabbed my wrist and slammed me down with Judo-style but I hold her wrist tightly as she slammed me, dragging her down with me and we both rolling out from the room, bumped on the corridor.

Hearing the loud tug, other members coming out from their room. Yuko and Mayu come out from the same room. Yuko were brushing her teeth while Mayu holding a mirror and looking at us. At the other room, Jurina sneaked her head out to see what happened, there’s someone stands beside her.

“What’s going on?” asked the person beside Jurina.

“He–” I pressed Acchan’s mouth as she was about to speak.

“Cockroach! There, there… Acchan chase it!” I hurriedly pushed Acchan back into the room and closed the door, locked it.

As we get into the room, she raised her left hand to hit me but stopped by me, she raised another hand and the result is same. I grabbed both her wrist and pushed her on the wall, looking straight to her eyes seriously, “Please, listen to me”


“This is all because of that contract” I explain all the things from the beginning to Acchan, “Please don’t tell Mariko you know this, Baby Blossom will be dismissed. I love Baby Blossom, I don’t want it to be dismissed, I will do anything to protect you… umm… Baby Blossom. I believe you don’t want to see your fans brokenhearted, right? Please…” I concentrate all my feelings at my eyes, looking at her deeply.

We’re sitting face on face in the center of this room. She is staring at me coldly makes me feel uneasy in this room. I bend my head down to look at the floor, desperately.

“Ne…” she speaked, I lift up my head and put a smile on my face, “Did you see me changing this morning?”

“S-see what?” I act innocently, pretending that I didn’t see it this morning.

“You saw it” She narrowed her eyes.

“No” I rolled my eyes to prevent any eye contact with her, “Cockroach!” I jumped and hid behind her as a cockroach showing itself a few steps from my left.

“Don’t change the topic”

“It’s real! Cockroach, big cockroach!”

“You’re a boy and you’re afraid of a cockroach?” she mocked at me. I frowned and nodded, begging her to get rid that animal. She sighed and picked up her sandal, approaching the cockroach. On the next seconds, I saw it opens its wings, buzz buzz.

“It’s flying!!” I yelled and run behind Acchan as the cockroach flying around the room. “Stop pestering me, go away”

Suddenly the cockroach appeared in front of me. Within flash, I saw Acchan’s sandal coming and hit right on my face.


Inside Baby Blossom Van

“Why is your nose bleeding?” Mariko asked as I get into the van. She is sitting next to the driver. Acchan is sitting alone on first row, Mayu and Oshima on second row and Jurina next to me.

“There’s a cockroach flying and land on me, Acchan hit it with sandal” I explained.

“Hmmpphh…. Hahahahahaha…..” Yuko, Mayu, Jurina and Mariko burst out laughing at me.

“I saw it, I saw it. They were rolling out from the room because of a cockroach” Yuko recalled what happened this morning.

“It must be really hurt, since the one who hit you is Acchan” Jurina said with low voice beside me, watching my bleeding nose. Mayu and Yuko nodded rapidly, agree with Jurina.

“We’re going to be late” Mariko said as she looking at her watch, “Let’s get going, Sae”

“Okay, hold on your seat” driver started the engine.

The conference went smoothly with no one suspicious about me. Gladly, Acchan decide to keep quiet about my identity. Seeing how Acchan acts differently between in front of camera and inside the dorm makes me wanna know her more. Today, I see the cold Acchan and I want to see more different side of her.

My 2nd day ended, 363 more days to go.

Gambatte Minami! You can do it!

Unknown by them, there’s a figure followed them until the gate of the school.

“This smells suspicious, sudden cousin, sudden new member, all come in so suddenly. I have to investigate Takahashi Minami more detail”


To be continue...

How is it?  :)


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gosh! Taka got nosebleed bcuz of smexy Assan~   :w00t: and yeah! yeah! perv Taka!! me like!!  :deco:

but Taka afraid of cockroach?? LOL.. :rofl: and bullseye Acchan!! you got him on the face..  :rofl:

This is hilarious..  :lol: :lol:

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This is just HILARIOUS!!!   :mon lmao: :mon lmao:

Love cockroach scene, this is too much. I love this chapter and I can't wait for the next one.

Somebody is starting to get suspicious about Takamina now. :hehehe:

Please update soon!!!
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SUGOIIII!!!! :on GJ: :on GJ:

 :farofflook: this is so cool!!! :farofflook:
The cockroach scene is so awesome, :on lol:
thank you for updating!!!

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it's only one day.. and the disguise already fail.. minami failing at everything.. LOL :3

oooo.. i want to see it tooo.. #openbukiyou

it's not fear i guess.. it's disgust.. LOL

even i found cockroaches disgusting.. yuck!

i won't kill it with my barefeet or hands.

but if i wear sandals/shoes.

Bye2 pest.. you're dead. LOL

hoo.. who is this mysterious person at the end of the chapter? miichan? :3 haruna? :3 or that lucky guy from persona? :3
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Ishikawa-san it was soooo hilarious !!
I can't stop laughing all the time !! I like "I saw Acchan... Acchan saw me..."

And Takaboy affraid by a cockroach *facepalm* are you really a boy ??
But Takamina's secret is already discovered by Acchan so... possibility of more Atsumina moment  :k-wink:

Please continue and make us laugh even more  :luvuluvu:
Matta ne~

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