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Author Topic: The Betrayal towards a New Love (KaixAcchan) - COMPLETED  (Read 113114 times)

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The Betrayal towards a New Love (KaixAcchan) - COMPLETED
« on: July 16, 2012, 03:41:59 PM »

Prologue (Below)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Part 1
Chapter 3 Part 2
Chapter 4 Part 1
Chapter 4 Part 2
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Part 1
Chapter 6 Part 2: Ray Vs. Atsuko
Chapter 7: Atsuko's Secret
Chapter 8: Ray's Investigator
Chapter 9: Implementing Ray's Plan
Chapter 10: Kai x Atsuko PG13
Chapter 11: Kai x Atsuko's Argument
Chapter 12: Kai's Confession
Chapter 13: Goodbye and Hello
Chapter 14 Part 1: After Four Years
Chapter 14 Part 2: Hello Little Girl!
Chapter 15: Brings back the closeness and ....... Love?
Chapter 16 Part 1: Kai's Resentment
Chapter 16 Part 2: Unintentional Meeting of the Rivals
Chapter 17: Confirmed
Chapter 18: Goodbye First Love
Chapter 19: Now You Know
Chapter 20: Interview + PG13
Chapter 21: Last Chapter

Chapter 1: Riku's Proposal
Chapter 2: Missing Kaison
Chapter 3: Ray's Condition and Kai's Decision
Chapter 4: The Heartbreak on the Screen
Chapter 5: Letting you go
Chapter 6: Kai and Ray's Project
Chapter 7: Let's get Divorce
Chapter 8: KaixAcchan + RikuYuu's Version of Make you wet
Chapter 9: The Sinful and Regretful Night
Chapter 10 Part 1: Yuko's Special Birthday Gift
Chapter 10 Part 2: The Kiss of Assurance
Chapter 11: Prepare for the Plan
Chapter 12: Final Chapter - The Wedding Disaster

This is my first fanfic. At first, it is intended to be Kai x Ray but .....
Kai x Acchan is really in demand so I have to change and add some scenes  :lol: :deco:

Here it is. Douzo!  :)
PS: Sorry for the wrong grammars :nervous

Give Me Love! [The Betrayal towards a New Love]

   “What I’ve done? I shouldn’t do that to him/her. I should have trust my feelings before. And now, she’s/he’s gone. I wonder if she/he will be mine again”. The two person in the different room said to themselves, regretting everything that they have done. “If only I can bring back the past and make it right”. Still talking to their selves as they remember all the days that they were together with their loved ones.

   “I miss being with that arrogant, aggressive, full of pride and bitchy woman. Inspite of her being like that, I still love the way she is, I wonder what she’s doing right now with that ‘perfectly trim eyebrow’ man” the blond guy said to himself and being irritated as he remember the scene that he saw few hours ago. “Aaarggh! If only Riku and Kuu did not hold me, I probably went to them and punch that man” the blond guy said while still sitting near the window. Almost look like windowing or having an emotional scene at the window. The guy didn’t notice the two pair of eyes that glued at him, chuckling and avoiding to laugh as they watch their friend’s scene at the window. Ignoring the fact that they’re the one that their friend talking about.

   “I miss being with him. I miss seeing his shy face and also his failed expressions and jokes. I miss everything about him”. The girl said while ALSO sitting near the window. “You’re such a fool to let go that kind of guy! And now you’re jealous because he’s in love with another woman?!” The girl said while staring at her mirror, blaming herself for everything. There are also two pairs of eyes that glued at the girl. It seems that they’re also spying. “And now she regret everything? Duh! She deserves it!” one of the girls said. “Shut up! She might hear you! ………. Well, you’re right. If she didn’t do that stupid thing, she will end up having her prince”. The other girl said as she still looking on their target.

   “I’ll think about my problems later when I get back home” The two person in the different room sigh. When they were about to take their leave, they heard loud thuds coming from the hallway, it seems that there were people who’s running away. “Hey! Don’t run at the hallway!” the blond guy said as he opened the door. He was stunned for a moment and his heart ache again when he saw the girl who just opened the door of the opposite room recently. The girl also noticed that someone was standing in front of her. “K-k-k-ai ……..” the girl can’t properly say the name of the man who’s standing in front of her, she doesn’t know what to say because she’s not expecting this. Kai was still standing, he can’t move his feet even though he really wanted to run away.

   “Kai, I’m sorry, plea- ….” Even though the girl managed to hug him, she was immediately interrupted by the guy. “Maeda-san, p-p-p-lease le-le-let me go. I .. I .. I want to go home now” Kai said with a shaking voice and just looking straight at the opposite room. As she heard those words, Maeda finally let go Kai. “Really? He’s really calling me ‘Maeda-san’ and not Atsuko or Acchan? He’s really mad at me” she frowned while just staring at Kai who’s running away from her. When Kai was in front of the university’s gate, “Atsuko … Why?” he said while he looked at the 2nd floor of the university where he met Atsuko.

The Spies POV:

   “Ugh! Good thing they did not caught us spying on them” Riku said while gasping for some air. “Yeah, and it makes me hungry for running away from them” Kuu said as he received a glare from Mariko. “What’s new? You’re always hungry even if you run or not. Look at your body, you’re so fat now!” Mariko said without looking at Kuu. “Ehe, It seems that you like my muscular body before, MARIKO-SAMA” Kuu said while grinning at Mariko. “Of course not! You BUTA!”. “Hey! I’m not a BUTA!” Mariko and Kuu said as they have an electric look at each other that will surely cause a fight.

   “Stop it guys! We don’t need lover’s fight here. We didn’t get any information from them. They just did the ‘windowing scene’ for the whole time” Riku sigh as he can’t take the lover’s fight anymore. “Nyan-nyan is right! So both of you stop! Nyan-nyan let me take care of you; I’ll give you some air”. Yuko said while moving closer at Riku. “Not here Yuko. Stop whatever you’re thinking, pervert” Riku pushed Yuko slightly. “Not here? Where? In your room?” Yuko said as she moves closer again. “No! I said stop whatever you’re thinking!” Riku blushed slightly as he remembered ‘something’. “Hey! Hey! You two should get a room, don’t make any lovey dovey scene here! Let’s just go back in to our respective houses” Mariko and Kuu interrupted the couple.

*Oi! Writer of this Fic! We’re not couple!*-Riku

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Chapter 1

      As the sun starts to shine, everyone in the dorm house suddenly wakes up when they heard a loud roar of a car’s motor. They already knew who the owner of that car is. It’s like their alarm clock during weekdays when they have to attend classes.

“Ugh! I’m still sleepy! What the hell is that noise! Do they really need to roar their car’s motor!” Kuu said irritatedly.
“You know who’s car it is Kuu, It’s from ‘someone’s lover here’, Ray” Riku said as his eyes still closed and lazy to open it.
“You two are annoying just like the car outside. And please, I’ve said it so many times already that I’m not his lover and I will never be, so stop it”.
Even though he’s still half asleep, he can hear clearly what his friends saying.

“Kai, we didn’t say any name. Why you’re acting like that? You just confirmed it that you’re her lover” Riku said as he finally opened his eyes and grinned at the person who’s beside his bed.

“Oh shut up! It’s too early to make fun of me” as Kai rolled his eyes and when he’s about to sleep again, someone is calling his name outside but he still ignored it.

 “Kaaaaaaaiiiii~ !”
Ray suddenly appeared in front of Kai’s face and move closer to lean a kiss. Kai felt a soft lips pressing into his and it made him to stand quickly.

“R-r-r-r-r-ay! Ohayou. Y-y-y-ou’re early than- …..” Kai didn’t finish as he noticed the look of Ray’s face.

She looks stunned and her eyes are widened. Kai realized that he’s half naked and wearing a boxer’s shorts only. It was really a hot night even though the AC was turned on so he decided to take off his clothes. He immediately grabbed the bed sheet and covered his small half naked body.

“Y-y-y-you! Don’t look at me like that! You pervert!” Kai’s face turned red just like a tomato when he said it and Ray noticed it so she decided to tease her midget.

“Oh come on Kai, let me see it again” She tried to pull the cloth that was covering the midget’s body but Kai immediately grab his clothes and run quickly at the men’s room.

Kai’s two roommates just laugh hard on the scene that they witnessed. They decided to leave and just use the other comfort room outside, so that the two can have their ‘private time’.

“Yo Ray! We’ll take our leave now so you can solo your midget” Riku said and trying not to laugh hard again.
“Go wherever you want, just don’t come back and never disturb us” Ray said without looking at Riku and still knocking at the men’s room.

“Kaaaaaaiiii~ ! Open the door! It’s fine to go outside now, your two roommates leaved so we can have our private time” Ray giggles while still knocking at the door.

 “Oh, Traitors” Kai whispered to himself. “I’m going to take a shower before going to school, you can go now and wait for me outside” even though he know that Ray will not listen to him, he still say it and hoping that she will listen.

“Oh, Okay I’ll wait for you outside.” “Is this for real? Ray listened to me? Hmm .. but I feel something …. Something strange” Kai thought as he started to take a shower.

“Aahhh~ It feels refreshing!” He decided to put his clothes already because he’s really getting goosebumps and it surely indicating that Ray is still around.
Kai opened the door and went to his bed, someone shouted his name and hugged him from the back and it result to fall the two bodies on to the bed

 “Itaaaiii~ …. Ray! What are you doing here? You said you’ll wait me outside”. “Do you really think that I will do that?” Ray said in a seductive way while moving closer into Kai’s body as she noticed that they were lying on the bed.

“Y-y-y-you! Don’t dare to move c-c-c-closer to hmmmmmpph!” Kai was interrupted by Ray’s lips before he can continue on what he will say.
Without further ado, Kuu opened the door and have a grin on his face when he saw on what the two were doing.

“Sorry to interrupt your lovey dovey moments but we need to go to school early, we need to practice few songs to play for the incoming party. You can continue that later and also remember to lock the door before doing something”. Kuu said and leave immediately so he can tell the others on what he just witnessed a while ago.

“Ugh. Look what you’ve done. This will cause another tease when we go downstairs”. Kai sigh.
“It’s fine, I don’t care because you’re mine and I’m yours! There’s nothing wrong with that” Ray said happily and not noticing the red face of Kai.

      The two decided to go downstairs and as expected, everyone has their eyes on them. Ray was happy and proud clinging on Kai’s right arm and doesn’t mind the eyes that glued on them. When she started to daydream, someone pinched her cheeks.

“Itai! What’s your problem Marichan?!”. “Stop daydreaming Ray! Look what you’ve done to Kai’s face! He really looks embarrassed”.

“It’s because he loves me” Ray said instantly when she didn’t know what to say.

“HUHH??!” Mariko said with a confused look and it also made Kai to look at her. ”I don’t get it. Duh! Whatever. We need to hurry or else we will be punished again by Maestro”.

      As they arrived at the University, everyone run to their respective club’s room. When Kai was about to run and follow his co-members, Ray holds his wrist and gives him a ‘don’t leave me alone’ look. Kai noticed it and he can’t take it as he look at the beautiful face. He holds Ray’s hand and it make the girl shocked inside.

“I need to go now. Go to your room also; I don’t want you to be punished because of me.  I’ll see you later”.

“Promise?” Ray said while her heart was really pounding fast.

“Promise” Kai gave Ray a smile of assurance and it made the girl’s heart pound faster.

When Kai run off and go to their room, Ray was remained at the same spot and not really bothering about the time and also the punishment. She can’t be punish, Why? Who the hell will try to punish the Diva?.

“His .. His .. hand. The texture of his hand. The hand of the guy that I fell in love with. It’s like the first time that I met him”. Ray whispered to herself as she remember the day when she met Kai.

TBC ……


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The story is really interesting. I like RayXKai too Because of Mendol I fell in love with Takamina.
I wonder what happened between Kai and Atuko.
AH!!! Looking forward to the next chapter. Update soon!!! :thumbup :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thanks  XD

Actually, I already have the chapter 2 of this and now working on Chapter 3, but I need some comments
so I can improve this  :nervous

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Another akb48xmendol fic  :w00t:
I love where this story is going!!!! :yep:
please update soon!!! :bow:

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  • Atsumina & KaiAcchan
way to go ~~ next update please ^^

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Oh triangle~
I can smell drama~

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oh! a mendol fic and no atsumina here?  :cry:
Looking forward for the next chapter

btw  :welcome

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gomen. but this story will not end up about Atsumina :nervous :sweatdrop:
but expect for their 'scenes' here  8) :twisted:

I'll try to update later. Thanks for reading  :roll:

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I've been wanting to read a new Mendol fic & I'm glad you wrote it  :cow: As much as I love AtsuMina, it's great that you are serving us a KaixRay with a Acchan at the side :w00t:

Looking forward to your updates :peace:

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Welcome karupin12-san  :gmon flowers:

AKB48 x Mendol !! Wow.. it's always interesting !!
But this is not about AtsuMina, right ?

Why Why Why ?
AtsuMina please~  #placked

Waiting for next update   :gmon bang:

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 A Ray and Kai story? I approve very much! :w00t: Please continue this! Right now I'm mostly reading mendol stuff. :)

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Chapter 2

-At the music club’s room-

“Where are those guys? Shachou will really be mad at them and also with US!!” Jurina said irritatedly.
Rena, Tomochin and Tomo~mi left their dorm house early and they’re also irritated waiting for the others like Jurina.

As they waited inside the room, they suddenly heard large and heavy footsteps with matching a sound of a mad whip walking towards to the room.
Everyone gulped. “We’re doomed! She’s here! What are we going to do now?!” The panicking and nervous Jurina said.
“I don’t know! Please stop walking here and there! It makes me to panic also!” Tomochin said, a bit panicking.

The footsteps are getting closer and closer, the four members didn’t know what to do; walking, sitting and even glancing outside to see if the other members are there;
and then suddenly, the sound of the footsteps stopped. The four sighed in relief but startled again as they heard an angry sound of a whip on the floor. Everyone looked at the door and saw an angry platypus look-a-like, their Shachou. She looks like she’s ready to whip a butt again.

“O-o-o-ohayou Shachou. It’s nice to -- …” Jurina said after a gulp but she was interrupted by the platypus.

“Don’t Ohayou me! Where’s the other members of this ugly band?!” Oh no, their Shachou is really mad. Everyone can feel the angry aura inside the room.

“W-w-w-we don’t know. We left early and leave them in the dorm house” Tomochin said in a shaking voice.
“Yeah. We left them with Ray-san” the other Tomomi added.

“Mou~ Shachou! Relax! The girls said that the others are with Ray-san. I think it’s ok” Marilyn, her assistant said and trying to calm down the platypus.
“Of course it’s not ok! I told them many times that they need to be early in this room so we can discuss about their incoming performance at the University’s Party! The student councils will never allow us to join again in any events if they will fail this performance!” Their Shachou said and whipped the floor once again.

All of the girls and even her assistant stared on the floor and didn’t want to look to the angry person standing in front of them. As their Shachou was really pissed off, she noticed that Rena was not talking to her or even looking at her. “You! You’re just remaining silent since I came in this room. Go and find the others!” Rena closed her eyes and opened it again to look at the angry platypus and said “H-h-hai!”

When Rena was about to leave the room, she was startled and immediately run beside Jurina when she saw a 5 person who’s running very fast towards their room. The other 5 members bumped each other as they took a hard stop from running and saw the angry glare of their Shachou. All of them tried to smile and pretend that they were not late. Shachou smiled back at them but her expression was immediately turned into a demonic platypus.

“Don’t smile at me! Fall in line now and put your butts out!”
“and You! What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here! Go to Drama club’s room!” Shachou added as she pointed out Yuko who is still clinging on Riku’s arm.

“B-b-but … I want to be with Nyannyan and Nyannyan also wants to be with me”. Yuko said, still clinging on Riku.
“No buts! Just go outside. I don’t need those invalid reasons!”.
As Riku heard those words from Shachou, he immediately dragged Yuko outside.

“Just go to your room Yuko. I don’t want you to be punished by that platypus and also we’ll be having our private meeting.”

“But Nyannyan …. Don’t you want to be with me?” Yuko said with puppy eyes on her face.

“I .. I … I …..” Riku didn’t finish when he heard a voice that was calling Yuko.

“Ow! Ohayou Keito-senpai” Yuko said happily.
“Ohayou Yuko-chan. What are you doing here? We will have a club meeting now. We better hurry now or else …”
“Oh my! I forgot about that!” Yuko was about to say goodbye to Riku but she noticed that she was not attached to him anymore. Then a loud thud of the door echoed in the hallway of the school.

“Nyannyan …..” Yuko whispered to herself as she go to the drama club’s room with Keito.

“Who the hell is that man?! Why Yuko seemed to be so happy while having a conversation with him?!” Riku said irritatedly while his back touches the door.

“Don’t just stand there lover boy! Come here and feel the presence of my whip!” Shachou interrupted Riku from his thoughts.

“H-h-haai~!” Riku said nervously.
Everyone looked down. They know what will happen to them after this as they heard another sound of the whip on the floor.

-Meanwhile at the other classroom-

      After the meeting with the another adviser of the Music club, Ray went to her History subject’s room. Their professor was explaining about this and that thing when he noticed that Ray was not listening to him and she’s just looking outside while smiling.

“Ano .. Ray-san. P-p-p-please. Can I have your attention? And can you ansss ---- ..” The professor didn’t dare to continue of what he was saying because of the glare that he received from the Diva. The ‘I’ll kill you because you interrupted me from reminiscing moments’ look. The professor gulped and continued on discussing as he also ignored the smiling Ray.

      “Ugh. I remember the day that I met him” Ray thought as she hold her hand, still feeling the hand that touched on hers this morning.


      It was a cloudy day where Ray was not feeling well and a bit dizzy while she was sitting on a bench near a tree. It was her first day of school in Akiba University and obviously, every student knew her. Everyone saw that she’s sick and they tried to help her but she refused it. She doesn’t want the other students to have pity on her. *What’s new? She’s the Diva at all* Ray already called her bodyguards to pick her but she didn’t get any reply from them.

“Damn it! Where are Sayaka and Sae! They’re not answering my calls and even my mails!” Ray thought and irritatedly closed her phone.

The reason why Sayaka and Sae weren’t answering Ray is because they’re having their day off and left their phones so that the Diva can’t contact them. Ray wanted to go back home but she can’t stand and walk properly. She still felt dizzy at that time.

"I can't take this anymore. I... I... need to walk" Ray said as she managed to stand up and walked a little. The Diva felt that she's going to fall and she can't do anything about it. When her body was just about to fall on the ground, she suddenly felt a hand holding on hers. A small, soft but full of force hand that was managed to catch her.

“L-l-l-leave me alone, d-d-don’t touch me …” the Diva said in a weak voice. The guy ignored what she said and just help her. The Diva felt comfortable at that person. She held that hand tightly as the owner of that hand was assisting her to walk towards the clinic. She can't see clearly who that person is. Everything around her was blurred; all that she noticed was the person that is helping her was a guy with a blond hair.

The Diva woke up and realized that she's in the clinic. She searched for someone. Actually, she's searching for the one who helped her. As she laid her eyes on the right corner of the bed, she smiled when she saw the blond guy who's sleeping on a couch.

"So, he's my midget in shining armor" Ray chuckled as she noticed that the guy was a bit small but in spite of that, he really looked so manly. The blond guy felt a thrill starting from head to toe; he didn't know why so he woke up. As he opened his eyes, he noticed that someone was staring at him; not only staring but also smiling happily at him.

“A-a-ano .. Are you okay now? The nurse said that your bodyguards will pick you later” The blond guy said as he smiled awkwardly. Ray ignored what the guy said and just come closer to him.

“What’s your name?”. The guy was obviously looked nervous as the Diva was now close to him … very close to him.

“I .. I .. I … I’m …” The guy didn’t finish his words when someone called him. “Kai! Let’s go! We don’t have enough time! Acchan will leave soon!”.
The guy named Kai pushed Ray back and quickly leaved the room without leaving any words to the Diva.

“So, He is Kai ..” Ray smiled as she say the midget’s name but suddenly a question popped in her mind,

“Who is Acchan? Who is she in Kai’s life?”.

- End of Flashback-

      Ray was now back into the reality when the bell rang and it made her a bit shocked. “Damn this bell!” She thought and smiled as she saw the time. It’s time to see her Kai.

TBC ..

I hope this chapter won't bored you  :depressed:

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  • atsumina for life....
im looking forward to the next chapter!! :thumbsup :thumbsup
pls update soon!!
 :farofflook: :farofflook:
and thanks for this chapter!! :kneelbow:
im a atsumina bias!!
but i think rayxkaixacchan is interesting!!!
keep up the good work!!! :on GJ: :on GJ:

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I'm still working the chapter 3  :mon sweat:
Thanks for reading btw.   ^-^

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hello.. 8)

really like your fanfic..

please continue it...

please update soon

I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Chapter 3 Part 1:

- At the Music Club's Room -

After the whipping sessions were done. All of them sat down to a couch as Shachou start to discuss about their performance.

"I think you've learned your lesson now? So next time, be on time!!"
"Haaaii~" all of them said painfully as they still feel the presence of the whip on their butts.

"So I'll discuss now about the songs that you’ll be performing this coming school event. The student councils allow us to perform a maximum of 2 songs” all of them are now in a serious mode.

“First, all of you will perform Hey! Say! JUMP’s Magic Power. We noticed that it was also played through a band”. Shachou said and the girls began to have their own discussion.

“Really? Sugoii! I’m excited” Rena whispered excitedly.
“Chiyuu! Me too! But do you think we can do it?” Tomo~mi frowned.
“Of course we can! We need to practice harder for it” Jurina said in an encouraging tone.

While the girls were obviously excited about it and discussing on their own; Riku and Kai was totally against it and have a same thought of ‘What?! Why do we need to perform it instead of our own song?!’ As the two were still thinking about it, Kuu suddenly stand up and it made the others look at him.

“Yattaaa~ ! So are we going to dance also like what they did on their PV?” Everyone look him with an ‘Ehh?!’ face.
“What? You said that it will be exciting right? We’ll make it more exciting if we’re going to dance” Kuu said happily and not bothered of the two pair of angry eyes that was pointing at him.

“Baka! If you want to dance, then just perform by yourself!” Riku finally let out what he wants to say.

“Yeah! Riku is right! We’re definitely not going to dance!” Kai blurted out.
“and Shachou, why do we need to perform that song instead of performing our own song?!” Kai said, but their platypus Shachou just gave him a smile. A smile that looks like she’s having a plan. A plan that he will never be liked.

“Just sit back and relax boys. I have my list here ok? And you’re going to perform one of our own song” Shachou tried to calm the three members.

“And also, you’re not going to dance like them. Seeing you guys dancing is ……… Oh nevermind” Everyone sighed in relief except for Kuu who is really disappointed on it.

“And for the last song, you’re going to perform …….” Shachou continued and make it a bit suspense. Everyone is now looking at her excitedly. Each of them is now guessing what will it be, they can’t choose a song that their Shachou like, because they already have plenty of songs.

“Hurry Shachou! What it is? Don’t you see that we’re all excited about it?!” Kai said in an excited but annoyed voice.

“Relax midget! So here it is, you’re going to perform the best among the rest! The ‘Give me Five!!’ ”.
The platypus said happily as she expected that everyone will like it. But she’s wrong. Definitely wrong. Everyone widened their eyes specially Kai as they heard the title. They are now giving an ‘Oh no’ and ‘Are you fine?’ look at Kai who is still unable to move because of shock.

“So I guess this is the end of our meeting. I’ll just announce through e-mail about the other details and when will you practice. You can go now or stay or do whatever you want now. See you later.” Shachou and Marilyn take their leave as they didn't receive any reply from the members.

“Do you think it’s ok for them, specially to Kai to perform that song? They really look worried about it”. Marilyn asked when they stepped out in the room.
“I’m sure about it. This will be exciting and it will cause positively ….. I guess” Shachou said in a serious voice. Both of them leaved in front of the Music club’s room.

“Why? Why did she choose that song? That's the song that we composed before she leaved and also the last song that she performed with me. Does shachou have a plan or this is just what she wants? And what …. What am I feeling right now? Why does my heart aches again? I’m sure that this isn’t only about the song …. It’s also about ‘her’. Kai paused from his thoughts and looked down. “I thought I already forgot about her, about her being in my life, about my feelings to her. After 1 and a half year that she didn’t contact me. I wonder how she is right now. I miss her". Kai looked at the item that is hanging on his phone which have an initials of ‘KA'.

Everyone is still worried at the blond midget. They all move closer to him as Riku patted his shoulders.
“Are you ok? We know that … hmm …”

“I’m ok. Don’t worry about me. I just didn’t expect it”
Kai smiled but the others knew that he was not ok. They really know when Kai was telling a truth or not. He really failed in lying.

“Yeah right! Just pretend that we’re convinced on that smile” Mariko rolled her eyes.

"Ano..... Kai. hmm. We really don't know what happened between you and Acchan. we just know that she left you on that day but we really don't know the reason why she did that". Everyone looked at Kuu who suddenly became serious. All of them nod to agree on what Kuu said. They also want to know the reason behind the sadness of Kai on that day.

Kai sighed as he received a look of 'please tell us' from them.  He thinks that this maybe the right time to tell them about it since they're also Acchan's friends.

"Oh! I remember! Tell us also why you're in the clinic with the Diva on that day instead of meeting on the right time with 'her'. Are you doing something. ... You know". Kuu grined; now he's back in insane mode. Everyone is now have a grinning look towards the midget.

"Owh. So you're cheeting. That's maybe the reason why 'she' left you. such a little playboy" Riku said while still grinning at the blond.

"O-o-of course not! I'm not cheeting with her! I just helped the Diva" Kai said while blusing. Everyone laugh as they noticed the red face of Kai. He really look like a tomato right now.

"You're not 'cheeting' huh? so that means that you're together! that both of you were dating before!" Tomochin emphasized the word 'cheeting' and thought that maybe the two were really dating since they were really close before. very close.

Once again, they grinned at Kai and then laugh harder when they noticed the face of the blond is getting redder and redder.

"Shut up! We’re just. ........... Friends" Kai frowned and looked again on the thing that is attached on her phone. 'Yeah just friends' Kai whispered to himself.

Everyone stopped laughing when they saw the sad look of Kai. They know that he's telling the truth now; that they're just friends. Only friends.

"Cheer up Kai. Are you going to tell what really happened between you and her or not?" Rena said. She really wants to know about it.


   It was a rainy day and almost all of the students left early after the band’s performance. It’s only the teachers and us stayed in the campus. Here I am, waiting for her at our secret meeting place. I wonder what she’s going to say to me. I she going to …… Or probably not. What am I thinking? We’re just friends. I’m getting nervous and intrigue at the same time. What if she’s really mad at me? She’s avoiding me these past few days.

Kai’s thoughts were spreading faster as he think of so many ifs on his mind. He really don’t know what to do then suddenly he was stopped from thinking when he heard a familiar voice.

“Sorry for waiting you. It’s because of the heavy rains so I’m late”
The girl smiled to apologize. Kai’s heart and body felt stunned when he saw that angelic face and the cute smile of the girl but he was immediately interrupted from his thoughts when he noticed that the girl was a bit wet because of the rain.

“You should’ve called me so you don’t need to come here and I’ll go to you instead” Kai said while he puts his jacket onto the girl’s shoulder.

“Here, take my jacket”. They both sat on a couch while holding each other’s hand to feel the warm of it. For a few minutes, the presence of the silence was surrounding them, only the sounds of the heavy rain outside can be heard; they didn’t know what to say. Then Kai broke the silence by asking a question,

“Why are you avoiding me these days?”

The girl didn’t expect that this guy will ask a question directly. “Ano … It’s because I’m confused. I really don’t know what to do”

“Confused? About what?”

The girl didn’t answer and said something.
“I’m going to say something important that’s why I asked you to come here”

“So what it is? I really don’t get it. Why you’re acting like this. What’s the problem?” Kai said in a bit irritated tone.
‘What’s the problem? Don’t you know that I’m really suffering these days when you’re avoiding me? I’m not used to it’ Kai said to himself as he looked directly into the eyes of the girl in front of him and held each other’s hand tightly.

The girl noticed it. She had no choice, she need to say it to Kai, now.
“Kai ….. I’ll leave this town soon. Maybe in the next two days” Kai didn’t know what to say. He just stared at the girl in front of him with a ‘why?’ face.

“We have a family problem now. Remember the disaster that happened last week? It really affected our family properties and businesses. My mom contacted me yesterday, she said that I need to go back home to help them. I don’t know how long it will last”. The girl added while a tear is now forming on her eyes.

“I’ll go with you. I want to help you and your family” Kai said while wiping the tears from the girl.

“Baka! You don’t need to go with me. I can handle it. Just stay here, focus on your studies and take care of our Band” The girl tapped Kai’s forehead.

“But …..”

“No buts. This is final, you’ll stay here. Ok?” The girl interrupted Kai and immediately checked her pocket and pull out a keychain.

“Here. Take this so you can remember me even though I’m far from you” the girl took Kai’s hand to give it.

“Eh? What’s this letters? KA? KA … KA … KA …” Kai continued and trying to guess the meaning of it while the girl looked at him in a confused look.

“KA .. KA .. KA .. Oh don’t tell me it’s KA-menohashi?! I thought you want me to remember you by this? But why it’s about our Platypus adviser?!” Kai exclaimed and confused.

“Mou~ Kai! I thought you’ve guessed the meaning of it! The K is for Kai and A is for Atsuko! You’re …….. so slow” Atsuko pouted and turned back.

“Owh ….. gomen. I .. I … I really don’t know. I’m being stupid again” Kai looked down and face-palm himself in his mind.

‘I’m being stupid again. How come I didn’t get it?!’ Kai thought and was interrupted by his inner Kai.
‘It’s because you’re slow. Just like what Atsuko said’.

‘Owh shut up. You’re not helping me’.

There was a silence in between of them ……. Again.

“Acchan …. I’m sorry ok? If I’m being stupid and …..” Kai didn’t finish his words when he turned Acchan to face him; he saw the angelic face, crying silently.

‘Oh no! what am I going to do now?! I made her cry. Stupid Kai! Baka! Baka!’ Kai said to himself and was interrupted again by his inner Kai.
‘I’m glad that you know about it. Congratulations!’

Kai ignored his inner self and just wiped the tears from the girl. “Please Acchan, Don’t cry. I’m really sorry about that thing”.

Atsuko cupped Kai’s cheeks and said, “It’s ok. I really don’t mind about it. It’s just …………….. I will miss you so much”.

“Acchan ……”

Both of them were just looking directly at the eyes; their faces are just centimeters away from each other. Heavy rains continued to fell outside but they’re not bothered about it. They just want to feel each other’s presence. A few minutes had passed and they’re still in the same position. When Atsuko blinked in just a milliseconds, Kai leaned forward and kissed her. Atsuko felt the midget’s warm lips touched on hers; she was shocked and didn’t know what she’s feeling right now. Then later on, when she saw Kai’s eyes were closed and just feeling her lips, she decided to answer back Kai’s kisses.

‘Way to go midget!’ Kai’s inner self said to him.

Kai ignored again his inner self and just focused on the girl that he’s kissing. He slowly put his hands on the girl’s back and laid her down to the couch without breaking the kiss that they were sharing. Both of them didn’t notice their position; Kai is now on top of Atsuko. The girl pulled the blond guy closer to deepen their kiss. Kai stopped for a while when he felt Acchan’s tongue touched his lips and waiting for a confirmation to enter. The blond continued as he opened his mouth and now they’re battling for dominance. Kai didn’t know why he can’t control himself; his hands are now going to unbutton Acchan’s uniform. He slowly unbuttoned the first one …… then the second …. But when he’s about to unbutton the third one, they heard a thud that comes from the trash bin which is obviously fell from the ground. They saw a guy who ran away from it; the guy was also having a blond hair.

Both of them immediately stood up and fixed themselves; they didn’t know if that person saw everything that they did. After that incident, they just remained silent and as usual, they didn’t know what to say; they’re afraid that they might have a face that is red as a tomato. Atsuko stand up and ready to go home when she noticed that the rain was already done from falling. She was stopped by Kai who immediately grabbed her hand.

“We better go home now before the rain starts to fall again. See you tomorrow” Atsuko smiled at Kai and leaved him alone.

Kai knew that it was indeed a fake smile. He can see in their Ace’s eyes that she’s afraid and scared. But scared of what?

“I’m sorry Acchan for doing those things to you but it’s not only you who’s afraid when someone caught us doing it’” Kai whispered to himself.

“Aaaaaarrrggghh~ !!! What I’ve done??!! I might lose our friendship! Not now when she’s going to leave!!” Kai screamed and continued to blame himself.

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