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Author Topic: The Day Off (YukiRena, ParuRena, Jurimilky OS) - COMPLETED  (Read 5660 times)

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The Day Off (YukiRena, ParuRena, Jurimilky OS) - COMPLETED
« on: September 25, 2014, 04:46:05 PM »
hello thar  :cow: im back in JPHIP with a new fanfic xD this one is a Yukirena (and a bunch of other crackships). please ignore the crappiness of this fic since its been so long since id written one  :bow: okay i should like, write my thesis in peace now.

comments and thank yous will be very well appreciated *^*

“Is it in?”

“Go deeper”

“Okay… How about now?”

“Uhm… I think so.”

“What do you mean you think so? How does it feel?”

“Tm not sure. Maybe you should thrust your hip more.”

“Sure… Like this?”

“Ahh… There it is… Wait- nope its just pain. ”

“It’s not working isn’t it?”

Matsui Rena pursed her thin lips into a straight line as she gazed into a pair of brown orbs that belonged to a girl who was propping herself on top of her. Letting out a heavy sigh, Kashiwagi Yuki ducked her head, causing her raven hair to cascade down onto her girlfriend’s face.

“This was a stupid idea.” She grumbled as she rolled off Rena’s body.

“Worth a shot.”

“Strap-on huh? How desperate are we?”

“It looks great on you.” Rena joked as she pulled the comforter up to her bare chest. She looked at Yuki with a hint of guilt in her eyes. “I can top if you want.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m actually feeling rather tired.” Yuki climbed down the bed, feeling a slight vertigo from the sudden movement. She took off the black harness on her waist and kicked it carelessly under the bed as if it was the most humiliating thing shed ever touched. She then bent over and swiftly scooped up a white tank top off the floor, pulling it over her head.

It was when she slid herself under the warm covers when she realized that her other half had already fast asleep. Her back was facing Yuki, just like it would be every other night. She glanced at the sleeping figure next to her and immediately felt a sharp pang on her chest. Yuki reached out and softly pushed strands of Rena’s shoulder-length hair out of her back. Has her hair always been this short? Since when did she stop noticing? Yuki then hovered her slender fingers inches away from Rena’s naturally pale shoulder, and started counting the freckles on her girlfriend’s exposed back. It was a habit she’d grown into whenever she found herself having trouble sleeping. Her eyelids felt heavy after she hit 20 and not long after, Yuki too fell into a deep slumber.


“Oohh~ someone looks like she’s been up all night.” A dimpled woman sitting behind an office desk teased as she rested her chin on her palm. “I know, I know. You don’t have to thank me.“ She waved dismissively to another woman who had just entered the room.

Yuki rolled her eyes and then dropped her purse onto her desk across of her friend’s. “Your plan sucked.” She spat.

Yuko’s grin instantly morphed into a frown at the statement. “Wait, what happened?!”

Yuki lifted her hand up in a ‘stop’ movement, her eyebrows furrowed together as she spoke. “You know what, it doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure Rena could never look at me the same way again after last night.”

“Not if you know how to use it.” Yuko whispered to no one in particular before taking a sip of coffee from a mug that says ‘World’s Best Girlfriend!’

Yuki blew a strand of hair out of her eyes and then looked at her own sad, sorry reflection on the black computer screen. Her long raven hair was tied up in a messy bun, it looked like it was being done by a 6 year old. Under her tired eyes were eyebags her glasses have failed to hide. Her face slightly greasy since it was 97 degrees outside and she had to walk from home.

“What if Rena doesn’t find me attractive anymore.”

“I know who does though~”


Yuko put down her Ipad and motioned to a particular someone on her left side. “I think that Watanabe girl has the hots for you.”

“Yeah right.” Yuki chuckled as she rolled her eyes.

“No, I’m serious. Look at her!”

Yuki followed Yuko’s eyes and found the aforementioned girl sitting far across the room, throwing her a shy smile as she battered her eyelashes.

“Oh my God. Is she for real?” Yuki gasped.

“So… Are you gonna go for it?”

“Am I gon- Excuse me?!” Yuki’s eyes widened as she put her hand over her chest. “In case you haven’t heard I am in a long-term committed relationship with a woman I love more than life itself!”

“Which you haven’t slept with for over 6 months”

“Do you really have to rub it in my face, Yuko? I’m trying okay?” Yuki spat as she pushed her glasses up her nose and started working on her computer.

Yuko breathed heavily as she leaned back on her chair. She darted her eyes that were alternating between the Watanabe girl and her bestfriend. As if planning something evil, a smirk then crept its way onto her mouth.

“I have an idea.”


“I just don’t think were gonna make it if this keeps on going.” Rena mumbled before taking a small bite of a purple macaroon.

Takayanagi Akane scoffed at the statement. “That’s nonsense. You guys are like, ‘The One’. If you guys can’t make it, who can?”

Rena swallowed and retorted. “Lots of people can, But not me cause I’m just a big idiot who doesn’t know how to keep a keeper.”

Akane was about to make a comeback when a waitress donned in a pink frilly dress dropped by their table. “Uhmm Lemon Cheesecake?” The waitress had the sourest expression on her face as she said it.

“That’s me.” The bird lover chimed happily.

The young waitress set down the cake and then turned around, murmuring a-barely-audible ‘Enjoy’.

“Rude.” Akane huffed under her breath.

Rena turned to look at the waitress who is now walking towards another table. When their eyes accidentally met, the waitress quickly averted hers away but Rena could’ve sworn she saw tints of pink on her dimpled cheeks.

“What are you looking at?”

Rena quickly rid whatever thoughts she had in her mind. She cleared her throat. “Nothing. Hurry up and finish your cheesecake.”

“Why the hurry? You got somewhere else you need to be?” Akane questioned before shoving a spoonful of cheesecake into her mouth.

The frail-looking girl sighed. “It’s Thursday, I make dinner on Thursdays.”

“Wow you guys still cook for each other? I thought you guys were having a crisis.”

”We’ve been dating for 6 years. Things like this don’t just go away.” Rena murmured idly as if they were discussing the weather.

Akane looked up at her best friend and then let out a chuckle. She shook her head, mumbling; “That sounds so complicated.”

“It’s actually less complicated than you think it is.”

“How so?”

“Well…” Rena leaned back on the café’s wooden chair, hand rubbing the back of her slender neck. “I love her, she loves me. At least I hope she still does. It’s just that-”

“You’re not in love?” Akane cut Rena’s sentence and shook her head. “Typical.”

Rena bit her bottom lip and nodded. “…Right”

She glanced outside the window of the Café. The clouds have loomed over the blazing afternoon sun. It looked like it was about to rain anytime soon. She wondered if Yuki remembered to bring an umbrella, then she wondered why she didn’t remind her this morning. Thinking about Yuki used to make her stomach churned, her chest tighten, and her legs all wobbly. Rena wondered what ever happened to all those feelings now.


Dinner was quiet. It has always been that way for as long as Yuki could remember. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the clock ticking on the wall and utensils clacking against each other. She scoured her brain for words to say, other than the idea Yuko had planted in her mind earlier.

“This is really good.” Yuki commented on the beef stew Rena had cooked for them, partly because she had nothing else to say.

Rena looked up from her plate and smiled. “Thanks. There’s still more on the stove.”

Yuki nodded in acknowledgement and silence once again filled the air for what felt like years.

“Did you get a haircut?” Yuki asked out of nowhere.

“Yeah, like last month.”

“Oh…” Holding in the urge to slam her face on the table, Yuki stood up. “I’m going to get some more stew.”

Yuki could feel Rena’s eyes following her as she sauntered into the kitchen. She took a deep breath once she entered. Being in the same room with Rena, not knowing what to say or how to act around her was suffocating, especially with Yuko’s words kept ringing inside her head. Yuki swallowed a lump that’s been forming in her throat. It was up to her to put an end to all this. She counted to 10 before making her way back to the dinner table.

“We need to talk.” Her voice was firm; it was laced with nervousness but nevertheless it was enough to made Rena trembled as she set down her fork.

“Su-sure.” Rena squeaked.

Yuki grabbed a nearby chair and sat next to her lover.

“I know that our relationship has been… quite rocky these past few months. Do you agree?”

Rena answered with a nod.

Yuki lifted her hand and gently tucked a strand of Rena’s hair behind her ear. “I want you to know that I love you. I don’t think that’s ever gonna change, but I know you’re not happy and it’s killing me.”

Rena placed her hand over Yuki’s on her lap and gave it a gentle squeeze. “What about you?” She pushed on. “Are you happy?”

Yuki pursed her lips together. She looked into Rena’s eyes and felt something inside of her stung. She shook her head.

Rena’s heart clenched like someone had just squeezed the life out of it. “I’m sorry…” She murmured.

“No! Don’t be. It’s not your fault! We grew apart, I guess. It happens. Its okay.” Yuki retorted back, not wanting Rena to get the wrong idea. “I’d love to give this relationship another chance, a chance for us to be happy again. And maybe, get things back the way it used to be. “

Rena smiled weakly and nodded. “I’ll do anything.”

Yuki’s face brightened. “Great. This morning, Yuko gave me an idea-“

“Oh great, another idea from your deranged friend.” Rena rolled her eyes.

“Just hear me out, please?” Yuki clasped her hands in front of her chest and pleaded.

Rena pondered for a few seconds, but then sighed in defeat. It wasn’t like she had anything to lose anyway. “Fine.”

Yuki took a deep breath before she continued. “Okay, this is going to sound crazy. What do you think about having a cheat day?”

“A… Cheat day?”

“It’s like a day off of relationship. I’m giving you a free pass to sleep with anyone you want, but just for a day only.” Yuki explained with a smile as if she just told Rena how to bake brownies.

Rena knitted her eyebrows together as she looked at Yuki in disbelief. “I’m going to kill that fucking midget.”

“You… don’t like the idea?”

“No! Of course I don’t! This isn’t just about sex, Yuki! and what, I suppose you’ll sleep with someone else too??” Rena’s face was red with rage and Yuki could’ve sworn she had never seen her girlfriend this angry before.

“Th-that was the original plan, yes.” Yuki stuttered. “But I wont do it if you’re not okay with it!”

“I can’t believe you thought this was okay to begin with!” Rena slammed her hands against the table and stood up from her seat in anger. She stomped towards the bedroom

“But I just want you to be happy…”

At Yuki’s plea, Rena stopped at her track.

“And if someone else can make you happy, even if its just for a night, ill be damned if ill be the one holding you back.” Yuki’s words pierced like a dagger through Rena’s chest. How could anyone be so damn selfless?

“And besides…” Yuki continued and Rena finally turned around.

“What do we have to lose?”


The next day at the office, Yuki took one last look at her reflection on a small compact mirror for any flaws in her appearance. After getting thumbs up from Yuko, she stood up quietly and started making her way to another girl sitting behind an office desk not too far away from hers. The closer she got to her target, the more Yuki had doubted the idea. She slowed her pace and turned around, Yuko was motioning with her hands for her to go on. Yuki swallowed a lump the size of a tennis ball and moved on.

“Hi.” Yuki greeted.

The girl turned, and as soon as she saw the person standing by her desk, her expression brightened instantly. “Oh, Yuki-san. Good morning”

“Uhh yeah morning.” Yuki replied awkwardly.

“Can I help you with anything?” The Watanabe girl bit her lip at the end of the question and Yuki was amazed by how flirty this girl already sounds.

Yuki cleared her throat. “I noticed that you’ve been staring at me for quite a lot.”

“Uh huh?” The Watanabe girl ran her fingers through her long hair, giving it a slight volume.

“Let me get one thing clear first, I’m not looking for anything serious right now.”

The other girl shrugged nonchalantly. “So am I.”

Yuki let out a wry smile as she shoved her hands into her pocket. “I was wondering if we could uhmm… hang out at your place later after work or something.”

“Sounds great.” The answer came almost instantly.

Yuki widened her eyes, surprised by how simple it was. “Really? That’s it?”

The girl chuckled. “Yeah, that’s it. What else do you want me to say?” The dimpled girl scoffed as she crossed her legs, giving Yuki a quick view of her underwear. “So I’ll see you after your work?”

Yuki had almost choked on her saliva, but then she somehow magically managed to compose herself. “S-sure. See you later, Watanabe-san.”

“One last thing.” The girl called out before Yuki had the chance to walk away.

“Call me Milky.”


It was late at night and there were only Rena and another customer occupying the table at the other side of the Cafe. Rena gobbled down the 6th macaroons she’s had that evening. She didn’t know for sure what she was doing there, possibly to pass the time until her ‘Cheat Day’ ends, but there was another part of her, a small part of her, who knew the real reason of her being there. That reason is now walking up to her table.

“Green tea macaroon.” The waitress murmured as she set the plate on Rena’s table.

“I didn’t order this.”

“It’s on me.” The waitress smiled for what Rena thought was the first time in her entire life cause of how awkward it looked.

“Oh, Thanks.” Rena said, eyeing the green colored macaroon in front of her.

“It’s not on the menu, by the way.”


The waitress’s cheeks started turning rosy as she explained. “It’s my own personal creation. I made it. Specially. for you.”

Rena looked at the waitress, surprised. “Oh wow… I’m flattered.”

“I-it’s nothing, really.” Her cheeks turned rosy as she said it. A definite contrast to how bitter she looked the last time Rena was there with Akane. “I should uhm… Get back to work.”

“Wait!” Rena called out, stopping the waitress in the middle of her track.


“What’s your name?”

The girl looked at the ground shyly, fingers fidgeting with the ends of her pink frilly dress. “It’s Haruka… Shimazaki Haruka”

“What time does your shift end, Haruka-san?” Rena didn’t know what has gotten into her, but this Haruka girl was cute and surprisingly pretty when she smiles. If Rena really had to do this, she couldn’t think of anyone better she would spend her ‘day off’ with.

“My shift ends at nine.”

Rena glanced at her wristwatch. 8:30 PM.

“I-if you want, we could take a walk or something -whatever you want, afterwards.” The waitress blurted out of the blue.

Rena glanced at the green tea macaroon in front of her and then at Haruka.

“Yes, I’d like that.”


“Your place is really nice.” Yuki fidgeted uncomfortably on Milky’s leather sofa as the girl prepared some drinks in the kitchen. Milky’s apartment was too small for more than two people to be in it at the same time, but it was very nicely decorated that it reminded Yuki of one of those apartments in architectural magazine.

“Thanks. Make yourself at home.” Milky came out of the kitchen with two glasses of wine. She handed one to Yuki and flopped down on the sofa next to her.

“Cheers” Milky said, lifting her glass in the air.

“Cheers.” Yuki’s voice cracked and she quickly covered it by gulping down the entire glass of wine. She squeezed her eyes shut at the burning sensation on her throat. When she opened her eyes, Milky’s hand was already resting comfortably on Yuki’s thigh, rubbing it with her thumb. Yuki swallowed hard, she was going to need more than a glass of wine for this.

“Let me put that away.” Milky whispered hoarsely as she grabbed the empty glass on Yuki’s hand and set it on the coffee table in front of them. Her lips were only inches away from Yuki’s jaw that Yuki was sure if she turned her head even for just a bit, they’d be kissing.


And so Yuki did.

Yuki turned her head to the side and Milky wasted no time to connect her lips onto Yuki’s. She nibbled on Yuki’s lower lip, and then she pulled back for a split second and went on to nibble her upper lip. The first thing Yuki noticed about Milky’s lips was the fact that they weren’t Rena’s. Milky lips felt dry and they tasted nothing like the familiar pair of lips Yuki had been kissing for the last 6 years. She could feel pair of hands roaming around her back, under her shirt and then caressing her abdomen. She closed her eyes, waiting for that feeling on the pit of her stomach to emerge. Milky left trail of kisses down Yuki’s jaw and then she pulled back. The girl’s eyes have never left Yuki’s as she pulled her own shirt over her head and threw it aside, revealing a black bra underneath.

Yuki was caught off guard when Milky suddenly straddled her hips. She was pushing herself against Yuki so hard as if trying to mold them into one. Milky then went on to nibble on her earlobe, her hands tugging the edge of Yuki’s shirt. Everything happened so fast for Yuki, a little too fast, maybe. Cause when Milky was giving her wet kisses on her neck, all she could think about was the way Rena would leave butterfly kisses on the same spot. Milky’s hands were travelling up and down her arms, they were soft and warm but all Yuki could think about was how gentle Rena’s hands were even though they look kinda manly.

Milky suddenly stopped her assault on Yuki’s neck and pulled back. “You’re thinking about her aren’t you?”

“Wh-what? Who?” Yuki blinked several times.

“Your girlfriend.”

“Wait wha- no. How did you know I have a girlfriend?”

Milky laughed. “Kashiwagi Yuki, what kind of fool do you take me as?”

Yuki bit her bottom lip, she gazed into Milky’s eyes and realized how brown and deep they were. Few seconds have passed and she finally confessed.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I can do this.”

Milky sighed, but then her mouth curved into a tiny smile. “It’s fine, I totally understand.”

“It’s not you, it’s me. I mean, I think you’re nice and beautiful and charming-Anyone would be lucky to have you.” Yuki exclaimed, hoping she didn’t sound too forced. “It’s just that, I realized this isn’t what I want.”

Milky scoffed as she folded her arms across her chest. ”Kinda figured that out myself.”


“Yuki, I’m sitting on your lap, half naked, all good to go and yet you’re not even slightly interested in me. I can just see it in your eyes.” Milky explained as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Yuki breathed as ran her fingers through her raven locks. “You have no idea how much I wish I could go through with this.”

Milky frowned. “You lost me.”

“You’ll understand what I’m talking about when you’re involved in a relationship.”

“Who says I’m not already?”


Both girls on the sofa jerked their heads at the sound of the door being opened. Milky let out a tiny gasp as she looked at a girl with a shoulder length hair standing in front of the door. The newcomer’s eyes darted between Yuki and Milky and somehow, Yuki could instantly tell something bad was about to unfold.

“Ju-jurina? You’re home early.” Milky stuttered nervously.

Yuki gulped hard





And boom goes the dynamite.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Milky quickly got off Yuki’s lap and put on her shirt.

“Who is she??! What were you doing half naked on top of her? What is going on?!” Jurina pointed her finger at Yuki, her face was glowing red with fury and all Yuki could do was sitting there with her jaw hung open as though expecting for something to be thrown at her face.

“She’s just my officemate. We didn’t do anything I swear! Yuki, tell her we didn’t do anything!” Milky pleaded.

Yuki was so nervous her voice came out squeaky. “We didn’t do anything we were just-“

“Did I give you the permission to talk?” Jurina barked while shooting Yuki a cold glare, which sent shivers down her spine.

“Jurina, listen to me!” Milky cupped Jurina’s face, forcing her to look at Milky in the eyes. “We just kissed for a while and then we stopped. She couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it. I love you too much to cheat on you.”

Yuki let out a scoff, but then cursed herself when Jurina shot her another deathly glare. If it wasn’t for Milky grabbing a strong hold of Jurina’s wrist, Yuki was sure she’d be torn to pieces by now.

“I’m sorry okay? I promise you this wont happen again. Please?” Milky pleaded.

Yuki had to force herself not to laugh at Milky’s half-ass attempt to calm her raging girlfriend. As if anyone is stupid enough to believe that, she thought. But the girl who was going to murder Yuki a few seconds ago, has suddenly started crying as she hold Milky tight in her arms.

“I was just… I thought you were gonna leave me, Milky.”

Milky patted Jurina’s head that was resting on the crook of her neck. “There there… I’m not going anywhere, sweetie. I promised you right?”

The girl’s cry has turned into an ugly sobbing by the time Milky finished her sentence. “Please don’t leave me. I don’t think I can live without my Milky! I just can’t. I’d die!”

“I know, sweetie. I know.”

Jurina’s sobbing had gotten so loud that it would probably wake the dead. Yuki watched in amusement at how the poor girl would cry out her undying love to her cheater of a girlfriend.

“I love you so much Milky. I do! I just wish you could see that!” Jurina squeezed Milky’s body so tightly that Yuki had almost felt sorry for her.

“I love you too, honey. I love you too…” After she said it, Milky then made an eye contact with Yuki and mouthed ‘Get out’ to the girl.

“Oh, Right!” Yuki snapped out of her daze. She scrambled to her feet and made a quick dash towards the front door unnoticed.


Haruka opens a door to a small apartment a few blocks away from the café with Rena trailing behind her.

“Sorry for the mess.” She said.

“What mess?” Rena replied, eyeing the seemingly squeaky clean apartment.

Haruka hung her coat and bag on a hanger that was glued behind the door. Before they left the café, she had already changed into casual clothing and left her maid-like uniform at her work place.

The girl motioned to the living room at Rena and spoke in her usual flat tone. ”Sit wherever you want.” She walked into the kitchen. “Do you want anything to drink? ”

“Water would be nice. Thanks” Rena said as she settled herself on a couch that was facing a flatscreen TV. She wondered for a while what brand of air freshener Haruka uses to make her apartment smell entirely like apples.

Haruka came back a few seconds later with a two glasses of water and gave one to Rena. They drank in utter and complete silence, but the moment after Rena put her glass down, she heard Haruka spoke.

“So… “

“Hmmm” Rena hummed.

Without a warning, suddenly Haruka flung herself onto her, kissing her like there was no tomorrow. Rena was pushed flat on the sofa with the waitress on top of her. She was so taken aback by the action that she let her arms flung in the air as though searching for something to hold on to before they landed on the waitress’ back. She tried to keep up with her, but the younger girl seemed a bit far too aggressive that Rena’s upper body ended up on the floor with all the pushing.

“Wait-hmph- Haruka” Rena tried to spoke but it came out too muffled.
Haruka quickly pulled back and helped Rena back on to the sofa with a panicked look streaked across her flushed face. “What? Are you okay? Am I doing something wrong?”

Rena panted as she tried to fix her shirt. “I think we should just talk.”

Haruka had on a confused look on her face as if Rena had just spoken in another language. “I’m sorry I thought you wanted to…”

“I wanted to. It just feels so-“

“Was I too fast? if you could just give me another chance I will-”

“I have a girlfriend.”

Rena drew in a breath. Haruka didn’t say anything and just stared at the floor with her eyebrows knitted together and her jaw hung open. Rena thought this was the most reaction she’d seen on the girls face.

“It’s okay, she wanted me to do this. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Haruka turned to Rena and spoke in a low voice. “Your girlfriend wanted you to cheat on her?”

“Just for a night, yes.”


“I don’t know.” Rena thought for a second and then answered. “I guess she wanted me to be happy.”

Haruka frowned. “She’s weird.”

“Well then I’m weird too. Since I gave her the permission to do the same thing”.

The waitress let out a tiny gasp. “Are you serious?”

Rena nodded with a smile. “That was my reaction too when she offered me the idea.” She retorted. “But things between us are complicated.”

“I’ve got time.” Haruka spoke as she shifted a few inches closer to Rena.

The latter raised her eyebrows and then scoffed. “I’m not gonna bore you with my relationship problem.”

The waitress rolled her eyes. “Please. My life is so dull already. I need this kind of drama in it.”

Rena looked at Haruka smiling at her and she decided to smile back. “Alright then.”


It was right after midnight when Rena decided to head home since Haruka looked like she was tired and about to fall asleep. Rena felt great from being able to open up to someone who doesn’t even try to give her advices. In Haruka’s case, she just listens and sometimes even sympathizes. After saying her goodbye’s to the waitress, Rena hailed a cab and head straight towards home.

The first thing Rena noticed once she entered her apartment was Yuki sprawling on the sofa. Rena’s stomach throbbed with the thought of her girlfriend waiting all night for her when she could be with someone else. The woman then closed the door behind her and approached the sleeping figure. She crouched next to the sofa so that her eyes were leveled with Yuki’s closed ones. Rena tugged a strand of Yuki’s hair behind her ear and then went on to caressing her cheek.

“Hey, wake up.” She spoke softly.

“Hmmm.” Yuki replied with a mumble. For a second, neither of them made a sound. Rena thought she went back to sleep but Yuki suddenly jerked to half sitting position. Her sleep-crusted eyes looking at Rena as if she was a ghost “You’re home…?”

Rena nodded.

“Did you do it?” Yuki squeaked.

The latter shook her head.

A sigh that came out sounding like a relief came out of Yuki’s mouth. She ran her fingers through her hair and sat up.

“Come here.” She said, patting the empty space next to her on the sofa.

Rena moved to sit on the sofa with her head resting on Yuki’s shoulder.

“How was your night?” Rena questioned.

“It was…” Yuki’s mind wandered to the fresh memory of what happened a few hours ago with Milky and the crazy raging girlfriend. “Weird. Definitely weird.” She concluded. “But I didn’t do it either, if that’s what you were wondering.”


Yuki turned and inhaled the scent of Rena’s shampoo. “I thought I could, but it just didn’t feel right.”

Rena fumbled with the ends of her sweater’s sleeves. “Is it weird that I don’t get attracted to anyone else as much as I did towards you?”

The other girl chuckled. “I’m asking myself the same question with you.”

Rena sighed before she sat up, crossing her legs on the sofa. “I don’t know what’s wrong with us. I don’t know where we went wrong, but I think…”

Rena glanced at Yuki. “I think we should call it off.”

Yuki bit her lip. Silence filled the air for a few seconds, but it might have as well been years. Rena’s heart throbbed more and more with every second that passed.

“Okay.” Yuki whispered. “I agree.”

Rena looked up to Yuki’s glossy eyes and immediately felt her heart churned.

“I think it’s for the best.” Yuki sighed. “We’ve been together for so long, that I don’t know where I end or where you begin.”

Yuki continued hoarsely. “But as cheesy as it sounds, I guess falling out of love is possible.”

Rena sat back and stared at the black TV screen in front of her. She’d be lying if she said she’d never thought about breaking things off before and she was sure Yuki would feel the same way too. Six years was a long time to spend together with someone, and if she could, she’d choose not to let all that go to waste. But things aren’t as easy as they seem, and as much they want to keep things going, there was nothing left to fight for.

“What’s going to happen to us?” Rena asked to no one in particular.

Yuki shrugged. “I’ll leave that to fate.” She then reached out and grabbed Rena’s cold hand. Rena gripped back as if she was holding on to dear life. “Maybe we’ll see each other again in the future, maybe not. If we’re meant to be, we will be.”

Rena smiled through her tear-brimmed eyes. Neither of them said anything for a few seconds until Rena confessed.

“I think I’m going to go France.”

Yuki was taken aback by her statement but she’d decided not to let it show.

She swallowed hard. “Oh yeah?”

Rena nodded. “I want to go cooking school. I want to be a chef.”

“That’s nice. You should totally do that. You’re awesome at cooking.”

Rena softly giggled, but as she did so, a single tear managed to escape her eye. This didn’t go unnoticed by Yuki, who lifted her free hand and caressed her tear away with her delicate fingers.

She then went on. “Seriously though, I think I’ve gained a lot of weights after living with you. I still blame your outstanding skill at cooking for that.”

“Shut up.” Rena pushed Yuki’s shoulder in a playful manner. “Maybe you should consider going to the gym instead of blaming me.”

Yuki raised her eyebrows. “Oh? Are we gonna do this now? Okay, lets lay all our cards on the table. Tell me the things that I do that annoy you the most.”

“I don’t even know where to begin” Rena rolled her eyes. “I hate how you wear socks in bed. Really, who does that?”

Yuki pouted. “My feet get cold really easily, you know that.”

Rena laughed and nudged Yuki with her elbow. “Your turn.”

“Hmmm.” Yuki rubbed her chin. “Whenever It was my turn to make dinner, you’d always pretend you like my cooking even though I know they suck. I can just see the pained expression on your face. I’m not made of glass, Rena. I can handle a little truth.”

Rena pursed her lips and averted her gaze away. “Well… they weren’t as bad as you think.”

“Really? Cause I could’ve sworn I heard you gagging that time I made us spaghetti for dinner.”

Rena facepalm-ed. “Oh God that spaghetti. I could still taste the crunchiness of the pasta in my mouth.”

“Okay, you’re being honest. This is a good start.”

“I got another one.” Rena began. “I couldn’t stand the smell of that expensive jasmine perfume you got for Christmas from your mom. It made the whole house smell like the funeral.”

Yuki gasped. “You told me you liked it!”

“You have no idea how relieved I was when you finally used up the entire bottle.”

“I am hurt. My mom probably would too.”

“But you wanted me to be honest.” Rena laughed.

That night, both of them didn’t sleep until it was almost dawn when the exhaustion was finally taking its toll on them. They spent the entire night talking and reminiscing the good and the bad memories they’ve shared for the past 6 years of their lives. They laughed, and then cried a bit and then laughed again, until both of them ran out of things to tell and ended up falling asleep on the sofa with heads resting on top of each other.




“Crap.” Kashiwagi Yuki muttered under her breath as she halted her bike to a stop. She got off, and inspected the front tire to find out a tiny nail had went through it causing it to be completely deflated. “Shit!”

She stood up and looked around. The street was practically empty and it was almost dark, not to mention she used up all her phone battery playing snakes during math class earlier. Her day just couldn’t get any better.

“Do you need any help?”

Yuki jumped when she heard voice rang out of nowhere. She turned and found a girl with a yellow bike staring at her. She was donned in a different school uniform than Yuki’s and had the palest skin Yuki has ever seen. She was also wearing a pair of glasses that made her look a tiny bit like a nerd.

“Uh, Yeah. My tire’s busted. Can I borrow your phone to call my mom?” Yuki panted.

“I’m sorry I don’t have a phone.” The latter spoke in a low voice.

“Great. This is just perfect.” Yuki grunted as she kicked a pebble on the street out of frustration. “How am I gonna get home now?”

“If you want, I can give you a ride.”

Yuki stopped and turned. “On your bike?”

       The girl then nodded in such an adorable manner, but Yuki quickly pushed that thought aside. “Thanks for the offer, but my house is pretty far from here. It’ll be really dark before you get home.”

“It’s okay.” The pale girl shrugged. “Besides, I don’t see any other options.”

       Yuki glanced at her busted tire and then at the mysterious pale girl. She considered her options, which were either going home with this stranger, or walk 5 miles home in the dark.

Yuki clicked her tongue. “Okay. I’ll go with you.”

The latter offered a tiny smile and motioned to the back of her bike. “Hop on.”

       Yuki sighed and hopped on the tiny seat behind the pale girl. It was then when she noticed the sweet scent of vanilla the girl was emitting. For some reason, that and the close proximity between the two of them made Yuki felt as if something had tickled the inside of her stomach. She concluded that it was probably something she ate for lunch.

“I’m Yuki, by the way.” She introduced herself.

The other girl turned and casted another smile her way. “I’m Rena and I think you should hold on.”

“Eh? Wait, im not ready yet! Wait!”

The Endo

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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena)
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2014, 04:55:06 PM »

After some time, you manage to finish this fic !!!
This called for a celebration  :cow:

And for the crack pairing...
YukiMilky and RenaParuru, huh?
Can't really imagine them together..  :lol:
And then there's JurinaMilky..
Somehow I know that if they do get together, one of them will cheat on the others  :smhid

You finally choose them to be separated, huh?
But, I guess it make senses..
If they don't love each other anymore, it's best for them to go on their separate ways  :cry:

But, their first meeting is so sweet though  :wub:

Anyway, go work on your thesis now..  :smhid
Have fun  :lol:
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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena)
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2014, 06:26:12 PM »
I like the story but I honestly would break it down better.  Just an opinion as it seemed like an OS as I kept reading it
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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena)
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2014, 07:50:19 PM »
why my heart cried after reading this...

just too long   ,, ; × ; )

I think even if they separate.. In the future , sometimes they will miss each other for sure..

Thanks for this touch story.

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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena)
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2014, 07:56:16 PM »

Mostly YukiRena with:

JuriMilky (The first AKB Kennin)
and RenaParu....


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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena)
« Reply #5 on: September 26, 2014, 06:50:45 AM »
at first, i thought watanabe is mayu and it'll mayuki, but it's milky! yukimilky, eh?  :lol:
and when milky said she already in relationship, maybe it'll be sayanee, but you fooled me! it's jurina!
wohohoho jurimilky part just made me laughed hard you know :lol:
then renaparu... paru being aggresive, eh?  :grin:
so in the end, yukirena broke up?
hem, i still want they're together....
and last part is yukirena first meeting?
umm, thanks for your story.
it really made my mood :)
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

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overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena)
« Reply #6 on: September 26, 2014, 12:09:01 PM »

After some time, you manage to finish this fic !!!
This called for a celebration  :cow:

And for the crack pairing...
YukiMilky and RenaParuru, huh?
Can't really imagine them together..  :lol:
And then there's JurinaMilky..
Somehow I know that if they do get together, one of them will cheat on the others  :smhid

You finally choose them to be separated, huh?
But, I guess it make senses..
If they don't love each other anymore, it's best for them to go on their separate ways  :cry:

But, their first meeting is so sweet though  :wub:

Anyway, go work on your thesis now..  :smhid
Have fun  :lol:

well renaparu is a total crackship
Now that i kept my promise of finishing my fic, you go finish yours  :on shady:
you should go out with me tonight. we can share fic ideas and stuff while drinking  :yuki:

I like the story but I honestly would break it down better.  Just an opinion as it seemed like an OS as I kept reading it

thank you for reading!
well i personally prefer reading long OS all in one go instead of in parts, so i didnt break mine into parts.*^* but thats just my personal opinion. i'm sorry if i made you dizzy from reading that much  :fainted:


Mostly YukiRena with:

JuriMilky (The first AKB Kennin)
and RenaParu....


hi, thanks for reading!
hmm come to think of it maybe i should put up all the pairing names on the title... but then it wouldnt be a surprise T^T

at first, i thought watanabe is mayu and it'll mayuki, but it's milky! yukimilky, eh?  :lol:
and when milky said she already in relationship, maybe it'll be sayanee, but you fooled me! it's jurina!
wohohoho jurimilky part just made me laughed hard you know :lol:
then renaparu... paru being aggresive, eh?  :grin:
so in the end, yukirena broke up?
hem, i still want they're together....
and last part is yukirena first meeting?
umm, thanks for your story.
it really made my mood :)

yess, that is exactly why i didnt want to put all the pairing names cause i wanted my readers to guess  :glasses:
paru being aggressive was a bit OOC but it was fun for me to imagine xD i hope it was fun for you too
yeah, they broke up. actually in the original draft, i was gonna make them meet each other again and start over, but i wanted to keep the story a lil bit on the realistic side. so i just wanted to point out that sometimes love does fade even though you thought youd spend the rest of your life with that person. im getting cheesy now, i should stop.
and yep, that last part is a flashback on how they first met in high school  :mon trudge:

thanks for the comment! im glad i made your mood better  :gmon shy:

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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena, ParuRena, Jurimilky)
« Reply #7 on: September 26, 2014, 09:42:51 PM »
I love this.
But,,I think you should make a long fic with this one.
Bcz I really wanted see how they will enjoy their separate times.
And I will definitely enjoy and waiting forward every chapter of that. Hehehehe.
It's really good.

I really don't know what to say when I realize that "cheater" with "kissumon" together.

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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena, ParuRena, Jurimilky)
« Reply #8 on: September 26, 2014, 09:48:31 PM »
It didn't make me dizzy as so much that this it self could be a fic with chapters rather than an OS where a lot of scenes
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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena, ParuRena, Jurimilky)
« Reply #9 on: September 27, 2014, 12:14:10 AM »
its make me shivered... the story, yea... what a great plot.. and really did an awesome touch on the pairing  :twothumbs

but... but... but ... WHERE IS MAYU !!??  :cry:  ooh i hope you could add about mayuyu in your story..

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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena, ParuRena, Jurimilky)
« Reply #10 on: September 27, 2014, 12:17:58 AM »
It has been a week since I last logged-in and then there's this story,

When Yuko said "Watanabe" I thought it was Mayu - but it was Milky all along  :temper:
When Milky said she was in a relationship, I thought it was Sayanee - but no it's Jurina :err:
In the cafe, I thought Rena's waitress was Jurina - but it was Paru   :shock:

such rare pairings, *bookmarked the story  :farofflook: :farofflook:

keep it up and thanks for the hard work :)  :sashiko:

Lame Story ahead!

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Re: The Day Off (YukiRena, ParuRena, Jurimilky)
« Reply #11 on: September 27, 2014, 12:36:40 AM »
Somehow i want the continuation

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