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Author Topic: [OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)  (Read 6100 times)

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[OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)
« on: October 24, 2013, 08:56:03 PM »
Masquerade Party (Prequel)

The Royal Ball (Masquerade Party Sequel)

“So you’re cordially invited huh” Yuko smirks while reading the newly arrived invitation.
“Oi that’s mine!” The smaller girl grabs the card.
“This is unfair! Why me and Nyannyan were not invited!”
“She didn’t even know your name yet baka”  Takamina read again the card. “Finally we will meet again my princess..”

“Okay fine just don’t forget to take pictures and bring some souvenirs, I’ll look forward on that midget” Yuko glares at her.
“Look who’s talking midget number 2” She laughs. “But wait! What should I wear? I’ll be facing royalties there literally”
“Don’t ya worry my friend Yuko will save your wardrobe” Yuko winks.
“Ahhh NO thanks! I’d better seek Mariko about this”

“What?! Did you forget? I bought the one you’re wearing on the masquerade event!”
“I know! But you made me wear a tuxedo?” Takamina rolls her eyes.
“It suits you well! Your princess even recognized it!”
“She did not!”
“She did!”

A tall girl yawning stretching her arms on the couch “You two so noisy..”
“Nyan nyan soweee have we woke you up?” Yuko mumbles.
“Obviously Yuuchan come here I’m cold..”
Yuko jumps in a glance “Hai!”

“You guys there’s a guest room upstairs tsssss..” Takamina looks at them.
“No thanks we prefer here in your lovely couch” Yuko teasing her friend because she knows Takamina will walk out and leave them alone.
“Perv squirrel..just knock me in my room when you’re done and clean” she went upstairs and immediately lock her room, resting her back on the bed wall still staring at the invitation. “Maybe I should call her..but maybe she’s busy..I should mail her instead..ahh but I want to hear her voice..okay I’ll call her..” when her thoughts were fighting her mobile rang that made her surprise. An overseas call without any doubt she answers it.

“Moshi moshi?”
“Minami!! Hai! This is me! Have you received it?” The girl on the other line shows her excitement tone.
“Um just now actually..” Takamina utterly replied as if her words were dashing backwards when she hears her voice.
“I’m excited Minami I shall see you again..”

“So do I Atsuko I’ve waited for this..and..I miss you so much..” she hears a voice on the other line.
“I miss you too Minami..” the small girl’s face turned strawberry pink. Until she heard someone is talking to her beloved “I’m sorry to interrupt you your highness but we need to go now”
“I think I shall call you later Atsuko I guess you‘re busy am I right?”
“No not that busy just slight preparing something..Ok then we shall talk later..”

“And oh Atsuko..I..”
“I love you too Minami” the girl chuckled.
“Ehhh at least let me finish it!”
“Okay say it” the princess was giggling.
“I love you Atsuko..” Takamina bites her lower lips even though it’s just a call she’s still shy.

“Do I have to answer it again?”
“…Mmm It’s up to you..”
“I’m just kidding Takahashi I love you too again and again, see you soon..” Smiling as they hung up.
“Atsuko..” she let a deep inhale staring the card again “See you very soon..”

Time of Arrival 8:00pm

“This is it” As Takahashi Minami finally arrived on her lover’s country. Waiting for her small luggage she saw some aristocrat girl who’s busy worrying with her mobile phone. “Do you need any help?” She approaches the not so tall girl with black wavy hair.
“Thank you for the generosity indeed I need help my phone just run out of battery and I need to contact someone to fetch me” The girl answered.
“Do they know you’re arriving this day?” Takamina asks again.
“They don’t know actually” The girl smile awkwardly.
“You can use mine then” The small girl offers.

“Really? Thank you so much” She immediately called someone and give the details. “Thank you so much again Miss..”
“Minami, Takahashi Minami..”
“Takahashi San..Thank you again..” She bows once more to appreciate the gratitude being offered to her.
“No problem at all as long as I can help”
“Yuki, Kashiwagi Yuki..”
“Kashiwagi San..” Showing her dimples.

“Just call me Yukirin Onegaishimasu”
“And just call me Takamina also..”
“Noted that Takamina, Ohh I guess I need to go now they are here..See you around here” The elegant lady waves her goodbye.

The crowd in the airport starts to follow one direction on the hallway which Takamina notices it while picking up her luggage. Upon her curiosity she follows the crowd and pushes herself to see what’s going on. The people gets more and more aggressive taking some shots and videos, because of her unusual height she didn’t tend to see what’s really happening, tipping her toes and tries to jump a bit still not enough. On her last attempt of jumping a bit high, accidentally she drops off her phone.

“sheesh” she immediately look down for it but a sudden sound of crack made her frown when someone steps into it. “eehh NO! chotto!” she shouted but it’s too late. Takamina wipes it with her hands but it’s already been broken. Trying to save the files but she didn’t succeed too.

“I need to buy ne I guess” pouting in regret she then exits on the airport and tries to look a suitable private service cab to fetch her in.
“Need one Sire?” A not so tall person approaches her wearing a black beanie and jacket.
“Oh I’m a girl” Takamina corrected the person’s address.
“Sorry Madame” The person bows and spit off the chewing gum on its mouth.

“It’s fine you’re the first person who calls me that though, so take me to the nearest hotel please” Takamina carrying her luggage she felt strange when carrying the small bag because it becomes heavier or maybe she became weak she thought.
“Let me help you” The person offered help and they both carry the small but heavy luggage.
Sitting down at the back seat holding her broken phone, she notices the driver’s ID clipping on the front view mirror. “Sorry..But you’re a girl?” seeing the ID pic with a long black hair wearing a cute smile.

“Yup” She smiled while looking at the mirror to see her passenger. “Am I that handsome in your eyes that I look like a guy?” she laughs.
“Kinda..I didn’t notice it besides you’re wearing a beanie”
“Watanabe, Mayu Watanabe..” she glances again while smiling.
“Hajimemashite Watanabe san”
“Just call me by my first name” Mayu keeps driving. “So you’re here for Vacation? Work?”
“None of the above” Takamina felt shy.

“Oh I forgot to mentioned Love life” they both laugh as the two of them knew that words were right.
After talking random things to kill the time on the road finally they’ve arrived on the nearest destination.
“Here ya go, uhmmm?”
“Takamina, just call me that”
“Here ya go, Takamina” Mayu repeats it.

When she’s about to grab her wallet on her jeans she forgot she doesn’t have a pocket so she lifted up her brown luggage and open it up to pay the lady driver. Thinking that she must give some tip for the hospitality that has been showed to her. She noticed some unfamiliar things on her luggage, not some actually but all of the stuff inside weren’t hers.
“Wait what is this?” Blurting out what she saw.
“Daijoubu?” Mayu peeks on her.
“This isn’t my luggage” Takamina literally face palming.
“What do you mean you pick the wrong one or brought the wrong one?”
“Both I guess?”

“Ehhh try to recall the scene I’m sure it will help”
“I’m sure I brought my own luggage before I left the house, I then checked on the airport, I arrived here and I picked my luggage but wait the crowd gets enormous then..”
“Then?” Mayu is now curious.
“Then before that I met this girl whom I offered my mobile for her to used ……” upon realization, Minami continued “Jeez!  What if my luggage got switched on hers?”
“That’s possible Takamina.. chotto, if she used your phone, then the phone number that she dialed is still there? We can contact that person!” Mayu said excitedly like she had this little light bulb over her head.

“Yeah! You’re right!” Takamina checked her phone beside her and pull it up. “I guess it can’t help” she sighed. “My phone got broken when someone stepped onto it earlier”
“Sorry to hear that. What’s your plan now?”
“Anou …. I think I can’t pay you right now. Hehe sorry” Takamina laughed awkwardly “….. But can you pick me up again tomorrow at exactly 8pm? I just need to contact some person and ask for help. Financially. I’ll pay you on that day I promise” she raised her right hand.
“Sure. No worries”

Minami waved her hand to say goodbye then enters the hotel where she will stay. Right after she checked in and put the unknown luggage beside her bed, she quickly grabbed the phone and dialed a number.
“Moshi moshi.. Mariko?”
“Hai, speaking. Who is this?”
“It’s me Minami. Please help me. I got a problem here”
“It’s your problem. Don’t implicate me”
“Mou~” Minami pouts.
“Just kidding. What is it?”
“My luggage got switched with this woman named Yukirin. All of my things and the dress that I will wear is there!”
“So what?” Mariko asked plainly.
“Mouuuuu~!! Marikooooo!!”
“Hahahaha okay I’ll send you another clothes to wear and extra money. Just be sure you’ll give it back to me okay?!”
“Haiii~ Arigatou Mariko-sama”

Next day …

Minami opens her eyes slowly as she still felt sleepy after having a bad time of sleeping because of excitement and feeling worried. Excited because she will see her princess again, Atsuko, and worried because she still not yet receive the clothes and money that Mariko gave and …… it’s almost 7:30 in the evening now!
“What the?! I need to prepare now!” she rise up from the bed while holding the small clock from the table. “but wait…. I have nothing to prepare!!!!” Minami starts to panic. She moves, runs from left to right and decided to take a shower for only ten minutes. While fixing the robe around her, the door’s bell rang.

“Excuse me madam. I have a delivery for you”
“ah! Thank goodness! I’ve been waiting for this. Arigatou!”
Minami looked at her watch and it’s time for her to leave the place. She doesn’t have enough time to check and wear the clothes. She will just fix herself again once she arrives at the place where the Royal Ball is.
“Good evening Takamina. Hop in now or you’ll be late” Mayu signed at Minami to quickly go inside her cab.
Minami tell the place where she will be going and it really surprises the cab driver. While driving as fast as she can to the said place, Minami explains and answers everything that Mayu asked. Like about her dress, what time it will start, how is she going to fix herself etc.
“Thank you so much Mayu! I better go now. I’ll see you later. I’ll give my full payment later, I just really need to be hurry” Minami said. Panting.
“Go now. I understand”

Minami ran quickly towards the near restroom and inside a cubicle to change her clothes. She unwrapped the cover and slowly, a black cloth is showing. She stopped for a while as she felt nervous about this cloth. Minami pull it out; her instinct is right. It’s a tuxedo ….. again!

Enjoy the Royal Ball Midget!
Have fun with your princess.

“Arrggh! For godsake Marichan. Why did you let Yuko do this to meeee!” Minami sighed. “I have no choice. I need to wear this or else, I’ll wear that stinky outfit from yesterday”
Minami fixed herself with this boyish outfit again. She ties her hair, put on its necktie and make sure that the shoes are shiny. She was about to open the cubicle’s door but the other woman’s voice stopped her from going. “That woman might think I’m a man… I better need to wait until she leaves this room”.

It only takes a moment when the woman left. Minami opens the door a bit and check the area. “I guess there’s no one here. I need to hurry and find Atsuko”
“Kyaaaaa~!! Pervert!” a woman squealed from her back. Alarming the guards from the outside, Minami runs fast and quickly hide on the noisy crowd.

‘I hope Takamina will be okay’ Mayu said to herself while driving towards the parking area. She’s driving calmly when someone suddenly runs and blocks her way. Mayu stepped hard on the break that made her head slightly bump on the steering wheel.
“I’m sorry. I need to get out of this place now. Please take me anywhere” a woman wearing a blue gown carrying a luggage went inside her cab while panting.
“O-okay madam”
“Hurry! Drive faster!”
Mayu drived fast again far away from the parking area. She looked on the cab’s side mirror and saw a man wearing a tuxedo. He’s like chasing the woman who is now beside her.
“Yuki !!! Get back here!!” the man screamed.
“Don’t listen to Sae. Please drive far away from here”

Going back to Minami, she is now searching for her princess. Looking at the bunch of crowds but there’s still no Atsuko around until the lights went off and a spot light flashed over the door at the corner. Minami smiled lovely when someone wearing a very elegant gown appeared. The woman has her beautiful smile while walking fabulously to the red carpet assigned on her. The crowd pushed aside automatically as the princess continued on walking to the center of the stage. Minami was stunned by the princess’ beauty as felt her feet glued on the ground.
“Minami …” the princess called.
“Y-your h-highness …… A-Atsuko” Minami said in shaky voice.
“You look so handsome ….” Atsuko can’t remove the lovely smile on her face.
“and you look so beautiful tonight …”
“only tonight?” Atsuko smirked.
“of course not. You’re always beautiful in my eyes your highness” Minami cups the princess’ cheeks using her right hand and slowly moving her face closer; trying to capture her soft lips. The crowd was confused as they start babbling, talking and guessing who the midget is and what is her relation to the princess. Before Atsuko and Minami’s lips collide, the guards earlier showed up.
“That’s him! Get Him!”

Minami grabbed Atsuko’s hand and start running away from the guards. “He’s getting away with the princess!!” the head guard shouted.

“Where are we going? Why are they chasing you?” Atsuko asked. Confused.
“It’s a long story. I’ll tell it to you later but for now, take off your shoes.. it’ll be hard for you to run!” Atsuko removed it quickly before the guards can reach them.
“He’s with the princess! Take control at all gates. Don’t let him leave this place!” the another guard talks over his alliance thru his walkie-talkie .
“What are we going to do now? They’re blocking our way!” Atsuko panicked.
“I .. I don’t know. Just continue on running!”

Before the two reached the hands of the guards on the gates, a sudden loud sound of horn and bright lights from a cab parts and moves away the masculine guards.
“Hurry! Go inside before they catch the both of you!” Mayu ordered.
As Atsuko and Minami finally went inside the cab, Mayu starts her engine and dashed off from the place without any doubt that she might bump another car on the sides or even guards that are still running and trying to catch them.
The four people inside sighed in relief when they finally gone out of sight of those masculine guards. Yes, they are four and to Atsuko’s surprise, her cousin Yukirin is also inside.

“Yuki? What are you doing here? Do you know him? But aren’t you with Sae earlier?” Atsuko asked.
“I ran away from him just to be with HER” Yuki holds Mayu hand which is still holding the gear shift. Mayu’s face became red.
“You’re fast huh~” Minami smirked at Mayu.
“Huh? Why? How? The happenings right now is really making me confused” Atsuko slightly messed up her hair.
“Don’t be confused my princess…” Minami fixed Atsuko’s hair. “I’ll tell everything later but for now, let’s enjoy being together under this beautiful moon and cold night” she cups the woman’s cheeks and continue what she was about to do earlier on Atsuko’s lips. The two on the front seats smiled widely and look on each other. What happened to them, what they talked about and how they ended up like this will remain a secret between them.

-THE END- :nya:

btw, Happy Birthday again Chichay12 :on slopkiss:

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Re: [OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2013, 09:36:41 PM »
Enjoy the Royal Ball Midget!
Have fun with your princess.


I love Acchan48     maji ni naranakya katenee yo

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Re: [OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)
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wow takaboy is so fast...

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Re: [OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)
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btw, Happy Birthday again Chichay12 :on slopkiss:
omg im so happy :on gay:

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Re: [OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)
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another sequel!! we wanna know what happen when they run away  :deco:

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Re: [OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)
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btw, Happy Birthday again Chichay12 :on slopkiss:
omg im so happy :on gay:

Happy belated birthday chicay sorry for late wish... busy with presentation. . Tommorrow is my birthday. Does anyone gonna make atsumina or mariharu short stories for me?

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Re: [OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)
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LOL Yuko managed to make Takamina wear a tuxedo again. Very smart Yuko. :thumbsup

Mayuki is really fast. Yuki liked her already?

I want another sequel too. Continuation for this. :hee:

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Re: [OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)
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interesting short story...

too bad you only going to make it as a OS not a series

But... I enjoyed the fun romantic story

Thank you

Can't wait to see your other stories

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)
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aw! so Charming Takaboy!!!


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Re: [OS - KaruMia Collab] The Royal Ball (Atsumina)
« Reply #9 on: February 08, 2017, 05:52:32 PM »
Ahh.. Too short!! And too much plot holes like how they met, what happened between Sae and Yuki, etc etc etc.. But thank you, happy endings are always good  :lol:
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