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Author Topic: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 21(Multipairing) 7/7/2018  (Read 18922 times)

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 19(Multipairing) 21/6/2018
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I seem to miss some chapters :err:

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 19(Multipairing) 21/6/2018
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   It was another hectic day for our student council president, Yokoyama Yui, strolling around the school to made sure the festival preparation processing well. Not too mention, the transfered student still not within her grasps. AKB Gakuen has rule where all students who attended this school needed to joined at least one club, except for those who has a valid reason for not to. Sadly, our charming puppy, Matsui Jurina decided to broke the rule by not joining any club like she supposed to. This causing our president and her treasure, Yamamoto Sayaka hunting her down.

   Walking along the school ground, Yui proceed to the danso event stage where the preparation still ongoing. This special club event will be the highlight of festival before the fire bon and fireworks during the last day, second day of festival.

From where she stood, a certain puppy didn't escaped her eyes, Jurina was standing near the stage and she let her guard down. It was a perfect timing to ambushed her, but chose not to. Just for today, she let her off the hook.

   "Rare to see you alone. Where's Watanabe-san and those fans of yours? ", asked her after near enough to the said girl.

   "Oh. President! You're not going to catch me today? ", beamed Jurina. There was no fear in her eyes,like she knew well the other party will never succeeded in capturing her. Yui nodded, confirming she not going to play ran and chase today. She too tired for it. Jurina grinned. "I told the girls to leave me alone today because I don't have time to ease their lonely soul. As for Mayu, she lazying around inside the infirmary. This kind of crowded event displeasure her", Jurina answered Yui's question.

   "That girl... ". Yui do not further things more or did something about it. Though she only knew the existence of Watanabe Mayu this year and barely spoken to her, she already knows enough how Mayu was. Meddling with the cyborg's business only brings nothing but misfortune for her. Let's just hope she not gonna back out from her participation, prays Yui.

   But went further to infirmary, she must hated the festival so much, was what inside Jurina's mind.

On another side

   "Oohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ".

   Everybody in class awed by Yuki's appearance in maid outfit and black cat ears as decoration on her head. They decided to do Maid Cafe for this festival after came up went through many plans. It was simple, they knows, but hey... Don't misjudge the power of Maid Cafe!

   "And there's our proud maid from Kagoshima. Wow! Yuki. You nail this off, we're gonna be hit for sure! Attracting people no longer a problem", Miichan nodding, proud of her handy work. For this time, Takamina the class representive let Miichan did the lead this time as she so excited doing so.

   With eyes all on her, Yuki felt a pang of shyness hit her. Backing away, she hid herself behind her sole protecter, Rena for some cover. This little scene only made people blush further of how cute Yuki was being that moment.

   "Okay, okay, enough. We got work to do. Get those hands moving, quick! ". Takamina clapped her hand. Everyone went back to their previous work.

   Sighing of relief, Yuki's plan to slip off the maid uniform from her body came halted when Sae went and made conversation with her.

   "You looked suited in those". Pointing at the maid outfit. "You looks cute".

   "Sae-chan! ". Yuki's face really flushed like roasted potato to received another compliment. The compliment made her happy all giddy inside, but she also hated it because it made her embarrassed. "It's normal. I am sure you and the others to will look cute".

   "Probably ", Sae said with no care of those. Rather than seen herself in maid outfit, she liked it better if she became a viewer and master of the maid. "I am jealous ".

   "Huh? About what? This outfit? No worries, each person gonna have their owns later after they finish with the knitting".

   Sae laughed. "You really are cute, Yuki-chan. So innocent. But...maybe, that's why I attracted to you in the first place", Sae said out loud for Yuki to hears. Yuki stunned. It was too sudden, her lips locked letting Sae to finish her sentence. "What I am jealous about is not those outfit, but I am jealous because you will serve others in the day of school festival. I don't want that. After all.. ", Sae stepped forward closer to Yuki. Yuki taken aback. Sae's eyes was so intense reflecting her seriousness. Sae resumed. "I don't want the person I am in love with, serve another person..beside me".

   "Sae-chan ",mumbled her under her breath.

   "OUCH! ". That snapped Yuki back. She quickly took a look what the ruckus about, leaving Sae alone. Sae sighed. Her hidden emotion got the better of her this time. Sayaka who witnessed the exchange mouthed 'don't mind', Encouraging her friend. Sae sadly smiled. Rena who also one of the spectators sighing. Hoped to not dragged in this love triangle.

   "Baka Gachapin! ".

   "Hei! I am sorry okay.I didn't mean to". Miichan was playing around the knitting group, then accidentally hit the fabrics and made Takojo Aki who was knitting pierced her finger with the needle.

   Seeing the situation, Yuki overreact and panicked. "I'll go take the aid kit",volunteered her. Walked out from the class without waiting for replies and forgetting she still in maid outfit with cat ears.

   The princess reached the infirmary in no time, entering the empty room and lead her way to retrieved the aid kit. Along the way it bothered Yuki if the school nurse actually exists or not. Dismissed her unnecessary thought, she spun to leave the place quick but the closed curtain of one bed managed to attracted her. A whispers inside her told her to opened it and she did.

   There on the bed, was a sleeping Mayu. Unlike usual self, she not wearing her signature hoodie and twintails today. The girl looked so peaceful enjoying her slumber time. Worries began filling her up. Yuki put the aid kit on the near desk and sat on a chair beside the bed. Touching the younger girl forehead, a normal temperature relieved her. Rather than leave the room, she took the time to inspect Mayu's face. Just expected, there no doubt you're cute, Mayuyu~. Her milky white fair skin, cute nose, well shaped eyebrows, and her pink lips... Hmm? Something shiny sticking out from Mayu's collar around her neck. Snow pendant?.... Wait! Isn't that...

   "What are you staring at? ".



   Then, sound of something hit the ground.

   "WHAT THE HELL?! DID YOU JUST SLAP ME?!", Mayu shouted in disbelief. She loves Yuki, she really do. But that was not the reason for Yuki to slapped her anytime she wanted.

   "I am so SORRY! So sorry. I didn't mean to. Sorry Mayuyu!! ". After she got up from the cold floor.

   "Sorry not cut it. I came here in hope to lessen my headaches but now, I need to recover my soon to be swollen cheek thanks to you". Mayu was frustrated. The headaches getting to her.

   "I am sorry once again! Please forgive me, okay? ". Yuki apologized again and again with teary eyes. The idea of the younger girl hating her scared her so much.

   "Forget it ", simply answered before Mayu lied back down. Yuki sat back on the chair, with head down afraid to looks at the angry cyborg.

   "Yuki-chan!". The silent broken by Rena and Sae. "There you are! Come on, let's go back to class. Everyone waiting for you", Sae took Yuki's hand pulling her to stand up.

   But another hold prevented Yuki from standing. It was Mayu, still laying on the bed with eyes on Yuki and Sae. Yuki shocked, Sae also the same. Eyes on the emotionless cyborg.

   "Don't leave. Stay here with me. If you want me to forgive you, don't you dare step out from this room without me tell you so".

   "Stop being a baby. Yuki are needed in class. She got work to do. So let her go! ", Sae exclaimed. Her tone was harsh, Mayu's expression that moment pissed her off like telling 'Yuki is mine! '.

   Yuki bewildered. Which one?

   "Please, Yuki ", Mayu spoke softly. Her eyes were gentle and spreading warm inside Yuki. She felt pity to let the younger girl down, but what about Sae?

   That was the moment, Rena decided to stepped in became Yuki knight in shining armor. Rena putted her hand gently on Sae's shoulder made the girl jolted from her staring to Mayu and Yuki. "We got enough people to help us. Let Yuki stays here. Mayu-san are not feeling well this moment, the nurse isn't here so let Yuki take care of her".

   "But! ".

   Rena quickly shut Sae up and took the aid kit from earlier. "See you later, Yuki, Mayu-san ". Bidding her farewell she dragged Sae along with her.

   Yuki immobilized in her spot, not knowing what just happened. A guilt creeping inside, Sae's face earlier was unforgettable. A tug on her shirt snapped her back from dealing with her emotion.

   "Get in", ordered Mayu. Pat the empty spot on bed beside her.


   "Are you deaf or what? ". Seeing the girl made no attempts to move, Mayu rolled her eyes before pulling the older girl to fall beside her.

   "Eeehhhhhhhhhh?!!!!!!! ".

   "Stop screaming. Now go to sleep ", ordered Mayu again.

   "But! ".

   "No buts. You're a maid,right. So be my maid for today, and my order is I want you to accompany me sleep. Understood". Mayu hugs Yuki. Wrapping her arms around Yuki's waist. Her head leaned closer to Yuki's neck. Finding it was a comfortable position, she then closed her eyes. Yuki sighed. Looking down on her maid outfit. She face-palmed asking herself how forgot to change. But seeing how peaceful the younger girl was, Yuki didn't have heart to rejected the girl and closed her eyes too. Unconsciously, in her sleep, Yuki's arms pulled Mayu closer towards her and hugged her protectively. Mayu smiling in her sleep.

   "Let go of me". Sae struggle to pulled her hand back from the frail looking girl who was dragging her this moment. After far enough from infirmary and student's eyes, Rena finally let go of Sae. "Why are you doing this? I only want Yuki to back with us!".

   "I saved you. Instead screaming at me like this, the thing you should do is feeling grateful that I don't leave you there suffering from broken heart".

   "What are you implying, Rena? ".

   Rena sighed. She shouldn't butt in others problem. But it killing her to seen more suffering. Inside her, she debating with herself if she should tell or not. Yes, she dislikes Sae, but she also can't stand seeing people suffers,furthermore when the source of the sufferness is from her own bestfriend. Finally, a final decision was made. Rena glanced around to sure no one near them. Then, looked back at Sae who still giving the same expression.

   "Knowing your closeness with Yuki, you must knows about her childhood friend that disappeared 6 years ago without news".

   "Yuchan?.. Yes, Yuki-chan told me before, so how can her loss friend got anything to do with our conversation? ".

   Inhaling a deep breath. Rena told Sae the truth she has been hiding from Yuki itself. "Yuchan and Mayu-san, is a same person. Mayu-san is Yuki's loss childhood friend".

   "That's ridiculous! How can it be! Are you nuts?! And how did you sure of this in the first place?! ".

   "Calm down.. At first, it also surprised me to saw Mayu-san when Yuko-san introduced her to us. I met her before, Yuki introduced Mayu-san to me as Yuchan. But I was a shy person, I don't get along well with stranger quickly. So instead calling her Yuchan as she told me to, I asked for her real name. And the real name of Yuchan is 'Watanabe Mayu '. It's hard to believe. I also in the same position as you before".

   ".....And since then, you kept this a secret from Yuki-chan".

   "Yeah. When I recognized Yuchan and Mayu-san is the same person, you got no idea how thrilled I was... Telling this to Yuki who has been waiting for her so long, was the first thing came up inside my mind. But, before I got to tell her, Mayu-san found out and stopped me. But fate had brought them together, with Yuki transferred here two months ago. Interesting right, no matter how apart they are, their bond is really strong. And even Yuki do not knows the truth, she still attached to Mayu-san no matter what". Rena smiled sadly. Her head looked down.

   "I'll tell her". Rena's eyes widened. Looking straight at Sae. "I'll tell Yuki who is Mayu". Sae spun around to headed back to the infirmary once more but Rena hurriedly went standing in front her preventing her from walking more further.

   "I never let you go if that's what your intentions is". The voice coming from Rena was cold. Full of seriousness. Her eyes reflecting her determination. Sae taken aback. She tried to passed the raven girl but unsuccessful. Like Rena said, she will never let Sae go.

   "What?! Are you siding with her now?! You got no idea how mad Yuki-chan will be if she learn the truth of your cooperation with that cyborg fooling her! ".

   "I know. And yes, I am scared. But I am not fooling her, it's just Mayu-san got her own reason she can't tell about. The same with everyone. Everyone also has their owns secret cannot be tell. So I am just trying to understand Mayu-san better, and let the fate works...". Rena loosen up. Speaking in more softer tone. "I know you loves Yuki so much. I understand. After all, I'd been in love with her since I could remember ".

   "You... ". Sae gaped.

   "Learning she was still in love with the girl that had left, killing me inside. When she rejected my confession three years ago, I decided to gave up and remains by her side as her bestfriend. As someone who will protect her. She said she will forget about her Yuchan,... how ironic. Did she think I'll fall for that. She has been waiting for 6 years, so how can another 6 years going to be a problem for her?..Maybe she will be angry, no, furious when she learn that Mayu-san is Yuchan.. But it will not last long, eventually she will forgive her. And accept her. So tell me,.. if you are sure Yuki will accept your love over her first love?... My advice as your classmate,you should give up". Rena ended her sentences. Waiting for Sae's next sentences.

    ".......I.. I am not you! My love for her are real! This is my seriousness. Until she tell me she can't love me the same as I do, I'll never give up this feeling of mine". Sae clenched her fists. Instead walked passed Rena, she spun towards opposite direction and left the place.

   Rena felt relieved. She can felt storm heading this way. A rivalry gonna taken its place in this school. Now, it was up to Yuki for made her decision and dodged the wrong choice.

   "Well said!".

   "Ugh. Since when you're there? ". An annoyance showing on her pale face seeing the short haired girl standing with her back leaning on the wall with her cat-like smile.

   "Nah. Just passing by. I was on my way to fetched Mayu until I heard your bickering with Sae-senpai".

   "We're not fighting okay".

   "Yeah. Say whatever you want. But you taken me by surprise,  you knows about Mayu but did not tell it to Yuki-senpai. Oh well, it saved me the trouble to speak some mind into Sae-senpai that she never gonna win. No matter what. Well, I'll be taking my leave now. Bye!! ", Jurina said then skipping away.

   "Just that? Why she bother stopping then... ". Rena murmered. Later realized she not acting as her usual self. Focus Rena, focus. Don't let that brat influence you.

   Ding Dong Ding

   "To every dear students of AKB Gakuen. School will be closing soon. So makes sure you don't forget anything and be safe on your way. Tomorrow is festival, makes sure everyone coming okay~or..there will be pu~nish~ment waiting for you. Understand?.. That's all from me, your dear announcer Watanabe Miyuki~".

   Yuki woke up finding herself still inside infirmary. Alone. No Mayu beside her. It's already evening, I wonder if she has gone home. Yuki later headed to class taking her bag before leaving the school as well. Staying in school until night did not sound appealing to her. Just she about to passed the gate, Her shoulder grabbed from behind then felt her body got spun around by that person.


   "Sae-chan? ".

To be Continued

Long, I know. I kind off in hurry to finish this story before going on hiatus for my studies. New story came up in my mind. Gonna post it after I finish this.

For the readers, thank you so much :welcome for spending your time to read this story of mine. I am really grateful. I am still beginner in writing but I hope I'll get more better in the future. Thank you~  :byebye:



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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 20(Multipairing) 30/6/2018
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Finally time for Yuki to find out the TRUTH!!!!
punish me miyuki
Ur writing is more GREAT THAN ME I can't even write a story
New story~ aaah I can't wait!!

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 20(Multipairing) 30/6/2018
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It's the moment of truth for Yuki. I hope she ends up with yuchan since she's been waiting for her for so long. Cannot wait for your new story.

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 20(Multipairing) 30/6/2018
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update soonnnnnn
Cute Mayuki scene, love it
and Yuki saw the necklace but why she didn't question it
I need to see more of Jurina and Rena, needed to know their improvement

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 20(Multipairing) 30/6/2018
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   It was another normal Wednesday, except today was AKB Gakuen festival. Rather than getting ready for school like she supposed to, Yuki took her time laying on bed staring at the white ceiling above her. Today, she woke early than usual to her surprise.

   A sounds of footsteps approaching. Her door bursted opened with, "Time to shine, sleepyhead!!! ". Mrs.Kashiwagi stood on the doorway staring at Yuki's dark brown orbs similar to her owns. "Oh, you already up. That's unusual for you. Oh well, get up and get ready for school, you got festival to attend to, right? ", reminded Mrs. Kashiwagi before taking her leave to prepared breakfast for her husband and daughter.

   No complaints, Yuki raised from her bed and went to bathroom. After fully dressed, she went to greet her father in the kitchen then ran full speed avoiding for her mother forcing her to ate some breakfast. Unlike her, her mother is an excellent cooker and she liked to ate the food made by her, but the image of eating early in the morning not suited with her taste.

    It was almost the end of summer, but the hotness still bothering her. The sun was glaring at her the whole time on her way to school. Awaiting her in front of the gate entrance was a big colourful decorated signboard. The art club did excellent job. On her way, some of her fans and acquaintance greeted her and with pleasure she returned it with a warm smile. As expected from the princess.

   "Ah Kashiwagi-san, here". Akicha handed a maid outfit to Yuki. "We already fixed what was necessary to fix", told Akicha. Examining the outfit, the outfit sure looks cute than yesterday.

   "Ano, did Sae-chan arrived yet? ".

   Akicha thinking for a moment before nodding. "Yes, she is. But she disappeared somewhere with Akimoto-san. Sorry for not helping".

   "You don't need to worry. The answer already enough ". Akicha bows before taking her leave to settles the other outfits.

   Worried consuming Yuki. Yesterday event came back.


   "Yuki! "

   "Sae-chan? ".

   The grips on her shoulders tightening as Sae facing her with a desperated looks on her face. This expression was the same as in the infirmary earlier but more intense.

   "Yuki. I need the answer now. If you willing to go out with me", demanded Sae.

   "Sae-chan, I... ".

   "Please Yuki. I know I already promised you that I'll wait as longer an you wants me to. But I can't help but worry, if I wait any further you'll fade away from me. It's only a matter of time until you met her, after that, I am terrified you will forget about me and leave me for her".


   "Please Yuki. I'll be honest,.. I was a playgirl. I hurted many girls in the past. I never know what love is until I met you. For all the bad things in the past, in the future I'll gonna face my punishment. I does know karma exist, but I don't want that karma to be you..I-I love you so much that it killing me inside. Before, I was so sure that it's gonna be my win, but after what Rena had said , it makes sense. If it was her, the chance for my winning is zero. So please Yuki. Give me your answer. Tell me that you lovr me and only me". Each sentences seemed heavier and desperated. Love does makes people crazy. The evidence clearly standing before Yuki with her disheveled self. Loving someone, Sae finally realise how painful it was. Depending on the outcome, it has power to turned someone's world upside down for better or worst. At the end of tunnel, Sae wished for her to reached a light after she got out. Not darkness.

   Yuki flinched. The grips became more tighter each seconds and she swore it gonna left a painful marks. She tried to warned Sae about her hurting her, but Sae already fall to deep to listened to any useless words. Only the answer she has been yearning for able to knock her into reality.

   "Sae! ".

   Yuko and Sayaka came into rescue. Only lord knows how grateful Yuki was to them. Yuki felt her shoulders almost bleed if not let go sooner. Sayaka restrained Sae from behind  locking both the girl's arms, meanwhile, Yuko at front tried to brought her friend back.

   "Sae, wake up! This unlike you. Forcing love on people is no good. You only makes matter complicated than it already was. Remember Sae, you're gentlewoman who charm people by warmth, not some desperate for love uncontrollable teenager! ".

   "But I AM! I can't stand losing her. I love her. I am serious about this. She suppose to loves me, not the girl who left her for years! ". Sae throwing tantrums. Even with her strongness,  even Sayaka struggles to held the girl back from pouncing on the still puzzled Yuki with the scenario playing right in front. "Let me go Sayaka!...And You!". Glaring angrily to Yuko. "You don't have the right to advise me,because deep in your heart, you're hoping for her happiness, am I right?!! ".

   The eyes of Sae blazing with anger directed to Yuko and betrayel towards Yuki who stood there doing nothing. Giving the last of her remaining strength, she shoved Sayaka backwards making the girl thrown to back. Later she ran leaving the place.

   Sayaka and Yuko never explain what had happened, leaving Yuki with confusion lingering and unwanted attentions from the passerby that stopped to watched the drama. But Yuki swore, Sayaka as clueless as she was, while Yuko, she hid something. And that something got to do with Sae's outburst. 

End of Flashback

   "Good morning Yuki-chan ".

   "Good morning, Acchan".

   "Are you okay?.. With what happened yesterday".

   "How did you know? ".

   "Not only you four left at school. The rumor has been spreading. Luckily today is festival, or this already plastered on newspaper".

   "Sorry... For hurting Sae".

   "Don't be. You did nothing wrong".

   The air grew heavy.

   "Ah, did you see Takamina? I can't find her anywhere". Trying to change the subject.

   "Um no. I just arrived".

   "That stupid little-!...Ahem. By the way, many has gone missing today, especially our friends. Even the airhead Nyan Nyan wasn't here! ".

   "You certainly right". Yuki narrowed her eyes to Rena's bag left alone without its owner. "I wonder what they had been hiding".

   "Whatever it was, I am not happy with them leaving us out!", declared Acchan. A visible pouts forming on her face. Yuki stood awkwardly did not know how to respond to the mad actress. Saved by the bell, when their classmate asked them to gather to made sure all the preparation already done before the opening which starting in 30 minutes. Later, their missing friends shuffling in class looking tired and sweaty.

   The festival progressing well with no accident. Many people visited, families, friends, acquaintances and alumni. Everyone looked so happy and in festive mood. It was such a magnificent sight to divert from.

   After finished her shift, Rena was walking down the first year hallway where many unfamiliar faces surrounding the place laughing or screaming. Before her, there a student comforted by her visiting boyfriend and few others who got the same reaction as the girl. It took Rena's attention of what able to makes girls and boys frightened like that. Finally found the source, Rena understood the answer to her question. Looks like first year won't lose either. She entered the Haunted House after Rabutan gave the direction of the entrance.

   Rena sure amazed with how real the props was, and how terrifying the ghost. Some of them managed to gained a shrieks from her. She praised them for their artistic talent.

   Eventually, Rena's legs bumped into something. At first she thought it was only a part of props until she heard a tiny squeak and felt that thing trembling. With help from the tiny lightning provided inside the Haunted House, she found it was exactly a human. A student here based from her uniform.

   "Hei you".

   The girl flinched. Covering her ears to not heard the Ghost's voice. It brings amusement to the other girl enjoying the scene. Had enough, she spoke out.

   "Don't worry. I am not one of those fake ghosts. I am not even part of this class ".

   Hearing Rena's words brings relief for this girl. She has been cowering here almost an hour because she was too scared to move on. When she asked companion from people who came in, they only dashed away screaming and yelling saying she was a ghost.

   With no shame, the girl launched and started to climbing Rena's left arm. A discomfort surfaced with Rena, after all, the girl was a stranger that she probably hadn't met before, and Rena really bad with stranger. Rena demanded the girl to let her go and told only tailing her but the girl shook her head continually, gripping tighter Rena's arm, trembling with fear.

   No choice, Rena let her be and lead the way. Everytime the ghosts jumped out to scared them, Rena scowled at them because their appearance made her left arm hurting.

   The exit finally visible to their eyes. After got out, both of them sighed relieved. Rena relief for her arm still attached to her body even she swear there marks left behind, while, the other girl relief after escaping from hell. The girl spun to thank Rena but stopped midway, it was the same with Rena who wanted asked the girl if she okay but later stopped seeing who the girl all along.

   "YOU–!". Pointing at each other.

   "Of all people I met inside, why it has to be you?". Jurina groaned. Knowing the older Matsui who dared to slapped in their first encounter knew her weakness put her uneasy of what the older girl could do to her.

   "You ungrateful human being! I just helped you! Instead thanking me, you show me that kind of face. I should just leave you there inside". Rena spun walked away. Her heart was burning after hearing the comment made by the younger Matsui.

   A sound footsteps following behind her. Rena glared at the back, "Don't. Follow. Me". She walked again but the younger still tailing behind. After a moment, Rena heard some ruckus behind and when she turned around, there was three masked people holding Jurina stuffing her mouth with handkerchief. Rena tried to helped the younger girl only to got attacked as well by five people from behind. Later, she blindfolded and everything went dark.

   The masked people carried her somewhere. All Rena knows she got taken away from the festival because the more further they went, the silence it became. Her adrenaline was rushing. Panic began consuming her. Got kidnapped during festival was the last thing she had in mind. Heck, even she never expected it. Where school guard when you need them the most?

   They stopped walking. Rena shoved until inside something and fall onto a person. Later a clicked sound. Rena noticed the rope got loosened,maybe by one of her attackers. Escaping herself and opened the blindfolded, Rena found herself in a dark cage, enough to fit two people in it.

   "Can you get off me? ", spoke a voice that belonged to Jurina all along, who transformed into Rena's cushion. So, the person Rena fell on top earlier was Jurina.

   Rena removed herself and wasting no time to banging the cage yelling for help or asked to got let out. Different with Rena, Jurina leaned her back against the wall with poker face. There no panic showing on her face.


   "We got kidnapped and you told me to relax?!! How can you able to be calm in this matter life or death situation?!!", outburst Rena.

   Still in poker face, Jurina spoken. "If this was real, yes, I'll be totally scared and crying by now,but this just a game".

   "Game? ".

   "You really ignorant, don't you?... I am surprised you didn't know your next class, 2-A, hold a Kidnapping Game. It was supposed to be Treasure Hunt, but it's getting old and boring. So they kidnapped people and give some hint. And the only place they able to get the hint is by ordering some food at 2-A class cafe".

   "And how they are so sure there will be people searching for the victim? ".

   "Easy. 2-A class have Sashi-senpai who hold all the information of students, alumni or some visitors today. They use victim weakness, by sending the weakness to victim itself to torture them and inform this to the victim acquaintances, or course they will be worried and search for the victim", explained Jurina.

   Rena sat opposite Jurina. She unable to clearly saw the girl's face because of the darkness, but when her eyes adjusted to dark, she able to made sure where the younger girl currently was. And eventually she noticed something off with the younger girl. She was silent to her discomfort, and...trembling slightly.

   "They use victim weakness to victim itself and torture them...".

   I am not scared of dark. Especially ghost. So that means,.. Rena eyes widened. So that was the reason of why the younger girl acting odd... Rena sighed. What she going to do later was out from her personality, but the sight of the pitiful girl brought unknown bad feeling.

   "Come here".

   "Huh? ".

   Seeing no reaction from the younger girl, Rena moved beside the girl enveloped the girl with comfortable warmth radiating from her. Jurina totally confused of why the older girl hugging her, and caressing her head tenderly. Looks like Rena feeling Jurina's confusion then answered the girl thought.

   "You're scared of dark and ghost, right? As much it enlighten me, but there a limit for the fun".

   "Don't you hate me? ".

   "Hate you? ", Rena turned to face Jurina's gray orbs. Their faces too close and they can feel each other breath from that distance. Rena was the first to turned away. Slightly blushing. "Rather than hate, I just dislike you when you being a total disgusting player.. ". Ouch, that hurts. "But.. ", Rena resumed attracting Jurina's eyes on her once more. "You're fun to be with when you not being a player, that was what Airin told me. I trust Airin. And I can't hate you for that".

   "Oh. So.. if I was not being disgusting player, we can be friends? ".

   "Guess so. Anyway, I liked you better when you weren't pretending to be someone else. Acting all cool and charming in front of girls, totally disgusted me. It's okay to be childish, clingy, and scared of dark and ghost. Everyone has their weakness".

   "You're not gonna laugh at me? ".

   "Why should I? Just like I said, everyone has things they can't handle of. Same like me. Furthermore, I think it's cute". Rena chuckled. Remembering the scene where she found Jurina in Haunted House.

   Cute? Me? . No one ever said that to her. Not even Mayu,her best friend and Mariko, her cousin. Jurina knew sometimes she put a facade to not let others saw the real her. A childish immature being. It was all and effect of being born in Matsui household where she banned showing immature side to people. Jurina's family was a traditional prestigious family where they held a big reputation in economic inside Japan as well other countries. Became the only heir, Jurina taught to never dissapoint and brings shame to Matsui Family. Only few others got to knows the real her. Mayu was one of them. When she first opened herself to Mayu, she thought it was a wise thing to fall with the hood girl but later realise the girl unable to be more than her friend. Now, there a person who able to accept the real her, and she swore if it was Rena, Jurina able to fall for her, was she gonna let the chance go, or went after it?

   "C-can I c-call you by y-your n-name? ", asked her blushing furiously. Thanks lord it was dark, so Rena missed the blushing face.

   Rena laughed out loud. "Didn't you already called me Rena-chan? ".

   "Y-yeah. But, I did it to irratated you. So it doesn't count. And stop laughing!! ".

   "Sorry sorry. It's just, you're too cute. It sure rare to see this side of yours. I need to get used to this... And about the name, it's weird for people younger than me called me with -chan, so how Rena-senpai or Rena-san sounds? ".

   "Better than nothing". Jurina snuggled closer, leaning her head on Rena's shoulder. Inhaling the sweet scene that brought peace to her mind.

   There a ruckus going on outside interrupting the good atmosphere between the two Matsuis. Rena and Jurina looked at each other, with Rena raise her eyebrow with the voice outside.

   The cage opened revealing Mayu and  Paruru there. Mayu looked so worried and relief when she saw the younger girl was in good condition rather than she expected because she expects did the worst. Jurina too delighted seeing her friend there and throwing herself into the girl's embrace not minding both of them fell to the ground. Paruru stood there relief as well seeing her classmate was okay.

   While at the moment, the moment Jurina got out from her entrance and hugged her best friend, Rena felt something missing. She brought her hand to where her heart laid, there a bit of pain there. Brushing it off like nothing, she went out from the place to seen Sasshi got pummeled by Mariko while begging for an apology.

   As a reward for their win, each of them including the victim served with the famous yakisoba to their delighted. Rena stealing glance at Jurina who at the moment surrounded by her worried fans. Rena snorted. Player. . She stab the yakisoba and ate it angrily. Unbeknownst to her, when she not looking, Jurina looked at her with a longing eyes. She wanted to spend more time with the older girl, but her fans didn't let her to.

   Two heart finally connected, but what fate decided upon them?

To be Continued

 I am so sorry  :bow: I know many of you hoping for Yuki to know Mayu is Yuuchan. But it's gonna take another chapter for that. Later everyone~

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Wmatsui progressing!  :deco:
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