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Author Topic: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]  (Read 39500 times)

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #80 on: June 12, 2013, 12:53:06 AM »
mayuyu!! :cry:
thats was scary i thought mayu would be super hurt but yuki is there  :deco: awww jurina tried yo save her aswell
oooohhhh possessive rena and a pissed yuki :lol: :P
yuihan control yourself!! :shocked :smhid
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
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Another yummy update X3

Asddfgghhjkl .... how I wanted to jump right in and help Yuihan with her urge to kill >:D >:))

My gaad ... poor Takamidget ... nyahaha XD oh well ...

Mayuyu and Jurina were veeery lucky XD

Wee~! This is probably the first time that I woke up in a happy mood XD
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
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I was reading this while waiting for my lecturer to come...... and when he came, I still read it until I finished it XD

Wow, Yuihan took down almost the whole base, what will happen if something or someone attacks them in this critical time?! O.o

Thankfully Paruru and Sayanee arrived before Yukirin kills Yuihan (I'm sure she'd have been the one doing that rather than Rena haha)

Thanks for the update! :3
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
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been lurking this fic for a while...guess it's tme for me to comment :glasses:

I like the way you wrote the story author-san :on GJ: dark fic surely fit my taste best...especially when it involved my fellow children of the night a.k.a make it complete, the main character is my Yui-Hime :luvluv1:

ugh yeah...Hime was awake and she wreak a havoc inside the base :kekeke: :onioncheer:

can't wait for the next chapter...I hope the ritual will failed and Yui killed someone... :kekeke:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #84 on: June 12, 2013, 06:26:51 AM »
been lurking this fic for a while...guess it's tme for me to comment :glasses:

I like the way you wrote the story author-san :on GJ: dark fic surely fit my taste best...especially when it involved my fellow children of the night a.k.a make it complete, the main character is my Yui-Hime :luvluv1:

ugh yeah...Hime was awake and she wreak a havoc inside the base :kekeke: :onioncheer:

can't wait for the next chapter...I hope the ritual will failed and Yui killed someone... :kekeke:

mehehehe >:DD I agree XD
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
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Yui was on rampage.... she wanted to kill everyone...

Poor Minami and Yuko needed to face Yui...

Haruka was wondering if Yui woke up already or not

Because she and Sayanee were needed to perform a ritual...

Oh.. Jurina and Mayu were nearly killed by Yui...

Luckily, Yuki and Rena able to come in time to prevent that...

After all the rampage... interestingly Yui only injured or knocked them out...

What's going to happen to Yui?

Could Yui control the monster inside her body?

Can't wait to find out what's in the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #86 on: June 12, 2013, 08:57:22 AM »
thanks for updating a good chapter... :kneelbow:

you have make my day again! hehe  :onioncheer:
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #87 on: June 12, 2013, 10:27:08 AM »
YEHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :panic: :panic: :panic:

As expected, Rena and Yukirin are very strong.. Able to match Yuihan with little strength they use.

And the punch that Rena did, wew that was really powerful (imagining creating a crater on the wall)

Yukirin was a damn fast, I know that she could save Mayuyu XD XD

Thank you Paruru for saving Yuihan!!!

Waiting for your next update  XD XD XD
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #88 on: June 12, 2013, 05:01:49 PM »
Wow, Yui as vampire is very scary xD. Thanks to Rena, Yuki, Paruru and Sayanee to come for help Mayu and Jurina D:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #89 on: June 12, 2013, 07:32:42 PM »
Can't believe I only started reading this today.
Wonder how the love rectangle between Yuki-Mayu-Jurina-Rena will turn out. At this point JuriMayu seems made for each other. Unless Yuki and Rena are somehow like soulmates of Mayu and Jurina, I'm veering towards JuriMayu now XD

Now that Yui has waken up, will Paru be able to help her from turning cray-cray? And will Milky appear now that there's Sayanee.

Looking forward to the next chapter :cow:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #90 on: June 14, 2013, 05:07:55 AM »
mayuuuuuuuuu~ lol relieved that she has yuki to safe her life...
awww rena chan she jealous...not really like when jurina so woried about mayu...
rena safe jurina too...

more more i want more ...LOL

yuki never let go mayu eh? LOL


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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #91 on: June 15, 2013, 08:49:13 AM »
Yui yui

Yuki yukirin

Rena rena

Jurina jurina

Mayu mayuyu

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #92 on: June 17, 2013, 11:04:45 AM »
hi i'm new here

love vampire stuff

hope update soon arigatou

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #93 on: June 22, 2013, 05:33:21 PM »
Scary rena  :temper:
Oh yeah cool vamps yuihan!  :ding:
And the witch paruru on action!  :farofflook:

Oh please please i want yuiparu so badly  :pleeease:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #94 on: June 22, 2013, 09:32:37 PM »
Hello! new reader here  :fap
I love vampire story  :wub: so here I am  :lol:
I want mayuki and wmatsui for the pairings
it's a good story  :thumbsup Update soon

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #95 on: June 23, 2013, 11:00:32 AM »

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #96 on: June 23, 2013, 11:18:46 AM »
~hi LoyalFlutist :deco:

~An update!  :shy2:

~Chapter 14:

Yui seems to awake.  :glasses:

Poor Mayu. She got a bruise in fight with Yui  :pleeease:

I love the scene where Rena protect Jurina!  :shy2:

Please Update Soon....

It's a very nice chapter! It's full of action!  :on ksweat:

Thank You...

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I really love their songs.

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 14 [Update 06/11/13]
« Reply #97 on: June 24, 2013, 09:59:46 PM »

@Shinoki: I was so close to just writing it in a third-person point of view when Yui was in this state, BUT! I was thinking that it was better to keep it in her usual first-person since we might as well comprehend how Yui's thought was processing at the time. :on study:

@mayuki_daisuki: Indeed thank god Yuki was there to save Mayu from such fall! And yep, pissed of Yuki and possessive Rena clearly shows how much they really want both Mayu and Jurina, LOL. :on lol:

@mitsuhara_itsuko: LOL! Probably will end up like this:

Yui had this urge to kill... To kill every living being that stood before her eyes. But something stopped her from killing the members. Leaving them behind at the most in an unconscious state, she walked out to the main hallway when mitsuhara_itsuko popped out of nowhere! mitsuhara_itsuko then gave a knife to Yui, patting her on the shoulder following right after it.

"Go kill some people, girl," mitsuhara_itsuko whispered into her right ear before backing away a few steps. Yui could only blink a few times at the other individual before a wicked grin spread on her face. Dragging her eyes down to the knife at hand, she touched the sharp ends carefully. Her hand now gripped the wooden handle of the knife.

It was time.


Or... something like that is what I had in mind when I saw your comment about helping Yui, LOLOLOLOL. And I'm glad I made your little wake up happy! :hee:

@Yuki88: LOL, everyone will then DIE (well, that won't really happen since we have Rena and Yuki there). And yes! Yuki probably will want to murder Yui brutally or at least have done the finishing blow to Yui if Rena were forced to kill poor Yui. :scared:

@bunny_rabbit: I'm glad you like this fiction! And oh god, if the ritual fails, Yui will most likely murder everyone and ahhhh... That would be scary to imagine! :stoned:

@cisda83: Those questions will hopefully be answered on this updated chapter! :glasses:

@qweakb: I'm glad I'm able to make your day! :hee:

@X_Last-Cross_X: LOL! Just imagine what would happen if Rena didn't hold herself back with that punch... *imagines her creating a freakin' hole on the ground to the point where one could see the Earth's core, LOL* Anyway, here's the next update! :on lol:

@Llyloo: Indeed Yuihan is a scary vampire. A very scary one to be exact. :on blackhole:

@jell_o_jello: We'll see how it will go if Yuki and Rena will be able to get their lovers attention or if they will end up having to watch both Jurina and Mayu thrive with each other instead. And we'll see about Milky! :glasses:

@kurogumi: Possessive and jealous individuals will always be one~ (unless they lose interest, of course, LOL) :kekeke:

@gek geki: I'm sure you'll see her (though she's probably not that possessive in this chapter) here~ :hee:

@Terragen: Welcome to the jph!p forum, specifically the fan fiction side of AKB48 here! :welcome And here's the next update! :whistle:

@blackcyborg: We'll see about YuiParu throughout this entire fiction~ :nya:

@shiniza: Another individual to welcome! Welcome also to the jph!p forum, especially the AKB48 fan fiction side! :welcome We'll see about wMatsui and Mayuki being the pairing of this story as we progress through~ :hehehe:

@Wmatsui22: Here's the next chapter! :hee:

I've been beginning to notice that my chapters that use to be at least 3,000 words per chapter has been extending greatly to now on average of 5,000 words per chapter...

Holy Agito Lord. That explains a bit to why I'm taking forever to rack up ideas to write a chapter for my fictions. :bleed eyes:

Anyway, enjoy the chapter! Some little Kojiyuu, Mayuki, wMatsui, SayaYui, YuiRie, and Atsumina found here. /o/ And look! I'm using those emoticons again, LOL.

[Chapter 15]

I snapped my eyes open in an instant when I felt something slam against my chest. A slam so heavy it felt like someone had gotten a hammer and smacked it right on the center target of my body. Immediately I was greeted with a bright yellow light in front of me. I winced from the sudden brightness and squeezed my eyes shut. The slam that I had felt earlier wasn’t there anymore but rather left a stinging pain. A stinging pain that soon transformed into a burning sensation. It wasn’t hurting me much, but rather becoming bothersome. Aside from my aching shoulders, that is. My eyelids once more fluttered up.

My eyesight adjusted to my surrounding. The brightness wasn’t as bright as I had expected. Rather there was no light but the dimness of a nearby flickering candle. Its fire lazily swaying left and right. Rain and the sound of faint thunderstorms brewing was heard loud and clear not too far from where I am. Darkness within the area was mainly thanks to the rainclouds from outside. I saw myself leaning my back against the wall in the hospital floor. And in front of me was three individuals: One a black wolf, two a vampire. I’m not sure who two of them are, but I was able to see and pick out a familiar face from the three.

‘Shimazaki Haruka… Just… what was she doing here? And why am I here on the medical floor? Why is she sitting in front of me along with the other two unknown individuals?’

Many more questions ran around in circles as though they were on a marathon within my head as the girl seated in front of me lifted her small hand away from my chest. Haruka’s eyes didn’t come into contact with mine but rather at the book in hand; too focused to see me staring at her with curiosity.

It took a few minutes for Haruka in front of me to realize that I was awake. With just one glance at my direction, she look like she was going to flip backward in surprise. There was shock written all over her face when she saw me. “Y-Yokoyama-san!” she exclaimed as she tried to regain her composure. “You’re awake!”

When she utter those words, I saw the other two figures fidget in their spot. A young girl with long, black hair crawled over to where I was resting and placed a hand on top of my left hand. Her hand felt… warm when she touched the top of mine. She leaned in close to my left ear and whispered into it. “This is going to hurt, but you’re going to have to bear with it now that you’re awake.”

“H-Huh?” I was confused. Confused to what she was trying to tell me. I threw my attention back to Haruka in front of me and realized that she was holding a thick book in her hand. A thick book that looked like it was first printed a few decades ago. The other girl threw a glance at the wolf beside her first then at the individual next to my side. “Matsui Rena, keep your hold on Yokoyama-san. Sayanee, be sure she doesn’t get wild if her dark side awakens once more.”

‘Dark… side? Hold me down…?’

I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about and why they had to hold me down, but I completely understood when Haruka placed her palm right above my chest. Her hand is warm, bringing in some comfort. But only for a split second. The burning sensation that I had felt from earlier only intensified; worsen. An agonizing scream was heard coming from my now-opened mouth as my body jerked away from her hand. Or so it tried to avoid it. The girl behind me, Rena, tried to hold me back. She was now right behind me, gripping tightly against my arms. I could tell that she was trying so hard to hold me back since every single time I struggle and move, she kept on tightening her grip.

The pain didn’t die and only kept coming in waves. It felt as though someone is holding a lighter and flicked it on within my chest. It didn’t hurt externally but rather internally. It was as though I was being burnt from the inside. Burning my heart, my bones, my muscles and tissues. My limbs were trashing everywhere as sweat ran down the side of my head. The screaming kept on sputtering out from my mouth, unable to stop. Haruka in front of me squinted her eyes with a pained expression as she continued to mumble incomprehensible words under her breath. Her hand was still resting on the center my chest; trembling as it remained in its position.

The wolf right next to her barked a few times, crouching down on all four. Sayanee merely stared at me with pity as she tried to calm me down. “You’re gonna make it, Yokoyama-san!” she barked at my direction while staying by Haruka’s side. “Try to hang on!” But her words didn’t quite exactly register in my brain for I was too focused on trying to bear the pain.

It was unbearable. I didn’t know how long this was going to last. But I pray for it to stop, squeezing my eyes shut and biting my tongue to hold in my cries of agony. The pain blazed on within my body.


After some long time later, whatever Haruka was doing was finally over.

I laid limp in my spot, feeling the sweat run down from my face and dripped on the end of my chin. I could hear my breath coming in and out rapidly from my body as I tried hard not to lose consciousness. My vision was fading, the blackness clouding on the edges of my sight. But I didn’t let them grow any more as I kept focusing on staying awake. The burning pain vanished, only left with the stinging aftermath of such deed. My body was leaning against Rena, who was trying to comfort me. I felt her hands rubbing against the parts of my arms where she was gripping tightly. I could see from the corner of my eyes that there were bruises from how tight she held onto not too long ago.

“I’m sorry I had to go rough on you,” Rena whispered to me. “Waking up to noticing that you became a vampire, especially a dark type, is truly traumatizing… I’m so sorry you had to go through all of this.”

The wolf that was encouraging me the entire time slowly approached me. Her paws softly touching the hard white tiled floor underneath our body. Not too surprising, she came to my side and rubbed the side of my face with hers. “Good job, girl. I’m glad you bear through it all.” Coming from the wolf, I heard her wince loudly with empathy as she licked away the wet tears that weren’t wiped off from my face. As much as she tried to bring some comfort to me, the statement of Rena had just said leeched itself into my brain.

‘What exactly did Rena just say?’

“V-Vampire…?” my raspy voice exited out of my mouth. Speaking even became slightly difficult since my throat is parched from screaming so much earlier. Haruka in front of me slammed her book closed. Wiping off the sweat that was forming on her forehead with the back of her arm, she didn’t respond back to my question. Met with silence that lasted a little longer than a few seconds, I then got my answer when she fixated our eyes together.

“Yes, Yokoyama-san. Do you remember being bitten by him?”

I scrunched my eyebrows together. I can’t quite remember…

Oh wait. Now I do… I think.

The memories that came flooding back to my mind was hazy and blurry. There was me and a few other AEF members that were going to a shrine up in the mountains. Blood… Was everywhere. Dead bodies and the stench of blood that could never be forgotten. Then there it fast-forwarded to the dead monk I’ve seen with Watanabe Mayu in the isolated room. Dying while warning us of a danger so great that we both had no chance of winning against. And when we turned around… There was that man. That dark vampire. That vampire that has bitten me.

Horror ran through my mind as I struggled to get back on my two feet. I knew what this meant. I knew what it meant when you got bitten by a vampire. Especially when it’s a dark vampire. As much as I wanted to get back up though, I ended up instead nearly falling face-first on the floor if it weren’t for Rena near me. I was weak. I felt my body being weak but at the same time, incredible strength was coursing through my vein. Making me feel more alive than before. Exhaling loudly, I saw Haruka watching me with sadness written all over her face. I frowned at her direction as Rena and Sayanee both helped me stand up.

“So… Am I really… a vampire then?”

“Sadly… Yes. And a dark vampire to be specific.”

My eyes widen at that fact as Rena gently kept me standing up. The wolf below me was making sure I wasn’t losing my balance on the lower section of my body. Her short black tail was standing up naturally, flicking left and right as she winced loudly once again from my reaction. 

I couldn’t believe it. ‘A… dark vampire? A dark vampire like that cursed vampire that has bitten me?’

Haruka approached up to me. “Since you’re a dark vampire and had just awaken a few hours ago, you needed to have a seal placed on you.”

“A seal?”

“Yes. What I had just done earlier is a seal to prevent your dark side from awakening.”

I bit the bottom of my lip. And to my shock, I felt two pair of sharp fangs lightly touching the bottom lip’s surface. Quickly I retreated from biting my lip; instead focusing on Haruka. The girl threw a glance at Rena from my side. In a few seconds, I saw Rena gently pull down the loose white hospital gown’s collar. Slowly I trailed my eyes down along with my head till I saw what was on the very center of my chest.

The seal that Haruka was talking about was a black circular mark bore onto my skin. Almost like a tattoo, there was a few diagonals crossing over each other with a foreign symbol I’ve never seen before in the center of the circle. I frowned when I saw those markings on my skin.

“Why would you need to do that though? I should be able to control it-“

“You almost wiped out the strongest fighters and members of this entire Elimination Force building, Yokoyama-san.”

I cease to speak anymore. Rather, Haruka merely pointed at my clothing with her index finger. My eyes followed the direction of where she was pointing and nearly wanted to faint from such sight. Blood. Blood was everywhere on the white hospital gown I was wearing the entire time. There were injuries too, but that wasn’t important. The smell of the blood was very strong the moment I realized I had blood on me. So strong that it smelled… delicious?

I shook my head the moment those thoughts ran through my mind. ‘Great. Now I’m thinking and sensing like a vampire too…’ Resisting the urge to rip off a small section of my blood stained clothing and stuff it into my mouth like a little kid with cotton candy, I gulped. Since Haruka had just told me that I ‘almost wiped out the strongest fighters and members’ of this place… That couldn’t mean… That they…

“Luckily they aren’t dead if you’re wondering,” she answered my questions that weren’t even verbally spoken of yet. “During your state of going berserk upon waking up, you at least had a sense of who you were taking down.”

She sighed and had one hand reach out to my face. Her small hand came into contact with my skin and surprisingly warmed it up. The softness her palm had in store as it caressed one side of my face. (I swore that I could meow in happiness if I were a cat.) Our eyes were locked with each other; none budging to look at anyone or anything else. When I stared deeply into her eyes, I saw her eyes becoming watery. Even though it looked to a normal human being that she is keeping a cool facial feature, I could tell that she wanted to cry. The edges of her eyes that threatened to let loose of those tears. Immediately I brought my left hand up to touch her hand that was on my face. I pressed it closer to my face, feeling the warmth travel to my hand also.

“Don’t cry, Shimazaki-san,” I whispered to her in a soft voice. Upon hearing my voice, she nearly retracted her hand from mine only to be held still with my hand on hers. “I should… thank you for saving me… saving both me and my sanity…”

Haruka blushed. That was the first time I have ever seen her blush before my eyes. Her cheeks turned slightly pink with her eyes quickly breaking our stares. Eyes roaming around the room other than my face. She finally managed to tear her hand away from my hold. Coughing into the same hand that touched my face, she then spoke while avoiding eye contact.


“You should drop the ‘san,’ Shimazaki-san-“

“Then drop mine too, Yoko-… Yui.”

“Okay then, Haruka.”

The other girl sighed briefly before continuing.

“As you can now tell, you have a seal on you. But this seal isn’t going to last forever. Not to mention you’re most likely not going to be one hundred percent under control with this seal. So,” she raised one finger up into the air, “first, you’re going to have to be checked on a daily basis with the seal. We’ll most likely have to go through this entire ritual again to keep the seal intact.”

I scrunched my face at that statement. That just means more torture for me. Haruka raised up the second finger, letting it join with the first one.

“Second, since I’m the user than had just put the seal on you, I’m the only person that will be able to redo the seal and keep full control over you. I’ll be able to tell where you are and if the dark side of yours is threatening to be released intentionally or not.”

‘So I’m basically going to be watched over like a little kid?’

“Third, you need blood.”

“Wait, what.” I blinked at the figure standing before me. Haruka didn’t look shocked or even surprised at what I needed. Flashing a nervous, weak grin at her direction, I waved one of my hands in the air. “Wait wait wait… I need… blood?”

“A living being blood to be exact.” The brown-haired girl kept three fingers up into the air. “You’re going to need it in order to live let alone keep your sanity in check. You’re going to let your dark side come out much faster if you don’t drink blood on a certain number of days. However, dark vampires sadly can only drink from living human beings, which will only turn them into their own kind whether the vampires themselves are sane or not. Or they can drink from other vampires and werewolves, which won’t change their state and status.”

I asked the next question that popped into mind. “But what about you? And Rena?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “We’re both different. We’re neutral vampires, which we don’t need to drink blood in order to keep our sanity and health. We simply acquire advanced human features and enhancement of our strength. Excluding me, that is.” She giggled at the last statement. Haruka then threw a glance at both Rena and Sayanee.

“Take Yui to one of the empty hospital rooms in this floor and have her checked out. Hopefully there’s one room that isn’t utterly destroyed as though a hurricane had whipped through the room.”

The two figures nodded and lead my injured body to a nearby hospital room. They took it easy, letting me take one step at a time on my own as I leaned against Rena for support. Haruka remained in her spot as she collected the books that were now seen to be scattered around on the ground where she had stood.


A couple hours has passed since I had the seal placed on my body. And right now, I was resting within one of the many hospital rooms on seventh floor. My bloodied gown was now changed to a fresh new set to my relief. Sitting up on the hospital bed, Haruna was busy tending to my wounds. The doctor was startled when she first came over to my room and saw that I wasn’t going into a crazy mode anymore. Not to mention both Sayanee’s and Rena’s appearances. But she was explained to by Yuki, who had just passed by at the right timing from the hallway.

Though there was a huge bruise located on the side of her head, she was not harmed from me otherwise. Her hands swiftly cleaned up my fresh wounds and bruises; soon focusing on the wound on both of my shoulders. Bullet wounds were seen to have traveled right through my body, exiting holes seen from the back side of my body. I wince and struggled to keep myself still as her medical utensils tried to stitch the gash despite the anesthetic shot given earlier.

From Haruna, I’ve heard that many of the members were injured. Some were lucky to only gain a few bruises and cuts while others weren’t so lucky with my insane side. I nearly had my eyes bulge out of its sockets when I’ve heard I had knocked Minami and the returning Oshima Yuko out in mere seconds. There was another werewolf aside from Sayanee that was roaming around with another member of this floor. That poor girl, Kumi, was knocked out good and is taken care of by Kanon, who wasn't nearly as hurt as the wolf. It was scary to hear about the members that I had caused harm upon. To my relief though, Kitahara Rie wasn’t in any of the drama. More like she was out on another mission while I was wrecking up the medical bay.

“Jesus cupcakes, girl! You’re awake!”

And that person who was yelling out that statement was none other than the general of this entire base and my mentor, Takahashi Minami. The short figure entered right into the hospital room I was residing in at the moment. My head immediately turned to the source of the sound. When I saw her, I couldn’t help but flinch when I saw her wounds.

Bruises were seen on the side of her face and exposed arms as one of her bandaged hand gripped her right side. A white gauze wrapped around her head in light layers as she stood by the entrance way. Eyes showed the lack of sleep she had gotten for there were shadows underneath them. I almost wanted to tell her she doesn’t have to come and visit me when she hobbled over my direction. But I kept silent when she interrupted Haruna’s procedure to tending my wounds (which earned her a glare from the doctor) She stood on the right side of the hospital bed. Her eyes were trained on mine and stared deeply into them. Tears were already streaming down her face without warning. And before I knew it, I was given a bear hug from the girl.

“Oh my god, you’re awake and alive,” she choked in between her sobs as she tighten her hold on me. (Ridiculous how strong she is despite being injured) I yelped when I felt the stitches about to snap out of its place from closing my wounds. As much as I wanted to be in her grasp, I knew right now wasn’t the right timing to be giving me one hell of a hug. “T-Takamina! M-My stitches!”

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Haruna’s hand slowly reach out to grab one of Minami’s shoulder. In one movement, the general was ripped out from my contact, standing obediently back on the side of the bed with a guilty expression. The doctor, who had her medical instrument still at hand, was scolding the other girl about getting physical in my state.

“G-Gomen, Nyan Nyan, but I’m just so happy that Yuihan is finally awake,” she muttered. Her left hand reached up to wipe away the wet tears that were on her cheeks. I flashed her a smile to reassure her that I’m happy to see my mentor. “I’m happy too, General Takahashi.”

I got the other girl smiling at me like a doofus and chuckling happily. Soon I saw another familiar figure that was standing out on the entranceway. And that was none other than Kitahara Rie.

“Kitarie…” I whispered out her name when she excused her into the room. Haruna looked annoyed at another visitor that’s interrupting her flow of cleaning up my wounds. But she didn’t say anything as Rie walked up to the opposite end of the bed where Minami stood. Her hand reached out and touched mine, a smile plastered on her face. “You’re awake, Yuihan,” she stated. The hand that was touching mine soon gripped it as though she was protecting it from any other harm. When I glance up at her, I saw that her eye had already healed and merely had a small scar from surgery. The faint, yet noticeable line ran down from the upper part of her eyelid down to the bottom of her eye. I couldn’t help but scrunch my eyebrows till there were creases forming on my forehead at such sight.

“Your scar…”

“Oh this?” she used her other hand to point at the scar at her eye. “It’s nothing much. Thanks to Kojiharu here, I’m able to see even better than before.”

A small sigh left my lips. “Jeez, Kitarie… Always thinking so optimistically…” There was a nervous giggle from her direction as she scratched the back of her head, eyes closed. I couldn’t help but smile back at her too. My heart inside of my body, though is beating slowly, fluctuated when I finally was able to see her. Finally able to see the person… That I loved.

We reopened our eyes only to be met with the black wolf from earlier. Sayanee actually was now standing in between the two of us; her wolf face right in front of mine. I blinked a few times before realizing that I have a werewolf trying to lick my face.

“H-Hey hey!” I exclaimed when I failed to avoid Sayanee’s affectionate and caring actions towards my poor face. She barked a few times and waggled her tail. “I’m glad you’re doing alright, Yokoyama-san!” she panted as her pink tongue stuck out from the side of her mouth. I nervously shot a look at Rie’s direction only to see her retreat her hand from mine (to my dismay). She saw me throwing a glance at her and simply shrugged her shoulders with a chuckle back at me.

I sighed loudly when I saw the wolf in front of me try to jump up on the bed.

“Off the bed, Sayanee!” I heard Haruna scold the other wolf. Irritation and frustration was heard in her voice since she wasn’t able to finish tending to my wounds. I could just imagine a red anger mark pulsing on the corner of her head at how noisy the room instantly became. Minami meanwhile was watching with a goofy smile drawn on her face. She watched with amusement at the interaction between Rie, Sayanee and I. Before we all knew it, there was Maeda Atsuko that too came into the room.

Minami turned her head around to greet her assistant only to widen her eyes in horror. Atsuko from behind her had her black bangs hiding her eyes, so one wasn’t able to see them. However, there was this dangerous dark aura that cloud around her body, which could make just about anyone cower and shudder in fear. Still dressed in her professional business attire, Atsuko didn’t even let Minami speak when she reached her hand out towards the girl. Her hand grabbed ahold of the back edge of her hospital gown. In seconds, we had the poor general dragged out of the room with the defeated girl hanging her head; not resisting against Atsuko.

When the two girls were gone, Haruna quietly mumbled under her breath. “Thank god Bakamina is out of here. Acchan has been worried sick where the girl ran off to after I had treated her wounds….” So it seems that Atsuko was worried about Minami. It’s not surprising since the two girls were very close to each other. Just when Sayanee and Rie were loud enough in this room for Haruna, to her dismay, there were a few members popping into the room.

“Yo~ Nyan Nyan,” another shorter figure popped her head into the room. With her long brown hair and silly dimpled smile, she looked like a squirrel. Dressed in the same exact white hospital gown as I had worn, she raised one of her arms in a cast into the air. Haruna instantly paused finishing up the stitches and turned her entire body around on the stool. She dropped her jaw when she saw the other girl.

“YUKO! Get your butt back into your patient room!” she scolded the other girl in a motherly tone.

‘So that’s Yuko… The only that everyone has been talking about and the one that Kojima here talks to almost all the time over the phone…’

I watched in amusement when Yuko stuck her tongue out at Haruna.

“No! I wanna stay here with my Nyan Nyan!” she grinned.

Wrong move of her to speak back to the doctor for she nearly got herself stabbed with a syringe needle from the doctor herself. Haruna, who was now standing in front of the entrance way with her syringe at hand stared down at the shorter girl. She was toying with the needle as she glared at Yuko. “Get. Back. To. Your. Room. Oshima. Yuko.” Each word that exited out of her mouth was more venomous than the word before it. Shuddering, Yuko backed away while nervously smiling at the taller girl.

“By the way, good to have you back, Yuihan!” Yuko managed to squeeze out those words before running away from Haruna, who almost wanted to chase down the squirrel.

“Today is so noisy…” Haruna complained out loud followed by a groan as she returned back to my side. Seating herself on the stool, I couldn’t help but mentally laugh at their relationship.


Yuki, Jurina and Rena were all inside of Mayu’s patient room. The three figures were sitting and standing, all nervously watching the younger girl resting in bed. Though Jurina wasn’t in bad shape other than a few bruises, she couldn’t help but feel guilty when Mayu was found to have a few broken ribs and a near-head concussion. The younger girl was dressed in those hospital gown and was sleeping in a peaceful manner.  Jurina unconsciously let her right hand reach up and touch one of the many band-aids that resided on her cheek; letting her fingers trail on the rough surface of the medical object. She bit the bottom of her lip as her eyes trailed over to Yuki, who was standing right by her side.

“I should thank you… Kashiwagi-san, for saving Mayu…” Jurina stated in a small voice without turning her head to the older girl. Yuki simply stayed silent, not responding back to the other girl. Unsure of whether she was angry or just not in the mood to talk, Jurina didn’t bother to make the other girl engage in a conversation with her. Besides, she’s too worried about Mayu before her eyes.

As she watched, Yuki too was in a mental turmoil of her own. Seeing the other girl that she loves is heart-breaking for her. Unable to do anything other than watch and keep an eye on her till she feels better is all they can do… Her eyes flickered over to Jurina for a split second before returning back to Mayu. It somewhat annoyed her that this girl was in the same room as Mayu and her, but she didn't utter a word out of her mouth about this subject. They had much more to worry about than some little quarrels about who loves who and who should stay away from each other.

“Jurina? Do you want to get a drink?” Rena asked the other girl as she approached Jurina from the right side. The younger tomboyish girl glanced at the girl above her for a brief moment before bobbing her head. “Sure… I’m getting a little thirsty anyway.” She got up from her seat, stretching her tired and worn out limbs from such fight not too long ago.

Rena threw a look at Yuki, who too sent the same treatment to the other black-haired girl. Then as though they had mentally confirmed something, they both nodded their head at the same time before Rena walked over to the only door of the room. She opened it up and let Jurina go out first before her. Soon the door closed shut, leaving both Yuki and Mayu alone in the room.

“I should… also thank you, Matsui-san-… Can I just call you Rena if that’s okay? I don’t want anyone to mix the both of us since we share the same last name.”

When Rena agreed in silence, Jurina continued on. “I wanted to thank you for saving… not only Mayu but also my life.” She avoided looking at the other girl, somewhat scratching her cheek with one of her hands. For some reason… She can’t look at Rena. She just can’t. Something… is making her want to avoid throwing a glance at her direction. When Jurina did manage to look at the other girl for a split second, her heart just picked up its pace. She bit the bottom of her lip as they continued to walk towards a nearby vending machine out in the main room. Rena didn't say a single word but rather felt her own heart pounding loudly against her chest. Just hearing a thank you from Jurina just wanted to make the older girl leap towards the other girl and give her a hug due to her cuteness. But the two girls didn't engage or say anything more.

They finally came upon a vending machine. While Rena was digging out her money, Jurina examined the machine. “It’s broken, Rena,” she said in a depressing tone. She hanged her lower body to exaggerate her desperation for a drink. Rena couldn’t help but giggle at such action from the younger girl. ‘She’s cute. Very kawaii.’

Rena glanced up from trying to take out spare change from her pocket only to see that the vending machine on this floor is out of order. Raising one of her eyebrows, she observed the kind of drinks they sold. Coffee, soda, water, energy drinks were the options seen. Rena exhaled loudly as Jurina from the side of her complained out loud.

“Man… I’m starting to get really thirsty more than I was in the room the more I think about getting a drink… And I don’t want to go down to the lower floors to get the drinks from the cafeteria-R-Rena? What are you-Oh my god! What-… Where did you… get that drink?”

The younger girl was staring at the older girl with her jaw dropped. Rena held four bottle of water at hand, blinking innocently back at Jurina. “I just got this from the vending machine. It’s not broken.”

“Not broken you say? You LITERALLY punched that poor vending machine! Could’ve killed the entire machine!”

Rena swung one of the four bottles in front of Jurina’s face. “It’s not broken when I’m around.” She smirked when Jurina cracked into a smile and snatched the drink in front of her. “You might be just right then. Thanks,” Jurina replied back in a monotone voice as she jugged down the content of the bottle in front of Rena.

Meanwhile, Yuki was still watching Mayu. Now taking a seat on the only stool of this very room, she watched the other girl sleep peacefully. Her eyes trailed on her body, eyes saddening when she saw the gauze wrapped around on certain parts of her body. ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t come in time…’ she mentally apologized as she reached out to grab Mayu’s right hand with both of her own. She protectively held onto the hand as though it was the most precious treasure to her.

Yuki remained in that position for a few minutes until she heard the other girl groan. Perking her ears up, she cautiously watched Mayu slowly lift her eyelids up. Blinking a few times in silence, her eyes soon dragged over to her right to see Yuki watching her. Like a mother watching her daughter wake up from a deep slumber.

“Yuki…” Mayu whispered in a barely audible voice to normal human-beings.

“You’re safe Mayu,” Yuki quickly fired a reassuring statement to the other girl. One of her hands dropped its hold on Mayu’s hand and reached out to brush aside a stray piece of black hair from Mayu’s forehead. “You’re in the hospital, so everything is under control.”


“Acchan! Please don’t kill me!” Minami begged the other girl as she dodged a huge textbook being thrown at her direction. It was heard tumbling a few times on the ground before it came to a stop. The two girls were in their office on the ninth floor. Nothing much was different here other than the fact that Minami is met with a very angry Atsuko. Minami lifted her head and waved both hands into the air. She didn't want to have her neck broken nor her head rolling from such violent actions from the taller girl.

The reason that Atsuko was angry was due to the fact that the other girl had ran off to deal with Yui when she went berserk without telling her where she was going. Not to mention when Haruna had finished treating her, she ran off once more to check out the other members. Again, without telling Atsuko where she was. The poor girl was searching throughout the entire building only to know that Minami was injured and handicapped at the moment due to her fractured side. Basically she was just worried as hell when she couldn't find the other girl. 

Ducking another textbook being tossed at her, Minami raised both of her hands into the air in defeat. “I-I’m sorry, Acchan! Please forgive me!”

She squeezed her eyes when she felt the taller girl take a step towards her. Bracing herself for one hell of a beating, she waited for that. A few seconds passed by and nothing happened. When she barely lifted her eyelids, she was met with a smack on the head with a karate chop from Atsuko herself. “ITAI!” she yelped and grasp the top of her head with both of her hands. Rubbing them, she was right away met with a hug from Atsuko.

“I’m glad to see the general in her usual happy state once again,” she whispered into Minami’s ears as the two parted from the hug. Minami, who was still rubbing the top of her head, stared at Atsuko with a dumb expression. It soon transformed into a smile that became a chuckle. “I’m just happy that no one is killed today and that Yui is finally awake with her sanity in check with the help of Shimazaki-san.” 

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