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Author Topic: Miko's Little Drabbles  (Read 2213 times)

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Miko's Little Drabbles
« on: September 27, 2013, 12:46:47 PM »

Everyone's heard Acchan's new  :cow: right? I needed to write about's angst. I'm a large Atsumina shipper but, this happened so I must write about it. Don't worry I haven't given up on Atsumina. I believe it's still sailing! It's just caught up in a current at the moment.  :twothumbs

She’s no longer mine.

Did she have to go? I thought she might stay…but she went away, and closed the chapter to my name.

Her smile was beautiful, her heart was honest, and her hugs were warm, she was everything that a person would dream of, she was everything that made me….

fall in love.

Lying on her bed, Takamina sighed as she threw the tabloid magazine on the floor, and covered her red eyes with her pillow. She knew deep in her heart, that Acchan would leave her, would no longer be hers, despite how strong their bond is or how much she secretly loved her.

Nothing lasts forever after all.

The little general manager sighed and looked out the window in her bedroom. It was already the morning, and she had not even blinked for the past weeks after finding out that Acchan was dating the infamous Kabuki actor Onoe Masaya.

Acchan had hinted it to Takamina, before the recording of Shin Domoto Kyodai, and Takamina thought she was joking or maybe she was reading Acchan’s words wrong.

Standing behind her, during the end performance did not help. All she could see was Acchan, but all Acchan looked was forward. She was the past, she was behind Acchan, no matter what, she couldn’t reach her. Singing beside Acchan, wasn’t her, it was someone else….it wasn’t her.

It will never be me.

She stared at the magazine on the floor and droplets of tears slid down from her eyes and onto the magazine. Acchan didn’t even tell her explicitly, that she was dating, Takamina officially found out through a magazine, through second hand resources.

Soft sobs, broke the silence in her room.



A soft knock on the door was heard and Takamina perked up. She rushed to the bathroom and frantically washed her face, her heart pumped and pumped. She couldn’t let anyone see she was crying. No one was to worry for her, no one could  feel sorry for her, this was her selfish problems. She couldn’t get anyone involved with her hidden feelings….especially Acchan.

The knock on the door continued, and unsatisfied with the red puffy eyes, Takamina put on her cap. “Boys have desires.” The midget laughed ironically at the words on her cap…. “It’s not only boys…I have desires…forbidden ones at that.”

Takamina pulled her cap down so it covered her eyes, and opened the door.


The leader’s world grew dark…and she felt like running away, away from the person standing in front of her. She wasn’t ready….wasn’t ready to confront the person in question….wasn’t ready to see …


I have to act normal.

“Can I come in?” The actress smiled, and put her hands on the midget’s shoulders, as she walked in without permission.

Takamina closed the door and follow her love. Again, she was staring at the actress’ back. That’s all she can be to Atsuko, a memory of the past. She couldn’t reach her…Acchan was moving forward.

“I should too.”

“Huh?” Atsuko turned around after hearing her best friend murmur. “Did you say something?”

Takamina shook her head. “What brings you here?” She tried to sound as casual as possible, avoiding interrogation.

“I wanted to see you.”

Please…don’t say stuff like that.

“Haha, really. Even though you can use this time to see your boyfriend?”

What…did I say? That sounded like I was jealous….I’m…not….jealous…Why am I acting like this?

“Ah, that…it leaked out right. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it.”

Takamina looked towards the ground. “I’m happy for you.” Her heart stung…she was lying…she wasn’t happy for Acchan. She hated it. She hated it and she hated herself for feeling like this.

“Thanks!” Acchan looked around the room, and sighed. “Even if you have the day off…you really should eat breakfast.” The actress walked towards the kitchen and opened the fridge. “I’ll make breakfast for you. I’ve come to really enjoy cooking. Ahah”

Takamina grimaced at the comment. She had read that same line in the magazine. “I’m really enjoying cooking”

It wasn’t fair...the girl of her dreams was in her kitchen…cooking for her. But Acchan didn’t like cooking…she enjoyed cooking for Matsuya. Not her. And never will be her.

“You mean you enjoy cooking for your b-boyfriend?” A hint of sarcasm was  evident in the words that came out of the leader.

“Takamina…you’re acting weird today.” Acchan turned to her best friend, who hadn’t moved an inch since she last looked at her.

“I’m not.”


Acchan walked towards her friend, and enveloped her in a warm hug. As soon as the embrace was initiated, tears starting streaming down Takamina’s eyes, and she hated it.

Takamina pushed the actress away from her and looked down towards the ground. “I’m okay.”

Acchan stepped forward and slowly took the cap from Takamina, revealing the midget’s red eyes filled with tears.

“Minami…are yo-“

“I’m okay. Just some dust in my eyes.” The midget looked at Acchan and gave a full grin, showing she was okay, that she was perfectly fine.

But, in reality, she was dying inside.

“Minami, you’re obviously no-“

“Haha, you got me…I was reading a very sad manga last night and I was just reminded o-o-of i-it and-so- haha… f-funny…I’m c-crying again.” Takamina attempted to wipe the tears away from her eyes with her pyjamas’ sleeves, but they kept coming. It just wouldn’t stop. She didn’t want Acchan to worry.

She didn’t want anyone to know of this ugly feeling.

“Minami! Tell me, what’s wrong.” Atsuko pulled the midget in for another hug, and Takamina let it all out.


From the hug, Acchan took a glance on the floor near Minami’s bed, and there laid a ripped magazine. She recognised it….it was of Onoe Matsuya’s and her relationship.

Like a light bulb, Acchan understood. She understood the secrets behind her best friend’s tears…no not her best friend…but her secret love….that she gave up on.

“Minami…I’m sorry.”

Takamina pulled out of the hug, and gave her best smile. “F-for what?”

“M-My boyf-“

The midget put a finger to Acchan’s lips and gave another smile. But it wasn’t convincing…her true emotions could be seen from the tears that cascaded from her eyes.

“Haha, I’m glad you don’t have to wait till 40. Hahah,”

“Minami! Stop. Stop it. Stop smiling. You love me don’t you?”

Takamina’s smiled turned into a frown…”What made you think that?”

“Minami…please…just tell me.” Tears dropped from Acchan’s eyes and Takamina’s heart dropped.

“Don’t cry....." Takamina chuckled. "It won’t make a difference if I tell you. You’re gonna in pain if I do. You’re happy now. That’s enough for me. You should treasure it. Treasure the happiness, okay?”

“Minami, I-I love y-”

I want to tell her. Yes, yes I love you. I love you more that anyone could. We’ve been through so much together...pain, happiness…everything. But I’m the past…you need to move on…be happy. I can’t quit AKB48 just yet…and I can’t be selfish to have Atsuko wait for me. I can’t do that….

I can’t hear those words…Atsuko. If I know…it’ll be too painful for me…that it’s mutual yet I can’t be with you. I don’t think I can take it.

“Atsuko…I’m always here for you. No matter what.”

Takamina pulled Atsuko into a hug and kissed her forehead. “Move forward.”

I love you.... too

Drabble End

A/N: How was it? ?

I don't want the Atsumina to end...I'm still in denial. So my other Atsumina stories will continue.  :D

By the way my tumblr is: kimi-no-ace
I'm planning to post my stories there as well, so just in case...I'm not copying her and she's not copying me...coz we're the same person. Haha

Thank you for reading!  :heart:

Miko :cathappy:
Atsumina forever and always.


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Re: Miko's Little Drabbles
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My Atsumina feelings  :bleed eyes:

Good story, though.. :twothumbs

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Re: Miko's Little Drabbles
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mikomiko ur back  :on woohoo:
so that means... u will update ur other fic?? *teehee*
Everyone's heard Acchan's new  :cow: right? I needed to write about's angst. I'm a large Atsumina shipper but, this happened so I must write about it. Don't worry I haven't given up on Atsumina. I believe it's still sailing! It's just caught up in a current at the moment.  :twothumbs
atsumina will sail forever XD
looking forward to ur update :on gay:

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Re: Miko's Little Drabbles
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