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Author Topic: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Chapter 6 Part I-  (Read 28591 times)

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[Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Chapter 6 Part I-
« on: July 04, 2013, 07:54:27 PM »
  Basically as the title says, this fic will be a spin-off or kinda like the anime/manga/visual novel, Fate/Stay Night by TYPE-MOON. I'll be fixing things here and there and make it a little interesting, at least for me. Figure out who the main character is. Though I won't give ya any time to think! MUAHAHAHAHA!


   With the moonlight shining upon us, I see a girl in front of me. She appeared out of nowhere and saved me from danger. Her face is beautiful. So beautiful that I thought an angel has descended upon this world. The girl looked at me, with no emotions written on her face. Without any lingering feelings left. She looked into my eyes as I was sitting on the ground, still stunned by what happened before me.

   Her black shoulder-length hair sways by the wind that was passing by. Her armor shining brightly by the moonlight that shone. Her whole figure was magnificently outshadows the beauty of the moon. Nothing else could describe what I felt at that time. Her hand holding an object but I can't quite make up what it is. I could tell that she was taller than me, prettier than me. Her eyes are sucking my entire soul into her. Finally, after a few seconds which felt like an eternity to me, she opened her mouth.

"Tell me, are you my master?"

[Prologue End]
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Re: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Prologue- : The angel in armor
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2013, 08:02:04 PM »
Eh Acchan as Saber? I always imagine Takamina as Saber class in my mind XD
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Re: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Prologue- : The angel in armor
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2013, 08:08:39 PM »
Is it WMatsui?? With Rena as Saber   XD

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Re: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Prologue- : The angel in armor
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2013, 08:26:53 PM »
...Acchan? Paruru? Eh??? so vague...
if I knew who played Shiro then it would be easier~~
somehow, I've seen the opening scene so many times~~
hrm, but it makes me sad... thinking about it...
Fate/ Stay Night = Someone's gotta die cuz it's the freaking holy grail war~
curious on what route you're gonna go for...

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Re: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Prologue- : The angel in armor
« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2013, 09:23:45 PM »
Yey~! Another story from Ashura! :fap Guess this is the new project you were talking about.. Alright~! Gambatte ne~

Surely, alot of surprises will happen.. Teehee :oops:

Be waiting for the next up! Looking forward to it! :thumbsup

Thank you so much! :bow: :twothumbs

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Re: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Prologue- : The angel in armor
« Reply #5 on: July 04, 2013, 10:43:15 PM »
Hurry up with the next part... :panic:
I wanna Know who they are... :?
Acchan, Paru or Rena... :huhuh

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Re: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Prologue- : The angel in armor
« Reply #6 on: July 05, 2013, 01:32:48 AM »
 Hope this will be your fav otp :D

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Re: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Prologue- : The angel in armor
« Reply #7 on: July 05, 2013, 05:59:20 AM »
interesting... Fate/Stay Night cross over with AKB...

Who is the servant and who is the master?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the interesting prologue

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Prologue- : The angel in armor
« Reply #8 on: July 05, 2013, 07:18:52 AM »
Ah...Fate/Stay Night...AKB version!~!~ Nyaha!~!~ Eh~
 XD :) :grin:

~Oh...I kinda know who's the character is...The beauty is Acchan? I think...
 :roll: :? :lol:

~Well, the one who has been saved seems like Yuko...Cuz' she once said about height...LOL
 :yep: :D :w00t:

~Hm...It can be Takamina but your OTP is AtsuYuu so...There's a chance it is an AtsuYuu fics!~!~ Yay!~!~
 :w00t: :drool: :inlove:

~Aa...Master...Who's the servant and the master? Can't wait for it...
 :oops: 8) :deco:

~Wow, i can't wait for the next one...Pls update soon and it is a really nice prologue~!~!~
 :twothumbs :thumbsup :bow:
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Re: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Prologue- : The angel in armor
« Reply #9 on: July 05, 2013, 07:53:04 AM »
Ekusukaribā!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah I like that attack.....

Waiting for your next update XD XD XD
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Re: [Fate/Stay Night] F.A.T.E -Prologue- : The angel in armor
« Reply #10 on: July 05, 2013, 02:06:12 PM »
big chances of AtsuMina/ AtsuYuu .... yeah. BIG REALLY BIG CHANCE!   :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :wriggly: :mon inluv:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: F.A.T.E -Chapter 1 Part 1- : Curiosity almost killed the mice
« Reply #11 on: July 05, 2013, 09:10:15 PM »
Yuki, eh? Seriously??? What makes you think that it's Acchan? O.O''

olive, I think Jurina fits as Saber more than Rena. Rena's probably more of a Berserker class

Shinoki, I don't know myself which route I'd take, since I didn't finish the VN yet. I'm probably gonna think of an ending like the Heaven's Feel and summon up Avenger in the late chapters

kenjoy, I'll do my best~! But I think most people watched Fate/Stay Night already... It's gonna be hard to surprise them.

DiVA, hai hai... I was thinking of posting Chapter 1 around 3 more days but I guess I'll make it quicker ^^''

kazan, that's what my heart tells me! But my mind speaks elsewhere.

cisda, who's the servant who's the master... Lol XD S&M

Dieyg, how'd you realize my OTP is AtsuYuu?! OAO''

Last-Cross,  EKUSUKARIBA!!!! But I like the guy who dies first better~ (referring to the blue thighs man) GAY BOLG!! LoL XD

imteedee, eh? What makes you say that? O.O''

   Okay... How did people find out I was going for AtsuYuu route??? Dem...
   Anyways, for people who already watched/read/played F/SN, please don't spoil... If there is some spoilers, then I'll have to change the story's direction. And that's hard for a newbie...
   The characters will be thought up at random, and unlike the story, Saber and the main character won't have any romantic feelings for each other. They'll be friends, comrades and even family. But that's it. Oh, probably most of the Master and Servant won't hold romantic feelings for each other either.
   For anyone that wants the two to lovey dovey and all, there'll be some service. No romantic feelings though.

[Chapter 1 part 1 -Curiosity almost killed the mice-]

   My digital alarm clock rang across my room. My head feels heavy and I couldn't even lift a finger. It's not that I can't, actually. I'm just too lazy. Too lazy to even breathe. But still, I have school. So I eventually got up.

   I stretched out, and punched the wall, hoping that it would wake me up. What came is the pain in my fist. Why did I even do that?

   Because it was already too late for me, I only washed my face, and a few parts, which I can't say since it's too embarrassing. Then I wore my school uniform. I hate this uniform... It didn't look too cute. I wanted to change my outfit a bit, but I have to take care of my image.

   I looked at the mirror, stunned by my own beauty.

"AH, why am I so beautiful~?"

   I complimented myself and did a few poses. I know that this might make me sound like a narcissist, but there's no way you could find a beauty as beautiful as me. There IS my best friend, but her weird dog-like charm and my cute beauty are on different genres.

"Mayuyu~" speak of the devil, there's my best friend coming in my room like it's natural and suddenly hugging me from behind.
"J- Jurina? I told you to at least knock!" I protested, dissatisfied by my best friend's manners.
"Who cares about that, we're basically a couple~" she rubs her cheeks on mine, bending down since she is taller than me.
"We're not! And get off me!" I pushed her away lightly, and ran towards the kitchen
"Wait for me Mayuyu~!" I could hear her, asking me to wait but that's just a trap to make me arrive late at school. I won't be fooled!


"So tell me, how many times does it make already?" the teacher looked at me and my best friend angrily.
Well, who wouldn't? I blame Jurina for making me late almost every day.
"It's 60 straight days already! When are you two going to come to school early?!" she slammed my student record on the table, furious
"Actually, it's only 48 days." I protested which made her even more furious.
"I MEAN including extra classes!"

   The teacher in front of me is probably the teacher that's disliked by most of the students in school. Her name is Akimoto Sayaka. But even though she's a bit aggressive and weird, she's actually very nice and always think of the students first. Plus she also tells students the truth that they don't want to hear. Even though it's hurtful, it's actually very informative. That's why I respect her the most out of all the teachers in the school. Heck, she might even be the only teacher I ever respected.

"I know you two are busy making out in the morning,-"
"Wait, we're both girls!" I cut in, not wanting her to get the wrong idea
"Who says girls can't make out~" Jurina looked at me with a sadistic grin, which made me shiver to the bones. I reminded myself to lock the doors tonight. Though it's useless since she has the keys, spare keys, backup keys and even the backup backup to the backup keys. I blame my mom for trusting her too much.
"SOCIETY!" I folded my arms, acting all high and mighty.
"It's only and excuse for society to ban homosexuality. Actually they don't mind. They even support it whole. Why'd you think there's been a decline in birth rate lately? You can find some reliable people to help you with the process. I know some people who does." Akimoto-sensei gave a thumbs up to Jurina, which she gave a thumbs up back.
I hope that society would get back into the right track...


   I'm walking through the hallway after listening to Akimoto-sensei's lecture which lasted for about 2 hours. I got some information though. The school's gate is closed at 8.30 AM. Recess starts at 12 PM sharp. I could hear the bell sounding the start of recess. Here's a question. What is the time which I got to school?

   Anyways, I went to the machine at the school's yard and bought an apple juice. I like apple juice. I ran towards class and accidentally bumped into a girl when I almost reached the class door. It was the school's number 2 idol. She got up, bowed at me and walked away, probably to the cafeteria or the toilet.

   I envy that girl. She's just naturally popular. Her long hair is smooth and silky, she's funny and of course, she's kind-hearted. Though there are rumors of her actually being cruel and insane. I'm not surprised even if she is. I mean, I'm like that as well.

"Mayuyu~" a familiar girl hugged me from behind. This is the second time today...
"Jurina, we're at school..." I sighed and entered class, with her still hugging me from behind.

"Ah! It's Watanabe-sama~ She's being hugged by Jurina-chan again~" some girls went fangirling over Jurina's behavior and actions towards me. I don't know why the call me with a -sama, though. Probably because they think I'm rich.


   School's finally out but I didn't see Jurina anywhere. Usually she would drag me home or follow me like a faithful dog but this time, she's not around. I let loose because everyone else left. The only ones left in the class is me and some black cat which is sitting on the teacher's desk.  There's a white cat staring at it from the window. The black cat realized the white cat was staring at him/her and quickly towards the door. The white cat coolly walked away from the window. It made me feel a little weird and scared...

"Oh, forgot."

   I quickly left class and headed to the store room. I didn't see anyone during my walk, so I assumed everyone in school already left. I reached the store room and found some wood from a broken stool's leg. I took it and focused on it. I thought of a material, hard enough, which is metal. When I closed my eyes, I felt my energy lessen and became a little tired. I fought my drowsiness and stood up. I found a saw so I grabbed it and started to try and cut the wood.

   It didn't get cut at all. So I took the wood and left the store room to take care of some gang that's taking over the area.

   Actually, I have a weird ability. When I focus hard enough, I could change the property of an object. Like, say that I took a piece of paper. If I focus hard enough, I could change it into metal. It doesn't mean that the shape, size or color would change. It's just the hardness and durability of the object. I'd say that it's pretty useful. And kind of weird. Nobody knew about my power except my deceased dad, Akimoto Yasushi. No, he isn't related to Akimoto Sayaka.

   When I reached the gate, I could hear people shouting. I quickly ran towards that direction.

   What I saw, made me speechless.

   I was hiding myself near the bench of the courtyard. In the middle of it, I could see two girls. One of them is a short squirrel-like girl, holding twin swords. Black and white. Which looked like Yin and Yang of the Chinese philosophy. The other girl is a short-haired girl. Taller than her. Taller than me. She was holding a long object. It was a lance... No, a spear.

   She looked at the squirrel-like girl with killing intent. Even though she was smiling.


"Archer, archer. No, or should I call you by your last generation name, Yu-ko?" the short haired girl smiled, as she asked the other girl.
"Stop calling me by that name, Sae. It brings me bad memories." she slashes nothing and breathes deeply
"So, is that your new master over there?" the girl named 'Sae' looked at a tree, probably beside it. I see a figure there but I can't see her face clearly.
"Yeah, I'm pretty proud of her. She's kinda stupid but smart at the same time. So where's your master, Sae?"
"My master's drinking tea at home and leaving all the hard work to me. What a lazy master. Though she's very pretty~" she rubs her chin and makes a perverted face.

   After that, the 'Sae' girl suddenly turned serious and readied her spear. The 'Yuko' girl is looking at her smiling, but even I could tell that she's in trouble. Something around the Sae girl is overwhelming. I don't know if it's aura or heat or something but I needed to do something.

   "AH!" without thinking, I let out a shocked voice. It made both of them turn their heads towards me. I couldn't do anything but run now.


   I was lying in the hallway, blood coming out of my stomach. I knew that it was critical but I can't move even a single part of my body. I can't do anything. Only my consciousness is left. After they realized that I was there, I quickly ran into school to hide but the girl with the spear found me quickly and eventually stabbed me, saying 'Sorry' then disappeared.

   I heard some footsteps coming towards me. I recognize the figure.

   "Why... are you here...?" I could tell she's crying. "Why is it you...?" she bent down and placed her hand on my cheeks. She looked at her necklace which she always wore and took it. She opened it and poured the water from it into my mouth. The water eventually reached my digestion system. She smiled at me, with tears still in her eyes. "Please... live..." she said her last words and left.

   With the last bit of consciousness I have, I managed to mutter her name "Ju... ri... na..."


   I realized that I was alive and my feet brought me back home. The blood that was coming out was eventually no more. It looked like I was really cured. My home is a traditional Japanese home. It's not too big but the land is wide. There's a store room and even a small pond. I sat next to the wall of the store.

   My mind is still blank from what happened before. But before I could think things through,

"Yo, so you're still alive?" I saw a figure sitting near the pond, which is just a few meters in front of the store.
"Haha... It's a miracle..." I managed to laugh it off, knowing that I'd die anyways.
She only looked at me with pity and walked towards me. She raised her spear and is about to behead me.

   I remembered about my life until now. It was a pretty good life. Even though it was troublesome, it's actually quite fun. Fooling around with my best friend, hanging out with my classmates, being friends with my favorite teacher. But I don't want to die yet. I want to know what it is that happened...
   Though that's impossible...


   I could hear a voice shouting at me. I instinctively moved my body away and avoided the spear that was about to behead me. The girl looked at me in surprised and grinned. "So you still have some strength left in you, huh? Interesting..." I ran away from her and shielded myself in the store. I know it sounds stupid but I could use it.

   I shut the door and placed my hand on it. I focused and reinforced it to make it more sturdy.

"Hm? Hoo, you reinforced the door?" I could hear her from the other side
"Some trick my foster father taught me." I laid down on the wall in front of the door. I lost all of my strength thanks to that last trick.
"It's pretty sturdy but..." she kicked the door down. "Do you think I'm that stupid?" she placed her spear behind her and walked towards me.

"So, any last words?" she grinned with killing intent as she raises her spear once more.

   Actually, I don't. But I want to know. I want to know what happened. I want to know why it happened. I want to know why she's involved...

"I WANT TO LIVE!!!!" I shouted at her.

   Suddenly, the space turned bright, with light. I could hear metal clashing and when the light disappeared, I saw a girl.

   It wasn't who I saw earlier. It's a different girl. With shoulder-length hair. She's very pretty. Even more than me... She was holding something...

"Tell me, are you my master?" she asked me and looked into my eyes.

   I didn't know what she meant by master but I nodded anyway, still captivated by her beauty.

   She smiled a bit and continued "Very well then. I am the Saber-class servant. My generation name is Maeda Atsuko. I'm counting on you to help me get to the top, Master." Still smiling, she turned around.

   I saw the previous girl on the ground. Trying to get up with her spear.

"Y- Yo, Atsuko. Glad you made it safely." she winked at the girl in armor, Maeda, trying to get up.
"Hey, Sae. Did everyone get summoned already?" Maeda asked her, not moving from her position.
"Yeah, you're the last one. Now the war can finally begin." she got up and readied her spear.
"I see..." Maeda tightened her grip and dashed towards the other girl.

   It ended in a second. The 'Sae' girl was lying on the ground again. She grinned and then disappeared out of thin air.

"Tch. So her Master was around." I could hear like the wind surrounding whatever was on her hand and then spread apart. Maeda turned around and walked towards me then took her hand out, that was holding something.
"Need a hand?" she asked with a smile.

   I took her hand and got up with her help.

"There's some things I needed to ask..." I looked at her. She was still smiling.
"Not now... There's some other guests here."

   She dashed towards the wall of the house area and climbed it. I realized what she meant and quickly went outside as well. When I reached her. I could see a small girl, with her back on the wall. There's also Maeda, facing another girl I'm quite familiar with.

"JURINA!" I shouted and stepped between her and Maeda.
"Hm? What are you doing, Master?" she asked, as if clueless.
"No, that's what I'm asking you... No, what WILL you do to her?" I looked at Maeda straight in the eyes.
"You still don't know what we're doing, Master?" she glared at me, as if the answer is obvious.
"Huh?" I was the clueless one then.
"Hah. You got yourself a clueless master there, Acchan." the squirrel-like girl laughed even though she was badly beaten.

"Tell you what, Saber..." Jurina got up and looked at Maeda.
"I'll tell her everything, so spare me for now..." her eyes are different from usual. She's more serious...
"It's a good deal, Acchan." the squirrel-like girl got up and looked at Maeda.
I looked at Maeda as well. Pleading her with my eyes. "I'm asking you for this as well, Maeda... No... Atsuko..."

   After a few seconds, Maeda eventually smiled again and answered "As you wish."

[To be continued]
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Wait, what?! Mayuyu as shiro XD and Jurina for Rin?
And Yuuko as archer, I'd always imagined her as Rider haha, her speed and agility match Rider more imo, but well this story is yours hehe.
And lancer sae!

As for the guess of Acchan being saber.... who else fits the definition of 'black shoulder-length hair' XD
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such a shocking development...
mayu gets shiro's role?
wow... Sae as Lancer?? And Yuko as Archer nod nod... Acchan as Saber??
...Jurina as Rin is shocking... ah, the tsundere character of FSN goes bye bye~
Truthfully, everytime I tried playing the VN, I got bored within 2 minutes, so I never bothered saving and it took me forever to even get anywhere and then I gave up on it... do your best with playing it~~

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Mayu as Shiro? and Acchan as Saber, huh??

Yeah, you're right... Rena is more fit as Berserker..  :D

Wonder who will be Gilgamesh though..

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I'm going to have to watch the series now. This is INTERESTING!!!!!!!! :twothumbs

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Ashura - Told ya! Going to surprise everyone there! Me too, you surprised me! Ahaha :oops:
Yeah you're right majority watched the anime already..
Don't worry you can manage it.. :fap And i think everyone already know AtsuYuu is your OTP.. :oops: Teehee :P

I know you were going for Acchan as Saber but for Shiro.. Surprise! :w00t:

Nice characters arrangement.. Looking forward for more! :thumbsup

Thank you for the update :bow: :twothumbs

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If your intention is AtsuYuko, guess this is turning to either UBW or HF route, or even a mix of both. Well F route is kinda disappointed to me anyway since nothing is solved.

I'm guessing Yukirin is Sakura? Or even Rena (considering J is Rin). If you're not a Mayuki shipper...I can see alot of possibility of who is Sakura.

To be honest though, Mayu fits more as Rin, with the twintail and being Miss. Know-it-all. XD

While J should be Shirou, with her being all clueless about everything, yet she's straight forward and face everything head-on.

I was seriously thinking Takamina was Shirou as they have this 'I must be the hero' feel and that Saber is Acchan (based on the prologue) but I'm glad she's not cuz it's too normal and predictable that way.

Your choice of characters are interesting. Weird, but interesting. ^^

I was a big fan of FS/N back then so I was surprised to see it here. XD

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I really Enjoyed that  :twothumbs
It made me laugh alot  :lol:
Sae!  :wub: :inlove: :drool:
Sayaka  O0 :pimp: :cathappy:
if all characters are going to be coupled...I wonder who Sae is with/will fall in love with... :?
I kinda hope it's Yuki...Or Sayaka  :w00t:
Can't wait for your next part  :panic:

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Wow! A Fate/Stay Night based fiction! You don't know how much I love TYPE-MOON's work, LOL. So for someone to write it on the Fate series with the 48 members is pretty wicked. :grin: I honestly expected Takamina to be Shiro and Acchan to be Saber, but I guessed wrong. My kami-oshi to be in Shiro's role adds a plus to the story. :love: So Yuko is Archer, Sae is Lancer, Jurina is Rin... Hoho... This is getting pretty interesting. :cathappy:

God I'm fangirling over this. My TYPE-MOON fangirlism side is coming out, LOL. Anyway, ignoring that, I look forward to future updates on this series! :deco:

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